49ers, here’s your man

This is my Wednesday column.

I don’t get you, Jed. You say you know what you’re looking for and you still can’t find it.

I asked you Monday what qualities the next head coach of the 49ers should have. You were prepared for that question. Right away, you said, “I want a teacher. I think what made Bill Walsh so successful is that he was a great teacher, whether that was (teaching) players or whether that was (teaching) coaches.”

It was a good answer. You do need a teacher, especially one who can teach Colin Kaepernick how to play quarterback. I appreciate your straightforwardness on this. Now, I know exactly who you should hire. It’s clear as day.

But you’re lost in the dark. The coach you should hire isn’t on the preliminary list of coaches you intend to interview. How did you manage that one? Did you pick names out of a hat? Did Trent Baalke compile this cockamamie list for you?

I’ll make it easy, Jed. I’ll tell you who to hire. Go ahead, you can copy my answer. Tell Baalke you came up with it yourself. But before you do, let’s go through your list so I can explain why you can’t hire anyone on it.


1. Jim Tomsula.

2. Vic Fangio.

Tomsula is a defensive line coach. Fangio is a defensive coordinator who used to coach linebackers. What could either guy teach Kaepernick? About as much as I could.

If you hire Fangio or Tomsula, the key question becomes who will they hire as the new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach? And the answer is definitely nobody on the current staff. Kaepernick would have improved by now if Greg Roman and Geep Chryst were good enough.

Tomsula and Fangio are not associated with any of the top offensive coordinators in the NFL. Forget them.


1. Todd Bowles, defensive coordinator, Arizona Cardinals.

Who is this guy? His resume is microscopic. Bowles became a defensive coordinator in 2012 (Fangio became one in 1995). Bowles never was on a team that won a playoff game and hasn’t been a consistent success in the NFL. He built his recent reputation by blitzing like crazy.

The Niners’ defense is not built to blitz. Blitzing puts pressure on cornerbacks to cover good receivers one-on-one. The Cardinals have Patrick Peterson, an All-Pro corner. Baalke doesn’t invest in corners. He invests in pass rushers, like Aldon Smith and Aaron Lynch, who, when they’re in shape, provide all the pass rush a defense needs. Fangio is a better fit to coach this defense than Bowles.

But, Jed, Baalke will push to hire Bowles. I guarantee it. Understand why. Bowles is a beginner, meaning Baalke can push him around. Who is Bowles to fight back? And Bowles is a Bill-Parcells disciple – Bowles coached defensive backs under Parcells for two seasons in Dallas and three seasons in Miami.

Parcells gave Baalke his first job in the NFL as a scout for the Jets in 1998. Baalke is a Parcells disciple, too. If Parcells calls Baalke and says, “Bowles is great, you should hire him,” Baalke will take that seriously. He owes Parcells.

But you don’t. Pass on Bowles.

2. Dan Quinn, defensive coordinator, Seattle Seahawks.

Quinn has even less experience than Bowles, considering he’s been a defensive coordinator in the NFL for just two seasons. And how good is Quinn? The Seahawks don’t need him. Pete Carroll runs that defense.

Gus Bradley preceded Quinn as Seattle’s defensive coordinator. The Jaguars hired Bradley in 2013 to be their head coach and, so far, his record is 7-25. Why would Quinn be any better?


3. Josh McDaniels, offensive coordinator, New England Patriots.

How did this guy get on the list? Give me a freaking break.

McDaniels is no teacher. He only succeeds when he coaches Tom Brady. Everyone succeeds when they coach Tom Brady.

McDaniels already flopped once as a head coach – the Broncos fired him after just 28 games, not even two full seasons. In 2010, McDaniels demanded the Broncos trade up in the first round to draft Tim Tebow, thinking he could make Tebow an NFL quarterback. Now Tebow is on Good Morning America.


4. Adam Gase, offensive coordinator, Denver Broncos.

I shouldn’t even call him an offensive coordinator. Technically he has the title, but Peyton Manning runs the offense. Manning calls the plays at the line of scrimmage. Manning teaches Gase, not the other way around.

Gase prints out stats and holds a clipboard. Before he did that stuff for Manning, Gase did it for Mike Martz on the Lions.


You were close, though, Jed. The coach you should hire works for the Broncos. I’m talking about their defensive coordinator, Jack Del Rio.

Is Del Rio even on your radar? You should be familiar with him. This past October, he held your first-string offense to just 10 points, held Frank Gore to 20 rushing yards, held Anquan Boldin to 50 receiving yards – absolutely shut down your best players.

He’s been a defensive coordinator for two teams – the Panthers and the Broncos – he went to the Super Bowl last season and he has nine years of head-coaching experience with the Jaguars, a bad franchise, where he went 68-71. Jacksonville has gone 9-39 since they fired him.

Del Rio could bring with him Dirk Koetter, an offensive coordinator who knows something about passing and developing quarterbacks. Del Rio hired Koetter away from Arizona State in 2007, gave Koetter his first NFL offensive coordinator job. They coached together until 2011 when Del Rio got fired. Del Rio spent the past three seasons with the Broncos and Koetter spent the past three seasons with the Falcons, coaching the offense and developing Matt Ryan.

Del Rio is the most qualified candidate you can hire. Plus, he went to Hayward High School, home of the Farmers. He’s a Bay Area guy. He’s perfect.

But Baalke won’t want him. Trust me. Del Rio is a strong guy who has more experience and success than Baalke, so Baalke could not push him around.

Don’t listen to Baalke. Do what’s best for your franchise. Hire Del Rio.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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    1. We should hire Fangio, promote tomusula and bring in Chris Ault. He created his own offense that is used in every level of football now. Show me a better teacher, or someone who is more comfortable with Kaep


  1. You’ve been reading my posts,I’m flattered. By reading I mean ripping off my ideas, mooch.

    1. He owes you at least nickle in royalties for the Koetter idea!

      Actually he’s been high on him going back a couple years now.

              1. I think there are worse choices but I also understand the hesitation. In a another season or two if their offense doesn’t tank he’ll be a top candidate.

              2. I’d love the Del Rio/Koetter combo though. I’ve always been a fan of JDR he worked miracles in Jacksonville with that roster.

  2. Would Jack Del Rio be interested in a “Win the Superbowl or Bust” team where he would be the one busted> No one is going to find a “top offensive coordinator” on the street. The most likely way to get one is to make him the head coach.

    Otherwise I agree with your analysis. Jed is a pot of whatever.

  3. Jed (and his family) has put this team in the most unbelievable position…and it’s not a position to win. His best bet is for he an Baalke to go beg Bill Cowher, or Mike Shanahan to come coach the 49ers. Tell them, “look we screwed up royally…we have most of the right pieces in place but we let go of one the best coaches in football…for non-football reasons.”

    In all seriousness, I just don’t see a situation where we get a good coach that can come in and be successful under the current circumstances.

    1. I just finished reading the 500 page plus Bill Walsh book (Finding the Winning Edge). I am sure Baalke was not happy with the book since Walsh orchestras what a winning football head coach needs. The head coach goes out and hires the GM, not the other way around. This allows a close relationship between the two; similar to what the Seahawks have. Like others who have posted their thoughts, I am shocked that baby York, did not take advice from Bill’s book and use that knowledge to not only realize how to deal with egos and personality differences, but how to look at your potential opponents in your division and build to defeat the, like we did for Dallas and Green Bay in the past. Why did he go out and build a stadium that did not give the Niners the same advantage as Seattle has? Get rid of Baalke, hire an offensive coach like a Del Rio or whomever, but have then select a GM with the same mindset. Right now, who would consider coming here with York’s attitude and Baalke being able to run the show….Watch for them (Baalke) to select a person he can control.

      1. Gary,
        Nice post. I doubt Jed has read Bill Walsh’s book nor has any genuine interest in Bill Walsh. He uses Walshes name for publicity reasons. Jed and Baalke talk big, but these bozos are all about their own agendas. Baalke wants to protect his power grab and hence wants a ‘yes man’. Jed wants $$$$.

  4. Tom Clements, He’s the BEST guy for the job. no Clements, no PROductive Rogers =Green Bay Packers.

    1. Tom Coughlin, John Harbaugh, and Pete Carol are all former defensive coaches. They’re also the last 3 Super Bowl winners. A good coach is a good coach regardless of which side of the ball he used to coach.

      1. Coughlin started his NFL career as a WR coach with Dick Vermeil and the Philadelphia Eagles, I believe, and always has been an offensive coach. Played wingback in the Wing T offense at Syracuse, too.

        1. The fact still remains that it doesn’t matter. The offensive coordinator obviously has far more impact on the offensive production than the head coach. There are rare cases when the head coach will force feed his offensive philosophy to the offensive coordinator (Nolan, Singletary, Erickson) but those are rare cases. Smart coaches usually don’t do that.

          As someone else mentioned, one of our own team records in offense occurred when George Seifert was the head coach.

        1. The names don’t mean anything. Just means a defensive-minded HC does not spell doom for a team’s offense like some many seem to be pushing here.

  5. York says he wants a teacher. Perhaps he means that literally. Meaning he will just go down to the local high school and hire some history teacher.

  6. Jack Del Rio??? That’s out of left field lol. NO! .the teacher the team needs is
    Shanahan ,Billick or Holmgren not Del Rio…But if u gonna hire a def coordinator..It should be Tomsula or Fangio

      1. You don’t hear Holgrem’s name much from Baalke. I think Mike would intimidate him. He help Bill Walsh write the book Finding the Winning Edge and so he too is aware that Walsh feels a HC needs to select his own GM….sorry Baalke.

  7. Tom Clements a Bill Walsh type and very knowledgeable of our beloved west coast offence.
    THink! THink!

  8. Lots of opinions…and you know what they’re just like. I’m not sure why so many believe if you hire a head coach with a defensive background it won’t/can’t help your offense. The reason it can help your offense is due to the OC hired. Harbaugh was an offensive head coach and our offense struggled…in part due to Roman and Harbaugh’s over-protection of him. One thing you left out WRT Gase is he also coached Tebow, hardly a drop-back passer. So, he has some experience coaching a mobile QB. Another thing…the last Denver OC who left was Mike McCoy, and he’s doing a pretty good job as head coach in SD. There are pros and cons over just about every candidate. Nobody’s perfect. I doubt you’ll see a Holmgren or Shanahan, largely because they’d want more control over players and that’s very unlikely. There are a lot of national NFL analysts who’d disagree with your analyses on guys like Bowles & Gase, I wouldn’t mind Del Rio…defensive background, but smart enough to hire a good OC. Again, hiring a head coach with an offensive background’s no panacea for resurrecting an offense. Baalke will need to hit big on his selection…he knows it, Jed York knows it. How about we wait & see who he selects…before dismissing anyone just yet.

    1. And Frank also Gase can take Gregg Knapp with him who is QB coach with the Broncos and had his biggest succes with a certain mobile QB Michael Vick and this would make 2 guys who worked before for us.

  9. I like Jack Del Rio, Norv Turner and even Wade Phillips. Vic would be my first pic though. Tomsula = Singletary to me….please NO!

    1. Comparing Tomsula to Singletary’s apples & oranges…even though JT only has one NFL game as head coach under his belt, he had a lot of experience in NFL-E, as DC and head coach. He’s an outstanding football coach…Singletary’s a lousy one.

  10. Tom Clements Green Bay Packers OC Tom Clements Green Bay Packers OC Tom Clements Green Bay Packers OC Tom Clements Green Bay Packers OC very knowledgeable of our beloved west coast offence. very knowledgeable of our beloved west coast offence. very knowledgeable of our beloved west coast offence. Tom Clements Green Bay Packers OC

  11. Jack Del Rio really grant jack bleeping del rio is the best you got lmao haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Whats next luke kuechly is to slow to be a 1st round pick nice try grant.

      1. lsx,i mean scott hall any body that can help with the offense doesn’t matter. jim harbaugh and roman couldn’t improve the offense main reason why there gone. Any head coach/oc cant do any worse.

  12. Don’t think that will happen. It’s gunna end up Fangio HC, Kyle Shanahan OC, Tomsula stays put, Ed Donatel DC. I think the “friction” with Harbaugh was obviously over the offense not the defense. I think with Shanahan they get someone that is super young and can relate well with Kaepernick. Similar offense and QB with RG111 and WAS. Also Baalke and York can dictate player personnel since Shanahan is a younger slightly less egotistical coach. They also brings the idea of Josh Gordon or Pierre Garcon being traded to SF as that big bodied WR we desire.

    1. The only way I see Kyle Shanahan as Niner OC is if his contract with the Browns is up…you seldom see OC’s under contract change teams. The owner team can also easily deny him leaving for another team.

      1. Norv Turner left the 9ers after one year, just as AS was showing signs of “getting it”.

        1. Whine,

          Norv Turner left to become a head coach (San Diego), not an offensive coordinator. I believe Frank was referring to the possibility of Kyle Shanahan coming as OC (as discussed above, by James), not HC.

  13. Of the suggestions so far, the guys I’d be most happy with as HC would be one of Tomsula, Ryan, Del Rio or Kyle Shanahan.

    1. Tomsula(over Fangio?);Ryan?(maybe as DC);Del Rio-over Holmgren?Kyle Shanahan-not feelin’ it, sorry.

      1. I get that, hightop. Lots of differing opinions on who would make a good HC. For me the reasons I like theses guys are:

        – Tomsula has a great reputation as a teacher and motivator, has HC experience in NFLE, and is well respected and liked by the players. I know there are concerns he’s just another Singletary, but I disagree. He’s had coordinator experience (albeit in NFLE) and strikes me as having a much deeper understanding of makling the X’s and O’s work than Singletary. Even so, there is a legitimate concern that he would not be running and installing his own defense or offense, so would be limited by the capability of both his OC and DC.
        – I posted about Ryan’s qualities yesterday so won’t rehash here.
        – Del Rio did a good job with the Jags when he took over. His later years there went downhill, but that was as much to do with a talent deficiency as anything else. The team record since he left shows he wasn’t the problem. He’s also got a very good record as a DC.
        – Kyle Shanahan is an up-and-coming offensive mind that has experience getting the most out of somewhat limited talent on offense.

        WRT Fangio, I really like the guy, but I fear he is more of an X’s and O’s guy than HC material.


    2. Sorry to say this guys, I’m really getting sick tired of hearing from some of the 49ers fans wanting Tomsula to be the next 49ers HC. Harbaugh was one of the best football HC coach in the NFL and you’re going to replace him with a D line coach? If that happen the 49ers will be going backward instead going forward:-)

      Like I said before, If Harbaugh didn’t have any success teaching Kaepernick to be a good Pocket passer and be consistent and accurate passer, how can the next HC have success?The problem with Kaepernick he lacks the mental ability and have no poise to be a good QB in the NFL. We all know he’s athletic with a strong arm, he can run fast with the football, but Kap lack the football intelligent in the NFL which is the main ingredient to be a great QB. Enough with this blame with Roman for kaepernicks failure and the 49ers going down hill this season. Let’s face it Kap doesn’t have it to be a great QB in the NFL:-)

  14. Hey grant, you want a d coach instead of a offensive minded wco guy like holmgren,shanahan etc… Yeah I get it , who wants guys successful with qbs and a proven system , their too old. ( good thing Eddie didn’t listen to the same argument about Bill walsh) so they make the playoffs and del rio loses his oc… Then what alex smith all over again? What if kaep can’t cut it, holmgren and shanahan developed or helped 3 running type qbs into the hof ( young farve and elway)we are an oc away from winning it all, and you want a d coach. ( ps carrol and belichek were crap until Brady and wilson arrived…. Both not wanted by their hc s) take kyle shanahan as hc and his father as assistant hc, qb coach for a twofer. Too bad jed has already said f you to everyone. He only wants guys who don’t get into the playoffs and play for a bag of chips. Heck the owner herself said she likes soccer not football. This looks like a pre walsh, post mooch dark age again.

  15. What fool would want Rex Ryan’s name associated with the search for a new “face of the franchise” head coach? Our fool, that’s who.

  16. York’s Man is “Doc” Brown (Christopher Lloyd) from Back to the Future.

    Jed: Trent, get into that DeLorean. My friend Doc’s gonna take you for a ride back to Turlock, cira 2003.

    Trent: Why the heck (cough, couch) do I have to do that?

    Jed: Will you finally let out that doobie hit and talk normally?

    Trent: I let it out in 1979 when I broke the doobie hit hold in record. My voice is stuck this way.

    York: Oh, um… OK. Well anyway, your going to back to Turlock, circa 2003 to meet up with a teenage Colin Kaepernick.

    Trent: Um… What’s wrong with our 2014 Colin? (now looking at Doc)

    Doc: You see Trent, Colin still thinks he’s a baseball player. He takes forever visualizing his target, blocks out everything in his peripheral vision (including defensive backs and open 49er receivers), then delivers with a long, deliberate windup. Faaahwooomp!

    Doc: Your mission Mr. Milky is too…. oh, Baalke? I’m sorry. Your mission Mr. Baalke is to intercept young Colin before his first high school baseball tryout. Your to lure him to a Fosters Freeze (or Dairy Queen) for a free dip cone. Once there, your job is to get Colin to drop baseball.

    Trent: But didn’t baseball help develop Colin’s arm?

    Doc: Mother nature, and an unhealthy obsession with his own biceps, will develop Colin’s arm just fine. Your job is to make Colin forget about baseball, and concentrate on basketball instead. The future of the 49ers depends on it.

    Doc: Basketball will train Colin’s brain to use his entire field of view… to see and “feel” where defenders are. It will also train Colin to know when to improvise… and when not to. Joe Montana was a fine high school basketball player.

    Trent: Why can’t we hire a quarterback guru to develop Colin’s peripheral vision now?

    Doc: It would be tough Mr. Baalke. You see, Colin is no kid. At 27, Colin’s neuromotor pathways aren’t totally set in stone, but the concrete is 90% set up.

    Jed (butting in): How many quarterback gurus have we gone through already? Jim and Geep are both legendary QB gurus. We even brought in that “consultant” with the butterfly nets.

    Doc: Better jump in the car Mr. Baalke. No time to waste. We’ve got to stop the kid from making his highschool baseball team at all costs!

    Trent: OK. Hey, what’s in that box? Plutonium?

    Doc: No, its chewing gum. Your going to talk long walks with teenage Colin. Walking and chewing gum at the same time. Getting it all synched up. Now hop in, before its too late!

    1. Thanks for reminding us that the best way to deal with this is to keep your sense of humor. Good piece!

  17. So let me get this right, Baalkes first choice on the last go around was Bill Parcells, but unable to talk him out of retirement, he settled on his second choice…. Jim Harbaugh.

    But he won’t hire anyone he can’t push around?

    1. Tim,
      Baalke has learned his ‘lesson’ from hiring Harbaugh. He comes across as an insecure control freak. So yes, he wants a brown nose HC.

  18. The Niners are done for the next 10 years unless the Dorks sell the team
    If you listen carefully to Jed, he doesn’t care about winning. He cares more about class and that is what is wrong with this ownership group

    1. I don’t interpret that as not caring about winning..If we gon win..let’s do it with style..an offense that knows what to do..more scoring..better in redzone..better on third downs…Has a plan b when teams take away plan A..Always two steps ahead on the opponent…. Let’s be the best..instead of one of rhe best..Let’s aim higher as a team…I don’t have a problem with superbowl or bust mentality..Every owner should want that…You can’t win it every year..But u damn well better try..Class..Let’s keep the negative off the field stuff to a minimum or none at all.When everyone is on the same page..It’s a beautiful thing..Jed was tired of the disappointment..So was I….A change was needed..The next coach that wins The niners a superbowl will be a God lol…U can hate Jed and Trent today..but I have a feeling u gonna love em tommorrow..Keep the faith!

      1. No..I leave the stupidity and trolling to u…You’re an expert at it..I couldn’t possibly compare

    2. I got the same impression (York does not care about winning) in fact, it seems as if York’s main objective was getting the stadium built. After 7 years of season tickets at the stick, i went to my first game at levi. a lot of things disappointed me. First: simple lay out. the field runs north to south….leaving half the stadium looking west ( blinded by the sun). if the field ran east to west with a large structure in the west end -zone, it would cast the whole stadium into shade and make sitting in your seats more pleasant. I cant believe that 2/3 of the western bowl are dedicated to luxury boxes!! fans in those boxes do not scream while we are playing defense! with such an open design, it wouldnt matter anyway. where some outdoor stadiums capture the noise ( like seattle) levi lets it all escape. overall, the stadium is beautiful, but Santa Clara is no S.F.
      My biggest gripe though….. the working class has been priced out!! i wanted to check out the yahoo sports bar……usher looked me dead in the eye and said ” that’s only for the people who pay $80k or more” i heard about other restaurants and things, but if its $80 grand to get into the lousy sports bar……i dont want to know what it cost to get into a fine dining restaurant! They fans that scream, that yell while the other team is on offense, the die hart ….. gone! replaced by the tech e’s of silicon valley. not people who grew up on football in northern California, but people who came hear for work and only go to these games ’cause its the “in thing to do”.
      Those guys will bail on this franchise if they are not winning like they did the first 3 years under Harbaugh.
      York’s explanation of the infamous thanksgiving tweet was something along the lines of ” we invited 70,000 people into our house today, and this was unacceptable”….with all the stuff to do at the stadium that my $350 tickets wouldn allow me to do…..it felt more like i knocked at jed’s door and he came outside, slammed his door shut, and stood on the porch to talk with me. certainly didnt invite me in.
      Its a great stadium! every team in the league cant wait to come in here and play us! absolutely no home field advantage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. trying to picture it…

    a couple of JH’s top picks for assistant coaching slots
    say “no thanks” and stay with the pro ranks.

    JH refuses to hire a blue chip assistant coach,
    someone who has just a little too much juice.
    Reason? Michigan is pretty much tapped out
    (think $ 48 million = head coach poor) and so
    they cannot afford to pay the better assistant
    coaching candidates what they are worth.
    Result: JH ends up being “forced” to cover
    too many bases, or at least try to cover them.

    Does that mean someone else must play catch
    with the QB during pregame warmups? Silly….

    1. You obviously missed the part where Jim signed a 7 year, 35 million dollar contract with Michigan, which, if you need help, is only 5 million a season. His reasoning is to allow for more to be spent on assistants.

      But nice try though, too bad facts got in the way.

    1. Rex Ryan will not go for being a DC.
      Kyle Shanahan failed miserably as the OC for the Washington Redskins.Just where is Kyle Shanahan’s great success as an OC ? Cleveland ?
      Am a lifelong 49ers fan who currently resides in Washington DC.

    2. grantrodges, You’ll make a good GM for the 49ers. Don’t worry in a couple years when there’s vacancy in that position Jed might consider you for the job:-)

    1. Harbaugh is smart. If I had to guess I would say he has read the 48 Laws of Power. “You never want to be the man, that follows, the man.” The new coach in San Fran, is being set up for failure. Harbaugh waited until Michigan, which has a rich football history, hit rock bottom. There’s no where to go but up, he’ll beat OSU in year 2. The niners for the most part, can only go down, from here. They should have just let Harbaugh tank the organization. I’m happy for the guy. I believe him when he says he is living his dream.

      1. The 49ers were 8-8 this year. The thought that this team is doomed without Harbaugh is misguided.

    2. That’s what happens when one of the best coaches in all of sports is given the control he needs to be successful. Had York let Baalke go as he should have prior to hiring Harbaugh, none of this would have occurred. Every team that has hired a top level coach has given them complete control and they in turn, hire a GM that they can manage and work with. York did it a** backwards.

      Surprised GC doesn’t talk more about that blunder right out of the gate.

      1. Of course that path wouldn’t have worked if the conflict was York/Harbaugh and not Baalke/Harbaugh.

    3. wow…. jh looks like he had the weight of his world lifted off his shoulders. just wow, in contrast to how he looked the last year with the niners :0 just shows how miserable he was here the last year…. good luck to jh, we will miss what could have been. thanks for the playoff win against the saints, thanks for the smacking the packers got at home in the playoffs, thanks for the almost superbowl.

      damn you jed :P

  20. The 49ers just fired, excuse me, “mutually parted ways” with an excellent teacher. Remember the reboot of Alex Smith? The reason Kaep hasnt made it over the hump yet is because he spends more time in the weight room than the film room.

    1. That is truer than you know. When was the last time you saw Kaepernick between series, looking at pictures or plays. How about never. Instead, he thinks watching our defense and the other teams offense will help him discover how to beat the other teams defense. The other guy who doesn’t pay attention between series, guy named Cutler. That’s all you need to know.

        1. Ok, we’ll have to agree to disagree.

          I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen Kaep sitting on bench looking at photos, versus standing perplexed, with his hat on, after another 3 and out. Guy needs to become a student of the game.

  21. The one thing that gets me about all this is that young Jed has repeated the fact that the organization and JH had “philosophical differences” about seven thousand times to my count. Yet not once has he taken even a second to explain what the 49ers philosophy is. Maybe it’s that the organization must win “with class”, whatever that means. One writer has suggested that there is a written confidentiality agreement that was part of Harbaugh’s contract termination. Who knows? The point is though, how could any HC who is worth hiring really consider taking the job without a full disclosure of WTF just happened with Harbaugh. We can speculate all we want about about the next guy but my sense is, no matter what, Jed and Baalke have set themselves up for failure. We had philosophical differences about our proprietary philosophy that is known only to us is just an admission that no one will ever know why they really fired the guy whose job you are applying for!

  22. I like the Del Rio scenario but I think Markie Davis will sign him as the Raiders next HC.

    I’m surprised and disappointed that the 49ers are even considering sexy Rexy Ryan. He is a one man circus that will further sully what happened to my favorite team over the past few months.
    A monumental NO on Ryan.

    1. We sign a bridge HC that can be here for 2-3 years (unless he proves to be a winner) then we make a power run at Pete Carroll after 2016.
      Haven’t always been a big fan of Petey, but if Harbaugh can go home, why can’t Carroll?

        1. I don’t see a problem. Carroll worked well with Jed’ uncle Eddie and a homecoming job that has some nice incentives tied to it might woo Petey.

            1. Again, why not?
              Carroll certainly has much more credibility now than he had as an assistant coach under the DeBartolo ownership.

              How many coaches respect and trust their ownership these days? Money is all that is respected in the world of sports.
              Carroll’ respect for Jed will be commensurate to the size of the paycheck.

              1. I guess it’s as good a fantasy as any of the others floating around these parts lately. Enjoy.

              2. AES: why the hell isn’t anyone reprimanding you for mentioning Pete Carroll? Well since you brought it up, I’ll go even further. I listened to the Rams presser after the game. I imagine you did b/4 I did. And on two separate occasions the Rams HC said “The Seahawks really have something special going on up there.”

                So, getting back on point, PC came to Seattle in 2010 and built this team around his philosophy. I haven’t read his book yet Win Forever.” His contract and Schneider’s runs thru 2016. In my opinion they’ll exit together with 1 year’s notice and he’ll help find his replacement.

                My uneducated guess is that he’ll sign another extension with Seattle. Something tells me he’ll retire in Seattle.

              3. Mary,
                I’m just throwing another name into the hat like everyone else is doing.

                I really don’t have a problem with being reprimanded since at this point it’s all a crap shoot.

                If someone can logically come up with a better idea then mine I’ll take it as a good lesson learned.
                See, it’s that simple.

  23. 49ers won’t hire a defensive head coach. They wouldn’t want to run the risk of losing Fangio to conflicting defensive ideas.

    My guess is they hire a Shanahan, either Kyle or Mike, and give Fangio the title of Assistant HC – Defense to make sure he stays.

    1. If Fangio is not signed as the 49ers headcoach, I see him wanting to wear the ol’ maize and blue as Harbaugh’ D-cord.

  24. Nothing worse than the great unknown.

    We don’t know why Harbaugh was fired. If there was confidentiality agreement it was because they knew Harbaugh would eventually say something.

    We don’t know who the next coach will be.

    We don’t know which assistants are staying and going.

    We don’t know what players are coming and going.

    I hate this feeling. I hate filling in the blanks. What happens to us during free agency? Who do we draft? How does a free agent sign here, knowing his coach could be fired for not winning a Super Bowl? Too many unanswered question.

    1. Like Whine Country said above – keep your sense of humor. We’re all just passengers on this train.
      (Reminding you to remind myself)

    2. I’m not so sure Harbaugh was fired. I think everything started to tank when York didn’t extend his contract. And I’m not sure who contacted Cleveland — I thought it was York, but maybe Harbaugh. Good luck in finding a replacement for HC after that presser from York.

  25. Grant, everything about ur column might but spot on until the end…..Jack freaking Del Rio…….I’m not even going to entertain why that is one of the dumbest ideas you’ve ever had….glad ur not picking, otherwise the 49ers would be in worse shape.

    1. Del Rio is a dumb idea? Please, stryder, enlighten us with your superior wisdom. You’re obviously much smarter than the rest of us simpletons.

        1. He was actually reasonably successful. Keep in mind he took over a team that had done nothing before he got there, and took them to the playoffs twice despite playing in a division that had two teams (Colts and Titans) that were pretty darn good during the 2000s. His later years there were not very successful, but that’s what happens when a team is talent deficient.

  26. Here is the real problem. If Del Rio is your best choice and the others trash, what were we thinking getting rid of Harbaugh? Do you really think Del Rio is better? Of course not. What a terrible situation Jed has placed us in. We get the best option out there and he still is not as good as the one we had. I realize Harbaugh had to go, he was doomed, Jed made sure of that. Really, all we needed was for Harbaugh to replace Roman and I am guessing, had he and Jed maintained the “right” relationship, Harbaugh would have come to that conclusion on his own. Harbaugh is about winning and survival, Roman could not help him in either area. You won’t see Roman at Michigan.

    Yep, sad that the best candidate for the 49ers just left and we are stuck with a list of second-rate choices, many of which were recently failed when given the keys to the Kingdom. Ah, a sad day in Ninerland. I am sure today, Eddie is embarrassed and ashamed, or he should be. Of course, he had to take some of the load for our getting here, he started our decline in the first place with one poor personal decision.

    1. Trust me if a woman had been in charge there would have been a game plan. haha. In that York presser he kept on saying “we want a good teacher, we want a good teacher.” And then when asked if JH was a good teacher he said “yes.” This is a regular soap opera.

      BTW, I haven’t heard mention/suggestion of the “other” JH.

  27. They should hire old school holgrem he could work kap game keep Vic as deffense cordnator and kyle Shannon as oc cord but im sure that won’t happen because of the owner Jed we had coach they should have fired the Gm passed on to many good draft picks

    1. People keep picking currently working offensive coordinators to come to the 49ers for the same job. That can’t be done unless the guy is released by his current employer.

      1. htwaits,

        Are you talking about an OC from another team coming as OC, or HC? I believe NFL teams are compelled to allow a coordinator to go another team as HC, if the position is offered.

        1. I’m referring to an employed OC coming to the 49ers as an OC. If they hire a defensive head coach there biggest challenge will be to find an OC. Some people keep taking about currently working OCs as candidates to work for the 49ers.

    1. Not me so much, I mentioned him and Kubiak the other day due to previous HC experience. I think both could attract veteran coaches and could retain some SF staff.
      But neither of these guys are NFL giants; they’d come in and try to prove themselves.
      So not sure Jack is THE CHOICE, as Grant asserts, or why his theme has to be slathered in snark. Bidnez as usual.

    2. Because Del Rio has won nothing and his teams in Jax played uninspired football toward the end of his reign. Just a stopgap guy. Nothing like a Payton, Belichick, Walsh innovator.

        1. And from your recent downer posts on Kaep, wouldn’t Kaep get him fired as well in the near future (if Del Rio became our HC)?

        2. Salami. Del Rio’s nine-year coaching record in Jax was 68-71. In his last four seasons the team went:
          2008 5-11
          2009 7-9
          2010 8-8
          2011 3-8

              1. Sully, keep in mind his QBs over that period were David Gerrard and Blaine Gabbert. So yes, he overachieved.

            1. It’s easy to overachieve when you are playing the schedules given to sub-.500 teams year after year after year.

              1. don’t know much about Del Rio, but that shouldn’t dissuade them.

                remember, Bill Belichick was 36-44 in 5 seasons out in Cleveland.

        3. Of course, you can say that about half the firings in the NFL. Probably a lot of good coaches who never even had a chance because they couldn’t find their Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. Covers up a lot of problems.

    3. I’m not. I just think he has too much experience to work for “Superbowl or Bust Jed” when it’s obvious who gets busted when the team remains one of the other thirty one teams.

  28. You hire anyone named Shanahan ya got rocks in your head Jed. Oh, right, you already knew that. Twerp. And Del Rio will never be hired now that Grant brought his name up, that’s for sure.

    My choice? No brainer: Lisbonia Benefouche, 9th Grade Girl’s volleyball team coach at De la Hoya High School in Canton Ohio. Think of the fun it will be watching “The Little Weasel” squirm along with Baalke every time the Niners lose.

    Oh yeah, screw the Niners. They left Frisco and I don’t really care what happens to them down in that squalid bedroom community they call home…

          1. Back of an 81 cut doesn’t say “San Francisco.” that’s good enough for me ya little twerp. And yes I did in fact live in Sahn-Frahn-seesco back in the ’60s when it wasn’t a pee-stained dump full of yuppie pond scum…

            1. Amazing. Lived in The City during the early sixties too. What went wrong with your life after that era?

              1. Actually everything went pretty great ITG. Now go wash your Prius and have a Happy New year…

              2. Man you fight dirty. My Prius! That’s the kind of personal attack that should get your Internet access cancelled for life. The pain.

              3. Yeah, I do. And like I said Happy New Year. Hope 2015 is a blast for you and your family. So there… and, uh, Frisco…

              4. Now that you’ve revealed where you came from and what you were up to in The City during makes your reaction understandable. I had three kids at the time.

                Enjoy the coming year of football chaos.

              5. What I posted works better without the word during.

                “back in the ’60s when it wasn’t a pee-stained dump full of yuppie pond scum…”

                There is some real creative work that went into your effort. The interesting thing is that if you change yuppie to hippie it’s interesting too.

              6. Actually, the hippies – -and I was more of an existentialist Beatnik at that time — had a light touch on — get ready — “The City.” Most of them just wanted to get loaded, live as cheaply as possible and have sex. Don’t see much wrong with that. I mean, you have three kids right? So one out of three must have floated your,uh, boat. ;- )

                Be well and God Bless. It’s all good. I’m getting the Streetglide out and heading for the Dead Fly Cafe in Plymouth for breakfast. It’s a cold sumbtch and no, I don’t belong to a club…

  29. Ladies and Gentlemen – you want a west coast offense guy to coach this team? Then we need to find a new QB. The ability to run the WCO is predicated on genius level smarts. The single most important aspect of the WCO is being able to read and diagnos the defense. The second most important thing is being able to go through your progressions. The 3rd is accuracy. I ask you, in those top three listed above – any of those CKs strong points? Or are those his 3 biggest weaknesses. Enough with WCO, not gonna happen with CK. It needs to be Fangio as HC as our defense will be best with him running the ship. Whomever he hires as OC will be an upgrade from GRo as he really is bad at his job.

    1. Keep in mind that in Wash’s offense, the receivers have to make exactly the same adjustments that the quarterback makes as the play develops. That’s why Montana, Rice, and Taylor were so good together.

  30. I’d pass on Jack Del Rio.. he only works if he can get Dirk, and I believe he’s still under contract in Atlanta.

    If you are going to go defense, I’d stay with Fangio as head coach. Who fangio would bring with him as OC, I have no idea.. my darkhorse is Mike Mularky.. he was called “Inspector Gadget” as Pittsburgh OC, an innovative mind that was mentored under Sam Wyche, leading back to Bill Walsh, of course.

    If you want offense, my first pick is Darrell Bevell. Bevell barely has any talent at WR, an option RB playing QB, and he manages to put together an upstoppable offense. The passing stats aren’t there, but the results are. Bevell is coming from a power offense, the Niners are still a power offense. After Bevell, I like Pep Hamilton(1st ranked passing offense san a run game), Gary Kubiak(BWO disciple).

    Montana and Young are campaigning for Shanahan, after what he did to RG3 I cringe.. but I didn’t think RG3 was that great to begin with. Both of those HOF QBs can attest to his ability to develop QBs, they wouldn’t steer the franchise wrong. Kap needs a coach that can take him to the next level, the talent is definitely there, the guiding hand is not. Kap did pretty well coming from an offense that didnt even have sight adjustments.

      1. Bevell has never been a head coach. So many examples of good coordinators who flop as head coaches. I wouldn’t take that risk.

        1. Grant, I agree with you about the risk. But you’ve seen my posts. I’d rather go for the gold. And if it doesn’t work out. You swing again. Bevell to me has Sean Patyon abilities. Will he be Sean Payton… who knows? But I’d rather we shoot for a superstar HC and miss than shoot for a solid unspectacular guy and be 8-8 for the next 3 years. But, just my preference/philosophy I guess.

          1. Bevell runs hot and cold and totally relies on Marshawn Lynch. Bevell has more to learn. He should take a head coaching job in college first.

            1. Bevell totally relies on Lynch AND Wilson. In Minny he totally relied on AP and Farve. Walsh totally relied on Montana and Craig. Can’t fault a guy for featuring his best players. Seattle has a truly subpar receiving corps, an average O-Line and a young QB. Yet they keep succeeding. Bevell is a big part of that.

              1. He’s a good coordinator. Doesn’t mean he will be a good leader and a good head coach. Completely different job descriptions. Bevell seems more like Norv Turner than Sean Payton.

              2. Sullyball: what’s that old saying: “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

            2. Your analysis is laughable….at least ur dad is occasionally entertaining. Jack Del Rio..best one I heard al lweek

  31. Jack Del Rio! Never mind that the Broncos’ D basically sucked before bringing in Talib, Ware, and other short-time pricey free agents this year. Never mind that hiring a DC to be HC would probably mean losing Fangio. The very idea of Del Rio leading the 49ers has my heart thumping wildly in my chest!

    As for Harbaugh, I appreciate that every fan probably felt wistful and sad at the end of the Arizona game, but it’s hard to figure out all the weeping and gnashing of teeth. Trent Dilfer was right — the Niners weren’t going any farther with Harbaugh. Consider, for example, the offense. ROMAN, blah, blah, blah… sure. But it was Harbaugh’s offense. He was the reason for the bizarre and random decision to switch to the ill-fated deep passing approach (and for not adapting when it failed); for plays not getting in to Kap on time; for the horrendous record of hurling challenge flags; for the failure of Kap to develop. So, thank you, Jim. We wish you well. Now begone!

    The Niners will be a better team next year. But Del Rio? Sheesh.

    1. Denver was soft in the 2014 SB and has plugged players into their defense to make it much better as did NE. In the Michael Bennett presser he talks about how only about 10% of the players in the league want to tackle and fortunately for the Seahawks we have a majority.

  32. Just for discussion, not to advocate:
    Gase- we all have leaned pretty hard on the idea that PM runs that offense, perhaps too hard. I noted at the time that Tebow took over that Denver made some nice adaptations to their offense to accommodate him. They seemed to borrow some concepts that Harbaugh/Roman employed. I was impressed. Was that Fox? Riley? Gase? I’d love to know that. Trent can find out.
    Bowles- he guided his D through a lot of adjustments during personnel losses.

    1. If I had to guess, Gase. Only issue is, Peyton Manning would be in a niners uniform if it weren’t for him not being able to run his offense. Going one step further, it is well documented that Peyton has 4 people who work and report to him directly. That says a lot. To me, it doesn’t discredit Gase, as much as it gives credit to Peyton. I do not want to take away from the progress Gase has made in his career, it’s just hard to give him credit for any success Peyton Manning has.

  33. I would take Mike Shanahan over the others because he coached Steve Young and John Elway. Both of these QBs used to run around without looking down field to find another option to throw the ball. M. Shanahan changed all that. Shanahan’s problem in Washington is not 100% his fault. RG III has a lot of problem and is not as coachable as Steve Young and John Elway. RG III is a typical coach killer. Kaep needs a coach who can help him to read the defense and accept what the opposite defense gives him. He needs to have touch on his ball for those short passes. Kaep needs to know to move around the pocket and has a feel what is around him. He needs to accept the sack and takes care of the ball. How could he run out of bound when his team is leading by 3 points and there is only 2+ minutes left on the clock, helping the opposite team ? How about carrying the ball with one hand in his own 20 yards line ? Alex Smith may not have all the tools but he does not do a lot stupid things. Walsh was surprised that Alex Smith didn’t know how to read defense. Kaep didn’t learn that either in Nevada.

    Do you guys still remember how Steve Young used to run around when he was with Tampa Bay and with LA Express back then ?

    How about John Elway before Shanahan showed up ? Elway used to throw hard too.

  34. The fact that all of your analysis led to Jack Del Rio is why we all we’re hoping the team and Harbs could work things out. Sheesh. What a downgrade that would be.

  35. Tom Clements or Gase should be the choice. We need an HC who is a solid Offensive Coordinator who can develop Kap and an offense. Harbaugh did a great job of turning us around but IF he had a different OC we would have won a couple of Super Bowls. Clements has great experience developing QBs and the Packer offense runs and passes very successfully.

    As to Gase, yes Peyton runs the show in Denver BUT Peyton IS the best OC in the league so Gase learned from Peyton how a QB reads defenses and how to run a real offense that moves the ball and scores points. Gase’s time with Peyton is a huge advantage. Gase will know who to hire for OC and we keep Fangio running the defense. If we had just a little more offense we would have won 11 or 12 games. We just need to reload at Head Coach. I leave my post with this question as folks criticize Jed and Baalke. Can any 49er fan with any sense really say you wanted to watch another year of the 49er offense with Roman running our offense and go 8 and 8 again????

  36. Key moves by Jed:
    1. Hiring Singletary. This became a huge mistake and suggested Jed was a buffoon.
    2. Hiring Baalke and subsequently Harbaugh. This became a huge winning combination and suggested Jed had somehow matured into a Jedi master.
    3. Building Levi’s, a stadium without a home-field advantage. This made me wonder about Jed’s real smarts and/or his commitment to winning.
    4. Firing Harbaugh, not having someone credible in the wings, and scaring the best ones away by announcing he expects a championship every year or else. This has me really confused. Is Jed just dumb or, now that he has his stadium, is it that he just doesn’t care?

      1. At this point, I’m just hoping that Niners have an immature CEO and an immature QB to match. I’m hoping that they will mature soon.

    1. No field has a home field advantage the first couple of years. It’s acquired through familiarity.

      As for Jed, it is premature to heap blame on him. We know relatively nothing about what happened. Until shown differently, I choose to assume that he is making the right decisions.

    2. As for you final question George, Jed is dumb about football and public relations and what he really cares about is the stadiums cash flow. He’s literally enticing people away from the actual game and into the stadiums income pits. It’s like paying a lot more to see the game on TV. Go 49ers! Right.

      1. ht, that’s kind of what I’m concerned about. Points 2, 3, and 4 suggest the owner puts income and political correctness (the expression he uses is “winning with class”) before fielding a dominant team. And this suggests that all us here — Niner fanatics — will be continuously frustrated going forward. Seriously speaking, I think our party might be over, permanently.

        1. Actually I don’t agree that the “with class” bit is an attempt at “political correctness”. I think it’s a way to scape goat Jim Harbaugh. That’s why Baalke and Jed want the coach to the the public face of the organization when the crap hits the fan.

    3. +1000

      i said the same thing above!! his only goal was to get the stadium! he views it as a cash cow and he wants to milk us, the fans! You must realize, jed is a York. he dosent come from a football family. he not a Debartalo. he has never made any money or ran a business before. his legacy is going to be made by juicing the fans for all he can and turning a profit year in and year out! That stadium is built to squeeze money out of the upper class in silicon valley! it is not built to give us an advantage and it is certainly not for the working class.
      more evidence….the big point of discord between he and Harbaugh…..money! we all know JH wanted to be paid like an elite HC and jed kept low balling him.

  37. If you are going to get someone from the Bronco’s why mess around – go straight to the top: Peyton Manning. He is the real OC there, knows how to play quarterback, holds everyone accountable all of the time, is a great teacher, knows how to game plan and the press conferences would be a lot of fun to watch.

    1. Manning has said that he wants to play another year. He would be a great choice, but he’s unavailable. Any chance that he might become available would be after Denver exits the playoffs. If we wait until then in the hopes that Manning might want to become a HC, we’ll have missed opportunities with the few decent candidates available. And then what do we do.

  38. The best available coach will pick another organization. Someone really good isn’t going to want to work for York. All those press leaks were the kiss of death to a really competent person. The way Harbaugh was pushed out was so short sighted the only word that comes to mind in gross incompetence.

    1. There are other words, but gross incompetence will do in a pinch. Kawakami pointed out that their leak machine was bush league too.

  39. If Grant thinks Del Rio. Then bye golly go with someone else. We know how it turns out with his choices.

  40. Many dinosaurs are being suggested here. Most I think would want more control, like Holmgren. My dinosaur pick would be Cowher. A take charge guy who has the cred to build a good staff. He’s self confident enough to keep Vic if he wanted to stay. He worked fine in a strictly defined management structure in steel town.
    Oh, btw, it ain’t going to happen.

    1. I can see why some may not want one of these “dinosaurs”
      But here’s why I want holmgren.
      He is a west coast offense guy.
      A traditional WCO guy. If ck can’t adapt to that offense it will be a perfect time to make the move to trade or cut him. (Trade unlikely with that contract) If holmgren can’t get him to become a pocket passing/mobile qb for the WCO. Then not many can and we will get a clear cut reason as to why ck will be let go.
      Holmgren also demands respect from his players.
      He may want more control of the drafts, he may not. His gm record isn’t great. Maybe he’s learned he’s a coach not a draft guru.
      He wants to come back home.
      He’s a face old school 49er fans would love to see again.
      He would reboost comfindence in some fans with ownership.
      And I believe he is good enough to balance this teams talents out on both sides of the ball.

      1. Go ahead Ninermd! That was an excellent sales pitch for Holmgren. I think that like Cowher, there’d be minimal back tracking to get established, just define the message and let’s go.

    2. @BrothaTuna, I agree! If we’re going to get an older coach, I think Cowher is the best option. He’s probably the only guy from the outside that can rally the locker room around himself quickly. He has SuperBowl experience and a HUGE personality.

  41. If winning was important to York and Baalke, Harbaugh would still be here.

    First consideration for the new coach: sycophant.

    Second consideration for the new coach: good coach.

    “I do not think that winning is the most important thing. I think winning is the only thing.” – Bill Veeck quotes from BrainyQuote.com.

    1. During the dark ages my dream was Shanahan replacing Nolan/Sing.

      Then I ran into a long time Broncos fan the day Shanahan drafted RG3. (he worked at the pizza place I was watching the draft)

      He said Shanahan soured during his tenure in Denver, becoming a dictatorial jerk, wrecking team moral, and was certain to ruin RG3.

      The other concern… Shanahan will install an offense that’s a total mismatch for the 49ers personnel. Baalke’s plunged unprecedented draft capital into a power offensive line. I don’t see him tossing that for a zone running coach (though I think the 49ers should involve more zone concepts).

      1. I think this is RG3’s last year with the Redskins — he’s due a big contract next year and he’s not worth the money nor the trouble he causes.

  42. Okay…now that I’ve had time to let my emotions wear off, here’s what I think will happen:

    1) Vic Fangio will be the next head coach of the 49ers. The players respect him professionally. If he stays most of the defensive staff will stay. He has a lot to offer Kaep in the area of learning to read a defense (of course this would be from the defensive perspective) as regularly fields a top defensive unit. The team would have continuity in the locker room. While he’s an “inside guy” he’s not as much of an “inside guy” as Tomsula, which means York and Baalke would find it easier to fire him. They believe that the defense can be good without Fangio (right or wrong).

    2) Tomsula likely won’t leave if he DOESN’T get the head coaching job. He had an opportunity with the Vikings (and Redskins?) but CHOSE to stay in San Fransisco by withdrawing his name from the list. If Tomsula fails to win a Super Bowl he’ll HAVE to be fired (per Jed York), but York doesn’t have the spine to fire a guy that he likes and guy that likes him. Tomsula will be given a “friendship” raise and a contract extension.

    3) Ed Donatell will be promoted to defensive coordinator.

    4) Marc Trestman will be the next offensive coordinator. The 49ers staff studied his offense in the offseason, and they loved what he was trying to do in Chicago with a balance of power-running and “gutsy” passing, he just needed a QB who could run his offense. The 49ers want head coaching potential in their coordinators, he brings that to the table and could be groomed to be a future head coach a la George Seifert.

  43. Anyone watching TCU Ole Miss? Tell me that there shouldn’t be an 8 team playoff. TCU, Baylor, Miss St. and Mich. St should all be there. LSU and Ole Miss sure are making the SEC look mediocre.

    1. I was discussing LSU with someone at work yesterday. Les Miles’ job will be on the line in a couple of years. He’s put too many good draft prospects in the NFL for him to continuously produce mediocre results.

  44. That sad part about all of this is, the majority of the people being discussed to coach are good to great candidates. But many of them have especially the dinosaurs have track records that scream, I want more control of the players on my team. Baalke/York are not having it. So I find it hard to believe they are going to hire someone that may ruffle their feathers on personnel decisions. Like many have said, I believe they will hire a “Yes Man”.

    1. Maybe. But apparently Baalke wanted Parcells the last go around and only selected Harbaugh when Parcells declined. Although I agree that it seems like Baalke wants all of the power, how do you reconcile the Parcells choice?

      1. I think the “Baalke wants all the power” and is after a “yes man” thing is overblown.

        1. I agree. Unfortunately if they do promote Tomsula that Yes Man cliche will be repeated so often that some will believe it.
          I’m sure Bay Area press won’t do that though (cough, choke, gag, wheeze.)

  45. Grant so you have a pretty negative opinion of all of the 49er HC candidates, does that mean if the 9ers hire one of them and he succeeds you will utter those words you seem to hate. I was totally and completely wrong and from now on you should really take my opinions with a grain of salt.

    1. Get ready for a long off-season of uncomplimentary Inside the 49ers articles when the Niners *don’t* go with Grant’s pick.

    2. “I was totally and completely wrong…”
      Personally, I don’t think I’ve used those words. I just let my failed Draft Pick guesses speak eloquently to my incompetence. I favored the picks of Kwame Harris and Taylor Mays. smh

      1. Brotha I was never much of a Harris guy but I loved the Mays pick. I was totally and completely F****** wrong on that one. [I thought I would take it a step further}

        1. Count me guilty when it comes to loving the Mays pick. Will we ever know if it was Baalke or Singletary that instigated that flop.

  46. I was in agreement until you mentioned Tresticleman. He is terrible. Also we fired him once. Won’t bring that garbage back

  47. I originally had Koetter has a head coach candidate because I didn’t see him making a lateral move but with the firing of Smith if the new coach wants his own OC then I would love the idea of Del Rio/Koetter that would be a great combo!

  48. MMQB Greg Bedard on Boston sportstalk radio 98.5 ” The 49ers had a trade agreement with the browns for Josh Gordon last season but the trade was nixed at the last minute by Jimmy Haslan”

  49. Grant …

    Jack Del Rio ? …

    Sure … love the fact that he’s a Chabot College alum ..
    and an all around Bay Area guy … but … seriously ???

    Might as well promote G-Ro to the be the next HC !!

    (I’m kidding, of course)

    I dunno … out of everyone mentioned, so far ..
    I’m leaning toward Mike Holmgren … yeah ..
    he’s a dinosaur … but Jed claims he wants a “teacher”..
    right ?

    Well … how much “football wisdom” do you think is
    packed up there in Mike’s brain ?

    Not to mention, the fact that he was the first of
    the Bill Walsh clones … and is the best “expert”
    available … of the “Bill Walsh Offense”
    (always hated the term “west coast offense”)

    and the fact that Holmgren is also a Bay Area native ..

    So… Jed …

    Climb into your Tesla ,, and take a trip over the hump
    to Santa Cruz .. and go talk to him !!

    1. I also think that Holmgren would be a good choice. The offense was efficient and exciting when he was OC.

  50. The idea of replacing a coach/player is to make the team better. Now that Harbaugh has set this standard and with the thinking that the new HC is to make the team better then my expectations are three straight Super Bowl appearances. That is what it is going to take to do better then Harbaugh. I sure hope they are correct with their ‘philosophical’ differences. Winning with class, I would prefer to have players that ‘man up’. Fk that class stuff.

    1. Undercenter I agree. I wonder if Jed lays down at night and thinks, “what the f-c- did I just do?”

      1. Forget the “class” crap. They are using that propaganda to lay off blame to their dearly departed scape goat.

          1. They are going to do something different about off the fields problems, but as they repeatedly say, “It wasn’t all Jim’s fault.”

    2. Better next year will just be better than 8-8 and better than this horrible offense. Harbaugh coached a truly awful offense. In fact, he got outcoached by defenses on a weekly basis. It won’t be hard to improve there. The leadership part will be harder to replace, but I feel like by year four, a fair amount of guys had kind of tuned him out anyway.

      1. Sorry about that comment, but does Gase really have a job? Manning runs the passing game and, according to the Denver papers, Fox made the decision to balance the offense when CJ Anderson showed up. I wonder if Gase has the experience to be an OC, much less a HC.

        1. Well, I read somewhere that it is Gase who is spearheading the shift in the Broncos offense to feature more passing. But on the passing side it would be hard to believe that it isn’t all Manning.

    1. Ghost ..

      If it ain’t Holmgren .. then I’ll hafta agree with ya ..
      and, if you’re right … I’ll make up a graphic
      which sez .. “Jed York = an IDIOT” ..
      (and use it as my avatar)

      1. I have a negative impression of him, I’ll keep it clean by leaving it at that. He knows Defense, but it would be like hiring Romanowski to represent the franchise.

  51. Tomsula has already been selected. This just the dog and pony show people go through. This was pretty much decided several weeks before Harbaugh left.

    Have fun guessing though.

      1. Good question, if Jack & The Fly are right.
        Not many current OCs can or will move laterally. Any Rising Stars out their as QB or OL or WR coaches? I’d like to move on from Roman and Morton. JimT, you listening.

  52. Grant here’s your next letter to Jed;

    Dear Jed

    Fire Baakle and re-hire Tom Gamble but as the GM.

    Love Grant.

  53. c4c ..

    I’m sure Jed can’t wait for Grant to tell him what
    his next move should be …

    Really, tho …
    he’s got Baalke collection’ the fat paychecks
    doin’ just that

  54. Del Rio has every weapon at his disposal in that Broncos defense and they’re still pretty mediocre. He’d be a re-tread hire. Not a fan. I could see the Raiders signing him.

  55. My guess is Josh Mcdaniels.

    You cannot hold the Denver thing against him. Jay Cutler is a total jerk, and the way things have turned out in Chicago has vindicated Mcdaniels in getting rid of Cutler in Denver.

    Drafting Tebow is harder to overlook. Such a huge misjudgement of talent does make me wonder about his football acumen. However, he will not be asked to draft talent here. Personnell wil still be Baalke’s area.

    Belichick also had a rocky start as a HC until he got to New England. Maybe second time will be a charm for Mcdaniels.

    1. Problem is, will whoever they pick have the same vision as Baalke. I think Harbaugh’s offensive vision was different from what Baalke wanted.

      1. In other words, Baalke wanted an offense that actually worked rather than one that could barely snap the ball on time, scored the fewest points in the second halfs of games and was ranked 31st in the red zone.

  56. According to PFF:

    “After a shaky first three games, Chris Culliver’s +10.7 coverage grade over the final 13 games was fifth best among cornerbacks.”

    And this is why I think Culliver will be retained over Cox.

      1. I get why people don’t want Rex. That’s fair enough. Personally I don’t think he’d be a terrible choice.

        1. Scooter ..
          ya ever seen one of his pressers ?

          Somehow .. I’m not thinkin’ thats the definition
          of “class” Jed was talkin’ about …

          (if it is… he should stop listening to Baalke)

          1. No one who complains about Kaeps pressers should be asking for Rex Ryan to be the head coach.

            That’s not directed at you scooter. I can’t remember how you feel about Kaeps pressers.

    1. That could have more to do with Roman wanting to get out from under Harbaugh’s wing than anything else. As long as he sticks with Harbaugh, people will always say his success (sic) is due to running Harbaugh’s offense.

      1. That would be a good career move for Roman. At Stanford and here he worked with a committee based organization. That must have come directly from Jim.

  57. Gase or McDaniels. The offense is in a quagmire, not the D. Just having OC’s from two high scoring teams is the obvious choice for me.

    1. Yes please! Wow, that’s quite a shocker. I dare say he’ll generate a lot of interest on the open market.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Baalke is currently the only one on the Executive staff with any direct football knowledge.

        1. I doubt they’ll hire Gamble or someone else is that capacity. Jed was asked directly about it by KNBR’s Bryan Murphy and Jed danced around it.

    1. no way, no how. he stunk up the place in Cleveland. can’t come in at noon and expect to get it done.

  58. OMG all this coach talk is making my head spin. I’m attaching a video from Doug Baldwin on what the Seahawks had to do to come back from a 3-3 record and finish the season 9-1 with a bye in week 4. Never mind that’s it’s the Seahawks, it’s a super bowl team overcoming adversities to get in the playoffs. It’s quite revealing. Bennett one is interesting also.


      1. cubus ,,

        if yer thinkin’ what I think
        yer thinkin’ … remember ..
        this is a “family” (type) blog !!

        Mary …

        Hope you make a New Years resolution of
        NOT posting SeaChicken crap on a NINERs blog !!

        No one here cares !!

        Pl-eeze !!

          1. Oh.. ok then …

            I was thinkin’ .. you were thinkin’ somethin’
            a whole lot worse …

            but … on the other hand … just maybe ..
            you coulda thunk up somethin’ else !

            Happy New Year .. to you and everyone else, here !

            Mary …

            Answer me this, then …

            It has been established that no one (here) gives
            a rats pa-tootie about your SeaChicken posts ..
            so-o-o-o …

            your point in doing it anyhoo … is ..

            WHAT .. exactly ?

            To annoy ?

            1. Happy new year to you too MWN, and especially to Scooter and D Clark since it’s already new there.

      1. AES: Oh, you’re taking this personal, aren’t you. Do you really think I’m wondering if you’re going to want to read what I post. It doesn’t even cross my mind. There are 32 teams in the league and the Niners are just one.

        Now, I will not be answering any more questions. Grow up boys I like it better when you ignore me except for a few of my favorites. I wonder where Prime is. One more thing you won’t be interested in or understand is if the Seahawks don’t win the SB my world won’t be shattered b/c as far as I’m concerned, we’ve already won it coming back from 3-3.

        1. “…..Now, I will not be answering any more questions….”

          Yup …

          I musta hit a nerve, huh ??

          She posts SeaChicken crap, here …

          JUST TO ANNOY !!

          Well…. Mary …

          You’re an expert at that …. fer sure !!

      2. Mary,
        Maybe you were offended. Really wasn’t trying to. I’ve been a proponent of yours when many here did an unofficial vote to get you off.
        You still have every right to write what you want. But if you put your comments on a blog open for public consumption, you should not be fazed by me not agreeing with your news.

    1. Marrone and the Jets have a secret handshake deal for him to be the next head coach. They can’t say anything because the Jets I’m assuming haven’t complied with the Rooney rule yet but once they do you’ll see the Marrone hire announcement following short behind.

      I say this because there’s simply no way a coach would back out of an NFL contract unless he knew he had another one ready to be signed.

      1. I agree he must know he has a job waiting for him. But shouldn’t stop other teams for inquiring and trying to lure him if they think he’d be a good candidate.

      2. So, even if it was Marrone’s agent who initiated contact with the Jets (Div rivals) while he was under contract, aren’t the Jets liable for tampering if they even take the call? Circumstantially this sounds ‘funny.’

    1. MWD,
      I respect Craig’ opinion but there may be some debate about Harbaugh being able to control his players.
      If anything, Harbaugh may have been guilty of being too loyal and even cuddling some of his players.

      I think Jed’ comment about winning with class may have been a subtle parting shot at Harbaugh’ insatiable appetite to win by overlooking many player faults.
      In any case, we’ll see how young Jedi confronts this issue in hiring his next HC.

    1. MidWest,
      That’s a good hire by Harbaugh. I really liked Tim Drevno when he was the 49ers OL coach. Once he left the staff last year, the o-line performance tanked. Good for him that he’s the Michigan OC now.

      I wonder what that says about the Harbaugh/Roman dynamic.

  59. I don’t know enough about Del Rio and Koetter to know if that’s a good idea. Could be, sounds promising.

    But the thing is, you and I and Grant don’t know as much as we think we do. Now maybe Fangio and Tomsula aren’t offensive specialists, but they have to know a lot about offenses and quarterback play in order to craft defensive schemes. Besides, it will be the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach who work with Kap.

    We also don’t know, I suspect, whether McDaniels and Gase are brilliant offensive minds and true quarterback whisperers. It’s true that we can’t draw too many conclusions about their abilities because they have great quarterbacks, but that doesn’t imply that they aren’t great OC’s, just that we can’t use their current offensive success as proof of an outstanding offensive approach and creativity. And I don’t think we know anything about their teaching ability.

    And we also don’t know yet whether York and Baalke want a yes man, or whether their only real requirement is that they want somebody who can develop this team to the max. All this psychological certainty about those guys, based on assumptions, may be way off base.

    I do find it funny that Grant savaged Harbaugh mercilessly (which I agreed with) but now is savaging York for firing him.

        1. Hmmm, coaching RBs and WRs isn’t the same as running an offense, but everyone starts somewhere!

  60. I say give the job to the first candidate that says they want to replace Kaepernick, that’s all they have to do to fix the offense anyway.

    1. Jed York to candidate who wants to replace Kaepernick:
      York: And who would you want to replace Kaepernick with?

      Candidate: Well, I really hadn’t thought of who just yet, I just know he needs to go.

      York: Shut the door on your way out!

            1. Well, according to his tweet apology after the loss on Thanksgiving night it would certainly seem that he cares about the paying fans.

      1. Candidate: Well, I really hadn’t thought of who just yet, I just know he needs to go.
        Sign him up, he’s perfect!

  61. I thought 9ers might get some slack as attention diverted to to Marrone and Gamble, but in the Gamble story at PFT it was “as bad as the 49ers.”
    Peeeeeyooo! This divorce is stanky Jed.

  62. Harbaugh has chosen his new OC. It is not Roman. Maybe if Jim would have dumped him months ago he would still be coaching in SF. Roman interviewing for Job at Tampa.

    1. What makes you think Harbaugh dumped Roman. Maybe their separation was mutual like Jed and Jim.

  63. From Jeff Deeney at PFF:

    “In just nine games, Ian Williams earned a +12.9 grade on the year, and his 11.7% run stop % ranked 3rd among DTs w/ 100+ run snaps.”

  64. MidWest …

    sure hope they win the “Rex Ryan” lottery, then ..
    and if Silver Spoon (Jed) has any brains ..
    he’ll snag Holmgren …

    Talk about a pitch he hit outta the park !!

    1. Just not a fan of signing Holmgren. I don’t think his coaching style is what the team needs.

      1. Well … watching that “dog & pony show” that was
        the Jed n Baalke presser … (@ 49ers.com) ..

        everything Jed said he wants in the next HC …
        “teacher” .. “with class” … et al … everything
        he said .. seems to describe only one person I can think of ..
        Mike Holmgren …

        The only knock on him I can think of .. would be his age ..

        but .. on the other hand .. I can relate to that, myself,..
        and am of the opinion that age is not a detriment ..
        but, instead, a huge advantage …

        Not only that.. but imo … I put up a much better argument
        for Holmgren .. (earlier in this thread)
        than Grant did for Del Rio …

        (With much fewer words, too !)

  65. pass on Del Rio. We aren’t going to hire a dfensive coach and go through them like under Nolan. We want a young innovative offensive mind. That’s Gase. Read up on him more. Someone else made a great point elsewhere. How well did working with Manning help Moore OC get a head coach job with Indy. It didn’t.
    Mcdaniels was terrible in Denver.
    Kyle Shannahan didn’t get along with people in Wash.
    HC Gase
    DC Fangio

    We trade Kaep to Philly for a 2nd rnd pick and TE Ertz.
    We either sign Gabbert back or get another veteran like Glennon.
    In FA, we get WR Torrey Smith from Balt
    1st: Devante Parker WR
    2nd Kyle Petty QB
    offense reloaded!

    1. damn posting under the influence. It’s Bryce Petty in the 2nd after a good bowl game today and a good senior bowl

      1. I mentioned the other day that a breathalyzer lock on devices between 11pm & 4am is an app I’d buy. But I notice you got an early start on New Year’s Eve.
        ; >)

  66. I would like Nick O’Leary of FSU. Kid is a Gronkowski clone with great hands and a linebacker mentality.

    I would feel better with Glennon over Gabbert. Glennon has shown more flashes than Gabbert in their small sample career.

    CK is not going anywhere soon. Harbaugh’ departure may be a blessing in disguise because he will not have an advocate that will stand up for him. Kap may finally take his craft much more seriously knowing the coach that drafted him is gone.

  67. Unlike most of you, I don’t think York or Baalke have done a bad job. I am glad they fired Harbaugh and think it was the right thing to do. While I believe Harbaugh had some very good leadership qualities and a fairly creative running game, I do not believe he had a cutting edge, modern passing scheme. And in the present NFL, this is a huge problem. DC’s are paid to outcoach OC’s and the other way around…I think as Harbaugh’s tenure wore on, more and more DC’s outcoached his offensive scheme. I find it hypocritical that so many people realize Roman stunk, but fail to acknowledge that this has always been both of their offenses. If I have a head coach from one side of the ball, I’d prefer that he be a master of that side of the ball. That was clearly not the case. Just bear in mind that Harbaugh and Roman “upgraded” their scheme this offseason with an emphasis on the red zone and proceeded to orchestrate one of the worse offenses in the entire league. Moreover, the QB he is developing regressed, his half-time adjustments were absurdly bad, his team, after four years, still couldn’t snap the ball on time, his team committed the same ridiculous mistakes again and again, and some of his players didn’t seem engaged. This is coaching, among other things. That is Harbaugh. I am grateful he helped bring a winning culture to San Francisco. I thought he was a good hire by York and Baalke, but I think he reached his limit. He had an elite D and an elite DC, which masked his weaknesses. And his biggest weakness is he does not seem to be able to instill an affective passing offense in a league in which you MUST be able to throw, especially on 3rd down and in the red zone. I know all of the excuses. And there is some merit to some of them–but I think the bottom line is Harbaugh runs the offense and the offense almost never out-schemes, out-thinks or out-performs anyone. It was awful. And I never felt too comfortable with it. Harbaugh’s a good coach with a lot of intangibles, but in terms of pure strategy, I think he is sub-standard in modern NFL terms. Baalke put a Super Bowl caliber roster together. And York has overseen it. Harbaugh needed to go. And I don’t see a non-messy way to do that. But I think they did the right thing. Finding the right replacement will be tricky and there is some risk. But this team’s best chance to win a Super Bowl is to have some better offensive thinkers some in and fix the offensive mess that we just saw. We will all see soon enough. But I don’t see the evidence yet to prove that York and Baalke are the bad guys here or have done this wrong. I think the team will be better because of the coaching change. And the draft will affect a lot, too, after Ballke’s masterful draft of 2014.

    1. Agreed. I still think Urban Meyer should be pursued with full force. It’s worth repeated tries. The man took two highly controversial QBs, Tim Tebow and Alex Smith, and turned them into elite QBs. I have advocated for Kaepernick to go since he was picked to start. I can imagine that Urban Meyer might be able to get the most out of Kaepernick more than any other coach out there, at least no less than any other coach. I understand he is in his home state, but I think it would be worth the shot. I highly doubt Urban Meyer would flinch at the Super Bowl or Bust expectation… not being a new coach and facing Saban. The man has all the qualities Harbaugh lacked and is probably more successful in some regards. I doubt Jed or Trent would really be that interested in restricting Meyer if he agreed to come aboard.

    2. Kidd,
      Very good take.
      My contention with the FO/Harbaugh rift was that it was allowed to fester throughout the season and it seemed evident that the two factions were not going to attempt to find a resolution which in turn affected the product on the field.

      Cooler heads should have prevailed and frankly, professional’s (that players and fans count on) dropped the ball here.

      The poor offensive stats are only the cause and effect of a negative current that ran from the top and filtered down to the field.

      The defense held its own throughout the season especially with so many key players missing and for that Fangio and Tomsula should be highly commended as well as financially rewarded.

      But offense was a monumental mess given Roman’ scheme and Kap’ inability to find his niche as a pocket passer. Frequent changes along the O-line also paved the way for inconsistency and lack of confidence.
      Fangio and Tomsula were able to push their troops to overcome the loss of key players, Harbaugh and especially Roman could not make the same adjustments.

      In the end it was a divorce that was in the works for some time in the making.
      But like divorces in the real world, they have a lasting and negative effect when children are involved.
      I certainly hope that this is not the case with the team on the field.

  68. For those that are interested, the older of my two horses had her first race today in over 13 months, coming back after a grade 2 tear of a tendon in her front right leg late in 2013. She absolutely smashed it, won by a nostril in what was a blistering pace over the final 600m. Very, very excited right now!

    1. Congratulations Scooter! Glad to hear of your good fortune. Great way to start the new year.

        1. Thanks mate. She’s a five year old now – sadly she missed almost her entire 4-year old campaign with injury, which was a shame because she was really running well. On the positive side, she’s packed on some muscle over the past year and looks a treat.

          We typically run her in the city in Brisbane, Australia.

  69. Looks like Dirk Koetter is interviewing for OC positions – a lateral move. Would probably be a good OC for the 9ers especially if Fangio or another defensively minded individual is hired as HC.

    1. Mike Smith losing his job is the best thing that could have happened for the 49ers. Still the chance that the new Atlanta coach will want to retain him but for our sake I hope they don’t.

      I would sleep easier if we hire a guy like Tomsula or Fangio to be our coach knowing that we had a guy like Koetter running the offense.

    1. “…Oh and I see where Ninernation has 2 fieldgull articles for “suggested reading. So you don’t have a leg to stand on….”

      Actually, Mary ..
      I consider myself one of the lucky ones ..as I
      have both of my legs to stand on … but ..
      to your misguided point …

      before I got wise and installed ad-block into my browser ..
      I used to get these “interesting” pop-ups ..
      that also claimed “suggested reading” …

      (I never clicked on those either)

      My (enormously more relevant) point was ..
      (and still is) ….

      No one, here is interested in your constant
      SeaChicken posts …

      Want proof ?? Ok …

      A show of hands, fellas …

      How many just scroll past Mary’s SeaChicken links..
      and how many just click on them to be polite ?

      You wanna talk Niners ? ..

      Ok … That’s what this place is all about

      But keep in mind ..
      your SeaChicken links .. (on a Niner blog) … could
      be viewed as spam ..

      And that’s why I asked you if you did it just to annoy ?

      So-o-o … do you ?

    2. Why are you never right, Mary? Harbaugh decided not to go with Roman as OC. Clearly, he was not too thrilled with his performance either. Probably just kept him to piss York and Baalke off. Appears it got that bad, far worse than anyone ever suspected.

      1. This was the first comment I read in 2015 DaNiners. I must say you started off my year with a smile. Ron White’s phrase comes to mind.

  70. Mary:

    Try to keep up. Harbaugh hired Drevno as his OC and Roman is going to interview with Tampa Bay.

    Oh, Happy New Year.

    1. Cubus: Thanks for the update. See how easy it is to overlook certain articles — I just skim right by.

        1. Hah. Anybody think John Harbaugh will be extra-motivated when he brings the Ravens to the Stitch?

    1. Only Joe also had a ring on his thumb. Do you get a ring for winning the national championship?

      1. It depends on what the collegiate’s school springs for. Usually it’s a watch, but sometimes it can be a ring.

    1. Tweet from Matt Barrows:

      “My read: Vic Fangio interested in becoming a head coach; if he’s passed over in SF, he’ll seek employment elsewhere, will have options.”

      1. Why would he go to be the DC of a dysfunctional team like Washington or one with utterly depleted talent like Atlanta when the Niners could make him the highest paid DC on a talent-laden roster? He could always interview for HC jobs as Niners’ DC.

        Happy New Year to all of you! May the New Year bring good health and cheer to all, and troll-free, consistently thoughtful and intelligent discourse to this blog.

        1. Thank you Mood. Happy new year to you as well. The ‘troll free’ comment was classic :)

        2. Thanks Mood. Vic may be just covering his options and leveraging by interviewing. I’ve been figuring it’s only about 35-40% chance he stays just due to the realities of regime change.

      2. So he’s interviewing as a DC for Wash?
        Barrows is pretty good, but this is rumor time.

        1. Reports @MikeJonesWaPo of Washington Post: #49ers have given permission to Washington to interview Ed Donatell, but not yet for Vic Fangio.

  71. How about Rich Rodriguez for HC?

    He has HC experience and has had success at Glenville State, West Virginia, and Arizona. He runs a no huddle, run-oriented version of the spread offense. This could be an excellent fit for the 49ers.

    Michigan gets Harbaugh and the 49ers get Rich :)

    1. It takes a little bit for his offenses to get going, so I don’t think a CEO and GM that want a Super Bowl winner every year and will fire the coach if they don’t get the result would go that route.

  72. Trae Waynes, the top CB, is playing right now. #15 on Michigan State. Check him out. I think he’d be a great choice for us.

  73. Did you see the accuracy from Bryce Petty. All of his throws have pretty much been on target and that deep throw was great. If we could get him in the 3rd, as of now I think it would be a good pickup.

  74. Never liked Jed York from the start. The job was given to him by mom and dad and he has no qualifications to run the team. Bill Walsh gave you a blue print and it just gets ignored. I heard that quite a few of former 49er front office people are in the Seahawks organization as well. Can anyone confirm this? My dad said this has happened over the years as the York’s have run people off. Looking at the head coaching candidates I want to curl up in a ball and cry. It hurt watching this team pre Harbaugh era and have a sinking feeling it will again be that way soon.

    1. In his second full season as a starter, the dual-threat Kaepernick often struggled as a pocket passer. Former 49ers quarterback Steve Young has given Shanahan a large amount of credit for his transformation from a running quarterback into a polished pocket passer. Shanahan was the 49ers offensive coordinator from 1992-94 and put Young through endless hours of painstaking work in the film room.

      “Mike Shanahan used to drive me crazy and I was in mid-career,” Young said to The Chronicle in November. “I’d say ‘Mike, I can’t take it any more. I’m a guy that went to law school, I’m used to this stuff, but I can’t do it any more.’ He’d say, ‘C’mon, one more time. One more time.’ And we’d go through it again. But I know, looking back, that’s how it gets done

    2. I believe this is nothing more than paying lip service to the process. Given what they did to Harbaugh and Baalke’s control of the roster, I don’t see Shanahan being interested unless it’s just for a lot of money. However, why he would agree to take the time to meet with them is interesting. Maybe he’s doing it for Montana and Young.

  75. I’m warming up to the idea of Rex Ryan. I know that’ll might be unpopular on this board. But he’s a fiery motivator and had the Jets contending before they lost Revis and entered salary cap hell. Of course, you’d have to hire a tremendous OC to handle that part.

    1. If York hated Harbaugh because of his demeanor, then how exactly would hiring someone with a worse demeanor work out?

      1. Harbs and Rex both have brash demeanors. But Rex seems looser. More accessible. Harbs, as much as I respect his talents, was so tightly wound that it felt somewhat oppressive.

      2. Mid, look at it this way – Rex did enough to impress Woody Johnson that it was GM Tannenbaum that got fired after the 2012 season, while they retained Rex. Unlike Harbaugh, Rex is someone with charisma, that tends to be well liked.

        1. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the nonsense around the Jets’ QB circus was front office imposed on Rex, but I’m still not a fan. ” Tannenbomb” did in fact suck. Out of the pan into the fire with Idzik.
          Marrone wants to join that mess?

        2. I don’t think that it’s charisma so much as that Woody Johnson gave more power to Ryan than most think.

          1. Well, I think you are just making that up to suit your argument. Rex Ryan did not have the power to remove the GM. It was Johnson’s decision to retain Rex after 2012, and hired a GM with the coach in place.

            It is also well known that Idzik had full control over personnel decisions, which was very odd given he didn’t have much of a background in personnel evaluation.

            1. What did Tannebaum in more than anything was extending Mark Sanchez (which Ryan liked) and trading for Tebow (which Ryan did not like). Ryan sent a clear message of who was in charge by not even attempting to play Tebow even when the season was lost and Sanchez was floundering. Now those two things probably played a role in Idzik getting full control over personnel decisions, but unfortunately it didn’t work out for him.

              1. Yes, I agree those moves are what got Tannenbaum the ouster, in addition to some questionable draft picks (Gholston, anyone?).

                WRT not playing Tebow, it is worth noting that Ryan stays out of the offense entirely. He gets the blame for not playing him, as he was the one that informed Tebow they would be going with McElroy, but Sparano was the one running the offense, he was the one not using Tebow.

              2. Yes, Rex has a history of sticking with players through rough patches. Did the same with Geno Smith.

      1. His OC will be someone with a pedigree in balanced offenses, that likes to run the ball. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cam Cameron is one of his first calls, regardless of which team he signs with.

    Again, to all the “wannabees” 49ers football know it all idiots, this is a quarterback driven league, so that means you need someone who truly knows, understands and has developed, successfully a quarterback. WE have a great deal of the other team pieces. We need better offense. GET IT!!

    1. “WE have a great deal of the other team pieces.”

      do we?

      TE-wise. with VD getting slower with age (100% relies on his speed) & VMac being a bust, so we are weak at TE.

      DL-wise. we should lose our 2 best DE’s. Justin Smith should retire & Ray Mac. Dial & Tank are worse than RJF & Dobbs.

      WR-wise. Boldin is at an age where he could lose 2 steps in any given year & Crabtree/Lloyd will probably depart in FA. Johnson’s a better receiver than Crabtree, but he can’t block. Patton & Ellington are backups.

      DB-wise. Culliver/Cox might not stay. b/c of the frequency of his concussions, Reid might be done. Bethea is also at an age where he’s slowing down. Ward has had two foot injuries in the past year – even if he’s fine, he’s not a pro bowl level talent.

      RB-wise, there’s no guarantee that Hyde is as good as Gore or that Hunter will make it back.

      OL-wise, Staley looks like he is no longer quick enough to handle the LT spot… Iupati is still better than anyone else they have – unless Brandon Thomas is good.

      Andy Lee looks like he doesn’t have the same power in his leg anymore & Dawson’s 40.

  77. doesn’t matter; got to wait for Baalke to be fired since he can’t draft offensive players; especially TEs or WRs.

    assuming Justin Smith retires, Gore/Crabtree/Iupati leave (Culliver/Skuta/Cox?), Vernon/Boldin/Staley continue to decline (Bethea?), Kaepernick doesn’t make a quantum leap, and Baalke’s inability to draft (outside of the LB position), then York should focus on rebuilding and let Baalke be the fall guy.

    unless he’s got Herschel Walker or Julio Jones level trade clout, give Kaep 2015 to show he can manage the game & develop from the pocket. look to trade Willis & any other 30+ vets for more future draft picks for the next regime.

    next time, the head coach should be hired first so he can hire a personnel guy he works well with that will draft his type of players.

  78. Watching college:
    Mizou edge rushers not impressing and/or Minn OL playing well. Minn TE impressive.
    Wanted to see MichSt cb but he seems to be nicked up today. Calhoun hasn’t stood out. Petty had a Hella 1st half.

  79. Another vote for Clements:

    Again, to all the “wannabees” 49ers football know it all idiots, this is a quarterback driven league, so that means you need someone who truly knows, understands and has developed, successfully a quarterback. WE have a great deal of the other team pieces. We need better offense. GET IT!!

  80. For all those pining away for a head coach with a new highfalutin offensive system… what about all that draft capital invested in a power offense with big blocking TEs?

    Player, Pick
    Vernon Davis, 6
    Anothey Davis, 11
    Joe Staley, 28
    Mike Iupati, 17

    That’s 4,460 chart points (standard Standard Jimmy Johnson) tied up in only 4 players.

    If a team had a gutted roster and so-so assistant coaching staff, bringing in a totally new offense makes complete sense. The 49ers?

    The worst thing the 49ers could do is go away from a “win the middle” offensive system. Its not my favorite system, but the 49er roster is customized for it.

    The issue this year was injuries and mindless 4th qtr play calling and game management. (look how good the 49ers played Sunday with Antony Davis back).

    My wish list:…
    – Retain Fangio, Tomsula, Donnatel, Solari, Rathman by any means possible… promotion, extensions, what ever. If it means making Fangio HC, then do it.
    – Don’t waste time interviewing long shot candidates like Ryan or Shanahan.
    – Hire a blue collar OC who’s mind doesn’t turn to pudding in the 4th qtr.

      1. I’d hire Jimmy “dad hum yahoo” Raye as media relations manager.

        Any good OC with a “man” blocking background… who can tie it in with play action.

        Not my favorite system (I’m a WCO boy who would have loved Holmgren or Shanahan years back), but it fits the 49ers personnel and the Baalke-Parcells model.

        1. Sorry. Meant “Dad Gum Yahoo” (some say “Dag Gum” or daggum)

          Jimmy Raye has experience letting the play clock run out. He’d fit right in.

    1. Pretty much any coach is going to want Staley as a LT, whether they are power offense guys or not.

      Iupati is a free agent, so draft capital is probably the wrong way to look at it. The choice to keep him or not is about actually capital.

      You don’t pay a TE 7mm a year to be a good blocker. Granted, in years past being able to line him up as a blocker and/or deep threat was a strategy we used because a LB couldn’t cover him so teams were forced to dedicate a safety to him as well. It allowed us to disguise whether we were in a run or pass formation. But, it sure seemed like that dynamism died this year.

      The problem isn’t who we have, it’s who we don’t have. We don’t have guys that can get open deep and that has hurt both our passing game and our “power running” game. I hope Baalke and his crew are watching this kid Maxx Williams in the Minnesota game.

      1. Yes to everything you said, but the 49ers are still heavily capitalized as a man/power team. The continued presence of Baalke means they will continue to be. Any new HC will have to fit that model.

        I prefer WCO, but there are advantages to running a contrarian system and drafting towards a specific type of athlete.

        1. Fair enough. But the Cowboys are “heavily capitalized” as a power team, and they do it well (second most rushing yards in the NFL). But they also are a threat in the passing game because of one amazing player, and some good roll players. As a Niners fan, it pains me to use the Cowboys as an example of what to emulate but the proverbial shoe fits. You need some balance or defenses will stack the box. GRo abandoned the run at times for this reason, but we didn’t have the players to make defenses pay deep.

          We need a playmaker that is a reliable target in the red zone. If Baalke has the stones to retool, which I think he does, we’re going to free up a lot of cash (Crabs, Gore, Iupati, Vernon?, Brooks?). We’ll have to pay Cully, but I doubt it will be a huge check. Let’s draft some offensive weapons and pay for at least one.

          1. Yup. We need a red zone passing target, and a deep threat WR.

            Power running compliments a deep play action attack. The 49ers need that “special player.”

            Do you have any “weapons” on mind? The 2015 WR draft class is not where near as good as 2015.

            1. Well, it’s a little early as it’s not clear who will stay in college or go to the NFL and it’s pre combine. Also, I don’t follow college as closely as the Niners, so I don’t want to overstate my scouting ability, but here are some thoughts…

              I think we go WR in the 1st round and it’s unlikely at 15 Amari will be available and given what’s happened in Cleveland, they are a candidate for a WR too (if JG is gone). So, that probably means Devante Parker won’t be there. That leaves White and Jaelen Strong as likely targets. If the TE from Minnesota (Maxx Williams) goes to the NFL, I think he is worth consideration. He’s a big, athletic competitor that gets in the end zone.

              There are some good free agent WRs out there. The really good ones are going to get paid or get a franchise tag, but I think we should take a look at Kenny Britt. Torrey Smith won’t warrant a franchise tag, so depending on what the Ravens are willing to pay him, it is worth consideration. Rod Streater is a free agent. He was out for most of the year with a foot injury which is concerning, but it also means he will have had a long time to recover by next season’s camp.

              How about you – any players you like as future Niners out there?

              1. I’ll probably get excoriated for this, but I’m not averse to kicking the tires on Josh Gordon. The right trade terms and above all the inclusion of numerous out clauses for the organization in his contract might work.

                Others have mentioned Dorial Green-Beckham from Oklahoma. Maybe he makes more sense, but Gordon is proven albeit somewhat of a head case. Still might be worth a flyer.

              2. The problem is that Gordon is too much of a head case. I mean he’s been in the league how many years now, and yet he still shows no sign of getting it. He came back from a long suspension and winds up getting suspended again for the final game of the season. He could easily be one of the best, but his sheer stupidity and immaturity keep holding him back. I have no interest in having that problem on the 49ers.

    2. I disagree Brodie. There is a belief that all the current Oline can do is play a physical style, but it really underestimates the level of athleticism these guys have. Iupati is done here so no point in including him. Staley and Davis are among the most athletic OT’s in the league. They could run a zone blocking scheme quite effectively as could Boone and Kilgore.

      Seattle runs a zone scheme with less quality than the 9ers have. I really hope this is the first thing that changes with a new HC. The power style is very inconsistent and ironically, Mike Solari is a proponent of that scheme having assisted Bob McKittrick for a number of years and running that system in KC.

      I guarantee if allowed, Solari would change to a zone system immediately.

      1. Rocket… thanks for the info. I’m learning alot about blocking schemes.

        The 49ers have claimed to run a blend of man/zone. There is some truth to that… but compared to most teams, the 49ers are “man” oriented.

        It was my understanding zone was popular for two reasons…
        – In response the big zone blitz trend years back, many teams went zone blocking to simplify who O-linemen should block, resulting in less blown assignments and killed RBs.
        – Zone blocking linemen came cheaper. They needed to be smart and have quick feet… but didn’t (necessarily) need to be that rare combination of BIG/smart/quick feet as required in Man blocking schemes.

        Shanahan got great run production out of running backs and O-linemen that were fairly low draft picks.

        I have frustrations about man blocking too. Too many times I see Gore get killed in the backfield by a defender that was allowed to run straight into the backfield because the blocker was fixated on “getting to the 2nd level.”

        When man works its poetry. When it doesn’t its a train wreck.

        1. [in Denver] “Shanahan got great run production out of running backs and O-linemen…”

          1. Not just in Denver, Brodie, though that is where he had his most success. But he’s had success running the ball using a zone blocking offense for other teams too.

  81. Jed York and Trent Baalke remind me of corporate “leaders” who create code-of-conduct policies, then refuse to enforce them because they want to be popular on the annual company surveys. The constant backstabbing and leaks (Marathe, Tomsula) made any coaching efforts insurmountable in the midst of a season filled with first string IR injuries. I could care less if Harbaugh didn’t kiss butt during press conferences. He brought a much-needed identity to the organization and showed loyalty and support of his staff and players, some of whom did not deserve that loyalty.

    Hold York and Baalke accountable? Okay. I hold them accountable for Alex Boone and Vernon Davis and their selfish hold-outs. I hold them accountable for the poor OL drafts, whereby we had to rely on a Jonathan Martin playing tackle, because Anthony Davis couldn’t get his fat booty onto the field for the majority of the year. I hold them accountable for Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks, and Ray McDonald.

    High producers leave, slackers stay. Harbaugh was a high producer with a sense of urgency. It’s perfect that the team now lives, eats, plays, breathes, and personifies the suburban Silicon Valley lifestyle. Ah well. At least the Premier League is exciting this year.

  82. Regardless of who our next coach is, they better have a good staff. Think back, when nolan took over, being a defensive guy, he really did try and put an offense together. Hiring Mcarthy(hc), Norv(who left to be a hc), and Martz, who sing did away with. Nolan was smart, he knew he didn’t know offense that well so he tried to put trained leaders at the oc position.

    Bring on Sing, being a defensive guy, he did the complete opposite. He put a greg roman before greag roman in charge. Jimmy!!! Whos offenses were HORRIBLE! Then the inexperienced Mike Johnson. (Being a black man i still say he only hired these 2 because they were black). Wich equalled doom. Besides, they tried to turn Alex smith into a playmaking qb, never happened, and everyone’s patience wore thin, then we got troy smith, and a cluster f%%% of other qb’s. Sings biggest problem, he didn’t put a real oc in charge for whatever reason, either they didn’t want to work for him or he was afraid to have an ego as big as his in the same locker room.
    Wich brings us to harbaugh. Who being an Offensive guy, he was already the head cheese, but what he done was on the other side of the ball he picked a head strong leader of his defense and stayed the hell out the way. Wich equalled success. Not only was vic a proven definsive mind, but harbaugh didn’t mind a towering voice in that room with him. This team failed on his side of the ball. The offensive guru couldn’t get the offense going, wich equalled doom!! Moral of the story, the new head coach better get a strong mind on the other side of the ball, he cant be afraid to have another domineering voice. You get 2 domineering voices, 1 for each side of tge ball. The head coach needs a strong staff, and better get the hell out of the way!

    1. Nolan gets a bad rap, but in the end he inherited a team with significant talent issues, and he got done over by having his first two OCs pinched for HC roles.

      Hiring Martz was a massive mistake and in my opinion was what ended up getting him fired. The team didn’t have the personnel to run Martz’s pass heavy system, and Nolan prefers a run-oriented offense anyway.

      If Nolan had inherited a team with the talent Harbaugh inherited, we’d likely still be rollin’ with Nolan.

      1. @Scooter

        You’ve got that right….I’ve been standing with Mike Nolan since we hired him….Too bad he didn’t have another year or two….we’d never have experienced Singletary as a HC

  83. Wow, the kicker for Ohio State makes Sebastian Janikowski look like a fitness model. Dude looks like Nacho Libre in a football uniform. Gotta love kickers…..

      1. Lol, yeah. My bad. I was watching a little bit of the game and was cracking up when he came onto the field.
        Wisconsin looks like their running in molasses. It’s rare to see such a lack of team speed. It kind of reminded me of the a Niners, red zone issues and all.

      1. Well, they were stretched. Against their will, I believe, but whatever. I’m pretty sure I saw him sneak a handful of the Lords Chips from his hand warmer before they lined up, though. Maybe it was toast…

  84. I’d prefer that we not draft Bryce Petty. He has some accuracy. But I see few other special skills. I see his upside as being an Andy Dalton-type. Not quite elite.

    1. For my two cents the kid from WSU QB Connor Halliday could be a late round steal as a result of a late season broken leg.

      1. hightop,
        Good call bud. I saw this kid go up against Cal’s QB Jared Goff in a wild west type shootout.
        Halliday definitely has a live-arm. He might be around in the late rounds.

        1. Indeed,AES good arm and ” joe” cool in the pocket really like what I’ve seen from him!

    1. I vote for installing “shade” flaps to prevent more heat stroke fatalities. If they happen to redirect sound towards the field like Seattle’s “rain” flaps, I won’t complain.

      Yes, heat stroke. Its all about fan safety. That’s the ticket. Why yes, my girlfriend is Morgan Fairchild. How’d you guess?

      1. We’re drafting 15th in the first round. What would it take to get Mariotta at number 1 assuming in one case that we include Aldon Smith and in the second case we do not?

        1. Cubus, I’m with you on trading up for Mariota. I don’t know what Tampa would want exactly. It would be great if they wanted to take a shot on Kaep. We know they tend to like big hard-hitting safeties. If we want someone better than Reid in coverage, we could include him in the package. We also have the problem of Boone possibly wanting a big new contract. He could be a consideration (as could Anthony Davis, who can’t pass block). I think there are various scenarios.

          1. Sully:

            I’m not sure I want Mariota, I’m just curious what it would cost to get him. I do think he’ll be better in the NFL than Winston.

      2. B2W,
        I believe that the paying fans seated at the sun-baked side of the field during summer would have much rather preferred some overhead shade coverage over WiFi coverage.
        I have a feeling that there will be a lot of empty seats on that side of the field during pre-season games.

  85. Rose Bowl Predix: Who you got? Check in.
    I don’t watch enough college ball to have an informed opinion, so I’ll just root for the western team. Tuna’s got OryGun.
    Gotcha down already; OregonNiner’s got Ducks

    1. It would be something if Winston’s first defeat came against the guy he would be battling to be the #1 QB off the board if he declares for the 2015 draft.

  86. Mariota is a good QB, he’s also in a gimmicky offense. If he’s not in that type of offense, can he adapt to a pocket?

    1. Marrone’s offense in Buffalo was a lot like Oregon’s. Hire him as OC if he doesn’t get a HC job. Trade up to draft Mariota. Sounds like a good duo to me.

      1. Mariota is very good.
        But I saw CK doing what he’s doing at the moment (vs FUS) against a much more formidable opponent a couple of years ago when Green Bay came to the Stick for a playoff game.

        I want to see what Kap can do with a better O-line, better O-cord, and better self-improvement before I give up on him.

    2. Maybe I don’t really understand what a pocket is, but it looked to me like he passed from a pocket a number of times. I like his escapability (like Wilson) but with his height (6’4″) he should be more successful than Wilson passing from a pocket. That late second half interception aside, he apparently throws few interceptions. So while he has big play ability, it would appear that he plays more within himself than Kaep generally does (Arizona game notwithstanding).

      Also, when the offense is a no huddle offense, who actually calls the plays? I’ve been trying to google this but haven’t had much luck.

      1. coaches call the plays in college, for the most part.

        Oregon’s offense wears defenses down. His playmaking abilities wears down DB’s. Not many offenses in the NFL run at a speed like that. It effects your defense too much.

        I’m not saying he’s going to struggle in the NFL. I think he will have his ups and downs just like Cam, Russell, Kaep, etc.

        1. Yeah, I suspect that as soon as he gets the ball out of his hands, the coaches are already relaying the next play in to him.

          1. According to what they were saying tonight the OC needs to call the play in about two second if they are going to run the play in 10-12 seconds. If you go three and out in the NFL you kill your defense running plays that fast.

      2. He didn’t have much of a pocket. He had pressure up the middle a lot this year. While people focus on the LT (with right handed QBs) because it protects the blindside and thus the higher risk of injury hits, pressure up the middle is devastating for a QBs success. Unfortunately, Kaep doesn’t slide well like a Peyton or Rivers though he is an incredible scrambler, particularly on 3rd down. The good news is we have two good tackles. We just need our center(s) and our guards to play better in pass protection. Iupati may have gone to a Probowl, but he was the 2nd worst pass blocker (#1 J Martin) for us this year.


  87. Speaking of “no huddle” offenses, one of the articles I read pointed out that by keeping the OL mostly at the line of scrimmage, they could save the OL from having to step off about 900 yards a game (average 60 offensive plays per game and 7.5 yards to walk to the huddle from the LOS and then 7.5 yards to walk to the LOS from the huddle). Of course, this is just an estimate and I wouldn’t be surprised if “no-huddle” offenses average more plays than “huddle” offenses. Still, it is an interesting point and maybe has some impact at the end of the game.

    1. I think it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Some offenses are meant to eat up the clock.

    2. I’d rather walk 900 yards than block a 300lb man who benches 225 35x on one play. The walk to and from the huddle isn’t what saps energy; it’s the monsters on the other side of the line.

      1. What you say seems to make sense as long as the team running the “no huddle” will typically run more plays than if that same team ran the “huddle” offense. Hard to say, but to try and get some perspective, I looked at the number of plays ran by NFL teams in 2014. Number 1 is Philadelphia and number 7 is Denver (Denver was number 1 in 2013). There are other factors (like talent), but it’s a good point.

  88. Wow. Winston’s fumble reminded me of a couple of Alex strip sacks back in the Dark Ages.
    He competes hard. Can rip some throws, is very instinctively elusive, can break tackles.
    He’ll keep fighting. Due should keep the pedal down.

        1. Plenty to like. Not sure what his learning curve will be. CK ain’t the only one struggling. Luck made some mistakes. RG3 regressed but isn’t done. Winston will have to ramp up too.

  89. I think everyone not from the west coast is in shock. Not necessarily Oregon winning but how they are winning. Hats off to those guys. They have made me a believer.

    1. I guess a lot of you havn’t watched many Duck games. For years they have run this offense. By Mariota standards he would give himself a B for his lackluster performance. I think Oregon would agree. He missed passes that he normally makes and that interception, in his world is just unacceptable. He is a damn good kid and with the right team he should do quite well. Currently the Niners are not the right team.

      1. @Undercenter

        Agreed….it’s understandable that he was a bit nervous in front of the ‘world’….no, this was by far NOT his best game…still……

      2. Mariota is a talented player, but he strongly benefits from the system he plays in. Rarely goes down field with the ball, and when he does the throws tend to float a bit. He’s a lot like Kap and Wilson in style of play, but relies on much shorter passes and doesn’t have as strong an arm as they do.

        I don’t see franchise QB here; more system QB who can win if he’s in the right one.

        1. Agreed rocket. In fact, most Heisman Trophy QB winners have been monumental failures. Only a handful have been winners in the NFL.

          Here is a list of Heisman QB winners dating back to 1990.
          1. Ty Detmer
          2. Gino Torretta
          3. Charlie Ward
          4. Danny Wueffel
          5. Chis Weinke
          6. Eric Crouch
          7. Carson Palmer
          8. Jason White
          9. Matt Leinart
          10. Troy Smith
          11. Tim Tebow
          12. Sam Bradford
          13. Cam Newton
          14. RGlll
          15. Johnny Manziel
          16. Jameis Winston
          17. Marcus Mariota

          I believe that the proof (as they say) is in the pudding. Heisman QB winners rarely find success in the NFL.

          1. Interesting list. I wonder how many were first round picks. What I’m getting at is that although few may have ultimately been very successful in the NFL, the perception when they were drafted was that they would be very successful (as evidenced by their draft position) I think that perception still holds (see 12 thru 15 in your list); and these are professionals doing the drafting. So, are the professionals not learning from the failures? Or is it perhaps very hard to find a “diamond in the rough” when it comes to QBs? Or something else?

            1. “So, are the professionals not learning from the failures? Or is it perhaps very hard to find a “diamond in the rough” when it comes to QBs? Or something else?”
              ~ cubus

              It’s likely some of both. Heisman Winners cause a stir among the fanbase of teams (usually losing teams) that are pinning for their teams to draft the best college football player on the board.

              A Heisman Winner could bring some well needed revenue to a losing team in desperate need of a boost at the gate. But again, HT winning QB’ have not fared well in the NFL.

              Payton Manning finished 2nd in HT votes to Ryan Leaf, but was the #1 overall pick in the draft by the Indy Colts. The Colts got it right and the Chargers (who picked Leaf) suffered for years for their choice.

              A few years ago, we seen the same thing repeated when RGlll won the HT over Andrew Luck. Again, the Colts did their due diligence and made the right decision in drafting A.Luck.

    1. He looked good today. He may have been injured or hurt all year but today was his best game. Cook is better BUT he decided holding on to the football today was not that important.

    1. Yup, not crazy about the idea of Rex as a 49ers HC. The only area that he would excel in would be at his pressers.
      York and Baalke have further sullied themselves by considering Ryan as an option.

      The Ownership/FO has some diligent work ahead of them to make things right at 4949 Centennial Drive.

  90. Kirk H. was just saying that a majority of the FSU players went to the locker room without shaking hands with the Oregon players. I find that very disappointing.

  91. The Alabama vs Ohio St. game is the one I’ve been waiting to see today. Two great collge coaches up against each other.

    Is Urban Meyer vs Saban what Harbaugh was to Carroll?

  92. Florida State just showed why I have no interest in our team drafting any of their players in 2015.

    1. @MidwestDynasty

      Thank you…I can’t believe the lack of sportsmanship of a team with a now broken 29 game winning streak running off the field without acknowledging the opponent team. And to hear their coach blab about it, you’d think think that it was even close….ATTENTION JIMBO FISHER: YOU LOST BY 39!! What a pack of shid-birds

    2. Florida St. got their arses handed to them today and I’m glad it was a humiliating loss. Today they proved to be losers both on and off the field.

      I fear for the state of the NFL in the near the future. Overly pampered players with bad attitudes coming from high schools and given star status in college are infiltrating the NFL at an alarming pace.

      Dirty players like Ndamukong Suh, that seem to play with a criminal intent and the recent fights on the field by adult professionals that get paid millions to play are slowly putting a bad slant on the sport I love.
      Goodell is a joke of a commissioner who is getting a paycheck from owners that want to keep malicious players like Suh on the field when they deserve to be banned.

      Oh well, that’s my Alabama vs Ohio St. halftime rant (lol).

        1. OREGONINER,
          Thanks, kinda shot that from the hip.

          But having worked at the high school level for a number of years, I see some of the kids that are being pushed through to the next level based more on their athletic prowess with little by way of curriculum and social skills.

          In any case, thank God for the Patrick Willis’ and Justin Smith’ that help bring some class and civility to our team.

      1. I think players of today play with a lot less criminal intent than many players of the pass.

        I also believe professional sports has long been infiltrated by pampered athletes. I believe we just get more access to their personal lives now.

  93. “Rex Ryan a very attractive candidate for the 49ers, since he has made it clear that he loves what Kaepernick can do.”

      1. Thanks for the link Scooter. It looks like Rex said that almost 2.5 years ago. Who knows how he feels now.

    1. … and he has everything in the area of “class” that Jed is looking for. Amazing that he is available.

    1. Hammer,
      I was thinking the same thing. Meyer would be a great fit for the 49ers. He just beat his arch nemesis (N. Saban) which had been a large hurdle to overcome.

      I would be extremely happy to see Meyer as our HC.

    2. Zero chance Meyer has any interest in NFL. Tom Herman was just hired by Houston, so he’s not available either….

    3. Zero chance Meyer has any interest in NFL. Tom Herman was just hired by Houston, so he’s not available either….

  94. Can I assume we will have a head coach by sometime next week? Now that I have no teams to root for, I’d like to know what offensive scheme to expect, and how our defense will look in 2015.

    Oregon’s LB/DE, what year in school is he? Kid is good.

    1. Torrodney Prevot…. Good athlete…. No class….

      Just a sophmore though. He’s one to keep an eye for the 2016 draft.

  95. “I think when you look at the quarterback position, and this mastery of the craft we talk about, it really is an advanced degree. It’s like going to med school, or law school, or getting your PH.D. It really is that type of educational effort, on the field and off the field. On the chalkboard and in the film room.” -Steve Young

  96. I love watching Oregon play. I hope the put a whooping on my almost-alma mater. Smoking weed in Columbus circa 1963 was not for the faint of heart. Or for passing grades either.

    Fortunately Larry’s Bar on High Street (!!!), a bunch of local beatniks and a soon-to-be move to — get ready — F-r-i-s-c-o saved the day and what was left of my sanity. 729 Clayton Street, Hippie Hill, Rocket Messenger Service (where if you worked your scheduled times for a month you got a lid of weed for a bonus), Don Weir’s Music City, Janis, Mother Earth, The Texas Mafia and Bloomfield passed out on the couch, 81 with their Shovelheads parked in front of the Fillmore West, hell the Fillmore for that matter. Jeez what a time. Ya shoulda been there except you would be older than dirt. Like me.

    And here we are at 2015. HNY to all of you…

    1. I am older than dirt Ghost was there but as they say -if you were there you can’t remember much(what was name?) Anyroad best wishes for 2015!

      1. Hightop, I try not to remember some of the stuff but it’s still there. Like the week all we had to live on was a crate of corn nuts that someone in the house “found.” To this day, I cannot eat those suckers.

        The Kansas City Barbecue on Haight Street was great as was the fish-and-chips joint nearby. And then I moved to — TA-DAA! — Mendocino for the next 15 years but that’s for another time… -L- HNY2015!

        1. Free store;The Diggers;Steve Gaskin; Psychedelic Shop;Straight Theatre (wherein Manson occupied the roof-eeck);Owsley showering the Be-In with er special “gifts”and lotsa LUV-yeah won’t happen again…time hurry’s on.

          1. Ate a lot of Digger’s bread. Shaped like a tin can.

            Robert and Dana Crumb were my housemates. Worked at Rip Off Press. Once collated 5,000 copies of “New Gravity Comics” on a weekend with the help of a handful of crosstops and a bag of weed. Riding around in Janice’s painted 356. The “special” kids riding their Flexible Flyer roller sleds down the hill behind the carousel across from Hippie Hill. Going to “look at the fish” in the Aquarium in the park. Walking up to North Beach and eating at the MDA. Buying guitars at the pawn shops on 3rd street. The rendering plants down by Howard and 6th –pee-yew! Satterlee & Chapin Guitar Repair. Dudley Perkins Harley-Davidson and an endless supply of cop bikers for $600 a pop.

            This is why I lament all that has been lost from Baghdad by the Bay. Yeah, Frisco. There, I said it again and hats off to 81…

            Yeah Hightop, we had it made. That’s

  97. Does anybody find it odd that they haven’t interviewed Tomsula yet? I suppose they don’t have to announce an interview, but why wouldn’t they (they announced the Fangio interview).

    1. I just read about that. It is odd. I just assumed it already happened. Who knows what’s going on, I am questioning if York truly understands what is going on?

  98. From Niners Nation

    Q: Do you feel that Kap can still be a dominant QB of the future?
    Crabtree: I don’t know about the future. Hopefully he can, you know.

    Q: Was it strange to you to see how this season kind of come off the rails like it did after all of the success you’ve had?
    Crabtree: I guess they say, every good thing comes to an end. I guess we’re living that.

  99. On CNN’s home page there is a link to a bunch of memes of Winston’s Stumble Fumble that are kinda funny in a mean sort of way.

  100. While Niners brass are rooting around in Denver, let’s hope they talk to the one candidate there who could really help them — John Elway as GM/coach. Sure, he’s fused to Denver at the hip, but he’s also a California guy. Maybe the appeal of possibly winning a SB in consecutive years in both conferences would appeal to him.

  101. Mary how many people have to tell you to shut your links down and get the f out before you catch a clue? You are so ridiculous that you we might have to wonder if you are created by the blog writer…. Get lost.

  102. I think I have the solution. Rex Ryan head coach and Bob Stitt as offensive coordinator. Ready to roll….

  103. I’d feel more comfortable if they knew who they wanted instead of making up a ‘list’ to ‘interview’ people. I don’t think with their experience they would know the right questions. Might be looking for ‘fun guys’ that they like, or guys that have ‘experience’ and just want to hear their ‘sound.’

    1. Yes, but it’s Montana. I think he’d take an opportunity to test his offensive mind in the NFL….

    1. Yet another reason to be very afraid if Tomsula is made head coach. Terrible choice as DC….

    1. The only one I’ve seen his name mentioned in as a possible interview is the Raiders.

      The guy had two good seasons in 9 years as HC in Jax. He is not a candidate they should be looking at and it appears they aren’t.

  104. Matt M. is currently answering some questions in his comments section to a post. Here is his answer to a question on who is conducting the interviews and what kinds of questions are they asking:

    “Trent Baalke is the leading the way with Jed York and Paraag Marathe involved, too. The interviews consist of getting opinions from the candidates on what are the problems the 49ers need to fix and the plan to get it done. They want to gather ideas and see what visions the candidates have to get things done. –Matt M.”

  105. Belated Happy New Year to all except those who post here solely to antagonize the rest of us. You lot can get stranded on a remote desert island, with nothing except a comic book version of Vinny Testerverde the career lowlights. Oh and the island is sinking. And it’s inhabited by army ants, billions of them.

    Anyhow, lots happening, I think Fangio will get the job. After that, well since I have no clue as to the OC he would want, or indeed the rest of the staff, it is quite useless to pointlessly posturize about what may occur after that.

    But my mind does wonder towards how the key components of our wonderful team will cope with the change. Lets start with the big CK, and I think he may be pretty happy now Jim is in Michigan.

    Throughout this season I couldn’t understand why Kaep didn’t run more. whether behind the line of scrimmage or in front, It’s his single biggest strength, the main thing that frightens opponents to death. I understand the argument that only a pocket QB can do the super bowl win thing, but honestly that’s bollocks.

    There are no rules, no blueprints that provide a magic holy grail guarded by a bunny. My opinion is if you have decided on your leader (for this example QB= Leader) then play to his strength. Careers are limited, can be over in an instant! why take the chance? If I was in Jims boots, I would have spent weeks just trying to design more ways for Colin to run with the ball. Instead we got Colin the pocket passer. Umm yeah but no. no thanks. Colin the Pocket Passer at best will be AlexSmithian.
    Colin the roll out, running zinger slinger was and is scarier than the prospect of having to clean sanfranbobs bedroom. It’s what keeps me invested in Kaep where others have quit on him, the man just makes your jaw drop on the field at times, He can be a player like no other. Yet Harbaugh was determined to crush his strengths and force him to put on a ballerinas outfit in order to go to war.

    Whomever we hire as HC, I can only hope they let Colin play to HIS strengths, and not try and shoehorn him into an offensive system he doesn’t suit.

    Bye Bye Jim. I respect your results. But I’m really looking forwards to the future.

  106. I’m beginning to think that Fangio will be HC with Donatell DC and Mike Shanahan OC. It’s possible that Shanahan would accept an OC position as it might be his only opportunity to get back into the NFL. As far as I know there hasn’t been a lot of interest by other teams in Shanahan as either an HC or OC that has been made publicly available.

    1. There is interest from Chicago for Shanahan, because of the Cutler connection. Shanahan will not take a offensive coordinator position. Ego to big and he has a load of $$.

      1. Didn’t know about the Chicago interest. But if the 9ers want Fangio as the HC, who does Fangio know, outside the organization, that could be the OC? My guess is that he told the FO that he would need help in finding an OC – hence my suggestion that Shanahan is the guy the FO might be after. The other way around where Shanahan is HC and Fangio is DC would probably yield similar results.

        1. Vic’s been to a lot of rodeos and had years to network. He knows Ozzie Newsome’s tree and rubbed shoulders with lots of folks.

        2. So your theory is that Fangio has spent all his years in the NFL, many of them as a DC, and doesn’t know any offensive coordinators. In addition, a major figure, as a head coach, would be willing to go back to 1992-1994 and be OC for the Yorks.

          I wonder what the odds are on either premise. Enjoy.

      2. I’ve been searching for Chicago Bears coaching rumours and have looked at four articles. None have mentioned Shanahan. Do you have a link to any rumours that mention Mike?

        1. Okay. By changing my search parameters I found a few articles that are at least a couple of days old. Shanahan has a definite interview with the 49ers and has been linked to the Bears (but I wasn’t able to find anything regarding a formal interview).

    2. I think that’s what Baalke bounced off Mike in their conversation. Would you consider an offensive coordinator position under Fangio. That way they would be able to retain Donatell, Tomsula, and Fangio while adding a proven quarterback tutor for Kaepernick. Like you, not sure he would do that unless he left his heart in San Francisco.

      If that’s not possible, maybe ask Ault firstly if he’d consider the offensive coordinator position, and if so, what innovations has he created for his pistol offense since being in the NFL?

      1. I believe we were both for bringing in Ault as an assistant last year,interesting idea isn’t it?!By the way a kid I like in this years draft played in Nevada for a spell-Lemar Durant WR…check him out if you haven’t already done so.

        1. You and I are on the same wavelength here, hightop. I mentioned him to razor a couple of weeks back. I really like him as a lower division prospect.

          1. Scooter-yes indeed.The three guys I like as lower round prospects(so far) are Lemar;QB Connor Halliday;RB Zach Zenner.

  107. Ault was my choice for no other reason then there is not much to select from so why not go with someone CK knows and has worked with.

  108. Razor and undercenter ..

    You’ve both given me someone else to think about ..
    …Ault ..?? ..
    Seems that’s almost enough for me to
    fall off the Holmgren bandwagon !

    Very interesting choice …

    (Anyone have Jed’s number ?)

    1. MW – My only problem with Holgrem is CK. I don’t think it works. I actually think Norv Turner might be the best fit for CK other then Ault. Remember Turner left us years back so……..

  109. Chris Ault is 68 years old and is currently a consultant with the Chiefs. Does he have the energy it takes to be an OC?

    1. Undercenter …
      The more I think about it .. the more I like the idea !!

      cubus ..

      How ’bout this:

      Mike Holmgren as HC .. and Chris Ault as OC …

      WOW !!

      Hey.. if that happened … party at my house ..
      and everyone, here, is invited ..
      (Grant.. you too)

      Live band included …
      (and I promise not to get that annoying band …
      “Mary and her Trolls” .. to perform)

    2. Ault made it clear he was not retiring from football when he resigned from Nevada. I think the old mastermind has one last hurrah in him with Kaepernick. Look at the Cardinals Tom Moore….

      1. Does anyone know what Ault taught Colin at Nevada to get him ready for his life in the NFL?

  110. There are rumors in Philadelphia that Chip Kelly is asking out of this contract with the Eagles due to Tom Gamble being fired. Would this a be a HC that you all think can help ignite the offense if he becomes available?

      1. Insert from the article – Now should Kelly get out of his deal with the Eagles, obviously the popular destination would be the aforementioned 49ers, where he would get to work with Colin Kaepernick with his offense, which would be a dream for anyone that is a fan of Kelly and the way he works.

        There is, of course, also the potential possibilities open in Atlanta with the Falcons and Chicago with the Bears, but most people would love to see what he can do with the 49ers.

        Nonetheless, this is an interesting situation to keep an eye on, to say the least.

      2. Cam ..

        I dunno .. I wouldn’t mind him as OC.. but
        as HC ?? …
        Wouldn’t Fangio feel like it was a slap in the face
        to be passed over for a 2nd year … “rookie” ?

        1. True, I would love to keep Fangio, but our offense really needs help. I think the question that we all want to know is; who would be our OC if Fangio is hired.

      3. The following in the article is interesting:

        “Now should Kelly get out of his deal with the Eagles, obviously the popular destination would be the aforementioned 49ers, where he would get to work with Colin Kaepernick with his offense, which would be a dream for anyone that is a fan of Kelly and the way he works.”

        I’ve always liked Kelly especially since we haven’t had an offense to be excited about for around a decade. I don’t use Twitter, but can you tweet the link to Jed/Trent?

          1. Then we have to wonder will Trent be willing to allow Chip to have some say so in what type of players are needed for the 9ers offense to flourish.

            1. yeah .. but that assumes Baalke
              would want to give up some of his power

              Somehow.. I don’t see that …

  111. Grant I heard a rumor today( a private party with connects apparently) that Eddie D and J York are on the outs with one another and part of the split has to do with a disagreement about Baalke,have you seen any evidence to support that situation?

    1. What I’ve seen is a void where Uncle Eddie hasn’t been for I’m not sure how long. The next that we’ll hear it that Jed doesn’t think Eddie has enough “class” to be around the 49ers.

      1. Nah. I’m kind of bored today and am just looking to have some fun. These days I’ll take it any way I can. :-)

        But seriously, I wouldn’t be disappointed if they somehow were able to get Chip as long as they have a good plan for how to make it all work.

        1. Cubus be careful what you wish for! Don’t get me wrong, I like Chip Kelly. What he did @ Oregon with his spread offense was amazing. But it doesn’t translate well in the NFL.

          I’m into stats, so bear with me. In 2014 Eagles D gave up 25 ppg, 376 ypg and 1200 penalty yds/yr. His previous are similar. Did I mention Eagles hold the record for 5th worst D all 3 years. After the SB a couple of teams got the message loud and clear and beefed up their Ds, specifically NE, adding Revis and Browner.

          3 teams in this div. beat the Eagles.

          1. Mary:

            I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that those of us who are willing to consider Kelly will only do so if we can keep our defensive coaching staff or hire equivalent (i.e. Quinn).

            However, it’s all a moot point as Kelly has won his power struggle and is staying with the Eagles.

        2. You mean like the “good plan” they had to replace Jim after they gave him the “mutual sendoff?”

  112. Jason La Canfora via Twitter – “Heard Vic Fangio’s interview with the 49ers, who already know him quite well, lasted in excess of 6hrs and was very impressive. Interesting.”

  113. `Personally I dont think youre giving McDaniels enough credit for what he did in Denver with Tebow. He traded away Cutler and Brandon Marshall and was still successful. Yes Tebow is on Good Morning America now, but with McDaniels he was a playoff winning QB. Id love this hire and think it makes the most sense besides Shannahan.

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