49ers pledge $1 million to improve “racial and economic inequality.”

The San Francisco 49ers just released the following statement from team CEO Jed York:

“Today, I am committing that the 49ers Foundation will contribute $1 Million to the cause of improving racial and economic inequality and fostering communication and collaboration between law enforcement and the communities they serve here in the Bay Area.

“We are partnering with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the San Francisco Foundation in this effort.  We have chosen to work with these two organizations because they have proven track records of effecting change in the face of challenging problems and have the collective reach to make the greatest impact. Silicon Valley Community Foundation is the largest community foundation in the world, managing $7.3 billion in assets and more than 1,800 philanthropic funds globally. The San Francisco Foundation has served the people of the Bay Area since 1948, almost as long as the 49ers franchise. We are excited to work with these two renowned foundations over the coming months to develop a giving plan to help our community find unifying solutions to these pressing issues.”

Good for the 49ers.

Two questions for you: Why did the Niners make this pledge now? And do you think they would have made it  if Colin Kaepernick hadn’t pledged $1 million last week?

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  1. It’s Thursday night, first game of the season, let’s watch football now! Enough drama, show time!

    1. Don’t know about you Prime but I’m watching the game and practicing my self-medicaction now and ….. aaaah…..I forget. Never mind.

  2. It’s a shrewd business decision triggered by the Kaepernick jersey sales. I highly doubt had he not garnered the support that he has, regardless of whether or not he donated any of his own funds, that the 49ers would have made their monetary pledge….

    1. I think that’s about right Razor. Jersey sales suggest public support, player support is pretty evident, advancing the issue itself (the cause, not the protest) in a positive way all contributed. This can help to refocus attention away from Colin and the 49ers and back on the issue. The timing is all about opportunity is my guess. It’s pragmatic but not necessarily disingenuous.

  3. For The Jedster to pledge only a million ..
    seems to be a token effort .. considering ..
    Kap pledged the same amount …

    Surely Jedster has deeper pockets ..
    (and .. a million is only a good down payment
    on a house in The City …

    ( it’s not gonna go very far)

      1. He went too early for me to consider but Stewart was lingering around towards the end of a couple of my drafts.

      1. Disagree. He was hacked over the shoulder. I think a good number of young backs would lose the ball in that type of situation.

        1. Point is he fumbled 9 times in college and lost 5 of them. I like players that don’t fumble….

  4. Those who are watching… Are the Broncos running up tempo? In the 2nd half of last year’s playoff game vs Seattle the Panthers had problems vs up tempo pace.

    (Grasping at any glimmer of hope I can)

    1. Newton is not dropping 10 yards back to pass, instead staying in the pocket. To the chagrin of Von Miller….

    1. Although Gabbert and Kaep are not very good, there much better options then your boy.. That’s a fact!

      1. For their sake I sure hope former 1st and 2nd rounders playing in their 6th seasons are better then a 3rd rounder starting his second cause otherwise how bad would they suck?

    1. Mid, 1 in 5 never make it back, but they did not assess how far back the players came back. Probably only 1 in 5 make it totally back to as good as before the injury. Probably 3 out of 5 have some impairment, but still could play. I do not have the stats, but that is my guestimate.

  5. I liked the commentary from Manning on a couple of plays. Learned more from just those couple of comments than I have from Aikman who is also an ex-QB. I hope he takes a gig as a game analyst.

  6. Textbook of beauty by Kubiak. I rue the day the 49ers didn’t go out and grab him when they had the chance….

    1. Demver’s OL has looked respectable against a big tough D. These are quality teams. Young QB has showed well.

      1. Probably not, but that where effectively managing your starters comes into play.

    1. Good is a little strong there seb! If Gabbert played like this we wouldn’t be saying the same thing.

        1. I think he plays well Monday night… I was just saying we crucify Gabbert for looking better then Semien did tonight. That’s what I was talking about.

      1. He beat Carolina, by going for it, instead of settling for a FG. He beat Cam Newton, so he did well. Maybe it was not pretty, and that batted pass was picked, but he did enough to win, which is the bottom line.

  7. I am glad Jed is being proactive, and this gesture seems to support Kaep. Niners are starting to act with class.

    I am glad that Jed showed leadership, and resolved the AD impasse.

    I am glad Jed has kept a low profile, and has not stuck his foot in his mouth.

    Another thing Jed could do to show me that he gets it, and has started acting mature, is for Jed to put back the statue of JH into the museum. Jed should invite JH back for a private chat, and unveil the statue together. Jed should then apologize to JH for being so immature and petty, and make a generous donation to building schools in Peru. Jh deserves to be in the museum because he made the Niners relevant again.

    Finally, Jed will show me class if he puts some mention of Carmen Policy in the museum, too. These are small gestures, but they would speak volumes. Jed should let Eddie design the exhibit, and write something.

  8. One thing I will stress, and this game is a good example, is that Chip should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. Burning time outs may cost them the game.

    1. Yup, they did not have a time out to stop the clock, or they could have gotten closer. Missed. Denver wins.

    1. They had trouble vs the Seattle’s tempo in the 2nd half of the playoff game. If the Niners can string a few first downs together Kelly’s O could start rockin.

  9. Seeman was good not great. Just goes to show what a good running game can do for a QB. It can make him a winner!

    1. BUT….just like last year, the Broncos have laid out the blue print as to how to beat Cam Newton.

      1. You mean lucking out that two dumb penalties did not cost you the game and their kicker missed a winning field goal? Some blueprint.

        1. The blue print is simple. Bang Newton around. Send more than they can
          block and he gets frazzled. Run the ball and don’t turn it over and apparently you have a chance to beat the best team in the NFC.

          1. Yet the Broncos won because of pure luck. Like I said, some blueprint.

          2. “Run the ball and don’t turn it over and apparently you have a chance to beat the best team in the NFC.”

            Football 101

              1. The Panthers were +2 in the turnover department. The difference though was those Broncos TO’s occurred deep in Panther territory, while the one Panther TO was deep in their own territory and a personal foul made it even deeper.

          3. That’s not a blue print Prime. It’s what every team tries to do on a weekly basis. The true key to success at this level is to have better players and Coaching than the other guys do.

            1. Rocket:

              I would add that a better offensive or defensive scheme also gives a team an edge. However, maybe you are including that under coaching. I would also agree that if an offensive or defensive scheme gives a team a significant edge, it will be usurped by most teams in a relatively short amount of time.

      2. Mr. Ego and his merry troupe just suffered their second big stage loss in as many games played. They’re going to have 9 days between tonight’s game and their week 2 game against us. They’re going to be highly motivated to get a win and to look good.

        The 49ers will have 5 days between their respective games. They’ll be traveling across the country which takes away another day of rest/practice not to mention the fatigue it puts on their bodies. Win or lose they wont have any special motivation going into the game against Carolina. If they lose to the Rams then it’ll only justify what everyone thinks about them and if they win then so what, it’s only the Rams.

        Buzz buzz buzz. I guess it really wont be any different then week 2 last season for that matter.

      3. The blueprint has to include Wolfe, Ware, Miller and Ray. We don’t have any of those guys or the talent they have in the secondary to give the pass rush time to get to him.

  10. To answer Grant’s questions, the Niners gave that donation because Kaep gave the same amount. No, they would not have donated without Kaep leading the way.

    1. Really? History will look at the final score, yes?
      Season record will be what it is, yes?
      My lying eyes tell me the Broncos won;.,.,,,no?
      We talkin’ moral victories here? Karmic convergence?
      I saw this missed FG, who didn’t? But so what? Seriously, so what?
      Final score is……..

  11. Cam looked shaky tonight. We need to get pressure from the front three and OLBs next week. I worry about Olsen over the middle. Travis Benjamin is a beast.

      1. Illegally hit, I counted 3 hits to the head. Worst from Van Miller. The refs were a disgrace.

        1. There are going to be some fines. They were leading with their helmets and not flagged. He got hit low too.
          I thought Talib was going to be suspended? Is he not?

  12. Why doesn’t Colin Kaepernick protest the social injustices of the bible, which advocates and provides the etiquette for owning slaves?

    Instead, the guy is decorated in verses from the bible. A reporter should ask him if he’s read the parts the tattoo parlor didn’t show him, and if he would like to live in a society founded on biblical principles.

    1. “Slaves, obey in everything those who are your earthly masters, not with eyeservice, as men-pleasers, but in singleness of heart” (Colossians 3:22) would be an awesome tattoo.

      Maybe CK, as his consciousness progresses, will regret some of that ink.

    2. People and societies evolve, and they do not take the Bible too literally.

      Otherwise, if they stoned all adulterers, half the population may be killed.

      People are ripping Kaep for not saluting the flag, imagine what they would do if he disrespected the Bible.

        1. Realize that the Bible was written thousands of years ago, and things change and evolve. Too bad people are still using the Bible to attack and persecute gays.

          1. People haven’t changed, just different names and faces. One of the greatest pains to human nature is the pain of a new idea….

      1. People and societies evolve, and they do not take the Bible too literally.

        Otherwise, if they stoned all adulterers, half the population may be killed.

        You really have not read the Bible because you would know the fallacy behind your post.

    3. Crazy how so many biblically illiterate individuals will try and comment on the Bible and take it completely out of context based on a comment or discussion they may have overheard or read about.

      The Bible does not condone slavery and the fact that you think it does shows your illiteracy relative to the Bible.

      And Seb, you’re right it is a shame when people use it to attack any group or individual. We all have something wrong with us, no one is perfect. The Bible is about love and salvation, not condemnation.

  13. We fought the battles over slavery 150 years ago….in that I’ve never seen any previously noted activist ferver from Kaepernick, I ‘ll hold my judgement as to real activism or drama….either way….

    1. The writer also mentioned the Read Option. Doesn’t he know that it is the Zone Read?

      Chip will do fine, because the writer admitted Chip is a smart guy.

      Chip will do well because he not only has a mobile QB, he has 3 mobile QBs.

      Chip is innovative, and will figure out a way to be less predictable. Chip will be deceptive, and lure a defense into thinking it is a play they assumed it is a run, but it will be a pass, and vice versa. If the Niners line up in a set formation, and either run or pass out of it, how can they figure out what will be run?

      The most important thing for Chip to do is be bold. Go for it.

    2. Interesting article.

      Grasping for a Himmers of Glope… I mean Glimmers of Hope

      – Kelly’s well aware of the challenges listed in the article. He talked about the slow way NFL officials put the ball in play the other day.

      – Drafting Garnett and hiring Modkins as OC could signify Kelly plans to integrate more gap scheme concepts into his offense.

      – Current 49er quarterbacks are very mobile. They could be more effective at “freezing” DE/OLBs with the run threat.

      – The roster has a vary large number of defensive linemen for a (officially) 3-4. Should help with depth/fatigue problems.

      Long terms concerns….

      The NFL hierarchy is clearly committed to keeping QB run oriented offenses from flourishing. The competition committee is packed with teams that employ traditional PPPs (Pale Pocket Passers). Hence the rule changes…

      – Allowing defenses hit quarterbacks nicknamed “read option” late… even if the play is a traditional non-RO play. There’s no official position designation for “Read Option Quarterback”, yet the NFL went to the extreme of assigning a different standard of protection.

      This lack of clarity drive Harbaugh nuts. Kaepernick can run a standard hand off from the very same pro set as Manning, Brady or Breese and be hit several beats later.

      – Refs deliberately slowing down the game, as stated in Brown’s article.

      – Multiple receiver prospects not panning out for what ever reason… Bruce Ailington, Rogers, White, Smelter.

    3. Kelly is about to get his chance to prove if he can change.

      One has to ask though, does he have the personnel to make the week to week changes that are needed to stay ahead of NFL defensive coordinators?

    4. Should have hired Kubiak, but I doubt he would have been interested assuming the Yorks were prudent enough to have asked….

      1. Kubiak would have been great as would Shanahan. Watching the Broncos run the WCO last night makes me long for a return to it here. Just one more reason I’d love to see Baalke and his Parcells influenced offensive philosophy, hit the road.

          1. I wanted Shannahan or Holmgren. I would have been ok with Kubiak. Shannahan had the foresight to get rid of Kap. He had no problem with mobile QBs like Young and Elway. He only has problems with mobile QBs that have bad mechanics and accuracy issues.

    5. Yeah it’s why I’ve been harping on the need for Kelly to evolve schematically and as a play caller. There has to be an element of deception involved at this level. The defenses are too good and too well coached.

      1. Exactly. Opposing coaches identify tendencies weekly. Kelly is a victim of his own tendencies far too often.

          1. and become a dissident aggressor like Kap.

            Kaepurnicus, the Dissident Aggressor! Nice one, Rocket! That’s one hell of song on one hell of an album!

      2. I think the firing in Philly has humbled Charles Kelly. I think we see a more ground and pound scheme with him and the 49ers. I see him doing things completely different than he did in his previous coaching stints.
        He doesn’t have quality playmakers so I think it will be a more methodical approach like when Harbaugh first got here.

          1. I think he knows this might be his last chance in the NFL if he doesn’t show the ability to adapt. If he doesn’t then maybe he is a college coach, just like Harbaugh

  14. I would respect the 49er organization a lot more if York pledged money to groups who work to support members of the armed forces. Seems that would have balanced out CK’s disrespectful actions in the court of public opinion.

    1. Seems like Kaep has redeemed himself. Those jersey sales are proof that Kaep is well thought of by a lot of people.

    2. Kap’s protest never had anything to do with the military. It’s the reactions that brought the military into it. The team is donating money to the cause Kap is promoting.

    3. You can question the way in which he went about it, but you can’t question the public discourse he’s stimulated across the country. Much of it positive….

      1. Every person I know is disgusted and highly offended by it. It is literally 100% consensus. It has come up in several business meetings and everyone who has commented thinks its disrespectful and based on total falsehoods. Believe it or not, I stay out of the discussion because I don’t want colleagues knowing my thoughts on those types of things. I have not heard from 1 single person who supports Kap.

        1. Certainly entitled to their opinions, but I wouldn’t let them get you too worked up. One of the good things to come of this, is Kaepernick has shown you don’t have to be afraid to stand up and voice your opinion. Especially if it’s in the minority, and I will defend your right and anyone else’s right to express it!

          1. Right to express an opinion is not being debated. The choice to express that opinion in a way that dishonors our country causes others to have a very low opinion of Kap.

            1. That kind of sanctimonious attitude really doesn’t help anyone. It would take a pious group of individuals to pass judgement on someone who’s actually devoted his time and effort to affect positive change in people’s lives….

              1. You mean the kind of sanctimonious attitude where a 20 something multi-millionaire passes judgement on hundreds of thousands of police officers who put their lives on the line to protect the general public from the worst possible mentally ill, drug addicts, and violent criminals all for less than 1% of the pay of that multi-millionaire? That kind of sanctimonious attitude?

              2. You mean the kind of sanctimonious attitude where a 20 something multi-millionaire passes judgement on hundreds of thousands of police officers who put their lives on the line to protect the general public from the worst possible mentally ill, drug addicts, and violent criminals all for less than 1% of the pay of that multi-millionaire? That kind of sanctimonious attitude?

                I wasn’t aware the figure was that high when talking about weeding out the bad police officers, and I wasn’t aware they were forced into duty. My brother in law is a black police officer and here in South Bend a black male was arrested and complied but was beaten, dog bitten and convicted of resisting arrest due to false testimony by the arresting officers. Recent video was found to show the officers lied and the conviction was overturned. If I was you, I’d be more concerned with the officers that take the oath and then break it, making the jobs of earning the trust of the public by the good officers that much more difficult. Not ridiculing a man that devotes his time, effort and a portion of his millions to improving people’s lives. Not to mention demeaning him for making a salary set forth by patrons of the event he participates in….

        2. >>Every person I know is disgusted and highly offended by it. It is literally 100% consensus.

          That’s because you are in Texas. Where I am – NYC – the reaction has been the opposite of yours. But neither one of us owns the debate. That’s what makes America great – something you, I, and I’m sure Kaep, would agree on.

          1. In my business I deal with people from all over the US. For the most part my contacts are in San Diego, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and NYC. The vast majority of what I hear about this is from people outside of Texas. The conversation usually starts if we’re on the phone with someone from the EMEA region and they ask about it.

        3. “Every person I know is disgusted and highly offended by it.”

          Sounds like you might need a more diverse group of friends and acquaintances.

    4. York is will of the wisp and Silicon Valley correct. I don’t think he’d go for supporting the military unless it scored points with the dominant trend setters here, who are anti police and military. (I live in San Jose.) Nevertheless, saving innocent lives (black, white, etc.) is always a genuinely worthy cause, plus as some have mentioned he has image problems. I doubt that deep down he really cares, though. A non-descript, major narcissist who without his family money would have to work for a living and wouldn’t be head of anything. He probably wouldn’t have been able to get in Notre Dame.

        1. When Al Davis approached Jed’s grandfather about buying the 49ers, Edward Sr. said: “What would I do with a football team?” Al told him that it was the best publicity that he could get and it came with ownership of the team. After grandpa bought the team he was approached by the media and somehow the subject came up. He told them he couldn’t believe how this had put him in the spotlight and in one day he was shown two potential shopping mall sites in San Mateo. He told them that would not have happened if he did not own the team. Jed is a chip off the old block. Eddie Jr. took all of the family real estate investments so Jed has to play catch up to build his own family empire. He’s now just protecting his brand as they say now. I’ll believe he gave the money he said he did when he shows me a report from the company’s CPA firm and not until.

      1. George
        Silicon Valley loves the military, they buy the valley’s most expensive products.
        They may posture, but they know where their bread is buttered. It’s the NSA that puts a bee in their bonnet.
        To me, working co-operatively on a cause important to the players and many other people seems solution based. Also, when looking to contribute to a charity it is good to find reliable value, bang-for-buck, with a proven track record. These orgs satisfy that.

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