Report: Bruce Miller arrested for battery of a spouse

The Santa Clara arrest log shows that Bruce Miller was arrested for battery of a spouse on March 5.

Trent Baalke just released a written statement about Miller: “We were disappointed to learn of these reports and will do our due diligence in collecting all relevant information.”

This is tremendously troubling. Miller seemed like one of the good guys. He has a warm, welcoming smile, he’s generous with his time and he’s easy to talk to. I’ve covered his entire career and I’ve always liked him.

If Miller gets charged, the 49ers may cut him. They say they have a “zero-tolerance” policy for domestic violence.


Of course, this report doesn’t mean Miller will get charged. Stay tuned as this story develops.

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    1. My thoughts exactly. Demoralizing.
      I’ll wait for the confirmed info, but with heartburn.

  1. Miller recently deleted all of her pictures of his Instagram account where he had 100’s. Kinda telling if you ask me. What a POS.

    1. Deleting photos on social media doesn’t mean he’s guilty. It could mean he’s not guilty and is reacting to a false report. I knew dodgy divorce attorneys who thought nothing of making questionable abuse claims to gain an advantage. I won’t prejudge him, but if he did it he should be gone.

  2. This is disappointing especially today. But the 49ers and we need to wait for more facts to come out before ruining a man’s career.

    1. I will never turn my back on this team but i feel they turn there back on the fans. This is truely a downward spiral we are in hopefully. This is worst and free agency and draft will help this hellish offseason.

  3. This happen on the 5th, the 9ers leaked this so we can stop talking about how bad the front office is doing!

  4. Wow. Stay classy, Bruce. Seriously, can we go a month without one of our players getting in trouble off the field? Why has this been such an issue the past few years? This team has some serious character problems, and lately we’re adding fuel to the fire with trash like Dockett and Simpson. It’s embarrassing to be a 49ers fan lately. We make the Raiders, Bengals etc. look like classy organizations.

    1. Wow and you call yourself a 9ers fan? really whre the hell do you get off calling someone “Trash” LSX?I`m a REAL 9er fan,and I don`t call no one “TRash” not even you LSX, it shows what kinda man you are,judgemental…….I like to give people second chances,unlike you,you like to cut people off at the kneecaps without mercy.

      1. Oh please. High and mighty James is here to save the day for mankind, loving and forgiving everyone in his sugarplum and rainbow fantasy world! Goody gumdrops! I bet you think Charles Manson is a swell guy. How dare we judge him!

        Look, in all seriousness, I don’t care what you think. Both Dockett and Simpson have a long history of less-than-stellar acts, and as far as I can tell, have done nothing at this point to prove they have turned over a new leaf and are suddenly productive members of society. Obviously nobody is perfect. When people make mistakes, some make positive changes and prove they deserve second chances, and some don’t give a hoot and continue to be trash. If you want to sugarcoat everything and enable this type of behavior so you can call yourself a “true” fan, be my guest.

    1. Rock bottom? Ha ha ha. Wait till the season starts and you see these guys on the field. Find me three “winnable” games on their schedule. This team is headed for the toilet. All three other teams in our division are FAR superior. Harbaugh really dodged a bullet getting away from Trent/Jed.

  5. Saw a Tweet:

    “Can the #49ers cut Miller and sign Greg Hardy in the same press release?”

  6. Tough news to digest all around today. Willis retiring, Justin Smith might be joining him, and now this Miller news. Can’t remember this much happening in one day before.

    1. Yup, it’s almost as if the roster is being slowly gouged out like Candlestick Park.
      Oh the irony!

  7. It wouldn’t be a 49ers off-season without at least one player getting in trouble.

    1. How do you think they can go about stopping it? I mean, realistically you can’t control what a person does once he leaves the building. But at the same time, pattern continues. I guess they could release guys, but if they do that they might not have a team left.

  8. Only 2 problems this team has is Jed and the Yorks , get rid of them and we’re all good!

    1. Hopefully, pretty soon they’ll all catch the disease and start to batter each other.

  9. Santa Clara is cursed. 49ers should have never moved team HQ to Santa Clara last season. Complete disaster since then.

    1. Right. It’s all Jed’s fault. When he said “winning with class” he was trying to say “winning with class A felons,” but the press conference was on 5-second delay and they were able to erase the two words.

      1. LOL. You’ve been pretty funny lately, George. Thanks for lightening up the mood.

        1. Just preparing for my show in Vegas called “Telly, Jed, and the Felons.”

          “Who loves, ya, baby?”

    2. The 49er headquarters have been in Santa Clara for a very long time. Before that, their headquarters was located in Redwood City. Maybe you are thinking of the stadium.

  10. Didn’t realize that Dahl restructured.
    At last something good to report.

    1. I’ve been a die hard fan and supported this team through all the Nolan, Ericsson, singletary debacles. Nothing has made me question following the team as much as this season/offseason. All I can think of is the ‘slimy,’ when I think of them. It starts with York with the most slime and it oozes all the way down to Bruce miller.

      During my training my aupervising attendings would say “slim crawls upwards” this is definitely the opposite.

  11. I hope the young Mr Sher has his head in the playbook.
    We’re going to need to buy programs to watch this team, we won’t know who the heck is running around out there.

  12. The arrest log indicates Miller was arrested on suspicion of violating CA Penal Code section 242/243(e)–battery on a spouse/cohabitant, etc. It is a misdemeanor only. For those who aren’t aware, PC 243(e) is the least serious form of “domestic violence” on the books in CA. It can stem from as little as a single shove or a grab. No element of injury is required, and often times in 243(e) cases the suspect is arrested on the word of the accuser alone. So let’s not be too quick to crucify Miller and/or put this incident on par with some of the other “domestic violence” cases we’ve been hearing about.

    1. Thanks for the information,hopefully he isn’t a scumbag,been a fan of him since UCF.

  13. Wow 4 year deal $35 for Gore $20 million guaranteed. Good luck Gore but the Colts overpaid.

      1. I wonder if there is a chance the 49ers might up the offer to Gore by $500K and he’ll accept. Jed might ask the team to at least up the offer and see what happens.

        1. Any such move right now would purely be a publicity stunt. They appeared to be at peace with letting him leave 24 hours ago.

  14. It’s been reported Gore is having second thoughts about the Eagles. What if the Eagles all of a sudden found out Kaepernick was available, and that’s what precipitated the internal second guessing on Gores’ part….

    1. Need more, Razor. I’m not getting the link between Kaep being available and Gore not wanting then to go to Philly. Are you saying there is no love lost?

      1. I’m speculating that Kaepernick would take some of his rushes away. Remember when Kaepernick initially took over and they incorporated more read option, and Gore said he was uncomfortable with it, but as long as they won he was ok with it?….

      1. Forget it. Another scam. I would come out of retirement for that kind of money.

  15. So this new story is the “Miller Highlight” of the day. A hard story to swallow or wash down.

  16. We are a franchise on the brink of complete disarray. I’ve never seen a collapse like this in the history of sports. Still love my Niners. But this is like a never ending nightmare.

        1. MidWest——Perhaps the next thing that will be revealed is pictures of York hitting the bouncing bottoms of strippers. lol.

  17. NFL = Nation Felons League

    This is just the nature of what is being bred by a system that makes too many of these guys into spoiled animals. Don’t see why the Niners would cut Miller if true, they just signed Simpson after all. Clearly Baalke doesn’t really care who is playing for him, he is like the warden in “The Longest Yard”.

  18. Not what I wanted to hear.

    From PFT:

    “Jaguars will sign LB Dan Skuta.
    A veteran special-teamer who got his start with the Bengals, Skuta got a chance to play some outside linebacker for the 49ers last year. He responded with 33 tackles and five sacks while handling himself well against the run on 398 snaps.
    Source: Adam Caplan on Twitter”

      1. Milleneum—–Except that before they had Harbaugh to blame things on. Ergo their excuse to get rid of him because they want to win with class. Harbaugh had plenty of faults and was not very good at PR which made it easy to target him as the fall guy.

  19. Acquitted = Bruuuuuuuuuuce!!
    Guilty = Boooooooooooo!!

    If these screw ups continue, Aldon Smith may end up the teams moral leader by default.

  20. I dont think this Baalke’s fault… I blame Paraag.
    It seems the Niners incentive laden contracts included bonuses for beatdowns. Only, true to form, management forgot to specify it had to be against opponents, or even football players. Bang up job on that one guys.

  21. What is the possibility a team leader steps up and takes charge in press conference. I’m looking for someone with credibility to calm the storm. Someone needs to step up. Maybe the cowboy comes back and takes that role or Bowman or Staley …..just someone

      1. Just to calm down the masses. To say we’ll be ok. To thank all of the teammates for their contributions. To shine some sun on the team. Some PR worm you know not coming from the management . Players we can trust etc ..

          1. If someone steps up and takes a leadership role Baalke might see him as a threat to his authority and they would soon be history. Of course if a player does so with Baalke standing behind him or reading off a script then it would be safe.

  22. When admired veteran players leave, its a moment of solemnity and reflection. A chance to remember all the great things the player did for the 49ers.

    If there was ever a moment, this is it. Losing the heart of the team in Justin, Gore, Willis… and some very capable players like Iupati, Crabtree, Culliver… and even valued role players like Skuta should be a time to celebrate what their accomplishments.

    But this significant losses are sandwiched between a CK trade rumor that highlights the dysfunction we’ve grown to expect… and another off field domestic violence charge against another well liked player.

    And that takes away from what would normally be an opportunity to talk about how great these players were.

    1. Corrections
      “celebrate their accomplishments”
      “But these significant losses”

  23. From the SF Chronicle:

    “Scanner recordings reviewed by The Chronicle revealed that the alleged victim called police to the Posh Bagel at 3957 Rivermark Plaza about 10:30 p.m. Thursday, saying she was behind the restaurant and that her boyfriend had “attacked her and took her keys.”

    She then said, “’Never mind,’ and hung up,” a dispatcher told police. A witness described the suspect — identified on the recording as Miller — as being 6-foot-3 and weighing 250 pounds.

    “He was physically booked,” Clarke said.”

  24. The article I linked to has a great picture of Patrick Willis. It’s suddenly hit me that he will be gone and I’m sad to see such an elite player and great locker room presence hang up his cleats.

  25. My girlfriend has been friends with Bruce Miller’s girlfriend since high school and she said she has always bated her boyfriends into sticky situations like this. She’s apparently the type of girl to invite a “guy friend” out to a party to make her boyfriend jealous and then has the nerve–and crazy temper–to turn it around on the guy and make it seem like he’s the bad guy.
    We have no way of knowing exactly what happened with Bruce and his girl, but why this girl would call the cops and say “my boyfriend attacked me and took my keys” followed by “never mind”, and hangs up, makes me think twice about making accusations to what went down that night. At least until the full story comes out.

    1. Chris–Anyone who has had any experience with emotionally damaged individuals would not be surprised at anything they are capable off. Especially those that learn how to play the victim card.

  26. “Lennie covered his face with huge paws and bleated with terror.” A quote from Of Mice and Men. For Lennie, insert the typical dumb 49er fan, who is completely flabbergasted by the day’s developments. If you’re surprised, just plug your ears, buy the stadium beer and wander on. Oh, and never give up “Faith.” You buy, they break it… and you buy it… and they break it again… and you buy it.

  27. How can people not be surprised by today’s events?? Two the niners best players, who are still capable of playing at a high level, are retiring and Bruce Miller, who is known as a blue collar, high character guy is accused of battery… None of these events were foreseeable or expected from these players. Anyone who says anything different is full of themselves.

  28. This offseason really just began and it is getting crazy. People asking for the leaders of the team to step up, forgetting the vocal leaders are on their way out the door. The owner of the franchise, spoke loud and clear when getting rid of Harbaugh. Now he can’t be found. We his asked about something he gives a comment that can be seen many different, “….. I don’t know what Trent was thinking.” Geez I can only imagine what the season will bring

  29. when it rains it pours…. we are crumbling… I am worried about the veteran leadership leading and not having locker room leaders

  30. From Matt Maiocco:

    “49ers officially announce Patrick Willis’ retirement. He’ll hold a noon press conference at Levi’s Stadium.”

  31. I woke this morning hoping that Black Monday was just a nightmare. Well, it is, but not JUST, it’s an actual bad, bad dream. The FA season always gets us a bit riled, but this roster demolition is proceeding a lot faster than the demo of The Stick.

  32. Great analogy, Brotha Tuna. It seems that Jed has no confidence that our team can win the championship this year so he’s doing a complete overhaul looking towards the future. This craziest offseason that I can remember.

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