49ers-Seahawks postgame report

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman sits on the bench late in the second half of an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

Check out my 49ers-Seahawks postgame Periscope report below.

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  1. Hope Sherman regrets giving them additional motivation.
    One can talk smack, but only if he can back it up. Sherman looked old and slow.

  2. This organization is a joke,no matter the coach,gm,scouts…As long as the York’s are involved this organization is the doormat of the NFL…Browns West…
    Can’t wait till next April to blow another draft…
    As long as the balding prince and Paraag the analytics master are running this team it’s poo poo from here on out..
    We will continue to get laughed at and embarrassed by small market second class cities like Seattle

  3. Yup…Like I said they should just take down any kind of championship banners and all the greats and just put up home of the Next years all over the worst stadium in the NFL we call home

  4. Just fix your eyes on the next draft, when we could very well have the #1 pick. The rams were where we are just 2 years ago. And we get McKinnon and Jimmy G back next year. Plus we could have a choice of either Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams!!!!!!

  5. The problem is Kyle should’ve got some veteran coaches around him to season the players. We have awareness issues and that comes from position coaches. The 3-4 scheme is the way 2 go imo because it gives you more possessions and helps the pass rush because guys can use the speed by standing instead of a 3point stance FOR THE WHOLE GAME. Reminds me of when Wr used to put there hand in the ground ??‍♂️ (only seen tape of that I’m 38 like Kyle??

  6. Why is Shanahan still around? The guys a loser like Harbaugh was! Two years and it’s a team of medical hazards! Can’t tackle right. How many players with broken arms? Mark my words he’ ll be gone soon!

    1. In retrospect, Harbaugh was handed great teams, yet he couldn’t win a Superbowl. Perhaps Harbaugh’s team’s limited success was in spite of him? Shanahan is in a different spot, but it may take the length of his contract to reach wild card status.

      1. Seahawks fan here:
        With all due respect, I thought Harbaugh was a fine coach. He certainly made things difficult for us up here in Seattle. We didn’t like him, but we had a great deal of respect for him and those teams that he coached. In all honesty, I thought the one big mistake that the 49ers organization made was letting him get away.

        You have had great teams in the past, and I have little doubt that you’ll have great ones in the near future.

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