49ers – Chargers Sunday Night Football Live Blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers (4-4) week 10 matchup with the Los Angeles Chargers (5-3) from Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. I will provide updates and analysis from the press box throughout the game.

3:55 Inactive for the 49ers: Arik Armstead, Samson Ebukam, Ty Davis-Price, Curtis Robinson, Kemoko Turay, Nick Zakelj

4:00 The 49ers are looking for a statement win to open the second half. A win tonight also will help them make up ground on the Seahawks who lost to Tampa Bay this morning.

4:05 Davis-Price moving back to the bench makes sense. He was inactive back in week one when Elijah Mitchell was healthy. The 49ers will go with Mitchell, Christian McCaffrey, Jordan Mason and Kyle Juszczyk in the backfield.

The loss of Samson Ebukam is a blow to San Francisco’s pass rush. I’d expect to see Charles Omenihu start with rookie Drake Jackson taking snaps as the backup.

5:02 Charles Omenihu lined up in place of Samson Ebukam with the starting defense during warmups.

There were no changes to the secondary. Charvarius Ward and Deommodore Lenoir lined up on the outside with Jimmie Ward in the slot. Tashaun Gipson and Talanoa Hufanga lined up as the starting safeties.

5:15 49ers have won the toss and deferred. The Chargers will get the ball first.

5:25 Drake Jackson is in at right end and Charles Omenihu slides down to defensive tackle when the 49ers are in Nickel/Dime personnel.

5:27 Los Angeles with a quick strike to take the lead. Justin Herbert has all day to throw and connects on all five attempts on the opening drive. 

Talanoa Hufanga was caught looking inside and DeAndre Carter gets behind him for a 32-yard touchdown. 

49ers 0 Chargers 7

5:39 San Francisco tries to answer back, moving 67 yards on 13 plays before the drive comes to a halt at the Chargers 2. 

The 49ers ran the ball on nine of the 13 plays for 35 yards. Jimmy Garoppolo connected on three of four attempts for 34 yards. Robbie Gould connects from 20-yards out for San Francisco’s first points of the night. 

49ers 3 Chargers 7

5:48 The Chargers pick up a first down when Joshua Palmer gets free up the left sideline. The 49ers were playing man coverage and Charvarius Ward had no chance of getting through the congestion to keep up with Palmer. 

On the next third down, DeMeco Ryans calls for zone coverage and Justin Herbert throws incomplete to Palmer running an out on the right side. 

49ers will take over at their own 17.

5:53 Garoppolo with aa strike to Brandon Aiyuk for a gain of 19 but the wideout fumbles the ball away. Chargers take over at the 49ers 32. 

The 49ers cannot afford to make these mistakes.

5:57 Terrific job by the 49ers defense to hold in a sudden change situation. 

Deommodore Lenoir with good coverage on Joshua Palmer who was running a deep route on third down. 

Los Angeles settles for a 47-yard field goal.

49ers 3 Chargers 10

6:00 Jordan Willis and Drake Jackson have been rotating in opposite Nick Bosa so Charles Omenihu can slide inside. 

6:05 The 49ers offense goes three and out. 

So far San Francisco has shown their offensive production against the Rams two weeks ago was a mirage. 

6:07 Jordan Willis has been strong against the run. He opens the Los Angeles possession by dropping Isaiah Spiller for a loss of one.

6:08 The 49ers defense with a quick three and out. Terrific job of forcing an incompletion by Charvarius Ward on second down, then Jimmie Ward is in position to make the stop on third down. 

6:13 A quick three and out for the 49ers offense, then the punt team gives up a block. Chargers get the ball on the San Francisco 46. The 49ers are doing their best to give this game away.

6:15 Dre Greenlaw was beat, but Tre McKitty drops the pass. On the next play, Jimmie Ward gets beat for a 33-yard gain. He’s not a slot cornerback.

6:20 After the Chargers get first down at the 49ers 2, San Francisco’s defense is able to get a hold and force a Chargers field goal. 

Nick Bosa’s sack of Justin Herbert on second down was the big play. 

49ers 3 Chargers 13

6:21 After the 49ers defense gave up a quick touchdown on the opening possession their offense and special teams have given Los Angeles terrific field position with a fumble and blocked punt leading to another six points for the Chargers.

6:30 Jimmy Garoppolo with one of the best throws of his career. He gets pressured, moves to his right and drops a dime to Ray-Ray McCloud for a gain of 33.

The 49ers face third and goal from the one at the two-minute warning. 

6:33 Jimmy Garoppolo finishes the drive off with a sneak. What a drive by Garoppolo there. 

49ers 10 Chargers 13

6:52 With the Chargers moving the ball well, Justin Herbert takes off on a scramble and is hit in the head by Dre Greenlaw.

The 49ers linebacker was called for a personal foul and disqualified from the game. 

Herbert was taken off the field to be checked for a concussion and Chase Daniel ended the threat. 

The Chargers settle for a field goal as the half comes to a close.

49ers 10 Chargers 16

6:57 The difference in this game is the six points the 49ers allowed off the Aiyuk fumble and blocked punt.

7:14 Jimmy Garoppolo opens the second half with a completion to Christian McCaffrey for 21. From there the 49ers pound the ball at the Chargers with big run after big run before getting stopped on back to back plays at the Los Angeles eight.

On third down Garoppolo puts the ball a bit behind Aiyuk, and the receiver can’t hold onto the touchdown. 

Robbie Gould comes in and kicks a 26-yard field goal.

49ers 13 Chargers 16

7:23 The 49ers send pressure at Justin Herbert on third down forcing an incompletion.

Tashaun Gipson limped off the field and was replaced by Tarvarius Moore. 

49ers will take over at their own 20.

7:30 Khalil Mack ruins the 49ers offensive possession. After a pair of runs nets 14 yards, Kyle Shanahan dials up a bootleg and the pass rusher comes in free to sack Jimmy Garoppolo for a loss of ten. 

After an incompletion on second down, Garoppolo throws a quick screen to Deebo Samuel for 16 leading to a punt.

The 49ers offense cannot get out of its own way tonight. That’s been the story of their season.

7:37 The Chargers pick up a first down, but the 49ers defense gets the stop. 

Jimmie Ward with a nice tackle on Austin Ekeler in the left flat after a short completion on second down. Ward is unable to make the tackle on third down, but Talanoa Hufanga and Drake Jackson are able to hustle over and make the stop.

The Niners offense will take over at their own 22.

7:54 Facing third and ten Jimmy Garoppolo does a terrific job of getting the ball out quick to beat a Chargers blitz and connect with Brandon Aiyuk for a gain of 25. 

Christian McCaffrey scores on the next play to give San Francisco their first lead of the game. Robbie Gould misses the extra point meaning the Chargers just need a FG to tie this game.

49ers 19 Chargers 16

7:59 The 49ers defense gets a quick three and out. Nick Bosa drops DeAndre Carter for a loss of six on a jet sweep, then force a punt after stopping Tre McKitty for a gain of only seven.

San Francisco takes over at their 30. Time to chew up some clock. 

8:08 The 49ers offense picks up a couple first downs and chews up a lot of clock but has to punt. Chargers take over at their own one. They need to go about 70 yards to tie the game.

Talanoa Hufanga comes up with his fourth interception of the year to seal the 49ers 22-16 victory.


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  1. Terrible 3rd down call, since when has this o-line ever shown the ability to convert those plays?

      1. YEP! He’s the coaching equivalent of a “coward”, which is why his teams start slow, and can never finish games against anyone not wearing a Rams uniform!

  2. Not sure if it contributed to the fumble, but that was the second pass already that was very high, barely catchable. So far this game is going like every non-Rams prime time game (0-7). Shanahan is also an abysmal 1-4 off the bye. Too much talent to be this way!

    1. Yikes, I do have to take my last statement back. It’s premature to call this game. I get a little too worked up watching this team underachieve for an entire half, but it is a 4QTR game. Let’s Go now NINERS!

  3. All that talent and Kyle runs up the middle every time inside the 5. Two weeks to prepare and that’s it??? Jeesh.

  4. Jimmy G: the one thing he does well..the sneak! I was terrified that Kyle was going to kick again.

    1. I don’t know why they don’t find a team that can can support and root for. Nothing but whining and crying.

      1. Shouldn’t we expect more out of this offense, David? They got outscored 16-10 by a team that is missing multiple key offensive players, and a defense that can’t stop the run.

        Or, I ask you this, is Kyle’s 1-4 record coming off of a bye the bigger problem? Something is obviously wrong with Kyle’s offense! All this talent, and they can’t score enough points against a team that is last in the league against the run!

        Whatever it is, David, whether it’s the fact that Deebo who is no longer a factor in this offense, or a lackluster running game after breaking the bank for a RB (McCaffrey), it’s simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH football!!

        1. Jaxson why aren’t you coaching if you are so damn smart? Why do you only post negatives Jaxson? Why don’t you find a team that meets your demands Jaxson? Why are you so negative Jaxson? Jaxson, Jaxson, Jaxson.

          1. What an intellectually bankrupt comment. Anyone can tell when something is wrong. You don’t have to be an expert to see the issues. There are many, many things in life were you can tell something is wrong, yet need an expert to fix the problem.

            You can now return to your mindless worship of all Niners propaganda?

            1. They entertain me, it is not life and death like some of you seem to think. If the Niners win or lose, the sun will still come up tomorrow.

              1. So live and let live. Why are you so concerned about what/how others think? It’s kind of weird really. You and Felix.

        2. I am just getting tired of being disappointed by this offense, against any team that doesn’t wear a rams uniform! It doesn’t seem to matter how much talent is on this roster, it’s the same sluggish offense every dang week!

          How can I not point fingers at the coaches?

          1. Find a team that meets your expectations Jaxson. I have been a fan since 1964 and I have seen some bad teams and some bad coaches. This teams entertains me, that satisfies me.

            1. I’ve been a fan since 1982. Season tickets thru the glory days! Love my Niners, but not a fan of Kyle’s. Sorry, I think he’s incredibly OVERRATED, and is simply a product of nepotism! He is the ultimate underachiever, and he coaches scared!

              Without John Lynch, and Lynch’s vision for this defense, I am convinced Kyle would never even win a postseason game. He’s carried by his defense every time they make a run.

              And frankly, I feel like we deserve better!

              And this is just embarrassing. They trade 4 draft picks for a RB because Kyle can’t get it done with what he has.

              1. Kyle spent a 3rd round pick on a RB, two years in a row, and yet Kyle still needs to trade an additional FOUR draft picks for yet another RB, and they STILL can’t run the football or score points, AT HOME, against a team with a lousy run defense!


                All I know is that Bill Walsh must be rolling in his grave by now!

  5. The NFL has to be joking! An ejection on that?! That was a football play!

    I hope Herbert doesn’t come back to equal that injustice.

  6. What an all too typical red zone melt down? Should have done play action pass into the end zone on first down. Receiver might not have had anyone within 10 yards after all those runs.

    1. Kyle doesn’t trust Jimmy. He hasn’t trusted Jimmy since midway thru 2019! That’s the sad fact!

  7. My gosh, it’s like pulling teeth! What about this team makes anyone think they are getting ready to go on a run? It’s the same thing, almost weekly, with occasional Rams beat-down sprinkled in! This is a team they should be DOMINATING!

    1. There’s no time for that. In fact Kyle needs to stop calling the 5 step drops. 3 steps and get rid of it. Jimmy also gets quite antsy back there.

  8. Brendal with his weekly hold. Jimmy to Deebo with no chemistry. At least Jennings came to play after so many dropsies earlier in the year.

    Also, why the hell is Tyler Croft on the field so much?

    1. I am not sure Shanahan knows that you can run a hurry up offense outside the final 2 minutes.

      Hell, I am not sure he knows how to run it in the final 2 minutes either.

      But at least they finally got a TD! Way too hard for them to get TD’s. I think they need a red zone coordinator.

      1. Hell, I am not sure he knows how to run it in the final 2 minutes either.

        Had to LOL at that. Quite true considering they went on a 16 play drive to nowhere at the end of the 4th quarter while losing by 2 scores earlier this year. 😂

  9. Jimmy needed to dump it to #25 Mitchell there on 2nd down. He looked him off twice and held onto the ball way too long.

  10. What a cowardly way to run plays in this 4th QTR! The Chargers were ready to give up. Their run defense was absolutely gassed. They are running out of DT’s, and Kyle could have gone to a hurry up at around the 9:00 mark and ran them off the field. They caught a huge break on the punt!

    Once again, it’s DeMeco’s defense that has to come to the rescue!

  11. Jesus Christ! Mitchell almost does an instant face plant untouched!

    Offense inside the 10 is just cursed!

  12. WHAT A COWARD! I am embarrassed. I know, they will probably eek this game out, but this was another pathetic 4th QTR of play calling from Kyle. It’s what we call playing not to lose, rather than playing to win!

    NOT GOOD ENOUGH! I mean, the Chargers nearly ran out of DL’s, and receivers, and yet the Niners left the door open!

  13. Jeez. What a pathetic display. By the “fans” on this site. So glad I no longer subject myself to the whining losers here during game time.

    1. Yet we have to listen to this self-righteous loser come on after every game to tell everyone how much they suck. Okay…

      1. I’m fan of the team, overjoyed when they win. You are only a fan of your ego, only happy with they win according to the parameters you set, even if then. Now who is self-righteous? And whining like a baby all during the time of a winning game. Now who the loser?

  14. Despite the offense’s performance, Jimmy G. has been playing well and has really minimized the turnovers. No doubt Brian Griese has helped in this regard.

  15. Gotta give credit to the chargers. They punched above their weight tonight and made our Niners earn this victory.

  16. Just as I thought, no celebration or kind words from The haters like Jaxson, Allie
    , Gorjira, etc. they embarrass themselves.

    1. Just shut up! You Niner sycophant. Just because some of us critically think about this team instead of you worshiping everything they do.

      I moved on to other platforms. Nothing to say that hasn’t already been said. It was a very weak win against a team playing horribly undermanned. The Niners are still mediocrity until they get an offense that can actually put the ball in the end zone with some reasonable consistency.

      1. Niner sycophant

        Thats an interesting slur for fans of the team.

        I moved on to other platforms

        Yet here you were all game hating everything about it. Maybe you should move on to other teams. Raiders, who actually deserve hating, could use a few more haters.

    2. Felix, I could see the above “fan” comments after a Niners SB win. “Didn’t blow out the Bills? That’s a bad look for this team.”

      1. It’s incredible that these people call themselves fans. I wonder what their attitude is to the rest of their lives. I’d imagine they are miserable to be around all the time.

        1. Just like people who do nothing but criticize other posters. Know a couple?

          I can think of one who spends his day driving around Sagaponack with his nose in the air and an air of superiority.

          Some people discuss the game, others mainly discuss the fans. Which one are you?

  17. Every 49ers fan should reserve the right to give their opinion whether some of us disagree or not.
    While our favorite teams elicit a variety if emotions it’s good to remind ourselves that it’s only sports.

    If all we did on this blog was have a love fest for 49ers fans it would actually make for a boring site.
    The allie’s, Jaxon’s and Gojira’s are needed imho. Because if they weren’t, we wouldn’t respond to them.

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