Chippy Chip Kelly makes first appearance in Santa Clara

SANTA CLARA — Here is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s chippy Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Can you take us through your week? How do you structure your week? In the past here there’s always been practices on Friday, today being a normal Thursday. So, how do you go about the workload in which you put on the guys as the week progresses?

“We practice Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday with Wednesday and Thursday being our biggest days. Friday we back off a little bit and then Saturday we practice a little bit faster.”


You practice faster on Saturday?



Why is that?



What does science say about that?

“That you should practice faster the day before the game.”


Some other coaches have taken that strategy. I know Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy at Green Bay has done it. More and more coaches around the league adhering to that practice schedule that you started a couple years ago–?

“Yeah, I don’t know why they’re doing it. Maybe that’s a question for those guys, but I know it worked for us in college and it worked for us in the league. That’s why we do it.”


Can you explain what the science is behind it?

“It’s too complicated and we’ve only got 10 minutes.”


What if that’s a special session that we’d all like to learn about?

“Not the time. Not during the season. Maybe in the offseason, we’ve got time to pontificate on the science aspects of it. But, we’re always trying to do what’s the best for us. We researched it when we were at Oregon and it worked for us. I know a lot of college teams have gone to it too.”


Speaking of colleges, you see colleges doing up-tempo now and a lot of NFL teams are up-tempo. Does that affect you guys that defenses that you faced in Philly had to become more and more adept at facing it just because they are immune to them?

“I think any time anybody sees anything more, then they are more familiar with it. That’s just the nature of the game. A lot of people run a double A-gap, linebackers up. It was new to the league a couple years ago. More teams are doing it. The more you see it, the more you understand it.”


What’s the countermove for you? How do you prepare?

“Well, I don’t think it means they are stopping it. It just means they understand it and how they do it. And again we don’t play fast all the time. I think that’s one of the biggest misconceptions out there. You’ve seen us play in the preseason. Did we play fast every play? I think people say up-tempo, if you’re not in a huddle they think you’re up-tempo. That doesn’t mean, you can snap the ball with four seconds to go on the clock or you could snap the ball with 34 seconds to go on the clock. So, I think that’s just a misconception.”


I have a zone read question.



What’s the pros and cons of maybe sticking QB Colin Kaepernick in for a package here or there? Does that disrupt the offensive flow too much or does it catch the defense off guard? Is that an option that you can–?

“Well, I think both of our quarterbacks have the same similar skills, so I think maybe if you had one quarterback that ran the 40 in 5.4 and then you have another quarterback that runs the 40 in 4.5, there’s a distinct difference between the two of them. But, one of the unique things about here is that both of our quarterbacks, and even all three of them because [QB] Christian [Ponder] can run, so all three of them have that aspect in them. All three of them have done it in the preseason. Christian pulled one in the Broncos game and scored a touchdown from 20-something out. So, I don’t think, I think sometimes teams do that when there’s a different between the athletic, or the run ability of one and two and three. So, that’s kind of where they get into some of the package aspects of things.”


Speaking of quarterbacks, how has Kaepernick’s protest affected you, the team and has it brought people together by chance?

“I think our team did a great job with it. And I’ve said this before, our squad leaders had a meeting way ago after it happened on Sunday. And then, we had a team meeting where Kap addressed the team and I think our players listened to Kap’s side of it and understand Kap’s side of it and see where he’s coming from. That’s really been the last that as a team that we talked about the situation. We recognize and respect Kap’s decision and his constitutional rights to do what he’s doing and it sounds like it’s been a positive change. There’s been a lot of positive things that have come out of it. So, we haven’t had any meetings since the one after our second preseason game.”


Surely 49ers CEO Jed York is putting some serious money into the game. Do you think that will help too?

“I think any time there’s conversation about injustice in this country, I think it’s a positive thing. And now, instead of just a conversation to take it a step further like both Colin has done and Jed has done, I think is a positive.”


Have you noticed Los Angeles Rams LB/S Mark Barron is one of those hybrid safety guys who moved into a linebacker spot? How does that affect your game planning, because you’ve got two teams in your division that do that? Of course Arizona Cardinals LB Deone Bucannon has done it as well.

“Yeah, and two really good ones at it. I think it’s another thing in the league, you’re talking about trends that are going on in the league, I think that there are a lot of teams that are going to that hybrid linebacker position just to match up with people that are trying to spread you out. Sometimes the traditional two inside linebackers that both weight 240 and are tough, hardnosed, run-stop guys, but then when you spread them out you can create some mismatch problems. That’s the chess game that goes on within the game. But obviously, they don’t have to get to a dime package. They can leave Mark and [Los Angeles Rams LB Alec] Ogletree on the field because you have two really, really athletic linebackers out there. So, it’s difficult just because you don’t win some of those matchups that you think you could have won if it was just two traditional linebackers on the field, so you’ve just got to be aware of that when you go to play teams like Los Angeles and Arizona.”


With CB Chris Davis not practicing and CB Keith Reaser not practicing yesterday, what are you options as far as that nickel position?

“There’s a lot of different options. Could be a safety. We’ve got a group of safeties on our team. [DB] Jimmie [Ward] can go inside. [CB] Rashard [Robinson] could play a little bit more, but we’ve still got a couple more days of training so I wouldn’t rule any of those guys out.”


One of the advantages of the up-tempo offense is being able to dictate defensive substitutions at times. How much of an advantage is that for you guys when you guys can come in and do what you guys want to do without realizing defensive substitutions haven’t come in so you have a better personnel groupings and matchup problems?

“Yeah. Again, it goes to the matchup thing. Again, when you’re playing the Ram’s, there’s not a lot of advantage you gain because of Mark’s versatility at linebacker. So, you can say, ‘Hey, we’re going to have this on the field,’ and then what people try to do is if there’s a distinct change from base to nickel, well, you try to keep one on the field and not allow them to substitute. That’s one of the advantages, I think, of when you can play fast. But, one of the ways teams are matching it is by having more athleticism and then even though you change personnel, they don’t have to change personnel because they can flourish against both. So, it really is, I think the advantages and disadvantages occur on a game-to-game basis, there’s not just a blanket, this gives us this or this. It just depends on really who you’re playing.”


How much more fluid does LB NaVorro Bowman look going into this season than last year? Can you tell on film?

“You know, I really can’t tell. I think that’s a good question for NaVorro. He says he feels 100-percent, but he said he felt 100-percent at the end of last year too. So, that’s more for him. If a slowed down NaVorro Bowman leads the NFL in tackles, then if there’s any way you guys think he’s a little bit faster, then I think that’s a positive.”


There’s been criticism of your offense and some have said it didn’t evolve during your time with the Eagles over those three seasons. Do you agree with that and how do you spend time–?

“I don’t really care what people say or blog about. I mean that’s, we don’t sit in our meeting room and say, ‘Hey, somebody blogged about this. Let’s talk about this.’ So, we’re just trying to get first downs and score points against whoever we’re playing that week. So, we’re not governed by what someone wrote or said. I never really think about it that way.”


Do you go into each offseason looking at how you can change your offense and–?

“We go into every offseason trying to improve in every aspect that we do. Whether it’s player acquisition, player development, teaching in the classroom, strength and conditioning. I think in everything, you’ve never arrived at this game and you’re always striving to get better in every aspect of what you’re do. So, to think that we haven’t changed or won’t change just because of whatever, I don’t get that.”


You’ve mentioned Ogletree a couple times, a guy making that transition to the middle where he’s got to make all the calls and things like that. What are the challenges of a guy having to do that?

“Well, I don’t know exactly how [Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator] Gregg’s [Williams] system works. So, I don’t know if he has to make every call or how that’s distributed. So, I can’t speak to that. That’s probably a better question for them. I just think when you turn the tape on, he shows up a lot. He always seems to be around the ball. I think that’s one of the reasons maybe they wanted to get him in the middle so that he can now cover sideline to sideline as opposed to just putting him on one side of the defense. But, I think they made the maneuver just because I think they wanted to get more athletic and they obviously have when you put him and then you put the WILL linebacker in Barron. You put the two of those guys together, you have two really, really athletic linebackers that can present a lot of problems for you. So, I look at it as a positive. But, in terms of making the calls or the adjustments, every defense that you face is somewhat different. So, I don’t know exactly the pressures or how the communication system works for the Rams. So, I can’t speak to that part of it.”


From what you do know, looking at Ogletree and Barron, does that maybe say let’s try to go more power type stuff at them because you’ve got a chase linebacker at the MIKE and you’ve got a smaller guy at the WILL?

“Not particularly. You know, I think sometimes, again, it happens. Everybody writes, well the guy can run, that means he can’t be a power guy. That doesn’t mean anything. I mean, you watch guys like Mark Barron, he’s a tough, hardnosed, physical football player and I don’t think you’re giving him credit for what he is. But, everybody wants to say, ‘Well, you have a converted safety at linebacker. So, then we’re going to run the ball right at him.’ Well, turn the tape on. He’s a tough, hardnosed, physical player. Deone Bucannon in Arizona is the same exact way. Those coaches are really, really good football coaches. They wouldn’t put a guy in those situations if they didn’t think that they could be a linebacker. You know, and I think if you look at it, Mark Barron was a very highly coveted player in this offseason and there’s a reason for that. When you turn the tape on, you know, I don’t look at it and say, ‘Mark Barron can’t do this.’ I think everybody thought he could be a really good linebacker in this league and that’s why he was so highly coveted and I think you’re shortchanging him to say that he’s just a run around, sideline to sideline guy. I think he’s a real powerful football player.”


Who’s your swing tackle?

“Who’s our what.”


Your backup, your swing tackle?

“We would probably move [OL] Anthony [Davis] out.”


Has he been getting reps at all at left tackle?

“At left tackle? I’ll check, I don’t know exactly the distribution. But, that would be our maneuver today.”


QB Blaine Gabbert said that he’s been operating as if he was going to be the starting quarterback and part of that has been trying to build relationships and taking on more of a leadership role in the locker room. Have you seen that and how important is it for a quarterback in a competition to do those things?

“I think it’s important for a quarterback to do it whether he’s in a competition or not in a competition. So, you know, Blaine’s that type of guy. That’s kind of in Blaine’s DNA in terms of how he operates. So, I don’t think he’s doing things that are outside of, ‘Hey, now I’m in a quarterback competition so I have to do this.’ I think that’s just kind of the way Blaine is and I think it’s evidence of the players here too.”


Given what Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley was coming off of in college, I don’t imagine you studied all his tape last year–?

“We did, in the draft.”


OK. Were you surprised by how effective he was as a rookie?

“No. I mean, we thought he was the top running back coming out in the draft. It didn’t surprise us that he got picked. We thought he would be a top-15 pick. I think we were in the 20’s. So, we didn’t even think he would get to us and he didn’t get to us. So, I don’t think what he did really surprises people that studied what he did at Georgia. He had an outstanding career at Georgia and the fact that he continued that with the Rams wasn’t a surprise. I think he was the highest running back. Not a lot of running backs have been picked in the top 15 in recent years and there was a reason for it. I think because of his ability and his size, his speed. You know, he’s a unique combination. Sometimes you get a smaller, powerful guy and then other times you get a taller, longer guy. I think he’s got a great combination of not only is he powerful, but he’s also extremely fast. So, he can kind of hit homeruns from wherever he is on the field.”


Does he bring any backs in the past to mind?

“I’m not a comparison guy. So, I don’t–.”


I’m not either.

“OK, then why did you ask the question? You know what [former President of the United States] Teddy Roosevelt said, right? Comparison is the thief of joy. So, if you want to be unhappy, just talk about comparisons.”

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    1. No, not today. I wanted to ask about his tendencies as a play caller but he walked out before I could.

    2. I am glad Grant did not ask any of those questions. The ‘journalists’ asked insipid lame questions.

  1. “I don’t really care what people say or blog about. I mean that’s, we don’t sit in our meeting room and say, ‘Hey, somebody blogged about this. Let’s talk about this.’

    Could he be talking about Seb?

    1. Hmm, why didn’t he say that he never reads the blogs? Just mentioning them must mean he does not use them as a command to do something, but he talks as if he reads them.

      Glad he is honest, and gladder to know that he sees my posts as suggestions and not direct commands..

      I fully admit that I am just postulating many strategies that Chip himself has implemented. The hurry up offense is just another way to say the up tempo offense.

      Just hope they get him thinking, especially about considering time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half.

      Now, if only he can get the QB to face one way, while looking in another direction…….;p

  2. Vacation’s over, boys. To quote Lott, ‘it’s Rams Week”! Time to get down to business — no more small talk.

    1. Zackly, Mood. My take is his chippyness was mostly impatience. He wants to get back to work (after the Presser), and he also gets impatient with lines of questions that are outside his telescopic focus on football or are not up to speed with a professional’s perspective.
      He’s just a nerd who sincerely doesn’t care what is written or spoken about him. So he can be dismissive, which is borderline rude. The scribes will keep their eyes peeled for miscues; but they would anyway.
      He reminds me a little of a less pugnacious Buddy Ryan.

      1. He has a lot of pressure on his plate this year. Especially with going with Gabbert as his QB!

      2. Chip does not suffer fools gladly.

        The media troglodytes should take a course in journalism.

        To paraphrase JH- ‘You must thought a long time to come up with that question’.

      3. “He reminds me a little of a less pugnacious Buddy Ryan.”

        Perhaps a far more well-read and classier version of Buddy Ryan.

        I’d rather have a genuine chippy Chip (gotta keep in mind some of the questions he has to deal with in his pressers) than a fake, bright & chirpy Chip.

  3. All in on this season. I just think we will be a better coached team. At least one win against Seagals, Lambs, cards. But i see the cards winning the division.

  4. It’s good to have a professional coach. I say 7-9 this year, playoffs next year if we fire Baalke so we can sign a few good free agents and draft healthy players.

      1. So, should we hope for 4-5 wins to ensure Baalke’ demise?
        What if in the 9-11 loses the team shows competitive play and our young players look as if they are on the cusp of something special for 2017?

        I’m not expecting many wins this year, but I do want to see a team that plays hard for 60 minutes and watch young players develop. I’m also interested in Kelly’ play calling and how Gabby or Kaep orrrr Ponder function in it.

        My hope is that Baalke is gone even if we win 7-9 games simply based on his miserable and risky ACL selections.

        1. barring a 11-5 season and a NFC conference game appearance, Baalke is gone no matter what. 7-9 or 8-8 still gets him fired and it will be the Gamble/Chip era.

          1. If the Niners have a winning season, I will credit Chip, because he wanted Kaep, and his system is what made them win. Baalke just went along for the ride.

            They should boot him upstairs, and let Baalke negotiate contracts and handle the financials. Let Gamble deal with the personnel and coaches.

            The draft should be done by consensus, but no more ACL and red flag picks.

        1. That was directed at Rocket. Anyone thinks that a 7 win season gets Baalke canned is in for a bad surprise.

          1. East,
            I prefaced my entry with the word “hope” Baalke is dismissed even if we win 7-9 games. Not predicting he will. Again, his bane has been the wasted draft picks of injured (ACL) players that he has hedge his bet would get healthy and become the players they were in college.

            I mentioned that Baalke’ penchant for drafting injured college players has cost the team over the last few years.
            Here is a list:
            1. Tank Carridine – 2nd rd. Finally hoping to make an impact.
            2. Marcus Lattimore – 4th rd. Never saw the field.
            3. Brandon Thomas – 3rd rd. Not on team.
            4. Keith Reaser – 5th rd. Has played sparingly.
            5. Trey Millard – 7th rd. Not on team.
            6. DeAndre Smelter – 4th rd. Waived and received injury settlement.
            7. Will Redmon – 3rd rd. Will not be available until mid-season.

            Except for Carridine, Baalke’ drafting of injured players track record has not paid off, hence my vote to relieve him of his duties even if we have a winning record.

            Possible winning record aside, I don’t trust Baalke’ drafting philosophy.

            1. You’ll get no counter argument from me here except to say when the team was stacked it made some sense. His drafting of skill position players and ignoring of certain positions has certainly put the team in the constraints it finds itself in.

  5. Some of the questions were stupid. Good for Chip.

    I forgot Gregg Williams was back with the Rams. This game is going to be chippy as all Gregg Williams/Jeff Fisher games are so the next press conference you can ask Chippy Chip if the chippy game bothered him.

      1. I say its the “Zone 3-4 Read 4-3 Under Option” invented by Chippy Fangio.

        To make it more fun, the 49ers brand new coverage scheme that I don’t know the name of. Will it be “Cover 3” “Single High” or “Quarters Coverage” or… (if you guessed I have no idea what I’m talking about, you are absolutely right)

        I really looking forward to what O’Neil trots out Monday night.

  6. “Comparison is the thief of joy. So, if you want to be unhappy, just talk about comparisons.”

    Never thought about that before, but it’s a great lesson.

    1. George, I was thinking about that Kelly quote (or re-quote) all day.

      Countless times when I’ve mentioned someone doing something well, the listener kills it by asking “are they are good as [insert best ever at particular discipline name]”

      Or the straw-man accusation “no way they are as good as [insert best ever at particular discipline name]” when all I did was say “so and so really well last Sunday.”

      1. I’ve done that myself countless times, thinking I was adding to the story but blind to the fact I was likely taking away from it as far as the other person was concerned.

        Kelly might be the most intelligent coach we’ve had since Walsh, no?

    2. With respect George – that quote deals only with people who are down on themselves because they compare themselves to others and feel that they come up short. Conversely, were you to share your comparative feelings about two restaurants, your helping me and my enjoyment of a good meal would bring us both joy. Chip was just being chippy IMHO.

  7. Chippy Bang Bang, Chippy Chippy Bang Bang we love you
    And in Chippy Chippy Bang Bang, Chippy Chippy Bang Bang What we’ll do
    Home, Away, we’ll seize the day Oh! What fun it is to win!
    Bang Bang Chippy Chippy Bang Bang Our fine zone reading friend
    Our fine zone reading friend
    Chippy Bang Bang, Chippy Chippy Bang Bang

      1. Gabbert throws ball at knees of Hyde. Gabbert throws ball behind kerley. Gabbert gets the ball out in time but throws way above the head of Mike Davis.

        Gabertt gets benched for kaepernick.

        Kap holds ball way to long gets sacked.

        Kap fires a line drive bullet which bounces off of vmacs’ hands and right into the other teams hands.

        Kap throws, without good touch, 4 straight times in corner of the end zone without a touchdown. There wasn’t even a player there but he kept yelling Crabtree this ones for you.

        1. Gabbert, with finally a coach decent enough to accentuate his strengths, will become another 2013 Foles, and direct the Niners to long drives that result in TDs.

          Chip is so innovative, he gets Kaep on the field for a multi pocket flea flicker where either Kaep or Gabbert will lateral the ball and go out for a pass. He will be wide open because the defense will not have game planned for that, or if a defender is distracted by him, it will leave a receiver wide open way down field.

          Hyde shows why he is as dangerous as Gurley, and the Ducks collapse the pocket so Keenum is smothered. Niners reduce the unforced errors, play efficiently, and dominate.

          Niners build up a three score lead, and Kaep gets to mop up in the 4th quarter by scoring with his arm and his legs.

          GO NINERS !!!!!!

          1. Gabbert decides to deflate the ball like Brady. Trying to get an edge

            He is worried that when he throws the ball at the ground it will bounce up and hurt someone.

            1. Gabbert does not need to be a Cheatriot to win. Niners start acting with class.

              Gabbert finally figures out that throwing past the sticks helps him keep drives alive.

  8. Gabbert will start all 16. He plays too conservatively to have a four pick game that would get him benched.

    1. I am completely incompetent when it comes to predicting the 49ers scores or even wins (with a few years of exceptions) so I generally refrain. I will make an exception for the first game. Even though it will be played on Monday night, the “On any given Sunday…” rule will apply.

  9. Since this is a blog about Chip, I wanted to convey some thoughts on being a commander.This also was written over 2000 years ago, but it still rings true to this day.

    ‘By command, I mean the general’s qualities of wisdom, sincerity, humanity, courage and strictness.

    If wise, a commander is able to recognize changing circumstances, and to (adapt and) act expediently.
    If sincere, his men will have no doubt of the certainty of rewards and punishments.
    If humane, he loves mankind, sympathizes with others, and appreciates their industry and toil.
    If courageous, he gains victory by seizing opportunity without hesitation.
    If strict, his troops are disciplined because they are in awe of him and are afraid of punishment. (he will force them to reduce errors by stringent preparations.)’

    So far, Chip has accomplished many of his goals, and have positively exhibited many of these characteristics.

    1. If wise he will learn from his mistakes in Philly. If strict he will get Patton and Ray Ray under control. If lucky the Niners will be a Wild Card team. 49ers 31-Rams 17.

    2. “If wise, a commander is able to recognize changing circumstances, and to (adapt and) act expediently.” – This is the one that concerns me about Chip. I need to see more evidence that what he did at Oregon can translate effectively to the NFL. So here’s a quote for you: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” (Winston Churchill) Sign on locker room wall: “Don’t be a dinosaur, adapt or become extinct.” (Someone on my high school PE staff)

      1. WC, I do not think Chip has hit the Peter Principle, where he has been promoted to his level of incompetency.

        Chip was stabbed in the back in Philly, and was set up to fail.

        Here, he has taken the lessons learned, and he has improved his people skills. The retention of Kaep is the case in point

        Churchill may be a good example. He went from being an abject failure for the Gallipoli Campaign, to leading his country through some of its darkest days, and finest moments.

        Maybe Chip will do the same.

  10. I was missing plowing the field with Har-Har and then Chip kicked this jewel up in the air;
    “Comparison is the thief of joy. So, if you want to be unhappy, just talk about comparisons.”
    I wonder if Tomsula got this message….

    1. That quote by Kelly was akin to saying “get lost”. The usage of the word comparison in that context has do with a person who compares him or herself to others. For example: I am disappointed that I am not as smart as Seb when I write my posts. It has nothing to do with making a comparison as to two similar items. There is absolutely no impact on joy when you discuss the relative similarities and differences of say, two local restaurants. That comment was simply Chip being Chippy in his own way. He could have just as easily said: “Does anyone else here have an intelligent question”.

      1. Au contraire, I think you are just as smart, if not smarter than I am.;p

        Chip was just following one of Bill Walsh’s guides. Bill never compared players because one always looked bad compared to another, so he would not get caught in that trap. He gave universal praise and rarely, if ever dumped on any player, especially in public. Behind closed doors, it may have been another story.

  11. Chip sounding like the same ole Chip to me. I expect a lot from a Chip led team. I expect the players to be disciplined, in good football shape, and knowledgeable of the game/system. I expect a good fight on both sides of the ball and something we have not seen in years, maybe even a decade or two – in game adjustments. I expect the QB position to be statistically better regardless of the occupant. I expect a Chip Kelly team to win and win convincingly.

    31-10 Niners.

  12. Who’s your swing tackle? Who’s our what? Is this Chip getting annoyed at media guys trying to do ” coach speak”? From my reading, the only media guy that dives deep does seem to be Grant. Who else in the day to day group can go there?

  13. Lol.

    If they lose to the Rams they will be lucky to go 4-12.

    Kelly and his staff have to be an upgrade over the clown car we had last yr.

    Problem is: Blaine is garbage, Kap seems to be a broken flash in the pan. Hyde gets hurt all the time and our WRs flat out suck. TE? Vance McDonald? Really? Guy can’t catch let alone take a hit. O line should be better but it ain’t gonna be enough.

    When the season is over and it’s clear that our offensive personnel can’t score. Balke’s arse better be out the door.

    Btw. LMAO at the guys who were saying Driskel would start games for us this yr.

    Like I said JD= Cody Pickett.

    This roster is a joke.

  14. How to make first downs and score points.

    Run the no huddle with quick snaps, but also vary the snap count so the defense has to wait, all tensed up, eventually, they relax, and that is when the ball should be snapped.

    The no huddle will prevent the defense from substituting, so exploit mismatches and attack weaknesses.

    Try to catch them with 12 men on the field, and throw a long strike down field because it is a free play.

    Coach Gabbert to be more patient. Allow the receivers enough time to run past the sticks. With this year’s O line, Gabbert may have enough time to wait.

    Practice deception. The best offense is to fool the defense, so the ball carrier runs untouched past the line of scrimmage. Look off the safeties. Employ counters and reverses. Practice and perfect the screen pass.

    Take what the defense gives them.

    Distribute the ball. Gabbert should get the ball into the hands of his play maker.

    At times, put a man in motion.

    Make the QB threat to run so ominous, they have to assign a spy on the QB. Make the spy useless or out of position to help the defense.

    Invite the blitz, then attack the space the blitzer left.

    If confronted with 12 in the box, spread them wide with 4 wideouts, then attack the edges.

    The Rams defensive line is one of their strengths. Do not run into the teeth of the defense.

    Be unpredictable, keep them guessing, make them tentative.

    Go bold. Do not settle for field goals.

    1. “How to make first downs and score points.”

      Gain 10 yards and get the ball across the goal line.

  15. Dear Seb,

    All that goes out the window once an NFL defense figures out the qb can’t throw 20+ yrds down the field.


    Just trying to be funny bud/not trying to be a jerk

    1. Its OK, at least you are not hurling insults and expletives.

      Chip will get the QBs to play well. If Chip can make Sanchez into a decent QB, he will do wonders with Gabbert.

  16. Here I am sitting down with a cup of coffee, despondent that Chip does not take my blog posts and debate them with his coaches.

    Actually, I am glad that he is not wasting time doing that. He has much more important things to do.

    So, I will not address Chip, but the sundry posters who say that Kaep initially took the league by storm, but coaches have figured him out so he can no longer play effectively.

    Yes, Kaep presented a 2 headed monster, who gave DC’s nightmares trying to stop his running or passing. Of course, they worked feverishly to solve the threat, and were fortunate to have incompetent Niner coaches who could not change or adapt.

    Kaep was strategized against, and they negated his strengths. However, EVERY quarterback gets the same treatment, so they have to change and adapt constantly. Kaep may have been stymied, but the Niner coaches should have adjusted their schemes to accentuate his strengths and hide his weaknesses. It is not a new concept, but one as old as the hills. Every single QB will be game planned against, and what worked one week may not work the next week because the defense will adjust. Constant change is the best recourse.

    TM said that they game planned to force Kaep to stay in the pocket. They wanted to contain him, because Kaep is so much more dangerous out in open space. The Niner coaches were very obliging, They forced Kaep to stay in the pocket, but that was like putting an Abrams tank in a pit. The Niner coaches said they wanted to protect Kaep, but when the pocket collapsed like a house of cards, it only succeeded to get him so injured, he required 3 surgeries.

    So, if the other team tries to contain him in the pocket, the smart thing to do is roll him out. Not every time, but enough times to make it effective. How to accomplish that goal? Put a TE in motion, and have him pinch in the DE, and let him roll out to that side. Ideally, the TE will negate the DE, then move downfield and give Kaep (or Gabbert) an easy pass underneath.

    I am ecstatic, even jumping for joy, that Kaep is still a Niner. I am confident that Chip is smart enough to recognize his talents, and will utilize him properly. Chip also has probably read The Art of War, so he knows that a wise general will use all his weapons in his arsenal. He knows that a general who wastes and does not use all his weapons, will generally be defeated, and I know Chip wants to win.

    Chip may not have debated my blog posts, but when he put Patton in motion, and he scored a TD, I felt like he read them.

    1. Kap’s questa settimana speciale:

      1. Wake up, put on headphone at 49er HQ, and watch Gabby study game film.
      2. When the Rams are up by 15, I get inserted into the game late and stare down my wide receiver, resulting in an interception
      3. Hold the ball too long because I don’t go through all my progressions resulting in a drive killing sack.

      4. Can’t be afraid to punt, so Chip sticks me in on special teams. I read the DE collapsing so try to take in up the middle and am crushed by Ogletree, fumble.

      5. Lock on to my primary (because I don’t read progressions well), wait until I’m sure he breaks (instead of throwing before the break) fire the football from 5 yds away because by now the DB has caught him. DB tips the ball to Ogletree resulting in a drive ending TD.

      6. Coach benches me for Ponder.
      7 I Ponder my thoughts with my headphones on.

    2. How about we get a better QB who can adapt and can read defenses? That might be a better solution too, Seb? “He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.”

      1. East, I see you are being taken in by the ‘Cant Read’ myth.

        Kaep ran the pistol in college, which requires multiple reads. The read option is a multiple read system. Last game, Kaep went to his second receiver several times.

        1. College is not pro. Seem to recall lots of other qbs were pretty good in college too. That argument holds no water. He can’t read in the pros Seb.

            1. Well, if if you have seen it occur then it’s because he’s a great qb. That’s why he’s so coveted as a #1 qb, oh wait…

        1. Prime, I thought you were going to ignore me.

          Kaep will play, hopefully sooner than later. If Chip wants to win, he will get Kaep in the game. Sheathing a weapon is a sign of capitulation.

          Chip has a chip on his shoulder, and will stick it to his detractors. How not better to do that than playing Kaep, who so many have dissed? No one expects that, so Chip will look bold playing Kaep, even if it is for a couple of plays.

          Still hope Gabbert does well, but Kaep could help them win.

              1. Seb don’t flatter yourself.I already beat you down, I’ve moved on from you. Stay away from me now unless you want to lose again!

  17. fantasy and imagination can be wonderful .. but..
    to live in an imaginary fantasy world can
    depict a serious problem …

    bottom line.. though ..

    whatever trips your trigger !

  18. The Rams Will Force 4 Turnovers. TomD believes blitzhappy, riverboat gambling Greg Williams has already taken this weeks LOCKER ROOM BOUNTY BETS (as he did in coaching the Saints)

    Blaine Gabbert tore the Rams apart in week 17 last season. Greg Williams will have this defense motivated. Robert Quinn and Aaron Donald will terrorize Gabbert, forcing bad throws and a pair of fumbles.

    The Rams Will Have More Rushing Yards Than Passing Yards

    In terms of yardage, the 49ers had one of the worst defenses in the NFL in 2015. This isn’t the defense that carried them to the Super Bowl a few years ago. It’s young–mistake prone.former self.

    Todd Gurley / Tavon Austin duo will have themselves a good ‘ol time – pushing the Rams rushing total past their passing yardage.

    Tyler Higbee will be ungurardable–The new Gronk!

      1. Well, Prime,

        Kevin White has an injured hamstring–he’s limited today in practice.

        Willie Snead appears to be the best option. I believe you’ll see a heavy dose of Gurley to protect Case Keenum, sensing they can already beat the 49ers with just their starpowerd defense. If your fantasy league counts special team points I’d think twice about Austin thought

        As for Snead, big year last year for him and the Saints are more well known for throwing the ball all over the lot.

    1. hey BT ..

      you just coined a phrase !
      (a good one at that, too)

      I think it’s good enough to really
      catch on here !!


    2. Tuna,

      U swam by Fukishima so many times your genetic family tree has no more branches.
      The inbred factor is apparent since your tribe never ventured from the muck and mire pool, and much like the walking catfish, trying to cross City streets is a real venture for U which is apparent everytime someone mentions a foe your 49ers will be killed by.

      But, please, keep swallowing the Jed/trent Koolaid. Maybe they will take sympathy on you and actually spend money on quality assistant coaches.

  19. NFL refusing to allow a Titans player to wear red, white and blue cleats during a 9/11 game. Here is MDS’ final comment in the writeup:

    “The league would be wise to let this one go. The NFL makes exceptions to its uniform rules for reasons like breast cancer awareness and could do so here as well. If Williamson wears the cleats, neither he nor the police union should have to pay a fine.”

  20. The league has an established relationship with the NBCF. When they show support it’s a league wide event that is controlled in what and where the uniform deviations occur. This is something the league had plenty of time to work out and come to an agreement upon how they wanted it to be presented.

    That’s not the same situation as one or even a few players making changes to their uniform wanting to show individual support for a cause they believe in. That doesn’t mean that one day the NFL wont have an established relationship with a national entity that will allow them to show red/white/blue colors and/or flag symbols on the uniforms during a specifically mandated time period. Like the breast cancer awareness is done now.

    If that day comes though it wont be until the league wants it to and they will control how that support is expressed on the leagues uniforms.

        1. Thanx, Cubus .. a great read …

          …and I just thought I never liked Goodell
          because … of his shifty eyes !

  21. I expect the refs to over correct, throwing alot of Drew Brees type personal foul calls on 49ers defenders if they lay a finger on Newton 8 days from now.

        1. LOL. Brees was hit in the shoulder, but slid downward so his neck contacted Brooks arm.

          On the the hand, a 49er could sack Newton by the thighs, but be called for targeting below the knee (the Brady Rule).

      1. Set the 49ers on a course for one of the most physical post season road trips in history… Panthers (wildcard), Packers, SeaRoids. Brutal.

  22. Tyler Higbee, TE, La Rams Fantasy:

    • Freakish athlete. Runs better than any tight end in the class. Few linebackers can stay with him up the seam.

    • Wide-receiver-type ability after the catch. .

    • Already has a feel for where and when to sit down in zones. Made a living on spot-routes over the middle.

    Can’t wait for the ISO play Mon. Nite Football where Baalke’s ACL pampered, Carradine, at 285 LBS gets his big chance in coverage vs. Higbee

    1. And we all know how great Baake’s collection of LB’s are. As of this post, they are still being juggled at 4949 centennial.

      Fisher, with his Bill Walsh dynasty background knew the value of tightends to complement the running/passing game.

      In Montana’s 1st game back, after his surgically repaired back, Washington’s Dexter Manley was asked if he would go after Montana hard, after his surgery. Manley responded: “I’d go after him even if he only had one arm.”

      On the 49er’s 1st 3rd down play, Walsh drew up a Wham Block-like play, where 6’6″ Russ Francis came down the line of scrimmage (Left to RT) in front of the LB’s, Bubba Paris (blocking Manley) gave Manley a shove backwards, and Francis slammed into Manley effectively creating a paranoid rusher that nite.

      Higbee is Russ Francis with more speed, and Francis was a ProBowler.

    1. Thanks for joining the dialog, MWPleistocene Era.+

      from the muck and mire pond and gene pool your siblings, Sebopythicus, and TunaSaurus are from.

      Feel free to tell us your game plan to help poor Jim Oneil stop Gurley, Tavon Austin.

      1. Ram’s were heard laughing about the 49er ILb’s selections to stop Gurley, after reviewing last year run defense.

    2. MWN,
      Brotha has a gift of saying so much while only using a few words, while others can speak on like a novel and say so little.

  23. Here’s what the Seahawks are going to do during the National Anthem, as per Doug Baldwin:
    “We are a team comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds. And as a team, we have chosen to stand and interlock arms in unity. We honor those who have fought for the freedom we cherish. And we stand to ensure the riches of freedom and the security of justice for all people. Progress can and will made only if we stand together.”

    So, this way their team will stand as one, get the message across, and not dis the National Anthem. Compared to Kaepernick’s approach, it’s genius and to be applauded. I hope this catches on.

    1. I still believe Kaepernick was trying to get cut before he realized that maybe Kelly really does want him. Pig socks and sitting during the anthem is not the way to address issues, but it is a clear cut way to offend people. I don’t like the Seahawks but their players are showing class, leadership and thoughtfulness while making continuing to make progress with social issues. It seems like the common sense way to approach these issues and it’s extremely classy. I tip my hat to them.

    2. George,
      I agree with the seahags show of unity. But I also preface it by saying that their actions along with Jed York’ large donation may have never happened without Kaepernick setting the wheel in motion.

      Kap said from the very beginning of his protest that his hope was to bring attention to an issue and begin a dialog – well, it has.

  24. They (49ers) ranked 28th against the run last year and will be going up against one of the best young backs in the league in Todd Gurley. I look for Gurley to dominate this game and that’s going to open up things for Case Keenum in the passing game.

    HA, Ha Ha, Trent and Jed get their just desserts for not replacing Borland at Ilb.

    1. I see the 49ers selling out everything to stop the run with 8 in the box. Why not force Keenum to beat you? Who is he anyways?
      The secondary can handle the Rams wideouts no problem

      1. Then you have Austin, and Tyler Higbee (fast as a WR) matching up vs. Baalke’s linebackers. Who do U trust Prime, Baalke or Fisher more in this matchup–be honest.

          1. Aremstead has an arm injury and Deforest Buckner will receive his 1st NFL double team by a Ram offensive line almost as good as Dallas–Buckner will freak out, as Rookies often do, leaving Baalke’s weak point exposed–linebackers.

            1. L O Freaking L…. An o line almost as good as Dallas. Get real lil buddy. No matter who this team plays yiu will have every reason in the world why they will lose. You sir are ridiculous. But hey they are your opinions.

  25. Anthony Davis missed today’s walk thru. His absence was not injury related. – Biderman

    Anthony Davis’ absence described to me as a personal matter. He’s listed as questionable. Is team’s starter at RG, backup at both T spots. – Barrows

    1. If Anthony Davis turns into a pumpkin again, I still feel pretty good about guard. But depth at both OT spots becomes a major concern.

      1. Yesterday AD tweeted a link to an article about about him starting at RG and playing backup swing tackle. He seemed proud of it.

        What could have happened in less than 24 hours?

        Again, nothings confirmed. It could just be a family associated absence.

        1. According to NN, MM tried to reach out to Davis’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, “who offered up a no comment.”

          1. “Told by a source close to 49ers Anthony Davis is not retiring” – Jason Cole vs Eric Branch

    2. “Offensive lineman Anthony Davis might be retiring again, only two days before he was to start at right guard in the 49ers season opener Monday night, a source told this newspaper.” – Inman

      note: This above not been confirmed. Its speculation from Cam Inman via a “source.”


      “A team spokesman would say only that Davis is with his family. The 49ers’ practice report Saturday states that Davis did not participate for a non-injury related reason, which the team said was not injury related.”

      1. Source: former Patriots WR KeShawn Martin visited the 49ers today. – Yates

        Open roster spot?

      2. I’m hearing that Andrew Tiller will start at RG, not Joshua Garnett, if Anthony Davis indeed retiring, as I earlier reported – Cam Inman

        Makes sense. Not a knock on Garnett. Tiller’s a strong dude that has been practicing primarily at RG, while Garnett seems suited for LG.

        But about that sing tackle spot…

        1. Jason Cole ‏@JasonColeBR 6m6 minutes ago

          Told by a source close to #49ers G Anthony Davis that he is not retiring

          1. “Sources have confirmed to me that Anthony Davis is considering retirement, as CamInman reported earlier.” – Matt Maiocco ‏

      3. I think he’s playing a long con. But he’s screwing more than Baalke. What about his teammates ?

    3. Until we get confirmation he is mulling retirement I don’t want to bash him about it. But seriously, if he is indeed thinking of retiring again I have little respect for his decision. Retiring is fine. Doing it twice at times that are strategically terrible in terms of finding a replacement for him shows no respect for the team that have paid him millions, his teammates, or the fans that have supported him as a 49er.

      1. It also shows disrespect to whichever guy the 49ers had to cut to keep him on the roster this week.

        1. Miller and Davis possibly cost the 49ers two roster possibilities. One can only speculate which… Garrison Smith… Devon Cajuste…

          1. Short term affects of AD’s re-retirement are manageable with Garnett and Tiller in the wings, but long term?

            There goes our depth at both tackle spots. The speculation was which position to draft in 2017 round one… Quarterback, Edge Rusher or Receiver? Now add Offensive Tackle to the list.

            Cornerstone positions like a good Tackle usually take a first or second rounder. This could delay a rebuild a season.

            1. Well, long term they still have Brown at RT. I don’t know if either Brown or Davis would have been options at LT long term, so probably no change.

        1. Maybe, but I can’t imagine he’ll come away with much money out of such a brief unretirement. To me there are really only two possibilities if he really is considering retiring again:

          1. He really did think he wanted to return but the realities of doing the grind again was too much
          2. He never intended to really return, but wanted to screw the 49ers over for some reason.

          I am willing to believe it is the first. But I still don’t respect the decision because of its timing. Basically, if you make a commitment, don’t back out of it at a time that stuffs over those you made a commitment to.

      2. If he is having recurring headaches, I think his decision is fine and smart. If he is messing with Baalke, who probably wanted him to take a pay cut so AD gets guard money instead of tackle money, I say good for him.

        Maybe he is feeling like he is being stabbed in the back, because up to that point, he was universally getting praise from all the coaches. If Baalke is meddling, AD may walk.

        1. Where the heck did you get the idea Baalke ‘probabaly’ asked him to take a paycut? Man oh man, you are one heck of a conspiracy theorist.

          1. What else would make AD go from a model team player to considering retirement ? Maybe Baalke wanted to bench him and put in Tiller. Just to show who’s boss. That line of thinking is not too far fetched when it comes to Baalke.

      3. I wonder if the team knows, or if AD knows what he’s up to or what he’s thinking. If he isn’t retiring, they’ll save his roster spot, but that makes it harder to promote someone from the PS. Starting Tiller doesn’t scare me, but no backup OT is dicey past one game.
        We’ll have to wait and see.
        If he does retire this close to Opening Day I’d assume he’d have trouble getting another opportunity in SF or anywhere. Everybody would see the last second bail out and question his dependability. Tbd

    1. This continual drama with the team is beginning to make my blood boil. I could dismiss this AD news as pure rumour started by someone if it wasn’t for the fact that his agent refuses to make a comment.

    2. It seems AD wants to play but not for the 49ers. But who would want him after this crap? He’s not injured. AD gets most of the blame on this. Baalke gets a little bit of the blame for being an a-hole and not pursuing a trade.

      1. Better to cross that bridge .. when we come to it …

        Speculation .. (in this case) .. seems
        to breed some contempt

  26. Hooooold on there a minute, Bobalooey! This got bye me for a minute, but…….
    Drew Rosenhouse has no comment? DREW ROSENHOUSE?!?

  27. Anthony Davis and 49ers have been in contact all day. He’s undecided, but source said “leaning” toward playing. – Maiocco

    “SOURCE: “Anthony Davis is not retiring, just having doubts” – Jennifer Lee Chan

    “A source told me “He’s not retiring. He didn’t want to be at a certain position and he worked it out with Baalke. He’s staying with the team. It was a rumor.”” – Jennifer Lee Chan

    1. At this point, a good scenario is he sticks at RG, shows off athleticism and a good attitude, and becomes great trade bait.

      No sane GM would agree to a straight trade. It would have to be conditional trade relative to ADs play time with the new team.

    2. “He didn’t want to be at a certain position and he worked it out with Baalke.”

      I suggested this a number of weeks ago and was resoundingly rebuffed by many. This man is not a team player. As Scooter noted he has little respect for his team mates let alone coaches.

    3. So, my understanding, based on what Davis tweeted a few weeks ago, is it was his idea to move to RG. As a result he got an opportunity to work himslef back into the first string unit. Now he’s earned the starting job at RG he isn’t sure he wants to do it anymore. A suspicious mind would think the guy is just agitating for a move to another team. Play nice so you get an opportunity to showcase you still have starter ability, then be a thorn in the side so you are more trouble to keep than its worth.

      1. The team could just let him retire and still hold his rights, correct? May seem spiteful to some, but AD winds up sitting at home with no NFL income.

        1. If he retires, the team retains his rights and puts him on Did Not Report/retired list and he doesn’t count against the cap or roster and has to return his signing bonus. Same if he just doesn’t participate and be available for games.
          If they keep him on not as the starting RG but as the #3 OT, his trade value and reputation diminish.
          If they release him he doesn’t have to pay back the bonus.

  28. A player retires, un-retires, becomes a no-show on the eve of the first game, nobody knows what the h his head is at, and it’s the *team* that needs to start acting with class? Got it.

    1. I will repeat it. Niners should communicate better, stop leaking, and act with class. AD is obviously upset, and I will take his side if it comes to a Baalke/Davis impasse.

      1. What leak? he was a no show at practice which is public, the sources were then listed as sources close to AD not a team source.

  29. Even if he is 90% sure he still wants to play, as his teammate, it would not be good enough for me.
    Once again the 49ers have an unnecessary distraction. This organization needs to start creating a better culture of all in for the logo or hit the pavement!

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