49ers extend Mitch Wishnowsky

The San Francisco 49ers announced on Friday they have signed punter Mitch Wishnowsky to a four-year extension through the 2026 season. Wishnowsky was in the final year of his rookie contract.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the new deal has a max value of $13 million and will pay the 49ers punter just under $3 million per year.

Wishnowsky was originally selected by the 49ers in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Over the past four seasons, he has appeared in 50 games and registered 179 punts for 7,423 yards and an average of 41.2 yards per punt, while pinning 72 of his punts inside the 20-yard line. He also kicked off 214 times for 112 touchbacks. Wishnowsky has appeared in six postseason contests and added 22 punts for 894 net yards and a net average of 40.6 yards per punt, with 10 of his punts landing inside the 20-yard line.

In 2021, Wishnowsky appeared in all 17 games and registered 57 punts for 2,310 yards and an average of 40.5 yards per punt, while pinning 21 of his punts inside the 20-yard line. Wishnowsky earned NFC Special Teams Player of the Week honors in Week Two and NFC Special Teams Player of the Month honors in September.

A 30-year-old native of Perth, Australia, Wishnowsky attended the University of Utah where he played three seasons after transferring from Santa Barbara City College in 2014. In three seasons with the Utes, he appeared in 40 games and registered 175 punts for 8,004 yards (45.7 average), while pinning 74 of his punts inside the 20-yard line. He also kicked off 68 times for 45 touchbacks.

Injury report

George Kittle (groin) returned to practice on Friday. The tight end is listed as questionable for Sunday. According to Kyle Shanahan, Kittle is doing better than he was last week and will be a game time decision.

The only other injury concern for San Francisco is offensive lineman Daniel Brunskill. He has been ruled out for Sunday with a hamstring injury.

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  1. Wishnowsky started last year as the best punter in the league but somewhere towards the middle of the season he had an injury or just leg fatigue from kicking off as well as punting. Having Gould handle KO’s this year should allow Wishnowsky to be at his best all year. I predict a big year for him. He was known as a guy who would take off and run in college. I expected him to do the same with the 9ers but he has never run the ball as a pro. I wonder with a new ST’s coach whether he will take off a couple of times this year.

  2. NFL rumors: “Jimmy Garoppolo responsible for leaked Trey Lance video”

    I obviously have my doubts that there is any truth to this, but does it really even matter at this point?

    My buddies have dubbed this season “The Jimmy Garoppolo Revenge Tour”, and could anyone really even blame Jimmy for sowing chaos and discord within the 49ers ranks? Heck no! In fact, Jimmy has every financial incentive to do just that.

    Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock ….

    1. No. All the 49ers need to do is get rid of Jimmy Garoppolo. Who cares if all they get is a 5th round pick? That’s obviously all he’s worth, and keeping in on this roster is proving to be a net negative for Trey Lance and for team chemistry! John and Kyle must clear the decks for Trey Lance at this point, before it goes completely off of the rails. If it doesn’t work out, you come up with a new plan this off-season. But because going back to Jimmy at this point would be catastrophic for this team both short, and long term, and since having Jimmy lurking over Trey’s shoulder is proving counter-productive, it’s imperative that the 49ers do the right thing for this organization, even if it means their backup QB room isn’t as strong!

    2. Media is sowing chaos too, with Stephen A. on ESPN saying Friday that Lance might not be at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. Sadly, the Lance-Garoppolo controversy has become an item on many shows. Can only hope that Lance will have a good game Sunday and put the debate to rest. Meanwhile, what’s with George Kittle not playing yet again??? Seems as if he does more talking than actual playing. Has become much too injury prone.

  3. Kyle Shanahan and Chris Simms are best friends, and this statement isn’t even up for debate. Why? Because they are both on record acknowledging their close friendship. Not only that – the two one-time Texas Longhorns famously have each others initials tattooed on their lower legs!

    Chris Simms, who spoke with NFL on NBC on his “Unbuttoned” podcast Tuesday about the poor start for the title-hopeful 49ers, and Simms did not mince words, stating: “I’ve heard from people I know around the NFL that go, ‘Yeah, there are prominent people within the 49ers locker room that go, ‘Jimmy G. is better.’” So that’s a real thing.”

    I’m sorry Felix, but you are in denial if you don’t think this is a real thing!

    1. A figment of your imagination. Period. There is not a single bit of evidence to back up your chaos theory. So we are supposed to believe you over Lynch and Shanahan.?

      1. Maybe just stop responding to him.

        Eventually that’s what happened when he peddled his wares as 49Reasons.

        Just scroll past and respond to those who you a) agree with, or b) respect.

        It’s worked fine for me, anyway.

      2. Felix, why are you calling it a “figment of my imagination”? It’s Kyle Shanahan’s best friend who’s saying it. And you can bet that Chris Simms has many, many more connections to the 49ers locker room than you and I do.

        But let’s be honest …. this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Most of these guys have a history of success with Jimmy Garoppolo. This is basic stuff, dude, this is simple human nature! You can deny it all you want, but it’s like trying to deny evolution. Human nature is human nature, whether you want to acknowledge it or not!

        1. Jaxon 16,
          “It’s Kyle Shanahan’s best friend who’s saying it. And you can bet that Chris Simms has many, many more connections to the 49ers locker room than you and I do.”

          If you are so sure that Sims is receiving these locker room sentiments, how does this benefit his good friend Shanahan by exposing this news?
          Just one more question, do you honestly believe that the locker room is split after one game?

    1. Meh, Grant Cohn is who he is. Let’s just say we rarely see eye to eye. I usually win our debates, but you can’t have a healthy debate without differing points of view, because blind fanatism doesn’t really do anyone any favors, and ultimately does more harm than good.

      Last I checked, Grant was of the opinion that Jimmy’s reworked contract was a win-win. I know a lot of people felt the same way, until reality set in, and they got a taste of just how hard this is now going to be for Trey Lance, with Jimmy lurking in the shadows, and a large portion of the 49ers championship roster firmly pro-Jimmy G., and subsequently half of the 49ers fanbase, anti-Trey Lance.

      It pains me to say it, OldCoach, but the 49ers QB situation is now @ DEFCON-1!

      And the most unfortunate piece of all of this for the 49ers fan base in particular, is that this was an unforced error! This has all of the ingredients to completely derail an otherwise Super Bowl caliber roster, but unlike the players, the fans are essentially powerless, because we don’t have the power to directly affect the outcome.

      1. However, it’s not to late for Kyle and John to course correct. They can cleanse themselves of this destructive quarterback controversy by getting rid of Jimmy before it’s too late.

        It’s a lot like a cavity in your tooth. If you don’t do something about it upon early detection, it runs a much higher chance of becoming infected, and painfully impacted later on.

      2. Your posts remind me of some of the things BayAreaFanatic used to write..So dramatic…DEFCON-1!….”derail an otherwise Super Bowl caliber roster”….with an unproven QB, who like many others before him, has a ‘great upside, and abilities’, along with endless adoration from local media types..and an offensive line that may not gel into a solid unit until mid season…and an HC, who’s glaring weakness is that he gets out coached in the second half, especially by coaches of teams the 9ers should beat….if KS and JL honestly believed that there was any dissension in the locker room due to JG being on the roster, I’m sure that they’re both professional, and man enough to handle it.

  4. 1) IMO. the key to a 9er win is “GET THE RUNNING GAME GOING.”
    * Control the clock, keep the D fresh, eliminate mental mistakes (both O and D) and take advantage of scoring opportunities!
    2) On D: Pressure Geno and the inexperienced Seahawks OL for four quarters.
    * Control Seahawk WR’s. No broken coverages that allows an easy TD and keeps Seattle in the game.

  5. On Friday, the Niners announced the signing of punter Mitch Wishnowsky to a four-year contract. Nice. I’m really looking forward to it.

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