49ers-Seahawks postgame report

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, left, is hit after passing by San Francisco 49ers linebacker Fred Warner, right, and linebacker Elijah Lee, bottom, during the second half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my postgame Periscope report below.

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    1. I pointed out weeks ago about Solari’s undisciplined line, and how many holding penalties they’ve been penalized for. They currently rank 23rd in the league with 21 holding penalties for a whopping 205yds lost. Additionally, they rank 21st in committed false start penalties with 18 for another 89 yards lost. Grant and his teachers pet, Mike poo poo’d this, but if Solari was the 49ers offensive line coach, they wouldn’t be singing his praises like they do. That I can guarantee you….

            1. Provide a link to what Bubba actually said. No offense, but I’d like to read it unfiltered, otherwise…it has a bit of a horsey smell.

              1. It was on the local news channel after the game review. Bubba and another guy had their own show, and basically broke down the game by halfs….

              2. All you said was smack. Until you watch the show your lips are moving but the sound is coming from outta your ass….

              3. Whatever you say. Your the expert on things that come out of rear ends.

                Weren’t you the one who touted Thomas as a Pass Rusher who could play any position on the line?

              4. Thomas has been playing numerous positions, and that’s Jeff Zgonina’s 3rd pillar. If you’d quit talking your smack, you’d realize Thomas has been playing his natural position….

  1. If I were the front office, I’d keep Mullens next year. Let him start the first couple of games under the headlines that Garoppolo is still healing. The team isn’t competing for a super bowl next year. Allow Mullens to keep building his resume. Take the season to evaluate and build up value. Then, trade the QB before the draft in 2020.

    I do not think Mullens is as aggressive as Garoppolo. Garoppolo threw into tighter windows which led to a couple of his INTs. 2 of Mullens Ints were receiver tipped balls. He is a nice mix of Alex Smith (the game manager) and Tom Brady (game preparation).

    1. Do you guys even know how hard it is to find players talk less about good QB’ s …….the eagles kept Foles the SB MVP…..the patriots held on to JimmyG for long as time allowed…..and you expect the 49ers a young team in the building phase to trade Mullens for what?….draft picks?……knowing JimmyG injury history, you really want us to trade Mullens…….how that thought came up in your head as a 49er fan is really disturbing…….what is even more crazy is the thought we can’t win the Superbowl next year…….

  2. Discussing the dawn of the Nick Mullens Era.

    Hmmm…….just what you need to stir things up….

    Am just glad JimmyG knows he has a real competition behind him…..

    Mullens is a 49er for a long time….

  3. Much as I wanted Nick Bosa I wanted us to beat the over-celebrating quacking Seagulls. I’m good with this. No more seagull turds dropped on us. I’m so sick of that. The Harbaugh hex is over. We’ll find a couple of pass rushers and other players the 49ers need.

  4. I don’t know about a “Nick Mullens ERA” but I do think Garoppolo had better continue to progress because he’ll probably have a shorter leash next year.

  5. Nice win. Shanahan has done an exceptional job coaching this team. They still fight even at 3-10. The thing that I noticed more than anything else in this game is the officiating is making the NFL almost unwatchable. The ticky tack defensive holds and the BS roughing calls are killing the NFL. There were tons of awful calls against both teams. It’s like the NFL officials are either pissed off at Goodell for something so they are trying to piss off fans or they think fans go to games to see the yellow hanky fly. NFL officiating is killing the game.

  6. It is interesting how the last month of the season last year and this year the team plays better. I wonder why that is.
    Is it the season is mostly over so less pressure? Is it the team takes most of the season to get comfortable with the system? Is it just better players starting or is it young players who just need time?

    1. They are highly motivated to ruin playoff hopes, the fact it was sea this wk just makes it even sweeter. Mullens might have saved a few jobs today. He is balln no doubt but any chatter about jg looking over his shoulder is way p.e.d. He’s perhaps the best backup in the league, although a starter for some. This is JG team, don’t get it twisted my friends. Coming from a guy that was begn for Mullens as soon as jg went down, while most were still on the cjb train. Read the archives.

  7. So Grant after this win are going to back off wanting to fire the coaching staff and the front office?
    Do you think that if you were the head coach the team would still be playing for you or waiting for your replacement. Great win now next up is the Bears.

    Is anyone watching the Rams game? The 2 morons announcing are making this game unwatchable.

  8. Nice meaningless win. What are we like 4th or 5th now in the draft order? Smh. Only we want to win when it doesn’t matter. Never mind trading the number 1 pick for more picks in this years drsft and most likely another number one in 2020 and possibly more. Now we get to keep our 5 picks in 2019. Friggin awesome.

      1. Winning cures what ails? We won 5 straight last year and we are 4-10. Draft is only a crap shoot if you don’t know how to draft. Baalke was crap shooting his whole time here and passed up on many players who could help us for projects and scrubs.

  9. Agree Reed. Mullens has proven to be a tough, gritty kid that has an accurate, quick release. He is thorough in his preparation, and knows the play book inside and out. He has proven he can hit the wide open receivers consistently, but he isn’t without limitations. He hasn’t shown he can throw into tight windows, he hasn’t shown he can throw outside the lines far down the field, and his footwork inside the pocket needs refinement. He has not shown to have any escape ability whatsoever. Jimmy is a better all around QB. He’s just as accurate. He can throw into tight windows. His arm is much stronger. His footwork within the pocket is far superior. He has escape ability. This is still his team. It’s great that Mullens has succeeded, and is playing darn well. It’s good for him, good for the team, good for Kyle, and good for us fans. Competition is good. Does anybody thing Jimmy will back down from the challenge? Nope. It will make him better. To call this the “Dawn of the Mullens era” is a tad premature. More like the “Dawn of more click bait”. I also lobbied for Mullens. He won the backup job by far in the preseason. Check the archives. :)

  10. i am proud of this team there was no quit today.contrary to what some people say the coaches have not lost this team.i am excited about next year this is a team to build with.

  11. Although it seemed at times like the OL didn’t play well, they did a great job on Bobby Wagner. He was not a factor at all in this game because there was usually an OL getting to him on the second level.

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