49ers practice like losers before their first preseason game


49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan stands on the sideline during practice


Wednesday morning’s practice was unacceptable for an NFL team. The players were flat, lethargic and unmotivated – they wasted their time. There was nothing good to report. So I’m going straight to the “not so go.”


1. HC Kyle Shanahan. Shanahan is a great offensive coordinator, the best offensive mind the 49ers have had in a long time. Jim Harbaugh couldn’t compete with Shanahan’s mastery of X’s and O’s. But Harbaugh is a great head coach, better than Shanahan, at least right now. Harbaugh transformed the 49ers from a group of losers to an elite team in a month and a half, and the transformation had nothing to do with scheme. It had to do with Harbaugh’s personality and leadership. He instilled his own high standards of professionalism, intensity, focus, concentration and discipline into a team that lacked those qualities. He was the emotional and vocal leader. He drove the car. Shanahan still hasn’t passed his driver’s test.

All week, Shanahan failed to enforce a standard of excellence during practice. During one drill on Monday, the offense committed four false-start penalties in nine plays. Harbaugh would have benched each player who committed those penalties and yelled at them in front of everybody. Made examples of them. Shanahan didn’t do that. He simply started the drill over from the beginning and implored his players to be more focused. They immediately committed two more false start penalties and Shanahan said nothing.

Similar thing happened today when the Niners began preparing for the Kansas City Chiefs. Preparing for a new opponent should have broken the monotony of training camp and given the players a higher level of energy. But the starters loafed through a drill – that’s what losing teams do. Shanahan should have gone crazy – Harbaugh would have. But Shanahan did not. “We just started it over and let them know what we want,” Shanahan said after practice. “I told them today, I think that starts with the coaches. Obviously, I didn’t explain that to them well enough.”

I appreciate Shanahan’s honest answers, and I respect that he acknowledged he didn’t effectively convey to his players the sense of urgency they need during practice. Now he needs to enforce that sense of urgency, needs to make sure his assistant coaches enforce it every day during meetings, and needs to cultivate leaders on the team who will enforce it for him during practice. That’s what Harbaugh would have done.

2. The defensive line. Arik Armstead, DeForest Buckner, Earl Mitchell and Tank Carradine stood and watched as Carlos Hyde jogged past them during a running play. That’s when Shanahan stopped the drill and started it over. The 49ers defensive linemen have lots of talent, but they’re young. There’s no one on the D-line who can stop practice and demand better performance from his peers the way Justin Smith would have. In fact, there are zero vocal leaders on the team.

3. LT Joe Staley. Staley is the one player on the team with the stripes and credibility to verbally hold teammates accountable during practice. But he’s a laidback guy. It’s not in his personality to yell teammates. When the 49ers committed six false starts in five minutes on Monday, Staley said nothing.

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    1. He was fine, but the intensity of practice was really low so it’s hard to judge anyone.

      1. time for a Shanny SR. + Lynch intervention – motivational speakers, 9ers alums, etc.
        Zgon should have been ripping the Dline for taking a play off…
        I don’t however see KS chanting “who’s got it better than us!”

      2. Pretty common after a possible serious injury the day before. The “Practice like losers” title is click-bait-ish and an A-hole move on your part, but i;m sure you know that.

        1. Exactly Cohn is a the worst beat writer and just a headline grabber. We are all sick of the negativity and your will to go “against the grain”. Your whole basis of writing is shock value and negative go write for the Seahawks or someone you really like cause it’s become blatantly obvious you are just a Niner hater and disgrace to “the Faithful”!. You should literally be blocked from writing about the 49ers!

    2. Rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard had a strong practice, including a perfectly thrown 50-yard pass to a wide-open Victor Bolden, which he dropped. Beathard is in competition against Matt Barkley for the No. 2 job behind Brian Hoyer. Barkley will be the second quarterback to play against Kansas City.

      Quarterback: Brian Hoyer is the starter and Kyle Shanahan said Matt Barkley would enter Friday’s game ahead of Beathard. The situation may be reversed the following week against Denver as the two continue to compete for the No. 2 spot. Beathard took his practice repetitions before Barkley on Wednesday. If undrafted Nick Mullens gets into the game, it will be at the very end.

      Incompletions were few and far between for Beathard on Wednesday. He’s been throwing confidently and was moving the ball down the field with ease. In one play, Beathard targeted undrafted receiver Victor Bolden Jr. deep down the field. It was one of the best passes of camp, traveling some 50 yards through the air. Beathard placed the ball comfortably within Bolden Jr.’s reach, hitting the receivers hands and falling to the turf.

      Yeah, I guess it was ‘fine.’ In other news from around the Church of the 49ers:

      Rookie cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon made his best play of camp, as he ran stride-for-stride deep down the field with receiver DeAndre Smelter to intercept Barkley’s pass.

      Witherspoon’s interception came while covering DeAndre Smelter on a throw from Barkley. It was encouraging to see from a rookie who has shown good coverage skills early but who needs to be more aggressive when the ball is in the air.

      Nice to see the coverage was there and that, according to the Two Matts at least, it’s been there for some time.

      Tight end. Rookie George Kittle aggravated the hamstring injury that bothered him early in training camp and won’t play Friday. Logan Paulsen and Vance McDonald were with the first-string unit when it first took the field,

      It seems that rumors of Vance McDonald’s demise may have been premature. Along with the celebrations of the same. He seems to be the definite #3. Now whether they keep him or not because he’d be a really expensive #3 TE remains to be seen.

      Defensive line: The starters are Arik Armstead, DeForest Buckner, Earl Mitchell and Tank Carradine. In nickel situations, Elvis Dumervil enters the game and Mitchell usually exits.

      That’s interesting. Not surprising though. Carradine was a solid Round 1 DE prospect till the knee. It’s just the 49er kept playing him were he couldn’t. But don’t count out Thomas:

      In Wednesday’s practice, Thomas was routinely in the backfield. He managed a would-be sack on quarterback Matt Barkley and a tackle for loss on running back Matt Breida. The offense ran a series of plays to the far side, away from Thomas, leaving him unblocked. He was able to run down the back from the other side of the formation on all three occasions. Those plays were good examples of the speed and explosiveness he brings.

      I think Carradine is going to have a heck of time holding him off.

      Jaquiski Tartt had his most comprehensive practice since injuring his rib in the first week. He took some snaps with the first-string group at free safety with Eric Reid at strong safety.

      A bit of good news on the injury front.

      Carlos Hyde and Tim Hightower are one-two in the lineup. The others have been rotating among the second- and third-team groups. Matt Breida has been the most consistent of the bunch and has outshined fourth-round draft pick Joe Williams to date.

      Looks like Breida isn’t a ‘T-Shirt Warrior’ after all.

      1. Why, it sounds like King Solomon was a world beater in his latest practice. He’s a future leader, and you can take that to the bank. As long as it isn’t the Chinese one….

      2. Moses thanks for that. Always appreciate the extra views and analysis even when sometimes filtered through rose petals for the faithful. As for my preseason analysis fix I land here first and foremost because I like the hard core / reality provided by this columnist and even if occasionally there is a miss.
        I guess what I am saying is Grant bakes a bitter sweet cake and some of the commentators provide the sugary frosting. Its all cool until the trolls stick their disgusting little fingers in it.

    1. Or perhaps the camera needs a different filter. Players have been going at it hammer and tongs for 10 days. They’re going to get tired. Tomorrow, or maybe even tonight, they’re going to fly halfway across the country to play in a pre-season game. Then fly back that night.

      They’re probably a bit tired.

      1. I read they have a light walk through tomorrow then fly out in the afternoon.

    2. My take is that this young and very cerebral coach has not had the time or position yet to develop the necessary tough love stuff or that occasional rah rah spiriting. My fear is that he does not have the emotional gene set for such things. I like his coolness and smartness but dare I say maybe a peppering of Mike Sing is needed.

      Razor, I am sure I don’t have to remind you that your moniker sake (Bill Walsh) had all of the above. The white haired wizard of Xs and Os could also rage against the woeful as well as exite the lethargic. He got that from many years of experience along with a perfectly requisite collection of genes. The Wizard had emotion and occasionally wore it to good effect.

      1. Your confidence is not unwarranted. I pre ordered The Winning Edge from the bookstore, but it was recently destroyed in my parents house fire. If you know where I can get a copy, it’d be much appreciated. That goes for anyone….

        1. It appears that it’s become a collector’s item. Amazon’s prices begin at $246! I think I still have it but it’s boxed away. I’m probably going to be moving in the next few month and hopefully, I will uncover it.

          1. Yea, I’ve been trying to replace it but I’m not paying $300 for it. I’ve searched Ebay and Amazon for the past year. If you do find it, you’ll make a handsome profit. I’d just like to reread it….

        2. Seriously, I have a signed copy…pristine condition, dust jacket, etc. Great piece of work.

          1. You’re a lucky lizard. My dad looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face when I purchased it for him. I don’t think he’d ever heard of Bill Walsh, however after meeting up with him a couple months later, he expressed how much he enjoyed it and what a great book it was….

            1. Got the book at a Walsh signing in the South Bay…1998? Also have a signed copy of Ronnie Lott’s ‘Total Impact’.

              Sadly, I don’t have a copy of Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’.

      2. Exactly. 1st time head coach. There is a learning curve. Shanny has many people ie resources to tap into. Harbaugh ran a few college teams as head coach and was seasoned.. Put it into perspective Cohn. Please pick another team to write for. You are a total negative hack.

  1. So, was anything said in the locker room or any post practice meetings? Are members of the media admitted to the locker room?

  2. This is pretty much why I was hoping the 49ers would add a few more veteran leaders in FA the past few years. Disappointing to hear guys like Bowman, Staley, Dumervil and Garcon aren’t having much effect on getting these young guys to practice like professionals. But that is a big risk you run when you rely so heavily on young players, and don’t give them a decent mix of motivated and professional veterans to learn from.

    1. Scoot
      Don’t sell out on Grant’s take on this. I know he’s done a whole lot of coaching and all, but still……….

      1. And Mitchell as well should help. But I do think this team has relied on too many young players the past few years, with not enough vet leaders to teach them how to be professionals. As a result it is easy to end up with a bunch of guys now entering the 3rd, 4th and even 5th year with the 49ers that still don’t really get what it takes to prepare as a winner. A legacy of Baalke.

          1. That’s a shame. You need a mix. Steadying presences like Staley are good to have, but you also need some fiery guys.

            1. Something we’ve yet to find at Center since Newberry. Alex Boone was firey, but then he climbed the mountain.

              1. R-E-L-A-X

                One practice guys. Different coaches motivate differently. Shanahan has his own approach which is different from the mercurial Harbaugh. Let’s actually wait to see a few games before we jump to any conclusions. Remember that Grant is not the coaching guru. Appreciate his take, but take it with a grain (large one at that) of salt.

                Having said that, I do think this is a very young team that still has a lot to learn.

    1. Not that I’ve read. They reported on what happened in practice… Just like Jim Harbaugh would’ve done if he were a journalist.

  3. Yawn. Is that the best you can do? You are what you behold. You described your report perfectly.

  4. Barrows report…

    “And on the 11th day, they rested … kind of. Two days before their preseason opener the 49ers went through a pad-less, hit-less practice. Cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon had a notable interception in the end zone and C.J. Beathard continues to look sharp as his confidence grows. But the 49ers were going over looks they likely will see against the Chiefs on Friday and the session was not nearly as competitive as the eight fully padded ones that preceded it. It mostly was valuable in seeing the pecking order at various spots. Kyle Shanahan said he hopes his starters play one quarter in Kansas City.”

    Of course, Seb calls out Barrows for being a pablum spewing shill…

    1. No, Cassie, I said that MM and MB tend to give the nuts and bolts, and are homers with unrelenting optimism.
      The pablum spewing shills are the FO Baalke apologists and trolls. Like you.

      1. Nice try Seb. You’re on record as including members of the non-Grant media as shills…along with those in the FO you choose to hate.

          1. Cassie and East, I reserve that nomenclature for the FO. they have shills and toadies, like you two.
            MM and MB are team reporters, and are too professional to stoop to such behavior. They may state the obvious, and it is not controversial like Grant’s writing, but they do not leak and smear, like toadies and shills do.
            Since pablum is pretty bland, I will agree with that term, but my ire was mainly directed at the posters on this and other sites, and a few media types. However, I do not consider MM and MB to be shills and toadies, but rather to be homers who just report the facts.

            1. Perhaps you remember:

              sebnynah says:
              June 17, 2017 at 8:11 pm
              Grant is not a reporter, who focuses on just the facts. He is an opinion writer, and writes for a blog, and states clearly that one should agree with him, or argue against him. He espouses his opinion, and expects posters to engage in polite and civil dialogue, so others may gain knowledge and understanding.
              Personally, I like his observations, and am tired of being rosily scenarioed.. He provides insights that the average Joe does not have access to, and many times, i feel like I am standing next to him covering the practices.
              Sure, he writes with an edge, but I much prefer that to the same old, same old. I am sick of the trite pablum from the toadies that writes tomes, but says little.


              1. ‘Trite pablum from toadies that write tomes, but say little’.
                MM and MB say a lot, and there are many other writers who fit that description.
                Notice that I did not use the word -‘shills’, like Cassie accuses me of using.

              2. I find them all to be quite different.
                Matt M: seems to be more of glass is half full reporter… and since the CSNBayArea days seems to be more of a company line kind of guy.
                Matty B: Takes more of measured wait and see approach and is a slightly pessimistic.
                Lynch is forever upbeat.
                Kevin Jones: its to early to tell, but I really enjoy his stuff so far… even though I often disagree with his opinions.
                Grant: Is more of a Op-Ed sports journalist who throws out a lot of his own opinions and invites arguments/debates.

                My preference is Matt Barrows overall, he has a great understanding of the organization and has seen enough camps to have an understanding of what they are working on and relays that to his readers. With that said I like the community on this blog the best and Grant is big part of that.

            2. Correction. They HAD shills and toadies. That was the MO of Baalke and his minions. Ballke was fired, and his whole apparatus was dismantled.
              John Lynch has changed everything. He even apologized for more leaks and smears, which inadvertently escaped from the building. Something I would never dream that Baalke would deign to do.

  5. It must have rubbed off, your editing is for loser journalists. Seriously, read the first few sentences.

  6. A down day after a nearly tragic event on the field the day before. I give them all a pass including coaches. Harbaugh was just voted the most overrated coach in college football. His style is unsustainable long term.

  7. From Chris Biderman…

    “It took 11 training camp practices for the 49ers to go without pads ahead of their preseason opener Friday in Kansas City.

    The session Wednesday felt similar to a walk thru, with team drills featuring as much contact and intensity as pre-game warmups.

    Perhaps the most notable development was rookie linebacker Reuben Foster limping off the field during full-team drills to get his left ankle/foot area checked out by trainers.

    The injury appeared minor. Kyle Shanahan said afterwards that he thought Foster was stepped on by a teammate. Foster had his foot re-taped and returned to drills before sitting out the last session of practice.”

  8. Grant was this not just a light practice as they prepare for Friday? When there is no hitting the intensity will be less. Also the injury scare yesterday would have still been fresh on their minds. I feel this is a slight over reaction on your end.

  9. Crisis. I think we need a players-only meeting to air out grievances and have teammates call each other out. This is always crucial two weeks into training camp. All the best teams do it.

      1. Paint ball is for losers. Oklahoma drill all night is the only thing that will save this team.

        1. I say we march them all day and then make them run the hill carrying one of their team mates.

          1. Get out of here with that charmin soft nonsense. They should carry the massive internet balls it takes to call professional athletes losers for holding a light practice two days before the first preseason game of the year, which we all know is equivalent to the Super Bowl.

            1. Well, mine are always bouncing to the left, and to the right. It’s my belief that my big balls should be held every night…;>)

          2. And, put them in the cold San Diego surf for hours on end, wrestling with 20′ lengths of telephone poles. Hypothermia does wonders.

            1. Watch the war imagery Cassie, the pax police…sorry, they’re users of excessive force…the social justice gandarme will be on you like a defensive lineman on a skittish QB!

        2. I’ll go for that if members of the media must also participate to keep their credentials.

            1. lol. I was like ‘where’d that come from?’ Then I saw you were responding to Mrs. Nate Davis.

    1. Roberto- It should be a players only meeting and under no circumstance should Jed York be allowed to attend. Men only.

  10. I wonder what goes on in a room full of tired journalists when the Editor-in-Chief isn’t happy…. Screaming? Yelling? Walking papers? Loss of lawn chair privileges?

  11. These guys have been grinding, full pads, for 10 of the last 11 days. According to multiple beat writers, these practices have been extremely physical. In fact, The San Francisco Chronicle’s 49ers beat writer, Eric Branch had this to say today:

    49ers’ sessions this summer are far more physical than those of Shanahan’s recent predecessors, Chip Kelly, Jim Tomsula and even hard-driving Jim Harbaugh.

    What happened today, IMO, is the result of a team that hasn’t had the benefit of a joint practice, or real game, and are basically at the end of phase 1 of training camp, and the toughest stretch of what has been a very physical training camp leading up to the first preseason game. Keep in mind, practice ended on a scary note. Shanahan said the correct things after practice today, but he knows his players are ready to enter phase 2 and face off against an opposing team. Friday will be preseason game number one. It’s the first opportunity of the season for these guys to compete against an opponent, and the first opportunity for this staff to evaluate this new roster in real, live game action.

    Don’t miss it!

    1. I asked Grant that very question, which camp was more physical, Harbaugh or Shanny? He said Harbaugh.

        1. Lets just put it this way….your father was not a good journalist, and you are a joke of one. Shanahans father was a good coach and Kyle Shanahan has proven himself to be a good offensive coach.

          1. Chill out, Tim. I haven’t seen this kind of passion from you since your Nate Davis days.

            1. Nate Davis days? have no idea what you are talking about. I am not a regular. I accidentally c lick links on webzone to this drivel and always disgusted by little cohns writing. He is a gasbag of epic proportions. This isn’t journalism.

        2. I didn’t say I agreed that Kyle’s been running a more physical camp than Harbaugh’s, those were Branch’s words. I do believe that Kyle has, for the most part, struck the right balance as a HC. And by most accounts, this has been a physical, and spirited training camp. Harbaugh worked his players harder than almost any coach of his era, and pushed his players to the breaking point, and sometimes beyond that point. Jim Harbaugh’s style was unsustainable IMO. And at the end of his mostly successful 4 year run, the 49ers roster was full of broken down veterans, many of whom were simply done with his hard driving ways.

            1. Did they win in Harbaugh’s final season with the 49ers Razor? No. Harbaugh took over an exceptionally talented defensive team, and pushed them harder than they had ever been pushed. It certainly paid dividends in the short run, but by the end of Harbaugh’s 4th year, the 49ers literally became the Seahawk’s whipping boys, in part, because the veterans on the roster had been pushed past their breaking point. Oh, it was fun for a while, because to your point Razor, everybody likes to win. But at what cost? When the wheels eventually came off, Harbaugh’s team crashed in spectacular fashion!

              My best analogy to the way Harbaugh handled his team from day one, is a lot like buying an expensive new sports car, and driving it as fast and as hard as you possibly can, without allowing the engine to break itself in properly. Sure, it’s exhilarating for a while, but the results were predictably irresponsible in the long run:

              Breaking in an engine is about making sure that all of the bearings and moving parts settle in together and wear evenly. If you don’t do it, the engine will fail sooner than later. You could end up with piston rings that don’t seat correctly and the car will burn oil, or you could get piston slap (when the piston head rocks back and forth in the cylinder rather then sliding straight up and down). Camshaft lobes could wear incorrectly. leading to valves opening and closing at the wrong speed/time. A crankshaft bearing could spin and destroy itself, seizing the entire engine. The crankshaft itself could begin flexing as it rotates, and eventually snap, causing the engine to eventually threw a rod.

              1. Shanahan is breaking this new engine in correctly, and the hope is that he keeps the engine below the redline, until he’s got this engine nicely broken in, and running on all cylinders.

                It’s been a very physical training camp, and we’ve seen the early results. Some of these guys have hit a wall, so to speak. And that’s OK, IMO. We’re less than 48 hours away from game 1 of the preseason. John Lynch has already stated that these coaches are going to take an unconventional approach to the preseason this year. It’s going to be a deliberate process, but at the same time we’re going to see our veterans tested more than usual, because the FO is in year one of a massive roster overhaul. They have to evaluate where most of these players stand because we have a lot of new, moving parts, and also a lot of upcoming contracts to negotiate and long term personnel decisions to make. If ever there was a day to temporarily take the foot of the pedal, today would be the day. The more fresh bodies we have on Friday the better. I suspect a fewer number of veterans than normal will dress in sweats for this first preseason game. Why push it too the limit today? Nobody cares if we win on Friday. In fact, nobody should be expecting anything close to a finished product VS the Chiefs. Friday’s game will be more about individual evaluations than worrying about the offense or defense as a whole.

                We’ve got a lot more work to do, and next week’s joint practice VS the Broncos will likely be even more important than the overall results of Friday’s game. So nobody should be insinuating that this team is practicing like losers at this stage of the preseason.

                I’ve really enjoyed Grant’s practice reports this season, as I have for the last couple years. I respect Grant’s opinion, but I think he clearly missed the point this week.

    2. Add Matt Barrows who said this was the most physical camp since the Singletary days.
      Additional info regarding the Hit that caused Newson’s injury, per Matt Barrows it was not a case where they were trying to blow someone up, they were both just trying to make a play on the ball so maybe that will end the debate of ducking receivers and out of control defenders.

      1. *Edit* add Matt Barrows to the list of reports who think this was the most physical camp since the Singletary days.

  12. While I agree with you on Haurbaugh Grant I also believe by the time he left that team was emotionally burnt..He’s a great coach but wears on people..For short term success he is great but not in the long run..

    1. Nailed it ! College the kids are gone in 3 years. In the NFL you could have the same guy’s 10 or 15 years.

  13. Guess we will see soon enough if Grant’s never ending negative coverage will come to fruition. I hope for fan’s sake he is wrong. And if he isn’t I’m pretty sure Lynch will step in soon enough. Offer your services Grant ! Maybe Kyle will give yuh a Bullhorn to play with.

  14. Now you have become the authority on how to run practices huh Grant? I remain astounded that you haven’t been hired by some NFL team to totally revamp their practices, players, draft, motivational techniques and be their coach…..they don’t seem to see that You are the answer for going to the Super Bowl! There are people who are glass half full and some who are glass half empty, you are glass empty, always……please go away.

    1. But of course….I am sorry, you cannot help it. You have an eye for losers don’t you….runs in the family and blood is strong!

    2. Hahaha ! You only ever have to read one paragraph of his article to know exactly who it is with out looking at Header to see who wrote it. I did it this time as I usually do. Read a paragraph and go, I know who wrote this LOL

  15. Some weeks ago a coach (forgot name) said they show practice tape to players, pointing out “loafs” to call on players for lack of pursuit. Next film study will have enough loafs to start a bakery.

    1. Next would be the bakery thrift store, where left-over loafs are sent out to pasture…

  16. We’re talking about practice. Not a game. Not a game.. We’re talking about practice. Not a game they go out there and die for.. We’re talking about practice………

  17. The funny part was when you said Harbaugh would bench a player. LOL. That dude never benched anyone no matter how crappy they played…IN GAMES.

    1. Exactly…should have benched Kyle Williams in the Giants game and stubbornly stuck with him,and we all know how that turned out

  18. KS made a strategic error when he said that he would not change anything. He needed to make an adjustment, and the team will not buy into the system if they think they will get injured. Coaches gotta care about the health and safety of the players, KS’s statement was a little tone deaf.
    It is understandable to see the effects of witnessing a player being driven off the field, with no expectation of him ever playing again. They seemed shell shocked, or in other terms, suffering from mild PTSD symptoms.
    Niners should do something to help bond players together. They should NOT go to a paintball course, because every time they pull the trigger, they will be thinking of Donavin Newsom lying motionless on the field. The Niner organization should build something, FO, staff, coaches and players, together can build something useful like a battered women’s shelter or a feel good home renovation for a deserving family.

    1. I knew Seb would waltz onto the stage sooner than later. Bravo!!

      Um, Seb…the paintball outing was facetious. You should know that given how transcendent and nuanced you are. Are you the real Seb or a poser?

      Looks like a bad 9er season in the making per Seb. Demon Shanahan–and Beelzebub Lynch, who Seb lauded as having thump in his career–will needlessly expose the players to bodily harm. Since the players sense this, they will hold back. Yup, bad season ahead.

      1. We call him Little Kim here in Indiana. I’d like for an American sniper to go for the record with a 2.3 mile shot off the USS Ronald Reagan…;>)

        1. I’m thinking a little more tropical fruit in Lil Kim’s diet in the form of a frag pineapple, gently rolled under his bed.

      2. Sebastopol should establish sister city ties with Pyongyang. There could be an exchange of local dignitaries. Seb would be the perfect emissary!

      1. Quit parroting Oregon, it just shows you up as a mental lightweight who cannot conjure up an original thought.

    2. You are a gift that keeps on giving…Strategic consultant, team psychologist, team image consultant…isn’t there any area you aren’t an expert?

  19. Agree with many regarding Grant’s overreaction. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fairly large number of injuries factored into their decision to have a “light” practice today. I’m fully confident that Lynch and Shanahan, but especially Lynch, won’t tolerate loafers during actual physical practices and games (including the preseason).

  20. Grant
    I read one report regarding the guys were struggling with the hard count that apparently Bethard wasn’t doing well with brought a rage from Shanahan never seen before. Maybe Tuesdays drama has the guys in trauma. This is strange to suddenly hear about an uninspired work out. They’ve been hardcore all preseason long. In fact maybe to hardcore with all the concussions, and a guy being carried off on a stretcher to the hospital.

  21. So basically nothing important happened in pratice today.

    And it still took you 4 hours to report it?

  22. I still cannot believe the Bears paid to move up for Trubiscuit when it was so elementary to move down for Watson.

  23. Yup. I liked his game. He was hurt when we drafted him. Trent is the gift that keeps on giving ???

  24. As good as he has looked in camp I expect Beathard to struggle in his first couple of exhibition games. I still believe he will be the long term starter by no later than the beginning of the 19 season and more than likely sooner. Just remember its a process .

      1. I look for Beathard to get in the game when Hoyer is beat hard, and can no longer suit up on game day. Should be sooner rather than later. Bet he looks better than Trubiscuit….

  25. And I’m not worried about the coach not yelling at grown men after a physical camp. It’s actually cool to lay off when people that you know work hard. It’s like when my father didn’t yell at me for using his cologne lol. He knew that my heart was in the right place ??

  26. A9er website…

    [Bulbous] Aaron Lynch got a sack and showed great burst on one rush around the left edge.

  27. Wow, you really mailed this article in today. This paper needs an better editor to yell at you. I wasted my time reading this. More overreacting leading to wild conclusions. I like the usual by player breakdowns of what happened in practice even though they can contain bias to support an earlier opinion.

    1. I’m telling you King Trent is the gift that keeps on giving. I bet if he was the coach it would’ve worked ????awww mann I’m dying ???

    2. saw news replay of McCaffrey run- totally Gore-like, small back behind huge guard for few yards pass LOS, etc., then bam- out of the gate and go for another 8 or so. Massive deja vu Frank Gore-wise, Just the color of the uni’s were different.

      1. Yea, impressed with his vision and patience. Hope King Solomon says hello week 1.

  28. I’m not surprised by this today. After what happened yesterday and now the dog days of summer, and a long training camp, you knew there was going to be a little let down sooner rather than later.

    Who are we kidding, this is a five win team that’s literally building this thing up brick by brick. It’s going to take a couple years for leadership and things to develop.

  29. Give and take. Harbaugh’s style was wearing thin on the players by the time he and management “mutually agreed” to part ways. I’d rather hear that Shanny was harder on NFL lineman that can’t remember the snap count but let’s see the fruits of his labor before being so certain it’s not going to work as well as the way the other guy did it.

  30. Grant fires up the crowd. Many of them respond with some well thought out gems to take in and to regard. As usual a few of them drop some turds to disregard.

  31. So Kyle should have benched those players and embarrassed them in front of the team. That’s the stupidest thing you’ve said in a long time. That’s not the way you treat professionals. There are many coaching styles that are successful, yet you apparently believe being a tough macho guy is the only way. I have two words for you –

    Mike Singletary

  32. Understandable to be a little lax after the scary injury yesterday. Harbaugh had a loaded team of vets and they had some lax practices. I remember the team underperforming almost deliberately because they weee pissed when he dragged them to Baltimore to practice against his brothers team. I loved the Harbaugh run, but it wasn’t an equal comparison of teams nor personality.

      1. and by invoking Nolan & Mad Mike, I intended them as examples of hard “task masters” so to speak.

        1. Another pre Harbaugh advantage — a talent stacked (save for QB) team hungry for a coach+staff that could give them a way ahead, Harbaugh & staff did that. But Harbaugh & Roman could only take them so far….

  33. Grant,

    Were you there 6 years ago at Harbaughs last practice before his 1st preseason game?

    Are you comparing this day to the same day in Harbaughs coaching timeline or just to Harbaugh overall?

  34. From all points and purposes, the practice was meant to be less intense since the pads were off today, so I am not sure why you are criticizing that Grant. Hitting the asphalt running every practice session is good and all, but for a team that is aiming to be fast and physical, it is more to take it easy every once in a while so that they don’t overdo which could result in losing a key playmaker to injury.

    1. Committing a truck load of false start penalties yesterday and being made to restart drills two days in a row I am pretty sure was not the goal of these practice sessions. To then have Shanahan admit after practice today it wasn’t at the level of focus and intensity it needed to be kind of suggests Grant is on point.

      1. Yes and no Scooter. The intensity and focus may have not been there, but this is a team that is transitioning to a fast and physical pace on both sides of the ball. Also, what level of intensity was it?

  35. I think the comments on this blog post matched the practice, i.e. rambling, run on, distracted,etc.
    This is unacceptable. YOU CAN DO BETTER! As a veteran of this blog I’m calling out the team. Step it up boys! ( girls too, do we have some ladies on the site?)

    Maybe Grant will sit us all down, explain what he wants, and re-start the drill….

        1. She was the first one to out and out call buxxxxxt on DS. Loved it.
          The blog could use her skills currently.

    1. For your edification, some prose with lessons for life.
      IF, by Rudyard Kipling.
      If you can keep your head when all about you
      Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
      If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
      But make allowance for their doubting too;
      If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
      Or being lied about, don’t deal with lies,
      Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
      And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:
      If you can dream- and not make dreams your master;
      If you can think- and not make thoughts your aim;
      If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
      And treat those two impostors just the same;
      If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
      Twisted by knaves to be a trap for fools,
      Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
      And stoop and build ’em up with worn out tools:
      If you can make one heap of all your winnings
      And risk it on one turn of pitch and toss,
      And lose, and start again at your beginnings,
      And never breathe a word about your loss;
      If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
      To serve your turn long after they are gone,
      And so hold on, when there is nothing in you
      Except the Will which says to them:’ hold on!’
      If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
      And walk with Kings- Nor lose the common touch,
      If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
      If all men count with you- but none too much;
      If you can fill the unforgiving minute
      With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
      Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
      And- which is more- you’ll be a Man, my son!

      1. ‘If’ by Bread

        If a picture paints a thousand words
        Then why can’t I paint you?
        The words will never show
        The you I’ve come to know

        If a face could launch a thousand ships
        Then where am I to go?
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        You’re all that’s left me too
        And when my love for life is running dry
        You come and pour yourself on me

        If a man could be two places at one time
        I’d be with you
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        If the world should stop revolving
        Spinning slowly down to die
        I’d spend the end with you
        And when the world was through
        Then one by one the stars would all go out
        Then you and I would simply fly away

      2. Seb-

        We’ve all read that poem by Kipling at one time or another………….real cornpone………..

  36. I can see your point grant, coach will also be learning along with the players…. for a head coach he’s a bit young himself. Not gonna be surprised of elder Shanahan points out some of your assertations as well, especially the need to cultivate leadership and accountability. Though I think its a little unfair to compare him to harbaugh, …. harbaugh simply had more tools to work with in the personnel on hand. I’m talking team talent level all the way to the personalities on the team to get things implemented. My point is, I think this staff is still discovering what they have on the team in both talent and personality. And from what I see in the reports, seems like the staff was focused more on what they got talent wise and implementing scheme rather than identifying natural leaders and cultivating everything at once. Thats where I think a talented and more experienced head coach has the edge on Kyle. Harbaugh in my opinion had more experience in this section than our new coach and his personality with which he carried things out followed through. I am hopeful that this will be a mutual learning experience year one into year two, ….if not then we are gonna be in for a long tenure of suckage.

  37. If you think today’s camp report is about lax play, wait till tomorrow’s. I predict most of team will be reclining or a good portion of the day!

  38. Hahahahahahahaha
    May I make a gentle suggestion? I’ll go out and do it tomorrow. I promise.
    Go patrol route#4:
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Happy Christmas!”
    Sunny side Aveenue Christmas lights

  39. Grant, you lack of knowledge of the game is showing. Instead of doing your homework on a topic you instead take a Skip Bayless approach to journalism. We don’t want your opinion, we want facts. You are in no position to give your opinion on matters you know nothing about. You’re just a lazy journalist who would rather have shock value than actual meaningful articles. Get your sh*t together!

  40. Can you imagine Thanksgiving dinner with Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith and Charles Barkley? At least Chuck has some street cred. Street cred is the fine line between taking one seriously, or thinking one a buffoon.

  41. Mr. Grant, I am 70 years old, I have a PhD from UC Davis, I am a fan of 49ers since 1980 and I am following them from 10,000 miles away. I can’t attend practices and I depend heavily on reports like yours. I don’t know if you read comments posted this late (different time zones, nine hours difference!), but if you read this, you should know that if I have time to read one report only, it would be yours. Posters that are criticizing you are minority, but they are very loud. Generally, posters are funny. I remember times when Baalke was a “Draft Ninja” and now is almost an idiot. Similarly with Harbaugh – there was a collective outcry when he was fired. Now, “maybe he was not so good, he inherited team from Nolan and Singletarry”. Same with Kaep – “thanks God we got rid of him!” When A. Lynch came in OTAs fat, you were the only one who said so. Posters called you hater, troll, whatever, because “nobody else mentioned that Lynch is fat”. A little bit later, that was a widely accepted fact, emphasized by our FO. Therefore, keep good work and don’t worry about negative comments, there will be always smart guys who know better.

    1. Hey Hawkspa…are you in South Africa?

      I’ve been following the 9ers for many decades. For information, I try to glean what I can from multiple sources, including Grant’s work on this blog. He has a style which can rub a good number of people in a less-than-pleasant way. Some would argue that upsetting people is a pretty good thing. I won’t argue that point–I can see the merit and the folly in it. His work drives traffic on this site–always good for the Press Democrat and its advertisers, although I have no knowledge if the traffic could be taken to higher levels through other approaches.

      Grant’s occasionally bold assertions sometimes go belly-up as you’ve noted. To his credit, some hold water. The Aaron Lynch matter was comical. Grant’s calls him fat. Grant’s observations are picked up by other media types and regurgitated. As a consequence, Aaron is a fat slob. The Front Office paints a picture that Aaron has work to do with his weight. In interviews, Aaron concedes he has a goal to meet. Aaron candidly notes that he dined out often with his wife. Grant seized upon this (dining out with wife) and artfully loaded blame for Aaron’s weight on his wife. And in all this Grant was artfully escorting Aaron out the door–so to speak.

      Anyway, for me, Grant plus other media input provides a good picture. Now as for the posters on this blog, we’re all over the place–evidence that diversity of thought and temperament persists. There was even speculation that this blog is being run as a post doc research project at Stanford–looking at sports blog behaviors.

    2. Hawk, greetings from a fellow UCD alum. Glad to see your input, and I whole heartedly agree. The amount of negative feedback is directly proportional to Grant’s effectiveness. On this and the other sites, posters and even the pundits try to rip Grant, but they are just jealous, and only respond with snark because they cannot lead or derive an original thought.
      Grant gets to the nitty gritty, and as you so succinctly pointed out, his missive about Aaron Lynch drove the conversation. You can bet it created huge incentives to motivate Lynch to lose weight.
      Yes, I defended Baalke when he was helping JH lead the Niners to 3 NFCC Games. However, in the subsequent years, he whiffed on an entire draft class, and became so toxic, decent Free Agents avoided the Niners like the plague. Jed was a blithering idiot to choose a suit over a coach, and Baalke’s treatment of Kaep was reprehensible with all the leaks and smears, all the backstabbing. In the end, Baalke became a dead man walking, and his cretinous behavior made him give a parting shot by signing Vance to an extension, thus making him untradeable.
      Baalke will be known for liking to cut players on the team bus, and his sitting on his hands and doing nothing while the team spiraled to a 2-14 season, was painful to all of us true die hard faithful Niner fans. Thank God that cancer is excised, and John Lynch gives me hope that they will return to the Bill Walsh philosophy. His hiring of KS gives me hope they can return to their WCO roots. There are still Baalke shills around, but the stench of Baalke is dissipating.
      Like you, this is the only site I follow closely, and I like Grant’s writing style. I think he is a chip off the old block, and I refuse to drink the koolaid or be rosily scenarioed. With Grant’s reports, I feel like I am standing next to him at the practices.
      Hope to see more posts from you. You sound very perceptive, and hope you can give better international insights than our northern curmudgeon.

      1. Seb, I would like to post more often but, if I answer each of posts that I do not agree, i would do nothing else but post. Several years ago, during Baalke’s rule, I posted more often. I disagreed with all the excitement with a “Draft Ninja”, I mentioned some players that we could have drafted (Earl Thomas, Chancellor, and Sherman from Seahawks only!), but I was a vast minority. Then we got two years that I would like to forget. Now, I am a moderate optimist, I like our coach, GM, even a QB (for time being; this is written before a KC game!). Maybe I shall participate more often… Best regards from Belgrade, Serbia (not South Africa!)

  42. According to Grant, Williams would replace Los, Bo was washed up, Lynch was to fat to ball, Witherspoon couldn’t cover, Beathard was a wasted pick, Breida was a t shirt. How often does he have to be dead wrong, and out of sync with knowledgeable reporters before you recognize click bait

      1. Nah, the only one wasting peoples time here from the commentators is you.

        But if you’d like to talk about it in person I’d be more than available.

        Maybe you can see if your buddy Colin is available too, I hear he is having the hardest time finding a job in this here country of ours. I can review his resume, maybe give him some pointers on how to be more attractive to employers, how to better present himself in an interview.

        While he’s at it, he can tell us all the virtues of Castro too.

        1. Em, you talk a lot, but say little. Sounds like you are giving in to the macho bravado, too.
          Maybe if you said something , I might respect your opinion, but you just like to throw up snark, so I will treat you accordingly.

          1. My only job here is to come correct you on your insane posts of your hot love for Colin. Its tired. Its pointless. He’s gone.

            When a writer craps out a post like the one Grant did, there is nothing to say other than its a waste of everyone’s time. He’s being employed to provide insight for those of us who are not able to see it first hand. We visit his site for a reason, some of us because we have been here since the days of Maiocco and prefer this format than that of some other sites. To post an article that basically said nothing shows a true lack of professionalism and an attitude that is undeserving of any respect.

            I have brought more to this site over the past ~10 years than you could ever hope. Quantity does not equal quality. My participation has dwindled with the teams struggles and my personal growth and enjoyment in other hobbies, but don’t for a minute think you know more of the game and this team, you don’t.

            Oh and have a blessed day.

  43. Meh. Dog days of summer, 10 days into camp, practice before a game where you expect less intensity. Shanny is young and a 1st time head coach. I’m sure he will self evaluate and make his own changes to his coaching style. Not worried about this in the least. Lynch played for Dungy, Gruden, and Mike Shanahan who all have different styles. I’m sure Lynch can offer Shanny feedback on best ways to address practice intensity.

  44. Another ridiculous opinion piece. Harbaugh turned the Niners into an elite team in a month and a half? Is that so? Based on what, your practice observations?

    There is more than one way to handle practice, and before we anoint Jim Harbaugh as the gold standard for coaching and attribute his greatness to his yelling and screaming, let’s consider that Harbaugh’s teams consistently made mental mistakes DURING GAMES for which Harbaugh didn’t bench players. Can anyone even count the number of times Ahmad Brooks jumped offsides? How about when he literally quit on his team during a game? Any yelling and benching from Harbaugh? How about the countless delay of game penalties created by none other than Harbaugh’s own coaching staff and their absurd play calling process? Anyone get disciplined or called out for that abomination?

    Kyle Shanahan may prove himself to be a much worse head coach than Jim Harbaugh in time, but drawing this assessment after a single practice a week into August is, as usual, ridiculous. Kind of like anointing a rookie RB as the team’s #1 RB before the team even put pads on. Your articles should all come with a disclaimer noting that this is an inflammatory opinion piece designed to generate clicks rather than objective reporting.

    1. And there was the matter of plays coming in from the sideline rather late now and then…

    2. Even with the small deficiencies, JH got the Niners to 3 straight NFCC Games. It will be very hard to match that accomplishment, especially with a team that went 2-14 last season.
      If KS can accomplish as much as JH, then we can anoint him as the second coming. Until then, KS is on a short leash, and will be looking up to JH, warts and all.
      BTW, Grant does give out a disclaimer. He invites posters to argue with him, so he knows he is writing about controversial subjects.

      1. Nobody with any sense disagrees with the idea that Harbaugh was a great coach. However, he was not without flaws, and more importantly, there is more than one way to be an effective coach. Grant appears to have formed a conclusion (prematurely, to say the least) that Kyle isn’t as good as Harbaugh. There’s just no way to know that at this point–and to jump on a single anecdote from one practice as support for this premature conclusion is typical Cohn.

        Given the dearth of great coaching I would say that the odds are that Kyle will likely NOT prove himself to be as good a coach as Jim Harbaugh (those are just the odds). However, if he fails to achieve Harbaugh status it won’t be because he didn’t get mad enough at his players in an early August practice, and if he does end up matching or surpassing Harbaugh it won’t be because he tolerated mental mistakes early in his first training camp.

        1. JH, with his 44-18-1 record is certainly a great coach, warts and all.
          Grant may be premature in his conclusions, but he tends to find the salient points to ponder. KS does have a coaching record, and since he attends all the practices, I feel that Grant can take the pulse of the team and the coaching.
          You may be right looking at the second half of the SB. That was an epic collapse. and KS had his fingerprints at the crime scene.
          However, if you looked at the first half, you could say that he was equal to JH. The fact that KS led offenses all ranked in the top 10, means that he will improve the Niner offense.
          The 64 dollar question is whether KS can lead the defense, which ranked last in points allowed. JH had Fangio. KS has Saleh.

    3. Harbaugh certainly wasn’t perfect, but he was the best HC this team has had in 20 years and it never ceases to amaze me how quick some are to forget that or try to downplay what he did for this team. Contrary to popular belief, this was not an ultra talented team when he took over. They had some good core players, but nothing special at the offensive skill positions other than Gore and for awhile Davis. They had average QB play, a below average WR core, average secondary and yet they went to 3 straight NFCCG’s. That is a freaking miracle looking back on it now. His final season he had to deal with a slew of injuries all over the roster, along with the backbiting and rumors being put out by the FO, and he still got them to 8-8. Harbaugh is truly one of the great HC’s of his time and we were lucky to have him.

      1. Agreed. I liked winning, and I don’t see a scenario where I’d ever grow tired of it either.

      2. I certainly am not downplaying Harbaugh’s achievements or ability. My points were that (i) there is more than one way to skin a cat, and “being like Harbaugh” is not a prerequisite to being a coach; and (ii) it’s revisionist history to say that Harbaugh would never have tolerated some of the mental mistakes that Shanahan is alleged to have accepted because he “didn’t yell.” Harbaugh tolerated a lot of mental mistakes and poor conduct by his players.

      3. Very accurate. Harbaugh is a winner everywhere he goes. He had the misfortune of coaching for an owner and GM whose foolishness he would not accept gladly. I’m sure he let the Ninja know what he thought of picks like LMj and JJ for a power scheme. His first year was a miracle. His last was toxic

        1. Even York admitted his mistake. Joe Montana himself acknowledged it was a mistake. Harbaugh was a winner, and that’s why the games are played….

      4. Harbaugh was the third winningest (spelling?) coach in the NFL history. I Like KS very much and trust him. However, Harbaugh has proved himself already (and still doing fine at Michigan).

  45. Grant Cohn being negative about a practice? No way, that’s not like him at all. Usually he’s so positive about everything!

  46. I say, let’s see if the team shows up ready to play on Friday then we can assess if they practiced like losers.

    Seems like the blog has picked up some new folks from NN or somewhere else who just want to name call and be stupid.

    Also seems like actual discussion about football is on the decline.

    Grant has his theories, it’s funny how often we argue with him about what happens at practice when he’s the only one who’s viewed it. Just like his observation on this his predictions will be weighed on who makes the roster and how the team plays.

  47. Seems like the blog has picked up some new folks from NN or somewhere else who just want to name call and be stupid.

    Happens every year around this time.

    1. You’re right Razor, it lessens the appeal for me.

      Also seems like some of the regulars are not posting as frequently.

      Have any of you reviewed Lorenzo Jerome’s college tape? I am concerned about our safety situation with Ward and Tartt being often injured. I think with Ward out I’d put Reid at FS and Tartt at SS. Sounds like Tartt has been playing back there. Jerome has had some good press from TC. He doesn’t seem fast enough for the NFL at FS but the coaches say he plays faster than his 40. One journalist noted he seemed to be trailing in his coverage.

      1. Speaking for myself, I’m sure most of the regulars have more of a life than I do;>)

        Jerome’s instincts help mitigate his lack of speed, but my concerns are more with the interior of our offensive line. Zimmer and his A gap blitz’s could wreak havoc on this unit….

        1. Yep, that would be my second greatest area of concern for the team. KS’s offense won’t work if we can’t run the ball. And if the interior OL cannot block or pass protect it could be a long season again. Kilgore plays ok, he’s been injured so often leaving us with Marcus Martin. Hopefully Tim Barnes is better.

          1. Barnes is pretty bad. Kilgore has always lacked sand, not to mention he cannot stay healthy. That means the odds of Hoyer staying upright are just not very good, adjustments or not….

            1. I think 9 wins is still a few seasons away. Maybe if they can keep the field spread with outside running plays it can keep some of the pressure off the interior. Seems like at camp though our DL is often in the backfield before the back can get to the edge.

            2. I am wondering if Beadles may be in the mix for the Center job.
              When Garnett comes back, and if Kilgore struggles, Beadles at center may be a desperate solution. But if Barnes is under performing….

              1. Seems like they need him at guard with Garnett out and that they’re pleased with Kilgore for now.

              2. I did say when Garnett gets back and if Kilgore struggles.
                Last season, Kilgore was regularly driven back into the pocket, and Beadles actually did a good job at center when Kilgore went down.

              3. I don’t see them replacing Kilgore until he’s injured.

                Until is right, just a matter of time. Could be soon, could be after 8 games. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to happen.

    2. Perusing the NN site site and monitoring their comments, one can see that some NN regulars are dishing it on this site.
      Guess they have nothing better to do.

        1. Yes, they went petty and emo. I was banned for this statement- Real Niner fans do not root for their team to lose.

  48. Most of these players hate these practices. Most of them know they have made the team. If a coach yells at a NFL player they just tune them out or eventually call them crazy like they did with Harbaugh.

    These players can not stand these preseason games. I can’t blame anyone of them for just going through the motions. Their livelihood and health is at stake, for what, these meaningless exhibition games?

    As long as Shanahan treats these men with respect, I believe he will get more out of these players in the long run.

    Grant, the days of coaches jumping up and down, yelling and ranting, and acting like crazed lunatics at grown men are over.

    1. I like the first 2 preseason games and only the first two quarters of those games. I feel for the fans who pay for it.

      1. I’m the oddball football nerd that enjoys all the preseason games. I like to see the lower level guys fight for roster spots, and put their film out there for evaluation.

        1. I suppose there’s enjoyment to be had in those things. To me those last games and quarters seem a lot more like pick up games then the NFL.

          1. Another thing I like about it is when a player you’ve scouted makes a play and you recognize him. That’s always fun for me.

            1. Razor,
              Did you watch the Panthers-Texan game last night? I watched the first half to see Watson and McCaffrey’s debut. Seems the latter’s pass pro skills are serving him well. Watched him pick up Cushing’s blitz impressively well for a rookie. I think it was the on the TD pass to Benjamin. On runs, I think he’ll be the third-most patient runner in the league after Gore and Bell. Can’t wait for the first regular season game when King S goes up against him!

              1. Sure did. McCaffrey was impressive. I’m looking forward to that too, but I think the ultimate outcome of the game will be disappointing for our side….

              2. I was leaning towards a Niners win. But after the recent spate of Niner injuries, I’m 50-50. Kawann Short was playing with unusual energy for a vet on a preseason game — must be adrenaline for the signing bonus.

        2. I really like Joe Webb. If he does not make the Carolina squad, I hope the Niners pick him up.

    2. I like the preseason games too. It’s the only time you are going to get to see some of these young guys play and I like seeing as many different prospects as I can.

      As for this blog entry from Grant, it’s blunt and it is a tad hyperbolic as far as the take on Shanny’s Coaching imo, but you want to see energy and tempo at every practice and it’s clear Shanny wasn’t happy with what he got yesterday, so Grant wasn’t off base with his overall view of the practice.

  49. There’s a great podcast by Maiocco featuring an interview with Seifert (and a short one with Salah). I’m downloading the podcast for storage in the vault :)
    I can’t think of anyone with Seifert’s background in the league — starting off as a young fan going to school across from the team stadium, going to the games as an usher to watch the legends, and then having a two-decade coaching stint with the team, winning multiple championships. It was interesting that Seifert seems (almost) regretful about micro-managing coaching and game planning during his tenure as HC. (Steve Young will agree with it). I was also reminded of the depth of the relationship between the Niners and Stanford. Seifert was coaching at Stanford under Jack Christiansen (Niners HC before going to Stanford) before Bill Walsh arrived in 1976. He was about leave for the Packers when Walsh retained him. Seifert came up with the concept of the elephant position at Stanford in an attempt to use an exceptional athlete, Brian Holloway (who went on to play in the NFL as a O lineman).

  50. sebnynah says:
    August 9, 2017 at 9:19 pm
    Cassie and East, I reserve that nomenclature for the FO. they (49ers beat writers) have shills and toadies, like you two.

    Seb, looked in the mirror lately ? Aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black, today.
    That’s hypocrisy Stmt. # 300 this week by you……Are you not Kap’s shill ?
    Remember ‘the storm’ ?


    1. Ha !

      Funny stuff Jack ! Yeah, I’ve caved and decided Kap can get a team to a bowl game.
      As soon as he applies to the Edmonton Eskimoes I think he can lead them to the Grey Cup.

  51. Shanahan: Reuben Foster has been battling minor ankle injury
    August 10, 2017 at 10:15 AM • 5 comments

    “Reuben should be good to go, but he has been battling that,”

    But each day you can see there’s some time in practice that he trips it up, steps on it, or rolls it a little bit, it definitely affects him to a degree. But he’s a tough guy. He can play through this stuff. It’s something we don’t feel is going to get any worse.

    Today’s going to be a complete walkthrough. Then they’re going to have all day, afternoon, to get ready for that game. After our game, the day after a game, we don’t do anything, which would be Saturday. We’ll just come out and condition them a little bit. We don’t do anything as far as practicing against each other. Sunday will be another recovery day for the players.”
    Shanahan went on to say that the 49ers will have two practices on their own next week and then two joint-practices with the Denver Broncos leading into their preseason matchup at Levi’s Stadium next weekend. Training camp breaks for the 49ers on Thursday, August 17.

    “You kind of have an idea of how this is going to be in camp,” Shanahan continued. “I think we hit our toughest stretch at the end of last week. This week they were starting to get back. Hopefully, they’ll be better for tomorrow night and I think we’ll even be fresher next week come Denver.”

  52. Hmmm,

    Another NFL heavyweight, forme ProBowler, Jeff Garcia said Brian Hoyer will ‘thrive’ in Shanahan’s offense……………..But nothing about Kap.

    I guess Seb will say that Garcia is limited and shallow, and unflexible like he called Shanahan for not rehiring Kap……..I am starting to believe Seb is more of a Kap fan than a 49er fan.

    “When he stepped on the field in Cleveland under Shanahan’s system, I did like what I saw and how he operated the system,” Jeff Garcia told 95.7 The Game on Wednesday. “Now getting a full offseason, a full training camp to be that guy — a guy who was able to study under Tom Brady in New England — and take that Shanahan system … Now it’s a matter of him staying healthy and executing the system. I think he’s very capable of doing it and taking advantage of this opportunity.”

  53. Tom Pelissero

    #49ers guard Joshua Garnett is facing a 6-week recovery after scope to clean up knee, source said. So, likely to miss multiple games.

    5:02 PM – Aug 9, 2017 · East Chicago, IN

    1. It appears Zane Beadles and Brandon Fusco will have an insurmountable lead in Shanny’s system for Joshua Garnett in 2017.

      Aside from the fact that he’s ‘disappointed’ (via most 49er beatwriters) in camp, Niner OL coach John Benton attributed it to his knee.

      Well 49er fans, if you were expecting at least 2 number one picks on the OL, you’ll have to wait for 2018 !

  54. Hawkspa says:
    August 10, 2017 at 3:45 am

    Mr. Grant, I am 70 years old, I have a PhD from UC Davis, I am a fan of 49ers since 1980 and I am following them from 10,000 miles away. I can’t attend practices and I depend heavily on reports like yours.

    Hawkspa says:

    August 10, 2017 at 3:45 am

    Mr. Grant, I am 70 years old, I have a PhD from UC Davis, I am a fan of 49ers since 1980 and I am following them from 10,000 miles away. I can’t attend practices and I depend heavily on reports like yours.

    Hawkspa says:

    August 10, 2017 at 3:45 am

    Mr. Grant, I am 70 years old, I have a PhD from UC Davis, I am a fan of 49ers since 1980 and I am following them from 10,000 miles away. I can’t attend practices and I depend heavily on reports like yours.
    Posters called you hater, troll, whatever, Therefore, keep good work and don’t worry about negative comments, there will be always smart guys who know better.

    TomD’s Take: “there will be always smart guys who know better.”……..Sounds like he’s referring to Seb ?

    Even the PHD’s make Seb a specimen study…..Whoa !

    1. TrollD, he was referring to Grant’s detractors with their ad hominem attacks.
      I certainly do not share their views, and have even defended and supported Grant many times.
      Try harder.

  55. @ Sour Grapes Grant This rubbish is unacceptable and written “like a loser” But when you do not have to train, prove yourself or even have talent and when nepotism pays your bills its easy to create such crap especially when you are a Raider fanboy.

  56. If there was a vote by the readers or if the Pressdemocrat valued anything more than clicks Master Bait writer Sour Grapes Grant would be Terminated or requested to write for the Vegas Raiders.

  57. Was Harbaugh the Gold Standard as an HC?

    As this blog has estalished, there is only one criteria by which the Gold Standard is measured against:
    Did (you,he,it,they) beat the Rams?

    That’s it, as we know that’s all that’s required. Since I watched both Wins over (the hapless) Rams, I am the “Gold Standard Viewer”. My wife is only “Silver Standard” as she would get disgusted with 9er first half and leave the room.

    I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

    Did Harbs beat the Rams?

    1. According to your standard, Chip met the gold standard, since he was 2-0 against the Rams. However, Chip was also 2-14, so there are mitigating factors.

  58. I think Grant Cohn is a complete imbecile. (no, I take that back, I KNOW Grant Cohn is a complete imbecile).

  59. Barrows today:

    “Os Cruz‏ @ThatOsCruz How many UDFA’s do you see making the 53?
    ANS: I would say that Lorenzo Jerome, Matt Breida, Cole Hikutini and Chanceller James all have legitimate shots at making the 53-man roster, in that order. Jerome and Breida have been consistently good since the spring and have not taken their foot off the gas pedal. Hikutini benefitted from Vance McDonald’s absence in the spring (death in the family) and Kittle’s injury in the summer. James seems tailor-made for the strong safety spot.”

    1. I like it- I also like McDonald and Dial though, and even the upside of Carradine, so if we are going to make room at their expense, I hope we are able to at least recoup something in trade (granted. McD’s contract makes that tough- maybe IR Kittle to start the year)……… I wouldn’t mind gambling w 2 QB’s and allowing Barkley to go in order to facilitate them as well.

      I am looking forward to seeing Taylor, Jerome, Foster, Witherspoon, Watson, Hoyer/Beathard and the DL tomorrow night.

  60. Not sure why this game is almost being treated like a real game. The starters will only play a few series before Shanahan and Lynch get to see the younger players and rookies.
    We lost 14 games last year and with a new regime at the helm, I have a hard time believing that players will be playing soft on Friday since there is a strong possibility that they won’t be back on Monday.

    1. I don’t know when but if CHI surrounds this kid with a ramp to develop, he’s gonna be very good for them.

        1. Granted, he looked good, but he needs to not run when the clock is ticking down unless he can run out of bounds. Had a chance, but came up short. He was also competing against second and third stringers.
          However, he looked way better than Glennon, so he might win by default.

          1. He’s smart and accurate. Unlike the one trick pony you think the world of.

            CHI if they are smart and develop this guy the right way, will be under centre for them for the next 10 years.

            1. He benefited from good O line play that gave him enough time. They also rolled him out so he could use his mobility, which was smart.
              However, they should not throw him to the wolves, like Alex. They should hope he can be like Rodgers, who got to sit and study for years before starting.
              Going up against the NFC North first stringers will be another story.

              1. Considering the Niners needed to fix their defense first, yes. If they did not fix their defense, it would not matter if they had selected Joe Montana, they would still lose. The Niners cannot expect to win if they keep on giving up 200 yards on the ground.
                Luckily, the Niners were smart, and spent their first 3 picks on defense, getting the BPA to fill huge needs. They also showed wisdom and patience, because next year’s draft class has several franchise quality QBs, and Cousins may fall in their lap.
                Yeah, he did well, but he did not go up against Von Miller. He did well against second and third stringers.

              2. Based on 13 games of college ball, and one preseason game your claim he’s NFL franchise material for the next 10 years, might be a bit premature. Let’s wait and see how he responds after he encounters some adversity, because the sample size is way too small to predict that aspect of his game….

    2. Doubt it. Trubiscuit operated in shotgun only. He was running a spread offense, and didn’t take one snap under center. Having said that, he looked impressive.

      1. No he took some snaps under center and looked pretty good. He looked the best of the young QBs in week one.

        1. Must have been when I blinked, because I didn’t see it. As far as looking the best, I think Kizer might have had something to say about that….

          1. Yeah I’d say Trubiscut looks the part. Now let’s see what the “King” does tonight

            1. Prime, your boy Trubisky was very sharp last night! I was especially impressed with Trubisky’s pocket presence, scrambling, and ability to extend plays. He’s very accurate throwing on the move, in part because he’s got very good fundamental mechanics. Of course, these things shouldn’t surprise us because we knew he possessed these qualities prior to the draft. It’s only one preseason game, and he wasn’t being asked to beat any complicated defensive schemes, but he certainly looked the part. He looked very confident and comfortable, and I expect he’ll be starting sooner than a lot of people expected.

              While I thought Trubisky was a nice looking prospect, I felt like Kizer had the highest ceiling of all of this years’ QB prospects. I even thought there was a good chance the 49ers would draft Kizer, and perhaps they might have if Foster hadn’t dropped as far as he did. It will be intriguing to watch these kids develop over the next couple years.

              1. That’s the most exciting part is seeing all those QB’s taken and how they develop.
                To me Trubisky was the best prospect because he was the most accurate. You can’t teach that.

                I hope the 49ers dont regret not taking him.

              2. Trubisky certainly was accurate last season. I gave Kizer the edge because of his size, and strength. I think Kizer’s struggles last season had more to do with trying to do too much (forcing the football at times, rather than simply throwing the ball away), than poor accuracy in general.

                But Trubisky is certainly big enough, and he’s a strong athletic kid for his size. I really like Trubisky’s pocket awareness. He seems to have eyes in the back of his head. Very crafty in the pocket, and really accurate on the run.

                Also, I really liked the fact that Kizer had a good chance of falling to the 2nd round, so there wouldn’t be so much pressure to rush his development.

                Let’s re-asses this thing at the mid-season mark, and hope that neither of these kids end up being the franchise QB the new regime let slip through their hands during their first draft. And who knows, maybe Hoyer finally ends up putting it all together, or CJB ends up being the best of the bunch.

          2. He threw and handed off from under center and looked ok. Kizer was good too but Trubisky was better. For this week anyway.

            1. I agree Rocket, they both looked good, but Trubisky was nearly flawless last night.

              Considering they were both seeing their very first NFL preseason snaps last night, I was really impressed with both guys. But, I am not one to overreact to one preseason game, so I am simply willing to acknowledge that, while they both took impressive first steps, they were only just that …… first steps. It’s hard to make a true assessment when both QB’s were going up against backup players working in simplified schemes.

              Now let’s see how CJB answers the opening bell and handles his first steps. GO NINERS!!!! A new era is upon us!

              1. Mike Glennon looked really bad though, and Mark Sanchez didn’t look much better. And the 2017 version of Brock Osweiler looked a lot like the 2016 version of Brock Osweiler, so both Trubisky and Kizer have golden opportunities in front of them.

  61. “I mean, listen, we’re talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking about practice. Not a game. I mean, how silly is that? … And we talking about practice. But we’re talking about practice man. What are we talking about? Practice? We’re talking about practice, man. We’re talking about practice. We’re talking about practice. We ain’t talking about a game. We’re talking about practice, man.”

    Nice article Grant. Back to my nap.

  62. I put very little stock into preseason performances good or bad but Leonard Fournette looked very average in his debut.

    1. Did notice that Shanny put forth the proposition that performance in intra-team drills and live-pop preseason games would sift out some guys in the competition for the 53.

      1. Isn’t that the case with most coaches? They don’t gameplan for pre-season (probably not even for game 3).

        Grant’s daily report and assessment have been useful, but somewhat like the stock market. A stock is up one day and down the next. I guess I am looking for long-term growth stock in the rookies and young players, and decent dividend-paying stock in the vets. The overall team, as the broad market, should show solid growth.

        Hoyer and Beatherd should have a good game tomorrow. Pass defense, OTOH, maybe another story.

        1. That’s a stout DL to test SF’s OL in the 1Q. Need to keep the QB upright and hope to get something going in run game. Tbd

    2. Really CfC? I thought Fournette looked really good. He ran hard between the tackles and showed his signature nimble feet for such a powerful runner. I think he’s going to be special. We’ll see.

  63. What to expect tomorrow. The Niners could win if they-
    Reduce the unforced errors. They need to play disciplined and in control.
    Play smart, focused, energized and cohesively.
    They need to establish the running game.
    The run defense needs to show up.
    Safety play will be critical.
    The offense needs to be bold, efficient and deceptive.
    A couple turnovers would help set the tone.
    I Hope King Solomon can get a sack.
    I hope the Niners can complete at least one deep pass.
    I hope the coaches have put the right players in the right positions, and I hope they can accentuate their strengths while disguising their weaknesses.
    I hope the players can implement the new schemes.
    I hope they come out of the game with minimal injuries.

    1. Seb… On the surface your list appears reasonable–some points are rather elemental, akin to saying that a child should look both ways before crossing the street. All-in-all, pretty logical.

      What will cause many to roll their eyes is the strutting bravado you’ll display when you lay claim to any positive 9er accomplishments tonight, simply because you listed them–implication being that clueless 9er coaches and the GM (equally clueless) read you post and had several ‘aha!’ moments.

      Something like this… Lynch grabs Shanahan’s arm during breakfast at the hotel’ “Kyle! I was on Grant’s blog late last night. This Seb guy said we should play smart and be energized, focused, and cohesive! Holy cra*! Sputtering, Lynch went on to divulge Seb’s full list. “Let’s dump our game plan and adopt Seb’s counsel!” Kyle’s eyes flew open. “Sure thing John!” Kyle sprinted out of the room, fumbling his tiny cup of vanilla yogurt, watching it land on the carpet, only to be crushed underfoot by a fat passerby named Aaron. Kyle muttered aloud “I have soooo much to learn…”

      1. Cassie, I suppose I could have said that the Niners are going up against a 12-4 playoff team, and most likely will get stomped.
        You probably want the O line to be a sieve and get the QB injured, the run defense to give up another 200 yards and they shoot themselves in the foot again. The players might play unfocused, lethargic and incur taunting penalties, jump offside several times and get flagged for excessive celebrating. You may want the coaches to play their favorites out of position, and may want the players to be clueless to be able to implement the new schemes. After a good play, you probably want every player to give him a head slap to celebrate.
        Then you can crow how wrong I was, and how glad you were that they failed because they did not need to do things I advocated, because they were so simple.

            1. Seb… Try this… The 9ers could take the NFL world by storm by standing down for the season–play no games. Instead the Yorks will devote their wealth to architecting a complete overhaul of professional football play to ensure maximum safety for all. Seriously, the Yorks could seize the moral high ground–forfeit all games for however long it takes to fund research and lead a total redesign.

              Yes, Newsom’s injury was bad–doesn’t matter that he received the injury as an unfortunate consequence of your thump criteria. Look in the mirror–ask how your rabid 9er fandom over the many years helped enable the NFL to retain it’s murderous gladiator code.

              Time for change Seb.

              1. Cassie, you sound kinda delusional. You sound like Hopper, the new KNBR sports talk show host who said it was kill or be killed.

              2. Weak response Seb. Stand up for what you claim is important to you or move on.

                As you watch tonight’s game, shame on you if you get a thrill from a hard hit made by the 9er defense or special teams.

      1. Besides, I already put my masterful 10 point winning plan up. Anything else is just trying to follow my coattails!

    2. It’s kind of like saying:

      The Niners need to convert more first downs than the Chiefs.

      They have to have confidence out in the field.

      The coaches need to be prepared.

      The keys to the game will be scoring first and scoring more often.

      Special teams will have to be on their game.

      Every player will have to give it their all.

      They should develop a strong passing game after establishing the run.

      The defensive line will need to establish pressure.

      1. Actually, winning or losing is not predicated on who has more first downs.
        Yes, confidence is important, but competence is important, too.
        Coaches may prepare, but they also need to make adjustments. Having KS declare that he is not going to change anything about practicing after a player almost died on the field is tone deaf. No wonder they looked lethargic the next day.
        Yes, the team that scores the most points will win, but in this preseason game, it will be more important to see how the players perform. Many players will be fighting for their jobs, and it looks like there is fierce competition.
        With STs, I hope the Niners go bold, and do not settle for FGs.
        The players also need to be effective, play cohesively as a team, and play smart. Full effort is a given, but no assurance of a good evaluation. Too bad last practice, it sounded like they were not giving full effort, but it was understandable considering Wednesday.
        Easier said than done….
        With Mitchell clogging up the middle, Buckner taking on double teams, Armstead finally healthy and King Solomon imparting wisdom and going for the gold, the defensive front should do well. Hopefully, they can get to the QB, even with using the second and third stringers, who will play the most.

        1. Always complaining about something the 49ers don’t do.
          Spoken like a true Raider fan.
          You are so pathetic!

          1. Considering you have ripped the starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers for years and crowed when he did poorly, you do not sound like a true die hard Niner fan.
            Considering you equate the CFL with the NFL, your favorite team is probably the Eskimos.

            1. Starting QB, that’s rich! How about unemployed. Oh but wait, he might be forced to return now that Hoyer is like a surgeon in camp and our 3rd round pick is coming into his own.
              Yeah the 49ers might just be forced to bring back back Kap.

              What a joke!

        2. Really Seb? Really? “Having KS declare that he is not going to change anything about practicing after a player almost died on the field is tone deaf.”

          Seb, you should stand up now and demand that the Yorks take the lead in eliminating violence in all aspects of football. Anything short of that is being disingenuous–given your stated position on player safety first and foremost. Stand up Seb!

          1. Cassie, Football is a violent game, and joking about CTE is reprehensible, especially with the human toll.
            I hope they make it safer, and give every player brain scans before the season, so they have some base line data to compare when the player suffers a concussive blow.
            I hope the league will schedule Byes in front of Thursday Night Football, so teams will have 10 days rest between contests.
            You on the other hand, bring nothing but snark, and ignore the problem. In your zeal to deride me, you look callous and unfeeling, but since your name is Baalke, I expect no less.

        3. ……………”considering Wednesday”.

          Pro footaball players, and those who aspire to be, have never seen big hits before…..NOTHING like that one.

          Ronnie Lott should still be apologizing to Icky Woods for that hit he put on him in the SuperBowl–which almost certainly energized everybody, and having a lot to do with our winning the game.

          Yeessss……….I see the wisdom of the Mighty Quinn~the mighty Seb-skov.

  64. Things I’ll be looking for in today’s game.
    1. DB’s- are they capable of being mediocre? Will they routinely contest for the ball? With the simplified defense I don’t want to see any blown overages.
    2. Armstead – Does he have the athleticism to get pressure and hold the edge?
    3. Thomas – Does he have the necessary explosion to be a disrupter?
    4. Blair/Lynch – Who will take the lead in this race?
    5. Wr’s – Are they going to get open as often against a different secondary?
    6. OL- Will they be able to hold up or will they get Hoyer killed? Can they block for the outside zone?
    7. RB- who will take the lead in the backup running back race?
    8. Hoyer- will he look as good against a different defense?
    9. What surprising player will Grant say will get cut after this game? Joe Staley? Rashard Robinson? Jimmy Ward?
    10. Will Shanahan run his shoot ourself in the foot play?

  65. This is funny:


    In the game preview at NFL.COM they Kaepernick listed as the starting QB and Patton as one of the leading WRs in their ‘team leaders’ . For a league that wants to charge you premium prices for every little thing and no longer provides so many of the freebies, like the ‘Gamebooks’ they used to provide, it’d be nice if they had a ****ing clue or spent a nickle to be fan friendly instead of finding more ways to nickle and dime us to death (directly or indirectly).

    They’re worse than a pay-to-win-Korean MMO.

      1. Seeing CK’s name on there should make Gunga-Din happy. He lives in a fantasy world so it won’t matter that it’s wrong.

        1. ‘Though I have beaten you and flayed you, by the living God that made you, You are a better than than me, Gunga Din.’

          1. All things scabbed and ulcerous,
            All pox both great and small,
            Putrid, foul and gangrenous,
            The Lord God made them all.

            M. Python…

  66. This game for me is about the defense or the lack there of. The D-line might be/should be the best unit on the team. The offense will be pretty much vanilla so checking out scheme wont amount to much. Lots of rookies to watch on both sides of the ball. The biggest thing coming out of the first game is the amount/type of injuries.

  67. Seb’s 49er to do list tonight:

    1. Run left (probe for weaknesss)
    2. ” right (” for “)
    3. No runs up the gut (They’ll look for those runs of the last 15 years).
    4. Instead skip from # 2 all the way to # 4 and run a reverse (they’ll expect # 3) so “WE WIN.”
    5. Back to scripted play # 2……For good measure, sprinkle in # 1 again.
    6. Our 1st pass….2 step drop, fire a slant to Brown (our OT) slanting from his tackle position.
    Hyde picks up his unblocked man.

    After we gain a 1st down from my clever play call from # 6, call a timeout.

    Repeat that list again, then go for a bomb……WE WIN.

  68. Glad to hear that the NFL will grudgingly convert their refs into full time positions.
    Considering the appalling incompetence of the officiating, it is a move long overdue.

  69. LOL! Seb, please tell me you are being sarcastic with your overly obvious “What to expect tommorrow” analysis. Did you steal those points out of a “Football for Dummies” handbook? Possibly, since I always pictured that book sitting next to your thesaurus on your little desk in the reading room. Please tell me you were looking for a laugh. If so, nice job, you definitely did the job. Keep them coming. That was hilarious. If you were actually serious with those simplistic, rudimentary viewpoints, I would recommend laying off of the ganja for a day or two and let the cobwebs clear. Remember, moderation is the key!

    1. Juan, I know you are disappointed that your prediction may not come true.
      Cowboys lost EE for 6 games, so they might not even win their division, much less win the SB, and I could not be happier.
      It is interesting to note that I advocated the exact same things last season, yet the Niners went 2-14, so maybe they need to be more accepting of advice, and look everywhere to help the team improve.
      Yes, it is pretty basic stuff, but I definitely did not tell them to make snow angels last season. Just eliminating the unforced errors may make them competitive again.
      Sorry, I do not have a Football for Dummies handbook, so maybe I could borrow yours?
      BTW, what do you think of Pablo coming back? Guess they have nothing to lose.

      1. Seb you are the owner, operator, CEO of Football for Dummies.

        Gee, I sure hope the 49ers can run, catch and throw….


        1. Prime, I know you have a Football for Dummies handbook because you quoted out of it. I would rather read- Finding the Winning Edge and Building a Champion. You may find them above your reading level, but if you go over and over them, some wisdom may enter your tiny little mind.

              1. Seb, you should pull a George Costanza. Do the opposite of whatever your natural thinking suggests.
                You might then have a clue.

      2. SEB-STROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        This holier-than-thou attitude of yours is why “Lumpy”–the big kid down the block- used to give you lifters every day after school!!!!!! (I think they call them wedgie’s now……..).
        You also employ your deriding snotty comments and sanctimonious attitudes at the Thanksgiving Table…..as well as Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!
        Come this thanksgiving dinner, I’M taking over!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Bills trade Sammy Watkins+2018 6th for Rams CB EJ Gains+2018 2nd.

    Looks like Rams are trying to get Goff some tools.

    Bills now have:
    Chiefs 2018 first
    Rams 2018 second
    Eagles 2018 third

    1. Oh boy, that’s an interesting trade. Seems particularly risky for the Rams, but I understand why they’re willing to roll the dice on a talented, but fragile WR. It’s all about Goff. If Goff struggles early this season, the Rams are in a world of hurt.

        1. EJ Gaines:

          the sixth-round gem was a versatile draft steal who graded out higher than Jenkins or Johnson during his rookie season (2014), per Pro Football Focus. The former Missouri star was also the only rookie corner in the league to start the first 15 games in 2014. However, Gaines suffered a Lisfranc injury during the first week of the 2015 training camp and missed all of 2015. He returned last season, but he wasn’t the same player, and graded out below average at CB in 2016.

          That said, by all accounts EJ Gaines was having a fine training camp, and the Ram’s secondary was looking to be a strength heading into the season. On the flip side, it seems clear that Austin is never going to live up do his draft status, and the Rams were in desperate need of a WR who at least looked the part of a #1.

          Can Watkins finally stay healthy? I have serious doubts. The Rams are giving up yet another high value draft pick (2nd round-2018) for a guy who hasn’t been able to stay on the field. That’s a tough way to build a contender.

    2. Glad EJ Gaines is out of our division. Do not know who he is being replaced with, but EJ Gaines is a talented player.
      Rams sound desperate.

        1. DB’s in the NFL are going to miss playing against Kap cause it was either a pick or a real easy day.

    3. Here’s what surprises me. I’ve often seen people on this blog respond to potential trades involving rookies on the last year of their contract. Many say that such deals are difficult because the new team would want assurances that the player they traded for would sign a long-term deal. Makes sense.

      Yet both Watkins and Matthews are in the final years of their rookie contracts. I suppose it’s possible that long-term deals were negotiated and just haven’t been reported. But I’m also wondering if 1) the idea that trades involving rookies in the last year of their contract don’t happen is simply not correct, and/or 2) the franchise tag is now becoming a more viable strategy for teams so they’re not worrying as much about having a long-term deal in place when they trade for a rookie in the final year of his contract.

      1. Cubus

        It all depends on the player and contract status. The only player in either trade with more than a year left on his deal is Darby with 2. It seems like all 3 teams wanted to kick the tires on a player for a year.

    1. This gives me hope. I hope Lynch can pull the trigger on some deals. The Niners should move, Celek, Bell and Dial to teams that have needs. This would create room to acquire poached players from playoff teams.

        1. Several TEs have gone down due to injury, so there could be a need.
          Maybe they could bundle them to get a higher draft pick. ;p

        2. I’m thinking the Broncos would be an ideal trade partner. Two joint practices. The connections between Lynch/Shanahan and Elway.

          49ers seem to have depth at TE, interior DL, RB that might appeal to Elway. I just don’t know the Broncos roster depth. Would VMac, Hyde, Blair or Dal fit Bronco needs?

          1. The Broncos looked like they lost a defensive lineman in that game to injury. Dial might be a player they would be interested in. Maybe Wilson, who lives in Denver I believe, could provide more insight….

            1. Maybe they could trade Dial to Broncos for the 2018 4th rounder back they traded for Bibbs. Or Dial+Blair to sweeten the pot. I like Dail+Bibbs. Only interested in moving them if roster math kicks them off the roster.

          2. Good call. The player who they might be most interested in is Joe Staley. Niners would concede the season, but they would be looking towards the future, and JS’s value will go down next year.
            It would also be a reward to Joe, because he would be going to a possible SB team, so he could have a chance at a ring, and the Broncos needed better O line play last season. They would probably leap at the chance to get a former pro bowl player who could help them win games.
            It would be a Bill Walsh move to trade away Joe Staley, making a move early, instead of later. The Niners could get at least a second for him. Stockpiling second round picks would help the team rebuild for the future. Maybe add another player who fills a need to sweeten the deal.
            Additionally, the first hire of JL was Adam Peters, from the Broncos. I hope they can all work out a win/win deal that will improve both teams.

            1. Seb when you inhale your dope do you exhale?

              The oline is already in shambles and you now want to trade away the best player on it, 4 weeks away from the opener?
              Are you really that stupid?

              If they were going to trade him away they should’ve done it prior to the draft dummy !

    2. Interesting. Wonder how Watkin’s career might have gone with teams like the Patriots or Green Bay.

    3. Not good. Watkins has wheels, and the secondary struggled against speed during TC.

      1. He has a ton of talent but the best ability is availability.
        He’s a china doll. Why else would the Bills trade him?

  71. Leonard Fournette: NFL game ‘a lot slower than I really thought’

    9 carries, 31 yards, 1 TD, longest 8 yards. Against 3rd stringers, in the 4th quarter, virtually all of whom who’ll be among the first to be cut.

    1. Not true MosesZD! You don’t know what you are talking about (as usual)!

      Fournette came in on Jax 2nd offensive series, so he was playing against some starters, and a number of 2nd string players who are likely going to make the team. In fact, Bortles was still in the game when Fournette made his debut, and Fournette played extensively in the 2nd QTR. Fournette didn’t carry the ball once in the 2nd half of the game. Corey Grant and Tim Cook were the 4th QTR RB’s.

      He’s a fantastic talent, but his comments do come across as a little cocky. Better to be cocky than it is to be unsure of yourself.

      1. Besides, it doesn’t matter what we think of Fournette anyways, does it? That fate of his career is in God’s hands, right?

      2. Oh, and Fournette’s 8 yard run, his “longest” of the night, came on a gutsy 4th and 1, from the Pat’s 28 yard line, during the Jag’s 2nd offensive series of the game. It’s the kind of play teams tend to stack the box and sell out against the run on. Kind of an important distinction, don’t you think?

        If you are going to be judgemental (which I thought was a sin) and criticize someone, you ought to at least be sure you have the facts straight, and not just base your criticism on assumptions!

  72. Grant, you spent weeks writing about how Kilgore was on the verge of losing his job and how Zuttah was clearly outplaying him. Now that Zuttah has been released and Kilgore has solidified the starting role, you haven’t even passively mentioned in a single column that Zuttah was released. Quit writing absurd columns simply to get clicks.

    We’re still waiting on your prediction that Hyde will lose his starting job and/or get released. Let us know when that happens. I can’t read your blog anymore.

      1. Considering what he’s done the past few years, he was earning the derision. COming in fat and out-of-shape. Not producing on the field. Taking plays off.

        Personally I wanted him cut before OTAs.

        And I don’t want the 49ers to resign him. He’s just going to be another Chester McGlockton — only plays hard when the job is on the line.

        1. I hear you. If he contributes this season in ways others can’t (within a 53 man roster), that’s fine with me. If not, bye.

  73. Seb, I was and am excited the Giants re-signed Pablo. He has always been one of my favorites, and at this point, what do they have to lose. It cost them nothing so why not. He brings a certain magic and enthusiasm missing with this current group so what the hell. I wish him nothing but success. Hopefully he can stay away from the fast food and that starts with cutting back on the “blunts”. One of my relatives pulled him over in SF a few of years ago in SF at 3:30 in the morning leaving a FF establishment because he screeched his tires and when he rolled down the window of his orange Z-28 the smell was, well, you know! They messed with him a little but let him go. We had an old funny saying back when I ran my business. “You don’t want to over order, but then again, you don’t want to run out!” That pretty much sums up your game points! Hey I hope were all here just to get a laugh. I know I am. Nobody should take these blogs to seriously. Your pretty funny! Again, keep them coming!

    1. Juan, I am just a passionate fan who wants the Niners to win multiple more rings.
      I have been posting my 10 point plans for years, and expect to get lots of blow back, but I will continue because some times, I get crow. I am especially proud of posting 10 things Lynch should do, and finding out he did 9 out of 10 things.
      Last season, I got 3 Niner draft picks right, so I do have a scintilla of football knowledge, while many who disparage me got none right, but they still think they are smarter than me, when in actuality, they have no clue.
      Glad you find them amusing, because that just means you are reading them. Yes, They are pretty simple, and are mainly just common sense, but considering the Niners were 2-14, I think they need all the help they can get.

        1. No, I predicted what I thought Baalke would do, so I just read him like a book.
          Actually. Baalke and I are polar opposites. When I advocated that the Niners poach players from playoff teams, he responded by picking up cut couch potatoes. He also thinks it is cool to cut players on the team bus.

      1. Seb…

        I can relate to your first paragraph. Me too.

        Your ‘plans’ are what they are, but when you claim the 9ers read your posts and implement your plans (because they are clueless otherwise) is folly. To strut about it is something for others to marvel–like, really?

        Got three picks right? Geez, I hope so. You posted scores of mocks consisting of hundreds of players. You’d better get at least three if not more, or you just plain unlucky.

        And yes, since the 9ers read your posts, they are connected to you. Please don’t let them down.

        1. When I posted that I wanted Lynch to put on his Trader Bill hat, be aggressive, and have fun, then see him do exactly that, I kinda feel like he did read my post.

          1. Oh yeah he read your post just like all the other 49ers executives do.
            That’s why you trim trees and cut grass instead of work at 49ers head quarters.

            1. I posted early in the draft season that Lynch should advertise the fact that he was open for business, and get teams bidding against each other.
              Guess what he did?

              1. Seb. So, you feel Lynch would not have taken that path had you not suggested that in blog post? A simple yes or no will suffice.

      2. SEB-STROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        There you go again!!!!!!!!! Tooting your horn, just like at the dinner table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Oh my goodness….I hope Lumpy doesn’t run into you……..I dont know that you could take a lifter at this……………point in time.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking, Brotha. Better be on his best behavior, and keep his hands off the melons;>)

  74. Juan’s key to winning tonight:

    – Play really good offensive football
    – Play really good defensive football
    – Play outstanding special teams
    – Play error free

    That should cover it. ;-))

    1. Good post, I whole heartedly agree. Keep it simple.
      I would only add that they should invite the blitz, and take advantage of the area the blitzer left.
      Swing passes to the RBs would be nice, too.

  75. Dallas could put OJ back there behind that OL and he’d pick up major yardage. It’s next man up just like all of the teams endure. They’ll be there, unfortunately, at the end.

    1. Good point Juan. Unfortunately, the CowGirls still have Morris and McFadden, and both of these guys are former 1,000 yard rushers (Morris topped 1,600 in 2012). Not to mention, Morris & McFadden have complementary styles. The CowGirls will be fine with those 2 carrying the load behind that talented OL.

  76. * (NBC–Beathard source above)

    “The third-rounder from Iowa was probably picked higher than many expected as well, but he was the first offensive player taken by Shanahan and new General Manager John Lynch, suggesting they have confidence in him others do not.

    The initial plan was to just let him develop as their third, but the fact they’ve declared it a competition now is probably not a good sign for Barkley.”

  77. Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension includes 49ers game

    Niners Wire

    August 11, 2017 at 9:30 AM


  78. “I’d say my best ability is stretching the field,” Hikutini said of himself…

    The Sacramento, Calif. native began his college career at Sacramento State University before transferring to San Francisco City College. That’s where the Cardinals found Hikutini.

    His rising draft stock took a hit when he suffered a knee injury during the Citrus Bowl against LSU. The ailment cost Hikutini an opportunity to play at the Reese’s Senior Bowl. It also limited him to just the bench press at the NFL Combine (he got 20 reps).

    The tight end posted two 40 times of 4.75 and 4.78 seconds. “I’ve never run that slow of a 40 before,” he added. “It was disappointing for sure…

    “The knee injury hurt me a lot, but I think I ended up in a great situation.”


  79. A last laugh before tonight’s game:

    Juanhunglo says:
    August 11, 2017 at 10:00 am

    Seb, please tell me you are being sarcastic with your overly obvious “What to expect tommorrow” analysis. Did you steal those points out of a “Football for Dummies” handbook?

    Please tell me you were looking for a laugh. If so, nice job, you definitely did the job. Keep them coming. That was hilarious. If you were actually serious with those simplistic, rudimentary viewpoints, I would recommend laying off of the ganja for a day or two .

  80. SF – 23
    KC – 13

    1. Beathard will outplay Barkley and Mahomes.
    2. Williams will outplay Breida and Bibbs, (Hyde will start of course).
    3. Vance will drop an easy pass.
    4. Hoyer will throw a bomb to Goodwin, I hope they connect.
    5. The outside zone will only develop as fast as our tackles, giving Hyde more time to dance before making his cut.
    6. The interior OL won’t look as shaky as it has in camp, though they may have some false start penalties.
    7. Taylor begins to make his case for starting over Kerley.
    8. The DL will be dominant.
    9. Foster will make the highlight reel.
    10. Bow will look good to great against the run.
    11. Ray Ray will look good to great against the pass.
    12. Robinson will hold his own.
    13. Jerome and Witherspoon will each make a play(s).
    14. Reid – ????? Who knows?

    1. SF – 26, KC – 22

      We score a TD on defense, 9er special teams give up too much yardage.

    2. 49ERS – 26
      KC- 23

      The most important thing I am hoping to see tonight is a healthy team by the time the whistle blows in the 4th QTR. FINGERS CROSSED!!

  81. SEB,

    Van says:

    August 11, 2017 at 12:58 pm

    Yeah, but you advised Lynch and Shanny to keep Kaep. How’d that go?

    1. All credit to Razor. Over 30% of the posts are his.
      He probably has shares in the PD

      1. Razor/Seb……Seb/Razor , and a few others are one in the same.

        Complimenting/backslapping/guffawing amongst themselves after the Niners picked their mocked players demonstrates their bat sh-t craziness, Prime Time

  82. “TE George Kittle (hamstring) might go through warmups but not expected to play.”

    @MaioccoNBCS 5m

    1. Hope they learned their lesson. Brought him back way too quick. I see they’ve been more judicious with Ward.

  83. Hello everyone, just thought I’d introduce myself to Seb’s internet friends.

  84. Scattered impressions from viewing some P1 games so far:
    – LOL at kickers. Geez.
    – Some epic coverage busts here and there
    – more than a few injuries
    – some Whooo! Hits
    – Timing? Here and there intermittently
    To be expected at this stage

  85. Soooo, I was just reading an interview with one of Australia’s young coaches in the National Rugby League (Trent Barrett) and he said he has learned a lot from reading books by Bill Walsh, Wayne Bennett (the Australian version of Bill Walsh) and… would you believe it… Sun Tzu! Seb, it turns out there is a coach reading your blog posts after all!

    1. I’ve heard that Seb’s posts run as a lower third banner/ticker on TV sports programming in India and Bangladesh.

    2. I considered Walsh’s, Finding The Winning Edge, my football bible. So it doesn’t surprise me. One of the reasons I’d like to replace it in my dad’s library, but for a reasonable fee. Not $300!

      1. Razor,

        I’d like to help you out, but if I find a copy costing less than $100, I’m buying it for myself. It’s hard or impossible to find a good deal online. Everybody looks up the going rate before selling. You may be able to save $50 or so in an online auction. I saw one that was at $130. I expect it to be at least $200 when it’s all said and done. Your best bet would be to go to yard sales and hope some old lady doesn’t know what she is selling. It’s a long shot, but it’s your only chance. You won’t find any deals at a flea market. Those guys will always know the market value.

        1. Don’t blame you there. If I lived out there, I’d be scouring garage sales every day looking for it. Not much chance of anyone having it out here. Probably will never see it again.

  86. On Rotoworld:

    The Baltimore Sun reports talks between the Ravens and free agent C Jeremy Zuttah “have heated up.”
    The Ravens are desperate for offensive line help with LG Alex Lewis out for the season. Zuttah is an obvious fit after making the Pro Bowl in OC Marty Mornhinweg’s scheme last year and could be brought back at a reduced salary. Signing Zuttah would allow the Ravens to move Ryan Jensen to guard.

  87. Things we will learn in a couple of hours:
    1. Shanny like to protect his starters (out by the end of first quarter).
    2. Difficult to evaluate competency of new offensive and defensive systems when there is no game planning and starters are played sparingly.
    3. “Players of the future” shine against opposing scrubs.

  88. Burbridge is the special team’s captain in tonight’s game. Is that an indication that things are looking up for him?

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