49ers-Seahawks live blog

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman, right, shakes hands with Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, left, before an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 13 road game against the Seattle Seahawks. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

12:48 Here are the 49ers inactives:

  1. WR Marquise Goodwin.
  2. WR Pierre Garcon.
  3. RB Alfred Morris.
  4. FS D.J. Reed.
  5. OG Joshua Garnett.
  6. OT Shon Coleman.
  7. NT D.J. Jones.

12:49 Here are the Seahawks inactives:

  1. LB K.J. Wright.
  2. DE Rasheem Green.
  3. C Ethan Pocic.
  4. SS Shalom Luani.
  5. FB Tre Madden.
  6. CB Kalan Reed.
  7. DT Shamar Stephen.

1:25 The Seahawks win the toss and defer. The 49ers receive the opening kickoff.

1:30 On third and five from 49ers 30-yard line, linebacker Bobby Wagner beats Laken Tomlinson to sack Nick Mullens. The 49ers punt.

1:34 The Seahawks run three straight plays, gain nine-and-a-half yards and punt. Creative. The 49ers get the ball at their seven.

1:40 On third and four from the 49ers 30, three Seahawks defenders pound Mullens as the throws an incomplete pass. The 49ers punt. The offensive line has played terribly so far.

1:49 On second and six from the Seahawks 30, the 49ers play Cover 3, Ahkello Witherspoon abandons his deep-third of the zone and gives up a 45-yard catch to Jaron Brown. Four plays later on third and goal from the four, K’Waun Williams commits illegal contact and gives up a touchdown catch to Brown. The Seahawks decline the penalty. They lead 6-0 after Sebastian Janikowski misses the extra point.

1:55 On second and 10 from the 49ers 25, Mullens lines up in the shotgun and Weston Richburg snaps the ball over Mullens’ head. Mullens dives on the ball and recovers it at the 49ers 11. They punt two plays later. Richburg and Tomlinson have been awful.

2:03 On first and 20 from the Seahawks 48, Malcolm Smith gives up a 52-yard touchdown catch to Tyler Lockett. The Seahawks 13 nothing, and the 49ers offense still hasn’t moved the ball past its 30-yard line.

2:16 On first and goal from the 14, Bobby Wagner strips running back Jeff Wilson after a nine-yard gain up the middle. The Seahawks recover.

2:23 Wilson throws the ball away on third and four from the Seahawks 31, and the Seahawks punt on the next play. The 49ers geet the ball at their 28.

2:29 On the first play of the drive, Wilson catches a screen and gains 15 yards, but injures his left left at the end of the play, leaves the game and walks to the locker room. Three plays later on third and 11, Frank Clark pushes Richburg straight back into Mullens, then knocks down Mullens’ pass. The 49ers punt. Tyler Lockett makes a fair catch at the Seahawks 10.

2:35 On second and 10 from the Seahawks 10, left guard D.J. Fluker holds Fred Warner. The Seahawks punt two plays later, but punt returner Richie James fumbles and the Seahawks recover. I guess the Richie-James experiment is over. He’s bad. The 49ers need a new returner.

2:45 On the first play of the drive, Malcolm Smith commits an unnecessary roughness penalty when he hits Russell Wilson in the head while Wilson slides. Two plays later, K’Waun Williams grabs Doug Baldwin and commits pass interference at the one-yard line. Three plays later, Williams gives up a touchdown catch to Baldwin, and the Seahawks lead 20-0. They have thrown at Richard Sherman, because they haven’t had to.

2:53 Robbie Gould makes a 48-yard field goal as the first half ends. The 49ers trail 20-3 at halftime. The game feels over. The 49ers probably can’t score 20 points.

3:08 Tyler Lockett returns the kickoff 85 yards. The Seahawks are destroying the 49ers on offense, defense and special teams.

3:09 Next play, Rashaad Penny runs 20 yards into the end zone for the touchdown. No one touched him. The Seahawks lead 27-3. The 49ers quit right after halftime for the second week in a row. Bad look for the head coach.

3:17 James returns the kickoff 42 yards. Later in the drive, Mullens throws a 17-yard touchdown pass to Dante Pettis on third and seven. Pettis caught the ball at the first-down marker, juked cornerback Shaquil Griffin, ran around a block from Kyle Juszcyk and scored. The 49ers trail 27-10. Good response by the offense and special teams.

3:27 On third and nine from the Seahawks 39, Wilson scrambles and gets sacked by DeForest Buckner. The Seahawks punt.

3:35 On third and 8  from the Seahawks 34, Laken Tomlinson gives up an 11-yard sack, which knocks the 49ers out of field goal position. The 49ers punt.

3:48 On second and 6 from the Seahawks 16, Antone Exum Jr. commits a 43-yard pass interference against Tyler Lockett. Four plays later, Shanahan commits unsportsmanlike conduct for screaming, “F— you!” to an official’s face. Two plays later on second and 17 from the 49ers 18, Richard Sherman gives up a touchdown catch to Jaron Brown. Bad game for Sherman. The Seahawks lead 34-10.

3:54 On the first play of the drive, Mullens throws a 75-yard touchdown pass to Pettis, who ran a simple post route. The Seahawks free safety was out of position. Pettis is having a good game, and so is Mullens — his QB rating is 125.9.

3:55 The 49ers go for two, and Kyle Shanahn calls a quarterback run for Mullens, who gets crushed and fumbles. Terrible play call. The Seahawks lead 34-16.

4:09 On first and goal from the 1, Ronald Blair sacks Wilson for a 16-yard loss. Two plays later, Buckner sacks Wilson for a five-yard loss. Sebastian Janikowski makes a 40-yard field goal, and the 49ers trail 37-16.

4:20 On third and three from the Seahawks 5, Mullens throws an interception to Wagner, who runs the ball 98 yards for a touchdown. The Seahawks lead 43-16 after Janikowski misses an extra point.

4:40 The Seahawwks win. Stay tuned for my grades and postgame Periscope report.

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  1. Carroll looks like he’s a little leary of the haymaker as he shakes the hand of his ex-corner, Dick Charmin. Go Niners!

      1. I saw the defender but he appeared to be on the edge too far to get over and catch that low liner of a punt.

        1. This proves that Cassie is filled with hate and is trying even now to devise a scheme to destroy THE PLANET!!!

      1. sebnynah says:
        November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
        Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status

        Is Kaep on the status committee?

  2. Nice Pushoff by Locket.
    That was definitely an offensive PI that clearly gave him separation.

  3. Saleh I want him to be good I’ve been on his side but. He just isn’t qualified to be a d-coordinator. Nobody wanted the job. We can not get out of our own way.

  4. Just out of curiosity… did anyone see where Wilson lost possession of the ball before hitting the ground?

  5. That was not a fumble and offensive PI should have been called on the touchdown to Lockett. As John said, bad teams don’t get the breaks. What happened to Mullens’ wheels? He ran all over the place in preseason. He hasn’t taken off one time I can remember since he’s started playing. So predictable. The Niners run 100% of the time on 2nd and 10. WTF? My 27-6 is looking good right now.

  6. Today is a great day for me. The 49ers are losing again. Maybe Jed York will give us all a Christamas gift and either:

    Fire Saleh
    Fire Kyle
    Fire Lynch
    Fire everybody
    Fire everybody and SELL the team.

    Thank you Arizona and NYG for winning today baby.

  7. I won one !!

    and .. how did I know the immature 12-year old would
    steal his Mom’s laptop… again ..and grace us with his incessant blather ???

    ( confession:…. easy call … he needs a lot of attention )

  8. Witherspoon terrible.
    Williams terrible.
    Armstead terrible.
    Smith terrible.
    Pettis terrible.
    Richburg terrible
    Tomlinson terrible.
    Thomas terrible.
    James terrible.
    Richburg terrible x 3

    1. Better be careful or MWniner and his friends are going to say that you’re Darren and all that. They want to be patted on the back and way to go 49ers!

  9. Since MWNIner is starving for my intelligence again, all the 49ers have to do is:

    Sell the team, that’s very easily done, see the Warriors, see the SF Giants
    Draft a QB, again, see the Warriors, see the SF Giants, see playoff Oak As when you draft some talent, NOT sign 137 million dollar Glass QBs that hurt their knee and are NOT going to be mobile. Never mind about the Houston Texans Qb, that team has 2 defenders, the 49ers got 0 defenders.
    Get some defenders, stop letting potentials get away.
    I would seriously go after the GB head coach if he’s sacked, and losing to Arizona is a good opportunity to get fired in Green Bay.
    Finally, stop giving the game away as you just did there on the punt.

    MW, how can you keep rubbing glass in your eye each week seeing this carnage? This is like watching the 3 Stooges in motion with the 49ers: You got your HC, your DC, your QB, all doing the Curly shuffle with your Shemp of a defense and your Joe. By the way, nice play Malcolm Smith cost your team 15 yards. Next year when you hit Qbs like that, EJECT the defender!

  10. Why are the 49ers taking time outs? They’ll be down 16 to 0 or 20 to 0! Just let Seattle run the clock idiots!

    1. Why are you such an idiot? Low life who has nothing better to do than show up every Sunday.

      1. You’re down 20 to 0, Prime Time, 49ers are playing like the Raiders in being flag happy, and you’re calling me an idiot? Hey, sell the flipping team and get a real QB. how hard is that PRime Time? go move on to another forum if you can’t stand me. I’m like Chef Ramsey, you can’t get rid of me whiner.

  11. 20-0 baby.
    Where’s the golden voice at, Grant Cohn? Is he practicing yelling at Kyle after the game?

    1. I hear the Niners are going to pull a Trumph amd pull Grants credentials. Any truth to that ?

  12. Hi Cassie, which QB is not kissing his bicep, taking a knee, got to be me, and tweets and mocks areas like Alaska for having that earthquake? He can’t be like Winston that uses a punching bag and we have to switch him around. By the way, Cassie, you do realize that when you are losing, you draw the best Stone Cold 3:16 fan that there is in me? Oh heck yeaaaah baby! Got to drink the old Steve Weiser baby.

    1. Hey Darren…. You’ve demanded the 9ers draft a QB. There is a draft in 2019, no? So, which QB do we draft?

    1. Darren is a troll and not a very good one. Hard to believe a 50 year old man could act the way he does.

      1. Nay, it’s JUST YOU. You’re the 49er fan immune to all this. you’re used to losing. Used to having a bad Qb. Used to having no WR. Myself, sooner Jed York sells the team, better off you all will be. How any fan can put up with what Jed York does must be a poor pathetic liberal Democratic FOOL.

        1. I am a ultra right wing conservative if you must know. I am very unhappy with the 49er’s play but I have the maturity to not come on here and show my azz like you do every week.

          1. Hey Just YOU, I got the right to be the counterpoint. You know what that is? the movie that you think you saw was good was really bad, the restaurant you went to to eat turned out bad. Wilson Junior, believe it or not, he may have potential, but needs to stop showboating. I got nothing against Kittle, but he needs to be a blocking TE. This is why our QBs get hurt when you use the TE as your WR, bad move. You got no maturity at all, Just YOU showing up in a feeble attempt to drive me off or you’ll wine to the moderator of how mean I am rather then have a backbone to take some criticism of the 49ers. I know how this team was run with Eddie D. Jed York knows NOTHING! Don’t do what MW, Prime, Seb, and Cassie have done on here, get into little tiffs with me in your foolish attempt to drive me off. It doesn’t WORK!

    1. Wow, Whine, how much did you drink today? All Seattle has to do is run and hold on to the ball, defense keeps the foot on your throat.

  13. Oh Darren…. You’re the one demanding for several weeks now that the 9ers draft a QB. Yet to-date you haven’t offered a name. Here’s your chance…

    1. I played this game before, Cassie from your friend MWniner, not getting drawn into another one from you. Any name I’d give, you’d laugh at it. Let’s hear from you. You’re the new generation, the DX. I’m just one of the Horseman, space mountain, the old era 49er fan dating to Montana and Russ Francis and Freddie Solomon, Randy Cross, and Ronnie the hammer Lott. Do the 49ers have a QB? No. WR? no. Defense? No. Coach? no. Everything on the 49ers is a big no. Breida, glass. Kittle, insult to have him as your lead WR for a TE.

      1. No, no, no Darren. Bad boy!

        You’ve been screaming about drafting a QB, so why not name one? You can take a little criticism from us. Stand up and state your QB preference. The guy from Oregon? Who is it?

    1. Mary, that’s FRESH MEAT if you put CJB out there. Seattle will eat him up easily. To me, lose out, draft in the 1, 2, or 3 position, but I would like to see them in the no. 1 just to have York humiliated as the doofus that he is for our joke owner that needs to sell the team that’s an embarrassment to his mom and pop.

  14. Cleveland Browns – from Ohio.
    The York’s – from Ohio
    Coincidence – you tell me

  15. Jed York is like somebody you pay to fix your house and he finds a way to wreck your house with sloppy work so how can any fan put up with such an inept owner that can’t hire the right HC, the DC, the GM, get a real Qb, real talent? How can you the fans NOT hold York accountable and you all just shrug your shoulders, do nothing, and watch the same insane show over and over with the 49ers. Here’s how I can break down a 49er season:
    Division, 0 and 6 easy
    NFC East 0 and 4 to them
    NFC North 1 and 3, beat Detroit
    NFC South 0 and 4
    AFC West, beat Oakland
    AFC North maybe beat Bal
    AFC South beat Tenn/Ind
    AFC East beat Mia/Buf/NYJ

    1. ” …. I played this game before, Cassie from your friend MWniner,
      not getting drawn into another one from you…. “

      I wouldn’t have been able to nail you so easily .. IF
      you really were a grown-up ..

      which is why I contend … you’re an immature 12-year old ..
      with his Mom’s laptop

      ( and you refuse to do anything to prove me wrong ..too ! )

  16. And the 49ers D, what a GREAT DEFENSE just now, 27 to 3 Seattle, WOW!
    Any hope Fox will turn over to the Minn/NE game, a real competive 10 to 7 game for us Bay Area 49er fans sick of this CRAP?!?!

  17. Well of course the Niners now have no healthy RBs. You couldn’t write this stuff into a novel.

  18. Mother F$$$$$$ wow. Everyone knows I’m one of the biggest supporters of Kyle and John. But this is ridiculous. I’m glad for all these injuries because they are seeing now that they need depth. This literally is a pre season team playing ball. But in a way it’s not because preseason guys play with heart and passion. I can’t wait until the off-season. But in the meantime, this is nuts

  19. The 49ers reaction when Seattle scored:
    From the Bounty commercial

  20. Why is it that the 49ers defenders got to celebrate when they supposedly do their job? You do your job, you walk off the field. you can do your high five stuff off the field. That’s why Saleh needs to be fired.

  21. This is why until there is 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter, you keep the foot on the throat of the 49ers. Now we got another false hope from the team. You think the 49ers would just learn to lose like the Cleveland Browns were doing.

  22. Mullens reminds me of Seth MacFarlane just now. To have somebody that’s like Peter Griffin on the 49ers is really sad right now. By the way, Cassie, still waiting for that name of who looks great as a QB, and don’t come back with ‘no, you’re supposed to give me the name.’ I keep telling you that unless you have existed since 1980 to have been a fan of the 49ers until the Yorks came along to destroy the team, YOU, and the other next generation provide the name. I’m the old school, chump. you’re the ‘new kid.’ By the way, tell your 49er fans to get out of Seattle.

    1. Darren Boy…. You’re soooo cute! I’ve been a fan since the late 60s–Kesar, Brodie, Washington, Witcher, and on and on.

      You’ve been crying out for the 9ers to draft a QB. Not Me. You.

      So, name one. Or are just a bag of hot air?

  23. When oh when are we goign to get that real game, Vikings and Pats, the real game, not this fake game!

    1. that’s nothing, Mike ditka threw his gum at Candlestick after a loss to the 49ers. That was the good old days until the Yorks came and ruined the team.

      1. I was at Candlestick for that game. Mid December ’87, Monday Night Football, and Rice lit the Bears up.

      2. Thats one thing Darren has been right about………………….we are trying to dig out of the hole that the Yorks put us in……………….Ill give him that. When they did have a good coach, they first ignored him via baalke-then ran him out of town.
        In the real world that we all live in, the York’s would have been fired long, long ago.

  24. Well, I didn’t think that we would do that well against Seattle. Some of the team deficiencies are painfully obvious. It’s sad that so much has been lost. It’s not that long ago that this was the most heated rivalry in football.

    The reboot of this team is not what most of us wanted, expected or imagined. However, a serious reassessment needs to be in order. BTW, not calling for the coaches to be fired but something internally has to change.

  25. Holy Crap, Kyle got flagged? Holy crap! Man, Kyle has to be fired. No 49er coach has EVER displayed emotion like that. Embarrassed as a 49er fan, embarrassed!

      1. Oh yeah, Whine? Down 27 to 10 and you still got hope for your team? 34 to 10 now, whoo! Hey buddy, don’t hurt your foot kicking your TV set just now loser boy!

    1. That is an embarrassment East 9r to the team, to its fans, to the owner. This is an example that you fire people like Kyle for pulling that stunt. I would’ve wanted Kyle ejected from the game for that stunt. Baseball doesn’t allow that, NFL shouldn’t tolerate that. Kyle, your team is a disgrace. You’re supposed to lose. you’re not containing Wilson> you’re not stopping the run. The WRs are having their way with you. You’ve lost yearly to Seattle!

  26. Shanahan might try dressing like the professional leader of a team and get rid of the bag man look. Walsh was always squared away and comfortable in his skin.

  27. All Kyle just did was motivate Seattle to score YET AGAIN. Kyle should’ve sat back and SHUT UP on the sideline about the call. NFL, give us the VIkings and Pats game already! I’m seriously going to look into NFL for PC, get a real game on my PC to watch then the Raider and 49er garbage.

  28. Shanny get all fired up? Little too little little too late. He should have been doing that in training camp. Everybody is so hunky dory the players the coach the GM Jed farggin York!

    1. Your Mom’s home now … and she wants her
      laptop back … Darren boy

      ( emphasis on “boy” )

    1. Any names? Darren has been demanding the same. When asked, he won’t say who. Who do you think the 9ers should draft?

      1. Cassie, why do you seriously want me to answer it? MWNiner wanted information, he got the information and I still get disrespect DESPITE the 49ers STILL LOSING and STILL NOT IMPROVING. You give the name. You give the answer.

        1. So how many names are you using today Darren? Doctor Football is it? Really clever!

        2. Hey DARREN………………

          Your complaining about not getting respect-its right there, so don’t try to deny it–yet you give no respect to anyone!
          How old are you???

  29. Right now it’s clear, if we had a defense, the offense could win this game. But we don’t.

    1. Agree.

      Good/bad/indifferent, Pettis is hanging in and doing a pretty decent job. Hoping he continues to improve and has a strong 2019.

      1. Carson’s been doing great today for Seattle. Wilson’s done decent, but good control on his part. Seattle fans are stronger then 49er fans.

        1. Seattle fans are stronger then 49er fans.

          Statements like this prove that there are people out there who can survive despite a lack of oxygen going to their brains.

      1. Really? Our house is fuller then your house and nobody complains about the sun.

          1. You obviously need some pony friendship, and I’m not this fellow you are referring to. I live in Seattle.

        1. Exactly how are you? I would expect that comment to come out of a child under the age of ten Darren/Nurse Football/SSR.

    1. Hahaha!!!!

      How noble, sliming in when your team is up—and not before.

      And yet, it takes a team like the 9ers presently are to make the hags look good. That doesn’t necessarily give you much to blab about. Do you see and understand what I’m saying, Seattle?

  30. I must apologize to Sebbie. I thought he was the evil Doctor Football. Alas, it’s Darren.

    Sorry Sebbie!

    1. Sigh, the Niners sure proved they never read my posts because they did exactly the opposite of what I advocated.
      If they could run the no huddle, with quick snaps, they could have avoided those false start penalties. Letting the play clock run down to zero when they are behind more than 2 scores is not only incompetence, it is malpractice.
      I agree with Juan, the refs were biased. However, Wilson should have gone down quickly, so they do not have the chance to rip the ball out.
      Saleh had a LB on Tyler Lockett….Genius. KS did not only waste time outs, he helped the Seahawks score a TD.
      Sherman did not motivate Wilson at all. He looked kinda flat. Only threw 4 passes in the first half.
      Cassie, now you know what a real troll looks like. And acts. Please just ignore him, he feeds off attention.

  31. First, Saleh needs to go. Way too many 3rd and 15 or 20 converted. Not a DC. Next, poor drafting and personnel management. Just not enough talent on this team. Too many misses. We are worst team in NFL and not really close.

    Not talented + not well-coached + no heart = team of losers!

    1. Careful, there’s been a lot of trolls today and people claiming I’m using this name and that name. They’re going to be saying that you are me. Number 23 of the 49ers needs to be cut.

    1. Believe it or not, MW, I would take him on the 49ers. I’d like him to be hired for the 49ers. Shocked that GB fired him, but I guess in today’s NFL, there is no patience by week 16.

    2. I’m not familiar with the scheme he prefers. I’ll need to do some digging. Wow.

      1. ” . I’m not familiar with the scheme he prefers
        . I’ll need to do some digging. Wow…”

        He comes from the Bill Walsh tree … Cassie

      1. After this last game? Niners are unprepared, unfocused out of control and undisciplined.
        KS needs to hire an OC today. Maybe Holmgren can prepare them properly. McCarthy would be acceptable.

        1. Holmgren would be fine as a President, I have no problem with that.
          McCarthy as OC I wouldn’t like… he’s had arguably the most talented thrower of the football ever… and his team struggles to make the playoffs repeatedly?

          1. Yep, his game management against the Seahawks in that playoff game amply demonstrated his limitations. 4th and 1 on the one, twice, and he settled for field goals, and lost

  32. Man this season is reminiscent of Erickson a guy named mike nolan, donahue oh yah and singletary.
    Shall I go on?

    1. Hello Nurse Football! Glad you changed your bogus email–better avatar now, fits you well.

      1. Cassie, will you stop masquerading as other fans and talking to yourself? This is a poor way to get me kicked off of here.

      1. Back to the old bogus email. C’mon Nurse Football, get on the stick! Check your avatar!

        1. I can easily name you, Seb, Midwest, and other fans with a phony masquerading Email. I’m sure you know how to get a dummy phony Email, it’s like spoofing. ALl right Wagner, take it TO THE HOUSE HE COULD GO ALL THE WAY! YEAH WAGNER! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am doing my crotch chop to tell you in the words of Triple H of DX to SUCK IT!

    2. Oh please do. It is below freezing where I live, so I could definitely use some hot air.

  33. Sigh, garbage time offensive numbers padding… I guess it’s still valuable experience for the second and third stringers on offense……

      1. Man, these 49ers fans are just tripping. You’re this fan. No, you’re this fan, no you’re this fan. Man, you all watch Jerry Springer too much or something? I thought you were all 49ers fans, does this Grant Cohn not know how to run a forum like the one we got on the Seattle Times? You all should see how a real site is run, I feel sorry for you all to have such a losing team and an embarrassing owner. I hope you all get your act together. A real football fan would offer pros and cons and from what I read of this Darren, while he may offer cons, you all don’t want to debate him and you all accuse him of bring this fan or that fan. I’m going back to the Seattle Times, see you all in 2 weeks. Go Seahawks. Maybe this job is too much for Grant Cohn and he ought to shut this forum off if you all are going to act like kids.

        1. How cute. Calling us kids while telling us you have bigger and better things than us. Please continue to channel the ? for us.

          1. You know, MidWest, there are rival fans that can respect you if you can respect them. I don’t think you are real football 49er fans. You remind me of fans on this 49er site that ‘Erickson’ runs and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you are from that 49er forum. How and Why Grant Cohn puts up with this form of abuse is beyond me.

            I have yet to see a team effort from teh 49ers. I don’t care what Mullens did, I’m not impressed, He’s not the Qb of the future. I’m not impressed with Kittle. I’m not impressed with Breida. I’m not impressed with Wilson Junior, he may have potential, but he show boats. We don’t need show boat. We need a team and I don’t see that. We need a coach, I don’t see that. WE need an owner. I don’t see that either. you really must be blind bats to ignore all the glaring needs and to call me out is classless as it gets.

            What do you want me to do, MidWest? You want me to what? Get mad? Get sad? throw my TV? Kick my dog? Break something? Get myself fired from my job? How do you want me to react after a 49er loss? You tell me how to be a 49er fan then because right now, you’re the child in my eyes. I don’t want a 49er name, a coach name or a former past name. I want no 49er identity.

            1. Whining about every aspect of the team, both good and bad, and then accusing me of not being a 49ers fan because I call out your idiocy? Seriously, how immature are you?

        2. What are you doing here, you tool.? Seriously, get a life and go play with your Seachicken cohorts. You guys are just good enough to make playoffs, win a game and then lose to Saints or Rams. Seachickens aren’t winning anything.

  34. Cassie, why aren’t you happy my poor little friend? You’ve been trying so hard to get me off of here and masquerading as other people, are you waving the flag right now my friend? Are you like Bugs Bunny that FINALLY got his? 43 to 16, wow! I am a very happy 49er fan. We will maintain our 1 or 2 pick. You should be happy too because maybe we’ll get a good Qb with that pick. I know you want me to name names but see, I don’t waste my Saturdays watching NCAA. I’ll pick up a USA weekly and see who they got rated to take, but you got to wait about 90 days from now. Seattle, what a classy team they are. I hope you are respectful to their fans.

      1. …As a former serviceman, you football fans have such utter disrespect for my son. I’m a man in my 90s, no wonder I don’t like sports. Tool of the devil.

  35. The Alliance of American Football kicks off in several weeks. Could be interesting from the player development aspect.

    1. Hi Cassie. Woot, woot, are you doing OK little whatever you are? you lost 43 to 16. I’m a happy 49er fan baby.

    1. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo BRONCOS baby. I said Seattle by 17, I’m picking Denver by 10, I’ll be generous, don’t know which Denver is showing up.

  36. The 49ers need a OC. Grant Cohn needs somebody to run this forum. I have never seen so many people with dummy Emails trying to get me off by saying I’m this fan and that fan.

  37. Well, one more TD than I expected for the Seahawks but several TOs as I expected. Hopefully not too many bad injuries. Kyle showed a bit of fire and Sherman got plenty of TV time (arguing with officials).

    What can we take away from this game? Buckner and Wagner are the future on defense. Ronald Blair should get more play time. Our OL isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Pettis may be on the upswing (though he is likely to get hurt), not sure of much else other than if you cover Kittle there isn’t much else and Breida is brittle.

    1. I disagree with everything you said EastCoast9er. Are you masquerading as Midwest or Cassie? A real 49er fan calls out the defense and throws the QB under the bus and wants him replaced. Kyle needs to be fired, embarrassed our legacy just now. Saleh has to go.

    2. What I can take away from this game is most teams like the Seahawks can rebuild a championship roster and we still are the laughing stock of the league after 4 years of rebuilding..And we have the least talented roster in the NFL…Besides the Harbs years we always suck..period.
      It’s really cool too cause now even on the fox morning shows they literally mock the 49ers ..lol
      This franchise is a joke..

        1. Wrong dumbass.

          This team has been garbage since Haurbaugh left,you think this team was gonna compete with Jim Tomsula and that roster?

  38. Baalke refused to put the team into a rebuild despite how bad it was after Harbaugh was fired. Claiming anything other than that just makes you look foolish Big Tone.

  39. Baalke dismantled a SB team and stabbed Kaep in the back. He is the catalyst to this debacle. Paraag is also meddling. Jed is in need of an intervention.
    That said, I see talent, but the coaching is horrendous. Pete Carroll was effusive with praise, then dissected the Niners. He made it look easy. The Niners were shaped. In fact, they were folded, spindled and mutilated. Seahawks stacked the box, and the Niners obliged by going with bunched sets.
    KS makes game management seem like a foreign concept.He had no clue about how to implement a red zone offense.
    KS lost his cool. He should channel Bill Walsh. KS hurt his team, and needs yelling at.
    I still love the Niners, but this game was not their finest moment.

  40. Saleh needs to coach up his players. He must coach them to be able to turn their head and track the ball. Especially AW and AE.
    If Saleh was more competent, the DB would not have the ball hit him in the head. Another interception opportunity wasted.

    1. sebnynah says:
      November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
      Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

      Commenting multiple and multiple times after a game with all the other emotional losers keeps you in a low status category.

      1. Just imagine what Grant’s grades are going to be.
        If you want to dwell on the positives, go ahead. I just watched a slow motion train wreck.
        Prime, obsession about status is predictable, and lowers yours.
        I want to comment on the game. You want to comment about status.

        1. sebnynah says:
          November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
          Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

          You don’t have the IQ to crack the elite status club. I tried to help you but you would not listen.

          1. Prime, my status is legendary, your legacy is being a foul mouthed simpleton, who like to hurl insults.
            You are beginning to sound like Trump and his inflated IQ.

            1. sebnynah says:
              November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
              Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

              You are too worried about status which is what is holding you back.

              1. Prime, you are the one obsessed about status. Try talking about football. After this game, I could use a laugh.

              2. sebnynah says:
                November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
                Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

                Where exactly do you think your status needs to be elevated to?

            2. sebnynah says:
              November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
              Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

              Is the status of legendary the pinnacle? Or do you seek more?

              1. sebnynah says:
                November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
                Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

  41. “Shanahan commits unsportsmanlike conduct for screaming, “F— you!” to an official’s face.”

    You don’t put that on tape Kyle.

  42. My wonderful 49er fans, I am officially predicting Broncos will win by 14 over the 49ers as my opening line, and the park will be half full. Will some brave 49er fan on this site go to Santa Clara and give an official count of how many fans are there. Any full stadium will just mean opposing fans. I couldn’t be any prouder to see we have maintained the top pick in the draft that we need and COULD trade for additional picks. Don’t F it up, 49ers.

    1. 50/50 chance they will F it up.

      If we keep the #1 pick, don’t get cute. Take Bosa. If we trade down, several great options – Oliver, Q. Williams, Greedy Williams, Deandre Baker, or Deionte Thompson. DO NOT TAKE A CLEMSON DL (i.e. Clelin Ferrell) Turn out average at best.

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