Finally, 49ers dealing with Reuben Foster case in right way

FILE – In this Sept. 21, 2017, file photo, San Francisco 49ers injured linebacker Reuben Foster watches before an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams in Santa Clara, Calif. The 49ers are hoping to get the talented rookie linebacker back this week after a sprained ankle sidelined him since the season opener.(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)

The 49ers got it right the second time.

They separated themselves from Reuben Foster, at least for now. Foster will not participate in any team activities while he fights his three felony charges – the 49ers announced this Sunday. I applaud them for making this move and correcting their initial mistake.

Of course, they had to get kicked in the butt to do this.

But they did it.

And they had to get kicked in the butt to sign their statement.

But they signed it.

A lot of people, including me, need a kick in the pants to do the right thing.

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  1. By York, Lynch and Shanahan’s own words they will decide on Foster’s fate as a 49er based on “information” revealed during the legal process. If Foster did it he’s gone, no matter the verdict.

      1. “Victim in Reuben Foster case hires an attorney. Here’s what that means”

        There goes your miracle……you moron. It looks to me like the DA just got clowned. They won’t ever get a felony conviction out of this case. Reuben Forster and his GF are still children playing in a sandbox…..and this type of lover’s spat happens hundreds of thousands of times a day, each day.

        With the US economy on the brink of disaster and war mongers ramping up the propaganda operation, it blows me away how all the drama queens here, with kooky Cohn as your leader continue to make this a big deal.

        Do any of you wonder why Cohn is almost never interviewed by any of the local radio stations or podcasts?

        Because they know he’s a mental case and he’s just not that likeable as a human being.


    Not surprised. Meeks has been in all three of my mocks.

    “(Sherman) even told me that I remind him of himself. That was probably the biggest compliment I’ve gotten.”

    “Harry is a big wideout listed at 6-4. So Sherman told Meeks to crowd him at the line of scrimmage because big receivers tend to have tight hips and aren’t elusive enough to shake free from physical coverage.”

    “Harry, a first-team all-conference receiver, had just three catches for 40 yards in Stanford’s 34-24 win. None of those receptions came against Meeks.”

    1. Meeks’ production disappointed me a little last season. But he is a smart, hard-working and relatively polished CB coached by the best DB coach in college, Duane Akina. He would be a “poor man’s Sherman” and would be a good deal in 4th round, Jackson from Iowa seems to me to be closer to Sherman.

      1. I like Oliver as a Sherman type corner. Great length and technique… Not the athlete Ahkelo is but plays physically stronger.

  3. Hooo boy!
    I wasn’t happy with the Niners’ milque toast blurb the team offered on Foster, but having a twenty something who has never hired, fired or managed anybody in his life riffing on Lynch is a bit much. Same guy who wanted to cut Gore and draft Fales. OK.
    Yes, the team came to a sensible position, but the usual “I Know Better” routine is yawn worthy.

      1. Every year posters on this board clammer for some local stanford or cal kid who normally isn’t as good as one of his counterparts at another school. Local kids definitely get a biasy bump… Just hopefully not from our GM

  4. Grant,
    Good read.
    But I’m a little curious as to why you included Pastor Earl in this comment:
    “That embarrassing quote will follow Lynch the rest of his career. Especially the parts about Pastor Earl and Foster’s smile.”

    Pastor Earl has been an integral part of the organization for over 30 years. The players (over the years) have a great amount of respect for him and the fact that he has served as the 49ers chaplain throughout many regime changes speaks of his value and integrity.

    Find it strange that he is complicet in Foster’ hire if this is the reason why you added him to your narrative.

    1. If anyone is beyond reproach it’s Pastor Earl. He may have participated in the vetting process but he certainly has nothing to be embarrassed by. Neither does Lynch, for that matter. It’s a learning opportunity.

      1. Yup, I just find it interesting that the “embarrassing” comment somehow involved Chaplin Earl. Seems like all Pastor Earl and Keena Turner did was spend a couple of days with RF. My sense is that Lynch was going to draft Foster whether someone was going to Tuscaloosa or not.

      1. Some people need a crutch.
        The problem is when they try to force others to live according to their religious beliefs.

        1. Ed,
          My comments regarding Pastor Earl had absolutely nothing to do with religious affiliation.

          Not sure where in this comment you find me saying that people are being forced to live according to a religious belief. I specifically said that many players have a great amount of respect for Pastor Earl.

          Please don’t convolute my comments with your personal agenda.

        2. “The hell with Pastor Earl and all the religious losers.”

          “Some people need a crutch.”

          And some people need to put down others to feel superior.

        1. As someone who declared them selves an atheist long before Jr High at a time when it was very unpopular to do so.-The fifties. I still remember the social pressures and disapproval of anyone who did not believe in God. Intellectualism seems to have replaced the religious ferver of the 50’s. What was politically correct then has done a complete turn around today. Only the issues have turned around but the intolerance has not. While non believers were oppressed then, believers are now. I remember when I went into the service they sort of forced me to chose a religion to put on my dog tag information.

          Our entire society and educational system has become anti religion focused. A perfect example was all the anti “High Sparrow” comments in the Series ” Game of Thrones” by posters and video creators there were, just because he promoted a philosophy of faith. Now his group was intolerant in respect to certain morals, but they also supported the rights of the common people against the excesses of the aristocracy. Still a large number of people rooted for ruthless mass killer keep power at all costs Cersei instead of a group that killed no one.

          I find it interesting that the very things that the anti religion people have against people of faith are the very things that they are constantly guilty of. Intolerance and oppressive actions are not exclusive to any group.

          1. Agreed.
            But many in society believe that belief in God needs to be attached to religion which is not true. I espouse a belief in God but have no affiliation to organised religion, way too many religions and choices on this front. I’m comfortable just cutting through the glut by going to the Source.
            Btw, this is my last comment on this subject.
            Back to football.

          2. While non believers were oppressed then, believers are now.

            Oppressed, willtalk? How so? Do you mean by every single highest office in the land occupied by a “believer”? (except for the President, but somehow the believers give him an endless supplies of “mulligans”). And these people responsible for drafting and enforcing laws are somehow oppressing believers? Tell us about this oppression.

      2. No, the hell with you Fish. Some people are called and some aren’t. You weren’t. That’s your tough luck, not mine.

  5. Grant is a hater! Don’t beat a dead horse already! “Foster this, Foster that, 49ers should cut him nag nag nag…. maannnnnn let legal process do what it does and shut up already! Damn do you have room for 2 chances ( even tho it’s not up to you) but just like you had it in for Foster since day 1 SMH wow

  6. Juan’s Mock 2.0
    Niners trade #9 pick to New England for Rob Gronkowski and their 23rd and 31st picks
    RD. 1 #23 Kolton Miller OT UCLA
    RD. 1 #31 Leighton Vander Esch ILB Boise State
    RD. 2 #27 (59): Carlton Davis CB Auburn
    RD. 3 #6 (70): Kerryon Johnson RB Auburn
    RD.3 #10 (74) Isaac Yiadom CB Boston College
    RD.4 #28 (128): Marcell Frazier EDGE Missouri
    RD.5 #6 (143): Kendrick Norton DL Miami
    RD.6 #10 (184) Austin Corbett OG Nevada
    RD.7 #9 (227) Byron Pringle WR Kansas State
    RD.7 #22 (240) Peter Kalambayi OLB/EDGE Stanford


    1. Thanks for not messing around with 2nd rounders. The Niners 9 (1350) for the Pats 23+31 (1360) is almost an exact chart match. The chart was made before the 5th year option, which makes up for the 10 point difference.

      Gronk seems like a win now acquisition, but I’ll take it. Winnings good.

  7. What if the girlfriend goes on the stand and says that she hit him and threatened him first.

    I think he is gunna stay a 49er. Guilty or not they would have cut him by now based on the police report and hospital report, if there wasn’t more too it.

    1. Responding in anyway that goes beyond removing a threat to your self is wrong. If he felt he was in physical danger he could take actions to protect himself, but I seriously doubt that there was little she could do to justify the actions he is accused of. He could , with the exception of a weapon being involved, very easily keep her from hurting him without beating the hell out of her.

  8. Perhaps 49er management wants to be deliberate and fair in how they deal with the Foster situation. That’s a much more likely explanation as to why they issued the first bland statement and then the 2nd statement separating Foster from the team. I highly doubt the 2nd statement was the result of the 49er organization responding to a “kick in the pants” to do the right thing. I suspect there is quite a bit of conflicting information they are sifting through right now. Each situation is different so the facts of the Brock case may have been a much more cut & dry situation.

    1. They could also be attempting to create a workable policy that would be used in any case like this in any future case. While it is important to do theright thing,” it is just as important to do theright thingin theright way

    1. At least the team does not have to travel for their short week match up. I suspect that the Niner’s will get their share of Prime Time games this coming season.

  9. Agreed.
    But many in society believe that belief in God needs to be attached to religion which is not true. I espouse a belief in God but have no affiliation to organised religion, way too many religions and choices on this front. I’m comfortable just cutting through the glut by going to the Source.
    Btw, this is my last comment on this subject.
    Back to football.

  10. FINAL MOCK DRAFT (Without Trades). Lot of players I liked were selected before my pick, so it was tough. More interesting will be the various players I like in the draft for the Niners’ positions of need, based on the rounds they will likely be available (mainly because a lot of people on this site have already mentioned quite a few of them).

    Pick 9. Edge Harold Landry, Boston College
    Pick 59. Guard Braden Smith, Auburn
    Pick 70. Wide Receiver Dasean Hamilton, Penn State
    Pick 74. Cornerback Quenton Meeks, Stanford
    Pick 128. Safety Quin Blanding, Virginia
    Pick 143. Linebacker Genard Avery, Memphis
    Pick 184. Cornerback Davontae Harris, Illinois State
    Pick 223. Linebacker Oren Burks, Vanderbilt
    Pick 240. Tackle Greg Senat, Wagner

  11. Bring it Vikings.

    Week 1: at Vikings on Sunday, September 9 (Bay Area News Group)
    Week 6: at Packers on Monday, October 15 at 5:15 p.m. PT (ESPN)
    Week 9: Raiders on Thursday, November 1 at 5:20 p.m. PT (NBC Sports Bay Area)
    Week 10: at Giants on Monday, November 12 at 5:15 p.m. PT (
    Week 12: at Buccaneers on Sunday, November 25 at 10:00 a.m. PT (Pewter Report)
    Week 14: Broncos on Sunday, December 9 (BSN Denver)
    Week 16: Bears (WGN)

  12. Anyone else see Ben Volin’s tweet about the Rams study into practice time? Conclusion was it now takes 3 years to get the same amount of coaching as used to occur in 1 year pre latest CBA.

    He mentions this as a big reason why OL take so long to develop these days, as the guys coming out of college at OL are very under developed for pro style offenses. But it is also a good reason why I see picks like Tremaine Edmunds as being so risky.

    1. Back when the current CBA was signed, my main takeaway was how much less the players are required to practice than they were under the previous CBA. I was a little shocked actually. Offensive line is the most noticeable, but I think the overall quality of play in the league has suffered greatly. And frankly, it’s no surprise.

    2. CBA restrictions have a crippling effect upon coaching and installations. The players won less contact drills but stifled hands-on learning moments.
      One sage on here (possibly Rocket) said the owners gave ground on issues that didn’t directly effect finances/revenue, but didn’t give an inch on those that did.

      1. Sure the CBA restrictions do have a crippling effect on coaching and installations……but it also encourages/improves the health of the player.

      1. 100%. Don’t mean to present it as anything other than my opinion. But the lack of coaching time allowed is a big reason why I like to see the 49ers draft guys in the first round that are already fairly well developed in terms of football instincts. You can take guys that require some development time later on.

        1. That makes sense.
          But if you are going slip in the name of a top 10 player that could use more coaching time, why not use the name of Landry that is considered a mid 1st rd selection?
          The dust settles in 8 days!

          1. Simple. I think Landry already has a skill set that will make an impact in the NFL straight away. Maybe not as a full time starter, but definitely as a pass rush specialist and guy that play in nickel fronts. And I also believe he shows a lot of understanding and nuance for his position so he isn’t far away from being a full time player.

            You can call it an agenda if you want, but the only agenda I have is that I believe Landry is much further along in his development than Edmunds, and will have an immediate positive impact in the NFL.

              1. It’s all good Razor. I respect your and Scooter’ football I. Q. I just like to throw in my own 2 cents now and again.

        2. Remember last year Foster had the same issues Edmunds has they say.
          Foster was either coached well or was smart enough to fix the “being in the right position” or “biting on PA” issues real quick.
          So if it is Edmunds I wouldn’t mind. With his Physical attributes it can cover for some fundamental issues he may start with until he gets it down.


    1 Sep 9 10:00 am at Vikings FOX
    2 Sep 16 1:25 pm Lions FOX
    3 Sep 23 10:00 am at Chiefs FOX
    4 Sep 30 1:25 pm at Chargers FOX
    5 Oct 7 1:25 pm Cardinals FOX
    6 Oct 15 5:20 pm at Packers ESPN
    7 Oct 21 5:20 pm Rams NBC
    8 Oct 28 1:25 pm at Cardinals FOX
    9 Nov 1 5:20 pm Raiders NFLN
    10 Nov 12 5:20 pm Giants ESPN
    11 BYE
    12 Nov 25 10:00 am at Buccaneers FOX
    13 Dec 2 5:20 pm at Seahawks NBC
    14 Dec 9 1:25 pm Broncos CBS
    15 Dec 16 1:25 pm Seahawks FOX
    16 Dec 23 5:15 pm Bears FOX
    17 Dec 30 1:25 pm at Rams

    I like that the early east coast game is after our bye week.

      1. That’s what I was thinking. At Seattle in Dec could be nasty weather. Good to be at home at the end. Also like our one east coast road trip comes after the break. We will have a good idea what the team is about after those first four games.

        1. I’m thinking 12. I think we will have a solid draft. I think our OL will be better this year. Of course we have Jimmy.

          McKinnon is a huge addition. Like Juice, he’s a good blocker and can line up in multiple spots. A typical I formation can turn into a three or four WR set. Shanny will be even tougher to scheme against.

          On defense, I think we will add a very good piece at #9 (whoever that may be). The D won’t be as gassed this year due to an improved offense. Thomas should be better. Witherspoon will learn from Sherman and become a Pro Bowl CB, if not an All Pro. I think our D will be better at getting off the field on 3rd down.

            1. AES

              Á little bit early for this, in that the draft is going to be crucial this year…..It’s been fun reading the blog and the ‘Super-Optimist’ views of those on here who think that Garropolo, Mckinnon and a cast of castoffs is going to immediately change the fortunes of our Niners. Lynch and Saleh have their work cut out for them, and I’m thinking that everything hinges on trades in the next 7 days. We need more draft choices…or at least better ones…Let’s not be the team with the ‘Busts’ this year. In the last two years, we’ve had four (4) first round picks, and Buckner is the only one of them who’s earned his pay. I personally believe that both Armstead and Blair are going to have breakout seasons; If Garnett comes around, and we pick up a Guard in the draft (Braden Smith or Will Hernandez) …Nelson will be gone…Derwin James or Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Marcus Davenport or Josh Sweat at DE (edge)….we can concentrate on getting a flex TE/ WR like Allen Lazard or Jaleel Scott…..I would come out of my hole and move up to 12 W’s…but that’s next year….This year….Same ole…10-6….

              1. OR,
                Great points.
                But (imo) I still see a team lacking overall talent. My original forecast for the team after the new regime was that it would take 3-4 for us to become a playoff team, and I still see it like that – of course, I hope I’m wrong.

  14. Round 1, DE Marcus Davenport or Tremaine Edmunds
    Round 2, OT Connor Williams or Kolton Miller
    Round 3, CB Quenton Meeks
    Round 3, WR Allen Lazard or Equanimeous St. Brown

    1. Óneniner

      I like your choices except at Round 2….to clarify…., Both of those guys will be gone too early, and we already have enough OT s….I’m beginning to think UDFA…..Good choices….!

      1. Check out “Mercury News Kurtenbach: My seven-round 49ers mock draft.”
        It’s one of the best I’ve seen over the last few weeks.
        Roquan Smith, LB
        Isaiah Oliver, CB
        Anthony Miller, WR
        John Sweat, EDGE
        John Kelly, RB
        Isaac Yiadom, CB
        Holton Hill, CB
        Durham Smythe, TE
        Aaron Stinnie, OG

        My only quarrel is it’s a little top heavy on CB’s, but they are good players nonetheless.
        This would make for a very good bumper crop harvest.

        1. AES

          I’m not sure if I have both oars in the water, but a main concern of mine is that ALL of these guys are talented athletes…but so many are going to get picked off in the 1st or 2nd round. I have been bitten by this in the past, so this year I’m trying to spread it out a little. Unlike most, I see some pretty good looking ‘Beef’ in the Oline positions as well as the WR’s and the Dbacks, so I have been watching the lists of ‘potential’ UDFAs beyond a few ‘Cadillac’ picks …..There’s a lot of talent in this years draft…and unless you’ve missed my intentions, I want to to see some height in a couple of our receivers….Is it out of bounds to hope for a tall WR who can be a ‘flex’ TE to take the pressure off Kittles and provide some downfield blocking like Allen Lazard ?….I’m hoping….

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