49ers – Seahawks Live Blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers 2022 home opener against the Seattle Seahawks at Levi’s Stadium. I will provide updates and analysis from the press box throughout the game.

11:18 There is a steady wind coming out of the south, but no rain.

11:32 The 49ers did not elevate any practice squad players this week. Looks like Danny Gray is in line to make his regular season debut.

Also, looks like the running backs will be Jeff Wilson Jr., Ty Davis-Price and Jordan Mason. Oh, and Deebo Samuel.

11:37 Inactive for the 49ers today: George Kittle, Daniel Brunskill, Brock Purdy, Kemoko Turay and Nick Zakelj.

This will be the 16th game missed by George Kittle in his career. The 49ers are 6-9 in the previous 15.

11:44 The rain has arrived.

11:48 Inactive for the Seahawks today: CB Artie Burns, CB Justin Coleman, FS Joey Blount, OT Jake Curham, WR Dereke Young, DT Myles Adams

12:42 The 49ers just finished warmups and the sun is out. Going to be a weird weather day with wind being constant. 

1:03 Seattle wins the toss and defers. San Francisco will be on offense to start the game.

1:12 49ers with a good drive but have to settle for a short Robbie Gould field goal. 

San Francisco was in 21 personnel, two running backs with one tight end, for the first seven plays. Once they got into the redzone Kyle Shanahan switched it up and ran all three plays out of 11 personnel (one running back with one tight end). 

Should have stuck with what was working.

49ers 3 Seahawks 0

1:20 Nice start for the 49ers defense. Seattle showing several personnel packages, and after getting a first down San Francisco holds. 

Talanoa Hufanga with 3 tackles on the first six plays and Emmanuel Moseley with tight coverage on third and five to end the possession. 

49ers take over at their own 11.

1:27 Deebo Samuel is the explosive element of the 49ers run game. 51 yards.

1:28 Trey Lance with the keeper on the zone read. He’s hit hard and is down.

Looked like they were working on Lance’s right leg while he was down. It was in an air cast as they took him off the field. 

1:32 Jimmy Garoppolo comes in and throws complete to Brandon Aiyuk, but it is short of the first down. 

49ers 6 Seahawks 0

1:35 The air has been let out of Levi’s Stadium. 

It was an ankle injury for Trey Lance.

1:39 First quarter comes to a close. 49ers 6 Seahawks 0

Kyle Shanahan has proven that using your quarterback as a running back in the NFL is not a good idea.

1:43 After giving up a first down, the 49ers defense drops Seattle for losses of one on consecutive plays. Dre Greenlaw follows that up by dropping rookie Kenneth Walker after a completion to the right, and the 49ers get the ball back. 

1:49 That was quick. Garoppolo completes all three attempts on his first possession, finishing it off with a 38-yard strike to Ross Dwelley for a touchdown.

It was a four play, 78-yard drive which included a 14-yard pass interference against Seattle on the first play. 

49ers 13 Seahawks 0

1:54 Talanoa Hufanga is a PLAY MAKER. He jumps under a pass across the middle of the field, the ball bounces off and into the hands of Tashaun Gipson for an interception. Terrific play. It will be 49ers ball at midfield. 

2:01 Garoppolo with an underthrow of Brandon Aiyuk down the left sideline, but the receiver had the ball hit him in the hands before falling incomplete. He then goes deep to Danny Gray on 4th and 8, but its incomplete.

2:06 Talanoa Hufanga with a pair of big plays to start off the Seahawks possession. He drops the running back for a loss of two and then breaks up a pass over the middle. 

2:07 Emmanuel Moseley gets called for pass interference to wipe away an interception by Fred Warner. What a bad call. 

Now the Seahawks starting left guard Damien Lewis is down. 

2:11 After a bad no-call led to a long completion for Seattle, running back Kenneth Walker throws an interception to Charvarius Ward in the endzone to thwart the Seahawks drive. 

49ers ball on their own 7.

2:15 Garoppolo’s throw to Deebo Samuel on third and six is a little high. The wide back is able to bring it down, but the inaccurate throw keeps him from picking up the first down. 

The 49ers have run 25 offensive plays in this half, fifteen have come out of 21 personnel. 

2:18 Huge special teams play for San Francisco. Seattle muffs the punt and Ross Dwelley recovers to give the 49ers the ball at the Seahawks 22. 

2:22 Garoppolo to Deebo Samuel for a screen to gain seven, then hits Jeff Wilson Jr. to get the ball down to the one. From there, Kyle Juszczyk plows up the middle for the touchdown. 

That’s the type of player who should be running the ball between the tackles.

49ers 20 Seahawks 0

2:24 The 49ers special team units have been very good today. The kickoff coverage dropping DeeJay Dallay as the Seahawks 16.

2:29 First half comes to a close with the 49ers up 20-0.

2:47 Nick Bosa opens the second half with a sack. The 49ers defense forces a quick three and out. Offense will take over on their own 30. 

2:58 The 49ers drive it all the way down to the two. Robbie Gould’s 20-yard field goal is blocked, and Michael Jackson takes it back the other way 86 yards for a Seahawks touchdown. That was not a thriller for the 49ers fans in attendance. 

It was Ross Dwelley who gave up the blocked field goal.

The first two plays on the drive were throws from Jimmy Garoppolo. Kyle Shanahan called one pass on the next nine plays, resulting in a scramble by Garoppolo.

49ers 20 Seahawks 7

3:05 The rain is coming down and Jimmy Garoppolo does not appear to be able to get a good grip on the ball. He’s had a couple of passes just flutter. Caught a break on the last when Seattle was called for illegal contact to extend the possession. 

3:14 Samuel Womack drops Geno Smith just short of the line to gain and the third quarter comes to a close. Will Seattle go for this on their own 22? Their offense has been pretty nonexistent to this point. 

Seattle has picked up only nine first downs in this game. They’ll punt it here.

3:23 The 49ers offense has come to a screeching halt the last couple of possessions. On third and eight, Garoppolo throws incomplete to Brandon Aiyuk. The quarterback had Ross Dwelley open over the middle to pick up the first down and missed him. 

3:29 There goes Drake Jackson. The rookie defensive end forces Geno Smith to step up and he teams up with Nick Bosa to record the sack and end the Seattle possession. 

3:40 The 49ers offense is taking the air out of the ball. 3:59 left to play in the game and they are down to the Seattle 20. 

3:41 Good job by Jake Brendel to catch the Seattle defender offside. Garoppolo with a good play as well of understanding the situation and taking the deep shot to Brandon Aiyuk resulting in pass interference in the endzone. 

Going to head down to the locker room now. Will get an update to you on Trey Lance as soon as one is passed along.



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  1. What’s with George Kittle apparently not playing again??? Seems as if he does a lot more talking than actual playing. Has become much too injury prone and unreliable game day.

  2. Lance needs to learn that on 3rd and goal you throw the ball in endzone. Unless you have a guy wide open that can walk it in.

      1. Kyle deserves all the criticism he gets this week. This was a long time coming, going back to the Arizona game last year. What in the actual f%#k!

    1. Lower leg. Put the air cast on him. Probably a broken leg. Broken legs can heal in 6-8 weeks. If it’s torn ligaments in his ankle then it’s a season ender. Depending on severity can be a career ender.

    1. Somehow the weasel will find a convenient scapegoat, I promise you. No excuse.

      Genius my a$$.

  3. Never never understood the “genius” label applied by so many to Shanahan. What an asinine play to call to injure a guy you gave up 3 first round draft picks for. Jackass.

    1. Everyone has been noting this going back to the Arizona game last year. Trey was taking big hit after big hit in that game. Shanny had his blinders on. Everything was set up for Shanny to learn his lesson without actually walking away with any damage, but his stubbornness, rather foolishness, finally caught up to him.

    2. A offensive genius that has had his team in the bottom half of the league in scoring the majority of his HC/OC career. He is really more of a middling coach. Just like his W-L record.

      1. Running Lance on a QB designed run for the 4th or 5th time in just a little over 1 quarter of football is idiocy. Plain and simple.

  4. Kyle never understood the risk to Trey. He was or should not have been a first-option run threat. Kyle is off to a horrible year.

  5. The reason why they drafted him was for his mobility. You going to leave a mobile guy standing around? Sh*t happens.

    1. Being mobile to escape the rush and possibly some bootlegs is alot different than calling 3 QB rushes up the middle in 1 quarter of football. Mobility doesn’t mean Trey Lance should be nicknamed Ironhead Trey.

    1. GN,
      C’mon GN. Why don’t we just bubble wrap all the 49ers players! It’s football, players get hurt throughout the season all the time. I’m sure that Shanahan will be the big target in the media this coming week. So, be it. But a QB could get injured in the pocket just as well.
      Feel bad for Trey, and hope he has a successful return, but it’s Jimmy’ team now.
      Let’s go Jimmy G.
      P.S. genius move by the FO to keep Garoppolo.

      1. How many teams in the league design play calls for their quarterbacks to go headfirst into the defense? They’re not running off the bootleg. They’re essentially running naked draws with no one putting hats on the linebackers..

        I just don’t recall any other offensive coordinator routinely calling these types of plays.

  6. Wow the offense looked pretty good just now scoring the TD. Except for the OL mistake letting two seahawks through for the TFL.

    1. This play was made possible by Hufanga’ deflected pass.
      Fangs is going to be a perennial ball-hawk for our defense.

  7. I wanted to see what Try could do. But mark my words. We’ll win the Super Bowl this year with Jimmy lol. Causing even more of a headache. I’ll take it.

    By the way, we look darn good running the football. Let’s stick to it.

    1. It was actually a joke that you took serious. Lol. But Has nothing to do with Jimmy. Just how random things can turn out. Kinda like Carson Wentz going down and Nick Foles winning the Super Bowl.

        1. No worries. I don’t know what to expect from the Niners anymore. I just try to enjoy the good times.

  8. Asked on one of Jack’s previous blogs whether Shanahan was the guy to take the 49ers to the “promised land.” After that asinine of a play call that took down Lance, more convinced than ever he’s not. Stupidity is being too kind.

    1. Every time he keeps the ball he stands the risk of injury. The play call wasn’t the reason for him getting hurt.

  9. Jimmy is proficient with short and medium passes but not so much long passes. 49ers defense looks dominant.

  10. That was a disastrous pair of plays. Hopefully they got that out of their system and the Niners can return to their regularly scheduled programming.

  11. Bad set of downs, Kyle trying to show off and getting pass happy. Stick to running, it is what has gotten us here.

    1. That’s what to expect from Kyle. He ALWAYS goes away from the running game. We’re at our best when we prioritize the run game.

  12. wtf- Jimmy is back and my blood pressure is back up

    dude just said Jimmy underthrew the ball on the PI – lol he didn’t underthrow – that was Jimmy throwing deep

  13. While we’re at it let’s get Garoppolo killed too, in a game we’re up by 2 scores with 2 mins left.

        1. Don’t be a jackass. I like Jimmy. Who doesn’t? I don’t like coaches who put their young highly drafted players at risk. Especially when it’s not a fluke. It was just a matter of time.

          Then again Kyle isn’t anywhere in the league of fine coaches. Stubborn POS is what he is. Lance was probably a bust anyway, but we’ll probably never know since he might lose another season of experience.

          It’s good to see the Shanahan family representing on the Press Democrat, though. He never makes mistakes, right?

  14. I love it. I always get nervous when we play Seattle
    Our Oline was solid. We out rushed them 185 – 35 Ha Ha.
    D was totally dominant. Dumb mistakes and penalties have been eliminated. Hufanga is a superstar. Ward is worth the big salary.
    I have been saying Kyle is going to get Lance injured and here we are.
    Jimmy played pretty well with zero picks. He does limit our offense. Their D plays in a much smaller box.
    Offense should be built around the threat of Lance running. He freezes one of the LBs. That should open up space somewhere. And teach the kid to slide
    Denver here we come.

    1. Seahwaks will wander into the wilderness until they find another Russell or franchise QB.

      As to KS calling on those power runs for Lance since last year is just as close to a criminal offense you would see in sports!

      1. Agreed, totally unconscionable, and a key reason why Shanahan should get sacked immediately. His behavior at the press conference today was inexcusable. How could anyone on this blog have respect for such a total moron???

  15. Damn. Very disappointing but not surprising. The league goes to remarkable lengths to protect QBs but not when they are runners.

    Adam Schefter
    49ers’ QB Trey Lance suffered a significant ankle injury today that is expected to require surgery that likely will end his season, per source.

      1. Trey is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.
        Unfortunate, now he’s out for the season.
        Only ray of light, he’s 22 and has plenty of football ahead of him.
        Jusz, saying that he feels bad about Trey. But this is why you buy good insurance (referencing Jimmy G).

  16. Lance was injured while running the ball and Shanahan was asked if he regrets using the quarterback in that fashion.

    “Anytime a guy gets hurt I wish I didn’t call that. But no, that’s something we were going to do and something we were going to continue to do,” Shanahan said, via Jake Hutchinson of KNBR.

    Of course he’s going to double down on stupid.

    1. Shanahan also said, in the same sentence, “it’s a play that we believe in, and a play that gives him a chance to be successful in the league.”
      Shanahan will stick to his call and I respect that. On the other hand, Bay Area sports reporters will have something to write about all season. Especially if Jimmy doesn’t get the job done.

      1. If he needs to run naked power and draws consistently to be successful in this league, perhaps Jimmy should’ve been starting in the first place. That isn’t a valid excuse to endanger a kid’s career and gamble with three first round picks (and a third).

        1. “If he needs to run naked power and draws consistently to be successful in this league, perhaps Jimmy should’ve been starting in the first place…”

          This. There is really no good explanation for his actions.

          And if KS truly believe on what he is saying here then we have a bigger problem.

          1. Ricardo and Gavin are absolutely right. How can anyone on this blog justify what happened to this young man today??? Shanahan needs to go. Period.

            1. You obviously know nothing about football. Many quarterbacks run the ball and have for years. How insane to go crazy over something that is a part of normal football. That’s why he was drafted for gosh sakes.

      2. So let’s get this straight …. Kyle Shanahan decides that Jimmy Garoppolo is too inconsistent, and too injury prone to depend on, so he uses THREE 1st round picks on a QB so that he can use that QB to primarily run the football BETWEEN THE TACKLES?

        Last week I posted that Kyle Shanahan seems to think that TREY LANCE is LARRY CSONKA, and I told all of you guys that Trey wouldn’t last 6 weeks if Kyle keeps using him like a FULLBACK!

        Something is clearly wrong with Kyle Shanahan’s brain! We all know Jimmy can’t stay healthy, so now I expect the 49ers to be down to their 3rd string QB by week 4!

        BTW, we could have had Justin Fields, although Kyle would likely still find a way to get Justin hurt!

  17. ROBERT TURBIN: “I thought I was watching Army VS Navy. To use Trey Lance like that, he was bound to get hurt!”

    Amen, Robert ….. AMEN! The kid never had a chance! What a shame!

      1. Kyle Shanahan took a roster with an open Super Bowl window, and flushed 3 first round picks down the drain!

        And Jimmy will be a free agent at year’s end! Isn’t that apropos?

      2. I’m a big Jimmy G fan but it’s solely because out of Kyle’s 40 wins 32 have come when Jimmy is the QB. You have a right to say what you think and I have the right to say you’re way out of line.

  18. Somebody need to explain SITUATIONAL FOOTBALL to Kyle Shanahan!

    It’s one thing to run your QB between the tackles, if your running game isn’t working, and you desperately need to pick up short yardage. Neither of these two scenarios were the situation for the 49ers. The 49ers RB’s were having success, and it was 2nd & 8, against the Seahawks base defense, in Seattle territory, with a 6 point lead, so why in the world is Kyle putting his franchise QB at risk for no good reason whatsoever? That’s the issue!

    Like I say, this is the thing that really drives me nuts about Kyle. And then when the reporters dare to ask the obvious question, Kyle treats everyone as if they are stupid and have never watched football! SMH!

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