49ers DB Don Jones takes girl with Down syndrome to prom

It’s still all smiles from us!!😬😬

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This is so sweet.

49ers safety Don Jones took a girl with Down syndrome to the Lawrence County High School Prom in Moulton, Alabama last Friday.

The girl’s name is Lindsey Preston, and she’s in the 11th grade. Her mother, Kristi Martin, knows Jones’ mother — she works with special needs students at Lindsey’s school. Martin asked Jones’ mother if he would go to the prom with Lindsey last year, and he said yes. But he couldn’t at the time — he was too busy. So, he took her this year.

“Lindsey always stayed in contact with me and the family,” Jones told WBRC. “Anything I can do to make some kids smile, I would be more than willing to do.”

What a mensch.

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    1. Beachie, here’s another one for you:


      If you look up the definition, you find it “what many consider Grant Cohn’s columns to be”. ;)

  1. Positive news stories don’t get nearly as many clicks as negative ones, but they’re just as important. Always nice to see someone with influence doing good things in their community.

  2. Really great story and nice gesture by Jones. Nice to see some of the good things these guys do get some attention.

  3. I don’t know what B.B. will do; none of us do. But looking at history, he’s never drafted a QB in the first round. He’s traded back in the first more often than trading up. He only had 4 choices in the last draft. I think quantity matters to him in the 2018 Draft; guessing.
    Arguably BB’s boss forced his play with Brady/Grappo, that could force him out of pattern……possibly. But he’s a pattern guy. I don’t see him going up to #5. Not likely enough bait available to go to #9. If someone slides, who knows? He might go Luann or Falk later.
    It seems like Cards or Bolts could make an offer to SF.

  4. Really nice article, pretty fabulous for you to go to that dance! Hope you both had a great time! And, the pictures are so cute. It is nice to see an athlete doing things like this for everyday people. You have all kinds of fans who watch you play football, and you went further to make someone with medical issues so happy for years to come I am sure. Pretty cool.

  5. Hopefully for every mishuganah like Michael Bennett in the NFL, there’s a mensch like Don Jones to even things out.

  6. Having seen this, Don Jones deserves every dollar he makes. He sets a great example for other celebrities and fans alike.

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