49ers OTA Week 2 Periscope recap

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo passes during a practice at the team’s NFL football training facility in Santa Clara, Calif., Wednesday, May 30, 2018. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my recap of Wednesday’s OTA.

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  1. Interesting look, Grant. Sounds like Drago has already broken Marsh. I can’t believe that Thomas is 256 pounds now. I figured he’d be 285! The deference to Cam is admirable, but if he’s wrong, he’s wrong. Nothing personal. The way you describe the guard situation has me concerned. Maybe Magnuson or somebody else emerges. Luckily, Jimmy has a hairy trigger….

    1. Thomas down to 256 is a real concern. His NFL profile lists a weight of 273, which I assume was his college weight. As you mention, you would think an NFL regimen would pack on around 10 pounds of muscle.

      I can envision a lost season for Thomas similar to Armstead and Carradine for that matter.

      1. Per Matt Barrows in his latest mailbag on Thomas listed at 256:

        “He was listed at 256 pounds last year — the 49ers often grab a player’s weight from his college bio — but said at the end of the season he was around 275 and didn’t think he would alter his weight. As far as the eyeball test, he doesn’t seem different than a year ago. We’ll have to ask him. It would have been inappropriate yesterday when he was talking about the loss of his sister.”

        Again, Grant making something out of nothing.

  2. OTA’s are pretty much the implementation of the playbook and getting use to things. No pads little value as far as the lineman are concerned.

    1. Grant

      Thank you for what I consider a great ‘periscope’….I’ll go over this several times…again , thanks

  3. Players , all know it only matters when the pads are on . These run throughs are just that run throughs .
    Knowing where you need to be , and when , that’s it .
    My reasoning to this is simply , when the pads are on ,no clean releases from wideouts , offensive lineman hold , changing everything , position ,timing , perception .

    Voice of reason , as a former player , don’t read too much into the physicality of OTAs .
    Your learning the playbook ,as long as there are no pads on .

    We will learn more about our team , when the pads are on .
    Go 49ers .

  4. Yeah, it’s only a precursor for when the real hitting starts.
    Thomas needs to learn how to play in his brand new body and Marsh who relies on physical use of his hands obviously was limited by no-pads rule.

    Biggest concern for me is Jimmy Ward. He may not be the versatile player we thought he was. That said, it’s still too soon to make any serious takes at this point.
    Thanks just the same Grant.

    1. Biggest concern for me is Thomas. The team has already had two failed attempts asking a D lineman to “reshape” his body in order to play a different position (Carradine and Armstead).

  5. I wouldn’t be too dismissive of Grants evaluation of Ward. They signed him as an insurance policy in case nothing panned out in the draft or free agency. Now they really might be better off without him. He really doesn’t have the body to be a press corner.

    Grant I said this before but I will say it again. You are really much better verbally than in writing. I think verbally you add more in that you give detail and insight into your how you came to your conclusions.

  6. Hey Grant, I really enjoy your prospective on things. You call them like you see them don’t have your Homer glasses on. Don’t sugarcoat. Keep up the good work.

  7. Haven’t had a chance to listen to the periscope. According to who is Thomas down to 256lbs? Was that straight from Thomas’ mouth? And what did he play at last season?

    He is listed on NFL.com as 256lbs. His combine weight was 273lbs. Is this just a case of using unreliable NFL.com data?

  8. Good stuff Grant. Everyone sees things differently but I do appreciate your insight. But above all, I’m very sorry to see that you have a head injury. Hope you don’t have to wear that stupid effing head gear too long.

  9. Hey grant did anyone miss an assignment , on the plays run , did the offensive line miss any blocks , or blitz pick-ups .
    Did the D lineman hold there rushing lanes , did the safety stay over the top .?

    Position is everything in OTAs .
    Learn !

  10. Good report Grant! Sorry to hear about your homeless situation. There’s always room for you at the shelter though.

    The report highlights what many saw as weaknesses for the team: Guard and pass rush. It’s too bad the team didn’t adequately address the problem areas.

    You are spot on in comparing the team to the Colts and GB, totally dependent on QB play.

  11. Thanks for your professional insights into Pettis and James.I drafted James for my PPR DYNASTY team and was delighted to hear he was was having a good OTAS .From studying game film of both James and Kekke Coutee I found remarkable similarities in both their games. One being their explosiveness and two their fearlessness at catching passes over the middle.By the way i also drafted Kekke. and he has already been put on the Texans 53 man depth chart. Keep up the good work.. Dave

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