49ers and OL Weston Richburg agree to 5-year deal

New York Giants center Weston Richburg jogs during NFL football training camp, Saturday, July 29, 2017, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

The 49ers will sign former New York Giants offensive lineman Weston Richburg to a five-year deal,  Adam Schefter Tuesday morning.

Richburg, 26, is a former second-round draft pick who started 15 games at left guard as a rookie in 2014. In 2015, he moved to center. And in 2017, he missed 12 games with a concussion.

That means the 49ers first two major signings of free agency — Richburg and Richard Sherman — are players coming off serious injuries.

If Richburg is healthy, he will be an upgrade over Daniel Kilgore at center. But, Richburg shouldn’t play guard. That shouldn’t be the 49ers plan for him. He’s not strong enough to hold his ground one on one against a defensive tackle like Aaron Donald. The Niners still need two guards.

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  1. He has, but not adequately. Kilgore is basically a good backup, so it will be interesting to see how long he can hold Richburg off. I agree with, Grant that we need two guards. I prefer someone with a nasty disposition, like Nelson to counter Donald. I think if Sitton isn’t too expensive, he’d be a nice get to add. I think they should add another vet corner on the cheap. That would allow the 49ers to take either Nelson or the best pass rusher, Landry with their first pick….

    1. Sitting on a pile of cash and not taking advantage of it … hmm, things haven’t changed much with the 49ers front office in that regard.

      1. I don’t think he fits in the equation. If I’m the 49ers, I move him to a team that needs a power guard.

        1. So you don’t like big guy Garnett but you’re loving big guy Nelson? Yeah, I think Nelson is probably better, but that’s a different point.
          Aaron Donald is blink quick. Quickness and agility counters speed better than bulk imo.

          1. I’m interested to see how Garnett has transformed his body as they said he would do last year. He did a lot of pulling at Stanford so he’s capable of playing in this system if he has made some of the body changes that were asked of him.

            1. He can transform, but the bottom line is OZ is not what he excels at. If he’s not traded, the 49ers probably don’t take a guard early, with Richburg, Kilgore and Garnett as your new interior line.

            2. rocket

              I’m with you on this one…If the Hickock award still has any value…Garnett had better put some jalapenos in his jock, and get MEAN…otherwise he’s just Chilo II …I’m still hoping for him…and to be with Quentin Nelson at the opposite G position…some nasty…

              1. Get this, Donald. Nasty 49ers are tough. Nasty 49ers are smart. And nasty 49ers block. And this season, we nasty 49ers are going to march down the field, on our nasty feet, to block your nasty ass off the field forever….

          2. Nelson will neutralize Donald’s speed with his anticipation, and then wall him off for oncoming traffic.

          3. That depends on how violent Nelson is. He isn’t the top Oline prospect for his size and strength, but for his quickness and agility despite his size. We may be talking about Larry Allen part 2 here. I hope we get him, but we may have to trade up for him. Somewhere between 5 and 8

        2. “You’re getting a brilliant young man, and a tough son of a gun. He has some work to do as a pass protector, which he’s worked on every year. He can down block. He can pull. He’s physical and nasty. He’s ready for Sundays.” — Stanford coach David Shaw

          Garnett will be a starter this year. A year of NFL weights and nutrition are going to serve him and us well. He was constantly pulling and very effective on screens at Stanford. Pigeon holing him as a power guard is silly.

          1. Like Hyde, Garnett is a square peg in a round hole for this offense. Like Armstead, I consider Garnett a more likely than not trade candidate….

            1. Agreed on Hyde and I think Armstead, Tank, and Harold are one there way out with potentially one more year. But Garnett is going to impress you this year. Wait and see

  2. Oh, come on Grant, you can’t have it both ways!

    On one hand, you say Kyle prefers smaller, more nimble OG’s, and then knock them when they sign a smaller, more nimble interior lineman for not being strong enough or stout enough. You know as well as I do that Kyle wants athletic interior linemen who excel in blocking on the 2nd level, not road graders, and those athletic linemen tend to sacrifice a little strength/bulk, for mobility. You know this.

    Richburg draft scouting report. Strengths: Good snap-and-step quickness. Maneuvers to gain positioning. Good mobility — gets out of the chute quickly as a puller and demonstrates nice body control. Good awareness. Energetic and aggressive temperament. Durable, 49-game starter. Vocal team leader with outstanding intangibles.

    Listen, when you with smaller, more nimble OG’s, you’re going to naturally sacrafice a little strength. Kyle knows what he wants from his OG’s, and I suspect he and John like Richburg’s fit at OG in this scheme. He’s also gotten stronger over the last few years, since coming out of Colorado State. I was hoping the Niners would draft him in 2014, had him mocked to us because I thought he would be an outstanding Center for our power scheme. Conversely, I think he fits well at Guard in this outside-zone scheme.

    Let’s see the numbers.

    1. If an OG consistently gets knocked backward, his speed and quickness don’t matter. Richburg needs to play center.

      1. Maybe, but Weston, doesn’t consistently get knocked backwards or he wouldn’t be PFF’s 14th ranked free agent.

        Here’s PFF on Richburg as a FA: On limited snaps in 2017, Richburg allowed just three total QB pressures on 173 snaps in pass protection. Through his career, Richburg has allowed only four sacks on a whopping 2,112 pass-blocking snaps.

        The kid can play anywhere on the interior now, IMO, and play well in this scheme.

          1. Like I said, you seem to want to have it both ways Grant.

            Wynn get’s knocked for the same thing.

            Isaiah Wynn WEAKNESSES: Is a little lean in his lowers with a high-cut frame. Built more like a tackle than a guard, but is packed into a 6-foot-2 frame. Will have to prove he can withstand NFL power. Could benefit from getting better arm extension into initial punch as interior blocker in NFL. May lack necessary pop in his hips to displace 1-gappers who are clogging running lanes.

            1. Sorry Grant, I have to call you out for trying to have it both ways.

              You said the other day Kyle prefers smaller, more mobile OG’s. Now they get one and he’s not big enough or strong enough. SMH!

              1. He’s a good center, the position he played the past three seasons. He’s not a good guard.

              2. He only played center in college and is known as a better pass protector than a run blocker. KEEP him at center. Kyle does like smaller OG’s but not every 298lb center like Weston in this case is strong enough or has the power for OG in the NFL, they’re not all the same. Maybe 305-320lb.. Draft Nelson at 325lb.. Maybe Kyle will ask him to lose 5-10lbs. which is easy at that weight and Big Nasty Nelson on the left side of Weston would be great.

              3. Like Kyle did last year with Zuttah, he’s bringing Ritchburg in to challenge and push Kilgore. Plus, with kilgore’s penchant for getting injured (how many times on IR?), Kyle wants an experienced insurance policy in the event that Kilgore goes down .

            2. I hadn’t noticed Wynn had trouble anchoring. Nelson and Hernandez certainly don’t have trouble with that.

  3. He missed 12 games for a concussion?
    That is a pretty major red flag. Did he just call it a day because his team sucked? Or did he really suffer concussion related symptoms for 12 games? In either case I can’t see the issue going away… I hope its an easy deal to get out of.

    1. Actually, Richburg wanted to return last season, and was very angry that the Giants shut him down for the year.

      Richburg: “I got cleared medically by the specialist like three or four weeks ago, but I was getting good there for a while,” Richburg said as the Giants packed up their lockers on Monday. “I wanted to play. But that’s just the way it turned out this year.”

      “I didn’t want to go. I thought I was turning the corner, about to be ready to go and then that happened (placed on IR)” Richburg said. “My job is to play and I wanted to be here playing with my guys. It’s hard to be away when they’re going through the things that they went through. But that’s how this thing turned out.”

      Here’s Matt Barrows take on Richburg:

      Richburg measured 6-3, 298 when coming out of Colorado State for years ago. That’s small for an NFL guard, but the position has been trending in that direction. He’s also quick off the snap and has show excellent body control, which are assets in Kyle Shanahan’s outside-zone blocking scheme.

      1. By the way, Weston has GREAT leadership qualities as well. He’s a leader, and he’s ultra competitive.

        Let’s see the numbers.

          1. I wonder if we could get the Giants 135th pick for Garnett, who might fit what they’re looking for up front.

        1. They needed to open a roster spot. It had nothing to do with him. It’s the only concussion that he has ever had. Are you forgetting how dysfunctional the Giants were last year? They sat down Eli for Geno Smith, breaking Eli’s consecutive start streak. They sat him for ONE week for Geno Smith!

          One thing about Kyle: He knows how to identify the talent to fit his system . At the very worst, they’ll have an upgrade at center and Kilgore as a swing interior lineman. Not only does this make us better talent wise, but it can help us with our active roster on game day . Kilgore can be the swing interior lineman and Gilliam can be the swing tackle . We could get by with activating only 7 on the OL on game day. We probably can get by with carrying less players on the roster at OL too. That can free up space for other positions of need.

  4. Great signing, at least until we see the numbers. He was best pass blocking center in 2016 according to PFF. I wonder if we cut Kilgore or keep him on as a backup.

    1. They just extended Kilgore, so they aren’t cutting him unless they want to take a 5 million in dead money this year. But next or the year after, his final 2 years, he has no dead cap number so they can cut at that point, if wanted.

    1. Thats more a training camp move. He’s left footed, so the return guys get used to catching balls coming off a lefty and a righty (Pinion). It is possible he could but unlikely he unseats BP.

  5. 1/ the editors stiffed you again with the headline? The team has not signed the guy. They will tomorrow afternoon, then it will be a reasonable statement.
    2/ they recruited this guy to sit? Or they extended Kilgore to sit so they could sign somebody else to do the work? That’s sketchy thinking.
    3/ if a guy gets pushed back at guard, he’ll get pushed back at center. And yet, they recruited this guy
    4/if Shanny let’s Richburg win a starting job at guard, I’m down with Shanny over the opinions of anyone in the media
    Many here, including me and Grant, have hoped the team would land some veteran(s) interior OL. Here’s one, now let’s Pooh-pooh the signing; standard practice. I see a team trying to move forward.

    1. Pooh as in Winnie? Sounds like the Eeyore syndrome offered by htwaits!! There’s Debbie Downer…and there’s Eeyore…

            1. Don’t bet against Donald, but don’t bet against Nelson either. I’d love to see them do battle twice a year, and I’m guessing Quenton would be salivating at the chance to compete against him….

      1. Didn’t you say the other day that Kyle prefers smaller, more mobile OG’s? Now you seem to think they are better off with road graders. Which is it Grant?

        Seriously, sometimes you talk out of both sides of your mouth.

        1. Actually, Shanahan said he prefers 400 lb OL who can move over 300 lb OL who can move. Kyle prefers the bigger OL if he can move as quickly as the smaller OL. That just doesn’t happen too often.

        2. If the 3-technique blasts the play-side guard into the backfield on an outside zone play, the 49ers can’t run outside zone effectively. This is what happened repeatedly last season to Tomlinson and Fusco.

            1. The play-side guard has zero chance to execute a reach block on a 3-technique. So, the play-side guard has to hit the 3-technique and run his feet, create some movement and a cut-back lane for the running back.

              1. Zone blocking is really more about mobility and positioning. Strength is always important especially in PP, but to really make the running game work they have to reach their targets and failed miserably at doing so last season. That first step is so important to get outside leverage and that’s why smaller OG’s have traditionally been preferred in this type of system. This is why I’m interested to see if Garnett is able to adapt. If he can’t, then they will have a potential hole that will have to be addressed in the draft or with another vet signing.

              2. Play-side guards can’t execute reach blocks on 3-techniques. The position of the DT won’t allow the possibility of a reach block.

              3. I didn’t say they could. Just pointing out the reasoning as to why mobility and positioning are so important in this blocking scheme and why OL Coaches look for that first among the interior lineman.

              4. Sure. But as defenses have evolved, speed and quickness have become less important for guards in an outside zone running scheme. Still important for centers and tackles.

        3. These are crap statements.

          It’s about abilities… if by some freak of nature, there was a 250 lb offensive guard that could manhandle defensive tackles with ease even power running coaches would take them. It’s also the same in reverse.

          Coaches don’t like smaller linemen… they will take a smaller lineman who can move over a bigger one who can’t. But they will also take a bigger lineman who can move over both of those.

          1. That’s a true statement Shoup. Kyle has even said as much.

            The point is, bigger guys are usually less mobile, hence the preference for smaller guys. Big, strong OG’s who have the agility to excel in this stretch zone are much, much harder to find, that’s all. And they certainly don’t hit free agency very often.

  6. BTW, Richburg is plenty strong these days. The kid is way more stout now than he was coming out. He’s an excellent combination of strength combined with agility. Is he as strong as Nelson or Hernandez …. no. But those guys go 325 lbs plus.

    I’m sure they like those 2 guys but Nelson will be gone at #9, and they can still draft Hernandez.

    Done and done.

      1. Yea, he’s one of the better centers in the league. That’s why I’m curious to see how quickly he can learn the offense, and usurp Kilgore….

      2. He’ll be playing OG in 2018, and backup Kilgore at Center …. book it!

        Probably usurp Kilgore at OC in 2019 unless he excels at Guard, which wouldn’t surprise me.

          1. So Kilgore moves to OG this season, even though he’s Jimmy G’s guy? Doubt it. I think it’s the other way around this season. You aren’t likely sitting a starting caliber Center on the bench, so Kilgore moves to Guard, even though he has chemistry with Jimmy and knows the offense, and makes all the calls? OK?

            BTW, Kilgore wasn’t the problem last season. OG was the serious problem.

            1. Kilgore finished the second half of the season VERY strong. Why would you upset the apple cart this season, after signing him to a reasonable extension, when OG is the glaring problem? Maybe you are right, but if that’s the case, this signing drops on my star rating system.

              We’ll see the numbers.

              1. Sure, eventually. But I don’t think it makes sense this season with his familiarity, chemistry with Jimmy, and many other pressing needs.

                Like I said, Richburg can bump him in a year, with no dead money hit. I doubt that’s the plan to start 2018, we’ll see.

  7. I agree that his best position is C but we’ll have to see what they envision when OTA’s get underway. He started at OG his rookie year and struggled so the belief that he’s a better C is not unwarranted imo. It will be interesting to see the contract numbers after Norwell just set a new OL record never mind OG money.

    1. I knew we wouldn’t sign either Robinson or Norwell for that kind of money. I still think they need to add another guard, either Pugh or Sitton and another corner….

      1. Yeah the money has been flowing out of the gate as usual. Watkins getting 16 per is insane. I could have lived with Robinson’s contract but I’m fine with how things have started. They’ve addressed two big time weakness’ and FA still hasn’t officially begun.

        1. Definitely agree….although if Grant was your only source of Niner news, you would think we were heading for an 0-16 season.

  8. Its a five year deal. Looks like the 49ers view Richburg as more than just a patch to buy draft flexibility. Don’t know much, but what I’m reading sounds good.

    Does he have multiple concussions or just the one?

      1. 3 years, $86 million ALL FULLY GUARANTEED for Cousins? LMAO. Told you all he’d make Jimmy’s deal look like a bargain.

        I am sooooo thankful for Jimmy G!

        1. You beat me to it. This is why I (and Washington insider John Keim) thought once Cousins was franchise tagged, he wouldn’t extend or agree to a sign-n-trade.

          Washington “slapped” themselves with the tag last season.

    1. So Shanahan and Lynch have 5 years remaining on their contract and they sign Richburg to a 5 year contract. Interesting.

  9. Eh, Kilgore and Richburg fight it out over the starting Center position. The loser likely gets a starting Guard spot.

    Hopefully another year in the scheme will help Kilgore solidify his blocking ability. Being aware and confident in your situation and responsibilities goes a long way to being the correct position at the right time with the optimal leverage. In some ways playing Guard is easier…often times a DT is lined up right over you. So you immediately engage him so there’s less time for him to move and you have to adjust to be in the right blocking position for leverage (bad leverage is often more of a culprit in getting driven back then simply being overpowered due to brute strength LOW MAN WINS!).

  10. Hearing Cousins contract is a fully guaranteed $84m over three years.

    2016 $20 fully guaranteed under franchise tag
    2017 $24 fully guaranteed under franchise tag
    2018 $84 fully guaranteed with new team

    That’s why I doubted Cousins would extend or sign+n+trade to the 49ers after he was franchise tagged last year. He secured a total of $128M fully guaranteed by not taking Washington’s post tag contract offer.

  11. God, I’ve been praying Cousins would go to the Vikings, and thereby increase the chances of pushing players down to us by quarterback needy teams. Looks as though those prayers have been answered….

    1. Thanks guys. I think I got one more in me. Tahir Whitehead can play all three LB positions and he wouldn’t break the bank. He could provide depth for Foster/Smith and he could possibly beat out Harold at SAM. I think Martin Mayhew would approve.

  12. “I’ve been told reliably that GM John Lynch loves Derrius Guice and has him as the top running back on his board, ahead of Saquon Barkley.” #49ers

    I swear I’m not John Lynch, but I was the only one I know in here who had Guice over Barkley in his running back rankings. I also kinda nailed the Solomon Thomas pick too…but I digress.

    1. Yah, and I saw Santa Claus, I swear.

      LOL, talk about a March smoke screen. John Lynch is going around telling people about his draft board. Sure …. wink wink.

      If that’s the case, and he’s leaking real information on his board in March, he should be fired.

        1. OH, that’s guaranteed hah Razor?

          FYI, if your drafting top 10, and there’s even a slight chance that a coveted player like Barkley could fall because he’s a RB, and there may be a run on QB’s, etc, you’re a fool if you are tipping your hand in March.

          But go ahead and believe what you want to believe. I’ve got a bridge that needs selling.

              1. Maybe not Superman, but a better prospect than Guice. And I like Guice. But we see guys like Guice come out every year. Barkley …. not so much.

                What do you think Grant, Barkley going top 2? If you were Lynch, and you figured there was even a 2% chance Barkley could fall past 7, would you “leak” that you have Guice rated above Barkley on your draft board? Would be a nice smoke screen if the 49ers wanted to stay pat, or trade up a spot or 2 to grab Barkley, wouldn’t it? You don’t put much stock in these kinds of rumors in March, do you?

                By the way Grant, you are right. Davenport over Landry.

                Here’s another tid-bit: “We plan on Dan being our center,” Shanahan said earlier this month at the scouting combine. That suggests Richburg will play guard and be the team’s emergency center on game days, but the 49ers likely will let the various positions sort themselves out in the offseason and training camp.

                One to keep an eye on Grant.

            1. Yep able to get tackled in the backfield in a single move. I so hope he goes #1 overall. That would be great.

    2. I would care if that was what Bobby Turner or Kyle thought.
      Lynch’s draft choices have been… underwhelming.

    3. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few teams that have Guice over Barkley. Potentially Michel also.

        1. You have to keep in mind scheme fit in evaluating. I think one of the reasons a team like the 49ers could place hugher value on Guice than Barkley is that Barkley doesn’t do a good job of following his blocks. A FB would just get in his way. I can’t see Shanahan being happy with that.

          1. I think we are undervaluing Joe Williams who was hand picked, slam the table down demanded, by Shanahan.

  13. Well with Robinson off the table. My last bold prediction is Dion Lewis.

    And it wouldn’t surprise me to see Peppers on the d-line for pass rushing moments

      1. Estimated 18 mill for 3 years.
        That’s not bad. And he may want to sign with his boy Garapolo. I don’t think it will be a bidding war on him, just where would he want to go. I think.

        1. Welp. I guess others are thinking the same. Read there are 7 teams interested. Eek. Bidding war? Nah. I think his value is there and teams won’t push to much higher. He’d be an excellent fit.

          1. I don’t think they’re looking to spend over 5 mill on a back, because that’s what Juice is making.

  14. Despite his repeated attempts to prove to the league he’s made of paper mache Sam Bradford continues to find work.

    1. Bradford to AZ, Keenum to Denver, Cousins to Minnesota. Wondering what Keenum’s contract length and amount is. Will be a clue if Denver goes QB at 5.

      1. All this qb talk and the Jets struck out. Unless the get AJ McCarron. But hell, at these prices, they might as well go for a rookie. It’s cheaper. Especially if they plan to fire Todd and the GM after the season.

    2. There just isn’t enough quality to go around. Bradford for all the health issues, is a pretty good QB when he’s on the field. Whether he actually can play more than a few games is the biggest question. I’d guess the Cards have clauses in place for playing time. They may sign another vet like McCarron too.

      1. Yeah….I like Bradford. He was sharp in the season opener against New Orleans.

        Pretty good QB room in the NFC West now! Slightly better than NFC North….whom the 9ers play next year. :(

  15. Rocket… Well your guy is on a team already established enough to go to a super bowl. Let’s see if he lead that team where case keenum couldn’t!

  16. Year after year I hear the same old stuff about Cleveland. “New era in Cleveland” “theyhave great picks in the draft” “making moves”
    Blah blah blah…. same old story. They will find a way to miss out on talented pieces they need, will not land a franchise qb, and will be picking 1st or 2nd again next year.
    It’s a pitty fest for this joke of a franchise.
    Tired of the Browns talk. It’s interfering with talk for teams that are going places. ?

  17. Well, John Lynch did say that he wasn’t going after any of the top tier free agents. And after seeing their contracts, I can definitely understand why. Don’t get me wrong, some of these guys are worth it, but an up and coming team doesn’t need to spend that kind of money. This team isn’t a piece away, Nor do they think their a piece away from competing in the super bowl. It’s like the say, “brick by brick”.

    1. I don’t think they feel they’re not a Super Bowl contender right now. Yeh they’re playing to the public they don’t feel that way. But I’m betting they think they’re good enough and just an upgrade at key pieces needed will make them feel better about it. I think they’re going on a 1-2 year build to win it all. This year would be a cake topper of a year if they do it in year one.
      If they don’t they have a better feeling on what to plug in at key pieces. And they will have the money to do so next season.

      1. I understand. If they get shead and maybe a guy like guice of penny in the draft. Or Landry to help the D. They might be ok

        1. Guice isn’t the burner that Barkley is, but in some ways he reminds me of Emmitt coming out of college. Not trying to overhype or jinx the guy.

    1. Razor,
      Kind of surprised to see Goedert ahead of Gesiecki. But Goedert is a total baller! He is the closest to Gronk that I’ve seen in the last few years. High props I know, but watch this kid’s game film.

      1. True but Landry jumped up a spot in this version. Don’t be surprised to see him move above Davenport in future Mayock rankings.

      2. If I was a GM, I wouldn’t have the balls to pick Davenport that high. I wouldn’t hesitate taking Landry there.

      3. Landry is better.
        Major production against top end talent when healthy. Very athletic, with exceptional bend.
        People like Davenport because he’s a height, weight, speed guy… with big upside.
        But when choosing in the top 10 I like more production.

  18. Well, this answers my question:

    Matt Maiocco

    Verified account

    4h4 hours ago
    Richard Sherman on @knbr said he had a good conversation with Jimmie Ward, and Ward will hand over No. 25. “I appreciate him being willing to give me a chance at it.”

    1. Cubus,
      I’ll admit that Sherman will have to grow on me, but any kid that can come straight outta Compton to Stanford and then to the NFL says something about his drive, determination and character.
      I hope he can help us.

  19. Richburg was the guy I hoped they would get to replace Kilgore. Thought they wouldn’t bother after re-signing Kilgore. Stoked they are getting him, he’s an excellent player and perfect for ZBS.

    I hope they also go after Pugh.

  20. https://mobile.twitter.com/BetterRivals/status/973603154846724098?p=v

    “In 2016, Weston Richburg (center) allowed 11 total pressures in 611 pass-blocking snaps. That same year, Daniel Kilgore (center) allowed more than double the pressures (23) in 459 pass snaps”

    “And in 2017 the story looked to be on the same track. Weston Richburg only played in 4 games (wks 1-4). In those 4 games he allowed 3 total pressures. Put him on pace for 12 for the year. Daniel Kilgore allowed 24 total pressures in 2017.”

    1. If they get another OG, then Richburg can play C and Kilgore can become a swing guy inside which would be a better spot for him and the team.

      1. If they get an OG in FA then Kilgore would still currently be one of the three best interior OL on the roster, so he would be pencilled in as a starter for now. But he would then compete with Garnett, Tomlinson and any interioir OL draft pick they select.

        And I very much hope that is the plan!

  21. Now moncrief is going to the jags, wanted Robinson or moncrief for jimmy g, I am in pain with despair, feel we need a number 1wr!

    1. Robinson would have been nice but not at all surprised they didn’t go strong after him – they already have Garcon for that role. And very glad they didn’t get Moncrief. He just isn’t a good WR.

    1. Richburg may not have been a done deal when Kilgore was extended. I can’t read too much into Lynch declaring Kilgore was the center at the time.

      Reports 49ers were going after Norwell. If the 49ers secured Norwell, they may have held off Richburg, reserving cap space for other spots units.

      Nice to see how the 49ers front office can stay quiet. #80 called it, but this was a surprise to me (though it shouldn’t have been).

      Wonder what the Richburg contract is.

  22. “Titans are signing CB Malcolm Butler on a 5-year contract worth more than $61M with more than $30M guaranteed, source said. Wow” – Rapoport

  23. San Francisco 49ers

    Weston Richburg | Center | #70
    Team: San Francisco 49ers
    Age / DOB: (26) / 7/9/1991
    Ht / Wt: 6’4′ / 300
    College: Colorado State
    Drafted: 2014 / Rd. 2 (43) / NYGLATEST NEWS

    49ers signed C/G Weston Richburg, formerly of the Giants, to a five-year contract.
    Richburg has played center the last three seasons, but he was a 15-game starter at guard as a rookie. Considering the 49ers just re-signed C Daniel Kilgore a month ago, that might be where he ends up in San Francisco, but Kilgore could also be moved. Regardless of where he plays, Richburg should upgrade the offensive line

    Pos. CENTER

    NFL.com Player Profile: ANALYSIS
    STRENGTHS Good snap-and-step quickness. Maneuvers to gain positioning. Good mobility — gets out of the chute quickly as a puller and demonstrates nice body control. Good awareness. Energetic and aggressive temperament. Durable, 49-game starter. Vocal team leader with outstanding intangibles.

  24. Weston Richburg’s former Giants teammate: ‘He’s playing center’

    There’s no question in Geoff Schwartz’s mind about what position Weston Richburg will play with the 49ers.

    “He’s going to play center,” said Schwartz, an analyst and former guard who spent eight seasons in the NFL. “I’ve been asked that a bunch today. I know what (Kyle) Shanahan said last week about Daniel Kilgore. That was last week. I don’t expect them to sign Weston to the money that they did and then not put him at his best position, which is center.”

    “He had to play guard his first year, which is probably not his best position,” Schwartz said. “Because we had some injuries – mainly because I got hurt.”

  25. Sammy Watkins, Alan Robinson, Paul Richardson, Donte Moncrief, Albert Wilson, Taylor Gabriel all signed. Not much left. May have to use high draft choice.

    1. Honestly, we have a good wr class.. so why pay all that money to guys who couldn’t come in this system and beat out the starters.

    2. Jordan Matthews is still out there. He was decent in Philly but underwhelmed in Buffalo. That could be largely due to their mess of a QB situation.

    1. I think the key is Denver. They have keenum so they will accept a random to trade out or get Nelson to help protect. i don’t think they go qb

      1. Looks to me like four quarterbacks come off the board before #9. Probably first 3 picks, with the Bills trading up with the Colts. Darnold/Allen/Rosen….

  26. NYG teammate on Weston Richburg:

    “I’m glad he’s on the Niners,” Schwartz said. “I grew up a Niners fan, so I’m glad to see them moving in the right direction.”

  27. Grant Cohn says:
    March 13, 2018 at 9:46 am
    The play-side guard has zero chance to execute a reach block on a 3-technique. So, the play-side guard has to hit the 3-technique and run his feet, create some movement and a cut-back lane for the running back…..

    Via Sac Bee:
    Schwartz said Richburg was sharp – “He knows the game. He knows the tricks. He knows what defenses are doing,” he said – and most importantly had the ability to make the reach blocks on nose tackles and defensive linemen that are part of Shanahan’s system.

    “You have to do that,” Schwartz said. “That’s not a ‘maybe’ thing in his offense. That’s a requirement for that offense.

      1. Right,

        At the center position as you stated, Grant. What happens to Kilgore ?
        Also, Derwin James Knee injury has left him underwhelming on the field, but he lit up the combine…..Not so sure the 49ers go that direction. Back to pass rusher I guess.

              1. Yeah ok. Just plug a rookie into one of the most complex offenses to learn.
                It took all three vets last year in Staley, Brown, and Kilgore to finally look comfortable in like week 8. Then came along Jim G and he helped but it still took awhile for everyone to finally figure out how Shannys offense works.

  28. http://www.detroitlionspodcast.com/austin-seibert/2018/01/26/fa-scouting-weston-richburg/

    “He is a good zone blocker due to very good initial quickness, very good footwork/technique as he takes correct steps to be in position and gives the running back room to work off his block on inside zone, outside zone, and split zone, and has good ability to sustain the block and finish. Richburg is a very good combo blocker as he secures the block at the first level before climbing and then once at the second level does a good job of taking the right angle, uses very good footwork, and wins at the point of attack.”

    “He is solid at reach blocks due to the angles he takes, getting his helmet in solid positions to get in front of the defender, and eventually turning the defender back to open lanes for the running back. Richburg displays very good ability to get out to the perimeter and execute, sustain, and finish blocks in the screen game.”

  29. Dion Lewis and Isaiah Crowell off the market before Hyde. A little surprising to me, thought Hyde would go before Crowell at least.

    Will be interesting to see who the 49ers add at RB now. Jerick McKinnon being talked about.

    Also not hearing of any interest in Eric Reid. If he doesn’t get much interest during the week I would be happy for the 49ers to bring him back on a short term deal.

    1. I agree totally. All comes down to price.

      Reid might not always play to the level of his draft position, and his injury rate was frustrating. But I don’t understand the “no Reid at any contract price” camp. If he comes at a below market price low risk contract, why not?

      1. I was waiting for that lame excuse. No, the reality is Reid is probably not generating interest is because of how injury-prone he is, and (while Reid did well in Saleh’s defense) he is a good but not great DB.

  30. Looks like John Brown will be joining the Ravens on a 1 year, $5M deal. Would have liked the 49ers to sign him for that.

  31. I was pumped at the Richard Sherman news, but this is even better. Great OL’s win – if you don’t have a good OL and a good QB, it ain’t happening. 49er offense will be scary (scarier?) if they add one more quality guard.
    Assuming he’s healthy, Richburg has shown to be an ELITE (not Flacco or Eli elite, but actually elite) centre. It’s a 100% slam dunk he is the starting centre – Kilgore (I hope) will be 1st off the bench for the interior line.
    I expect an early-ish round pick at Guard – I know taking Nelson is bad use of the rookie salary scale, but I’d still be fine with it.

        1. Jordy, 32 years old visits Oakland Wed…maybe stops at 4949- afterwards?. Maybe signs for $4-5M/1 yr for some team. Hundley didn’t pass much to him, 53 passes compared to like 95 for 3 yrs, only 6 td’s to like 13 -14 tds for a couple yrs before. He’s still 6’3″ has good hands and some speed. Jimmy G might be the medicine to bring him back.

          1. If the 49ers are busy signing vets with a quarter of a tank left in their motor. I’d much rather see Julius Peppers in a 49er uni.

  32. On the road again, gone a couple of days and all hell breaks loose. Good signing by the Niners. Not sure when I can check in again but holy mackerel players moving around like crazy.

      1. Just getting a few tools I accidentally left near your memory banks before I go on my afternoon Tang break.

    1. We don’t need Stormy Daniels, we need Lisa Ann. We need to be at the top of our game for years to cum!!!! Spending big doesn’t equal longevity.

  33. All below is March 14, 2018, 1:00pm Pacific Time (unless another time is noted)

    – The 2018 league year and free agency period begins

    – All clubs must be under the 2018 salary cap

    – All 2017 player contracts will expire

    – Trading period for 2018 begins, after expiration of all 2017 contracts.

    – Clubs must exercise options on all players who have option clauses in their 2017 contracts.

    – Clubs must submit qualifying offers to their Restricted Free Agents with expiring contracts

    – Clubs must submit a minimum salary tender to retain exclusive negotiating rights to their players with expiring 2017 contracts who have fewer than three accrued seasons of free agency credit.

    – The first day of the league year will end at 9:00p.m. Clubs will receive a personnel notice that will include all transactions submitted to the league office between 1:00 p.m to 09:00p.m.

    I don’t understand it all but it looks like some players yet to be named could be released, option years declined or traded. I’m still holding hope for a trade with a cap tight team. Maybe an edge rusher.

    1. I wonder where the Eagles are at in terms of being under the cap. Especially given they are signing Ngata. If they are going to trade Brandon Graham, it will happen before the new league year commences.

    1. Looks like the Giants will have to choose between drafting protection for Manning or help in the run game.

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