49ers notes: Reuben Foster named defensive rookie of month

SANTA CLARA — 49ers rookie linebacker Reuben Foster missed six games in September and October. In November, he missed zero games and won the NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Month award.

Foster recorded 30 tackles during November — 14 against the Arizona Cardinals on Nov. 5, 10 against the New York Giants on Nov. 12 and six against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

Foster could have made more than 30 tackles had the 49ers played more than three games in November. But they had their bye week between Nov. 13 and 20.

“When we drafted him, I thought if he could stay healthy he’d be the Rookie of the Year,” 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said Thursday in the 49ers auditorium.

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  1. I often think when teams ask someone to make a “body transformation” it’s kind of misleading.
    What they are really asking for the player to do is, strengthen certain attributes that will help them more with the tasks they are being asked to do. Which in turn, results in a body transformation.
    For example, if I were the 49ers strength and conditioning coach. I would ask the player to reach for certain goals and give them sets of drills to accomplish this. So if I wanted Garnet to be more nimble footed, I could have him doing things like different jump rope, lateral slide, change of direction, and mirror drills with fewer straight line work.
    Obviously, I don’t know nearly as much as an Oline coach, so I would expect they have plenty of their own more advanced ways to accomplish this. I just feel that to often we (fans and media), focus on a side affect of what the actual goal is, rather than what they hope to accomplish.
    The reality is, if an Olineman weighed 270 and could push around 370 lb DT’s no one would care about his weight and the reverse is also true… if an Olineman weighed 350, but had the agility to get around the edges, get in position and make his assigned blocks no one would care either. In fact if anything it would be a benefit.
    I guess in a rambling way, what I would really like to ask… is what goals do the 49ers specifically have for Garnet that if reached they feel he could make the required blocks to flourish in this offense?

    1. Every college player will transform their body. They go from being a part time player to making it a full time job.
      They will work out hard, and get stronger. That in itself will transform his body, and allow his body to be able to take the hits, while also delivering them.
      Nowadays, there are trainers who are specialized in helping players get stronger and faster, but they also work on agility and reaction times.
      Another unspoken transformation is in all the study, and learning the pro game. Many are just as strong and as fast as many, but they need to assimilate the playbook and become not only a better athlete, but a better player. In college, many could just rely on their superior physicality, but in the pros, everyone is just as big and as physical.
      That is where there is a big difference, and the coaching is what separates the winners from the losers. Competent coaching will put players in positions to succeed, and devise schemes and stratagems to out coach the other side. In the Niner’s case, rookie coaches have a lot to learn, and coaching continuity may help, but only if they survive the bad times. This is one of the bad times, with a 1-10 record, but patience is also needed, because if you have a coaching carousel like the last 4 seasons, it is difficult to build that winning culture.
      KS, with his 6 year contract, should be safe, but none of the other coaches have that security. Hope KS learns his lessons, and gets all the help he can.

  2. I have to say Foster hasn’t really stood out to me in the games he’s played. He’s had a few plays on the sideline where his speed has been evident but it’s not like I remember Patrick Willis’s rookie year where he was all over the field. Not saying Foster hasn’t played well. Just saying I haven’t noticed him all that much.

    Kinda weird for Saleh to say he expected the guy you picked 2nd would win DROY over the guy you selected with the 3rd pick in the draft. IMO Solomon Thomas has been a major disappointment. He lacks the speed to be a true speed rusher and he lacks the size to play inside. He routinely gets swallowed up by big lineman and doesn’t have the strength to disengage. Not sure which game it was, I think maybe the Eagles game where they were blocking Solomon Thomas 1 on 1 with a TE and he still didn’t make any plays. From everything I’ve heard, Thomas is a great kid with a fantastic work ethic. I hope he finds a way to put it together next year. Sometimes no matter how big a heart you have your physical limitations are too much to overcome.

  3. I agree with ESPN First Take……Cousins will never take a team over the top……..he is a middle class QB….

    …..nice stats …..but with a L record……..(24-28-1) for a $100 mill QB = Hell NO

    I still think the best thing that happened to the 49ers this season is NO Cousins…….

    1. No, they did not take into consideration that the O line had 21 different lineups, and that 2 more O linemen went down due to injury. They did not lose the game due to Cousins. They lost because the Washington D line allowed the Cowboys O line to dominate, and there were too many first down plays when everyone knew they were going to run the ball, and the RB gained 8 yards.

  4. I see people are starting to notice the stupid plays by Saleh, dropping a defensive lineman into coverage…..this was his stupid reasoning…….

    For the most part, defensive linemen dropping into coverage can serve two purpose. One, when they’re trying to bring an overload to one side to overload a protection. And then the second part is when you’re trying to rush three, and just kind of plug the middle of the field to eliminate any crossers or any low holes, because in our natural three-deep defense, there’s a void in the middle. And to be able to plug that part of the field on occasion. So that’s basically what the main purposes are.

    Why not just play its simple……..this is a case of a DC doing to much due to the lack of experience…..

      1. Yes. It’s the equivalent of a Change Up; not the best pitch but can be effective when unexpected. Zone Blitz is just trying to be unpredictable to the offense, like a CB Blitz. It’s not as if Saleh drew up some Seb scheme, he employed a well known defensive variation.

    1. Oneniner,
      Its called a zone blitz and the first defensive coach I remember using it was Pete Carroll before and during his 49er stint. Saleh is a Carroll disciple so I guess it was to be expected but i’m not a big fan of it either.

      1. I get the defensive scheme, its nothing new……and I do see where or how it could work…….I have also seen it work when the DL backs up in coverage……I have yet to see it work when using the DL to cover a player…..

        ….I just don’t see why he would call it with this team….

        1. I agree with your evaluation of Saleh. First, he preaches violence but the players are obviously weak on fundamentals. We’ve seen shock and awe before. Couldn’t find anyone who counts who was shocked and awed. Fundamentals come first, violence after that. Second, it appears to me that he doesn’t trust his players to do either well and is constantly trying to use foolery (which dropping a lineman into coverage is). I don’t care if we’re in the late stages of the tech era. Before you consult your surface pro or text your analytics guy for a heads up, you have to play sound fundamental football (hopefully) violently. Violence and trickery will not overcome a lack of fundamental play and Saleh is not addressing that issue. Just one example: How many times are we going to screw up the QB option play at the goal line before we learn that BOTH the QB and RB have got to be covered by a defender? Kirk Cousins WALKED into the end zone on us. Come on man. I could go on.

  5. Oh Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick. Bill Arnsparger started dropping d-line back in 1971. Which means this has been going on longer than most of you have been alive, never mind 49er fans. It was routinely used by the Rams back in early/mid-1980s in a vain attempt to try and confuse Montana. The Steelers used it heavily in the 1990s and it helped propel them to the Super Bowl in 1995.

    DCs still use it today. In fact, it’s one of the tools Belichick has recently been relying on to turn-around the New England defense which, as most of us might remember, was really putrid at the beginning of the year. So Belichick stopped playing it as straight-up and has added additional looks to help his defense.

    The bottom-line is, despite your finger-pointing, it’s a standard part of football. DCs around the NFL use it as part of their systems. And like all calls, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. And when your team is stocked with rookies and back-ups, you’re going to have a bit more failures.

    1. its not a standard part of football…..it is a wrinkle or a customized defensive scheme……and you need to have the right personnel to apply the play effectively….

      as you pointed out “when your team is stocked with rookies and back-ups, you’re going to have a bit more failures”……….so why waste time on those kind of plays when you are not yet solid on the “standard” plays…….

      1. Seriously?

        Of course it’s a standard defensive scheme! In fact, the ZONE BLITZ, for one, is all about rushing additional players, i.e. Inside Linebackers, Safeties, or Cornerbacks, while simultaneously dropping an OLB or DL into coverage.

        The zone blitz has been around since the early 70’s!

        1. a standard scheme to me is a simple defensive, every man in his position…….a zone blitz or any other blitz to me is a customized play……where the player now has a different role…..

          to clarify a base defense is a standard defense……..

        2. I’ll admit to being ill-informed not realizing that dropping OLB or DL into coverage has been around since the 70s. However, I think the bigger question is: how well does that defensive scheme work in today’s NFL. I suppose there are no stats that measure it’s effectiveness.

          I seem to remember, and maybe incorrectly, Mangini dropping DL and OLBs into coverage all the time. A DL thirty yards down the field attempting to defend a pass to the end zone. Rushing one guy at the QB!!?

          1. the Chiefs with Hank Stram and Chargers with Sid Gilman at their helms ran it in the 1960’s when they moved from “even” defensive fronts to where they put guys like Ernie Ladd (signed at the insistence of Al Davis who was a Charger assistant)for the Chargers on the nose of the Center, playing a 4-man line deployed like a 3-4 front with the 4th big on the head of the TE or on the open end of the LOS weakside. In fact, Tom Pratt, the pass rush specialist coach for today’s Arizona Cardinals was a key defensive staff member of Stram’s very successful teams. The AFL actually was the forerunner of many new concepts and theories when the league first started in 1960. Quite innovative…….

            1. Interesting, but do you think dropping DL into coverage is a good defensive strategy. It just seems like it is similar to using the Spanish Armada to fight against the smaller, faster English ships.

              1. The pay-off is the over-loaded pass-rush and, hopefully, an unblocked rusher leading to a sack. Any team coached by Dick LeBeau or Bill Arnsparger uses it a lot. And they get nick-names like ‘Blitzburgh’ as they destroy their opponents through the pass rush.

                We just don’t have the talent to have that high degree of success. But we don’t have the talent even when we play it straight up. So that issue is moot.

            2. For as long as defenses have played zone defense (a long time), there have been zone blitzes. Defenders have long tried to occupy pass blockers by faking a rush and backing out into a zone, which, if done correctly, can result in the defense having a true victory: a free, unblocked pass rusher, while the offense has one or more guys not blocking anyone at all. But it is also true that defensive Linemen and Linebackers have become increasingly athletic, and so the zone blitz is more popular — and potent — than ever.

              It’s a concept that goes back to, at the latest, the early ’70s, but probably even earlier than that. Back in the ’80s, Dick LeBeau refined his zone blitz while in Cincinnati, and when he was running the Steelers defense in the mid-’90s, his Pittsburgh defense was famous for the zone blitz, earning them the nickname “The Blitzburgh Steelers”. Of course, LeBeau ran a 3-4 back then, and zone blitzing from a 3-4 front has an advantage over a 4-3 because OLB’s tend to be better than DL’s in pass coverage. However, a DC named Buddy Ryan brilliantly schemed up his Bears “46” defense with devastating zone blitz concepts out of a 4 man front back in the mid-’80s as well, and his Bears defense led the league in turnovers forced and surrendered the fewest yards, points, and first downs while going on to win the Super Bowl! Of course, having Mike Singletary at ILB made things a whole lot easier!

              Whatever you call it, dropping defensive linemen (and OLB’s) into coverage is nothing out of the ordinary, and it has been used effectively, usually in some kind of zone scheme for generations!

          2. It still works today. Belichick is using it because his base defense wasn’t doing the job. So he gave the team more looks, and one of them is dropping the defensive lineman into coverage while the linebacker blitzes on an over-load.

            Some people just want to whine and finger point so they make something up to support their whining and finger pointing. This **** has been going on, both the whinging and d-line dropping longer than most of the poster have been alive.

            It may have started before the Dolphins. But it was part of the Dolphins bag of tricks in the 1970s along with the Broncos, Oilers and Patriots, all of whom put up pretty high-powered defenses using it. It was part of the Rams and Bengals bag of tricks in the 1980s while the most successful team using it was the New York Giants who won two Super Bowls. It was part of the Steelers bag of tricks in the 1990s (and helped them get to the Super Bowl). Other teams in the 1990s include Jim Mora’s Colts & Saints teams and the Panthers.

            The Chiefs use it now. The Patriots use it now. The Titans use it now. The Browns use it. Seattle uses it. The Ravens use it. The Packers use it. The Cardinals use it. In fact, pretty much every 3-4 or 4-3-Under/Over team uses it to one extent or another.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if every team in the NFL uses it. It works. It’s always worked. But like any scheme, if it doesn’t work… Well, the whine fest begins even though there is not one single guaranteed-to-stop-them scheme in the NFL.

            1. Sorry, but the original concept of the “drop end” scheme back in the 1960 AFL days was to take advantage of a good-sized outside linebacker pass rushing on a running back. Back then, most teams predominately were 4-man lines and utilized an “even” scheme with the Center uncovered. That’s why guys like Jim Otto at 230 pounds could play Center. For the most part, they were blocking a Mike LBer. Then, Hank Stram of the Chiefs and Sid Gilman of the Chargers came along and decided to take the 4-man line and deploy them in the configuration of the 3-4 defense so they could take a defensive tackle like Ernie Ladd and place him on those undersized Centers. Also, the offensive lines blocked the big on big concept and backs on backers, and by occasionally bringing the weak side backer and dropping the strong side defensive end to the short side of the field (remember the old hash marks were quite different than today’s hashes which virtually keep the ball in the middle of the field), the defensive look would force an offensive tackle to pass block against air and gain the advantage of the outside backer overpowering the halfback. They could play man or zone behind it.

              1. Alright, you and Moses have convinced me to reconsider my position on dropping OLBs and DL into coverage. If I get a chance I’ll try to do some research and post anything interesting on this.

              2. Here’s a recent post on NN. Oneniner posted some of Saleh’s responses in a post above. Saleh also said:

                “We’ve had two interceptions on drop calls, both of Ray-Ray Armstrong’s interceptions came on dropped calls. We’ve had a couple of pass break-ups, and a couple of third down conversions that we were able to get off the field with drop calls.

                But you’re right, when it doesn’t work it looks terrible. Last week, we were inside four minutes, so we ran a run stunt to see if we could create a TFL to get the ball back for our offense, and Ronnie Blair gets stuck on Jimmie Graham. Not what you want, not why you called it. But at that point in the game, we needed to create something, and they caught us.

                There’s a lot of situations where it works, there’s some where it doesn’t. It’s a high risk, high reward play, and we’ve had some really good success, and you saw last week what happened with Ronnie — which I feel terrible for him, but we felt at that time, inside five minutes trying to get the ball back for our offense, create, wreak havoc in the backfield, maybe we can cause a turnover, something. And they caught us in a stunt.”


    2. More wandering, I see.
      Sure, dropping back a D lineman is standard practice, but we are talking about Jimmy Graham. The Niners should be cognizant of the matchups, and realize that JG is not another Vance, but he is a dangerous receiving threat.
      The Seahawks probably licked their lips and rubbed their hands together, chortling with glee thinking about a D lineman trying to cover JG. Guess where Wilson went with the ball.
      It was a terrible matchup. I wanted Dontae Johnson to cover JG because he is tall enough and quick enough. They should have at least put a safety on him,
      The Niner coaches got schooled again, when they slid a safety away from his side, and left JG one one one with a DB. Easy touchdown.
      Jimmy Graham is one of their most potent weapons. Treating him lightly was a recipe for failure. Niner coaches need to be smarter, because JG had a very good game, and the Niner coaches allowed that to happen.
      Bottom line, putting a D lineman on JG should never have happened, and the Niners lost because of it, and other bonehead moves.

          1. That type of concept is taught to kids just learning the game. That’s the level you are at.
            Don’t bore the blog please.

              1. Don’t bother the blog with basic concepts. That pre-school thinking works on Niner Nation, not so much here little boy.

              2. Growing up and acting mature does not mean making a truce with one poster, but continuing attacking another.
                When you finally grow up, you might see that I am right.

              3. I’m not attacking you. You claim to be this savant football intellect and all I’m doing is calling BS.
                If you cannot handle the storm, you should leave.

              4. hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                “……………see that i am right”. Honestly Sebs, I could make you rich!

        1. Maybe the coaches should have listened to what I say. I said before the game that they should concentrate on stopping Baldwin and Jimmy Graham because they are the 2 biggest threats.
          I even said they should put Dontae Johnson on JG, because at 6′ 3′, he is tall enough.
          How did the coaches respond? They put a D lineman on him, and only covered him one on one.

          1. No one will listen to you because are presenting concepts from early inception of the game. Please stop trying, you are not football intelligent, deal with it elsewhere. This is too much for you.

            1. I certainly have given up on you, since you thought Hoyer was a superior QB.
              You even thought Trubisky was such a good QB, you bet money that the Niners would pick him, even though true knowledgeable Niner fans knew that they would concentrate on fixing the defense.
              I am glad they finally thought time outs were not to be wasted, and saved them to stop the clock near the end of the game. Something I have been advocating for months, and they finally did.

              1. Prime, I know I am getting to you, because you start forgetting how to spell.
                Please quit while behind. You will go from obnoxious to pathetic.

            2. But you’re for everyone’s rights and pursuit of happiness. Seb!

              Dude you should have never posted that. Soooo easy to pull that rug from under you “tolerant” liberals.

              1. md, I am a tolerant individual, but that does not mean I suffer fools gladly.
                If you all want to engage me, have at it, but then do not whine and cry if your feelings get hurt.

  6. from saleh…..”That’s attacking the ball, all gas, no brakes and playing with extreme violence,……

    Put in the simplest terms, the 49ers’ base defense will regularly have eight defenders (four down linemen, three linebackers and a strong safety) near the line of scrimmage, one safety patrolling the middle of the field and Cover 3 zone as the primary coverage. The biggest change from Niners defenses of recent vintage is that Saleh’s system is a one-gap scheme, rather than the two-gap responsibilities of the recent past.

    In other words, where defenders once had to worry about the gap on either side of them, wait for the play to develop and then make a move, they now can focus on handling their assignments. That leads to more attacking and less reacting.

    How is the DL attacking when playing coverage?………

    1. By being obtuse. They never should rush only 3, because Wilson was able to sit back in the pocket and pick apart the defense. Then when the receivers were covered, 3 man rushes allowed huge holes to run through.

      1. Wrong, Seb. Attacking from the pocket is not Wilson’s strong suit. He is average if kept in the pocket. It’s his ability to create and throw an accurate ball that makes him deadly.
        Of course, you already knew that.

        1. Rushing 3 and he can sit back and take his time, waiting for a receiver to get open, or, the O line will create a hole for Wilson to run through and use his mobility to gain yardage and first downs.
          Yes, they needed to contain him in the pocket, but rushing 3 will not do that.

        2. Just like I’v said several times before, Wilson is Kaep with passing ability. Like sawbrodie says Wilson can create and throw an accurate ball. Kaep repeatedly turned wine into vinegar. Neither are or were conventional NFL QBs. However, both can function as semi-conventional NFL QBs when they have HOF type running backs to support a first class run game. Lynch for Wilson and Gore for Kaep. Without that element though, you keep them in the pocket and they’re very beatable. That takes sound fundamental football and minimal trickery which many teams are short of these days. Like the Saleh quote above trickery is usually “high risk, high reward”. Use it with Wilson and you get the high risk and he gets the high reward.

  7. “When we drafted him, I thought if he could stay healthy…”

    Seems a little disconcerting that the DC was questioning his ability to stay healthy before he stepped on the field. :)

  8. For all you gambling junkies like me, there are again interesting developments in “the line”. Opening was Chicago -4 1/2, but money again has flowed in the Niners direction . The line now stands at Chi -3. I’d still take the Niners +3. Weather is going to sunny and mild at 52 high. The O/U has adjusted from 40 to 41. I think the score will be over because of the fast field and nice weather. Something along the lines of 26-21 In favor of SF.
    On the defensive scheme’s argument, you play to the strength of your team. If you have DL that can drop and cover, then employ the tactic. Why not? I’m my view, at 1-10, you should be experimenting and evaluating in all 3 facets of the game. What’s to lose? These guys need to know what they have and what can they do. JMHO.

    1. Juan, I, too think the Niners have a good chance to win. Niners have JG, and he is better than Hoyer or CJB.
      I will not get into a discussion with other past QBs, but JG will be able to use his mobility to slide around in the pocket to avoid the pass rush, and his quick release and accuracy will confirm the wisdom in acquiring him.
      ‘If you have a DL that can drop and cover, then employ that tactic. Why not?’ Because he could not cover, and JG made a nice catch for another first down. JMHO.

        1. Since you insist
          Here is something I wrote for Kaep, but could also be something JG can relate to.
          10 things Kaep (JG) should do on Sunday. 1-17-14.
          1. Run the no huddle with quick snaps to negate the crowd noise.
          2. Always (often) put a man in motion, and read the defense’s reaction.
          3. Fake a handoff or pitch, and roll out the other way to befuddle the defense.
          4. Invite the blitz, and roll away from the blitz, or complete a quick pass, (or screen)
          5. Take advantage of defense’s speed, by doing counters, misdirections and reverses.
          6. Look off the safeties by facing one way while looking in the other direction. ( JG should do pump fakes to freeze the safeties).
          7. Consider time outs to be precious, and saved for (Legitimate challenges, and) the last 2 minutes (of each half).
          8. Read IF, by Rudyard Kipling. Shake hands, win or lose.
          9. After the game, go to the the Niner fans in the stands and give autographed hats.
          10. Get the ball in Frank Gore’s ( Playmakers) hands as much as possible.
          I have been advocating these same things for 3 years. Yes there are some simple concepts, but since the Niners seem to never implement them, I will continue to advocate for them.
          However, the Niners have adopted the no huddle strategy because KS likes it. It allows the QB to read the defense and call an audible, if needed.
          Thanks, Prime, you just gave me another chance to post this. I wanted to concentrate on JG, but it sounds like you want to hear more about Kaep, since you focused on him.

            1. Guess when they run the no huddle, you will be screaming at KS for doing that.
              Considering time outs to be precious is just good common sense, Guess you want the Niners to keep wasting them like drunken sailors.

              1. Every game takes on a different outcome.
                This is where your lack of football intelligence shines through.

                Sometimes you need timeouts to slow the game down, to talk about certain plays, to substitute more effectively. Whatever the case, they are used accordingly. What game this year did he use them incorrectly?

                Also, Shanny has been using the no huddle. Nothing wrong with that. I’m all for changing pace on offense.

                None of this stupidity is your fault. You’ve never played the game but what is your fault, is trying to pretend you know the game and keep repeating the same rhetorical non sense.
                Like someone said, you are that guy!

              2. Glad KS is doing something I advocated for, for the past 3 years.
                I remember when Simpletary called a time out to rally his troops, and gave Atlanta time to devise a play. The next play, they threw for a TD.

    1. steelematic – actually, he has been on the field for all 11 games with 26 solo tackles and 23 assisted tackles, unlike the oft injured 2nd Niner 1st round selection who still is looking for his jock after Russell Wilson deked him in Foster’s brutal attempt to serve as a spy……….the jury still is out on both of these kids, and hopefully not the same jury in The City who turned loose Kate Steinle’s murderer.

      1. Kate Steinle’s murder was…………………perhaps unfortunate. But the guy who stole the gun and murdered her is a victim. And they would hold to that reasoning if it was their daughter, don’t ya know?

        Eh, broke my own rule—-apologies.

          1. (I was being sarcastic).

            Make no mistake, the libs will turn him into a victim–not to be held accountable for his thoughts, his freely chosen behavior.

      2. 26 tackles in 11 games… Foster had 30 in 3…. Hmmm, see the difference in the off injured player? Even though he did get juked. Lol

      1. No problem. I really enjoy his interviews. He’s very open and he usually drops some nuggets on strategy or his evaluations. Like earlier this week when he talked about Garoppolo’s anticipation. That was some good insight, and is something I’ll be watching during the rest of the season.

  9. LOL Prime! You crack me up! I’ll be happy to get in a discussion about it. There’s a huge difference between sliding around in the pocket, great footwork that allows you to move up, back, or sideways to avoid the rush all while keeping your eyes downfield on your receivers, rather than dropping your eyes at the slightest hint of pressure, running out of the pocket in panic and then looking downfield in an effort to find anyone open. The latter example was the pattern of our previous unmentioned QB, which resulted in a completion percentage not much more than 50% and a whole bunch of sacks wrapped around a few good escapes and runs, and eventually culminating in a record 9 loses in a row to go with a horrid 1-10 record last year as a starter. It goes further than that though, going back three years where the record was a dismal 11-24. You have to go back 4 years before you get to a winning record, and only for the fact that the team was among the strongest in the league, if not the strongest. The true test is how you perform when playing for a weaker team, not the best. To this, the previous QB was, well, not very good to be nice. The former example of pocket prowess is more Bradyesque, which is the talent that I believe Jimmy brings to the table. A refreshing and needed change. JMHO

    1. Juan, Kaep may have struggled these past few years, but you are blind to anything that may have hurt his chances.
      First of all, Baalke hated him because he was the last vestige of JH, and stabbed him in the back. Then Baalke’s failed drafts finally caught up with them. Whiffing on an entire draft is hard to do, but Baalke managed to do that. Baalke was so hated, decent FAs avoided him like the plague.
      Pocket? What pocket? Kaep was sacked 120 times in a season and a half, so the pocket collapsed like a house of cards. That O line only succeeded to let him get so bludgeoned, he needed 3 surgeries.
      Look at the past 2 coaches. Tomsula was in over his head, and Chip forgot about the defense, so those were 2 HCs that were not competent.Jed should have chosen the HC over the suit, but the results were almost predictable.
      The O line were turnstiles, and the WRs were never good. I guess I got spoiled by WRs like Solomon, Clark, Jerry Rice, Taylor and TO. Yes, going back 4 years, and the Niners were talented. Recently, the talent was let go or retired. and it is very hard for a QB to make a weak team good. His completion percentage was never lower than 58.4, and his career completion percentage is 59.8, which is close to 60%.
      Please at least acknowledge that the defense was putrid last season. They gave up an historic amounts of yards on the ground. No QB, even Joe, could win games when the defense let third string RBs gallop for 200 yards.That was mostly the fault of Baalke, who blithely stated he saw no need to draft an ILB.
      At least the present Niners saw the need to obtain defensive talent, because they spent their first 3 picks on defense.
      Yes, Kaep is still being blackballed, and he may be shunned by KS, but KS touting Hoyer over Kaep just resulted in a 1-10 record. I still think some team will run out of QBs, and Kaep will be given a chance to play. Then he will prove his detractors wrong, and Brady, Cam, Rodgers and Pete Carroll right. JMHO.

  10. Juan,

    LOL, Seb refuses to see the non-mentioned QB as anything but a superstar. We all knew him as a shooting star–someone who surprised the league in a gimmick offense comprised of all pros everywhere.

    Even with the new offense that blindsided the league and its best defense, all stars at every offensive position, the unnmentioned QB could not score with three chances from the 1 yard line in 3 attempts in the SuperBowl vs. a team who was disadvantaged by never seeing the newfangled offense…Should have been a blowout by anyone capable of getting past a first read.

    This will be Seb’s go to season anytime he gets into a debate about Kap, although Alex Smith guided the team to wins for half that season

    1. I hate to say “I told you so”….BS… I love it…At least I had the nuts to ask about him three times this season of lost QBs…It didn’t a lot of research to find out that Nick Mullins was a quality QB at So Mississippi….they play some serious football down there….I find it similar to Tim Rattay (Lousiana Tech) who set every major college passing record before being drafted and playing for the 49ers before the local scribes made him disappear….Sic em Nick….!

      1. Hmmm. Saleh is complimenting a PS QB for carving them up. Hoyer did the same thing in the practices.
        Maybe that says more about the defense than the scout team.

  11. TomD’s Friday Nite Prediction:

    Bears 35
    49ers 17

    The Chicago Bears have given up the leagues 12th fewest points—that includes the other conference, the AFC, If you want to see what the Niners are walking into.

    And of course, there is this, all Niner fans who appreciated Fangio’s D’s over the years:

    “Jimmy Garoppolo to face one of the most complex defenses in the NFL on Sunday,” by
    Kevin Lynch

    “Fangio employs big down defensive linemen and then likes to have his linebackers run and hit. He also plays numerous defenses and fronts, which often has the opposition putting in extra study time to keep up. Safety Eric Reid, the only player remaining from Fangio’s defense, said players used to love getting Fangio’s Friday “cheat sheet” – a list of plays and tendencies gleaned from Fangio’s film study of the opposing offense. Reid said the sheet was golden and filled with useful advantages.”

    “Fangio was mainly beloved by the defensive players for his cerebral approach. While with Harbaugh at Stanford before coming to the 49ers, players called him “The Professor.”

  12. Fangio is no doubt a professor but I think the game will be closer to the O/U than 11 points. The bears only average roughly 16 points per game and rank 29th in scoring. I can see them possibly holding the Niners to 17-20 but scoring 37? Mmmm. If the Bears win I think it will be close, 23-20 or something along those lines. That score will give the spread a push by the current line and the over by 2. Should be interesting either way.

  13. Your right about Seb concerning the previous QB. It’s as though the last few years were never happened. Oh well, Watchya gonna do!

        1. The QB position in the NFL asks that you evolve each and every year. That mean s getting better at a skill set you might not have.
          Kaepernick had very few skill sets. Rocket arm and running ability. He never got better at anything else.
          Seb, the redemption will never happen because he is a limited player.
          Sorry, truth no hate.

          1. Hate dripped from every post when you crowed while the Niners lost last season. Then you got upset when Kaep won that game against the Rams, by willing that team to victory, with a spirited comeback, and clutch 2 point play to win it.
            Kaep, with his 90.7 QBR is not limited, except for the support around him. He certainly is more skilled than many drek QBs playing right now.

  14. http://www.knbr.com/2017/12/01/sean-mcvay-receiving-credit-for-kyle-shanahans-audible-strategy/

    “However, it’s not McVay’s manuever. It’s Kyle Shanahan’s. The 49ers head coach started doing it as an offensive coordinator in Washington and then Atlanta. McVay was an assistant tight ends coach and then a tight ends coach when Shanahan was Washington’s offensive coordinator for four seasons (2010-13).”

    “We have done that all year with our guys too,” Shanahan said of hustling to the line so Shanahan can help his quarterbacks adjust to the defensive looks. “That’s nothing new. We’ll do that at times (on Sunday). … That’s part of our offense.”

    1. Actually, it goes back to Peyton Manning and the Colts, who copied it from Jim Kelly and the Bills.
      The no huddle offense keeps the defense on its toes, and the QB can make adjustments when he sees where the defense lines up. Many teams are running the hurry up offense, because it prevents the defense from substituting. With proper strategies, it may allow the offense to create mismatches, especially with creative TE schemes.

  15. O’Kay….why do you guys play with this idiot……? C’mon, really?
    Seb is on House Arrest and you-all engaging him? Dudes! Why????
    He’s a Lock Down Alzheimer’s patient………….get a grip…!

    1. Van………

      If you bring a pint of 7 and 7 with you to the blog……….AND read Sebby’s attempts at verbal sleight of hand, it will put a whole different perspective on it, and put a huge smile on your face at his………….shall we say…efforts.

    2. They cannot help themselves. Like a moth to a flame.
      I know many have finally learned their lesson, and have refrained from engaging me, but the peanut gallery keeps trying, like Sisyphus rolling his stone.

      1. Maybe when you stop with the babbling, people will disengage you.
        For months you said the 49ers would sign Kap and Shanny said why he would not. But you still continue to babble.

        For weeks you said the 49ers need to sign an OC. Shanny explained why but still you babble and moan.

        No reason or explanation is good enough for you so you continue to be that guy with horse blinders on.

        Deal with the back lash then!

        1. He’s on here from 5am to 11am every day. Takes a nap or Meds at midday, then back on from 2pm – 1am trash talking and peddling nonsense.
          17 hours a day polluting this site with gibberish. over 18,000 hours x 12-13 posts per hour and none worth anybody’s time to read, but you notice because like cow pies in the street, you have to step around them.

          1. Wow! Lol. Too bad he doesn’t learn his lesson. Most of us don’t engage him because it is a sad exercise in feeding a disfunctional village idiot. He’s going to do what he always does.

              1. Too bad you are not listening to the blog.
                What would be your fate if we were all just sitting around at a bar talking?

              2. Nothing. He’d sit alone while everyone else laughed at him. He comes her because he has nowhere else to go.

          2. BT, very perceptive. I post because I am semi retired, and work when I want to. I post because I love the Niners, and want them to win more rings.
            I am sure you are glad that posters are not graded by the content of their posts, because you would have been kicked off a long time ago.
            I am the poster who advocated that they trade back, garner 2018 second and third round picks, and still get the player they coveted. In fact, they also did another thing I advocated, and traded up to get the players they coveted.
            Since I am astute enough to predict what they would do, I will predict another thing that you will do. You will continue to whine and cry. Too bad it will do no good. I kindly suggest you stop playing in the street before you get run over.

            1. Yeah, semi retired. So you work between 2-5am? Sebmentia.
              Whine and cry? Nope, snickering at you along with all the others, LOL.
              A quarter million cow pies; now at 250,001.

            2. haha!

              Seb, Seb, Seb…………….I love ya, Sebby!!!!! You are, in fact, the funniest man on the blog! And we have some funny people on this thing, so that takes some doin!

              All of your threats, put-downs, attempts at verbal sleight-of-hand, your hilarious bait and switches……………right up there with Ralph Cramden!!!!!!! Hilarious!

        2. I will be continuing to give my opinions, and ideas for the Niners to improve.
          You can keep being an obnoxious gadfly, but others, more intelligent than you, have seen the futility in engaging me, and just let me post in peace.
          I have advocated for Kaep because he gave the Niners the best chance to win. You seemed to like Hoyer and CJB, but they had a 1-10 record. With better QB play, the Niners could have been 5-6.
          KS has been clueless about getting this offense in gear, and his 1-10 record proves that. He needs all the help he can get. You have never successfully argued how hiring an OC would hurt the team.
          Now that JG has fallen into their laps, I am content. I have been advocating, like you did , that the Niners need to upgrade the QB position. You however, have been advocating for everyone but Kaep, while I have been advocating for a QB who has set playoff records, and was the last QB to lead them to the SB.
          I really do not mind that much, because you keep demonstrating your lack of maturity, but for the sake of the other posters, I have tried to tone it down. If you want to continue this bickering, bring it on, but I suspect others will soon be begging for you to stop.

              1. Your opinion though is that of a toddler. I come here to read differing opinions but yours is polluting the blog with the same old story.
                Over and over and over again it’s the same old thing with you!

              2. Prime, this team is 1-10, and all the bandwagon fans have long disappeared.
                Only the die hard faithful Niner fans are left, except trolls like you who were crowing when the Niners lost last season.
                I am just a die hard faithful fan who witnessed in person, the Glory Years, and yearn for more. You would rather the team loses with Kaep, than win with him.
                I will continue to keep saying that they need to consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. Last game, they almost did that, but I did not think calling time outs with over 3 minutes was wise, because it gave the Seahawks time to devise new plays. I thought saving them for when the Niners had the ball would have been more important, because then, they could throw to the middle of the field, and still be able to stop the clock.

            1. No, Shoup, pay attention. Prime did not win because he did not get me to start spewing expletives.
              If just hurling insults were enough to let me declare victory, I would win every day.

              1. Prime, I underestimated the amount of hate against Kaep, but still think he will play because the league is running out of decent QBs.
                I predict Geno Smith will stink up the joint, just like Peterman. Attrition will afflict some team that has playoff hopes, and they will want to win, no matter who the QB is, and Kaep will be the superior option over the present drek.

      1. I will be behind enemy lines, within the Bears stronghold, Sunday, December 3rd. North end zone, row 3. The weather will be Sunny, and 50 degrees….

    1. Too bad he was injured. They probably could have used a healthy Love on that 4th down play at the goal line.
      Still, I like how Stanford went bold, to for it.

      1. Just before everyone anoints Love, I would caution you NOT to overlook Oregon’s Royce Freeman…take a look at him …if you’re not impressed you’re just punch-drunk…

  16. Love & Williams Pac12 Shanny backfield here we come!
    add Breida and McNicols and we’ll have an RB rotation that’ll wear out oppo’s D by 2nd qtr.!
    that D’s gonna need oxygen in 3rd qtr.!
    all will be revealed with another year of work on OL….

    1. They need to draft an O lineman in the first round, which will mean they will miss out on Barkley and Love.
      The Niners should just re-sign Hyde, and with Williams coming back, they should concentrate on finding a big tall wide receiver.

      1. Seb has spoken, so must it be….

        Please. Until we see who they sign via free agency we should not be stating they need this or that…

        1. Tx, it is just my opinion.
          I also was the first on this site to continually advocate they trade back to garner more picks. Sure am glad they did exactly what I wanted, and they even picked up 2018 second and third round picks.
          Maybe you have not noticed, but the O line sucks. I want them to also stop sitting on their hands, and spend some of that cap space for a decent FA O lineman. Going cheap brought cheap results.

          1. Free agency does not always solve your problems. Just because you have cap space, does not mean that the guys you sign are going to instantly make your team better.

            Just like signing guys off certain practice squads are going to make you better. Delusional thinking!

            1. Signing players off the PS is done to improve the team. I advocated signing players who are on playoff teams, and ones backing up pro bowl players, because I think they would be better than the players we have.
              1-10 teams have every incentive to improve, and should not be worried about hurting another team’s feelings. It is a compliment to a team that the Niners covet even their PS players, and those PS players should be happy because they get to be on the 53 man roster, and get the opportunity to play. Sure, it is a desperate move, but every 1-10 team should feel desperate.

            2. Niners have 63 mil in cap space, so they have 63 mil less talent than other teams.
              Free agency will not solve all their problems, but it is way better than having decent FA players shun the Niners like when Baalke was here. Lynch has signed over 30 FAs, so at least he is trying.
              I just wish he had signed another FA QB, and with CJB out with a hurt leg, the Niners should sign another FA QB as a suitable backup. Mullens is a raw rookie, and it says more about Saleh’s defense than it does about Mullens, when Saleh’s defense is carved up by a third string UDFA.

              1. With all the attrition, Kaep will play again. With the release of Hoyer, and injury to CJB, the Niners need a good backup.
                I sure hope the turnstile O line does not let JG get bludgeoned, because that would mean CJB will be limping in the huddle, and possibly have a career ending injury. Then who should the Niners use as a QB?
                Kaep is still available, and the Niners do not care if a player kneels or not. Coaches are touting Mullens? They did the same thing to Hoyer.

              2. When Seb? When? You’ve been saying that for 10 months now?
                So many QBs went down and old wind up still didn’t get a shot.
                You are LaVar Ball. All talk.

              3. Yes, Prime, the hate is thick, and the blackballing is giving the league a big black eye.
                Lavar was right, and his kid just helped defeat the champions.
                Sure am glad he did not thank Twitler, who is wasting time while his administration is going down in flames.

              4. You don’t realize this cause you live in a bubble, but you sound like LaVar Ball. Just a mouth piece with no substance.

  17. Ok, so what to expect Sunday. A lot is in the air and it will depend heavily on how the 49er offense plays versus the Bears defense. Here are some statistics on the teams.

    3rd Dow conversion:
    Bears: 49/144 34%
    49ers: 56/164 34.2%

    Bears: 18 tds
    49ers: 20 tds

    Both averaging 4.9 yards per play

    1st downs:
    49ers: 204
    Bears: 179

    Chicago has more yards on the ground than SF 1324 to 1099

    Passing SF leads 2440 to 1838

    Offensively they are almost a wash though if KS can run more plays, it seems like the 49ers will have an advantage.

    Defensively Bears lead sacks tied for 10th with Atlanta, Minnesota, Baltimore for 30 versus 49ers tied with Giants for 26th place and 20 sacks.

    Total defense SF is 28th while Chicago is 12th and they allow 22.9 points per game versus the Niners allowing 25.8 points per game and are 27th.

    Chicago scores an anemic 16.1 points per contest to San Francisco’s 17 points.

    So who will win? I think this is as close to a push as you can get. However, I think the 49ers will prevail in an ugly 17-10 win.

    1. Niners have the advantage, because they have JG, and the Bears have Trubisky.
      Finally, with a competent QB, the Niner offense will get going. The Niners should stack 8 in the box, and dare Trubisky to pass. Once they make the Bears one dimensional, the defense will be able to tee off, and rush the passer.

  18. This season 49ers defense is averaging 1 play more per game than it did a year ago when the Chipster was calling the offense.

    Yet another example of how Shanahan hasn’t put his team in the best position to win with his unbalanced offensive play calling.

    1. Although I like S.Barkley a lot, I would seriously consider Q.Nelson as our first pick. My draftmas wish is for Lynch to bring in two draft picks in the 1st rd like he did last April. But if not, perhaps he can deal his way back into an early 2nd rd pick that he gave to the Pats for JG.

      With our 1st rd pick we could have a shot at OT Orlando Brown or C Billy Price. With our high 2nd rd pick players like DE Duke Ejiofor, RB Nick Chubb, CB Donte Jackson, OT Conner Williams could bring immediate dividends.

      Not a popular stance here, but it would not bother one bit if we lose out the rest of the year.
      I respect our posters who want to see the team win and establish a winning culture going into next year.
      But in winning 2-3 more games it would seriously remove our draft chips/leverage for next year. The winning will start in earnest next year as Lynch and Shanahan begin to piece the building blocks with the draft and FA signings.

      Last year we were able to garner two picks in the 1st rd because of our putrid record. I wouldn’t mind taking another slap in the face (since it’s already numb from all the losing) with another awful record if it bring us a strong draft haul in 2018.

  19. Current NFL Draft Order for 2018

    0-11 .000 — .528 Lost 11
    San Francisco
    1-10 .091 1.0 .534 Lost 1
    NY Giants
    2-9 .182 2.0 .511 Lost 1
    3-8 .273 3.0 .483 Lost 7
    3-8 .273 3.0 .489 Lost 2
    3-8 .273 3.0 .557 Lost 4
    CLE Cle 4-7 .364 4.0 .511 Lost 1
    NY Jets
    4-7 .364 4.0 .517 Lost 2
    4-7 .364 4.0 .551 Lost 5
    Tampa Bay

    TomD’s Take: Assumptions for putting any of the above in a position to win?…Anyone?

  20. No takers ?….Okay, I’ll answer…..

    Putting your team in the best position to win begins with the NFL Draft. In that regard, Shanny’s done a brilliant job.

    1. Checked off the most important task of any professional franchise by acquiring a franchise player (Garoppolo) in year one while all questioned his 2017 QB selection, and asking when and where he will acquire a frachise QB—(I’m sure all will remember the numerous aggravating posts on the subject).
    2. Kept the 49ers in a top 5 draft positiion for a draft all football experts have dubbed, “The Year of the QB.”
    3. Maintained possible tradedown scentario.
    4. Jettisoned most of the previous GM’s players, while building a new foundation which will be supplemented by maintaining the NFL’s largest cap space (117 Mil for 2018), much of it created by releasing what would be owed to Baalke 2018 players before their release.

    What more proof do some fans need that Shanny’s doing everything humanly possible to put the 49ers in a position to win ?

  21. Getting back to this next game, I hope they start Darrell Williams at RT, because he is a superior athlete to Beadles. If anything, they should rotate Beadles and Tomlinson until there is a clear cut winner at that position.
    I would not mind seeing Barnes start at center, and let Kilgore switch to guard. They should rotate in players until they find the right fit. Hopefully before JG gets bludgeoned.

  22. I have the 49ers winning this game.
    Both defenses should dominate the offenses they are facing. But I trust Kyle to scheme up more plays to win the game than Fox.
    And this is one of the few teams that is close talent wise to SF.

    1. As I stated earlier, I believe the 49ers can win this contest, however, Fox is fighting for his life and the DC in Chicago wants to show the 49ers what they lost too.

      Additionally, JG has a very poor QB rating when doing play action. I guess the game should be interesting

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