49ers draft OT Mike McGlinchey in Round 1

Notre Dame offensive lineman Mike Mcglinchey speaks during a press conference at the NFL football scouting combine, Thursday, March 1, 2018, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

SANTA CLARA — They could have done better.

With the ninth pick in the NFL Draft, the 49ers selected offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey from Notre Dame. McGlinchey is a talented right tackle who could start for 10 years and earn a Pro Bowl berth or two, but he’s not the ninth-best player in the draft. He’s closer to the 16th-best player in the draft. The 49ers should have traded down for him.

At pick No. 9, the 49ers should have taken safety Derwin James, defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick or linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. They would have been better picks than McGlinchey.


I will lower my grade if the 49ers keep Trent Brown, and McGlinchey doesn’t start as a rookie.

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  1. Yep, its a B for me. Solid pick. Safe pick. Should have no problems starting early and doing a decent job.

  2. It’s too bad that Grant isn’t in charge of the 49ers. They’d be Super Bowl champs in no time.

  3. As noted in an earlier post, this is a good pick. EVERY contender has a powerful OL. With the free agent center and now this pick, the 49ers have definitely upgraded this vital area.

    Do they need pass rush and CB help? Of course they do. Unfortunately the NFL did not give them three first round picks. But I would still build the OL first. And … they will have more picks.

  4. ” He’s closer to the 16th-best player in the draft. The 49ers should have traded down for him. ”

    My thoughts exactly. Bizarre strategy.

      1. Exactly. And since Arizona knew the 49ers and the Raiders were not going to take quarterbacks they chose the trade up with the Raiders instead of the Niners … their division rival.

    1. If we’re going to run the ball with a couple of 200 pound running backs we need to draft guys that can move men. I would’ve preferred to trade back couple of spots but I still think improving the line is the right move.

  5. It all starts up front. We need to protect Jimmy G. Now the pressure is on to fill out the secondary and pass rush.

  6. James and Fitzpatrick did not fit considering the logjam at safety, and Edwards is best suited at SAM, which means pick nine is too high for him. McGlinchey is not a sexy pick , but he is a pick that needed to be made considering how often the Niner QBs were hit or laid flat last season. B+.

  7. It always bugs me when someone says they should have traded down. Consider me bugged.

    Not a sexy pick but understandable. They will need a right tackle in a year, which will be a pretty big deal when it happens. This guy can step in presumably.

  8. I really like it. Not a sexy pick, but this is all about keeping Jimmy G clean.
    I brought him up as a possible pick last week, so this takes away a little bit of the sting by not choosing Edmunds.

    We wanted an all-pro type player at 9, we just got one!

  9. Well, everything I have heard since the pick is that the Raiders would have drafted McGlinchey at #10 if the 49ers didn’t take him. Once he was gone they traded back. So I guess the 49ers weren’t the only team high on him.

      1. your spot on scooter!! ill take McG over the kid from Roseville that the Raiders got! I was never a fan of drafting D.James……simply ’cause SS is one of the most devalued positions in the league!!!! combine that with the fact that we have depth there…..and can re-sing ER for peanuts if we want!!!
        2 things that stand out……
        1- OT is a premium position ( qb, edge rusher, #1 wr, shut down cb and single high FS are other premium positions)….premium position players are always worthy of a top 10 pick……
        and we don’t plan on picking top 10 again anytime soon…..
        2- MMcG reminds me of a lunch pail hard hat guy…..excellent work ethic, excellent character! Most other guys are “me first, bling guys”!! Goofy style, rolex wearing aint made no $$ yet, buy jewelry and cars b4 a house a$$ clowns!!!
        I think this is why we chose Thomas last year. not sexy picks but solid character guys. Foster was a gamble allowed to us due to the fact that we got a solid guy prior.

        Make no mistake……grant dosent no crap about football!!!! he pretends. hes a professional internet troll posing as a journalist due to nepotism!!!
        You can have the best cb’s and S’s and it wont matter if you cant stop the run or pressure the qb! no one can cover a guy for 8 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        You can have Aron Rodgers and Julio Jones………don’t mean sh*** if they don’t have an o-line to buy ’em time!!!

        Grant refuses to understand this concept!!! He’s either a complete buffoon with a degree…….or a professional internet troll!!

  10. Two Questions:

    1. Did Trent Brown show up to Strength and Conditioning over weight and out of shape?
    2. Can McGlinchey start out playing guard? (I think so.)


    After ten years and multiple Pro Bowels, and hopefully a few Super Bowl Titles, all of you will be saying, “I was so glad when we drafted Mike McGlinchey.

  11. Yup, makes me think both Garnett and Brown might be on the trading block.

    That was suppose to go under Jack Hammer comment.

  12. Games are won in the trenches so I’m good with it… Interested to see if the Niners trade up before the night is over.

  13. Too bad Buffalo was not patient. Maybe they could have traded with the Niners, and only give up one second round pick. However, they knew Arizona wanted to move up, or at least Tampa Bay told them that.
    Glad they got an O lineman to protect JG. Wonder if TB is trade bait.
    Maybe the best strategy will be to stand pat on the picks. It might be too costly to move up, and other teams might give too little to allow the Niners to move back.

  14. Lynch continuing the excellent first round selections since the Baalke era. SMDH.

    I wish they would let some consultant pick for them in round 1 and let Lynch handle the rest of the draft. Literally all 3 first round picks Lynch has made are suspect.

  15. Bad trade – up by the Saints for a prospect that is the next Colin Kaepernick at his position. Lots of potential, but also a strong possibility of being a bust.

  16. In a weak tackle class the number one tackle (Mcglinchey) became more valuable. Tackle was one of the 49ers biggest needs with the age of Staley and the uncertainty about Browns future. Brown is coming off injury and at the end of last season the 49er staff was reportedly unhappy with him. An unsexy need pick but a solid pick nonetheless. Protect Jimmy G.

  17. Just heard the interview with McGlinchey. Seems like a cool dude. Not sexy, as others have stated, but definitely solid and at a premium position.

  18. Not hating it but my first thought was “why not trade down, then take Mike McGlinchey?”

    But there’s no red button that can force a team to trade up to your spot. And no guarantee Mike McGlinchey would have been there.

    Holding off grade till I learn more about our new OT.

      1. Kezar,
        You are completely correct. Look at who the Raiders picked at 15 and it tells you exactly why the 9ers didn’t trade down. I think Grant may have written this post before the Raiders picked.

      2. “But there’s no red button that can force a team to trade up to your spot. And no guarantee Mike McGlinchey would have been there” is a pre-capisce.

        I’m excited to hit the youtubes to get a better look at our new OT.

  19. Drafting for need in the top 10 when you dont need a QB has been proven ineffective over and over again. Absolute poor pick. I guess it’s slighly an upgrade over picking Solomon Thomas #3, but still.

  20. (9) San Francisco 49ers Mike McGlinchey Offensive tackle 6’8″/315 Notre Dame
    Tremendously athletic, McGlinchey moves without a problem, he can get down the field, and he doesn’t make a whole slew of big mistakes. The high-character, leadership aspect helps, but he’s got all the skills to be a longtime pass protector at a high level. No matter where he lines up, he’ll keep your QB clean.

  21. The 49ers passing game improved late in the year their running game did not. McGlinchey will make a much bigger impact on the running game than the passing game. I believe he will start right away and Brown will be the swing tackle but even if Brown has a great preseason and starts, the team would be set at the tackles for the next 7 to 10 years. This was a solid B pick whether McGlinchey starts this year or not.

  22. This amateur scout — me — sees 21 future Pro Bowlers

    Gee Grant, grousing about a future Pro Bowler? Can’t be all that bad, and as events have shown McG wouldn’t have lasted past 10

  23. Now that Junior’s had his latest moment in the whine-light, consider some actual facts —
    “McGlinchey (6’8/309) was a three-year starter for the Irish, playing right tackle as a sophomore before guarding the blind side as a junior and senior. McGlinchey earned PFF College’s No. 2 offensive tackle grade in 2017, and No. 1 in run blocking. He also logged the highest Wonderlic score (37) among draft-eligible tackles. McGlinchey’s below-average core strength shows up versus bull rushers, however, and Notre Dame coaches reportedly believed right tackle was always his best position. McGlinchey does offer left tackle length (34-inch arms) and was a consistent executor throughout college. NFL.com O-Line guru Lance Zierlein compared him to Jared Veldheer.” (Roto World)

  24. Lynch on KNBR just said that at 9 they liked a few guys “a whole lot” but both he and Kyle agreed that if MM was there “they would grab him.”

    Also remarked they were considering trading down.

  25. Agree. Reaching instead of maximizing value of their pick. So much talent still left on the board in the teens. Sad. But he should be solid NFL starter for 10 years.

  26. Good pick. We have 137.5 million reasons to protect Jimmy G. But we play the Raiders ( look at their new-look wideouts ) this year. Teams on our schedule are upgrading, so we better go defense, now.

  27. Tony Pauline is reporting Brown showed up to workouts really out of shape, which is what led to the 49ers taking McGlinchey.

    1. There you go. Not a good idea to stay the course with someone who can’t stay in shape and is needed to protect the face of the franchise.

  28. Run of Offensive Lineman. Most going above their slots. So maybe pro personnel know more than I do.

  29. Guess I put this comment on the wrong thread:

    April 26, 2018 at 6:39 pm
    We couldn’t have traded back and still gotten McGlinchey, because the Raiders probably wanted him. And once he was gone, they traded back. I think more highly of Trent Brown than others I guess, but this was a pick for the future instead of immediate help this year (unless the trade of Brown happens). Can’t complain about looking ahead, but can’t say that pass protection is a concern given that Brown graded out as one of the best Right Tackles at pass protection (the complaint with Brown is in the run game, and his fit in an outside zone scheme).

    1. Pot…Kettle

      I’m with you, I believe that Mike McGlinchey is a fail-safe against Staley or Brown getting hurt…He’s a helluva’ ballplayer, and I for one am happy we got him…next question….

  30. Raiders wanted him at #10, they couldn’t trade down. Exactly who I wanted….Jimmy can’t play from the rehab bike, and as Joe Montana once said, “I have yet to see a QB who can play from the horizontal position.” That said, I did see Joe do it once!

  31. Shanahan said McGlinchey could play OG. I am sure he could, but doubt he will. I expect Brown will be gone.

    1. Interesting thought though, putting him in at OG until Staley is gone. But yeah I agree Brown is gone, no way we get a 2nd tho

  32. Mt. McGlinchey? Always like anyone from ND!! Father was a ND grad. Saturdays growing up was always ND football. Solid pick.

  33. Ive been saying we needed to replace Joe Staley for awhile now. Didn’t think we would do it with a 1st round pick. I also just read Brown showed up to camp really out of shape. So IDK. Wouldnt be to surprised to see Brown involved in some kind of trade up now in the draft.

  34. This pick was all about the run game. Brown just doesn’t fit in the Niners scheme. Brown will also fetch a nice draft pick because of his elite pass protection skills. Good pick, especially if they trade him soon for a high 2nd round pick.

  35. My immediate thought on the McGlinchey pick is that I’m extremely disappointed Lynahan apparently don’t feel like they can make it work with the player Shanahan called “the best pass protection tackle I’ve ever seen in my life.” It seems highly likely that Trent Brown will be moving on, either via trade or free agency, and I consider spending the #9 overall pick to replace him a huge setback for a team that had an opportunity to get a lot better.

    That being said! If they keep Brown and move him to left tackle, or McGlinchey turns out to be a quality left tackle for this team, I will be happy with it in the long run. And after the talent they got in the draft last year, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt until we see what McGlinchey turns out to be for this team. Looking forward to the rest of the draft.

      1. I did not. And that’s equally disappointing. However, even if you get rid of Brown I think the #9 overall pick is way too rich for a long-term right tackle. Plenty of other ways to get those. McGlinchey needs to play left tackle eventually, and at a high level, to make this pick a good value imo.

      1. Well at least we can count on them missing every year. They may as well forgo their 1st round pick every year.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I wasn’t sure he would ever walk again after watching his feet go limp, great to see how far he’s come in a relatively short time.

  36. I’m good with Mcglinchey. Would have loved to trade back, and I’m sure Lynch would have too, but it just didn’t line up. I know we’ll hear a lot of crap from Grant, but the bottom line is tackle was a huge need. I would say bigger than edge rusher. We have no depth and no long term answer. It was a good pick.

    1. It’s hard for me to say it’s a bigger need than an Edge rusher when we currently don’t have anyone that threatens the edge.
      Joe is old but we at least had a good tackle for a year or 2.

            1. You guys think the next pick will be Key? That’s great……because then I can come here and bust up laughing, watching Cohn kick, scream, and cry like a child!

              Cohn and Foster on the same team, hanging out in Oakland at the clubs —- May cause Cohn to quit this blog….

      1. True, but I think this says more about Brown than it does Staley. He doesn’t fit the system, can’t zone block, isnt athletic, and is out of shape. And if they get a pick for Brown than this is a homerun for me.

        1. Agreed. Brown was good in pass pro but couldn’t move in space well enough to be a competent zone blocker and almost always graded out as terrible in the run Game.

    1. “where is Landry?”
      Somewhere in the 2nd Rd.
      But who knows, I wouldn’t put it past Lynch to make some trades to get him. Now, if we can maneuver to grab him this would make this draft golden!

      1. Why do all of you assume Lynch is as enamored with “bend” as the rest of you? Landry is an overrated pass rusher who’s one dementional. And Is ok at it. You guys are crazy. Get over it, he’s not coming to Santa Clara.

  37. Love Sony Michel. Patriots are the perfect spot for him. Wonder what percentage of the timeshare he’ll get, they’ve got a lot of mouths to feed in that backfield…

    1. Yea, but the pats feed the hot hand. They don’t care how many mouths. In new England, you produce, you play.

        1. Me too but then again I did not expect him to fall all the way to the second round in the first place, so now my hopes are up.

    1. I’ll bet anyone here that if the 49ers pick Key tomorrow, not only will Cohn scream and cry, but we’re very likely to see daddy Cohn come out of retirement on rampage with is keyboard.

      I’ll even bet an extra 50 bucks that both that midget Anne Killion and Kooky Kawakami come out like angry birds with the Cohn duo.

  38. #59 and #70 add up to #35 overall. If Landry is still there and Cleveland is willing to make the trade, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    1. Cleveland, NYG and Indianapolis hold the first 5 picks of the second round and could all use Landry badly. Hold your breath…

      1. Scooter, that’s what I was thinking. Also thought a combo trade up for Chubb involving Brown with Denver was a possibility.

  39. Mike McGlinchey is a right tackle, full stop. He gets pushed back too easily in dealing with speed and power rushers. If he is coached up to fix that problem, then he might become a left tackle to replace Staley. B- grade.

  40. First a reach for the overrated Solomon Thomas, and now a reach for the overrated Mike McGlinchey. The shine is starting to come off of John Lynch.

    1. In your mind. How long have we been calling for better OL play? TB was kinda flakey at the end of 17.out of shape Spring 18? ‘Kay. Never a system fit anyway..
      Good pass pro. Decent point-of-attack. Inadequate second level and offside seals.
      They got their upgrade b4 trading. ‘Kay.

  41. Tackle, especially a possible left tackle, is a premium position. How is it a reach to take the best tackle in the top ten of a draft? Anyone who watches his tape would love the pick. Anyone who makes the canned response that they could have traded down to get him, is clueless.

    I, like most fans, want to upgrade the other side of the trench as well. Doesn’t mean this was a B-. It may turn out to be an A, it may turn out to be something less than a B.

  42. By the time the 49ers are serious contenders, Joe Staley may be gone. They are building now for a realistic time line, not for a Super Bowl this year or next year. They need a cluster of comparable players.

    Enjoy the journey because a Super Bowl win in gone in a flash.

  43. If they are going to be serious Superbowl contenders in the 2019-20 season, now is the time to get Staley’s successor ready. And if Staley is still with the team, this guy will move to LT and Staley can move to RT. And this year, McGlinchey will probably beat out Brown early in the season, if not the pre-season.

    So I don’t understand the disappointment some fans feel. Premium position. Position of need. Position of scarcity. The way to get tackles is in the draft. It all comes together perfectly. This is Lynch’s best pick yet.

  44. I Advocated for Ward because he “buys wins” and plays a cornerstone position.

    Improving run blocking at RT helps get wins. The pick also prepares the team for Staley’s retirement. A good strategic move. Its win now plus long term security at a cornerstone position.

    1. I agree Brodie, improving RT run blocking is key to a running threat, and key to wins. Plus I agree with the foresight to get a tackle when you can. The more I think about this pick, the more I like it.


  45. Does anyone see any upside for Ronald Blair as a DE? I keep waiting for him to get more snaps and to really get in the rhythm of the game. Maybe with the rest of the line having matured around him, he could be productive in a rotation with Attoachu.

  46. I’m for trading Trent Brown at this point. But whats a reasonable price demand?

    I’d want a mid-high 4th minimum. He has too much value as a swing tackle to let go for a late pick. Its a contract year for him. Should (LOL) be motivated to get in shape, play well.

  47. Who cares about your grade? You’ve been consistently wrong for the last seven years. This blog is interesting because of the participants and in spite of you. They need a premium tackle and maybe another one to keep Jimmy on his feet.

  48. Clearly, Shanalynch decided that they need a tackle, and in a tackle-poor draft class, it’s best to get the best one if one can afford to do so. It’s definitely dictated by need like they did with Thomas last year. I think they will continue to follow need for the next two rounds with pass rusher, CB and LB. Day 3 will probably be BPA.

  49. Interesting players remaining including Will Hernandez, Harold Landry and Josh Jackson and many others.

    Some here preferred Jackson over Ward. I liked Hernandez in the 20s range if the 49ers traded back. And of course Landry.

    Q to all: Any worth 59+74?

    1. I’d consider it for Landry. Still a lot of talent out there.


      Meeks and Pettis should be available at #59. Not sure about the rest.

  50. Don’t love this pick but it’s makes sense.
    The Good – he’s an athletic player that blocks well on the move and should help in the run Game.
    The Bad – he’s a right tackle who can play left in a pinch, but isn’t the guy you want protecting your qb’s blind side long term. He has some complete whiffs on tape.
    Overall- he’s the type of player that should be a solid starter, he does everything well but nothing exceptional. I don’t see him as a pro bowler, but he’s not really a guy the team will be looking to replace either. Plug him in at right tackle and he will man the spot for 10 years

    1. Shoup, Lynch said on KNBR that at the 9th spot they liked a few guys “a whole lot” but both he and Kyle agreed that if MM was there “they would grab him.” He also said they were considering trading down. Assuming Lynch was telling the truth, this implies there was no edge rusher, linebacker, safety, corner, or left tackle available at 9 to meaningfully improve the roster, at least in their view. It may also be telling that, as far as we know, they did nothing to trade into the second half of the round.

      1. I obviously rate Landry far higher than most. However, with that said, if they didn’t like him as much as I do, with Ward, Chubb, Smith and Nelson off the board the best remaining players were at positions that the niners don’t need (safety) or value as much (rb).
        The problem this year was that the OT’s were not very good. In normal years Mike would have been taken in the late teens to early 20’s in my opinion. He has a lot of good tape but like I said, he has some flat misses where he barely even touches the defender in front of him. The scary part with him is that this issue has been consistent and his technique appears to be very good, so its they are either from mental lapses or just a lack of athleticism… both of which will limit his upside.
        This is not to say I don’t understand the pick, I do, and believe he will be a solid above average starter for years. However, I would be surprised if he is a pro bowl level player years down the road or if he becomes the best OT in this class.

      1. I have.
        Brown is a bad fit but good in pass pro. The guards are both slightly below average, the center is good and Staley at this point is slightly above average.
        The only concern I have, is that I see Mike as a solid right tackle for years down the road with limited upside. Given his issues in pass pro, I don’t see him as left tackle down the road, and he’s a bit too tall to be an interior player.

  51. Of course, if they valued tackle so highly, they could have gotten Ryan Ramczyk last year instead of Foster.

  52. Strange first round to say the least and I’m reminded again that I’m just some dude who doesn’t have a clue who will go where and when. There are going to be some big time steals tomorrow.

    I’m a little surprised at the McGlinchey pick but he was the best OT in the draft and would have been taken by the Raiders with the next pick so they had to take him there.

    1. The strangest thing about the pick for me is that Lynch previously said they need to get an impact player when drafting that high. Obviously they believe McGlinchey is that, but for me that’s not what he is. He’s a technically proficient OT that doesn’t have any real weaknesses without really being dominant either.

      I don’t mind the pick as I have always believed the OL needed to be seriously upgraded and invested in. And McGlinchey is a guy you can plug and play right off the bat. But its not what I would consider a high impact pick.

        1. This is a little puzzling to me. How is it that picking the best Tackle in the draft to protect your franchise player not considered an impact player?

          Just because Lynch selected a player that didn’t match up with draft crushes (mine was Edmunds/Roquan) does not mean that the 49ers FO didn’t get the right player.
          We have a QB that is going to receive Franchise type money and a RB that we signed that also is going to get a big share of the pie. We just made our O-line exceedingly better and as someone noted, the game starts in the trenches. Add to that we have a player that is going to be staple for the 10-12 years.
          Kudos to Lynch!

  53. Guess the FA signings filled all the holes, so the Niners could go BPA. MM is rated the best OT, and we did not know how the evaluation of TB and Joe Staley went when the team got together before the draft.
    Niners probably scared off potential trade back suitors due to their draft machinations last year. Bill Walsh, after the ’86 draft, could not attract trade partners because teams were afraid of being burned when the draft came around the next season. Maybe Paraag was asking too much, and teams remembered the Chicago trade last year.
    Still, it looks like a trend, with many teams moving up and moving back.
    Overall, the Seahawks and Steelers seemed to reach, while the Browns, Bills, Pats and Ravens all had multiple picks, so they all had successful first rounds. Houston, Rams, KC and the Eagles were shut out of the first round.
    Denver got Chubb, and the Cards got Rosen, Chargers got James, so they did well, too.
    I would have given McGlinchey a B+. Obviously, it was a consensus pick with input from the FO, scouts and coaches.

  54. Months ago, I mentioned there might be something medical we don’t know about Landry, and that was why he wasn’t high on many mocks. I was scoffed at.


    “A note on BC edge player Harold Landry as he remains on the board: Some teams have him flagged medically (knee/back). A difference-maker at an impact position when healthy, though. Had 16.5 sacks in 2016.”

      1. Because that’s all I knew about. But the question was about why such a talent was getting projected so low. It did end up being something that was unbeknownst to the public.

    1. 80,
      It’s disappointing if Landry does have medical issues that caused his drop. The ankle issue can be corrected but if there is a back issue that could become a big problem at the next level. I certainly hope he can overcome this and play up to his potential. I would like to see Lynch make a move to get him today.

      Also, while we sometimes banter back and forth about players and gather information on them leading up to the draft, it’s nothing compared to the Intel teams gather on potential players.
      But like someone said, it’s fun nonetheless.

    2. Good catch. Explains why he’s still on the board. After Chubb, every top pass rusher has medical question marks. Crazy!

  55. Which pick was worse, Penny or Kolton Miller?


    “The problem is that Miller displayed a false step out of his stance as a pass-protector that was never corrected during his college career”

    “but he landed in one of the worst spots for his development. Cable has had a disastrous track record over the last few years developing OL in Seattle, and Miller needs his footwork revamped in a short period of time.”

    ” Oakland will still need to provide significant amounts of schematic help to Miller’s side in obvious passing situations, and making matters worse is that the AFC West is easily the most loaded division in football for elite pass-rushers (Miller, Houston, Bosa, Ingram and Chubb).”

      1. You are the only one I have seen that liked Miller being taken by the Raiders in the first round. Most of the grades I have seen rate the pick around a C, along with a couple of B range grades being drowned out by the D range grades. And the Raiders fan base is even less kind towards the picks.
        Meanwhile, the 49ers pick of McGlinchey seems to garnering many B range grades with the consensus being that the pick isn’t sexy, but it does address the need to keep Garoppolo off his back and strengthens the OL.

        1. The Raiders could have used Vea or Payne, but they weren’t available at 15. Miller is a true left tackle. I don’t think McGlinchey is.

          1. You classified Payne a reach with the 13th pick, so how exactly would he have not been a reach just two picks later? I agree on Vea though.
            McGlinchey is the better of the two currently because he is more sound in the run game, while Miller needs to work on pass protection and run blocking.

    1. #80
      “Which pick was worse, Penny or Kolton Miller?”
      * Neither are “WORSE” picks, but both are a reach. (IMO both are early 2nd round picks). Miller, as you point out has false step problems. He’s also not a natural bender, plays with high pad level, has average body control and contact balance as run blocker. Penny is a good RB, but is a high-cut, upright runner, can’t / won’t break many quality tackle attempts and is not a true power runner.

    2. As a UCLA grad who watches a lot of UCLA football, Miller was the worst pick. He is a 3rd round talent that got rated higher because of his athletic ability. Unfortunately, his athletic ability has never translated to him being good at his job.

            1. James never should have been available at that point in the draft. Great pick for the Chargers. Bradley has a more talented Kam Chancellor to work with now.

          1. Grant:
            “Carr will have plenty of time.” To heal, after playing the Rams in week one and Denver week two! Carr should be back after their week 7 bye! There, fixed it for ya. lol

    1. That works for me. I really hope Landry does fall to the 49ers. Like Carl Lawson last year, I think teams are over thinking things a bit wrt Landry.

    2. Rd 2- Meeks might be available at 59.
      Landry is listed as the next best available player in round 2, on many draft pundit boards since he dropped out of the first round.

    3. #80:
      * If Landry falls to the 9ers at pick # 59, he would be the steal of this years draft.
      * Someone, possibly you, mentioned a medical report that Laundry a back problem? Do you, or whoever posted it, have a link to that report?

  56. Trent Brown traded for NE’s 95th pick and we give up 143rd pick we got from the Jets. Decent value for Brown considering everyone knew we wanted to trade him and he is fat and he is injured.

  57. Grant should be happy since the Niners are completely revamping their OL just like he called for all season.

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