49ers early 53-man roster projection

As we wait for OTAs to start, here are the players I think will make the 49ers 53-man roster.

Wide receiver

  1. Pierre Garcon
  2. Marquise Goodwin
  3. Jeremy Kerley
  4. Aldrick Robinson
  5. Trent Taylor
  6. DeAndre Carter

Analysis: Garcon and Kerley will be the possession receivers. Goodwin and Robinson will be the deep threats. And Taylor and Carter will be the backups. I think the Niners will keep Carter as the sixth receiver instead of DeAndre Smelter because Carter is more versatile. He’s fast enough to play outside, quick enough to play in the slot, plus he can return punts and kickoffs. He participated in the rookie minicamp last week and seemed like the second-best receiver on the field after Taylor.

Offensive line

  1. Joe Staley
  2. Joshua Garnett
  3. Jeremy Zuttah
  4. Zane Beadles
  5. Trent Brown
  6. Garry Gilliam
  7. Daniel Kilgore
  8. Tim Barnes
  9. Brandon Fusco

Analysis: Gilliam could take the starting right-tackle job, because he moves better than the incumbent starter, Trent Brown, plus Gilliam will earn almost four times more than Brown next season.

Tight end

  1. Logan Paulsen
  2. George Kittle
  3. Cole Hikutini

Analysis: Kyle Shanahan runs a timing-based offense which requires receivers to run good routes and have good hands. Vance McDonald and Blake Bell lack these qualities. I think the Niners will cut both of them.


  1. Brian Hoyer
  2. Matt Barkley
  3. C.J. Beathard

Analysis: Beathard probably will be inactive all season unless Hoyer or Barkley gets injured.


  1. Kyle Juszczyk

Analysis: Juszczyk also can play the move tight end position until the coaches feel the rookies — Kittle and Hikutini — are ready to contribute.

Running back

  1. Carlos Hyde
  2. Joe Williams
  3. Tim Hightower

Analysis: I think Williams will take Hyde’s starting job no later than Week 3.

Defensive tackle

  1. DeForest Buckner
  2. Earl Mitchell
  3. Quinton Dial
  4. D.J. Jones

Analysis: Buckner recorded four sacks in eight games in 2016 after the 49ers switched to a one-gap defense mid season. Look for Buckner to finish next season with at least eight sacks.

Defensive end:

  1. Solomon Thomas
  2. Arik Armstead
  3. Ronald Blair
  4. Tank Carradine
  5. Pita Taumoepenu

Analysis: Thomas and Armstead will start at the base end positions and compete to rush from the interior next to Buckner on passing downs. Carradine will flourish playing in a 4-3 defense for the first time since college. He looks small compared to Aaron Lynch, who will get cut because he’s overweight and the Niners already have four big DEs. They need a speed rusher, which is why sixth-round pick Taemoepenu will make the team instead of Lynch.


  1. NaVorro Bowman
  2. Reuben Foster
  3. Malcolm Smith
  4. Ray Ray Armstrong
  5. Ahmad Brooks
  6. Dekoda Watson

Analysis: If they’re healthy, Bowman and Foster will start at inside linebacker in the base defense, although Armstrong may have to replace one of them as a coverage linebacker in sub-packages. Bowman was a liability in coverage before he tore his Achilles. He will be an even bigger liability next season.


  1. Rashard Robinson
  2. Dontae Johnson
  3. K’Waun Williams
  4. Ahkello Witherspoon
  5. Will Redmond
  6. Adrian Colbert

Analysis: Witherspoon, a third-round pick this year, won’t play until he improves his tackling. He will back up Robinson and Johnson on the outside. Williams will be the starting slot corner.

Free safety:

  1. Jimmie Ward
  2. Lorenzo Jerome

Analysis: The Niners signed veteran Don Jones this offseason to be a core special-teams player, but they need a quality free safety to back up Ward in case he gets injured again. Jerome, an undrafted free agent, is a better free safety than Jones.

Strong Safety:

  1. Eric Reid
  2. Jaquiski Tartt

Analysis: Reid will start until he gets injured or until Tartt learns how to diagnose run plays versus pass plays — whichever happens first.


  1. Robbie Gould


  1. Bradley Pinion

Long snapper:

  1. Kyle Nelson

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  1. Looks about right Grant. Not sure about A. Lynch though.

    I think the 49ers quickly realized DeAndre Carter is better than KD Cannon by a considerable margin, and like you said, more versatile. Have you anymore info on the abrupt Cannon firing?

    Personally, I think it’s wise to keep 4 halfbacks and 1 fullback, so I’m deleting LB D. Watson unless Foster truly isn’t healthy, and inserting whoever wins the D. Harris/ M. Breida battle

    1. Also, I like to see Tank work on timing the snap. If he can improve in that area by just a smidgen, he should finally pay dividends for us.

    2. Either the Niners wanted to make an example of Cannon, or something happened when the media wasn’t around.

      1. I heard he was lackadaisical, cocky, and didn’t show the kind of urgency or hustle Lynch, Shanny would expect from a UDFA.

        From what I understand, most of his gauranteed money ($45,000) will be offset if he lands with another team, is that how you understand it?

        1. That’s how I understand it, yes.

          He dropped a couple of passes during warmups, but he also out-muscled Price Charles Iworah for a 50-50 ball on a comeback route during one-on-ones, and he beat Zach Franklin deep but C.J. Beathard overthrew the pass.

          1. Ok so he was there and did perform. In that case I am going to go along with something happened on the way to the forum. Showing up late especially more than once can do it.

    3. It’ll be kinda hard for Harris to win when he’s no longer on the team;>)

      1. Yeah, this is the what? Seventh time we cut him? We always wind up resigning him. I’ve seen him do a couple of amazing things when he has been on the field. He just never got much of a chance. I’m guessing that there is a legitimate reason.

        1. He’s like an ex-girlfriend that’s always there for you when you ultimately break up with the new girl;>)

        2. Ah, every time he was given a chance, he would cough up another fumble. When he did well, he was exciting. But, all those highlight memories would quickly erased with one fumble after another.

      2. Dang you Razor, you got me :) I just heard the news on Harris.

        Welcome aboard M. Breida!!!!!

        The Bibbs deal was basically offset, so I suspect he’s a veteran camp body.

      3. I really liked Harris and think he has quick hips, but if he cannot hang onto the ball, he is a liability.

        Wish him well.

  2. they just traded for bibbs ….u dont give 4th rd pick nxt yr to cut the player

    1. They also received a 5th rd pick this year for Bibbs, which is about the same as a 4th next year.

      1. No, it isn’t in this case. We received a 5th rd compensatory for a 4th next year projected to be near the top of the round. Including 4th round compensatory picks, Lynch gave up about 68 picks worth of compensation or about 2 rounds worth of picks. Rookie Lynch got played by his more experienced mentor.

        1. Time value of picks. Also, there’s not a whole heck of a lot of worth difference between a 4th rounder and a 5th rounder. Even that far apart. You’re talking about guys who’ll likely be roster filler and if you’re really, really, really lucky half-way decent starters you’ll upgrade a few years later in a higher round.

            1. If Trent Taylor makes the team, it will be well worth it, because the Niners would have gotten 2 players for one pick.

              Also, Adam Peters really liked Bibbs, so he alone could have made the deal a fair one for both sides.

              Finally, it will be a pick in limbo until Denver picks that 4th rounder, and we see how he does. If that player does not make the squad, Elway may have egg on his face.

      2. Grant, why is it every year I keep having to tell you “Vance is not going anywhere”? Even now, after they tried to shop him around and couldn’t find enough return equity, they realize he is nonetheless starter material. Shanahan will find a use of Vance McDonald’s speed, strength, blocking skills, and his dedication to the game. Let’s see if he can stay healthy, for that is the only thing weighing him down.

  3. Not much to argue with.There are always surprises and injuries but your assessment seems reasonable. I think Williams can be special but I don’t necessarily see him beating out Hyde so quickly. I think that using both of them as a thunder and lightning team could be awesome.It also helps to prolong their careers.

  4. You think they cut McDonald and take a 7.7 mill cap hit? I know they were trying to trade him but cutting him would be a pretty drastic measure especially with no experience behind Paulson.

    I’ve already addressed my thoughts on Lynch previously, and I think he’ll make it. Pita looks like a PS candidate to me given how little he’s played. He will need to have a great preseason to make the final roster imo.

    I’m not sure who will win the 3rd RB spot between Bibbs and Hightower, but I hope it’s Bibbs. Hightower doesn’t offer much at this point in his career other than experience.

    Can’t quibble with much else as you give pretty sound reasons for most of your selections. The 6th WR spot will be interesting to watch, if they keep 6 that is.

    1. I will be surprised if they don’t cut McDonald. I think he’s history.

      1. I would be surprised. Eating that much money along with the fact McDonald is actually a pretty good blocker and improved as a receiver.

        1. Yea, I think they wait until just prior to April 1, 2018 to release him unless they find a way to trade him….

        2. If they feel he isn’t one of the three best TEs on the roster, they have to eat the money whether they keep him or not.

          1. Well yes if they feel there are 3 better options at TE ahead of him, then sure, but I don’t see 3 better TE’s on the roster.

            1. I do. McDonald doesn’t have the traits Shanahan looks for in a TE. He’s a terrible route runner and he has bad hands.

              1. Kittle will make it obviously, but McDonald is the best TE on the roster right now. I seriously doubt his route running is any worse than a rookie’s and he can block. Paulson is strictly a blocker. No way McDonald is worse than 3 TE’s currently on the roster.

              2. Paulsen is a better blocker than McDonald. Kittle and Hikutini are better receivers than McDonald. McDonald doesn’t fit this scheme.

              3. Grant the site is really screwed up again. If you click on a recent comment it takes you back to an old page and you have to refresh to get back to a recent one. Any chance you can message IT?

              4. Some major assumptions you are making here. Kittle and Hikutini haven’t even been in an NFL TC yet and basing an opinion that they are better receivers off of College games is inaccurate. McDonald was one of the best receiving TE’s in the draft the year he came out. There is no better combination of blocking/receiving TE on the roster than McDonald.

              5. McDonald is good after the catch, but he runs poor routes and has poor hands. Shanahan likes to use a platoon of blocking tight ends and receiving tight ends. He isn’t looking for a combination of both.

              6. I don’t think being able to do both will hurt him. McDonald is a good blocker and his hands improved last season from what I saw. He is not a great player by any means, but he’s the best on this team right now.

              7. He’s not what the new regime is looking for. They want a blocking tight end on base downs — that’s Paulsen. And they want a receiving tight end on passing downs, someone who runs precise routes and has reliable hands. That’s Kittle and Hikutini.

              8. You are seriously overrating the abilities of the other TE’s on this team (especially another UDFA) while underrating McDonald imo. We’ll see how it goes, but unless they trade him, I can’t see McDonald not making this team.

              9. If they wanted McDonald, they wouldn’t have tried to trade him. If a team had offered the 49ers anything for McDonald — literally anything — he would be gone already.

              10. I don’t think they wanted the contract which is why they looked into trading him. I don’t know if they were offered anything or what it was, but it obviously wasn’t enough. Releasing him and eating a bunch of money when he’s the best TE on your roster wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

              11. Haha, always someone that has to come in with the “jiggle the cord” suggestion.

                Clearing the browser doesn’t fix this problem. This is a recurring problem with the website and it isn’t on the user side.

              12. I wouldn’t put that much stock in McDonalds improved hands last season. He might have just had a good year. You need to have more than one season if you have had a history of bad hands. This next season should tell the real story. Vance had a rep in college of having bad hands as a WR. His history of drops on the Niners was so bad that any improvement made him look better than he actually was. Everyone thought he was doing great just because he didn’t drop a lot of catchable passes.

                Rocket- McDonald was not one of the best receiving TE in the draft the year he came out because he didn’t play TE in college. He was a WR with a history of the dropsies who for some reason Baalke thought he could transform into a TE. Ironically they thought his weakness would be blocking because as a WR he never did that in college.

      2. If Baalke had not given him that contact extension, VM would have been traded, or cut by now.

        Thanks, BAALKE.

    2. If Hightower is anything close to how looked last season, Bibbs is out, or PS if he’s still eligible.

      1. Hightower looked like a guy who ws barely hanging onto NFL employment last season. He’s 31 in two weeks and garnered no interest on the FA market. 32 yards a game, 4.1 ypc. You can find an UDFA to do that.

        1. Not to my eyes. Hightower sat out 2+ years due to a knee infection. That’s a lot over overall healing time and lack of wear and tear. Bibbs is onli insurance Incase Hightower gets injured before or during preseason, knock on wood. Tim has finally fully recovered and looks like he’s 27 years old again.

          1. I couldn’t disagree more. He looked old and slow which is why no one made much of an effort to sign him. If he makes it, his role will be small which is why I would give it to a younger player instead.

            1. Watch his week 16 highlights VS Jax last season rocket. Hightower dominated Jax and was doing it all and looked like he did when he was 26.

              1. By the way, Tim has never been fast. He’s a smart, well rounded, 220 lbs RB with soft hands, great pass protection, and enough speed to do whatever you need. He’s reuniting with Kyle, and he’s got 1-2 good seasons left IMO. We’ll see.

              2. They didn’t play Jax last season. There is also a direct correlation between his carries and performance. The more carries he got the worse he was. In the 2 games in which he had over 20 carries he averaged under 4 ypc. They could find practically anybody to fill the role Hightower will this year and he’s only guaranteed 300 grand at this point so it’s not like he’s being counted on as a big part of the offense.

              3. OK, over 100 yards rushing last season VS our nemesis, Seattle.

                The Jax game was game 16, 2015.

              4. rocket, I’m not saying Hightower is the next coming of Jim Brown, I’m saying he’s a pretty good, all around 220 RB, and familiar with Kyle’s system. What is Bibbs, and what has Bibbs proven? A big fat nothing! He cannot hold Hightower’s jock if Tim is healthy.

              5. Hightower looked pretty close to done last year which is why he didn’t find much interest around the league. The Niners have signed him for little more than the league minimum and would not be out much if they cut him. I don’t know who will win the final spot but I would not give it to Hightower. Doesn’t make much sense to keep an old RB on the roster who doesn’t play ST’s and will have a minimal role in the offense. I’d rather see them go with a younger player whether it’s Bibbs or somebody else.

      1. OK, I missed your FB assessment. Sounds right. Kittle seems extremely versatile!!!!

  5. Grant, I think they will carry a backup FB on the 53 man roster in case Juszczyk get injured. If they try to hide one on the PS he could get picked up and they would be totally S.O.L.

  6. Only two minor quibbles, otherwise it looks pretty good to me:

    TE: I think if they cut McDonald, Kittle is the starter by Week 9. He’s the most talented TE on the roster. He’s just raw because Iowa hardly threw to him. But in for a penny, in for a pound.

    RB: I don’t think Williams takes the #2 spot. He’s very skill limited and needs to learn to block and run routes.

  7. You completely forgot to add Harold. He is a good Sam LB and is far better than Watson. I think he may end up winning that job sometime this season.

    1. He had three sacks the second half of last year. Which is as many as Lynch in the last year-and-a-half.

      One of the many reasons I really think Lynch is gone.

  8. Im very comfortable with our offensive line. But how do you feel about Staley going forward? Is age going to catch up to him? Will he retire soon?

  9. RB, Matt Breida already making his move for a roster spot:

    The 49ers drafted Joe Williams and signed Matt Breida to compete for opportunities on the running backs depth chart. They had signed DuJuan Harris to a one-year contract on March 28, but as Kyle Shanahan said during the draft, you’re on the team until the team is able to find improvement at the position. It would appear the 49ers have decided they have better options than DuJuan Harris.

    Breida Highlights:


      1. Can you imagine Breida–4.38/40 running those Texas Patterns or swings out of the backfield –(Right side) with a WR Trifecta–(Left , strong side)…!

  10. The 49ers made three roster moves on Monday.

    by David Fucillo@davidfucillo May 8, 2017, 11:46am PDT

    49ers sign S Chanceller James, OL Richard Levy, WR BJ Johnson III following rookie minicamp

  11. The San Francisco 49ers had a busy weekend of rookie minicamp, and the tryout candidates yielded three players for the 90-man roster.

    To clear room for the three players, the 49ers released wide receiver K.D. Cannon, running back DuJuan Harris, and offensive lineman Bret Treadway. Cannon’s agent confirmed the news over the weekend, while Harris tweeted about his r

        1. Google Shanahan and Keapernick. Lot’s of material. Stay with this blog and several will vent on the matter.

            1. Shanahan appears to be someone who has a specific idea of what he wants this team to look like long term. Now you might fill in some positions with temp stop gap players for a season or two but the QB is not someone you do that with. Meaning he is not going to adjust his long term offensive style for a shot term result. It is better if you have a QB who understands and can run the system the way it is meant to be run. Someone like Hoyer. It’s been quite a while since this team has operated with the long term as a priority.

  12. Just got this message from IT:

    “The browser cache was being a bit too aggressive. Users may need to refresh their browsers (or in some cases, clear their cache) one time for posts they have already viewed today, but after that, it should be good.”

    1. Identical solution to identical problem that recurs every few months. I predict a repeat of this issue by fall. SRPD needs to outsource their IT work or get a new service provider ;-)

  13. Seb,

    Will you be joining Kap on the protest circuit this year ?

    2 suitcases s/b sufficient and we can email any 49er updates.

    Your friend, TomD

    Colin Kaepernick May Prefer Activism to NFL Career, According to 49ers Staffers

    “According to Peter King of The MMQB, some in the San Francisco 49ers organization believe Colin Kaepernick may have priorities that supersede being an NFL quarterback.”

    King wrote, “I spent a long draft weekend with the Niners in California, and there are those in the building who think Kaepernick might actually rather do social justice work full-time than play quarterback.”


    1. Hah ha, and not to be sarcastic, but when you can no longer get a job playing Big League football, why not the limelight of social justice? He’s made a name for himself and he could do some good. Of course, before long the CFL will make him an offer and with his “deer in the headlights” response to pressure he might fare better up there with all that extra running room. The only question then would be whether his fey local admirers pony up the cash to buy a Winnepeg or Edmington CK jersey and sign on for a CFL TV package?

      1. The thing is his limelight in social justice was predicated on his football platform. If he no longer continues to play his social justice impact will diminish relatively quickly. He will be like everyone else. Now he can kneel all he wants and no one will even notice, care or give a sh!tt. The guy is not a speaker so what else except his fame does he have to offer in the social justice venue.

        1. Being a longtime fan of football, I have seen it all

          Now we have some haters trying to claim that Kaep will not play this year.

          I will just be patient, and realize that this is a league of attrition. Some QB will become injured because he had a 300 lb D lineman fall on him. Happens every year.

          When that happens, Kaep, who happens to be the best QB FA, will get a call. Do not know where, and hope all the Niner QBs stay healthy, but some team will be desperate, and will want to win too much, to leave him off the team.

          Then, hopefully, he will shine, but going to a whole new team, will be hard, especially to sync up with his receivers.

  14. I am in agreement that VMac gets traded or cut, sorry, he just doesn’t fit the scheme that well. Then I think that one or two things happen with their suddenly loaded running back corps.
    1) Hyde is traded and the RBs will be Williams, Hightower and Breida — Bibbs to the PS if eligible. This scenario assumes that Breida flashes outstanding during camp. If he does, sending him to the PS will mean that he’s quickly poached.
    2) Hyde is not traded, and will be backed up by Williams and Breida, Hightower is cut. Again, this assumes that Breida outshines Bibbs and Hightower in camp in ShanaLynch’s eyes.If just so-so, they’ll ship him to the PS and it’ll come down to Hightower or Bibbs.

    I think they got unexpectedly rich in the draft and now no longer necessarily need either Hyde or Hightower, so it could actually be a backfield of Williams, Breida and Bibbs, with another rookie back stashed on the PS. What complicates this scenario, however, is the fact that Hyde is in his contract year and as some of you have pointed out, that makes a trade somewhat difficult. Time and TC will tell the tale..

    1. 49er in the Andes,

      In most of Canada the most popular beer types are macro pale lagers like Molson Canadian and Labatt Blue. In Quebec and the Maritimes, lager-like ales such as Molson Export and Alexander Keith’s are also popular.

      Perhaps Kap could QB for Quebec and advertise for Labatt Blue…With Seb as agent, anything is possible.

      As for Breida, his talent is undeniable. Just hope he stays healty through preseason.

        1. I can also see Breida as a standout, making the 49ers special teams as a kick returner and making a name for himself in offensive subpackages.

          That 4.38 speed and running back vision could create great field position on returns !

      1. Molson and Labatt are good beers, I’ve quaffed them with gusto. But whether they’re vegan is another question altogether . . . Kap will look jaunty in a CFL cap.

    2. They would need at least a 3rd rounder to possibly match what they would get as a comp pick next season if he signs with another team.

  15. Too much Hyde bashing. Williams will see action, but he won’t start unless Hyde gets injured. Hyde isn’t a great receiver but neither is Williams. Hyde will excel at outside zone runs.

    Vance will start unless he is traded. He can block and get open and Kittle isn’t ready. Paulsen is one dimensional.

  16. Scooter, you ought to repost your 53 as a comparison to Grants. Liked yours better. Thought it made more sense.

    Also agree with Rocket that Lynch fat stuff is a bit overblown. We have to wait and see how everything plays out though. Would like to know why players are getting cut though. Grant?

    1. Thanks EC9er, though one of my roster projections just got cut! See you round Bret Treadway…

      All in all our roster projection isn’t too dissimilar, which is to be expected as most of these players pick themselves. Regarding the positions that are competitive, Grant agreed with all of my defensive players, with the exception he left off Eli Harold as he kept an extra DB in Colbert. That was a tough call for me, but I went with Harold as I thought they would want an extra DL that could also play the SAM if needed. But it could easily be a 10th DB instead.

      On offense is where we disagree the most. RBs and QBs the same. At OL Grant has kept all of the ‘big’ names. I think they are unlikely to keep 4 vets as reserves. Maybe 3. I had 2, plus 2 rookies. At TE, I think McDonald makes the roster. Yes, they wanted to get rid of him. But there were no takers. Yet he remains on the roster. That would seem unusual if they wanted rid of him – after no takers during the draft they could have just moved on then by releasing him. Perhaps they are hoping a team gets needy after an injury during TC, but more likely they are going to let him compete for a role. And he remains their most athletic vet TE, so I give him a good chance of winning a spot. At WR, taking 5 WRs 5’10” or below seems unlikely to me. Too many guys that offer the same thing. Carter will compete with Taylor for the backup slot role. Smelter and Burbridge are the main contenders for the 6th WR spot imo.

      1. I have 12 rookies making the final roster. That’s a lot of rookies. I think they’ll go with veterans on the OL.

        Hikutini chose the 49ers over a bunch of teams, including the Patriots. I think the 49ers will want to keep him.

        Carter looked explosive at minicamp.

        1. Yeah, I had 12 rookies too. But two were OL. I just think they will want to groom at least one young guy they don’t want to risk losing on the PS. And 6 vet interior OL really is more than you should need.

          I’m sure Carter did look explosive, small guys often do in shorts, but he will still be competing for the backup slot role.

          1. He can play outside as well. The coaching staff isn’t going to give a roster spot to an inferior receiver just because he’s taller.

            1. Hmmm, Carter at 5’8″ isn’t much of an outside WR threat.

              He’s a short, quick WR in the same mold as Trent Taylor. Except he is more explosive and quicker than Taylor. I’d say Carter has a decent chance of beating Taylor out, though I’m currently giving the nod to Taylor. How many slot WRs do you need on the roster?

              1. Carter is an inch taller than Taylor Gabriel who played outside for Shanahan. Carter has long speed.

              2. Perhaps they’ll decide to shop Kerley and be able to trade him to a team like NE?

              3. George
                Quick! Run check in the mirror! Haha
                Did you perhaps typo your e-mail address?

              4. “Carter is an inch taller than Taylor Gabriel who played outside for Shanahan. Carter has long speed.”

                In that case he will be competing with Robinson and Taylor for a roster spot.

      2. Treadwell had little chance of making it his rookie season. He’s a tackle with the legs of a tight end. He might make a roster someday but it’ll take a few years of practice squad before that happens.

  17. It appears Matt Breida has taken over from KD Cannon as darling of the UDFAs.

      1. Can’t coach 4.38 speed. Baalke wouldn’t know that…He’s a RB, not QB so you er on the side of hope with this God-given ability more than you would a QB.

        Beathard Reminded Shanahan of Cousins:

        At least that was the quarterback 49ers’ coach Kyle Shanahan compared to Beathard, the grandson of Hall-of-Fame candidate Bobby Beathard and son of country music songwriter Casey Beathard. And while Shanahan didn’t take the Donald Trump off ramp to hyperbole (he once called Beathard “the next Tom Brady”), he did more than offer high praise for the former Iowa star.

        He gave us an idea of what may be next.

        Shanahan on Beathard:

        “Some of those (traits) were his toughness. That stands out on film. He repeatedly stands in there when he knows he’s going to get hit and can deliver accurate footballs. Kyle talks a lot with quarterbacks about guys that don’t need a lot of space. They don’t need to hit you two times and have that space to generate good torque, and C.J. has that as well. We feel like he’s very accurate.


        1. I saw today where a former Late Round/udfa of ours, Marcus Rush got cut by the Jags. Beware unsung heroes who look good late in pre-season games as they compete against soon-to-be Uber drivers.
          PS- for the record, I’ve gotten sucked into that syndrome myself some years.

          1. Right there with you BT. There is a lot of excitement in uncovering the hidden gem no one expected to make it. Even more exciting because it’s such a rare occurrence. The reality however is that end of the roster players rarely have much of an impact whether they make it or not, and are quickly forgotten when the next crop arrives.

  18. Former Alabama great tutoring Reuben Foster with San Francisco 49ers

    Two decorated Alabama linebackers worked together at the San Francisco 49ers’ rookie minicamp over the weekend.

    Reuben Foster was a unanimous All-American and the winner of the Butkus Award as the nation’s best linebacker last year for the Crimson Tide.

    DeMeco Ryans was a unanimous All-American and the SEC Defensive Player of the Year in 2005 for Alabama. He joined the 49ers as a defensive quality control coach on Feb. 21.

      1. During his 10-year NFL career, Ryans earned the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Award in 2006 and received two Pro Bowl invitations.

  19. With Carlos Hyde’s injury track record, it makes sense to carry 4 RBs. They may roll with 3 and try to stash Brieda on the practice squad. But, they may lose him in the process.

    I think Ahmad Brooks gets moved to DE, Pita plays LB, Aaron Lynch makes the team while Dekoda Watson gets cut.

  20. Grant,

    You’ve listed 50 players, so if you include kicker and punter, who’s the 53rd man?

  21. I think Hikutini is slated for PS. The level of expectation from rookies is amusing. Reality will bite once Kittles gets pushed off his feet by an edge rusher or is greeted into the league by an enforcer LB when running the middle. There’s a big difference in running routes in college (even Power 5) games and in the NFL. That’s why even the best receivers and TE’s take better part of two seasons to make a significant difference. Kittles will likely be the #1 TE for the Niners for many years, but this season is not it unless they plan to lose a lot of games, which is not the leagues’ MO. McDonald may not have the best traits to succeed in Shanhan’s offense, but I think he will still be the best TE out of the gate in September. Niners shopped McDonald and will surely shop him again for the right price, which is a 5th rounder, IMO. Maybe he gets traded during the season before the deadline — injuries will happen in the league. Else it’s better to let him play this season while allowing the rookie to “acclimatize” in 12 and 13 personnel packages. That’s just my guess.

    1. Austin Hooper was an important player on the Falcons offense as a rookie.

      1. Excellent reply.

        We aren’t used to coaches impacting our rookies under the York’s watch.

        Shanahan is different.

      2. Grant,
        Hooper had better QB and receivers to help him succeed. He got the ball on the money more often than not. I’m not saying that McDonald will be with the team in September. But from what I estimate to be Lynch’s MO, he’s going to want to win every game the Niners play and he will not cut a player who is thinks will helps them be competitive that season. Next season is a completely different matter.

  22. George Kittle: 6’4″, 247 lbs., 4.52 40-yard dash, 7.00 3-cone drill.

    Austin Hooper: 6’4″, 248 lbs., 4.70 40-yard dash, 7.00 3-cone drill.

    1. Shanahan’s assembling lots of 4.3 speed on this team–I can see Matt Breida with his vision for YAC yards fitting in the subpackasges.

      Have you seen video of the RB, and does he have a chance at kick returner also ?

      1. Yes, I think he’ll have a chance at kick returner.

        He played well in 2014 and 2015. What happened to him last year?

        1. Haven’t researched that far. The Niners had a busy weekend so only reviewing videos now.

  23. Sorry but no way they cut Mcdonald,easily the best TE on roster by a bunch.i personally love the people who think Kittle is already better than the vets.love y’alls enthusiasm for the draft pick but dudes never taken a NFL snap.He could wind up injured or stink it up, sorry but college tape doesn’t make u a NFL super star, think it’s a little early to say he’s gonna displace the vets,hasn’t even got hit by nobody yet.
    Grant also you really believe we roll out 2 rookie TEs and a blocking TE,seems like we would be painting ourselves into a corner as they say.Personally I don’t want 2 rookies starting going to Seattle,Arizona.Maybe they(lynch,shanahan)we’re covering but if you read what they said about mcdonald,it was something along the lines of there were teams inquiring about McDonald he got the most attention.now did they put him on the block first or did teams call first about trying to acquire him,also they must of wanted more than a fourth rd pick for him cause no trade happen.id give us a fourth for him in a heartbeat.
    Roll with him this year in Shanahans O, real WCO O see what u can get out of him,the kid has 120 targets in his career hard to get better with no chances,over half those came in last 2 years.


    1. VM ran a 4.69 forty.

      Kittle ran a 4.52 forty.

      VM has hands of stone.

      Kittle dropped one pass his entire college career.

  24. Four players of interest for me.
    1. Lynch. The fact that he did not stay in shape knowing that the new regime would draft heavy on defense shows a lack of interest on team needs and cast a shadow on his own seriousness (or lack thereof) of his job. If he comes back out of shape in July he will be punching his one way ticket out.

    2. VMac. Mac was starting to improve his catching ability last season. If he can catch consistently his value will greatly increase. He is a very good inline blocker and has shown he can be physical after the catch. He will come in the camp knowing he will need to fight to keep his job. I like his chances of making the team more than A.Lynch.

    3. Hyde. Has had to play behind makeshift O-lines for a couple of seasons. Last years O-line did better but Hyde’ injuries kept him from running with an improved O-line. I still believe that Hyde can be a force if he stays healthy. I will need to show out this season to keep his job.

    4. Carradine. Tank has been the chameleon on the defense over the last couple of seasons. He has been asked to play and switch positions on more than a few occasions. If the new regime can keep him at one position, like Grant said, he will flourish. One thing these players share in common this year is they will (unlike the previous seasons) be pressured by Shanahan and this years draft picks to play at optimal level.
    One thing is certain, we will have a better product on the field this year which should provide 3-5 more wins than last year.

  25. If Thomas can’t get on the field as a DE in the subpackages, then either Buckner or Armstead have to moved. Otherwise one of our high first rounders can only play on roughly 40 percent of the plays.
    I’m praying Thomas can play the edge in Nickel and Dime packages and make all this moot. If he or Armstead can’t do that then we have 4 interior pass rushers and still no edge rushers.

  26. Grant,

    According to SRCFB, Breida played in 2016….Sometimes YouTube omits the recent videos of some players..

    Georgia Southern Sun Belt SO RB 12 171 1485 8.7 17 8 97 12.1 1 179 1582 8.8 18
    Georgia Southern Sun Belt JR RB 13 203 1609 7.9 17 3 6 2.0 0 206 1615 7.8 17
    Georgia Southern Sun Belt SR RB 12 168 646 3.8 3 11 53 4.8 2 179 699 3.9 5

    Georgia Southern 542 3740 6.9 37 22 156 7.1 3 564 3896 6.9 40

  27. Grant, heard months ago that Eli Harold has been playing with a foot problem since he joined the team and it has impacted his “get off” at the snap. Is this true and if it is how has it been corrected.

  28. Here’s my early prediction for the 53 man roster which I will conveniently pretend doesn’t exist when it proves to be wrong in a few months:

    QBs (3) Hoyer, Barkley, Beathard
    RBs (3) Hyde, Williams, Bibbs
    FB/HB (1) Juszczyk
    TEs (3) McDonald, Kittle, Paulson
    WRs (5) Garcon, Kerley, Goodwin, Robinson, Taylor
    OL (9) Staley, Fusco, Zuttah, Garnett, Brown, Beadles, Kilgore, Gilliam, Theus
    DL (9) Armstead, Buckner, Mitchell, Thomas, Lynch, Blair, DJ Jones, Dial, Carradine
    LBs (5) Bowman, Foster, Smith, Brooks, Armstrong
    CBs (6) Robinson, Witherspoon, Johnson, Williams, Redmond, Reaser
    S (4) Ward, Reid, Tartt, Jerome
    STs (2) Watson, Jones
    K (1) Gould
    P (1) Pinion
    LS (1) Nelson

    1. Where’s Hickey? No way in hell he’ll make it to the practice squad. They’ve already paid him a years worth of practice squad money. They could PUP him if they want to be sneaky….

      1. People say that every year and every year most of the players make it through to the PS. If he doesn’t, then we wish him the best like we have every other UDFA we thought couldn’t miss…and then watched as they did ;)

        1. They won’t chance it. Quite a few teams tried to sign him before we offered him the maximum amount allowed. I don’t recall a similar situation with a previous UDFA.

          1. Razor,
            Right after the draft, a lot of teams are interested to check out UDFAs in OTAs and TC. It seems to me that by the time TC is over, they’d rather stick with keeping some of their last round cuts since these rookies are familiar with their respective systems. I could be wrong.

          2. It doesn’t mean anything other than he was a kid they wanted to sign Razor. The chances of him making the team as an UDFA even with the money they gave him is slim. As the article you posted stated:

            They guarantee some money from a player’s prospective salary in his rookie year (either on the practice squad or 53-man roster), figuring that it’s likely that such a highly regarded player as the top undrafted free agent on the board would at least make the team’s practice squad.”

            If he lights it up in TC and preseason, then we have something to think about, but the expectation when signing any player who went undrafted is that you hope they can make the practice squad. Anything more is a bonus.

            1. Key words, “at least”. Which means they think he’s capable of more. Stay tuned….

              1. Of course, but the point is they aren’t expecting it and pay the money with the hope the player can at least make their PS.

              2. If he shows he’s fully recovered, they may decide to PUP on a phantom ailment him instead of allowing him to “light it up” during preseason. That would only encourage teams to pilfer him….

              3. UDFA salaries are chump change. They usually tell them up front they are camp bodies. I worked with someone who had been invited to camp for such a salary.

              4. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that happened. Great way to keep a young player you like without risking waivers.

    2. I think this is fairly reasonable and probably close to the mark. I think Lynch makes the team. I can see Reaser and Brown on the team as well. I think McDonald is 1st team also. Can’t see him getting bumped. I am surprised that Eli Harold doesn’t make final cuts though.

      1. EC,

        Thanks for the feedback. In regards to Harold, I just couldn’t find a place for him. If they decide to try him at SLB, then he has a shot, but he really hasn’t shown much in his time here so I have a hard time seeing him on the roster if he doesn’t improve significantly. Often the final spot at any position comes down to ST’s and Watson is a better option in that regard.

        1. To be sure he hasn’t shown too much, but then the rookies haven’t shown anything and at least he has knowledge of the NFL and the systems so who knows. Plus someone brought up past injuries.

          I always had high hopes for the kid, but at some point he had to show something.

  29. This 53 person projection seems magnitudes better then the 2015-16 rosters.

        1. Just browsing. George, I thought so too. I’m unable to translate it for you, my apologies.

              1. Considering i have garnered my Spanish mainly from directing campesinos for years, I do not claim to be a certified linguist.

                I also used a word with a double entendre. or simplified double translation, trying to convey a message that English speakers might comprehend. If it offends your sensibilities, i apologize, but now you are countering me in 2 languages.

              2. Pobrecito. Me apena.

                Miseram tu.

                Povero te.


                Pobre de tú.

                Pauvre toi

  30. Here’s my overreaction to mini-camp final roster prediction:
    1.Brian Hoyer
    2.Matt Barkley
    3.C.J. Beathard

    1. Joe Staley
    2. Zane Beadles
    3. Jeremy Zuttah
    4. Josh Garnett
    5. Garry Gilliam
    6. Trent Brown
    7. Brandon Fusco
    8. Daniel Kilgore
    9. Tim Barnes
    10. TBD

    1. Pierre Garcon
    2. Marquise Goodwin
    3. Trent Taylor
    4. Jeremy Kerley
    5. Aldrick Robinson

    Running Back
    1. Joe Williams
    2. Carlos Hyde (for now)
    3. Kapri Bibbs
    4. Tim Hightower

    FB/HB: Kyle Juszczyk

    Tight End:
    1. George Kittle
    2. Vance McDonald
    3. Logan Paulsen


    Defensive End:
    1. Solomon Thomas
    2. Arik Armstead(for now)
    3. Tank Carradine
    4. Chris Jones
    5. Ronald Blair

    Defensive Tackle:
    1. Deforest Buckner
    2. Earl Mitchell
    3. Quinton Dial
    4. D.J. Jones

    1. Reuben Foster
    2. Navorro Bowman
    3. Aaron Lynch
    4. Malcolm Smith
    5. Dekoda Watson
    6. Ray-ray Armstrong

    1. Rashard Robinson
    2. Dontae Johnson
    3. Ahkello Witherspoon
    4. Will Redmond
    5. K’waun Williams

    1. Eric Reid
    2. Jimmie Ward
    3. Lorenzo Jerome
    4. Jaquiski Tartt

    Robbie Gould
    Bradley Pinion
    Kyle Nelson

    1. Very reasonable roster makeup for an over-reaction, but I’m not necessarily sure of the the depth order…

    2. When you look at that depth chart the first reaction I have is we have zero play makers on offense.
      No QB, no dynamic WR and unknowns at the RB position.

      It’s gonna be a long season.

      1. Trust the system Prime. Nobody expected this to be a 1 offseason turnaround. However …..

        Atlanta was a bad team (6 wins) the season prior to hiring Kyle Shanahan, and aside from Julio and Matt Ryan (who I think is good, but a tad overrated), they didn’t have much. They could pass the ball, but they couldn’t run. Their running game ranked 24th, with less than 1 rushing TD per game. Their starting running back, Steven Jackson was well over the hill, and averaged 3.7 ypc. Their #2 RB, Devonta Freeman, averaged 3.8 YPC.. Roddy white was a solid #2 WR, nothing special. Their defense was pathetic. Their leading tackler in 2014, made 14 total tackles in 12 games played last season! Defensively, they ranked dead last in the NFL in total defense, and 30th in sacks.

        Falcons fans had hit rock bottom, having won a total of 10 games over the course of 2 full seasons. The teams roster was in bad shape everywhere except the passing game.

        They hired Kyle after their miserable 2014 season, and after a modest improvement in 2015, they were in the Super bowl the following season. TRUST THE SYSTEM PRIME!

    3. Yea, I really wasn’t thinking depth chart as I listed them. I mostly put starters first but really because they were the easiest to remember.

        1. Join the discussion

          John Lynch: Reuben Foster’s injured shoulder is ‘ahead of schedule’
          By: Chris Biderman | 5 hours ago

          “John Lynch expects Foster to be on the field at the start of training camp.”

          Via Niners Wire

  31. From King:

    “Over two hours, Peters estimated, Embree called Hikutini five times. Shanahan—competing with Sean Payton of the Saints at the end—called him twice. Lynch called him once. Peters sent several texts, and more to Hahn as the derby went on. Something else helped quite a bit: the money. Each NFL team has $98,000 to spend on undrafted college free agents. That’s not much, so the 49ers (through Marathe and director of football administration and analytics Brian Hampton) use an approach that several teams use too: They guarantee some money from a player’s prospective salary in his rookie year (either on the practice squad or 53-man roster), figuring that it’s likely that such a highly regarded player as the top undrafted free agent on the board would at least make the team’s practice squad.”

    The final offer from the 49ers was a $10,000 signing bonus and $100,000 in guaranteed money. That sealed the deal and yet another player was stolen from the Saints’ grasp.

    1. Media and fans can be hair trigger mind reading psychoanalysts. Usually providing $.05 -worthy diagnoses.

      1. Imagine a few hair trigger fan-types trying to land on the surface of Mars in difficult conditions, with little training…’cause they don’t need no #*&@! training…

        1. Oh, no! Think of all the intel they will glean!!! Will we ever recover??

          The horror, the horror!!!

          1. With Rawls, Prosise and Christopher Carson, MD is only good for intel, especially with his stellar 1.4 YPC stat.

              1. Does this mean they beat us twice with all that fancy intel they pull from few Davis’ days at rookie mini camp. Maybe they will know who has what number and whose locker is next to whom? Really crucial info like that.

              2. Actually, they probably have enough with Wilhoite.

                Sure has been hard for the Niners to beat the Seahawks lately. Why, it was almost like they knew beforehand what the Niners were going to run.Wonder if Pete’s penchant to poach Niners may have been a factor. Garrison Smith played well against the Niners last year in that first game.

                Luckily, with a whole new system, the intel will be dated. However, locker room dynamics and personal assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of the remaining players may help.

  32. Grant, what would the cap hits be for cutting McDonald and Celek? McDonald has a brand new deal and Celek had a new deal the year before.

    Would all the dead money go against this year’s cap, which we’re way below anyway?

    And am I the only one who subconcsciously hates thinking the team is wasting money, even though if you ask me would I like to see money just fly out of Jed York’s wallet, I probably would still say “yes,” even though I think he seems to have redeemed himself finally.

  33. Our 2018 2nd round pick pilfered from the Saints is looking even better with Unger scheduled to miss significant time….

    1. They expect him back by preseason, but I think they should hold him out for at least the first half of the season to be sure ;)

  34. Predictions for the 53.

    Barkley out competes Hoyer, so Hoyer is traded to the Browns because he is better than Osweiler and an unproven rookie.
    Niners ask for one of those 3 second round picks that Cleveland has, but settles for a third round pick.

    Niners go with 2 QBs so they can keep 6 WRs. They keep Smelter because he is a good blocker. They add Kevin Hogan if he becomes available to the PS.

    Niners trade Brooks, Celek and a DB(Reaser) to the Saints for a 4th round draft pick.

    Niners can do this because they poached Foster, and now Hikutini, so the Niners know the Saints are looking for help with their LBs and TE. Maybe they can throw in Aaron Burbridge to facilitate the trade, since the Saints traded away Cooks.

    Foster will be placed on IR with mid season designation to return, just to make sure the shoulder is fully healed and can take a pounding. Brock Coyle will get a roster spot in his place.

    Niners will never trade away AA. He is important for team chemistry.

    Trading away AA would be a Baalke move.

    Kittle becomes the starting TE, and Hyde retains his starting job.

    Brock Coyle makes the 53 because of his ST play.

    Chanceller James makes the 53 over Lorenzo Jerome, but Lorenzo Jerome makes the PS.

    If they do not trade away Reaser, he keeps his job over Colbert.

          1. No, just a game I play. Whenever I get some one to get so mad at me they use expletives, I just declare victory.

            He used capital letters, but we all know what he meant.

            You, being a loser, just think that winning is beyond your reach, so you have to attack.

            I have not posted about your comments, lately, but I sure do not think you have cornered the market on genius thinking. Guess you think that some one who managed to get a 2018 second and third round pick is also stupid.

            Still think they should trade away players, and I also think Lynch is smart enough to bundle players to achieve his goals. It is interesting to note that other posters are now talking about trading away players, even Prime.

              1. Seb was tolerable the last 2-3 days, now he’s back to his core behaviors…

              2. Cassie, I see you just continuing in your unctuous style.

                Maybe you need an attitude adjustment.

              3. Sebs definition of winning makes about as much sense as his asinine ideas and suggestions.

              4. Yup, like suggesting the Niners obtain 2018 second and third round picks.

                They would never do that in a million years according to you.

    1. I can’t see this trade occurring for a few reasons.
      The Niners outbid other teams giving him 12 million over 2 years with 9.85 guaranteed and a 4 million dollar signing bonus. So I would assume other teams are not willing to pay that price for him unless the niners would not be willing to give up that signing bonus… at which point he is only making a high backup salary.
      And as a highly paid backup he makes more sense for the 49ers to keep.

      Also considering they were not willing to give up anything for Jimmy G. I can’t see them giving up a second for Hoyer at this stage in his career.

      1. Hoyer could even be beaten out by CJB, but I thought that was a long shot.

        Barkley has what Hoyer lacks. Accuracy. Something KS covets. Even Grant mentioned how Barkley made the best throw in practice.

        With Cousins waiting in the wings, whoever the QB is, he will just be a bridge QB. The Niners, with their cutting of KD Cannon, just showed that they are serious about competition, and can make quick decisive moves.

        1. Cousins will NOT be a 49er. His salary is already outrageous. And next year it’s gonna be even higher. And I don’t know what people are looking at, but I haven’t seen anything that would warrant Kurt Cousins a +25 mil a year Salary. Just my opinion

          1. Cousins doesn’t have a “salary” next season Steel, unless your talking about the Redskins slapping the franchise tag on him again, which makes little to no sense if he doesn’t want to work out a contract with Washington. He wants out.

            Cousins next contract will be based on the current market, and how badly he wants to play for Kyle. “Franchise” QB’s of cousins quality are expensive Steel, it’s just the way it is around the NFL.

            If Kyle believes he can win a Super Bowl at some point with Cousins, there’s a good chance he’ll be here next season.

            1. 49.. the salary I’m referring to would be the 35 mil next year he would get. Now, him excelling at the position in Kyle’s​ offense helps him out, but would they be willing to pay 25 million for a QB who has shown smaller amounts of success than Alex Smith in the playoffs. I don’t think they will. Now, that being the case, if that number came down to 18-19, id change my train of thought.

              1. If Cousins signs with us next season, it’s not going to be for $35 million/year Steel. That’s my point. And no way in heck Washington is going to pay him that, so if they can’t work out a long term contract before next offseason, he’s as good as gone.

                I suspect he’ll settle for maybe slightly less than what the market determines his value is ($20ish/year with nice guarantee), if it’s to play for Kyle. After all, if he succeeds in SF, he’s still young enough for another huge deal.

          2. That’s the going rate for a good starting QB Steele, and Cousins is a very good starting QB. The 49ers have a ton of cap space, a need at the position and the HC loves him, so I’d say there’s a strong chance Cousins is here next season. I continue to be mystified at the resistance to bringing in a QB of this caliber when we haven’t had one since Garcia. That’s 15 years of trying to find the answer at the most important position in Football. I’d rather spend the money on a proven commodity personally.

            1. +1 rocket.

              Cousins also seems a perfect fit for Kyle Shanahan, and Cousins …. that boy has MOXY!

              Cousins is not just a very good QB, he’s a warrior I’d go to battle with any day.

            2. Rocket

              If Cousins is such a damn good QB, he’ll win the SB and and we’ll be out of the running for him….face it, he’s an ‘old’ QB, and getting older every game and year. I’m not so sure that Shannahan didn’t bring up his name in friendship to sidetrack all of the ‘experts’ ….He’s got Beatherd, so let’s see what he can do with him…

        2. “cutting of kd cannon” seb, he was an undrafted free agent. Nothing to talk about. That’s not a good show cause to put. Now if they cut Joe Williams then we would have a story.

          1. Steele, after only one day, they cut him. That sent a big message. Lollygag and you are gone. Bad attitude and you are gone.

            Cousins will only get 35 mil if he resigns with Washington. I fully expect he will ask for and get what most other starters are getting. Considering he has not excelled in the playoffs, Cousins will ask for 20-24 mil a year. If he leads Washington deep in the playoffs, he will get 24. If he does not make the playoffs, probably 20 mil.

          2. By the way, thanks to Paraag’s offsetting language, the Niners are now off the hook for KD CANNON’S contract, save for the $5,000 signing bonus, which comes out of the “petty cash” funds. The Jet’s picked up his contract.

            1. Yes, I think the Niners are content to go with the WRs they have, and am glad he signed right away to get the Niners off the hook.

              I wish him well, but am glad he is gone. Niners need every player rowing in the same direction.

              BTW, I hope you do not think that Paraag is the only contract guy in the world that can write up a good contract. Sounds like he wrote a standard contract. Every team has leverage over the UDFAs.

              1. That may be true about Paraag, but at least he didn’t screw up. I know he’s not on your Christmas list Seb, but I think you’re being a bit too critical. The cancerous tumor that was growing at an insurmountable rate, seemed to start with Baalke and end with Baalke, although Jed obviously deserves some of the blame. We’ll see. But the fact that Marathe’s name is now be circulated around the NFL as a possible future GM candidate, speaks to the respect he has around the league. Just saying.

              2. Paraag is respected around NFL circles, and he’s a very likeable guy who has a way of making that personal connection with agents and NFL executives. I think even Grant would admit he seems like one of the good guys. I think he fits in well with the new regime and he’s a real asset to this organization.

              3. 49, maybe all the leaks attributed to Paraag may actually had been him doing Baalke’s bidding.

                I noticed that now that Baalke is gone, the leaks have stopped.

                If Paraag can be an asset for Lynch, and help him out without dictating policy, I will be very happy.

                My objections were the leaks, when he sat in the coach’s booth and used analytics to call plays, and made calls about when to throw the red flag. I also thought that analytics were behind the ACL strategy in the draft. Sure am glad that there were no early round ACL players. I think one or 2 UDFAs had ACLs, but that is OK because they are long shots to make the team, anyways.

    2. Why do I think Chanceller James will out compete Lorenzo Jerome?

      They have similar speed, but CJ is 6′ 2″, 215 lbs, and LJ is 5’10” and 205 lbs.

      However, they want thumpers, and CJ did 21 reps while LJ did only 11.

        1. I’m told Jed York has quick hips. And you know what they say ….. “quick hips sink loose ships” Wait, that doesn’t sound quite right

  35. “…quick hips….”
    STOPPITT!!! You’re killing me! Hahahahahahahaha
    Ya like Salsa Dancers, eh? Bwahahahahahaha

      1. Easy when you make yourself a target–inviting commentary as you strut and preen. You’re a jewel.

        1. I guess you want more commentary on your Daddy.

          Baalke was an unmitigated disaster. He was a dead man walking, so as a parting shot, he decided to extend VM.

          With that contract, VM is now untradable, so the Niners may cut their losses and eat his contract. Ol’ Stone hands will not be allowed to drop more passes, especially with all the better TEs on the team.

              1. Word of the day!

                Unctuous- unc·tu·ous
                (of a person) excessively or ingratiatingly flattering; oily.
                “he seemed anxious to please but not in an unctuous way”
                synonyms: sycophantic, ingratiating, obsequious, fawning, servile, groveling, subservient, cringing, humble, hypocritical, insincere, gushing, effusive; More
                (chiefly of minerals) having a greasy or soapy feel.

                3. Possibly leading to slippery hips.

              2. Explains quick hips.

                What can we do with one Seb’s other over-worked terms…’thump’?

              3. thump
                a heavy dull blow with a person’s fist or a blunt implement.
                “I felt a thump on my back”
                hit (someone or something) heavily, especially with the fist or a blunt implement.
                “Holman thumped the desk with his hand”
                synonyms: hit, strike, beat, batter, pound, knock, rap, smack, thwack, pummel, punch, thrash, cuff, box someone’s ears;

                a short strike aimed at an annoying serial poster from Sebastopol,California.
                “Brother Tuna really thumped Seb yesterday!”

              4. A bronze man still can tell stories his own way
                Listen children all is not lost, all is not lost
                No, no, no.


          1. Seb,

            I always remember the classics.

            Kap rocketing the ball to hands of stone from 5 yards away, painfully watching ball richochet into the hands of the nearest DB, who takes it to the house….Did you save those highlights yourself ?

  36. Why are you so high on Joe Williams starting after week 3? Carlos had a decent year and ypc average… I drafted Joe in our rookie draft, so this is as much for affirmation as anything else! Thanks!

  37. I see everyone saying Arik Armstead will not be a starter and will rotate in certain situations. To me, that’s a story. Armstead is teetering on draft bust status IMHO. An article on NinersNation had a quote recently where Armstead said he’s been playing with a shoulder issue since high school and it routinely pops out of place. I distinctly remember 2 situations where I saw him down on the ground and it appeared he was trying to get his shoulder to go back into place. Anyone who has any experience with shoulders knows, the more times the shoulder comes out, the looser the socket becomes which continues to degrade the strength and stability of the shoulder. In my opinion, drafting a guy in the first round with that type of shoulder issue is basically draft malpractice. This injury could literally mean the end of Armstead’s career. Not saying Reuben Foster has the same issue but the drafting of Arik Armstead offers no comfort whatsoever Ferguson knows what he’s doing when it comes to evaluating shoulder issues.

    1. I really hope Armstead’s shoulder is fine. I hurt my shoulder in 1985. Had two operations and countless PT sessions. Still hurts every day.

      Remember how Aldon Smith hurt his shoulder/labrum in the same Patriots game Justin Smith got injured? He was never the same since. That’s why people wrongly attribute all of Aldon’s sacks to TE stunts with Justin Smith.

      Pure speculation, but I sometimes wonder if the injury made Aldon’s substance issues worse.

      1. Yep, I tried to impart the serious nature of shoulder injuries prior to the draft, and how it’s the most difficult surgery to perform. Far from a guaranteed full recovery. Part of my reasoning for grabbing another DL of King Solomon’s caliber….

        1. Sad but true. Shoulders are the least stable joint in the human body and major injuries to this joint may never heal properly… As it takes multiple ligaments and muscles to hold it together in the firest place.

      2. I never thought about it, but your speculation about Aldon doesn’t seem like a stretch. Sorry about your shoulder, btw.

    2. Good backup – Armstead’s shoulder is fine. He turns out to be the monster Staley and others praised in the 2016 training camp. Since Buckner, Thomas and Armstead all pass rush best from the 3-tech, one of them has to kick outside or play a rotational role.

      Bad backup – Armstead’s shoulder will be an issue from now on. It will always limit his play time.

    3. A question for Armstead or Ferguson about the extent of the shoulder injury. Did the original dislocation include a torn labrum, injured rotator cuff, or bone injuries such as a Hill-Sachs lesion. If so, how did they repair the Hill-Sachs lesion? Did they do a bone graft or just fill in the indention with other material? Where is the tear in the labrum? How many times has the shoulder popped out of socket. These are all questions the 49ers should have asked prior to drafting Armstead. A dislocation with a Hill-Sachs lesion is a major red flag. Especially for a player playing on the defensive line.

  38. For those big Marcus Rush supporters (Rotoworld):

    Jaguars waived DE Marcus Rush.
    A 2015 UDFA out of Michigan State, Rush made a name for himself by recording six sacks last preseason. Despite that performance, he spent most of the year on the 49ers’ practice squad before two late-season appearances with the Jaguars, his first in the NFL.

    1. “Rush led the NFL with six preseason sacks, to go along with an interception, two pass deflections, and two forced fumbles. Pro Football Focus graded him among the best preseason pass rushers, but also among the worst preseason run defenders.”

      1. Cassie,
        I always saw him as a situational pass rusher. I believe his real problem was he didn’t seem very effective on ST. Still I wouldn’t mind seeing him reunited with his position coach from last yr, I don’t think you can ever have too many guys who can get to the QB.

        1. At this time of year I’d be happy to see him in the mix. See if he’s improved.

    1. I’d be happy with that just as long as he doesn’t make any overweening statements during the coin flip that leaves him contracting foot in mouth disease….

    2. Thanks for the article. I just read it. There’s a lot of good stuff in it, isn’t there?

    1. The full amount was just 0.026% of the salary cap. In accounting of this nature that’s just an insignificant rounding.

  39. On Rotoworld:

    49ers GM John Lynch said first-round LB Reuben Foster (shoulder surgery) is expected to be ready for training camp.
    “Come training camp we anticipate him being full-go,” Lynch said. Foster’s shoulder has earned quite a bit of ink since the draft, but the 49ers have remained mostly positive. If healthy, Foster should be given every opportunity to earn a starting job in camp.

  40. Just subjective speculation on my part, but the reports (prophecies) of Armstead’s and Hyde’s demise(s) seem wildly exaggerated to me. I expect both to have good seasons for the Niners in 17.

    1. Same. And while I don’t think he is best suited to the SS role I think Reid will also have a good season statistically, like Cyprien did the past couple of years.

  41. Looks like the 49ers will owe Cannon nothing other than his signing bonus. Jets claimed him off waivers.

  42. http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/49ers-john-lynch-reuben-foster-navorro-bowman-injury-update-return-linebacker/14blqjabtbac31cloz5d017xxw

    “Believe me — in my first draft, I wasn’t going to listen to them just one time. I kept going back and saying, ‘Why are all these (media) reports out there? Look at the (shoulder) again.’ They came back with the same report.”

    “Lynch’s belief was further supported when San Francisco’s medical staff re-examined Foster’s shoulder during last weekend’s rookie minicamp.”

    “Lynch offered high praise for how Bowman has handled the rehabilitation process that should also have him medically cleared by training camp.”

      1. Actually, I think this will be an improvement in following threads, but a surprise; like a Wizard zapped the blog.

          1. OK, but the links to comments seem a bit phuquedupt. Maybe after I quit out and come back….?
            So…….where’s the new edit function button? Cuz we. Need one, cous….
            Got a filter installing? Cuz we need one cous…

            1. This new format makes Seb’s exhaustive posts look massive. Edit function still absent.

  43. Thinking on the KD Cannon matter… Would Grant be on the hook for Seb’s contract if Seb was released from this blog? I’m sure The Press Democrat could use the $15.00 somewhere else.

    1. I’d pay that. Or even start a “Go Fund Me” page on Seb’s behalf.

      1. Except that clicking on linked comments doesn’t navigate to the comment.

    1. I like it a lot. Especially the option to sort the comments. No more having to wade through piles of old entries to get to new ones. Now if they can get us an ignore feature and edit, we’ll be all set.

      1. You know the most sought after option after an edit function would be an option to permanently hide posts from certain people… :-P

    2. I like the added options. Looks a bit cleaner too. Like being able to sort by new/old posts.

  44. I don’t like the new format. Too many things are not working as well. Thumbs down.

      1. TrollD, only a troll would accuse me of being a Raiders fan.

        Since I remember you rooting for the Raiders, maybe you should join their site and leave us die hard faithful Niner fans alone.

    1. What do u, ul, ol and li do. I tried using ul to underline but it didn’t do anything.oin the discussion

  45. On Rotoworld:

    Jets claimed WR KD Cannon off waivers from the 49ers.
    The 49ers thought so little of Cannon they cut him eight days after handing out a $45,000 signing bonus, but the Jets are taking a chance on his lid-lifting speed. Even in talent-bereft New York, Cannon’s best-case scenario is probably the practice squad.

    1. Cannon received a $5k singing bonus from the 49ers along with a $40k guaranteed contract. The Jets now own that $40k guaranteed contract. Cost to the 49ers is $5K.

        1. I always like seeing fat people on expensive bikes! – they could get a 30 year old steel frame bike and lose 3-5 pounds and save 99.9% of the $

          1. I have a ’76 Nishiki road bike–bought new. Feels like it weighs 35 lbs…

  46. In regard to the Warriors thread posted after this one. The links to other threads overlay the “Post Comment” option so that, for the moment, there is no way to add a new post. Here is my reaction to the topic anyway.

    Is this an early start on the obvious?

    1. Strong and Italic seem to work but “U” doesn’t underline. Pointing at the options sometimes identifies them but not often.

      1. Feel like a guinea pig?
        I guess the approved term is Beta Tester…

    2. The idea that Grant is giving advise to the Warriors or Kerr on a life changing health problem is beyond comment.

  47. Aaron Lynch isn’t the only player that is the target of rumours regarding his weight. There is a rumour out there that Kelvin Benjamin turned up to the offseason program weighing around 280 lbs. Since been refuted he was that big, but confirmed he needs to lose weight. Will be interesting to see how his season goes.

  48. Ahhh, the main comment window is near the top of the comment section. I like the changes, except the letters are too light. Needs more contrast.

    Will the ability to bold text have an affect on the already fragile civility of this blog?

    1. Wondering what the [spoiler title=” “]spoiler[/spoiler][spoiler title=” “][spoiler title=” “] button does

      1. Apparently the Spoiler button makes three boxes marked +Spoiler

      2. [spoiler title=”Spoilers?”] [/spoiler] I don’t think anyone is really going to need to worry about spoilers in a football thread…

          1. Grant I can’t figure out why the site keeps including a “” in my name. It’s not there in the fill-in box.

        1. Wonder if the spoiler button can be modified to hide posts by specific posters. An “ignore” button will be even better…..

          1. Ooohhh, heck yeah. Brotha Tuna has been asking for a filter button for a while. Would be very handy.

  49. Grant,
    Did you see the KNBR article sourced from PFT live that flamed this observation of yours on the 49ers final 53? After all the work you put in on this?! They are saying Aaron Lynch will not only make this roster, but that he, and others on the team have been told to “play at a weight that they are comfortable at”
    Apparently they’re folks keeping an eye on you. Watch it…LOL

  50. ESPN did a ‘Predicting Each Team’s Best Rookie’ article:

    San Francisco 49ers

    LB Reuben Foster

    Operating under the assumption that his shoulder holds up for the full season, Foster will start from the get-go and should instantly improve the league’s worst run defense. Foster will probably begin at weakside linebacker next to NaVorro Bowman in the middle, but he’ll eventually become the middle linebacker and center of the defense (though maybe not this year). Foster’s ability to stay on the field for all three downs gives him a slight edge over fellow first-round pick Solomon Thomas. — Nick Wagoner

    We’ll see.

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