49ers give Frank Gore’s old jersey number to Tim Hightower

Someone with the 49ers screwed up.

The team’s newest running back, Tim Hightower, posted a picture of his locker this morning. Above his locker is his nameplate, which includes his jersey number — 21. As you know, this was Frank Gore’s jersey number. No player has won it since Gore left the team in 2015. We assumed the Niners had unofficially retired the number, as they should have. But, the new regime gave the number to Hightower, who says he will have the number changed.

It seems the new regime needs to learn 49ers history.

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  1. Apologize if you have heard this before, but I really want Lynch to try and trade players, draft picks or a combination of both to some how get Frank Gore back as a Niner. Maybe offer Davis, Hightower and Reaser for Frank Gore, and throw in a 6th round pick to sweeten the deal.

    Baalke should have never let him walk, he was the heart and soul of the offense and was an inspirational leader.

    This way, he can retire as a Niner, and i truly think he could help the team win.

    1. Frank turns 34 next month… You want Lynch to bring Gore back. Hmm… Wonder what Shanahan would think about that.

      1. Considering they signed several FAs in their thirties, maybe they value savvy battle tested veterans.

        1. So, what would Shanahan think? A gladiator-type RB–illustrious past no doubt–brought in at 34 with not much mileage left. Would he be a strong contributor late in the 3rd quarter of a brutally played mid-December game? We’e talking about a RB,not an offensive lineman. I respect Frank, but I think the HC would be looking in other directions.

          1. With Hyde as the Bell cow, he could be a good complementary back, and would not be worn down with Harris also taking some snaps.

            He might be the best third down option because of his blocking skills.

              1. His career is winding down, I admit that, so he may be cut because the Colts will draft a RB. Not too many 34 year old RBs, so the best way to utilize him is using him judiciously. He will not be required to carry the ball 30 times per game, but he could stay fresh by letting him run the ball 12 to 16 times per game.

              2. If he’s CUT then why even offer a trade? And he’s not getting cut, not this year. He posted 1000 yards last year, the first colts RB to go for 1k in like 7 years, I believe. Now they probably wont resign him or extend his contract after this year.

        2. Seb–

          You know the beating RB’s take in the NFL. How much could Frank have left in the tank, to justify taking a roster spot?

          1. Frank Gore may not be the bell cow with Hyde on the team, but he would be the best blocking RB, and his veteran savvy playing will be an asset.

            He did run for 1000 yards last season, so he may be an exception to the rule.

            1. JFC !
              Windmills! Unicorns! Flying Dragons!
              $.15 Cheeseburgers! $2,000.00 VW beetles!
              Arrigone’s Deli! Traverso’s Deli! Rafa’s Cantina! Rosie’s Cantina! Brass Ass Saloon! Rohnert Park Drive-In, County Line Drive-In! NOT coming back!
              Frankie Albert! Hardy Brown! Joe DiMaggio! Dom DiMaggio! Lefty Gomez! Gaylord Perry! Rollie Fingers!
              NOT COMING BACK!
              Chip Kelly? Not coming back.
              Jim Tomsula? Not coming back.
              Tom Rathman? Not coming back.
              Hugh McIlhenney? Nope
              Delvin Williams? Nah-uh.
              Lenvill Elliott? Derrick Noville?
              Flagler?Hahahaha! Barlow? Nah.
              Craig? Hearst? NOPE.
              NOT COMING BACK!
              Mr. Frank Gore ?
              Nope. Not coming back.
              Oh, if he blesses us, he may sign a one-day contract to retire as a Niner (not a done deal), but other than that……..:
              NO, SEB! He’s NOT COMING BACK!!!!

              1. BT, that is your opinion, and it may be true.

                My opinion differs,and even if it does not come true, I still will believe it was the right option, and have given my reasons.

                Ballard may want to clear out the Grigson signings, and Frank Gore was a big Grigson hire. They undoubtedly want to get younger in the RB department. Frank Gore could conceivably be cut, and so be available. FG would probably be only a one year deal, so he could be a good bridge player.

                I even want AD to unretire. Maybe now that Baalke is gone, he could be lured out of retirement. Niners may want to trade his rights to a team of his choice, so they will be getting a draft pick for him, instead of getting nothing for him.

                Heck, I still believe Lynch will be the voice of reason, and maybe will convince KS that he is good enough to make Kaep a better QB. Sure sounds like KS is selling himself short, and will not even try, but if he really wants to win, he will use every weapon possible.

                Even Matt Ryan was talking about how KS let him run more, which made his game stronger, posed more threats, and was effective.

                In Trubisky’s pro day, what drills did he do to impress the scouts? He rolled out and threw on the run.

                Sure, those things are improbable, but at least I have not closed the door, and Lynch has not either.

                The draft is an inexact science, and at least I have not called for a team to give up 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and 6 picks in all to move up to draft a QB who sat for half the year.

    2. **** no! Seriously, he was always a terrible pass catcher and now that he’s lost five more steps he’s terrible at running. The only reason he’s in the NFL is because the Colts GM (who was fired for stupid signings like this and trading for Trent Richardson) was foolish enough to give him a 3-year, $12 million contract with $6.5 of it guaranteed over the first two years.

      I’d be surprised to see him make the cut in Indy this year.

      1. Good, then maybe the Niners will pick him up. I want him for his veteran leadership.

        1. Frank was a great Niner but he should only return to retire as a 49er. Not to play. These spots on the team are precious and need to be filled with players who can contribute on Sunday.

          1. Last year, he ran for a thousand yards behind a decrepit line and against a defense that ignored the QB and focused on stopping him.

      2. Wrong. Frank Gore was a thousand yard rusher last year. He did that despite teams keying on stopping the run because Luck was out.

        Frank Gore does have good pass catching skills, and even better blocking skills.

        1. @3.9 YPC and was terrible. And was 3.6 YPC the year before.

          It’s like not only are you dumb about Kaepernick, but you totally don’t get running backs. That was, literally, only the second 1.000+ yard season for a back of his age or older in NFL history. And it was a pathetic one where if it would have been any other back who’d have done it, you’d be trying to run him out of town.

    3. Chatty Cathy ring pull #144.
      Frequently accompanied by:
      “Bring back Jim Tomsula”
      “Bring back Chip Kelly”

      1. And would Bill Walsh cut someone a year early or a year late? Seb, move on or go look up AD address or the Aussies address and see if they available to contribute while you are at it. You have to move on…

        1. Bill Walsh signed many former pro bowl players who were in their thirties, but wanted to go to the Niners and get a ring. They even accepted a secondary role, so there are many examples of Walsh obtaining older players.

          1. That is why the Niners rarely lost a preseason game. The second string players were usually better than the other team’s first stringers.

              1. I am just saying that Bill Walsh liked battle tested veterans and acquired them, even though he cut players like Ronnie and Roger because he was acting as the GM and tried to keep costs down, while also having adequate replacements in line to succeed the cut players.

          2. At this moment in time, we don’t need him. Who would he beat out that we don’t need in the future?

            As far as Walsh and his tenure go, we are not even remotely close to getting a ring. We are not at a point where a Wendell Tyler would help.

            1. Saw, the Niners should obtain him by trading Hightower and Davis for him. Maybe throw in a DB or O lineman to sweeten the deal. Trading away those 2 RBs will clear out a roster spot for him.

              They should get him for his leadership and he would be an inspiration and tone setter. He used to be the heart and soul of the offense, until Baalke ripped it out and stomped on it.

              In fact, I would not mind seeing the Niners invite Boldin back to compete for a roster spot. By obtaining veteran leadership, they could teach the younger players how the game is played.

              Sure, the Niners were 2-14, but maybe they need to start building a strong foundation. There is a direct correlation between having a young team, and the amount of unforced errors. Veteran leadership will reduce the learning period.

    4. When he is ready to retire, sign him to a one day contract and he retires as a Forty-Niner. Just like the organization has done for so many other greats in the past. You don’t bring back a 34 year-old running back to the active roster for sentimental reasons.

    5. Just remember this Seb, physics tells us, once you’re up OVER THE HILL you begin to pick up speed at an accelerated rate while coming back down. And this is especially true for RB’s. I love me some Frank Gore in his prime, but he’s now at an age when he ought to seriously consider coaching, or taking up the game of golf.

      1. On this topic, I feel like Sisyphus pushing his rock up a hill.

        With his training regimen, I still think Frank Gore can contribute, because he is special, and one of a kind. Still ran for 1000 yards last season, so I think he can be an asset, a leader and an inspiration.

        1. Frank is coming off of his 2 worst healthy seasons of his career Seb. 3.7 YPC in 2015, 3.9 YPC in 2016. He averaged 4.6 YPC as a 49er! My gosh, his longest run from scrimmage last season was 22 yards. He’ll be 34, which is very old for a RB who has as many wear on the tires as Frank has.

          Like I said, I respect Frank with all my heart, and I believe he’s been an ironman of an NFL RB, but 34 is too old for my blood when it comes to his position. And, on top of that, fans are sentimental. This means there’s a good chance fans will be expecting Frank to be getting as many carries as Hyde, which could backfire in terms of team chemistry and locker room dynamics.

          It’s not how old you are that matters, it’s how young you can convince people you are that matters for veterans of the NFL. As a 34 year old NFL RB, coming off of your worst 2 seasons back to back, it’s impossible to fool the experts.

        2. He can contribute, Seb.
          But who’s spot would he take, that we wont wan’t for the future?

          He would not be the right guy at the right time for this team at this time.

          1. Hightower is 30. Davis is going to be cut. Harris has been cut many many times already.

            With Hyde and a rookie like D’onta Foreman, Gore could be the complementary back and maybe the third down back because of his blocking skills.

            1. C’mon Seb. Hightower is 30 but he didn’t play for 3 years because of an injury. He doesn’t have the wear and tear of a 30-year-old. He is a very good all around RB who is a good runner, receiver, and blocker. With a totally new system that knows how to use people to their strengths, how do you know that Davis and Harris won’t be successful? Move forward. I really don’t see Frank as a happy camper if he’s not the main man.

              1. Frank Gore was very emotional talking about the Niners. He is a Niner at heart. With Baalke gone, I think Frank Gore will buy into the team first mentality, and as everyone has pointed out, he is 34, so he cannot run forever.

                I think he would be an ideal bridge player.

    6. Seb,
      Gore opted out, it was his decision. But he no doubt saw the writing on wall with Harbaugh on his way out Iupati being allowed to walk and the team showing signs of age and slowly declining.
      I can’t blame FG for looking to green pastures in Indianapolis since it gave him the best opportunity to win a superblowl – well at least a much better chance than the 49ers.

      As much as I love Gore (I was among the first to object to Grant’ observation that FG no longer had legs), but at 34 he would only give us marginal production and slow down the progress of younger players.
      The only request I would have from the FO is to exhaust all means to bring Frank Gore back to the team in some capacity after he retires and that he would retire as a 49er even if we need to pay him to do it.
      Yes, I said pay him (if needed). If we can pay Tomsula and Kelly for futility we can certainly pay Gore for the great years of 49er football he gave us.

      1. AES, Gore opted out because Baalke did not deign to even offer him a contract.

        I still think Frank Gore could help the team win. Not as the bell cow, but at a reduced role to keep him fresh. Last season, once Luck went down, they keyed on stopping Gore, so that explains the less YPC.

        1. Seb,
          At the time of Gore’ departure we all felt that Hyde was the better player. Had we known that Hyde would turn to brittle glass I’m sure Baalke would have kept Gore.
          As much as it hurt me to see our warrior leave I also felt happy that FG had a much better chance to reach the SB in Indianapolis then here.
          Sorry that it hasn’t worked out that way for him.

          1. We all subscribed to the Walsh strategy to get rid of a player sooner than later

            However, Frank Gore was the heart and soul of the Niner offense.

            Baalke also promised to Kaep that he would retain veteran talent and leadership, in order to get him to sign that team friendly deal. Baalke went back on his word, and did not even offer a contract to Gore or Boldin.

            I wished him well, but once Luck went down, Frank Gore was the victim of another incompetent GM.

            Still, he ran for 1000 yards last season, so he may be one of those timeless warriors.

            1. And what does rushing for a 1000 yards mean when your team fails to make the playoffs?
              Great individual accomplishment but clearly not good enough on a bad team.
              Individual accolades mean nothing in team sports.

    7. Things would have to fall the right way, Seb. If the Colts draft Fournette, Dalvin Cook, or Alvin Kamara, they would probably release Frank or at least accept a late round pick for him. If the Colts want to keep Frank, then I don’t see him coming back to the 49ers. I suspect that the 49ers are going to draft a RB who will be projected as a possible starter some day. Would Frank accept a diminished role? Hyde, Hightower and most likely a dynamic rookie will already be there. Where does Frank fit in? As much as I love Frank Gore, I really don’t think that the 49ers should give up any draft or trade capital for a 34-year-old RB. If Frank had been a free agent this year it might have worked. We might have signed Frank instead of Hightower. If the Colts do draft a top runner and Frank winds up in a diminished role this year, then it’s possible we could get him back next year when he’s a free agent. He will already have faced the reality of a diminished role. He could play one more season and retire as a 49er. I’d love to see him back with the 49ers but I just don’t see it happening. Maybe Frank should go to the Patriots and try to get the ring that he deserves. Either way, Frank will go out as a 49er when he retires.

    1. Clearly it doesn’t mean nothing. It’s a slap in the face to the teams all-time leading rusher. If they were just numbers than why retire anyone’s at all? Just issue #’s 80, 87, 97, 8, 16, etc.

      1. Frankly, I don’t give a crap if they retired it or not. It’s just a number for sentimental fools to get all worked up over nothing about. And I don’t care if they reissue any retired players numbers as many teams do and, somehow, life goes on….

        Adn, frankly, if any of the players are so emotionally weak that it bothers them… They need to man up. The number isn’t them. It isn’t what they accomplished. It’s not what they are today. It was just something so the fans could identify the player easily because of TV.

        Which is why for the first 30-years of the NFL, they didn’t even have numbers. It wasn’t until TV and broadcasting came in did they put numbers on jerseys (1952).

        Then in the 1970s, they changed the numbers to the system they have now to make it easier for fans to tell the position of players. But at no point was numbering ‘for the players.’ It’s for the fans. And that’s it.

        1. MosesZD,
          I see your point, but to me the player gives importance to the number not the other way around.
          When I think of great players that have played I can’t help but see them wearing their jerseys with their number.
          This is true of all sports.
          Jerry West – 44
          Wilt Chamberlain – 13
          Michael Jordan – 23
          Rick Barry – 24
          Stephan Curry – 30.
          Willie Mays – 24
          Hank Aaron – 44
          Mickey Mantle – 7
          Wayne Gretzky – 99
          Gordy Howe – 9
          Mario Lemieux – 66.
          Just to name some players recognized by their jersey number.

          When I think of former players who wore number 21 this is my quick list.
          Roger Bird – Raiders (the real raiders before they became gypsies).
          John Hadl – Chargers QB.
          Dion Sanders
          Frank Gore.
          Yup, I would say that numbers matter.

          1. Good post AES. One more player that gave importance to their number.

            Jackie Robinson – 42

  2. Hightower says he’ll have the number changed. So why the big stink? So many other matters to fuss about.

    1. Yes, but Grant wants to compete head-to-head with Tumblrina’s on Tumblr… So he’s working on his pointless outrage posts. Next he’ll lecturing us on how ‘woke’ he is…

    2. Fake journalism needs it’s pound of flesh, and this non-story provides them with a meat pie to serve the hungry masses….

      1. East – Grant could write nothing more than “Begin” and Seb and Prime would start banking out the insults….er – clicks.

          1. You’ve just discovered why there will never be an edit function in this blog. Gross clicks make the Press Democrat look good to their bosses.

            I don’t know who’s worse today — Grant or Seb.

            1. Grant just threw me a cookie. ;p

              Let me talk about Frank Gore, who I want back on the team.

  3. So the new Equipment Manager they brought over from Houston is clearly not up on his new team’s history. Might want to grab from reading material on what numbers should and shouldn’t be given out to new players. If not can we expect to see 52 and 97 issued this season as well?

    1. Stay tuned… At least one or two posters will lay them all out. Grant will get his wish…lots of posts–some finger pointing, name calling, indignant outbursts, etc.

      Hightower appears to seek a different number. Anything wrong with that?

  4. For me, this is a none issue until Frank’s number is officially retired. And I don’t believe in retiring numbers before the player retires from the game. My gosh, Frank is still playing in the NFL, so why is his number off limits?

    It’s not like there are unlimited numbers to chose from. Silly subject, IMO!

    1. I prefer the Cowboys’ way — no sacred cow numbers. But a ring of honor. That’s the way to to do it in my book.

  5. Eric Branch‏ @Eric_Branch 8m8 minutes ago
    No No. 21: Tim Hightower will decline Frank Gore’s digits.

            1. I think if anyone is desperate its old wind up. Day 20? No job offers. Oh how the storm came and went and now never to return. Unless its in your backyard trimming trees. Make sure you are careful Seb with dangerous tools.

              1. Prime, if you look at the top rated un signed FAs, Kaep is at the top.

                I am patient. Once this draft sorts out the QBs, he will land some where.

                Texans look like the best landing spot, but now I hear Siemian was so injured, he needed 2 surgeries. He was injured, yet still played, so that told me a lot about what they think of Paxton Lynch. I think Elway wants to win too much to go into the season with their present QBs, despite what they say.

  6. It could have been a camp # or workout # to be changed by the start of the reg season.

  7. OldCoach mock draft #1 and more than likely final. Trade back with Cleve for their #12 pick, the 9ers receive Cleve first rd pick next year and their 3rd rd this year #65.
    #12 Jabrill Peppers S Mich
    #34 Tre’Davious White CB LSU
    #65 Raekwon McMillan ILB Ohio St.
    #66 Jordan Willis DE K St.
    #109 Anthony Walker ILB Northwestern
    #143 Jessamen Dunker G Tenn St.
    #146 Conor McDermott T UCLA
    #161 DE’Angelo Henderson RB C. Carolina
    #198 Josh Dobbs QB Tenn.
    #202 Freddie Stevenson FB Fla. St.
    #219 Cethan Cutler TE Neb.
    Robert Tonyon WR Ind St.
    Jamari Staples WR Louisville
    Tau Lotulelei ILB UNLV
    Darrell Daniels TE Wash
    Keion Adams OLB\DE W. Mich
    Cole Croston OT Iowa
    My non trade back draft is Jamal Adams with the 2nd pick and remove #65 or 66.

    1. Great mock. Love that you spent the first 5 picks on defense. Good quality throughout. I would be satisfied with Dobbs.

      However, some will rip you for being unrealistic and claim that no team wants to trade up. ;p

      1. Seb,
        That is why I did one trade up mock and one no trade mock even though it only changed 2 picks.

        1. No one is going to criticize you for the trade scenario. For three trade scenarios, one involving trading player likely to be waived, well, that’s a different matter all together entirely, but the nuance is a challenge …

          1. What EC said. Nothing wrong with proposing a trade. It’s the self indulgent proposing of multiple trade downs and end of roster player for draft pick deals that is unrealistic and idiotic.

            1. But, but you said that no team would want to trade up with any team, even though I pointed out that the Rams and Philly did it last year.

              Multiple trades just require shrewd maneuvering. I pointed out Bill Walsh and his 86 draft, but I guess you think it did not happen, was unrealistic and idiotic.

              1. If you haven’t noticed Seb no one has criticized others for trade scenarios unless they were seen as highly unrealistic. You seem to think that because seething is possible it is probable. It isn’t. It is possible that the universe ends tomorrow (ask anyone who who voted against Trump). It just isn’t probable. We have lived through difficult circumstances before and we will survive this clown.

              2. Wrong. I said there is no obvious player to trade up for and it isn’t likely to happen; not that it won’t, and your trade scenarios are nothing like what Walsh did in 86. In fact what you proposed in that previous thread has never happened because teams aren’t moronic and delusional.

              3. Nice, I guess you are calling Bill Walsh moronic and delusional.

                Guess what? there are many times during the draft that teams want a player, but he would be picked ahead of them.

                I am just proposing a strategy that has been done before that helps a team get a player they covet. You make it sound like there is a law against trading up or trading down, and name call any poster who has the audacity to even postulate the possibility.

              4. Nope not calling Bill Walsh moronic nor delusional. You are missing the forest for the trees Seb. Look further…

              5. your trade scenarios are nothing like what Walsh did in 86.

                Nice, I guess you are calling Bill Walsh moronic and delusional.

                This is why it’s a waste of time to respond to you Seb.

              6. Compared to Bill Walsh’s 86 draft, I thought my draft trade backs were reasonable. He traded out of the first round altogether.

              7. East, you object to multiple trade backs, but when I point out that Bill Walsh did exactly that, you say it is a false equivalency.

              8. You proposed partially paying a traded player’s salary. Seb, your proposals became caricatures honestly.

              9. Niners have 70 mil in cap space, so if that proposal can facilitate the trade, I say go for it.

                They do it ALL THE TIME in Baseball and Basketball.

              10. Rocket- ‘Your trade proposals are nothing like what Walsh did in 86’.

                Wrong. I have been saying all along that I want Lynch to emulate what Walsh did in 86. He did multiple trade backs. You cannot deny that he did pull them off.

              11. You are dealing in false equivalence. Different circumstances. Different values in the draft. The two are not equal, and as Rocket has pointed out, your facts aren’t completely correct. This does not seem to phase your mental edifice one bit though you go on championing your point of view come hell or high water. This seems unhealthy to me somehow. You ought to develop a stress relief in other actives. For me football is fun. I don’t take it too seriously. I enjoy it and have a great time with it but I don’t live for it. I enjoy learning more about the game from fellow posters and the general comraderie here, but the grandstanding is a bit infantile to be honest. I don’t think you need to prove your mettle time and again, everyone has their opinion and over time their worth is proven.

              12. I know it’s a waste of time and will fall on deaf ears but I’ll try to explain it one more time before going back to ignoring your entries.

                In 86 Walsh did not trade down multiple times in the first and wind up with 8 picks in the first 3 rounds. In fact he wound up with half that amount and had a historically good return because of how well he drafted with all the picks including later in the draft. That was also a time in which teams did not place the level of importance on draft picks that they do now because of FA and the salary cap.

                Your scenario has teams trading up multiple times with the 49ers for no viable reason other than you like the idea of being able to pick multiple players for the 49ers in your mock drafts. Considering most of the players available after the top 5-10 through to the bottom of round one and even into round two, are likely ranked on a similar tier on most draft boards, it would make no sense for teams to give up day two picks to move up to draft a player they can likely get by staying put.

                There is also the fact your scenario has never happened at any point in time in draft history, but that feels like low hanging fruit.

              13. Not sure why you guys waste your time explaining things with Seb. People get mad at me for razzing him but all he does is cloud the blog and his views farfetched you have to wonder what his purpose is.

              14. East, maybe you should take your own advice. My mock scenarios should not threaten your psyche. They are just suggestions, and I do not demand that they do them.

                Just because they are improbable, they are not impossible, so lighten up. I am just throwing out my opinion, and the vehemence in which you fight back shows a little intolerance to different ideas.

                I consider it fun to be able to idly speculate during the off season about a team I love. I certainly do not want you to be upset over them, so I will let it drop.

                Now, I guess I will speculate on multi player deals….;p

              15. Seb you moron, everything you say is improbable! Nothing you’ve ever suggested has merit! Take a vacation or a tutorial on how to use heavy machinery, anything as long as you wise up!

              16. Rocket, I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

                In the history of the draft, there have been many times when teams trade up and teams trade down. There have also been trades when teams trade multiple times, and I will cite Baalke as another person who has done that. Study the picks the Niners got from the AS trade. There have been teams that traded away a player, then traded back from the pick acquired. I cite the Patriots.

                Certainly, there have been way more times when teams just stick to their original draft position, and made their picks.

                However, this team should trade back, maybe sacrifice missing out on an elite player in order to get multiple picks in order to rebuild the team. If the Niners were not bereft in talent and 2-14, I would never propose these types of trades. These types of trades would hopefully stockpile picks and would help build a solid foundation for the future.

                I want Lynch to put on his ‘Trader Bill’ hat and wheel and deal. I also want the trades to be beneficial to both teams. The ludicrous, delusional moronic unrealistic trades will never happen. The good trades that are a win/win should be explored and postulated.

                Sure, it takes 2 to tango, but I swear there are teams who will be longingly looking at a player just out of their reach. Niners need to be shrewd enough to identify those players, and smart enough to be able to work out a fair equitable deal.

                Many pundits are talking about the Niners trading back, and the 2 best possible trading partners are the Browns and Saints since they have 2 first round picks.

              17. Prime, you continue to spew drivel, and seem to think that I care about what you think. You just like to hurl insults because you have nothing better to say.

                Maybe you should flee this site and never come back, since you promised me that you would do that. Oh wait, you word is about as good as toilet paper, and should be used as such.

              18. Seb you fail to realize I am not the only one calling out your BS. I just like to add a few choice adjectives because you never seem to get it. Take a hint!

                Ive been here a long time and yes have had my share of run ins, but never once was I as idiotic in my takes as you have been.

                Like I said, maybe read the manual next time when operating any type of machinery. If you are as stupid as you are in football IQ, I worry for your well-being!

              19. Prime, I may argue a lot, but there is no argument about your lack of intellect. You seem to think you sound tough, but in actuality, you are laughable and pitiful.

                Maybe if you could conjure up an original thought, I could respect you, but you seem incapable of doing that, so you just go attack dog mentality.

                If the Niners trade back, I will be proven right, and if they manage to trade back more than once, I will get to crow. If not, then I will mention the lack of bold aggressive strategizing.

                Many seem to think that the smartest move is to trade back. I agree.

              20. Seb are you crowing about this?
                February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
                KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

                February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
                Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to
                accumulate picks to fix the defense.

                See you on draft day!

              21. It’s not about trading back seb. Get it through your head: no one is saying there is no chance of the team trading down. What I’m ridiculing you about is your trade scenarios where you have the 49ers trading down multiple times and winding up with 8 picks in the first 3 rounds or packaging players that are expendable for draft picks. Your ideas are extreme and unrealistic and are far different than just saying the team could trade down. There is no connection between them.

            2. ” One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…”

              unrealistic, idiotic, ridiculous. it’s not your opinion just read over it…

              1. O – With all due respect, MosesZD first raised the subject of generating clicks and you replied to Seb’s post, which I think was unintended. For your information, I rarely make a comment about Seb’s ongoing feuds and virtually always just skip over those that I feel are a waste. Not sure why you decided to preach to the choir.

        2. Hmm, Cubus just posted that Fournett could go 1, but if the Browns get the number 2 pick, they could get both Garrett AND Fournett.

          Really like your mock with the Niners getting the Browns number 1 pick in 2018. Maybe the Browns will collapse again and the Niners could draft an elite QB early, while winning as many games as possible this season.

    2. Willis has great combine numbers. Alot of people like him. But when I watched a game breakdown of him, he plays slower than I expected with not much fluidity.

      I’ll try to see more footage. Maybe his football speed will match his play speed in some other games.

      1. Brodie,
        You may be right, Willis was a pure speed draft pick. I don’t see him as anymore than a situational pass rusher. He reminds me of Marcus Rush. I really like Keion Adams out of W. Mich.

        1. I’ll watch some more breakdowns of him this week. Lots of football knowledgeable people like him.

          Also, meant to write ” Maybe his football speed will match his [combine] speed in some other games.”

    3. old coach,
      Nice mock. Our defense was one of the leagues worse in many category’s, so top heavy on defense makes good sense. I didn’t follow Jordan Willis’ career in college but most draftheads give him a good grade.

    1. It’s not wild when the general expert consensus has labeled
      Fournette a once in a generation player. (Generation, Def. Ancient Greece= 33 years).

  8. It seems like a non issue. Hightower says he’s changing numbers. Crisis averted. Jeesh. Frank is a future Hall of Famer but I think he’s a little long of tooth. Yes, he ran for over 1,000 yards last year and close the year before but his per carry average is dropping below 4, at (3.7 and 3.9) the last two years. He’s one of my favorite all time Forty Niners. Always a team leader, great in the locker room, and the hardest worker on the team. Having said that, I don’t think KS is looking in that direction. I would hope that when at some point they can get Frank back on the roster to retire his jersey and maybe hire him as a coach. I still scratch my head at Harbaugh’s decision to pull him out after his long run at the end of the SB and install James for that first down play, where he got the ball and gained 2 yards up the middle. Terrible call. Frank was in as good or better shape than anybody and I’m sure he wanted to be in there. One of many idiotic calls by Harbaugh and Co. and the end of that game that cost them a championship.

      1. NO,Kap made a terrible decision. When he is suppose to throw he runs and vice versa. That’s why no one wants him. Pea brain, like you!

  9. Ode to 49er GM–Seb’s dream list roster for the 2017 season :

    Jarryd Hayne (who left in pain) was my 1st choice,
    Now there’s Gore, who could ask for more…

    My Rememberer

    My forgetter’s getting better
    But my rememberer is broke
    To you that may seem funny
    But, to me, that is no joke.

    For when I’m ‘here’ I’m wondering
    If I really should be ‘there’
    And, when I try to think it through,
    I haven’t got a prayer!

    Often times I walk into a room,
    Say “what am I here for?”
    I wrack my brain, but all in vain
    A zero, is my score.

    At times I put something away
    Where it is safe, but, Gee!
    The person it is safest from
    Is, generally, me!

    When shopping I may see someone,
    Say “Hi” and have a chat,
    Then, when the person walks away
    I ask myself, “who was that?”

    Yes, my forgetter’s getting better
    While my rememberer is broke,
    And it’s driving me plumb crazy
    And that isn’t any joke.

    P.S. Send this to everyone you know . . . because I don’t remember who sent it to me!

  10. Trade down is in the wind.

    With once in a generation player, Fournette, (a RB who only comes around once every 33 years) and King Solomon rising up the charts, teams still have lattimore and Bama’s, Johnathan Allen, (compared to the Ram’s Aaron Donald) considered another O-line wrecker, it’s not a matter of if teams will trade up, but which teams will trade up !!!

  11. 49ers hosting QB Deshaun Watson on Monday and Tuesday

    April 10, 2017 at 8:08 AM • 24 comments

    By David Bonilla 49er Webzone

  12. * “In two games against the Crimson Tide, both national title matchups, Watson has amassed 941 yards of total offense, thrown seven touchdowns, and just one interception against an Alabama defense that was in the discussion as one of the best ever.”

  13. Marvin Hill

    Highly unlikely 49ers draft Watson. Watson has accuracy issues & turns the ball over to much. Not what Shanahan is looking for.

    Like · Reply · 2 hrs

    Edward Olivares · Probation Officer at Los Angeles County, California

    Is he coachable that’s the bigger question.

    Like · Reply · 1 hr

    Jeff Owen · Refresh project manager at One Workplace @ Google

    But he’s never had lower than 67% completion percentage in his college career. That’s pretty accurate against some real tough competition. The INTs do worry me, but that’s the gunslinger in him.

    Like · Reply · 1 hr

    Marvin Hill

    Jeff Owen I don’t believe 49ers will draft a QB with the #2 pick & Watson will be gone before the #34 pick.

    Like · Reply · 1 hr

  14. NFL draft rumors: We’ll dream about Leonard Fournette to Browns at No. 1

    It’s safe to say Cleveland wants it to be known that a Godfather offer is welcome for the No. 1 pick.

    The 2017 NFL Draft gets going two weeks from Thursday, and the rumor mill might be close to peaking. The latest comes courtesy of CBS Sports reporter Jason La Canfora. He wrote on Monday that Leonard Fournette has the best chance of providing a notable shock in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Specifically, “Some have suggested to me that Fournette is even in play at No. 1 with the Browns.”

  15. If I recall correctly, Lynch/Shanahan fired the equipment manager and staff. Was a puzzling shock to the beat writers like Maiocco.

    Might have something to do with the number error.

  16. Bears release Tracy Porter

    Posted by Josh Alper on April 10, 2017, 10:35 AM EDT

    Could the 49ers take a training camp flyer on him to replace brock ???

    1. Not according to Dr. Rocket, but I’ve been advocating this red flag ever since he became a favorite among some mock draft aficionados…;>)

      1. I’m no Doctor but I play one on TV.

        He didn’t miss a game last year, that is all I’m saying. If a player is going to be dropped for injury concerns it’s usually a current problem. That isn’t the case here. The kid just played a 13 game season at an elite level. Somebody is going to take him with a top 5-10 pick. Stuff like this is usually put out by teams that want him to fall to them.

        1. Dude, he was unable to complete his combine invitational due to a hammy. NOT a hip flexor like he’d have your believe, but a CURRENT problem with a hammy!

          1. It wasn’t an injury Razor. If you have any kind of tightness or something out of the ordinary, you aren’t going to push it at the Combine, especially when you just ran a sub 4.4. I base my analysis on what the player has done on the field, and Lattimore just had a fantastic season without missing a game. If you want to drop him based on what transpired previously, that is your prerogative, but that is a great way to miss out on a premium talent imo. There is no guarantee he won’t reinjure the hamstring; there is also no guarantee any other player the Niners draft won’t suffer an injury. I think you have to take the talent over everything unless the player is suffering from something keeping him off the field currently.

            1. I’m willing to put a “premium” amount of money on Lattimore struggling with “tightness” throughout his brief NFL career….

    2. San Francisco 49ers begin offseason workouts under new coaching staff

      The San Francisco 49ers will begin their 2017 offseason workout program under new head coach Kyle Shanahan today.

      By Geoffrey C. Arnold | The Oregonian/OregonLive
      Follow on Twitter
      on April 10, 2017 at 12:00 PM, updated April 10, 2017 at 12:02 PM

    3. That’s my biggest concern with Lattimore. Hammies can definitely be a chronic issue, and he has already had surgery on one of them.

      1. Agreed.

        At # 2 there can be no doubt. If there is , trade down.
        Denver did in 2010 and drafted Demaryius Thomas and others.

        1. It’s funny you mention Thomas in that example. He dropped due to a foot injury in that draft.

  17. Dallas Cowboys 2017 Draft Big Board, SBNation:

    2017 NFL Draft: Consensus 1st-Round Mock Draft Based On 50 Latest Mocks

    1 Browns Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M
    Also picked: Deshaun Watson (2%) 98%
    2 49ers Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford
    Also picked: Jamal Adams (15%), Malik Hooker (8%), Marshon Lattimore (8%) 64%
    3 Bears Jamal Adams, S, LSU
    Also picked: Jonathan Allen (26%), Marshon Lattimore (17%), Malik Hooker (8%) 36%
    4 Jaguars Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
    Also picked: Jonathan Allen (18%), Reuben Foster (2%), Ryan Ramczyk (2%)
    5 Titans Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State
    Also picked: Corey Davis (13%), Marlon Humphrey (6%), O.J. Howard (4%) 36%
    6 Jets Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State
    Also picked: Mitch Trubisky (23%), Deshaun Watson (15%), O.J. Howard (13%) 23%
    7 Chargers Jonathan Allen, DT, Alabama
    8 Panthers Derek Barnett, DE Tennessee
    Also picked: John Ross (11%), Dalvin Cook (8%), O.J. Howard (6%) 15%
    9 Bengals Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama
    Also picked: Taco Charlton (8%), Haason Reddick (8%), Corey Davis (4%) 49%
    10 Bills Mike Williams, WR, Clemson
    Also picked: Corey Davis (19%), O.J. Howard (11%), Deshaun Watson (6%) 49%
    11 Saints Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan
    Also picked: Tre’Davious White (6%), John Ross (4%), O.J. Howard (2%) 11%
    12 Browns Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina
    Also picked: Deshaun Watson (19%), O.J. Howard (9%), DeShone Kizer (2%) 60%
    13 Cardinals DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame

    1. Does that qualify as a burning question? Because Scooter has been really picky when it comes to qualifying these…;>)

      1. Bob Lange @49ersPR
        For those of you follwing today’s “number-gate,” @Tim_Hightower will be wearing #26 for the #49ers #slownewsday

            1. Thanks, Brotha. He was a great pick up by Eddie and the boys. Perfect compliment to Craig’s running style, but they both could catch out of the backfield. I see the same elements in Shanny’s offensive philosophy, which gives me hope….

              1. Yeah, John Robinson later stated trading Tyler within his division was the single worst mistake of his career.

  18. Cam Inman

    #49ers DC Robert Saleh: “Moving forward stopping the run is our No. 1 priority. The way we align, our demeanor, we will stop the run”

  19. Jennifer Lee Chan

    Saleh says it will be a single high defense with nuances.

    Joe Fann

    Robert Saleh just tabbed Ahmad Brooks and Eli Harold as two #49ers LBs who can put their hand in the ground and rush the passer.

    Joe Fann

    Robert Saleh on Aaron Lynch: “He will be on the defensive line. We plan to keep his hand on the ground at all times.”

  20. Lucy, you got some s’plainin to do!
    But seriously, it’s a big deal because Frank Gore was the heart and soul of this team.
    A great warrior like FG should be honored by at the very least not giving out his former number.

    Glad Hightower turned it down. But honestly speaking, I don’t care who the new regime is – you don’t mess with the great Frank Gore!

      1. Perhaps, but Craig gave 33 credibility.
        I can’t remember who else wore 33 after Craig.
        Again, it’s the player who makes the number not the other way around.
        I guess its kinda like not many women can wear a tight skirt like J-Lo, or guys can wear tattoos like the Rock (lol).

          1. Not worth my time to check the roster. Robinson has done nothing to make me forget the real #33 Roger Craig!

          2. Check the 49er history. Lawrence Phillips also wore #33 – I guess there’s a good reason why teams should not give out former stars numbers.

            1. Great use of 33… We should build a table of jersey numbers and who they were assigned to, from 1960 to the present. Could be interesting.

  21. Chris Biderman

    #49ers DC Robert Saleh: Having an elite LEO pass rusher is a top priority. Eric Reid is a box safety. MIKE-WILL LBs are interchangeable.

    1. MIKE-WILL LBs are interchangeable.
      The role might be but you wouldn’t necessarily use the same players in both spots. Im hard pressed to imagine the Jag’s 215 pound Will LB Telvin Smith lining as the Mike.

      1. He’s probably referring to how they will react to certain offensive formation shifts. Sometimes that will be the way the defense has to play it with the MLB and WLB being able to adjust on the fly.

          1. #80,
            Foster may be the only player in the draft who would make an immediate impact on any team. He is a combination of P.Willis and Ray Lewis – plays sideline to sideline and is a wrecking ball type tackler.
            I would love this guy even at #2.

  22. Matt Maiocco

    Robert Saleh ID’d players who fit LEO spot, either guys present or past, who have played the system or not . . .

    Matt Maiocco

    … Chris Clemons, Cliff Avril, Dante Fowler, Vic Beasley. Von Miller, Khalil Mack, Charles Haley.

      1. Not following.

        Refresh my memory, the LEO doesn’t always play with his hand on the ground does he? Saleh said that the plan is to have Lynch always have his hand on the ground.

          1. “That guy is always the ‘rush’ guy, but he flip-flops sides.” – Mike Nolan 2006

  23. Saleh saying they want an elite LEO. The draft seems the most likely way, but I wonder if there is some kind of trade for a current NFL player in the works.

    If it’s just the draft, is Thomas the guy or is there an increasing possibility the team might trade up to get Garrett. Maybe they’ll tell the Browns they would like Garrett but can live with Thomas and see if the Brown’s backroom PhDs bite.

      1. Yeah, he needs to be able to bend the edge and from what I’ve heard he hasn’t shown that on edge (but to be fair, he wasn’t asked to show that).

        1. …hasn’t shown that on film…

          Grant: If we pass the hat, can you get us that edit button?

  24. Zach Whitman @zjwhitman
    Not all good athletes are good players
    Very few poor athletes are good players
    Most great players are great athletes
    12:08 PM – 6 Mar 2017

  25. I am hoping someone who knows more about defensive line play than me (almost everyone) can explain the concern about Solomon Thomas. He is 1 inch shorter and 11 pounds lighter than Justin Smith. He is a high motor player just like Cowboy. He could probably add a few pounds if needed. I think everyone would agree that Smith was a great player. He was not much bigger than Thomas so why so much concern about Thomas’s size and the position he can play? Does the 11 pounds make that much difference? Is it arm length? Is it how his weight is distributed? I just would like to understand why this is such a concern.

    1. I can’t speak for anyone else, but my concern is not about Thomas’ talent. It’s about the fact he will be best playing the same position as the last two first round picks and is not a true edge player which is where the real need resides. He’d still be a good pick because he is very talented and there is nothing wrong with Dline depth, but there are comparable players at positions of need that would be better options imo.

      1. Saleh strongly suggested that an elite LEO is a top priority. Who do you think that person will be?

        1. If we assume they don’t use the first pick on one, then it comes down to when they pull the trigger. In the second they could have a choice of: Tim Williams, Takkarist McKinley, Charles Harris and TJ Watt for example. Later on they’d be looking at Derek Rivers, Ryan Anderson, Jordan Willis and Tyus Bowser to name a few.

          1. Right, but when Saleh used the word “elite” can we apply that to 2nd round picks in their rookie year. Perhaps I’m just getting too hung up on his use of that word. I guess I thought it might provide some insight on a future trade or the team’s first pick of the draft.

            1. Yeah I think he’s describing what he needs, not what he expects to have, at least at this point in time.

              1. Does Aaron Lynch really fit the mold as the LEO? I don’t see where else he could play and Saleh has indicated he’s going to have his hands in the dirt. I didn’t really pay specific attention while watching games, but I’ve never thought of Lynch as someone who has a good ability to bend the edge and is very fast around the edge (like Von Miller).

              2. Lynch is no where near the athlete Thomas is. I won’t even go into work ethic….

        2. They have taken a look at a couple of guys that may be there at #34 in Willis and Williams. Will be interesting to see if that’s the direction they go with that pick.

          But my pick to play edge rusher would be JoJo Mathis.

              1. The reason I asked is because I couldn’t find anything mentioning how his medical evaluation went. Not the case with other medical prospects. I did see Mathis improved his bench from 24 reps to 32, ranking him first among linebackers at the combine and eighth overall. That’s all he did, but he plans to hold an individual workout in April supposedly. What round are you thinking?

              2. If he is there at the top of round 4 then I think he is a no brainer pick.

                But I would also be happy taking him at the top of round 3 if his foot is fine. He is very much a projection given the limited quality work he has put on tape, so I am hopeful he lasts a little while. But what he did put on tape in 2016 was very impressive.

          1. Agreed. Mathis would be a great option as well. He was someone I was hoping to get on day 3 because of the injury but not going to happen now with it looking like he has fully recovered already.

            1. …now with it looking like he has fully recovered already.

              What evidence are you basing that on?

              1. The fact that he participated in both the combine and UW’s pro day. May still not be at a 100%, that I don’t know, but he’s recovered to the point teams should be satisfied he’s going to be 100% by TC.

              2. And yes I know he hasn’t run yet but he’s supposed to have his own workout at some point here before the draft.

            2. jojo mathis‏

              I just want to play football again. Idc what round or what team I just want to destroy everything!

  26. Some tweets on Buckner’s “presser”:

    Matt Maiocco

    DeForest Buckner said it looks like his best fit on the new #49ers D-line is the “big end spot” or the three technique.
    Jennifer Lee Chan

    Buckner is excited to be one gapping instead of two.

    Matt Maiocco

    DeForest Buckner said he’s looking forward to playing a more aggressive style — “all gas, no brakes” — in the #49ers new defense.

    Chris Biderman

    DeForest Buckner looks bigger and stronger entering year two, if that’s possible.

    1. DeForest Buckner looks bigger and stronger entering year two, if that’s possible.

      Same thing happened to Armstead. It’s incredible what a year in a NFL strength and conditioning programs will do for a player with the right work ethic….

  27. Jonathan Allen’s combine testing numbers suggest he’s not a top 5 pick. The last defensive end with those types of testing scores to go in the top five was Tyson Jackson back in 2009. He didn’t do diddly poo.

    Barnett is probably near his ceiling as a pass rusher. His game is predicated on anticipation, although he can bend and turn the corner. He’s not twitchy or explosive.

    King Solomon is a superior athlete that was verified by his testing numbers. Whether speed, change of direction, or explosion his numbers are right there with the greats drafted before him. His athleticism allows him the ability to add more arrows to his quiver, while his character, work ethic and leadership all go into creating his cathedral ceiling. He will provide Saleh with a mobile weapon of mass disruption. Disruption equals production.

    Timmy Williams/McKinley are both first step guys. Don’t have the bend and flexibility of Barnett, but they predicate their games on twitchy explosiveness. Similar to Ray or Ngakoue, who played around 66% of snaps at OLB. Both these players ceilings as pass rushers are probably higher than Barnett.

    Carl Lawson is a medical red flag and probably why he’s not a top 15 pick. He’s a bit stiff in the hips, but he converts speed to power exceptionally well. I’d take him over guys like Williams, but I doubt he reaches the second round.

    1. I find it hard to get too excited by Takk McKinley. He’s got a great motor, and he is athletic, but he has poor technique. I think he will be better off playing as a LB in the pros, probably OLB in a 3-4 is his best fit. Reminds me of Bud Dupree but with less initial burst.

    1. HT – I got chewed out by Oregoniner for making a joke about clicks. Is there a way to email a Snickers? BTW – Keep on clickin’.

  28. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/105008-transcript-kyle-shanahan-discusses-49ers-offseason-program-kicks/

    “So, I just wanted a very sound defense that was built and predicated around stopping the run, that was very consistent, just having some familiarity with this type of defense being in Atlanta that originated in Seattle,”

    “I think players to fit your scheme, to me, is a little overrated. Usually a really good football player is a good football player in every scheme.”

    “So, when it comes to the quarterback and some O-Linemen, you look into that a little bit more. After that, I think it’s all pretty overrated.”

  29. Speaking of numbers. A record that I once thought was untouchable has been broken.

    Congratulations to Russell Westbrook. He notched his 42nd triple double of the season. EPIC!

    In the 61-62 season Oscar Robertson had 41 triple doubles and averaged 30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 11.4 assists.

    Westbrook is averaging 31.9 points, 10.7 rebounds, and 10.4 assists,

    Westbrook is having one of the greatest seasons of all time.

    1. He is also the sole offensive weapon, unlike the Warriors who have to share the ball.

  30. I protest, maybe even go down to one knee. Numbers, eh numbers what the heck, why can’t the identifiers be letters or if numbers are the only base for identification then they should be at least Roman numeral…after all the Super Bowl uses the Roman numeral…need I say more…another words sure hope the draft gets here soon.

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