49ers draft S Marcell Harris in Round 6

Florida NCAA college player Marcell Harris speaks during the Southeastern Conference’s annual media gathering, Tuesday, July 11, 2017, in Hoover, Ala. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

Even Trent Baalke wouldn’t have done this.

With the 184th pick, the 49ers drafted Florida safety Marcell Harris, who tore his Achilles last July. Football players who suffer Achilles’ tears have less than a 25 percent chance to make a full recovery, according to a recent study. And defensive backs who suffer Achilles tears probably have an even lower chance. No position plants and drives more than defensive backs.

Now, the Niners have two DBs coming off Achilles tears — Harris and Richard Sherman.

This pick makes no sense. The Niners simply should have re-signed Eric Reid if they wanted another safety. That’s what Baalke would have done.


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  1. No, Baalke drafts injured players before the 4th round. This is precisely where you want to take risks like this that have the kind of upside to warrant it….

    1. True, but don’t you think this guy would have been available as an UFA?? I would have liked to see them take Meeks at this position.

    2. I would give the Forty niners overall draft based on who they could have had moving back or easily up an overall grade of “F-“. What we don’t know is the circumstances around those choices?? But to reach for Mcglinchy trade away the top 8 best starting blocking g tackle last year. When the could have traded down and easily gotten Edmunds, Miller, FitzPatrick or any other player that truly was better and also fills a need is a clear F. They could have used those extra picks and easily traded higher into round 2 and picked up Landry. The number one position of need and the best pure pass rusher in the league. Shanahan and Lynch are just alike Balke. Remember Balke’s first year drafting was considered a very good one. After that he made moves to try and make the team worse which he clearly did… no one heard of a single player they drafted before this draft other than McGlinchey. I wonder why they picked them gen????

      1. You never know. Last year people weren’t thrilled with our draft and we have 6/10 making plays as rookies which was great. This year, they must have not liked them as much as us non-scout fans do. Based off of last years draft, even though I too was disappointed this year, I cut them slack. When Baalke had his drafts, he drafted a lot of people we heard of cause the media boosted them and we were happy….that is, until they didn’t pan out. Now idk much about any of these players. I agree that these injury picks are rediculous, but last year they did well. Let’s see what this year brings. You never know. Every year you get draft grades right away and they never ever match the draft grade 3 years later when you really know what you have

  2. Usually when you draft an injured player, the idea is to capitalize on upside. What’s the upside with Harris? A backup box safety and special teams player? Really confused by this pick.

    1. From Draft Analyst:

      One-year starter who missed the 2017 season after tearing his Achilles in fall camp. Led Florida with 73 tackles (four for loss) and added two interceptions, one sack, one forced fumble and one pass breakup as a junior. Combined to make 29 tackles in his first two seasons with the Gators.
      Nice-sized safety trying to rebound from injury. Forceful run defender who explodes up the field and sells out to make plays. Consistently wraps up tackling. Aggressive, displays a burst of speed both in a straight line and laterally and quickly locates the ball. Takes proper angles, quickly gets to the play and takes on bigger ball carriers.”

  3. Boooo Grant!!!!!!!! We needed a backup for Tartt. They’re infusing the secondary with youth. BTW, the Raiders panicked and botched most of their picks.

        1. Drafting players in 6th and 7th round are low risk, high reward. Google how many players drafted in the 6th and 7th round are still on any teams rosters. Most of these dudes are basically practice squad, Special teams, training camp players.

      1. BS — Cohn!!!

        If we would have picked Key you and your father would have went on a rampage against ghe 49ers with your keyboards. And we’d prolly have to even endure that feminist midget and Tim—I ket jed rob me of 2300 bucks—-kookakami.

        Damon Bruce has been right all along….You have zero credibility.

        1. Damon Bruce ridiculed me on air when I accurately wrote that A.J. Jenkins was a bust during the 2012 minicamp. Now, Bruce tries to act like he knew Jenkins was a bust from the beginning. What a clown.

          1. you claim everyone is a bust/ bad pick!!!!!!!!
            even a broken clock is right twice a day!!!!!
            what about your man crush on coby Fleener !!!!!
            remember tavon Austin???? you anointed him a perennial All-Pro and went on record saying he would terrorize our long, stiff cb’s for years to come !!!!
            and you all but assured everyone who would listen that a cb would be our first round pick for 4-5 years straight ……..only to be wrong every time!!!

      1. This is true. so if we get anything from them, it’s a blessing. If we don’t, then oh well. Its a reason why they are aren’t day 1 or day 2 picks.

  4. Message to Grant:

    1. I think it’s pretty clear by now that the 49ers do not want Eric Reid back.

    2. The fact they are taking risks on Street and Harris may be a glimpse into what they really think about this draft’s Day 3.

    3. Or it may be a glimpse into what they think about the guys they already have on their roster and practice squad. Either way, they are rolling the dice big on these two.

    1. They haven’t drafted a single guard or outside corner, btw. Do I fault them? No. I’m just a guy who reads the evaluations written by people not good enough to be employed by an NFL team.

      1. Other than McGlinchey. What other player is rated above a D- pick??? They got Balke itis in this draft. Maybe worst 49 er draft in history. Maybe worst total overall draft in history… This was a critical draft to catch the talent of the Rams and to finally out talent the Seagulls. Did not happen. They got a rookie right tackle that will not grade out as the top 8th best blocking tackle in all of 2017 like Brown. Maybe they did not want to PAY Brown? But I will guarantee they get NOTHING from a single draft pick this year. Did not address a single need…

  5. Jed Must Go!

    When you combine the fact that only Jed would have hired John Lynch as a GM, given his complete lack of experience in an NFL front office, with all of the reaches and overpaying of players, this is the beginning of another failed era in 49er football. Lynch does not understand the fundamental concept of getting value for your capital. And not only did Jed hire him, but he gave him 6 years.

    John Lynch is to GM as Mike Singletary was to HC.

    1. That’s silly. There’s no way in hell you could know anything about this draft class yet. He hasn’t drafted the players you wanted. Welcome to the club….

      1. Yeah. I haven’t got any of my mocked picks. But I can see the logic behind every selection. McG, Pettis, and Warner will be great pieces. And people tend to forget our best draft pick. Garoppolo with our original 2nd rounder.

    2. Alan… What animal (non-humanoid) do you identify with, and why? Leopard, elephant, moose, ferret, seagull, other?

      1. It would have to be one that produces milk. Lots of it. Maximum milk. I’m all about cheese and ice cream.

        What primitive tribal culture do you identify with?

        1. Primitive…by what standard? Northern European? Australasian? Sub-Saharan? Please share your take on primitive.

          Do like ice cream…

    3. Alan M. you sir are an idiot. Lynch found 5 starters (Thomas, Foster, Kittle, Witherspoon, Colbert) and a couple others that contributed (CJ, Taylor, Breida, Bourne) as rookies last year. Most of them were players that fans like you had never heard of and ripped the pick. He also hit on several FA’s last year like Goodwin, Garcon, Juice, K’Wuan Williams.

      No way in hell anyone can judge this draft yet and Grant is just as stupid when it comes to his grades. He has no credibility and is wrong on just about everything he ever says.

      Lynch and Shannahan on the other hand actually have some credibility and so far a good track record in identifying talent that fits their schemes.

      How about just shutting up and letting the people that know what they are doing work?

    4. That’s an dumb statement. If Foster is found not guilty and Solomon Thomas continues to develop (like he should), last years class will be considered stellar.

      HOWEVER, I am not a fan of this years class (on paper). Seemed very disjointed and failed to address some primary needs (pass rusher and OG). On paper, WITHOUT Garoppolo pick, this is a C for me. The first two picks were all Shanahan. I doubt Lynch wanted either. Better players at positions of need were available. They were good picks, but not BPA. Hell, the first pick, we had to create the need to justify drafting him. That’s a luxury move good teams can make, not teams drafting in top 10.

    5. Yeah you are right. The 49ers sure did suck last year with Lynch at the helm. Not one single draft pick panned out. And that trade for Garoppolo? The Patriots totally pulled the wool over Lynch’s eyes. Lynch is a total idiot who obviously faked his way through Stanford. And this year a talking parrot would have done better with the 49ers draft. I don’t even want to give the draft class a chance because I already know what will happen.

  6. “Even Trent Baalke wouldn’t have done this” …Exactly why its a great move, Great special teams acq. –

      1. I love Jimmy G. Hate the idea of reaching in the draft and overspending on free agents. Not a formula for success. I want my team to be more talented than the opposition, not less talented. And certainly not more injured.

        1. Well, I think that if JL was running the draft like Baalke, we would have gotten an ACL player in the second round.
          While I concede that JL should have been patient and waited for DP to fall into their laps because there were 5 higher ranked WRs and they only had to wait 15 spots, I would not consider them reaches. They all do have talent, and seem to be intelligent, high character guys. Obviously they fit the scheme that they are trying to create.
          No, they did not overspend on FAs. They spent enough to out bid the competition, and they had a boatload of cap space to spend. I am glad they spent so much, because they seem to have filled all the glaring needs. There is no guarantee that an unproven untested raw rookie is going to out compete a savvy, grizzled veteran. Generally, it takes a year for a rookie to build muscle so he can withstand the brutal hits. It also takes a year for the rookie to assimilate the playbook. The leap from a college system to the pros is difficult.
          George stated it succinctly when he surmised about how the later crop of college players may not be talented enough, and since the Niners have filled every need with FAs, the Niners are not reaching due to need. Niners have the luxury to get the BPA, and those injury picks are building towards the future.
          Granted, I too, wanted a pass rusher, and if they had kept the 74th pick, they could have chosen Sam Hubbard, Malik Jefferson or Rasheem Green. But that is water under the bridge.
          I am going to trust in JL. He may not do everything I like, and his praise for Paraag just makes me grind my teeth, but he has changed the culture, stopped the leaks, and is assembling a high character team.

          1. Given all the ACL busts and redshirt wastes of money through the Baalke years, I think it would have been wise to avoid repeating that same pattern that has so many of us fans frustrated. And if you’re going to do it, then you know what, make an argument to the fans about the statistical analysis that went into the decisions to draft injured players, given how often we have seen that decision fail.

            Then on top of that, the DE we got was apparently a projected 4th or 5th rounder before he was injured. So show some patience, Lynch. It’s a virtue more often than haste when you’re a GM.

            I have mixed feelings about the McKinnon money. They overspent, and we would be saying that of the Jets if the 49ers hadn’t outbid them. Yet, I’m optimistic he’ll do well, because he’s a talented player, a great scheme fit, and an important cog in what they want to do here. And they have the cap money now where it’s not a terrible thing to overspend. But if Lynch doesn’t set proportionate price caps on free agents going forward, it will be problematic.

            It’s hard to know for sure, but it looks an awful lot like Lynch just gets Shanahan what he wants, value be damned. And that’s not what experienced GMs do, back to my original point as to why Jed Must Go!

            1. Alan, I agree again. Back when Walsh started, he wanted to draft Dwight Clark early but his team made him wait until the 10th round. Is Lynch making Shanahan wait or just doing whatever he wants? I understand that the Niners have a certain system and Shanahan is looking for certain traits, but if they continuously give up value (every pick so far has been a reach to some extent) they will never catch up with the rest of the league. Lynch is looking like a true rookie with no background.

            2. Not sure why you are saying he seems to only get what Shanny wants, bc if that was the case, it sounds like we would had maybe passed on Jimmy G and waited to sign Cousins to an even bigger contract in the offseason.

              For every one that is talking about all our picks being reaches, you all are just saying that based on basically a couple of guys projections like Kiper. So I guess we should just fire all our scouts and GM, hire me and just have me use Kipers projections to draft best player available right??

              Why don’t you want to see what actually happens with these draft picks before we start judging how terrible they are. None of us have the information to make these judgements.

            3. Sure, I would like to see Jed go, but he is the owner, and I do not see him firing himself.
              Mckinnon was needed because they let Hyde go, and he is a way better fit for the KS offense.
              I, too do not like the ACL pick, but obviously, they do not think it was too serious. He hurt it during a work out, so he did not have bodies falling on it during a game. This was a pure analytics/ Paraag pick.
              I am extremely happy that JL is consulting his coaches. Baalke never did that. I also think the scouts have had lots of input. I just wish he listened less to Paraag. Let Paraag deal with the contracts.

          2. Seb, very well rounded and perceptive. And I am not joking. Thanks. I agree with several of your points. I don’t think they reached, and I don’t think they overspent on free agents. And, of course, your paragraph referencing George’s comment was pure genius! (It was good. George’s comment was just ok. The guy means well.)

  7. Grant… Be honest. What do you think is going through Shanahan’s head at this moment–you know, the “glorified OC?”

      1. Other than McGlinchey. What other player is rated above a D- pick??? They got Balke itis in this draft. Maybe worst 49 er draft in history. Maybe worst total overall draft in history…

    1. On occasion, some NFL teams which ‘go for broke’–pull out all the stops to win ‘now’–become brittle. Acquiring many high price free agents (some high maintenance) , aggressive trades, etc. Sure, some improve substantially, and others become festering tire fires and fall quite a ways short. I’m not convinced the Rams go 15 and 1 in 2018.

    2. Other than McGlinchey. What other player is rated above a D- pick??? They got Balke itis in this draft. Maybe worst 49 er draft in history. Maybe worst total overall draft in history…

        1. This one is worse. Not for who they got but who they could have gotten and how they didn’t leverage a single kick the right direction in the board… Shanahan and Lynch just like Balke. One good first draft then nothing there after…

          1. Would you rather have McGlinchey and Warner or Edmunds and a 3rd round T in a weak class? Keep in mind that not all tackles fit this scheme. Slim pickings at T. Warner is evidence that the LB class was deep.

    1. I felt great about last years, struggling with this one. Seemed disjointed. No obvious strategy. Mostly, I don’t think we got better. We will still struggle with interior pressure, AND putting pressure on other teams QB’s. Two pretty important components of winning.

      1. There is a very strong theme with this draft. Its a draft for 2-3 years time built around guys that are dedicated hard workers.

      2. I beg to differ.
        The interior line improved greatly. They got Weston Richberg, Garnett is coming back, stronger and more svelte. They allowed Fusco to leave, and traded away Kilgore. They also acquired Cooper, who played well for the stout Dallas O line. They have Gilliam and Williams.
        For pass pressure, they made an assessment that their present players are good enough. Armstead will be returning from injury. They have Ronald Blair and Cassius Marsh. They signed Attaochu and Toomer.
        My feeling is that they will sign some UDFAs, but the best strategy may be to be patient, then poach players from playoff teams that have too much depth. maybe scoop them up for free just after the 53 cuts.

        1. Again, Cooper is average, Garnett, an unknown. I think you need more logs in the fire. Time will tell which of us is right.

          1. I am confident. Kilgore was on roller skates and was pushed back in the pocket too easily. Fusco was a turnstile almost as bad as Devey.

    2. It is surprising, but like Mueller, we do know what they know. I suppose they know a lot, and we know little.
      I see a lot of talent, and high character guys.
      At least they did not grab a red flag player.

    3. Other than McGlinchey. What other player is rated above a D- pick??? They got Balke itis in this draft. Maybe worst 49 er draft in history. Maybe worst total overall draft in history…

  8. 49er philosophy

    If you play lots of snaps and produce lots of yards you get paid big and get drafted high……we value players that produce in games

  9. It’s not so much who picked, but who we didn’t pick that concerns me. These players could be excellent, but we failed to address our pass rush and interior protection. Walked out of the draft without an edge rusher, or guard. That’s inexcusable.

    1. Daniners123: Food for thought:
      * OG Andrew Norwell, signed by the Panthers in 2014 as an UNDRAFTED FREE AGENT!
      * 03/15/18 -O G Andrew Norwell: Signed a five-year, $66.5 million contract, including $30 million fully guaranteed, with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    2. It’s not so much who picked, but who we didn’t pick that concerns me.”
      Is this just a way of saying we didn’t pick the players YOU wanted? These are the worst comments, everyone who uses some form of this is assuming they know better than people paid to do this job and have spent infinite more hours than you studying these players

      Walked out of the draft without an edge rusher, or guard. That’s inexcusable.”

      Maybe that tells you what the FO thought of the guards and edge rushers in this class and their for in the system.

  10. There are no-name players in the 6-7 rds. I just have to trust Lynch and Shanahan and hope that we find another Adrian Colbert and (UDFA) Matt Breida at days end.

    Patience is our biggest asset. After bringing in the new regime the general consensus was it would take about 3-4 years for the team to become serious playoff contenders. Lynch is acquiring the pieces to get us there.
    Playoffs this year? My heart says yes, but my brain says one more year. Trusting the process.

    1. I actually quite like this player. Very good for the big end role, can slide into DT on passing downs. As you can see, super strong and has good hand usage as well. Pity he won’t play this year though!

  11. Don’t really get this pick. Very little tape showing what he can do, limited athlete, coming off a serious injury. Have to think they could have found a better player here.

    The Street pick I get from an eye for the future point of view. Good player for that big end role that was unfortunate to get hurt in the pre draft process. He will replave Armstead and Blair next year. But doesn’t help this year. The Reed pick was a very good one though. I could see him beating out Williams for the starting slot CB role, and if not at least will be a good backup this year and help out as a kick returner and backup punt returner.

    Can’t believe they haven’t added a pass rusher for this year. Big miss there. I understand it was a bad pass rush class, but seriously, the guys the 49ers have are not good enough. Now have to hope a team lets someone go that can help.

        1. They’re obviously going to see what they have in house, and at the end of the year; subtract and add. Can’t fill every hole. Patience, the methodical approach has been proven to be successful. I’m just going to trust the process, and hope Pita and the boys surprise us….

          1. Other than McGlinchey. What other player is rated above a D- pick??? They got Balke itis in this draft. Maybe worst 49 er draft in history. Maybe worst total overall draft in history…

            1. Typical overreaction by another expert. Thank you for your input. Excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall….

  12. Jullian Taylor…

    Well-muscled, athletic build with good lean muscle mass. Ran 4.83 forty with 31 lifts on the bench press. Very active as tackler with 41 stops in just 46 percent of defensive snaps. Good initial quickness to take fight to blocker. Disruptive when he has access to a gap. Explodes into opponent with uncoiled hips for optimal leverage strikes. Balanced base through contact with consistent body control. Play strength is adequate. Plays with heavy hands to pry open the blocker’s edge for pursuit

    Lacks typical lower body mass for the position. Could struggle to hold up against size and power across from him. Durability has been a major concern missing almost entire 2015 and 2016 seasons. Played in just 15 career games during his four seasons at Temple. Plays with some tightness in his hips that limits change of direction in his chase. Has been relative non-factor as pass-rusher

  13. http://draftanalyst.com/pro-day-temple

    “Jullian Taylor, a player not graded by scouts coming into the year, displayed next-level athleticism during the pro day. Taylor measured 6-foot-4-inches and 295 pounds. He timed as fast as 4.83 in the 40, completed 31 reps on the bench press and touched 33 inches in the vertical jump. He then put that athleticism on display during position drills.”

    “Taylor, who we presently grade as a sixth-round prospect, was never mentioned by scouts entering the season. But a terrific senior campaign, including a 10-tackle, 4.5-tackle-for-loss performance against Central Florida, helped put him on the map.”

  14. Oh well….not a huge fan of how we ran the draft…..trading up etc….

    But I get the picks….its all about how they fit in the scheme

        1. Last I heard he was supposedly sneaking into the bottom of the 2nd round. Makes you wonder if there was a medical red flag on him. He didn’t run slow, and he’s got good tape.

  15. Take a flyer on Auden Tate. Has the kind of Red Zone game that can help. One thing is certain. They really like Kendrick Bourne.

    1. I like those. I would add Holland, Holton Hill (despite his character concerns, would be little risk as UDFA), Toliver, McFadden, Kelly, Facyson, Scales, Garret Dooley, Skyler Phillips, Sean Welsh, Auden Tate, and Jake Wieneke.

    1. To be fair, they had to sign Louis Murphy off the street last year because of injuries at the position. Seems like they want to make sure they don’t have to do that again in 2018.

    2. Aldrick Robinson on notice.

      I can see the 49ers using multi WR sets a lot this year. I expect a very open offense.

      For those wondering where the big WR is, this is exactly what Shanahan likes. Guys that separate. The big WRs in this draft aren’t good separators so never really thought they would go that route.

  16. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2769281-richie-james-nfl-draft-2018-scouting-report-for-san-francisco-49ers-pick

    “—Big-time production when healthy, including 1,334 and 1,625 receiving yards in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

    —Electric with the ball in his hands after the catch.

    —Runs hard post-catch and will fight for extra yards.

    —Legit game speed that shows up on seam and in-breaking routes.

    —Versatile weapon who lined up as WR, RB and Wildcat QB.

    Wildcat QB? Hmm.

    1. This is not meant to suggest he will reach these heights, but he reminds me of Antonio Brown/ Emmanuel Sanders in college. Same type of raw guy that creates a lot of separation through athleticism right now, but very competitive at the catch point and good with ball in hand. If he learns to run routes well he has a chance to be very good.

        1. Good news is he is in a great offense to get the best out of him.

          A more subdued comparison I have seen for him is Andrew Hawkins, which would still be great value. Though I think he can be a very capable X as well in this offense.

            1. I think the Hawkins comparison was more based on small quick guy that could surprise. Personally I don’t think its a great comparison as I think he is a different type of player.

      1. Scooter-
        By convention, they’re described as Slot Receivers. Perhaps we should think of them as Seperation Receivers. Think of some of the good and great receivers of the past. Due to size or 40time they might be called Slot Guys today:
        Belitnikoff/Mark Clayton/John Jefferson/Charly Joiner/Steve Largent etc.
        What they did was get open.
        Shanny has a plan. We just don’t know what it is yet. This ain’t Swiss steak, this is barbecue; takes a bit. Kick back in the shade for a while boys. Should be good.
        Like Brady with Amondola and Edelman, Jimmy Grappa can find the favorable matchups and the open guy.

    2. I see Lynch has said he will get reps behind Goodwin at X to start. Good choice. He is more than a slot despite his size.

  17. Whelp, my mock was a big Zero.
    Hope they are content with this year’s crop of rookies.
    All the offense must mean they want to outscore their opponents.

  18. http://draftanalyst.com/richie-james

    “Small, shifty receiver with potential as a return specialist. Quickly releases off the line of scrimmage, immediately gets to top speed and sells routes. Comes back to the quarterback to make himself an available target, fights with his hands to separate from defenders and effectively extends to make receptions away from his frame. Nicely adjusts to errant throws and effectively times his pass receptions. Productive running after the catch. Displays tremendous quickness, makes defenders miss in the open field and keeps plays in bounds. Plays bigger than his listed size and competes to come away with difficult catches.”

  19. Little known fact about James – in 5 games against SEC competition he had 47 catches for 614 yards and 3 TDs. Kid can play.

  20. +1000 George. I think they’ve done great myself. Great draft. One of the greatest ever! I’m giving them a big fat “A+”! Every player they picked will help the team become better! What a great job! Kudos to John and Kyle! What a great team they are together. Thank God we have these guys making these great decisions! Just great, great, great! Super Bowl here we come. It’s gonna be great!! :)

    PS: Nice to see your return Seb. I always looked forward to reading words I’ve never heard of, or obviously ever used in a sentence in my 63 years of life. It’s always an education with you. I look forward to more with great anticipation. Your thesaurus must be yelling “uncle”!

    1. Thanks, Juan, and every poster who has put up with me during this draft. I just could not refrain from posting, it is so much fun.
      No one can doubt my passion for the San Francisco 49ers. I just love this team, and fervently wish for more Lombardis.

    2. Other than McGlinchey. What other player is rated above a D- pick??? They got Balke itis in this draft. Maybe worst 49 er draft in history. Maybe worst total overall draft in history…

  21. I’m not going to pretend just because they didn’t take the players I liked that the draft is a big miss (as others have noted, I am but a mere amateur, who’s knowledge is merely of that of a 35 year fan).

    The main thing you would like to see is a plan on the part of the organization. And as a couple of posters have noted, the plan appears to be to get faster, and create matchup issues at certain positions (4th receiver in four receiver sets against second-string cornerbacks, nickel corners on opposing slot receivers, ability to run with tight ends and running backs out of the backfield, rely on athletic talent in late rounds). The choices do appear to be about developing long-term potential replacements in the next year or two; i.e. put Shanahan and Lynch’s imprint on the team while replacing the previous regime’s players. Obviously, management is secure with the players in the room already as to pass rushing, which means we better see some growth from Cassius Marsh, Pita, and Attachou. Faith that the system in place will draw out their strengths…

    Given that a lot of this draft is going to be a “wait and see” look, the immediate grade is a C, though one can’t tell until 3 years from now.

    Favorite pick: Fred Warner. Immediate help.

    Picks I like: DJ Reed, Kentavious Street. Though for Street, obviously not for this year but for what he can be over the course of the next few years.

    Pick I would like if we hadn’t traded another pick to get him: Dante Pettis. Preferred Anthony Miller, but understand the interest in Pettis. But not sure if a trade up was necessary, especially since both Christian Kirk and Anthony Miller would provide comparable value if you do miss out on Pettis.

    Pick that I am hopeful for: Tarvarious Moore. With his measurables, and the tape showing smooth hips, he should be able to convert to Cornerback and be an intriguing prospect.

    Pick I will reserve judgment on: Mike McGlinchey. He will be a solid 10 year starter at Right Tackle. But I don’t see him being a Pro Bowler, just a steady starter, and at pick 9 you want someone who can be in the Pro Bowl.

    Pick I find redundant: Richie James. Production was great in 2015 and 2016, but do we need another 5’10”, 190 pound receiver after Taylor, Goodwin, and Pettis (who is at least 6’1″)? Understandable selection though given the type of player Shanahan likes, and what he wants out of a receiver (create separation with route running ability, ability to operate in space).

    Indifferent: Marcell Harris and Julian Taylor. Adds depth, but it is unclear as to the quality of the depth they will add.

  22. Wow , love the iron Man pick in the first , Highest rated LT . Only question I have is why no guard , why no leo ?

    Sorry that’s 2!

  23. I know I missed you Seb, and I’m sure most others as well! Hope you decide to stick around. I try to add a little bit of levity from time to time, and certainly don’t pretend to know too much. I do like reading everyone’s thoughts however. There is certainly no lack of sports knowledge on this site, including Grant, who all kidding aside is in my HO a great young writer and most of the time hits the nail on the head. Much respect for him and all you guys! Keep them coming!!

  24. Not too worried about the ACL injuries. Two of my kids had torn ACL’s in HS and though the rehabilitation is painstaking, when they were fully recovered their knees we’re actually stronger and continue to be years later, while still playing sports in college. Torn Achilles on the other hand is a whole different animal and I have to believe the stats Grant threw out pertaining to the percentage of players that return to their prior ability, let alone a position in the defensive backfield. For some it is career ending. Huge gamble, whether your drafting or signing free agents. Why take the chance when there are comparable players available? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  25. Grant is correct on this one, the draft was less than stellar, many reaches for similar players to what they already have. Passing on Isaiah Oliver for a 4th string receiver is puzzling, maybe troubling. Taking ACL and Achilles injured is so Baalke and so wrong on many levels, NONEof those ever work unless youre Frank Gore. Hope we’re wrong on this but this 49er draft looks weak.

  26. Other than McGlinchey. What other player is rated above a D- pick??? They got Balke itis in this draft. Maybe worst 49 er draft in history. Maybe worst total overall draft in history…

  27. D- for all but McGlinchey is a bit harsh Kupp, but I feel you pain. To me, it’s about who can and will contribute to the success of the team this year.

    Can and will: McGlinchey, Pettis, Warner (B+)

    Could possibly: Moore, Reed (C+)

    Probably won’t but maybe: Taylor (C-)

    Most likely won’t: Street, Harris, James (D-)
    (I don’t like F’s!)

    Overall how this draft will impact the team this year: (C)

    Right in the meaty part of the curve! ;-)

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