49ers practice participation report: Keith Reaser out with a knee injury

49ers cornerback Keith Reaser

Here is the 49ers anticipated Wednesday practice participation report, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.

OL J.P. Flynn: knee, out.

OLB Eli Harold: head, out, day-to-day.

TE George Kittle: hamstring, individual drills.

CB Keith Reaser: knee, out, day-to-day.

S Eric Reid: ankle, individual drills.

S Jaquiski Tartt: rib, out day-to-day.

Good news: Eric Reid and George Kittle seems close to returning to practice.

Not so good news: Cornerback Keith Reaser, who tore his ACL in college, has another knee injury.

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    1. I doubt it very much MertonHanks36. The FS position is of a premium in this defense and the team has more qualified CB’s than FS’s. Ward will start the season at FS. Book it!

        1. Well, I am not sure either one of those guys will ever be a superstar, but let’s not forget that the 49ers new regime used a 3rd round pick on a CB who they think will eventually compete as a starter, so you don’t want to stunt his growth either. Reaser looks to me like an athletic average sized CB who probably fits better in a different scheme. Redmond is another guy they could move outside.

          To be honest, Dontae Johnson is a riddle I haven’t yet solved. He flashes often, but has never been consistent, which is puzzling. He’s got the size, speed, and press coverage ability that matches what the 49ers want to do on the backend of this defense. Hopefully he’ll put it all together during camp and preseason, and we’ll see some real growth from Witherspoon.

            1. Hey Grant, I just saw a clip of Dante Johnson getting beat bad (emphasis on “bad”) by Tim Patrick. I’m worried about the number 2 corner spot. Praise has been high for K’waun Williams. Any shot he slides out to the 2 and someone else comes inside to play the slot?

    1. You are correct Dmize.

      Ward is officially on the PUP, so he wouldn’t be listed on Practice Participation list. The 49ers are taking an ultra-conservative approach with Ward, so he’s not expected back for at least another 10 days.

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            1. Act your age already Prime. I expect that idiocy to come out of a teenager’s mouth when they aren’t getting their way.

              1. Attention? Says the guy who posts from early morning till late night, every day, 7 days am week?
                You are some kind of special Sebrazor.

        1. I tried it but it won’t let me in. I see that some teams have been deleted now, including mine. I don’t know what the problem is.

              1. I’m in. It’s only my second time needing out and playing so I’m hoping to run in the middle of the pack this year. Last year in the league I was in was full of vets.
                I will say it makes the NFL package a little more useful.
                Good luck! I’ll need it, because I’m going strictly off of my gut feeling for players. Unlike guys like razor who probably stat check and have subscriptions for every fantasy news letter. Lol ?

    1. Hi Mid,

      I just registered as ‘Such Victory’ (for some reason my team name doesn’t have my personal name next to it like the others do).

      Anyway, thanks for this. My last league drifted apart so I haven’t played for a few years. Looking forward to it!

      1. Good luck, Gabriel! I am last years champion! I worked for it, so my crow is not unwarranted. I will apologize to those that may be offended by my caws!;>)

        1. No one takes offence Razor. It’s clearly the only thing you got.
          3 new certainties in life:
          3.Razor posting on this blog more than 15 times a day.

        2. All good Razor! Although it’s been a few years, I won the championship in my league’s final season. I actually won two of the last three seasons, but who’s counting?

          Ok, I’m totally counting.

          Fun fact: It would have been three in a row but in the year I lost I made the fatal mistake of starting the Eagles’ placekicker during the infamous game in the snow when Mr. Chip Kelly went for two-point conversions after every touchdown. I lost by only a few points and would have easily won had they kicked one-point conversions instead. By the numbers, I would have won the ensuing championship game as well.

          Oh well, two out of three ain’t bad. :)

            1. Razor- Pay little attention to Primes comments. It takes maturation for guys to understand what a Razor is for.

  2. Will claim victory vs. Seb on this: I was the 1st who coined the phrase: “Jed’s suits,” as in his compadres.
    I hammered this point home the last few years while calling, faxing, doing whatever to get the Shanahan’s here and allow “Team of the ’80’s alum back in.
    I also stated their would have to be walkouts and that 49er fans would walkout…..

    Seb called me everything but a 49er fan…..Why is it now he’s copying me ?…Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    My hard stance vs. Jed and the suits has paid off via another writer:

    “The blood that keeps a business alive is the customer experience. It’s as true for a small non-profit as it is for a billion-dollar professional sports franchise. Over the last three seasons, the customer experience for San Francisco 49ers fans ranked just a few notches below a buying a used toilet mat on Craigslist.”
    “With some fans paying more than $17,000 to buy a stadium builders license (SBL), season tickets and cover the 8.5% interest on a loan from the team, they expected more than juvenile tweets and scapegoat campaigns from the CEO.”

    “The Yorks learned in an embarrassing way that a brand needs to be nurtured and sometimes reinvented. Along with it, the customer experience requires more than a glass tower and the ability to order shrimp ceviche nachos from Section 103.”


    1. Yawn, TrollD, try harder.
      I attributed the quote to Madden, who said- ‘ it was easier to get a suit, than get a coach.’

  3. Seb is like one of the ostriches during WWII, keeping his head in the sand, cheering for nationalism long past the point a plutocracy or autocrat’s taken control

    Anyone not in line with Seb’s nationalism or the suits got the tongue lashing of their life last year, when it was obvious to anyone that the team needed new direction.

    “The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time.”……….Thomas Jefferson

    In the 49ers case, it was watered with the fans walkouts.

    1. *”got the tongue lashing of their life (2 years ago) not last year…..Kap was still the starter 2 years ago so he had nothing to complain about, except why he had to troll so many anti-Kap fans with his hostile rejoinders.

    2. Tom D, that is a marvelous quote, but I think it was uttered by Tom Payne, not T Jeff. orrect me if I’m mistaken. Interesting points, though.

      1. 49er in the Andes:

        Thomas Jefferson/Quotes

        The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

        Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.

        I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.

  4. Shanny it seems is running a more physical camp, and the attrition bug has been biting. Callus the men so they will be battle hardened, and ready for the ensuing campaign.

      1. The only victory Seb can claim is in his bathroom mirror to himself. Then again, that mirror probably laughs in his face like everyone else.

  5. Ryan Sakamoto‏Verified account @BEASTwriter_ · 29m29 minutes ago

    C.J. Beathard completed 3 of 5 passes so far in 11-on-11. Both incompletions were way off target. -#BEASTwriter #49ersTrainingCamp

    Ryan Sakamoto‏Verified account @BEASTwriter_ · 31m31 minutes ago
    Brian Hoyer completed 6 of 9 passes in 11-on-11 including an INT. Another was a PBU by Ahmad Brooks- #49ersTrainingCamp

    Ryan Sakamoto‏Verified account @BEASTwriter_ · 34m34 minutes ago

     49ers DeForest Buckner limping off the practice field. Looks like left leg injury. Medical staff with him now -#BEASTwriter

  6. 49ers to open August 16 joint practice with Broncos to Santa Clara residents

    The 49ers will open one of their two joint practices with the Broncos to local residents.

    by David Fucillo@davidfucillo Aug 2, 2017, 10:45am PDT

  7. Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman · 23s23 seconds ago

     More

    #49ers practice is over. DeForest Buckner left with a left ankle injury. Doesn’t appear serious.

    1. Yea, did you hear Saleh defend him saying he’s not a coward? I can’t wait for Grant’s report on that play. Should be scathing.

  8. Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman · 20m20 minutes ago

    Rookie NT D.J. Jones is a quick study. Good athlete for his size. 49ers should feel good about that position.

  9. Ryan Sakamoto‏Verified account @BEASTwriter_ · 57m57 minutes ago

    #49ers DB Coach Jeff Hafley showing me some love in today’s practice. Came up to me and said, “When did your arms get so big.” #BEASTwriter

  10. Niner’s 360 deg. turn.

    Joking with reporters (Sakamoto above), letting in Santa Clara fans to see Den vs. 49ers joint practice, bringing back 1980’s dream team alum; letting fans between practice fields (actually on the field) to see practice.

    Props to Shanahan/Lynch

  11. 49ers are Brian Hoyer’s team — and he’s hoping to keep it that way

    Quarterback Brian Hoyer hasn’t so much as taken a snap in a regular-season game as a member of the San Francisco 49ers. But that hasn’t stopped many from putting an expiration date on his time with the team.
    For a team doing so much to change its quarterback group, the real story was about what it didn’t do.

    And so, maybe rightfully so, the Niners kicked the can down the road with an eye toward Cousins or New England’s Jimmy Garoppolo or one of a number of talented collegiate prospects in the 2018 NFL draft. They even set themselves up to make such a move, preserving massive amounts of cap space and trading for additional picks in the second and third round that could be used as ammunition in case there’s a need to move up in the draft.
    Of course, a lot can change in the course of a year. And if Hoyer has his way, he will be that change …


  12. On Wednesday, San Francisco 49ers president Al Guido tweeted out that 22,000 tickets have been sold for Saturday’s practice at Levi’s Stadium.

    Tickets remain at the cost of $5 per ticket with proceeds going toward the 49ers Foundation.

    1. Mid,
      I believe Niner Wire reported the same story with one caveat, defenders weren’t allowed to tackle or take players down, they could only wrap up.
      Witherspoon was blasted by Hyde near the goal line.

        1. It also kind of negates any meaning to Hyde running over Witherspoon. If the defender can not tackle and just wrap up the easiest route for a rb is to hit them straight on. Of course next time it might not be that easy.

  13. This caught my eye from Biderman’s camp writeup.

    Tank Carradine beat Joe Staley in consecutive reps during one-on-one pass rushing drills, which led to a frustrated Staley hurling his helmet. Staley didn’t look sharp during the drill and rebounded against Ahmad Brooks by chucking him to the ground minutes later. Staley has had a good camp, those reps aside.

    1. Tank seems to be a bit of an enigma. Today Brooks said that the defense has been greatly simplified – so far only 10 different play calls. If Tank can’t succeed this year, then I think that’s it for him.

      1. Cubus,
        I am sure that this attacking, simplified scheme will be hugely beneficial for a young defense with new personnel and a new coaching staff and a new defensive scheme. What I am not sure is whether Tank will survive the cuts.

    2. — looks like both lines are having their share of ups/downs with new techniques, assignments, etc. Especially Trent, Garnett, Tank, and unfortunately, all of the centers. Let’s hope it’s early TC “learning curves”, which I’m betting/hoping is the main issue with Oline performances so far….
      — but I’ve not seen reports of any (‘cept maybe Staley) Oline domination of Dline personnel– but maybe I’ve not been diligent enough?
      — I thought Tackles would be the early TC dominators in new system….not seeing evidence yet of Oline domination….at any position…but this is common in TC when new systems are being installed, where the Dline gets to look good using aggression/instinct.
      If it’s just that the Dline guys are now vastly improved over last year, well great, but it may be the early indicator of many 3 & outs for the new offense at beginning of season.

      1. And I think Tank is feeling the results of not having JimmyT breaking him down technique-wise for the last 2 seasons– as he’d needed more work as a Dline guy, but Zgonina seems to be on him…if he can make the right changes assuming Zgonina and staff keep barking at him, he might just start to payoff…?

  14. Poor Tank. With professional coaching and mentoring he might have had an opportunity to be a good player. Unfortunately, Tank did not benefit from being selected by the 49ers. Tank has done everything asked of him and been a solid citizen. Good luck Tank.

  15. From reports I read today about practice,sounds like Hyde had a good day and took most of 1st reps,Hightower still getting a few,also seen Vmac may be having the best camp out of the holdovers.still think he makes the team over paulsen,just as good a blocker way more athletic,younger,more upside and far more lethal.We also know Shanahan like his run/pass plays to look the same which further reinforces the McDonald choice over Paulsen.
    Side note also read Donate Johnson had his best day of camp with a couple pass break ups and a athletic int.

  16. I really don’t if you keep 2 rookies I think you would like to keep a vet.i just firmly believe McDonald gives us the best weapon this year, now next year is a different story.I think he is the prototypical TE if he could get his hands figured out,but o also believe Harbs scheme set him back a couple years development wise.

    1. Problem with VMack is that he was a WR in college. Catching the ball is supposed to his strong suite. Now if he was transitioning to TE from some other position if might indicate he still had an undeveloped upside in respect to catching the ball. But when you are a WR transitioning to TE it would bespeak the opposite.

  17. Also I don’t see the contract being that big a deal.(once again this year)especially if one of the rookies plays well. Me personally I’m scared to death of keeping 2 rookie TEs I fear they will be injured.There baby’s in the NFL

  18. MidWestDynasty says:
    August 2, 2017 at 1:37 pm
    Can the crap in this thread unless you are wanting to participate in Quest4Six Prime.

    How many alias’/allies does Seb have. Another who uses expeletives on everyone
    B-u-t- Seb, agrees with everything, Seb….Why don’t you can your crap.

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