The good and not so good from 49ers rookie minicamp


Here are the highlights from the 49ers rookie minicamp.


Last week, Kyle Shanahan spent most of the voluntary minicamp working with wide receivers and tight ends on route-running. He looked like the passing game coordinator. Today, he looked like the quarterback coach. More specifically, he looked like C.J. Beathard’s personal tutor.

Shanahan watched Beathard during every drill. When the rest of the team practiced special teams, Shanahan worked with Beathard on a side field. Showed Beathard how to turn his front shoulder toward the target and open his hips before throwing to his left. Shanahan demonstrated the proper mechanics twice.

The entire time during team drills, Shanahan stood behind Beathard and spoke to him as he broke the huddle and walked to the line of scrimmage. Beathard is Shanahan’s pet project, just as Colin Kaepernick was Jim Harbaugh’s pet project.


Solomon Thomas played defensive end and participated in every drill. He’s in terrific shape. He will not practice again with the 49ers until training camp because Stanford’s school year doesn’t end until June 17.


Reuben Foster, the 49ers’ second first-round pick this year, did not participate in 7-on-7 or 11-on-11 drills because he is rehabbing a torn rotator cuff. He will not practice fully until training camp at the earliest.


  1. WR Trent Taylor. The 49ers’ second fifth-round pick beat the 49ers’ first third-round pick, Ahkello Witherspoon, twice during one-on-one drills. First, Taylor beat Witherspoon with a quick out route and caught the ball near the sideline before Witherspoon finished his break. Next, Taylor ran a hard curl route and Witherspoon tripped and fell.
  2. RB Joe Williams. The 49ers’ fourth-round pick received a handoff on a stretch-zone run to his right and burst through the defense for a long touchdown. Made the play look easy. Also made a one-handed catch during one-on-one drills after beating a safety with a move to the outside. When practice ended, Williams stayed on the field and practiced fielding kickoffs.
  3. WR Kendrick Bourne. The undrafted free agent made the catch of the day when he dove for a deep pass from Nick Mullens. Bourne also beat seventh-round pick Adrian Colbert over the middle of the field during one-on-ones.
  4. FS Lorenzo Jerome. Another undrafted free agent. Jerome intercepted a long, overthrown pass intended for Bourne during team drills after reading the quarterback’s eyes.


  1. QB C.J. Beathard. Didn’t make one throw that made you say, “Wow.” Didn’t have enough zip to pierce the long throws through the wind. Two of his passes toward sideline fluttered and missed their intended target, and his only deep pass during 11-on-11s sailed over the receiver’s head and landed in the hands of the free safety. After the interception, Beathard threw mostly short, easy passes over the middle.
  2. CB Ahkello Witherspoon. Struggled big time in man-to-man coverage. Couldn’t cover Trent Taylor or undrafted wide receiver Victor Bolden Jr. Witherspoon is a 6’3” corner with extremely long legs and he takes longer to plant and change directions than smaller corners. He seems best suited for zone coverage.
  3. CB Adrian Colbert. Like Witherspoon, Colbert struggled man to man. During one-on-ones, he could not stick with Bourne or DeAndre Carter during. During team drills, though, Colbert broke up a pass while in zone coverage.
  4. DT D.J. Jones. The 49ers’ first sixth-round pick was the heaviest player on the field. Near end of practice, which lasted only 90 minutes, Jones removed himself from the action and walked toward the sideline slowly with his hands on his hips and his mouth wide open, trying hard not to vomit.

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      1. Best freaking news all day. I’m going to lose my mind if Haley becomes a coach!!!!!!!

      2. If you remember, last year, Trent Brown was also winded early in ota’s, in Chip Kelly’s high paced practices. But eventually was in shape by training camp an beat out Anthony Davis for the starting role

  1. Maiacco reported that CJ looked good. He also stated that the wind was a BIG issue. It seems like you like to mention Williams cause he was your favorite pick. No other beat writer mentioned him. Prolly because there is no Defense?!

    1. Beathard looked good throwing short, easy passes. The wind shouldn’t be a big issue. Williams was the most explosive player on the field.

      1. Well short throws count too lol. A lot of QBs make a living that way.

      2. I bet Hightower ends up being the best RB on the roster during the season

        1. Really?

          Look at the guys career numbers, he’s barely a #2 back in this league.

      3. Grant,

        Did you get a chance at watching Williams fielding kickoffs?

        I am predicting Williams has a dazzling rookie season. I think he’s the whole package and all indications are he’s ready to prove the doubters wrong!

            1. Yes. I think he will be the starting punt returner, meaning he’ll be active on game days.

              1. Thanks. I think his explosiveness will serve him well as a punt returner and a part time SWR.

          1. Nice! Thanks.

            I’m not ready to give up with Hyde, and it’s yet to be seen if Williams can hold up physically either. That said, I find him to be an electrifying RB, and if he can pass protect, he’ll get plenty of opportunities this year.

            I can’t wait to see him burst through the first level, juke, hit the gas pedal, spin off an attempted arm tackle while maintaining his balance and not missing a step, and high step it all the way to the house!

            1. He’s got to prove it. He was no workhorse/featured back for the Utes until injuries cleared his way. He’s caught 20 passes in his Div 1 college career.

              He wasn’t terribly ‘special’ in 2015. In fact, he was pedestrian in 2015 and he was worse than pedestrian when he quit — 22 carries, 75 yards.

              The best thing that can probably be said about him is did have a good 7-game stretch as a starter when they guys ahead of him went down. And that included two monster games where, in both games, he averaged over 10 YPC and 6 of his 10 TDs.

              But while I hope he shows out and becomes a star running back for the 49ers, I sure as heck am not going to anoint him. Or even think he’s going to make Hyde expendable or get on the field much in 2017.

      4. He is your pet project too. Someone you can kick to the curb as much as you can get away with.

  2. Grant your funny lol

    Judging the first rookie minicamp like if it was a real game! I’m sure some of these rookies are having some first time jitters out there lol

    1. Truth,
      Grant is shrewed. He has garnered close to 100 hits on a non story.
      The real training begins in July. Overweight players could lose 10-20 lbs in 3 weeks. If they don’t, then we have real news.

  3. I agree that Beathard will be Shanahan’s pet project, but the difference is Beathard will be brought along more slowly. Kaepernick was pretty much forced into action, and while it did work for a season and a half, the 49ers went all-in with him pretty much with a lack of a competent backup, either someone who could provide Kaepernick with competition in practice (other than Blaine Gabbert), or a veteran mentor who could still play a little bit (like a Matt Hasselbeck). Even if Beathard does turn into a legit NFL starter, I think Shanahan will always have some kind of competition behind him to keep Beathard on his toes. I like Mullens as a potential backup who can start occasionally.

  4. Witherspoon is an outside CB all the way. Has no business in the slot, really. Probably just wanted to see what he could do there. BTW, Taylor is going to give all the 49ers’ slot corners the business.

  5. I keep hearing Thomas was playing the strong side DE spot, and was head up with the OT (which would suggest 4T/5T). Were they primarily in an under front or over front? Sounds like it must have been an under front if he was across from the RT, rather than playing more a 6T role over the TE.

    1. They played both fronts. When they played Under, they played Pita as a wide-9 Leo.

      1. And in over, Thomas was at 6T?

        In the under front who was the Otto? Were they more a pass rush type player or LB? And what about in the over front – did the Otto player stay the same or did they switch somebody else in?

        1. Thomas played 6t and 4i. Jimmie Gilbert was the Otto in both fronts. More of a LB position.

          1. Awesome, thanks.

            If Gilbert was playing Otto in both fronts it further confirms for me they are looking for a guy that can rush the passer from that spot. Not so much a traditional SAM LB. So Brooks would seem the best bet to play that spot regardless of front, and Smith will compete with Foster and Armstrong for the WILL.

            With Thomas sticking to the right side of the offense as the 4T/6T depending on front, do you think Armstead will play Leo in the under front, or come off the field and be replaced by more of a speed threat to play wider?

            1. Agree with you about the linebackers.

              I think they’ll experiment with Armstead at Leo in the under front during the preseason. Don’t know how effective he’ll be in that role. I imagine they’ll play more over fronts with him in the game. Maybe he’ll be the Leo in sub packages on early downs.

              1. Cool. Will definitely be interesting to see how it shakes out.

                Do you think Tank will be kept as Thomas’ backup? Would seem he and Lynch are the most suited to backing up that spot, but sounds like they want to try Lynch out at Leo.

                And where do you see Blair fitting in? To me seems Blair would be best suited as backing up Buckner as the 3T and maybe Armstead, and being a rotation DT in sub packages.

              2. Yes, I think Tank will be kept as Thomas’ backup. I think Blair will be Armstead’s backup at 4i. And I think Lynch and Taemoepinu will compete for one roster spot at Leo.

  6. I’m fine with Shanahan working with Beathard. Isn’t that the plan?

    Jerome may be a capable backup for Ward. Taylor is a keeper.

    1. Grant is building a case that Shanahan isn’t “ready” to be a “real” head coach because he’s doing detailed work with individual players or groups like wide receiver. Valid, but at least a year premature.

      1. While I still think he should hire an OC, KS seems to be delegating authority shrewdly and wisely.

        KS is focusing on what he thinks is crucial, and what he has the most expertise at. I hope they tap into the wisdom of Lynch, in building that secondary, since he was instrumental in building the Tampa team.

        You could say he was the Lynchpin.;p

        Interesting to see where he concentrated on in the practice, but it is extremely important to make assessments on talent, potential, fit with the system and coachability.

        Nice to see the Niners acting as a more cohesive unit, and it sounds like there will be a spirited competition at all positions.

  7. The following is from Kevin Jones’ report:

    All eyes were on San Francisco’s third-round pick, and although he was surrounded by a makeshift supporting cast, there was plenty to like from Beathard. He threw both some touch passes and rocketed a few lasers over the middle, connecting on one with tight end George Kittle for a sizable gain. His arm and his size passed the initial test with flying colors. Where Beathard needs most work is on the bootleg, a staple of Kyle Shanahan’s offense. After rolling to both his right and left, passes lost some accuracy. It’ll be a point of emphasis the rest of the spring and throughout training camp.

    1. Interesting. Quite a different report that we just got. Maia I was similar as well.

      1. Not that different. I just wasn’t impressed with the easy throws over the middle. A lot of QBs make those throws.

        1. Not that different? You said above: “Didn’t make one throw that made you say, “Wow.” Didn’t have enough zip to pierce the long throws through the wind. Two of his passes toward sideline fluttered and missed their intended target, and his only deep pass during 11-on-11s sailed over the receiver’s head and landed in the hands of the free safety.” You either missed the laser throws or found those throws not worth mentioning or are biased enough not to recognize talent objectively. Then when your assessment is compared your peers who found Beathard’s effort far more appealing you dismiss it all as “not that different”.. Not credible analysis.

            1. If they go for first downs and move the chains instead of short of the sticks, I’ll take that.

              1. Madden used to constantly criticize Walsh for that. However Madden was wrong. The 49ers were, during Walsh’s time, one of the best 3rd down teams in the NFL. And plenty of those third downs were catch-and-runs off short passes.

            2. Those are, literally, the most effective, efficient and drive sustaining plays in the NFL passing game. Not all that horse crap outside the hashmarks to WRs that the talking heads get all excited about as they run their highlight reels.

              And that’s why Kaepernick failed. He can’t do that. His short passing is about 10% worse (relative) than the average NFL QB. He’s afraid of the middle of the field. To be successful as a passer he had to run-around buying time for WRs to get ‘extra-open’ so he could see they were open or hold the ball in the pocket forever and create sacks (and get the line blamed).

  8. From Cam Inman:

    “Don’t be deceived by the 5-foot-8 frame of rookie slot wide receiver Trent Taylor. Before becoming the NCAA’s leader in receiving yards last season at Louisiana Tech, he also was an accomplished high athlete at Evangel Christian Academy. He once broke an opponent’s jaw as a hard-hitting safety, and was he reached the state finals in tennis with his quarterback as a doubles partner.”

    Apparently Taylor decided to play tennis in his senior year of high school. Seems like a remarkable athlete. Let’s hope it translates well.

  9. Biderman is effectively in agreement with Grant regarding Williams:

    “My boldest prediction for a rookie surrounds fourth-round pick Joe Williams, the running back from Utah. Kyle Shanahan and position coach Bobby Turner made a habit of turning mid-round picks into valuable contributors, and there’s a chance Williams wins the starting job from Carlos Hyde by Week 1, who might be a trade candidate come training camp.”

      1. That ain’t happening. Be idiotic to trade Hyde. You need two quality backs in this league. It’s too early to call Williams or anyone else better then Hyde right now. I think that’s a bad hot take.

        1. Now might be a great time to trade Hyde. He’s healthy and has an expiring contract.

          1. lol. ‘Expiring contract.’ That should clue you in. NFL teams rarely do the ‘rental’ thing that baseball teams, pursing a play-off berth, do.

            Unless someone gets hurt in training camp on a pre-season favorite,like the Cowboys, the chances of Hyde being traded are so incredibly slim they’re not worth the speculation/discussion effort.

            It’s right up there with talking about Colin Kaepernick’s HOF candidacy in ‘football waste of time’ land.

            1. It seems it falls on deaf ears on some, Moses. Most know the difficulty trading a player in the last year of their contract. They will ride Hyde Hard & Fast, and he will garner the 49ers a comp pick in 2018 when he signs with another team….

              1. Razor, I beg to differ. Patriots did exactly that, and won a SB.

                Sure, the player has to be talented and worth something, but they traded players to the Cards and Browns, and garnered picks.

                Luckily,the player like Hyde is talented, so he might be worth something more than a 6th or 7th round pick, but I also agree that they will not trade him away with an untested and unproven rookie as his replacement.

                However, if JW does shine during the season, and another team has their starting RB going down due to injury, the Niners may be wise to get something for him while his value is highest. As long as he is healthy, which may be another factor.

              2. No one is going to trade for Hyde unless their feature back goes down.

              3. Probably. Hyde hasn’t demonstrated the durability or consistency teams are looking for at the position….

              4. There are more then a couple teams, GB and NYG to name a quick pair, that would see Hyde as an improvement over their current back(s). If they feel they are in position to make a run and learn that Hyde is available you can’t rule it out that he’d be moved.

                Also no reason to assume they’d require a high pick for him. A conditional 4th that becomes a third based on playing time could be all it takes.

              5. Why would they do that when they can just get a proven back in Blount without giving up a draft pick?

              6. Blount has been available and teams have chosen older injured running backs and unproven rookies over him. His value has been set, which is to say teams aren’t interested.

              7. Yep, probably around mid season, so JW can show his worth (or not).

                This is a league of attrition, and RBs take a beating.

                Disposing of Hyde would cement the fact that Baalke was just not a very good talent evaluator.

                With the Alex Smith trade capital, he managed to draft Hyde, Tank, Lemonier, Chris Borland and obtained Stevie Johnson.

              8. …teams aren’t interested.

                Two teams have been reported to have interest. Giants/Lions. Lions have around $6 million in cap space, Giants around $10 million. Giants drafted Gallman, and the Lions didn’t draft a back. Since the Lions backfield is thinner, they might be more desperate. At any rate, neither one will trade for Hyde as long as a back like Blount is available….

              9. Sebber, they won’t dispose of Hyde. They will run his dick in the dirt, and then he can get us a comp pick next year. Reid too. The stench of Baalke will be eliminated!

              10. I would say that’s the plan. Hyde hasn’t been so great that we need to dump a ton of money on him. And there will other backs in the draft next year plus Williams will have had a year to get some NFL skills.

                If we get Cousins next year, we could draft a RB like Saquon Barkley who, for grins, ran a 4.33-40 at the PSU pro-day. And if we go QB, or another position, like WR Christian Kirk.we could take a back in Round 2 like Akrum Wadley who is a solid runner and a very good receiver. And Wadley, coming out of Iowa, is far more advanced than many of those junk-offense backs.

              11. Moses, I like Conner Williams, OT, Texas next year. Reminds me of Joe Thomas.

              12. Razor, you are probably right because Hyde’s injury concerns make him a poor risk to other teams.

                I also remember that Jets game last season. Hyde burst through the hole and it became a footrace.

                Joe Williams, with his 4.41 speed, is an intriguing prospect.

                It also depends on the O line, and for that reason, I hope they trade Trent Brown. His run blocking was not too good.

              13. We’re not getting Barkley unless we draft in the top 5. Dude is legit.

              14. Sure am glad they have those second and third round picks to use as capital for a trade up, but if the Cousins deal falls through, they will be using that round one pick for a QB. Hopefully, Jake Browning or Josh Allen.

        2. I agree RAW, it would be stupid to trade Hyde. For all the complaints on here about the guy, he was top ten in ypc for RB’s that had more than 200 attempts, and played 13 games. You’d like to see him play every game, but I’ll take that production behind a bad line any day.

            1. He hasn’t been out there enough that’s fair. But you don’t get rid of a very good back(when out there) for supposdly a talented back who retired in college. We are not in any position to get rid of talented players. Harris, Hightower are from the scrap heap. Bibbs might be okay but if he was better then okay he would still be a Bronco.

              1. Hyde has shown glimpses but RB’s that can’t stay healthy is concerning.
                If you can gain a 3-5th round pick why not?
                They have enough depth to trade Hyde and parlay him into a pick.

              2. Prime they aren’t getting more than a late round pick for a RB going into his last year. They won’t get proper value for him which is another reason it’s a bad idea. They don’t have quality depth. I’m not sure what you are seeing that gives you that idea.

              3. Hyde put up almost 1000 yards and 4.6 a carry as I mentioned earlier. That is a lot to try and make up with a rookie. Hightower isn’t that good Prime. He’s a an ok fill in if you want to give the starter a break, but he’s not going to give you much more than average to below average production. He was signed when they had Hyde and not much else. Now that they’ve added Williams and Bibbs, his roster spot is in jeopardy imo. It costs them nothing to cut him.

                As Scooter and I have pointed out, they didn’t give up much for Bibbs, in fact a case can be made that he was an extra in the deal.

            2. He missed a lot of games in 2015 with a serious injury. The other two seasons he played in 27 out of 32 games. RB’s take a beating and miss games probably more than any other position. Frank Gore regularly missed games his first few years here.

              1. Since being drafted has he shown enough to be extended?
                I’d say no. So since he won’t be in the future plans, deal him and get a pick.

                We also have to consider his style of running. It’s conducive to injury. You can’t ask him to play smart now. It’s not in his DNA.

              2. The main reason for Hyde missing games is the consistent beating he has been getting for not running behind a decent line. His running style is part of that but our line blows! Until that improves no RB will stay healthy. For a third Rnd pick I would do it since we are rebuilding. Nothing less.

              3. His style of running was usually seeing a LB in the hole or in the back field and trying to make something out of nothing. The zone blocking scheme will be a welcome change for him.

              4. We don’t know that the scheme will help him.
                A RB’s body over a 4 year period is a good body of evidence of how it will hold up in the NFL.
                He has one year left, was not part of this regimes plan, so use an expiring asset to gain another.
                One that will help fill another need.

                It’s also no coincidence they went out and traded for a back, signed a free agent one and drafted what appears to be the the new #1.

              5. They aren’t going to get enough in trade to make it worthwhile imo. Getting a late round pick that likely doesn’t make the team for dumping the best RB on your team doesn’t make any sense. The added a lot of bodies in FA and the draft because Hyde was the only guy they had.

              6. I’m not going to speculate the return but it seems this new staff does not have much faith in him.
                I’m thinking that his health history is the reason.
                If they keep him and he plays well and let him walk, he might return a compensatory pick.
                But due to his history and now the depth at the position, he might not see the field.
                If it were my decision and a 3-5th round pick was on the table, I’d deal him.

              7. If you think Hightower, Bibbs and Harris are going to keep him off the field your high. Once training camp starts Kyle will play the best players. That will include Hyde. If he has a good to great year they will extend him. Whether he was there pick or not. If he goes down again then they will move on.

              8. Rebuild he has not been able to play a full season. That’s proof.
                You keep speculating that he will have a good year. Well you have to show you can be that every day, every down back.
                It’s been 4 years and he hasn’t so what’s your evidence that now he will?

              9. What depth are you talking about Prime? If they trade Hyde they are left with a rookie (Williams) and a bunch of questions marks. Hightower is barely hanging on to a job in the league and Bibbs is still an unknown. There is no depth, which is why they added so many bodies this offseason.

              10. Hyde had a good season last year. Just under 1000 yards and 4.6 a carry on a bad run blocking team.

              11. Prime that goes for every player on the team. What player is safe? Buckner? Thomas and Foster? That’s it..Everyone else is playing for a job. That includes Bowman. IF Hyde produces a full season and produces he will be kept. He is too talented to not. IMO! I could be wrong time will tell.

              12. What looks like a lack of depth and unknown to you is the opposite of what Shannahan thinks.
                He pounded the table to draft Williams. They gave up a high pick to get Bibbs. Signed Hightower who he played against a lot in ATL.
                They then resigned Harris.
                So to me, they know exactly who they want in building the depth at the RB

                The best thing this staff is doing is choosing guys very specific to their scheme.
                I don’t think Hyde seems to be very high on their list when they have addressed the position multiple ways.

              13. They traded a 4th next year for Bibbs and a 5th. Hardly a high pick or a lot of compensation in general considering picks the following season carry a lot less value than current draft picks. Hightower was signed for one year and low money because he doesn’t offer much and had little interest on the FA market. They don’t have much depth and that is why they are throwing so many resources toward the position. It says more about how they felt about the depth behind Hyde than Hyde himself.

              14. A 4th and a 5th are significant for a team like the 49ers in rebuild.

                They obviously thought highly of Bibbs to trade for him then to use a draft pick.

                Hightower even though the term is one year, shows he is a good fit to the scheme.

                My point is they had to address the depth at every position but at the RB they seem to want guys that fit the system.
                I don’t think Hydes durability and style fit.

              15. A 4th next year is essentially worth a 5th this year Prime. The pick for pick value was pretty much on par. Bibbs was an added bonus. I like Bibbs potential but he’s an unknown at this point and certainly hasn’t shown enough to think he’s going to be able to make up for the production they will lose if they trade Hyde.

                Hightower offers little at this point in his career. He’s 30 years old, and his yards per carry last season was tied for 21st. He was signed because they had little depth and he was a low cost option. With the additions of Williams and Bibbs, I think there is a very good chance he doesn’t make the team if they decide to keep only 3 RBs.

              16. No Prime, they gave up a 4th in 2018 to receive a 5th in 2017 plus Bibbs. Most people are of the opinion a future year pick is worth a round less in the current year, so Bibbs provided naff all in terms of value add to the trade.

              17. Hydes production? What production are we worried about losing with Hyde?

                I also don’t think you sign Hightower and trade for Bibbs only to cut them 4 months later.

                Hyde is in try out status. That’s why they brought in a new crop of RB’s.
                It’s hard to envision him as the feature back based on his history and how they’ve addressed the position.

                As for value picks. When you are a team in rebuild mode, those picks are priceless.

              18. Which picks? They essentially swapped picks and got a player to boot. They gave up nothing.

              19. Put this in the wrong spot originally. It should have been posted here.

                Hyde put up almost 1000 yards and 4.6 a carry as I mentioned earlier. That is a lot to try and make up with a rookie. Hightower isn’t that good Prime. He’s a an ok fill in if you want to give the starter a break, but he’s not going to give you much more than average to below average production. He was signed when they had Hyde and not much else. Now that they’ve added Williams and Bibbs, his roster spot is in jeopardy imo. It costs them nothing to cut him.
                As Scooter and I have pointed out, they didn’t give up much for Bibbs, in fact a case can be made that he was an extra in the deal.

              20. Not sure I agree with the stat line of 4.6 yards a carry and over 1000 yards when he hasn’t been consistent in doing it.
                Again those are nice stats but he’s unreliable and very inconsistent in doing it.
                Bibbs, Hightower and Williams were specific targets by Shannahan because they are suited to his scheme.
                Hyde isn’t. He isn’t very good at catching the ball. He isn’t tough which Lynch talked about what he wants on his team.
                I could actually see Hyde being released after camp.

              21. You really come up with some bizarre ideas sometimes Prime. It wouldn’t make sense on any level to cut Hyde and he is tough. He had good numbers in yards after contact while running behind a sieve of an OL last year.

                Hightower doesn’t fit this system any more than Hyde does, and Bibbs doesn’t have enough carries to form an opinion one way or the other.

                Hyde has been in the league for three years. He had a major injury in one of them and played most of the other two. Last season he was top ten in ypc for RB’s with more than 200 carries and you think they may cut him. Smh.

    1. I like Williams but won’t let myself get carried away. Now he’s in the NFL, and there’ll be many times when there’s no place to run. Hopefully he’s a decent pass catcher. If they can get the ball to him in space, he’s capable of compiling significant YAC on a consistent basis.

      1. In that way I think he’ll be better than Hyde. But Hyde’s strength is his power and lateral quickness. He might do better than Williams running through the first level. Just speculating.

      2. This is why I come to this site. Nobody else mentioned JW and his one hand grab.

        Speaking of pass catching, I hope he emulates Roger Craig, and his career.

        Roger Craig had 16 catches at Nebraska, but flourished in the NFL. Some would say that he was feared more for his pass catching ability than his running during parts of his career.

        Joe Williams only caught 20 passes in college, so I hope they can surprise other teams by passing the ball into the flat to him, and watch him gash the defense.

        1. Crabtree made 1-hand grabs. He is also, routinely, one of the biggest pass dropping WRs in the NFL. During his first three years his drop rate was just over 10%. And while he’s gotten better, it’s still around 6%, like last year:

          1 Michael Crabtree WR OAK 145 Targets 9 drops 6.2%

  10. First day of rookie camp–about sums it up. For balance, I’ll be reading reports from other media types in addition to what appears on this board.

    Will be an interesting spring and summer!

    1. I read them all to get a more balanced assessment.

      It is also important to note that one reporter admitted she did not see the whole practice, and was limited to viewing just one part, so she mainly commented on that phase of the practice.

  11. I wouldn’t mind seeing a repost of last year’s minicamp report to compare…

    Wonder what were the comments.

  12. Also read the minicamp was well organized by Shanahan and his staff – especially considering the large number of players on hand. Always nice to hear… Looking forward to TC!

  13. Thanks for the report GC.
    It’s just nice to see some new names and see these guys grow all summer and eventually play in September.

    Go Niners!

  14. Now that we had a year of seeing how Shanahan/Lynch draft do you think you can do a better mock draft next year Grant???? Also it seems like you want Beatard to fail so we can draft a qb next year… but why wait next year for a qb when we can find one today and then draft Sutton from SMU

  15. nice observations. keep it up!

    was trent taylor playing on the outside or inside? you describe an out route so i’m thinking he was likely on the outside? i’m just wondering because player like whitherspoon should be playing on the outside and trying to use his size to his advantage. if taylor was in the slot, i don’t think there’s anyway he could cover taylor.

  16. Not a Niners fan but I watched Williams at Utah. You guys got a steal. Gonna be the best back of the draft.

    1. Apparently you didn’t watch 2015 or the first two games of 2016. Rather, it’s all about 7-games in 2016. Two of which were huge affairs where he averaged over 10 YPC and pulled in about one-third of his yards.

      Pardon me for not anointing him, but that’s a **** thin resume.

      He’s going to have to prove it. Like all other marginal prospects (him being rated the 16th to 22nd best back in the draft).

  17. Grant, thank you for a very enlightening report. It is interesting to hear two totally different assessments from people covering the exact same practice.

    I was just wondering, did you observe from the stands? You mentioned that you liked that perspective, before. Getting an overview may allow for watching more of the practice, and glean insights one may miss at field level.

  18. If I was a rookie QB and had the coach breathing down my neck, I would try to please him and probably force some throws. Let’s hope CJ just got the jitters from all that day1 attention.

  19. I wonder how Hoyer and Barkley threw, and the composition of the O line.

    Nice to hear CJB connect with Kittle, but it is understandable since they were team mates, so they had lots of practices to sync up.

    1. How do you think Hoyer and Barkley threw during a rookie minicamp session?

      1. Just watched some of the practice and saw number 7 throwing, assumed that was Barkley, but read further and discovered it was an invitee.

  20. Grant, how did victor bolden look out there? Any positive plays from him?

  21. Fun report, but as in every year it means nothing till training camp & eventually pads. Shanny will be hanging with all the qbs. I don’t se him falling in love with a QB as Harbs did with Kaep. Shanny is just trying to establish a culture and system & if CJ improves he’ll be here as a backup & maybe starter later, if he sucks I he’ll get cut. These guys are shaking & shaping their roster like Walsh did when he got here. Like Walsh I think Shanny will be calculating and not get too close personally with players. I think he knows CJ has limits, but so did the entire draft class.

  22. Grant you are Lowell Cohn’s and press democrats PET. Just as Mike Tyson was Cus D’amato’s. ” I ain’t the same person I was when I bet that guys ear off.

  23. Foundation is being built. You pick shanny, an offensive guru and you pick up a GM that was a pirate on D. They combind their experience and build a team with their knowledge and youll get a 2 headed monster.

    I like what im seeing here; progress.
    Im excited to see whos starts this year. Ive always said put tartt in; the dude hits like a macktruck.

    Montanas dad used to sit with us in our box; Same feelings back then are starting to come back, were on the right track.

    1. I may have been upset about Lowell wrote, but I read every syllable.

      To me, you just gave him a compliment, because I think Lowell is a legend in the Bay Area.

  24. Speaking of rookies. Thomas’ combine was not only good, but when adjust relative to size, and across the whole combine, it was even better:

    Weight adjusted broad jump — 8th in combine
    Weight adjusted vertical — 14th in combine
    Weight adjusted bench press — 7th in combine
    Weight adjusted 40-yard dash — 8th in combine
    Weight adjusted 3-cone drill — 1st in combine

    His total adjusted combine performance was third. However the two ahead of him did not do all the events. In prospects who did every event, he was #1 in adjusted performance.

    In short, he’s an incredible athlete, especially when you consider his size. He’s faster, stronger and more agile/explosive than most everyone there and he has it all, vs being just a narrowly focused athlete with limitations in other areas.

    So Garrett gets combine Champion, even though he did just four (because even if he did poorly in his DNP, he was still 1st or 2nd in nearly everything). But Thomas is probably the legit #2 since the other guy ahead of him only did two events, which were probably his best two.

    Anyway, I just thought it was interesting.

    1. That’s why he’s fully capable of of rushing off the edge, much to the chagrin of the naysayers on here.

  25. The ultimate counter to the ‘he lead us to the Superbowl arguement:’

    Mark Sanchez, and while he’s a pretty clear bust (he has the 9th worst era-adjusted passer rating in history among players with 1500 pass attempts), he won 33 regular season games and 4 playoff games with the Jets.

    1. Those guys are street corner gossips who will rehash anything and everything and occasionally extrapolate to the infinite. They and Roto may be using a Nexus algorithm to scan the internet. Notice how Grant’s off-hand impression becomes ‘factual’ content (20 lbs)?

    2. I remember when Florio was still a sleazy attorney running a football blog long before he became a sleazy gossip monger running a multi-sport gossip rag.

    1. It cracks me up the surprise displayed at Lynch reporting overweight. You’d think he didn’t have a reputation for being lazy or something….

  26. Grant how do you know Lynch is 20lbs overweight? I hope this ain’t true

  27. Grant, thanks for the first practice report of the offseason/preseason.

    I’m looking forward to months of overreacting to these reports. I tell myself I won’t, but I can’t help myself. With each practice, roster changes will dance in my head. All part of the fun.

  28. Niners are going like gangbusters. It was interesting to note that Paraag, during the draft, was constantly on the phone trying to set up trades. In fact, it sounded like Adam Peters and Martin Mayhew were using their personal contact to drum up business. It was also interesting to note that Mayhew, when talking to Lynch, kept a low voice so King could not eavesdrop. So king ,ay have missed out on the sage input, while Paraag did not care if he was overheard. Brilliant piece of PR strategy, and refreshingly open.

    It was also interesting to find that Paraag was considered an equal and had input in the process. But then again, Jed traveled with Paraag for the interviews, so I knew he was an important ally for Jed.

    So, even though I had thought that Paraag was the leaker, now i realize that he may just had been doing Baalke’s bidding. I must admit that there have been no leaks since Baalke was fired, so Paraag is doing a good job being inscrutable.

    Sounds like there is a whole new mindset at the Niners, and they have hit the ground running.

    Those practices looked smooth and efficient, and everyone is on the same page.

    1. Weren’t you the guy tar and feathering Praag for all that went on last year?

      1. Prime, you know I can admit I was wrong and move on, unlike you.

        Your problem is that you are right so seldom I never have to admit I am wrong with you.

        If Paraag can stop leaking, and can be an asset to the team, I am all for it. I certainly do not want him dictating plays through analytics. Maybe this year, they will stop running into the teeth of the defense.

        Sounds like there are football people calling the shots, so Paraag does not upset me anymore. Maybe it was more like Baalke used Paraag as a scapegoat. The fact that the leaking has stopped is encouraging.

  29. Are you and Pops going to watch the fight tonight Grant? I figured Canelo would win convincingly based on JCC’s past history, but it looks like he really lived in the gym this time around. Could be a war tonight.

    1. Pops is out of town. I’m going to try to catch the fight at a bar.

    2. JCC needs to be patient or he will destroyed. He has to use his length. Canelo will pick him apart if he gets in close. JCC has a puncher’s chance. I say Alvarez wins by unanimous decision.

      1. JCC has a lot of power and a good chin, but has been woefully out of shape at times in the past. It looks like he is in the best shape he’s ever been in. I expect Alvarez to win if it goes to a decision, but JCC is the bigger man and could score an unexpected KO if he lands something clean. Should be a good one either way.

    3. Dominant performance by Alvarez. JCC went too conservative. Even in the 12th he didn’t seem to want to fight. Kudos to Canelo for being aggressive in the 12th when he could have just avoided JCC for 3 minutes.

      1. Really disappointing effort from JCC. He was in there to survive not fight. The good news is we will finally get the fight everyone has been clamoring for with Alvarez vs. Golovkin.

  30. Here is my ridiculously early stab at the 53 man roster:

    QBs (3) – Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley, CJ Beathard
    RBs (3) – Carlos Hyde, Tim Hightower, Joe Williams
    FBs (1) – Kyle Juszczyk
    OTs (4) – Joe Staley, Zane Beadles, Garry Gilliam, Erik Magnuson
    OGs (3) – Brandon Fusco, Joshua Garnett, Daniel Kilgore
    OCs (2) – Jeremy Zuttah, Bret Treadway
    WRs (6) – Pierre Garcon, Jeremy Kerley, Marqise Goodwin, Aldrick Robinson, Trent Taylor, DeAndre Smelter
    TEs (3) – Vance McDonald, Logan Paulsen, George Kittle
    DTs (4) – DeForest Buckner, Earl Mitchell, Quinton, Dial, DJ Jones
    DEs (6) – Solomon Thomas, Arik Armstead, Ronald Blair, Tank Carradine, Pita Taumoepenu, Eli Harold
    LBs (6) – NaVorro Bowman, Reuben Foster, Ahmad Brooks, Malcolm Smith, Ray Ray Armstrong, Dekoda Watson
    CBs (5) – Rashard Robinson, Dontae Johnson, K’Wuan Williams, Ahkello Witherspoon, Will Redmond
    FSs (2) – Jimmie Ward, Lorenzo Jerome
    SSs (2) – Eric Reid, Jaquiski Tartt

    LS (1) – Kyle Nelson
    P (1) – Bradley Pinion
    K (1) – Robbie Gould

    Notable Omissions: Trent Brown, Tim Barnes, Aaron Lynch, Garrett Celek, Adrien Colbert, Kapri Bibbs, Brock Coyle, Keith Reaser, Chris Jones, Blake Bell, John Theus, Aaron Burbridge.

    1. Why do you think Lynch doesn’t make the 53?

      Obviously camp injuries will impact the list.

      1. This is something I have suggested previously, prior to the latest round of rumours. 49ers FO has repeatedly stated they want to change the culture. They want guys that love football, want self motivators. I don’t think Lynch’s attitude will mesh with what they want. I think they will be comfortable going with a mix of Armstead, Harold, Blair and Taumoepenu at Leo. And I think Tank will be Thomas’ backup at big end, and Brooks and Watson can also play LDE in sub packages.

        Yes, obviously this is subject to injury. I also haven’t factored in any more additions to the squad, which is a strong possibility.

      2. LIke Scooter, I think Lynch has attitude and motivation problems. And these things have gone back to college. He quit Notre Dame after an All American year as a Freshman and people were projecting him as a Top-10 draftee a few years down the road.

        Transferred to USF. Had problems with the coaching staff. Was unmotivated while there. Got benched a couple of times. Played lackadaisicaly until the last month of the season when he apparently decided he better put on some good tape for the NFL and tore it up his last four games.

        Came here. Put on a show for a while. Looked like he was ready to break out and become somebody. Instead… He came to camp fat and out of shape last year. Now he’s doing it again this year when his job is clearly on the line.

        1. Good points Moses. He was another flash in the pan type player drafted by the previous regime.
          You would think he would come into these camps in the best shape of his life.

      3. I’m actually in agreement with the vast majority of the list and was wondering why Lynch was left off. Your reasoning is though I wonder if his pass rush will help keep him there as he “proves” himself.

    2. For the sake of conversation, I’d be disappointed to see Chris Jones gone. There’s fight in that dawg. Is Dial better?
      A.Lynch has to show conditioning and motivation, but I haven’t seen enough productivity in pass rush from Harold. Still waiting on Caradine as well.
      Beatles surprised me by not getting bowled over when he filled in at OLT, but he moved nobody out in the run game from that position. I don’t think he’s a better OT than T.Brown. Also, for someone who rightfully reminds us all not to get all wound up about udfa’s, interesting to see Magnusun ahead of Brown.

      1. I don’t have Magnuson ahead of Brown. I think Brown gets traded. Its about fit for scheme, as well as a similar issue to some degree as Lynch. Brown has a rep for letting his weight become a problem and not being a guy that is self motivated. Its why he fell to the 7th. If he shows well in camp he will stick, but I think he ends up being traded to a team that plays more of a power game (Broncos would make sense). I also don’t have Treadway ahead of Barnes, but I doubt they keep a vet as an 8th OL that won’t suit up barring injury.

        I like Chris Jones but he isn’t really a 1T option. I think Dial makes it as the primary 1T backup, while DJ Jones is mostly inactive on game days barring injury while he gets up to speed with the NFL. I also think Dial is a little under appreciated by 49er fans. He’s a good rotational player.

        1. Ok, thx.
          Guys like Harold might stick until final cut downs, then get bumped.

          1. But does he move better? Magnuson performed better in 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle.

          2. It’s not just about running faster, but latching onto your man while on the move. Something Brown struggles to do. He seems to lose balance and reach block….

    3. I don’t disagree with much of what you’ve proposed Scooter, but I’d be very surprised to see them cut Lynch. If he shows up to TC out of shape and with a poor attitude, I suppose anything is possible, but there aren’t any comparable options to replace his pass rush ability. Taumoepenu is really raw so he’s somebody I see as a PS candidate unless he really blows up in the preseason. Harold hasn’t shown much of anything and doesn’t seem like a good fit to me, but could make it due to a lack of options.

      We’ve discussed Brown previously, and I could see them trying to trade him, but that would be a really questionable OL group if they did. I think Bibbs makes it over Hightower if they keep only 3 RB’s.

      Pretty good shot at it though and you will probably wind up having most of them right.

    4. Scootger, great early stab at a final 53. Better than anything I could out together. Some notations…

      – We all know about the league wide shortage in O-line. If Lynch doesn’t get a really pics for Trent Brown, I think he stays on the roster.

      – Interesting Brandon Fusco is ahead of Garnett on the depth chart. Not saying its wrong, just interesting.

      – I like Smelter making the squad. Will be some really good camp battles at receiver.

      – People are forgetting about Dontae Johnson. I can see hom being the game 1 starter.

      – Also have hopes Redmond makes the squad at slot CB. In the very brief preseason time he played last season, his tackling was surprisingly good.

      1. Moving Brown will be highly dependent on what happens in the battle for the OC/OG positions. They currently have 6 vets vying for 3 starting spots (Zuttah, Beadles, Garnett, Fusco, Kilgore, Barnes). That’s going to be a heck of a battle. But I think it also opens an opportunity to move someone like Beadles to OT. Then it would come down to whichever guy between Beadles and Brown wins that starting RT spot. I am betting against Brown mostly based on scheme fit and past history with motivation.

        I think the 49ers would happily take a 7th for him by the end of TC, so long as they feel comfortable with the trio of Staley, Beadles and Gilliam.

        Regarding Fusco and Garnett, I don’t really have one over the other – both starting. Just listed Fusco first as he came to mind first.

        I think Smelter making the squad is dependent on them keeping 6 WRs, which is no given. The roster math was difficult given they are likely keeping 3 QBs. Could easily choose to keep an extra DB, LB, TE or RB over a 6th WR.

        1. A 7th, Scooter? What are we, the Salvation Army? For a starting RT, I’d like to think we could at least get a late 4th for him….

          1. I don’t see such a trade happening until towards the end of TC, once they have let the competition play itself out. At which point who trades a 4th for a player a team doesn’t want and might cut anyway?

            1. One that might have lost their starting OT to an injury prior to the trade deadline….

            2. I hope they trade him right away, so the other team can have him for their TC.

              The longer they wait, the other team will just wait until the cuts and hope he lands in their lap for nothing.

              1. That would be stupid. The team doesn’t know right now who the best 5 OL are. It is just my guess that Brown might become expendable, but right now they should be keeping all the guys they have and letting them compete for roster spots.

              2. I hope they create a pool of players like Vance, Brown, Lynch, Ellington, Celek, Burbridge, Brooks, Reaser, Bell and Harris, and try to trade or swap them with other teams who may be weak at the position and want depth, or may not fit their system.

                Maybe even offer 2 for 1 deals to facilitate the trade. The important thing is to create space on the roster for some new players, and designate space to have room to poach players from the other teams.

                A cut or PS player like an O lineman from the Cowboys may be better than the Niner backups..

                I also think Brock Coyle makes the squad over Dekota Watson, John Theus over Magnuson, and Kibbs over Hightower.

              3. That is where the assessments become crucial.

                Like with Brown. He is not a good run blocker, but teams would cover a starter because their players played even worse. The Colts may be a good landing spot since the really want to protect Luck.

              4. My sleeper of the UDFAs is Cole Hikutini, who has good talent, but strained his PCL, so he fell in the draft.

              5. Hardly a sleeper, Seb. They gave him $110,000 in guaranteed money. Almost a years worth of salary on the practice squad….

              6. Hmm, I did not know that. Thx for the info. Vance better play, like his last play may be his last.

                Niners are doing a great job outbidding teams and promising a fair competition.

    5. Probably about as close as you can get it, Scooter. Well done. Thanks.

    1. I have to say I really, really like the pick. I think relative to position and relative to the NFL in general he is an outstanding athlete. Relative to weight, something posted up thread about Thomas, Kittle did quite well in all his weight-adjusted performances:

      #6 in 40-yard dash
      #118 in lifting (and I’ve mentioned he needs to get stronger)
      #33 in vertical jump.
      #9 in broad jump.

      Over-all he came in at 28th out of 335 combine invitees. Had he gone to some mad passing school and he got targeted a 100 times, he probably goes much higher in the draft.

  31. Holy crap PFF has jumped on the Lynch being 20 LBs overweight angle now too based on Grant’s comment. Does anyone actually research a story anymore? This is incredible.

      1. You just speculated that he was 20 lbs overweight and could be in danger of being cut? It’s the fact two other media outlets jumped on that as some sort of story or legit measurement that amazes me.

        1. PFT wrote that I was estimating. Lynch told reporters at the end of last season that he weighed 290 and he looks the same now.

          1. “he looks the same now” is estimating. without looking at a scale or direct report from him or the coaches about his weight; you’re estimating.

            or do you have an inside source about Lynch’s weight that you failed to mention?

        2. Also Maiocco confirmed he’s overweight and in danger of being cut. No speculation.

          1. Unless someone told you and Maiocco he was 20lbs overweight and was in danger of being cut, it’s speculation.

            1. Rocket there is plenty of speculation with any player from the previous regime.
              This staff is still discovering who fits and who doesn’t. Kinda like Carlos Hyde.

            2. I’m estimating the weight, but I know that he’s in danger of being cut and Maiocco corroborated that.

              1. So you’re saying a team source told you Lynch is in danger of being cut?

              2. Good stuff Grant. Really shouldn’t come as a shock after he was behind Tank in the vet minicamp prior to the draft.

              3. If he shows up fat and unmotivated and sucks in TC I can understand cutting him. What doesn’t make a lot of sense to me is talking about cutting him because he didn’t show up in shape for the offseason training program. I would think they would at least give him TC and preseason to see how he performs in their system.

              4. Rocket, who is suggesting they should cut him right now? Seems highly likely they will keep him for now and see how he goes in TC. The speculation he will get cut, which appears to be based on more than just media speculation, is about what will happen if he doesn’t get his a$$ into gear and get ready to go hard for TC.

                What leads you to believe he will drop 20 lbs for TC and be in good shape to impress the coaches? This has been an issue for him well before he joined the 49ers.

              5. Grant,
                When you say a “source” told you that Lynch might be cut, would you call that a leak?

              6. Cassie, the leaks once Baalke left the building. Don’t you read the blog?

              7. Just poking fun at the leaks ‘tempest in a teapot’ syndrome…

              8. Scooter.

                Talk of cutting a player – who just happens to be the best edge pass rusher on the roster – in May, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. The only reference other media outlets are using is Grant’s speculation that Lynch was 20lbs overweight and in danger of being cut. Maiocco said something similar in a more general manner but it’s amazing how quickly other media outlets will jump on something that is really an observation with no confirmation of how much the player weighed and no mentioning of a source. Grant said a team source told him Lynch was in danger of being cut if he didn’t get it together and I believe him, but it seems a lot is being made out of nothing right now.

              9. Bah, this is something I suggested could happen a little while back and at the time you dismissed it entirely stating the team would never cut their best pass rusher. Now you are agreeing that if he doesn’t get his act together he could indeed be cut if he turns up to TC unmotivated. My question remains – what is it about his past that makes you think he will turn up in great shape, raring to go?

                It isn’t that hard to believe he gets cut. And it certainly isn’t hard to believe his spot on the team will come under scrutiny.

              10. I like a good rumor as much as the next guy , but speculating a guy will get cut should involve more than showing up overweight for OTA’s or the fact he could be cut if he isn’t in shape for TC imo. It’s pretty obvious that the new regime won’t be happy if he shows up fat with a poor attitude to TC isn’t it? I’ve never disagreed with that. I disagree with the idea that we should be focused on that now or that it makes sense to cut your best pass rusher without giving him every opportunity to redeem himself.

                To answer your question, I don’t know if he’ll show up in good shape and motivated for TC, but I’d sure like to see if he can before tying the anchor to him and dropping it in the ocean. Too many around here are quick to wash their hands of players – Hyde is another one – and it’s tough to figure out why because football wise neither move makes any sense. Lynch was suspended at the start of last season and showed up fat and out of shape when it ended. Not good, but what about the two prior years? Has he really done anything to warrant being cut this year or is this just talk from people who are still disappointed about his effort or lack there of last season?

              11. I agree Rocket both guys should be given a chance to redeem themselves in camp.
                Hyde with opportunity to show he can stay healthy and for Lynch to get back his aggressiveness and be in shape.

                I don’t agree with the fact that they should get the benefit of the doubt because of past performamces.
                This is a what have you done lately type league.

              12. I must have missed the part where I said they shouldn’t even give him a chance or that he will be cut. Or perhaps your are finding meaning in my words that aren’t intended.

                I have said it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets cut if he doesn’t turn it around. Why is it so wrong to speculate on this? And I do think it is a reasonable chance of happening, as he has a history of questionable motivation.

                And btw, you previously said you find it very unlikely they cut him simply because he is their best pass rusher. That was your counter to my suggestion he may be cut if he didn’t get his act together. Now you are saying if he doesn’t get his act together he could be cut. So basically you agreed with me all along?

              13. Scooter,

                Before last season’s suspension, there was no talk of Lynch’s previous problems in College. In fact the belief was he could be a very good player for us going forward and what a great bargain he was in the 5th round. Now it’s about how he is a problem, unmotivated and in danger of getting cut. It’s like last year has now completely defined who he is as a player and the previous two years are meaningless and forgotten. I was as critical of Lynch as anybody for the suspension and showing up out of shape, but it’s a new year, new Coaching staff and new opportunities. It should be a clean slate for everyone imo. This team doesn’t have a replacement for Lynch which is why I’m bullish on them not cutting him. If he’s a moron and doesn’t care enough to show up to TC in shape and ready to compete then yes of course there is a chance he could get cut, but I’d say that about any player. Lynch is just in the cross hairs because of what occurred last season.

              14. Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know from my point of view I have always said he was a guy they needed to keep an eye on following what happened in college.

                As a rookie he turned up in shape (in fact he was underweight following his working out for the combine and pre-draft). Good for him, he was savvy enough to know he had to put a bit of work in ahead of the draft.

                Two years ago, his 2nd season, I had a pretty heated conversation with Prime Time after he turned up to OTAs and TC fat and out of shape following back surgery. I said at the time there are things he could do to avoid letting him become so big (eat right, low impact cardio) while PT was of the opinion how nobody can stay thin unless they can run (despite the fact that many other players are able to do so coming off serious knee injuries, etc). Anyway, that year he was able to go through a full TC and lose the weight prior to the season, and as the season progressed he got better and better.

                Last year he came to camp overweight again with no good reason other than “sympathy eating” with his pregnant wife. He then got suspended and never put the effort into losing the weight which made him pretty ineffective when he did play.

                Now again this year he turns up overweight. I guess he is assuming he can lose that weight through TC. But this is a new regime. They aren’t going to be as patient with him as the previous regime as they have no vested interest in him specifically. You have to think they will want an open competition for roster spots, and how they perform on the practice field will go a long way to determining who gets those spots. I hope he is smart enough to realise this and actually gets himself in shape ahead of camp, because otherwise he will run the risk of being buried down the depth chart at the start of TC if he can’t perform as needed in the early going. Being out of shape also increases the risk of injury, which would further weaken his chances.

                Should it be a clean slate for everyone? Absolutely. But that goes both ways. They shouldn’t be influenced by what happened last year, but nor should they be influenced by how he performed the two previous years. It is what he does now that matters.

          2. Grant

            That is plain and simple…silly…You and Maiocco are probably on each others speed-dial, and can create career threatening statements and get credibility simply by backing each other….I for one, expect better from both off you

            1. Not me, I just think they are doing their jobs. I want to see the Niners, the good with the bad.

              1. Seb

                Knock off with the brown-nosing….why don’t you think about what is being said before you go blasting into your keyboard…

      2. Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoNBCS
        @EastBayReed I don’t know his exact weight, but there’s no question he has to get his act together or the new regime will move on.
        3:09 PM – 6 May 2017

    1. I was wondering the same thing. There’s nothing from the community of 49er reporters. I’m guessing day two of rookie minicamp was closed to media.

  32. Ha! I missed this:

    The 49ers traded up with the Seahawks to take Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster with the 31st pick in the draft.

    Greg Cosell — your thoughts on the selection?

    “I think Foster was the second best prospect in this draft behind (Myles) Garrett,” Cosell said on KNBR 680 this week. There’s nothing not to like. In fact, I do an excel spreadsheet — I do strengths, weaknesses, transition — I had nothing under weaknesses.

    “As a player on the field — and I know there’s other issues and that’s probably why he dropped; I know there’s some injury concerns and perhaps some other things — but I think he’s a high-level linebacker prospect. He’s got all the athletic and movement traits that you look for.”

    1. Hadn’t heard this one before:

      Foster was also asked about the reports of an addition surgery possibly being necessary. “That’s not accurate at all,” Foster said. “I’m fine. I’m on schedule.”

      On Friday, the day after being selected, Foster joined KNBR and tried to explain where the mixup occurred. “Because I had a scan,” Foster said. “I scanned it and what they was talking about was the anchor in my shoulder and the light had glimpsed it — some light had glimpsed it a certain way and make it look like it’s not healed all the way. It’s getting in the healing process because I’m like 13 weeks outside the surgery. But no more surgeries. It’s going to be completely healed before training camp.”

      1. Hoping for the best here, but patients are often not quite objective when it comes to assessing their recoveries. Easy for more imaging to be done, and I’d think that’s been accomplished.

  33. Director of pro personnel Mike Williams and assistant director Quentus Cumby will not return to San Francisco’s front office, sources told Tim Kawakami of Bay Area News Group.

    1. Mike Williams was in charge of scouring the other team’s rosters for possible FA acquisitions. Sure am glad Lynch will be more aggressive scouring other rosters to find talent.

  34. Guys
    At some point pressing Grant for his source will be self-defeating for us readers. Over time Grant has established himself and developed sources. With this new regime, he’s had to work harder. Sometimes he gets insights ‘on background’ from peeps and he has to respect them by not revealing his source. I’ve noted certain takes over the last year that seem to be coaches’ takes.
    So if he just says a lil birdie told him…..maybe dats true…maybe not, but maybe….

    1. Further, if it’s a calculated ‘leak’ to emphasize a team message to slim down, well, there’s precedent for that going way back.

  35. Back to Lynch:

    Recapping some of Aaron Lynch’s underachievements and bullet points of why he’s been considered (speculation of course) the most overrated underachieving player on the roster, at a glance:

    1. Reported to 2016 training camp around 290 plus pounds (20 pounds over his playing weight) via
    2. In the last seven games of the 2015 season, he registered 1.5 sacks.
    3. His rating against the run was subpar at 44.4 and pass rush? Well below average at 59.9, via Pro Football Focus (subscription required).
    4. He lacks a non-stop motor and doesn’t go full speed on every snap.
    5. Lacks an All-Pro level film study/physical training and relentless work ethic.
    6. After a loss (2016 season) to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he said, “We have the team. We possibly have one of the best teams in the NFL. Easily. Hands down.”

    But mostly, it’s the fact that since mid-2015, he hasn’t done crap. He’s been a bad pass rusher and bad run defender for a year-and-half now. And I’m not the only who has seen that or is, pretty much, tired of his crap.

    I mean, let’s face it, it’s his CONTRACT YEAR. This is the year when even marginally motivated players tend to go all-out… And he’s eating extra helpings… You can’t fix this. And there’s no point in pretending things will get better.

    1. MosesZD, I enjoy your posts. The intelligence, the citing of sources. Thanks for your hard work

    2. Agree 100%. Sometimes it’s just a case of million dollar athletic talent, ten cent head. In those cases, it’s better to cut your losses.


        1. Arcane fact: no vultures, including turkey vultures are buzzards. Buzzards is a long established misnomer for vultures that actually refers to a different species of bird.
          The quote as related to me was “…..when surrounded by turkeys.”

  36. Don’t need WOW, completions are what counts.

    1. If you find your way to Northern Indiana, you’re welcome to drop by;>)

      1. Razor – I will be in Big Rapids Tuesday to see one of my daughters and Grand kids. Not sure how long I will be there. Yes I will be going into Indiana as I am doing all 48 states on this trip. You bet would love to connect with you.

    1. 5-years: 2012 SackSEER Projected vs Actual

      Nick Perry – 28 — 23.5
      Whitney Mercilus – 21.5 — 37.5
      Shea McClellin – 20.1 — 8.5
      Chandler Jones – 20.1 — 47.0
      Andre Branch – 19.5 — 19.5

      So, basically one-in-five was actually right. But as we can see with their the best predictions, they’re not exactly accurate. So it was almost certainly just random luck.

  37. It will be interesting to see if D.J. learns anything from his ordeal, and from the team’s unhappiest with Aaron Lynch, and comes into TC in better condition, maybe even dropping five pounds or so. In the NFL, size alone won’t get it done.

  38. Concerning the practices- I am not too worried about the lack of throws downfield, especially with the windy conditions.

    KS was smart to let CJB get some easy completions, because it will give his new QB more confidence and become more comfortable running the new Niner system.

    Cant wait to read more nuggets of information that Grant will glean from seeing them perform on the field. Granted, most will not make the team, but just the number of participants is impressive.

    Sure is nice to see a spirited competition, Aaron Lynch better get serious, because coming in overweight just means that every other player will be ahead of him.

    I guess the best thing to consider is that there is plenty of talent. Many players do have good skills. The trick it seems, is for teams to play together cohesively and in sync. It also showed that one player may be the weak link and cost them the game, so building an overall competent squad is required for success.

    1. Grant predicted him as the only UDFA to make the 53. Here’s some additional info that was just published on Rotoworld:

      “A big-name undrafted free agent out of Baylor, Cannon was cut immediately after rookie minicamp. Assuming he is healthy and isn’t dealing with an undisclosed off-field incident, we suspect Cannon will be claimed off waivers. A one-trick speedster, Cannon has drawn comparisons to Chargers WR Travis Benjamin. “

            1. I’m confused by where this question displayed,……..but if you mean the tech issue on the blog, it seems similar to last time when the pages weren’t refreshing automatically when logging on. On my iPad even after I refresh and see new links to comments, the link doesn’t always take me to a current enough version of the page to display that comment until after I refresh yet again.
              It might be the fuel pump…..

              1. Same behavior using Opera – constant refresh needed to follow a thread.

    2. The first real shocker for me. I thought KD Cannon had a legit shot. Must be clueless running routes. That’s my only explanation for cutting him this quickly.

        1. Did they feel like their was absolutely no chance for him to beat out Aldrick Robinson after getting their first look?

      1. The first real shocker for me. I thought KD Cannon had a legit shot.

        Not the first time your thoughts led you astray, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

  39. Is anyone else having issues with the site? I have to refresh every time I come here, and multiple times in some instances.

      1. Yes a number of times and still have the problem MWN. Judging from the responses below it appears the site is having problems again or the PD are trying to increase their click count ;)

    1. rocket – Yes. For the last few days. I have to refresh to see my posts. I also have to refresh to get the most recent home blog home page. And on my tablet refresh doesn’t work at all.

      1. HEY GRANT!
        Sorry for the caps but wanted you to notice the comments string about blog’s technical function so you could alert IT on Monday.

    1. Well, that was epic. But for six years we had, among others, the greatest QB who ever lived (and wasn’t Alex Smith):

      Ken Dorsey
      JT O’Sullivan
      Shaun Hill
      Nate Davis
      Troy Smith

      There were at least a couple of more. I kind of lost track.

    2. I am not the only poster in the world who writes with with Hyperbole.

      Some other poster thought the Niners would draft Trubisky. Even bet money on it.

      1. And some people thought Colon Kaepernick was going to be the 49ers QB.
        They even went as far as to proclaim it all winter and spring and never shut up about it.
        Foot in the mouth was the result.

  40. I had mentioned my parents house caught fire awhile back and posted pictures. I just wanted to provide an update to the fire department’s “likely” cause was the fuel pump in my mom’s car that was parked in the garage. I was wondering if anyone else has ever heard of such a thing, because I did not realize it was even possible.

    1. Fairly automotive savvy and I’ve never heard of such a thing and have a hard time imagining how it would even be possible unless your mom left the keys not only in the ignition but turned to the on position. Otherwise the pump wasn’t receiving any voltage.

      1. Thanks, CFC. No keys were left in the ignition. Just parked normally in the garage.

        1. Hmm, was there a water heater in the garage? Sure seems strange that the fuel pump failed, but where was the ignition source?

              1. Are we seriously still talking about this BS?
                You two idiots wonder why you get the backlash you do! Selfish di$ks!!!!

              2. Prime, you just said- YOU TWO. Guess you just acknowledged that you are full of it when you accused me of being him.

                Yes, It is not football, but when his mother almost died due a fire caused by an unknown reason, I am just being human to show concern. Unlike you.

                I know she escaped, thank goodness, but the damage was extensive.

          1. Hmm, saw Cassie ask the same thing.

            Wonder if the car had been worked on lately, and maybe a hose was jiggled free or cut?

            1. Nope. According to Moses, it sounds like it’s possible a switch did not receive the signal to shut down the pump. Thereby overheating and ultimately igniting. If I am to understand him correctly….

              1. Yes, but usually the fuel pump does not run when the engine is shut down. Granted, I am no mechanic or an electrical engineer.

                Maybe its Gremlins, or a Boggart? ;p

        2. I remember that some off the early Austin Healy 3000s and MGs had problem with their first electric fuel pumps not shutting off and continued pumping fuel into the engine compartment, and the fumes would catch fire if left around any oily rags….but that was the ’50s and ’60s….just a thought….

      2. There are a number of relays that are supposed to open the circuit when there’s no power. It could have been in the initiation switch. It could have been the EFI relay. There are even unrelated relays that will short things out and cause the EFI relay to become confused/activated and not shut down.

        Anyway, if any one of them gets messed up then the pump can stay on.

        FWIW, I’ve had bad ignition relay that cause me issues. Though it didn’t effect the fuel pump so I was lucky there, though it drain my ****ing battery all the time. I also had a bad brake relay that made it impossible to shift out of park.

    2. Strange. I’ve never heard of that. I assume the FD ruled out any electrical causes in the garage. Does your mom smoke?

      I don’t see how a fuel pump would could catch fire on its own. I did a google search and found nothing but gas station explosions.

      1. No, she doesn’t smoke, and no mention of possible electrical reasons. Although they could not confirm the cause, they likely attributed it to the fuel pump. Thanks, #80.

        1. Why do all of Seb’s neigbors shudder whenever he does yard work ?

          He should just stay in his house and pay for a gardener !

    3. The car fuel pump is a new one. Hope nobody was injured in the fire.

      1. Geep, thank you. It seems it’s possible, which I didn’t believe. My mom drove a Talon, but it seems it can happen to any vehicle.

    1. KD Cannon indeed has been released. He was a “priority free agent” with $45K in guarantees. People (speculate) he was awful in minicamp or its something off field.

      Unless the 49ers can recover the $45K, he made some nice money for a few days work.

    2. I have to laugh. Not as his misfortune, but it’s like this EVERY YEAR. And fans just never seem to learn that these guys have only the most marginal chance.

      The brutal reality is that most of these guys will be lucky to play special teams for a year or two if they make the active roster. Some may hang out in practice squads for a few years. Once in a great while you’ll get a Wes Welker or Kevin Williams or, if you’re really, really, really lucky and John Randle.

      But, in the end, mostly what you get is here today, gone tomorrow.

  41. With this regime, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

    When national media and posters on this site speculated that Kap’s inaccuracy and reading progression difficulties would result in his termination by Shanahan, soon thereafter Shanahan was asked why he fired Kap. His response: “We felt that you could taylor an offense to his strengths, but you’d have to change the entire offense to suit one player. That was not the direction we wanted to go…Brian will involve everyone on the offense, makes all the reads, so you don’t have a player at the position where it doesn’t matter what the offensive line or wide receivers are doing if that player isn’t getting it done (making the correct reads).

    Next, the 49ers drafted a QB whose skills are from a pro-syle offense (Beathard).

    Posters also wondered about the WR core. Next thing you know is that most of last years receivers were cut and a an undersized slot receiver specializing in reading coverages with a knack for getting open is drafted–Williams.

    We heard speculation that the 49ers could draft a TE due to McDonald’s drop-itus.
    One of the best TE’s in the draft was chosen by Shanahan.

    Finally, posters wondered if the oft-injured Hyde would make the team as Shanny’s offense relies heavily on play action behind an inside/outside zone runnining scheme, mixed with some misdirection an power…Suddenly, legitimized sources claimed Shanahan offered to trade Hyde for draft picks and we are still hearing of Hyde trade rumors, post draft.

    Hyde’s gone.

  42. Pro Football Focus thinks 49ers found a mid-round gem in NFL draft

    The 49ers have to hit on their mid- and late-round selections in the NFL draft if they’re going to rebound from their miserable 7-25 run over the last two seasons.

    Scouting service Pro Football Focus thinks San Francisco may have done just that, finding a potential mid-round gem in the fifth round in Iowa tight end George Kittle:

  43. * One of the better all-around tight ends in the draft, Kittle is a shifty route runner and a solid run blocker, and his ability to block on the move could make him a do-everything option for the 49ers. Expect Kittle to compete for snaps as a “move” tight end, but he can also contribute as a traditional fullback in new head coach Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

  44. 49ers have post-draft front office shakeup
    49ers organizational purge not limited to the roster.
    by Timor Domini – Greg Valerio@Timor_Domini May 7, 2017, 8:20am PDT

    Days after the completion of the 2017 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers have parted ways with director of pro personnel Mike Williams and assistant director of pro personnel Quentus Cumby are no longer with the team.

    Although it’s not a complete purge of the front office personnel similar to what the Buffalo Bills went through a few days ago (firing all their scouts), moving on from Williams and Cumby is intriguing and welcoming, especially considering the talent level – or lack thereof – that was brought in via free agency over the years of adding depth to the roster.

    The move is part of the continued roster and personnel shakeup under the new regime of Lynch and Shanahan, where no stones are left unturned.

  45. Cam Inman‏Verified account

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     More

    Cam Inman Retweeted Matt Barrows

    From what I saw at Friday minicamp, Cannon didn’t show much urgency or hustle … but could be more reasons he got cut

    Cam Inman added,

    1. Usually an accumulation of events gets you fired.

      Starting with the Shanahan/Lynch front office shakeup yesterday, to the Free agent/undrafted FA signings, the draft, Baalke’s talentless roster, a short turnaround time from SuperBowl to Shanahan’s reg. season, time is not on his side.

      You waste his time by commiting crimes (Tramaine Brock), or not hustling (Cannon), Shanahan doesn’t have time for you–you’re gone.

      He’s trying to get a roster stacked with healthy players–not-acl injured players or players with issues.

    2. Indeed, if there was a lack of hustle, release was rightfully swift vs. nursing a player along and hoping. Sends a powerful message.

      1. Yep. If that was indeed the reason then look out anyone that doesn’t come to TC ready to go hard.

        1. I won’t be surprised to see more examples made in the first week of training camp.

          1. Practice is an “E” Ticket ride –
            Emergency-level Energy Expenditures Expected Every Episode

          2. Could be. Lynch has been saying all along how they want motivated, football guys.

          3. That’s why I think Lynch is gone. He’s been like this for the last two years of his pro career. No motivation. No hustle. No dedication. And he had the same problem through most of his college career.

        2. We all remember a small receiver taken first in a team draft that was memorable. He also arrived out of shape.

          What was his name? As I recall, Harbaugh didn’t play him much.

          1. No, but he sure defended him. Let us all know that we (especially Grant), not he, were clueless about the prospects of AJ Jenkins and he expected big things.

            Even after we traded him to the Chiefs in the middle of training camp in his second year he defended him and said he stood by his words.

          2. That’s from 2012:

            “I just want to update you on the status of A.J. Jenkins, that topic,” Harbaugh said. “A.J. Jenkins was an outstanding football player when he got here. His progress has been very, very good and exceeded expectations. For those scribes, pundits, so-called experts, who have gone as far to say that he is going to be a bust, should just stop.

            Those must have been some mighty low expectations.

          3. And this:

            “I’ll go on record: A.J. is going to be an outstanding football player. So far in camp and what he’s done in the offseason has led us to believe nothing but he’ll be an outstanding football player in the National Football League.”

          4. And he was keeping score, too:

            Harbaugh went onto say: “And, yeah, I’m going to keep track of some of these names of so-called experts who were making these comments. And there’s going to be an ‘I told you so.’ I foresee that happening.”


      2. That’s the part of the equation we aren’t privy to. How do these guys present themselves in interviews, their attitude and how much do they love the game? There was a reason Cannon didn’t get drafted and now we have an idea why.

  46. 49er RB, Matt Breida sure looks like Kyle’s father’s RB, Terrell Davis.

    Kyle would know. Great UDFA !

  47. *Above Video: Breida ran for countless 60, 70 and 80 yard touchdown runs. This is not done without some serious speed, so I decided to research this. Below are the results.

    Matt Breida measureables:

    Former Eagle Matt Breida among the standouts at Georgia Southern pro day

    STATESBORO — After he leaped for a 42-inch vertical, bench pressed 225 pounds 23 times and sprinted 40 yards in 4.38 seconds, Matt Breida left Glenn Bryant Field on Thursday one last time knowing he can’t be ignored.

    And after he recorded a 142-inch broad jump, displayed tremendous balance and speed on a rain-soaked field and ran precise routes…

    1. * It rained for the entirety of the two-hour workout session. It didn’t matter. Not even in the 5-10-5 drill, in which athletes sprint five yards one direction, turn back and sprint 10 yards the opposite way, then turn back again and sprint five more yards. Where some slipped, Breida stopped on a dime, planted his foot and exploded off his turn. He even elicited a few atta-boys from nearby scouts, who appeared to pay compliments only when they were warranted.

      NFL scouts from the Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns and the Oakland Raiders were there and complimented him when warranted.

      Said Breida on the 42-inch mark: “I knew I could hit it,” Breida said. “I told Jay Ellison and Robert Brice I was going to get a 42. I knew I could get there.”

      The 42-inch mark was the highest bar they set up, and the tips of Breida’s fingers may have been half an inch above it.

      1. Altogether remarkable. Hyde may well be history. 2018 3rd or 4th rounder.

        1. Baloney !

          Carlos Hyde is our #1 RB until he loses it to another deserving RB. ‘Thunder and Lightning’ should be the name of our running game HYDE AND WILLIAMS

  48. NFL Draft Profile: Matt Breida, Georgia Southern:
    ** Program: Georgia Southern Eagles: Position: Running back
    Height/Weight: 5’9″/ 195
    ** Accolades: 2015 All-Sun Belt 1st Team Offense, 2014 All-Sun Belt 1st Team Offense, Sun Belt 2014 Offensive Player of the year:, 2014 Doak Award Semi-Finalist, 3,740 yards rushing (3 seasons)
    ** Before last season, Breida turned in Heisman-like performances the likes of which the Sun Belt had rarely seen.
    Rushing Avg Rushing TDs
    2014 1,485 8.7 17
    2015 1,609 7.9 17
    2016 646 3.8 3
    Matt Breida’s Ga Southern RB pro day #’s if at the Combine
    40yd: 4.37 (1st)
    Vert: 42″ (1st)
    Broad: 11.2 (1st)
    225 Bn: 23 (3rd)

  49. What gives with the near blackout of days two and three of rookie camp?

          1. Maybe the Niners did not like such in depth reporting, and just wanted the media to post platitudes.

            1. I much prefer to receive a spectrum of information, and not rely solely on Grant. It’s not either or.

              1. I do too. I generally peruse the other sites, but scroll past the comments.

  50. One good thing from this release is, now the players know the FO and coaches are looking for a certain type of player, one that will play hard to the whistle and never take off plays. They are serious, and can make quick, decisive moves.

    Players who lag in practice or come in over weight or out of shape, will not be the type of player they want.

    1. Not necessarily so….we just fired our scouting/personnel dept….let’s not have one dictator go just to replace him with another….

  51. Word has it KD Cannon was feeling a little too big for his britches, so to speak. Hot dogging it and failing to finish plays, ShanaLynch made a early statement. It’s 100% effort at all times or you will be replaced ….. period!

  52. I think the site is proper broken now. Not even clicking on the refresh button updates it to have the latest comments.

    1. one has to fist remove cookies and then reload to see the latest post. Maybe it’s SRPD’s way of telling us that we need to chip in for it to stay afloat….

  53. Hi everyone, 1st time posting here.

    Was surprised nobody mentioned UDFA Matt Breida as a RB with a legit shot at making the team. check out his film:

    I agree w/ many of you who say Hightower offers very little, & even less after the haul of RBs 9ers grabbed in draft & UDFA.

    Barring a trade, i see Hyde, Williams, Breida as the top 3, with Bibbs, Harris, & Hightower on the bubble. Juice the versatile FB+ of course makes it.

  54. Whoops, didnt see that someone did mention Breida just recently. Still the highlite reel is worth a look.

  55. Wow, somehow i missed quite a few posts about Breida earlier today. The page definitely did not refresh on its own, guess i should have hit the refresh button before posting.

  56. Hmmm…

    Name: Ahkello Witherspoon

    School: Colorado

    Position fit: Cornerback

    Stats to know: 13 passes broken up in 2016 tied him at No. 1 in the nation.

    What he does best:

    Able to break up a lot of passes with his length and vertical leaping ability.
    Times his jump well to break up deep passes consistently.
    Can break up slants with his long arms that he initially lost inside on.
    Prevents completions; his 31.8 completion percentage ranked No. 5 in the country.
    Only surrendered 28 catches on 88 targets and one catch for every 17 coverage snaps.
    Stays on top of routes and cuts the receivers off from the ball.
    Stays patient in his back-pedal and lets his man declare his intentions.
    Uses his quick feet and excellent balance to mirror wide receivers coming off the line.
    Not as prone to biting on double moves as most young cornerbacks.
    Communicates very well with his teammates in the secondary pre-snap.
    Plays with a high football IQ and often knows what route combinations are coming.

    Biggest concern:

    A bit slow to re-direct if he guesses wrong which way the receiver is breaking.
    Can struggle to break down and tackle shifty players in space, 8 missed tackles in 2016.
    Needs to get a little physically stronger and can get outmuscled for jump balls.
    Can struggle to stop and break back on the ball quickly on hitches and comebacks.
    Doesn’t have the quick change of direction ability to play in the slot.
    Player comparison: Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks

    He’s a lot faster than Sherman. And, honestly, Sherman plays more like a safety playing corner than a corner. But if he’s even close, I’ll take it.

    1. Hmm, what was that black thing under his shirt?

      Looked like one of those gut busters, used to tuck in the tummy.

    2. He doesn’t look that bad. From the pictures and videos I’ve seen he is not in great shape, but he’s not remotely close to being in the kind of poor shape he was last year either. Honestly there looks to be more than a few players that aren’t in top shape out there right now and that’s ok. This is the offseason. OTA’s are voluntary and players are just starting to get back into football mode. I think a lot is being made out of nothing. The criticism is a hold over from last year and aimed at an easy target. I don’t know how the new brass views Lynch but I’ve seen nothing so far that warrants the criticism he’s taken the past few days.

  57. My report:

    Reports of Aaron Lynch being 20 lbs overweight, IMO, are overblown. I got a hold of some tape of the 49ers first team participation this offseason. Lynch looked good. On one drill, Lynch lined up alongside Buckner. Lynch beat Buckner like a drum and finished the drill so far ahead of Buckner that Lynch spun backwards to finish the drill backpedaling, well ahead of Buckner.

    Yes, Buckner is a bigger man, and Lynch should beat him in this drill, but Lynch looked, from my estimates, maybe at most 5-8 lbs ahead of where the 49ers want him heading into camp!

    1. Put it this way ….. Aaron Lynch already looks to be in far better shape at this point this year, than he was entering training camp last season. A very encouraging sign, IMO!

    2. 49reasons – Saleh said Lynch will be playing with his “hand in the dirt.” Weight might not be as crucial in the new 4-3 DE role.

      I think 4-3 DE is Lynch and Carradine’s natural position. Will be interesting to see how things develop.

  58. Any word on why KD was cut? It has to be something more serious than play on the field right?
    What did he look like to you?

    1. Sorry to see a talented player go, but I know there are others now they need to develop.

  59. Looks like Harris has been cut.

    Wish him well, and hope he has time to find another team before the OTAs

  60. Was KD Cannon even at mini camp? My fist thought was that he showed up late or worse. That can result in getting cut before getting started.

    1. “The ‘in danger of getting cut’ part of Cohn’s report is not inaccurate.”

        1. The comment I saw from Maiocco was pretty generic compared to yours. Did I miss another one? Did he go more in depth on this?

          1. He said he didn’t know Lynch’s exact weight, and neither do I, but he said Lynch needs to get his act together or the new regime will move on from him. That’s what I said as well. If he loses the weight, he should make the team. But he has been overweight for a long time.

            1. Saying a player can be cut if he doesn’t get his act together is a generic statement imo. You can apply that same standard for anybody out there. The thing that baffles me is that this has become a big story based on nothing but an observation you made that is a guess on how much he may be overweight. Doesn’t that strike you as just a little bit of an overreaction?

              He didn’t look that overweight to me and appeared to be moving around just fine. According to that article from Jones, there is no set weight that has been given for the DL either. I’m sure he’s not even close to being in game shape, but that can be said for a lot of the players out there from what I saw.

              1. Lynch needs to get his act together. That means his act currently is not together. Not a generic statement.

                Jones is wrong. There is a set weight Lynch needs to get to.

              2. That’s the question then isn’t it? Is there really a problem or is it an overreaction?

  61. I am not surprised about Shanahan working on Beathard’s positioning when throwing to left. You can see a sloppy carry through at combine. He twists and leaves his feet.

    But that stood out because I thought he otherwise looked particularly good at the combine. He looked very cool calm and confident (under center) making other QBs look less comfortable in contrast.. It seemed first nature to him. His read and anticipation of target seemed to make up for that funny release to the left making him one of the most consistently accurate passers at the combine.

    Because I was so skeptical of this reach for this QB, I went back to my tape from combine and was surprisingly impressed with what I saw. I was immediately impressed with how natural and comfortable he seemed to be compared to other QBs with what the combine coaches were giving them.

    But a whole story a combine does not tell…..

  62. Your full of yourself. Who do you think you are? Do you consider yourself a better QB evaluater than Shanahan?

  63. Grant,

    When are you moving on from the PD? Branch, Maiacco, Murphy, etc. all did after a few years. Make the jump!

  64. Niners poached Gilliam. Now the Seahawks signed mike Davis. With Rawls and CJ Prosise, it sounds like he was picked up for intel.

    1. They haven’t had any formal practices, what intel would Davis be able to divulge?

      1. They got Wilhoite for the defense, now they have Davis for the offense. but both will be used to help with player assessments and locker room dynamics.

        However, since they do not have the playbook, and most of all the coaches are different with a different scheme, the intel will be slight, compared to a 53 cut player.

        1. All of that is what a couple days worth and scant. The player assessments will be as good from the scouts from the team as from Wilhoite and considering how many new players will be on the team and the switching of positions his contribution will be negligible for intel. Davis was at camp for a few hours so he could only see very little as well and the team will Chang drastically. You over estimate what they will contribute. The Seahawks brought him in for specific purposes. He is a vet and knows the system and will be a camp body.

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