Richard Sherman stuck in a Seattle state of mind

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) against the San Francisco 49ers during the second half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Ten minutes before Richard Sherman’s introductory conference call with the 49ers, he was thinking about his former team, the Seattle Seahawks.

“Instead of getting upset with me for a going to a new team,” Sherman tweeted, “how about you get upset with the people who forced me to go. If one job fires you and another job offers you a great position I highly doubt most (people) would go back to the old job for a lot less money.”

Sherman clearly didn’t want to leave Seattle.

The Seahawks made him leave. Released him on March 9. Sherman ruptured his right Achilles tendon November 9 in a game against the Arizona Cardinals, and required surgery. On March 1, he had a second Achilles surgery, this time on his left Achilles. He will turn 30 on March 30.

The Seahawks didn’t want him anymore.

The 49ers didn’t want him, either. Not initially.

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  1. A chip on his shoulder? Think Rogers and Brady if Sherman heals as expected.

    Think Jim Harbaugh too. He stuck it go ol’ Jim several times.

    1. Harbaugh did not get along well with Sherman and Baldwin, and supposedly did not endorse them to NFL scouts with any enthusiasm. As a result, Sherman fell to fifth round and Baldwin went undrafted.
      Both Sherman and Baldwin at different times considered giving up football at Stanford. Sherman was encouraged by Shaw to switch to corner after 2 seasons as receiver.

  2. Of course he will look back. That defense will go down as one of the greatest in NFL history. It made him a superstar and he made that defense really good. Take your negative spin and get a life Cohn head.

  3. Well according to Lynch, Talib didn’t nix the deal. Lynch said they would have had to fight to get him in SF, so they actually shut the door on the deal. Also, they only went after talib 1st because Sherman wasnt cut. Do u actually think if they both were free, they would have chose talib over Sherman? I don’t. You made it seem like Sherman is only a niner because talib turned us down. Neither happened. And when Sherman got cut, they struck. It’s like people keep saying the Rams won the Marcus peters deal. SF didn’t go after him, they checked on him and left the table…..

    1. Here’s what happened, via Adam Schefter:

      “An example of how simple decisions this week affect players, teams and futures.

      Aqib Talib rejected a trade that was agreed to between Denver and SF; wouldn’t report. He later is traded to LA.

      So SF doesn’t get its CB, Richard Sherman is released and he winds up in SF.”

      Talib was the 49ers first choice.

      1. And if u read what I just posted, lynch said “Sherman wasn’t available then”. So he was their 1st choice of available corners on the trade market. But like lynch said. Sherman wasn’t available.

        1. Sherman was available on the trade market. The Niners didn’t make an offer for him. They made an offer for Talib.

              1. Eeyore — “He is generally characterized as a pessimistic, gloomy, depressed, anhedonic, old grey stuffed donkey who is a friend of the title character, Winnie-the-Pooh.”

                “Eeyore has a poor opinion of most of the other animals in the Forest, describing them as having ‘No brain at all, some of them, only grey fluff that’s blown into their heads by mistake’ (from chapter 1 of The House at Pooh Corner). Eeyore’s favorite food is thistles. He lives in the southeast corner of the Hundred Acre Wood, in an area labeled Eeyore’s Gloomy Place: Rather Boggy and Sad.”

        1. Lynch said he had a trade in place for Talib, Talib made it clear he didn’t want to play for the 49ers, so Lynch dropped it. Talib nixed the deal. He refused to report to the 49ers.

            1. Lynch said Talib didn’t want to play for the 49ers. Schefter said Talib wouldn’t report to the 49ers after the deal was agreed to. Lynch confirmed the deal was agreed to.

          1. The only thing talib made clear was he wanted to be released to play for bill b or wade p. Lynch said they would have had to fight to get him here. So they dropped it.

              1. Well grant you just tried to make a point by putting words into Lynch’s mouth. And apparently there was something to drop. He never said no I don’t want to play for the niners. Anything could have happened. Money talks..

              2. Talib flat-out refused to play for anyone but Bill Belichick or Wade Phillips, and Lynch confirmed this. There was nothing to drop.

              3. Read the article. He explains it diligently. Then come back and say what u want because it’s not the truth. It’s your humble opinion. With alot of wanna be truths

              4. Talib didn’t refuse anything. He told Denver he would rather be released. Not once did get say I refuse to report. So instead of fighting to change his mind they dropped it. Re read it.

              5. Talib was not going to change his mind. He didn’t want to play for anyone but Belichick or Phillips.

              6. So again, that’s your opinion. He never said I’m not reporting to SF. Unless u believe CB’s sports over John lynch. He said I would rather be released to play for one of them. Anything could have happened to change his mind.

              7. Schefter said Talib said he was not reporting to SF. Lynch confirmed that Talib would not report. That’s why they dropped the deal they had agreed to.

              8. Grant Cohn…. I understand Shefter said that. But where in Sam Jesus did lynch say Talib refuse to report. The darn article is right below us….

  4. Yeah Peter King interviewed Lynch (and Sherman) in an article posted today:

    “We did have a trade in place with Denver for a veteran cornerback,” John Lynch told King. “Aqib Talib. I think he didn’t like the idea of being traded — he wanted to be released. I think he felt, ‘If I’m going anywhere, I want to play for [Patriots coach] Bill Belichick or [Rams defensive coordinator] Wade Phillips.’ I talked to the Broncos at the Scouting Combine in Indy about it and I thought we had a deal. Richard [Sherman] wasn’t available then. But we might have had to fight to make the trade for Aqib, so we just dropped it.”

  5. Bone spur removal can be a little deal, or a big deal. Depending on the location of the spur, the Achillesmight have to be cut to get to them.

    The good news is it’s a controlled cut. If it’s a huge spur (like a Haglunds deformity) removed the Achilles will have much more flexibility after the removal.

    I’m still in a walking boot because of infection. But techniques like the Speed Bridge usually have short recovery.

  6. Let’s clear things up.

    “According to, the Broncos and San Francisco 49ers hammered out a trade recently that was going to send Talib to San Francisco. However, the deal didn’t go down because Talib made a simple threat: He wasn’t going to report to the 49ers if it went through.”

    They tried to get Talib. At the time of the failed trade, Sherman was on the block. However, it was well known that Sherman was going to be released. The Niners wanted Talib and settled for Sherman.

      1. The funniest sentence of all.. “the niners wanted talib but settled for Sherman”. Now that is the overstatement of the year.

            1. Steelematic – You have nothing but your absolute speculation to think that Sherman will be better than Talib once the season starts. Since you are not the surgeon and not the patient and not in charge of Sherman’s rehab how can you project that belief except on the pure premise of hope and WISHING WON’T MAKE IT SO!!!! There is no fact nor substance to your hypothesis.

              1. And you have nothing but speculation that talib will be better than Sherman. Where is your proof that talib will be better in August and September? See Mike, I can make dumb azz statements as well. Of course I’m not a surgeon neither are u. Just like you can’t see into the future, neither can I. Get it?

              2. Mike didn’t say Talib would be better, just that it’s absolute speculation on your part that Sherman will be better than Talib, nor did he even speculate Talib would be better than Sherman. Where did Mike exactly say Talib would be better. He stated clearly that.. “There is no fact nor substance to your hypothesis”…which is true.

            2. Get a room, you two…

              SO WHAT…We got one of them, and didn’t get the other…frankly, I feel that we got the better of the two…Talib is a penalty magnet… (IMO)

        1. That article is only the day before Talib signed with the Rams. Negotiations between the Niners and Denver were most likely well underway before then

          1. The Talib trade talks started at the Combine. There were no trade talks for Sherman, who was also on the block. Doesn’t that tell you something.

            Assuming Sherman was Lynch’s first choice.
            Do you think Lynch would still agree to trade for Talib while already knowing Sherman was available?

            1. Agree about the Combine and Talib, but where is the reference that it was known back then that Sherman would be available?

        2. They knew Sherman was getting released. Why give up a draft pick when you can get him on the market at your kind of contract. And with Shermans injury they would rather do that contract than give up draft capitol. It’s exactly what Peter king said about the Rams deal. Why give up a pick if you thought he wanted to be with you? U you could have waited for him to be released. And got him, and kept your draft pick.

        3. There was no guarantee that Sherman was going to be released, and it is also quite possible that the Seahawks were for too much in return when Sherman was on the trade block.

          1. They traded pick 31 to us last year. They had first right of refusal and didn’t match what ended up being a team friendly deal. So I don’t think they were too worried about him playing here.

            1. An absolutely massive difference between swapping draft picks and trading one of the fans most beloved players to the 49ers. It was never going to happen.

              1. They could have traded him or cut him and got nothing. I think they would rather get something back, even if it is us. If they were making decisions based on how the fans feel, they would have found a way to keep Sherman.

              2. You honestly think the Seahawks would be willing to trade one of their star players to us? Sorry #80, not happening. The rivalry between the two franchises is too strong to allow either team to be willing to give the other a player that has been such a major part of their success.

              3. Oops. I put my response in the wrong spot. It was a reply to this comment.

                “You honestly think the Seahawks would be willing to trade one of their star players to us? Sorry #80, not happening. The rivalry between the two franchises is too strong to allow either team to be willing to give the other a player that has been such a major part of their success.”

                Redskins got McNabb in a trade with the Eagles while the Shanahan’s were there. That’s two big rivals with a much longer history. McNabb was vital to the Eagles success and he was the face of the team.

              4. Good point. It can happen. But it is very rare. I just don’t think it was likely to happen in this instance.

              5. Yeah, it’s definitely rare. Welker and Bledsoe got traded within their division, but they weren’t as vital as McNabb. But my initial point was that KS/JL would have reached out if Sherman was first choice, just to be sure.

                Sherman has been on and off the block for about a year. SF and Seattle are willing to work with each other. Shanny knows from experience that anything can happen. And Lynch asked about Brady, so Lynch is a due diligence guy, even when it comes to longshots.

              1. Mike didn’t want the trade. Still doesn’t change the fact that deals do happen within the division.


                “When all was said and done and the picks were used and/or traded, the Eagles got safety Nate Allen, linebacker Casey Matthews, linebacker DeMeco Ryans and quarterback Nick Foles in exchange for McNabb.”

                “The ‘Skins would wind up dealing him to Minnesota the next summer in exchange for the sixth-round draft pick that they’d end up using on current starting running back Alfred Morris.”

                “When breaking the deal down that way, neither franchise was hurt too badly by it.”

              2. Pretty sure the Washington fans think differently.
                Your point that the 49ers could have reached out to the Seahawks and tried to trade for him is sound, but (like Scooter said) such trades are very rare; it is also possible that the team did ask about Sherman but found what the Seahawks were asking for in return was too much.

              3. “it is also possible that the team did ask about Sherman but found what the Seahawks were asking for in return was too much.”

                True. So technically I can’t say for sure that Sherman was the second choice. But when we got Garoppolo, it was mentioned that we asked about him months before.

  7. C’mon Grant, Talib signed with the Rams on Thursday. Sherman was released the next day, on Friday.
    Talib choosing and signing with the Rams on Thursday means the Niners started negotiating with Denver well before Sherman was released.
    The timeline clearly shows it’s not a case of the Niners preferring Talib over Sherman.

  8. Earlier in this thread I honored Grant with the tittle “49er’s Eeyore.”

    Didn’t want such an honor to be overlooked so here it is again.

    A century ago, in a Air Force flight school, the “49er’s Eeyore” would have received a lot of demerits for what the Air Force called quibbling.

  9. Traded for Jimmy G, was not a good deal. Played Jimmy G, should have waited. Signed Jimmy G, too much money.
    Needed a corner, signed Sherman, not good enough.
    The 49ers are making all the right moves and Cohn head keeps laying shade on it all.

  10. I don’t understand all the ire being generated over this article.

    It’s ok that Talib made the decision that he did and it’s ok that Sherman wasn’t the 49ers’ first choice.

    All Grant did was recount what happened.

    1. All Grant did was recount what happened.

      But did it actually happen? Grant claims that Niners traded for Talib despite being aware of Sherman’s availability. Yet every report I have read starting from Schefer’s tweet is that Seahawks began shopping Sherman after the combine was over — around March 6-7 (Niners traded during the combine). Can you point me to a report that points to Seahawks shopping Sherman during or before the combine started. If Grant has access to inside information, he should make that clear.

  11. Hahahahahahahaha!
    OK…….keeping it constructive…..(not EZ)…….
    Grant; we look forward to your cordial and candid one-on-one interview with NEW FORTY-NINER, RICHARD SHERMAN in your on-going journalistic endeavors.

  12. I, for one, am happy the deal for Talib fell through. The Niners really dodged a bullet there (pun intended). The dude is a me-first cancer, in my opinion. Furthermore, he’s also a liability both on and off the field. Not exactly the kind of locker room influence this young team needs…especially Rueben Foster. Seems like a perfect storm brewing by pairing him with Marcus Peters.
    Sherman, on the other hand, while he may be a loudmouth, has never been in trouble with the law and I think he will be an excellent locker room influence. His work ethic and dedication have never been questioned.
    Furthermore, Sherman comes at a fraction of the cost and is 2 years younger than Talib. And if he doesn’t recover physically, the Niners can release him with virtually no salary cap ramifications. Total win for the Niners here.

  13. This video excerpt from a 2014 episode of Turning Point has some insight into what Sherman brings to the table, and is well worth the few minutes of watching.
    At this stage of his career, I don’t expect All-Pro performance from him. But he will be an useful bridge to the young CBs they will be drafting, and help implement Saleh’s scheme. If he heals fully, I expect a couple of solid seasons from him. Then he will probably make the transition to TV.

    1. Mood –

      Thanks for the great find! Oustanding video! Hopefully Grant watches this video, he still doesn’t get how incredible Sherman is.
      Sherman is the smartest defensive player in the NFL…He’s a film rat! Dude is a genius on the football field. He’s a talker but he backs it up. Maybe Sherman can straighten Foster out…Sherman aint out partying, he’s watchin film. Where Foster ought to be. Shanny should make them two roommates in training camp. 👌😳

    2. That’s a great Video. If Lynch and Company preferred Talib then they almost made a mistake. Talib is a self absorbed Prima Donna. Rather be lucky and get Richard Sherlock, he’s going to bring another level to this Defense.

      Thinking Landry may be the right call in the first round, the missing piece is the Beast Edge now.

      This is a knock it out of the Park signing for SF.

  14. “Sherman stuck in a Seattle state of mind ”

    Sherman spent his entire career in Seattle until now. Grant is shocked that he wasn’t able to transition his mind out of Seattle overnight. I am reminded of Grant’s article about Garoppolo not wanting to play for niners becuase he was lukewarm with some comments during contract negotiations.

    Anyway, I am warming up the Sherman. His contract appears to be 3 one year deals which are incentive riddled. I must say his confidence is impressive. Talib would have been toxic. Still not sure why Lynch didn’t pursue Amerson with more vigor, but water under the bridge at this point.

  15. Id take Sherm over Talib today, tmrw, next year, whenever……guess what, that’s a reason Talib is on his 4th team. With that kind of talent, it’s obvious he has character issues, maybe a lockerroom issue that a vet team like Den could handle but not so much in Sf, especially considering Fosters saga. Talib isn’t mentoring material, Sherm is a on field coach…..knows this def scheme better than most current players on our squad. The fit couldn’t be any better if he’s even remotely healthy.

      1. Interesting thing is it sounds like it will be a 3 yr deal only. Which sounds really odd at first glance, but thinking about it, it means he will still be just 27 at time of his next contract. Gives him a real good opportunity to land a 2nd big contract in his prime.

        1. Told my boy who wanted him to be a Niner badly that he wouldn’t settle for “prove it” contract PM like to offer.
          He was pissed when they didn’t sign him to an extension over the other reciever. All about that money. And he had the nerve to say he wanted to go to a place that had the best qb available. Ha!

          I was hoping they’d take a look at Moncrief from Indy. I think his potential would be better than Robinson’s.

              1. Goodwin has always been fast out of his breaks and able to create separation. Moncrief has always needed to be schemed open.

              2. TAll, fast, with hands.
                Goodwin relyied on good ol speed before.
                I think Moncrief would be an awesome fit. Cheaper too.

  16. If I know one thing about Sherman it’s that it takes an act of monumental proportions to put a dint in his confidence. In fact, most set-backs seem to just make him more determined.

    So the suggestion that he was the Niners second choice CB is only likely to make him fight even more to prove people wrong.

    As for the suggestion that he is still pining for Seattle… the guys a professional, he will get into the California mindset before long, and if the hawks fans keep on treating him the way they have been recently that will only serve to expedite his transition… in fact, I’m happy for Seattle to keep on pouring gasoline on that particular fire…

  17. What’s everbody’s take on S/CB Dane Cruikshank in the 4th? He’s long with good speed, big hitter. He seems like a box S, but some are saying he could play CB. He’d be a project at CB, but we just got a great and willing teacher. I ask because he looked good in drills today at his pro day and had a good Combine. I could only find two highlight videos on Youtube.

    1. His specs.

      6’1″ – Check
      Arms 31″ – X
      40 yard dash 4.41 – Check
      3-cone drill 6.89 – Check
      Vertical 38.5 – Check

      1. They’re going to get their guy at WR, and so far they tend to surprise the Board when they do it. Even Stephen Smith is praising them…

        Looking forward to it. Grant, it’s okay to be a Homer these days, they really are what the team, what any team needs.

        Thanks Yorks!

        May I just say I was at every home game in the 80’s and 90’s, the Defense was always Top Five, and Garoppolo very much reminds of a guy from Notre Dame.

  18. Looks like 49ers will miss out on both Allen Robinson and Norwell (signing with the Jags). That’s ok, I never really expected the 49ers to sign either of them. Pugh and John Brown always seemed more realistic targets to me, and good fits for the offense.

    1. Robinson three years, $42M with roughly $25M guaranteed – Rapoport

      Norwell intends to sign with the Jaguars. Five years. $66.5 million, $30M fully guaranteed – Schefter
      $30M fully guaranteed is alot of loot.

      When one door closes, another opens. $66.5 million in cap an be used to buy alot of productivity and depth. Not always this off season, but in the next few years.

      1. I am very bummed about this. Thought he could be awesome with Jimmy G and Shanahans offense. I think I am in Mourning!

    2. Reprts Case Keenum intends to sign with the Denver Broncos. Does this mean Denver won’t be picking a quarterback top five?

      PFT reports the range of $18 million to $20 million per year. If true (and not incentivized contract funny money) that could be enough to mean Denver skips a quarterback at pick five.

      1. Rebel
        It would have been nice to see Robinson here. But that kind of money for someone returning with a knee injury and no real output the year before?
        Can’t get everyone on those incentive laced contracts I guess.
        It will be interesting seeing the details of his contract.

        1. You are very sound in your thinking ninermd. Two many signings of knee and Achilles signings we will all have unpleasant flash backs of Balke. What are your thoughts of Sydney Moncrief, may be too similar to garçon who I forgot was on the team until Crab 15 reminded me, I think Moncrief could give us size in the end zone!

    3. Not sure Pugh will be considered since a strong argument can be made that he would be a “splash name”. Brown however fits the profile of a marginal free agent.

    1. Young (26), and agile (296 lb) — a good ZBS guard/center.
      JimmyG can now widen that million $$ smile a tad.

      1. Adam Schefter

        Former Giants’ C-G Weston Richburg intends to sign a 5-year deal with the SF 49ers when free agency opens, per source.

        10:40 AM – Mar 13, 2018

        I think this guy was a more prudent signing than Pugh, and it will be interesting to see how long the mercurial, Kilgore can hold him off….

        1. Awesome!!! I did not think they would go after Richburg after resigning Kilgore. He will be a great RG and eventual successor to Kilgore at center.

        2. Razor
          * Weston Richberg, if nothing else, provides good depth if / when Kilgore gets hurt
          * The 9ers may still sign Pugh. Justin Pugh medically cleared ahead of free agency

  19. Good knowledge, never heard of him, first concern giants were in on the Newell pursuit before he signed with the jags,if Richburg is so good and only 26 why did the giants not resign him?

    1. Rebelscum:
      * “If Richburg is so good and only 26 why did the giants not resign him?”
      * Likely because he’s missed 13 games over the last two seasons and ended last year on injured reserve with a back injury. Spinal specialist Dr. Robert Watkins has cleared Pugh for football activities.

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