Stevie Johnson says he’s playing X, Z and F

SANTA CLARA — Stevie Johnson was interviewed next to his locker Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript.

Q: Are you happy with how the offense is going to look this season?

S. JOHNSON: Yeah, I think the offense will be pretty dynamic. Just happy to be here.

Q: How are you meshing with Colin Kaepernick?

S. JOHNSON: We’re working well. Every day is another opportunity to get better and that’s how we’re taking it.

Q: You guys are going to be practicing in Levi’s Stadium today. How do you think the grass held up during the game?

S. JOHNSON: I thought the grass was pretty good. I haven’t heard anything from my brothers. It was pretty smooth.

Q: Did you get banged up at all on your final target against the Broncos?

S. JOHNSON: A little bit, but it was nothing serious so I’m cool.

Q: You’re a full go for practice and everything?


Q: Do you look at where you might fit in on this team? Who’s going to be out there in three wide receiver sets, who’s going to be out there when there are four wide receivers? Is that something you think about?

S. JOHNSON: Not necessarily thinking about who’s going to be out there in certain personnels, it’s just whenever you get your opportunity let’s make it work. I think that’s what we’re all thinking. We have a lot of great players, a lot of good players that can make plays. Everybody can’t be on the field at once. There are going to be times when you’re called upon and hopefully you show up.

Q: Are you spending more time in the three and four wide receiver looks?

S. JOHNSON: The coaches are doing well at mixing it up right now. We’ve all been rotating when we go three wide or two wide. We’ve all been rotating.

Q: I just mean the amount of time your spending in three and four wide receiver looks.

S. JOHNSON: It’s all the same. That’s what I’m trying to say. We’ve all been rotating so it’s all the same. I’m pretty sure everybody already knows that the bulk of it will be with Crab and Boldin. We’re just fitting in right after that.

Q: Are you seeing more time at X or Z?

S. JOHNSON: Both. I’m doing X, Z and F.

Q: F is slot?

S. JOHNSON: Yeah, that’s how we call it but you can be lined up anywhere.

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  1. that’s to be expected for a presumed #3 receiver.

    I don’t see him as a Traditional X/Split End. But then the Niners don’t typically use (call/design plays for) a traditional X receiver…actually most modern offenses don’t distinguish the positions too much (lots of mult-receiver packages and plays called) other than specific physical position on the field.

    1. L’damien is a good prospect we need to keep..I don’t think he’d make it through the practice squad..Dallas would take him back in a heartbeat..Would we keep 7 wrs? Crabtree,Boldin,Johnson,Patton,Ellington,Lloyd and L’damian?

      1. I would be truly shocked if we kept 7 WRs, and very surprised if Washington makes the 53-man roster. He’s shot with the 49ers will come through the PS.

        As for Dallas taking him back, if they want him on their 53, why did they let him go when they could still have 90?

        1. Think Dallas had a injury at a position of need.and needed to sign somebody..Him with a shoulder injury..put him on shortlist..Probably didn’t think a team would sign him rite happened to us…

          1. That may be the case, but if they really liked Washington I’m guessing they would have found one of the other 36 guys on their 90 man roster that aren’t going to make their 53-man final roster to let go.

            1. True..I just hope he can work out here..Put on few more pounds..Got height..speed..seemslike he’s got a good head on his shoulders..humbling background..

            2. I called it Scooter:

              Comment From Isaac Armendariz
              Is Bruce Ellington ahead of Patton on the depth chart?

              MattB_49: He should be. He has outperformed Patton in every way.

              1. Yeah, you’ve been big on Ellington ever since we drafted him. Looks like you’re on the money. He could be a good one.

                I agree he’s outperformed Patton in pre-season games, but he’s also been going against 2’s and 3’s only. Patton has been against mostly 1’s and 2’s. And when both Patton and Ellington are in the game together, its been with Gabbert, and Ellington has typically been running the shallower routes which seems to be what Gabbert looks for most often. When he finally went deeper to Patton it was well behind Patton and didn’t give him a shot.

                Ellington has shown he is adept at creating some separation on shorter routes and that’s why I like the idea of Ellington as the primary backup for the slot behind Johnson. But at this point I prefer Patton on the outside.

                Keep in mind that from Grant’s reports, Patton has been one of the most targeted WRs in camp. I think they will both be fine players.

  2. Do the people that ask these question actually watch games or film? As long as Harbaugh has been the coach and Roman the OC, they rotate their receivers in the game.

    I remember seeing Ginn playing with Crabs, Crabs with Moss and Kyle Williams with Ginn. It’s never made sense to me from a philosophical standpoint, but I don’t play nor coach.

    I would think that these “beat writers” would know that and know that Roman and Harbs don’t put numbers on their receivers. Same pretty much with Gore and Hunter and James. There is no rhyme or reason to us on the outside.

  3. A slightly more sophisticated than normal phishing expedition. Red Chinese Intelligence Service? KGB? Iranians? Domestic Hooligans?

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