49ers announce Patrick Willis’ retirement

The 49ers just sent out an e-mail announcing that Patrick Willis will announce his retirement in a press conference this afternoon at Levi’s Stadium.

Here’s a written statement from Jed York:

“On behalf of the entire San Francisco 49ers organization, my family, and our Faithful fans, I would like to thank Patrick for everything he has brought to this team and our community. Some of the greatest memories in the history of our franchise have come from his passion, dedication and sacrifice.

“Patrick epitomizes everything you could ever want in a San Francisco 49er. What he brought to this team goes much further than his athletic abilities. His leadership and infectious love for the game helped propel this team. I consider myself very lucky to have grown up around some of the greatest players in the history of this franchise, and Patrick has certainly secured his place among that elite group of men. As a member of our family, Patrick holds a special place in our hearts, and we look forward to supporting him as he moves on from his playing career.”

Willis’ press conference is scheduled for noon. No word yet on whether Trent Baalke will make himself available, too.

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  1. My memories of Willis will be when he hit someone, they dropped right there. He was unbelievable, and I too wish to thank him on behalf of myself and my family. We love you Pat, and we understand the Lord needs you to win souls now….

    1. Razor,
      Absolutely agree. As a religious man myself, I have no problem with anyone answering to a Highest Calling.

      Thank you PWill for giving us something to cheer about during the dark ages and helping our team and defense become must see.

  2. Will only playing 8 seasons with a few of those seasons cut well short by injury keep Willis out of the HOF?

    1. I was considering that question also; HOF usually requires sustained excellence. I’d vote for him, but I’m a hopeless Homer.

      1. Six All Pro Teams. I would bet there are a number of HOF members that don’t have that many.

    2. From what I heard on an interview on ESPN, Willis is expected to be an interesting discussion when he is eligible. However, they do expect him to get in because of all of his accomplishments.

  3. Just a great football player and great man of God. I fully respect this man and his decision. My prayers go out to him and his family. He played the game exactly how it should be played. Great times, great times.

  4. OldCoach & BrothaTuna,

    I was also think about the HOF! While we think he’s a great player, I don’t think he’s a “shoe-in”…and likely not on his first shot. He was a part of several crappy teams and therefore wasn’t regularly competing against the best teams let alone playing in the postseason. The Harbaugh years may be his saving grace. During that he competed against top teams and excelled in pass coverage.

    Frank Gore is another one. He doesn’t have any rushing titles, no MVP considerations, despite the fact that he was easily the most well-rounded and reliable RB in football during his career.

    1. The chatter I’m getting on tv is that Pat established himself as the best in the game for a number of years, and according to guys like Bruschi and Pollian he absolutely deserves in. Now it’s pretty hard to make 1st ballot for anybody.

  5. Everybody was alright until Tomsula came out, then we started getting the chills. Once, Pat came out, about 5 minutes-in there wasn’t a dry eye in the house….

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