49ers lose Trey Lance for season in victory over Seattle; 5 burning questions answered

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) passes the ball in the second quarter during an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Sunday, Sept. 18, 2022 in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Lachlan Cunningham)

The San Francisco 49ers did what they needed on Sunday to defeat the Seattle Seahawks 27-7 at Levi’s Stadium.

After dropping the season opener in Chicago, the 49ers lost their starting quarterback on the second offensive possession against Seattle. The injury occurred on the fifth offensive play of the second offensive possession for San Francisco.

It was second and eight from the Seahawks 21 when Kyle Shanahan called a zone read, and Lance chose to keep the ball and run it himself. Just two plays earlier, Shanahan had called the same play, and Lance gave it to Deebo Samuel, who ran around the right side for a gain of 51. 

Shanahan confirmed after the game that Lance broke his right ankle and will miss the remainder of the 2022 season. Gut-wrenching news for a young quarterback who has worked hard since arriving in San Francisco as the third pick in the 2021 draft. 

Pro football is a violent and unforgiving game.

As soon as Lance was carted off the field, play resumed, and both teams were forced to refocus themselves on the task at hand.

Fortunately for San Francisco, they had signed an insurance policy just a few weeks ago to protect themselves in case of a situation just like this.

Jimmy Garoppolo signed a restructured deal and will now step back into the starting lineup. 

He wasted little time getting up to speed on Sunday by completing his first five passes, one of which went for a 38-yard touchdown to Ross Dwelley.

With the offense not missing scoring opportunities, the 49ers defense showed its capability. Led by Nick Bosa and Talanoa Hufanga, San Francisco’s defense kept the Seattle offense off the scoreboard throughout the game.

Here are the answers to the five questions I asked on Saturday.

With that as a backdrop, let’s look at the five burning questions that will likely determine the outcome on Sunday:

1.) Can Trey Lance bounce back? Incomplete

Lance started the game with two completions on three attempts for 30 yards. 

Disaster would strike during the second offensive possession. Lance would pick up a couple of yards on a designed run to the right side before being hit by linebacker Cody Barton. 

Lance suffered a broken right ankle on the play and will miss the remainder of the 2022 season. The injury is a tough blow for a young quarterback desperately needing playing time. Lance has played sparingly since the 2019 season when he led North Dakota State to the NCAA FCS championship. 

The play call on which Lance was injured should come as little surprise. Kyle Shanahan has spoken many times about his desire to play 11-on-11 football. 

Unfortunately, professional football is a much more violent game than at the collegiate level. This week, Trey Lance talked about how he was bigger, stronger, and faster than his collegiate opponents. Today that caught up with the 49ers for the second time in Trey Lance’s 12-plus quarters as their starting quarterback.  

Jimmy Garoppolo came in and, despite missing all training camp and mainly working with the scout team, didn’t miss a beat. 

Garoppolo finished the first half by completing eight of 11 passes for 106 yards and a touchdown while leading the offense to 14 points. 

The second half was tougher sledding for the veteran as he was able to hit only five of ten for 48 yards. 

It will be interesting to see how the offense performs as the 49ers move forward with Garoppolo back under center the rest of the way.

2.) Will the 49ers defense be able to finish? YES

The 49ers defense dominated Seattle throughout the game on Sunday. 

San Francisco held the Seahawks to only 14 first downs and let them convert just two of seven third downs. 

Talanoa Hufanga maintained the high level of play he showed off in week one. Hufanga was regularly around the ball, dropping running backs near the line of scrimmage and breaking up passes on the back end. 

On the third Seattle possession of the game, Hufanga’s tight coverage on Tyler Lockett allowed the second-year safety to get his hands on the ball and knock it up into the air. Safety Tashaun Gipson would capitalize on the opportunity by coming over and grabbing the ball out of the air to record his first interception as a 49er.

Charvarius Ward wasn’t about to let Gipson and Hufanga have all the fun. The free agent acquisition stopped the one long Seattle drive of the game by picking off running back Kenneth Walker in the end zone on a trick play.

Nick Bosa spent most of the day in Seattle’s backfield. He was able to rack up five hits on Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith, two of which were sacks. 

San Francisco recorded a total of nine hits on Smith throughout the game. Charles Omenihu joined Bosa, Samson Ebukam, and Javon Kinlaw as the 49ers pass rush showed how strong it could be.

3.) Can Kyle Shanahan get the better of Pete Carroll? YES

The 49ers had the better roster coming into the game, and it showed. San Francisco played up to its potential and dominated this game from the start. 

For only the fourth time in 11 meetings between these two teams since Shanahan took over, the 49ers won the turnover battle. In addition, the 49ers were flagged only once. 

4.) How will the running back room shake out? Jeff Wilson Jr., Ty Davis-Price, Deebo Samuel

Jeff Wilson Jr. started and led the 49ers with 18 carries for 84 yards. Wilson had several strong runs and looked much better than he did a week ago in Chicago.

Rookie Ty Davis-Price was next up. Making his NFL debut, Davis-Price picked up 33 yards on 14 carries. A 20-yard burst by Davis-Price on San Francisco’s opening possession of the game set them up in the redzone. 

Deebo Samuel carried the ball only four times, but his 51-yard gain on the second offensive possession of the game put the 49ers in position for a score. Samuel was able to gain only two yards on the three carries that followed.

5.) Can the offensive line protect Trey Lance? YES

The Seahawks defense that chased Russell Wilson all over the field on Monday night was held in check by the 49ers offensive line. 

The guy’s up front protected Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo throughout the game with solid pass protection. Seattle could record only one sack and four hits on the 49ers quarterbacks.

Prediction: 49ers 23 Seahawks 17

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  1. Somebody needs to explain situational football to Kyle, and also remind him that this is 2022, and most of the league’s rule changes over the years have been put in place to protect QB’s. So why in the world is he putting his QB at risk, running between the tackles, even though his RB’s were running well, and his team had the lead, and the ball in his opponents territory?

    Kyle needs to see a shrink, or something, because you know he has to be smarter than this. He just has to be!

    1. Exactly! I have been saying this since last year when he started 2 games and Kyle seems to think that this is his secret weapon, to run the kid up the middle like a full back! He killed RG III’s career & has does the same with the new kid. I agree, he needs a shrink! Just doesn’t make sense??? He is supposed to be a genius play caller? Is this what the mad scientist was designing on the plane back w/John after watching the kids showing before the draft when he said he was so excited to design some “Killer” plays for the athletic kid? Well, looks like they were “Killer” plays..

    2. totally agree. At the presser, I thought I heard him say Trey was not a proven accurate passer so he needs to run more. Did anyone else hear that>

    3. To be fair, If we don’t like the way Kyle uses Trey as a running qb then we have to say he drafted the wrong qb. Trey is not a natural runner in space like Fields is or Kaep was. That is, and always has been his running style for better or worse.
      The only problem with not using him like that is he has not shown himself to be consistently accurate enough yet.

  2. KS is absolutely brilliant! A genius!
    Who would have thought of what he come up with to end the QB controversy!
    Hats off!

  3. Jeff Wilson did a good job. He was decisive and made some really good cuts. I actually thought he looked faster than TDP. That rotation looks like it will work pretty well for awhile.

  4. No one wanted Trey hurt but I sensed some players were p[leased the easy to like Jimmy G was back for the year. Just my intuition. Meanwhile, I pray for Lance and pray he stays strong and positive. He is young and has a great future.

  5. i hope Lance recovers quickly and resumes his learning, but in my humble opinion he needs another year or two on the bench to learn and grow. Maybe this will give him the break he needed. Otherwise I could see the fans screaming for the team to sit him down and bring in Jimmy G, and that would have killed his confidence.

    1. Hopefully Lance uses this year to learn more about being an NFL QB, but mostly he needs more reps. He’s not a great passer at this point, so for a team with SB aspirations, it’s hard to see Shanahan letting him wing it next year. It’s extremely unfortunate that Lance was injured but he’s the QB of the future and I don’t see play calling changing much next year. He will still need to be a running threat.

  6. Jack,
    “It was second and eight from the Seahawks 21 when Kyle Shanahan called a zone read, and Lance chose to keep the ball and run it himself. Just two plays earlier, Shanahan had called the same play, and Lance gave it to Deebo Samuel, who ran around the right side for a gain of 51.”
    Great observation, Jack.

    This particular call was a regular one in the 49ers playbook. Had Trey not been injured it’s a play that would have been run more than a few times in the game.

    I don’t think it’s a reach to say, that this type of play was one that intriged Shanahan when he saw Trey run it in college.

    1. I think you are correct. That Zone Read was part of the base package Shanahan had in mind for Trey Lance. Considering Lance didn’t get through 5 quarters before sustaining a season ending injury using that strategy I think it’s safe to say Shanahan made a mistake.

      1. Rob,
        Correct, the NFL is not college.
        But can you tell me which NFL team does NOT use the players college performance as a reference in making their drafting decision?

        Trey had very good success passing and running. Apparently. that meant something to Shanahan and Lynch.

  7. The blaming Shanahan for Trey getting injured is a joke. It’s simply the Lance fans who decided to divide the fan base searching for excuses as to why Lance won’t be lifting the Lombardi trophy at seasons end.
    1… it’s been what maybe 30-40 play calls only this season so far before Trey got injured? And shanny ran him like a RB all the time? A little to early to be making judgement calls on overuse of a QB isn’t it? Guess not when you are a fan of a player and not the team.
    2… Lance made the decision to run that ball, he’s not a small QB, he’s a big kid who thumps instead of sliding and going down. When that play happened he had Wilson I believe around that edge for what would have been a big gain. And kept it himself. Not blaming Lance and I’ll have to watch again, but it’s what I saw on the field. And said “damn he had Wilson for a big gain if he had handed it off.
    3… some niner fans were excited about the extra eminent Trey brought that Jimmy simply didn’t have. His legs and running ability. Very early in the season, and shanny decided to use this ability, kid gets injured and all of a sudden the coach isn’t supposed to use these abilities to much? Get real. I’d understand if he was using the kid all season or 5-10 times a game running between the tackles. And let’s remember it’s the QB’s decision where to run. But it’s been barely any offensive plays yet, and fans screaming he was used to much. It’s a joke.
    4… guaranteed if Shanny hadn’t of used him with the read option threat, amd the running game stalled. some fans would be crying saying they’re not using him to his full capability. Let’s remember their best RB is out, Kittle as the blocker is out. That stalls the running game a bit, way to early to be saying he was overused. Simply false!
    Bottom line…. it was an unfortunate injury, he had the chance to hand the all off and made the running decision himself. And it didn’t end well. Blaming a coach at the beginning of the season for using a strength of a player is a complete joke. It’s what a clown like Grant Cohn would do. And on that subject with that Clown. Imagine if someone like him was making decisions for this team. Jimmy would have been traded last week, because Trey lances feelings would have been hurt by keeping Jimmy. Smh.

    1. Your post reads a bit like Grant’s might, one-sided and absolutes, which is a bit ironic considering you’re referencing Grant in the comment. Go back and read it. :-)

      I don’t get the feeling there was a Jimmy vs. Lance crowd much in the way there was a Joe vs. Steve crowd back in the day. Sure, there might be a couple posters, really one, who has these long rants but generally most commenters have had cogent arguments whether I agree with them or not.

      1. Not at all. I’m simply pointing out what Lance fans are telling about. I wanted Lance to succeed. You’re making it either or, and that’s the point I’m making.
        Grant is a one sided. Shock jock looking for clicks. Made every excuse for Lance he buried Jimmy with. He’s no fan. Jimmy only folks aren’t fans, Trey only people aren’t fans. Well fans of the team that is.
        To defend Grant says a lot about a character. He’s a clown. Always has been.
        Trade Jimmy now!!!! Yeah that would have looked good, and now that his player is sidelined he’s throwing a fit leading this ridiculous charge of blame Kyle. It’s high school trash.

    2. Great recap. Unfortunately, for some fans, there always has to be someone to blame. They only focus on the negative and always blame someone, usually the coach or the QB. It’s easy to spot these people as they only write negative posts and rarely show they are Niner fans.

    3. MD,
      Good read. Have you had a chance to see what caused Trey’ ankle to break?
      The play was a little hidden by the players on top of Lance, so it was hard to determine whether he sustained the injury on a direct hit or if he had his right foot planted and locked in the turf when he was hit.
      I’ll have to wait until there is a better video of the play, but it looked like the LB (Barton) took a shot at Trey’ lower leg. I saw Barton lay some borderline hits in the Denver game last Monday, so I’m interested in watching a better view of the play.

      1. How’s it been AES…. na man. Everyone in the stands thought it was a concussion thing at first. Couldn’t see the injury itself. In fact it looked like he was helped up and went back down. That’s probably why we thought blow to the head. Until the cart came out. Sucks his season ended that way. Nobody in the stands was blaming Kyle. I guess it’s a social media or YouTube thing. Plays were working and I personally thought they were running those early to open up the passing game. Way to early in the game and season to blame overuse of a play. That’s my take atleast.

  8. “Garoppolo finished the first half by completing eight of 11 passes for 106 yards and a touchdown while leading the offense to 14 points.
    The second half was tougher sledding for the veteran as he was able to hit only five of ten for 48 yards. ”

    This exemplifies Jimmy’s limitations and how our offense is limited. When Jimmy first came in their D was still in Lance mode. The safeties were back and they were giving up short and medium passes. They then made the adjustment and played short and medium passes and dared Jimmy to throw deep. The rest of the season Niners will face 8 in the box to stop the run and man coverage on the outside.

    1. “The rest of the season Niners will face 8 in the box to stop the run and man coverage on the outside.”

      It amazes me that this still has to be reminded to some here since this is JG’s MO for the last few seasons…

    2. Rollo… I’m my saying Jimmy isn’t limited. But I’m the same subject. Lance is limited also. It’s a either or scenario with these two at this point. Because Trey is so green and his accuracy is questionable. Kyle knew that. That’s why he was using his strength in his legs. Jimmy did say he felt good that he got to throw it around a little more like in 17… did Kyle have a leash on him? Probably the same way he had one on Lance.
      Let’s not forget Jimmy’s offense had double digit leads in their two biggest games. Yes it was frustrating the offense stalled in those fourth quarters. But let’s remember it wasn’t only the passing game. The running game stalled too, and I personally won’t forget we were called an elite defense and couldn’t hold down double digit leads in the fourth. I get it, everyone likes to blame the QB. I’m not one of those people. Jimmy won’t win you big games with his arm, it the team could have helped out when he gave them a lead. The tart drop still haunts me today.
      Hopefully they can get back with Jimmy, amd this defense can hold down a double digit lead in the fourth if they’re given one again, amd hopefully the offense can generate late scores both passing and running. TBD

  9. Shanahan came off as very defensive in his response about Trey Lance’s injury. While it’s true that other teams run the Zone/Read, those QBs don’t take shots like Trey Lance. Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson run similar plays but they rarely take the shots that Trey Lance takes routinely. Going back to the injury last year to the injury this year – Trey Lance does not have the elusiveness to avoid big shots at the NFL level. That is a plain to see fact going back to last year.

    “Do you guys watch other teams in this league? Buffalo does it all the time with their quarterback (Josh Allen),” Shanahan said. “It’s a pretty normal play. It’s part of football. It’s unfortunate that he hurt his ankle on it but it’s a very normal-ran play. Watch some other people.”

    1. I think the question to Shanahan would be whether he plans to use Lance in the same way upon his return.

      His answer, which I suspect is going to be “yes,” says a lot about his personality and leadership. Maybe this is what Jed was referencing when he mentioned Shanny had a reputation for being difficult. He did get passed over on some jobs. We’ll have to see what his play calls look like should Lance see the field as the 49ers starter in the future.

      This is one of those rare moments where there was plenty of foresight into what would happen. I think observers were legitimately worried about a major Lance injury going as far back as last year in the Arizona game.

      If he wasn’t ready to play quarterback, why did they play him?

      1. Kyle Shanahan has been the 49ers coach for 5 years and 2 games. In those 5+ years, Shanahan’s QBs have had season ending injuries in 3 seasons. During his tenure, the 49ers have started 5 different QBs with a rotation between Brian Hoyer, CJ Beathard, Nick Mullens, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Trey Lance. In those same seasons, the Seahawks have had 2 QBs, Rams have had 4 QBs, the Cardinals have had 7 QBs. So not the worst record but not the best either. At some point, one has to question if the strategy to have an O-line that is good at run blocking at the expense of pass blocking is a wise strategy in the NFL. Also, need to question if Kyle and Lynch’s judgement on Trey Lance’s running skills was a good evaluation or a bad evaluation.

    2. Is it elusiveness or is it Treys mindset to run over guys? Trey himself said it was the later this week. As he said, he isn’t bigger, faster, tougher than everyone else in the NFL. He said he needed to learn to protect himself better. It’s all about experience and he needs more reps to learn to be a good passer and maybe more reps to learn to protect himself better.

      1. To me, elusiveness is an innate skill that some guys have and some guys don’t. Josh Allen is not quick but he has this knack for making slight adjustments so he’s not taking direct hits. Lamar Jackson also has that same skill even when he’s running off tackle which he does sometimes. I guess you could say it’s an experience thing with Trey but shouldn’t Kyle have been coaching him to get down to avoid hits? Also, as a coach you already know Trey has this mindset to run over guys or he isn’t elusive based on everything you saw last year. So why are you calling zone reads where the QBs option is to run straight up the middle? You don’t even have Lance running to space on the outside. His job on those plays is to make a read and if he keeps to run straight up the middle where he doesn’t even have a chance to get down or try to avoid hits. I said this last year after the AZ game and I’m saying the same thing now. In my opinion, calling designed run plays up the middle for your franchise QB is insane. It makes no sense whatsoever. Lance was absolutely 100% going to sustain an injury based on that play design.

        1. Lance so far has made two great inside runs, eluding half the other team with some fancy side-stepping, for at least one touchdown. I think he can avoid hits if he wants to. So far he has stated that he wants to make those hits.

  10. I feel horrible for Trey Lance. He’ll have scant starter experience heading into 2023.

    Games Started
    2020 North Dakota State: 1
    2021 San Francisco: 2
    2022 San Francisco: 2

    A very strange beginning to a football career.

    1. I too feel terribly for Lance. All the explanations in the world can and will be put forth for why Shanahan did what he did (and professes he would do again). But the bottom line is this. Shanahan’s play calling led to a serious injury of a player the 49ers sacrificed three 1st round draft picks and a third for & we’re back to a Jimmy Garoppolo who the 49ers rejected, shopped and failed to trade after eight months of effort . Always difficult to accept Shanahan’s depiction as an “offensive genius.” Even more so this morning. Hang in there, Trey! Here’s hoping your recovery is sure and swift.

      1. And this “Final Word” from Dennis Young of SF Gate:

        Let’s give the last word to an NFL coach who knows Lance well. “He’s not Lamar Jackson. Trey is a quarterback who has the ability to run. But to just line him up and run him, I mean, the game’s too physical.” That was Shanahan last September.

      2. Shanahan drafted Trey based on his ability to run. If he wanted a stationary QB he could have drafted Mac Jones.
        And when Trey is ready to play again, Shanahan will keep using his running ability. Lance was not drafted to be bubble-wrapped.
        If there is one thing we can count on in football, it’s the fact that injuries are going to happen.

  11. Fans being fans here..at least we aren’t seeing tin foil hat conspiracy theorists on this blog..YT comments are ridiculous…’the call came from the top, to run Lance’…’Kyle ran him on purpose, to get him injured’…..stupidity at its best..

  12. I think legitimate arguments exist for defending Shanahan’s use of Trey Lance and for blaming Shanahan for getting Lance hurt with his play calls. I come down squarely on the side of questioning Shanahan’s play calls for his franchise QB. I do understand the “Trey Lance was drafted to be a mobile QB” argument even if I don’t necessarily agree with it. BUT NO ONE can defend Shanahan calling a running play for Jimmy Garoppolo at the goal line at 2 minutes remaining in the game up by 13 points. 49ers had rushed for 188 yards, 4.2 yards per carry. 49ers were up by 2 scores with 2 minutes left in the game and you’re rushing the only healthy QB you have that can actually take you to the playoffs. There is no defending that play call in that situation. That’s the reason I question Shanahan’s judgement in how he uses Lance. Because his judgement in how he used his only healthy QB that can actually win was indefensible.

    1. “BUT NO ONE can defend Shanahan calling a running play for Jimmy Garoppolo at the goal line at 2 minutes remaining in the game up by 13 points.”

      I think it’s called the element of surprise. No one can tell me that there isn’t an NFL coach who doesn’t have a couple of surprises in their playbook.

      Extremely unfortunate that Trey was injured. But every player has the probability of being injured whether they’re hit or not.
      It’s football!
      Lance had the option to run or give it to Deebo, he chose to run. I fail to see any fault with Shanahan on this play.
      It’s a call ingrained in the playbook.

  13. I haven’t seen a replay of the play where Lance was injured but my initial reaction was that Lance should have handed the ball off. The D had sucked in and there was no one setting the edge. If Lance had handed the ball off like I think he should have the back would have made a nice gain and Lance wouldn’t have been injured. So instead of blaming KS it looks like Lance was responsible for his own injury. imho

    1. You were a coach? By definition, a Zone Read is a designed run play for the QB depending on the read. Blaming Trey Lance for running on a play designed for him to run, up the middle no less, because her made a read is a bit absurd. You can say he made the wrong read but you’re wrong if you say Lance running up the middle was not part of that play. It was a likely outcome of that play call. You want to say Kyle has no accountability in Lance’s injury then OK, say that. Kyle called that play at least 4 times in less than 1 quarter of football. Running a QB up the middle in the NFL is a recipe for an injury. It’s not a matter of If, it’s a matter of When.

      1. Pat,
        My point (which I obviously didn’t make clearly) was that Lance made the wrong read. Earlier he made the correct read when he handed the ball to Deebo who took it for a 51 yard gain. I believe that if Lance had handed the ball to McCloud he would have gotten outside the defender who was trying to set the edge and gained at least 5 yards and possibly more. I think Lance holds on to the ball too often when a hand off to the back is open and ends up running into an over crowed middle. As to your questioning my coaching acumen, I have never shown you any disrespect I thought I might receive the same from you. I was a varsity basketball coach for over 25 years. I also was a varsity baseball coach for 5 years and was an asst varsity football coach for 4 years. Yes football is the sport I had the least coaching experience in. I never claimed to be an expert in football in fact there was no read option when I coached football back in the late 80’s.

        1. I guess you took that as an attack. I sincerely did not mean to offend you. I guess it’s the medium where the writer is unable to create the proper tone. Just surprised a coach would “blame” the QB for getting injured even if he made the wrong read. I have coached zone read. Any coach who has coached football in the last 20 years has coached some element of the zone read. Sometimes there is a read and sometimes it’s a predefined give or keep for the QB. I tend to think Lance did make the wrong read unless the play call was predetermined to be a QB keep. Even having said that, my issue is with the play design. As a coach, you know there are possibilities on that play. The RB runs the ball or the QB runs the ball. A play design at the NFL level where the QB is intentionally supposed to run up the middle is a bad play design in my opinion. Your QB WILL sustain an injury eventually on that play design. Shanahan called that play 4 times in 2 offensive drives on Sunday. That’s my problem with Shanahan on this injury.

          1. 1.6… did you not think not was an early must win game, and that lance being “green” as a thrower didn’t account for the options and keepers? What kind of coach wouldn’t use the strengths of his QB if he’s still learning another part of the game? Let’s keep it real. Any player can get injured at any time. You can’t play safe with a player in development simply to develop. At some point a win is the most important thing. My issue with Kyle this off-season was lance not having any competition for starter. At some point if you have a back up like a Jimmy, you gotta set the kid loose and play to his strengths. He did that and unfortunately he got injured. Again must win, divisional game vs a team that’s owned you for a long time.
            I’m not gonna knock the coach for doing what he had to do to win that game. Just seems those who hate Jimmy and wanted Lance are sour that he got injured and it’s Jimmy’s team now. Simply so they can watch the game with who they feel should be playing. If Jimmy hadn’t of done well enough to take them as far as he did, I’d get it. But as a fan with Jimmy now, I wouldn’t mind getting another chance at a ring. And if I’m being honest I don’t know if Lance and his development would have gotten them there this season. Not saying it’s automatic Jimmy will, but he has twice when healthy for the season.

    2. I agree coach. Would have probably been a big play if he did. That end crashed in early on the line.

      1. The End did not crash down the line. Re-watch that play, The End stayed home. Aaron Banks pulled and sealed the DE with a kick out block.

  14. Something I have noticed in the 1st 2 games is, the team has run the ball very well in the 1st half. Then in the 2nd half the holes seem to disappear. Are teams adjusting to the 9ers O or is there another reason the running game seems to go to hell in the 2nd half of games?

  15. In others news.
    Per David Lombardi,
    “Highest-graded 49ers offensive player vs. Seattle, per PFF: Aaron Banks.

    81.8 pass-blocking score. Only 1 pressure allowed. He mauled in the run game, especially near the goal line. Just a massively positive development for the 49ers.”

    Our young Olineman are developing nicely and should get better as the season progresses.
    That’s good news.

    1. AES,
      Its just the eye test and I haven’t looked at the PFF grades but from what I saw it looked like Burford had a terrible game especially in the 2nd half. Brendel didn’t look much better to me. Good news about Banks.

      1. Coach,
        I believe that many of the questions leading up to the season had more to do with Bank’ being the weakest link of the Oline. It’s refreshing to see the development in his game. Burford is the lone rookie on the Oline and it may take him a little while longer. He had a fairly good game against the Bears, so there’ promise for better games ahead.

    2. Yes, I’m very encouraged by Aaron Banks. I still think it was a mistake to draft him. Should have stayed with Laken and drafted Humphrey. Creed Humphrey is the #1 rated center in the NFL according to PFF. Jake Brendel is the 5th worst Center in the NFL. If the 49ers drafted Humprhey and kept Laken, they would have had a top 10 Guard and the #1 Center in the NFL. Right now they have the 25th ranked Guard and one of the worst Centers in the league.

      1. Hindsight is fun. I wonder who the #3 QB will be. Josh Rosen know the system but it sure seems no one like him.

        1. Not really hindsight. On draft day, many people questioned the 49ers strategy to pass on Humprhey and draft Banks.

        2. Won’t be Rosen. Maybe Kyle can keep his Zone Read offense he developed all offseason if he signs Colin Kaepernick.

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