49ers mock draft 2016: version 1.0

This is my first 49ers mock draft of the offseason, so I’m doing  just the first four picks. Please leave your own mock draft in the comment section.

Note: These are the picks I think the 49ers will make, not necessarily the picks I would make if I were running the team.

Round 1, pick No. 7: Shaq Lawson, OLB, Clemson. Replaces Aldon Smith as the 49ers’ weak-side edge rusher and plays defensive end in the subpackages as a rookie. Becomes a full-time starting outside linebacker in Year 2.

Round 2, pick No. 37: Michael Thomas, WR, Ohio State. Immediately becomes Chip Kelly’s starting slot receiver. Think Jordan Matthews of the Eagles.

Round 3, pick No. 68: Spencer Drango, G, Baylor.  Competes with Erik Pears for a starting job at right guard in 2016.

Round 4, pick No. 103: Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi State. Thick, durable, athletic quarterback who ran the zone read in college.

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  1. Well we share two prospects Grant -M Thomas and Dak (although I don’t think he goes that high) my mock was posted under previous topic.

      1. I’ll wait till after FA to post my mock draft, but I’m curios Grant, why you think LAWSON is a better fit than Georgia’s LEONARD FLOYD?

        I’m told Lawson doesn’t have the necessary “twitchiness” to excel at OLB at the next level. The 49ers seem to need a “twitchy” pass-rushing OLB, and most scouts project Lawson as a better fit at DE in a 4-3 scheme.

      2. You don’t have a fricken QB and that is your greatest need right now. CK is not even close to being the future and Blaine isn’t the answer either.

        1. Niners have a SB QB, and another who performed admirably last season. He was 28/44 for 354 yards his last game.
          Niners have other glaring holes that need fixing, otherwise the second coming of Joe Montana would be futile.

      3. Hey Grant, what’s your thoughts on carl naseeb? 15.5 sacks in 2015 in a very competitive program

    1. I like these picks the best we have to draft starters not developmental players . We are still developing Armstead we need to drafts studs to come in and start immediately on a team that only won 5 games

  2. Hey Grant any chance you can check into why I can’t comment under my screen name (rocket)

    I write a comment, hit the post button and when the page refreshes nothing is there. I cleared the cache and everything else, but no dice.


      1. I would pick Laquon Treadwell WR from Ole Miss…had to watch more tape on him & he’s the meanest blocking wide out in the draft..catches everything runs great routes..if we don’t pick him at 7 Giants will pick him at 10 to pair him with Beckam

        1. Treadwell is what a lot of espn minds think 49ers will take. Unfortunately, Laquon has a history with injuries which sidelined him for most of a season. This includes a gruesome thigh bone break as well as a broken ankle. On the 49ers team, in a West division that has the best defenses, each of them rough and brutal, I just can’t imagine him staying healthy long enough to make a mark.

      2. I really like Tredwell and think he will be a superstar but I think it is easier to get an impact wideout in round 2 and a stud linebacker in first round an ever down player than vice versa. I would also like to see us go after Mohammad Wilkerson very hard in free agency. That would put us back to respectability.

  3. Your instincts are accurate in my estimation. Ahmad Brooks’ best days are behind him and he’s prone to too many ill-timed penalties. Lawson/Lynch bookend could be a nightmare for opposing QBs. That would be a total Baalke pick, except the Niners have made it known Kelly will make 1st pick and I’m wondering if he won’t take Treadwell with that 1st pick. Too good a talent too pass up if he’s there.

  4. So that’s what you’ve been working on. Nicely done Grant, but I see Lawson as a better fit in a 4-3. Here’s my suggestion:

    Myles Jack UCLA LB Top five player in the draft and fills a need.

    Ryan Kelly Alabama C Hasn’t allowed a sack in 2 years.

    Pharoh Cooper South Carolina WR Playmaker and versatile.

    Vernon Adams Oregon QB Electric, agile, accurate deep.

    1. Thanks, Razor. Good mock. I agree the Niners would take Jack over Lawson, but I think the Cowboys will take Jack at No. 4.

      1. Not too bad Grant, I would be ok with something like this.

        I think the first pick should be a high impact position so this addresses that.

        I had Jack as the Niners first pick too but just to be different:

        1st – Reggie Ragland ILB

        2nd – Josh Doctson WR

        3rd – Landon Turner OG

        4th – Paul Perkins RB

        My reasoning is simple: I think they shore up the defense in FA for the most part and dedicate the majority of the draft towards the offense.

        1. Nice rocket. I agree with shoring up the D through FA and 1 high draft pick, then using the majority of the rest of the draft on offense.

          Ragland is a guy we don’t talk about much, I think mainly because most people (myself included) see a big need for a LB that is excellent in coverage, but Ragland is surprisingly decent in coverage for his size and would be a natural fit for the Mike. Getting him would allow Bowman/ Hodges to play their more natural position on the weakside.

          If they go for Ragland I would hope they trade down a bit though.

          1. Same here Scooter, and it looks as though the 49ers have indeed met with Ragland. If Jack is gone, perhaps they find a trade partner and target Ragland….

          2. Thanks Scooter. Ideally they could slide down a bit and still get Ragland if that was what they wanted to do, but honestly the talent in the top half of the first isn’t that far apart, and Ragland at #7 wouldn’t surprise me; especially if Jack is gone. As you mentioned he is surprisingly good in coverage for a man his size, reminds a lot of Lawrence Timmons actually. Just a really good football player from a great program.

              1. Nice find Razor. He really is a great athlete and moves well for his size. Also has a knack for knowing where the play is going to go.

              2. Instincts, instincts, instincts! That’s where it starts at IL. We saw just how important instincts are with Chris Borland. Here was a ILB with serious physical limitations, yet he was almost always in position to make plays because of his instincts. Ragland’s got comparable instincts, but is a far more impressive athlete. Sounds like a potential All-Pro ILB to me!

          3. ASU LB Scooby Wright is all about instincts and production – He finished 2014 with 163 tackles, 29 tackles for loss, 14 sacks and six forced fumbles en route to earning just about every defensive award, including the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, Lombardi Award and Chuck Bednarik Award.

            1. I wonder if the majority of his production is do to their defensive scheme, and I worry about his lower body strength….

      2. Grant

        Isn’t there a gaping hole at ILB that needs to be filled, and doesn’t Baalke build his team up the middle? Do you see them signing Rolando McClain? Is this Mock representative of a post-FA signing period that plugs holes? Where do you see those holes, and how do you see them filled? Williams over Wilkerson/Jackson? Pocket pressure up the middle? Niners haven’t had a central pocket pushed since Bryant Young. Thoughts?

    2. Ryan Kelly :) I like the pick. You know I have been harping for a center for a long while.

      I was thinking Kyle Fuller c. out of Baylor in the fourth

    3. Nice one razor. I assume this mock assumes DL and OLB are addressed in FA. If they then followed that up by adding Javon Hargrave and perhaps Curt Maggitt later on I’d be very happy.

    4. Yes Pharoh Cooper would be a very nice pick in the 2nd rd,this just might happen given Baalke`s relationship with South Carolina pipeline,this would be a A+ pick for WR He has drafted the other WR he drafted last year SMelter, yeah He`s a very good all around WR that will cause atch up problems for DB`s he is very physical like AB but only Faster 4.48 speed

    5. Ohh yeah Ryan Kelly! Have him in my mock too! He’s supposedly a bit undersized, but still listed a hair under 300. I was surprised to see him drafted so late in a lot of mocks.

  5. Wouldn’t mind Buckner or wr in the first.. I don’t think Thomas last that long but with the Patriots losing their 1st and us rotating to the top of the teams tied in the 2nd I guess there is a chance

  6. If they re-sign Boone and/or sign a starting G in free agency do you still take a G in the third round?

            1. Yep. Same with a lot of the younger guys. Can’t just expect them to be good, need to keep adding to the competition and see which guys emerge.

              1. I didn’t say don’t take a WR, I said don’t take one with the second pick.

              2. Scooter

                Not to be contrary, but if the younger guys are going to contribute, they have to run the gauntlet sooner or later…might as well be sooner to find out if they’re the real thing of dogfood whereas they get waived or cut and replaced. I’d love to see Smelter, DeAndrew White, Dres Anderson, and our new CanadianWR get some reps alongside Torrey Smith erlier rather than later in TC

            2. If they re-sign Boldin, which would be a really smart move, I don’t see them taking a WR that soon.

              1. Does he fit the speed requirement?
                I think if Kelly ever sits down and has a conversation with Boldin before making any decisions he’ll immediately realize the value of keeping Boldin on the team for at least another season or two. Boldin’s route running, physicality and his knowledge of the system as well as recognition of the defense will allow him to play fast enough for at least another year maybe even two. I think they re-sign him to a two year deal that really looks more like a one year with an option for a second.

              2. I agree Grant. Some viable options would be the Patriots, Chiefs, Steelers, and Panthers.

              1. Have they cut Patton and Ellington? I know you’ll say that Ellington isn’t the right size for a Kelly offense but my point is that they have 10 WR’s under contract before potentially bringing back Boldin which they might do. If so they’ll have 11. I don’t see the need to use a 2nd round pick on a WR when they might have 4 that can potentially start while they wait for the 5th to get up to speed.

              2. Simpson,White,Anderson,Ellington are not locks to be on the squad.Smelter is still an unknown returning from injury and although A Boldin is my current favorite 49er he is getting long in the tooth and not under contract so who knows what happens there.I don’t think it entirely unreasonable to pick an outstanding prospect like Thomas(who some project as a first round talent) in the second.

              3. If he lasts that long hightop. I’ve seen a good number of mocks having him come off the board in the 15-25 range.

        1. I believe in Smelter. They also have White and Dres Anderson.
          No need to take a WR that early, like many other posters have stated.

          1. I would like them to get another wr, for they don’t have any that are that fast, and Torry hasn’t impressed me very much, he doesn’t seem to get
            open that much, they need someone who understands routes, good
            hands, and fast.

            1. The poor performance of the offensive line will make any offense dysfunctional. With a crappy O line, the WRs cannot run long routes because the QB will be sacked before they get downfield.
              Cam Newton makes those downfield throws, but he also has all day to throw. Did the cards even touch him last game?

  7. I get it’s “sexy” to pick pass rushers…but unless Baalke also upgrades the DL via FA, it’s not as meaningful. Simply re-signing Ian Williams isn’t the answer…he’s a good, but not great player. My plan would be to sign Jets UFA NT Damon Harrison…he’s a beastly run-stuffer. I’d start Armstead at one DE and sign either Wilkerson or Vernon for the other. Then, drafting Lawson, Jack or Spence makes a ton of sense with the first pick.

  8. The only issue I have with your mock is the 2nd round choice. This is an even year, so Baalke must draft a running back in the 2nd round. If he does not, he will break his pattern of 2nd round RBs in even years and 4th round RBs in odd years. ;)

  9. I like this mock it’s very realistic and addresses area of need. But I’m already aboard the Bruce Irivn bandwagon and am halfway across Oregon. As a result I don’t think we draft OLB with the first pick. Additionally I am in favor of keeping Brooks. The diversity of pass rushers with Lynch, Irvin, Harold and Brooks would be undoubtedly increase our pass rush. Here’s my mock draft:

    1.)Ezekial Elliot (RB)
    2.)Vadal Alexander (LG)
    3.)Sheldon Day (DE)
    3 Comp.) Aguero if he’s there still
    4.)Tyler Matacevich (ILB)

    I also think we shell out $ to get Benjamin. Having Torrey Smith is good to stretch the field but defenses got away with still stacking the box because of Boldins lack of vertical ability. Having both Benjamin and Smith and the threat of the read option would give defenses fits.

    1. I like that you went with Elliot. Especially with Kelly, that becomes a possibility. I like the positions that you draft for in your other selections.

  10. I understand why it’s fun but it only takes one or two free agent moves to shoot holes right in the middle of most mocks made in January.

        1. And that wasn’t redirected back at you. Just want someone to comment on my mock hahaha

          1. OK, my assessment is that it does not address the lack of pass rush.
            Elliot could be another Trent Richardson, who excelled with an elite O line while in college, but struggled in the pros.
            If the Niners were in the playoffs, it would be good, but it is flawed when they want to improve from 5-11.

      1. Interesting. You wouldn’t take a tackle in the first 3 rounds with old man Staley & Brown as your starters?

        1. Why worry about the tackles. The Patriots just change the OL coach, and we’ve done that already. No worries.

  11. My mock, using the Draftscout top 200. All picks within 5 after the draft number.
    1. Deforest Buckner.
    2. Ryan Kelly. This will allow Killgore to move to guard, either side.
    3. Jordan Jenkins. He is a Hybrid LB. Very versatile, and a team leader.
    4. Paul Perkins. Strong runner with receiving skills
    Two defenders in the top 3 because the defense needs a huge upgrade. WRs are not needed in the early rounds because they usually take a couple years to build strength and learn the system.
    Take a LB,WR and QB with the comp 4th and two fifth round picks. Nick Vigil. Vernon Adams Jr or Kevin Hogan, and BPA for WR.

  12. I Think Baalke trades down to maybe high teens stacks a couple picks and takes a ilb seems like a Baalke move. mocks are just filler material untill the combine.

  13. Baalke is bad with wrs and ol. He’s better at lb. no one knows how bowman will be next years they need smith or Myles, plus their both hurt, which makes it an easy pick for Baalke. Next 2 picks he should ask his Giants ol coach to pick.

  14. Assuming no trades. This also assume they have either signed Boone or a starting G in FA. It also assumes that Boldin, Ian Williams and Celek have been re-signed.

    #7 Stanley OT. Davis is a question mark. There were rumors that Staley was available at the trade deadline. They grab Stanely and plug him in at RT and trade Davis. Brown continues to grow and learn and next year they move Stanley to LT and start Brown at RT.

    #37 Shawn Oakman DE. The pass rush on the right side evaporated once we lost Justin. Oakman will make Harold and Rush look much better in their second seasons.

    #68 Austin Hooper TE. McDonald get’s cut and we’ll see who gets to keep their job between Bell and Anderson.

    #103 Jordan Howard RB. Kelly likes big RB’s and Howard certainly checks that box. He’s had two very productive years at Indiana and finished 2015 with 6.2 ypc average with over 1200 yards and 9 TD’s.

  15. I like the elliot pick.would be a baalke move,not that i like baalke’s moves.elliot is just a beast.got to draft a coverage ilb early

  16. Rd 1-Jaylon Smith LB/ND
    Rd 2-Austin Johnson DT/Penn St.
    Rd 3-Chris Jones DT/Miss State
    Rd 4- Dak Prescott QB/Miss State

    Like Gurley,Smith too big a talent to pass on.Round 2-3 continue to build front 7.Rd 4 QB has all the tools.Just needs some time behind Gabbert.

    1. David Sanchez,

      I like the top heavy defensive mindset on your draft. It’s no secret that Kelly’ defense have been on the field more than the average defenses in the NFL. So building a very good defense is high priority imo.

      If Chip was able to score big with Nick Foles (average at best), his offense will put up points with either Gabbert or CK and company.
      Chip will only need to find a little more speed at the WR position. Torrey underachieved last year but he may prosper in Chip’ offense. I want to see what a healthy Smelter has to offer in TC.

      Can Hyde stay healthy? If he can, he will give Chipper’ offense a good boost.
      We could sign some nice OL help with FA, but for this team to succeed we will need a stout defense 2-3 layers deep.

    2. Kelly defenses need depth. This daft is said to have good interior D-line depth. I’m a big fan of DC Seifert’s deep D-lines in 1984. I’d like to see that kind of depth again someday.

      1. B2W
        Yup, defense has always been Kelly’ achilles heel even in college.

        This team will require a stout defense 2-3 layers deep in order to keep up with the fast pace offense.
        The 2nd and even 3rd team D will be of vital importance for a Kelly team.

        DL, LB should be priority. We may need a little help on the offensive side but with the development of Brown and the possible return in A.Davis the OL may just need to develop strong backups.

        Our first 3 picks (ala David Sanchez) should be dedicated to drafting some stud defensive players and then branch out to other positions from there.
        I’m not a big Dak Prescott fan but he may be the only QB suited to fit in a Kelly type offense after the other top 3-4 QB’s have been drafted.

        If we do draft high on offense, I would like to see us go after Ole’ Miss WR Laquan Treadwell. He looks like a combination of Bryant (cowboys) and Boldin – size, speed, physical and of course strong skill set.

        1. I think we have to trust that Trent Baalke is going to give the team quality defensive personnel and that Chip Kelly will draft and develop all offensive personnel. Both guys have done a pretty good job on their side of the ball so maybe both guys will be good for one another.

  17. I think the 49ers will daft one of Treadwell, Jack, Stanley, Buckner. It all depends on who drops to 7.

    If more than one drops, the tie breaking order might be 1-Jack, 2-Stanley, 3-Treadwell, 4-Buckner.

    If the Cowboys take Jack, there could be some petty good trade-back offers for pick 7 from QB hungry teams.

    Way too early to tell, but it sounds like this daft is much deeper in interior D linemen than edge ushers. The Manning-Bradys of the world highlight the need for inside pass ushers that can disrupt passing lanes.

  18. This would be a great draft but I don’t see any chance of it happen

    37: R2P6
    68: R3P5
    103: R4P8
    130: R5P3
    134: R5P7
    160: R6P3
    188: R6P31
    194: R7P5

    1. R Kelly C in the 5th would be a steal,don’t think he falls that far but would be very happy with that pick.

  19. Thinking outside the box, What if the Niners offered Pears, Mike Davis and Chris Davis to the Titans for their 3rd. Brooks, Patton and Chris Davis to the Browns for their 3rd. And Thompson, Marcus Martin, Simpson and Miller to San Diego for their 2nd.
    The Niners would lose 10 players but gain the 35th, 65th and 66th draft picks. This way, the Niners would have the 7th, 35th, 37th, 64th, 65th and 68th picks

          1. Seb, one is a below average/average OT/OG journeyman, another is a 4th round pick that did nothing of note except break his hand during his rookie season, and the third is an average DB at best. Their combined talent wouldn’t evn garner a sixth round pick.

            1. Pears started all year. Many thought Davis was way better than Hayne, and averaged 6 yards a carry in college. Cromartie shined in what little action he saw.
              I researched their draft needs, and those players fit the bill. A third round pick is no guaranteed first day starter. It is impossible to fill 3 needs with one pick. They very probably could be considered upgrades to what they presently have.

              1. Davis didn’t average 6 yds per carry in college. 5.3 in 2012, 5.8 in 2013 and 4.9 in 2014. His career college average is 5.4

              2. Seb you have your right to your ideas and your research. MW is right, the talent you are suggesting we trade those teams can pick up better in the draft or FA. Those players are a dime a dozen on PS’s and FA or better. Nobody’s really going to want them for a draft trade.

                Think about it, Kendall Hunter and LMJ got cut and didn’t end up on anyone’s roster. These players are mostly in the same category as those guys. Miller, Patton and Brooks have some value but not much and Simpson will get cut and sign somewhere else.

              3. Well, you are correct. Still, any RB who averaged 5.4 YPC is not a bust.
                Comparing an injured player and LMJ to existing players who started and played is disingenuous. They do have worth. Any 3 win team would be happy to get them to improve their team. That is, if they want to win…

              4. Seb let’s come back to this after April 1st and after the draft to see whether these value players are traded for picks or if they get cut and picked up in FA?

                Pears was hired as a back up and was terrible as a starter and got cut from the Bills before being awful here. He’s not valuable.
                Patton has only started due to injury and is a back up. He had injuries his first 2 seasons and makes bone headed penalties for the team.
                Davis didn’t perform well as a back up less than 2 yds per carry
                Simpson-got cut and performed terrible, lots of drops
                Cromartie is a back up that performed well after injuries to 1st and 2nd string starters
                Thompson has never been in an NFL game

                So how are these guys any different than Hunter and LMJ? The answer is they’re not any different. Kendall was a back up got hurt but played pretty well and injuries cut his career short. LMJ filled in well in the Atlanta game but didn’t produce at all the next season much like many of the guys on this list. These are the fodder of the NFL and there are lots of guys out there like this. Remember people view our roster like you view the Browns.

            2. Seb I was thinking this is sort of like people pulling all their unwanted, broken crap out of their basements, garages, and attics and posting it on Craig’s List thinking someone will want it. If you don’t want these guys and don’t think they’ll add to our roster why in the world would other teams want guys who aren’t starters or have performed well? The answer is they don’t but players get hurt and they need back ups.

              I could see Brooks and Miller having some interest but not much. This is the 49ers garage cleaning unwanted junk.

              1. Wilson, maybe I want to get something instead of cutting them and getting nothing, which is probably what will happen.
                Bundling payers may make the deal more attractive. Gosh, I would love it if one player could garner a second round pick.
                Just proposing a trade should not disqualify the whole idea that some ones junk is another person’s treasure.
                I did not put up shlubs. These players are talented and have value. Maybe a new location will rejuvenate that player.
                I wholeheartedly admit that I want to trade Patton because of his tendencies to draw flags or make a bonehead play. I want Brooks gone because he constantly lines up too close and jumps offsides way too many times.

            3. Scooter

              Not to be contrary, but if the younger guys are going to contribute, they have to run the gauntlet sooner or later…might as well be sooner to find out if they’re the real thing of dogfood whereas they get waived or cut and replaced. I’d love to see Smelter, DeAndrew White, Dres Anderson, and our new CanadianWR get some reps alongside Torrey Smith erlier rather than later in TC

  20. Seb,

    If Baalke proposed any one of those trades they would throw a net over him and haul him off to the loony bin.

    1. 3 for 1 is not unreasonable. I also chose the worst teams in the league who desperately need bodies.
      With 98 juniors declaring, there should still be good quality at those sixties picks.
      I also did not include players who the Niners must keep. All those players are marginal or will not be sorely missed. They are expendable, and their loss will help the Niners build a better roster.

  21. It is reasonable to believe that Jed & Trent hired Kelly for his offensive prowess, to provide an offense that wins on scheme. The OL is the only glaring weakness, wherein scheme would be overcome by brute force.

    Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that if the Niners spend financial or draft capital on offense, it will be on the OL, and perhaps on another workhorse RB who can keep the engine of this running offense turning over smoothly. Because the team believes points will come with average talent at receiver positions (see Patriots, Panthers, Seahawks), most capital will be spent on the defense.

    The strength of this defense is now the secondary, as hard as that is to believe, and it’s weakness is now its LB corps. Such a sudden, steep fall. But as guys like KK Short and Derek Wolfe/Malik Jackson have shown, the middle of the DL is where the most impact can be felt; the Niners should get run-stuffing, pocket-collapsing DTs, not Ian Williams, but an Aaron Donald type. And Grant is right, the team sorely needs another talent to bookend the LBs; Von Miller would be nice, but Aldon Smith would be cheap.

    All I really know is there is hella money to spend, and Baalke will finally convert his 12 draft picks into a smaller number of higher picks, as this is his make-or-break draft, and 2017 is Gamble’s if he shoots another blank in 2016.

  22. It appears Doug Whaley agrees with me that this quarterback class will need time, perhaps 2 years before they’re ready….

    1. In the article I read on NFL.com he said a year or half of a year.

      That’s not a revelation as we all feel this class would need some time on the bench. Reality is a whole different animal though, and one or more of them will start from day one most likely

      As for Wentz, Mayock didn’t say he was the best. He said he was his favorite. Big difference and he says it that way on purpose so that he can change his rankings without being called on it later if he so desires.

      If Wentz winds up being the top QB off the board I’ll be shocked, but it won’t be the first time or the last time.

      1. Cosell said Goff is better than Winston, and I now call into question his competence….

        1. He thinks Goff is a better prospect which again is said intentionally so that if Goff turns out to be the better player down the line, he can refer back to where he said “prospect.”.

          Cosell didn’t like Winston last year so it’s not surprising, and I certainly don’t think Goff is as ready to play as Winston was, but imo Goff is a better passer than both Winston and Mariota.

    1. I’m hoping teams in front of the 49ers buy into the hyperbole regarding these quarterback prospects….

    2. I have one word to describe the hype around any player right now in the draft; January.

      1. Yep and there are going to be a number of different names thrown around regularly in the next 3 months as “improving their stock” which is complete garbage. What it means is that the so called Draft experts really didn’t study the players as much as they said they did and are heavily influenced by the most recent info they have.

            1. Sure thing, about the same time you post some stats to show #7 is an elite QB!
              As for GB that team will never get over the hump with MCCarthy. He’s an offensive coordinator that keeps firing his postion coaches each year to mask his poor leadership. He’s lucky he has A. Rodgers.

              1. Lol. They will never get over the hump with McCarthy? He’s won a SB already. As for those stats that were posted to show Kap was playing well in 2013 when you said he was not – context is always important – they are there for all to see. Top ten rating and QBR, and two playoff wins on the road. As much as you wish you could, you can’t change history Prime.

              2. GB has underachieved every year since that SB many moons ago.
                As for CK, flash in the pan. I said it after the Bears game, you continued to post stats. How are those stats working out now? Franchise QB? On par with the Brady’s and Mannings and Rodgers and Bree’s of the NFL? Man stats don’t always say what’s really evident do they Rocket?
                You are like every other fan on here. Enamoured by the what’s popular today idea.

              3. I agree with the Mike McCarthy theme. They have had a very good roster for many years, draft well and play well until the big games. I liked MCM but as of late, he cannot get his team into the big dance. I guess its the same with Marvin Lewis. Good team, great roster but no finish. That might be on coaching.

              4. Prime,

                You continue to misrepresent what was actually said in regards to Kap, so until you can provide proof that I said he was a franchise QB, you are simply making up a strawman. Back up what you say or be viewed as a liar. Simple as that.

                Your views on McCarthy don’t match reality either. I’m sensing a trend here.

              5. FDM,

                He had his team in the NFCCG in Seattle with an opportunity to win a little over a year ago. It took a fake FG and a fumbled onside kick to even get the game to OT. The idea that McCarthy was going to be fired if he didn’t get to the NFCCG this year was ludicrous and I still have yet to find an article that relates that story.

                The bottom line for a HC in this league is keeping the team you Coach in contention. With the parity this league now has that is the best you can hope for, and he’s done that. They got to the second round of the playoffs this year in a season where they struggled due to injuries. I don’t know when people started believing that it was SB or bust for HC’s in this league, but it’s an unrealistic expectation that if shared by decision makers in the NFL, would result in very good HC’s getting fired regularly for very poor reasons.

                Who would the Packers be able to hire that would exceed what McCarthy has done in his time there? I’d really like to hear you guys come up with some candidates if you honestly believe McCarthy should be fired for making the playoffs every year, winning a SB and coming close to going back a year ago. Where is this amazing HC who will lead them to SB’s every year?

              6. Your problem Rocket is your content with average or what’s trending lately. Two playoffs wins and a QBR top 10 rating means zero if you don’t play well the next year or the next game for that matter.
                You preached CK was a good QB, a guy the Niners could build around. You posted then stats ad nauseum about it.
                Now what? Oh you never said it? Find proof? Bottom line is you said he was a good QB, I said he wasn’t. Where is he now? You were wrong. He was a flash in the pan. How many other QB’s won a couple playoff games and now are out of the league. It happens. It’s called a bust. Players that can’t sustain quality performances because they have not gotten better as players. That’s #7. He never progressed. I called it!
                He is a has been. Was good for a year and a half only because of a great defense and the surprise element. Again, where is he now. Rehabbing! Just admit you went all on with him without seeing his entire body of work. It’s pathetic, you were wrong about him and now can’t admit it!

              7. Rocket says “The bottom line for a HC in this league is keeping the team you Coach in contention”

                No Rocket, the HC in this league is about winning championships. The expectation is the reality. That type of expectation is what drives winning organizations. When was sports never about winning it all? Of course not every one can win a championship. But why do you think so many coaches are fired every year in the NFL? Because it is about winning championships. Its not about only contending. Or rebuilding each year and getting close. That’s never been the NFL way. What fan base in football is a happy about winning a playoff game? One and done WSH Redskins? They cant be happy.

              8. Good post that hit the nail on the head FDM. It is all about winning it all rather than just being in contention. Why else would McCarthy be classified as on the hot seat? And how about coaches that were fired after being eliminated in the playoffs?

              9. Exactly Mid. Contending is great for college sports. But in the NFL where the stakes are so high, it is all about winning. That’s how the NFL makes their billions. Selling the notion to their fan base that theyt are trying to win Superbowls. Its what got the 49ers a stadium and a bonafide coach in Jim Harbaugh. The reputation alone of a winning franchise even though it was 20 years ago, still is a draw to fans and players to the 49ers.
                Im not sure where contending is good enough came from. Teams like the Titans, the Rams and Jaguars might have that philosophy and maybe that’s why they will never be legit franchises.

              10. Prime,

                You have talked yourself into believing your version of what I said; not what I actually said.

                At the time this discussion took place and all the stats were posted, you were in the midst of grumbling about how the team couldn’t win with Kap, how he couldn’t do this, couldn’t do that. Meanwhile he was leading the team to the NFCCG in Seattle. Of course after he threw the final pick in Seattle you were all over him again, and I had to remind you that he had finished the season top ten in the league in rankings and had won two playoff games on the road. This is where the problem lies. You want to argue your side like none of that happened or was irrelevant, and it’s impossible. Like it or not the 49ers went to a SB and NFCCG in successive years with Kap playing a prominent role in their success.

                What I did was support a guy who was winning games for the Niners and backed him against criticism I felt was unwarranted. I never claimed he was a franchise QB, in fact I claimed he wasn’t a franchise QB quite a few times and wouldn’t be until he improved his game in the pocket.

                You have done nothing other than build a strawman argument by putting your own spin on what was said. I like Kap, always have, but I have no irrational belief that he can be great or franchise caliber without developing his game to include pocket awareness and accuracy. I’ve never strayed from that and have even called for the team to draft other QB’s to push him. Scooter especially can vouch for the fact he and I wanted them to take Teddy Bridgewater a couple of years ago. I wouldn’t have said that if I thought Kap was a franchise QB. So if you can’t get it through your head that you are not recalling this discussion accurately that is your problem, and I will either have to deduce you are losing your memory or are just flat out lying.

              11. FDM,Mid,

                To borrow from ESPN: C’mon man. Of course it’s about winning Championships, but only one team wins the Championship, so if your employment is based only on winning Championships, you are going to be plowing through a lot of Coaches.

                My point about keeping a team in contention is based on how many teams can’t achieve that. There is a huge turnover in playoff teams year after year because this league is about parity. For a HC to guide his team to the playoffs year after year and have them as a viable contender for a SB is huge.

                For anybody to suggest a HC who has won a SB, taken his team to the playoffs practically ever year he’s been there and was in an NFCCG the year prior is ludicrous. It is completely nonsensical and flies in the face of what we see around the league every year. You don’t fire a HC with the track record McCarthy has because you are frustrated he hasn’t won a SB in a few years. You realize he has done it and can do it again if you provide him with what he needs to achieve it.

              12. Having problems posting under my regular screen name again.


                You have talked yourself into believing your version of what I said; not what I actually said.

                At the time this discussion took place and all the stats were posted, you were in the midst of grumbling about how the team couldn’t win with Kap, how he couldn’t do this, couldn’t do that. Meanwhile he was leading the team to the NFCCG in Seattle. Of course after he threw the final pick in Seattle you were all over him again, and I had to remind you that he had finished the season top ten in the league in rankings and had won two playoff games on the road. This is where the problem lies. You want to argue your side like none of that happened or was irrelevant, and it’s impossible. Like it or not the 49ers went to a SB and NFCCG in successive years with Kap playing a prominent role in their success.

                What I did was support a guy who was winning games for the Niners and backed him against criticism I felt was unwarranted. I never claimed he was a franchise QB, in fact I claimed he wasn’t a franchise QB quite a few times and wouldn’t be until he improved his game in the pocket.

                You have done nothing other than build a strawman argument by putting your own spin on what was said. I like Kap, always have, but I have no irrational belief that he can be great or franchise caliber without developing his game to include pocket awareness and accuracy. I’ve never strayed from that and have even called for the team to draft other QB’s to push him. Scooter especially can vouch for the fact he and I wanted them to take Teddy Bridgewater a couple of years ago. I wouldn’t have said that if I thought Kap was a franchise QB. So if you can’t get it through your head that you are not recalling this discussion accurately that is your problem, and I will either have to deduce you are losing your memory or are just flat out lying.

              13. Rocket at least some posters on here who supported CK during his hey day can own up to admitting he wasn’t the QB they thought he was.
                You are the biggest fraud on here. You were a huge supporter of CK and without a doubt posted like he was the next great 49er QB. I can’t believe you still can’t admit your support of him as a franchise QB.
                Even Fansince77 has called you out on it and you still deny it. Pathetic! Either your the biggest liar or the biggest Benedict Arnold!

              14. You just don’t get it Prime. There is a big difference between supporting the QB and believing he’s a franchise QB. You either can’t distinguish between the two or just want to be an a$$hole. If i had thought Kap was a franchise QB, a finished product or whatever else you want to attribute to me, I’d say so. Thing is, I never felt that way, which is why I never said it. Kap was always a work in progress to me, that was winning games while he was learning how to play the position at this level. I supported him and still will if he plays well enough to win the job.

                The biggest difference between us – and there are many – is that I don’t rip players who are helping my team win. I’m not a whiner who constantly complains because the QB doesn’t play the way I want him to. I understand the fact winning is the goal and if that player is helping you achieve that, you embrace it and hope it continues. If he isn’t helping you, you find another alternative.

                I’m finished with this Prime. I’m done defending myself from the rantings of a guy who changes his mind about players by the week. Believe what you want to believe.

              15. To borrow from ESPN: C’mon man. Of course it’s about winning Championships, but only one team wins the Championship, so if your employment is based only on winning Championships, you are going to be plowing through a lot of Coaches.

                That is what a good number of teams do though Rocket. It’s only been the teams with the smart owners that avoid doing that.

              16. Fine Rocket Im done with the whole CK thing. But for the record if you are insinuating that I change my mind on players every week, I never believed he was a player. From MNF against the Bears to the Foxboro game to the playoff wins. He never had that look of a QB. What he had was his athleticism. That was and is never enough in this league. Even an offseason with QB gurus could not fix what he lacks.
                While you guys were singing the praises, I was crinching with every wind up!

    3. That is a good article and spot on regarding the hype. This statement really stuck out to me especially:

      And to further dissuade the first-round hype, it’s important to note that Wentz has thrown just 612 passes in his college career. By comparison, Jared Goff of California threw 529 passes in 2015 alone.

      That is a red flag when looking at the Parcells list of requirements for College QB’s that was posted here a few days ago. He really doesn’t have enough on the resume to be considered in the first round, never mind the top ten imo.

      What really puzzles me is all the positive pub he got for his play in the FCSCG. I didn’t think he played that well at all and yet many used that game as a reason why he was going to be a potential Franchise QB.

      I think Wentz has a lot to work with and would be a good pick in the second round, but somebody is going to draft him too high. I don’t think there is any doubt about that.

      1. Those are good points Rocket. I have soured a bit to all the wishful thinking that draft QB’s will some how be better than guys who’ve started in the NFL. Very few of these guys end up being franchise QB’s. Dalton, Newton and Tannehill have all gone through stretches where people were calling them a bust. Ponder, Mallet and Gabbert are back ups. RGIII will get a shot somewhere. I don’t love this class of QB’s.

        1. I never bought into the Gaff for Goff mantra. Took Cam 4 years to make it to the SB. Niners with Kaep and Gabbert have other needs elsewhere, so a QB is a luxury pick.
          With Reyes a FA, they may grab Buckner as his replacement.Therefor, I like Leonard Floyd or Kevin Dodd, or the ubiquitous Jack.

        2. Wilson,

          I don’t dislike the class, I just don’t think any of them are ready to play right away. If teams actually use patience and let them sit for a year, I think a few of these QB’s could be pretty good in a year or two. Problem is the teams that select them are likely doing so because they need somebody now and that is a recipe for bustville.

          1. You explained that better than I did. This is what I think and feel in regards to rookie QB’s

      2. rocket,
        If Wentz last to the 2nd rd I would make any move possible to grab him.
        I just don’t think that he makes it out of the top 15 picks of the 1st rd.

        Some football talking heads actually have Wentz going ahead of Pax Lynch in the draft.
        Question: If Wentz and Lynch are still on the board at number 7 would you grab one of them?

        1. AES,

          In answer to your question, no I wouldn’t take either one of them at #7. I’ve been watching as much video as I can get on all the QB’s, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the only guy I would take with a first round pick is Goff.

          As you mentioned Wentz in the second would be great, but someone is going to draft him too early. Wentz is getting a lot of buzz because of his size and athleticism, but he’s really not accurate enough on throws longer than 10 yards and from what I’ve watched, stares down practically every receiver he throws too. He also didn’t face much of a pass rush in the highlights I’ve watched. I would rank Lynch ahead of him from what I’ve seen, but Wentz has a lot to work with and if he’s there in the 2nd it’s a no brainer.

  23. I disagree Grant with your first choice. Baalke will pick a Field Goal kicker in the first round, to compete with Pinion. Dawson will sign elsewhere. That is where Baalke is headed.

  24. Prime, you seem to keep shooting yourself in the foot. You should not berate Rocket, you should engage me. I am an ardent defender of Kaep, and refute every screed you make against him. I know this will just devolve into more insults so I apologize ahead of time to all posters and invite them to scroll past this brouhaha.
    I will calmly state that Kaep will become rehabilitated in his body, and his mind. He will not have the frustration of being forced to be only a pocket passer. Chip will utilize his talents wisely. Chip himself has stated that Kaep is an extremely talented player. Chip is happy that he has two players who can run his system because the NFL has shown the need for depth in the QB position. Chip wants challenges, and if he can resurrect Kaep, he will be hailed as a genius.
    Blustering and bloviating about what a bust he is will just make his re-emergence even sweeter. I have a long memory, and fully plan on shoving every single one of them down your throat at a later date. Your dislike for Kaep has almost reached the hateful stage, and is a big turnoff. I plan on engaging you every time you bring up Kaep, so lets rock and roll.
    Why will Kaep win back the starting job? Because fixing his problems will be so easy. He will not be inundated with 10 things to think about every second. If Chip is smart, he will ask Kaep to key on a single player. I hear they call it the Zone read option.
    Having Hyde back is crucial for success, so contingency plans must be formulated if he goes down to injury again. The refusal to put Hyde on IR and the refusal to use Hayne was a travesty. The refusal to use Hayne as a punt returner was obtuse, especially when they were calling for fair catches while behind. Over a year and a half, Kaep was sacked 80 times, and required 3 surgeries. With Kaep healthy, in a system he thrives in, and a coach who will properly utilize his skillsets, Kaep will come storming back. I hope to have more engagements with you. I am just warming up.

    1. Miles Jack is fast but soft. I know its not popular but why not trade down a couple spots take Jaylon Smith (maybe best player when healthy) then Kendall Fuller (maybe best corner) Spencer Drango (G) Bryce Williams (TE) and Malcolm Mitchell (WR). By the beginning of next year we could have the best linebacker duo like before and a shut down corner. Drango is a stud and Bryce Williams is better than anything we have now. Then if available you can get Anthony Zettel for the D line Curt Magget or Victor Ochi at OLB and Austin Blythe or Conner McGovern (strongest player in draft) for the O line.

    2. Your ego is writing checks for #7 your body can’t cash! If I believed you had an ounce of football knowledge Id listen. But instead your posts are the equivalent of someone who just started watching football. Therefore I can’t take you serious.
      As for Rocket, I respect his football insight. He knows what he is talking about. You, enough said!

      1. As a fan who started with season tickets since 78, and watched those empty seats as a die hard fan, I take a back seat to no one. I watched those 2-14 seasons. The first was painful. Then Bill Walsh was hired, and they still lost. Yet, I saw a glimmer of hope. Steve Deberg actually could move the ball, they even gained leads, but ultimately failed. The season when Joe emerged and led the Niners back from a 7-35 deficit, gave renewed hope, and I realized I was watching something special. then came the Glory Years, and I was privileged to witness them.
        So now you pronounce that I have zero football knowledge. I take that assessment like I take your screeds against Kaep. I relish your scorn, because if I am diametrically opposed to your viewpoint, I am happy.

          1. Well, While pruning, I wore an old Pendleton that was my father’s.
            I felt like he was with me…..Ah, such memories….

  25. I understand people wanting a new qb. why not. But one thing you cant deny, Kaep is good enough to get you to a superbowl. No matter what you say we know that much already. He will never be Tom Brady but he is a weapon. Get an O line, beat people up, and give Kaep more than three seconds. Look what happened to Brady with no protection. If he had to put up with that one more game he would be getting operated on too. By the way, NO qb will win with Marcus Martin at center. Period

  26. Tyler Matekevich is not big enough. He’s not as tough as Chris Boreland was. Watch the video, Ragland way too slow, I really think Jaylon Smith even injured. Watch the video of this guy. He a one man team. Look at it this way-if the Raiders were to draft Jaylon Smith by next year this time they would have two of the top five linebackers in football. (Kahlil Mack) but if we drafted him by this time next year we would have two of the top five linebackers in football.

  27. the only LB to come out lately even close to Jaylon Smith was Stephone Anthony last year who was taken way before anyone thought. We should have drafted Marcus Peters (CB) for a shutdown corner so now we should take Kendall Fuller who will be gone at the end of the second round. Pro Bowlers

  28. watch tape of the wr Treadwell, Doctson, and Malcolm Mitchell. I love Treadwell but he isn’t that fast. A little like Crabtree (great hands not enough separation) Just look at the tape then judge for yourself. Also look at the video of Bryce Williams (TE) and Curt Maggit (OLB). compare those with any players in the mid rounds. Austin Blythe can play center if anything were to happen to Kilgore. NO Marcus Martin at center. Anthony Zettel is a bully who can play DE or DT. Conner McGovern is a late round guard who is also the strongest player in the draft. So many picks. Last pick running back. Im open for suggestions. I like the tape of Marshaun Coprich but hes from a small school.

    1. Christian Westerman G aced McGovern in the 225 pd reps with 41 I believe but good eye on the big uglies. Colprich is an intriguing RB ,little guy 5’9″ as I recall but has some mojo .

      1. hightop, good call on Westerman. He’s was on my mock, a couple weeks back:

        5 (105th pick overall): CHRISTIAN WESTERMAN – OG, Arizona State. The 49ers need to address the OL, and they better get a difference maker at OG, who can start right away if they need him. Enter, Christian Westerman. He’s as strong as an ox (his 34 reps on the bench was the best performance at the combine for OL’s) and he is extremely athletic. He comes from a football family and he’s a student of the game, so I like him as a backup Center as well, which put’s the cherry on top for me!

        1. I like this kid (Kaufasi) at #105 as well, although I think it’s possible he’s still on the board at #133 so I’ll go with WESTERMAN with our 1st pick in round 4, and KAUFASI with our 2nd 4th rounder, #133 overall). Here is my analysis:

          #133) BRONSON KAUFASI, DE/DT. At 6’6″ 288 lbs, Kaufasi has the rare physical attributes of a classic 5-technique. A long, strong 3-4 defensive end who plays over the offensive tackle and dominates against the run. Bronson’s build, broad shoulders, huge wingspan and a tapered, athletic frame, Kaufusi has the look of prototypical 3-4 DE, as much as he does an NFL edge rusher. Kaufusi doesn’t shy from contact, using his length and strength to stack and shed blockers at the point of attack and grab hold of ball carriers as they attempt to run by. For his size, Kaufusi possesses good initial burst of the ball and he accelerates smoothly, showing a terrific motor to chase down ball carriers yards downfield. He’s alert and surprisingly nimble, showing enough balance, agility and awareness to drop into coverage on shallow routes. Though he needs more development as as a pass rusher, he’s got enough of that ability to help strengthen one of the Niners biggest weaknesses.

          1. However, if the Niners end up with my man BUCKNER, I would probably go with HASSAN RIDGEWAY DT/NT out of Texas at either #105, or even #133, if he drops that far, because I love this kid’s versatility along the DL. I’m hearing concerns in terms of his conditioning could see him fall into the 4th, but he’s got more than enough talent to go early on day 2, if you ask me. Here is my breakdown:

            HASSAN RIDGEWAY, DT. At 6’3.5″ 305 lbs, Ridgeway has a rare combination of power and athleticism, and his versatility, for me, projects him as a 3 down DL, and a guy who can play all over the DL. I love his awareness and instincts, and I think he’s “twitchy” for a guy his size, and can be effective as an interior pass rusher, and well as a dominant edge setter.

  29. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Niners getting a QB but the guy who wrote on here earlier that Kap isn’t good enough. Hmmm. When we had a decent O line and Seattle won the SB ask them who gave them the most trouble in the playoffs. Maybe he does have more athleticism than pocket skills but heres something for you to think about. Let Kap go so he could become a backup at either the Rams or the Cowboys. The Rams have a top 4 defense and Todd Gurly, you don’t think he could get them to the championship game. And the Cowboys have the best offensive line in the game and Dez Bryant. Be carefull who you run out of town.

    1. I’d be glad to play CK 2 times a year. When you can’t read a coverage and flee under pressure, that’s a defense licking their chops!

      1. Blah blah blah. Same old stuff. Why cant you generate an original thought? Or do you think parroting the same old tripe is impressing me?
        Prime, you wish to attack Kaep ad nauseum, I will just do the same to you.
        Have a nice night.

        1. CK is terrible QB. The 49ers would be foolish to think they can “resurrect” him.
          Trade him and hope to get a 4th round pick!

              1. Seb Kelly is not gonna risk his coaching career on a QB with fundamental flaws.Challenges are one thing, emotional, illogical risks are another. He was humbled because of the Philly firing. He won’t make another foolish mistake with the most important position in football. He will bring in his own guy.

              2. So once Chip has the ideal QB to run his system he will give up on him? That reminds me of the saying- One will never know the worth of something until the moment it leaves his hand while throwing it away.

              3. Who ever said they were gonna run Kelly’s system? It’s about the existing personnel, not one guy who you think can run his system.
                This is why you have no clue. You are forgetting that to run Chips system, the QB has to be accurate and decisive. 2 things #7 lacks as much as your ignorance!

              4. Hmm, they will not run Chip Kelly’s system? Wow. You really should not talk about ignorance in such a cavalier manner, because your posts kinda define ignorance.
                Chip is a good enough coach to correct his flaws so Kaep will make those easy throws along with making those jaw dropping throws like he did in 2012 and 2013.

  30. Looking forward to watching WR Braxton Miller and DB Miles Killebrew in the Senior Bowl I like what I’ve seen from them so far.

  31. Grant I like your picks but it is way too early for mock drafts. After the FA signings end then we will truly know the teams needs. So in the mean time how bout your mock FA signings?

    1. Coach, it is a lesson in futility to prognosticate without salient data. Everything may change after the Senior Bowl. Then there is the Combine. Free Agency will tell more, yet trades may factor in too.
      Think Grant will use these posts to garner ammunition for later on. He can point out how wrong everyone was, although I just consider it idle speculation during the offseason. Granted, like the mocks, there will be extensive permutations.

  32. I didn’t understand all of the love for Myles Jack, but had never really watched him. I just looked at a couple of highlight reels and like what I see. For a LB he’s very good in coverage. I also liked his ability to chase down QBs, with his ability to stop suddenly and change direction (would be great for chasing down RW) – don’t know how the ACL injury will affect that, though.

    Thing I like most is that he looks like a player that is “plug and play” in different positions. Reminds me of Taart who is the hybrid safety/LB (heavier on the safety side). Jack is hybrid LB/secondary defender (heavier on the LB side). I would much rather see Jack defending deep passes near the goal line than Brooks or Lynch. If O’Neil is going to be as aggressive as many think, then a hybrid player like Jack could be crucial in situations where there are holes in the defense due to the pressure.

    1. Cubus, I do not like the Jack pick just because of his injury. I see he has talent and could fit well, but Baalke and his tendency to pick injured players kinda reminds me of looking at a sweet car, only to see a salvage tag on it in tiny letters at the bottom of the invoice.

      1. I think Jack’s injury is a non factor at this point. Besides, the law of averages says one of these picks is going to pay off. It’s my view that there isn’t enough evidence to suggest it’s a bad draft strategy. With the exception of MARCUS LATTIMORE, we don’t have enough data to conclude that Baalke’s “injury picks” haven’t panned out because of their injuries. It’s just as likely, if not MORE likely, that these players simply weren’t talented enough to play at the NFL level in the first place.

        I can understand being leery of drafting JAYLON SMITH, with the extend of nerve damage he likely suffered, but Jack’s injury was nowhere near as significant. And when you have the level of talent that Jack has (according to just about everyone in the universe, including PFF, linked below) and he fills one of your biggest needs, in the middle of your defense, you turn in the card the moment your on the clock and you run to the podium if Jack is on the board at #7!


  33. Why so much love for Drango? The draft review I read of him says he’s a much better pass blocker than run blocker and not explosive, he is the last linemen coming off his stance:
    If Niners need a guard to replace Boone, they should consider Garnett rather than Drango in the third. But going with Baalke’s fascination with SEC, he will probably draft Vadal Alexander of LSU several picks too high in the second round..

  34. OldCoach’s Mock 2016 FA signing version 1
    If the 49ers draft heavily on the offensive side of the ball, they will sign
    DE NYJ Muhammad Wilkerson
    ILB Den Danny Trevathan
    If they draft heavily on the defensive side
    OG Balt Kelechi Osemele
    TE Indy Coby Fleener

    1. Scooter likes MW, too, but I think he will either be retained by the Jets, or other teams will outbid Baalke.
      I really like Trevathan.
      Like MW, Osemele may be retained. I think Mitchell Schwartz might be available since he might want to come back to the bay area (Cal grad)
      With Busta emerging, I think the will not go for a TE, unless they trade Vance.

      1. Actually, I would prefer they re-sign Celek. It would provide continuity and enhance unit cohesion. He can both block and catch.

        1. Garrett Celek was signed to a 4 year extension this February.

          Get with the program Seb!

          1. I like Hooper from Stanford as my first choice. I would take him in the third. Henry is considered the top TE in the class but would be taken too high for us to use a pick on but he certainly doesn’t suck. I was high on Jake McGee but he might have durability issues which also might make him a Baalke pick. He had a chance to improve his draft stock at the Senior Bowl but he has a hamstring injury. That could push him down past the 5th round. He had 41 receptions and was also used as a blocker. If they can get him in the 6th or 7th he’d be a low risk addition to camp competition. If nothing else another reason to get rid of stone hands McDonald.

            1. Do you think Kelly uses as many 3TE sets as Harbaugh? I think that was part of Romans trouble running the zone read option. Chip seems to like to spread them out rather than have everyone bunched in tight….

              1. We don’t know how much Kelly is going to like the TE’s that are here. None of them have anything special about them, If he decided to clean house it wouldn’t be the least bit shocking. I’m not suggesting that’s what will happen but if there is a good TE option available I’m not putting it past the team to take him and replace one of the mediocre ones they currently have.

              2. You think Chip would be interested in this kid?

                Beau Sandland TE Montana St.
                4.60 forty yard dash (Unofficial)

                Should be able to get him in the 6th Round and could split out wide in the spread. Nice stiff arm, hard to bring down with balance and some speed….

  35. I don’t know how the Saints think they’re going to keep Brees. They’re 5M over the cap and owe Brees over 26M between salary and bonus and his cap hit for 2016 is 30M.

    Good luck with that New Orleans. I hope Grayson is ready.

    1. Holy crap in 15 seasons Brees has made $150,455,000!! JFC he should play his last season in New Orleans pro bono.

  36. The Bills could have a hard time paying Incognito. He’s not only a good signing but it would give the local boys something to get all frothy about on their laptops.

  37. Round1:CB hargreaves round2:WR Doctsun round3:G round4:LB round5:QB adams
    Free agent:DT wilkerson,CB Norman

  38. Hey Grant,
    First time commenter, I was wondering how much of an influence you think Chip Kelly will have on the draft since Baalke obviously wants the power. And if you do think he’ll have a decent amount of influence, what do you think of the past couple years of his drafts in Philly? Would you say he did well? On offense? Defense? Overall?

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