49ers extend Glenn Dorsey’s contract through 2016

The 49ers just announced they have extended Glenn Dorsey’s contract through the 2016 season.

Here is a written statement from 49ers’ General Manager Trent Baalke: “Glenn is a true pro who has quickly become a valued contributor to our organization both on and off the field. He is a quick study and a very good football player that has earned this extension, and we look forward to his future contributions.”

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    1. Harbaugh gone after this season? Kawakami says it’s a coin toss at this point. Oakland or Miami are most likely destinations, says K. Wonder what Harbaugh will fetch if 49ers do decide to trade him afterall>?

      1. Kawakami is always looking to stir up s#@t and to predict the demise of the 49ers one way or the other. Fortunately, he’s always wrong and he always ends up with egg on his face. I look forward to the same thing happening again with this new “inside scoop” of his.

          1. Here’s another perfect example Rib.

            Do the 49ers have questions? Of course they do, especially if you haven’t followed them closely. The thing is, when you take a step back they actually answered these questions a year ago.

            1) Distractions: Come on. This is an organization that lost one of it’s best defensive players for 5 games last season and went 5-0 with him out of the lineup.

            2) Personnel, Justin Smith and Frank Gore are getting old: No kidding? Gore still went over 1,000 yards last year and his run against Seattle in the second game set up the win. In addition, Baalke has already addressed this by drafting Tank Carradine and Carlos Hyde. Both of these guys are improvements over the backups from last year.

            The secondary has been changed, but this defense won both playoff games without Carlos Rogers and have you watched Tarell Brown this preseason. This unit is going to be better than last season.

            3) Identity: A lot of this goes back to number’s one and two I think. Even without Aldon Smith last season the offense was true to form, running the ball on more than 60% of it’s snaps. This has become the narrative of the preseason. Don’t buy it.

            4) The Schedule: The 49ers have 7 matchups against playoff teams this year? Oh no. Guess what they had 7 last year too. The play the Cardinals twice? Yikes! Didn’t they do that last season too?

            5) History: History is on the 49ers side. Who knows what will happen once they reach the playoffs, but they will be there. This is an organization that won 10 or more games for 16 straight years.

            The examples this guy gives don’t hold up. Seattle was 7-9 two years in a row before 2012 even though they made the playoffs one of those seasons. New Orleans was forced to play without it’s head coach went it tanked in 2012.

            1. Good stuff Jack. And I completely agree with #2. I’ve said it before, but I really believe the secondary will be much improved this year. I think Culliver is the biggest question mark for me, health and performance. But I think our depth behind Brock and Cully looks very good. And I’m pulling for Acker over D-Mo at this point.

            2. You’re on a roll Jack. It’s amazing how so many fans and media can focus on one side of a narrative and disregard the other.

              I wrote a post a few weeks ago where I mentioned I didn’t see this team winning the SB this year for a myriad of reasons, but I certainly don’t see them missing the playoffs, and if they hold up health wise, they have a pretty good chance to be playing in Phoenix in Feb.

              Every team in the league has these same kind of issues and nobody goes through TC or a season unscathed. What it comes down to is depth and execution. The Niners have quality depth, in fact possibly the best 1-53 roster in the league, but injuries at QB, Oline, TE for example and they are in dire straits. It’s going to be that way with everybody.

              This team has had defections before. Losing Rogers, Whitner and Brown is not ideal due to a lack of cohesion, but these players were either unwanted or playing a lesser role on the team before this Coaching staff arrived. I have little doubt they can sustain or possibly even improve the secondary play. It may take some time to gel, but as we’ve seen before, they seem to have a system in place on defense that allows them to insert a different name and carry on without much of a dropoff.

              I’m worn out from all the rhetoric. I wish the season would start already.

              1. rocket:

                I’m worn out from all the rhetoric. I wish the season would start already.

                Yeah, but I fear it will only get worse. If the team struggles early on as it deals with Bowman’s absence, Aldon Smith’s likely absence, and the incorporation of new players in meaningful roles, the doomsaying Cassandras will multiply and grow louder.

              2. Rocket,

                Thanks. I’m just getting tired of some writers who take two meaningless preseason games in which 7 of the 22 projected starters have played 3 or less snaps to pounce on the narrative.

                I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It often sells more papers and gets more page clicks by getting the natives restless instead of trying to paint the full picture.

              3. Claude,

                Yeah you’re right who am I kidding? It will be a weekly gnashing of teeth and hand wringing as it usually is, but at least we will have actual meaningful games to base it on.


                Drama sells. No doubt about it.

            3. In #3 did you mean Alex instead of Aldon referencing the offense? Good post and corrective perspective to some writings out there. I think sometimes its easy to forget that the Raven’s made a SB run late in to their D’s career. That’s also true for Pittsburgh and Chicago too. I am looking forward to the season.

              1. Thanks. No I meant Aldon. The narrative this off-season is the 49ers will have to open up the offense to score more because without him the D will give up more points. Same with the loss of Bowman.

                They forget the 49ers played 2 games without Smith and Willis last season. In those 2 games the defense gave up a total of 14 points.

              2. Hammer, I thought you were giddy at the thought of Kaepernick having to perform without an elite defense propping him up, because he would be exposed for the charlatan quarterback you believed him to be?

  1. Greenbay just waived Colt Lyerla. PCL and MCL tear to his knee. This is definitely the kind of injury that Trent Baalke just can’t stay away from. Expect SF to put a claim in on this guy.

      1. He is suppose to be the next Gronk. Speed, athleticism, and size. He was undrafted but he was a duck. I believe he had some behavioral/character issues. Tweets about Sandy Hook, cocaine possession, and some poor decisions.
        We all know Baalke likes those injured reserve guys. He had to add a whole handicap section to the parking lot of the practice facility to accommodate his last two drafts.

        1. Having a chip on your shoulder is one thing but this kid’s Combine reads like a rap sheet — Under weaknesses it lists emotional outbursts. OMG. He has a connection with Kyle Long @ Oregon; maybe the Rams will pick him up.

  2. Ian rapport reporting that niners and Crabtree making progress to an extension and should be done in 2 weeks! The deal will be similar to how kaeps contract is structured in which if Crabtree performs like a top WR he gets paid like one.. This is big news!!!!

    1. Wow…I’d never expect Crabs to agree to that Kind of deal. Great stuff though. I wonder if this will start a trend for the league….”Earn your pay!”

      1. Lol Boone hasn’t gotten that trend down. Don’t hold you breath. Some players are all about the money. And always will be. Not saying Boone is, but it isn’t looking good.

    2. Makes perfect sense.
      Kap didn’t sign that deal for nothing.
      So many guys had Crabs bolting after this year and tried to figure out who his replacement was going to be.
      Awesome news!!!

    3. “#49ers next contract target: WR Michael Crabtree. There is progress. Hope is for a deal before the season. Otherwise shelved until after. Is Crabtree a No. 1 WR? Talent, yes. Injuries make it tough. He’s willing to earn thru incentives top-end $$ rather than argue for that base.” @RapSheet

      1. Thanks, Jack. Hope this is true. Never pegged Michael as a diva, just a young guy trying to make his way. Has always been a team guy.

  3. Would be HUGE news. And I’d gladly say I was wrong in thinking he always wore a star under the niner jersey. So would this leave Iupoti or A Smith out? That’s scary too

    1. If Aldon stays out of trouble Aldon goes nowhere. Reinforcements on the O line happen next year when Brandon Thomas from Clemson is healthy.. He played tackle in college but will play guard…I see crab getting a contract then followed by Boone in short order. Iupati gets big money in the off season…

        1. Iupati is great but guards are much easier to find then a player of the caliber of Aldon Smith… The only thing keeping Aldon from the hall of fame is Aldon.

        2. I dunno, md …
          it’s lookin’ more and more like Carlos Hyde
          will be the “heir apparent”

          (but then … I dunno about Lattimore … or LMJ, tho)

          1. I agree Hyde looks good, but it’s starts up front and Iupoti is a wrecking ball for Gore. It’s no secret we couldn’t run the ball after the “extra play” with the TD vs Seattle and he got injured. It would be nice to sign both, but there’s no question A Smith is THE top priority next contract round coming up.

            1. I think that we would be fine with Thomas at LG MD. He held his own when he went up against Clowney. The kid has great upside if Solari can hone his skill set.

    2. If Aldon is able to stay out of trouble for the next year he’ll be signed to an extension. No way they will give up on a premier pass rusher unless he gives them no recourse.

      Iupati will be looking for top 5 OG money I would imagine, so this is likely his last year in SF. With Looney, Thomas and likely a draft pick, they’ll be ok when he moves on.

      1. Hold on though rocket…that’s exactly what guys have said about Crabtree–“it’s his last year”–but look now.
        Granted, guards are certainly much more expendable, but I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that they’re able to re-sign him provided he’s happy playing here.
        If he gives the hometown discount…who knows?

        1. KR,

          Very true and I admit I didn’t see Crabtree signing an extension before testing FA, which still might be the case. However my point about Iupati is simply the realization that there is only so much money to go around. As we see every year, there are teams that put a higher value on a player than the Niners do. We’ve seen it with Goldson and Whitner the past two years. I hope I’m wrong and Iupati wants to stay more than he wants to be the highest paid OG, but I’m not holding my breath.

          1. Probably right.
            I’m hoping for the best though.
            Dude’s a stud LG and a true mauler.

    1. Interesting article Neal, but my critique of Bucky Brooks is that it’s really hard to extrapolate an offensive explosion based upon preseason film from one game. The Chargers weren’t playing a real plan, and the Hawks clearly gameplan and put starters in for a long period of time. The Chargers pulled their starters quickly, while the Seahawks kept their starters in for the first half. It almost cost them Doug Baldwin in the process.

      Also, betting on Percy Harvin to play 16 healthy games is very chancy. Finally, their OL is very bad. Spreading out defenses with no RB invites Wilson to get hit…a lot. Sure, he’ll do his stupid figure 8 scrambles in the backfield, but defenses will eventually copy the 49ers/Cardinals/Saints defensive strategies to contain him.

      I agree that we take the division back this year.

      1. Good points. Teams tend to look rather different in December than they do in September, and definitely after their first two preseason games. Harvin is game-to-game due to his fragility. I’m curious to see how the Hawks’ O line will do this year. They over-achieved last year.

  4. Great extension for the Niners. Dorsey played very well last season. And coming off an injury this deal most likely came at a discount and he’ll be hungry. In other news i am STOKED to see the niners and Crab are making strong efforts to get a deal done. He is a huge part of this team and anyone who pays attention can tell hes shedded the whole “diva” persona. I did have my suspicions that he’d be a “pay me” type of WR, but the reports are that he is willing to take an incentive based deal. That shows that he’s hungry and wants to prove his worth. All bodes well for the Niners. Red n Gold baby!!!

  5. I take it Dorsey and Crabtree can be eliminated from the unnamed, disgruntled player sources that comprise the fissure in the team….

    1. I’m pretty sure those sources are limited to Alex Boone’s agents and, maybe, a couple of Fantex executives.

  6. Continues Baalke’s draft theme of strengthening middle of the offense and defense for future seasons. Good signing.

  7. Called this back when Davis and Boone were both holding out. Great move by the team extending Dorsey, although that means that this will probably be Ian Williams’ last season with the team.
    It’s good to hear that there is development in the negotiations with Crabtree. Hopefully that pans out because it will have the team sitting pretty at the WR position for a while, something that hasn’t happened since I believe Jerry Rice’s last season with the team.

    1. Doesn’t Williams still have 2 more years to go on his contract? I think this means NT is locked up for a couple more seasons.

      1. True, but is he going to want to play second fiddle to Dorsey? He could ask to be traded to a team where he has a better chance of starting after this season.

        1. Maybe, but I doubt it. He’ll be the starter this year, and if he plays well he should head into 2015 feeling reasonably confident of holding his job even with Dorsey back. At least confident enough he’d be willing to fight for his job. Should make for a good battle in TC next year, and whoever loses will provide a good backup option in case of injury.

      2. Scooter,

        I’m pretty sure Williams is only signed through this season. If I remember correctly he signed a two year deal before last season.

          1. I stand corrected. He signed a 3 year deal not a 2 year deal. My bad, but happy that is the case.

  8. Crazy how Kap becoming qb has changed almost everyone’s opinion on crab. With Alex as the starter he under performed and had most fans wanting him gone. Now with a QB who can utilize WR skill everyone is thrilled that the Niners are looking to extend him. It’s crazy what a change at QB can do.

    1. Actually I’m still a little leery about the team extending him mainly due to his injury history.

  9. I often wonder what ex-hack political cue-card writer writes Baalke’s by-the-book “statements”!

  10. Saw an article on SF Gate that told how as the NFL casts around for Halftime Show acts for 2015 SB it has contacted groups, Coldplay among them, and proposed that they pay the NFL for the privilege. They’re asking for a percentage of revenue of tours the acts do following the SB.
    Apparently the proposal is getting a cool reception.
    Really? No kidding?
    I know the NFL is BIG BUSINESS and all, but Hokey Smoke Bullwinkle! That’s some industrial strength arrogance right there.

    1. It’s because they feel the stage at the SB Halftime Show is the biggest, bestest stage the world has ever known.
      And they’re probably right.
      But I agree with you Tuna..what a bunch of fat cat di*ks!

    2. BT, the league shows arrogance on steroids. This is as arrogant as an organization can get, wouldn’t you say? Will be interesting to see if anyone takes them up on this, and if so, who they are. You would think it would be bad for one’s image. Might guarantee a very dull half-time.

    1. One of the more interesting observations. That said, I don’t see anything about the 49er defense that leads me to believe this team is the equal of last years team.

      1. “I don’t see anything about the 49er defense that leads me to believe this team is the equal of last years team.”

        Not surprising when you consider you have yet to see the starting DL, or Patrick Willis.

        1. Maybe he meant last year’s 2nd and 3rd units…

  11. I must say I’m happy that we are keeping Dorsey, I’m very excited about the possibility of keeping Crabtree. I think the most important part of our future is keeping the young current players intact. Hopefully we can keep Harbaugh in place as well. While change can be good, the team responds well to him. Looks like our future is bright. I’m feeling more confident about our future runs for the next Lombardi trophy

  12. Jack, just caught this one from a link of SFGate. Great line!

    Jack Hammer@jpracing11 · Aug 17

    Don’t worry #49ers fans. Levi’s always take a while to be broken in.

  13. Is it really taking this long for Goodell to make a decision on Aldon?

    Just get on with it so each related party can prepare themselves accordingly.

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