49ers sign QB Jimmy Garoppolo to record 5-year contract extension

This is fantastic news for the 49ers.

On Thursday, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo agreed to a five-year contract extension with the 49ers, according to NFL Network. The deal reportedly is worth $137.5 million (27.5 million per year on average — the highest average in NFL history), and comes with $74 million guaranteed.

Some quick thoughts:

I doubt it’s a coincidence this became official eight days after Kirk Cousins unofficially hit the open market. Cousins’ availability gave the 49ers leverage.

I’m curious to see how much Garoppolo’s signing bonus will be and how much money he’ll make this year. He was scheduled to make almost $25 million in 2018 had he signed the franchise tag.

This signing raises expectations significantly for the 49ers. They should win nine or 10 games and make the playoffs next season. Eight wins won’t be enough.

Fortunately, this signing will help the 49ers attract high-priced free agents when the league year starts in March. The Niners need to sign a starting guard and a starting center. I wonder if Garoppolo has talked to any and convinced them to sign with San Francisco.

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  2. If we were Philly fans, there would be a Jimmy G signing parade today at noon in Santa Clara! I would show up!
    “Eight wins won’t be enough.”
    13-3 and a trip to Atlanta in 2019 :=)
    Meanwhile, with the market down, it’s a good time for Jimmy G to invest his millions!

  3. I have to do it.


    “If I’m right, I highly doubt Garoppolo and Yee will cave into that pressure. They would be insane not to want the tag before signing a long-term extension. The tag is the baseline for a long-term deal. Doing the deal without getting the tag first only would take money off the table for Garoppolo and Yee.”

    “I doubt a deal will happen any time soon.”

    1. I think Grant lives by the Cornerback Credo in his writing. Forget the last play as soon as it’s over. Play the next play.

    2. Thank you because if you didnt I was going to. This guy loves being wrong I think. Almost as bad as Barber’s Brady is better than Joe article. No wait that was worse. Have your opinion but don’t try to sell it as fact. As for Jimmy please stay healthy because that is the only thing that stands between him and multiple rings. Stud flat out stud.

    3. “They would be insane …”

      Serenity now — insanity later!

      I was right about one thing regarding the contract: it would definitely get done before FA. But I was surprised it got done before the combine. It helps that Don Yee is LA resident with roots in Sacto. They didn’t have to wait to meet at Indianapolis.

    4. ? Yeup then he comes with the Cousins-availability-gave-the-49ers-leverage bs to bail him out for that ridiculous article lol

      1. Right? That was a play off his earlier ridiculous article. This dude just had to be “right” at “something”. Lol. I seriously just come here for the comments. Hahahahaha.

        1. dead right. Cousins-availability-gave-the-49ers-leverage bs is just Grant going another level. it was his escape hatch for the mess he created.

    5. The stupid part of that statement was the niners had already stated they were going to tag him. So Yee, being no dummy, could do the math and…. wait for it… negotiate with the tag numbers as a starting point.
      So no money needed to be taken off the table by waiting and based on those numbers, it doesn’t seem like he has. He will be a top 5 paid player in the NFL this season in spite of only having less than 1/2 a season as a starting qb.

      1. Let me tell you something pal…..with the way the United States is going right now, when someone offers this kind of cash to play football, you don’t wait till next year to try and get more – you take the money NOW. It’s an absolute no brainier.

        1. Yeah, the country is headed in the wrong direction. Increase in wages for every income quartile and 5% GDP growth are real killers. Your knowledge and brilliance are staggering.

    6. Remember that as Grant stated, he is paid for his opinions. He never said anything about his opinions needing to be correct.

  4. Woohoo!!!

    Great signing. I’m wondering about how much guaranteed. Also, would like to see the impact on the salary cap once the details are released. As you mentioned, I’ve got to think signing Jimmy G long term to a deal that size sends the right message to free agents. The 49ers want to win and they are going to take care of their guys – just like the good ol days.

  5. I mentioned the other day Yee/Lynch could proceed with negotiations as if the franchise tag was already applied. I’m hoping that’s the case, and the contract will be signed soon.

    Nothing is certain in the age of McDaniels.

    1. Exactly. Grant’s statement only makes sense if they were going to wait for Cousins, Rodgers and Ryan to sign. However, realistically those qb’s are pro bowlers with a proven track records. Jimmy should get big money, but he also doesn’t yet deserve a contract like Ryan, Rodgers or even Cousins. Ok Perhaps Cousins, but I expect their contracts to be very close

  6. A deal that works for both parties involved. What a breath of fresh air.

    The 49ers are flush with cash now, and it’s always the case, $37.5 M per year, with $74 M in guarantees will look like a bargain in 2019, as the cap rises, and more top flight QB’s are looking for new deals. Good for the 49ers!

    Jimmy gets to be, for the moment, the highest paid player in the league. It’s a proud moment for him and a vote of confidence from the 49ers FO. Good for Jimmy!

    I can’t wait to see how much Cousins gets now, as I suspect his contract will likely be close to this. It’s a function of the rising salary cap. I was a little afraid that Jimmy might prefer to play under the tag this season, forcing the 49ers hand next offseason after the QB market resets with Ryan, Brees, & Rodgers up for fresh deals, all in the same year. It’s a better for the Niners, IMO, to get him locked up now, erasing any uncertainty over the next one-plus seasons. The Niners now have a firm number on the books, and can plan their next moves accordingly.

    Happy days are back for Niner fans. The 49ers, once again, seem to have a long term BONAFIDE franchise QB. It’s a lot of money, but years of penny pinching on behalf of the 49ers FO make it a good time to splurge on a guy who looks every bit like the kind of QB who can bring more Lombardi Trophies back to the Bay! You gotta have a top flight QB in the age of the QB driven league, which the NFL has become. And I can’t think of a better face for the franchise than this kid, right now! GO NINERS!

    1. Shanahan, Lynch, & Jimmy G. The 49ers are a model franchise once again. Happy days! Now let’s go find a bonafide pass rushing specialist and QB nightmare of a Defensive End, and a lockdown CB! Go Niners!

      1. Now let’s go find that pass rushing specialist and lockdown corner, and take back the NFC West! It’s time to get started on my FA wish list & still-a-little-too-early, pre-combine mock draft.

    2. Not so sure Cousins gets a deal close to this one. You might be right but the bloom is off the rose a little with Cousins. He worked with 2 of the top offensive minds in football and as soon as they were gone he fell back to earth a little bit. Cousins will certainly get a good deal but not sure its worth anywhere near what Jimmy G just signed.

      1. Jimmy is the better QB, IMO, but Cousins has the benefit of this deal, and a bidding war that will likely heat up soon.

        Tony Pauline of DraftAnalysis.com: “Despite rumors and even a few reports, I’m told Kirk Cousins to the Denver Broncos is not a done deal. Denver is one of approximately eight franchises who intend on competing for the services of Cousins … One surprise franchise who also intends to be part of the Cousins sweepstakes is the Jacksonville Jaguars. I initially heard about the Jags’ interest in Cousins during practices at the Shrine Game, and the rumblings have been persistent and have grown louder since.”

        1. Cousins might be a good fit with the Jags. I’m not a Bortles hater because I think he does some things well. BUT that offense has a lot of crossing routes and Bortles is one of the worst NFL QBs I’ve ever seen hitting crossing routes. I watched several Jags games this year and I can honestly say I never once saw Bortles throw a good pass on a crossing route. Bortles completed quite a few of those but the passes were routinely behind the receiver or off high or low. He never threw a pass where the receiver could catch it on the run and get some YAC. Cousins would absolutely be an upgrade over Bortles and he could tip the scale in the Jags favor to win a Superbowl. If they have the cap space I could see them overpaying for Cousins.

          1. Agreed. One thing I like about Cousins is his toughness. He’s a good QB, IMO. He’s not Jimmy GQ good, but he’s good nonetheless.

      2. Cousins proved more this season than the previous two. Lost his starting WR’s, his #1 Target was injured most of the year, the Oline featured backups and 3rd stringers due to injury for long stretches, the top two running backs went down with season ending injuries. Through all that he still threw for over 4000 yards and 24 TD’s. Never seen a player who has played so well on a bad team get so little respect. This guy is going to make a lot of people look bad when he gets a decent defense and running game to support him.

    3. Oops,

      Garoppolo: $27.5 million per year, $74 million guaranteed.

      Stafford: $27 million per year, but a potential $92 million guaranteed.

      “Total guarantees” include the money that is guaranteed for injury. A breakdown of Garoppolo’s fully-guaranteed and injury-guaranteed money has not yet been reported. From what I understand, Stafford potentially has more guaranteed money in his contract than Jimmy does.

  7. Grant, under Baalke we usually had some great trading in terms of how many extra picks we ended up with.
    Do you know if this was Baalke doing the dealing or was it Parag being the man? In which case we might have another interesting draft coming up!

    1. Curious to see how much of the guaranteed is “fully” guaranteed, and how much is rolling injury or roster bonus like CK’s.

      1. Yeah, I learned today that there is a difference between “total” guarantees and the fully guaranteed money. As I understand it, total guarantees includes injury and fully guaranteed money.

    1. He is putting final touches on a complex two-sport, four-team trade that will bring McVay to coach the Niners, Shanny to the Colts, and Le Bron to the Niners to play TE for Jimmy G.

          1. Nice! You just made an old Bulls fan laugh. Trade Irving for Thomas, then trade Thomas months later while Kyrie’s Celts are in first place. Get the team to bring in your aging buddy (Wade), then trade him months later. Lebron walks after this year?

            1. LBJ at TE? I know Lyndon Baynes Johnson was tall, but the guy is no longer available. Talk about “dead money”.

    2. MD,
      I understand the frustration many here have with Grant, but this day really has absolutely nothing to do with Grant.

      This is all about making our team better by locking up JGQ for the next 5 yrs.
      The Jimmy, Shanahan, Lynch connection are all in for the next 5 yrs – and only good can come from that.
      Today, it’s all about the 49ers!

      1. AES….
        He probably knew he’d get heat as soon as he heard. I personally didn’t take his opinion to heart. I said before the end of the season he would sign right after the super bowl or before the tag deadline.

        Grant has his opinion and for a quick second I was starting to think maybe Jimmy G doesn’t want to be here, since I’m a impatient guy and wanted to hear him say at least once I’d love to stay here.

        I’m happy. No matter who was right or wrong. He’s a Niner, and now the offseason will be a lot smoother.
        GO NINERS

        1. This deal made too much sense for both sides to be anything but a lock to happen. JG might not be the kind of guy who makes statements like Hyde and just lets his agent do his thing before making his actual feelings known. This team was the best case scenario for him from the moment the Pats decided to trade him.

          What makes me the happiest is that for now everyone is on board with Jimmy at QB. Hopefully their will be no sniping and irrational hate directed at the QB for some time . We can now discuss things without emotionally driven bias’s directing the conversations.

          Grant will always come out of left field with some of his opinions, thats just the way he rolls. I did feel his last one was not only coming from left field but from a completely different time zone. You have to give him credit for having the guts to present something so far removed from a take that common sense and logic might dictate. I must admit that this last take even surprised me. It was like he was attempting to create an “Alternate Universe” timeline. He should consider writing Science Fiction and Fantasy.

  8. Well that escalated quickly…

    Congrats to our boy Jimmy G. I hope for much success to all parties.

    Great signing, great job by Lynch, that’s a lot of $$$$$$$$$

  9. We knew this was gonna happen. The qb market increases every year and jimmy G contract is only like 2 million more than Staffords per season. Even with this signing we are still some 80 million under the cap. I’m just glad we got a real qb now. Now we need to get Malcom butler, some pass rush, Quenton Nelson and a couple weapons for jimmy G. Time to meet the cheatriots in the Super Bowl next year and stomp em out!

  10. Luck got 24.5 million in 2016
    Carr got 25 million in 2017
    Garoppolo should have got 25.5 million in 2018
    overpaid 2 million but it’s ok.

  11. From Maiocco – how much 49ers improved under Garoppolo


    Before Garoppolo: 321.7 (21st in NFL)
    After Garoppolo: 410.0 (1st in NFL*)
    Total: 349.3 (12th in NFL)

    Before Garoppolo: 221.8 (17th in NFL)
    After Garoppolo: 297.0 (1st in NFL*)
    Total: 245.3 (9th in NFL)

    Before Garoppolo: 34.1 percent (26th in NFL)
    After Garoppolo: 50.0 percent (1st in NFL*)
    Total: 38.9 percent (16th in NFL)

    Before Garoppolo: 56.6 percent (31st in NFL)
    After Garoppolo: 67.0 percent (3rd in NFL*)
    Total: 59.6 percent (25th in NFL)

    Before Garoppolo: 35 (tied for 6th most in NFL)
    After Garoppolo: 8 (27th most in NFL*)
    Total: 43 (tied for 11th most in NFL)

    Before Garoppolo: 27:36 (31st in NFL)
    After Garoppolo: 32:54 (1st in NFL*)
    Total: 28:44 (26th in NFL)

    Before Garoppolo: 17.0 (28th in NFL)
    After Garoppolo: 28.8 (2nd in NFL*)
    Total: 20.9 (20th in NFL)

    Not perfect. TD/INT rate needs to be better. But I’ll take it.

    1. Very impressive, but Jimmy is somewhat of a gunslinger. I’ve been rewatching the games and can see it now more clearly than when I was watching with the elation of having a competent QB under center. I suspect KS will have JG set the level of “gunslingerness(??) ” to a level that he is comfortable with. Either way, I prefer this over the days of “afraid to throw past the sticks” and the “you can’t be afraid to punt” mentality.

      1. Good stuff Brodie & cubus.

        “Afraid to throw to the sticks” a.k.a. Blaine Gabbert, pre-2017 Alex Smith, and the guy Kaepernick eventually became.

        Simply astonishing offensive improvement under Jimmy G. Now he gets a full offseason under Kyle Shanahan. A full offseason to build chemistry. A full offseason to get comfortable with the offense. A full offseason of stability and financial security. I suspect the TD/INT ratio to improve in 2018 and beyond.

        1. Wondering how many of the INTs where QB/WR not on the same page re routes, depth, body language. If I remember correctly he had few (if any) INTs in the games he started with the Pats.

          1. “Wondering how many of the INTs where QB/WR not on the same page re routes, depth, body language.”

            Careful, I’ve been called a homer for mentioning that. But you’re right of course. A couple of those INTs were thrown to a certain spot and the WR wasn’t there. Not sure if they were on JG or the WR. But there was a communication problem. JG was trying to throw with anticipation. Shanny mentioned anticipation after the Seattle game, so I’m sure he stressed it in practice and JG tried it in real games. The communication will be better, JG will know the entire offense. And yes, JG never threw a pick in NE.


          2. Brodie,
            I remember one of those ints as a strip and at least one other as a deflection off of a WR’s hands.

      2. @ cubus

        This is true. I had many, “No, No, No, YEEEESSSSS” moments with Garoppolo last year. He took some chances but it always seemed to work out.

  12. hey grant, i hope you are feeling alright after being sooooo WRONG on this. you clearly don’t have a pulse on the 49ers team and don’t deserve to be their beat writer.

    1. He’s okay and I really like Grant because he keeps us inform in all 49ers news atleast in his eyes but he just hates admitting when he’s wrong lol

        1. It also never gets boring. His last take on Jimmy G never bothered me because it was so totally un likely to happen. I think we get upset when a degree of the possible exist that we are not comfortable with. If you are skinny and someone calls you a fat pig, it wouldn’t upset you because it is so absurd. This sort of statement is more likely to produce laughter than serious retort. We were highly unlikely to end up with “Cider in our Ear” on his last one.

          1. grant is not a good beat writer. also he is a very bad analyst. this is not the first time he has made unreasonable claims. he made this ridiculous claim that 49ers should tank for a draft pick and said that the late season wins were useless. but look at the surge in player spirits after the late season wins (i mean they were hyped enough to think about SB let alone the playoffs), renewed interest in 49er fandom, and we also likely have FAs interested in joining as well. this is what a winning culture brings to the team and the organization. draft picks are overrated, just ask the browns.

            get busy winning – thats all that matters. everything else just falls in place.

  13. Excellent for Jimmy G, the Niners and the fans.
    Now we need to firm up the O line thru free agency and the Draft to protect our newest franchise QB.

    1. You just took the words right out of my mouth. They should also get a tall WR to improve the red zone scoring.

  14. Disagree that the A.Smith/Cousins outcome materially effected this negotiation. The sides have been laying the foundation for more than 8 days! They’d clearly established trust and for this many details to be worked out this close they’d covered a good bit of ground already. Looks like Lynch’s comments since end of season have been pretty straightforward.
    Aauming friction or problems or reluctance or anything really, from things NOT said is the kind of reach that leaves you hanging. Assuming that adversarial negotiations must be hostile or suspicious or pugnacious is narrow and mostly false.

    1. Agreed. The deal got done because the Niners offered him a contract that made the tag redundant. I figured they’d use the Stafford deal as a guideline and JG is now averaging more than that. This shows some big time confidence from the Niners. From 7 game starter to highest paid player in the league. Gotta earn it now Jimmy.

      1. Actually it’s been done before. Rodgers sat behind Farve for 3 years, played 7 games and then the Packers made him the 4th highest grossing quarterback in the league….

  15. He is getting 90+ mil guaranteed in the first 3 years. I really like the front loading of the contract. Put that excess cap space to use now so we can get it back down the road.

          1. The presently available cap space is precisely why this contract was going to be signed now instead of a franchise tag. It is common sense. Now is the perfect time for a front loaded contract. Both parties are smart enough to recognize this fact. Shanahan and Lynch are capable of making rational long term decisions. The are neither myopic nor OCD plagued methodologists.

            1. agreed. all this cap space talk is just bs. we can be the browns accumulating all the draft picks in the world and tons of cap space, but at some point we need to pull the trigger. we paid the man at his market value, lets go get some more wins.

  16. ?
    Now hoping Jimmy doesn’t pull a McDaniels and opt to play basketball in Italy!
    Don’t think they pay as well over there.

    1. the “Legend” has retired as “Sargent-at-arms” of the Kaepernick defense & rebuttal committee….

  17. Let’s give JG a JG to throw too.


    “Hensley mentions that Graham’s price tag should work in the Ravens’ budget, as he could be in line for a deal worth around $21 million over three years.”

    And here I was thinking Graham would get 10 million +. Jimmy freaking Graham for 7 million a year for only 3 years (probably an option after the second year)? Let’s do it.

  18. If the size of this deal has you clutching your heart, then I suggest you read Kurtenbach’s article, “Why Jimmy Garoppolo’s record-setting deal is a bargain”. One example is Jimmy G’s contract compared with Alex Smith’s. Alex got a 4 year contract for $94 million with $71 million guaranteed. If you believe Maiocco, Jimmy’s guarantees amount to $74 million. Since it’s really the guaranteed money that counts, the 49ers upgraded from Alex Smith to Jimmy G for $3 million bucks.


    1. i am not 100% sure but i believe JimmyG is $74m – 3 yrs guaranteed…..Alex is $71 – 4 yrs

      1. Jimmy’s contract is five years, but I don’t think it really matters. This is the guaranteed portion. However, I believe it does include the injury guarantee, so it would probably be more interesting to compare the fully guaranteed money. For example, if both Jimmy and Alex get cut before the start of the 2018 season, who would have the higher fully guaranteed amount.

  19. Shout out to Marcellus Wiley who earlier this week said there would be a JimmyG announce,ent this week involving High Finance.

  20. Here’s a great stat (small sample size, of course, especially when compared with some of the other QBs, but still impressive).

    NFL Research

    Jimmy Garoppolo has led his team to more points per game in his starts (28.3) than any other quarterback over the last 25 seasons (minimum 7 starts)

    JG – 28.3
    Tom Brady – 28.3
    Steve Young – 27.6
    Aaron Rodgers – 27.5
    Peyton Manning – 27.2

    1. Beautiful. And some people had the audacity to compare JG to Kap by cherry picking stats like passer rating. Or saying things like it’s too soon, remember Kap only had 10 starts. SMH.

  21. Great signing. I had this at 50% chance of happening this offseason, and quite honestly don’t think it would have mattered if he played on the FT, but getting this deal done shows the team under Lynch is going to be far more proactive in getting what it needs to done.

    Now here is my question. For those that thought they should tag and trade Jimmy then sign Cousins – what has changed? If anything Jimmy is now more attractive as a trade target as teams no longer have to worry about him being a one year rental. Yet I see Grant saying its a great signing and basically saying its time to move forward with Jimmy. Does that mean the entire idea of tag and trade was really built around concern he wouldn’t sign long term?

    1. Scooter. I was wondering the same thing and was planning a post. He would seem to be more attractive because a deal is in place. But if he is traded, he could still sit out couldn’t he, albeit to his own detriment. Do you know if there is anything else he could do.

      Before everyone jumps all over me, I’m only curious for my own edification. I love the signing and would rather have Jimmy G as our QB, than anyone else (except maybe Rodgers, but Jimmy is seven years younger, so I’ll take Jimmy).

      Also, Scooter, I’ll point out that many (including sports writers) are saying that having a deal in place is better for attracting free agents. I said this a week or so ago and you and Barrows disagreed. It looks like this is a point upon where opinions vary.

      1. The reason Barrows and I believe it makes no difference whether he was signed or not is because it is highly doubtful a deal wouldn’t have been agreed to at some point. Agents for FAs would know this. So the “risk” of signing then JG leaving was quite small.

        Now signing him clearly takes away any concern in that regard at all, but I highly doubt any FAs would have turned the 49ers down for fear of JG leaving.

      2. On the FA attractiveness point:
        Not only HAVING Jimmy
        But PAYING Jimmy speaks to that.
        But, many teams, I’d guess, couldn’t fit that Gordo Contract under their Cap, so I wonder about his trade-ability…..
        But I have to repeat I think trading him, besides being a McDaniels level betrayal of intent, (noted everywhere!), but would be a football mistake and a franchise mistake.
        Jimmy is good. Better than Cousins or Foles or Bradford or any of the college kids. He might become great.
        He’s got ‘It’. More than a little bit.
        That’s rare. That’s special. You do not let special get away.
        One wag on here asserted that Lynch overpaid by $2M.
        Yeah ……No.

      1. Well, all I can say is I am happy they won’t be going down that route. JG is their best option.

      2. While perhaps more feasible now, it won’t happen. Lynch is on record saying multiple times that the team wants Jimmy as their franchise QB for a long time. JL is a player’s GM and is the type of person who wants to be true to his word. If Jed were to override him and demand Jimmy be traded, expect JL to resign.

        1. Best ways to deal with being wrong.

          1. Acknowledge it and move on.
          2. Ignore it.
          Dead last. Doubling down on dumb.

          1. Doubling down, with his fingers in his ears, and ignoring the reality of the situation. Sounds very familiar, like what the tangerine nightmare in the White House does daily LOL

      3. Bill Polian on NFL Live even said “Cousins might get more money but he is beneath Garappolo as far as the better QB.”

        1. You can’t tell Grant that. Apparently he thinks Kirk would bring this team a super bowl. He might even be crazy enough to say, bill polian doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

              1. I take a crap everyday. Difference is, you get paid for it and I don’t. Ha!

                I’m just poking fun at you, Grant. I love you man!

        1. My years in the hood from 5-16 years old!
          After that I swatted back.
          Well….not my Uncles. Or my Dad’s friends. Or my friends’ Dads. Or if their older brothers were too much bigger. You know.

      4. Grant,
        Its the 4th quarter 2:00 to go your team has the ball on their own 20. Who would you rather have at QB Cousins or Jimmy G?

      5. Grant- You would trade Jimmy and that is not really an unreasonable perspective. The return you would get would pay long term dividends. However Shanahan and Lynch would not. Which is precisely why Jimmy G was sent here by BB and also why Jimmy G signed this quickly. To sign and trade Jimmy would be a betrayal that would have long term consequences in respect to signing other players. This is what you did not seem to understand about what make Shanahan a motivator. Remember you stated that he had lost the locker room when in reality that was far from reality. The record at the time mattered little because the players had faith in him and his plan.

        You at this point in your life do not seem to understand nor value the power of consistency. You could not understand Shanahans positive effect on the players because you could not identify with the qualities he possesses that instill loyalty in others. Those qualities can be powerfully motivational as long as they are not undercut by superiors. The thing is those values are scarce now days so that most of the younger generations are not exposed to them in a positive light. Recognizing that they possessed them is why I knew Shanahan and Lynch would succeed and conversely why Baalke would fail. Jimmy G is a great addition but they were going to succeeded even without him.

    2. Nowhere in his post did Grant say it’s time to move on with Jimmy. Buy he did throw in a slant by saying, the 9 ers leveraged Jimmy by throwing in Kirk. No they didn’t. That’s just stupid

    3. Nothing’s changed. It was a scenario that was never going to happen, yet it ruffled a lot of feathers.

  22. I’m glad they seemingly front loaded the contract $90m over the first three years for a lot of reasons.

    Question to all. Are league wide cap increases really good for teams with massive cap space? To me it seems like it reduces relative value of cap for teams with lots of cap space stashed under the mattress.

    Picture these exaggerated scenarios to demonstrate the model:

    Deflationary – The NFL has a lower than expected revenue year. They announce a cut in cap space by 10% for 2018.
    Many teams would be forced to cut or trade some of their better players. More free agents hit the market. 49ers swoop in on multiple Anquan Boldin or Garoppolo type trade deals.

    Losers – Cap strapped teams
    Winners – Teams with large cap space

    Inflationary – The NFL has a fantastic revenue year. They announce an increase in cap space of 20% for 2018. All cap strapped teams can now retain their top free agents. Almost all their players under contract are now making below market. Few quality free agents hit the open market. The ones that do are now asking for at least 20% more.

    Winners – Cap strapped teams
    Losers – Teams with large cap space

    Of course no teams want reduced revenue. This is just to demonstrate the model.

    I would imagine there’s an ideal cap space. One where a team has enough quality players under contract to act as an inflationary hedge against cap increases… but still enough cap space to make roster moves.

    And today the 49ers got some really good inflationary hedge in the form of a new quarterback.

    1. Brodie: You hit the nail on the head; teams with significant cap space want a deflationary, or at least stagnant, salary cap level to lead cap-strapped teams to have to renounce players or not be able to compete for their free-agents.

  23. The current reality for starting NFL QBs…In short, you gettin’ PAID:

    “NFL’s highest paid player …

    March ’16: Joe Flacco
    June ’16: Andrew Luck
    June ’17: Derek Carr
    August ’17: Matthew Stafford
    February ’18: Jimmy Garoppolo

    … One more time: The NFL’s highest paid player is usually the last good quarterback to get paid.

    — Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) February 8, 2018”

  24. Jimmy is awesome.


    “You saw that from day one,” Staley said. “The way he just kind of came into the huddle in practice when he was there for two days and really just kind of took over. He was snapping at guys like, ‘Hey, pay attention. This is what we’re doing right here.’ There was no ‘feeling out’ period with him.

    “But he did it in a way too where it didn’t come off as arrogant or anything like that. It was just like, ‘I’m asserting myself. This is what needs to be done.’ I think a lot of that comes from who he was job shadowing for the first three or four years of his career over there in New England.”

  25. OK. So now it’s onto OL, DBs, Pass Rush, as many top players in these positions as possible, free agency or draft. Get some real impact players in these positions and you are an SB contender . Simple but not easy.

  26. Damn, Jed York has turned into a fat little troll. He should never ever ever stand between John Lynch and Jimmy Garopollo again. He should immediately instruct the PR department to schedule a photo op of Jed posing with Jeff Garcia and Merton Hanks. Or maybe the bearded lady from the circus.

  27. You definitely do not sign a player to a 5 year contract if you intend to trade him. Sez les vies.

  28. Grant…. “You seriously thought there was a coincidence”. Did it ever occur to you, that the San Francisco 49ers, had absolutely no interest in Kirk Cousins once they got Jimmy in town. In my opinion, nothing that has been done since October 31st has anything to do with Kirk. It’s only your pipe dream. Only you and rocket were crazy enough to think that they we’re leveraging Kirk or the franchise tag or any other nonsense. Wow, speaking of being in your own way. Get over yourself Grant.

    1. No, Rocket defended Cousins. But never advocated leveraginf against him. The only thing I recall Rocket advocating in regards to it was that he thought Cousins +2 firsts was worth more than Jimmy G. Which is not an unreasonable argument even if I disagree.

    1. It wasn’t click bait. Grant actually thinks the 49ers were going to trade him for draft picks.

      1. And that’s precisely why Grant is confined here to blog land, for the good of all NFL teams and mankind LOL

    1. Armani
      Ferrari of San Fran
      Rochioli Vineyards
      Murano Art Glass
      Pirelli Tires
      Ducati Motorbikes
      Aprea Mare boats

        1. Original Joe’s (Westlake, Marin, SJ, SF) is a better fit…as they do the “Italian style” grill menu…

    1. I was wondering about this. Can the Patriots promise the job given the Rooney rule? Even if they do promise it “under the table”, they can’t possibly allow it to be known publicly, can they?

      1. cubus:
        Yea, that thought crossed my mind too! If it’s true, my next question is did McDaniels open his mouth and let the cat out of the bag?…… Trouble in river city…lol
        * Grant: What is your little birdies whispering in your ear?

        1. >>> Grant: What is your little birdies whispering in your ear?

          now, don’t tempt this man, you know what nutty ideas he can come up with.

          1. It would be Karmic justice if BB announced he would be coaching for 3 more years and then would be replaced by a retiring Tom Brady. lol.

      2. They don’t have to adhere to the Rooney rule if they plan on a succession from Belichick to McDaniels.

  29. Okay now lets get a real good corner and edge rusher, the defense needs this. The opposition will need to pass the ball to keep up and that’s with the current offensive players…….

    1. Who cares, Jason was never that good anyhow. I remember people on here saying he would be DC here. Thats laughable..

  30. If the 49ers make it to a SB in the next few years I really hope it is against the Pats. That would just make for great drama!

    1. Scooter,
      That would be incredible the 9ers win their 6th SB and Brady become the losingest SB QB in football history. (tied with J. Kelly)

  31. Mood_Indigo says:
    February 5, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    I can visualize the next Super Bowl in the Mercedes Benz stadium in Hotlanta. One one side it’s the aging dynasty of B&B, on the other, the upstart Niners led by Jimmy G. along with Malcolm Butler with a massive axe to grind. Jimmy G, who learned of the Art of the QB from the Master… and Shanny who went to the Dark One with humility to learn of his mistakes …the old order changeth yielding place to new…

  32. Cassie Baalke says:
    February 8, 2018 at 12:42 pm
    Sebbie…we know you’re visiting this board. So, what do you think?

    Seb’s been explicit here, and I quote: “If Kap had the same players as Garoppolo they’d be equal.”

    Thanks for stopping by, Seb. Hope that Bossa Nova Cafe music makes your house arrest sail by smoothly.
    I know the ATF was tough, on the other hand, lighting white phosphorus grenades on a school playground was no joke either.

  33. https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/02/08/ex-49ers-qbs-current-teammates-rejoice-at-garoppolo-deal/

    “Tremendously good news, and if I had $136 million, I would have given it to him,” Young said as he and Smith golfed together at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

    “At this point, with guys you think can go win championships, you’ve got to get them locked up and pay the market (rate), that’s how it works,” Young said.

    “He’s been trained well and knows what you have to do to be great,” Young said. “So I don’t think we’re going to see any big drop in what you saw this year.”

  34. The Pats fans really like Brady and now don’t like Jimmy G.
    Would love to see Jimmy G take the Niners to 2-4 Super Bowls and win all of them while the Pats spend the next 10 years fighting to make the playoffs.

  35. 5-3 in Super Bowls just brought back the who’s greatest talk—Brady or an undefeated Joe Montana.

    Don’t think Pat fans are overjoyed about that ghost coming back to haunt them. 2 more losses and we can end that talk, writing him off as mediocre (The view from history 50 years from now)

  36. Grant – I think the readers were ahead of you on this one. I think it is a good deal. Yes, I can see where you are coming from on your “tag and trade” approach, but it wasn’t going to happen. Not a terrible idea though.

    1. Thanks. I never said it would happen. I said it should happen. But keeping Garoppolo is a good fallback option.

      1. Obviously Kyle Shanahan thinks Jimmy Garappolo is better then Kurt Cousins because if he didn’t he could easily sign Cousins during free agency knowing that Cousins wanted to be with him but there’s a reason they wanted Jimmy G

  37. If Grant works this right, he could become Garoppolo’s body double–these’s some resemblance, from a distance anyway…add platform soles and bingo! Jimmy will become such a public figure that hooligans are bound to come out of the woodwork and want a piece of Jimmy. That’s where Grant comes in–a diversionary target. Thanks Grant!

    1. “Jimmy will become such a public figure that hooligans are bound to come out of the woodwork and want a piece of Jimmy. ”


  38. I wonder when the 49ers will announce the signing? At tomorrow’s rumored presser?

  39. Kyle Juszczyk
    This is the second time my quarterback received the biggest contract in NFL history. Coincidence?? ?? just saying

  40. Now that Jimmy G is safe from being tagged, I wonder if the 49ers will tag one of their free agents.

        1. Heck no! Like I said previously, I am not fond of the idea, but I have a bad feeling that the 49ers will resign him to be the starting center.

      1. The only one I can think of is Reid, but it will not surprise if they do so or choose to let him walk.

        1. I would make him an offer, but not FT him. Still he probably won’t like making less than Jimmy “Hospital” Ward.

  41. It’s time to tip our collective to Parrag for a job well done. This contract negotiation was his biggest project in the 17-18 years he has been with the Niners.

    1. +1 from a former detractor.
      He has been yugely helpful to Lynch in his (JL) novice year, and it was probably a comfort to Yee to deal numbers and details with a guy who gets them. Lynch sets the priorities, Paraag makes the numbers work.
      I was interested that reports portrayed him as a good horse trader behind the scenes in the Chicago trade.

      1. Gotta commend Yee as well. Many pundits were saying how Yee had to use this opportunity to shake the perception that he does team friendly deals, and he would likely play hardball. Jimmy made it clear he wanted to get the deal done for the sake of the team moving forward, and that he wanted to be here in San Francisco….

  42. Grant, so you still think Jimmy should have been traded for draft choices. You see how happy everyone is now? How do you think they would react to a trade? Despite being so close to the team you can’t see what a public relations disaster that would have been, turning off the fans just when they saw hope, dropping ticket sales, zero credibility for Jed and the front office, ruining the team for years. That, not just because its a bad football move, is why this never never should be done.

  43. I feel like I have returned from several years wandering, lost, across the frozen, barren, bleak wasteland that has been the 49er world for far too long.
    I believe Jimmy G is the chosen one, to follow in the footsteps of Montana and Young to the heights of the football greats. I believe he has the talent to end up in Canton.
    I haven’t posted on this blog in about 4 years – Jimmy G has summoned me. I truly believe that the triumvirate of Garoppolo, Shanahan and Lynch can win several Super Bowls. They are contenders now, and will be for a long time. Grant says they “should win 9 or 10 games”?! Blasphemy! If they win less than 11 it will be a disappointment, shortly forgotten when they obliterate all comers in the playoffs. (although Eagles will be tough to beat too…..)

  44. Didn’t expect it this soon but sure glad it happened. One less distraction.

  45. Awesome news, glad the Niners committed. Can’t wait to see Lynch’s second offseason of acquisitions… This team is gonna do some damage.

    * FRI. MARCH 2ND: RB, OL, …….pk and st.
    * SAT. MARCH 3RD: WR, TE…….qb
    * SUN. MARCH 4TH: DL, LB
    * MON. MARCH 5TH: DB

  47. Kilgore needs to be replaced at center. I’m tired of watching him get manhandled, and we can’t have him right in front of the biggest investment in franchise history. Invest in the O-line before anything else. Maybe we’ll get lucky with later picks in the draft for the defense, but go O-line early and often in the draft. There are no sure things at receiver in the draft, so maybe Allen Robinson?

      1. I like Nelson a lot, but Donald left alone with anyone is a mismatch and not in Nelsons favor. He’s the pick if he’s there… if not, trade back and bring in the best edge/cb/og duo available.

    1. Have not studied Billy Price but I hear good things like “best center prospect in years.” Good choice if the 49ers do a trade-back into the 20s?

  48. It’s great to know we have such great insider information on this blog. Grant seemed to know nothing about this quarterback situation. He got this completely wrong and acted as if he knew something the rest of us didn’t. Which he should have.
    Considering his professional job is to know something about all things Niners, it’s pretty amazing he was that far off base in every way imaginable.
    It’s all in fun I realize, but it’s comical at best.

    What concerns me is that sports writers have any power in evaluating any sports, or players, whatsoever. This includes sacred voting rights for something as important as who gets into the hall of fame.

    Jimmy G has singlehandedly brought the Niners back to respectability. Great job by the GM and Head Coach.

  49. Great news. Jimmy G!!!! Now the big question is which way do they lean more towards in the draft and free agency? The old saying, “defense wins championships” doesn’t really hold true any more, especially watching the Super Bowl. Offense wins championships these days. The NFL has made sure of that with all of it’s offense leaning rule changes. It’s Arena football on a large scale. I think the Niners should follow the New England format of offense, offense, offense and just out score’em! Though it didn’t work good enough in the SB, that strategy has been a hallmark for continued success for them for years. Philly, who’s defense was supposed to be among the best in the league, looked horrid in the SB, giving up a mile of offense to the Patriots. They won with their offense, despite their defense. The Niners already proved they can play like that scoring 44 against the number one defense (Whatever that means these days) in Jacksonville. They did that with a depleted offense with back up receivers, rookie tight ends, good but not great running backs,and a less than stellar offensive line, though I think they are better as a unit then some would say. Imagine what they could do with Jimmy and some top tier players on offense. Thats the way they should go. For defense, get a real dominant pass rusher and another cornerback or two and concentrate everything else on the offense. Give Jimmy the weapons and we’ll be were Philly was this year. It can happen. They would have been a playoff team this year if they had JG the entire season with the team they had. One can only imagine. Their priorities should be CB, WRF, SLOTR, OG, OT, EDGE, RB, TE, C. Offensive leaning. Should be fun.

  50. All the other F/A QB’s available to the 49ers are ‘stale’ and mercenaries…. Jimmy G is ‘fresh’, new, and already familiar with the SF Offense… He gives the 49ers a jump start for 2018-19 Season vs other QB’s that would come in and
    have to learn from scratch. Get some O-Line, a CB, a couple LB and WR’s…. Playoffs!!!!

    I’m so excited, I’ll have to renew my AZ Cardinals Season Tix just so I can go to the Az vs SF game here in Phx….

  51. Correct me if I’m wrong, there was an article about how Jimmy didn’t want to be a 9er. We should trade…Yeah, so perhaps you could keep the circus to one ring instead of three. It’s apparent that basic journalism is still lacking. Perhaps writing for US magazine or the Enquirier.

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