49ers’ next coach will be…

This is my Friday column.

Let’s play a game.

Based on what we know about Jed York and Trent Baalke, which isn’t much, and what we know about their head-coaching search, which is even less, predict which coach they will hire.

Easy, right?

I think I know the answer, based on next to nothing. And not only that — I think I know the exact words and phrases York and Baalke will say at the introductory press conference. That’s how confident I am.

Disclaimer: I am not confident. This is a wild guess.

In a few days or weeks, York, Baalke and the new coach (I won’t write his name yet) will sit behind a table in the 49ers’ auditorium.

“This was an exhaustive search,” York will tell reporters and cameras. “We did our due diligence. We zigzagged across the country, turned over every rock, every leaf, every broken twig. We interviewed 10 of the most qualified coaches in the country – Adam Gase, Dan Quinn, Shanahan The Elder, Shanahan The Younger, Josh McDaniels, Rex Ryan, Todd Bowles, Teryl Austin, Gary Kubiak and Vic Fangio.

“After weeks of agony, we’ve determined that the man for the job is the man in our own house. I’m proud to present the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers – Vic Fangio.”

And York will stand and clap and flash his perfect orthodonture.

I’m guessing Fangio has been York’s man all along. I’m guessing York never intended to hire any other coach he interviewed. I’m guessing it was all one big show.

Let me explain.

Jim Harbaugh won 49 games in four seasons. Rex Ryan hasn’t done that. Mike Shanahan hasn’t done that. Any coach York would hire from outside the Niners’ organization would be a step down from Harbaugh. York doesn’t want to take a step down.

Fangio technically has won 49 games in four years. Fangio was Harbaugh’s defensive coordinator, and Fangio’s defenses carried Harbaugh’s teams. Call that Reason No. 1 I think York will hire Fangio.

Reason No. 2: If York hires someone else and the Niners’ defense declines, York will take heat. Baalke, too. The defense ranked top-five in the NFL every season under Fangio. No one can do a better job with this particular defense than Fangio. Why tamper with a good thing?

Reason No. 3. Remember what Baalke said at the season-ending press conference: “This isn’t a rebuild situation. This is a reload situation.” That should tell you everything you need to know.

Hiring a coach from a different organization is a rebuild situation. A new coach will bring fresh ideas and infuse his brand into the team. That’s natural. He will reconstruct the team in his image. He will have to spend all offseason getting to know the players and teaching them his terminology and techniques and football philosophy, all of which could run contrary to what already exists in the 49ers’ offices.

Rex Ryan would have to rebuild the Niners’ defense. His defense looks nothing like Fangio’s. When Ryan’s defense is at its best, it revolves around one lockdown cornerback, like Darrell Revis. The Niners don’t have Revis or anyone like him.

Mike Shanahan would have to rebuild the Niners’ offense. He uses zone-blocking techniques, which require 290-pound offensive linemen who can run. The Niners are a man-blocking team that has man-blocking linemen, slow, 330-pound maulers who bulldoze the defenders in front of them. The Niners have used man-blocking techniques since the days of Bobb McKittrick. Man blocking is central to 49ers’ history.

Adam Gase, the Broncos’ offensive coordinator, would have to rebuild the Niners’ offense, too. He has no background in power football. He is a zone-blocking guy like Shanahan.

Fangio would have to rebuild nothing. He already has the defense he wants.

Fangio already has his coaching staff, too. He could keep it almost exactly the same. He could promote Ed Donatell, the Niners’ secondary coach, to defensive coordinator. Donatell has experience — he was the Packers’ defensive coordinator from 2000 to 2003, and the Falcons’ defensive coordinator from 2004 to 2006.

Fangio also could promote Mike Solari to offensive coordinator. Solari is the Niners’ offensive line coach. He was the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator in 2006 and 2007, and he knows power football — he coached under McKittrick in the early 1990s. If Fangio promotes Solari, the 49ers could keep their offense the same and make life easier for Colin Kaepernick, who wouldn’t have to learn a new football language.

And there’s one more thing. Fangio has worked for the Niners for four years. He knows the thorns on the rose bush of York and Baalke, knows their sticking points. He is brilliant and not getting stuck. His blood never flowed. Fangio must have watched Jim Harbaugh get stuck on those thorns any number of times — again, I’m just guessing.

So, if the 49ers hire Fangio, I want full credit for my prediction. If the Niners don’t hire Fangio, I will delete this column and deny ever writing it.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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      1. Several of us have been saying this .We could do worse, Fangio it appears is a very sharp minded football coach.Key to his success would be who chooses as OC.I like and have mentioned Chudzinski but who knows at this point. Razor you posted a early mock,here is mine so far:(1)Kevin White WR;(2)Maxx Williams TE;(3)Duke Johnson RB;(4)Ronald Darby CB;(5)Austin Shepard OL;(6)Shaquille Riddick DE;(7)Connor Halliday QB.

        1. Walter Football also has the Niners going WR/TE in the first two rounds, except they have them grabbing DeVante Parker and David Fuchiness (sp?) instead…I like how you think hightop

    1. That’s not an earth shattering prediction Grant, it’s like saying Boudin will make sourdough bread tomorrow…perhaps those interview were for the OC position???

      1. yes Chris thats Cohn, he knows everything and he knows nothing that is what insiders are these days ,they are every where. i told my son the day J.H. was let go that Fangio would be the best candidate for the job .I STILL DO, AND I THINK HE WILL BE THE ONE eventually.

    2. Yep….I think and hope that you are right !
      I just hope that he does not bring in Kyle Shanahan as OC, he was behind a lot of the problems the Washington Redskins had.So full of drama.Check out the reasons why he was let go in Cleveland yesterday; friction with the front office.

      1. Shanahan quit because he thought that hoyer was better than manziel.

        He wasn’t fired.

    3. I agree with everything Granted has noted. He did the same thing for the GM search. I’m ok giving Fangio a chance

    4. I’d be very disappointed if it isn’t Fangio. Just so you know the best thing York could do is fire himself. That way everybody wins.

  1. Well, if it was all one big show then, perhaps the following is better:

    “After weeks of agony, we’ve determined that the man for the job is the man in our own house. I’m proud to present the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers – JIM TOMSULA.”

    1. If tomisula is selected I will throw up. The next coach should and will be Vic fangio. I have no clue.

        1. Cubus, I figured you were joking but I wouldn’t put it passed Jed. The shanahans as a packaged deal would be intriguing. Hopefully we get some news quick cause this is killing me.

          1. The sad truth is I agree, I wouldn’t put it past Jed either.

            Probably early next week. The Rooney rule is essentially already satisfied but they will interview Bowles tomorrow as well. The NFL frowns upon big announcements like HC selections during playoff weekends, so that leaves early next week.

          2. No leaks will come out this weekend and we will know by then. The actuall introduction will happen early in the week. Monday to be exact

    2. Actually, I agree with the Fangio pick and said as much about a week ago.

      HC – Fangio
      DC – Donatell
      OC – Shanahan

      1. they should pick the defensive coordinator from Seattle for the HC so that they have a heads up on the how Seattle is going to injure the 49ers important players!!!!..

        1. I have to say that that is one thing that really irritates me. It seems like every time we play Seattle, a number of our players get hurt but hardly any of theirs. Nothing epitomized that to me more than the play in the last game where Gore got hurt. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge Gore fan, but he went to block/hit Bobby Wagner and it looked like Wagner didn’t know it was coming. Gore bounced off of him and got hurt. It almost looked like Wagner swatted him away at the last second.

        2. I would love to have mike homgreen to be a niner head coach next season. Looked what he doesn’t for Seattle take them to win devision andgo to the Sb’ mike used to be quarterback coach in sanfrancisco.back in 1980. What about that ha they should hire him.

  2. Bob McKittrick was the OL coach when Shanny was the OC/QB coach. Did they use zone blocking then?

        1. He didn’t when he was the 49er OC in 1992-4 and won a Superbowl, but he did have Bobb McKittrick.

  3. Jim Tomsula! Why? He is the only man they haven’t interviewed! Which means he had the job all along.

    1. Or that he was never considered.
      But nothing would surprise me anymore at 49494 Centennial Dr.

  4. I 100% agree with you. I think the only other realistic outcome is the Shanahan combo, which I see as less likely.

    However, the one issue I see is that Fangio is brutally honest with the press. He doesn’t sugar coat a damn thing. And York likes everything kept in house and he wants everything sugar coated, and when there is a truth, he prefers it leaked to the media, and only if it is convenient for him. There may be many occasions that Fangio says something very direct to the press that York considers to be “without class”. That is the only hindrance I see to Fangio becoming coach.

    1. I’m uncertain with regards to the press. As DC, Fangio has held weekly pressers so he’s had plenty of opportunities to piss off the FO. OTOH as HC he will have a much larger domain of potential questions.

  5. And, I think you better look up the definition of orthodonture. I don’t think means what you want it to mean.

  6. Sounds logical Grant.
    Then what do you predict for Tomsula? Will he be happy just to sit where he is?
    Should he be considered for Fangio’s spot in your opinion?

  7. I hope you are correct, Mr. Cohn, I can see York/Baalke doing something stupid and hiring Ryan (or someone else of his…caliber) and plunging this team into another Decade of Sucktitude, like they did post-Mariucci (I guess some people won’t ever learn).

    1. Jeez, these ain’t the guys that fired Mooch. These are the guys that hired Harbaugh. Have some faith!

    2. If Ryan is hired I’ll no longer be a 49er fan. This guy is just not a good fit……period!!!!!

  8. Fangio makes the most sense. He is one of the major reason’s for the 49ers wins. The Defense has been great with excellent players and good with second and third string players. the Defense has been the strength of the team during the Harbaugh era.
    Interviewing other coaches is not only doing your due diligence, the team is required to satisfy the Ronney rule.
    Interviewing other coaches also gives you a chance to pick their brains about how outsiders view your team and your coaches.

  9. Agree its Fangio, and thats its been the plan all along, Its not just for show though….

    Articles have been written about the benefits of bringing outside coaches in to interview

    Its good business practice, and may pay dividends down the road.

    Tell tale signs were lack of job searching from our valued coaches who didnt seem in “limbo”

    The Okoye thing provided a bit of a hint too,

  10. It will be the young Shanahan at OC. Eric Branch just reported that Fangio has indicated he would work with young Shanahan.

  11. There’s one aspect of the head coach search that hasn’t been mentioned, as far as I’ve heard, but it’s this. You can’t automatically get permission to interview an offensive coordinator for your offensive coordinator’s job. But you can interview an OC for head coach, and you can ask all the questions you want about offensive philosophy and X’s and O’s – and you can also at some point throw money at him and woo him away from his old team. So if Fangio is the head coach, you could try to grab Gase or somebody. Gase might want the chance to call plays for a change.

    Of course we’re all guessing. Grant and the other beat writers have been so wrong about so many things over the years that nobody with any sense would trust his predictions. Now I sure wouldn’t want to lose Fangio, so I’d make him head coach if that’s the only way to keep him, but my personal choice would be an offensive guru who would bring along a like-minded offensive coordinator.

  12. He is brilliant and not getting stuck.
    I think you meant AT not getting stuck.

    1. No public mention of a formal interview. Seems odd since he was the heavy favorite at season’s end.

  13. I will delete this column and deny ever writing it.
    That’s called everything you write that’s older then 6 months.

      1. Maybe they should hire Todd Bowles and then he could hire Kurt Warner as qb coach!

    1. Barrows says that CM must learn “to operate better out of the pocket.” That is a far cry from the truth. CK must learn to operate better “in the pocket,” not out of the pocket. I don’t see what makes Barrows’ column so dynamic, especially when he missews on the most obvious hole in CK’s game as a starting QB.

  14. “So, if the 49ers hire Fangio, I want full credit for my prediction”

    Funny, I thought your prediction was Del Rio. Maybe I should check to see if you deleted that blog post.

  15. One small hole in your theory is this Grant. If Fangio is the guy because of the offensive scheme not changing, then why has it been reported that Fangio would tap KYLE SHANAHAN as coordinator? 330lb of lineman you said yourself wouldn’t work! Just my two cents….

  16. Grant, the Fangio prediction makes sense. Who do you think the 49ers next head coach (should) be?

  17. Fangio is indeed a logical choice. He will be right up there in the final choices.

    One thing though. You say “Rex Ryan would have to rebuild the Niners’ defense. His defense looks nothing like Fangio’s. When Ryan’s defense is at its best, it revolves around one lockdown cornerback, like Darrell Revis.”

    First off, what defense doesn’t look better with a lockdown CB?

    Second, Ryan’s defenses were at their peak at the Ravens between 2005 and 2008. They had some good CBs, but not what you’d call “lockdown” CBs. In fact, they were more the bigger bodied, physical CBs the 49ers like to employ. The strength of that defense was up the middle and the OLBs. Just like the 49ers. This shouldn’t be a surprise, given Fangio has taken a few of Ryan’s ideas in running the 3-4/ 4-3 hybrid from his days working with Ryan at the Ravens.

    1. “…what defense doesn’t look better with a lockdown CB?”

      That’s one reason why I’d hesitate to hire Quinn. Not saying isn’t Quinn outstanding and won’t make a fine HC… but its easy to look creative with a rare corner that doesn’t need safety help.

      With a true “shutdown” guy, any DC can drop the extra safety down to…
      – fill a gap if its a run
      – blitz
      – drop back into a lurk role
      – cover the MLB’s responsibilities if the MLB is blitzing
      – cover the CB’s responsibilities if the CB is blitzing
      – double the oppositions best pass catcher

      all with little risk of giving up the big play.

  18. I am SO freakin’ STOKED about Fangio as HC that I … that I … zzzzzzzzzzz … oh excuse me … dozed off there for a few moments

  19. “I think I know the answer, based on next to nothing…Disclaimer: I am not confident. This is a wild guess.”

    I think all your articles should start with these words.

  20. Grant. You make the case that Fangio is absolutely the right choice. Which is why I doubt Baalke and company will make that choice. Just have my doubts considering the number of bad decisions the current ownership and management have made over the past several years. Hope I’m wrong.

  21. With Maiocco penning a similar piece I’m getting the feeling that the word ’round the campfire is Fangio is the man.

    Maiocco says that K. Shanahan is Fangio’s choice for OC.

  22. 4 step process of process of elimination. Make a list of all the candidates. Then…

    1) Subtract any OC/HC candidate that conflicts with McCloughan/Baalke/Parcells win-the-middle offensive model.

    If the 49ers ever do move away from this model, Baalke will be working somewhere else.

    2) Subtract any external OC/HC candidate with a defensive background.

    Replacing Fangio with another teams DC will improve defensive coaching nil, while making the 49ers coaching staff less stable.

    3) Subtract any OC/HC candidate that might challenge Baalke’s territory.

    York/Baalke will only hire an HC that doesn’t throw his weight around, and is happy to relinquish (all) personnel authority to Baalke.

    4) Subtract any coaching candidate that isn’t already on the 49ers payroll.

    When McCloughan left, York made a big show of his far, wide and painstakingly thorough GM search. Then he promoted Baalke. I’m expecting a repeat.

    This leaves Fangio and Tomsula.

  23. Yeah, Fangio. So what are y ‘all predictions for the HC hire in 2017? Promote Kyle S or the Stanford coach?

      1. And you base this on… ?

        Despite the negative Nates herein, the current regime has done some good things – they got a stadium built in CA which should help the team’s revenue situation for years to come. They did hire Harbaugh when many of the naysayers were saying that they wouldn’t or couldn’t. I can understand people’s frustration with this season but to predict a return to the NolanTary days is a bit hyperbolic.

        I think that Fangio would be an excellent choice for HC because of the job he has done with the defense and as was pointed out it’s least disruptive move. Hopefully, the new offensive coaching staff will be better at time management, will get the plays called efficiently and will make in-game adjustments none of which Harbaugh’s offensive staff seemed to do.

  24. Now that Grant has mentioned Fangio’s name as the next HC for the 49ers. I wouldn’t be surprise that the 49ers go the other route to hire a HC from the outside the the organization:-)

    1. Shouldn’t be surprising. I’ve been telling you they aren’t as bad as some keep trying to make them for weeks now.

      1. I’m really, really hoping that the new offense doesn’t habitually take the clock down to 1 or so seconds before snapping the ball. It seems like you lose a fair amount when this happens:

        1) Defenses can get a better jump on the snap because it is imminent.

        2) The defensive game planning will show that an effective strategy is to disguise the defense until the last second because the offense must snap the ball or incur a penalty.

        3) Higher odds of incurring a delay of game penalty.

        Jack: Is there a defensive guy that counts down the clock during the snap? I imagine that the defensive line can’t see the clock so they don’t really know how much time is left. So one of the LBs is counting down the clock?

    2. “Pass Blocking Ranking: 16th, Run Blocking Ranking: 5th, Penalties Ranking: 23rd”

      It was what we thought it was as the season went along. Staley started slow, Boone started abysmally, Davis was out for the half the season, J. Martin is a backup, M. Martin is a rookie. Eight combinations of linemen and a schizophrenic offensive scheme. A bad situation in many respects. The last two games showed very strong run blocking effort and execution.

      1. The pass blocking was awful for a good portion of the season. They improved later in the year but topping out at 16th is nothing to be impressed about.

        1. The blocking got better as the season went along, but Kaep got worse.

          Kaep is near the bottom of the league as a QB. Yup, nothing to be impressed about.

  25. I don’t know about you, but I would love to see Gus Malzahn take the reins! I know it’s a long shot and it would flip everything upside down, but can you please elaborate on what he might bring to the table if the rumors were true about being interviewed by SF brass?

    Thank You,


  26. Yeah, Fangio. So … what are y’all ‘s predictions for the HC hire in 2017. Promote Kyle S or look outside the organization?

  27. There is a reason the guys on the outside are unemployed…Stay in-house….Tomsula or Fangio!!

  28. Grant, you drive me crazy! You churn out some weak stuff and then tease us with a good one. This one I compliment because it does seem to be for fun, not pretentious, and makes some points.
    I’m not saying you’re right or wrong; Vic? Could be.
    So many leaks, it just might be. I dunno.
    A few thoughts:
    -there are some coaches who could just take the reigns and move this team forward. Mostly veteran guys.
    – as previously noted by Scooter, Rex is from the Baltimore D Tree and could seamlessly adapt to the SF roster.
    – McKittrick. Um, you do need a little more detailed research there to understand him and his. Impact.
    – but thanks for a good spirited, well explained column.

    1. All a conspiracy.
      Pfft. Trying to save face now. Because they screwed the lions for ratings. And more “tin foil hat wearing” fans are calling them out on that obvious Boxing rig!

  29. I just wonder what Fangio thought of the offense this last year………. and hope that the 49ers don’t wait too long to make the decision so as to secure K Shanahan as I think his experience w RG III will prove fruitful.

    All I know is that the 49ers need to get off to a good start next season to curtail the abuse they are taking.

    Rex to the Raiders would be good.

  30. You say that Denver’s OC is a zone blocking kind of philosophy, yeah what’s not to like about how they pass protect. The Niner’s O line could learn a lot in that category. Denver can run the ball as well. I’m not saying that is what they should do, just arguing that if one wants results one can look there.

  31. I was never confused about it. Rick Fangio 3Millon per year contract. The way Kyle left Browns, tells me that he is coming to Sa Francisco. DC will be Tom Sula or Ryan.

  32. Grant:

    “The Niners have used man-blocking techniques since the days of Bobb McKittrick. Man blocking is central to 49ers’ history.”

    Bobb Mckittrick was known for small fast linemen that other teams didn’t want. He was also known for cut blocking.

    He was the best offensive line coach the 49ers have ever had, but I don’t know anything about power blocking road grader lines in Bobb’s era. I do know how the Rams looked when they started to cave in to repeated sweeps in the forth quarter.

  33. Grant! Seriously? Man blocking? Mckittrick? Where do you think Mike Shanahan learned his zone blocking ideas from? When he COACHED with McKittrick! Think Randy Cross was a 330 pound mauler? Harris Barton? Derrick Deese? Get a clue man! The west coast offense is all about faster smaller guys…you might be right we don’t have that, but AGAIN you look clueless with your lack of knowledge…dude sell cars or dogs or ????

    1. On the Internet facts can be anything you want them to be. What Grant is missing is to have lived through life covering the “finesse ass 49ers” as Keena Turner called them in the locker room in Chicago after beating the Bears to go to Walsh’s last Superbowl. His face still looked frozen at the time.

      Other than hating the 49ers for winning so much, they were also hated for their legal but infuriating finesse cut blocking.

  34. Not a doubt it’s going to be Fangio. Not my first choice, but I don’t think it would be a bad one. My problem is they are still stuck with the same offense if they bring up solari. Not going to like that move at all. The offense has been the weak link on this team for over a decade now. It’s old. Tired of no screens, no rb throws, no SCREENS again.
    I hope he doesn’t bring him up. Go get a young offensive mind out there. Not the same understudy from a boring, unimaginable offensive philosophy.

    1. If Fangio is named head coach and lets anyone tell him who to hire as OC we will be in deeper doo doo than ever.

  35. Am I missing something? Mckittrick with “man blocking” and that’s our staple? Excuse me but I remember cut blocks and an athletic o-line that never blocked one man but moved almost every play putting their hands on more than one players pads.
    Idk am I losing it?

    1. Man I any right to comment after the read. By some of the comments it looks like I haven’t lost my memory on our old o-line styles.

      1. You are fine. Grant’s been on a no research run lately. But he’s sticking by his guns to never acknowledge errors of fact regardless of how egregious they may be.

  36. Not getting this wr is a must in the first round… He’s going to continue to load up on depth. O-line and CB.
    Especially after the injuries this year.
    He’s going to get a wr in free agency. Not a big name, but a mediocre receiver with maybe two years left in the tank. He’s got Patton and Ellington. Not happening folks. Look for a starter at cb and some o-line depth or maybe a starter at lg this draft.

    1. Martin did a better job on the shoplifter than he did on any defensive end all year. Sounds like he needs to retire from football and be a mall cop!!

  37. Knowing those two coneheads, Vic would be too obvious. Look for some obscure so-and-so coupled with a has-been at OC…

  38. If we take Fangio this would be a big mistake and why because we need a offensive mind as HC almost every DC could run our defense(it’s topnotch) because a offense is much more complex.
    Gase or the Shanahans it should be if not we’re in for some bad times.

      1. Picky, picky. That’s why I put it in quotes, Jack. As per Maiocco:
        Garcia tweeted an article from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat titled ‘Colin Kaepernick’s coach choice couldn’t be more wrong for job,’ and added, “I didn’t say it but I thought it.”

        What I found amusing was that Garcia deleted the tweet.

        1. All he did was delete the “I didn’t say it buty I thought it”. The retweet is still there.

          1. Sounds like “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.” Or,
            “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,”….

      2. Right about what?
        The only thing that Grant mentioned is Warner’ lack of experience as a QB instructor and not being a WCO during his playing days that had some truth, but none of us know what he could bring to the table as of yet.

        Sanchez was pretty good coming out of college and the other QB that Garcia helped is still in the CFL – that doesn’t make for resounding resume.

        1. Warner is the “name” that helps sway fans on this choice. The primary coach is Gile.

          His work with Sanchez in 2013 gets an incomplete grade because Sanchez ended up getting injured and lost for the season due to a shoulder injury in the final preseason game.

          1. Hammer,
            Maybe I’m the consummate optimist, but if Warner is trusting Gile to help Kap than I’m all in.

            CK is heading into some strong turbulence next season coming off a less than stellar 2014 year. The fact that he is making an effort to improve himself should not be held against him.
            I’ll without any negative opinion of his choice of Warner until the see the end results on CK’ play.

              1. Razor,

                Nah. I’m just a believer in what Garcia brings to the table from a coaching standpoint.

            1. Forget about Garcia for a minute.

              Kaepernick hired Gile/Exos, not Warner.

              Gile is the one who brought in Warner. Not the other way around.

              EXOS is basically the same type of place as the joint in Florida that Kaepernick went to last year along with Patton.

              The difference is the Warner, Young, and Dilfer names give Kaepernick a break with fans that he didn’t get a year ago.

              1. No that is not what happened Jack. Warner put the offer out to Kaepernick to help him and Kap accepted. Warner is going to be working with him up to 4 days a week and will also be on the field when they put the classroom work into effect.

                Gile will be a part of it as well but to downplay Warners role is disingenuous.

              2. Rocket is right. Downplaying Warner’s role is rather disingenuous.

                Barrows wrote:
                “Warner won’t be on hand every day. But he’ll meet with Kaepernick a few times a week, starting next week, to meticulously go over film, chart plays on a white board and discuss the mental aspects of the game. The next day, Kaepernick will head out to the practice field to apply what he’s learned.”

                “Kurt’s role is paramount,” said another former quarterback, Trent Dilfer, who along with Steve Young may also visit with Kaepernick at times this winter at EXOS performance center in Phoenix.

                Maiocco quotes Warner:
                “I put the offer out there to a lot of young guys and Colin is the first one that really reached out and said, ‘If you have a little bit of time for me, I’d love to work together,’” Warner said.

                It’s also disingenuous to claim that Kap has hired Warner for PR reasons. Also, for arm-chair analysts to assert that a pro QB should
                choose a specific ex-QB over another ex-QB for off-season coaching is a little, um, puerile? Is that a good choice of words, Grant? or should I have used “sophomoric” instead ?! :)

              3. There’s nothing wrong with an opinion that one guy could be more help than another. If one were to post an article saying ‘Warner’s OK, but JG might be even better’ you wouldn’t get nearly as many hits as when you state that Colin’s choice couldn’t be more wrong. Inflammatory headlines get reactions. That some of those reactions would express scorn for that premise is to be as expected as all the hoped-for clicks.
                Jack has long been critical of CK’s game. He’s being consistent and I accept his opinion as stated; not looking for hidden agenda. I just think we all over-reach with much of our speculation as to who would really be best, and so I’m resistant to buying in to either choice. I’m just a spectator in this off-season stuff; no horse in the race. But I can recognize self-serving nonsense like the Colin’s Mistake article from Grant and JG retweeting it.

              4. That’s right. HE put out the offer. I don’t know if Kap still would have chosen EXOS if Warner wasn’t involved, but it’s clear that Warner is a huge part of this.

              5. Mood,

                You forgot the “to shut up his critics” assertion as well. It’s all just a ploy I tell ya!

              6. And many of the comments from this and other blogs shows that it is working to perfection.

  39. I agree with Gran Cohn. Fangio is the safest pick for York/Baalke/Paraag.

    1. There will be little – if any – fan backlash
    2. He’ll satisfy Paraag’s salary requirements
    3. All the other reasons Grant mentioned

  40. Whoooo boy! Boundaries and definitions blur, the inmates direct the asylum……
    PFT reports that Jeff Garcia tweeted a link to GC’s ‘Colin making a mistake’ article, then deleted the tweet. Under ripened grapes, Jeff? Did you read the comments section too, Jeff?
    Undoubtedly I’ll paint myself as the codger that I am by laughing at Twitter users, but it’s consistently hilarious as people keep putting their foot in their mouth. Not just Anthony Davis either.
    Jeff, Jed, Baalke’s daughter, legislators, business execs, bureaucrats, entertainment ‘celebrities.’ I’m guilty of some odd thoughts, by not being on Twitter I limit the blast radius of my folly.

  41. Lol you forget that Shanahan used man blocking when he was in San Francisco as our offensive coordinator. If zone-blocking is your argument against him, Baltimore made the switch this year too, and man they look good.

  42. Garcia also tweeted, later, that every QB is entitled to choose a trainer/coach/mentor for themselves. That being the cogent point. Its not really Jeff’s, Jack’s, Grant’s or my business.
    If Chris Botti wants to expand his playing style a little, shouldn’t HE choose whether to jam with Rick Braun or Wynton Marsalis? Or should a music critic do that?
    At the end of the day Colin will be judged by what he does. If he succeeds, is it good mentoring or personal development? If he sputters is he a bad student or did he not get good coaching? Its his career, his reputation; its personal. Too much outside speculation.
    Since Jeff Garcia has been in the critical public spotlight with myriad outside opinions on his play, I expected him to be more circumspect in his public comments.

    1. Well said BT. The point is nobody on a blog is qualified to tell an NFL QB who he should be choosing to work out with in the offseason which is why Grants entry was so ridiculous.

      1. Rocket of course its okay for Grant to have an opinion on who CK should choose as his tutor. We all express our opinions here. The problem once again is not the content of Grants article its the tone. I know i’ve probably expressed this opinion a thousand times here and i’m sure many of you are as sick of hearing it as i am of writing it. The opinion expressed in the article is sound it just reads as if there is no room for any other opinions and that Grant is pontificating. I probably just need to shut up because it never seems to change.

        1. OldCoach,

          It is about the tone I agree. I also don’t agree with much of the subject material because he’s basing his opinion on things he really doesn’t know anything about, but the tone is obviously what makes it antagonistic. It’s also the fact that Grant doesn’t have the background to make the assertions he does. He really should have followed the route of the Matt’s or Branch instead of becoming his Dad’s mini me.

        2. It’s the tone, as you say, and the expectation that he will insert a chunk of totally false information like stating that the 49er line play history, going back to Bobb Mckittrick, is power man on man blocking. Grant is too young to have been cognitively present during the Walsh/Siefert/Mckittrick era, but as a university man, he could have “looked it up.”

          Baalke is trying to build a “road grader” power blocking offense like what his guru tried to build. In my mind, Baalke has failed in one aspect of that project. An outstanding power team should be able to score from the one yard line with 12 (not a typo) in the box.

            1. We understand Kevin’s article differently.

              Man blocking for a “power” running game is not what Kevin is saying that McKittrick taught. It was man blocking with cut blocks, trickery, and finesse. Where do you see finesse anywhere in Baalke’s approach to football. All those little, fast and athletic linemen that McKittrick used were not popular with power running teams in his day. That’s also one of the points Kevin made in his article along with the idea that the lighter lines may have been more effective at least from a 2008 perspective.

              1. 95 power and 95 Bob — McKittrick’s bread and butter run plays — are the Classic power run plays.

    2. “Its not really Jeff’s, Jack’s, Grant’s or my business.”

      “The point is nobody on a blog is qualified to tell an NFL QB who he should be choosing to work out with in the offseason”

      By that logic it is also no ones business who the 49ers choose to hire or fire.

      If you don’t want to read opinions that may differ from yours than don’t read blogs, follow twitter, or any other forum that fosters discussion.

      1. What grant wrote was not just an opinion and it also came from an area of zero knowledge of the situation.

        1. “What grant wrote was not just an opinion”

          Of course it was. It is his opinion that Kaepernick made the wrong choice and he gave you the reasons.

          1. It was a hatchet job like so many of his articles are. Just complete nonsense with no understanding of the situation. It’s one thing for us to throw out names and discuss their capabilities but Grant took it a step further. None of us know the capabilities of Dennis Gile or if Warner is a good teacher. There is nothing to base it on. We do know That Garcia is a self promoter, and that so far he’s tutored a CFL QB and two other guys one in the NFL one not, who aren’t very good. What we know and what we don’t know. That is the key.

            1. It was his opinion, and since you disagree with it you call it a hatchet job.

              Your comment here shows that you don’t even know who Garcia has worked with because saying, “he’s tutored a CFL QB and two other guys one in the NFL one not” is wrong.

              1. Jack,

                Is there another Beat writer for this team you know of who posts things like this? Is there another beat writer who gets so much negative feed back? This isn’t a case of just putting out an opinion. It’s an immature, antagonistic attack on the player for no reason whatsoever. It’s one thing to disagree with the choice of Tutors but it’s another to go to the length’s Grant did.

                You’re right I don’t know everyone Garcia has worked with. Just the ones that have been mentioned here which were: Sanchez, Russell and the CFL guy. I have nothing against Garcia and I’m sure he’s a fine QB tutor but there is no reason for the tone of the article. Bottom line is Grant doesn’t have a clue. Neither do you or I. The difference is Grant decided to write an obnoxious article to promote his ignorance.

              2. Rocket Grant is not and never will be a beat writer. He is a blogger\columnist and there job is not to report but to offer opinions that will bring hits to the blog or sell papers, there is a huge difference.

              3. rocket,

                Grant has been given this forum to express his opinion, and that’s what he does.

                “It’s an immature, antagonistic attack on the player”

                No it’s not. It’s about the credentials of the guys that the player has hired.

                “Bottom line is Grant doesn’t have a clue.”

                Grant has more of a clue than you. He’s spent time talking to Garcia.

              4. No it’s not. It’s about the credentials of the guys that the player has hired.

                Yeah with no smugness involved at all. Smh.

                “Bottom line is Grant doesn’t have a clue.”

                Grant has more of a clue than you. He’s spent time talking to Garcia.

                So? Talking to Garcia gets him Garcia’s view and forms a bias which clearly showed up in the blog entry. I like Garcia the player, but he was a disaster in fundamentals. Maybe he can teach it better than he played it, but if your main claim to fame is a CFL QB then you really shouldn’t be assuming you are the best guy for a tutoring job, and Grant especially shouldn’t be responding as if this was a no brainer and Kap isn’t serious, or Dennis Gile is not worthy.

                I just read the rest of it against my better judgement to see what else was there, and found the gem about having to unlearn what he is taught. That alone is enough to prove my point about Grant not having a clue what he’s talking about. The whole Zone blocking opinion in this entry is pretty funny too.

              5. rocket,

                At least he took the time to talk to the guy and understand what he’s about. You keep ripping Grant, yet you have no clue who Garcia has even worked with.

              6. I don’t pretend I know who will be a better Coaching tutor. I’m sitting here incredulous about the fact you two seem to believe you are somehow qualified to criticize the decision. I’ve mentioned the names Garcia has worked with that you and Grant have mentioned. It really doesn’t matter at the end of the day anyway. It’s about the player going with the guy he believes can give him the knowledge he needs.

              7. And this is a forum to express opinions which means anyone can criticize the decision or vice versa.

                The funny part of the whole thing is you are ripping Grant for his opinion, an opinion he formed by doing at least a modicum of research. Meanwhile, as you stated, you don’t even know anything more about the subject than what he wrote here.

              8. And this is a forum to express opinions which means anyone can criticize the decision or vice versa.

                Yep and I’m criticizing the criticism of the decision.

                The funny part of the whole thing is you are ripping Grant for his opinion, an opinion he formed by doing at least a modicum of research. Meanwhile, as you stated, you don’t even know anything more about the subject than what he wrote here.

                As Mark Davis would say: “I know what I don’t know.” I don’t know who the better QB Coach is, but you and Grant seem to think you do. That is the difference between us. You two are criticizing a decision you really have no qualifications to criticize, while I’m criticizing you two for thinking you do.

              9. rocket,

                And I’m criticizing you for saying that someone is clueless on a topic when you’ve already proven that you are more clueless.

              10. Jack,

                And I’m criticizing you for saying that someone is clueless on a topic when you’ve already proven that you are more clueless.

                Nice spin. Too bad the topic is not about all the people Garcia has worked with. It’s about two armchair critics thinking they know something they don’t. Criticizing me for not knowing every guy Garcia has worked with? I never professed to know, but go ahead I can take it.

              11. Actually, it is the hatchet that I disagree with, and it’s frequently present in Grants body of work. Are you sure that you and Grant don’t have a joint venture in the works? If so maybe you can school Grant on the line play and players that represent Bobb Mckittrick’s career with the 49ers.

              12. htwaits,

                I have nothing in the works with Grant, heck I’ll take him to task myself from time to time.

            2. rocket,

              You don’t even know every guy that Gile/Giovando/Warner have worked with.

              If you want to call Grant clueless on a topic try doing a bit of research. It’s not that hard to get info on any of the main players that the piece was about.

          2. OldCoach,

            That wasn’t the blog description when others ran it before Grant. It was about providing information and discussion points. Grant has turned it into an opinion column and he’s truly unqualified for the job.

            1. Rocket you are correct. The writers before Grant all wanted to be beat writers, Grant obviously doesn’t. Unless the PD is unhappy with the hits Grant is receiving its not going to change

              1. That’s my point. Grant is here because of Lowell. He is trying to be Lowell when he hasn’t even been a beat writer. If you expect people to take your opinions seriously then you have to accumulate experience in the industry you are voicing opinions on.

      2. Jack
        Please re-read my 10:17am post as to my drift. Yes we speculate, all of us. Yes we have differing opinions. But self-serving agendized hyperbole, as I characterize the “Mistake” article, is nonsense imo. You don’t have to agree with my opinion either; isn’t that what we’re talking about?

      3. Jack, as Old Coach said and I also said in a different post, its fine to have an opinion. I have no qualms with Grant or anyone believing and expressing that Garcia would be a better choice, it makes for a good debate.

        What I (and many others) don’t understand is the need to express that opinion in such absolutes. It is one thing to believe and provide an opinion that Kaep made the wrong choice, another to say his decision couldn’t be more wrong, that Garcia was the only right choice, that the guys Kaep will be working with aren’t any good at teaching, and insinuating Kaep isn’t really interested in making himself a better player.

        Grant went beyond providing an opinion, he went the step further of expressing that his opinion is absolutely right, and that Kaep is a fool.

          1. Yeah, that was one of the things I was referring to in my comment about Grant saying that the guys Kaep will be working with aren’t any good at teaching.

          1. Really? He questions whether he is serious about improving himself, makes no bones about what a bad decision he’s made if he is serious, and the bit about imagining Kaep “agonising” over his checklist to decide who to go with sure sounds like he’s making him out as a fool.

            1. I see what you’re saying Scooter, but to me that was more of lead into the discussion of who Kaepernick did choose.

              1. I think you are sugar-coating it. The way it was written belittles those involved (except for Garcia), while making the author out to be a genius in such matters that knows best.

                Whether Grant is right or wrong has nothing to do with whether this was a well presented opinion. He could have easily presented his opinion without attacking or belittling Kaepernick’s desire to improve and motives behind his choice, or suggesting Warner, Gile and Giovando are not capable.

              2. He questioned if he is serious about improving, and strongly insinuates if he were serious he would never have chosen Warner, Gile and Giovando over Garcia. So he’s either calling Kaepernick a fool or a fraud.

              3. I believe Jack is the one who’s questioned the motives behind it aren’t you Jack? Something about a PR move to shut up some critics?

              4. I know Jack questioned his motives too, regarding the PR thing. But that wasn’t what I was referring to.

              5. Scooter,

                When I read through the piece I never took it as Grant going after Kaepernick. Just the credentials of those he chose. Oh well.

              6. That’s fine Jack, but intentional or no the article does not paint Kaep in a positive light.

                But even if you ignore all that, again, there is no need to be so disparaging of Warner, Gile and Giovandi. Garcia’s experience and record as a QB coach is not really that much more impressive, if more impressive at all, than the combined experience and record of the guys Kaep will be working with.

                If the article stopped at wondering whether the experience of these men is suited to what Kaep needs, that would be fine. But it goes beyond that and suggests these guys don’t even know what they are doing, or at best questions if they are any good at what they do. It is highly disparaging of the ability of these guys to coach QBs. Was that necessary?

              7. Scooter,

                Very well said and in a much nicer way than I did. It really is about the tone and attitude of the piece more than the subject itself.

              8. Look at the guys they’ve worked with Scooter. Not one has been a successful pro.

                Do you consider Matt McGloin and Tyrod Taylor successful pros?

              9. Has Garcia been that much more successful? His greatest success story is a guy in the CFL. Sanchez is his highest profile guy, and he’s not exactly setting the world afire. He also has a couple of backup NFL QBs he’s worked with.

                Gile and Giovandi also have experience working with NFL QBs in Tebow, Mallett and Fales. And they’ll have another one shortly in Hundley. Sure, none of those guys have done much in the NFL, though it is expected that Mallett will compete for a starting role next year. But Garcia can hardly claim to have done much better.

              10. At least McGloin and Taylor are still in the league. How did Gile and Giovando help Tim Tebow?

                Notice I said successful pro and not successful NFL QB?

                I know you discredit the CFL, but their current Grey Cup MVP worked down in SD last year.

                It should also come as little surprise that Montreal had much greater success with Jonathan Crompton, another Garcia trainee, at QB than with former Heisman winner Troy Smith.

              11. Ponder and Mallet are still in the league too. I don’t put much stock in the CFL but I know Garcia spent a good portion of his career there so I’m not surprised he’s still involved in some way.

                Whatever the case Scooter’s point is true. Garcia isn’t that much more accomplished if at all than Gile and Giovando are in producing quality QB’s. Warner is the key, and the main reason Kap likely settled on their facility.

              12. I agree with those who feel Grant’s snarky article painted CK as less than smart, and used CK’s choice of Warner to do it.

                I’ll admit, I wasn’t crazy about Warner, at first. Then I realized, as Rocket pointed out, I don’t know enough to “know” it was a bad choice.

                On the other hand, it’s pretty clear from Grant’s article, that he thinks he does “know”, made fun of CK, and his decision making process. I don’t see how you could conclude anything else from the article.

                And before Grant’s defenders play the “it was just a joke, don’t have such a thin skin” card, keep in mind, the same words can land anywhere between ribbing from a friend and harsh criticism, depending on the source and context.

                The article was definitely an attempt to paint CK in an unfavorable light.

  43. Regardless, it is rather pompous to write articles slamming where an organizations sends a QB for mentoring. And if its up to the QB, it’s a slam on him too. Lets be real, its even worse when it comes from a young 20 something with no background in sports at any level. Unless you count insults as a sport.

    1. Jill,

      Would it be better if it came from an older 40 something who played QB and coached the game?

              1. I never really had much of a chance to use my degree at SRI International, and when I did it was generally about statistical analysis relating to research projects.

                You’re welcome for the label (right or wrong), but I don’t do psychological analysis, so I won’t go any further with it.

                We are all familiar with the increase in speed and power while moving up through higher levels of any sport. Even the colleges that support scholarship football programs vary greatly in speed and athletic ability. It’s hard to imagine what it takes to adapt to the speed and complexity of NFL defenses.

                I’ve never played basketball but not football. The last year I played competitive basketball was in a contractors league in Germany. An informal game was set up between our league and a German university team. I wasn’t a starter, but I played in the first half for probably less than four minutes. The guys who organize the game were better guards than I was at 36 or maybe ever.

                The interesting thing for me was that it was the most pressure from the opponents speed that I had ever experienced. I was able to do some things like start a fast break with a steal, and get an outside shoot to fall, but I constantly felt I was going to tip over trying to keep up with their press defense. We won by four points because they weren’t the best shooters, but they were a pain in the ass on defense.

                Getting the NFL game to slow down is what Colin is trying to do this year. The best line I’ve read from Warner is about no QB will ever be good until he learns to make the easy plays when they come up. If Colin can clear his head enough this off season to do that much more often, I think it will be a big improvement.

              2. That slip might have been an unconscious comment on my long gone basketball skills. I did intend to say that I’ve played basketball and not football.

              3. Htwaits,

                The “make the easy play” angle stood out to me, too. If CK only learns to do that one thing, he’ll much improved next year.

      1. Well, this ground was thoroughly plowed yesterday but in scrolling through today I was amused by the ‘Jack & Jill’ exchanges.

        Jack & Jill went up the hill
        To debate on CK
        Jack doubled-down with a frown
        And held his ground all day

        (with apologies to Mother Goose)

      2. Jack,
        Grant discredited himself from making an “opinion only” article when he compared Kap to Cosmo Kramer.
        And you followed suit by doing the same which imo, tarnishes your premise.

              1. Jack,
                I’m a huge Seinfeld fan. I just don’t get the CK like Kramer “going through life blissfully” connection being humorous as you do.
                But to each their own.

              2. You’re probably right AES. Grant should have gone with George instead. They were both fantastic baseball players, who can forget George taking out Bette at the plate? They also have a killing in common, George with the old envelopes that took out his fiancee and Kaepernick with the 49ers playoff chances this season.

                Good call.

              3. I’m a huge Seinfeld fan too, and not nearly as critical of CK, and while I didn’t like the comparison to Cosmo I did have to laugh despite myself.
                C’mon, it was a rude little zinger, no big deal. But I do hope Colin hears about it; you know, accountability and all that. ; – )

          1. Jack,

            Having a sense of humor is only one side of the equation. The joke has to be funny, also. Many of Grant’s ideas that are meant to be funny have a kernel of humor, but just don’t quite hit the mark.

    2. “Unless you count insults as sport.”

      LOL. Even though that was aimed at GC, I believe there’s a plenty of circumstantial evidence that that belief is rampant on this blog! I’ll wear that shoe when it fits. ; -)

  44. I work for a sports sensor company that tracks performance. I know first hand the millions of dollars that are spent on the technological end of training to enhance sports performances. These decisions are made by people who’s specific jobs are to make these exact decisions.

    Jack I’m not trying to be insulting. You may know more than some, but your knowledge is guesswork when put up against professionals. Just out of curiosity, did you play Jr. College, high school or pop warner? Coach?

    1. Jill,

      I played at all three of those levels and coached high school.

      I understand that sports training is a big business. I admit that I am biased on the subject because I know what Garcia brings to the table from a coaching standpoint. That’s not guesswork.

      1. Hammer, is it your contention Warner is an ersatz coach and this is merely for the silence of the critics?

        1. Razor,

          I had to look up what ersatz meant! ; )

          My main contention is that the primary coach will be Gile.

          That name alone would do nothing to elicit the kind of support that this move is getting. Warner’s name changes that.

          The debate is funny because for the most part the people debating don’t even know anything about either side. How many commenters do you think have even taken the time to see what EXOS/Gile and Giovando are about, which QB’s they’ve trained, etc and then done the same thing with Garcia?

          For the most part, EXOS promotes their work with players pre-draft. There is very little discussion of returning players. Gile and Giovando have their own website that lists the QB’s they have worked with.

          Check it out.

          1. My main contention is that the primary coach will be Gile.

            That is your contention and yet you don’t know that. We have it straight from Warner and Gile that Warner will be working with Kap multiple days a week and be a huge part of this, and yet you continue to keep talking about Gile and the fact he’s the main guy. If Warner is working with him multiple days a week, who cares about how much Gile is involved?

    1. I like it, but I’d rather keep Tomsula where he is with a bump in pay, and give the DC job to Donatell….

      1. Rocket i wonder if Tomsula will stick around as a DL coach. Seems like its time for him to spread his wings.

        1. I don’t think so Coach although I think you meant Razor. Tomsula is still pretty early in his career when looking at NFL experience, and I think he loves what he does.

        2. OldCoach:

          For what it’s worth there was some speculation that Okoye was not initially signed to the practice squad because he was waiting to see what would become of Tomsula. Okoye now has signed, so that might be an indication that Tomsula will be sticking around as a coach. Not sure if that will be HC or some other coaching position. Of course this is all just speculation.

        3. Also Maiocco mentioned that it would be unprecendented for a defensive line coach to be named head coach (but wasn’t Singletary a LB coach when he was named HC). If true, Tomsula might understand that there is a more generally accepted path for becoming HC. However, that would imply that he probably wants a bump up in title and responsibilities: assistant HC, DC, etc.

            1. Thanks for that correction. Further strengthens the argument that Jim won’t become HC.

              So if Tomsula sticks around and is made Assistant HC, we’ll be getting a preview of his career path.

    2. What in Rathman’s background makes you think that he wants to be an offensive coordinator or that qualifies him for that job. I have no idea, but I like him a lot as a 49er.

  45. Jill, somehow I’ve missed your previous postings, but keep these coming. We need a strong-minded, intelligent female to keep us in line.

  46. Jill,

    All of my experience comes from play and coaching at the pop warner level. So, don’t even go there. I’m very well qualified.

    By the way, who cares if you work for a sports sensor company. What does that have to do with this conversation?

  47. Eric Branch:

    As per the article:
    A league source said Shanahan, who also interviewed with the Raiders and Bills, would prefer to have personnel control, but he’s eager to get back on the sideline after a year away. That is, he would forgo having personnel power, particularly for a chance to coach a ready-to-contend team such as the 49ers, who are one year removed from playing in the NFC championship game. The fact that Shanahan and the 49ers got to the interview stage is an indication Shanahan could accept a role in which he handles only coaching duties.

  48. I don’t have problems with Grant and his negativity. I do have problems with Grant when he post something like that cartoon. Its demeaning and belittling and proves nothing but immaturity and lack of ability on Grants part. There is no excuse regardless if your a beat writer, sport announcers, blogger, or whatever to demean people. Demeaning people provides nothing but lack of character, maturity, and selfishness on the part of the person doing the demeaning. I have no problem with criticism, that’s part of life and there is a lot to learn from it. I have no using of demeaning as it takes on the connotation of bullying.

    1. undercenter, I don’t know why your post is not getting more thumbs up but here’s a 1,000,000 thumbs up to you!

  49. It seems like the current thinking is that the Niners will announce the new HC early next week. Although I haven’t seen anyone come out and explicitly state it, an announcement early next week would suggest that neither Gase nor McDaniels are serious contenders. Their teams are both favored to win this weekend and an offer cannot be made to a coach on another team until that team’s season is finished.

    1. As a fellow UCLA graduate, you might have given Kevin the respect of including quotes that do not indicate that Mckittrick ran a power running attack. Here are a few.

      “McKittrick used angles, and a system of traps, counters and sweeps to make up for his line’s lack of size.”

      “He also used trickery. One of his favorites was a weakside run where the play side tackle blocks down, causing the defensive end a moment’s hesitation.”

      “The 49ers used both zone blocking and gap runs over the past few years.”

      ‘Recent 49ers history makes a strong case for a smaller line. Throughout the McKittrick era, the 49ers had the smallest or next to the smallest line in the league.”

      “But over the last four or five years (204-2008), they’ve gotten bigger and their offense plummeted.”

      “In the glory years, having a pair of Hall of Fame quarterbacks helped. But those quarterbacks benefited from a running game frequently ranked in the top three and an offensive line that provided enough time for seven-step drops. As many of you mentioned, it all starts up front.”

      None of my experience watching the 49ers during the McKittrick era made me think of power running. The NFL thought it was finesse, which probably wasn’t totally right, but it did involve trickery. They most certainly weren’t known for road grading their way into the end zone.

      When they lost to the Giants it was generally because the Giants had fast all world line backers that killed the ball control run after the catch Walsh offense. As Kevin pointed out in his 2008 article, McKittrick’s lines were light and agile enough to generally provide time for seven step drops.

      Have a chat with Kevin.

      1. Man blocking is power football. Zone blocking is not power football. It is stretch and cut football.

          1. McKittrick was the leading user of cut blocking, and was admired for it, and also was reviled for it. He and Walsh were also disrespected for coaching finesse football.

        1. Interesting idea that I do not believe Bobb McKittrick would have though to use to label his work.

          Of is it one of your non reply replies?

      2. What the Giants also did was have their big interior linemen fire off on the smaller SF guards. It got penetration on runs and passes, and by the 4Q the smaller guards were a bit worn down. See: Roger Craig fumble. See also: Jim Burt’s big hit on Joe.
        IF I remember correctly, it was right after that the FO started bringing in beefier guys at guard.

        1. I don’t recall McKittrick bring in what was thought of at the time as big linemen. One thing is for sure, in both those games there wasn’t much RAC yardage. Except for the rookie Rice’s early catch and run for a touchdown — nooooo, his knee kicked the ball out. As for the fumble, it was as you describe and not simply a fumble. That’s history that I have always wanted to rewrite. Take a knee and punt. There wasn’t time enough for the Giants offense to get into field goal range without a fumble or a blocked or shanked punt.

          1. I can’t remember how McK’s departure matched up, but remember they drafted Bregel (sp?) and they brought in Gogan? That’s the transition period I was referring to. Hope my memory isn’t crossing up rosters.

            1. According to Wikipedia Gogan played for the 49ers as a free agent in 1997 and 1998. He was traded to Miami because of cap issues before the 1999 season. Mariucci was the coach during that time and did use a power running game because it fit his personnel better than the passing offense he probably would have preferred.

              Wikipedia says that Gogan was successful those two years even though he didn’t fit the norm for 49er linemen. I think that you are right that Mariucci and McKittrick were slowly changing the line

              Bobb McKittrick was diagnosed with cancer in January of 1999 and coached for that season. He died 14 months after his diagnosis. Tough isn’t the word for McKittrick.

          2. A man-blocking scheme does not necessarily require big linemen, as McKittrick proved.

  50. I now think it’s either Fangio or Mike Shanahan with Fangio as DC with a bump up in title and pay. In the eyes of most fans, a Shanahan signing would save Jed face following his ignominious firing of Harbaugh. One drawback to picking Shanahan would be his zone-blocking scheme, as has been discussed by several on this blog. Maybe that nixes it. I have no idea.

    1. George,

      It doesn’t have to be a zone blocking system, but they can run it capably with the guys they have if they choose to go that direction.

    2. A Shanahan hiring could very well help York save face. It could also be a significant rebuke of the McCloughan-Baalke (Parcells) team building model.

      Would a Shanahan hiring be a virtual “Temp” sign on Baalke’s office door?

      Is York really so angry that he’d throw a nursery full of babies out with the bath water?

  51. OK. Enough cocktail chatter. It’s Friday, let’s get to comedy: Predictions Please.
    I got: patriots, packers, Broncos, & Seatards
    (Please withhold your jeers and laughter until Sun)

    1. Brotha I’m picking with spreads and I have Balt GB Indy and seattle. Go road dogs in the afc.

  52. I have a fear. My fear is that Baalke picks either Fangio or Tomsula and then Baalke picks the OC for which ever guy is head coach. It doesn’t keep me awake at night or drive me to drink excessive Diet Coke, but it does cause fear for the quality of my remaining 49er time,

    1. I would be concerned about Tomsula and Ryan. If they hired Ryan as HC, I would seriously consider taking a hike. I can’t stand him and it would mean they blew off Vic, who has real class and is enormously capable and deserving.

      1. The basis for my fear is that Baalke will want to extend his power to assistant coach hires.

      2. George – Worst of all, how does ‘King Rex’s’ scheme fit with the current 49er defensive personnel, especially the corners????? Who is your corner to play on Revis Island?????? You are talking about blowing up the entire 49er defensive playbook and going with the Buddy/Rex/Rob Ryan playbook.

        Trust me when I say you don’t want to go there.

        1. It’s enough for me that Ryan is an ass I don’t want to deal with. Let’s hope Jed feels the same way.

    1. Does anyone have any idea who did?

      Obviously someone helped Warner turn his career around.

        1. Warner was in camp to compete for the third QB spot and found himself starting out of necessity before anyone had a chance to “work” with him that much. They report that no one with the Rams had any idea what they had, and Warner probably didn’t either. Amazing stuff form the NFL program on Warner.

      1. KY
        Wiki sez: after Arena League Warner picked up by Rams with Jerry Rhome as OC in 98. In 99 Mike Martz arrived (former Wash QBC) as Rams’ OC. Warner’s Arena League quick release style adapted to Martz’ and he was hungry. When the starter went down he got his shot. I’d think Martz is the guy.

        1. Didn’t a few people say they would like Mike Martz for the niners coach? Although I am still waiting on your interview with Mike, I am going to roll with that answer.

      2. Arena football probably helped in several ways. If you get the chance, watch the NFL program about his career.

  53. Grant,

    While it wasn’t their bread and butter the 49ers used some zone based run blocking schemes over the last 4 seasons.

  54. I Would pick Darrel Bevel, if they dont pick Fangio… And if Fangio did leave, im sure he would bring in a DC from Seattle, Maybe Ken Jr. I would love Fangio, but the Offensive coordinator should not come from our current list. We need to change the offense, it was figured out pretty well.

    1. Steelmatic – No, the OC should not be Greg Roman. The rest of the offensive staff, i.e. Rathman and Solari, may not have the same offensive philosophy as Greg Roman. Don’t condem the rest of the staff for the shortcomings of Roman and Harbaugh. Give them a chance because they are extremely qualified and well respected.

    1. Good article Mood. I didn’t know the statistics, but their finding regarding “retread” coaches is in line with what I thought it might be, and one of the reasons I’ve liked the idea of going for a guy that has been there before and already done the hard yards of learning on the job.

      1. Scooter

        These analyses don’t mean much to me because the sample sizes are small and the number of independent variables are large.

        The only thing I agree is that the HC is not the most important factor in winning many games every season. It’s the franchise QB who is the single most important person in any team.

        The second factor (which helps going deep into the playoffs) is the quality of the front office (the totality scouts, GM and cap manager).

        The third factor is the coaching staff (not just HC) and specialists such as strength and conditioning staff, doctors, etc.

        I think the salaries reflect this hierarchy of importance, i.e., franchise QB makes more than GM+cap manager+scouts, who probably make more than the coaching staff.

        You may also like Brian Burke’s article from over a year ago on this topic:

          1. Thanks Mood.

            Its interesting, I’ve had some good discussions with a few people around who the 49ers should have let go out of Harbaugh and Baalke. My stance was that while it is hard to replace a good coach, it is also hard to replace a good GM (though I appreciate Baalke has his detractors and those that question if he is a good GM).

            While these articles don’t go into any detail regarding how hard it is to find a good GM, they do support the importance of good talent evaluation, and also support that good coaches are not as rare as many people fear.

            1. If Jed were smart, he would have hired Scot McCloughan and canned Baalke. Even retaining both would have been better than Baalke by himself as the only football ‘expert’ in the front office.

              1. Couldn’t agree more that Scott would have been a great hire in addition to keeping Baalke for now.

              2. Cubus, the only way they were going to hire McCloughan was to bring him in as a GM, like the ‘Skins did. Which means they would have needed to get rid of Baalke.

              3. No doubt you are right, Scooter. If there hadn’t been much of a market for Scot (perhaps due to the prior drinking) then maybe he could have been hired on as Asst. GM.

    1. This could work out for Fisher and Roman — though I’d prefer Roman to go to the Jags.

  55. Mike and Kyle Shanahan have reached understanding and have been hired as HC & OC respectively. Wish to allow Roman to resign and take another position prior to announcement.

    1. thefly
      Weren’t you the one asserting earlier that the team had predetermined to hire Fangio, and were just going through a charade? I thought that was you. I may not have recalled that correctly.

  56. Good prediction. But being a Defensive Coordinator is a far cry from being a Head Coach. I think the Shanahans would be a significant downgrade. They don’t belong here. Shanahan’s best days are behind him and his son is a lousy OC. Rex Ryan shouldn’t even be mentioned. He’s a loudmouth, a blowhard, and a loser. He’s overrated, and as his record with the Jets suggests, he doesn’t belong in this league as a coach. Too bad Mike Holmgren is not in the mix. He’s the best choice, by far.

  57. GRANT **************

    My brain cell ( the one that sometimes works) had an idea. Rathman played behind Wash/McKittrick lines, and he’s the running back coach for the Baalke/Harbaugh lines. Why not interview him and ask how he sees the two approaches to building an offensive line and how he would characterize their differences and similarities.

    Right now might be the best time, because I understand that some head coaches don’t allow their assistant coaches to talk to the media.

    Rathman seems like a facinating interview for a lot of reasons.

    1. Good idea, ht. Although, call me cynical, but I’d be worried that Grant would use his famous “Take Away” approach.

      You know, as in, taking away any quotes from Rathman that didn’t agree with Grant’s opinion.

      1. I think that Grant would post the entire transcript if he can get Rathman to talk to him about his playing days and the recent past. So far he hasn’t acknowledged that it’s an interesting idea for an interview. Maybe it isn’t. What do I know.

              1. Since you have a good relationship with Rathman, it would be interesting to get his comparison between the McKittrick/Walsh and Solari/Harbaugh blocking schemes and running plays called. What do you say?

            1. So how about a second one that includes the topic I suggested. It sounds like a natural for Rathman.

      1. What’s funny is I have stated multiple times that I am an avid FSU fan, you know the team with all of the unclassy guys that lost to the team with supposed all of the Class in America. As far as UK, no one pays attention to their football team. I do know their basketball team is the best in the nation. But I could care less about basketball.

          1. I meant that you replied with anger when you could have used something more like Brotha Tuna’s reply.

            Big time, big money, national championship football is not classy in any sense. It uses athletes for profit, and in most cases doesn’t even pretend to educate those athletes that are recruited without regard to their academic readiness for college level work.

            Only a few of those athletes ever earn a living using their “university” football training. The majority that don’t are left with no useful education to help them with the rest of their life.

            1. @htwaits

              Apparently you’re going through some sort of epiphany…what are you doing on this blog …that deals with 100% of those athletes….? Name one athlete mentioned on here who’s doing it FREE…

              Admittedly, I responded in a small fit of pique to a statement condemming a program that I have cheered only since ’64 when I enrolled at U of O after the service. Brotha Tuna clarified his position by not having a dog in the fight…It’s a bit different…I do…perhaps more than I should. Go Ducks!!

              1. This will be my 70th year (1946) following the professional 49ers. That has nothing to do with the college teams that shoot for the national championship each year and how they fail a large percentage of the players they recruit. Just be aware of what is providing you with your Ducks entertainment.

            2. HT

              I just sent you a long explanation , but I think that it got blipped. Yes, I am proud of my ducks, and just as you state, they, as well as all schools, companies, corporations, etc., fail a large % of their recruits. I don’t have a bone to pick with you, As a 49er FAITHFUL since 1949, we’re of a select group who has seen their glories and their failures. I surrender to you the crown of “Cranky old Fart” 49er GO DUX!!

              1. I humbly accept the honer and will do my best to live up to the responsibilities inherent in such a glorified office.

                As an 8th grader living in Sunnyvale, I followed the 49ers on the radio. The first game I attended was November 27, 1949 against the New York Yankees. We won 35-14 to finished the season 9-3.

    1. KY-
      Who does run a 1st Class Program in college football? Pretty much Nooooo-body that offers scholarships. The NCAA has been Biz-mo-tainment for years.
      Besides, in fairness, a kid smokes some weed. Is this a major ethical violation by the Program or the Coach? Is UofO morally bankrupt because a kid flunked a pee test? Is the kid a Bad Actor or just lost a foolish gamble?
      He got caught. He pays. Cost him his help for his team and a spot in the limelight, and, no doubt, some $ on his rookie deal.
      I have no dog in the fight like Oregon does. My powerhouse alma mater hasn’t even had a football team since around when Larry Allen graduated.
      Weed. We’re talking weed? I’ll bet testing for weed will not survive the next CBA.

      1. I agree with you. We are talking about teenagers and wanting them to act like grown men. I just find it funny how people throw around the word “class”. And as you said, no program wins with class. Money will trump class any given day. Ask Jed, he knows about that.

      2. @htwaits

        I believe that it was a couple of years ago that you made a statement as to your long stint of following OUR 49ers, although I don’t recall if you mentioned just what year. In that I began following them FAITHFULLY in 1949, I’ll surrender my “crabby old fart” crown to you. I was always slow coming out of the gate anyway…

        As to your statement, I think that every company or corporation in Silicon Valley is guilty of failing a large percentage of their recruits, but realism is also a part of life, and if reality isn’t observed, they’re certainly going to get it stuck in their faces attempting to join the very limited membership of the NFL. I’m no different than anyone else on here, Cal Bears, Stanford Cardinals, Etc…..I take pride in the accomplishments of the U of O, and blush at their missteps. And just like in the service, I may never know their faces, but I will still defend them…….GO DUCKS!!

          1. @htwaits

            Thank you for your reply….You and I are on the same page….incidentally, my college coach played on that New York Yankees team…his name was Al Akins

            1. That’s amazing. I had forgotten the score or that the 49ers beat them in the playoffs before kneeling down to the might Browns.

              I remember that New York had a very fast but tiny running back.

  58. Adam Schefter is reporting that former Jaguars OC Jedd Fisch is going Michigan. Interesting. Fisch goes to Michigan and Roman goes to Jax?

      1. I thought I read that Morton is going to Michigan although they might not have officially hired him yet. I do want him off the team.

          1. Nick,

            Roman probably feels he needs to strike out in his own, if he’s ever going to be a HC.

            Solari almost certainly has NFL options, so why would he go to college ball?

            As for Chryst, who knows?

            As, cubus mentioned, Morton is going to UM.

              1. Did you have to ruin my weekend? :)

                Actually, the Seahawks will probably do that tonight. Go Panthers!

  59. Solari as OC? No way. Once Tim Trevno left, o-line performance tanked under Solari. The game has passed him by. He’s the last person the 49ers need.

      1. There is no doubt that Anthony Davis makes a difference. I don’t recall the word dominant being used much this year for the OL.

  60. Maybe they should hire Todd Bowles and then he could hire Kurt Warner as qb coach!

  61. Took a look back at the Chiefs offense while Solari was running it. That 2007 offense was stacked!

  62. Welp.. The second “confirmation” of the Cowboys retirement. Looks like the future at the end spot will be a youthful one. If true. Good luck Cowboy. I’ll never forget watching you lift a 300 pound man and carry him to his qb while grabbing that qb with your other arm you weren’t using.

        1. I like carradine. Dial I think would be better in the middle.
          I’m a little worried about Aldon. Don’t know if he took it east the last 5 games. But he didn’t look dominant at all. I hope if this story is true 94 doesn’t hurt smiths production a whole lot.

          1. @Good post, MD…I agree….

            To me it’s can either one of them play all 4 downs..? I’m getting sort of tired of these ‘Hybrids’ or relief pitchers. Aldon keeps his nose clean, and puts some jalapenos in his shorts, he’ll return to dominate with or without ‘Cowboy’…I hope it’s WITH

        2. I left out in the off season and preseason. I don’t see him taking Tank’s spot. I just think he needs to see playing time. in reality, I just want to see him play. More then a few series.

  63. If I needed to puff up my already robust dislike for the Dallas Cowboys all I’d have to do is see Chris Christie in the Owner’s Box. Whoops, too late. Guard your Brats Cheeseheads,
    Governor Chow-Wow is coming to Green Bay.

      1. Really? Rex ain’t my guy; guaranteed, but my gut reaction is he’d be delighted to give the offense to someone he trusts in the way that Harbaugh trusted Fangio with the D. Just guessing.
        Besides, think of how much fun you’d have covering him.

    1. Sounds to me like Rex hasn’t learned anything from the disaster of having Mornhinweg as his OC. Bad fit for Ryan’s desire to run the ball.

      I can only assume he expects to be taking over the Falcons, as the Falcons are the only team with the pieces in place to run Trestman’s offense well.

    1. He’s interviewing with a division rival who has studied his work closely. Hmm. So both Fisher and Roman are idiots and there are a bunch of Einsteins on this blog, or not.
      We’re right about the unacceptable lack of offensive productivity. Beyond that, I’m not sure anybody’s got it all summed up.

        1. Ummmmm. Yup.
          The offense lacked focus in all phases because the QB plays too frenetic, is unpredictable and erratic.
          Can’t win consistently like that.

        2. That last paragraph:

          “One team source said he analyzed all the plays that the 49ers ran from the opponent’s 35-yard line and in and estimated the team wasted more than 100 points. The biggest culprit: Drops and missing open receivers.”

          Warner: Make the easy plays.

          It speaks volumes about where improvement can be made with receivers and quarterback play. I wonder which season the 35 and in analysis was done. My guess it was 2013, but if it was to analyze Roman’s work then it might have been done on 2014 data.

        3. In one of his books Madden made a point that I’ll paraphrase:
          > A game is made up of a bunch of good, medium, and bad plays. Each play is made up of good, medium, or bad player execution. Sometimes a play can work if you get 10/11 guys doing their jobs. Other times just one guy missing or failing his assignment will blow the whole play up.<
          We heard this from coaches and players this season, but we rarely take them at their word due to the 'dance' they do with the Press. They were out of sync from preseason on; inconsistent. Missed throws, drops, missed blocks, missed tackles.

    2. Barrows, in his gentle southern way, may be pointing out the difference between fan reaction and professional evaluation of the people they compete with. In that regard, Jed is clearly a fan first.

    3. Some other good stuff in the article:

      1) If Bowles leaves Az and Fangio is passed over, Fangio could go to Arizona as the DC.
      2) Gore potentially to Indianapolis. (pure speculation I believe).
      3) Apparently a few coaching candidates have “expressed bewilderment” that V. Davis had such a poor season. MB suggest that Davis might be retained for a number of reasons.
      4) Why hasn’t Tomsula had a formal interview? Barrows suggest that they know him so well that he doesn’t need an interview. So, I wonder, did Tomsula express his opinion on how to fix the offense to the FO during the season?

      And what about this:

      “One team source said he analyzed all the plays that the 49ers ran from the opponent’s 35-yard line and in and estimated the team wasted more than 100 points. The biggest culprit: Drops and missing open receivers.”

      1. I suggested Gore could find his way to the Colts about three weeks ago – Barrows is stealing my thunder!

          1. Perfect fit – a team with strong playoff aspirations, with an OC from the Harbaugh tree, in need of a good RB that can also help in pass pro.

  64. “You’re probably right AES. Grant should have gone with George instead. They were both fantastic baseball players, who can forget George taking out Bette at the plate? They also have a killing in common, George with the old envelopes that took out his fiancee and Kaepernick with the 49ers playoff chances this season.”
    ~ Hammer

    George always tried to place blame on something else for his mistakes. At least CK takes full responsibility for his mistakes.
    Some here would like to put entire season’ collapse on Kap.
    But like George would say; “it’s not a lie if you believe it” right Hammer?

    Good call.

          1. Never mind. Football is the ultimate team sport.

            Jack, which is it? Are you a fan or are you someone who’s played and taught the game and understands, at a gut level, how complex a problem it is to get all 11 parts doing the right things at the snap.

            1. Teams rarely win with 4 turnovers, and against St Louis it wouldn’t have come down to the sneak if he’d make an accurate throw to Crabtree.

              1. Lol it wouldn’t have come down to a sneak if a certain penalty or drop didn’t happen. Or is the defense pitched a shutout, or if stl had thrown a pick 6…. See how this can go? You’re a hs football coach?
                I feel sorry for your qb.

              2. Lol it wouldn’t have come down to a sneak if a certain penalty or drop didn’t happen. Or is the defense pitched a shutout, or if stl had thrown a pick 6
                Missing the point with the rest of them. Despite the fact that those things didn’t happen the game was still in a position to be won. It’s irrelevent what did or didn’t happen before that point because the win was still achievable despite those plays you mention not occuring.

                So with the game in a position to be won, the individual play of the QB missing the throw to Crabtree and then subsequently fumbling the ball directly at that point led to the loss. Because the game was still winable the events that lead up to that moment are irrelevent in the discussion of whether or not the losses are on the QB or the team.

              3. Nope!
                Events prior to the last play are always and always have been relevant to the game and outcome.
                And again he broke the plain before the ball came out again on a horrible exchange. So yeah I guess bringing up the stl game is irrelevant when bashing the qb.

              4. It wasn’t just the last drive. On the series before, the 49ers had 3rd and 4 but the QB made a bad throw to a wide open Crabtree to force a punt.

              5. True. It’s also true for a big percentage of games lost that shouldn’t have been lost. They are full of “if only” moments.

      1. As an alleged #1 receiver, Crabtree needed to catch that well-thrown pass at the goal line in the Chicago game.

  65. A description of the Four Horseman.

    The foursome needed some help from Grantland Rice, a sportswriter for the former New York Herald Tribune, to achieve football immortality. After Notre Dame’s 13–7 upset victory over a strong Army team, on October 18, 1924, Rice penned “the most famous football lead of all-time”:[2]

    Outlined against a blue-gray October sky, the Four Horsemen rode again. In dramatic lore their names are Death, Destruction, Pestilence, and Famine. But those are aliases. Their real names are: Stuhldreher, Crowley, Miller and Layden. They formed the crest of the South Bend cyclone before which another fighting Army team was swept over the precipice at the Polo Grounds this afternoon as 55,000 spectators peered down upon the bewildering panorama spread out upon the green plain below.[3]

    Back in the day they sure new how to write eh.

  66. Dick LeBeau resigns from the Steelers – mutually agree to part ways. He said he’s not retiring.

    He’d be an interesting pick up as a DC for an offensive minded HC.

      1. He still knows how to run a good defense. Struggled a bit the past couple of years with a D that lacked an explosive pass rusher, had to rely on a lot of younger guys, and had a couple of old guys in the secondary (Polamalu and Taylor) that are no longer the players they used to be.

        If Bowles becomes a HC, good chance LeBeau heads to the desert I’d say.

  67. A little trivia here.
    Has there ever been a playoff weekend where 4 RB’ from the same college are playing in playoff games.

    Representing the Cal Bears this weekend are:
    Shane Vereen – NE Patriots
    Marshawn Lynch – Seattle
    C.J. Anderson – Denver
    Justin Forsett – Ravens

      1. Yup, Tedford was given a bad hand at Tampa Bay. He’s now headcoach for the B.C. Lions.
        Would have loved to see him as a OC for a better NFL team because his offense was typically pretty good at Cal.

        1. Tedford was out most of the year with a medical condition. Not sure how much of the Bucs problems to put on him.

          1. You’re right. Tedford never called a regular season game because of a heart condition which required a procedure before the season started.

            Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports
            “When my health issues arose, I simply tried to ignore them, and then I made the mistake of twice trying to come back too early,” Tedford said in a statement. “At that point, the organization proposed, and I agreed, that an indefinite leave of absence would allow me the proper amount of time to rest and rehabilitate myself. I am happy to state that I’m healthy now and feeling great.
            “The Buccaneers have been very accommodating to me and my family during this time and, while they left the door open for a possible return, I feel that coming back at this point would disrupt the trust and continuity that builds throughout the season in offensive meeting rooms and on the sidelines.”

            Seems like Tedford left on his own accord. But again, I would have liked to see his offensive scheme in the NFL.

      1. Don’t agree on the waiting part.

        1) They had to satisfy the Rooney rule. First interview was on Thursday followed by another one yesterday.

        2) NFL frowns upon big announcements during playoff weekends.

        The earliest they could have announced was yesterday. I don’t consider one day as waiting.

        1. Fair point. They did request an interview previously but he declined at the time because he wanted to focus on the Patriots game. I think they’ll ask again now the Ravens season is over.

        2. 2) NFL frowns upon big announcements during playoff weekends.
          I’d love to see a link to someone that actually works for the league or a legitimate media outlet that backs up this idea. I can’t imagine why the NFL would think that a coaching announcement would somehow take away from the playoff games.

          1. They certainly didn’t mind announcing that LeBeau isn’t coming back to the Steelers which to the East coast is bigger news then who’s coaching the 49ers.

            1. Fair point. I know I read this; I think from Maiocco, but I’ve been having trouble finding it. I’ll keep looking.

              1. If you believe you saw it from Maiocco I’ll take your word for it I just still have a hard time believing that there is an official moratorium on big announcements during playoffs.

              2. There’s no rule against it, but I seem to recall Al Davis announcing a new head coach on Super Bowl Sunday a few years back and the commentators saying something along those lines.

              3. Yeah, I never thought there was a rule, because they used the term “frowns upon” – more like an unwritten rule or guideline.

              4. It was the NFL.com page that had the big read headline announcing LeBeau so /shrug.

              5. I also didn’t think there was an actual rule against it. Which section would that be under anyway?

              6. …yes obviously Jack I do understand that part, it’s implied. The question is, with the other obvious fact that that kind of announcement doesn’t have any applicable effect on the public’s “focus” on the games why have the super secret non-rule. If your team is playing, then clearly it’s not your team that is hiring a new coach so those people aren’t going to be distracted. Most of the other fans who’s team isn’t selecting a new coach will notice but hardly care, they’re either watching the game or not and that news wont effect it and I think the same can be said about us. If they announced the new head coach would that stop you from watching the games today? I mean that’s all the league cares about is tv ratings so, again if that type of announcement isn’t going to have an effect on playoff tv ratings then why would they really care.

                Plus, I still have to point to the fact that the LeBeau decision is a pretty big announcement and they didn’t seem to mind announcing it hours before a playoff game.

  68. Hopefully the Harbaugh brothers have learnt that public praise of their QB’s is actually the kiss of death!

          1. Guy goes 5 1/2 play off games with no interceptions and wins a SuperBowl during the same time and you think he’s had “one good post season.”

            Nice job.

            1. And before that? Yeah nice job alright.
              It’s bad when you have to throw in half games. Get real. He’s overhyped

          2. Kinda like you after the Bears game and CK two years ago. Only difference is you tooted your horn way too early like your shadow Bayarea!

            1. And yet he’s still better than Alex smith. Ha ha haaa.
              Like your shadow oneflop saying smith wasn’t going anywhere. Beat it monkey.

        1. Thanks. I did feel that Harbaugh coddled CK a bit too much. Some people and CK might be one of them need to have their ass kicked once in awhile in order to get maximum performance. While maybe not an ass-kicking, someone had a discussion with CK about his press performances and maybe his playing as well. Thereafter I though we saw improved performance in both areas.

          1. We have no idea what the Harbaugh/Kaepernick relationship was behind closed doors. Harbaugh may very well kicked Kaepernick’s ass in meetings.

            Doing it through the press serves no positive purpose.

            1. Jack:

              What I didn’t like was the blind praise that he habitually heaped on Kaep. I also agree with you that calling Kaep out in pressers is not a good idea. I don’t really know how Harbaugh should have handled it, but again I think the habitual, non-deserving praise was unwarranted.

              1. Jim did that with all his players — good or bad. It was a way to tweak the reporters who ask him about player performance trying to get him to throw someone under the bus.Pay attention to Jack.

              2. ” It was a way to tweak the reporters who ask him about player performance trying to get him to throw someone under the bus.”

                And what did it do for the player’s themselves. Besides new players on the team, I’m trying to think of one player (with a significant number of snaps) who didn’t regress, or if you prefer not play as well, in 2014 relative to 2013 (Culliver didn’t play in 2013). Certainly, no one on the entire offense (OK maybe Carrier and Miller).

                I wonder if it’s merely a coincidence that Bethea had his best season during his first year with the niners. One of the reasons might be that he hadn’t been here long enough to get jaded by Harbaugh’s disingenuous praise as I suspect others in the locker room were (particularly, veterans). And then, of course, there is the whole matter of separate locker rooms…….

                I don’t know, it just seems to me that most people, especially those who work hard and keep their nose clean, don’t like it when those who don’t are praised by the higher ups (especially if it is over the top praise).

                In CK’s case (because he does work hard and pretty much keeps his nose clean), it was more about praising a reality that didn’t exist (i.e. Colin’s a great QB). To Harbaugh’s credit, his praise after the Raider’s game was muted.

                Let me be clear, I don’t think it is a good idea to call players out in a presser just like I don’t think it is a good idea to heap unwarranted praise on players when they are playing poorly (for the reasons mentioned above). I’m sure there are better ways to handle this.

              3. Cubus, for what it is worth, I agree with you. Not gushing about a guy is not the same as throwing them under a bus. Harbaugh gushed about players when they were under media and fan pressure.

                The problem with that for mine isn’t that it provides the player with a belief they don’t need to improve. I am sure behind closed doors they are told exactly what they need to improve on. The problem is it creates extra outside pressure on players to perform as fans (including the ones that then go to the games and start getting on these guys backs) and media (including the ones that then interview and write/ talk about these players) are being told the player is playing at a level they simply are not, and are not fooled.

  69. Is Carolina going to just hand the game over in turnovers because the Seattle offense sure isn’t earning it on their own.

  70. The really bad part about the SeaChickens winning ..
    .. is now we’ll have to put up with (a lot more of) …Mary …


    1. MWNiner:

      Try living in Seattle then you’ll really know what the “bad part” is. I think I’m gonna be sick.

      1. cubus …

        you from up there ? …
        I’ve got some family up in the SeaTac area .. and have
        been suffering with their anti-49er jibes all season !

        Personally, it’s a nice place to visit .. but ..
        I wouldn’t wanna live there .. why ?

        It reminds me too much of Pacifica …
        (only with much taller buildings)

        (I keep reminding my SeaTac family that
        the sky is actually supposed .. to
        be BLUE !!)

        at any rate … John Harbaugh cries FOUL ! =>


        1. Live here now for work. Plan to head back to SF once I retire in a few years. Summers up here are beautiful with all the water, mountain and volcano views and green vegetation. Winters are gray and dismal.

          I’m probably going to have to accept that the Seahags will win out. It’ll be a killer with my neighbors, but I’m going to have to suck it up and stop whining.

    2. You wont after next week.

      Even with 3 turnovers Carolina was in this game for 3 quarters, GB wont make those mistakes and will turn those possessions into TD’s.

      1. GB is going to be on the couch next week. They aren’t turning anything over but their burgers on the grill.

      2. It will be tough for Rogers on one leg. It’s a shame that the Seahawks won’t have to face a mobile Rogers.

    3. We know that winning Superbowls will cause any franchise to rot from the top down. Relax and enjoy the coming rot. The more they win the worse they will get.

  71. It seems like Baalke’s strategy is to accumulate as many draft picks as possible and go with the law of averages on which picks will be good. It seems like the Seachicken’s strategy is to try to make sure that every draft pick counts. Who do you think is winning?

      1. Amazing, since virtually no other team gave Wilson a chance based on his measurables. Even more surprising to me based on Pete’s penchant for drafting tall CBs. It just seems like that kind of bias would have translated to the QB position as well. Probably, Wilson wasn’t Pete’s pick.

        1. The dude just makes plays, and has at every level. His size was the only downside. If he was 6’3″ he would have been a top 10 pick.

          1. No argument regarding Russell, he is the real deal. But their defense is the best in the league and when it comes to the playoffs, the old adage still holds true: defense wins championships.
            Btw, Kearse and Baldwin are pretty darn good. Those guys are doing ok without Tate and Harvin this season.

            The Panthers defense is good but not elite. Today their tackling was sloppy and they gave up the big plays.

            Not to take anything away from Russell’ contributions, but Cam doesn’t scare to many defenses in the league.

            I will say that Benjamin would have looked good in a 49ers uniform. Whiffed on him and the WR draft haul last year, but that ship has sailed.

            1. Kearse and Baldwin are not better then Boldin and Crabs. Russell is a leader and always seems to make the right play at the right time. CK is frenetic and undisciplined, ergo — Niners offense sucks.

              1. Fan,
                I know that whatever the subject matter or in this case WR’s, you will always find a way to take a shot at CK.

                Kearse and Baldwin are completely different than Boldin and Crabtree in that they can create separation. The Seattle O-line is darn good as well with the ability to give Wilson just enough time to find opened WR’s.

                I never said that the c-hawks WR’s were better than ours, I said that they have done very well without Harvin and Tate, so stop trying to change my view to fit your agenda.

              2. Fan,
                Your incessant Kaeperbashing knows no bounds. Hey, everyone has a right to voice their displeasure on anything or anyone here, but can you ever come up with a solution to the QB issue you constantly rant about?

                I’ve been asking you this question since early in season when you started your haranguing and you have yet to provide any logical solutions.
                You have only filled this blog with prolong tirades and no formidable answers.

        2. One of the Seattle assistant coaches not only pounded the table, he jumped up on it and started stomping the hell out of it.

          Remember, that Wilson was drafted to compete to be the backup. It’s happened to free agents like Warner only the Rams expected even less. Oh yes, Montana went in the third round too. New England had three picks near the end of the sixth round. They took Tom Brady with the last of those three sixth round picks.

    1. Cubus,

      Seattle has made a lot of bad draft choices as well as some truly heinous trades involving QB’s. In my opinion they simply lucked out on Wilson.

      1. One pick they didn’t miss on was their entire secondary. Cam Chancellor and Earl Thomas and Sherman are unreal!
        Baalke and York have one agenda. Find a coach and draft players that can beat Seattle.

        1. Didn’t know an “entire” secondary consisted of three players. Just like a Canadian. Everything done half a**!
          Madden teach you that? Lol

          1. Is there enough work in California for you Ninermd? You really have not much going on down there do you. This blog is your life. Sad!

          2. The 49ers got three with their first three draft choices, added an unwanted free agent, had Seifert work with them, and won their first Superbowl. That’s about what Seattle has done among other things.

            And remember, The Catch didn’t beat Dallas, it was the Horse Collar that beat Dallas.

              1. Of course it was and I think it should be honored.

                “The Catch-Horse Collar-Sack-Fumble”


      2. They have made some bad picks, but they usually jettison them fairly quickly. Sherman and Chancellor were both late round picks. Kearse and Baldwin were undrafted. They picked up Bennett and Avril in free agency. They jettisoned Percy when it became clear it wasn’t working.

        Believe me it gives me no pleasure writing this, but its the reality. However, I do think they have a lack of depth. An injury to a key player or two I think impacts them more than us. Look how relatively poorly they played on defense when Bobby Wagner was out.

        1. They also have some big misses on high drafted players and although they admit their mistakes you still have to question the decision making. Look at the Charlie Whitehurst trade. Gave up big picks for a guy they let walk after a couple seasons.

          1. Okay, but that was in 2010 and they gave up a 2011 third-round draft pick and they switched second-round picks in the 2010 draft (according to Wikipedia). Since then it seems like they’ve won a lot more than they’ve lost.

          2. They twice gave up picks for another teams back up only to let him walk away for nothing after getting exactly that from them.

          3. CfC, there is not much to question. Yes, they had some draft picks not work out – some early picks included. But so does every team. And they’ve made a few trades/ picked up some players here and there that haven’t worked out.

            But they won the SB last year and are on track to repeat. The team has largely been built through the draft, plus a few key free agent/ trade acquisitions to supplement the talent on the roster. That is great GM/ player personnel work.

        2. Jack was 100% correct they either made the right choice or got lucky, depending on who you ask, at the one position that matters the most. That’s the difference between them and us. Swap those players and it’s us staring at consecutive SB’s.

            1. They were saying that about us not to long ago, if we didn’t have a trained monkey for a QB that our offense languishes around we would have had continued success and they’d still be saying that.

              1. The 49ers secondary to the Hawks is no comparison. LB’s maybe but dline goes to the Hawks.

              2. True but that defense has won a lot of games for them. Wilson and that offense does not have to do too much. The secondary won them the game tonight.

        3. Cubus,

          I’m sticking with the theory that the Seahawks have been lucky, more than they have been good in their late round draft success. They have made some good picks in the earlier rounds, but too many of their key players have come in the later rounds.

          Statistics show that teams have about a 1% chance of coming up with a pro bowl player in the fifth round. The Seahawks defense is powered, in large part by Sherman, and Chancellor (both fifth round picks).

          These guys aren’t just pro bowl players either, they’re all pro players, which makes it even more incredible that landed two players like that in the fifth round. It would be crazy lucky to get just one all pro player in the fifth round, let alone two.

          Throw in Maxwell in the sixth round (1% chance of finding a “good starter” in the sixth round or later). I’m sorry, but that’s a lot of luck.

          I’m not saying that Seattle’s FO are a bunch of bumbling fools, but they certainly aren’t geniuses either.

          I agree with that the Seahawks depth isn’t very good, and if they have some special ability to draft well in the late rounds, that shouldn’t be the case, right?

          1. Also, there is this false mythology growing around Wilson. He’s a good QB for what Seattle requires from him, but they aren’t going to win many games because of what he does.

            It’s funny to see him get credit for Seattle’s home record. They should put Lynch, the defense and the mutant fans up on the home record graphics during game broadcasts. They could give Wilson a asterisk for not screwing things up, if they want.

            I didn’t see Wilson win too many games on his own when Wagner and Chancellor were injured. He’s good, but he’s far from the top tier of QB’s.

      3. I agree CFC. Don’t forget that after a back to back 7-9 seasons, Pete’s career was dependent on Flynn’s performance. Without that 3rd round pick, Pete could be out of Seattle by now.

          1. Cubus,

            They got lucky on Sherman (fifth round, All Pro), Chancellor (fifth round, All Pro) and Maxwell (sixth round, good starter). Individually, each pick had about a 1% chance of hitting, together the Seahawks had a about a one in one million chance of picking those three guys together.

            Wilson is just good, not great and nowhere near Joe Montana. And I’m sure you weren’t saying that he is, either.

        1. On the flip side, you could look at the signing of Flynn and drafting of Wilson as some darn smart decisions. They brought in two guys at the most important position to compete for the job, and let them have at it, may the best man win. And all at the cost of a mid to low end starting QB contract (Flynn’s deal was around 3 years $26M, while Wilson’s rookie deal was not a lot) plus a 3rd round draft pick.

          This was a team that already had a D on the ascent and a good RB in place. They didn’t need the QB to be a superstar and win games on his own. They just needed the QB to be competent, so they doubled down and came up trumps.

        1. It’s rare when that happens. Walsh didn’t do it with Montana, and for good reason. Seattle gambled on Wilson and won. Baalke and Jed may have more to deal with to actually make “Superbowl or Bust” look realistic. It’s been slipping away since the 2012 season ended.

          Remember that until they play again, we won’t know if we even have those great linebackers. Brooks and Aldon didn’t look anything like 2013, and serious knee-foot injuries kill performance sometimes.

      4. Are you serious? By that same standard, Baalke simply “lucked out ” on Navarro Bowman, since, as we all know, he’s blown plenty of draft choices, and when exactly did Seattle blow an entire draft year?

  72. Seahawk OC Bevell hasn’t received the recognition for the great play calls, to makeup for the Seahawk’s weakness on the O-line, due to injuries most of last season and this season. Bevell’s plays help the Hawks into the playoffs two years in a row.

    The 40whiners would be foolish to over look Bevell to fullfill the new coach postion!!

    1. What great play calls did Bevell call tonight?
      The Panthers gave up big plays on bad WR coverage on the TD to Kearse, horrendous tackling on the TD to Luke Wilson, nice QB runs by R.Wilson and a 90 yrd pick 6 to Chanceller.
      Except for the one long run by Lynch, I didn’t see the offense dominating by the playcalling.

  73. Rex coach and Greg Roman OC for the Bills, 2 mistakes in one day for a team on the uprising.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about kaep. Rex and roman would defently have interest but I don’t see how we can get proper compensation in return.. A talent like kaep are very difficult to find. Now he has to improve in some areas but its to big of a risk to trade him IMO.

      1. Good point. It looks like the Bills don’t have a 1st round pick in 2015. They pick 20th in the second round.

        1. I’d want a 1st, but we probably be looking at a 2nd and 4th plus a conditional 2nd next year. I’d get glenon to replace him and draft petty. Coach is gase or kubiak

          1. I’m a Petty fan as well. With a strong defense, Glennon could work. I still remember how he picked apart Seattle in 2013 as they built a 21 to 0 lead, but the Bucs lost anyway. Doubt it will happen though.

            1. I know. I was disappointed we didn’t get Garoppolo last year, that we kept Roman, and that we gave Kaep an extension too soon. I think Petty stock will climb after a good senior bowl

      1. Well Ryan is a big supporter of kaep.. While with the jets they had intentions on taking him but the niners made the move up for him. Plus he also has publicly supported him about his talents. Roman would be interested in him cause of the familiarity with kaep.its not a stretch..

  74. Hey Cubus,

    Clearly Barrows was right about the NFL frowning on big coaching news during playoff.

    1. CFC:

      I suspect that the “frowning upon” only applies to announcements from NFL teams, not reporters. As far as I know the Bills haven’t officially announced anything.

      BTW: I agree with your arguments for why it doesn’t make any sense in today’s NFL. Maybe it’s a very old unwritten rule when they were worried about viewership for playoff games. But it is what it is.

        1. Yeah, but that’s not an official announcement from the Bills, is it?

          But overall your right. This issue doesn’t appear to be a big detriment to at the very least leaking HC decisions.

          1. Nope, but that’s like a retail corporation making an announcement about one of it’s stores. If they’re saying it, it’s a done deal.

        1. I sent him a tweet, doubt he’ll respond but I’ll be curious to see what he says if he does.

          1. Good to see you had a real point for posting, hey just like most of the stuff you leave around here.

  75. Kaep ain’t goin’ anywhere … !!

    besides …

    Who ya got to fill his shoes ? … h-mmmm ?

  76. I saw Roger Goodell in the stands at the Pats game. Not in the boxes, out there mingling with the Riff Raff, Good Ol’ Boy that he is. A PR ploy, for sure, but he looked miserable. He was freezing his tootsies off. Taking one for his image.

    1. Jack

      So you’re saying the offense we’ve suffered through over the last 4 years has been an Harbaugh, rather than a Roman, production?

      1. Yep. It was the same thing that Harbaugh ran at Stanford prior to Roman joining his staff.

          1. When you have a limited quarterback like Ckone what’s a coordinator suppose to do…..

      1. Frost isn’t in Baalke’s long term goals for power football if he is committed to the Oregon approach – play fast and ignore the time of possession.

  77. Rogers calling audibles shouts:
    “New York! Bozo!”

    He should just shout: “Donald Trump!”

  78. Vic Fangio next head coach, Kyle Shanahan next offensive coordinator, and Ed Donatell next defensive coordinator.

  79. A leak to media that a coach is in line for an interview… coach’s agent has no knowledge of a pending interview.

    Have to give 49er management credit for being consistent. The cutting edge Leak-Denial policies have been the envy of the business world.

  80. Both Maiocco and Barrows reporting that sources say Todd Bowles will have a second interview next week. Bowles agent says he has no knowledge.

  81. I have a question about the last coaching search. I wasn’t paying attention, but was Harbaugh a known candidate or was he just announced with little to no knowledge by the public beforehand?

      1. I asked because the conventional wisdom is that college head coaches don’t generally want to be publicly known as a candidate for a NFL head coaching job. If that’s the case, I’m wondering if there are any at least somewhat substantiated rumors about college coaches for the niners HC job.

    1. cubus ..

      I read somewhere that “The Tuna” was Baalke’s first choice..
      and when he refused ..
      they went after Harbaugh .. but then ..
      I read that way after the fact

  82. Trent Richardson has to be pretty close to the top of the all time RB draft bust list by now. He’s officially duped two teams out of first round picks at this point.

  83. I thought the conspiracy theory was the NFL wanted Dallas to win. Guess the refs didn’t get the message this week.

  84. Bryant’s non-catch- brutal call, in my opinion….

    I think Roman will be good for Buffalo w their run-emphasis game, good luck to him.

    This delay on the coaching search is proving tough to weather. We need more leaks from Jed.

  85. Heckuva performance by Rogers. Like Chester on Gunsmoke. Good luck at Seattle.
    Tough loss for Dallas fans on the technicality of The Call; but it looks like a correct call. So much for the Chris Christie Mojo.
    I’m 3-0 so far.

  86. 2-1 after getting hosed on that call- I think the 3 steps and extension for the goal line satisfy the requirements for “football move”. I think the NFL competition committee needs to review this and go back to 2 steps and the ground can’t cause the fumble rule……..

    1. I hear you. It can be debated, but it’s been often interpreted that way since the Calvin Johnson ruling. I was surprised they even looked at it (other than the usual post TD review), but the ExRef TV consultant predicted how it would be ruled.

    1. Never been big on Garrett. I’m sure that he’s a bright guy, but he’s Jerry’ puppet and Jones pulls all the string on the cowboys.
      I don’t know if I could trust a headcoach that has basically been a prop for his owner.

      1. Jerry Jones has nothing to do with the game planning. Garrett has a pretty good record as a HC. If for some strange reason he doesn’t sign an extension he’ll be in high demand.

  87. Grant

    I offered two answers to htwaits…they did not make it…Did I get ‘blipped’?

    1. Oregon ..
      Grant, doesn’t usually censor anyone,
      unless you go beyond the PG rating ..

      (or.. it’ll hang if you post 2 links in the same

      1. MWNiner

        Thanks for the info, I don’t think that I broke the Legion of Decency, but… it may be my computer…It’s been giving me some grief lately

        Thanks again….

  88. The great Peyton Manning just had a brain-fart. He could have easily gotten the first down but instead try to complete a 20+ yard pass. This blog would have exploded if CK had done the same thing :)

    1. Peyton’s game seems to be deteriorating as of late. If the Broncos lose today, will he retire. I would love to have him as an OC, but I don’t know if it would be customary for him to take a position coach job first, like QB coach. But as many noted he already is the defacto OC at Denver, so why not.

        1. Could be Scooter but if he faces the Seahawks again in the SB, those passes of his have no chance. I think his arm is done and not even an average QB-arm anymore when it comes to velocity.

              1. Second time on a pass to Moncrief as well. Moncrief isn’t helping Luck at all on those passes. He’s late to react, and isn’t coming back to the football.

              2. Not a bad decision. Take the deep shot on 3rd and long. If it’s picked off no big deal. You’d be punting the ball on the next play anyway.

              3. Jack, it’s no big deal until that interception was return for a touch down or for a big gain.

              4. We saw Cam Newton do the same type of thing in the first quarter yesterday.

                It’s smart football to take the shot.

                The likelihood that it is returned for a TD is about the same as a punt.

              5. I’m wondering if Luck learned something about Moncrief during those throws; namely, that he can’t yet be trusted if the game should be on the line.

                Or do you think he probably already knows that or it is unimportant.

              6. Moncrief has been getting more involved in the passing game over the second half of the season. But a lot of that has been turning short throws into bigger gains.

                He’s still raw as a route runner and body catches the ball, and makes rookie mistakes. Aside from those two INTs there has also been at least one other throw that fell incomplete where Moncrief reacted late, didn’t come back to the football when he should have. If he keeps that up then Luck will stop looking his way.

      1. Maybe the fact that he is a very wealthy man, and will still be making a ton of money after he retires, will effect his interest in being a coach at any level.

        1. That’s Manning by the way. My reply is so far from the post being replied to that it’s pointless.

    1. There is nothing in that article but the author’s speculation. McDaniels big problem in Denver was getting along with the people he worked with. Does that ring a bell?

      Recently there was comment about him still having a problem getting along with the people he currently works with. His good years have all been with Tom Brady. Would Tom come with him?

      There is a good chance he won’t be available until after the Superbowl. That’s three weeks away. If the 49ers wait that long, then he must be their choice.

      Will it work? I have no idea.

  89. Well .. if he does get the gig ..
    .. we won’t know ’till after he gets
    beten by Andrew Luck (next week)

    (hey … it could happen !)

  90. My God I wish we wee playing against Luck in the SB. He finds more ways to lose a game than any young QB that I know. Interception #2?

    And let’s see, we have another unhealthy QB next week. The Gods must be smiling down upon us. Haha. It’s difficult not to be optimistic.

    1. Luck isn’t immune to an INT or two, he isn’t afraid to take some chances. But he’s also a guy that can put a lot of points on the board in a hurry, and make big plays when they are needed.

      1. Scooter: My point was it wasn’t a necessary throw. These pass-happy teams don’t protect the ball — he has an entire qtr. to go. It wasn’t a high percentage play. You do that against the Seahawks and they’ll beat you. Besides Manning’s not doing well and how many catches have their WRs missed.

        1. As others have said, those balls fall incomplete and they need to punt anyway, and the distance covered on those passes was not that different to a punt.

          Calculated risks. Luck is one of the better QBs when it comes to game awareness. And it is no fluke he has led so many 4th qtr comebacks and game winning drives. He doesn’t let the game get bigger than him. If I had to build a team around one guy right now, Luck would be my pick.

          1. Bad decision by Payton not to run for a 1st down with a wide open field (about 15 yards) and only needing about 5 yards. Instead he forces it to a receiver on the sidelines that is broken up.
            Even the great ones make bad decisions.
            Huge disappointment in Broncoworld tonight, their door may have shut with a loud thud.

        2. There is a theory that if it’s third and long and no one is open for a first down, then take a long shot down field which is very much like a punt. The chance of a long run back isn’t terrible, and you have the chance of a fluke reception or pass interference. Luck’s interceptions that I think you’re referring to are two examples of that theory in practice.

      2. Scooter: Don’t misunderstand me, Luck will go down as a great QB and there were times I wish he were on our team. But not anymore. PC said if you think Wilson is as good as he’s going to be, your wrong & and it’s happened. I really enjoy the the exact % of versatility that our team plays. It all starts with PC and this crazy cast of characters that make things happen. I’m done.

        1. Without Seattles defense, Russell Wilson struggles big time. You see his deep ball, it looks like a tennis lob.
          Sure he has escapabality, makes nothing out of something but when your defense wins you field position every game, its clear they don’t get much from Wilson.

          1. Oh Prime we’re getting feisty aren’t we. Well, I’m not a fighter but this is what Jack said yesterday and I believe he was being genuine:

            “Seattle, they got it right at the most important position. The dude just makes plays, and has at every level. His size was the only downside. If he was 6’3″ he would have been a top 10 pick.”

            PC did something else right also, he put together one of the most complete teams in football.

            1. Wilson is in the second tier of QB’s, at best. Without the running game and defense, he doesn’t do much on his own. He can look very good when everything else is clicking, but rarely does he win a game on his own. Fortunately for the Seahawks, they don’t need Wilson to do much.

    2. But yeah, you should definitely be feeling confident. Seahawks are playing very good football at the right time of year.

    3. Mary:

      See Jack’s comment. Those intercepted passes were essentially medium punts and he was taking, imho, a good calculated risk.

      1. Cubus, I’m not sure about that thinking. I would agree if it was a 50-yrd-plus throw then that will be just a punt. And besides, he throws one of those against the Seahawks secondary, it can easily be a pick-six.

        1. I’m pretty sure the announcers said the first one was 39 yards, don’t know about the second. At that distance down the field, I doubt a pick six. Those throws weren’t at all like the Newton throw yesterday.

          1. Newton had one in the first quarter. Sherman picked it off, and the return was for 0 yards.

            Throwing it late into the flat is an entirely different story. Don’t get the two confused.

            1. Jack:

              I agree. I was talking only about the Newton interception on the throw out to the flat.

    4. “…My God I wish we wee playing against Luck in the SB. He finds more ways to lose a game than any young QB that I know. Interception #2?…”

      u-hhh … check the time left … and the score

      “….And let’s see, we have another unhealthy QB next week. The Gods must be smiling down upon us. …”

      “WE” …. “US” …?

      You gotta mouse in yer pocket ?

  91. If we don’t get an announcement tomorrow concerning the HC, gets me to thinking that maybe a surprise might be coming. Due diligence is fine but there isn’t much out there to begin with.

    1. KY ….

      I’m gonna be a BIG Aaron Rogers fan next week …

      (if only to shut Mary’s trap)

        1. That’s one of the things that makes it so impressive for me. They don’t have much of a running game, and the defense while improving is still only competent at best. Luck makes this team competitive.

          1. I’ll be surprise if he doesn’t win at least one SB within the next 5 years. If Gore is gone next year, I hope he joins Luck and see if he can get his ring that way.

  92. It will be interesting to see whether someone “waits” to take Quinn. PC said it would be a shame if they didn’t. I have a feeling Bevell will return and I read where RSherman was lobbying for Chris Sherman their Secondary coach to move up to DC. It would make sense for PC to promote from within.

    1. Hope the entire SeaChicken team
      has a major brain fart next week, Mary ..

      If that happens .. will you stop talkin’ about them ?

        1. I’m guessing he would Mary but this is a 49er blog. You see people on here like SF and don’t want to talk about other teams. Especially our hated rivals the Hawks. I still don’t get why your on here?

        2. Why on earth for ??

          I couldn’t care less about any other teams …

          so-o-o-o … tell me again ..

          why are you here, again ?

      1. MWN: Don’t fret. I want to move on anyway. I want to be with like-minded people and now that the draft is coming. I’ve learned a lot while here. So hang in there and disregard my posts if you find them so upsetting.

        1. Mary:

          In all seriousness your apprentice training on this site has come to an end and you’re more than qualified to take your new found knowledge to other sites.

          I wish you well on fieldgulls.com.

          1. Now don’t get all excited. It will be after the SB.

            I like reading Fieldgulls. But I think I’ll go to Profootballfocus and Outsiders and just read until I feel comfortable.

            1. Mary …

              To be honest …
              I really don’t mind you being here … but ..
              what bugs me is the fact that you don’t seem
              to be able to stop talking about your beloved
              SeaChickens …

              While I realize this attitude of mine is very
              “old school” …. I was raised to show respect ..
              as well as manners …

              (a forgotten art, nowadays)

              … and for you
              to prance in here, constantly talking about …
              and posting your obnoxious SeaChicken links ..

              (ON A NINER SITE … I might add) …

              shows a complete lack of respect .. and
              bad manners to the Niner fans, here …

              I’d be happy to have a one on one with you.. as
              long as the conversation stays on topic …
              (ya kno … the NINERS)

              Got it ?

              If not …

              Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out !

        2. Now we know why the Seahawks seem to out do us in the draft. There is a spy hiding right out in the open taking down all the invaluable draft information that’s offered here every year.

            1. A blind pig is going to find an acorn once in a while.

              Check my explanation to you about the two long interceptions thrown on third and long by Luck. It’s a question of gaming theory.

              1. Htwaits: I’ll checked out the 3 & long. I see what you mean.

                Check out this. Bill Billick’s Toxic Diff. Chart. I’ve been following it for the last 3 years. Sea. thrives on turnovers. They practice “Take-Away Thursdays” If we play the Colts I firmly believe Luck will get into trouble.

                But I’m getting ahead of myself, GB is going to be tough.


    2. Mary:

      Even though I’ve been accused of being a Seahawks hater, I just wanted you to know that I support RW being the highest paid QB in the NFL. I think he deserves an average salary that is north of 30 million – more if he can get it.

          1. Exg: You were wrong last year. Look at all the key players (defensive core) we kept. Perhaps you should stick to predicting 49ers future.

            We’ll keep Bobbie Waggner and I know we want to keep B. Irvin, but he might be a casualty. CB Byron Maxwell will probably be released. He’s very good and the MVP player in the SB. 49ers should pick him up — he’ll be expensive but better than anyone you have.


            1. Mary,

              I believe I said the Seahawks cap trouble would begin to show this year, and it has. Your team has a great starting lineup on defense, but is paper thin, as far as depth is concerned. Why do you think that might be?

              Yes, they have re-signed many of their stars, but for high salaries and have had to let players go who would’ve provided valuable depth.

              As you noted, this coming off season, they will likely have to let go of two valuable starters, with no clear replacements. This is all without having paid Wilson. When he scores his $20M – $22M per year contract, the salary cap noose will become even tighter.

              I’m not saying the Seahawks are going to fall apart over night, but they were at their high point last year and are on their way down.

              Unfortunately, they’re lucky to be healthy at the right time and look like a clear favorite to win the Super Bowl again (last year, they got lucky that the 49ers were hosed by the refs in NO – the horrible roughing the passer call against Brooks, costing the 49ers that game and home field advantage in the NFCCG).

              You better hope they win this year, because it’s only going to get harder from here.

  93. Peyton needs to retire. He still has the mind but his body isn’t allowing him to play. He has zero zip on his passes

    1. KY49er: I feel sorry for Peyton — he probably should have retired last year. And they’ll fire Fox, I bet.

  94. Good job by Manusky. He’s stopped Manning before with creative pass rush combinations by Justin Smith and Harralson.

    The 49ers have had their ups and downs, but their defenses have been well coached for quite a while.

  95. Andrew Luck advances to AFC Champ Game vs Brady ..

    Big question … can he leave Tom in the dust ?

    1. MWN,
      It should be a very game. Brady represents the old lion who may want to capture the prey (SB win) one last time, while Luck is the young lion that is hungry and wants to expand (emerge as the new king) his territory.

      I think that Brady wins this one because of the Pat’s defense mainly: Revis, Browner, McCourty, Arrington, and Chung among others.

      The young hungry lion will have to wait his turn at the table.

        1. AES ..

          Well .. I’ll be rootin’ for the home town boy ..

          (ya kno …. the younger one !)

      1. AES: Yeah, they really beefed up their secondary. Gosh, I really thought Denver would be better . . . that was disappointing.

        1. Denver shored up their D-line in the off season because they felt after their loss in the SB that it was the biggest concern.
          If Payton is done, Denver could be years away from another SB run.

          Perhaps there’s hope for teams like the Chargers and the Chiefs to overtake Denver as the AFL West title hopefuls.

  96. Looks like additional confirmation regarding Roman, provided by LaCanfora:

    “Hearing the Bills will be announcing Greg Roman as their offensive coordinator shortly after officially naming Rex their head coach”

    1. cubus ..

      it appears to me that the Bills really want
      the first pick in the 2016 draft ! … lol

  97. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been extremely impressed with the defensive backfields of the Colts, Broncos, Pats, and Ravens. Only NFC clubs to hold a candle would be the Seahawks and the Packers. Some pretty amazing D play the last two days.

  98. Tweet from Rapoport to MM:

    “Absolutely RT @MaioccoCSN: There can’t be too many special-teams players in the league better than C.J. Spillman.”

    Someone remind me why we got rid of Spillman?

    1. cubus …

      anytime you find one of those kinds of decisions ..
      remember …

      It’s ALL

      Jed’s fault !

      1. I don’t really care that they let Spillman go. They need to find some younger ST players to fill those roles anyway. There’s also the rape allegations out there against him that I’m glad aren’t our concern.

  99. Question on the Dez Bryant catch. I’ve seen several slow-motion replays now. I thought it was a good catch because he caught the ball while in the air and then made three steps before he actually hit the ground. Aren’t three steps good enough to be ruled a “football move”. If so, then he doesn’t have to retain possession all the way through. It would have been a catch, subsequent fumble and then Dez recovers his own fumble.

    1. No. You’re wrong. The 3 “steps” were stumbles, not football moves. Think about it this way: Dez was destined to hit the ground on that catch; there was NO way he would have been able to stay on his feet. Therefore, he was in the process of going to the ground, and thus, he HAD to maintain control of the ball throughout the process.

      1. Yeah but – aren’t they saying that he had to “retain or maintain possession” as he went to the ground. That wording means that he had possession. In games that I’ve watched, I don’t remember this ruling being applied to a catch that is in the field. That ruling is typically applied to catches where the receiver goes out of bounds.

        Because the catch was inbounds, I thought it would have been a fumble which Dez recovered or ruled that he never had possession in the first place.

        1. If he did not make a football move (and he did not) and the ball touch the ground (and it did) it’s either incompletion or a catch and down by contact. Since he lost control momentarily, it’s incomplete.
          It was not possible to be fumble in that situation.

        2. You haven’t been watching carefully. It’s not a rare occurrence.

          The play, as it happened on the field, is a perfect example of “maintaining control through the “process” of going to the ground. In this case failing to do that.

          Being out of bounds isn’t part of evaluating the “process” and process is the key word. When he hit the ground the ball also touched the ground as he lost control. The pass, by rule, was incomplete in that instant. It’s a crappy rule that they probably keep because they can’t come up with one that’s better.

        3. Cubus,

          The rule is that he has to maintain control when the ball touches the ground. He did not and that is why it was ruled incomplete. The fact he had possession before going to the ground means nothing, as does the fact he regained possession in the end zone. The rule is that if the player is going to the ground in the process of making a catch, he has to retain possession throughout. The rule is really tough to swallow, but it got to that point because of other situations that caused controversy such as plays being ruled a fumble when it appears the player didn’t have complete control.

          There is no surefire way to rectify it unfortunately.

  100. After obsessively watching Urban Meyer… he simply is a 49er coach. He is the 49er way of football. He has class, discipline, intelligence, etc. I don’t know how it would be possible to get him, but the 49ers need him. I have no doubt he would bring the missing ingredient to the organization. He is the only real option that will live up to what is needed in my opinion.

        1. Noland took Alex because he did a silly exercise for Nolan and Rogers refused to do anything that silly. Noland wanted a QB that would follow orders no matter how silly. It can be a strange experience if you think too much about what some people want.

      1. Urban Meyer can take Alex Smith, Tim Tebow and a third string QB to a bowl and WIN. By the way, your logic is atrocious.

        1. Yea really. Either there weren’t any opportunities or there weren’t any opportunities he was interested in.

          1. Your initial comment read as if he was staying because he didn’t really have opportunities.

            1. You’re right it does probably because I lean more towards the idea that the teams had less interest in Kubiak then vice-versa.

          2. Kubiak is a very good OC, but has yet to have significant success as a HC. I’d bet he’s happy in Baltimore right now because he works for a great HC and gets to focus his skills on the tactics of the game, moreso than the politicking required to direct an entire team.

          3. Also, he had that medical episode during the 2013 season and that might have had a major impact on his decision not to pursue a HC job.

      1. The reason he may not have liked the opportunities out there may simply be he is liking the reduced amount of pressure being an OC provides.

        1. So, now there’s potentially only McDaniels and Quinn to wait for. If we are waiting for one of those guys, then I gotta believe that the backup plan is Fangio. If we wait for another week or two other candidates on the niners list will most likely be gone – thus leaving Fangio as the backup plan if they can’t get McDaniels or Quinn (assuming they want one of these guys in the first place). So if the FO doesn’t announce soon, that might be the strategy. However, it seems to be a bit schizophrenic because if they are waiting for McDaniels that means they really want an offensive HC. But if they can’t get him, hiring a defensive guy, Fangio, would seem a bit odd. Quinn is being associated with the Jets. This makes me think they will announce early this next week.

          1. I’ve never been a fan of hiring Fangio or Tomsula as I think they’re better suited in their current jobs but the coaching search has bleakly made Fangio the best sounding option.

          2. I must admit I really don’t understand why the 49ers would be interested in bringing in a defensive minded HC unless it is someone that comes with experience running a team. Otherwise they may as well promote Fangio.

            I think an offensive minded HC makes the most sense.

            1. agree, Scooter …

              how much “hands on” would Fangio ..
              (or any “D”-minded” HC, for that matter) have
              with Kaep ? ..

              Don’t get me wrong …
              If the choice is going with a Defensive HC …
              I’d want it to be Vic Fangio ..

              (he deserves it)

  101. But if Fangio is HC then he isn’t running the D right? But no coach with other options is gonna take the 49ers job. Why would McDaniels go with the 49ers if he could go with the Raiders? Top young QB, top draft pick and an owner who is not a complete ass. And easier div. Bingo. Same with Falcons. No bright young coach is gonna work for an owner who Harbaugh wasn’t good enough for.

    1. kezar
      Whether or not their owner is an azz is under question, the fact that a multimillionaire flew southwest to interview a coach should send candidates running for the hills before the owner starts charging players for soap and towels like mike brown in cincy

  102. Guys as optimistic as we many of us try to be about this coaching search, it’s a failure. If the Seahawks win the SB, it is only going to make things worse. I hope Jed can’t sleep at night.

  103. If there’s no announcement this week, it suggests to me that McDaniels is the guy they want….

  104. KY49er

    Guys as optimistic as we many of us try to be about this coaching search, it’s a failure.

    Because …?

  105. Because I doubt they spent all this time interviewing all of these coaches only to promote Fangio or Tomsula. They could have interviewed one non Caucasian coach to satisfy the Rooney Rule, then promote one of those guys.

    Last just my opinion there are not any coaches available to take us over the top. McDaniel’s looks good because of Tom Brady. Hey if I am wrong, I will not sugar coat it, but I do not think so.

    1. KY49er,

      I agree, the 49ers front office will find it nearly impossible to replace Jim Harbaugh. They got rid of a successful coach for non-football reasons. Long before the season ended, I stated that if it came down to it, Baalke should be the one fired. Replacing him would have been a lot easier (for example: Scot McCloughan). Now, the 49ers find themselves in a tough position and have nobody to blame by themselves.

    2. On the surface it looks like Jed is no better prepared to replace his “winning just short of the Superbowl” coach than his father John was prepared to replace his “winning enough to get into the playoffs” coach.

  106. It’s not like they’re lagging behind the other teams; Buffalo helped us out by taking Rex, and the others are still working on it. Some guys are/ were still working in the playoffs.
    I’m saving my breath (keystrokes) for Over- Reaction Day when they do make the announcement.

    1. Harbaugh set the bar high. Regardless if he was like or not he was successful. He was very close to the pinnacle. The room for improvement in marginal. It can happen, but statistically it is going to be easier to fail, than to succeed. Follow that up with a fan base you would think was born in the 90’s, and you have a new coach entering a pressure cooker environment.

      1. “statistically it is going to be easier to fail, than to succeed”

        They were 8-8 this season. I think statistically they could go either way.

    2. “….Over- Reaction Day when they do make the announcement…”

      a very apt description, BT

  107. Meanwhile EJ Manuel’s career just went down the toilet with the Bills hiring of Rex Ryan the QB killer.

    1. I saw a mention on PFT that Bills’ FO was telling coach candidates that they thought Manuel’s troubles were from bad coaching. So Rex inherits another questionable QB he didn’t choose who has support of the suits upstairs. What could go wrong?

    1. MWN,

      Thanks for the link. Here are some interesting quotes from that blog post:

      Bowles will have a second interview with the 49ers, CBS Sports reported.

      Bowles has presumably received an endorsement from Hall-of-Fame coach Bill Parcells, who is a mentor of 49ers general manager Trent Baalke.

      Oh brother … it sounds like Bowles is a strong candidate and not just a Rooney interview. If this is indeed accurate, then Baalke is even dumber than I thought he was.

  108. KY49er:

    I’m still not following you. Is it a failure because:

    (a) the team interviewed candidates they didn’t need to?
    (b) the team missed out on the best available candidate (Ryan)?
    (c) you think the team is about to hire the wrong guy (Fangio/Tomsula)?
    (d) you didn’t want them to let go of Harbaugh?

    1. It is a failure due to the fact, IMO, they interviewed candidates they didn’t need to. I believe most was for show.

      Ryan is not the best candidate. Great defensive mind but not “Classy” enough.

      I believe Fangio is the best available option – given the current circumstance. I prefer to keep him around. I just do not know who will run the offense.

      To sum it all up, Harbaugh should not have been let go. That was the first mistake. Two, our team won mostly because of defense. We need to Find a way to keep him. The rest of this seems like a horse and pony show. Our biggest struggles are on offense. Many of the candidates we have interviewed are strong defensive coaches. The people we are reportedly interested in are products of GREAT QB’s.

    2. KY,

      I actually like the fact they didn’t rush to name a replacement personally. I’d much rather it take longer and they talk to multiple candidates because it shows they are trying to find the best guy; not just a guy.

      Not liking the candidates is another story altogether. I didn’t want Harbaugh to leave either, but that ship has sailed so now it’s about finding the best replacement. I under stand the lack of enthusiasm over some of the candidates, but we really don’t know what they are capable of until they get a chance.

      Things always get referenced back to Bill Walsh around here and this is another one we can look at. Bill Walsh was passed over for HC jobs for years until finally getting a shot at Stanford. He was nearly 50 when the Niners hired him and there was little interest from anywhere else. Sometimes you just have to trust the hiring process.

  109. Offtopic, but here’s a story on Peyton Manning. Quotes attributed to players about how weak his arm was in practice and how he threw more picks in the past 6 weeks in practice than ever before. Given that he’ll be 39 in two months, his career is probably over. I for one appreciated the “artistry” he brought to the position.

    Would we want him as QB coach or OC? I’m sure he’d be in big demand across the NFL and, at least initially, it would probably be a rough transition season for CK.


    1. ESPN has a bit saying PM had a torn quad the last 6 weeks. Maybe he can’t push off his leg to generate velocity. Accuracy sucked too yesterday. At halftime Bart Scott said something I only half heard about Manning’s mechanics. Something like in order to get the ball deep he had to throw a ‘punt’ and release too early and hope the WR could run under it; which they couldn’t. Sanders was beside himself. Peyton couldn’t have been too pleased either. I’ll bet the Colts saw it on film and dared him to beat them deep.

      1. If he was that hurt then he shouldn’t have been playing. You can’t claim to be good enough to go and then say you’re hurt after the fact when you sucked. I mean you can but it only makes you look bad.

        1. Just saw Manning’s post game and he never mentioned it. Per Scheftner, the story came from someone outside the Broncos. He’s not whining or making excuses.

            1. Heard it verbally this morning on SC from his lips. Protecting his source, which he said wasn’t from Peyton or from anyone with the Broncos.

        2. Coffee Come on man you are a knowledgable sports guy. You have to understand the culture of sports. If a player takes himself out his coaches and teamates are going to question his courage for the rest of his career. Its the coaches and trainers job to evaluate the player and decide whether or not he can go. Do you think Joe Montana would have pulled himself out of a game? Rob Nen is the perfect example he pitched with a completely destroyed arm it ended his career and lost the Giants a World Series but there wasn’t a single complaint from his team mates. He was a warrior.

        3. If Payton was really hurt as reported by Scheftner, than I give him kudos for braving it out and at least going out like a warrior.

          If Payton continued playing after the quad was torn 6 weeks ago, why would he miss the biggest game of the season?
          Players like Payton live for these type of moments, where they can pull out a victory against the odds to add to their legend.

          Both Rodgers and Romo looked dinged up yesterday and they were not going sit on the bench in the biggest game of the season unless they couldn’t walk or throw.

          In Payton’ case, I’m not convinced that the Broncos would have beat the Colts even with Payton at full speed.

    2. I’m not suggesting he isn’t or couldn’t be a good coach but I also don’t assume that because he was a great player that he’s by default able to parlay that into a successful coaching career as well.

      Seems to me, most of the guys that are coaches, most, are guys that didn’t have the types of careers that Manning had, in fact they usually often don’t. Coaches tend to be guys that had shortened careers due to injury or guys that played the game well at college because they have high football smarts but at the next level they just didn’t have the physical traits to compete.

      It’s rare to see a guy have a full career and then still go into coaching.

      1. Harbaugh had a full career and is by all accounts a great coach, personality aside. To me Manning might be of interest because he was the defacto OC for Denver, not so much because he was a great player. Just from watching him in the games it seems very likely that he “coached” his teammates as a player/coach. I don’t think the transition would be hard for him. However, he seems like a perfectionist and is likely a task master. It would be nice to hear what some of his teammates think of him in something that resembles an “off-the-record” discussion (probably not much if anything available)

        1. Harbaugh had a full career and is by all accounts a great coach,
          OK well that’s one. Did I say they didn’t exist or that they were uncommon?

          1. “It’s rare to see a guy have a full career and then still go into coaching.”

            The word “rare” qualifies as uncommon. But that wasn’t the main focus of my response. It’s the defacto OC position that he currently has at Denver that intrigues me and why I think there is a good possibility he could make the transition.

            1. It’s the defacto OC position that he currently has at Denver
              That’s a fan created notion because of the false idea that Manning calls his own plays which isn’t true. Gase calls the plays in Denver.

        2. ” and is by all accounts a great coach, ”
          All? He’s so great that he just got fired from his job. Football reasons or not,if you believe that, he’s such a great coach that an NFL team felt they were better off without him then with. Doesn’t me the team is right but I wouldn’t say by ALL accounts he’s considered a great coach.

      1. “Perhaps Manning’s biggest problem as a coach would be that he wouldn’t be able to run an offense that didn’t have Peyton Manning as its quarterback.”

        Nail meet head.

      2. Thanks for posting that article. Pretty much agrees with my “on the surface” conclusions while validating the “under the surface” concerns about his ability to work with others.

        1. I’m also just playing the devil’s advocate on the subject. I think he could be a good QB coach or an adviser to the offense.

          If you wanted the perfect QB to teach Kaepernick how to watch film I couldn’t think of anyone better.

          1. Here’s a little something interesting on where the term Devil’s Advocate comes from. I never looked it up but I’m glad I did;

            The background of this word comes from an official position within the Catholic Church, in which a canon lawyer called the Devil’s Advocate, also known as the Promoter of Faith, “argued against the canonization (sainthood) of a candidate in order to uncover any character flaws or misrepresentation evidence favoring canonization.”[1]

          2. I’m not surewhether or not Manning could coach or not. Truely gifted players many times struggle teaching what came naturally to them. Ted Williams could not teach hitting. I don’t believe that M. Jordan could teach a player the skills that made him great. Joe Montana could’nt teach his sons to be quality QB’s. I don’t believe that Manning could pass on the skills that made him great, he is a natural

            1. Truely gifted players many times struggle teaching what came naturally to them.
              Well said.

              “Joe Montana could’nt teach his sons to be quality QB’s.”
              That’s an interesting point but I think that’s more of a discussion of genetics then coaching ability.

              1. I agree with coffee here. It rare a great becomes a great coach. It’s been said on here before that you can’t teach certain thugs to a qb. And I can’t see how manning would be able to teach a qb his talent. It’s a rare talent. His method of quick thinking is like a physical attribute some athletes just don’t have. A “gift” if you will. He would have to have a spitting image of himself to help that qb. And again that’s rare.
                It seems the mediocre smart qb’s have had the best success as coaches.
                I would like to see Alex smith give it a shot when he’s done. I think he has OC or qb coach written all over him. And I think he’d be a damn gold one too.

              2. Oh look it’s Ninermd and a post with the name Alex Smith in it. Still have that crush on old blue eyes? How sweet!

              3. Ninermd I agree with you regarding Alex Smith. The more weaknesses a player has over come the more he understands how to teach. Along with that he is smart and a leader but he is also rich as hell and when his career is over he probably won’t want to deal with the media ever again.

              4. Old coach…
                It would be a shame. He is very smart and seems like he would be able to have the patience and now how on how to teach a qb or run an offense.

      1. For somebody like Manning, I doubt it’s about money as he has all the money he will ever need. If he goes into coaching it’s about winning trophies, making it into the HoF as player and coach, etc.

  110. Between my friends that either still live in or came from Colorado the camps seem to be split into, “fire John Fox” and “Manning needs to retire.”

    Hmmm, get rid of the coach or get rid of the QB…sounds familiar.

  111. So, if Peyton quits … u-hhhh ..retires ..
    what happens with that humongus contract of his ?

    Is the “horse-face” .. (Elway) gonna be stuck in cap hell ?

    1. If he retires, he forefits the contract, if he is fired he keeps the broncos are still on the hook.

      1. If he’s fired he only keeps the “non-injury guaranteed” part of his contract.

  112. In Denver’s shoes I’d keep Fox and encourage Manning to return. PM will know if he can heal and return to form or not, and whether he has the juice for another campaign. Broncos bet the farm with Manning, but I’m not sure that’s Fox’s fault.
    Manning is such a football nerd and football junkie that it will be hard for him to quit, so I think he will go into coaching just to stay involved.

  113. While Jed and Baalke consider Adam Gase for the HC job, the Denver Broncos offense was booed off the field on Sunday.

    1. Gaze was not the problem. The 40 year old QB throwing ducks all game long was the issue. A typical choke job my manning come playoff time.

  114. And, as everyone knows, booing fans are the most reliable and knowledgeable football experts.

  115. Nick:

    And you put that on Gase? How was he responsible for Manning missing open receivers?
    I presume you also blamed Harbaugh/Roman for the 49ers’ offensive struggles?

    1. If Gase failed to recognize the strategy employed by the Colts, which was to shut down the middle of the field, then that was his shortcoming. It looked like it took him until the 4Q to adjust by trying to throw set up short passing plays.

      Also, Gase had Peyton at practice for 2 weeks, and should have gone into the game knowing what his weaknesses were going to be. It was evident to the casual observer after only a couple drives that Peyton was missing his medium-to-long throws. If you watched Emanuel Sanders’ histrionics on the field after each incompletion, you could tell the passing game was inept, and the team knew it. Yet, again, it looked like Gase waited until the 4Q to change his gameplan. CJ Anderson was Denver’s most potent weapon, yet Gase used him sparingly in the running game and even less in the passing game.

      Take, in contrast, Pep Hamilton, who asked Luck to spread the ball around to his WRs, TEs, and to his RBs. Herron caught at least 6 passes in the game, and that tactic (using the RB like he’s Roger Craig) worked wonders to soften up coverages down the field.

      Gase never seemed to adjust, which is a cardinal sin in San Francisco. Give me Pep Hamilton.

  116. I want to keep fangio, whatever it takes, but preferably as dc getting paid like an hc. But as an hc if he would leave. Keeping fangio is more important than keeping harbaugh, given that harbaugh’s strength should be offense and that was a weakness in spite of the talent level. Kapernick notwithstanding. He’s garbage, and harbaugh thinks he’s great with a capital G.

    1. I don’t really care who wins as I’m not a fan of either team, but I have a feeling Ohio State will win. Urban Meyer doesn’t usually lose in these situations.

  117. E:

    The Broncos adjusted a lot faster than you give them credit for, but it didn’t matter. The Broncos lost because Manning couldn’t throw the ball accurately more than 5-10 yards downfield. They were easy to defend. Also, Anderson had 24 touches (I’m not sure how many attempted passed to him were incomplete), so it’s inaccurate to say he was underutilized.

    That said, I don’t want to give the impression that I think the 49ers should hire Gase. He is not high on my list of preferred candidates.

    1. Claude:

      Seems like it has been awhile since you posted. I’m curious as to who is on your preferred list.

  118. I’d love to get some feedback on this idea:

    Offer Fangio HC money to stay as DC. Then offer Peyton Manning the HC job, and the ability to work with Baalke to find our next QB (and stopgap solution).

    Interestingly, this would mean Peyton Manning has replaced Harbaugh as a QB and a coach, though that isn’t why I think it’s a great idea. This is one of the best offensive minds in football, and I don’t think he needs to work his way up the coaching ranks to prove that.

    1. OK Alan, but my feedback is contrary. I would not put the franchise in the hands of a guy who hasn’t had any coaching experience, let alone no HC. HC>OC/DC> position coach. Walsh said that a guy should have at least one HC experience before being one in the NFL no matter how much time as an asst.
      But by the way, some of the Niners’ candidates haven’t been HC, so we’ll see.

  119. So here we are going into the Championship games and little in the way of news on a new HC. Peter King had news on every Coaching search except the Niners today. I like that. Be thorough and don’t give out info. I’m guessing they are really wanting to talk to one of the Coordinators still in the playoffs. Dan Quinn and McDaniels are still on their list I would guess. Pep Hamilton could be of interest, but the other two had previous interviews.

    If nothing happens this week than it’s obviously due to the fact they want one of these guys and if that’s the case we might be looking at after the SB before a hiring is made.

    1. Yep, no hire this week means it’s either McDaniels, Quinn. I’ve not seen any Pep in the 49ers steps, but that’s not to say there won’t be. I’m intrigued with the lack of interest in Tommy Clements, although Mr. jEd apparently is your classic age discriminator….

  120. Cubus:

    Despite my wording, I don’t really have a list of preferred candidates. I was simply stating (badly) that I wasn’t keen on Gase. For me, he is too much of an unknown. I simply don’t know enough about Gase’s role in Denver or how much credit he should be given for Denver’s offensive production.

    As for the 49ers’ search, my initial preference was to hire an offensive guy as HC and keep Fangio as DC (if he would stay) but that was largely due to the fear that a successful OC would soon leave the team for a HC job elsewhere. I’m less concerned about that now and more concerned about the team finding an offensive mind (at HC or at OC) who can (a) implement an offense that is compatible with the defense (I hope they keep Fangio, either as HC or DC) and (b) work with Kaepernick to fix his problems or, if those problems aren’t fixable, find and develop the next QB. I can’t say that I can identify anyone who meets that description. Kubiak was probably my initial preference, but he isn’t available.

    Given the talent level currently on the team, I’m all for maintaining continuity. For that reason, Fangio is my preference among those who have interviewed. And, although I can’t say that Kyle Shanahan satisfies (a) and (b), I don’t know that he doesn’t, so I guess I could live with that combination. I don’t know if Fangio would stay under any of the other mentioned candidates.

    Finally, everyone seems to be assuming that the 49ers’ delay in hiring anyone means that they are waiting for McDaniels or Quinn. Any chance they are waiting for Pep Hamilton? He hasn’t yet been available for an interview.

    1. Pretty much concur with the thought process. But I worry that if they wait too long, the coordinators they want at OC might not choose another team. OTOH, if I was in the FO I suppose I would have to have a certain amount of confidence (arrogance) that individuals would love to work for my team. And even if they didn’t, Vic Fangio will be available as my fallback position. If that occurs, then the strategy of getting an offensively-minded HC will not have worked, but settling for Fangio is not exactly a loser of a proposition.

      It’s probably a reasonable calculated risk, because as far as I know Fangio has not been invited by other teams to interview for HC and the Niners are blocking him from interviewing for other DC positions. Hence, even if it does take awhile, what are Fangio’s options? If they find an offensively-minded HC, then keep Fangio as DC (he’s still under contract if I understand correctly). Give him a good raise to mollify any hurt feelings. That’s my best guess if we don’t get an announcement in the next day or two.

    1. I don’t think either of them would interview until their season was over. I don’t think there is any way Meyer would be interested in moving to the NFL either. OSU is his dream job and he’s had some health issues in the past due to stress. The NFL is whole other level of stress.