49ers training camp report: Undrafted rookie linebacker knocked unconscious



Here’s what stood out to me during practice Tuesday morning.


Donavin Newson lay unconscious on the ground while a trainer examined his neck and a doctor called for an ambulance.

Newsom is an undrafted rookie linebacker fighting to make the 49ers roster. He had just broken up a pass intended for tight end Blake Bell, when Chancellor James, another undrafted rookie fighting to make the roster, dove at Bell to tackle him in case he caught the ball. Bell saw James coming and ducked. James flew over the tight end and hit Newsom in the crown of his helmet and knocked him out cold.

James immediately ran off the field, horrified by what he had just done. He couldn’t look at Newson. The rest of the team knelt down and waited for Newsom to get up and show that he was OK. Vinnie Sunseri dropped his head and covered his face with his hands. Jeremy Kerley shook his head, his eyes glazed over.

After five minutes, the players realized Newsom wasn’t getting up. So they walked over and huddled around him. Then a trainer waved them away to make room for an ambulance. An emergency medical technician strapped Newsom to a stretcher and drove him to Stanford Medical Center, where doctors determined Newsom suffered a concussion but did not fracture his spine.


1. SS Eric Reid. Reid was covering tight end Vance McDonald man to man during the first pass play of the morning when McDonald ran a post route, caught the ball over his shoulder and outran Reid to the end zone. All offseason, Reid has had trouble in man-to-man coverage. It’s foreign to him. He’s used to playing deep zone coverage as a free safety – that’s what he has been playing since he was in college. Now, he frequently has to cover the tight end, and he has struggled. Expect opposing teams to test Reid in the passing game until he shows he can cover.

2. CB Dontae Johnson. Johnson left practice early with an injury and Keith Reaser took his place in the starting lineup.

3. RT Trent Brown. Brown also left practice early with an injury – he limped off the field while favoring his left leg. The injury doesn’t seem serious.

4. RB Joe Williams. Williams fumbled during a three-yard run up the middle, but landed on the ball and recovered it himself. This was his second and final carry of practice. During his first carry, he ran to his left, made a beautiful jump cut through a small hole and sprinted up field for a 14-yard gain. Williams’ ability to make difficult cuts sets him apart from the other running backs on the 49ers.


1. RB Matt Breida. Like Williams, Breida carried the ball just twice. First, he gained 11 yards on a toss play to his left. Then, he gained eight yards on an outside zone play to his right. Both times, Breida accelerated very quickly – that’s his best quality as a ball carrier. He’s not particularly shifty. I doubt he will run the ball much this season, but he may catch a few passes. Today, he caught a deep touchdown pass from Brian Hoyer after running a wheel route along the sideline. Breida caught the ball over his shoulder like he was a wide receiver. I’m guessing the 49ers will call this play for Breida during the season opener against the Panthers.

2. WR Pierre Garcon. Garcon runs the 15-yard deep in route as well as any receiver I’ve seen. Today, he caught two passes using that route. First, he made a catch between two safeties and got tackled for a 15-yard gain. Then, he made another catch between two safeties, but this time he split the safeties and ran 60 yards down the middle of the field for a touchdown. Garcon is one of the best wide receivers in the NFC West. I expect he will catch 85 passes and gain more than 1,100 yards this season.

3. TE Vance McDonald. McDonald made just one catch, but it was the 75-yard touchdown I described above in the Eric-Reid section. McDonald has beaten Reid at will the past two days. I believe McDonald will make the final roster along with three other tight ends – Logan Paulsen, George Kittle and Cole Hikutini.

4. DE Arik Armstead. Armstead recorded a sack for the second practice in a row. He is a much better pass rusher than he was the past two seasons. When he first came in the league, he had only one move – the bull rush. He ran straight into a blocker and tried to bench press him. Now, Armstead also uses a club move, which allows him to go around blockers instead of through them.

5. LB Reuben Foster. While playing zone coverage, Foster read Matt Barkley’s eyes and intercepted a pass intended for wide receiver Kendrick Bourne. Foster has been terrific in zone coverage, which allows him to keep his eyes on the play and anticipate where the ball will go. He has been less effective in man-to-man coverage, which forces him to turn his back to the quarterback.

6. FS Lorenzo Jerome. The undrafted rookie took all of the reps at free safety with the starters and made two nice plays: First, he broke quickly on a pass intended for Aldrick Robinson, who saw Jerome sprinting toward and him and decided not to extend for the ball.  Robinson let it fly past him. He seemed scared to get hit. Later, Jerome intercepted a deep pass Hoyer intended to throw to Marquise Goodwin. Jerome read the play all the way. I expect he will be one of four safeties who make the final roster, along with Eric Reid, Jimmie Ward and Jaquiski Tartt.

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  1. Get well soon Donavin.

    1. “Expect opposing teams to test Reid in the passing game until he shows he can cover.” So he will be tested all season then.
    4. Only two carries for Williams. Is this his normal workload or was he taken out for fumbling?

    2. I agree with your Garcon projections. I can see anywhere from 80 to 100 receptions.
    4. Arik has been one of the most consistent players in camp.
    5. Foster had 0 picks in college. I think he has 4 in camp. Foster makes plays period.
    6. Better than Ward?

    1. Only two carries for Breida as well, so I think this was the normal work load today.

      It’s hard to know how well Ward will play at free safety because he has missed all of training camp.

      1. Good point on Ward. Do you think his injury will cause him to miss any games at the start of the season? If so, is Jerome ready to start?

          1. Grant, when I asked for more info on our safeties, I meant only positive info. lol

            Jerome seems to be an instinctive FS. From what you’ve observed, do you think he’s athletic enough to play effectively at FS in this system? Also, how would you compare Chanceller James to Jaq Tartt?

            1. Jerome seems athletic enough so far. He’s usually in the right place at the right time.

              James and Tartt are very similar.

      2. Grant,

        You mentioned Breida won’t start, but could be used in subpackage situations where a wheel route is called.
        Also you said he’s not real shifty and has good acceleration……Do you see him fitting into this outside zone scheme ?

        1. His acceleration makes him a good fit. He can make one cut. He’s just small. How many successful RBs weigh 190 pounds?

          1. True. I think he’s more of a spell back making plays for a resting starter…If the Niners can find some effective O-Linemen he could hurt a tired defense late, with that one cut ability.

            1. How about ……

              Warrick Dunn: 5’9″ 180 lbs
              Dave Meggett: 5’7″ 190 lbs
              Stump Mitchell: 5’9″ 188 lbs

              1. I think Warrick Dunn was one of the most underrated runners of his time. Guy was a flat out baller

              2. Barry Sanders was the same height and was under 200 or less when he was drafted if I recall correctly.

    1. In reviewing his Georgia Southern video I saw above average juking ability–much of it subtle, and quick, so he does have some wiggle– down close on the field to a would be tackler.

      It’s just a matter of the 49ers creating some room for him….This camp only requires one cut, so he only uses what he has to, and knowing what the coach dislikes (dancing)….Get Breida in a preseason game and you’ll see his full package….Can’t wait for Friday !

  2. When’s Haley going to teach Armstead his chop and rip move? Glad to hear he was able to add the club.

    4 TE’s almost assuredly means 5 WR’s.

    Grant, Staley/Kilgore/Barnes/Fusco/Brown is how you see it opening day, with Zuttah as a surprise cut?

    Garcon could do it, if the interior keeps Hoyer on the field. Donald twice, Nkemdiche twice. Reed could be improved inside for the Seahawks too.

      1. Very good insight Grant, I appreciate you waited to post until you had updated information on Mr. Newsome that he has a concussion which is not good on its own but much better than a fractured spine. Was Chancellor James having a good camp until this incident, The way you described it , it did not sound like James did anything wrong, Bell ducked and then all bets were off. If you had to guess now or your educated opinion, Breida or Hightower?, I believe Hyde and Williams are both safe at this moment Thank you Grant!

        1. Thanks. James didn’t do anything wrong. He’s having a good camp.

          I think Hightower and Breida will make the team.

          1. Thanks Grant, I was confused if they keep 4 te’s and six wrs how do keep four rb’s but I just saw your response that you think they will keep 5 wr’s. 4 te with FB Juice appears to be a lot to me. Least their appears to be weapons this year . I appreciate ;your comments on the differences or better quality this year on the Coaching that is taking place. Glad Balke is not their “to coach the players up” Please make sure John Lynch does not try the same Shannigans!

      2. If they keep 5 WRs, who is Garcon’s backup? Sounds like Smelter has been his backup in camp, but he would probably be the odd man out if they kept 5.

        1. Robinson would be the backup.

          If they keep six receivers, Burbridge might have an edge because he’s a gunner on special teams.

          1. Has Robinson been getting any reps at Garcon’s spot?

            Also, has Smelter been getting any STs work? He’s such a physical player I can see him as a Kassim Osgood type STs player. But can’t recall if he did much STs work in college.

            1. Yes, Robinson is the backup split end, just like he was in Atlanta.

              I’ve seen Burbridge and Colbert playing gunner. I’ll watch for Smelter.

  3. Grant,like to see you slowly wavering on vmac.he has all the physical tools to be really good and he has wheels for a big guy, it’s all about consistency.hope D Johnson is not to serious.Grant who do you feel has played better johnson,or reaser,rest cb.

  4. There is definitely a pattern in all of the breakdowns I read, and it’s that the secondary is getting beat regularly. They’d better get a consistent pass rush going or this is going to be similar to last years defensive futility, with the difference being teams passing on them at will instead of running.

    I’d be surprised to see them carry 4 TE’s with Jus there as well, but if they really don’t want to risk Hikutini they might have to. I’d risk it personally. With Kittle and McDonald, Hikutini is unnecessary and they can go get another one in the draft next season.

    There are going to be some tough cutdown decisions at TE, RB, and DL for sure.

    1. So Rocket their has been a lot of debate among niner fans and followers lately second guessing the Thomas pick as we had lots of Dlinemen. The scuttle but has been Jamal Adams Safety was the better choice. Obviously it is to soon for us to know anything at this point. I can not remember for the life of me if you were a Jamal Adams fan but I want to say yes. Am I wrong? I still believe in Thomas but you are right so far about the secondary. Hope we get lots of sacks or things will get hairy in a hurry!

      1. I liked Adams but I liked Hooker more. He fit the biggest need they had in this defensive scheme besides another edge pass rusher, and I think he’s going to be a pro bowl caliber safety at some point. Having said that, I don’t have a problem with the Thomas pick as he is going to be a very good NFL player imo, but Hooker would have been my preference and Adams would have been a good pick too.

      1. I would imagine Pita is ticketed for the PS unless he blows up in the games. Who has looked better to you between Lynch and Blair?

          1. So the locks are: Armstead, Buckner, Thomas and Mitchell. Dumervil and Carradine are going to be there most likely as well. So that leaves 2-3 spots available that will be decided over the course of preseason. I’m guessing DJ Jones and Lynch with Chris Jones as the last guy if they keep 9.

            1. I think they’ll keep 10.

              DE: Armstead, Thomas, Dumervil, Carradine, Lynch.
              DT: Buckner, Mitchell, Dial, D.J. Jones, Chris Jones.

              1. Chris Jones has a good chance with his hustle, but I think Blair can get to the QB.

              2. 10 is possible, but it seems excessive to me. If they keep that many that means going light elsewhere which could be an issue. We’ll get a better idea once a couple of games have been played and we see how the injuries sort themselves out.

              3. Interesting and a good reason to think 10 is a possibility. With Shanahan being an offensive HC, I think he’s likely to go lighter at that spot, but if that is where the best player is at the end of the roster, maybe he does keep an extra one.

  5. What would be the quality of play if, this week, you cut down to 53 and post your practice squads and begin the season this Sunday without any pre-season games? I bet we wouldn’t see much difference between that first game and game number 8. And don’t give me the excuse you need five weeks to evaluate what you have. High school coaches can do that during practice and so can college coaches.

    Look at the quality of college football the first week of the season. It is outstanding. And NFL players are better than college players.

    The only reason is money. With all the info coming out on CTE’s. I would cut back on the hitting and begin the season w/o preseason games.

    1. To be fair college football is vastly different. The SEC which generally has the most talent routinely struggles to find a NFL level qb within the conference and the have like 70 men to a roster. Also Top teams normally look great on opening week bbecause they schedule St. Agness convent or some such nonsense.

  6. Thanks for the additional info on Armstead, Grant. That was what I had assumed was the case based on what I have read – he has added some moves to his rush repertoire. With his natural strength that could make him a very dangerous pass rusher.

  7. KNBR has some interesting things to say about the TE situation:

    The deck was stacked against McDonald making the 49ers, but the competing cards haven’t lived up to the hype. A hamstring injury to fifth-round pick George Kittle has dampened the initial enthusiasm about his surge during the spring. Kittle certainly doesn’t look ready to be a No. 1 NFL tight end in September. Logan Paulsen is locking up his 53-man roster spot, but he’s mostly your banshee blocker in the run game, not your versatile pass catcher. Shifty undrafted free agent Cole Hikutini produces occasional highs, but he’s also vanished from several practices and feels more like a luxury piece than a necessity.

    If you decide to move on from McDonald, what happens if Kittle is injured during the regular season — or can’t seem to shake opponents’ coverage like he could without pads in OTAs? The same story applies for Hikutini. Trotting out two rookie pass catching tight ends is extremely risky. Their transition to the pro game won’t be entirely smooth.

    So, why not carry four tight ends? The 49ers sort of eliminated that possibility by signing Kyle Juszczyk. Even though he barely lines up at the position, Juszczyk often meets in the tight ends room. He’s taking up one roster spot for his dynamic abilities as a receiver. Four tight ends plus Juszczyk seems excessive.

    Well, the 49ers could technically carry four tight ends, but then you’re talking about carrying just three running backs or five wide receivers. The team seems to be swooning over running back Matt Breida, who overall has been more impressive than fourth-round pick Joe Williams. Because Trent Taylor is really the only young receiver, Kendrick Bourne and Victor Bolden Jr. will be given chances by Shanahan in the preseason. I’d bet Shanahan will push to hold onto one of those two. If the 49ers want to keep McDonald, they’ll have to stash somebody on the practice squad who might get scooped up.

    Funny how things don’t always work like expected/predicted.


  8. I’ve been saying this same thing for weeks.
    In my mind you just cut Paulsen,you have no versatility scheme wise with just a blocking te.there is not much difference blocking wise between Paulsen and Vmac and Vmacs speed is underestimated by many.

  9. Kinda hard to tell if our offense is that good or our secondary is that bad. Guess we’ll find out soon. My thoughts and prayers go to Newsome. Hope for a speedy recovery.

  10. Today, he caught a deep touchdown pass from Brian Hoyer after running a wheel route along the sideline. Breida caught the ball over his shoulder like he was a wide receiver. I’m guessing the 49ers will call this play for Breida during the season opener against the Panthers.

    Nice detail work Grant. One of the reasons we all come here.

    The ER information is a little worrisome, but it will depend on alignment and what teams throw our way.

  11. I can’t wait until Friday. Spots are won during the preseason games if all things are relatively equal in the games practice enters the equation.

    1. Matt & Mindi had nothing good to say about the guard and center positions.
      Talking about making a trade to get some help because Zuttah might not even make the roster? Yikes.

    2. I wonder why we didn’t go after Crowley. He was considered one of the top Centers, but he lacked size. Still, he has 20lbs. on Treadway at 269.

      1. Don’t know if you read the article, Razor, but MM is really high on Kilgore. Maybe the outside zone scheme is his thing.

        1. Yea, Kilgore is a pleasant surprise. Still, I’m not as sold on him as MM. Plus, he’s always got an expiration date on him during the season….

    3. Really glad to hear Carradine is doing well. I always had high hopes for him and was disheartened by his struggles. Hope he has a monster year.

        1. Well, they are finally playing him in the right system. He also seems to be fully recovered from his knee injury.

  12. http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article166162357.html

    But the smaller member of the duo, free safety Jerome, also has been beating up on opposing receivers and running backs the last few days. Early in practice, he seemed to intimidate Aldrick Robinson on a throw over the middle that did not connect. Later, he absolutely leveled Robinson on a catch Robinson did make. Jerome already has shown he has tremendous instincts on deep passes. In fact, he came down with another interception Tuesday on an overthrown sideline pass from Brian Hoyer to Marquise Goodwin.

    After the play was obviously dead, Jerome ran up and tried to swat the ball from Garcon’s hands, which led to a minor scuffle between the two players. Later in the session, Hoyer hit Garcon in stride on a 12-yard pass. The receiver turned up field and then flattened Jerome who was closing in from center field.

  13. So Grant, with all the work Trent Taylor is doing, obviously more than Kittle, and Kerly for that matter, Why do you see him as the 5th WR? Isn’t he out performing Kerly? And stride for stride with Robinson? I understand Robinson because he knows the offense, but i don’t see Kerly. Especially the way he is performing. It could be argued that he’s been the best rookie on this team since he was drafted. And one of the better players on that same time frame. Just my opinion. May i have yours please?

      1. What do you think is keeping Taylor from beating out Kerley at this point? What are the differences between the two when you watch them?

  14. Do you think that Jerome is playing good enough to be a starting safety? I know it’s early, but since hearing good things about him, I’m wondering if he looks good for an undrafted rookie and being a backup or if he looks good enough to be a starter (even though it is just practice).

    1. Brown was playing left tackle (Staley had the day off). Theus replaced Brown. Armstead recorded that sack while playing LDT in a subpackage.

      1. Grant what position group would you say is most concerning and which group has exceeded expectations?

  15. From alot of reports I’m reading it sounds like Taylor is the third best receiver on the team..I’d love to see McDonald and Kerley traded for some secondary help..

  16. Kind of strange going into training camp I kept reading KJ is going to do this and do that and can play some TE, and on and on and yet I never read about his contributions. So what’s up with Kyle Juszczyk?

  17. Hope Donavin Newson is getting the best proper care, and hope he does not play this year, because an additional concussive blow could be life threatening.
    This sort of thing is why I advocate the receiver to fall down after the catch over the middle. The Safety is going head hunting. By the grace of God, Newson is not paralyzed.
    Actually, Bell did what I advocated, and the extremely unfortunate unintentional accident was an unforeseen result.
    I hope Donavin Newson recovers fully, and can play someday, but I also hope they will be very conservative in their treatment. If they err, I hope they err on the side of caution.
    I know James is distraught over this incident, and it certainly was not intentional on his part. If anything can be learned by this tragedy, maybe James could learn to play under more control, and not hit his fellow defender.

    1. So your suggestion led to a possible life threatening injury to one of our young players! Way to go Seb! I hope the front office stops listening to your dangerous suggestions.

      1. East, are you blaming me for an unfortunate and unforeseen accident? Wow, you really are desperate.
        If you hope they stop listening to my suggestions, you are implying that they do listen to my suggestions.
        I advocated that the receiver fall to the ground, but maybe I should have added the caveat that the other defenders better watch out for the safety, because he is going to lay the wood.

          1. Prime, playing violently and out of control will cause more injuries.
            Playing smart, and avoiding the concussive blows, should be realistic goals.

        1. For cryin out loud, Sebs-is that what Rice or Taylor would do-fall down? This is big-time football played by world class athletes…………I do not understand all this namby-pamby stuff you advocate………

          1. Saw, during the Revolutionary War, George Washington was called a coward, because he would not stand and fight. He kept running away, because his forces would have been defeated by a superior force.
            George Washington won the war because he only fought when he had the advantage, and he preserved his army. Niners need to put their players in the best positions to succeed, and it is smart to preserve the health of their players so they can get up and compete again.
            The Macho Bravado era is over, because of what happened on the field today.20 years ago, they would have broken an ampule of ammonia under his nose and he would have been told to snap out of it. Today, they ended the practice early. 20 years ago, it would have been next man up and the practice would have continued.

            1. If ball carriers should fall down to avoid a hit, perhaps defensive players should ‘hold back’–fair is fair Seb. All players on the field share the burden of ensuring safety, no? Maybe no more running. Just fast walking. That would cut down on injuries. Wonder what a good 40 time would be for fast walking?

              Gosh Seb…no more thump. Can you live with that?

              1. Cassie, a player almost died, or became paralyzed, and you are making light of it.
                Typical Baalke stunt.

              2. You are a dullard, Seb! Cassie isn’t making light of the situation. He has and continues to highlight your own social, intellectual and emotional ineptitude! Did your parents have any children that survived?

              3. Russian dash cam video (read on…).

                Sebbie… I get it. Just because I didn’t post my best wishes or call out the NFL on this blog doesn’t reflect my feelings on the matter.

                You’re a source of fun–too much really. You’re entertaining if nothing else. You blend some (some…) thoughtful football conversation with jaw dropping hyperbole, insensitivity, selective memory, bravado, lunacy, denial, and holier-than-thou self-promotion. Wouldn’t surprise me if you had a theme song written just for you.

                At times your presence here is like Russian dash cam video–many people can’t help but stop and stare at the spectacle (and dish back).

              4. Wow. Does anybody else get the impression that if this guy had ever tried out for PeeWee football he would’ve quit after the 1st or 2nd practice? Thousands of words posted day after day after day on this site and he doesn’t have the first clue about the essence of the game.
                Oh, and he’s a great military historian too…….

              5. Wow, the 3 of you are trying too hard.
                I get it, You try to belittle me every chance you get, but actually, you just amply display your own character flaws.
                After all your trying so hard to oppose me, in the end, you all just make yourselves look ridiculous, and I will just keep posting about a team I love.
                Getting upset over a blog post just shows how emo and easily flustered you can devolve to. Intellectually lightweight posters go all emo, in a desperate attempt to sound relevant.
                I pity you.

              6. I’d vote this to be the most accurate depiction on Seb, Cassie.
                I don’t believe it is necessary to say anything concerning the injury. It is implied we all feel bad. It just becomes redundant when each post begins with condolences.
                This was a kid living his dream. It certainly wasn’t his first big hit absorbed but it was probably the first in front of so many skilled professionals which is something he’s earned by making it this far.
                Cassie whem do you think the trades will start?i think the earliest is after preseason game 2.
                What ever happened to the LB last year who shined in the preseason then was cut by SF and signed by Cleveland?

              7. If Seb is a “singular” and “unique” person, and not a known sports writer getting posters on his blog site stirred up with these “ideas”, then I say:

                He misses the point of today’s version of gladiator games- violence is a HUGE part of media & fan’s psychological attraction to game– watch the John Houseman’s speech about rollerball to Caan’s character– as good a description as any of this concept.

                Athletes take the risk every year due to the $$, as well as their love of the game, as it has it’s psychological attractions to them as well. Also- the attachment of fans to “their” teams have elements of patriotism– supporting their military (team) in war- even though they know the terrible cost in lives, to achieve a political outcome (victory. super bowl) that could not be negotiated/mediated.
                The NFL game’s ultimate cost- Daryl Stingley for example, is accepted by players- save for the ones that retire early.

            2. Seb, your recommendation is not going to be followed by this staff. In interview after interview KS praises WRs that can make the catch and get upfield.

              Regarding one of their biggest offseason investments, Pierre Garcon.

              “Kyle has a vision,” Hoyer said. “There’s a vision for each player and to have a player that is … he had a vision for Pierre to be in this offense for that reason because we do have routes that come across the middle and we know that a guy like Pierre is going to come through there and not have any fear, catch the ball, break a tackle and go to the house. He’s been that way since he got in the league.

              “He’s a fearless receiver and as a quarterback you love that because you know that you can give the ball to him in the middle. He’s going to catch it, protect it and take a hit and sometimes even break it and go for the distance.”


              Nowhere is mentioned falling to the ground after a catch to protect the ball. Anyone who gets stripped of the ball after possessing it will not be on a KS coached team for long. Kaep gone…. ball carriers taking it to the defense…. Get used to the fact you may not enjoy 2017 Niners football.

              1. If KS sends receivers over the middle, and tells them to stay upright and fight for every inch, attrition will set in, and they will need more receivers.
                Playing smart by avoiding injuries will help them win games.
                Saleh wanted the defense to play with violence. He sure got his wish last practice.

              2. Those of us who have played the game understand that you’re just as likely to be injured playing passively, as you are aggressively, if not more so. That’s not to say that, if your being gang tackled by 4 or 5 guys, it’s smart to fight for every last inch, because there are specific instances when going to the ground, or out of bounds, becomes a smart play. However, the notion of going to the ground voluntarily, simply to avoid injuries (or turnovers), is absolutely contrary to the the very essence of the game of American Football!

                Brian Hoyer said as much yesterday:

                As cold as that sounds, the moment you start to think about, ‘Oh geeze, what if that happens to me?’ I think you put yourself in a more vulnerable position. So, you just go back out just as aggressively the next time and you play just as fast as you normally would because I think the moment you don’t that’s when you put yourself in an even worse position.

            3. Seb-

              You are then, in effect, saying you know better than Rice, Taylor, Payton–the list goes on forever. These players were just macho-boneheads?
              Say, like the macho-boneheads who built the Hoover Dam? Because both of these endeavors take a lot of the same mindset………a hellofalot of blood, sweat and tears.
              Some physical things are hard, Seb-everybody is not a victim.

        2. EC9er

          Why bother with what Seb says or doesn’t say…? If his three year crusade with Kaep isn’t graphic enough, we should understand that Seb’s motivation is merely to argue with someone…anyone…the more ridiculous…the better….He’s not serious, just curious and a tad bit lonely….He’s #5…”More input!”

          1. Oh I know. He sometimes baffled how he can say one thing and quickly shift gears without any regard to what he just stated. His grasp on reality is as tenuous as his ability to discern sports, history, social issues, management, etc. His emotional intelligence must be in the single digits…

            And he lashed out constantly and turns around and cries victimhood! He needs the anonymity of the web because in a bar he’d get a good come to Jesus moment!

            1. Hey, but he’s creative!
              He can leap in a single bound over logical barriers that are roadblocks to his unhinged suggestions.
              He can tell us all how great Bill Walsh was (No! Really! He WAS!), but doesn’t believe in run after catch.
              He doesn’t like ‘dinosaur’ tough guys; ya know like Carter, Rathman, Lott, Turner, and those guys.
              He doesn’t approve of anything more violent than table tennis.
              His War Stories evoke images of John Wayne movies, yes? Ask an actual combat vet how much they were thinking of flags when the hornets were buzzing. A flag would be a convenient aiming point…..uh…DUH!
              And he’s compassionate too! He feels pity for the rest of us. How nice.
              He’s the 7th Kardashian.

              1. That’s pretty good stuff, Brotha. Although I’ll admit, always been a big fan of John Wayne. I used to love the airport. Orange county if I remember right….

              2. Razor
                JW never served. I’ll always give Audie Murphy movies (Hollywood schlock) a pass because Audie was the real deal himself.

              3. Brotha, I concede you your point. I tend to give Wayne a pass on though, as the film industry back then was an essential tool of the nation for moral and propaganda….

    2. Come on Seb. Enough with that. The game will always be violent.

      This was a freak accident. I’m hoping the kid is alright and am not being insensitive, but it happens.

      Asking offensive players to be passive after the catch will actually result in further injuries through other players letting up and making defensive players play with uncertainty. It would dramatically alter the game.
      Playing safe is actually a deterrent.

      You should join a flag league and play. It would change your perspective for the better.

      1. Bell, the receiver did exactly what I advocated, and he was uninjured.
        James was responsible for another unforced error. The Niners should try to reduce the self inflicted wounds.
        Prime, considering you are the guy who predicted that the Niners would draft Trubisky, giving football advice is laughable.

              1. Oh, what an intimidating person you are. Try flexing some more.
                Usually, the biggest blowhards are the biggest wusses.

              2. Seb you talk a big game but when its time to man up, you crumble and hide under your innuendos and twisting of words.
                You know what that’s called, COWARDLY!

                Keep being the blog jester, its all you are good for.

              3. Prime, welchers are the real cowards.
                Crowing about Trubisky, then hiding behind a caveat.
                BTW, I can take a punch. Some guy at a party once hit me while i was not looking over some perceived slight. He hit me so hard, I flew against the wall. I told him he made me spill some of my beer. He was so amazed that he hit me as hard as he could, and I was unfazed, that he apologized and left. I had another beer.

              4. And your got-hit-with-beer-in-hand story tells us what Seb?

                The snarky side of me wonders if you have CTE as a result. Did you leave out other fun-to-know details of your encounter?

              5. Cassie, Prime thinks he can walk up to me and intimidate me. He is so wrong, and so clueless.
                Cassie, if you cannot connect the dots, I will not help you.
                Hmm, a foreigner wants to come to America and attack one of its citizens….yup, sounds like a terrorist to me.
                Maybe we need a wall on our north border, and we can get Canada to pay for it.

              6. Cassie, my friends razzed me about spilling beer, and would not give me another unless I promised not to spill it.

              7. Yup, Cassie, that is about your speed. Joking about CTE. You remind me of a NN poster who joked about cancer patients.

              8. Uh Oh, another “Seb’s list” addition:

                — while at parties, make sure perceived slights are not looked over
                — item above to ensure violent reaction from slight spewer
                — when hit hard by person listed above, take flight within room crashing into wall, thus demonstrating Newton’s 3rd law of motion
                — protest assault by loss of beer counter claim
                — remain unfazed
                — continue beer consumption

              9. Mouth piece with no stones.
                Be a man and meet me Seb. What are you so afraid of?
                I won’t lay a finger on you. I’m not into that.

      2. Prime–

        If you listen to Seb, we should get rid of cars because of the deaths involved——–steak knives-someone Could be stabbed,it could happen! Trains can and have caused great damage………..

        are you crazy, Seb? Or just messing with us, as I have long suspected?

  18. 1987 NFL strike — Anyone remember the 9ers replacement/scab players?

    Limbo Parks (G)
    Mike Varajon (RB)
    and others…

    Grant should write a column on the scabs of ’87. Thirty years ago…

    1. No. But I remember Bill Walsh running the Wishbone in the first game because that’s the basic offense most of the replacement players knew. I don’t remember the second. I mostly try to block out 1987 though. The first round playoff loss to the ****ing Vikings was one of the worst playoff losses in 49er history. It should not have been even close, never mind losing it.

      1. It was a drama-filled time. Scabs; veterans breaking ranks and returning to play… Yeah, that was a tough loss.

      2. I vividly recall that Vikings playoff loss. I was at a big party weekend for my college. There was terrible weather so I was locked in a lounge area in a resort watching the game with a buddy of mine who played for UT. I think thats the game where Chris Doleman absolutely destroyed Steve Wallace. My buddy was an o-lineman and he kept talking about all the horrible technique and poor footwork for Wallace. I told him I would knock him out if he didn’t stfu. I think the 49ers may have had the #1 offense and #1 defense that year. That game was just shocking in every way imaginable.

          1. I’m curious. If you stuck your hand in a turned-on blender, would you, after wrecking the one hand, put your other hand in it?

  19. That 87 team should have won that SB for sure. They basically got knocked out by Anthony Friggin Carter who went crazy for the Vikings-227 yards that day.
    We got payback on the Viks in 88, but that loss cost us a 3 peat on the front end. The Giants loss -another heartbreaker cost us on the back end.

      1. Thanks for putting links up to two of my 3 worst memories in Niner history Cassie. The only one missing is the ’90 loss to the Giants :) Any links to puppy beating videos you want to add?

        1. That 90 loss to the Giants was the worst and still haunts me to this day. Still have a hard time forgiving Craig for putting the ball on the ground. Although even if they held on to win, Montana would not have played in the SB vs. Buffalo. Maybe an advantage with Young..who knows.

  20. Grant how would you rate the practices in efficiency. Last you always commented on how Chip always did thing you never seen before. Is this a better style.

  21. sebnynah says:
    August 8, 2017 at 8:48 am

    When I first heard about his flag protest, I was incensed, because I revere the flag. I remember my uncle telling me how important that flag was to his survival when in the fog of war in Korea. He and many others rallied around the flag, and others defended it to their death.When the enemy was over running their positions, the flag represented the last bastion of security, and he flat out told me that he would not have survived without that flag.

    TomD’s Take: You lose again, Seb….Spare us your heroic ‘I respect the flag because of my uncle’ stories…..

    If you had an uncle fighting in country you would have never deployed those phosphorus grenades with children at the local Sebastopol playground, or at the very least, stood your ground and stated: “my uncle told me never to deploy military ordinance”….So your story of patriotism I find highly offensive, and dubious at best.

    1. My dad and father-in-law fought in Korea during the first 18 months–both with the 25th infantry division (they didn’t meat until many, many years later…). Won’t go on with the wounds and brutality here, but neither had shimmering visions of Old Glory as they were fighting for their lives day after day. I was close to both and we had many conversations about combat and other stuff. Not to say that a few did ‘rally around the flag’, but in-the-dirt kill-or-be-killed combat was for most a matter of not letting the guy next to you down.

      Let’s get back to football.

      1. Cassie,

        Apologize for your loss.

        However, Seb has to be called on this. You’re witnessing the nasty side of narcissism—one in witch to many hollywood gun fights become the norm and the confused mind of the narcissist, yearning for attention, monopolizes our board.

      2. Cassie, my uncle was reluctant to talk about his experiences. He said that he would rather forget, but I wanted to know so I could talk to my son about him, since I named my son after my uncle.
        Those rally around the flag comments were not my words, they were my uncle’s. He said that he was lucky, because the Chinese rained down bombs upon their positions, but almost a quarter were duds. He showed me his Bronze Star he received for dragging a wire over unexploded bombs to reconnect communications for the spotters. That act helped save American lives, and his commander wrote that it may have helped turn the tide of battle.
        Now we have some TrollD being offended by a true American hero, and disbelieving his accounts. That just turns my stomach.
        Back to football. I hope the NFL could schedule the Bye weeks with the Thursday Night Football games. Then they could have teams play 2 games in a 3 week period with 10 days rest between games. They should schedule Bye weeks for both Dallas and Detroit, on the week before Thanksgiving.
        CTE and concussion studies are showing that 3 days rest is not adequate enough time to recover from some concussive blows. That practice incident was a warning sign, and I hope it will not take a tragedy to have the NFL protect its players better.

  22. I would take Kap kneeling, any day, than dragging your uncle into this because Kap does not vacillate between a military crime one comits by igniting military ordinance, then explain it away by taking a stand in the opposite direction (hypocrisy at it’s worst).

    Kap never exploded military ordinance and stood for his beliefs, however ill-advised they were.

    1. Yup. Watching the play of lower round draftees and UDFAs… Some may become available on cut down day.

  23. Folks, now and then Seb has to be slapped down or he will continue to invent stories, then a few month later, write something totally inverse to what was written before.

    EXAMPLE 1, ABVOVE: Seb’s uncle was a patriot—–Seb exploding military grade ordinance.

    Theres a dissonance here. All know the military would not stand for this—-Conversely, the military stands for patriots (Seb’s discription of his uncle).

    EXAMPLE 2: Seb’s posts designing positive plays for the 49ers—–Seb’s desire to hire unqualified NFL players to run those plays for the 49ers: Kap and Jarryd Hayne (No way Kap fits the WCO Shanny’s running–he’s a read option QB)

    In pshychological terms, these are the way an enemy would operate, for example, a Raider fan disguised as a 49er fan

    1. 1. Hoyer with one TD pass.
      2. Hyde shows well.
      3. Ute’s players, Joe Williams and WR, Breida, Bourne, Beathard, Goodwin, Hikutini, Kittle (if he plays) Paulsen,
      Trent Taylor, and Tim Patrick all get positive reviews.

    2. I thought I did this… It’ll be played in Kansas City. It should be a nice, warm day. Partly over-cast. Reasonable temperatures and humidity. Good weather for summer.

    1. 49ERS HISTORY
      Jerry Rice was dominant even without Joe Montana’s numbers
      by David Fucillo@davidfucillo Aug 8, 2017, 8:07pm PDT
      Football Perspective @fbgchase

      It is insane how far ahead Jerry Rice is in the record books.

      Randy Moss scored 167 TDs in his career.
      It is insane how far ahead Jerry Rice is in the record books.

      Jerry Rice scored 163 TDs in his career…. if you exclude every TD he caught from Joe Montana.
      8:56 PM – Aug 8, 2017

      1. Oh boy. This tends to bring out the knives on non-49er boards. So, yeah, he also had Young (HOF) and Gannon (Pro Bowl) and Garcia (Pro Bowl). Not that it mattered though, he was great even with the mediocre QBs:

        Rice caught passes (games) from Grbac (9), Kemp (6), Bono (6), Moroski (2) and Cavanaugh (1) who started a combined 24 games for the 49ers. In exactly a year and a half’s worth of games, Rice caught 134 passes for 2,177 yards and 23 TDs, and ran for one score as well.

        That’s an average season of 89 catches, 1451 receiving yards and 16 touchdowns, or roughly the career best season for nearly every WR who has ever played the game.

        Or as I like to say: s*ck on it haters! Every QB looked great when throwing to Rice. Every. Single. One.

    1. He could be a NFL franchise quarterback, and Nolan wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. Glad Shanny wants an Alpha personality at the position.

    2. Not a Rosen fan and now even less so. The guy is just a plain old jackass that thinks he knows better than anyone else. In my area there was a kid who was a very good FB/LB but he came from a horrible family situation. Mother died, Father sent to prison when he was 14. Kid lived with his grandmother who was elderly so he basically took care of her and they lived on her Soc Sec check. He was identified as an at risk student so he received a little extra attention from the school and especially the football coaches. The kid stopped going to classes after his senior football season ended – apparently he intended to drop out. Coaches went to his house and talked him into coming back to school. They helped with transportation and surrounded the kid with support. Head coach helps get him a scholarship to a D1 school. Football didn’t work out because of injuries, but the college, made sure this kid attended school and he got his degree. This young man changed the trajectory of his entire family and it was because 2 different football programs cared enough about him to help him. There’s a ton of those types of stories out there. Sure college football is a business with some bad characters but to portray college football programs as if they only prey on young people so they can play a game is simply wrong. Most programs I know about are full of people who really do try to help young athletes in life more than they help them with football. Rosen is an idiot.

      1. Out of all the QB’s available, I think Rosen’s skill set represents what Shanny wants in one the most. Whether or not Rosen’s attitude will cause him to take a precipitous fall in the draft remains to be seen, but if it did, I imagine we might see Shanny make another concerted effort to grab him, similar to the way they pursued Foster….

        1. Rosen most definitely is a very talented guy. I watched him in person when UCLA played A&M in College Station. The kid has text book footwork and serious arm talent. He looks to me like he’s had private coaches all of his life going through all the footwork and throwing drills. Add a gifted athlete to top notch QB coaches and apparently a kid willing to work and you really have something special. My problem when I watch Rosen is he is robotic. He doesn’t really look like he has a feel for the position. He reads defenses like he’s reading an instruction manual and he throws to the spot the instruction manual tells him to go with the ball 100% of the time. You can have real success with that approach BUT he just doesn’t seem to have a feel for the game and he’s fooled into some bad throws sometimes. Undoubtedly, he’s a 1st round talent. My impression right now is that he’s not a successful pro. If I had to pick between Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, or Josh Rosen my draft order would be Darnold, Allen, and then Rosen.

          None of that changes the fact that Rosen is an idiot. From a likeability perspective I give him a 0.

      2. Don’t let the reality of it burst your narrative fallacy bubble. It’s a business and this is the reality:

        1. Your scholarship can be revoked at any time for anything but on-field performance.
        2. You’re pushed into crap majors that are easy.
        3. If you take a real major and miss meetings, your scholarship can be revoked for ‘violating team rules’ something most big-time program coaches do all the time for marginal players.
        4 You work your *** off to play football:

        A 2008 NCAA survey of 21,000 athletes concluded that many are overdosing on their sport. Football players, for instance, were devoting 44.8 hours a week to the gridiron,


        Add in a 12-unit load that requires 12 hours of classes and 24 hours of homework, projects, etc. (at a minimum to perform reasonably well in any semi-decent major) and you’re up to 80-hours a week.

        Like Rosen said — it’s LITERALLY like working two full-time jobs.

        1. You don’t have to tell me about the schedule of student athletes. I was a college athlete. My oldest son is currently a college athlete. The schedule is difficult. I didn’t say it wasnt. Literally millions of kids have been able to handle this schedule. I’m convinced the hard work, organization, and dedication to my education and sport made me a better man. I’m convinced it will make my son a better man.

          Going to law school is like 2 full time jobs.
          Becoming a CPA at a big accounting firm is like 2 full time jobs.
          Being successful at starting your own company is like 2 full time jobs.

          Perhaps Rosen would be better served by encouraging the student athletes at UCLA to take advantage of the amazing opportunity they’ve been presented by attending one of the best schools in the country instead of encouraging them to whine and cry about a lie that they are being victimized by a school trying to get rich off their work.

        1. I worked my way through college, and it took 3 years to pay off all my college loans.
          Cry me a river. Allen acts like he is entitled to a scholarship, yet thinks he does not have to work for his degree. Maybe if he was like TD who had a shotgun pointed at his face, would he appreciate how easy he has it.

          1. Seb, enough with the weapons already. To get your weapons fix, go play World of Tanks…and watch out for those pits.

              1. Why does the North Korean army look like a miniature version of China’s?

                Why is the Bank Of China allowed to operate in the USA?

          2. You stupid punk. Football players work on their game, on average, 44.8 hours a week. And they have to maintain their grades and spend 30+ hours a week in school and doing homework.

            1. Razor, Mid,

              Rosen wasn’t looking for sympathy. He is simply stating the schools could be doing more to help than they are and he’s right.

              1. That is called life Rocket. It helps to prepare them for instances where there will have to balance different activities and duties.

    3. Some people just don’t want to hear anything that goes against their beliefs. Rosen has an opinion and he stated it. Nothing wrong with that and the fact he’s in it and experiencing it first hand, lends a lot more credibility to the opinion than those who aren’t. He’s simply saying that if you want to get a Masters or something beyond the basic degree level, it isn’t going to happen with the schedule Football players have to adhere too. He’s also not wrong that many schools don’t give a crap about the educational aspect of the players College career. When a player is given a scholarship to come and play football, that becomes his #1 priority, and although Rosen didn’t say it, many players don’t belong in College based on their scholastic ability and wind up with long term injuries due to football and no long term prospects in the real world. Colleges are making a fortune on the backs of these kids and the players aren’t getting enough in return. That’s reality.

      1. OH Horse doo doo with capital stink. This is such a crap argument. Rosen attempts to speak for all college programs. He knows UCLA – not all programs. He portrays student athletes as victims which is total and complete hogwash. If Rosen wants to go off on the NCAA by all means, their rules are outrageous. Going off on college football programs is absurd. Let me tell you, my son was heavily recruited to play lacrosse. Navy wanted him and their recruiter was brutally honest. He said all D1 lacrosse programs expect a 40 hour per week commitment to play the sport and then you have to handle school. The schedule for most college athletes is difficult – not just football players.

        There are guys who have no business being in school, but they’re here because this is the path to the NFL.
        So Josh which of your teammates are too stupid to attend your school? Is it not ok to give a guy a chance at a great education? In some places thats called opportunity. Or were you talking about athletes at other schools? If so, how do you know they are too stupid to be in college?

        It’s not that some players shouldn’t be in school; it’s just that universities should help them more—instead of just finding ways to keep them eligible.
        Isn’t helping football players pass classes, aka keeping them eligible, helping the student athlete? Josh, is it only student athletes at UCLA who are victimized by an athletic department that uses them for their athletic ability and cares not one bit about them as people or is that a problem at every NCAA football program? What other programs have you attended Mr Rosen?

        There’s so much money being made in this sport. It’s a crime to not do everything you can to help the people who are making it for those who are spending it.
        So Josh, is it only at UCLA where student athletes are enslaved and mistreated by evil people getting rich off their hard work?

        I ask you, how would you like to be in charge of the athlete tutoring program at UCLA and hear a millionaire college athlete saying you only care about making sure the player plays and not whether or not he gets an education. What Rosen said should be highly offensive to every single person in a support role in the UCLA football program. My own personal experience with college athletic programs is that they are filled with people who care and want to help the athletes. Pretending these are all evil people who prey on victimized athletes is absurd.

        1. As I said, some people just don’t want to hear anything that goes against their beliefs. You just attacked the kid while stating nothing to refute what he said other than your experience in a much lesser sport with your son, some Coaches you know and encouraging outrage from the staff at UCLA. This is a big part of the problem in this Country. Someone makes a statement to bring attention to a problem and then those who don’t like it just try to shout them down without offering anything of substance to rectify the problem.

          If you actually read the interview with an open mind you see he’s trying to help other players who haven’t had the opportunities he’s had. He want’s athletes to have a real education and not just some nothing degree with poor grades that will get them nowhere if they don’t make it in their sport. He’s bringing attention to something that is a very real problem in the Country – much like Kap did in another area – and predictably some are trying to pretend it doesn’t exist and telling him to shut up. Preach on Josh.

          1. Difference with Kap’s ridiculous protest is that he messed with one of the most powerful entities in all the world. The NFL is a ruthless business and Kap was foolish to challenge them.

            1. Kap didn’t challenge the NFL Prime. He challenged the lack of training for Police officers and the killing of unarmed civilians. Being black balled by the NFL is just a by product of that. Rosen is going to be viewed by some in the NFL as trouble because he speaks his mind. It’s all part and parcel of being someone with an opinion in a world where some don’t want to hear it; instead preferring to be sealed in their idealistic bubble.

              1. Blackballed by the NFL? I don’t think so. He is just not a good QB for any of the systems he’s applied for.
                RG III is a similar QB with very similar traits and he remains unemployed. Blackballed is a cop out for a guy who just hasn’t shown work ethic, a willingness to master his craft, or an ability to focus primarily on football. If this was an electrical engineer who refused to update his training with technology he would also remain unemployed. This is a simple case of a person not being a good employee for any organization.
                Also, I read a report that he turned down an offer for a job. He has been offered a position as a backup which are the positions all of those signed in his stead
                Have taken.

              2. Matt,

                I really don’t want to get into a Kap discussion, but if you don’t think there is something besides his play keeping him out of the league you are extremely naive and haven’t been paying attention. His play is part of it, but there is also a big time political side to this that is obviously keeping teams from signing him.

              3. Don’t want to join too much into the fray but Kap hasn’t helped himself with statements, the socks he wore and some of the t-shirts he chose. How will he get signed in Miami with its large Cuban population after praising Castro?! He’s been his own worst enemy and many a front office don’t want to scrutinized week in week out for racial bias from a back up QB.

              4. Rocket the NFL came out publicly and said they condone players for not paying homage to the anthem. They said they would not fine them but disapproved.
                Now what I mean by the NFL has to also include the owners who basically tell Goddell what to do.

                Kap crossed a lot of people in the NFL by doing that. Now he suffers.
                Personally I think no one has signed him cause he is a limited QB where you have to have a specific personnel in order for him to have success.

              5. Have to pretty much agree with Matt, EC and Prime. Bottom line is Kap’s skill level is not worth the headaches he brings to an organization. Similar with Tebow; but in Tebow’s case it wasn’t worth the circus that would follow him at that point in time.

              6. Part of it is his play I agree. The point was it’s the politics that are actually keeping him off a roster. He’s good enough to have been signed as a backup, but due to the attention it would receive teams aren’t willing to put up with the backlash. If he was a great player somebody would sign him anyway, but he’s not so he’s in limbo.

              7. What about kaps blather about the greatness and the wonders of Cuba? His agenda was way bigger than just cops………..He in effect gave the country a big middle finger-now the favor is being returned in kind.

              8. Saw,

                He explained his thoughts on Castro and Cuba but as usual many don’t want to listen preferring instead to be outraged and criticize.

                What I said was I agree with the investment in education. I also agree with the investment in free universal healthcare as well as the involvement in him helping end apartheid in South Africa. I would hope that everybody agrees those things are good things. And trying to push the false narrative that I was a supporter of the oppressive things that he did is just not true.

                He has done some things that hurt his image like wearing the pig socks and not voting, but he’s also been purposely misinterpreted by those who are offended by the Anthem protest and the fact he’s saying not all is great with America.

              9. The dog killer had better skills than Kaepernick. Unfortunate, but sometimes the truth is a hard pill to swallow. Hillary and laying the blame for her loss on Mother Russia. Camp Kaepernick laying the blame on his socks….

          2. He’s bringing attention to something that is a very real problem in the Country

            Ok, I’m listening. What is the very real problem?

            1. Ok, I’m listening. What is the very real problem?

              He spelled it out for you in the article. Players not getting a real education due to having to put so much time into football. Not being able to take certain classes due to football. Players being put in joke subjects to get a passing grade so they can play on Saturday. Players having to leave school early because they are in danger of flunking out due to the time constraints of football. The 95% who don’t have a future in the pro game but suffered injuries or didn’t get their degrees on account of playing football.

              What is it you don’t understand?

              1. I’m going to try to be kind here but you are severely out of touch with reality. MANY students struggle getting classes. They may have 2 classes they want to take but the class times overlap so they can only take 1 class. Some players do take joke subjects. Some students do get the easiest degree possible just so they can have a degree to improve their hiring status. Happens in all walks of life. These things have been going on for decades in college life. Blaming that on football is idiotic.

              2. Lifes hard. I don’t take it too seriously, because in the end, no one gets out alive.

              3. No Houston I’m not out of touch with reality; I’m simply open to changing it. Rosen is talking about it from a football perspective because that is what he knows and is involved with. You keep wanting to turn this into more than it is instead of just focusing on what the kid is saying.

              4. Rocket:

                i haven’t read what Rosen said, so if you want to call me misinformed you’re probably right.

                I only want to interject that football is not the only area where “talent” is not paid during the beginning of one’s career. Residents in medical hospitals are often underpaid for the services they provide (particularly working shifts that no doctor wants to). Graduate students in sciences and engineering often work for a meager stipend and provide professors with cheap, highly skilled labor for conducting research and writing papers. These tasks are directly responsible for bringing in additional research funding to the university/college (some of which goes to support humanities and liberal arts). In all of these cases, the highly skilled students are still receiving an education. My point is that this is the way the system has worked for quite a long time.

                When you look at the cases I’ve cited, there’s no doubt that the vast majority of the students move forward to successful careers in their chosen technical professions. With football, it’s clearly not the case that most college football players play in the NFL. Colleges and universities, will no doubt tell you that preparing individuals to play in the NFL or any other professional sport is not part of their mission statement.

              5. Cubus,

                I’m not going to call you misinformed (although you should read the article to get the proper context of what he’s talking about). I’m not telling Houston he’s misinformed either. We all have our own opinions and are entitled to them. I believe Rosen makes some valid points that are worth consideration and discussion, but most of all he’s entitled to speak his mind. The subject matter is open to scrutiny as it has been with some agreeing with him and some not, but what happens far too often is the creation of a straw man argument for the sole purpose of criticizing the individual. Rosen is not playing a victim nor is he asking for any kind of sympathy. He simply stood up and voiced his concern on a topic that is important to him.

          3. While I think that College football takes advantage of players, earning millions while the players get very little, I also think Rosen is spoiled, pampered, and does not appreciate what some players go through to get the chance to play football.
            When everything is handed to him, he does not see the real down to earth struggles some go through. One mother would not eat so her children had enough food, and saving for a football camp put severe strains on her budget. Luckily, her faith and sacrifices resulted in her son being inducted in the HOF.
            Rosen should leap at the chance to play and study hard, but he is whiny and churlish. He should become better organized, and work on his time management. To some, a college education is unattainable. Rosen needs to volunteer at a soup kitchen and listen to their stories. Then, maybe he will not be such an elitist who feels entitled.

            1. Soup kitchen? I suggested that with you several weeks ago. Parroting me Seb? Hope not. If you are I’ll need to take a long hot shower.

          4. “You just attacked the kid while stating nothing to refute what he said other than your experience in a much lesser sport with your son,”

            Actually I refuted everything he said.

            1. Football schedule is too difficult and doesn’t go well with a school schedule: You may call lacrosse a lesser sport because its not a revenue sport but the kids that play it don’t call it a lesser sport. They spend just as much time per week on lacrosse as football players spend on football. Some other sports due to the length of the season spend even more time on their sport than football. Tennis and basketball come immediately to mind when you factor in the length of the season and the travel requirements.
            2. College programs dont care about their athletes. The athlete is only a paycheck to the football program: I refuted that in many ways. Rosen is a kid who only knows UCLA. To speak for the experience of all college football players is asinine. To suggest universities don’t go to great lengths to support student athletes is absurd.

            The kid is playing up victimhood for student athletes. I know it plays well with the grievance crowd but it’s just false.

            1. The onus is really on the individual to capitalize on an opportunity not afforded by most. To whine about the journey is an affront to those who never had a chance to make it….

            2. No you didn’t refute anything. You simply said he can’t speak for anybody or any school outside UCLA, meanwhile these players know other players from all over the country and likely share info and stories all the time. To suggest he is confined to knowledge about the campus he is on only is ridiculous. He also didn’t paint everything with the same brush if you actually read the article objectively. He referred to the fact there are easy paths to a degree some players can take and make it work. He is talking about having all avenues open to players as far as education, which they are currently not.

              1. I refuted everything he said in multiple ways. Whether you choose to read and understand those points is your problem, not mine.

                College athletes are given amazing opportunities. Some of those athletes are getting an opportunity that may not otherwise be available to them if it were not for their athletic talent. Out in the real world, those opportunities are blessings that should be celebrated. Instead some people look for every angle to portray themselves and others as victims. The people that choose to be victims should be pitied. Not because of some wrong done to them but because of their attitude that takes away opportunity and replaces it with grievance. I’ll say it again, college football programs by and large are full of people that care very much about the athletes in their programs. The vast majority of athletes that go through a football program are not the 4 or 5 stars that may be on the team. There’s another 55 other guys who have no illusions about making the NFL. College football staffs know this and they care for those people too. These are not evil people preying on the weak. If a young man has a dream of becoming a brain surgeon or mechanical engineer but they feel like a football schedule would get in the way, then no one is forcing them to play football. They can go to school for their chosen career path as simply a student but not a student athlete. BUT if they do play football, they may be able to get that undergrad degree paid for. To say receiving a free education in exchange for representing the team on the football field is unfair is a victim mentality that I just can’t understand.

              2. I know what refute means and it’s obviously a different definition from yours because you saying something based on how you feel about it is not refuting what was said.

                Almost everything you said here is rhetoric and not indicative of what Rosen is talking about. Nowhere in the article did he portray himself as a victim, refer to anyone as evil or say anything about being ungrateful for the opportunity given. This is what you turn it into so you can criticize somebody who is making a point you don’t want to hear.

                He said quite clearly that he is not able to take all the classes he needs and wants because of football. He is saying that instead of doing the bare minimum during the season to keep a player eligible the school should look into helping the player get more out of it. He singled out those other 55 guys – it’s actually more like 75 – when he said this:

                What about those who don’t? What did they get for laying their body on the line play after play while universities make millions upon millions? People criticize when guys leave early for the NFL draft, and then rip them when some guys who leave early don’t get drafted. [They say,] “Why did you leave school if you weren’t going to get drafted?” I’ll tell you why: Because for a lot of guys, there is no other option. They were either leaving early (for the NFL) or flunking out. To me, that’s a problem within the system and the way we’re preparing student-athletes for the future away from football. Everyone has to be part of the process.

                You seem to feel that anybody who questions something and thinks it’s worth discussing a way to make it better is somehow playing a victim card. That is something I don’t understand.

              3. There’s so much money being made in this sport. It’s a crime to not do everything you can to help the people who are making it for those who are spending it.

                There are many quotes I could chose but this quote in my opinion is a good example of Rosen portraying college football players as victims. I read this as Rosen saying college football players earn money, get none of it, and are mistreated. He mentions nothing about how much college football programs spend on college football players for support services. He mentions nothing about how many fans are fans of the program and not just the players. I am open to new ideas and debate about the current structure. I’m not open to an athlete accusing his and other football programs of only caring about whether an athlete plays or not. Thats not true. The parts I’m open to debating are how injured players are treated if the injury ends the career. IMHO the scholarship should be guaranteed if the athlete is injured in an activity related to their sport. I’m open to taking a deep look into how college baseball coaches use their pitchers. I’m open to taking a good look at the asinine NCAA rules that restrict programs from helping kids and their families who may be in financial distress. Rosen doesn’t do any of that. His entire point of athletes being victims is objectionable to me.

        2. To be honest I would actually state the athletes in college are the least taken advantage of.
          For the most I would argue that trade schools are a better return on investment. Those kids are trained for an actual job and don’t graduate 100k in debt.
          And while football players make the U’ s a lot that is only at the major programs… for every USC there is a sac state or some other such school.
          While his complaints have some validity, they do not take into account the thousands of non major programs in which football doesnt necessarily make a profit or it does, but barely helps cover the other sports.
          Truth is, there is no easy solution.
          I thought about paying the kids minimum wage for hours in practice… but even that might drive some of the smaller programs under.

      1. I didn’t know about the June charges. Maybe it’s best to stay away.

        The former San Francisco 49ers player was arrested on April 7 after police were called to his home. A woman Brock was dating at the time was found with visible injuries, and Brock was arrested. The 49ers released him less than two hours after the news broke. In June, charges were filed against Brock for felony domestic violence and misdemeanor child endangerment.


        1. If it were me, I’d stay away. This team isn’t going to win more than 6 games anyways, and that’s being generous. Offensively, we have a soft white underbelly, which will be exposed to perforation all year long….

  24. And no condolences to Dontae for his concussion protocol, Seb ??? Just like that your on to another DB ?

    sebnynah says:
    August 9, 2017 at 7:22 am
    Cassie, a player almost died, or became paralyzed, and you are making light of it.
    Typical Baalke stunt.

    Seems to me “you are making light of it,” Seb—moving on so quickly demonstrates remarkable calousness

    1. TrollD, when I say that I am glad they are being proactive, I meant that I am glad the Niners are being careful, and have DJ in the concussion protocols. I hope he recovers fully and can play during the season.
      Remember, reading is fundamental.

  25. If I was a Dodger fan, Sebby, I would not have posted this GINORMOUS trade, would I ?

    “The Dodger Fan (Seb) doth protest too much, me thinks”

  26. EastCoast9er says:

    August 8, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    So your suggestion led to a possible life threatening injury to one of our young players! Way to go Seb! I hope the front office stops listening to your dangerous suggestions.


    sebnynah says:
    August 8, 2017 at 9:14 pm
    East, are you blaming me for an unfortunate and unforeseen accident?

    TomD’s Take: Seb can’t have it both ways, taking credit for the positive (Seb believes 49er Mgmt. reads his posts) and not take credit for the negative—-a 49er player reading Seb’s posts in his dorm, and using Seb’s advice to fall down before a tackle, who gets hospitalized, nearly receiving a fractured spine.

  27. With only one cut down/roster reduction day at the end of the preseason, I wonder how this new dynamic will affect trades–assuming teams will be juggling players they’d prefer to deal away vs cutting?

    Given that there’ll be a large number of players becoming available late, player personnel staff–to get the best jump on snagging talent–will need to be thorough in their player evaluations and GMs will need to be quick and decisive. Some teams may be over-tempted to acquire a player by trade vs waiting for someone to clear waivers. In general, this has been a challenge for many years, just curious how it will play out with only one roster reduction day.

    For the record, I will not claim any credit if Lynch acts quickly and decisively. I’m confident he doesn’t read my posts or need my brilliance.

    1. No, you are just parroting me, who already advocated that strategy.
      Yes, trading players will be hard, because team will now wait until the cuts.
      Your brilliance shines from every orifice.

        1. Cassie Baalke:

          Know thy ( I mean Seb’s) self….

          No one questions his 49er, “I said it first,” position w/o earning his wrath.

  28. 49ers Waived Zuttah. Looks like Kilgore is set at center.

    The inside of the O-line is a big concern. Has hoping Zutah or Kilgore could play (or add depth) an guard. With Garnett out, it could be a mess.

    1. I was thinking might happen based on the camp reports. When you’re a veteran and dropping down the depth chart this early… That’s not a good sign.

      1. Yep, I thought there may be a miniscule chance that they’d hold onto him until Garnett returns. 9 wins seems like a pipe dream!

        1. I’m still saying 4 wins. It will be an optimistic 4 wins with much improved play and the future core players gaining experience. In the long term the team’s headed in the right direction. Very excited about the D-line.

          If I’m about wrong win totals, fantastic.

    2. Big disappointment. We’ve got a chink in the offensive armor, and it’s right up the gut. You think it’s bad now, wait until Kilgore’s use by date arrives….

    3. From the sounds of it, Zuttah’s attitude had as much to do with it as his play. I get the feeling from reading different articles that he wasn’t interested in playing OG which is a great way to put yourself in the dog house with the Coaching staff. You have to be willing to help the team in any way you can.

    4. A month ago I thought Zuttah would be the starting centre and an upgrade over Kilgore. How things change. I guess this is why it was a good move to bring in Barnes and Fusco as well.

    1. If Zuttah signs with another team and has offset language in his contract it will save the 49ers a little cap space.

      1. I wonder if the Ravens pulled one over on Lynch and team. Lynch seems like the kind of guy who will think that happened and learn from it.

        1. I don’t believe so Cubus. Instead, I would guess that Zuttah’s injury put him significantly behind the eight ball in regards to learning and playing in Shanahan’s complex offense, whereas Kilgore has been able to to learn and practice in the new offense. In other words, I think Zuttah’s release had more to do with needing to set the offensive line instead of keeping it in flux.

          1. Don’t you think they would have waited on Garnett’s return, before they made that decision? Seems it would have given him more time to get up to speed, while not wasting a roster spot. I think this lends itself to the notion he didn’t have much interest in playing guard….

  29. “Fooch’s update: Per Matt Maiocco, a 49ers spokesperson said the 49ers did not reach out to Tramaine Brock’s camp, and there is no interest in re-signing him.”

    1. Cassie: “Mangold said after last season that he did not want to retire. “Shoot, I love football,” he said. “I miss it dearly. I’m planning on playing. I want to keep playing football, and I want to do it here [with the Jets].” That didn’t happen and as of July 2017 he was still a F/A. At 33 Y/O the question is, what does he have left in the tank and will he accept back up money? The 33-year-old Mangold ranked third in the NFL among centers with a pass blocking efficiency of 98.6 in 2016. According to Pro Football Focus, the rating measures pressures allowed on a per-snap basis with weighting toward sacks allowed.

  30. The bottom line on Kaepernick is he’s not good enough to put up with the extracurriculars. Same thing happened to Tebow.

  31. Someone will cut a C/G before reg. season.

    Until then, the 49ers should use the four point plan:

    Acquire any of the following:

    1. G/C cut by any team who’s an aging 1st-4th rounder
    2. Athletic tackle who can transition to Center
    3. Work a trade for a G/C via V-Mac
    4. JP Flynn is in better position to play since the 49ers most recent depth chart lists the former All Conference guard at Center.

    “He leaves Thursday for San Francisco and the start of a mini-camp, the first page of the next chapter in Flynn’s football career.
    The 49ers were among the teams that watched Flynn compete at Montana State’s pro day in late March.
    He has spoken with 49ers offensive line coach John Benton, who welcomed him to the organization and mentioned he liked what he had seen from the 6-foot-6, 316-pound guard who recorded a 30.5-inch vertical leap and a time of 4.72 seconds in the three-cone drill, measurements that both would have ranked third among offensive linemen at the NFL Combine.
    After earning a degree in mechanical engineering from Montana State in December”


  32. John Benton, OL coach for Houston, set franchise records for total offense each year from 2008-10 and has registered the top three rushing seasons in franchise history from 2010-12, including franchise rushing records in 2010 and 2011. The Texans lead the NFL with 26 individual 100-yard rushing games since 2010 and have led the League in time of possession each of the last two seasons.

    TomD’s Take: Arian Foster’s season yardage in those years were: 1,616; 1, 224 and 1, 424 respectively.

  33. Seb, starting the new NFL season early with his weaponry references…..Never enough world tradgedy to deter the Sebster from his gunrack or gunboat policy…..As if his neighbors didn’t have enough to worry about with his recent chainsaw infernos, going to the ‘rack’, has new meaning for them.

    sebnynah says:
    August 9, 2017 at 11:22 am
    TD who had a shotgun pointed at his face, would he appreciate how easy he has it.

    Cassie Baalke says:
    August 9, 2017 at 11:44 am
    Seb, enough with the weapons already. To get your weapons fix, go play World of Tanks…and watch out for those pits.

    1. My post is being moderated. Had a reference to the TV show ‘Most Extreme Elimination Challenge’. Youtube it. Talk about risk of injury.

        1. Had an issue with one of the show’s personalities… Guy LeDou…. Youtube most extreme elimination. Funny stuff.

  34. I was excited when the trade happened for Zutah, I remember Grant saying it was a bad fit/deal when it happened and I thought Grant was crazy for his opinion. Grant was right I was wrong. Hopefully their are young Bucks proving themselves as the Oline still scares me. Who is in the driver seat to be the backup toKilgore?

  35. From Fann’s report:

    9. Brian Hoyer had several nice throws on the day. His best came over the top of the coverage and into Vance McDonald’s hands down the left sideline. McDonald has had highlight-reel plays in each of the last three practices.

    Kittle’s hamstring is still giving him problems. I think they should consider putting him on an injury type designation (the one that allows them to bring him back during the season). I forget, but I believe this IR designation means that he will not count towards the 53. Then evaluate McDonald, Paulsen and Hikutini during the season. If one of those three really isn’t cutting it, release him when Kittle is ready to come back.

    1. You are correct about IR cubus. Teams can place players on IR with what are deemed as major injuries (an injury that renders the player unable to practice or play football for at least six weeks), and these players don’t count against the 53 man roster limit (although they do still count against the salary cap). Teams can place as many players as they want on IR as long as they have room under the cap and are willing to pay them. Additionally, teams are now allowed to place 2 players on IR with a designation to return after a minimum of 8 weeks.

      Fun fact: One of the reasons the salary cap came into effect is the alleged abuse of the IR list as a means to get around the NFL roster limit. Back in the day before the salary cap, high revenue teams used to abuse the system. They would essentially redshirt any number of young players by claiming they were injured, when they were actually healthy, as a way of circumventing the roster limit. The Cowgirls were notorious for abusing that system!

  36. 10 point plan to winning this season:

    1. KS should use the run to control the clock! This will keep other offenses off the field and also Tire the opposing defenses. A double bonus!

    2. The team should do ball control but pass for big gains once the other team cheats up to the line of scrimmage!
    3. KS should channel Walsh and script the first series at least. Make Walsh proud and take a page from his book, KS will look like a genius and allow Hoyer to settle into the flow of the game while giving coaches the advantage of seeing the other team’s tendencies.
    4. Vary the play calling! It’s a fact these running the same play over and over is counter productive.
    5. Avoid unnecessary penalties!
    6. Make sure the defense is well prepared and ready for that week’s game! Last year the failed Cleveland D.C. Looked lost. Saleh needs to avoid this!
    7. Rotate the front seven so they don’t tire and can pressure the opposing QB adequately.
    8. Stop the run!
    9. Get DBs to use the sideline as an extra defender! This will make defending the pass easier.
    10. Relax and have fun!

    This is a plan that will guarantee wins!

    1. Would add… Don’t sit on a lead–run the clock yes, but stay reasonably aggressive.

      Seb will claim you’re parroting him. Cool.

      1. Hey,, I came up with it first, so I must be a genius and if they follow my plan I can claim they are following my lead!

        1. East, you are a little late. Here is something I wrote in 2013.
          10 ways JH (and KS) can improve.
          1. Read Rudyard Kipling’s poem IF.
          2. Consider time outs to be precious, and used for (legitimate) challenges, and for the last 2 minutes (of each half).
          3. Stop wasting 10 to 15 seconds every play. tell Kaep (the Niner QB) he can get at least 2 more sets of downs if he stops wasting time. (2 more opportunities to score.)
          4. Run the no huddle with quick snaps. This will eliminate delay of game penalties and stop the defense from substituting. (Varying the snap count could draw them offsides for a free play which should be converted into a long pass down field.
          5. Expressly forbid Kaep from calling an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock. ( Since this is moot, KS should put a man in motion to help determine what the defense’s reaction is to the MIM. The MIM could be used to pinch in the DE so the QB can do a controlled rollout. The MIM may avoid the chuck at the LOS. It could be used for the fly sweep. It would allow the receiver to be at top speed at the snap of the ball. It could be used for reverses. KS should study SB XXIV and see how they used the MIM to create mismatches.)
          6. Use players so they can maximize their talents. (Accentuate their strengths and disguise their weaknesses. Do not play favorites and play players out of position.)
          7. Establish the running game, then use play action for long strikes downfield.
          8. Do not run into the teeth of the defense. Hit them where they aint.
          9. Be unpredictable. Use Deception. Keep them guessing. Put them on their heels.
          10. Niners will win if Kaep (the Niner QB) gets the ball in Frank Gore’s (playmakers) hands. Think screens, draws, counters, swing passes, shovel passes and even the Statue of Liberty.
          So East, you are late by over 3 years. Quit parroting me.

    2. KS is on the record as saying he does script a number of plays, but he isn’t afraid to come off or modify that script depending upon the defense. BW tended to just stay with it and learn about the D. Kyle seems to want stuff to happen now.

      1. Are you questioning my football acumen? How dare you compare BW to KS! They’re not even in the same league! ?

        1. I was always amazed by Walsh at Stanford with his script >regardless of down and distance<. It was like 3D Chess or something. But in The Bigs everybody is so fast, and many savvy, so it's adjustments on the fly. Shanny is greedy as an OC. It's good, we'll need points cuz we're gonna give 'me up.
          Reality sinking in for me lately.

    3. ’10. Relax and have fun.’
      Wrong. I want the Niners to be focused, energized and fired up, ready to bite nails. This is no picnic, and players are competing for a spot on the 53. They can have fun after the game.

      1. Seb… How does encouraging the 9ers to play energized–and psyched to bite nails–reduce the risk of injury? How? Please explain.

        1. Cassie, playing timidly and afraid of being injured is a good way to get injured.
          Sounds like you want them to play flag football.

  37. Kittle may have re aggregated his hammy yesterday,sat out today.I have been saying it for awhile, gonna have to keep McDonald this year.

  38. Thanks Grant for the eyes and ears. Don’t have much time to follow the camp without severely interrupting my golf and leisure. ;). Your updates are precise and quite informative. Thanks again. Looking forward to the season, the one I predicted would end in a 9-7 season and a wild card birth. We’ll see how it pans out. My SB pick was Raiders/Cowboys to jog the blog memories, with the Cowboys winning it all (I hate the ‘boys with every ounce of my being) . Nevertheless………
    Ok, back to the pool!

  39. Biderman’s current offensive chart estimation

    Starters – Joe Staley, Zane Beadles, Daniel Kilgore, Brandon Fusco and Trent Brown.

    Second Team – Darrell Williams Jr., JP Flynn, Tim Barnes, Norman Price and Garry Gilliam. John Theus worked with the first team at left tackle to give Staley breathers.

    Scary. Even if Garnett returns game one. The lines an owie away from getting Hoyer killed.

    I’m not expecting Lynch to resolve all depth issues in one draft and offseason. This is not a surprise. I’m expecting a good 4-12. Much improved execution. Excited about this season. And if I’m full of shinola about the record, fantastic!

    1. Brodie:

      I had some time yesterday so I watched last year’s Falcons/Seahawks game (not the playoff game but the regular season game). In the first half, the Seahawks were pounding Atlanta. Ryan was getting beat up as was the OL. The announcers even showed a statistic that Ryan was the most sacked QB since 2012 (IIRC). I was very intent on seeing if KS would change the game plan in the 2nd half. Sure enough, in the 2nd half, he moved the launch point around. Ryan was doing a lot more bootlegs and play action where he would run to one side or the other. In no time, the Falcons scored 21 points. If you recall, that was the game where at the end, Sherman grabbed Julio Jones’ arm to prevent him from getting both hands up to catch a fairly long pass. No foul was called, the Falcons lost and Quinn went ballistic.

      1. You don’t think the enemy knows our weakness, and will anticipate our attempt to compensate by moving the pocket? That’ll only work for so long….

        1. Well, since Solomon Thomas is a world beater, let’s have him play both ways…on offense, he can be a blocking/attacking TE. Would give us a chance since the enemy will know our weaknesses. Otherwise, let’s give up now.

        2. I hear you. But I was surprised how well and long it worked in the game I watched. It probably wasn’t just that, but my primary reason for re-watching the game was to see if KS could make adjustments that worked (since I could only vaguely remember what happened during that game). I suppose it’s new news that KS is able to make adjustments, but it does indicate to me that he’ll try to do something to makeup for the inadequacies of the O (unlike our previous two HCs). Who knows, maybe the OL will surprise us.

        3. Like in all offenses got to run the ball, if so everything else becomes easier. Adjustments, adjustments and continue with adjustments. I think KS is going to be one smart HC and understands adjustments.

          1. I don’t disagree. I just hope he doesn’t run out of adjustments, because this line is tenuous at best.

      2. Shanahan will mitigate an opponents interior pass rush with a good run game, and pass plays that get the ball away quickly. But beyond that, Hoyer will need to know when not to be a hero. Throw the ball away to live another day.

  40. Used to be a saying, Go West Young Man during the gold rush era. Now in the Little Kim era, it’s go west and build them bunkers;>)

    1. Or “Go east and avoid the radiation hair cut.” How does “New San Francisco” sound? Relocate the entire bay area to an eastern state. I’m sure we’d be very welcome.

      1. Seriously, on the local news at noon a station had a bit on preparing for a nuclear attack.
        C’mon, man! The only way to prepare for a nuclear attack is to do some yoga to limber up so you can kiss your own ass goodbye. FFS! I’m old enough to have practiced “Duck & Cover” in grade school. I recall talking anxiously with my classmates at lunch in 1962 about the Cuba Missle Thing.
        We’re dust in the wind.

      2. In Tim Kawakami ✔ @timkawakami
        3-Rookie C.J. Beathard looks better and better and seems like he’s headed towards the No. 2 QB spot eventually, maybe even Week 1…
        3:50 PM – Aug 9, 2017

  41. For Sebber:

    Fusco played in a more smash-mouth offense in Minnesota, and together with tackle Brown, gives the 49ers some pop on the right side of the line.

  42. 49ers dot com…

    “The San Francisco 49ers announced on Wednesday that they have signed linebacker Sean Porter to a one-year deal. In order to make room on the roster, the team has released offensive lineman Jeremy Zuttah.

    Porter (6-1, 242) was originally drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the fourth round (118th overall) of the 2013 NFL Draft. After missing his entire rookie season due to injury, he appeared in one game with Cincinnati in 2014. He began the 2015 season on the Physically Unable to Perform List, prior to being waived on November 30, 2015. On December 7, 2015, he was signed to the Jacksonville Jaguars practice squad where he spent the remainder of the season. In 2016, he spent time on the Jaguars practice squad, was promoted to the active roster and saw action in two games. He was released by the team on May 1, 2017.”

  43. Hoping for a strong kicking game this season–we’ll need it.

    From today… “Robbie Gould drilled field goals from 50- and 55-yards out.”

  44. No Cass, Air B and B out in Sebastopol. Right next door to some 50ish hippy dude tending to his pot plants. Approximately 5’6″, 130 lb.’s, ponytail, long, full beard, wearing a tie dye shirt with Castro’s picture on it,and of course kacky pocket shorts and Birkenstocks. I think it might be be Seb! Seems like a harmless little fellow.

  45. Tom Pelissero

    #49ers guard Joshua Garnett is facing a 6-week recovery after scope to clean up knee, source said. So, likely to miss multiple games.

    5:02 PM – Aug 9, 2017 · East Chicago, IN

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