49ers sign Staley to a 2-year extension

The 49ers just announced that Joe Staley, who already was signed through 2017, has signed a two-year extension through 2019.

Here’s a written statement from Trent Baalke: “In today’s NFL, it is rare for a player to play his entire career with one team. With this extension, Joe will likely be a 49er for life.  He is a three-time All-Pro and core member of our football team. His commitment and professionalism have been great assets to our team and our community. This extension reflects our philosophy of investing in our core players.”

Is Vernon Davis one of the 49ers’ core players? Is Alex Boone?

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    1. The 49ers have not in recent history been willing to pay big contracts to Guards. I wouldn’t associate Guard as a core position in general for the team.

  1. Vernon is. Boone too if he extends.

    The key word is “investing.” The 49ers invested in Vernon with his huge rookie contract, making him the highest paid TD as a rookie… and again with the second front loaded contract that made him again the highest paid TE in football. I imagine VD took that fronted cash and invested it, reaping rewards to this day.

    1. Both are, but both also need to come in, shut up, and do their jobs. They’ll get their money either from the 49ers or from another team as free agents two years from now.

    2. Sorry Grimey. I put this in the post box, but for some reason it attached to your post as a reply.

        1. Marcus Martin too. I’m surprised after all the chatter about the glowing camp Ellington’s had. I hope they are just dings.

          Nice to see Ward’s name off the list.

          1. “Nice to see Ward’s name off the list.”
            Yes, even though he was the guy that was limited all off-season due to injury. It seems the 49ers do things backwards. Or maybe it’s because they need Ward to play the nickel and they don’t necessarily need a contribution from Ellington this year.

            1. Maybe, but it’s more likely that Ward’s foot has healed and he’s good to go. He was supposed to be out until TC if I recall.

            2. Interesting. The inclusion of Martin and Ellington on the NFI could have little to do with injuries. The 49ers were able to add a 5th season to Lattimore’s contract because he never suited up last year. Not so with Tank because he played.

              Here we have Ellington, Patton, Johnson and Lloyd will be vying for playing time on a TE oriented offense. Why waste a season by activating Ellington if he won’t play very much?

              I suppose it boils down to value. What’s worth more…
              – A few snaps per game from Ellington in 2014?
              – A 5th season tacked onto his (cap friendly) rookie contract?

              1. at some point I could see the league possibly cracking down on NFI stashing.

  2. This might set up some cap relief to sign Vernon who most definately is a core player.
    Boone is easily replaceable by Martin, Looney or Kilgore.

    1. ‘Boone is easily replaceable by Martin, Looney or Kilgore.’
      Not sure why you say that Boone is easily replaceable.
      Any player can be replaced and all have to be at some point.
      But the talent level of the replacement is most important.
      Could those others step in and play?
      Will they be on par with what Boone brings on Sunday?
      No ways!
      J.Martin is a (backup) tackle and Kilgore and M.Martin are centers–one of which being our next starting center (Kilgore).
      Not saying any of those guys couldn’t play the position, but…
      And Looney got, what, 50-60 snaps in the Rams game?
      Sure, he played well and I like his prospects.
      He actually looks the part moreso than Boone–body wise, I mean.
      But Boone is entrenched in the position and that would be a huge loss if he bolts.
      Plus he backs up both tackle positions.
      I’m not saying he’s right if he holds out.
      But the kid’s a stud right guard.
      He’s massive and extremely athletic for his size.
      If he’s gone, Looney is definately in.
      But just because he’s there doesn’t make Boone easily replaceable.
      He’s not.
      The backups are just different levels of a downgrade depending upon which one plays.

      1. I pretty much agree with this take. I’ve softened just a lil’ bit on Boonie since he’s paid as the 40th best Guard. He has without question played at a MUCH higher level. I have thoughts on why his contracts were modest, but I can understand how he feels.
        If Looney steps in I think we’ll be OK, but Alex Boone can Play! Yeah, I want Boone and Vernon. Let’s Go!

        1. Oh…and I forgot to mention that the kid is HILLAROUS when they interview him on 49ers Post Game Live!
          What a character.
          Get him in camp and work on an extension with a minimal signing bonus while keeping his current contract #s intact.
          That’s what I think anyway…

    2. Beg to differ, PT. When Staley is down, Boone subs and the stats show he excels. As good as M. Martin might turn out, he has never played tackle, and Looney and Kilgore are strictly in the middle. J. Martin has never excelled at tackle in the pros. We need Boone or someone like him. I hope there is a meeting of the minds.

      1. I say pay Boone the money, He could be replaced at guard but as you said no one else could fill in as effectively at tackle as Boone has and can do when called upon. Additionally from all reports he is not asking to be paid as the best guard in the league but rather as a top 15 to 10 guard rather than as a backup.

        1. Shoupbj:

          Additionally from all reports he is not asking to be paid as the best guard in the league but rather as a top 15 to 10 guard rather than as a backup.

          I haven’t seen reports about Boone’s desired compensation. Do you have any links?

  3. Congratulations Mr. Staley. Didn’t have to pout or throw a tantrum. Well deserved, continue to protect Kaepurnicus with your life…..

    Wield the spear of light
    Guard it with your life

  4. Iggy:
    To answer your question…it depends on your definition of the term ‘core’.
    Whatever the definition is, I don’t think anyone would question that your starting left tackle would be part of that group.

    1. I’m not for it but the extra hour drive south might weed out some of the riff raff. Why they just don’t put the Raiders back in L.A. must have far more to do with Al burning bridges then any actual practical reasons.

          1. According to sources the 49ers and Crabtree have been in discussions about a new contract for a while now.

            1. How substantial are the discussions, and given the length, are you inclined to believe there has been incremental progressions along the way?

            2. We can’t know much about those talks right now, but I’m glad to hear that something is in the works. The CK deal seemed to have some co-operative long term goals worked in for both sides of a traditionally adversarial process. Colin and his agent allowed for some flexibility to keep him surrounded with talent. If Michael & his agent can get some flashy numbers left of the decimal point with guaranteed $ they can feel good about, even Michael could buy in to a wary acceptance of a similarly structured deal. If GRo installs an opened-up passing scheme this summer it might be a small factor in Crabs’ decision making.
              I think they are planning ahead in the FO, and that’s (imo) what’s a bit frustrating about the VD & AB holdouts; out of sequence. I think Vernon will report pretty soon and as soon as he does its old news and we know his role on the team. While I don’t really agree with Boone’s holdout I can at least understand his gripe. That one could last but they’d like to get him back to work I’m sure.

              1. Razor-
                I don’t think he’ll miss a beat when he gets back. I think he lost focus trying to be a Rennaisance Man in the off season but that he’ll fully apply himself during the season.
                But that brings up another question:
                How the Hell do I know, LOL?

          2. Coffee, not wanting to speak for Jack, but I think his question to MidWest about being in the meetings was tongue firmly in cheek following a lengthy tete-a-tete the other day around a similar question from MidWest to Jack.

              1. Incorrect. The question was to Claude. I only included you later when I was responding to Exgolfer because he was confused whether the question was aimed towards you or Claude. I said that it could go either way, but it was more aimed towards Claude.

              2. Mid,

                For the record, that was feigned confusion on my part.

                I know good and well that it’s Claude that is regularly takes meetings with Baalke. Wait, or is it Jack? I guess I really am confused…

              3. It’s both of them Ex. Who else do think is constantly stealing Baalke’s donuts?

              4. Is that before or after he arranges the donuts by size and shape and then turns all the sprinkles to a north/south alignment.

            1. Actually it was to Claude and Jack got involved Scooter. He loves to to go a few rounds with me on here from time to time.

            2. Thanks Scooter and my apologies then Jack for the snarky comment. I wasn’t aware that Jack was making an allusion.

        1. Just like you, I don’t have that privilege Jack. I’m basing my statement off of the holdout during his rookie season and the fact that the 49ers and Crabtree have been talking about contract details for a while now. It’s still supposition, but the evidence currently supports that line of thinking.

  5. Grant,

    When are you going to post an article asking your readers which of the NFI/PUP players is 1) a big surprise and 2) will have the greatest impact on the 49ers this season? Extra points if we show our work and explain which will have the greatest positive and greatest negative impact!

    1. Ellington can be activated at any time. The 49ers activated Kyle Williams from the NFI list on July 25 last year.

      1. Yep, I think people are getting a little carried away with the NFI and PUP designations. I doubt any of them are long term aside from Thomas, Reaser and Millard.

        1. You don’t think it’s curious to put a guy(Ellington) who’s participated in the entire offseason program on the NFI list to start training camp?

          1. No. To me it just suggests he likely tweaked something between OTAs and camp, and they don’t want to risk aggravating it before real camp begins.

  6. Lattimore to the NFI. Hate to pat my back on bad news but I was expecting this when I put him on the pup list in my 53 projection. Jewel Hampton just might make the team yet!

      1. There will still be plenty that say this is over reaction and that he’s only being put on the list temporarily. I call that wishful thinking for a player that had an injury of his severity that is on a team that just spent a 2nd round pick at his position.

        1. Jewel Hampton making the squad is wishful thinking regardless of what happens with Lattimore.

    1. I’m more inclined to believe that if Lattimore is unable to perform that LMJ becomes more valuable than Hampton.

  7. The great part about this is that it’s an extension. So, for 4 more years he’ll be playing for us at a very team-friendly salary… Then, when he’ll be ages 34 and 35, he’ll still be assured good money.

    My guess is that VD and Boone are looking to have their current contracts ripped up in favor of brand new ones–and they’re willing to hold out to get them. I just don’t see Baalke accommodating that.

  8. When you are the anchor of the O-line. You don’t have to worry about resigning when your contract is ending. Take notes Boone. You are replaceable. Staley is not.

  9. Good for Joe. All fans (49ers and others) say he is a class act. Hope he got a lot of money guaranteed. But, I’ve come to realize that these contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on and a player’s loyalty means nothing — if the production goes down, they are cut. The billionaires are not the players, it’s the owners and the NFL.

    Ya’all don’t like what VD is doing, but I applaud him and I think it’s great. He saved his money and invested carefully and now at 31 has the luxury to step away from the 49ers if they don’t agree on terms. It’s nothing personal, just business!

    1. “He saved his money and invested carefully and now at 31 has the luxury to step away from the 49ers if they don’t agree on terms”

      Mary, you are aware that those 49ers fans that don’t like what VD is doing has nothing to do on how he saved his money, right?

        1. No apology necessary, Mary. But, what is your point when you made this statement “Ya’all don’t like what VD is doing, but I applaud him and I think it’s great.”?

          I’m confuse because as a Niner fan there is nothing to be applaud or great on what VD is doing right now. You do realize that he had signed contracts that made him the highest paid TE in the league, TWICE. And as of today, even after the Graham signing, he is the 4th highest paid TE. I understand the business side of it but lets be real, this thing that he’s doing will only benefit himself and not the team.

      1. I am still laughing at the ass kick put on the puss green jack wagons by the lowly Cardinals.

      2. Ricardo, I think I missed your point. Vernon Davis has been a part of the 49ers since 2006; that will be 9 years. He’s probably been the face of your team. I’m sorry! Hopefully he’ll stay and everything will remain the same.

        1. Mary, he is one of the many faces that represents the 49ers and many of us faithfuls will always be grateful for that memorable performance (The Catch III) against the NO. But, he will never be above Gore, P. Willis and J. Smith as the faces of this franchise for the past several years. Especially now that he’s going on about his business with a me-first attitude.

          1. “Especially now that he’s going on about his business with a me-first attitude.”

            Yeah, I don’t know what’s motivating him. But, it will sort itself out within the next 2 weeks and the offense can win without him.

        2. Mary: If VD ever was the face of the franchise he is now the other end. It’s pretty obvious what is motivating him. He said so himself. It’s about maintaining his brand ( the value of his stock). He needs to present the image that his value is going up as opposed to declining in order to stimulate new investors. It has nothing to do with actual football value. He is now one of the investment sleazebags who con other people into putting their money into worthless stocks. Why would you applaud him for being a scumbag?

          1. Willtalk:

            “He is now one of the investment sleazebags who con other people into putting their money into worthless stocks. Why would you applaud him for being a scumbag?”

            I remember when ya’all started talking about this & it was over my head — I’d never heard of such a thing. I went to his Wikipedia page & there’s a section on the Personal Stock Offering. It’s legit no doubt but not a good investment. But I suspect some fans would buy a share or two just b/c it’s Vernon.

            Your anger is justified. I’d forgotten about all this when I put in my $.02. It’s almost a conflict of interest and in a way borders on a scam.

  10. Some of you pantlickers are bagging on Boone. He’s a stud and a charismatic player who well represents the Niners in the media. He is also a hell of a tackle and would be a starter on virtually every other team in the league.

    His contract sucks, Everyone knows that. Do some face saving cheapo York and pay the man…

  11. I think that it is obvious that they could not give Boone an extension under the present conditions with out giving Staley an extension first. This extension was a message to Boone that if he comes in they can work out a new contract. I even think the message that Staley stated that he is not the player he was was geared to also justify Boones contract extension. Good face saving move by the Niner’s organization. It is really obvious that Boone is underpaid and will be much cheaper than Iupati in any case. Don’t think they can afford to lose them both.

    1. “This extension was a message to Boone that if he comes in they can work out a new contract.”

      Willtalk, I agree. The Niners are basically saying “be a good and loyal foot soldier, do not air your grievances in public, report to work and perform at a high level and we will reward you if and when you earn it.” Boone needs to change his strategy pronto if he wants to gain an extension or a new contract to stay and play for the perennial Super Bowl contending 49ers. I hope he realizes this and shows up for work soon. I really like Alex Boone and I think he’s perfect for his role. He does deserve more $ but he’s definitely going about trying to get it the wrong way. Get your butt to training camp next week Alex! Ya snooze ya lose…

  12. I think 49ers dnt sign crabtree…sign uipati and aldon instead and receiving corps will still b solid. Boldin, johnson, patton, ellington draft choice

    1. Iupati declined last season. He was never that good at pass protection anyway. He really needs to show something in his contract year. He as a free agent will still probably be too expensive for the Niners. Too many other teams will be standing in line to over pay him. For the amount that he would cost he isn’t worth it. They should resign Boone who will be much cheaper. Unlike this year they will have guards who can more easily step in and take Iupati’s spot next season.

    2. reymend,
      The idea of letting Crabtree walk because of the WR’s you mentioned has a couple of factors that must be considered.

      1. We only have Boldin for a couple of years so he can’t be viewed as our future #1 WR.

      2. The other WR’s you listed have one thing in common; they have yet to prove (sans Stevie Johnson) themselves on the field.

      Stevie Johnson could be a logical replacement for Crabtree because of his NFL experience. But he is not in Crabtree’ league when it comes to running precise patterns, going over the middle, catching passes at the highest peak, his blocking, and of course his vise-grips for hands. Also, it should never be dismissed that Crabtree is Kaep’ favorite target for a reason.

      Patton and Ellington could prove to be very good WR’s in the future, but I wouldn’t make any decisions on Crabtree until those two young WR’s have established themselves for us.

      At the moment I don’t feel comfortable with any other WR’s besides Boldin and Crabtree and the 3rd (and 4th) receiver is an unknown commodity for now.

      1. I’m not Jack but I’m gonna answer your question. Very similar, with some adjustments to adapt to the NFL. And the inside zone was a staple at Oregon as well.

        1. Thanks Grimey, I’ve got the playbook and this longtime fan on fishduck.com explain the whole offense w/tutorials/videos, etc. It’s quire amazing. Thanks.

  13. A guy not getting mentioned much is Carrier. It’s his second year in this offense. He’s got height and wheels. Going with him and McDonald if Davis isn’t here is a tough matchup.

    I still say think outside the box and make Okoye a TE…..

    1. Re Okoye, I like the concept, but that would mean four tight ends, unless you are thinking Vernon holds. What do you think about backup fullback?

        1. George,
          Okoye can be a swiss army knife. Special teams, fullback, tight end. It’s rare that a guy his size can lead block out of the backfield or flat out run by you.

          I say run his ass as a blocker at Sherman all day. ALL DAY. Have him run a reverse or a fly sweep at Sherman too. Make Sherman wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweats just thinking about Okoye…

          1. bay ..
            if anything would shut Sherm’s big mouth ..
            that would certainly do it …

            Love to see it happen.. !

            That would make my turkey day memorable fer sure

          2. @Bay
            While I enjoy the picture you’re painting, the poor guy is trying to learn one position and just Football. Expanding his roles would just make his life more confusing. I recall GRo laughing and almost apologizing to Delanie about how much stuff they dropped on him to make him the Swiss Army Knife. Also, as Scooter pointed out the other day that as a Winger in Rugby he did very little ball-handling, so there isn’t much carry over.

            1. I hear you. IMO worth the risk. Guys his size with his speed simply do not exist.

  14. BT ..

    good point .. but as you said .. they dropped a ton on
    Delanie and he was able to handle it pretty good ..

    Who’s to say Okoye couldn’t handle it ?

    Sure. Delanie had the advantage of knowing the game
    but G-ro could start him out slowly .. a play here and
    a play there .. and
    one of those plays could be one that jacks up Sherm ..

    The crowd would go nuts !

  15. Aldon Smith’s sentencing has been moved up to this afternoon. Was previously scheduled for next week.

    1. That’s good news for us impatient people. Jailtime? Suspension? We need a resolution.

  16. Aldon Smith’s sentencing moved up to this afternoon (a week early) according to Cam Inman.

    1. Judge cooperating with 49ers because has already agreed on no jail time and TC for vets starts next week? It’s plausible, no?

      1. That’s what I was thinking too.
        Even so, Goodell will give him a few games off to think about it.
        I think it’ll be 4 games initially, and then reduced to two.
        Just a guess.

  17. OT… I’ve noticed this for a while: if a story gets too many negative comments or insights on the Chron, they delete the comments section. Happened today concerning the article aobut the opening of Levi Stadium. The majority of the commnets not only dumped on the Yorks and San Francisco for not working things out, they basted the stadium as ugly, sterile, poorly sited and ugly. And ugly. Comments are now gone. Chron is a cesspool these days…

    1. Reason being is that Ann Killion wrote it. She does not know how to write anything positive about any football team. She needs to come out of the closet and say she does not like football. She should not bother to follow it if she only writes negative articles.

    2. I’ve been watching the build online almost every day since it started.
      I don’t think it looks sterile at all and it’s certainly not ugly.
      Real football fans are going to see those seats so close to the field and salivate.
      I’d be stoked to watch a game there!
      These people are crazy.
      They’re just pissed that it didn’t get built in SF.
      But whose fault is that?
      They built outside of SF for exact same reason the Raiders are going to build outside of Oakland.

  18. I’m with those (Grimey, Willtalk, Bar None) who wonder whether the deal with Staley presages* some sort of extension for Boone.

    * Yeah, I know that “presage” usually refers to a sign that something bad will happen, but the meaning is broader than that, and I can’t think of a better verb right now.

    1. “Staley’s relatively inexpensive previous contract had made it difficult for the 49ers to reach deals with their other offensive linemen. After all, Staley played the marquee position on the line, has been its best player and deserved to be paid the most.” -Barrows.

  19. For those that wonder why the 49ers don’t try harder to draft or sign top tier CB talent, it is because they follow a similar philosophy as Dick Jauron states in this article:


    “After pondering my question for a few minutes, Jauron told me that an elite D must be strong down the middle, with blue-chip players at defensive tackle, inside linebacker and free safety.” From memory, Baalke said as much in the lead up to the draft. And it certainly holds true with how they have built the defense.

    1. Scooter. This is very true. Baalke says it all the time:

      Q: Why is it important to be strong up the middle on defense?

      BAALKE: I think you want to do that in every sport. Baseball tries to do it. Basketball tries to do it. I think football is no different. You want to take away the middle of the field. The best way to do it is having strength up the middle. If you can do that in the game, you stand a very good chance of winning week in and week out. So we place a big emphasis on that.

    2. Good observations about taking away the middle. This draft seemed all about controlling the middle on both sides of the ball. Borland, Martin, Hyde… even slot players like Ward and Ellington provide support in the middle.

      Another reason the 49ers skipped a CB… Teams were asking huge trade up prices for very good, but not necessarily “shut down” CBs.

      The difference between a very good CB and a true “shut down” CB is huge. A CB who can cover the other teams best WR with little or no safety help is rare. A defense with a true shut down corner can dominate the middle by stacking the box.

      1. I don’t think Baalke would ever give up much in a trade up for a CB. It isn’t a priority position in his mind – you can get by with solid guys on the perimeter so long as the middle of the D is strong. This isn’t a new concept. Many D coordinators and GMs think the same way. It is how Baltimore put together such a dominant D for all those years.

        I think if someone like Dennard had been there at #30 it might have been an interesting conversation as to which guy they’d take, but it explains why they weren’t pushing hard for a trade up to get him.

        I think Fuller was the only CB he was really interested in moving up for, as Fuller provides great versatility. He would have played the role they envisage for Ward as the slot DB, playing almost as a pseudo 3rd safety (the big nickel idea). But as I said before and after the draft, I think Odell Beckham Jr was really the guy Baalke wanted.

    1. Well, that could have been much worse.

      Now, we wait for Goodell to drop the other shoe.

      1. Hopefully the felonies turning into misdemeanors and the time served in rehab will help in that regard.

        1. Grimey:

          I also think Smith’s quick entry into rehab should help quite a bit. Viewing his time in rehab as time served seems reasonable and should help to reduce any suspension.

      2. I would imagine the NFL and Goodell to not give Smith any additional discipline. It looks like he has done all the necessary things in cooperating, volunteering for treatment and the 49ers have probably kept the NFL league office apprised of the situation. Looking forward to him having another good year on the field.

        1. “Eleven Mondays of work release for Aldon Smith magically ends one Monday before the Niners’ first MNF game at STL” from a Matt Maiocco RT.

          If Aldon gets hurt and can’t do one of the Monday work releases, maybe he will miss that Monday game.

        2. I’d be in jail right now. He better stay out of trouble or he’ll end up on Probation and that’s when the nightmare starts.

  20. 4 games…reduced to 2 is my guess.
    Iggy should make this a poll question.
    How many games will Aldon get suspended?

    1. I think he did have a pol question… or maybe it was a blog topic. I’m guessing 2-4 games.

      1. I concur.
        I think that if he was known as a jerk the punishment would be more harsh.
        But he doesn’t have a rep like that that I’m aware of.

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