John Lynch on Jay Cutler: “That’s a once-in-every-15-year-type talent.”

Pro Football Talk uncovered an interesting statement 49ers’ GM John Lynch made about Jay Cutler in 2009.

“I like Jay, he’s a friend of mine,” Lynch said. “He had some growing up to do, probably still has tome growing up to do. But in saying that, I think the Broncos erred in letting him go.

“This is a guy, in my mind, that’s a once-in-every-15-year-type talent. He’s got that kind of skill. I think he’ll grow into the other things. I sometimes think during this whole ordeal, they tried to paint him as a bad guy, but he’s not a bad guy at all. He’s got some growing up to do, but hopefully he learned something from this whole ordeal and offseason.”

So, Lynch likes Cutler. And Mike Shanahan likes Cutler — Shanahan drafted him in 2006. Which means Kyle Shanahan probably likes Cutler, too.

I recommended weeks ago that the 49ers should sign Cutler once the Bears release him — and they probably will. He will be the best stopgap QB the Niners can get.

Do you think the Niners will get him? Why or why not?

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    1. Ignore an eight-year-old article and the resultant click-bait speculation.

      Did notice that Grant didn’t even bother to check on it. Just ran with it since it fits in with his biases.

    1. In 1991, I said Jeff George was a once a decade talent. Perhaps the 49ers should sign him too.

    2. I pointed that out FOUR TIMES at PFT. No swearing. No attacks. Just that it was EIGHT YEAR OLD ARTICLE.

      They deleted every single comment. And I’m not the only one. Lots of people pointed out it was a click-bait article and the whole thing is stupid and ancient history.

      They have left up all the click-bait, screaming and yelling comments. Funny that…

      1. PFT is notorious for their censorship. If you want to have some fun make a comment even slightly critical of Florio and see how fast it’s deleted. I have a family member in the media business that had dealings with PFT before they became so popular. Florio is an actual real-life nutjob. The guy has some serious mental issues.

        One of the funnier episodes was his twitter war with the mascot for the Jaguars. Look that one up. It’s hilarious.

        1. In addition to “nut job”, failed lawyer, bitter Vikings fan since the 70’s (explains why he hates the niners with a passion, probably replays the Steve Young 49 yard TD scramble over and over in his nightmares!).

  1. My initial reaction when you suggested Cutler was one of trepidation due to the 49ers need to establish a new culture, and his reputation for being not that much of a leader. I’ve since come around to the idea with the recent culture shock of GM John Lynch, and the Shanny insurance of the quarterback position. We’re in good hands with Shanny….

    1. I agree. Cousins will cost us too much in draft capital and salary. It also would bring in a veteran to mentor the rookie QB. Still recommend we take a QB in the mid-rounds this upcoming draft and low round next year with a better QB group coming in.

      1. In what round did the patriots take Brady? In what round did we get Montana? The first round picks don’t usually work out. We took Smith in the first round and how far down did Rogers fall before he was picked up. A high draft pick quarterback is nor really a good choice.

    2. Yeah, there really is something to coaching. When Harbaugh took over, Alex Smith turned into a decent QB. Harbaugh turned CK into a good QB. Under Shanny, Matt Ryan has had a career year and you’ve got to think coaching/play calling played a huge role in Ryan’s success. A few notes on Ryan this year:

      Avg Yards per pass attempt (9.3) 2 yards higher than career average
      TD (38) – 13 TD’s higher than career average per year
      Ints (7) – 6 Ints lower than career average per year
      Yards (4,944) – 900 yards higher than career avg yards per season
      QBR (117) – 27 points higher than career average

      That type of success gives a coach credibility. Whomever the 49ers sign at QB I’m going to take the wait and see approach since I know Shanny knows what he’s doing.

  2. I am not at all a Cutler fan, with that being said I would be okay with him as long as he replaces the current starter. In fact I will be okay with “””any””” QB other then Kaep.

    1. UC – I with you on this one. We should call this the UC Any QB But Kaep Principle or AQBK Principle for short. Should be the No. 1 policy for Lynch.

      1. Waterboy? Janitor? Executive assistant?

        Because he’s no QB. At the end of 2015 it looked like he might have finally started to come around. In 2016 he regressed right back to the Same Old Gabbert.

        1. Blaine Gabbert has everything you want in an NFL QB. Size, arm strength, speed. He is an absolutely amazing athlete. Gabbert’s been in the NFL for 6 years and played for 6 different OC’s. I don’t know many guys who could succeed under those circumstances.

          Bob Bratkowski
          Jedd Fisch
          Dirk Koetter
          Greg Roman
          Geep Chryst
          Curtis Modkins

          Agreed there are major concerns about Gabbert’s pocket awareness, accuracy, and decision making but NFL history is littered with QB’s who struggled until they were paired with the right coach – see Alex Smith. I’m not suggesting the 49ers sign Gabbert and no one else. I’m suggesting that even if the 49ers sign Cutler, Tyrod Taylor, or even Phillip Rivers that they should potentially also sign Gabbert and see what a coach like Shanny can do with him.

          1. Houston: I thought it might be possible last year because as you say he has many desirable qualities. But his biggest problem is inaccuracy and he can’t seem to solve that. When Logan was around in 2015 he had him throw at about 80% of velocity and I thought that improved his accuracy somewhat, but he regressed in this area last year. Unless he has, by some miracle, vastly improved his accuracy it’s probably best to let him go, imo.

          2. What about Ponder? From what I saw in the preseason he was a pretty good quarterback. Granted he played against 2 nd string players on the other side, but he also had 3 rd. string players on his side. He might not have been a QB for Kelly’s system, but with the WC offense and Hanahan, he might do well.

          3. Houston,
            I hear what you’re saying, but whether a QB has 1 or 6 OC’s during their career it won’t solve the issue of inaccuracy.
            Both Gabbert and Kaep are plagued with accuracy problems and no OC or new HC is going to conquer that.

            Sure, changing OC’s can cause some problems with a QB having to adapt to new game plans and all the logistics but the core of a QB is his ability to consistently put the ball in a WR’s hands.
            Drew Brees was still able to this after he went from San Diego to New Orleans. Ben Rothlisberger was able to do this after Todd Haley became OC for the Steelers back in 2012.
            If a QB can hit his target he more often then not, he will find his niche in the league.

            My personal opinion is that we move on from both CK and BG and begin the building process with a veteran QB and a young QB that is groomed for the future.

    2. So I take it EVERYONE forgets what Kap did the last time he had a competent coach and a decent roster around him……..SUPERBOWL. I see yall have the shortest memories in history and lets also not forget that Kap out played all of the QBs yall are suggesting last year, except Cousins but I doubt he leaves Wash. Because they know that the FA class and draft for QBs is horrible. Kap will be back next season and all yall can keep being mad for one more year.

      1. Colin Kaepernick is not a team guy and he refuses to work on his craft. CK’s regression is 100% due to his priorities being directed to everything except football. I would rather the 49ers sign additional RB’s and run a double wing than ever allow Colin Kaepernick to put on a 49er uniform again. If Jed is serious about changing the culture within the organization, one of the things he should do is get rid of the toxic players who are more distraction than contributors – start with CK.

        1. A toxic player does not win the Eshmont. A selfish player would have opted out already.

          I like Kaep. To me, he is a leader both on and off the field.

          I agree, they need to get rid of the dead weight, but cutting the best player on the team is obtuse.

          1. Do you honestly think Colin Kaepernick exemplifies “inspirational and courageous play?” That CK won the Eshmont should be the #1 indicator of the toxic culture within that locker room. CK won because he dealt with heat due to his social stand rather than anything he did on the field. Previous players like Frank Gore, Bryant Young, William Floyd earned that award through the strength of their character, onfield accomplishments, and their commitment to their teammates. It’s an absolute disgrace that a man like CK who stood up for a cause and then refused to actually vote won the Len Eshmont award. I found it disgusting that players on this roster would soil the Len Eshmont award by awarding it to such a self centered, mediocre player who made himself a distraction for the sole purpose of getting himself attention.

            1. your comments are disgusting Houston……the man stood up…….when no one else in the country had the courage…..let alone other athletes!!!!
              All he was saying is that we cannot keep killing innocent ppl in the streets!
              That cops, who are here to protect and serve, cannot shoot first and ask questions last!
              If your ok with turning the news on and seeing new atrocities every week…..then your the one with the problem.
              As a qb, I’m not much of a kap fan anymore……..think he has all the talent but he struggles with accuracy and reading defenses. I’m ready to move on fro him…..but I have no problem with him as a man!
              It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in…….especially when you have feeble minded , beer belly red necks constantly attacking you!

              1. You’re more likely to be killed by being swallowed whole by a whale and then struck by a meteor that traverses through the whale than you are to be murdered by a police officer. The things CK “stood up” for are absolute lies made up by social justice warriors and media looking for ratings. CK’s entire schtick was exposed as nonsense after he refused to vote. Good riddance to a glory hound who used people for his own popularity.

            2. Houston, despite all you said, Kaep won the Eshmont, and nothing you say will deny that fact.

              I applaud Kaep for fighting to right injustices, and I think many players are too self centered or cowardly to want to fight for social justice.

              Kaep gave his reason why he did not vote, and in America, one has the right to vote, and also the right not to vote. He did not like the system, and thinks it is corrupt. The fact that the popular vote getter lost just confirms his suspicions. Both candidates were flawed, and he felt like he would be supporting the farce, so his decision to not participate seems reasonable.
              However, I would urge him to vote just because people like you will denigrate his cause for justice just because he did not vote.

              So now you are saying that the whole team is disgusting. Maybe you should root for the Texans now. Sounds like you hate the Niners.

              1. OMG! It takes a special kind of imbecile to say a football player is self centered or cowardly if they are not also a social justice warrior. It takes an even deeper level of stupidity to ignore the very long history and brilliant creation that is the electoral college.

                Congratulations on both.

        2. Houston,
          Respectfully disagree with all 3 counts.
          Kap is a team guy and he has worked on his craft.
          But his downfall is that he conquer his mechanical issues.
          He tried to become a pocket QB at EXOS and the failed.
          Chip let CK play to his strengths last year and that didn’t grade out well.
          Kap will never be the QB he was 5 years ago. But it won’t be because he hasn’t tried.

      2. And how long do you think it’s going to take to get a “decent” roster around this hack?

        EdErv, you already answered your own question buddy. The roster sucks, so does Kaepernick.

    3. Why in the world would they want a run down and no good QB, I know a lot of people
      don’t like Kap, but he is better than Cutler, I will scream if they bring him in, that
      would be a dumb move.

  3. Nooooo! Spend that money on 3 interior offensive linemen, 1or 2 top receivers, a fullback and a quality running back to support Hyde!

    Resign Ponder and Lewis to battle for the starting QB. With a vastly improved O-line, and skill position talent, they will be fine till the franchise rookie is found.

    Then use the draft to add the needed talent on D! We have a lot of young talented players on D, adding 3-5 more in the draft and we’ll have a formidable D for years!

    1. TimW,
      I agree regarding Ponder. He is mobile which is important playing behind a rebuilt O line. He is a leader and would contribute to the changing of the team culture. He is highly intelligent and in KS’s system the QB has to be bright. Maybe KS can get more out of Ponder than any other coach has been able to do. I believe at the minimum he can be a competent place holder and he costs nothing.

      1. Amazing that he didn’t get any field time at the end, just to see what he can do against the first string.

  4. Cutler is not a leader. Cutler in the past gave up on his team by not playing in important games due to minor injuries – lacks the toughness to be a true leader. Because Lynch liked him 9 years ago they are going to sign him? Ridiculous!

    1. Takeaways from article; a)Mike Shanahan wanted Leinart as QB b0 Cutler is a white Kaepernick…..

      1. Dee p
        Agreed, but it’s also relevant as to Cutlers mental
        state of mind today!

        * Quotes from Cutler:
        “Quarterbacks have to be the smartest guys on the team, but they also have to be the dumbest guys on the team. I’m looking downfield trying to deliver the ball, whether someone is coming or not. In the past three years here, someone’s usually been coming.

        * “To come into this situation and put everything I have into it, and coming up short time after time, it takes a toll on you. It makes you wonder if you are really that good or that talented, or if you’re the guy for the job.”

      2. Big Shanny’s track record of drafting & developing QBs is not exactly impressive, Brian Griese, Cutler, RG3 and Cousins (although his son may have had a bigger role developing Cousins). Shanny and Elway were an excellent marriage that benefited both. I think after Elway’s retirement, Shanny’s Broncos won only one play-off game.

  5. Anyone that can help implement Shanny juniors system from the start is going to be a vital. If Cutler -then go with it. If it’s Romo then go with it. Either way we’re going to need three quarterbacks. Chances are two of them are going to be veterans that I know the Shanahan’s and are familiar with the system.

  6. For as long as Cutler has been in the league he has been skewed in this room. Now there is a suggestion that he become this teams QB by the new GM/QB …how about no!
    The guy has not projected a grown up football persona, more like spoiled teen.

  7. I feel like Jed read your 4 part rebuilding plan and tried really hard to follow it, but they just couldn’t land Wolfe…. we’ll see how well they follow the rest of your limitless wisdom Grant.

      1. Np, and by the way I’d be good with Cutler. I’d also be fine with Hoyer as a bridge since he has experience in Shanny’s system. I just hope we don’t waste a #2 overall pick on a mediocre class of QBs.

        If we get Cutler and draft William/Davis, along with Shanny’s offense, we will see major improvements on the offense.

  8. Sorry Grant, but Cutler is a classic example of a million dollar arm and a 10cent head; he throws beautiful spirals and has NFL arm strength but his decision-making is about the worst I’ve seen in such a talented arm. Everywhere he goes, hope springs, only to crash when his on-field performance becomes apparent. He’s the current incarnation of Vince Ferragamo, and if he comes here, he’ll outperform “average” in 2 games and underperform it in 5. If Lynch thinks he’s a great talent, he’s DOA in my book.

    1. Ferragamo did get to the Superbowl. Kept it competitive for a while. But, ultimately what you said was Ferragamo in a nutshell. Flashes, but mostly not the answer.

  9. I wonder if terry mcdonough would still be willing to act as an informal consultant?


    Side note. Mike Nolan is coaching saints linebackers. He seems like a good position coach to have on a team.

  10. If a veteran free agent keeps the 49ers from using pick 2 on a quarterback I’m all for it. The more plugged roster holes, the more draft leverage and mobility.

  11. Lots of comments about QB’s. Cutler is a good QB but I also think about his “.10 head”.

    How ever as a committed 49er fan, once again I choose to respect the new leadership and hope for the best.

    I like Garropolo (sp?) I would take a chance on him, get him a stud receiver in FA like Ashlon Jeffrey and build a great OL. Cutler could work out but he may also show all the faults he is known for. I think JG may be ready to go.

    1. The Bills are after Garropolo and it looks like the deal will go ahead. Wait and see on that one.

  12. No, I would rather have Ponder and two developmental QB’s. If I am trading for Cutler, I am giving up a LOT to win this year. Not happening. Let’s be sensible. This is a longer term rebuilding mission. We are looking at 3 – 5 years. Deal with it. Listening, Jed and Parag?

  13. Cutler was once a good QB(2009) as was Kaepernick(2012). The bad news is, both guys regressed.

  14. Sigh, Grant is trolling me again. Cutler? I would rather they start Ponder. Cutler is a true coach killer. He did it to Mike Shanahan and Lovie Smith.

    Kaep is still their best option. I am hopeful. Lynch is a very smart man, so he will see the potential of Kaep. He will also think through the consequences of cutting Kaep. Most likely, he would go to the Cards, since Ariens called Kaep scary, and with Johnson and their defense, will play the Niners twice a year for possibly the next 6 years with a motivated Kaep to lead them.

    KS is smart, too, and if he can get Shaub and Hoyer to play well, he can rehabilitate Kaep so he can play like Ryan.

    With the QB question settled, the Niners can concentrate on fixing the defense, which is the biggest problem. This draft also has some very good WRs, so the Niners may grab one in the middle rounds, to give Kaep a legitimate deep threat.

    Even with Kaep, the Niners should draft a QB. They could select Cooper Rush, Joshua Dobbs or Davis Webb, but my new potential candidate is Jerod Evans. He is a good dual threat QB, with nice touch on his throws while also being a durable runner.

    Additionally, the Niners should sign a free agent. Glennon may be a target, Cutler is a terrible choice, but the most likely player may be Shaub, since KS has worked with him before.

    Yes, I know, many posters think that Kaep sucks, but I think he is the best player on the team. Kaep will be the only SB QB option the team has, and he has set playoff rushing records with a 4-2 road playoff record.

    Lynch emphasized how important locker room dynamics are to the success of the team, so Kaep, by winning the Eshmont displays the right stuff to be a leader. His clutch performance to win the Rams game will not be dismissed by KS and Lynch like some posters do. They will see a player who works very hard, and has the skillsets to win games, when given adequate support.

    No matter what Kaep’s detractors say, he has more courage than most of them, because he is advocating for social justice in the face of hate and death threats.

    I hope Kaep knows that there is at least one Niner fan who likes him, and wants him to lead the Niners to win another ring.

    1. So Seb if Kap is not retained will KS be considered not smart? Like your notion that Jed should just hire back Kelly and Tomsula?

      1. Well, if Lynch did not fall in their laps and Paton had become the Colts GM and ninja’d KS, that may have been the last option.

        Good news, Ballard went to Indy, and Lynch is here, so that scenario is no longer applicable.

        I think KS is smart, no matter what they decide. I will say that KS may be short sighted if he cuts Kaep without thinking of the consequences.

            1. I just want to hear another one of your stupid ideas? Like Kelly and Tomsula are a better tandem than Shanny and Lynch. And my personal favorite of your stupid comments is players should fall to the ground to avoid injury! I love that one!
              So please enlighten me, what would be the consequences if KS didn’t retain Kap?

              1. Once past the first down marker, the TE should just concentrate on catching the ball, and fall down so he does not try to run before catching the ball and drops it.

                Also, struggling for more yards after the catch, gives the defense more opportunities to strip the ball, so falling down is preferable to losing the ball.

              2. What are the consequences if KS retains Kaep?

                You will look even more clueless, and show the world you have no football knowledge at all.

                I do not think that Lynch will be swayed by drama. He will logically and thoroughly think this through, and make a wise decision.

                Both KS and Lynch want to win, and right now, Kaep gives them their best chance to win.

              3. You still have not answered the question!
                What would the consequences be for KS, JL and the entire 49ers organization if Kap isn’t retained? Why can’t you just back your words up with an intelligent reason?
                Is your reason that Kap gives them the best chance to win? How so?

    2. Actually, Grant was trolled by Florio. Like most of modern media, he rushes in with both feet if the story, no matter how fake, meets his personal biases.

      The PFT article is pure speculation based on an interview Lynch had as he started his broadcast career and was mostly about Brandon Marshall, the WR. Culter only came up as part of the conversation.

      1. Luckily, that article was from years ago, otherwise, Lynch could have been accused of tampering, talking about another player under contract to another team.

        Lots of things have changed from that initial conversation. Cutler has not shined, and is in fact less popular in Chicago than Kaep is in San Francisco.

        1. He also was a guy who took the league by storm but at least he lasted more than 14 games. But as of late, like Kap, he hasn’t improved much to build a franchise around.
          There is no shame in that, only that both organizations need to restock that position.

    3. It makes sense to keep your best players and Kaep is one of them. Now he may not want to stay or the new regime may want to go in a different direction, but I agree with Sep. Keeping Kaep and drafting a QB is the best option at this time.

      Alternatives to Kaep + drafting a QB this year:
      1. Trade the house for Jimmy Garoppolo. Matt Cassel 2.0 is not worth taking that kind of risk
      2. Tony Romo? This could work. But, what’s the likelihood and cost?
      3. Jay Cutler, Matt Barkley, Brian Hoyer, Mike Glennon, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, Nick Foles, Ryan Mallett, Shaun Hill? None are better than Kaep.
      4. Kirk Cousins? Not worth the price.

      1. I think that if Brady wins the SB, he may want to ride off into the sunset as a winner. Therefor, Garropolo is going nowhere.

        I agree that Cousins will be too expensive, and besides, Gruden is not dumb. He will do everything he can to retain Cousins, especially if he wants to win.

    4. What’s the deal with you and Sackorpick? You have got to be his #1 fan…Plainly stated, Kaepernick sucks! He had 1 decent season, only because he was an anomaly…once he had to start playing NFL style QB, he was finished… His ship has sailed out of SF…..On to playing backup on another team…Good Riddance

  15. If you’re gonna rebuild, eke out a poor W/L record for two years, then start your climb. Start by drafting your WR1, focus the rest on defense. Keep Ponder, play offense conservatively.

    Looks like I was wrong about Shanahan. Shopping for a new avatar. I’ll take suggestions.

      1. I’ll pass on that one, if ya don’t mind. Too freaky for me. Right now I’m with Clarabell.

          1. Thanks, Whine. Yeah, that was truly a great series! Another one I really liked when it had its run was The Streets of San Francisco. Karl Malden, Michael Douglas and, oh yeah, the Streets themselves, which took my breath away when I was a kid back on ol’ Long Island.

            1. George,

              One of my favorite shows of all time is The Twilight Zone. You may already know this but Savalas appeared in one episode with a talking doll. He did a lot of scenes with just himself and the doll. Telly nailed it.

              The show was well written and was a great vehicle for Savalas. The episode was called Living Doll.

    1. You can’t draft or sign in free agency what isn’t there. The worst thing you can do is force it.

      Schneider/Carroll and Reggie McKenzie didn’t go quarterback right away. Dak Prescott stepped into an offense already bolstered by unsplashy but steady draft picks.

      Everyone knows it won’t be an instant rebuild. The 49ers need stars. They will have their pick of some good talent like Allen, Hooker, Foster, Williams, Davis, Adams, Barnett… even in trade-back situations. Anything but a QB in the top half of the first round.

      1. “You can’t draft or sign in free agency what isn’t there. The worst thing you can do is force it.”

        I hope I didn’t imply that. Of course you are right.

    2. I hate to see you change the Telly image because ,well because we “love you baby” but have some fun with it , Clarabel from Howdy Doody has a certain resonance for us old folk!

      1. hightop, I plan to go back to Telly. I’m doing this only because I said I was so confident Shanahan wouldn’t come here that I would adopt a clown face for a month if he did.

    3. Try fat freddy’s cat…

      It will automatically age you as being either over 50 or under 15; but hey, it’s a cool cat.

  16. Here are some interesting free agents the 49ers could target this year:

    Lawrence Timmons, ILB, Pittsburgh Steelers
    Alshon Jeffery, WR, Chicago Bears
    Kenny Britt, WR, Los Angeles Rams
    Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Minnesota Vikings
    DeSean Jackson, WR, Washington Redskins

    1. 10 more.

      Calais Campbell DE
      Kawann Short DT
      Nick Fairly DT
      Dontari Poe DT
      Nick Perry OLB
      Paul Worrilow ILB
      Keenan Robinson ILB
      Sean Spence ILB
      Kendall Wright WR
      Terrelle Pryor WR.

    2. Depends on your strategy. Given the amount of cap space the Niners have, and the need for people who can help right now (in addition to the draft), I would suggest the following targets as part of a complete overhaul:

      Brandon Williams, DL Carolina. Think he would be a better Nose Tackle than Poe; I believe Carolina will keep Kawaan Short.
      Kenny Britt is the only receiver I’d think of, but as a short term rental.
      Stephon Gilmore, CB. Shutdown corner; hard to find one who can start right away straight out of college (i.e. the draft).
      Donta’ Hightower, LB. Lines up usually at ILB, but can play all over and has a championship pedigree. If not Hightower, than Zach Brown.
      Eric Berry, S. I think Bethea and Reid should be cut. Berry, if Chiefs can’t pay him, is not only a top talent at Safety, but a true locker room leader and immediately someone players will listen to and respect. Will bring the right attitude to the Niners.
      Schaub and Hoyer, QBs. Backup/temp starter/someone to teach whomever we draft.
      JC Tretter, C. Backup center and challenger to Kilgore.
      Don Barclay, G/T. Backup tackle and guard who can cover several positions on the line as a reserve.

        1. He is, which is why I also list Zach Brown in case the Patriots re-sign Hightower, which I assume they will.

          1. I included Zach brown in a previous list.

            I think they will retain Brandon Williams, so Short may be available

            I included Poe because I think they cannot keep both Poe and Eric Berry, and they will elect to keep Berry.

            I think the Pats will retain Hightower, but he would be a great addition if they can get him.

    1. I posted this link in the previous thread (I didn’t notice that there was a new Grant blog topic); but I’m going to provide some quotes from the article, because I think they are important.

      “I made a big deal that this stayed quiet,” Lynch said, via Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle. “First of all, you know what I was doing? Part of the rumors are things fly out of that building. So I wanted to see could I trust (them), you know? So that was part of my thinking.”

      “If I was going to engage in these conversation, we can’t beat around the bush,” Lynch said. “We’ve got to get right to: ‘Do I want to work for these people?’ I can tell you what I found, my interaction with Jed York, he’s a guy that all he wants to do is win.

      “He’s tired of some strife and some contention in the building. He wants harmony. He wants to give us the resources. He wants to be a support mechanism, but he wants to get out of the way and let us work. And, to me, that’s an awesome deal.”

    2. Yup, if Lynch can stop the leaks, he is already way better than Baalke.

      If he will abandon the ACL strategy, he will be 10 times better than Baalke.

    3. I wrote “How the interview went” in Niners Nation comments last week

      Shanahan – “One little leak between now and February 6, and I withdraw my candidacy for the head coaching position.”

      York – *gulp*

      Paton – “Me too”

      York – *whimper*

      McDonough – “Same here. I’d rather stick with the Cardinals than deal with leaks.”

      York – “Does that include bladder leaks?” *drip*

  17. Cutler has talent but he needs a constant voice to keep him in check when he gets out of line. Left alone to his own devices, he gets rattled too easily and will find a way to lose a winnable game. And he’s not known to be a locker room leader either. If the Niners are planning on drafting a young QB and bringing in a veteran who can show him to ropes and be a respected voice in the locker room the next 3 years until the new QB and the rest of this young team is ready to be competitive, my thought is trade for Tony Romo. Great leader and teacher who knows his place on the team.

  18. >> He’s got that kind of skill. I think he’ll grow into the other things.

    Maybe Jay is still experiencing growing pains?

  19. There is no doubt Cutler is a better talent than any QB on the team. But Cutler’s continual whine and pinched features when his receivers don’t catch his every pass is as bad as Kaep’s body language and is a culture killer in the locker room. That should be a red flag and a potential disqualifier.

  20. The way I see the new regime needs to build.

    My draft and free agent by position only, fill in the names later.

    1. ILB – one that hits with such intensity that….
    2. ILB – one fleet of foot that can cover.
    3. NT – one that lives for the sight of blood.

    4. WR – one that makes a cheetah seem slow and can catch its prey
    5. RB – one that just explodes hitting the line – Earl Campbell like
    6. LT – one who can block a locomotive
    7 C – been harping on this one for two years
    8. TE – This is a guy that nothing in the world matters but catching the ball. No fear!!
    9 QB – good luck with this one.

    1. undercenter – Good breakdown. I’d add fullback. Tempted to add free safety. Depends on what their plans are for Ward, if their staying with single high scheme, how Tartt and Reid are doing.

    2. There’s a need/talent mismatch. I’m not too worried about it. We are so far from contention, might as well grab BPA.

      Talent in this draft (seems) to be TE, Safety, 3-4 DE, RB, ILB, Corner.

      Tempted to add Edge and WR, but I don’t yet know much about the depth in this draft. Certainly good WR/Edge at the top of the draft.

  21. Mike Shanahan likes Cutler? Not after MS was fired because of Cutler’s poor play. KS will see how Cutler got his father fired, and will not touch him with a 10 foot pole.

  22. Cutlers contract is horrible. The Bears will cut him. Kaeps contract is horrible, the 9ers will cut him. Cutler should get more on FA market than Kaep, but there will be djscussion on this point. Jimmy G. great contract, but going FA and he will get a lot as FA, not as much from Bill B. And…Brady not going anywhere. For next 2 yrs need just de ent qb’ng. It may be too soon to bet the farm on Jim G. even jf could get him. Idea, bring in Kaep, Cutler, Cousins..let them compete and know you will overpay for a stopgap choice, and you will need 2 stopgaps on the roster for 1-2 yrs. Wrinkle on this would be if KS is all in on Garapolo. Would be interesting to know his true state of mind on that.

  23. As old as that article is, there is an obvious link to Cutler for both Lynch and Shanahan. It’s a stretch to take a comment made 8 years ago and tie it into the current situation, but Cutler has played in this type of offense and if available as a FA, I could see them thinking about it. Personally I would steer clear of Cutler. He’s a polarizing guy in the locker room and has the worst body language of any player I’ve seen on a sideline. I’d rather see them sign Mike Glennon or Brian Hoyer as the bridge (Glennon could ultimately be more than that) and draft two this year. I don’t see much upside to bringing in Cutler and a lot of downside if his personality takes over the room.

  24. Wondering why no one has mentioned Matt Schaub? Not advocating for him, but he did spend 2016 with Coach Shanahan and the Falcons Offensive Staff, he is a free agent, and he is 35, being a bridge for a younger TBD QB should be a positive challenge, not a threat. Impossible to tell by his stats, he only completed one pass for 16 yards, but his $2.5 million salary would seem to be palatable. I still think Christian Ponder is a possibility as well as Kaep…

    1. Schaub has been mentioned by a few people. I think he’s a good backup if you expect your rookie (or some other) QB to be playing. Not a great option if you expect him to be the starter for 16 games.

      1. I’ve mentioned this a few times, but I am concerned with lengthy play-call lingo that KS uses. Matt Ryan says it was a problem in 2015 but by 2016 he had mastered it and was able to just play.

        If KS continues to use this lengthy play-call lingo, then I think Schaub makes a lot of sense as a bridge QB because he’s been exposed to it and should understand it well.

        But, I’d like to see Glennon join the team.

        1. Yeah, good point. Which is one good reason to be trying to get the QB of the future in sooner rather than later. It may take a rookie a bit of time to get ready to play for KS.

  25. In terms of talent, Cutler will be one of the top options available.

    In terms of setting the right culture, Cutler will set back what Lynch and Shanahan are trying to achieve.

    1. Lynch on Cutler: “I sometimes think during this whole ordeal, they tried to paint him as a bad guy, but he’s not a bad guy at all.”

      1. I don’t think he is a bad guy. And I am also sure he is painted in a worse light than the reality – you don’t stick as a starting NFL QB as long as he has if everything you hear about him is true.

        But where there is smoke there is fire. There has been plenty said about how he can be petulant, arrogant and a me-first personality. Also that he is dismissive of things he doesn’t believe are useful (which can lead to some interesting moments between Cutler and coach), and he can be quite an introvert. Even assuming it is overblown, there is clearly something to it. And while a certain amount of arrogance is needed in a QB, the combination does not make for a good leader of a football team. The QB has to be a leader.

        1. The team isn’t going to be competitive for a long time. I wouldn’t worry about his supposed introversion.

          1. Exactly, they aren’t going to be competitive for some time. So why worry about getting the most talented vet QB on the market? Get the guy that will best help grow the team’s new culture and support the development of young QB(s).

            Now one could argue that the team also needs to avoid setting a new culture that is one of losing and inept QB play, but as you say, they aren’t likely to be very competitive anyway, even if they have Cutler.

            1. Who would you like to be the stopgap QB? I think Cutler could actually be an above-average QB with Kyle Shanahan as his coach.

              1. Well, I would still prefer they looked at Garoppolo as both the starter for now and the future, personally, with Matt Schaub as his backup. But probably won’t happen. And will probably cost too much draft capital anyway.

                Kirk Cousins would be another option for now and future, but I agree with you regarding not wanting to pay the likely trade price for him. I just don’t think he’s a top shelf QB, despite his stats.

                Assuming they go the vet stop-gap and draft a QB route, I think Glennon would be a good option. He’s already proven that he won’t make waves when he is surpassed, and when given a chance he was capable if unspectacular. However I have seen some reports suggesting he could get a big contract in FA, and if so I would pass on him too. The money isn’t really an issue for a year or two, but if he wants a long term contract then it will be.

                So, my top options would be:
                – Tony Romo (if the trade price is low)
                – Ryan Fitzpatrick (I know, I know – but he’s proven in the past he can be a useful starter… so long as he doesn’t miss training camp)
                – Nick Foles (if he can be had for not much)
                – Brian Hoyer (yeah, not a great option, but its only a short term thing)
                – Case Keenum (another not great option, but nobody looks good in Fisher’s offense, especially when they have no real weapons to throw to)

                Not saying these guys are more talented than Cutler (aside from Romo), but we’re talking stop-gaps here.

              2. I sincerely doubt Romo would want to come to the 49ers. He’ll go to the Broncos or maybe the Bears.

          2. I am more optimistic than you if we abandon the notion of a rebuild.
            Add a veteran QB ( I am a fan of Cutler).
            Add speed at ILB w a free agent and draft one along with an Edge, depth at C/NT, put Ward deep and Tartt near the line, go w Redmond, Brock and Robinson – lose Bethea and Reid, Wilhoite and Bellore, and I think we will be better than expected w a competent coaching staff. The OL is decent and will improve……..

            I think if we get a good QB and DC, we will be competing for the West, as soon as next year.

  26. I don’t believe the 9ers will draft a QB before the 4th rd. I don’t believe there is a great trade back scenario for draft picks in the 2017 draft. I think they may trade back for one extra pick in this years draft and 2 or 3 next year. Next year they will package their own 1st with the extra picks they have to move up to the top 5 and get a QB. What that means is their placeholder QB might be someone who could start for 3 years. So pick well.

  27. Am I crazy, or was Lynch saying 8 years ago that Cutler’s talent is once every 15 years provided that he grows up mentally? Which he clearly never did. Does John still think of Jay in the same way today? 8 years seems like a lifetime ago, in terms of the NFL. John very well could feel like Jay is a lost cause at this point, for all we know.

  28. Corey Davis gets “extremely minor” ankle surgery. Arthroscopy is what I’m thinking….

  29. I think it is a positive that eight years ago Lynch saw Cutler had great physical talent, but that he needed to grow up emotionally. To be a good talent scout in the NFL you have to see not only physical talent, but emotional and mental “talent”. Neither Montana or Brady have the arm talent of Cutler, but no one in their right mind thinks he comes close to them as QB’s.
    I think one of the biggest mistakes made in the Draft is over looking the intangibles and focusing solely on the physical talent of the player. The trick is to draft people like Willis who have great physical talent and all the intangibles too.

  30. I’m not deadset for or against Cutler coming in, and see positive and negative attributes:

    On the positive side, he’s smart enough to pick up the offensive plan, can read pre-snap, and make adjustments. That will give an HC/OC time to see what they have with other players as they rebuild. (Impossible to know what you have in a receiver or O-line with the musclebound nincompoop running the offense).

    The downside is he’s not “the guy” for the future, and may want hamper competition with ‘the guy’ should the niners find him. But that’s not too bad a scenario, given where we are now.

  31. I am repeating myself but why would Kyle Shanahan go after a cancer like Cutler when he has a QB on the current roster who had a Touchdown to Picks ratio of 4:1 over 11 games, is so well liked by his team-mates that he won the prestigious Eshmont award, and is still on the right side of 30.

    Only the haters on this blog cannot see that the best option for the 49ers is to keep Kap as a bridge for the next two or three years while they draft and develop the next franchise QB and let him learn the NFL game for a couple of years.

    This is the same conversation everybody was having back in 2011 except the names were Harbaugh and Smith instead of Shanahan and Kaepernick. My guess is that Shanahan will do the same thing Harbaugh did and stick with Kap while his handpicked QB of the future is ready to play.

    Of course, Kap may not want to stick around in which case I would prefer Ponder over Cutler any day of the week.

    1. You want someone like Kap showing a new draftee how it’s done in the NFL?
      You think that Kap is the best option for this team for the next 3 years Rick? Please explain why you think his play and commitment towards the game the past 3 years warrants another term, and at 14 plus million?

      1. I was comparing only Cutler and Kap. I agree that Kap is not an ideal WC QB. However neither is Cutler and Cutler’s negatives far outweigh Kap’s negatives.

        I did say that I would prefer Ponder over Cutler.

            1. I’d draft Trubisky at #2. Then I would sign Matt Barkley and Mike Glennon. Cheap, good guys, team guys with an ability to win games.
              Cutler and Kap have too much baggage and drama and when you are establishing a new culture, thats the last thing you want!

  32. Can Kap play in a WCO? I have my doubts. Quick decisions, quick accurate throws and the wiliness to trust his receivers and throw into small windows are not Kap’s strengths. I think KS will only adapt his system so far and would expect his QB to be able to function in his system with only a few changes.

    1. 49er42.

      Excellent post. So why does Seb think he’s the man still? Maybe his WCO acumen is weak.

    2. Because RGIII, Matt Ryan, and Matt Schaub all had career years under Kyle Shanahan. Brian Hoyer had good production in 2014 under KS – until their front office decided to thrust Johnny Manziel into the lineup. Are those guys all WCO type QBs? I believe KS can and will get very good production out of Kaepernick.

      1. Has Kap been able to make accurate tight window throws? He’s been part of 3 different offenses and one thing is consistent, he can run well. That’s it. Can’t throw deep with accuracy, can’t throw intermittently with accuracy and can’t throw short with accuracy. All substantial requirements of a WCO!

        1. Prime, I have seen Kaep make those throws. It is impossible to be inaccurate and throw for 400 yards.

          Kaep is ideal to run the WCO. He is fast and mobile, can throw on the run, and is quick enough to elude pass rushers.

          I expect he will become more accurate if he gets receivers who do not drop passes for another 28 times in 11 games.

          Bill Walsh himself was the genesis for the concept of fast elusive QBs when he selected Steve Young. Young was a fast elusive runner who learned to deliver the ball into the hands of his play makers. Delivering the ball from a pocket still did not prevent SY from incurring concussions which limited his career. Too bad Kaep does not have another Jerry Rice to throw to.

          I am heartened. KS and JL are smart, and will not foolishly throw away an asset. If they give in to the emotions, they will be no better than Jed and Baalke. Kaep will be given a fair chance, because he is their best player, hands down.

          If they throw him away like he is a piece of trash, he may come back to haunt them for years, so they should ask- Do I want to play with Kaep, or play against him?

          1. You still have not answered what the consequences would be if the 49ers didn’t retain Kap?
            WOuld he come back and haunt the 49ers?
            Can you explain what those “consequences”are?

            You say Kap is accurate because he threw for 400 yards in a game. Once! He also has thrown for 6 yards in a game and then was benched.
            Kap also went to a SB but he was also the 1st 49er QB to lose in one. He had the ball in his hands and had a chance to win it. He didn’t.

            You say both KS and JL are smart guys and would be foolish to throw him away. So if they do, will they suddenly become dumb?

            For someone who believes in Kap so much, why don’t you present a smart, intelligent reason as to why they should retain him?

            1. Prime, you amply demonstrate why Kaep should stay. It would drive you away from this site.

              I have enumerated many sane sober reasons why Kaep should be retained. He is a SB QB. He has set records. He has a 4-2 road playoff record, which is better than Joe and Steve combined. He is the best player on the team. The defense sucks so bad, even Joe Montana could not win with this team.

              I keep telling you, but you hate him so much, you refuse to listen. In that 6 yard game, his own coaches refused to let him pass in the first half, then they were so obtuse, they used their time outs to help the other side. The weather was snowing and one big gain was negated by another penalty, there were the obligatory drops and the receivers had zero separation. in the end, the coaches benched him, but that backfired when Gabbert gave up a safety.

              Kaep has talent. In several games, he was very proficient in the first half. Too bad the coaches could not make any adjustments so the second halfs were ineffective.

              Kaep can make the throws. I have seen him zip in the ball, but also put some nice touch on the ball. He was very accurate with the short passes, and his windup was still fast enough to pass without the ball getting batted down.

              Kaep can make the reads. Too bad the WRs were rarely open. Of all the WR squads, I think the Niners were ranked dead last.

              If you want to talk about cancers in the locker room, just talk to a Bear’s fan. Kaep may get hate from outside, but he was voted the Eshmont, which symbolized Courage Leadership and Inspiration.

              1. So if he is all those things then it should be a no brainer that the league would have fallen over backwards to get him? The Broncos who were QB desperate didn’t want to pay him his salary or give up a 4th for him. Why?

                Then he couldn’t beat out Gabbert, Blaine Gabbert in training camp? Why?

                From 2011 to 2016 how accurate is he? 69 games, 59.8% completion percentage. How is that accurate?

                In 3 consecutive seasons, has his play improved? He sought help with outside coaches and came back worse.

                Has he elevated the play of Hyde, T.Smith, Kerley, Vmac, Streater? Did any of those players play well or were productive because Kap made plays for those guys last year?

                You applauded the Kelly hire and then when the losing happened, it was Kelly’s fault. Did Kelly throw for 6 yards in that Bears game? He had 5 throwing attempts and was so bad Kelly had to put the shackles on him because he couldn’t hit a barn with that old wind up arm.

                Kap is a cancer and coach killer. He made last year all about him and alienated his teammates for a cause he should have done outside of football. Selfish and a major distraction to the team.

                3 coaches in 3 years who could not for the life of them come up with an offense to accentuate his skills. He is limited in what he can do. Players across the league have said publicly said what he wants to do and how the game plan to stop him is keep him in the pocket and don’t let him run. You think there is an offfense out there where he can play exclusively away from the pocket. Brilliant innovation but one problem, it has not ever happened. Maybe you are smarter than Harbaugh, Kelly, Roman, Chryst or the entire offensive coaches in the NFL!

                I still want to knowing what the consequences you say will be to the 49ers organization if they dont retain Kap?

              2. There you go again.

                Broncos tried to lowball Kaep, so he did not accept their offer. Denver really was upset that they missed the playoffs, and some wonder if Kaep may have put them over the top instead of a green untested QB who had a decent season, but is nowhere near playoff ready.

                Gabbert won because Baalke wanted him to win.
                Playing favorites and forcing players to play out of position doomed the season. Sure am glad that Baalke is gone.

                Completion percentage is skewed because they do not take into consideration a QB who throws the ball away to avoid a sack.

                They also do not factor in the drops. I guess you thought it was a brilliant move to give 35 mil to a player whose nick name is – Stone hands. It was sheer genius to give him a big raise, then have him break his shoulder the next day.

                Maybe you do not remember, but 2015, he was so injured that he needed 3 surgeries to repair all the damage. He was injured, but they made him play because the quacks were incompetent. Dissing an injured player is just your style.

                2016, he needed to recover from his surgeries before he regained his starting position. Once he did that, he played well, but the defense gave up too many 200 yard rushing games, even though Kaep did well at times. Towards the end, he exhibited clutch play to win a game, and break that losing streak, which was huge. He acquitted himself well in the last game, losing by only 2 points to a playoff team.

                Chip did try to use him correctly at times, but refused to change or make crucial adjustments. He also was hamstrung by Baalke refusing to sign FAs, so there was a dearth of talent.

                He sought help, so he should be dissed for trying to improve?

                After the first game, those other players did not shine when Gabbert was starting, so maybe you are trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

                Go ahead and repeat your screed about Kaep being a cancer and a coach killer, it just makes you look ridiculous. Kaep surely did not drive JH away. Blame Baalke and Jed for that little trick. Tomsula was in over his head, and Kaep did not play for half the season, so maybe you should blame Gabbert.
                Last season, Kaep did not start so maybe Gabbert should be blamed, but the main blame should go to the defense and their propensity to allow 200 rushing yard games.

                Cancers in the locker room flat out do not win the Eshmont award. Since Kaep won the Eshmont, Lynch will take that fact into consideration when assessing the locker room dynamics.

                Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit. Knowing that the other team’s strategy was to contain him in the pocket, and then do nothing to break containment, is gross incompetence.

                The era of the immobile pocket passer is over, Todays cutting edge schemes will have mobile QBs that can elude the pass rush and have then use their legs to extend plays and convert third downs. You think like a Neanderthal, and will end up like one; extinct.

                I am confident that Lynch and KS are smart enough, and competent enough to accentuate his strengths and disguise his weaknesses. They will make assessments and one of their assessments wil be to acknowledge that Kaep is the most talented player on the team, and only an ignoramus would cut him just to save money, and only a hater would cut him for his principled stand to promote justice.

                KS will declare that he can take any QB, even Kaep, and make him better. Only a defeatist with no confidence will give up without even trying.

                If they want to win, they will keep Kaep. if they do not mind losing, they will throw him away. If they keep Kaep, they will not have to spend a high draft pick on a QB. They will be able to concentrate on fixing the defense, which is in dire need of improvements across the board.

              3. Don’t you ever get tired of lapping up your own regurgitated nonsense? Of hearing your own gemcrack echo? CK& is and as always been his own undoing. He’s a qb who 9 times out 10 will crumble under NFL pressure and all but vanish in the 2nd half. You cannot put a team on his shoulders, he has demonstrated this beyond debate. And no, the random game in which he spikes only underscores his extreme inconsistently, not the coaches game-plan.. With Kaep, all you can vainly hope for is that he will occasionally complete a deep pass to someone standing all alone and waving his arm in the air.

              4. That Rams game was a big kick in your teeth. Kaep did not crumble, he was clutch, and willed his team to victory.

                You expect Kaep to be perfect all the time, but conveniently have amnesia about the defense. What truly sucked was the defense, and until that is fixed, they may not win another game.

                What I saw in the Rams game 2 years ago was a QB who had to run the play called, and the Rams knew where it was going to be run, too, so the DB cheated up to the line to stop the run at the last few seconds before the snap of the ball.

                Hopefully, the new coaches will allow Kaep to be the field general, and make those last second decisions to attack the weaknesses in the defense. The way Kaep was under utilized and poorly utilized was almost criminal. Last season, the coaches could not make a halftime adjustment to save their lives.

                JL and KS are too smart to be such limited leaders. They will get it right because they know football frontwards and backwards. JL, being a former QB and 9 time pro bowler, will fix the defense by acquiring good FA talent. Sounds like he hired a good college talent evaluator, so I hope they trade back to accumulate picks, and mine the sweet spot of the draft.

                The hate you spew towards the starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers means you are about as football savvy as Prime, the CFL lover.

              5. I guess we are both sure of our arguments so the tell tale will be what KS and JL decide to do. Then and only then will this debate be decided.

          2. >>they should ask- Do I want to play with Kaep, or play against him?

            The week they play against him will be their easiest defensive planning session of the season. Pfft. They could probably shut him down with the Niners 2016 defense.

  33. When the team first approached Lynch about the position, he was interested. But Lynch also wanted to see if the 49ers could be trusted to keep their recruitment of him quiet.

    Call it his first test about an organization that has been as leaky as an old faucet the past few years.

    Lynch told KNBR’s Murph and Mac on Wednesday morning that he was very interested in seeing if the 49ers’ brass was able keep this information in-house.

    I made a big deal that this stayed quiet,” Lynch said. “First of all, you know what I was doing? Part of the rumors are things [that] fly out of that building. So I wanted to see could I trust [them], you know? So that was part of my thinking.”

    “I made a big deal that this stayed quiet,” Lynch said. “First of all, you know what I was doing? Part of the rumors are things [that] fly out of that building. So I wanted to see could I trust [them], you know? So that was part of my thinking.”

  34. Tim Kawakami Verified account 

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    I’m sure Jed doesn’t like that Lynch is talking about this (49er leaking), and I’m sure Lynch is OK with Jed not being in love with it.

    Scott ‏@Sfontana13 · 1h1 hour ago

    @timkawakami doesn’t that 100% prove that it’s Jed & Praag leaking? without a doubt, would hold up in court?

    Bill Johnson ‏@BillJoh44175585 · 1h1 hour ago

    @timkawakami this is exactly what a culture change is. Becuase Jed doesn’t like this he’s being hypocritical about wanting a culture change

  35. Nick:
    I actually think Ryan and Schaub are good WCO QB’s. I also think KS is an excellent coach and gets the best out of QBs. Does this mean each one is a good fit for his system? I don’t think so. If Kap stays he probably will play better. But, I just don’t see him capable of making the pre-snap reads, the quick decision to throw and making the accurate pass.
    I read a few years ago that Kap admitted he did not trust his receivers to get open and would wait to throw the ball until they were open. That is a big problem in the WCO which relays on timing and throws to spots. Can Kap adjust? Maybe, but I have serious doubts that he can.

    Go Bears!

  36. Like the talk I’m hearing that Mark Dominik may still come to the Niners. If they bring him in with Peters, Lynch will be off to a great start.

    If things work out this way I could see Lynch changing his title to President in three-four years and promoting Peters or Dominik to GM to keep them around.

    Just dreaming positive:)

    1. I haven’t seen anything on the next DC since the Bears blocked Fangio. I think Kyle will have his staff in place by the end of next week.

  37. I am very happy. Sounds like there is a new Sheriff in town.

    Sure am glad that Lynch slapped down Paraag and his anal lytics. He no longer has control because there are football people running the show. Anal lytics and stats will be utilized as tools, but when it comes down to the game on the line, their gut instincts will dictate their decisions, not some flow chart. The problem with anal lytics is that the other team has anal lytics, too, so all they need to do is work backwards, to figure out the plays. No wonder the plays seemed dunderingly predictable, Tomsula would punt from their 40 yard line and Chip ran right into the teeth of the offense.

    That PC showed Lynch as the big Kahuna, with Paraag being demoted to minion status. Lynch should only let him negotiate contracts if they are not team friendly. They should be fair and balanced, with both sides feeling like they won. That is the only way Lynch will be able to attract decent FAs. Since Paraag was hailed as such a great contract negotiator, why did everyone claim that Kaep’s contract was so terrible, and needed to be renegotiated before Kaep was allowed to play? Since the type of contracts Paraag likes to write are now obsolete, he may not be needed, and can run that soccer club in Sac.

    Glad the anal lytic ACL strategy will be abandoned. Lynch needs to over spend to attract decent free agents , so they need to ditch all the anal lytic analysis, and spend instead of save.

    Sounds like Lynch is getting off on the right foot, and I hope he can orchestrate a turn around. Free Agency and the draft will determine if the team improves, or not.

    1. I think you misunderstand how analytics are used Seb. As for structuring contracts where both sides feel like they won, that’s all a matter of perspective. Facts are facts. Some contracts are more risky than others. Some are team friendly, a few are player friendly, and most end up where logic dictates …… balanced. That’s the way negotiating works. Now, if your advocating for the 49ers to simply start giving players player-friendly contracts, what you’re saying is paying them more than the average team is willing to pay. That’s generally not a good way to run a team. You end up with short term gains to the detriment of long term sustained success. History tells us it’s hard to build a Super Bowl team that way.

      If the 49ers had given Colin a player friendly contract, they’d be in the same shape the Texans are currently in. I think it’s pretty clear that Kap is not a long term answer at QB if you want to build a Super Bowl caliber team. Yes, he took the 49ers to the Super Bowl, but that was during an era when defenses were scrambling to figure out a way to stop the latest NFL offensive innovation, the zone/read concepts, especially with a guy like Kap, who compounded defensive confusion because linebackers and safeties underestimated Kap’s top speed, and took improper angles in pursuit.

      Those days are long gone Seb. NFL defenses are like living, breathing organism programmed to evolve and adapt, which is one reason why football is souch a fascinating sport. Since the 49ers most recent Super Bowl run, defenses around the league have figured out how to stop QB’s who were strictly products of the zone/read. Guys like Kap, and RG3. The zone/read is still a nice tool to have in the toolbox provided it isn’t used as a crutch to cover up a QB’s inability to win from the pocket. And that’s who Colin is…… a guy with sketchy pocket presence, erratic footwork, a long windup, tunnel vision, and lack of accuracy. And if Marathe hadn’t played hard ball, we’d be straddled with a hefty contract for a guy we can no longer win with.

      Of course, there does need to be wiggle room. If John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan find a FA that they simply must have, then it’s important to have some flexibility with the structure of his contract. There are occasion where it absolutely makes sense to pay more for a player than where analytics would suggest his value lies, but it should never be a habit. Make no mistake, every team could use a analytics guy and shrewd contract negotiator. In fact, many have guys like Paraag. Paraag Marathe is not the reason the 49ers have hit rock bottom over the course of the last few years. That tragedy lies squarely on Jed York and Trent Baalke’s decision making, in terms of both personnel and coaching choices, as well as their inability to pursue a common vision.

      1. 49, sorry, but Paraag and Baalke were tied at the hip. the ACL strategy is pure anal lytics. Paraag was hailed as a genius to get Kaep to sign that team friendly contract, but last year, everyone said it was a terrible deal, so maybe Paraag is not as smart as many think he is.

        Sure am glad that Lynch slapped him down and relegated Paraag as a tool to use, not a decision maker.

        The Niners went cheap last season, and we all saw the results. They MUST obtain talent, and the only way is to over pay to out bid the other teams. Of course, I do not advocate spending every penny on one guy, they have a lot of holes to fill. They should target players who under performed in their systems, but could shine in the new Niner system. Oh how I long for the Glory Years, when pro bowl players would take less just to join the Niners to get a ring.

        Still think Kaep has value, and even if they are foolish enough to let him go, he will do well elsewhere. I bet Bellichick would trade Garropolo straight up for Kaep. BB could probably win several more SBs with Kaep once Brady retires. Without a doubt, BB is smart enough to utilize Kaep properly.

        You and I will just have to disagree about Paraag. I think he drove Bill Walsh away, and they have not won a ring since.

  38. Just going to leave this here. Best Free Safety in the game today. Lynch’s new pet project.

  39. STEVE YOUNG: John Lynch is “capable of replanting roots of the 49ERS dynasty”

    Young went on to say Kyle and John gives them “the best possible chance we have” to a return to glory!

    One of the greatest 49ers I’ve had the pleasure to watch, and a guy who truly exemplifies what made the 49ers the greatest sports franchise in an generation (20 years) appears to be all in on Lynch as well.

    Let that one sink in Grant. Soak it up. Lol. Goosebumps.

    1. Read Steve’s transcript Grant.

      It’s clear he believes the 49ers HC and GM hires gives the 49ers the best possible cancel to return to the glory of days gone by.

      Still looking forward to your post hire article after next week’s official paring of your top HC candidate with a guy who Steve Young believes in at GM.

  40. I like the idea if Tony Romo goes to Denver to trade for Trevor Siemian
    Probably realistic and not too expensive if Romo goes to Denver.

    1. With all due respect Bandit, why Trevor Siemian? A guy who’s numbers are far worse than Kap’s? Is that where the bar is set? There were games this season where Trevor was absolutely AWFUL. Couldn’t make the playoffs despite a defense behind him that gave up a mere 18.6 points per game.

      Sorry Bandit, you seem like a smart guy, but I cannot get behind Trevor Siemian. I’ve seen nothing from him, aside from poise in some situations, that makes me think he’s got what it takes. I’d rather go with Ponder to be honest.

      1. And to be honest, the only way Romo ends up on Denver is if he get’s cut by the Cowboys, or rips up his Cowboys contract if they allow him to. With the money Romo is slated to make as a backup, why would he? And nobody is likely touching his contract with his fragile injury history of the last few years.

        And as for the Cowboys, their Super Bowl window is open right now. Why not carry a back up who you know can come in and win games if their starter goes down? I predict Tony Romo will be the Cowboys backup next season and will only be asked to make minor contract concessions. I think J. Jones feels loyal to Tony, and will treat Tony in a very loyal way.

          1. Yeah? You could be right Grant, but I’m not so sure.

            His back is a broken mess. He’s got to know he likely cannot hold up over a course of 16 regular season games, especially in the cold winter air like Mile High Stadium.

            I think Tony is closer to retirement than people realize and if Jerry shows him the loyalty I expect, I think he’ll end his career with the Cowboys. Besides, there’s always a chance Dak get’s injured and Tony could be a hero late in a season. But a full 16 game schedule? Hard to imagine.

            1. And would you trade for Romo Grant?

              Remember, he’s 2-4 in the postseason, and is now 37, and has played 5 games in his last 2 seasons. I’ve lost count of the injuries and surgeries.

              Bill Polian: “It’s hard to sell an owner that a guy who hasn’t played an entire 16 games in the last 4 years, is going to come in and lead you to the promised land, and pay him all that money”

              I agree with Polian.Tony is a “HARD SELL”

              And of course Tony says he “wants to play”. What’s he going to say, nah, I don’t want to play, I’m happy being a backup and collecting a bigger paycheck than I am worth?

              The market, Jerry Jones’ loyalty, and Tony Romo’s bank account are the only things that are going to dictate where Tony plays next year. Not his so called “desire to play”.

            1. Exactly Razor.

              It would be one thing if Romo was a FA and wasn’t already under contract to an owner that feels extremely loyal to him. If that were the case, I could see him playing in a dome, perhaps in Minnesota. But the frigid confines of Mile High and Soldier Field? The only possible team I see in play is Houston, and I doubt Jerry wants to risk the off chance Tony takes the Texans, with that great defense, to a Super Bowl.

              Tony’s treated like a rock star in Texas nowadays. Everywhere else he’s a 37 year old QB who’s body has broken down, and who hasn’t been healthy for years. A very good regular season QB when healthy, who has a history of struggling in the postseason.

              When you really break it down, it seems like the reality of Tony’s chances of finding a high paying job for another team, seems like a fairytale at the moment.

  41. For defensive coordinator, I’d call Rex Ryan, or Lovie Smith. I know this team is young, the staff will be young, hell the front office is young. But if your Defense is going to regroup, call one of the best in the business . He worked well in Baltimore as a coordinator. He didn’t step on anyone’s toes. He might not be bad to take a back seat to the head coach. If that fails, make a call to Romeo Crennel

    1. Or I should say, make a call to Houston. But they would block it. Houston’s coaching staff is full of ex Patriots

      1. I also believe it would be a huge mistake to keep Jim O’Brien. His only culture is losing. His defense was not very good, and hasn’t been good in years!

        1. O’Neil………. have to agree. While I initially was excited about his press corner and blitzing scheme, the inability to adjust to stop the run was daunting.

  42. The way Johm Lynch was talking about, “watch the moves we make”, I don’t know if they are going to try and spend all 80 million this year or what. There is no need to go after Jay Cutler if we plan on taking things slow and but if we are trying to be competitive, go for it. We could do a lot worse

  43. 1st priority would be either Garoppolo of Cousins,if the price is to high i would go for Glennon, Romo or Cutler.
    In draft we should not target a QB in the 1st round unless KS is really high on one.
    We should get a high risk QB like a Chad Kelly of Gunnar Kiel and also a QB with a higher floor but lower ceiling.


    David Shaw on Lynch:
    “An unconventional hire — to hire somebody as GM who’s never worked in a front office before,” Shaw said. “Those of us that have been around John since my freshman year, John doesn’t fail at anything. John’s never failed at anything. John is brilliant, he’s competitive, he’s tough. He’s going to surround himself with people that are like him – smart people that are tough, good football people.

    “He’s going to make sound decisions. He’s not going to care to be the most popular guy in the room. He’s not competing to be the GM of the century. He’s going to try to build a winner. … He’s never failed at anything, and I don’t believe he’ll fail with the 49ers.”

    “(At Stanford) His first day with pads on, he knocked two guys out,” said Shaw, a wide receiver at Stanford. “John had to learn what practice tempo was. One of the guys was a defensive back; he knocked out two guys with one hit. That was when the legend of John Lynch began on the practice field.”

  45. If Cutler comes in to compete with Kaep, it will be after both have been released. Cutler was making 17M, what is he worth now…maybe 5-7m maybe max 10M on open market? Kaep wishes he could get the 7M Denver offered. So as experienced NFL QB’s, they could both be signed well under 20M total. That’s reasonable for solid stopgap 1-2. They both suck, but there are many out there that suck more (Gabbert)…

    1. Kaep isn’t getting signed anywhere. $7mil are you f**n kidding?? Kaep will be lucky to be in the league. He’s got two things against him-1) he’s toxic 2)he’s not good. As soon as Shanny Jr is done with his hiring presser one of the first things that will be done is cutting Kaep.

      1. Its your hate talking. Kap is far from toxic among NFL players. You forget that the league is 75% black and cops killing blacks whose only crime is DWB (drivin while black) hits home with a demographic many of whom have teenagers just getting their drivers licenses. Kap may be toxic among a certain segment of the media and a few right wingers in the stands but his stand against bad cops is admired by his teammates. Why would his 49er teammates vote him the Eshmont award winner if he is toxic.

        As for him being not good. He is not a Brady or Rodgers by any means, but 16 TDs with just 4 picks and a 92 QBR over 11 games are decent numbers. The haters focus on the 1-10 record but the lousy DBs, no pass rush, and the sieve like defense against the run have as much to do with the win loss record as anything Kap has done. If Bradford can get the contract he got from the Eagles last season, then I don’t see why Kap cannot get a similar deal. I bet he signs a 3 or 4 year deal with the Jets for about 10-12 million a year.

        1. Nice try. Maybe go back and look at real results of cops being shot too. When citizens get shot by cops not all the initial reports or video clips show the actual story. Also regarding what % of the league is one color or not means nothing. Your beloved CK will be cut & have a hard time signing anywhere. Today he is not cut so you could imagine what you want. When he does get cut then you could complain and revise history of how incredible the great CK was. Reality is he has been given the job for 3plus years now and failed. When your a starting QB in the league for 6 plus years your record matters.

          1. Facts are CK will be gone. Excluding all politics he can’t play QB. I’ll take Greg Cosells backing on that.

            1. Her are the facts: 16 TDs 4 picks 92 QBR.

              Numbers don’t lie. Haters do… Those stubborn facts.

              I never said CK will be back. He will probably become a free agent and sign with another team (Jets?). I also never said he is a hall of famer or even an elite QB. He is a middle of the road (read mediocre) QB. He has accuracy issues and tends to leave the pocket too quickly. However, this post deals strictly with Cutler vs Kap. Between those two there is no comparison. Cutler has never proven to be anything but a cancer in the clubhouse. Kap has shown that he can take a loaded team deep in the playoffs. That is all.

              I am not a Kaepernick fan, I am a 49er fan. I don’t want Cutler on my team…

              1. Jets –not a chance
                Only stats that matter are record at this point of his career. Not a hater I thought he was going to be the next Elway, but he is not.
                Talk about learn your facts. Maybe you should look at the Jets owners background & appointment before making that statement.

    2. So the new 49er Brain Trust will pay both of these bowl-floaters 7 or 8 mill apiece because there are even more reeking turds out there? Brahahahaha, that’s hilarious! Why don’t we just destroy all valid reference points for having an intelligent QB conversation? Let the losers and dismally mediocre line up at Levis Stadium, and we will absurdly astutely compare . . .

  46. I was excited when Smith got replaced by Kaepernick but still we need a upgrade at our QB position cuz Kaepernick wont take us further.
    He and Smith have some bad habits in common like staring down receivers and not enough pocket présence and packing natural ability.
    Best thing is start over with new faces at our QB position.

  47. Do the 49ers believe they need a stopgap QB? They could end up believing that Watson or Trubi are ready to start.

  48. What if the 49ers could trade 1st round picks with the Patriots for Garoppulo? Instead of drafting Trubisky, they would get a proven starting QB who is a good fit for the WC and maybe a starting WR, LB, DE, or Center.

    Seems like a no-brainer to make the offer now knowing the Patriots might go for it, figuring there is a chance they could draft Myles Garrett.

    1. You wouldn’t be able to make the trade on that swap alone they’d still want to gain another pick so it would likely cost a swap like you mentioned and a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

      1. Would you do it if they would take our 4th round pick? Gives them consecutive picks if they win SB.

    2. I wouldn’t say Garoppolo is a proven starting QB. He played well with the couple of starts he had, but there isn’t much to go on overall. I’d trade a second for him but not a first. Too much risk with so little information.

  49. The big winner out of this years QB class is Luke Falk. With most of his legitimate competition declaring in this years class it’ll be him and Rosen atop the list next year.

    1. I like Francois better than Falk. He’s a tough son of a gun, and progressed very nicely throughout the year….

  50. Get Trevor Siemian after Romo goes to Denver & draft Watson in 2nd round if he drops-I’m good with that setup.
    Maybe Hoyer or someone like that as a 3rd or to complete with Siemian this year.

  51. I hope the Niners are patient, and do not blow things up. They should keep Kaep, and focus on improving the defense while giving Kaep some more weapons.

    The Niners must obtain a decent WR in the Free Agency class. Alshon Jeffrey may be too expensive, and will want to go to a contender.

    I hope they target Cordarrelle Patterson, Brian Quick, Kendall Wright or Pierre Garcon to get a battle tested FA WR. The Niners will also get back Torrey, Bruce Ellington and Eric Rogers, so getting a rookie WR is not a dire need early.

    The Niners MUST sign a FA- NT, ILB, OLB, Safety, QB and WR. They MUST spend 85 mil doing that. If they can fill all the holes in free agency, they can use the draft to obtain depth, along with their first and second round starters.

    Another factor to consider is the injured reserve. Many players will be healed up and available. Lynch needs to make shrewd assessments, but should not count on too many players making it back to play like they were uninjured. Hopefully, Bow, Ray Ray and Will Redmond will be able to start, but they should have contingency plans.

    Lynch and KS will have a daunting task ahead of them, but the roster is not bereft of talent. Filling the holes, creating a new mindset, and the Niners will at least be competitive.

    Getting Cutler would be a step in the wrong direction. Grant will have a long time to live this one down. Cutler is truly a QB that is limited, a quitter, a cancer and he is exactly what the Niners does not need right now.

  52. Crack at a 7 round mock draft: Sorry for the link, but it shows where all the players went based on a computer simulation, and why I picked players where I did.

    One trade: After Myles Garrett went first, I traded pick #2 to Carolina for their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks.

    The actual picks I made were as follows:

    8: R1P8
    34: R2P2
    40: R2P8
    66: R3P2
    72: R3P8
    107: R4P2
    113: R4P8
    142: R4P37
    147: R5P2
    187: R6P2
    203: R6P18
    222: R7P1
    223: R7P2
    238: R7P17

    1. Pot…Kettle

      Nice work ….Probably the most realistic mock so far…and there have been some very good ones….

      1. Thanks. It helps that the website makes picks for the other teams commiserate with the draft board to make things realistic.

  53. I like your McMillan, Anderson and Kupp picks.

    However, Lynch will never pick Mixon, especially if he wants to develop a first class culture.

    1. At the end of the 6th round, you start taking risks and hope Mixon has learned his lesson. If he hasn’t, a 6th round pick isn’t much of a loss.

      1. Maybe I am nit picking, but if he had slapped her, it might be different, but he balled up his fist and clocked her. I know he was provoked, but any football player should consider his fists as weapons like a martial artist.

        No matter what, the visuals are not pretty. There are plenty of other good RBs to select that are not radioactive.

  54. Cutler can be good, but not some one you want to help develope a rookie. I’m on the fence with this news.

  55. There has been a lot of water go under that bridge since ’09! Cutler has not floated to the top…

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