49ers post-free-agency 7-round mock draft

SMU wide receiver Courtland Sutton (16) during warm ups before the start of an NCAA college football game against Houston Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017, in Houston. (AP Photo/Michael Wyke)

The first wave of free agency is over. Now, we have a clear picture of the holes the 49ers need to fill in the upcoming draft, and the players who can fill them.

Here are the players the 49ers will draft.

Round 1, Pick 9: TRADE. To the Green Bay Packers, in exchange for pick Nos. 14, 76 and 133.

Round 1, Pick 14: Isaiah Wynn, G, Georgia. And if he’s not available, the Niners will take Will Hernandez, G, UTEP. They need a quality guard who can match up with Aaron Donald next season. They don’t have that guard yet.

Round 2, Pick 59: Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU. Sutton meets all the baseline physical requirements of a possession receiver in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. NFLDraftScout.com currently ranks Sutton as the 52nd-best prospect in the draft, and NFL.com ranks him as the 60th-best prospect.

Round 3, Pick 70: Uchenna Nwosu, SAM, USC. Nwosu was the second-best defensive player in the Pac 12 last season behind Washington NT Vita Vea. Nwosu recorded 9.5 sacks, 13 pass breakups, an interception and a fumble recovery. He’s a speed rusher who can dip underneath the hands of offensive tackles, and drop into coverage, too.

Round 3, Pick 74: Holton Hill, CB, Texas. The 49ers wouldn’t have to make this pick if they had Aqib Talib. But, they don’t have him. They have Richard Sherman, who’s coming off two Achilles procedures since November. The Niners must draft a corner who can start and play well for 16 games in case Sherman can’t. And Hill is one of the few corners in this draft who can start for the 49ers as a rookie. He meets all their baseline physical requirements. But, he has off-field issues. Texas suspended him three times for failing drug tests. Drafting Hill is a risky move for the 49ers, who have made lots of risky moves recently. Hill will drop to the third round, just as Tyrann Mathieu dropped to pick No. 69 in 2013 after failing drug tests at LSU.

Round 3, Pick 76 (from GB): Shaquem Griffn, WILL, UCF. The heir apparent to Malcolm Smith, who turns 29 in July and couldn’t make it out through training camp last season. He tore a pectoral muscle. Griffin also can fill in for Reuben Foster at middle linebacker for a few games if Foster gets injured or suspended. Griffin is only two pounds lighter than Foster.

Round 4, Pick 128: Mike White, QB, Western Kentucky. A small-school quarterback prospect who can develop into a quality starter. White arguably was the best quarterback during the Senior Bowl.

Round 4, pick 133 (from GB): Joseph Noteboom, OT, TCU. An athletic offensive tackle who fits Kyle Shanahan’s outside-zone-blocking scheme.

Round 5, Pick 143: Hercules Mata’Afa, LEO, Washington St. The third-best defensive player in the Pac 12 last season after Vea and Nwosu. Mata’Afa played 3-technique defensive tackle, but will move to defensive end in the NFL. He is physically similar to Yannick Ngakoue, who was Robert Saleh’s Leo in Jacksonville.

Round 6, Pick 184: Brandon Facyson, CB, Virginia Tech. Another cornerback who fits the 49ers defensive scheme. Facyson is slightly slower than Hill, the 49ers third-round pick.

Round 7, Pick 228: Skyler Phillips, G/C, Idaho St. An athletic offensive lineman who fits the 49ers scheme.

Round 7, Pick 240: Ryan Nall, RB, Oregon St. A big running back who can run between the tackles, catch passes and play special teams.

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              1. I doubt he gets passed the Packers. Matthews is old and breaking down, and Perry has had to wear a “club” on his hand in 21 out of 70 career games….

            1. Landry will be a top ten pick imo. His tape from 2017 features some great stuff even with the ankle problem, but as we get closer to the draft you are going to see more and more sites move him up amid the realization that he played hurt for a good portion of the season, and more of the focus will shift to his 16.5 sacks from 2016.

  1. Good mock Grant.

    I understand your concerns at guard, but i gotta think edge rusher is pretty dang high on the priority list. We can’t have another year like last season on the edge. I would love to see Deforest play with a legit edge rusher on 3rd downs.

    But I would totally be good with this draft. It pretty much covers every issue.

  2. Not bad Grant. Sutton at that point in the second would be a great value. Nwosu is a good player who isn’t getting a lot of attention. Griffin is a football player, and the energy he brings would be great on ST’s and eventually even a possible starting role on D. A big back like Nall late in the draft would be a good use of assets as well imo. After what’s happened with Foster, I can’t see them taking Hill, but there will be some good CB’s still on the board at that point regardless.

    The only one I would probably disagree on would be Wynn in the first. I doubt they use the pick on anything but a Pass rusher or DB, but they will most likely be looking at an OG or an OT who can play inside for a year on day two.

    1. You make a good point about Hill. I just don’t think there are many options at cornerback who fit the 49ers scheme in the early rounds. Carlton Davis is the other one, but he will be a late first or an early second.

      1. Kameron Kelly and Quinton Meeks are a couple of options that could be there. What are your thoughts on them? I know you aren’t a fan of McFadden, but he could be there on day three and has the size.

        1. Meeks is someone to watch. Good call. He didn’t run a 40 at the Combine, but he tested well in everything else, and his Pro Day is tomorrow.

            1. Another nice mock Grant. Not sure they take both Mata’Afa & Nwosu, but other than that, I’d be happy with this draft.

      2. The only thing that may weigh in Hill’s favor is they brought in Sherman for his leadership, and mentoring factor. If after an interview with Hill, and subsequent investigations reveal a pattern of positive direction, they may be in a better position to take a chance on him….

          1. I would assume that is a correct assumption. If I’m the 49ers, I think Hill would be a calculated gamble worth taking in round 3.

  3. I actually love this mock draft. Trading down a few spots to pick up an third and fourth sounds good to me in a deep draft. Wynn is a stud who can play all along the OL. I would be shocked to get Sutton at 59, but if possible great. I also love Mike White at qb, it is a qb driven league and the more competition the better.

    Could not have done it better myself, most draft needs met.

  4. I’m surprised Sutton and Mata’Afa lasted that long on the draft program you used.
    The scouting reports on Sutton are all over the place, but imprecise route running and a lack of suddenness were mentioned often. I wonder if that meets the Shanny standard.

  5. Many mock drafts have Courtland Sutton going in the top 20. He may slide to just out of the first round, but no way is he available at #59. I hope you’re right because that would be a spectacular grab at that point.

    Just a helpful tip… when you propose a trade the like one from Green Bay, please include who you think they’re targeting and their rationale. I don’t see why they would ever give up these three picks to move five spots. Just hasn’t been their style of team-building.

    1. NFL Draft Scout and NFL.com have a track record of accuracy.

      The Packers are targeting Minkah Fitzpatrick or Denzel Ward because they lost Demarious Randall and Morgan Burnett.

  6. I am quite a fan of this mock myself, but Ive always thought the 49ers should trade away Armstead and Ward for maybe 3rd and 4th round picks… on top of that other trade with the Packers. Then the 49ers can use all that draft capital to trade up in the second round and take DJ Chark, who’s far faster than Sutton but nearly just as tall as him. Thoughts?

  7. Why so focused on another 1st round guard? Unless it is Quenton Nelson I pass.

    The weakest position on the 49ers o-line last year was center. That issue has been addressed.
    Since 2013 there have been six guards selected in the first round of the NFL draft. Half (3/6) of those are already on the 49ers’ roster. Two of the first round guards (Garnett and Cooper) should be battling at the RG position. Last year, Cooper proved to be a very capable starting guard on the Cowboy’s line.
    At LG, Laken’s play improved and was actually pretty darn good weeks 10-17 last year. This was probably a due to a combination of understanding the offense after coming in at the end of August and the overall improvement in play after Jimmy G’s insertion into the lineup.

      1. “This is a weak class of tackles, so we should draft a guard”? Not sure I follow that logic.

        Instead of being contrarian, here is my thought process:

        1. Four QBs will be drafted prior to the #9 pick. There will not be much of a trade market for #9 if this is the case. (If not, #9 should have big trade value and demand. Trade back.).
        2. Assuming four QBs taken, here is my top 5 non-QB rankings for 49ers (Take BPA): 1. Chubb 2. Nelson 3. Barkley 4. Fitzpatrick 5. Edmonds/R. Smith (Dealer’s choice)

          1. They would be reaches.

            You’d be hard pressed to find anybody who thinks that either of them are better prospects than the six prospects I list. Or better as prospects than the three guards already on the roster.

              1. Who do you think the Packers are trading up for?

                At 14 it gets much harder to predict who will be on the board. But Edmonds, R. Smith, Denzel Ward, Marcus Davenport, and Harold Landry still are undoubtably equal or better as prospects and fill bigger roster needs.

            1. Most of the players you listed won’t be there, which is why Grant is promoting a trade down I would imagine. While I don’t think they’ll take an OL in the first, Wynn would not be a reach at 14. Really good player with Pro Bowl caliber potential.

              1. No doubt Wynn is a baller. He’d have huge competition to win a starting job next year, meaning his marginal value add to this roster would be pretty thin.

                If four QBs are taken ahead of #9 at least two of: 1. Chubb 2. Nelson 3. Barkley 4. Fitzpatrick 5. Edmonds 6. R. Smith will be there.

                If we are hypothetically picking at 14, add Landry, Ward, Davenport to the list (in that order). Somebody will be there that will provide more value to this team than Wynn.

              2. Unless he got injured, I`d bet on Wynn starting from day one if they drafted him.

                Of the players you listed, Edmunds and Smith are the ones likely to still be on the board and I`d pass on both to take Landry. Regardless, I expect them to stay at #9 if that many QB`s go early. There would probably be few trade offers and the talent getting pushed down would be too much to pass up imo.

  8. Neither of those guards are worth picking at 9 or 14. Passrusher is more of a need, not your draft crush – Mr. I wanna be GM of the Niners who already thinks he is the GM of the Niners. Does Jed York know of your desire to oust John Lynch and take over as the new GM – if not, please make sure he does.

    1. I would have taken Marshon Lattimore with the third pick last year.

      Lynch took Solomon Thomas.

      Watch Lynch take another Pac 12 run stuffer with the ninth pick this year.

        1. I think it’s a distinct possibility. Lynch has shown he will take BPA regardless of need in the first round, and Vita Vea technically could be the BPA on their board at 9.

          Start looking for new TVs.

            1. To save you some bucks, you could listen to the draft on the radio, then toss that out?
              Might be a better option.

      1. Grant, good picks all around, but neither of those guards are worth the 9th or 14th pick. It will be either a passrusher or db (and no, not Vita Pea from Washington – give Lynch more credit than that). Hindsight is 20/20, isn’t it? Lattimore last year did not look worthy of the 2nd or 3rd pick.

  9. Watched video of e st brown .i like him . the way he moves and runs , i thought i was watching jerry rice but faster than sutton too and taller. Also db jaire alexander. He has no off field problems. I like the guard from Arkansas. I do like mike white pick. #1 pick Nelson,Chubb, ro smith or edmunds. Either one we could draft would fill a need

    1. Carl

      Good study…

      I like St. Brown…Chark, Lazard…and Sutton at WR…But Nelson if he’s still there….lotz of other Gs if he’s not
      WHAT A DRAFT !

    1. I always viewed this years performance by Jimmy as his baseline, and was hoping Shanny viewed it that way as well.

    2. That’s understandable. Cousins is a proven talent and he knows the system. This really speaks to how good Jimmy was last season.

  10. I posted this last week on Twitter and is my idea of an ideal draft scenario.

    1. Lb- Tremaine Edwards
    2. Cb- Carlton Davis/Isaiah Oliver
    3a. Edge- Josh Sweat
    3b. G- Braden Smith
    4. WR Marcel Ateman
    5. Bpa
    6. Bpa
    7a. Bpa
    7b. Bpa

    I dont know about anyone else but this kind of haul would make me ecstatic.

    1. Sweat could surprise and sneak into the first round. Oliver and Davis are two players that I would trade up for if still on the board near the top of the 2nd round….

      1. His sparq scores are off the charts but his production is keeping him out of the top of the Draft. I think teams se him as a player with a lot of upside but they are going to wonder why it didn’t translate on the field. Typically you take production players in the first two rounds. You dont want to draft on potential alone too early.

        I agree with trading up for one of the corners. Their stock seems to be rising as of late. It might be necessary to get that done.

        I try to keep a mock realistic and reality based. What l like about this mock is that all 5 players should contribute significantly right away. Not a few years from now.

  11. Grant,
    I always enjoy reading your work and getting the contrarian’s point of view, (much in the same vein as I enjoy reading Ray Ratto), so keep up the good work! What I don’t agree with though is how you like to “eat your cake and have it too” when it comes to critiquing the team versus critiquing yourself. You bash Lynch and Shanahan for taking a risk in drafting Foster (a player with character concerns) and yet advocate for them here to draft a corner in the 3rd round with the same type of issues. I have no doubt that if the Niners drafted Hill and he pulled a Foster you would be all over the team and how they have no moral character, etc. Don’t hold the team to higher standards than you hold yourself and if you are asking them for consistency then be consistent as well!

    1. I didn’t advocate for drafting Hill. I wrote it’s a pick the 49ers have to make after signing Sherman. One risk leads to another.

  12. Like it, except for Hill. I think I mentioned Noteboom in my last mock.

    I understand the Wynn pick, but think the Niners will go edge in the first round, guard later. I think Lynch/Shanahan are thinking Cooper and Garnett as the starters this year.

  13. I don’t like the 4th round pick, pick 133 (from GB): Joseph Noteboom, OT, TCU. We don’t need a QB there. Instead take another CB. I like all the other pics. I also think if we can trade down to just keep trading down even out of the 1st round entirely.

  14. While Wynn might fit what the 49ers are looking for in a guard prospect and while guard is viewed as one of the needs, I do not a) think guard is not as high a priority as an edge pass rusher and b) I do not think the guards (other than Nelson who is generational talent but not what the niners look for in a guard) is bpa over Tremaine Edwards or Laundry. Lynch has said picking that high, he wants impact players.

    I also think that people are selling two of the niner’s current guards short. I think Magnuson will be better than people think after being in the system and so will Garnett. All you have to do is see how the niners with Bob McK had done it with no name guards and also look to the current history of Norwell who was an UDFA who made big bucks this year. Its all about the coaching-which can’t be compared to the previous regime. I also doubt people know how much they progressed-including Grant, just because people cover the 49ers, doesn’t mean they know to judge. Plus the niners have signed Cooper, who, if he can avoid the injury bug, just might be turning the corner-just don’t make him or Sherman run up that damn hill.

    I also would like the niners to trade back, but I don’t know if there will be a market for it (ninth pick). Following Kiper or any of the others who have never scouted or played the game is stupid to me, I do go by what I see on tape, their production, and the combine and I think Landry is better than people have written. He is a speed rusher and will only get stronger with training. You can teach that threes cone drill speed and that bend nor his physical features. In fact if you go to some of those sites it is outdated even after the combine-there were those that quoted scouts that they think he is smaller than listed-wrong, that his tape from last year was bad-well yeah, being double teamed with an ankle sprain, yet if you project games started over the last two years vs. sack he still has good numbers.

    Also, I doubt that Courtland and some of the others will last as long as you had some of them being drafted.

  15. If this was the 49ers draft I would be fine with it. But I am once again leaning towards Landry being the pick.

    I feel very confident they will finish day 2 having drafted a DE, OL and CB.

    1. I’d agree Scoot, but do you think at the end of round 2 there will be any OG worth taking. There tends to be a run on guard in the 2nd. Or will they have to trade up?

      1. That is a little better. Are you not reviewing tape though? The combine is a valuable tool when projecting for the NFL, but it should be in conjunction with the actual tape as well.

        Combine results alone would say Jerrick McKinnon is an absolute steal of a signing.

  16. Haha… in all seriousness Grant, do you really think that you are smarter, a superior evaluator of talent, and would make it better GM than Lynch, or do you just like playing that card because you know it gets a rise out of folks? Either way is fine, I was just curious. And while it is interesting and entertaining to read contrarian points of view, showing even a modicum of humility or being able to admit when you’re wrong (god forbid) wouldn’t hurt… at least in my uneducated opinion. All that aside, interesting mock. I agree with many others though in that I think they may look elsewhere in the first round, and I doubt Sutton makes it that far.

    1. I’m wrong all the time. That said, Lynch doesn’t have much more experience being a GM than I do. And I would have taken Lattimore, not Thomas.

      1. You really think you’re backgrounds give you similar credibility? You don’t think that Lynch’s career in and around the NFL gives him a slight leg up? And to your point about Thomas vs Lattimore, I guess that’s kind of what I’m talking about… You may have been right there, and I’m sure there have been plenty of other times as well. But whereas we often hear you point out the times when you were right, I am honestly not sure I can think of many (any?) times where you have come out and said, “man I really screwed the pooch on that one!”.

        1. It should give him a huge leg up. But, he drafted Thomas and Foster and Beathard last year.

          I really screwed the pooch when I said the 49ers would go 9-7 last season.

          1. I predicted 6-10 last year.
            But, uh….that was BEFORE JimmyG was in the picture….so I kinda stepped in it too.
            Jimmy bailed me out by drawing an inside straight with his 5-0 finish.
            I totally underestimated the ramp-up time needed for the offense as well as the abysmal coverage.

          2. He also teamed up with Shanahan, brought in a lot of smart people to help him out in the front office, had what most folks see is a pretty successful draft last year, traded for Jimmy G., and overall has this franchise a lot further ahead towards returning to prominence than most people figured possible in one year. I’ve got no problem with folks being critical of various moves or individual pics, I just get tired of snarky jabs. But maybe that’s just me. And of course, we are definitely allowed to disagree.

  17. I like it. But I don’t see Sutton making it past the 30’s. We could trade up (Foster style) to get him in the 1st.

    I really think Landry is going to be the pick with or without a trade down. I’m still trying to decide on my mock. Do I go with Landry or Edmunds? I might do something like this.

    Rd.1 MIKE/WILL/SAM Edmunds
    Rd.2 Edge Armstrong
    Rd.3 G Sean Welsh

    Still a work in progress. I might mock Landry and I might include a trade(s). I’ll make sure to give a full and binding mock before the draft.

      1. I think there’s a better than 50-50 chance that Sweat goes in the first round or early second at the latest. Wouldn’t be surprised if Harold gets a knock on the door towards the end of camp….

  18. OREGONINER says:
    March 21, 2018 at 9:37 am
    TomD, I’m impressed…he’s got good footwork…has he had a decent chance ?

    Yes he has Oregon, at Dallas he started 13 games; started 2 playoff games for the Cards (original team) where Bruce Arians thought well enough of him as a pass blocker to draft him at # 7, Rd 1, to protect Carson Palmer.

    He also was a wrestler and track and field shot putter who once threw it 47 ft, 2 in to place 3rd in a HS east regional, so he has some athleticism.

    In 2009, believe it or not, he had 40 knock down blocks for UNC, his alma mater.

    He will be camp competition and could very well be our starter since he already pulls better than anyone on the roster, perfect for Shanny’s outside zone game.

    Cooper, in addition to Richburg give the 49ers the most athletic line since the Mariucci days.

  19. John Benton conducting the workout. It also “involved” one of Miller’s UCLA teammates, center Scott Quessenberry, according to the Sacramento Bee. Quessenberry has experience at center and guard, with the latter being a glaring need for the 49ers.

    NFL Profile: 6’4″
    31 3/4″
    9 3/4″

    STRENGTHS Starter for better part of four years. Good thickness with compact frame from knees to neck. Good burst into block fits in run game. Cocks and uncoils hips launching into opponent with good force. Showed ability to attack and dislodge Stanford’s Harrison Phillips on occasion with leveraged blows when they went head-to-head. Balanced pass sets with adequate slide and mirror. Hands are like vice grips that can latch in. Active re-setting hands like a sumo wrestler in attempt to regain opponent’s frame when he’s being bull-rushed. Identifies and spies potential blitzers early on and will peel off and find work if they don’t come.

    1. Bah… I seldom believe it when rumours leak about what teams are after whatever player.
      Most often it’s just agents trying to drive up the market or in some cases a team trying to dissuade other suitors. Norwell was supposed to be a done deal with the Giants. The broncos were supposed to be all over Cousins… its the lying season.

  20. Richburg’s signing may not have caused a splash in the Bay Area, but for the knuckles and grit crowd in the 49ers Faithful, we love the pickup.

    Being the captain of the offensive line (NYG) takes smarts and a strong demeanor — traits Richburg possesses.

    As quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo takes the helm for the 2018 season, he should feel comfortable in taking his snaps knowing he has a four-year veteran capable of leading his O-line into battle.

    Yes, his Pro Football Focus ranking is less than stellar. But in my opinion, the 49ers hit pay dirt in signing a center who can man the line from day one.


  21. Grant,
    You have a few of my boys in here.
    Wynn, Facyson and Philips.
    Everything looks good, but I would pass on a QB – maybe a RB or Edge instead.
    But overall a B+

      1. AES

        They have Nall listed as a FB, but I think a lot of people will take notice when he gets his hands on the ball: not only is he fast and powerful, but he has enough ‘wiggle’ to make tacklers miss…He’s slippery, and he’ll hit you….

    1. Trust me, as a UCLA graduate and fan of UCLA football, I am familiar with Quessenberry. My thoughts mirror my thoughts on Kolton Miller. The last great UCLA offensive lineman was Jonathan Ogden.

  22. Yet Rosen will go top 10, Quessenberry looks excellent on video and Niner O-Line coach thought highly enough of him to offer a workout ? Could John Benton see that gold could be mined from the rest of the ore ?

    1. Rosen makes top 10 despite his offensive line; indeed, his injury history is probably directly attributable to him running for his life. Quessenberry is worth a workout because you need to figure out who to pick in the 6th and 7th rounds of the draft. But that doesn’t make him a starter in his first year, or even adequate should he become a starter. Maybe he turns around; I will admit that the offensive line coaching at UCLA was subpar.

  23. OK, people were speculating that the Talib deal was completed at the Combine. That was not true.


    “The San Francisco 49ers nearly completed a deal to acquire cornerback Aqib Talib from the Denver Broncos the week before the start of free agency.”

    About a week before free agency. Right around the time the story of the failed trade came out. The same time that it was known that Sherman would likely get released.

    1. So it’s like I stated from the beginning. Talib didn’t turn down the 49ers John and Kyle walked away. Unless, grant says again, “they can say anything they want, talib turned them down”. Oh well we all have our own opinion. But the truth just came out of the horses mouth.

        1. He said him and elway had a deal at the combine. He called talib to discuss the situation. And it also states like I did that talib never refused to play for the niners. He would have wanted a big chunk of money to play here and they passed. U forgot to quote that. Funny how u posted that just say a deal wasn’t complete at the combine, but was agreed to. But just happened to leave off that talib didn’t refuse to play here. Hmmm

          1. “”I think about a week prior, we had agreed to a trade for Aqib Talib, and that didn’t work out,”

            Agreeing on terms and agreeing to trade are two different things.

          2. “But just happened to leave off that talib didn’t refuse to play here.”

            He didn’t have a choice. He didn’t have a no trade clause. All he could do was complain and ask for more money, which he did.

            1. Truth be told and to be determined, Sherman is the better player.
              Talib has always been a me first guy with a short fuse.

    2. Seriously everyone is giving Grant grief for saying that Talib didn’t want to be a niner? Hmmm let’s see, a deal was done, they called Talib, and Talib said I’ll go if I have to but he’d rather play somewhere else.
      That’s about as much as he could do… he probably had no say in where he would go. So by saying Id rather go somewhere else, it was the strongest statement he could make other than I would retire or hold out. Of all the negative statements he has made this one has some facts backing it.

  24. Grant, remember what your father said about LaMichael James, the former Oregon RB and 49er wimp? James “is a peanut,” not tough enough for the NFL. The same can be said about most PAC12 players with few exceptions. For every defensive stud from the PAC12 such as Buckner, there is a dozen samples of underwhelming Arik Armstead or over-hyped Solomon Thomas. Like former GM Trent Baalke, you seem to be constantly enamored with PAC 12 players, sadly. Your mock draft doesn’t have a single player from the current dynasty of the Crimson Tide. But, you have countless representatives from the PAC 12. Why is that?

  25. Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated reporting that Harold Landry spent “a couple hours this morning watching tape with Patriots DL coach Brendan Daly.” That’s an incredible amount of time to devout, and I’d wager they have plenty of ammo to move up the draft board if they want him….

  26. I am hoping Suh goes to Tennessee (decision down to LA Rams, Saints and Titans)………. while I think Shanahan could game plan around the tandem of Donald and Suh, that would be a pretty formidable interior line……

  27. I’m going to remind you guys again. If they stay at 9, there is 3 players that there down to. 1. Edmunds 2. Landry 3. Sutton. Sutton is a dark horse here. I believe Kyle has a certain criteria when studying WRs. I believe Sutton reminds him of a lesser Juilo Jones. He has his size and catch Radius. Plus he timed much better then anyone thought. He is gaining steam. With that said Edmunds is to versatile to pass up. A guy who can play all 3 LB positions is rare. His athletic abilty is off the charts. He reminds me of Juilan Peterson. Landry is a sack artist when healthy. He is a very valuable asset and will be viewed as such. I think the addition of Attachiou gives the edge to Edmunds at 9. If they trade down they will not invest in a guard in rnd 1… No matter what Grant says he is wrong more times then not. I was one who predicted Thomas at 3 with Razor. I predicted that they would invest in a corner last year no earlier then Rnd3. This year if they obtain an extra second I could see a guard but most likely a tackle there. The moves that have been made this off season leads to one of those 3 mentioned. I would put serious money on that.

    1. “If they stay at 9, there is 3 players that there down to. 1. Edmunds 2. Landry 3. Sutton.”


      “I was one who predicted Thomas at 3 with Razor”

      Your prediction was right, but the player isn’t anything special.

      “I predicted that they would invest in a corner last year no earlier then Rnd3.”

      Good call. I did too. I predicted we would take a CB in the 3rd, and that his name would be Ahkello Witherspoon.

  28. PAC 12 OL and DL are usually suspect. Don’t we have enough PAC 12 linemen. Jesus. They are soft and get pushed around. Mariota/Oregon would of had a championship if Buckner and Armstead were not pushed around by Ohio State. Solomon Thomas I feel is going to be a bust. Mid west Texas and east schools have the dominant line play. Sick of this west coast weighted draft selections. Sure Buckner is taking steps but he needs help from some playmakers on the line.

    It would be nice if that WR is there in the second but I think he will be gone.

    Depth at OL and CB is paramount. We need multiple selections there and need to hit on them.

  29. As the sky grows dark with mock draft arrows being shot thick and fast, even as Grant fires his 250th mock draft (who’s counting?), I’d thought I’d re-visit Grant’s very last mock draft which is the one he listed in the comments of this page in response to Scooter’s comment:
    Grant hit a home run with Lattimore. The first year performance of the rest are as follows:
    2/34. DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame. 2/52 Browns. Now with Packers. 15 games, 2894 yds at 54%, 11 TDs/22 Ints, 9 fumbles.
    3/66. Duke Riley, LB, LSU. 3/75 Falcons. Played in 12/6 games, 12 solo/12 assist tackles, 0 sacks.
    4/109. Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson. 5/150 Jets. Did not play. On IR after 10/31/17.
    4/143. Keion Adams, DE, Western Michigan. 7/248. Did not play. On IR since August, 2017
    5/146. T.J. Logan, RB/KR, UNC. 5/179 Arizona. Did not play all year. on IR since September 4, 2017.
    5/161. Brian Allen, CB, Utah. 5/173, Steelers. Active on 10 games. 2 tackles.
    6/186. Rudy Ford, FS, Auburn. 6/208, Arizona. Active on 10 games, 5 tackles.
    6/202. Isaiah McKenzie, WR/PR, Georgia. 5/172 Broncos. 11 games. 21 punt and KO returns for 183 yds.
    7/219. Corey Levin, OG, Chattanooga. 6/217 Titans. Active for 3 games but DNP.

    “It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.”, Danish politician Karl Kristian Steincke .

    1. Here’s mine from the same link.

      Rd 1 Jamal Adams SS: Pretty good. made the All-Rookie team.
      Rd 2 Jordan Willis DE: 1 sack. Bad pick and taken too high.
      Rd 3 Ahkello Witherspoon CB: A CB that has an elite ceiling and fits the D in the 3rd round. My best pick.
      Rd 4 Carlos Henderson WR: Just terrible. I picked the wrong Louisiana Tech WR.
      Rd 4 Joe Mathis LB: Injured all year and taken too high.
      Rd 5 Jerod Evans QB: Did nothing.
      Rd 5 Brian Allen CB: Did nothing.
      Rd 6 Elijah Lee LB: We got him eventually. Forced two fumbles in limited playing time.
      Rd 6 Aaron Jones HB: Averaged 5.5 YPC. Only four starts due to injures.
      Rd 7 Corey Levin OG: Did nothing.

      1. Haha good post Mood…

        Not bad 80. I actually am interested to see if Elijah Lee develops into a quality player. I really liked him coming out and was pleasantly surprised to see the Niners pick him up mid-season

  30. Post Free Agency mock draft.
    Niners trade back with the Chargers. LAC will want to move up to select a QB as a future replacement for Rivers. They will leapfrog over the Dolphins, Buffalo and Cards, who all may want to select a QB in the first round. By moving up to 9, the LAC will almost guarantee a top 5 QB. In exchange for the number 9 pick, the LAC give up their first and second round picks (17 and 48). This would give the Niners two picks in the first 50, and five in the first 75.
    The Niners would end up with picks -17, 48, 59, 70, 74, 128, 143, 184, 223 and 240. Using the Draftek big board, and trying to pick within 5 of the draft number.
    Niners could select-
    17-Harold Landry DE.
    48- Rashaan Evans ILB.
    59- Royce Freeman RB.
    70- Donte Jackson CB.
    74- Billy Price G.
    128- Hercules Mata’afa OLB.
    143- Allen Lazard WR.
    184- Du Vonta Lampkin DT.
    223- Troy Apke S.
    240- Mike McCray ILB.
    Niners are not forced to draft an O Lineman with their first pick, because JG showed how having a quick, accurate release will help make the O Line better. They do need to improve the pass rush, and the uncertainty about Foster makes it prudent to select an ILB with the second pick. Jackson ran a 4.32 forty, so he should help the CBs. WR is not a huge need with Garcon returning and the emergence of Goodwin. With JG, QB is set, so they should just select an UDFA, like Quinton Flowers to provide competition to CJB.
    Hope the Niners continue adding free agents. They should sign Eric Reid and Frank Gore.
    Niners did not get the top free agents, but that was understandable. Top free agents want to go to a playoff team. Niners are 2 years removed from a 2-14 season. However, they did exactly what I wanted. They may have overpaid for their free agents, but they have tons of cap space. I am glad they spent money, instead of saving money, without improving the team. They also used Free Agency to fill all the glaring needs, so now they have the luxury to draft the BPA, and draft for depth.
    JL and KS are not panicking, they are making logical, shrewd moves. Paraag is no longer a problem. I am glad he learned his lesson, and stopped leaking because JL is the new sheriff in town, and he is utilizing Paraag’s talents wisely. McKinnon is small, so that is why they should draft Freeman, who is 229 lbs. Sherman may be a risk, but there also may be high rewards.

    1. All we need are another 100+ variations of the mock draft from Sebbie and he’ll have nearly all probable outcomes covered. Then, post-draft, Sebbie can claim he foretold the outcome. Yay Sebbie!

      Can’t wait for your 14 point plan for Lynch to follow. He’s clueless without your plan Sebbie! Oh please help him!

  31. Grant,
    I am assuming Hills failed drug tests were for weed and I say no no no to him any earlier than the 5th round. It is quite likely he will smoke again and a 3rd round pick is far to valuable to waste ( no pun intended) on an addict. imho

  32. Grant: I like the Sutton pick. Hope you are right and he is available.

    If Sutton is gone, is there another WR you would consider at 59. Equanimeous St. Brown?

    1. If Nelson were to fall into our laps, it would be like finding a golden ticket. If not, Harold Landry will do nicely.

        1. I think they’d be crazy not to. If they don’t trade down, they better take a quarterback. I can’t see passing up on a boatload of picks for any other position….

          1. Agree. How can you not pick a QB in top-5 position in a QB-rich draft when your franchise QB is a few years from hanging it up? — unless you are the Browns and plan on a top-5 pick every season.

            1. And yet they just traded JPP leaving a $15 million cap hit to the Giants this year. They did get a 3rd round pick for this year. I can’t come up with a logical argument either for or against selecting a QB in light of the JPP trade. Maybe it has no impact whatsoever.

              1. Would taking a big cap hit now rather than stacking up to make a run with Eli mean that they are getting into rebuild mode? Not sure.

      1. It could be BS, but the Giants have said they see Manning being the starter for the foreseeable future. I agree they should take the heir apparent while they are in position to do so, but they may feel they can take another run with Eli. I could see them taking Nelson, Chubb or Barkly if they don’t trade out.

    1. “Matt Breida played too.”

      Kind of an afterthought comment there for the player Grant has slated to be the primary RB this season.

  33. If Giants and Colts pass on Chubb for a QB, and there’s a chance that 4 QBs will go in the top 10, then Niners could potentially have a chance to trade with Bucs (who got Curry and JPP) and move up a couple of spots for Chubb. Unlikely but possible, considering that the chances of Niners drafting again in the top 10 in the JimmyG era is slim. Else they would probably trade down with a team in love with Mayfield (is Gase’s professed love of Tannehill for real? Bills are right behind them and need a franchise QB too), and pick up Landry or Davenport. Nelson may be HoF-caliber all-round guard but may not be a value proposition for Shanny’s scheme where a mid-level athletic pick will do. Why would they pay big money for a guard if they can get one to do the job for much less?

      1. And you could be absolutely right — that’s where the scheme fit and intangibles enter… i was just rolling with the wisdom of the m(asses) :-)

        1. Scooter as well as a fanpost over at NN presented some pretty good arguments about why we shouldn’t select Chubb. As Razor said, Landry looks like the better fit for the pure pass rusher role.

      2. The only problem I have with Landry at nine is that he is a part time player. Its true he has an upside but so does Chubb. I think the Niners are going to grab Edmunds or James if they stay at nine. Its a reasonable possibility that one of them will fall. Nelson or Fitz could fall also, don’t think Chubb will. If four QB’s go one of those four guys will be there.

        1. We need speed around the edge. That’s the missing key to unlock our pass rush in obvious passing downs. If we can consistently threaten the edge with speed, our 3t’s will have more opportunities and our secondary won’t have to cover as long….

              1. Yes I am, grab the edge at 59. I really like Edmunds at nine, he can play all three linebacker positions and with some time will prove to be a good, pass rusher. His versatility speaks volumes. He may turn out to be a need pick if/when Foster is suspended.

                I have no objections to Edmunds, Landry, Chubb, Nelson, Ward, Fitz, or James at nine. All of them will improve the team, one or two of them will be there at nine, I think its looking good for the ninth pick talent wise.

        2. UC,

          He would play a lot. He’d be in on Nickle and 3rd down which would have him on the field at least 80% of the time. Contrary to popular belief, he’s not a liability against the run either.

          1. “he’s not a liability against the run either.”

            He was at times. So he can defend the run, but doesn’t always do it. This could be why he gets the inconsistent effort criticism.

          2. I would be fine with the Landry pick we need an edge, I would be ecstatic if we got him. I like Edmunds there myself but really there is going to be a quality pick at nine and I would be happy with many prospects.

  34. So Landry mostly struggled against ND, but he did well getting pressure against the RT. He went against the RT some in the Clemson game.

    Not sure how often this happened. Does anybody have stats on Landry against RT’s and the more talented LT’s?

    1. I think he was already injured in that game.
      He was used as a part time player at that point already, which really didn’t make much sense unless something was wrong.

      1. That’s why I said “Not sure how often this happened.” Was this because of injury or ineffectiveness, and did it happen when he was healthy? This is the problem with watching YouTube highlight videos instead of watching full game film like the scouts do.

        I would rather see his versus LT/RT stats from 2016 when he was healthy. I would also like to see this stat for Chubb, who also moved around a lot. I’d like to see this stat for all the Edge rushers TBH.

  35. All I know is the draft was better with rounds 1 – 3 on Saturday and rounds 4-7 on Sunday.

    You have to think that the draft viewership drops off significantly after your team has picked, once SF picks, most likely people are turning away, not going to want to stick around for the slight chance they trade up into the 1st. Back then you knew you had multiple picks to get excited for. There seemed to be more trades, but thats more likely ebb and flow from year to year.

    Also, it seems to have devalued how good a player might be, its like the fan mindset is that if they are picked on day 2 they’re not as good, yet when the first 3 rounds were day 1, those 2nd and 3rd round picks were being celebrated as possible cornerstone picks.

    But thats just me.

  36. Walt’s San Francisco 49ers Mock Selections
    Rd. 1, Pk. 9 Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU

    The 49ers have tons of options at this juncture, including wide receiver. They were coveting Allen Robinson in free agency, but missed out on him. They failed to acquire a No. 1 receiver for Jimmy Garoppolo, so they may target one with this selection.

    This may seem a bit early for Courtland Sutton, but the SMU product was terrific at the combine. Plus, we saw receivers like Corey Davis and Mike Williams go earlier than expected last year, so perhaps the same thing will happen this April.

    Rd. 2, Pk. 27 Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn
    The 49ers traded for Richard Sherman, but they should still use an early resource on a cornerback, just in case Sherman can’t make it all the way back from his torn Achilles in time.

    Rd. 3, Pk. 6 Marcel Ateman, WR, Oklahoma State
    The 49ers are desperate for receiving talent, so I could see them doubling up at the position on the first two days of the 2018 NFL Draft.

    Rd. 3, Pk. 10 Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon
    The 49ers signed Jerick McKinnon this offseason, but he’s not built to carry a big workload. San Francisco may opt to draft a running back who pairs well with McKinnon.

    Rd. 4, Pk. 28 Scott Quessenberry, G/C, UCLA
    The 49ers signed Weston Richburg, but he doesn’t have the best injury history. Here’s an insurance policy.

    Rd. 5, Pk. 6 Hercules Mata’afa, DE, Washington State
    Teams are always looking for edge-rushing depth, and the 49ers could bring in someone to compete with Jeremiah Attaochu.

    Rd. 6, Pk. 10 Taylor Hearn, G, Clemson
    The 49ers have two stellar tackles, but they need multiple upgrades in the interior of the offensive line.


    1. 49ers will likely be very interested in him at end of round 2/ early round 3.

      49ers will still sign a FA CB like Gunter for depth as well, and draft a second CB later.

      1. I’m not sure the Niners would touch him before the fifth round. His arms are a little short, and he’s not great at pressing.

        1. Just about to point out that his arm length at 31 3/4 inches is short of the threshold. Yep, they won’t be interested in him where he’ll be drafted. I’d just as soon trade up for Oliver….

      1. I guess that’s why I come here……
        Generntologists understanding my random musical references…..
        ‘Something happening here….’

          1. When I brought that album home my Dad looked at the cover and asked if it was an all girl band or some kind of Beatles thing. I said there’s just one girl and he said good, because the other ones aren’t that good looking.

  37. Grant,

    Whats your opinion on basically every position getting about 20 pounds lighter on offense (besides QB) from the Balkee/Harbaugh era of Big Physical guys.

    Literally RB,FB,WR,TE,OL is moving in a direction of lighter faster “more athletic” guys. Kind of interesting don’t you think?

    I think its a change that is worth noting and thinking about and especially analyzing. Because its much different then what any 49er fan has scene in a long time.

      1. You think its a part of Shanahan philosophy/grand scheme or just coincidence?

        Just seems like every player is lighter then the person let go.

        Chip Kelly tried to play a fast offense with big people. Shanahan seems to want to play a fast offense with fast people. Am I looking to much into this?

        You don’t have to answer now. But I would be intrigued to hear your thoughts on this.

        1. It all depends on what scheme you want to run. I think Shanny and Lynch have targeted very specific players from physique to skill set.
          It’s kind of like the Patriot way. They lose guys, then they go out and draft the same type of player with the same skill set and physical attributes.
          I’ve said it before, it’s a great strategy if your scheme works.

        2. — So we’re arguing about KS’ trade off of mass for speed, yes? Perhaps it’s good to review just how Kyle’s offensive plans had evolved by the Jags game…

          — KS and JG, over that 5 game streak, seem to not only have gotten the QB room in sync, Jimmy may have sold Kyle on running some Pats staples, in doing so– playing to Jimmy’s strengths + exposing the young JAX D’s weaknesses, “The Patriot Way”…

          — the 7-8 week period after JG joins team, he & Kyle alter KS’ original schemes as another way to attack D’s. But I think the Kyle had become receptive to these “Pats” offensive concepts after the SB loss and his subsequent talks with BB about the game…

          — I’ve included a few paragraphs from WEEI sports beat writer post (which you may remember from a prior post a few days ago) about how the JG led 9ers handled JAX: “The Jags own a ferocious defense, but San Francisco julienned it”

          Here’s some highlights from the article (the link posted at end):

          “Still, it never hurts to see your concepts executed on film, and on Christmas Eve, Garoppolo destroyed the Jags with an approach that can best be described as the Patriot Way.’

          “From snap to release, the throw against one of the league’s most aggressive pass rushes required 1.92 seconds. That was enough time for a three-step drop and scan of two tight ends running shallow routes to the right, one sitting on the hash, the other in the flat. Three defenders had them blanketed.
          As the pocket began collapsing in his face, the QB whipped his gaze to the left, where an unheralded outside receiver ran a slant on a Pro Bowl corner. The pass hit him in stride for 12 yards and a first down.”

          “The Patriots won’t beat the Jaguars vertically. They’ll beat them the way Garoppolo and the 49ers did — underneath and side-to-side, taking what the defense gives in eight-yard chunks.”

          “Garoppolo went a perfect 12-for-12 throwing to running backs and tight ends, with a touchdown to tight end George Kittle. A typical throw: facing a heavy rush on second-and-7 early in the third quarter, he found running back Matt Breida matched up on Posluszny, dumping the ball to him over the middle for eight yards.”

          “The 49ers softened that front four with 35 rushes, virtually all of them between the tackles, and many right at the 6-foot-8 Campbell. They were particularly adept at running out of three-receiver sets and targeting nickel defender Aaron Colvin, who basically served as a linebacker against the run. ”

          “The runs only averaged 3.7 yards, but they served to bring Jacksonville’s linebackers closer to the line of scrimmage and out of the intermediate crossing lanes that Brady will undoubtedly target. Even if Dion Lewis doesn’t run wild, early carries will serve a purpose to soften the weakest area of Jacksonville’s pass defense, over the middle and down the seams. That’s where Rob Gronkowski makes his money, by the way.”


          1. tjf,
            Thanks for the nice post.
            This move to lighter and more agile O linemen is not the first time in Niners’s history. Walsh made the same change back when he came to the Niners.
            Niners got away from it when they moved to the Parecellosaurus offense under McNolanterry. McLoughlan’s origins are in the Parcells school and he built the All-Airport Team (as Tom Tolbert puts it). In this 2004 interview with Bill Walsh from the archives of LA Times, you can detect Walsh’s irritation.

            Some changes came in the running game, much to the dismay of Walsh, who feels today’s lineman have gotten too big to run the sweeps and traps that were staples of his original West Coast offense.
            “It’s basically a man-block, shove the guy out of the way, shove him down the line run game,” Walsh said. “We had more trapping, more sweeps. We had much more variation in our running game than teams have today.”

            I see Shanny’s offensive vision as basically WCO updated for the 21st century. The basic philosophical principles are much the same as those of Walsh — taking advantages of angles and mismatches rather than brute strength There had to be implementation difference to account for the crazy athleticism and speed of the defensive players and superior scheming by DCs.
            I just can’t wait for fall to arrive :(

      2. It has everything to do with scheme. Kyle continues to evolve his schemes and concepts, and with that evolution comes a change in the kind of physical traits he feels best fit his concepts. Speed, agility, and the ability to gain instant separation are a few of the specific traits he values in his offensive personnel. And, as a general rule, smaller players are quicker, and more agile, than bigger players.

  38. It’s being reported does not have any of the top four QBs in his top three grades. Instead, he has Barkley, Nelson, and Chubb as his top choices.

          1. The 49ers are certain to have at least two new starters on the offensive line. Former New York Giants center Weston Richburg was signed to replace Daniel Kilgore, who was subsequently traded to the Miami Dolphins. Brandon Fusco, who started 16 games at right guard, signed with the Atlanta Falcons as an unrestricted free agent.

            Laken Tomlinson has a chance to hold onto a starting job. Acquired shortly before the start of the regular season in a trade from the Detroit Lions, Tomlinson quickly moved into the starting lineup at left guard and started the final 15 games. Tomlinson was a first-round draft pick of the Lions in 2015.

            Joshua Garnett, a first-round pick of the 49ers in 2016, spent last season on injured reserve due to an a knee injury sustained in training camp. The 49ers challenged Garnett to get in better physical condition. He has been cleared for football activity.

            Erik Magnuson, 24, won a spot on the 49ers’ roster after signing as an undrafted rookie from Michigan. Magnuson could enter into the competition at guard. He displayed unique versatility in his first season, starting two games at right tackle before sustaining a season-ending foot injury. He can also serve as a backup center.

            And, perhaps, the 49ers are not finished adding to the competition. The team owns the No. 9 overall selection, and Notre Dame’s Quenton Nelson could be on the radar in the unlikely event he is not selected within the top eight picks.

    1. This also, OC, about Cooper:

      “The 49ers are the fifth team to give Jonathan Cooper a chance after he arrived in the NFL as the No. 7 overall pick of the Arizona Cardinals in the 2013 draft.

      Cooper, 28, caught the attention of the 49ers with his career-high 13 starts last season with the Dallas Cowboys. The 49ers signed him to a one-year, $4.95 million contract this week.

      “We signed him to compete for one of the guard spots as a starter,” 49ers general manager John Lynch said Thursday at Stanford’s pro day. “He played very well in our minds for Dallas last year and kind of resurrected his career. He’s battled injuries, but we really like the way he played, and we think he’s a very good fit for what we do. So we were pleased to add him.”

      The 49ers plan to take it slowly this offseason with Cooper, who underwent surgery after tearing the medial-collateral ligament in his left knee during the final game of the season. The 49ers report for the offseason program in mid-April.”

        1. when JL speaks, interior OL deficient teams listen…

          “Josh is doing very well. We’ll continue to watch him. But he did a great job with the time he had last year to improve himself as a player. He really remade his body and we’re really proud of the work he’s done. We look forward to him getting after it in the offseason. … I think he’s excited about it. He’s feeling sexy, as he says.”

          and the Garnett hype machine ramps up towards TC and possible trade scenarios….

          1. That’s what you said about Tomlinson, amigo. I’ll wait and see on both. I think they both stick, but drafting Nelson or a select few others could change that; Wynn, Hernandez, Price.
            Lynch is a different cat. Sometimes what he says is Word.
            Like a poker game, it’s knowing when…..

            1. — and knowing that Lynch knows when to be a square shooter and when to be cagey…
              — Garnett keeps getting glowing press from 4949, but no such dispatches on how much better the other guards have become since late last season…
              — in fact, Cooper’s arrival, as another poster had suggested, is the “writing on the wall” for Garnett & Tomlinson…
              — Tomlinson was a major contributor to 1/4 of run snaps being stuffed in 2017– many here give him a “pass” in “pass protect” due to Jimmy’s speed and elusiveness on pass snaps…
              — the guard that actually got “better” late last year is now working for Arthur Blank…
              — Jimmy’s speed and elusiveness will only carry the team so far next season, as NFC west rivals are picking apart those last 5 games as well as looking more closely at McDaniels’ O for tendencies & schemes…
              — as I’d argued with another poster here, the gift of late last season will NOT keep giving, and it’s the height of folly to assume JG, like a Marvel comics super hero, will continue the magic vs. oppo D’s next season….
              — if our OZ run game doesn’t improve dramatically in 2018, you’ll see:
              * higher INT %
              * JG taking more sacks due to improved oppo D scheming
              * 3rd down conversion % drop like a stone
              * much gnashing of teeth…

  39. If there’s a trade to be made I’m hoping to see the Bills move up to 9.

    A QB in the 4th round huh? Bethard is more than ready to be developed and the 49ers traded for and then gave a bunch of money to some guy named, Jimmy. Thinking the 49ers want to spend a 4th round pick on a guy for the practice squad is pretty nuts.

  40. Lynch chose to address G in FA, despite a strong class, so I don’t think he’ll address it in the first 3 rounds. The reality is we have a lot of holes on this team, particularly looking forward a year.

    we need another corner as insurance for Sherman
    our RT is a FA next year
    our LT is 33,
    we desperately need a Leo.
    We need a #1 WR and Garcon’s contract details and injuries mean he’ll be gone before 2019
    we might need a Mike given RF character concerns
    Is Breida a #1 RB?
    Is M Smith a reliable Will?
    Eli Harold is a FA next year and while he can set the edge, he has only been ok

    1. Well said, I concur.

      I think they can almost go BPA, but lean towards a CB/Edge in the top 3 rounds. Personally, I would like to see a fast linebacker in there as well as insurance for Foster/Smith. Of course, if Suh signs in LA, we may want to prioritize another interior OL as insurance, but I also think/hope that perhaps Magnuson has the potential to back that spot up.

      1. Thanks. If Suh signs in LA, we rollout on every play! Yeah, the linebacking corp is the weakest unit on D imo. I’m assuming that Foster will be out at least 1/3 of the season.

  41. The 49ers are in a nice talent plateau. Fitzpatrick, Edmunds, Ward, James might be poor need/system fits. But other teams will drool at a chance to draft them.

    Pick 9 for the Packers 14+76+133 is an exact point match at 1350. I want more. A third rounder isn’t enough.

    I want a well placed seconder to move outside the top ten. Picks 9+74 (1570) for the Packers 14+45+114 (1616) might work. Day two would be fun. The extra 114 would make nice trade-up bait.

    But overall I’m for standing pat, or even a modest trade-up to 6 or 7 if Chubb falls.

    1. Yes Brodie, there is going to be some really good talent at nine, standing pat is what I would do (at the moment) unless there was a trade that was so good for the Niners that they couldn’t resist.

      1. If the 49ers are as good as many think, we won’t be drafting anywhere near 9 for years.

        In future drafts we’ll be choosing between steady guys or talented behavior/injury risks in the 20-32 range. This could be the last time we have a shot at athletically unique players that also have a high floor.

        I’m not giving this up for a lousy 3rd rounder.

            1. Bears will probably take him if he’s as valuable as advertised. We pass on Smith, Gruden will take him. I think that medical red flag on Smith was rescinded….

            2. Edmunds for sure. I’m not writing off Denzel Ward. We might be too obsessed with system fit. He’s a hair under 5’11” with long arms.

            3. Smith hasn’t missed a game since his Freshman season and is pretty much the same size as Willis was when the Niners took him. He’s the best LB in the draft.

              1. Foster didn’t miss games either. But I didn’t know the medical red flag was rescinded, so he probably won’t fall.

                “is pretty much the same size as Willis”

                Willis was also considered undersized. Same with Foster who I advocated for last year. But being considered undersized could cause a fall in the draft at any position.

                “He’s the best LB in the draft.”

                Him and or Edmunds. It’s debatable.

              2. Smith is a much better player right now. If you take Edmunds it’s because you think he’ll get to that level eventually but he’s not there yet.

              3. He’s better now. But is he the better prospect?

                “If you take Edmunds it’s because you think he’ll get to that level eventually but he’s not there yet.”

                I disagree. You would take Edmunds because you think he will eventually be better than Smith.

              4. Semantics. I’m saying Smith is clearly the better player. The only reason anyone would take Edmunds over him is because of the measurable and that’s how you wind up making mistakes in the draft.

              5. “The only reason anyone would take Edmunds over him is because of the measurable and that’s how you wind up making mistakes in the draft.”

                Or you take the smaller guy that could have a shorter career. That can be a mistake too.

                Edmunds is an athlete and has good size. Those aren’t negatives. Edmunds just getting by on his athleticism is overblown. You don’t get 100+ tackles on athleticism alone.

              6. I didn’t say that. Edmunds is a talented kid but misses tackles and is slow to diagnose sometimes. He’s a good player who is being hyped as a great player due to the measurable. Smith is a better player but is being criticized for his measurable. I’ll take the guy who plays better personally.

              7. “I’ll take the guy who plays better personally”.

                Every damn time. People fall in love with great athletes based on some wow plays in highlights and what they could be, but the guys that usually end up being the great picks are the guys that are consistently good in college, already have well developed football skills coming out, as well as being good athletes. Trust the film, not the measuring tape.

              8. I wasn’t trying to imply that you said it. It’s mentioned by almost everyone though. Sure he needs to improve, but he’s not horribly inconsistent. He didn’t just have two or three amazing games that made people drool, he made good plays every week. I think people are setting Edmunds’ floor too low. He’s not going to be Taylor Mays in LB form.

              9. I think you all are underrating the player that Edmunds already is. He’s been productive two years straight while playing multiple positions.

              10. Maybe. I think you are understating how reliant Edmunds is on his athletic ability. He got away with a lot of mistakes in college because his athletic ability could get him out of trouble. Won’t be so easy in the NFL.

              11. I don’t think so, but I acknowledge he got by on athleticism at times. Part of his athleticism is his strength, which should translate to the pro level. He also has good size, which makes him more likely to be able to take the pro level pounding on a weekly basis.

                Edmunds has shown good instincts.


                He’s capable, he just needs to be more consistent. He doesn’t always trust his eyes in coverage. Is this why he is slow to diagnose? Does he also not trust his eyes in run defense? Maybe his problem is that he doesn’t trust his instincts enough yet. Trusting his instincts can be coached up and his confidence should grow with age.

              12. I don’t see a guy that has good instincts. I see a guy that guesses and commits, and if he guesses right it can lead to a big play highlight like the one you just posted. He has just as many plays where he guesses wrong and ends up taking himself out of the play.

              13. So now it’s dumb luck when he makes a play? Does he recognize the play before the snap? Is it not possible that he had good instincts at times?

                I acknowledged he can get better, but you’re dismissing every play he ever made as luck or only possible because of his athleticism. This is where the interview process is important. The real decision makers can go over film and ask the prospect questions. We don’t have that luxury.

                BTW, NFL.com says Roquan is a little slow to diagnose.

              14. Nope, not what I said. I said he guesses. Not that he relies on luck. By that I mean he doesn’t read his keys, he generally just shoots forward in the direction of the player he expects to get the ball. Its good that he commits, bad that he isn’t waiting to read and diagnose the play first. It will bite his team on the bum too often in the NFL for his coaches to be happy to take the good of when he guesses right. Play action teams will destroy him.

                Smith may occasionally be slow to diagnose, though I haven’t really seen that. But at least he is diagnosing.

              15. Btw, I just want to clarify, I am not saying he isn’t a talented prospect. As can often happen when people start talking about a player’s negatives it can seem like they are saying the player is rubbish. Not the case. He can play. I have said previously I see him as potentially being a very good Sam LB in this system. And there is no denying he has immense physical talent.

                I just am a big believer of spending high draft picks on guys that demonstrate advanced football knowledge and skills (while also being good athletes). I don’t want the 49ers drafting him at #9 because I think he has too much to learn about playing the LB position to feel comfortable drafting him that high.

                I also wouldn’t draft Smith that high. He is strictly a WILL and 49ers already have Malcolm Smith for that spot. Waste of a pick imo. I would rather take Edmunds than Smith for the 49ers. For a team that needs a WILL then Smith would be a great pick though.

              16. What was Edmunds asked to do on those bad plays? Bud Foster is known for his aggressive D.


                “Based on the film that I have watched, either Bud Foster calls more middle linebacker run blitzes than any coach in the country, or the mike backer has almost zero pass responsibility. Tyler is almost always coming forward at the snap except when a key has him pursuing playside.”

                “Mike: The Mike backer (Jack Tyler) lines up directly over the center, and blitzes against the flow of the play to fly through the 1-3 gap. The Mike will likely be unblocked, but the running back should flow directly to him, so the Mike essentially has responsibility for the 1 gap.”

              17. No problem Scooter. I have Landry in a mock I’m working on. One might think I don’t like Landry at all when I’m arguing that Chubb is better.

              18. I wasn’t trying to imply that you said it. It’s mentioned by almost everyone though. Sure he needs to improve, but he’s not horribly inconsistent. He didn’t just have two or three amazing games that made people drool, he made good plays every week. I think people are setting Edmunds’ floor too low. He’s not going to be Taylor Mays in LB form.

                It’s all in how you view the use of a first round pick. For me the first round pick has to be as close to a can’t miss, high impact, bust proof player as you can get. Obviously there are no guarantees, but for me, there has to be a focus on the quality of play when determining the player you select. When I watch Edmunds, I see a ton of athletic talent, but I also see a kid who takes himself out of a lot of plays because he is not reading before reacting. He also doesn’t tackle as well as a prospect of this magnitude should imo. Smith on the other hand, is rarely out of position and is a phenomenal tackler. If I’m picking between the two in the first round there is no question I go with Smith. That isn’t to say Edmunds won’t be a great NFL player. He could turn out to be fantastic, but anyone who takes him in the top half of the first round is doing so based on what they think he can become and that’s dangerous. I feel better about those kinds of picks later in the draft.

                As it is, I don’t think either player has a chance to be the pick unless the DA charges Foster with a Felony between now and the draft.

              19. No offense but Willis was not the same size he measured in at a chiseled 6’1″ 242.

                None taken. I said pretty much the same size as there is a 6 pound difference and they are the same height.

                The point was Smith is not really undersized when compared to a number of LB’s who have had tremendous success in the league.

                He’s bigger and faster than Deion Jones who is a lynchpin in the Falcon defense. Smith for my money is probably the safest pick in the draft, but as mentioned I don’t think the Niners will take him based on what they already have on the roster.

              20. 80,
                Good find on the Va Tech defense, that could answer a lot of questions regarding guesses and instincts.
                I never really saw him as a guess defender because he would have been taken out of too many plays imo. But if the scheme asks him to run blitz a lot, special attention will need to paid to the downs where he is not asked to do so.
                That said I’ve been pretty much all in on Landry for a while so Edmunds would not be my choice

    2. B2W

      I love it…! but I don’t want to sit at your card game….Hell yes, …We got the gold so let’s ask for the moon…

  42. I heard this discussed on radio. A Monterey station played an air check from some NYC station.
    1/Browns Allen
    2/Giants Darnold
    3/Jets Mayfield
    4? Chubb-Barkley or trade back with Bills, Dolphins who want to get ahead of Elway?
    1, Browns Darnold
    2, Giants Nelson
    3.Jets Mayfield
    4/ Browns Chubb-Barkley-trade back
    5/ Broncos the right QB (per Elway) or trade back

    1. I just think that the best value up top is on QB’s…. and I think NY should get one, but if not, they could trade back a couple slots and try and get Barkley, and if they miss there, still get a Chubb or Nelson.

    1. 6’1″, 210 lbs, 4.4s speed, shocking injury history. If he can stay healthy he could be very good. Worth giving a look.

  43. I’m in with Breaux! His rookie year was great; too bad the injuries have kept him out the last two years. Worth a gamble.

    Is this Baalke Redux???? LOL
    How many injury prone and injured players are we going to sign this year? Grant can you put up a poll so we can we guess on the # and see how many are going to be productive?

    1. If you take a look at the majority of the free agents before the free agency period begun, you will see that the majority of them were injured or injury-prone.

      1. That may be so WMD, but how many do WE want to pick up???
        Some of these players haven’t played much or at all last year.
        That’s an indication of trouble ahead.
        Sherman is a risk, but also one that might pay off huge. His injuries have a good recovery rate.
        The others, I’m not so sure.

    2. Dee Phiant

      If you had two baskets; one full of injured players, and the other filled with uninjured players…you’d soon figure out what was the difference….the injured players PLAYED…the uninjured were bench warmers…If you’re going to play football…you’re going to get hurt…maybe (probably) injured. Get out your box of band-aids, and patch up your injuries until you have a complete team of players…

  45. My only mock. Unless I do another one.

    This mock includes trades. I’m using the Brodie model where the point value is close, but you need to give a little bit more to move up in the 1st round.

    SF trades #9 and #74 to GB for #14, #45, and #133.
    SF trades #45 and #59 to Carolina for #24.

    1. Rd.1 #14 EDGE Harold Landry
      Rd.1 #24 G/T Connor Williams
      Rd.3 #70 CB Quinton Meeks
      Rd.4 #128 WR/TE Allen Lazard
      Rd.4 #133 CB/S Kameron Kelly
      Rd.5 #143 ILB/SAM Genard Avery
      Rd.6 #184 HB Justin Jackson
      Rd.7 #223 G/C Bradley Bozeman
      Rd.7 #240 WR/TE Marquez Valdez-Scantling

      1. I like the fact you are addressing the tackle position early. Tackle is my new mantra replacing the center position as a point of OL need. The Niners need a tackle……

      2. #80,

        I like it. Takes care of the biggest needs with quality players. I don’t think they trade back into the first due to the cost and number of players I see in the same tier well into the second round, but if they did an OT would be a great pick with how they are likely to slide. Good job.

      3. Thanks guys.


        Yup. I think we need a better fit at T than Brown. Brown will be replaced eventually, so I wanted to do it this year since we’re going for the playoffs from here on out. If we get the Outside Zone going with JG shredding secondaries, the offense will be virtually unstoppable.


        I originally had us trading for #31, but I don’t think Williams would be there. The price is a bit steep, but I really like the player and his fit. And we should be able to get a 3rd or a 4th for Trent Brown.

        1. Getting a successor to Brown in this draft is urgent in my opinion. He’ll be too expensive soon and as you say he’s not The best system fit.

  46. Round 1, Pick 9: TRADE. To the Green Bay Packers, in exchange for pick Nos. 14, 76 and 133.

    Round 1, Pick 14: Harold Landry Leo
    Round 2, Pick 59: If he falls, Mike Hughes Nickel/KR/PR (He’s stout enough for outside, fantastic in the slot, and a home run hitter on ST) or RZ threat like Sutton/Gesicki/St. Brown
    Round 3, Pick 70: Jaylen Samuels (Rare skillset to back up Juice and Mckinnon or move out to TE, shanahan won’t be able to resist)
    Round 3, Pick 74: plan a. Brandon Parker plan b. Tyrell Crosby OT (future starting OT)
    Round 3, Pick 76 Austin Corbett OG/C (Westburg injury insurance/ guard competition, can be a swing tackle as well)
    Round 4, Pick 128: Royce Freeman RB (D’onta Foreman, Goal Line back)
    Round 4, pick 133 Hercules Mata’Afa Leo (More pass rush)
    Round 5, Pick 143: Genard Avery LB (Foster insurance and a hell of a player)
    Round 6, Pick 184: Charvarius Ward CB (Long developmental corner)
    Round 7, Pick 228: Frank Ginda LB (ST stud)
    Round 7, Pick 240: Your favorite UDFA target. QB3, KR, etc.

    1. My understanding is that Shanny views guards as important (if not more important) to his scheme than tackles. So I am pretty confident that they are not done strengthening the guard position. I expect them to draft a guard and a tackle (perhaps who can also play guard). Not sold that Nelson is the best value in the top 10 for Shanny’s scheme.

      1. Given Garoppolo’s ability to make a line look better than it is plus the additions of Richburg and Cooper, I agree with you about Nelson. Even if they could move up in trade for Garnett and their pick at 9, they sorely need an effective Leo, which, based on all the hype and his measurables, they would find and presumably draft in Landry. I think they also need a combo guard/tackle to eventually replace either Staley or Brown, a CB to eventually replace Sherman, and a solution for the Foster problem, whatever that is. (I don’t know the LB scheme well enough and the abilities of whom they have now to envision an answer.) I think we are in good shape re safety, TE, and WR, unless they are concerned about Garcon.

        1. we all need to stop taking “Garoppolo’s ability to make a line look better than it is” as a “given” for next season…
          if we get one truly decent OZ blocking guard out of the 3 1st rounder OG’s Branch wrote about –we’ll be really lucky…
          wish we’d have gotten Pugh too….

  47. Pointed at no one in particular, I just came across these lyrics in listening to some vintage tunes:
    “If talk was criminal
    You’d lead a life of crime
    Because your mind is on vacation
    And your mouth is working overtime”
    Taverns and chat rooms get that a lot, but we kinda sorta recognize it.
    Legislators institutionalize it and then forget not to take themselves and each other seriously.
    “…and the Bishops harmonizing lies.”
    Life’s short. Keep it simple. When in doubt rely upon the truth.
    As you were. Smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em.

  48. Daurice Fountain – 6’1″, 210lbs, 4.46s 40, 42.5″ vertical, 11’2″ broad. Dominated East West Shrine practices. Shifty and explosive. Not very good technique, so will need coaching, but plenty of athletic ability to work with.

    1. I saw that too, and was hoping to take him late in the 4th round but now it seems he may have convinced a team to take him late in the 3rd….

      1. Maybe Cincy?
        Does he show an ability and inclination to run across the middle into traffic and fight for the ball at the highest point to leverage his vertical jumping ability?

  49. Let us make a trade with the Giants for OBJ first rounder next year or 2 second round picks along with a nice contract. Then will have our WR along with our QB for the next 3 plus years

    Even though we should of drafted him years ago. Throw Arik in the deal as well but if I was lynch and if the Giants would trade him I would be talking to the giants

    1. Florio is suggesting that the teams that make the most sense for an OBJ trade are the Chargers, 49ers and Panthers. Rivers might be able to keep OBJ under some control, but I’m not sure Jimmy G could (only because he is probably not as experienced at dealing with divas). I wouldn’t want the 49ers to give up a haul of draft picks and pay the guy close to $20 million per year.

      Still, with Suh probably going to the Rams and Talib and Peters there……….


      1. OBJ is not even that good in my opinion. Just good enough for a couple highlight reel catches but no way should the 49ers consider trading for him.

        Draft and develop, brick by brick!

        1. What?! Not that good. Are you out of your mind. OB is out of control good. Top 3 Wr in football. He would be the best Wr in the nfl if he played with JG. There is no player in the draft that can have an impact like Odell. Don’t let an opportunity like this go by. Trade a 2019 first plus a third. Niners would win the SB with him. This won’t hapoen and it’s a shame. First 3 years in the nfl he has put up the best numbers in nfl history his first 3 years.

          1. You are dreaming once again.
            Top 3 WR? Yeah okay. He is a show boat me first guy. Talented yes, but not enough to say he is a top 3 in this league.
            1.Antonio Brown
            2.Julio Jones
            3. AJ Green
            4.Mike Evans
            5.Keenan Allen
            6.Alshon Jeffrey
            7.DeAndre Hopkins

            Forget the flash and you have a guy who is inconsistent and all about himself. I would not trade a bag of footballs for him.

            1. Not sure why my reply from earlier today didn’t come up, but I will try again.

              OBJ is better than the guys you have listed 3 through 7. He’s a great WR. Easily top 5 in the NFL, and I agree with RAW he is top 3. I have absolutely no idea what you mean about lack of consistency, as he is the one of the most consistent producers at the WR position in the NFL.

              However, I wouldn’t want to give up much in a trade for him because he is an egotistical d-bag. Can’t trust him to do what is best for the team, as he only cares about what is good for OBJ.

              If he came available for little draft compensation I would be fine with picking him up. Even as just a 1 year rental. I would be fine paying him as the best WR in the NFL. But I would also want to make sure any contract I signed him to had easy outs for if and when his antics start creating big issues in the locker room.

              1. Numbers wise, unreal. Inconsistent in that one game he is all world, another game no where to be found.
                Attitude wise and what he wants compensation wise, and what the Giants would want in return is a bad deal for the 49ers.

                Draft and develop, brick by brick. We don’t need to sell the farm or break the bank for a head case.

              2. I really don’t understand your inconsistent comment. In 2016, his last full season, he only had one game with less than 4 catches (where he had 3). Nine of his 16 regular season games produced more than 70 yards receiving. He is a consistent producer. Saying he isn’t consistent makes no sense.

              3. Take the numbers out. I’ve watched games where he would catch everything, and then add some high light reel catches as well.
                Then he would play some games where he drops numerous balls, avoids contact then pouts on the sideline.
                Inconsistency does not always have to be in the numbers or the box score.
                It’s like watching film. Over the course of games and seasons, you see the true value of a guy in how he plays and how much of a professional he is from game to game.
                My point is his body of work as a pro shows a tremendous amount of inconsistency from game to game.
                I think people get too caught up in his wow catches and conclude he is a top 3 WR.
                He has a lot more to prove.

      2. Looks like the Rams will get OBJ. When hes running past our slow CB and SS dont nobody complain about not trading for him.

        We have no WR play makers. Drafting one will not help unless hes the next best WR. Rams are taking chances and will probably win

        1. There’s only one football and we’ve got the playmaker in Jimmy. Brady hasn’t needed a #1 receiver, and it looks as though Jimmy won’t either. Distribution is the key….

          1. Brady has had TEs/Welker, Moss, Danny, Cooks, so he has had talent at the position and they all have made plays. Jimmy G can’t catch the balls he only throws them and if h doesn’t have any play makers catching the balls how are the 49ers going to win. Don’t say that the current players are good enough or how he’s going to make everybody better around him not for a full 16 games sorry. You need playmakers at every position and if he gets traded to the Rams please tell me what CB we have that’s going to cover OBJ none. I would rather have him on my team than the RAMS

            1. Jimmy won 5 games in a row and is currently undefeated with an inferior team to the one he’ll command this year. Chillax, Niner. Shanny and Jimmy have only just begun….

          1. I missed that too. Engaging in talks doesn’t mean a trade is imminent. Especially when it involves a 1st round pick for a non-QB.

    2. I am a huge fan of OBJ the player. Have been for a long time. But I wouldn’t want him on my team. He cares about one thing and one thing only – OBJ. Which by itself would be ok, but on top of that he seems to think rules shouldn’t apply to him. A guy like him, for all the good things he does on the field, its not enough to counter the negativity he brings to a team. Any success he brings is not sustainable. Don’t trade high draft picks for that.

      1. He’s a hell of a player but I don’t see him fitting the prototype of what Shanny and Lynch want to add to this team. The contract he wants is also a non starter.

    1. Interesting. I don’t see Ward back next year. Sounds like he will be an expensive insurance policy for Sherman, Williams and Colbert this season. Nelson, James or Landry and I’ll be happy going into day two….

        1. I like James better than Fitzpatrick who is essentially Ward 2.0 except he’s been made in the USA so far, as opposed to Ward whose been made in China….

        1. They “loved” Foster.
          They “love” Fitzpatrick.

          Good chance they take him, unless we have a DL rated higher or he’s already gone.

          1. Yep. Until recently it looked like him being available at #9 was a pipedream, but if he is there it makes a lot of sense.

            1. Whomever the pick, it will be a safe and for sure kinda player. The guy will have zero risk associated with himself.
              Guys who are in that category will be Nelson, Fitzpatrick, Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds.

        1. Or true until proven otherwise. We just had the news about our starting FS possibly moving back to CB. Is that Sherman insurance or legitimate interest in Fitzpatrick or both?

          1. Or that the 49ers are intending to go forward with Colbert at FS and Lynch wants to see if Ward fits into the team’s future plans.

            1. That’s possible too. Sill don’t think we should dismiss the Fitzpatrick talk as smoke although it could be just that. We saw smoke last year WRT Fournette. The difference here is that Fitz is a much better fit at a more important position.

              1. True, but everything from now up until the draft should be considered as smoke screen.

              2. I would say everything should be considered as a possible smoke screen. I hope we get to see which players they really liked after the draft like last year.

      1. I don’t put a lot of credence into Walter Football sources, but Fitzpatrick is a guy they would be interested in for sure I would imagine. He can play anywhere in the secondary and has big time intangibles as far as character and leadership. He’s a player that shouldn’t fall that far, but could due to the QB’s.

        1. Walter Football has perhaps the best presentation and content, only to have the worst accuracy or credibility when it comes to the draft….

          1. Actually Razor, WF’s final mock drafts have been the most accurate over any of the leading draft sites.

            1. Didn’t know that. Seems to me they always have guys drafted much later than they actually do, and don’t pay attention to team needs and scheme. I always thought Mayock’s mock drafts were the most accurate….

      2. Derwin James is the better safety and will be selected before Minkah so there’s a good chance he’ll be there for them if they like him.

        1. Why do you say James is better?

          I see them as two very different players. James is the better in the box safety. But Fitzpatrick is the better deep safety/ coverage player. Fitzpatrick has a nice combo of athleticism and smarts well suited to FS.

          1. Scooter I think James is a better overall NFL prospect and that he’ll have the more successful career. I’m not down on Fitz, I just like James better.

            I don’t think Tartt makes James worth passing over. I’m very big on James, I think he has potential to be a special player in the league. We already know Tartt might have durability issues and given what I see his(James) potential to be I would take the lesser need position in terms of SS vs FS.

  50. At @BearkatsFB pro day today, DL P.J. Hall measured 6-0 1/2, 308, ran 40 in 4.83/4.71 seconds, had 38 VJ, 9-8 BJ, 36 lifts. Wow!

    Moved from DE to DT. Quick off ball but slows down. Reminds some of Aaron Donald. My pick to be earliest non-combine invite drafted.

  51. Rams interested in OBJ and are now the favorite to sign Suh. Add that to Talib and Peters. A locker room full of head cases could be a challenge for a young HC. I give them props for going all in, but they could go bust. They may be mortgaging the future by giving up so many draft picks and committing big money. They still have to pay Aaron Donald too.

      1. This plus they’re making these moves a season or two too soon. The team isn’t there yet and when they get there these star signings will be moving on.

    1. Agreed. There is also the fact he OBJ is planning to hold out until he gets a new contract. Personally, I would tell him that he needs to prove 2017 was a fluke year for him.

    2. I give the Rams a ton of credit. They are going for it while they have the young stars on rookie contracts and are doing it in a way that won’t hurt the future. No crippling long term cap ramifications and they haven’t signed anybody who counts against the FA formula, which means they are going to wind up with two 3rd round compensatory picks as well next year. Really smart strategy that they hope will also excite the LA fans going into the new stadium.

  52. Niners in NFC Champ Game:
    Via 49er Webzone

    The Good Morning Football cast was among the first to jump on the San Francisco 49ers hype train early in the offseason. Host Peter Schrager may even be the conductor. He has admittedly already crowned the 49ers as Super Bowl champions and probably taken quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s measurements for his Pro Football Hall of Fame gold jacket.

  53. John Lynch confirms Jimmie Ward will work at new position this offseason

    Moving Ward back to the outside (CB) would have interesting implications. The 49ers appear set in the starting lineup with Sherman expected to play opposite Ahkello Witherspoon, who impressed during the second half of his rookie season as a third-round draft pick. However, Sherman, who turns 30 this week, is coming off a pair of Achilles surgeries after rupturing his right Achilles in November. Ward could offer an experienced alternative in case Sherman isn’t 100 percent.

    Via Niners Wire
    The 49ers are expected to add to the position through the draft or free

  54. 49ers DL coach checks out Sam Houston State defensive lineman

    The 49ers have depth along the defensive interior, but they’re leaving no stone unturned.
    By David Fucillo@davidfucillo Mar 26, 2018, 1:15pm PDT

    Pauline had this to say about Hall’s Pro Day workout:

    Hall, who was dominant for three days of Shrine practice, measured 6004/308 pounds. He touched an impressive 38 inches in the vertical jump, reached 9-feet-8-inches in the broad jump and completed 36 reps on the bench.

    His first forty time clocked under 4.8s (4.76s on a few watches) into the wind while his second attempt, with the wind, was under 4.7s (4.68s on a few watches).

    Hall was listed at 6’1 in college, but like most prospects is shorter than listed. He appears stout, but his ability to maintain is something teams will be inquiring about leading up to the draft. He’s a big guy for college, particularly his FCS level opponents, but at the NFL level, he’d be a relatively undersized interior lineman.

    DeForest Buckner and some combination of Earl Mitchell, Solomon Thomas, and Sheldon Day could see considerable playing time on the 49ers defensive interior. D.J. Jones is a guy who will get a shot to compete for some nose tackle time. He is about the same height as Hall, but he has been able to cary more weight, getting up over 320 pounds. Lance Zierlein’s scouting report raises questions about Hall’s ability to play with more weight.

    It would seem like the 49ers are fairly settled with their defensive interior, but a flier pick to develop some talent would not be entirely shocking.

  55. Via Fansided: San Francisco 49ers: Joshua Garnett a wild card for 2018 NFL Draft plans
    by Peter Panacy1 day agoFollow @peterpanacy

    “If the 49ers draft a guard high, it’s not a good sign for Garnett moving forward. Yet if this position isn’t addressed until later, that’s an indication the former is safe for 2018.”

      1. You are right MD. We better have a RB who can run hard between the tackles and WR who can’t beat man coverage like the back of his hand.
        I know Jimmy G will do his part, now it’s a matter of the offense doing theirs against this Rams defense who looks scary!

        1. On paper they look great with the addition of Suh. But I have a feeling that we will surprise a lot of people this year. Jimmy’s quick release can negate a lot of their strength.

  56. Rams aggressive, like Dynasty 49ers under Eddie when they signed Deion Sanders, NT–Jim Burt,
    DT–Gary “Big Hands” Johnson and NT–Louie Kelcher.

    Wonder if Grant was right about Marathe’s contracts only acceptable to non -premium players

    1. Let the Rams have all these cancers in the lockerroom. Suh, Talib and Peters all have been known to have a me first attitude.

      Let’s see how good a coach the young McVay is with all these vets.

    2. The Rams are duplicating Seahawk’s 2011-2015 cap friendly QB situation. Wilson’s cheap rookie contract enabled Seattle to add high profile free agents during that period.

      Rams are taking advantage of Jared Goff’s $7.6M and Todd Gurley’s $4.4M cheap cap window. They’re loading up with high profile veterans for a Superbowl run between now and the end of Goff’s rookie contract.

      I’m taking them very seriously.

      1. They were a good team before all these additions. But the reason I’m happy as a 49ers fans is because they added guys with minimal character.
        The Rams have brought in 3 very strong personalities into their room with histories of being disruptive.
        Also, prior to this, they had a very young team. A young team with not a very strong leadership group.
        Will Goff and Gurley get up in Suhs and Talib face when adversity hits?

      2. Correct, it’s a two-season window.
        Wade Phillips better have all his player management tricks up his sleeve. It’s combustible locker room on the defensive side….

    1. Yep, we’ll see how all these superstars work out together. They now have a lot of potential headaches to deal with. And history shows that putting together a team of superstars is no guarantee of success.

  57. Its going to suck for the Rams next year when the Niners beat them twice in the regular season and once in the post season – if the Rams make it that is…….Good to see the Ram/Niner rivalry once again.

    1. That’s right undercenter! I’m honestly not worried of the addition of Suh because of Jimmy’s quick release. The Ram’s are definitely the early favorite to win our division but I have a feeling that we will be right up there to challenge them.

      1. Staley/Tomlinson/Richburg/Cooper/Brown should give Jimmy more than enough time to sustain drives and grind that expensive Rams defense down into lamb sausage….

    2. If Suh was truly anything special there would have been more then just a couple teams trying to sign him. He’ll make his presence known but he’s not a game changing signing for them.

  58. Yeah, Suh will be trouble. Will he line up against our rookie guard or our injured standford lineman – garnett? Note to lynch, please dont draft anymore Stanford lineman .

  59. Now that I think about it, maybe avoid Pac 12 linemen all together : Solomon Thomas, Marcus Martin, Amistead, Jonathan martin. Garnett …

  60. Md,
    Aaron Donald is the alpha dog of the defense. If Suh tries to take the lead role there might be some locker room conflict.
    If Suh can fall in step with Donald this defense (along with their FA signings) could propel this team as strong SB contenders.

    We will have our work cut out for us against the rams, but the 49ers vs rams may revive the old traditional rivalry again which means great fun for us fans.

      1. MD,
        Yup, the seahags have owned us. I expect that to change this year and after we beat them in the first meeting they’re ownage will be over.

        The rams are the team to beat in the west and all their off season signings mean that they feel they can make a serious SB run.
        It sure is going to be nice seeing the 49ers putting their SB hopes on ice.

          1. I’m guessing the Raiders Monday night. They get two west coast teams with one shot for the double header. Rather have the Raiders on a Sunday though.

  61. The Free Mexican Air Force is flying tonight.
    (More archival music.)
    Trail of the Navajo
    Panama Red
    Bacon Fat
    Blue Skies (Dr.John)
    ; >)
    🎼 🎸 🎵 😎

    1. I like that he thinks it. But don’t say it. Just ambush them.
      I also get where he’s coming from. Shanny’s scheme will help.
      Roman/Harbaugh made Suh in Detroit irrelevant. Frustrate him and he parks it.
      McVay is a marionette and Goff a puppet. Goff may grow; we’ll see how much.

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  63. Hmmm, suddenly the idea of a safety isn’t so shocking.

    Coffee’s for Closers® says:
    January 30, 2018 at 10:23 am
    My unnecessarily too early prediction on the first pick would be if they stay at 9 or 10 they will go Safety.

  64. Barrow’s column on Shanny’s thoughts on various post-trade scenario vis-a-vis Garoppolo.

    To while away time waiting for the draft, here are two other random observations this off-season on JimmyG:
    Jerell McKinnon mentioned in an interview to NBC Bay Area Sports that he first met JimmyG at the Senior Bowl in January of 2014. He said that he was impressed how quickly JimmyG picked up the plays and explained them to the rest of the offense. Also from Urban Meyer from the 2013 season:
    “Garoppolo’s performance against San Diego State led to this proclamation from Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, who watched tape of the EIU-San Diego State game before his team faced the Aztecs early in the season: “Eastern has really one of the best quarterbacks I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even know who he was until I watched him. He’s a great player.” ”
    Ted Robinson, the Niners’ play-by-play, mentioned that his first chance to speak to JimmyG one-on-one was in January. Robinson said that he and Joe Montana were at Notre Dame at the same time, and he had interacted socially with him at that time. He said the calm confidence-without-arrogance that JimmyG exuded reminded him of Montana.

  65. 2018 NFL Draft: Courtland Sutton Scouting Report

    If you watch a Courtland Sutton highlight reel, one thing you won’t be blown away by is his pure speed. Yet, he is more agile than his large frame might let on and is still able to get open with ease. Sutton plays with inspiring physicality, often using his large 6’3″ frame to bully defensive backs attempting to tackle him in the open field. Sutton also showcases excellent agility for his imposing stature, which makes him even more of a headache for defenses. His height, strength, and explosive leap made him a favorite end zone target at SMU.

    He’s also a very effective as a blocker, which is an underrated skill for a receiver.

    Last season he posted 1,085 yards on 68 receptions, 12 of which were touchdowns. In 39 games at SMU he recorded 3,220 yards on 195 receptions, and 31 touchdowns. When you drill down further in the numbers, Sutton looks even more impressive. According to the Youtube NFL analytics savant, CommonManFootball (his blog is here if you’re into advanced analytics in football) his passing yardage market share (player’s passing yards/total passing yards of the team) in college was 90.84. Had that been his NFL passing yardage market share he would compare very favorably to 5-time All Pros at wideout. Compared to what all the other NFL wideouts achieved in college, he compares favorably to pro wideouts with at least one pro bowl selection. No matter how you look at it, Sutton has the potential to be a serious game changer in the future.

    By SB Nation

  66. “Kyle Shanahan on #49ers RB Joe Williams: “I expect him to turn up his urgency level this year. I’ve talked to him about that. He said he has. I’m looking forward to seeing it.”

    We shall see. I am not convinced. Its why I didn’t want to draft him last year – how important is football to him really? I think he has a lot of talent but isn’t a guy that cares enough about the game to put in the hard work required.

    I know he has a very sad story and a good reason for football not being his highest priority in college. Why he quit for a bit before being coaxed back. I get that. But if football was a priority for him I doubt he would have quit. And if he isn’t committed to being the best player he can be it doesn’t matter how sad his story is, he won’t make it. There are a lot of players with sad stories that don’t let it stop them (in fact let it motivate them).

    1. I was right there with you on Williams as part of the warning too, Grant. When they drafted him, I was surprised. After hearing the backstory, I was somewhat relieved and excited. Now, as with Garnett, I’m not encouraged by either’s prospects moving forward….

      1. Williams will have a tough time making the roster, even if he comes into OTAs in shape. A self motivated player has so much more value than a nope that’s motivated only because the coach had to light a fire under him.

        Free agency told us the 49ers how Shanahan felt about the running backs. The draft will tell us even more.

  67. FWIW

    The Cowboy’s Draft Show podcast hosts were enthused about trading Cowboys 19+50+116 for pick 9. If my draft crushes went top 8, I’d happily make that trade.

    Would leave the 49ers with picks 19, 50, 59, 70, 74, 116, 128 in the fist four rounds. One of Wynn, Hernandez or Landry should be at 19.

    There’s no magic red button that forces Jones & Lynch to agree to trade. I’m still more into standing pat. I like the talent pegged to be at pick 9. I’m just showing a win/win scenario that podcast host Dane Brugler and the gang tossed out there.

  68. Rotoworld is tweeting that D. Bryant will be available after the draft. Will be interesting to see where he lands and what effect that has on OBJ being traded, or not.

    1. Why not just make him available now? Making sure they get a replacement in the draft first, or of the belief they will get better value in a trade by waiting? Or just random noise…

  69. Justin Watson, WR, Penn looks pretty good; Watson measured in at his recent pro day at 6-foot-3, 215-pounds and he registered 20 reps on the bench, had a 40-inch vertical jump and a 10 foot broad jump. If that’s not enough, Watson reportedly posted a 40-yard-dash time of 4.39-seconds.

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