49ers announce hiring of Adam Peters, rumors surface of coaches who may join team

The San Francisco 49ers are beginning to fill out their front office and coaching staff.

The team just announced they’ve hired Adam Peters as the Vice President of Player Personnel. Peters spent the past eight seasons with the Denver Broncos, and six seasons before that with New England Patriots. He is a long-time scout who worked his way up the ranks to become the Broncos’ Director of College Scouting in 2016.

Here’s a statement on Peters from new GM John Lynch: “When it comes to stars in this industry, Adam Peters is certainly one of them. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from two incredibly successful organizations, and is one of the most respected talent evaluators in the National Football League. I have known Adam for several years and have great confidence that his drive, work ethic and skill set will be instrumental to the 49ers organization. I know how much John Elway and the Broncos organization value and respect Adam, and I am very grateful that they have allowed him to pursue such a tremendous opportunity. We are thrilled to have Adam join the team and look forward to creating something special together.”

Peters is the only person the 49ers officially hired Tuesday, but rumors are coming out about coaches who may join Kyle Shanahan’s staff.

What do you think about the Peters hiring and the potential hirings of these assistant coaches? Who do you think will be Kyle Shanahan’s defensive coordinator? And you you think that DC will last longer than one season? Explain your answers.

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  1. I am very excited with the Peters hiring. I assume this is the personnel person Lynch had in mind in discussions about becoming a GM and bringing in a personnel person to help with evaluations and scouting.

    1. This is also why I wasn’t as concerned with Lynch’s lack of experience, given the reports that he had a personnel person in mind. It is always good when a person can admit what they don’t know, and cover their weakness accordingly.

  2. I think it is a sign those blasting the hiring of Lynch and Shanahan need to take out their crow in the oven because it’s done now.

      1. People are willing to work for these guys even though they have no experience, which is a clear departure from the Baalke period with Tomsula, who had no experience, and Kelly, who had the experience but a toxic past which in turn a turnoff for prospective hires.

    1. If Lynch gets into the HOF this weekend and Kyle wins the Super Bowl as OC will be big time momentum for the 49ers.

    2. When all things are done, there will be a lot of crow eating, go niners. I love this hiring
      of Lynch already, the more I read about him the more I like what he’s about, and
      what he wants to do with this team.

  3. Lol, Greg Knapp. Hes never seen a first down he wouldnt call a running play for. Good thing he wont be oc for you guys.

        1. Who ever thinks Kyle Shanahan is not going to be calling the plays is either misinformed or just plain stupid

          1. Did you just feel like making a random comment or was there a reason you put this here?

            1. I always thought knapp was the reason for mariuccis departure.
              There use to be a lady that sat in front of us at the games and me and her would have a blast calling the obvious plays coming up next. And by plays I mean run up the middle on every down.

  4. As John continues to build a strong scouting department around him its becoming more and more obvious to me that he is really going to be the “Football Czar” that everyone wanted the 49ers to hire in the first place to unite the football side of the building and keep everyone on track and accountable from the offices upstairs to the coaches and locker room downstairs. side note: Peters was my same year at UCLA and is a great guy. I’m happy to see him get this opportunity. He has earned it.

    1. He’s a good face of the franchise. Jed can recede into the background and test various hair restoration solutions.

      1. That’s my Alma Mater baby The Monta Vista Matadors! Wonder if my mural is still hanging on the outside of the gymnasium at the south end of the quad?

        1. And if he’s a Monta Vista graduate, he’s bound to be an exceptionally smart and talented human being.

          1. But not as smart as if he were a Lynbrook grad. #LHSVikings!

            Something for everyone (even Grant with the UCLA connection):

            Before joining the Patriots, Peters served as a football operations graduate assistant at UCLA in 2002 after playing defensive end for the Bruins from 1999-2001. He transferred to UCLA from West Valley Junior College in Saratoga, Calif., where he played tight end for two seasons (1997-98) and earned all-conference honors.

            A native of Cupertino, Calif., Peters attended Monta Visa (sic) High School (Cupertino, Calif.) and was a two-sport standout in football and baseball during his prep career.

  5. “What do you think about the Peters hiring” – If the praise is anything close to true, its a perfect pick up. Does make me wonder what Gamble’s role will be.

    “Who do you think will be Kyle Shanahan’s defensive coordinator?” I don’t know. A Fangio interview was blocked by the Bears. I’m not sure how long the DC will last. If they under perform they get replaced by 2018 with Fangio or another candidate.

    1. Seems like Gamble will have a free hand with setting up the 2017 draft board, and will be judged for compatibility with the rest of the gang based on what the latter think about the board.

  6. So if Peters is the talent evaluator and KS as final say over 53 , what exactly will Lynch be doing?

    1. Lynch will set the vision – like he said in his press conference – and delegate responsibility to others. My guess is that he’ll tell Peters the type of players he wants and will ask him to go find them.

      Here’s a quote from Lynch:

      I want players that want to compete, that live and breathe football, that are going to play hard. If they don’t play hard, we’re going to find players that will play hard. They’re going to do things right.

      1. Sound like one certain OLB could be on the chopping block then.

    2. Lynch is the buffer between FO and HC.
      Actually, I believe that the 49ers hiring of KS and JL is already starting to pay dividends.
      KS, JL, and Peters are people you can count on to head up the building process.
      Next step – a strong draft!

  7. Peters is a good hire. The OC won’t likely being calling plays so a teacher like LaFleur or McDaniel is also a good hire and brings continuity for Shanny.

    Raheem Morris could go with a 4-3 D. That would have a huge impact on our front 7 for better or worse.

  8. For those who have the time, here’s a long podcast from the Cardinal archives of a Lynch interview from 2010 about his college and pro career. Also some insight into his baseball life.

    Names such as Sonny Lubick, Chris Foreseter, Denny Green, Jack Neumeier, Ron Turner, Ed McCaffrey, Dave Tipton, Willie Shaw, Steve Stenstorm, Tommy Vardell, Desert Swarm and Teddy Bruschi, Tom Holmoe Keena Turner, and the great Bill Walsh show up — all in the first half of the conversation.

  9. Peters is a good hire. Lynch was always going to need a right hand man with personnel experience to run the department. Though his experience running things is pretty limited, sounds like he is a guy that has been tipped for bigger things.

    However, most teams have a GM with a strong personnel background plus a right hand man (or two) with resumes like Peters. The 49ers will be relying on the right hand man to be the main guy. So while it is a good hire, they are still behind the eight ball a little. Gamble is still there, so perhaps between them that will be enough. But bringing in someone like Mark Dominik to be Lynch’s assistant GM (though perhaps under another title) may not be a bad idea.

    As for coaching staff, no surprise Shanahan will bring guys from the falcons that are off contract. Nor is it a surprise that guys from Kubiak’s staff are being linked.

    The big question mark is the DC.

    1. DC is a big question mark. Not sure why you think Lynch doesn’t have an eye for players (if I understand you correctly). As an ex player, I would think there is a good chance that he knows who is a good player and what makes them a good player. Just because he wasn’t a “personnel” guy on a team doesn’t mean he has nothing to contribute in this area. I’d be more surprised if he wasn’t able to provide some decent level of player evaluation.

      Inexperience does not mean inability.

      1. Ok, he has no demonstrated ability as a personnel evaluator. 49ers may indeed have gotten extremely lucky and found an untapped personnel evaluation czar. Buuut, lets be honest, you are more likely to find a good personnel evaluator among the ranks of those that actually do it for a living.

        Being an ex player does not mean they are good at evaluating players. Not at all. He may, he may not.

        1. Maybe you know the answer to this question. Do GMs really do that much player evaluation, or do they rely heavily on their scouting staffs. I would think they might take a more detailed interest in a few college players that interest them, but I have a feeling that they defer to their staff more often than not.

          With regards to FAs, I expect Lynch to do well here. He knows which players in the NFL are good and which aren’t. I think he knows which ones will fit KS’ system once the two of them have had more time to bond. I believe his connections, player cred, and charisma will be much more successful at getting FAs to join the team than a suit.

          1. Most GMs do, yes. They also rely on the staff, but yes, most GMs watch a lot of film and scout players themselves too. More importantly, they know what to look for as they have been doing it for a long time. So when their staff provides them their recommended players they can look at them and have their own informed take and opinion on where to slot players. Lynch will be heavily reliant on the opinions of others to slot players.

            As far as FAs, Lynch’s biggest plus will be getting FAs to buy in.

            1. And I wouldn’t underestimate the importance of FAs to this team, esp. with the amount of available cap space. The young players did not have particularly good role models to follow this past season, esp. when Bowman went down. I was dismayed when I heard Bethea describe his work as essentially a 9 to 5 job; and then all the singing and laughing after games as mentioned by the beat writers.

              I know you greatly respect Green Bay, but even the GB HC has criticized the FO for not bringing in FAs to help push the team over the hump.

              And just to be clear, I believe in an integrated approach that uses both the draft and FA to produce a winning team.

              1. I agree and have said numerous times the 49ers have done their young players a disservice in recent years by not providing sufficient veteran leadership through FA.

              2. Yes, I remember now that you have. As much as I have railed on Baalke, I am thankful that he didn’t spend that cap space last year. He would have blown it anyway (Darnell Dockett or Shareece Wright, anyone); and now that pile of cash is available for the new team to use to build a winning culture and team.

              3. It would be good to have the cap space after they’ve created a solid base through the draft, but the rules don’t seem to favor that, and there are some serious holes to fill.

                What specific Free Agents should be wooed?

              4. Haven’t had the chance to look at the FA list. There’ll be a lot discussion on that after the SB.

          2. Also, Lynch will be an upgrade on the previous GM when it comes to coaching the DB group. ;-]

        2. According to Marcus Allen, Lynch has been evaluating and coaching players for 30 years….

          1. Not the way personnel guys evaluate players. As a player he was scouting them for tendencies and weaknesses. As an analyst it was a hobby.

            1. Marcus also said he was more than capable for the job. I’m taking his word for it, because he knows more than I do. Plus I respect him as a player….

            2. I think Lynch has already admitted he has a lot to learn in the player evaluation dept. with what he said about learning from Gamble and needing to hire others to help him.

              It’s a completely different level of analysis between meeting with the teams you are covering on a given week for an hour, and pouring through years of game tape while trying to get an idea of the background the kids are coming from.

      2. Great point…John Elway was scrutinized by many when he was hired in Denver’s FO. But, he’s done an excellent job of getting & keeping the Broncos very competitive. He’s really groomed Lynch for this opportunity…why else do you think he’d allow him to interview & hire Adam Peters. It’s a show of huge respect, something Lynch has earned everywhere he’s been.

  10. From Tim Kawakami’s column:
    “Also, one specific thing: I asked Lynch if Marathe is his boss, and Lynch said Marathe is there in a supporting role, to do the contracts, and Lynch said the GM reports to Jed York and only Jed York.”

    So, Grant, all the other GM candidates backed out because they would have to be accountable to Paraag ,while Lynch would have him in a supporting role?

    1. Most GM candidates want to negotiate contracts themselves. They don’t want a numbers guy telling them what to do. But Lynch has never negotiated a contract, so he needs Marathe.

          1. Absolutely, but there’s always wiggle room of course. Marathe is the analytics guy, which is a valuable tool for contract negotiations. It doesn’t mean, however, that Lynch won’t pull rank and go above and beyond if there is a player he dearly wants.

      1. Grant,
        I agree he does need Marathe. Marathe has one strength and only one strength and it is capology. Lynch should keep him around for that purpose and that purpose alone.

        1. Will Chris Ballard have a contract negotiator in Indy? Does Reggie McKenzie have a contract negotiator in Oakland?

          1. Didn’t the Raiders get penalized for not using the percentage threshold for the 4 year cap space or they lost some money??

            Something like that

            1. Quit one upping Grant Truth, he’s got a narrative and he’s sticking to it, whether it means a hell of beans or not.

              1. The reason I know I’m right is when he don’t respond to it, I care less what his narrative is

          2. Grant,
            I don’t about what Ballard will do at Indy and I’d think that McKenzie could benefit by having a contract negotiator like Marathe. I don’t have your contacts in the Packer F.O. But I can only form opinions based on data, and the only data I have is stuff on the Internet. The 32 data points that are at the link in my above post is the basis of my refuting your assertion that “most GM candidates want to negotiate contracts themselves.” It seems that a significant number (if not the majority) of GMs allow or prefer another official to take the lead in negotiating contracts within parameters they may define.

      2. And the worry about Marathe, for me anyway, is that he’s hording cap room while the Niners need players. I’m hoping Lynch and Shannahan have some meaningful input into the spend in relation to the quality of players on the field.

        1. One of Shanahan’s demands will be if I take this job you will need to spend
          the money to get the right people in here, players and personal, Jed has said that
          all this will cost me big bucks, but that this has to be fixed, so we will see.

  11. Where are all the haters(ya you Sebnnoying) that said no competent NFL people would want to work for Jed York and the 49ers?

    1. Well I was one of those people. But I also said there was a Shanny exception. I said going full Shanny would be the only way we would get a good HC. It turns out Kyle got to hire the GM of his choice.

      Let’s not forget about Ballard and Caserio turning us down. They were presumably Jed’s first and second choice. McDaniels was the first choice and he declined.

      1. Glad they stayed in New England, and hope they lose this Sunday. Should be a very good contest at any rate.

      2. I’m glad that McDaniels turned down the interview, because I think that Shanahan
        is far better than McDaniels, and McDaniels is waiting for BB to retire so he can take over as the head coach for the Pats.

    2. Well, do not pat yourself on the back too hard. Jed had to eat crow himself, and Lynch himself skewered Jed for his lack of commitment. Jed had to cough up a 6 year contract for 2 novices who have never done it before. That is what it took to attract competent football people.

      If they fail, you will be the first to stab them in the back, since you are so good at hating.

      So now, you are going to kiss Jed’s rear end for dumb luck. I will not.

      I did acknowledge that Jed deserved praise because he did not leak, but even without the name, there were whispers about a third option.

      I still was right. Competent GM candidates would not even participate in the charade. Jed made a horrendous blunder dragging along Wormtongue. Lower level candidates kissed arse because they knew that it was the best way to win the job from Jed. Finally Jed was left with the dregs, and no candidate stood out. Even Ballard, who did not deign to allow an interview, accepted the Colts GM position, further shaming Jed.

      Luckily, Mike Shanahan, behind the scenes pulling strings, found a good fit for his son. If you think that the whole idea came from a casual conversation, I have a bridge to sell to you.

      I sure am glad that Paraag got slapped down. Lynch wants him in a support role, so there is a new sheriff in town. I hope they print up some standard NFL contracts that are specifically not team friendly, so they can attract decent FA talent. I would rather have Joan in accounting write them up instead of Paraag.

      Funny, how you call me a hater, when you are one of the biggest haters on this site. I do not hate the Niners, I like their starting QB. I want them to win, and did not crow when they lost like you did.

      I do not hate Jed. I may point out his flaws because I want him to grow up, and stop repeating the same mistakes. It does begin at the top, and Jed, having blindly stumbled onto a good option, should receive cautious optimism, but they have a long ways to go.

      I will not write long screeds about how horrible this hire is, but I also will not brown nose like you are doing, either.

  12. Great signing. Peters and Gamble are 2 very solid front office guys. As far as a DC, I have know idea, I hope he hires great teachers on the D side. I believe they are far closer to being solid or better on that side.

  13. “He is a long-time scout who worked his way up the ranks to become the Broncos’ Director of College Scouting in 2014.”

    Grant, I believe you have this slightly wrong. He was Director of College Scouting in 2016 only. He was Assistant Director of College Scouting the two years before that.

  14. A very telling hire. Evidence that respect and cultivated personal relationships throughout the NFL are vital to front office success. Trent Baalke presumably handled the responsibilities that peters will be responsible for. Baalke, always the control freak, could have used a guy like Peters. While Trent Baalke was batting average was .095 over the last few seasons, Lynch is batting a thousand, with a bases clearing triple in his first plate appearance as GM. Yes, I love baseball analogies.

    I have a very good feeling about this new direction for the 49ers. Jed still has work to do in terms of earning back the trust of the 49ers faithful, but he’s getting closer to that reality with every new hire these days and I give him props for that.

    1. Let’s wait to see how Jed reacts to three years of building where reaching Harbaugh’s last 8-8 year will be an accomplishment.

      1. Sure, but who’s to say this group of football guys can’t make the playoffs in 3 years? I personally wouldn’t take the over on that bet.

        Anyone who thinks you can’t turn a bad team into a good team in 3 years, with $80 million in current cap space, has a fundamental misunderstanding of the way the system works in the salary cap era of today’s NFL!

        Today’s NFL stands for Not.For.Long

        1. The NFC West is not what it use to be. It wont be that tough of a schedule like years past.

        2. I think 3 years is probably the threshold where you would expect to see a turn around for a team with the type of salary cap space the 49ers have. Any longer than that and it would be easy to conclude something is a miss, and mistakes have been made along the way. Especially with the coaching pedigree of Kyle S.

            1. Prime,

              I agree on the NFC West. Seattle’s window has closed. Arizona lost Floyd and might lose Palmer and Fitzgerald.


              So true about the next franchise QB. Hopefully we get one and Az gets a bust. My fingers are crossed that Goff will be a bust but McVay could develop him into a game manager.

              1. 80, do not believe a word he says. If you think the NFC West is weak, you will be in for a rude awakening.

                Seahawks will get back Thomas, and they may get a couple O linemen which will make the team better. Pete Carrol will be hard to beat, no matter what.

                Arizona may lose their QB, but they still have David Johnson and that stout defense, so they could be dangerous.

                LA may be the most dangerous of all, because they got Wade Phillips as DC, and McVay is a big upgrade from Fisher. If their QB emerges, they have Gurley as a good RB, and their defense is loaded with first round talent.

                Niners could improve, but still end up in the cellar.

                Next you will be agreeing that the Niners have the luxury of drafting a WR with the number 2 pick, when everyone knows that they have to fix the defense first, or even a Jerry Rice will not help them win. Niners cannot give up 200 yards rushing and expect to win a game.

              2. seb,

                The Legion of Boom is getting weaker every year, especially Sherman. Their OL is a weakness. They have a ton of money tied to a handful of players.

                “Arizona may lose their QB…” No QB, no contention.

                I agree that LA will be better, but they are still years away and their success will hinge on Goff. Good luck with that.

                We will be better as long as we draft well and get a good QB. We don’t have to worry about poor coaching anymore.

                Me agreeing about taking a WR at 2? Hardly, I just said that would be a mistake last night. If Garrett is gone and we can’t trade down, I would take Allen, Hooker, or Foster.

              3. Do not kid yourself, the Seahawks are a formidable foe. Yes, they have tied up a lot, but that is what happens when teams win the SB. personally, I want the Niners to have to confront such dilemmas, because that means they are vying for a ring.

                Arizona may get a new QB. Romo may be a good fit. Palmer’s play may have regressed, so they may become dangerous with new blood.

                McVay may get Goff to play better, so do not count out the Rams. Maybe the Rams will select a QB, who will win the Starting job from Goff.

                I was just kidding about the WR, and I hope they trade back and still get Foster.

              4. seb,

                I’m not saying Seattle will be garbage. I’m saying they are declining. They will probably lose their 2nd round pick for not disclosing Sherman’s injury. Sherman got abused by Julio in Atlanta. He is no longer a top CB.

                Romo is a stop gap who could be put out for the season with a well placee hit.

                As I said before LA will be better but they are years away. As you said they may select a QB to challenge Goff. Their WRs are nothing to write home about.

                I like Foster a lot. He can do it all and he can play inside or out. We could use his versatility in many ways.

              5. You are correct #80, the NFC West was considered the NFL’s best divison only a couple years ago. Currently, nobody around the NFL considers the NFC West the best division in football, or even the 2nd best. The Rams are a joke until proven otherwise. Arizona missed the playoffs, one of their top WR, and Fitzgerald is in his twilight, as is their starting QB. Seattle, like you said, has paid the price of success, forced to break the bank on a handful of players, and now are in need of complet OL rebuild without the resources to get it done.

                The mountain that is the NFC West is no longer the steepest climb. Not even close.

  15. Grant,
    You must like the Peters signing, he is a UCLA guy and you usually love those Bruins.

  16. Great, York and crew are using the shot gun method. If you can not hire the one qualified person to fill the position, then hire three others because they surly will be able to cover the bases. The best organizations are staffed by highly qualified people . Those organizations are lean. York missed on the folks who are able to do the job by themselves , so now by a village will the front office run.

    1. Hacksaw,
      Brent Jones said yesterday that the 49ers needed to add depth to the front office that they were far to thin. I believe that they are adding that depth.

      1. Agree, OC. I’ve ranted a few times on this blog about how the lack of football knowledge depth was a major problem for the 49ers F.O. Had there been more, perhaps Jed would have realized earlier that Baalke was the problem and needed to be removed. Perhaps it was Baalke who prevented more “football” guys from joining the FO. I don’t know, but it would fit his M.O.

        1. Agree with all that more bodies are better. They can now gang up on Jed and Paraag if they go back to Money Ball. I say keep them coming.

  17. York wanted and needed to have Marathe in the inner circle and the way to do that is to hire someone who is unable to do that part of the job. End result, the FO is status quo.

  18. Would never have gotten permission for Peters without Lynch. Thanks, John Elway. It’s nice getting quality people instead of other teams garbage. Ed Donatell for Defensive Coordinator. The Bears won’t block him from getting the job he’s wanted for years….

    1. The new DC will go along way in determining who my draft crush will be. If they don’t run single high safety then I might lean away from Hooker toward Allen. (If Garrett falls to 2 it doesn’t matter)

      1. Garrett isn’t going anywhere. Even Cleveland isn’t that ignorant. Unless they get a blockbuster trade offer from a team looking for a quarterback, Garrett will be MIA when the 49ers go on the clock. Corey Davis is my pick if no trade partners materialize. That’s subject to change. Bring on the combine!

        1. Agreed. The only way Garrett falls to 2 is if some team does an impulse trade for a QB. I don’t see it.

      2. Especially when, it appears to me, J. Ward is a future pro bowl Free Safety, and they have another talented young Safety in J. Tarrt!

    1. That would be a good idea. Lynch will be well served having a guy he knows that has been there and done it before on staff.

  19. Recent, further proof how ridiculously fickle football fans can be! Durring the past year, a “Fire Kyle Shanahan” petition at Change.org gathered 1,935 of a desired 2,500 signatures before it closed upon the Falcons’ resurgence.

    “Kyle Shanahan, the egotistical offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons, has overstayed his welcome as a part of our beloved Falcons,” began the petition. “ … Shanahan’s inability to adapt has made him a liability to the Falcons and their hopes of winning in the regular and post season” (Oops). Falcons fans even launched a “Fire Kyle Shanahan” page on Facebook in 2015, and it’s been unsurprisingly dormant since November, as have the most vitriol that once dominated other social-media channels.


    Truman Cobbeldick @Mrtjc4Truman
    @vxmcclure23 @espn For the love of God please let Kyle Shanahan go his offensive philosophy is a dumpster fire pic.twitter.com/g9p2A2Jr0xpic.twitter.com/g9p2A2Jr0x
    6:18 AM – 14 Sep 2016

    #RiseUpInBrotherhood @OfficialMkhan97
    @TheFalcoholic @jeannathomas falcons should fire Kyle Shanahan right now and just hire Gregg Roman!!!!
    12:12 PM – 16 Sep 2016

    Keep in mind, Kyle Shanahan has put up big numbers throughout his career as an offensive coordinator, even prior to his astonishingly brilliant 2016 season in which the Falcons ranked #2 in total offense and #1 in points scored, outpacing the 2nd best team by over 4 points. The Falcons also finished the 2016 regular season #1 in passing yards per attempt, #1 in QB passer rating, #2 in receiving TD’s (38) and receiving yards (4,860), and the kicker, of course, is that the Falcons coupled that with the #5 rushing offense (total yards, 1,928, and yards per attempt, 4.6) and a #3 ranking for rushing TD’s (20), despite a somewhat immobile QB. In a word ….. WOW! In Five of his eight seasons prior to this season, Kyle’s offenses have produced top-10 units in yards gained.

  20. I am not sure how this new team is going to perform but here is a list of reasons for hope:

    – Lynch is very intelligent and a good communicator

    – Lynch is a leader with the ability to get everyone on the same page, working towards the same goal

    – Lynch has played football in this league and knows how to win. Also he knows how to set expectations.

    – Lynch has been around very successful coaches and organizations = valuable experience

    – Lynch will attract free agents to a team that people tried to avoid

    – Kyle and John Lynch appear to have a good relationship and that’s something we have been missing with the old regime

    – evaluating talent is important therefore having Tom G and now Peters on the staff should strengthen our scouting department

    – Lynch knows what it takes to be in a super bowl and he will build a culture to reach that goal over time.

    I am optimistic for this team to improve after a miserable season.

      1. Thanks Razor just been soaking in my own sorrow for the past few season but now there is hope!!!

    1. “evaluating talent is important therefore having Tom G and now Peters on the staff should strengthen our scouting department”

      Say what you want about Baalke, he is apparently a well respected talent evaluator. 49ers have basically replaced Baalke with Peters. Gamble was already here. Have they really strengthened the scouting department? Questionable. If they also add a guy like Dominik or Mayhew then I will agree.

      1. Let the name of Baalke be stricken from every book and tablet, stricken from all pylons and obelisks, stricken from every monument of San Francisco. Let the name of Baalke be unheard and unspoken, erased from the memory of 49ers for all time. Good riddance!

            1. Until Tom Gamble, Matt Malaspina, Ethan Waugh and Mike Williams are replaced, those are the guys that will primarily be helping Peters put the board together.

              1. Difference will be Baalke Guidelines are in file 13, and a new set of guidelines will be implemented. If Gamble’s board isn’t deemed worthy, it won’t surprise me to see him sacked….

              2. Lets hope the well hasn’t been poisoned. Lets also hope it wasn’t the bad advice of these people that led to Baalke’s poor decisions.

      2. I would say yes. Replacing Trent with Peters is an upgrade. Trent has failed to identify talent in very key areas of need for the past few years and his strategy for keep targeting injured players has not been successful in general.

  21. I like the Peters hire and my guess is this will move Gamble to the pro personnel side of things.

    DC is tough to peg because teams don’t have to let position Coaches interview for anything less than a HC job. I’m guessing it will be somebody already on the street like Perry Fewell or Dennis Thurman maybe. Chances are it could be somebody Shanahan has worked with in the past as well like Jim Haslett.

  22. If it turns put to be a good hire, 49ers fans should thank John Elway John for his unselfishness. He could have blocked this hire, but decided to give support to his new GM buddy John Lynch, and also opened the career development opportunity for Adam Peters. If doing well in this 49ers VP role, Peters will soon be the next GM for another team.

  23. HOUSTON — Adam Peters is going back to Cali.

    The Denver Post

    Broncos’ Adam Peters hired as 49ers’ vice president of player personnel, per report

    In his career he’s been a part of three Super Bowls, five conference titles and 10 divisional titles.

    The California native and Broncos director of college scouting was hired by the San Francisco 49ers as their vice president of player personnel and will work under newly hired general manager John Lynch, according to CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco.

    Peters had been on Lynch’s radar for a while, and when the Broncos Ring of Famer signed a six-year contract with San Francisco, he wasted little time in interviewing and then hiring Peters, per CSN.


  24. Chris Biderman joins us to talk Lynch, free agents, Kaepernick, draft, more

    January 31, 2017 at 1:29 PM •

    Chris Biderman, SF 49er beat writer, USA Today gave a percentage of Kap coming back.

    He said the 49ers would not want him back for 20 million dollars and if he comes back at all it would be at a discounted rate as a mid-level free agent, or rookie salary level to compete with other Free agent and draftee QB’s.


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    Report: Hightower expected to reunite with Shanahan with 49ers

    By Eric Branch, San Francisco Chronicle

    Updated 11:40 am, Tuesday, January 31, 2017

    Kyle Shanahan and Richard Hightower were teammates at the University of Texas before they served on the same staffs with Houston (2006-08), Washington (2010-13) and Cleveland (2014).

    Any guesses on who is expected to be hired as the 49ers special-teams coordinator once Shanahan is named head coach?

    1. I wouldn’t use that article as a guide – that’s true fan speak and also old – but Mayhew would make a lot of sense for Lynch.

  26. So are you still sticking to your theory that Blank is going to give Shanahan $5 mil to stay?

  27. One of the most glaring weaknesses of the 49ers over the last few seasons has been the team’s inability to collaborate successfully.

    Look up the road in Oakland and the Warriors have one of the most collaborative and successful organizations in sports. The same for the Giants, who won three World Series in a five-year span because the front office works cohesively.

    That wasn’t true with the 49ers under previous regimes, all including Trent Baalke…

    York’s first hire on Sunday was John Lynch for general manager, who made it a point to note how he plans on working collaboratively given he has no experience in an NFL front office.

    “I know what I don’t know,” Lynch said near the end of his 25-minute introductory phone call with reporters.

    That’s a phrase that wasn’t likely to come out of 49ers headquarters in recent seasons,

    particularly from Baalke, York or even Harbaugh. It shows a level of humility that accompanies credibility.

    He took the first big step in filling his inexperience gap in personnel by landing respected Broncos director of college scouting Adam Peters to become the team’s new vice president of personnel

    Peters has worked on Super Bowl-winning clubs with Denver and New England, instantly giving Lynch a credible shoulder to lean on

  28. Huge undertaking. I think Lynch/Shanahan can succeed but it won’t be easy. A total rebuild for two rooks is a huge undertaking. Need to get stronger and faster with the front seven. I would give Ponder a shot. Depth at running back and faster wide receivers. Shanahan is good at designing stuff the fits the strengths of his weapons.. Better tougher assistant coaches are needed.

  29. Former Lions GM Martin Mayhew joins Giants front office (2016), as their director of football operations/special projects.

    Mayhew played in eight NFL seasons from 1989-1996. He won a Super Bowl in Super Bowl XXVI, starting for the Washington Redskins.

    1. Mayhew spent 15 seasons with the Lions. He was the team’s general manager from late 2008 until last November.

    1. From that article:

      “Well, what we as former players know is we know what a championship locker room looks like. We know what team chemistry – what that means (and) the importance of that. John Elway, he knew what a championship team looked like because he played. He was in the middle of it. A lot of these so-called ‘football guys,’ they don’t know. They undervalue certain things that may be more important than they give it credit for and John’s gone on and had a lot of success in Denver doing it his way.”

        1. You have already answered your own question, apparently without realizing it. Because an organizational system tends to replicate itself, not to innovate. Innovation always means radical risk, aka, Walsh and company. Yes, failure tends to wash out in a sorry bust. But success? Success rides the winds of glory.

        2. If that’s the case then there would be far more former player GM candidates that simply don’t get hired.

        3. Because John Lynch is special? a HoF-quality player who has played on both sides of the game, with a great football mind and excellent communication skills?

      1. Let the Falcons do that. Shanahan had to expect their QB coach to be promoted to OC, or it can’t be blocked.

        However, Greg Knapp is the wildcard and a more than qualified replacement, starting out with Steve Mariucci, coached in big games, and knows the WCO verbatim.

  30. I’m starting to read more and more buzz that Webb is climbing. Talk of him possibly becoming a 2nd rounder.

  31. Crickets…….. Where are all the articles on how Kyle Shannahan is going to indy? Or no respectable NFL people want to come work in San Francisco? Or how Arthur blank is going to pay off Shannahan? It’s silly that most of you, who are supposed to be fans, were rooting for the team’s downfall. Now when I got ticked at balkee I left blame where it was supposed to be, on balkee. Not on the team. Everyone isint going to agree on the hire or the way it came about. But I was on board from day one. I’m old school and John Madden was right, I’d rather have the ace coach, instead of the head strong gm who doesn’t take input. So I’ll take Shannahan over the packer guys, over the Seahawks guys, over Ballard, because no matter how good you might be at maybe putting together a team, if u don’t have the right guys to coach it, it will fail. And there is no better place to look than with Jim harbaugh. He basically came in with the same team, as the previous coaches and worked magic. I’m hoping for the same thing here.

    1. Steele, we were not rooting for the team’s downfall, but just trying to be realistic. The team imploded all on its own, and ended up with a 2-14 record. I was just expecting the worse, and you cannot tell me that Lynch did not come out of the blue to possibly save the situation. Still, many should still be a little skeptical, especially since Lynch is a total newb when it comes to being a GM. I shall be hopeful, but will not expect a winning season next year.

      Jed, and his GM/HC search was a farce, especially when he brought Wormtongue along. I am amazed that Jed was actually able to keep a secret.

      Do not diss Grant for him writing about Blank possibly throwing a wrench into the situation. It was just Grant making waves for more hits and generate comments.

      I get it, you are glad Lynch is the new GM, but they are not SB bound, I expect lots of blood, sweat and tears. Do not pat yourself on the back, you had no clue that Lynch would be hired, either.

      1. At least Steel is realistic in his analysis. You throw out hot garbage like the 49ers should just hire back Kelly who they fired 2 months ago and Tomsula a year ago. And that it made sense because they are still on the payroll.
        While Steel should pat himself on the back because he brings quality to the blog, you should slap yourself upside the head with your junk!

        1. Prime, I was more realistic with my analysis. Of course, you thought that Jed bringing Paraag was a master stroke of genius, and many football people wanted to discus exe’s and o’s with him. Caserio and Ballard did not even want to meet with them. Ballard cited how much he liked KC, and his family was happy there, then he accepted the Colts job, which meant his explanations were hot air, and he really did not like the thought of talking with Jed and Paraag.

          Steele may be overly optimistic, but that sure is not your excuse. Your unrelenting negativity is obnoxious and disgusting. Your screeds amply demonstrate your utter lack of football knowledge, and you think you can win arguments by hurling invective. However, its just shows you up as a blustering bloviating blowhard bellowing bombast and bilgewater.

      2. This has nothing to do with lunch as GM. This has everything to do with Shannahan as coach. I never ever said we were super bowl bound but I also knew guys would come here and work. It was balkee that screwd the pooch. Jed was just crazy enough to let him. Just like he’s going to be crazy enough to give a 1st time head coach power over his 53. That’s what I’m high on. A coach that knows what he needs to win and is being given the opportunity to have input on it..

        1. Steele, we can both agree that Baalke was the cancer.

          I also agree that KS is a good choice to lead the team. I love seeing the WCO concepts throughout the Falcons’ offense.

          I am astounded that Jed was fortunate to have Lynch fall into his lap, but please pump the brakes. Lynch has few qualifications to be a GM, and never professed to want to run a team until just last week. He has never run a draft or negotiated another player’s contract. His college player study has been sparse compared to many other GMs who have been religiously studying film.

          I will temper my enthusiasm with with a good dose of reality. Nobody knows how this will turn out. It could be another merry go round, so I will hope for the best and expect the worst.

  32. Biderman – Browns making a trade pitch for Jimmy Garoppolo.

    “From Mary Kay Cabot: Sources say the Browns’ interest in Garoppolo is real and that they’ll try to trade for him depending on how their draft evaluations go over the next five weeks or so.”

      1. I called this a long time ago, and said they’d trade their #12 pick for him. Garrett/Garoppolo looks really good. Maybe we get lucky and a team falls in love with a quarterback….

            1. It’s gonna happen. He’s the prototypical Shanny type QB.
              No one is trading up to #2. He’s our guy

              1. There is no chance they take Trubisky at 2 I guarantee you… Lynch is a defensive guy and so is Peter’s… Plus Shanahan is smart he knows he has a long leash so he can wait for a much better propsprct in 2018..Unless they can trade down it’s Allen.

              2. Razor I’m ok with taking the best WR in the draft at #2, whoever that is.
                I think Trubisky would be the better choice but either way Id be good.

      2. Yarp, they’ve already established that as an organization they’re garbage at drafting QB’s so they might as well try their luck at trading for them.

  33. DCs? Maybe they should go the college route. Don Brown, Brent Venables or Clancy Pendergast.

    The best choice may be Romeo Crennel. Give him lots of control and a big raise. Maybe Lynch can convince him to come here.

    No idea if the DC will last more than 1 season. Depends on his record.

        1. Thought no significant hire would come to SF, and that the 49ers should hire back Tomsula and Kelly?

          1. Prime, I did not expect Lynch to emerge as the GM, just like you did not, either.

            I am just happy that the Niners lucked out. For a while, I thought Paton would become the Colts GM and ninja KS.

            Then Jed would be holding the bag, and would have to be desperate enough to do that. Glad that did not happen, but if you are going to say that you called the Lynch hire, I will call you a liar.

            1. You have amenisia? You are telling me you never said the 49ers would be able to hire anyone decent and the logical solution was to hire back Kelly and Tomsula? YOu never once said that?
              Where and when did I say I called the Lynch hire?
              I said Jed would get it right and he smashed it with the Lynch and Shanahan hire?
              You cannot even fess up to that?

              1. Prime, I guess you want me to bring up how wrong you are all the time. I remember when you were saying that the CFL is comparable to the NFL.

                I still am right. No competent GM candidate signed with Jed. He could only get Lynch because he promised him a 6 year deal. Yet Lynch has had zero GM experience, and has never run a draft, so he may be totally unqualified and will turn out to be another Matt Millen. Hopefully, he will turn out to be more like Elway, but we do not know.

                Smashed it with Lynch? Maybe, maybe not. Knowing Jed, he will find a way to smash things up, but not in a good way.

              2. Still can’t remember saying that about the CFL but you like to twist words. For the record, I said the CFL game is entertaining to watch. Nothing about being comparable to the NFL.
                You dont think Lynch is competent? Hes already done more in 24 hours by giving this franchise an identity and he hasn’t even stepped inside the building.
                This is great hire for the 49ers. 2 guys who know football and have been successful.
                Your thought of success was to just hire back Kelly and Tomsula cause they already were on the payroll.
                Ill take Shanny and Lynch and their zero experience over your stupid idea of Kelly & Tomsula any day!

              3. Look who’s talking about amnesia. You conveniently forget stupid things you said, because you say so many stupid things, it is hard to keep track of all of them.

                Do not worry, I have a good memory, and will remind you of them i exquisite detail.

                Remember, you once said that Kaep took the league by storm…….

  34. Peters was referred to as a “savant” by a Broncos’ FO person today and everything else I’m reading about him is good so I like it. As for DC, I think there’s a chance O’Neil stays another year simply because they have so much to do in so little time and the D is at least familiar with him. That said, it won’t surprise me if he’s kicked to the curb either. As long as Lynch and Shanahan surround themselves with a strong supporting cast – and keep Jedraag out of football matters – I see nothing but better times ahead…. Hard to get much worse!

    1. It’s going to be ever so much better if there is another secret candidate and the day Coach Shanahan is officially hired he announces his DC.

    1. Yeah, wow is right. Is that Zach Terrell slinging the ball? Is he on anybody’s radar? Maybe he should be on ours.

  35. This whole contact negotiator role debate is rediculous. I know TK & the Grant like to take shots, but really Prague has and does do a great job with contracts & the cap. Over the past 10 years or so our Cap has actually been one of our strengths. Honestly it was the prior group with Terry Donahue and even the Eddie years after Carmon Policy left when we were in “cap hell”.

    Let’s not pretend like everything the Yorks do is bad.
    And yes most if not all NFL teams have a cap & contract specialist. It’s basically an account NFL style.

  36. As I recall I said to have faith that Jed would make a great decision concerning his hiring of GM and HC. Sure got a lot of flak on that prognostication. He did. Give him the credit. I don’t need it. Did anyone expect, or even mention Lynch? No. At least nobody on this blog. However, his hiring is more than a pleasant surprise. Great move to hire Peters today. The ship is slowly turning. Exciting times long overdue.

  37. This is looking really good. I hope Trubisky is worth a 2nd round pick. It’s so much more enjoyable to follow a rebuilding team with its franchise QB for the next decade or more than one with a placeholder.

    Though somehow I think people may be underestimating Glennon. Is there anyone who thinks maybe he could be a franchise QB?

  38. I can foresee JL and KS rebuilding this team in their image. Tough, hard nosed, and smart. Peers compare KS’s passion, intelligence, and attention to detail to a young Belichick. I saw Lynch in person more than a few times and he is one of the toughest guys I have ever seen play. Smart, tough, no nonsense, throwback type player. Look for the Niners to become tough again. They haven’t been since the Walsh, Seifert an Harbaugh years. The ’88 and ’89 teams were the toughest I ever saw. They just manhandled people. The Harbaugh SB team was close. Can’t wait to see it develop.

    1. If the Bears decide to move on from Cutler, I can see the Cards being a good team for him.

      1. Cutler may end up signing with a team, being out competed for the starting job, and end up being the backup.

    2. Yup, means more QB’s being overvalued and taken higher then they should. Dangerous year to select a QB.

        1. I think it would be a good decision. Cutler is better than any guy coming out with the “potential” to do anything. Kyle Shannahan could have Cutler playing at an all pro level

          1. Yea, I’m coming around to the idea of Cutler now that we have Shanny insurance. Good call, Grant!

            1. What do you think about a package trade that includes Fangio? Lynch could throw in a couple of bottles of wine and some sour dough bread and we land Cutler and Fangio.

              1. I was thinking about offering our 6th round compensatory pick for Fangio if they had the temerity to block Donatell….

        2. I don’t have a problem with Cutler the stop-gap I have a problem with Cutler being the QB the rookie future of the franchise is learning from.

            1. His one year of being a QB coach for the Texans qualifies him for that? When the players are on the practice field and in the film room it’ll be Cutler’s film and practice that the rookie will be watching. When they’re on the sideline it’ll be Cutler the rookie is talking to. The rookie is going to look to the veteran playing the position. Kyle will be busy running the team and installing offense.

              1. It would be a little naive to assume that just because Favre wasn’t willing to take Rodgers under his wing that Aaron didn’t learn anything from him.

              2. I had read it, doesn’t change what I wrote. Rodgers picked up more then just work ethic and attitude in his 3 years of watching Brett Favre practice and watching film of him after games. I doubt Favre was mute in the film room or on the field so he might have picked up a few things listening to him as well.

            2. That’s quite a job title: Head Coach, Offensive coordinator and Quarterback coach. Oh and he’s also the GM apparently.

            3. “It would be a little naive to assume that just because Favre wasn’t willing to take Rodgers under his wing that Aaron didn’t learn anything from him.”

              I never said he didn’t learn anything from him. The evidence is in my earlier post.

              I said Shanahan and LaFleur would be teaching our QBs. Do you really think Shanahan won’t try to coach up his QB? Sure he’ll let LaFleur do most of it but to say Kyle will be too busy running the team and installing his offense to work with his QB is beyond a little naive.

              1. More to the point, I don’t think Favre paid much attention to Coach McCarthy, he was just a gunslinger with a lot of interceptions, had a huge pill problem in GB which probably didn’t go away or he wouldn’t have become an amateur photographer when he joined the Jets.

                Obviously Rodgers was paying attention to his coach, he plays within the system and doesn’t throw many picks.

              2. I agree Jay. Of course Rodgers learned things from Favre, but he didn’t emulate his style of play. The people that teach a QB are the QB coach, OC, and HC if they have experience on the offensive side of the ball.

      1. I’m good with this… If anyone can squeeze something out of whatever Cutler has left I would think Shanny Jr. is the guy to do it. At the least he’s a plug until our long-term solution @ QB is identified and developed. And please………no more Kaput.

      2. Coffee,
        I’m glad you decided to stick around. Over the last 55 years or so I have experienced some very bad periods with the 9ers but when the eventual turn around comes about it is more than worth it. I can still remember the first div championship in 70 after decades of futility, it was heaven. So i’m glad you are sticking around you never would have felt the same joy being a carpetbagger fan.

        1. My dad talked me down off the ledge a bit. Decided that I’ll just be a fan of both teams that way I wont be quite so upset when one of them does something ridiculous. Like getting turned down by all the legitimate GM prospects and then hiring someone with no experience for the job and pretending he was a candidate all along.

  39. His dad drafted him

    Makes sense from that standpoint.
    Hope he’s more like Plunkett than Jeff George at his next stop.

    1. Better to trade a 4th for Romo and get him to restructure. Then seek a franchise qb next year or year after (grants’ suggestion). Also search the 2nd stringers out there. There could be a diamond holding a clipboard. If anyone even mumbles RG3 I will launch my smoothie at my computer screen.

  40. The hire shows Lynch is smart enough to stay out of his own way, and has his ego in check; a very good sign.

    As for the special teams coach hire, I’m thinking some kind of change is good.

    The big “improvement” from 2014 to 2015 was stopping the delay of game penalty; actually the only improvement. To make a similar “leap ahead” for 2017, I’d like to see a return game that does not consistently bring the ball back less far than the default 25 yard line.

  41. Hard to tell about the new DC, but the Senior Defensive Assistant, Jason Tarver, was retained, and held the DC position in Oakland.

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