49ers putting Jimmy Garoppolo on same path as Brian Hoyer, C.J. Beathard


SANTA CLARA — Jimmy Garoppolo is the new C.J. Beathard as Beathard was the new Brian Hoyer.

The 49ers are stuck in a time loop. Call it Groundhog Day. The same basic pattern repeats itself every few weeks and head coach Kyle Shanahan can’t break it. He is a slave to the pattern.

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  1. Maiocco spoke on KNBR, and he mentioned that KS was an excellent OC, and he did not need to change anything.
    However, Maiocco failed to realize that KS is now the Head Coach, and has many more responsibilities than just an OC.
    If Ks wants to be an OC, why did he become the HC? A HC needs to delegate authority, but he is just delegating the OC duties on himself, which takes attention away from his other responsibilities, and makes it harder to be a HC.
    During the Texan’s game, I find out that Bill O’Brien is calling his own plays. Too bad he lost the game, because he was not thinking about the defense as much, and they let Flacco loose for a first down that iced the game.
    McVay can get away with letting the DC have autonomy, because he has Wade Phillips, who won a SB as a DC. KS has Saleh, who never had been a DC before, or even a HC at any level. Delegating authority to a green rookie DC is not wise, and it is even less wise to also neglect STs. McVay is also smart enough to admit he was in over his head, and hired an OC. KS still sees no need, even at 1-10.
    How KS goes forward with his QBs, depends on the coaching. They need to improve the O line, and keeping with the status quo is not acceptable. They need to think outside the box, and generate innovative thought. They need to make sound assessments, and shrewd adjustments.
    Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.-GS

    1. Seb, it’s about time you bit the bullet on this he needs an OC thing. It’s getting ridiculous. Just because bill obrien called his plays, your saying it’s the reason they lost.. Gtfoh…. Dang, do u understand what u type before you press send? They lost because they are in the same position they have been in since he took over, they have no QB. If Watson plays, they win that game easily. Then what would be the reason they won? Because the defense played well? Get over it homie, he’s the HC, he’s the OC, he’s the HNIC. And in a year or 2 when he finally has a healthy roster and his own players, you will be singing a different tune. L-I-G it, Let It Go..

      1. Steele, it is hubris to think he is so good, he does not need an OC.
        It is even more specious when he is 1-10.
        O’Brien had good chances to win that Ravens game, but he neglected the defense and the Ravens surprised the Texans. O’Brien was out coached, just like KS has been out coached.
        You did not compare KS to McVay. McVay admitted he was in over his head, hired an OC, and now the Rams are leading the division.
        Please explain how it would hurt to have an OC. Might hurt KS’s feelings? My feelings are hurt by watching a 1-10 team, and realizing that they could be a lot better with better coaching.
        Chip called his own plays, but still saw the need to have an OC.
        KS is the HC, but he is not above reproach. He is also 1-10, so he needs to get a lot better. The team might perform better if the team had an OC. Heck, maybe the OC could help coordinate the O line with the QB, and reduce the amounts of sacks.
        KS has been easily shaped. Passing 57 times and running the ball 16 times, is proof the offense needs help. An OC might help make the offense better balanced.
        Maybe KS should fire his OC, and hire some one who is competent.

        1. I didn’t compare him to mcvay because the rams have been building that team for 6 years. That team was ready, just needed a new coach. If mcvay was here, and Phillips, we would still be sucking because we would have had to tear this miserable roster down. Nothing to do with mcvay having a freaking oc. Mscvay is in the exact same position as Jim harbaugh was in 2011. Ready made team that needed a new coach. Because that team had been being built since 05. Once again not because he hired an OC. How in the hell is his feelings going to be hurt? Nobody knows his offense like him. That’s why he wants to teach it and calls plays from it. It’s also a reason Vic fangio isn’t coming back here. He wants to run Seattle’s defense, but let you tell it, the defense is so bad because the HC is to busy worrying about offense. Sorry brother, u lose on this one.

        2. “the team might perform better if the team had a OC”. This right here is the dumbest SH## I’ve ever heard from you Seb, and u know I don’t mind seeing your opinions. When u have to replace 17 day 1 starters because of injury, u could put an all star coaching staff on the sidelines and still suck. That’s all I’ll say to this because all I want to do is cuss at u, but I’ll L-I-G. Let it go

          1. Steele, I do not mind if you cuss at me, because I actually think you have good football knowledge.
            All I know is that every team is filled with players who have similar skillsets, but the coaching in many cases, determine if the team succeeds or fails.
            Still have not heard how an OC would hurt the team.

      2. Funny isn’t it.
        A team that loses their star QB suddenly sucks… And it’s the the coaches fault. GB went from being good to dog crap with the loss of Rodgers. Same with the Texans after the loss Watson. But according to SEB they suck because of their coaching not their talent.
        SF had one of the 2 worst rosters in the NFL and lost a 3rd of that terrible roster to injuries. But they are losing because their OC sucks not because they are playing street free agents.

        Bill Walsh could have taken Stanford’s roster and won a super bowl. Oh wait, he didn’t even win a national championship in college with Stanford’s roster? He obviously sucked.

        1. NONE of you have said how hiring an OC would hurt the team.
          Since they are 1-10, I am asserting that an OC might have helped the team, especially when they lost all those close games. I am asserting that the offense made too many unforced errors, and KS let his play calling be shaped, so the coaching was and is deficient.
          Bill Belichick has an OC, and he just won a SB. KS said he does not need one, and he is 1-10.

          1. They’ve already got a few offensive coordinators on the staff. Scangarello, Lafluer, and Bobby Turner. They just happen to be specialized in differing components of the offense….

            1. Each of those coaches have other jobs. An OC oversees all of their specialities, and orchestrates their talents. Maybe KS should promote Bobby Turner to OC, and hire Tom Rathman back.

              1. Think of it as specialized OC’s that are pieces of the offensive puzzle, and when put together depict the offensive picture….

              2. Scarangarello should be on the side line, getting feedback from his QB and pointing out areas of concern.
                An OC should be up in the booth, getting an overview of the situation. KS can still call the plays.

          2. Fine. It could take the greatest offensive mind in the staff away from crafting his offense thus sheathing a weapon. It would put a lessor offensive mind in charge of shaping an offense that is not his. If KS continued calling the plays and someone was given the token title of OC it could cause animosity on the staff as they would know any one of them could have been tagged with title. It might hold back the offense next year as Shanahan couldn’t fully evaluate the offense thinking instead of talent that his OC sucked.
            It could have lead to complete blowout losses causing him to get fired, the 49ers to get the number 1 pick, and Jimmy Garapollo to refuse to sign diciding to hold out instead of even signing the francise tag because he didnt like the newly hired coach.Or it could lead to Bill Walsh rolling over in his grave laughing as he NEVER needed an OC.
            See, I can play maybe game too :)

          3. Seb,
            Belichick is a defensive coach so of course he has a OC, a better example would be Belichick has a DC and he has won multiple SB’s

              1. Write down or take a picture so you don’t come back on here repeating the same thing over and over again LaVar.
                You either suffer from memory loss or smoke too much herb.

            1. Old Coach,
              I’ve already told him that like 15 times. But he can’t seem to remember and keeps citing it like it’s relevant… Hmm I guess weed is bad for memory.

          4. We’ve already told you many times how it would hurt the team~you just dont like the answer.

            There is no one out there available who can teach this offense to new personnel as good as KS can do it, He’s laying the foundation, the cornerstones. No one can do it as well-at this time.

            Seb, quit playing your silly-arse games…………..you knew all this.

        2. Every coach has to deal with attrition, and there are many teams struggling. Still, they all have OCs.
          Sounds like the Niners need all the help they can get.
          Inserting Bill Walsh in this discussion is blasphemy, especially disparaging him. KS imploded in the second half of the SB. He and BW should never be compared, because they are light years apart.

          1. Every coach has to deal with attrition, and there are many teams struggling. Still, they all have OCs.

            Are you saying the loss of Aaron Rodgers is the same as losing a kicker? Or that losing 3 players is the same as losing 19? I mean it’s all attrition and some coaches can deal with it, right?

            The great Walsh won a superbowl when Montana went down and Bellacheik won the superbowl when Brady was out for a season… Oh wait.

            1. Montana was traded away, and the Niners won a SB. Bellichick had his starter Bledsoe go down, and Brady led them to a SB win.
              It does happen.

    2. Seb, two main flaws in your thinking. The 49ers ST’s have been one of the best in the NFL all season. O’Brien rarely deals with his defense except for maybe overall cohesion and game planning. That is what DCs are for.

      What people are not getting is that Hoyer was not a good QB and also immobile. Beathard was mobile but he was still a rookie. He knew the system enough by the 6th game that he was able to function. Function! Garoppolo is mobile, knows NFL speed and has a quick release. He appears to have way more talent than Hoyer or Beathard. That being said, unless Jimmy G plays lights out, I wouldn’t be shocked or surprised if Shanahan goes back to Beathard once he is healthy. The offense might be too limited under Jimmy and we may have to wait until 2018 to see him be the regular starter.

    3. Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.-GS

      Learn from history — 2015 NFL Head Coaches that called their own plays:


      Bruce Arians Cardinals Offense 2x AP Coach of the Year.
      Jay Gruden Washington Offense Offensive Assistant to Tampa’s Super Bowl team
      Chip Kelly Eagles Offense
      Gary Kubiak Broncos Offense Super Bowl Winner
      Bill O’Brien Texans Offense
      Sean Payton Saints Offense
      Super Bowl Winner
      Andy Reid Chiefs Offense NFC Championship Winner/Super Bowl Runner-Up
      Rex Ryan Bills Defense
      Ken Whisenhunt Titans Offense
      Mike Zimmer Vikings Defense

      Over-all, that group of coaches has done fairly well. Whisenhunt is the only real palooka in there. And there are coaches who only call some of the plays. As opposed to those who call them all. And when you count them, it’s well over half the coaches.

      1. Whisenhunt took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl in 2009, where they lost a thriller to the Steelers, 27-23. Their QB, Kurt Warner, retired 2 years later and Whisenhunt became a “palooka.” Bruce Arians is considered an offensive genius, but he loses Carson Palmer, he don’ look so smart either. Mike McCarthy is another coach who is considered an offensive genius. Aaron Rodgers goes down and McCarthy doesn’t look so great. The Texans start the season looking bad, put in D’Shaun Watson, and look like a team with Super Bowl possibilities. Watson gets hurt and they are just a mediocre team with their coach on the hot seat.

        Do you see any trends here?

    4. And Seb-who likes to take other peoples quotes and apply them in an arbitrary way-has chosen to forget that Walsh, and others, have done this fine.
      You will all notice Seb never speaks of an individual who, in the first year, can teach this man’s offense as good as this man can do it. He doesnt do it because he cant.

  2. “Shanahan has to play Garoppolo the rest of the season. Has no choice. The choice was taken out of his hands. He already introduced Garoppolo to the fans. No way Shanahan could send him back to the bench.”

    So whose choice is it? The fans? York? Lynch? Marathe?

      1. No, I didn’t miss the point. KS could have promoted Mullens at any point last month, or even now. He’s always had a choice.

        KS has always been OK with JG playing this year. That’s the point you are missing.

  3. We’ll see how it goes. You could well be right that this leads to JG becoming gun shy. But at some point in the KS offense he i going to have to get used to the idea he will take a hit. If he can’t handle it he isn’t the answer.

    Mike Martz had the same issue KS has. He put his QB in a position to take a lot of hits. It took a great QB with a good OL to really run the offense smoothly, and I suspect KS’ offense won’t be any different. So don’t expect things to run smoothly the next five games. The main thing is KS needs to make sure JG is put in a position where he can get rid of the ball quickly if he needs to – and he will need to often.

    1. the difference is that Martz refused to adapt his philosophy to help out his QB. He rarely emphasized running the ball. And he left the lack of protection in his system the same and it was simply the QB’s job to get rid of the ball faster.

      Shanahan would like to dominate a game with his run game. He’d like to build a run heavy team with an aggressive play action passing game. The problem is that he doesn’t have the O-line to implement his run heavy philosophy.

      1. I agree. Shanny and Mike ‘7-step-drop-or-bust’ Martz were quite different. As some beat writer pointed out, the best pass protection for JG will be by JG — by getting rid of the ball quickly and settling for incompletions over sacks.

      2. Yep, and for some strange reason, these guys actually believed that this Oline was adequate Enough to play NFL ball. I don’t know what they saw on tape, but I’m willing to bet there are 4 new starters next year. Each man on his line gets man handled, or ran around. They should have seen it in ota’s and preseason. I think they tricked themselves, because it Ade them think the Dline was actually good. Welp, shot that theory to hell. They gave so many balkee guys chances to prove themselves, and Buckner literally is the only one that stands out. Lynch and Kyle have a serious hill to climb

        1. The tackles are good, and Fusco is serviceable. There are probably a few worse centers than Kilgore and Tomlinson is not always a turnstile. The problem is that the line has not been able to get the run game going and they are in obvious passing situations too often.

          1. Maybe they should install Barnes at center, and move Kilgore to LG. They should also try Darrell Williams at RT, instead of Beadles. Scouting reports say that Beadles lacks the lateral agility to be a tackle, while DW is listed as an OT, and played well in the preseason.

          2. The tackles are good. We’ll see if Joshua Garnett can change his body to be successful in this system. Fusco is serviceable but they got him to be a backup. I would rather see Fusco as the swing Guard next year. That means that at least one interior lineman needs to be signed or drafted. I’d rather see 2! The mgt. seems to like Kilgore and maybe he would be much better if he had decent guards lining up next to him. Unless they think Magnusson can be the swing tackle next year, I think that they should start grooming someone to replace Joe Staley. Again, Joe would probably be more effective if he had a decent guard next to him. The OL (mostly interior) and a #1 wide receiver will be the main needs on offense.

            Since the 49ers need an edge rusher and a shutdown CB, it might be a wise choice to trade back out of the #2 spot if we’re still there at draft time. It may be possible to get a king’s ransom, and the 49ers might be able to fill all of their needs. I think that Hyde and Reid should be extended. They are both good players and Reid might actually turn out to be a great LB. He definitely can play SS, so he is very versatile. Players like Reid are usually gobbled up in FA. He’s a definite NFL player. Letting him go means that we will have another hole to fill. Same with Hyde. We’ll have Malcolm Smith coming back next year. Maybe Reid can play the other side where Eli Harold is. At the very worst, Smith can play the first 2 downs and Reid can come in in a 3rd down package. Then, he is also an excellent backup if Tartt gets hurt. That is how you start building depth, not by letting good players walk.

            1. You could put Larry Allen on one side of Kilgore, and Yanda on the other. He just doesn’t possess the sand in his pants to hold his ground, especially when you’re talking a division where you have to face players like Donald, and the Seahawks defensive line twice a year. You need a strong, agile big man in the Center with a nasty disposition. That’s not Kilgore….

      3. The Martz comparison is skewed because he had Warner, Faulk and Bruce.
        KS had Hoyer, CJB and now JG. He has Hyde and Goodwin. There is a huge discrepancy in talent.

        1. You’re right about the talent that Martz had with the Rams. He went to Detroit and tried to do the same things with much lesser talent and was unsuccessful. He also got his QBs killed.

    2. The Martz comparison was a bad one in retrospect. I was just highlighting that Shanahan has a tendency in his play calling to expose his QB to taking more hits than necessary. He can get pass happy, with long developing plays. Need the OL to do their job well for it to work consistently without the QB taking a lot of hits.

  4. So what exactly is Shanahan supposed to do? Can he magically turn the offensive line into good pass blockers? Even their supposed best lineman Joe Staley has been problematic at protecting the QB. Arguably their best pass protector, Tent Brown, has been and may still be injured. The interior line is mostly hopeless (Fusco has a few decent games).

    Yeah, Garoppolo is going to get pounded the same as Beathard and Hoyer before him. What’s the solution? I better run game?….that doesn’t seem likely…again the offensive line has been horrible at run blocking. Shanahan can only call so many roll out passes as defenses are sniffing those out. Garoppolo is just going to have to make quicker decisions in the pocket and do a better job of avoiding hits by getting rid of the ball faster and buying time with his feet. That’s about the best we can hope for in Garoppolo at this point because the O-line isn’t going to learn to pass or Run block all of a sudden.

    1. I don’t think that JG will be pounded anywhere as much as CJ. I have to think that JG has picked up some tips watching Brady. I suspect Fangio will initially rely on the D line to put the pressure. I believe their D line is pretty good but the edge rush is not that hot. Brown and Fusco will need to contain Hicks. Will be a fascinating game between two struggling teams.

      1. He may not need to take many hits. He may take a few that are hard and that may start the process.

        I think it may be a self feeding mechanism. The QB says he is getting hit to often to the coach. The coach tells him he also has to get rid of the ball faster, to not forget his check down receivers. The QB begins to do precisely that but looks to take short cuts to avoid the hit. THe feet aren’t quite set, throws are a bit off.

        I sure hope that Magic Hands is able to avoid even the tough hits CJB withstood. Don’t think he will be able to take that level of pounding.

        What will be interesting to see is how defenses adjust to Garoppolo. Will they send waves of blitzers at him. I know that they will stack the box and look to shut down the run. That is fairly obvious, but will they do more to rattle the QB.

        1. My previous suggestion was Joan from accounting… but yeah Mullens, whoever. Hell, get Kaep back and let him roll with the punches until the end of the season.

          (I’m only half joking)

          1. I am not. They should have a decent backup, and CJB did not even practice. Did CJB even try to run?
            Hey, you are stealing my material. ;p
            I said that all I want is decent QB play, and if Joan in accounting can do the job, she should be the starter.
            All I knew was that Hoyer would pull a Gabbert, and bench himself.

    2. Very good analysis, Grant. It often has been said by head coaches, offensive coordinators as well as QBs that a run game is a QB’s best friend. Successful offensive coordinators, including Norv Turner who had great success as an OC with several NFL teams, believe that you have to run the ball at least 32 times a game, and more often when ahead and attempting to run out the clock in the “4 minute” offense. Considering the average performing NFL offense runs about 64-65 plays a game, it is slightly more than a 50-50 run-pass ratio. Jimmy also has the benefit of nearly 4 years in NE, so I am sure he has been well educated by Belichick and Brady in game and clock management, and no question in his brief time in Santa Clara, especially after watching Beathard being treated like a Cinco de Mayo pinata, Jimmy’s radar will be up with the play calling on Sunday vs. the Bears.

  5. This whole situation is making me think that my faith in Kyle was mis-placed.

    I reckoned on him being here for the long haul. I thought he would make sensible long term decisions with a patient rebuild in mind. He has six years. And I thought his ego would be big enough that he would stick to his guns and not bow to pressure from colleagues, owners or fans.

    I see some benefit to playing Jimmy. But nowhere near enough to justify the risk. And the risk isnt even low probability it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that Jimmy will get clobbered.

    Playing Jimmy is a daft idea and at some point, maybe not after the Chicago game, but I think at some point before the end of the season those same fans that are applauding Kyle for bringing Jimmy in and playing him will be calling for his head on a plate.

    1. Kyle is a Shanahan. If he is being forced to play JG by the front office, we’ll hear about it. There would be leaks, or one of the Shanahan’s would reveal that information in an interview. Kyle is a control freak. He’s not going to let York and or Lynch tell him who to start at QB.

      He’s not going to start JG because of what the fans want. The fans wanted JG to start against Seattle, KS didn’t listen to the fans last week. There’s also a lot of fans like yourself that don’t want JG to play this year. The opinions are mixed in the media, Young says play him while Garcia says to sit him. This is 100% Kyle’s decision, and he has made it.

      1. Yes, I see a lot of Mike Shanahan’s influence, especially on the quarterbacking. MS did not like Kaep, and thought Hoyer was superior, because he did not like running QBs like RGIII.
        MS was probably telling KS to not play JG, so they thought up the -not ready- excuse. Now that CJB is injured, they have no choice but to play JG.
        With the same O line and the same coaches, they will get the same results. With Beadles replacing TB, it might be accelerated.

        1. seb,

          KS does have a choice. He’s always had a choice. He could have promoted Mullens right after we got JG and started to give Mullens some reps so he would be ready to fill in if needed. Instead, KS and Scangarello worked tirelessly to get JG ready.

          KS had the choice to have JG hand off or take a knee against Seattle. Instead, KS let JG pass and run.

          KS had a perfect excuse to promote Mullens this week because of the CJ injury. Instead, KS left Mullens on the PS and named JG the starter.


            this chicken s$h#$%%t stuff about hiding Garoppolo is getting to the point of absurdity.

            as long as Beathart was a quasi-viable starter with not much perceived difference between them at this point…then fine start Beathart over Garoppolo. But the point is you start the guy that is going to give the team the best chance to win.

            they’re still trying to win games for god sake. why can’t you tanking idiots figure that out.

            1. It’s not about tanking.

              Can still try and win games without JG.

              Can still try and evaluate the rest of the team without JG.

              They said he’s only 6/10 ready.

              Play the guy when he and the rest of the team are fully prepared for it.

              This is knee-jerk reaction for meaningless games just so KS doesn’t end up with a Tomsula or Chip Kelly record (or worse)

              1. there is nothing “knee jerk” about starting Garoppolo.

                if you’re not putting your best foot (players forward) in an effort to win. you’re tanking.

                there are no meaningless games! that’s idiotic tank speak! games are opportunities for the team to get better…together and in a competitive environment. that’s how you build a better team!

                Mullens is on the practice squad. which means he runs the scout team. his job is to run the opponent’s offense most of the time. he gets few if any snaps in the Niner’s offense. Combine that with the fact that Mullens is a rookie and still trying to figure out NFL offenses, defenses (coverages and front 7 attacking alignments) and you’ve got a not ready for primetime QB.

                Garoppolo on the other hand has had a few weeks to learn some of the offense, take some snaps and has been in the NFL for a few years learning to read NFL defenses….oh yeah…and has actually started an NFL game!

          2. Not sure why you’re engaging him 80. A few posts ago (probably 8000 Seb posts though) he was advocating not moving players around and playing out of position. Now he is being “innovative”. Maybe Kap can play OL?

          3. 80, let’s surmise about the possibilities. What if JG goes out and becomes injured like he did in his second game starting?
            Both KS and JL will be excoriated for risking a possible bonanza of picks for meaningless games that they might not be too upset losing. If they want to rebuild this team, getting 2 first round picks would aid greatly in building that foundation.
            Personally, I have seen in 67 seconds, all I need to see. JG passed his test with flying colors. With this turnstile O line, he is in great danger for having a DT run by a blocker and bludgeon him.
            I would make good business sense to preserve all options. They should think through all risk- rewards scenarios.

      2. If thats true #80 – and you make a good argument there – then I dont know what’s worse…

        That this decision is entirely off Shanahan’s own bat, and is he therefore someone who doesn’t make particularly sensible decisions? Rather than someone who is weak-willed and lets others make decisions for him?

        This smacks of someone trying to stop the bleeding. Kyle is currently on course for the worst record in modern franchise history. Yeah he inherited a poor roster. But thats still gotta be kinda embarrassing for him. He’s trying to save face here, and we dont need someone who thinks with his heart rather than his head. Maybe that SB loss didn’t teach him anything.

        Let me ask this: If Belichick was in charge of this team right now, do you think he would be playing Jimmy? Genuine question.

        1. I think it would be worse if KS was weak-willed. He wouldn’t have what it takes to be a HC if he let York choose his starting QB. I should have noted in my last post that Lynch and Shanahan didn’t even talk to York during the ten minutes they took to decide if they wanted to trade for Jimmy. I honestly think that York is out of the loop with regards to the roster and depth chart (thank god).

          Belichick wouldn’t have to teach Garoppolo a new offense, so he might have started him right away. Belichick had also seen enough of JG that he wanted to extend him, but JG wanted more money or a starting role, or both. I think Belichick would start him if he were our HC. Just my opinion of course.

  6. Grant,
    Not a bad piece, except that it is totally conjecture on your part. Do you actually know what Shanahan’ mindset is? You seem to infer that Shanahan continues to throw his QB’s to the lions by not adapting a scheme that protects them.

    Your narratives have now become a point of incitement as opposed to information. A few weeks ago you wrote a piece with this title: “Kyle Shanahan took charge and the 49ers reaped the benefits.”
    Did Shanahan suddenly lose charge?

    Personally, I see no need for Shanahan to alter his scheme. Had he done that this year while he waits to draft and sign FA’ it would have taken all of the 2018 season to acclimate the new players to his offense.
    I’ve said it from day one that he needs to establish his scheme and set the culture this year and then use a few years to build the team around on that foundation.

    Let’s face it. The most brilliant mind in football, the great Bill Walsh would not have found success with this O-line. He himself often noted that his teams were successful because he had great players.
    We are very familiar with the skilled player during the Walsh era, but what about the O-lineman.
    Randy Cross, Jesse Sapolu, Guy McIntyre, John Ayers, Keith Fahnhorst, Steve Wallace and Derrick Deese that come to mind.
    With foundational players like this you could win a lot of games.

    Having said ALL this, I hope that the new regime chooses the top O-lineman next year. And that Shanahan stays on track with his offensive scheme.

    1. Conjecture… Grant would have great fun as a cultural anthropologist–looking at cave paintings, fragmented collections of hieroglyphics, and a few shards of worked stone and pottery. He could (and would…) divine so much from so little. He’d be so certain.

    2. Interestingly enough even in his first year as the 49ers coach, when they were terrible. They had an Oline that boasted of several future pro bowlers with Keith Fahnhorst, Randy Cross, and Fred Quillan. Even John Ayres while not a probowler was a very good lineman who was named all conference a few times.
      I don’t think a single player on this unit will be a pro bowler in the future. Brown is the only one that might be and he may not fit the system, and Staley, is only average at this point in his career. This has to be improved greatly if the offense is to have any consistency in the future.

  7. Grant just keeps pounding on Shanahan. It must be personal because it sure isn’t rational. This is just a bad team for so many reasons and it will take time to build the roster and fully implement the system. Letting your emotions overrule your brain isn’t a good look.

    As for Seb’s constant harping on not having an OC is about as stupid as stupid gets. Most former OC’s call their own plays – that’s why they were hired. They also delegate other duties to their assistants. Shanahan does the same. He just doesn’t have one with the title of OC. Why is this so hard to understand?

      1. Duties and authority go hand in hand. That’s management 101. In case you didn’t know OC is a job title. Responsibilities vary.

          1. That’s the defensive coordinators job. If Saleh cant do it and he needs Shanny to help, that’s a big problem.
            I’m pretty sure Shanny meets with all his positions coaches and delegates what needs to be done. You are so wrong on this Sebnynah and its been explained in detail by the head coach as to why, but like always, you only want to hear what you want. That’s why you are the LaVar Ball of the blog, just annoying!

          2. Saleh used to be a LB coach. He has never been a DC before. Maybe he needs help, and KS is responsible for both the offense and the defense. In fact, he is responsible for the whole team, not just the offense.
            Sure am glad LaVar did not thank Twitler. He should have been concentrating on reducing tensions with North Korea, instead of fighting over a basketball player. Twitler just posted some racist screeds, so he just confirmed that he is unstable and unfit to be President. Hope his sexual assault accusers start speaking up so they can remove him from office before he starts a war.

            1. I guess you didn’t realize that a coaching staff helps one another, from quality control coaches to positon coaches to coordinators. You would know that if you played the game instead of just being a mouth piece like LaVar Ball, which you remind me of!

            2. Your all over the the place, Seb. Now its North Korea………….this is just your little bitching forum, isnt it? a Forum for Seb’s invective………………..

              1. If we were all sitting at a bar, talking football, shooting the breeze, would Seb last 5 minutes?
                I’d say no!

  8. The new regime had 3 main goals this year. First, change the culture. Check. Second, get rid of players who didn’t fit with the culture or the scheme. Check. Third, bring in new guys who fit the culture and scheme and get them fully immersed. Check.

  9. Circumstances have limited Shanny’s choices, but I’m not sold his decisions are being held hostage by
    them. Furthermore, when a man assumes leadership, he forfeits any right to mercy….

  10. This is a silly article Grant. You wrote this about Garoppolo:

    “Against the Seahawks last week, he seemed confident, aggressive, on the verge of a breakout season.”

    Garoppolo played 3 plays at the very end of a loss. The 49ers have 5 games left in the season. Cmon, this line absolutely absurd and you only write to keep the rhythm of the article. It’s like you’re writing fiction which I guess really is the case with this article.

    I disagree that Shanahan has mishandled the QB situation. I don’t like some of his play calls but that doesn’t mean he’s mishandled the QB situation. He hasn’t protected them when they are behind the worst line in the NFL. That’s poor scheme. He’s had to make very difficult decisions with an horrid roster. No one could have a successful season with this team and these injuries.

    Be better.

      1. Shanny doesn’t hold his quarterbacks hand like Fox does, and this roster had to be overhauled. “His” guys are mostly composed of the best parts he could get to competently field his team within the timeframe allotted….

        1. “His” guys are mostly composed of the best parts he could get to competently field his team within the timeframe allotted….

          Is t that true for every coach and GM?

          1. Nope. Some go to a team ready made for success, and just need the right leader. Case in point, Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers, and more recently, the Rams and McVay. As for an established leadership, it’s not even applicable….

            1. So if he succeeds right away, it’s a ready made team, but if he doesn’t it’s because of circumstances? That makes sense!?

              If someone were to go to Cleveland and get the club to 9-7 would it be because of the 1st rounders amassed?

              1. Both the Rams and 49ers were teams that were loaded with poor leadership. The Browns have been a dysfunctional organization for eons. The guy that goes in there and changes that culture will be heralded as a god….

              2. On that we agree…

                Loaded with poor leadership and the Browns…

                We have also been loaded with poor leadership (especially the very top).

          1. Also true…

            The Offense is Shanahan’s! The defense, has more players from another era but guess what, many of them are really good players (Tartt, Buckner, Reid, Ward).

            And Razor didn’t you state:

            Circumstances have limited Shanny’s choices, but I’m not sold his decisions are being held hostage by them. Furthermore, when a man assumes leadership, he forfeits any right to mercy….

            1. I am not being merciful to a HC full of hubris, especially with a 1-10 record.
              If the Niners were 6-5, I would not emphasize the lack of coaching.
              At 1-10, he is not above reproach.

          2. Circumstances beyond his control limited his choices, while at the same time he needed to establish his system and culture. You might say he was forced to choose between a rock and a hard place….

              1. Nope, the circumstances you reference were not by his doing. The choices he made due to those circumstances are the questions we are attempting to address….

            1. Completely agree with that, Razor. This year, he is in an untenable position. He is trying to build a team from scratch, really, while tearing up Bulky’s foundation. In one season, he’s brought on more talent with the draft and a huge trade-than Bulky did in 7.
              They’ll be competitive at some point next year, but it’s going to take 3 years of productive drafting. We are where we are right now very largely because of Yoralke.

          3. Look at how many players they cut, have played and contributed. Torrey just caught a TD pass. Ellington had 6 catches 2 games ago. Bowman is still a tackling machine. Vance is doing well, blocking and on STs.
            Most players that they eliminated have caught on with other teams, even Hoyer.
            Those player do have talent, but they may not have fit the new regime’s overall plans.

              1. Taylor, who replaced Kerley, had the ball stripped from him, and that gave the Seahawks great position for a score.
                Kerley has 22 catches for 217 yards, for a 10 yd average and a TD.

              2. Baalke is gone. Those players still have talent. Guess you are advocating getting rid of Hyde, Buckner, Armstead, Ward, Tartt, Dontae, Garnett, Reid and others.

              3. Ribico,

                It all depends what he wants to argue. He will argue one way and then flip without worry. It’s impressive how little self insight the guy has.

                He used to advocate cutting McDonald and his Stone Hands. Now, it’s a different argument.

                If JG doesn’t do well, he will revive the calls for Kap!

              4. Vance landed well. He is not being asked to be a receiver, but they mainly use him as a blocker, and he returned a turnover for a TD on STs.
                Glad he is gone, but am keeping it real. Vance has not been cut from the Steelers, and he is contributing to a 9-2 team.

              5. If JG becomes injured, Brit and I will rip the Niners frontwards and backwards for failing to protect their investment.
                With attrition, Kaep may be the best option.
                Many want the Niners to get as high a draft pick as possible. They also want Kaep to fail spectacularly.
                I do not care about draft position. I hope they do sign Kaep and he leads the team to victory, while preserving JG’s trade value. That would make Prime go ballistic, which would make me very happy.

              6. Kerley has 22 catches for 217 yards, for a 10 yd average and a TD.

                Taylor has 26 catches for 239 yards, 9.2 avg and a TD. Looks like a wash to me.

                Guess you are advocating getting rid of Hyde, Buckner, Armstead, Ward, Tartt, Dontae, Garnett, Reid and others

                It wasn’t me hammering Baalke in every other post.

            1. Those players you mentioned, Seb, are evidence to support my claim that the talent didn’t warrant the impediment of implementation to Shanny’s plan….

              1. Indicative of a complete overhaul, is it not? It’s certainly not an indictment of years of forcing square players into round holes….

              2. I am glad they did get rid of certain players (Ray Ray, Robinson) , and Lynch is putting his stamp on the roster with guys who fit his mindset.
                I just wish they could have retained veteran leadership, but that goes back to Gore, Iupati, Bolden, Cowboy, Willis, Kaep and now Bowman, but those were beyond Lynch’s control except Bowman.

              3. Saw, Weasel/aka LaVar Ball throws in Kap like he was some kind of leader. Instead old wind up was a locker room divider!

              4. You are right, Prime.

                I go onto this blog with a pint of 7and 7. Do that, read some of Sebby’s attempt at verbal sleight of hand, and you will laugh you a$$ off!!!!!!!!

                All kidding aside, Prime, if Sebs had the right manager, he could make it big on the comedy clubs! A type of circuitous logic the likes of which no one has seen before! I’m going to have to watch this LaVar guy you spoke of.

          1. What ya got in the form of stats to support your claim, Hammer? I would remind you that Kerley was suspended for 4 games as well….

            1. Yeah I’m aware.

              Robinson and Bourne have been targeted 54 times and have 21 receptions.

              It’s not hard to realize that’s not good.

              They chose to go young at the expense of talent.

              1. At the expense of talent? That kind of talent doesn’t supercede the necessity to get players, who in there view, might be better fits in a new offense they are attempting to install, does it?

              2. Dunno, haven’t seen enough. The players you cited are merely bit players though, nothing special in any of their respective games….

          2. “Aldrick Robinson, Kendrick Bourne and Victor Bolden are not better than Kerley, Smith and Murphy for starters.”

            Monumentally dishonest comparison here as it relates to the 49ers offseason roster moves. Marquise Goodwin, Pierre Garcon, and Trent Taylor are 10 times better than Kerley, Smith, and Murphy. It’s not close. Lynch/Shanny made significant upgrades in the WR corp in the offseason. To name guys forced into playing in week 10 because of injuries and attempting to use those players to intimate Lynch and Shanny made poor offseason roster moves is absurd and wildly dishonest.

            1. It’s not dishonest at all. Those were the guys they chose and Aldrick Robinson was targeted 12 times in week 4.

              Shanny and Lynch gutted depth and went with young guys who won’t be here in 1-3 years.

              1. Shanahan hasn’t protected his QB’s and this “horrid roster” is of his doing. This roster is mostly his guys.

                “Nobody was forcing them to cut or trade as many guys as they did.”

                “Aldrick Robinson, Kendrick Bourne and Victor Bolden are not better than Kerley, Smith and Murphy for starters.”

                You didn’t compare the guys Lynch/Shanny signed to be the starters for this year to the starters from last year. You compared this years backups to last years starters. Shouldn’t you be comparing Quinton Patton, DeAndre Smelter, and Rod Streater, to Robinson, Kendrick, and Bourne? So now you say your hypothesis is the 49ers should have kept Kerley, Smith, and Murphy and signed Marquise Goodwin, Pierre Garcon, and Trent Taylor? That way they would have depth? That’s not how you presented it at all. You seem to want to bash Lynch and Shanny and are doing so in an extremely dishonest way. Shanny certainly deserves some criticism but to ding them for what they did with the WR corp is asinine. The WR corp they put together for 2017 was much, much stronger than the WR corp from 2016.

              2. Houston,

                I wasn’t writing a blog post. It was a quick comment.

                And if you think the WR crew this year is “much stronger” than the crew from last year I’ll bow out now because I’m wasting time.

              3. Yes, I think they are much stronger this year at WR and I really don’t think it’s debatable. So you should run along somewhere else. Your little comment where you compare this years backups to previous year starters is absolute crap and you know it.

              4. Lol. Those are guys that should have been kept. They’re guys that are backups on the teams they went to and would have been better than who they kept.

                What’s “crap” is the constant excuses given to Shanahan because of the roster he created.

              5. Well if they are better how come they aren’t winning more games? The argument shifts from they have a better roster – that’s why they had to get rid of players —to they have a weaker roster that’s why they lose.

              6. 49ers are losing due to injuries and the misguided opinion that Brian Hoyer is anything other than a below average NFL QB. Benching him in favor of a rookie QB was an admission that the decision to sign Hoyer in the first place was a giant mistake.

  11. One thing that everyone should be grateful for is Kilgore’s health. As bad as he is, can you imagine what the team would be without him at center?

  12. If KS is guilty of anything its that he overvalued the players he had on the O-line. Hoyer is what Houston said he was – not good. CJ is far from shell shocked, he just looked like a rookie that was playing before he was ready (typical of todays NFL).

    A franchise QB is suppose to make all the other positions better, we shall find out starting Sunday.

    1. I’m not so sure that he “overvalued” those players, but that he was limited by what he had, what was available in F/A, and what was in the draft. Combined, I would guess that thought process was; we can get by this year with these guys, next year will afford some better F/A, and the draft has some elite OL prospects. We’ll address it exclusively at that juncture….

    2. With 43 mil in cap space, Baalke sat on his hands and only signed Beadles, his lone FA acquisition, who grade out in the bottom 10 of the guard position.
      With 64 mil in cap space, Lynch declined to spend money to acquire any of several good FA O linemen. At least he tried, with his signing of several FAs, but he got the cheap ones.

      1. There’s methodical reasoning behind why Lynch/Shanny did what they did. Don’t fool yourself. Waiting until the 3rd round for a quarterback was one of them. Getting GQ Jimmy later on for a 2nd supported that move….

  13. For those getting on Grant about Lil Shanny not wanting to play Da Jimmy G this year, Adam Schefter said as much this morning during his weekly hit on KNBR.

      1. He was asked why Shanny is noncommittal to Da Jimmy G passed this week.

        Basically that Shanny doesn’t want to play him but is forced to by the Beathard injury.

        1. “Basically that Shanny doesn’t want to play him but is forced to by the Beathard injury.”

          Yet, KS considered starting JG last week. Could it be that KS is taking it week to week as he has said the whole time? And CJ starting again could mean that JG still needs to learn more of the offense as opposed to being bubble wrapped?

            1. Jack,

              I’ll indulge the bubble wrap theory. KS doesn’t want to play JG.

              He doesn’t add a third QB. That’s incompetence.
              He lets JG run and pass Sunday. That’s incompetence.
              He starts JG this week when he could have started Mullens. That’s incompetence.

              If all this is true, then KS is incompetent. That’s what you’re suggesting right?

              1. Nope. I’m merely stating that what Grant has been stating has now been backed up one of the top info guys in the NFL media biz.

                Continue arguing that he doesn’t know what he’s saying though.

              2. “…an article falsely claiming to have been based on a source.”

                Agree on that Scooter. But unfortunately, that happens a lot in today’s media, and it’s nearly impossible to prove that someone made something up. So it’s a tactic that can be used without any consequences.

                Do I not have a reason to question his motives?

            2. Jack,

              I’m listening to the Schefter interview. At about the 1 minute 20 second mark, Schefter says it’s not that they’re opposed to seeing JG play. He then says that he believes Kyle when he says that it’s a week to week thing.

              1. You’re splitting hairs to try and prove Grant wrong.

                If he wanted to play him he would.

                If he was ? adamant about not playing him he’d have brought another guy up.

                Da Jimmy G is playing this week because he has to. There’s not really another choice.

              2. You’re trying to prove Grant was right. You cited Schefter, but left out where he said “it’s not that they’re opposed to seeing JG play” and “he believes Kyle when he says that it’s a week to week thing.”

              3. I’m pretty sure that Grant said Lil Shanny didn’t want to play him, and that he had a source who said that. And that’s pretty much the same thing Schefter said.

                If I’m wrong oh well. I don’t really want to belabor the minutiae of this.

              4. Schefter said he believed KS when he said he was taking it week to week. So Schefter believes KS was forced to start JG this week, not necessarily all season.

                With regards to Grant’s sources, I don’t trust Grant. I think there’s a good chance that he made it up. As Grant would say, believe whatever you want.

                So it comes down to believing Grant and his anonymous sources or Shanahan. The truth is, neither you or I can say for sure if KS wanted to sit JG this year.

                “If I’m wrong oh well. I don’t really want to belabor the minutiae of this.”

                I’m with you on that 100%.

              5. Wow, saying you think Grant made up his source is pretty insulting. Aside from believing Grant has more integrity than that, it would be a major issue for Grant moving forward in his industry if true and it got found out, so I sincerely doubt Grant made his source up. As to whether his source is correct is another matter, and one we don’t know.

              6. “Wow, saying you think Grant made up his source is pretty insulting…”

                Well he just admitted to misrepresenting my stance to give me a “hard time”. So forgive me if I’m not sold on his integrity.

              7. Its one thing to exaggerate or misrepresent a comment to make a point in response to a blog comment, another to write an article falsely claiming to have been based on a source.

              8. To be fair Scooter,
                While I don’t think Grant made up a source. This does happen all the time now. Sources are no longer vetted in the manner they once were. They used to have to be named so you could tell how valid they were.
                This is not the case now. A ball boy could be interviewed and now he is a “team source” or 3rd cousin twice removed could be a a “close realtive”.
                This is the problem today, there are too many sources and there is no way of knowing who has good sources.

    1. Pfff… Scefter! What does he know…lol.

      The narrative of Shannylove around here is funny. There is very little the guy can do to get criticized by many fan boys. My guess is they will be the first to call for his head though.

      1. Nothing wrong with criticism, however you seem to be annoyed by discussing what went into some of the choices he was faced with….

        1. You also know what goes through people’s minds. Good to know that you have such an amazing aptitude!

          For the record I’m not annoyed. The term I would use is bemused by the doublespeak.

          1. Thanks! For the record, I’m not dumbfounded by anything we’ve discussed, because the objective is to arrive at a reasonable explanation for some of the decisions being made. All I’m trying to do is assist in arriving at that hypothesis….

    2. Jack is in the house! Good to hear from you Jack.

      That’s been my conclusion since the day after the trade. Anyone who was open to reading between the lines of what Kyle has been saying, should have come to the conclusion that Kyle really didn’t want to play Jimmy this year. However, he had too know the risk he was taking by only carrying 2 QB on the active roster.

      I was very angry about the way the situation played out at the end of the Seahawks game, but have since decided to watch this process play out from here, and hope for the best.

      Garoppolo’s superior pocket awareness, quick release, and athleticism should, in theory, help him survive the rest of the season behind this wretched, poor excuse for an offensive line. It’s a measured risk that I would not have been willing to take if I were Kyle, but here we are now, and it’s time for fans to put on their Garoppolo Niner gear and hope for the best.

      And congrats to NFL Rookie of the Month, Reuben Foster! He wins the award in his first full month worth of starts. If he can stay healthy, The 49ers once again, have the league’s next great, NFL ILB!

  14. Grant,
    KS is not a slave to a pattern he created, he is a slave to a roster that has terrible talent on the O line as well as many injuries. Yes KS could run the ball and have consistent 3 and outs and the media would be screaming for his scalp for that. Give he and Lynch one more year to put together a much better O line

    1. Yea, like the Bears. 1st down, hand the ball off. 2nd down, hand the ball off. 3rd down, hand the ball off. 4th down, punt. Rinse, repeat….

          1. I know.
            Hey, maybe he could run the third down bomb. Kaep could roll out, then heave the ball as high as possible, then run down field to catch the ball. That would make Prime go apoplectic. ;p

            1. I always said Kaepernicks best chance to get back into the NFL would be at WR. Terrelle Pryor gave it a try, why not old wind up? Hes got the height, the break away speed, why not give it a try?
              Of course not for the 49ers, but the Raiders would be a great spot. Him and Crabs and Cooper? Unreal trifecta!

              1. Seb

                Kaepernick would be a better TE than anyone we have at that position now….but he can’t fumble…oh well…

              2. Ore, I want to see Arik Armstead go on offense. He would be a perfect candidate to line up at TE, and he can utilize his basketball skills to high point the pass and out leap the shorter DBs.
                I bet he would also be a good blocker. He could still drive the guard back towards the QB when pass rushing, but there are several former power forwards gaining experience at TE, around the league.

    1. I think they should shelve JG till next year, sign Kaep, and play 5 wide, empty backfield the rest of the way. :)

      And that noise you are hearing from UCLA is Chip Kelly going “finally, Niners see the light”

  15. You know its been a bad season when people are bickering about whether it is a good or bad thing to play the potential future franchise QB when there is no established starter at the position.

    Maybe Shanahan didn’t want to play him this year, maybe he did. Only Shanahan and those close to him know for sure. Doesn’t matter either way. JG is starting this week. Instead of focussing on what could go wrong I know I will be focussing on the positives of getting him some valuable game experience, and look forward to seeing how the offense looks with him at QB. Don’t really expect much given the talent around him, but still looking forward to it.

          1. Someone actually took my comment seriously it appears.

            Obviously referring to my comment. It appears someone didn’t catch my tongue in cheek of my response to your original tongue in cheek.

  16. Did Shanny want to play him? Did he not want him to play?

    Boys, Jimmy G is playing Sunday and I cant wait. I wanted the 49ers to deal for him at the draft, didn’t happen. Now it has and he is a 49er.

    I cant wait till Sunday to finally see a real QB in a 49ers uniforms after years of futility at the position!

    1. “I wanted the 49ers to deal for him at the draft, didn’t happen.” Yeah, you and me both. When everyone was talking about getting Cousins I wanted JG. Even said I would have been willing to trade a 1st for him. So very excited to get him.

      Now lets hope he is everything we think he can be!

      1. Same here. I preferred JG because he was younger and cheaper. And most importantly, I think JG has a higher ceiling. I gave up on the idea because I thought KS was all in with Cousins. I’m glad Lynch and Shanny didn’t give up on the idea.

        1. WHAT!!!!….you were just advocating for cousins…….I read from you cousins was a top 5 qb….I didn’t hear anything about Jimmy being a top anything……

          wow…..now you are glad they didn’t give up on the idea……whao……

          1. I didn’t advocate anything. I said it was a possibility, based on Shanahan’s love for Cousins. I also never said Cousins was a top 5 QB. Go back in the archives and prove your false claim.

  17. Looking forward to seeing JG play, but I’m not expecting much. Jimmy hasn’t had as many on-field reps of KS’s offense as you would think, given the amount of time he has been with the organization. He has been running the scout team during the practice week and only taking a few reps with the ones. I posted the following yesterday from KS’s presser, but I think it bears repeating.

    Question: It just so happens that Jimmy’s been here for about the length of time that a training camp and preseason would last. Do you feel that these six weeks or probably four or five weeks that he’s been here have gone according to plan as if he would come at the start of the season to learn the offense?

    KS Answer: “No, not at all. It’s completely night and day different. It’s not college. You don’t have 100 people out there where you have two fields and can get everybody equal reps. You have to do scout team. Jimmy has been running cards and doing physical work of other people’s plays trying to give looks for our defense. He gets reps for us throughout this month, but you’re not putting him through a ton of reps because you’re trying to get the starting quarterback ready. Also, at this point in the year, you have to be very careful with how you use your receivers, the extra reps that you have. Every team in the NFL is beat up a little bit right now. You can’t just up your reps to get someone ready. That’s stuff that you do in OTAs and training camp. That’s why you go every day in training camp. One training camp practice, for the ones, twos and threes, there’s more reps for twos and threes in one training camp practice than there is in two weeks in a regular season.”

    1. I won’t be letting my expectations get very high for Sunday.
      Expecting some miscues, false starts, unusual time-outs, etc.
      If I see improved production on pass plays, and Jimmy G gets out of this alive, I’m a very happy camper!

  18. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/112130-hungry-reuben-foster-being-named-defensive-rookie-month/

    “There’s a lot of things to work on,” Foster said. “Hand placement, hit and shed, better tackling, better running to the ball. It’s constantly a lot of things that you can get better at … You’ve got to use your hands. You might have messed up hands, but you’ve got to play it tough. It’s crazy how it’s a big difference from college to the NFL because everybody uses their hands. Everybody is violent, at the top of the top.”

    When this guy gets a full camp and adds a little weight, look out!

  19. Just listened to Brian Billick discuss Jimmy G. He mentioned something that I’m wondering about. One of the advantages of playing Jimmy G now is that the FO/HC will have a better idea of “what they need to wrap around him” for next year. I take that to mean which free agents/draftees would make sense for a Jimmy G led offense. I suppose some of it is obvious almost regardless of who the QB for the niners is, but then again, there may be nuances, with respect to Jimmy, about the particular WR/TE to sign or draft.

    1. Billick has a point, it will provide some insight in that regard. Though as you point out yourself, it is pretty obvious what the main holes on this roster are, and it also appears fairly clear that KS would prefer to fit the pieces to his offense than fit the offense to the players, so I think he has a pretty clear idea what he wants already anyway.

  20. well, this latest thread has all the hallmarks of a Grant “chum churner”:

    — Grant’s “Bad KS/Good KS” narrative, with a premise=conclusion offering to rile some, while others defend, check!
    — obligatory “resurrect Kap” debate with the usual suspects doing their to-and-fro, check!
    — Cousins vs. JG comparisons, arguments, etc., check!
    — predictions of JG’s success against dire odds, check!
    — posts instructing KS on how to run team, check!
    — OC argument yet again, check!

    and just a very few posts about run game dysfunction — the M-A-I-N cause of poor QB play this season, influencing protection issues, early throws, holding ball too long, etc., etc.
    IF we had a better run game, we’d have a better pass game, with the rcvrs we have now (wish Garcon was playing– his absence also a BIG blow to pass game, such as it is/was) KS’ “forcing” QB’s to throw so much is a direct effect of crappy run game…

    — until OL is upgraded,
    — until pass protect improves
    — once run game is better
    then we’ll see what JG is really able to do…
    he can’t “quick release” his way to a winning game with what he and KS have to work with now…
    IF KS should be blamed for anything, blame him for not making the OL and run game THE priority for 2017,
    KS should share blame with JL, Benton & Embree too, all these guys gambled 2017 by lo-balling ($$) the OL before TC started…
    Hope Jimmy gets out alive sunday…

      1. He’s gonna get hit, probably blindsided a couple times.
        So if your gonna give him 20 million plus a year, isn’t it important to see how he reacts?

        Is he gonna cry and pout and point fingers? Or is he gonna be a leader and show that he can handle adversity and grow with this young team?
        These are the reasons he needs to play.

        1. just hoping he doesn’t have to handle adversity on a cart heading into locker room…
          and I make NO inferences to his toughness, perceived or otherwise….

  21. Washington’s OL is extremely thin with more OL going down in tonight’s game. Could be an interesting if limited case study in how a QB, who processes the game quickly and releases quickly, can cope against a reasonably good defense. Collinsworth just said that Gruden will be calling plays that attempt to keep Cousins out of harm’s way.

  22. I hope the Niners are playing this right. They need to see more than 67 seconds, although those 67 seconds showed a lot of poise under pressure, with crisp, accurate throws.
    Sure, there is always the risk of injury, and the Niners need to game plan to keep JG untouched. I hope they have contingency plans if Beadles does not do well at RT.
    JG needs to get rid of the ball, quickly, so there should be fly sweeps, bubble screens to the WRs. slants to the TE, swing passes to the RB and even reverses and double reverses.
    For a first play, I hope they line up Hyde deep in the I. He should go left of JG 2 steps, then pivot, and go right. If the Niners can keep the ball on the ground, and drive down the field, that would be ideal.
    Fangio will want to crowd the box, so the Niners should spread them out, and attack the edges. Once spread out, they should gash them up the middle. Bears will be fundamentally sound on defense because of Fangio,so they should use the Bear’s defensive speed against themselves with counters and misdirection plays.
    Sure hope JG survives behind that line, and they go bold, and do not settle for Field Goals. Inside their 40, the Niners should go for it.

      1. I do not have that book, maybe you could cite those references for me, since it sounds like you recognize those concepts from that book.

  23. Anyways…… I just look forward to watching a good QB in a Niners uniform. Been too long. Yes, we need OL/WR help and Jimmy will take some hits but I think he’ll turn out to be our long-term answer under Shanahan…. If not this team is truly cursed.

    By the way what happened with the transcripts you used to post Grant? Too much copy and paste I guess :/

  24. Contingency plans. Thorough preparations. Covering all bases. Thinking ahead.
    Niners should designate a play that is designed to get at least 2 yards. They should be confident enough to gain 2 yards, no matter what, and it could be saved for specially important moments and 2 point conversions.
    They should have a 4th down play that can be quickly executed to convert 4th and short to a first down.
    They should have a fall back play if they can catch them with 12 men on the field, or if they jump offsides. That play would morph into a long strike down field to take advantage of the free play.
    If confronted with no time outs and running the hurry up offense, they should have 2 plays called, so they can line up immediately, and execute the second play quickly.
    If confronted with second and short, they should dial up a play that strikes down field. If unsuccessful, it would still be third and short.

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