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    1. East I thought you brought up a good point, who do we build around, its a good question. In trying to answer that I come up with……..hmm.

        1. I think everyone on the starting OL will be gone with the exception of Trent Brown and Joshua Garnett. Staley will either be traded or retire. I’m not sure where all of the needed replacements will come from. Most teams need OL so I don’t know how many good OL they can get in FA.

      1. Yeah I don’t see anything the team can build around. I knew that the team had tear down previous regime but what have they brought in that anyone can point to and say, here’s the future! The 79 team drafted Clark and Montana at least!

      2. Foster could be something to build around if he stays healthy. Witherspoon, maybe, he could get better with more experience.

        Buckner is a solid piece. Thomas is good if you’re not expecting him to be an edge rusher. Glad they put Buck at LEO.

        Joe Williams, with an improved OL, could be special.

        So we have Buck and a lot of ifs.

        1. I think Trent Taylor could be special. They just need to get him the ball. He seemed to have better chemistry with Hoyer, but that’s probably just because of all the reps they had together. I expect the chemistry between Beathard and Taylor to improve with each passing game.

          1. 80, Foster would be good if he could play a full game. Sadly, he has to prove he is less injury prone than Hyde. Witherspoon could be but one game does not a career make. Robinson looked very good last year too. Buckner is solid but he needs help. Thomas was just outplayed by a journeyman and his biggest asset, that he’s available, went out the window. Joe Williams has yet to prove anything and I’m not hanging my hat on wishes. Trent Taylor is not good enough Cubus. He’s slow and so far not reliable.

            This year, I am told is about looking at the pieces, but what I see is a bunch of second tier players and one blue chip player at the maximum. And he is inherited from the previous regime. In fact, all the decent players are just about, and Shanahan seems intent on building the team his way!

            The last guy to do that was Baalke and you see how that turned out!

  1. Pretty Sad when you sign a journeyman DL nobody’s heard of, release him, and resign him in October, (Leger Douzable) and he ends up looking like a far better player than your first round pick (Solomon Thomas, #3 overall pick) that you really never needed in the first place.

    Sad, sad, sad!

    1. If the new regime blows another high pick in 2018, and don’t hit on a franchise QB, they can expect to be living in the wilderness for at least the next 5 years.

        1. Agreed Prime. I might add Cousins to that list.

          Apparently CJB can’t play in the rain. That would have been nice to know before using a 3rd round pick on him. Yet another draft mistake, IMO.

          1. CJB cant play in the rain?

            If you count D line pressure in his face every single play and running for his life as “the rain” then you are onto something. The 49ers need to solve their online issues. No QB could play behind that line.

            1. 49er fans seem to be about the dullest tools in the shed. They seem to think the answer to every problem is another QB. They have believed that getting another QB to replace the one they have will solve all the teams problems.

    2. 49reasons,
      Ha! Maybe they could build around Douzable. This team does have a few pieces to build around but at the moment these players look like 2 tier rather then 1 tier.
      Given the fact that many of these players are rookies, I will maintain my thought going into this season of having Patience.

      While it’s still disappointing to see my team reach new levels of futility I still have a sense that we will began to see a positive shift from the team in 2018. The close losses will turn into close wins and the ugly blowouts will turn into close losses.
      I said from the very beginning of the season that we are 2-3 years from putting a viable and competitive product on the field, and 3-4 years from becoming a playoff team.

      We’ve already solved some important questions:
      Hoyer and Beathard are not the QB answer.
      Hyde is not in our future.
      This O-line needs a dramatic change.
      We need an Edge Rusher.
      Two CB’s.
      And another LB.
      The 2018 draft and FA signings will be the most critical mission for Lynch and Shanahan careers.

  2. Even back in the Nolan days there were players like Willis to look forward to and build around,this team is horrible there is no one to build around and there are no splash plays even once a game it’s just really bad football with a very bleak future…This team is hard to watch…were back in the Erickson days…

  3. I’m going to be interested in the PFF scores for the defense this week. It seemed to me like Thomas had a pretty good game until he went out. I’m looking forward to see if what I think reflects reality.

    1. No word on Thomas but…

      Witherspoon 88.1
      McDaniel 80.9
      Juszczyk 78.3
      Douzable 75.7
      Datone Jones 75.2

      “Witherspoon was active in throughout the game and was continuously tight in coverage. Outside of a 50-50 ball with Jeffrey that ultimately ended up being a touchdown, Witherspoon forced a number of errant throws due to his close coverage. He was able to take advantage of a receiver-quarterback miscommunication and jumped a dig route for an interception on Wentz in the third quarter. On the day, Witherspoon was targeted 8 times and allowed just 3 receptions.”

      1. Thanks, #80. Seems to me most are very hard on our rookies. They are rookies and make mistakes. Next year I’ll join the mob if they don’t improve in their second year. Good for Spoon.

  4. The thing is alot of us knew Barnett and about 25 other players were better than Thomas..we were all at a Niner draft party when they picked him and the bar was instantly filled with noooooooooooooos!Doesn’t seem to matter who the GM is 49ers can’t draft since McChloughan…Watson Fournett Adams…just pick the best players and your probably gonna get a solid pick up high..Yet year after year we pick guys who have potential or late’s insanity..and we do it over and over again

  5. Grant I know it’s early but I would love to see an article regarding your challenge of York..Love to hear what you would do if you owned this team..I’m not ready to give up on KS and JL cause it seems this place is a turnstile…
    I’d love to get a QB with a high pick no matter who it is then use the draft and f.a to shore up our offensive line..were also gonna need corners a safety another linebacker and a wide receiver…this team has to be at least 4 years out from even being watchable wouldn’t you think?

    1. For the second straight year, the 49ers have been devastated by multiple injuries to their starters. I’ve noticed that for some reasons, this seems to be something that runs in cycles. During Harbaugh’s first two years, there were hardly any major injuries. The one exception? Ted Ginn, the kick returner. It probably cost the 49er a trip to the Super Bowl in 2011. Any 49er fan knows what happened and I won’t repeat it. In 2013, the injuries started to mount but there was enough depth to struggle through the season and make it to the NFC championship. By 2014, the injuries started coming and it’s been unbelievable the last two years.

  6. I love how people disagree that Lynch isn’t doing well.
    His draft was a C at best-no better than Baalkee IMO.
    The Trubisky trade fell into his lap as did Foster.
    Thomas was a horrible pick. Hard to believe you pass on Watson, Lattimore, Adams or even Fournette. Rest of the draft is mostly just meh. Bethard was also a stupid pick.
    Lynch is a great salesman but I expect sadly he may end up like Matt Millen.
    Shanahan is a joke of a leader and is out coached weekly.
    Might be a real long 6 years…

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