49ers sign veteran Alfred Morris to bolster banged-up backfield corps

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Alfred Morris (46) stands on his old home field and greets members of the Washington Redskins before an NFL football game in Landover, Md., Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016. (AP Photo/Mark Tenally)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers have so many injuries, they need to sign a running back off the street just so they can practice and play preseason games.

They expect to sign free agent running back Alfred Morris once he passes a physical today. Then, he will join the team this week during their joint practices in Houston with the Texans, and possibly play against the Texans this Saturday.

The 49ers want Morris to play as soon as possible, because their top two running backs, Jerick McKinnon and Matt Breida, are out. McKinnon has a strained right calf.

Breida has a separated right shoulder. Both could miss the entire preseason.

On Monday, the 49ers had just three healthy running backs at practice: Raheem Mostert, Jeremy McNichols and undrafted rookie Jeff Wilson Jr. They took lots of reps and hits.

“Once you start losing guys, it adds a lot on another person,” 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said after Monday’s practice. “Once you see a guy having to take reps with the twos and with the threes, it’s just a matter of time before that guy gets hurt.”

Morris is with the 49ers to prevent more guys from getting hurt. He will take excessive reps and punishment away from other healthy backs, like a human punching bag.

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  1. Damn! The fountain of b#@$&+t pours out more effluent than Kilauea! Preposterous poo oozing off his keyboard.
    (Not talking about Grant)

    1. The trouble with McKinnon is that he is not and never was an everyday RB. He is a third down, receiving back. Niners paid way too much for him and attempted to redefine him. It has not worked. Morris adds value for all the reasons we have stated. He is a good short yardage banger with sure hands. We have not had that in recent years. Big question is still whether Joe Willimas can play We will or should see lots of him this Saturday. I also like McNichols and liked him last year as well.

      1. allie says:
        August 14, 2018 at 10:53 am
        It has not worked.

        Huh? Season hasn’t even started!

        1. I am prescient and extrapolate from his travails in camp and his proven record in the NFL thus far.

          1. It that’s the case, let’s get down to brass tacks. Mega Million numbers for tomorrow’s drawing?

        1. Oh Crab, I forgot to tell you I am a second string WR on my dorm flag football team at Bryn Mawr College. Skinny, fast and a constant narrator of the game as it is being played!

      2. My sincerest apologies, but only an individual who loves taking Tide Pods as medicine would reach those conclusions based on one preseason game and a low grade injury.

      3. We’ll see how it plays out, but I tend to agree with you.
        Lynch and Shanahan are still on their honeymoon period and fans are singing their praises. We’ll see.
        Personally, I think that Lynch is unqualified to be a General manager. He is not an executive and will tend to make poor management decisions. Or defer making management decisions to someone else. Like Shanahan. I like him as coach, but he falls in love with a player. And then the FO either over-drafts the guy, or overpays for him. It’s the GMs job to manage that.
        It happened last year and this year. Eventually, it’ll upset the team’s equilibrium.

        1. John Lynch has changed the culture of the Niners. He has had 2 good drafts, selecting players in the 5th 6th and 7th rounds that are contributing.
          JL overpaid, because he had to, but that is no problemo. He had a boatload of cash, and attracted decent FAs that fit the KS system. Baalke treated players like trash, and FAs avoided Baalke like he had the plague.
          Most importantly, JL is on the same page as KS, unlike Baalke who dismantled a team, and was at loggerheads with the coaches. They needed to clean house, and now there are only 13 players from the Baalke fiasco, left on the team.
          JL is a savior to Jed. JY was being humiliated, wandering around begging for some one to be GM and HC. JY was being turned down left and right, but JL fell into his lap and saved the day.
          JL was instrumental in getting KS on board. He also established good relationships around the league, so BB paid back an old family debt and GAVE JG to the Niners.
          JL turned things around, and even apologized for leaking. He is building a winning culture, brick by brick.
          So far, I am jumping for joy now that Baalke is gone, and JL is the antithesis of Baalke. So far, I have yet to see a really poor management decision. The only thing I wish JL could do is not shut out the press, or play favorites, and allow Grant to interview him. Grant may be negative at times, but JL should welcome constructive criticism. I think it would be very informative, and entertaining. TK, MM, MB, would be dry homer pablum, or a vicious attack.

          1. Jury is still out on Lynch but yes, he has done well with the lower round draft picks. He way overpaid for McKinnon and Juice but they may still pan out. I am sorry he did not go after a top CB and guard in the off-season. We have a very vulnerable defense. It may keep us out of the playoffs for this year. I think we can compete for the playoffs next year though.

            1. JL was hampered by Baalke dismantling the team, so it has been a total rebuild.
              Many FA players want to play for a playoff contender. I am being a realist to assume the Niners are not yet ranked that high. Talib and Suh went to a playoff contender, with SB aspirations. Norwell went to the Jags who went to the AFCC Game.
              Oh, how I yearn for the return to the Glory Years, when aging All Pros would take less to play for the Niners, just to get a chance at a ring.

              1. This is a new era with an energy that does not require fans to look at the past. What’s done is done and now the team has great leadership and a quarterback who is special.

              2. agree..Daddy was a great fan and has such stories of the 1980’s and 1990’s. I will be 20 in October and missed those glory years. There is some fan generational dynamics at work on Pacific Heights!

              3. Well, I would not mind history repeating itself.
                Niners were in a tailspin in 1979. 2 wins.
                Then, with a new hotshot QB taking over, they went 6-10.
                In 1981, they went 13-3 and won the SB.

    1. I like Morris, at 222 lbs, he may be able to take the beating, more.
      Glad he knows KS’s system.

    2. Me as well. I thought he looked good in camp last year. I hope he makes the team. I am not sold on McKinnon as anything other than a 3rd down receiving back.

    1. Hopefully the Bee will finds its niche in this tough newspaper market. Barrows mentioned that the sports desk at the Bee had shrunk from 16 to 3 when he defected to the Athletic….

          1. A person in the Niners organization pulled Grant aside and said he enjoyed his periscopes.
            Sounds like Grant is a must see, along with a must read……..
            No one will spend money to listen to trash? Oh, you must mean Kawakami, Maiocco and Barrows. You are correct. I have not read them, and feel like I get the pulse of the team on this site.

              1. The amount of money brought in by a pay wall would be barely enough to replace one of the old microwaves in the Press Democrat break room. Likely Grant wouldn’t see a dime extra.

            1. Seb says…

              No one will spend money to listen to trash? Oh, you must mean Kawakami, Maiocco and Barrows. You are correct. I have not read them, and feel like I get the pulse of the team on this site.

              Welp. That explains it.
              Let me guess. Independent news sources have nothing on CNN too, the real news of “Russian collusion”
              And SJW who aren’t eco terrorists.
              Where they praise a one year has been athlete for taking a knee for social injustice while making millions and ignoring the streets of Chicago and black on Black Death rates.
              You Seb are the poster boy of simpleton!
              And once again. Get off your knees boy!

              1. As a true patriot md, what are you doing to change things–really create and sustain change–beyond running your mouth?

              2. Wow, that was interesting. More red herrings, dog whistles and gas lighting.
                I will not continue this thread, and stick to football, unless posters beg me to elucidate.

              3. Oneniner,
                You forgot to include the probability that ninermd’s world, is likely also a flat world. After all, for ninermd, the earth’s surface sure looks and feels flat to him, so all of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary must be nothing more than a great round-earth conspiracy, orchestrated by NASA and other government agencies, in order to ….. well, who knows really? Does there really need to be a logical explanation as to why government agencies throughout the world would conspire to deceive the public in such grand fashion, when, after all, all ninermd needs to know is that when he walks out his front door in the morning, and sees nothing with his own bare eyes to indicate that, without question, the earth is in fact spherical, what more does a person like ninermd need in order to conclude that, not only must the earth be flat, but that NASA must absolutely hate America?

      1. For those who haven’t subscribed to the The Athletic, it’s well worth the money and they routinely have offers of 40 – 50 percent off to have a look see. I don’t do that with newspaper sites because all I want is the sports news. The Athletic is all sports, no ads and great writers…and no I don’t work for them. Just giving an honest opinion in the new world of sports journalism.

    2. I wouldn’t call the Sac Bee a major newspaper. How about Seb to take Biderman’s place

      1. Thank you Seb. I wondered if that was the reason,there was a couple of mentions on the blog this tragedy happened but no official word from the team.

    1. You may be right. If they were so confident with Williams, they most likely wouldn’t have signed Morris. Barring injuries, Williams is going to have to beat out Morris to make the team now. Morris can also be that short yardage back that KS keeps insisting the 49ers don’t need.

      1. Morris was brought in so Williams, Mostert, and McNichols don’t get overused. Morris probably has just over a 1/4 tank of gas left. There’s an outside chance he makes the team, but he’ll probably either be traded or released once Jet and Breida are fully healthy….

    2. I agree with RAW, he’ll be cut before the season starts. This is a move to have somebody take carries so the others on the roster don’t get overworked. He knows the system so there won’t be a learning curve and that means he can likely step in right away.

    3. CK=elite

      BS…! Joe Williams shows at every practice with 1 or more 20+ yarders…’got something personal against the guy..?

      1. I could be wrong, but I thought RAW was referring to Morris; not Williams. I agree that Morris will be cut at the end of training camp or sooner if McKinnon/Breida are ready before then.

      2. Nothing is ever personal Oregon lol. It’s just quite obvious that he ain’t making the team. The guy runs stiff because he is afraid he will fumble. He is playing behind a special teams player lol. They just picked up a RB that can make several teams but decided to sign with the Niners because he was promised a legit Chance of making the roster. Joe Williams will get cut. That was a miss of a pick. It happens.

        1. He’s been out of football and specifically contact for about a year. It’s gonna take some time for him to get that feel back.
          If you’ve ever played football and been off for awhile, the first adjustment is contact. He’ll be fine

          1. Listen if it was about just adding someone to help with carries until the other two are ready they would not of added Morris. They could of added anyone. Instead they added a guy that is a proven commodity. Williams can run fast in a straight line. He is a stiff at everything else. Can’t pass block. Below average hands. Lacks vision. He has been so bad that they can sneak him into the practice squad. If it wasn’t for a phantom IR placement last year he would of been cut.

            1. Between you and Rocket, and the past predictions, I’d suggest holding off on playing Carnac the Magnificent!

              1. Don’t worry about Prime. Pretty much everything he says is something he made up with no basis in reality, much like #45.

              2. Hey Rocket, kinda like Kap is a franchise QB and Armstead would get extended? Hah!
                I don’t make stuff up, just call people out who think they know it all!

              3. Yep great example of making stuff up with the Kap comment yet again, and it looks like they should have passed on Armstead’s option as I suggested, but yes I have been wrong on a few thoughts over the years. I’ve also been right on the money more often than not especially in regard to this teams outlook every year. You on the other hand are relegated to making things up and engaging in flame wars with whoever will give you attention. Good ol’ Prime Trump!

            2. Rebuild

              I live in Oregon, so I can’t attend any niner practices and so am reliant on radio, TV, or press reports as to how every member of the 49ers is viewed….other than what I can glean from”inside the 49ers”, Sacbee, or Maioco. and any other available source. I DO admit that I rely mostly on Grants blog for most of my info…my opinions are strictly my own…That being said, I’d like to know where your info is coming from in that it refutes all of mine….? I’m a proud Duckfan, and I follow PAC -12 sports, and have watched Joe Williams literally shred defenses…What you refer to as running ‘stiff’ doesn’t rate with me as long as he’s knocking out those nice “Ricky Watters” 20+ yarders…if you recall, Ricky missed quite a few blocks also…(as well as the occasional fumble) Kyle Whittington (his college coach) vouched for his receiving ability and his field of vision…I think that you might re-check his numbers and history before you put Joe on the waiver wire….

              1. To be fair to RAW, Williams is an explore athlete but in college he seldom got more than what was blocked for him. He didn’t really break a lot tackles but his build up speed in incredible. He had one of the better olines in college football at Utah, which allowed him to utilize this trait, but gaping holes are not a reality in the NFL. For nfl backs, they need vision to see the holes, ability to sink their hips and change direction and get to top speed as quickly as possible… That’s not really Williams game.

  2. Mostert MUST stay healthy. He’s the Niners’ most valuable RB. Yes, he runs a 4.32 40 and is a Pro Bowl quality gunner on special teams, but he is also a very good and tough RB. His value to the team in which he holds 2 positions, is important. By keeping Mostert, the Niners can cut two players (Burbridge and Williams). https://twitter.com/49ers/status/901993222229987328?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E901993222229987328&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.49erswebzone.com%2Fforum%2Fniners%2F189135-raheem-joy-dream-mostert-thread%2F

  3. I’m certainly not going to read more into the 49ers string of injuries during this year’s camp and first preseason game, as anything other than tough luck, and perhaps an overly cautious approach on behalf of the coaches and training staff. Look …. things are different in this day and age. The current CBA has put serious limitations on the way teams are able to approach NFL conditioning. Also, it’s been my experience over the years that these things tend to run in streaks. The 49ers also have a few players heldover from the Baalke era, who appear to be soft, proven to be injury prone, and unwilling to play through minor injuries, which is certainly adding to the problem.

    The good news is two fold:

    A) While the 49ers have suffered an above average number of nicks, bruises, muscle tightness and strains over this last month, setbacks for a number of key players, at least the team has been fortunate enough to have avoided the serious, season-ending types of injuries that have plagued a number of other teams around the league, and thankfully none of these current 49ers injuries appear to be jeopardizing substantial early portions of the the 49ers season, including both the marginal players, and thankfully their all-important core, key players (knock on wood) on either side of the ball (with the possible exception of Armstead, whom the 49ers may have already found an upgrade for in the raw, but talented rookie Jullian Taylor).

    B) They were fortunate to have Alfred Morris available for them to sign, at this stage of the preseason. Alfred Morris is essentially the perfect RB for the 49ers to bring in off the street. He is very familiar with Kyle’s concepts, verbiage, and assignments in pass protection. He’s got good size (225 lbs) and proven ability to excel in Kyle’s zone-blocking rushing attack. Alfred is also a stand-up guy, wreho brings an element of leadership to this team, and who knows, maybe he’s got a couple more good years, and could perhaps pickup where he left off last season, where he averaged 4.8 YPC on 115 carries, with zero fumbles, and played pretty well for the Cowboys all things considered. Of course, Alfred’s best years came with Kyle calling the plays and running the offense, as Morris to the league by storm in Washington, putting up nearly 3,000 yards on the ground, while carrying the Redskins’ offense over his first 2 seasons under Kyle, averaging 4.7 YPC, and leading the league in rushing over that span, though he’s certainly never really been much of a receiver out of the backfield.

    Injuries aside, this team still looks deep at the offensive skill position, as well as their front 7 on defense. It’s a QB driven league and the 49ers certainly look like they found the real deal Garoppolo. And he’s got an impressive supporting cast, and more than enough weapons to force opposing Defensive Coordinators to lose sleep preparing for the 49ers offense.

    Despite a large number of annoying and inconvenient injuries of the minor variety, nothing has changed, IMO, in terms of the question marks facing the 49ers this season, and the possible roadblocks standing between the 49ers and the postseason, specifically the OL and the backend of the defense.

    1. Good stuff. Would add that there’s been stability in the coaching ranks–including position coaches..usually a good thing.

  4. Grant,
    Has Jeffrey Wilson made any noise in TC?
    I’m hoping to see him get some snaps in Houston this weekend.

    Also, why has the Jucz only been relegated to blocking? Is he a liability running with the ball?

    1. Niners already know what he can do running and receiving so why not develop the real RBs who are going to tote the mail? KS already has his favorite runs and best pass routes established so the work needs to be on developing the run continuity of the halfbacks with the O-line blocking schemes. He may get a crumb via a run or pass this week vs. Houston just to keep happy.

      1. Nope. Marvin wins hands down. Comparison with Fisher is apt IMO. Both of those coaches must have had some dirt on the owners, or something.

        1. It’s likely more about $$. The Bengals organization is notoriously cheap. Marvin Lewis is making bottom of the list in annual contract money. They’re both content to not rock the boat. Lewis knows it’ll be a long time if ever before he gets another head coaching position so he’s not going to push it and ask for a big raise and the organization doesn’t want to pay current market value for a head coach so they’re not going to fire him.

      1. I admittedly havent followed much of season news on SF with the warriors success. I thought the cbs in sf were average at best. Is that not the case?

        1. When healthy, Sherman is still considered as upper tier, Witherspoon is thought to be ascending, and Williams is one of the better NCBs in the league. So no, the 49er CBs are not at Scandrick level; the only one who might be is Witherspoon, but he is only in his second season in the league while Scandrick is older than Sherman.

  5. Jack Hammer says:
    August 14, 2018 at 12:31 pm
    Is there a worse head coach in the NFL than Hue Jackson?

    Reply: Sebster, the OC drawing up bad plays. I’m still having difficulty forgetting his play where the receiver purposely falls down at LOS on a flea flicker, but somehow, finds his way downfield in time to catch a bomb w/o the QB being sacked in the 5.9 seconds it takes to deliver that pass.

  6. Grant,

    I thought your last Periscope broadcast was particularly good. While the information stayed focused on skill players, some of the other points on Reid and win totals were very perceptive.

    I think this team overachieved last year. While I think of the team has a lot of breaks it can reach nine wins, I think six is far more realistic.

    Reid was an excellent ambassador for the Bay Area and William be missed. Hope someone picks him up.

  7. 53



    Foster suspended 2 games and displaces Toomer when he returns.
    Bolden suspended 4 games

    1. Generally, I go with 25 on offense, 25 on defense.
      Therefor, There should be 9 O linemen, and 9 D linemen. Garnett should be added to the offense. Blair might be the odd man out.
      Other than that, nice list.

  8. Bringing in veteran players has amazing curative properties. Strains and aches seem to heal faster and not re-injure as frequently.

  9. Notes from around the league. Our old friend Trent Brown is doing well.


    OFFENSIVE MVP: LT Trent Brown
    The days of searching for Nate Solder’s replacement at left tackle are as gone as Solder is. Trent Brown is the new protector of Tom Brady’s blindside. The former 49er crushed his first three weeks in Patriots training camp.
    He was the most dominant force in 1-on-1 pass rush drills. He took most meaningful snaps in 11-on-11s. We wrote about the difficulty New England pass rushers have faced lining up across from the 6-foot-8, 380-pound Brown here
    With Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski limited, Brown’s the easy answer for MVP.

      1. Right….like the fire that Ward shows and not be intimidated by Hopkins. Remember the regular season game last year when Hopkins toyed all day with Donte Johnson?

        Was painful to watch:)

        1. Feisty is nice, but the only thing Ward won on that play was the quick left jab to the jaw, and the subsequent takedown….

    1. That was interesting. Hopkins had the wherewithal to catch the ball after the helmet came off. Unsure if Sebbie would approve of helmet removal in that manner..

      1. Maybe he will approve of how Sherman put on his helmet before he joined the fight and then came back to the sidelines and took the helmet off. Good disciplined approach to a brawl, I’d say…

        1. I also saw Sherman on the ground in the middle of the fight.
          Do not know how that might help him rehab his Achilles…….

    2. This is stupid and since it came at the beginning of practice it cost the 49ers the opportunity a chance to go against one of the best WR’s in the NFL

      1. Yah, bad timing to be sure Jack.

        On the flip side …. Jimmy certainly set the tone early. If nothing else, this is a tightly bonded 49ers team, and they are a bunch of scrappers, who won’t be backing down to anyone, even one of the NFL’s best receivers, and seem to have each other’s back.

        I wish it had happened later in practice but hey, that’s the intensity of NFL football, and both guys were at least man enough to shake hands at the end of practice, which shows the right kind of proper sportsmanship, which tends to trickle down from the top of the organization. So, all things considered, I like the intensity, and am willing to give Jimmie a pass, as long as this doesn’t become a pattern of poor judgement, and an inability to keep the emotions at a level below that which results in costly unsportsmanlike conduct penalties which can really hurt a team. Being that it’s the first real scuffle worth reporting, this far into training camp, bodes well for leadership, and the kind of message ShanaLynch have been preaching in the locker room.

  10. The four teams that went to the championship games last year had one thing in common – top five scoring defense. That is all.

    1. Meanwhile, has Jalen Ramsey succumbed to Jimmy G’s charms? He is supposed to have conceded recently: “I guess you could say he’s (Garoppolo) good.”
      Just to make sure people don’t think he’s getting soft on Shanny’s QBs, Ramsey added Matt Ryan to his list of overrated QBs……

  11. Mcnichoicals taking first team reps at RB. Yeah joe Williams ain’t making this team.

    1. Did Williams return yet? Remember, he was excused to attend the funeral of a murdered family member.

      1. Williams was there but Mcnichoals got the majority of the first team work. Barrows said it’s worth keeping an eye on that development.

      1. I’m pretty sure you said the same thing when Razor and I told you the Niners would take Thomas. While you were so convinced they would take Trubisky. It’s my opinion that he will not make the team. He has been very unimpressive. We will see this Saturday though. Biggest game of Williams career up to date. He falters again he will be practice squad bond. To answer your original question I can careless about placing a wager on it. Does nothing for me Win or lose.

        1. “To answer your original question I can careless about placing a wager on it. Does nothing for me Win or lose”

          Just like your predictions on everything Kaepernick? And of course the little cry wolf Seb pipes up.

          You 2 keeping talking out of your arse. Win or lose, you 2 will always be the those guys.

          1. Prime, you should man up and pay Razor.
            He accepted your bet and then you put on some preconditions.

    2. McNichols was a guy I liked coming out, and he looked super quick against the Cowboys. I’m thinking they can safely store him on the practice squad….

    3. If they like McNichols pass-pro skills, I think he seals Williams’ fate. McNichols is multi-dimensional, and there’s never been an issue about his dedication. Also, I was reading that Williams has been compared to McKinnon. When push comes to shove, this might make the difference as well.

      1. I will wait until after the next few games. With McNichols as the number one, he will be given fewer snaps.
        Hope to see Joe Williams play a lot. Want to see him break a long run, and catch some passes.
        Some complain that he does not move well with both hands on the ball, but I like how he is protecting the ball.
        I want to see how McNichols does as a blocker, protecting JG.

        1. little paulie…time to get off the computer…times up…don’t want to let people know who we are

  12. @PFF
    Getting a free rusher at Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t often mean success for the defense last season.

    Passer Rating – 108 – 2nd in the NFL
    Completion % – 78.3% – 1st in NFL
    Yards per Attempt – 9.9 – 1st in NFL
    Time to Throw – 2.4 seconds – tied for 4th in NFL.

  13. Apparently Richie James had another good day as well as the catch of the day. I can’t see how he doesn’t make the 53. I can see both James and Taylor being on the field at the same time for certain plays.

    Jeff Deeney
    2016 Collegiate stats:

    Taylor: 138 catches, 1836 yards, 12 TDs
    James: 105 catches, 1625 yards, 12 TDs (+ 351 yards and 4 TDs rushing)

    1. Well, I would certainly agree that he is much better than Kentavius Street, the ACL player who cannot help the team this season. He also was drafted in the 4th round.
      Drafting an ACL player is like buying a car that has been in an accident. It will never be as good as new,

      1. Oh Sebbie….so dramatic you are. Recall Frank Gore and his knee issues when the 9ers drafted him?

        Oct 2, 2003: ACL vs West Virginia.
        Mar 19, 2002: ACL spring practice.

        Given your direction, the 9ers should never have drafted him….right Sebbie?

          1. MWNiner

            My money is on “Yes” as your answer…If Lynch has his way, another fight would be a ‘plus’ tradeoff…Ward for Hopkins…. losing Ward would hurt…losing Hopkins would hurt Houston worse…

        1. Wrong, again, Cassie. Frank Gore had those injuries, but went on to have a solid 2004 season, showing that he was fully recovered from his injuries.
          Frank Gore dropped in the draft, due to his injury history, and the Niners selected him in the third round.
          Not bad, selecting a future HOFer in the third round.

          1. Sebbie…bend the facts to fit your narrative.

            You said: “Drafting an ACL player is like buying a car that has been in an accident. It will never be as good as new.” You never acknowledge the healing process (or taking the car in for repair). To you, ACL=damaged goods.

            Gore was an ACL player. Own it Sebbie….

            1. Yep, and imagine how much better he could have been if fully healthy his entire career.
              Instead of 14 thousand, he might have run for 21 thousand.

              1. But you said no one should ever draft players coming off injury? Gore was coming off one so you contradicted yourself and your statement holds zero water. Gore went on to be a great player
                -Drafting an ACL player is like buying a car that has been in an accident. It will never be as good as new,

              2. Chris, Gore was drafted by Scot McCloughan in 2005. he was the one who took the chance, and it paid off.
                For every success story, I suppose there are 10 stories of failures, or shortened careers.
                Frank Gore was an exception, and I am glad he thrived and exceeded expectations.
                There is a medical report that stated that most players return to play, but at 80% of previous performance levels. An uninjured player is at 100%, since there is no limiting factor. We can debate whether an elite player at 80% is as good as a very good player at 100%, but injured players tend to get injured more.
                Point to an exception to try and prove me wrong, and I will point to 100 players that prove me right.
                You are so desperate to try and prove me wrong, you sound shrill and dogmatic. Explore the nuances. Uninjured players are generally better than injured players.

              3. Seb also said quality linebackers never miss games due to off field issues. If Reuben can have the same quality career as Lawrence Taylor (he of the missed games due to off field issues), we definitely got a 1st round steal.

    2. 80,
      I liked Armstrong at 2nd or 3rd if he fell that low.
      He may turn out to be a special player – in time.

      I put Landry, Edmunds, Davenport, Roquan and Chubb in the same category : TETT – to early to tell.

      At the moment our very own Jullian Taylor is making some positive noise. But like Saleh said, “he still has a long way to go” (paraphrase).

      I’ll be looking forward to the “All-Rookie” team at the end of the season. No doubt that there will be a few non-marquee players that make the list.

      Again, it’s too early to tell, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few of our rookies on that list.
      JT, and possibly F. Warner.
      I really like our rookies and next year’s new crop could be the bricks that propel us to the Superbowl in 2 to 3 seasons.

  14. Cassie Baalke says:
    August 15, 2018 at 2:20 pm
    Sebbie…bend the facts to fit your narrative.

    You said:“Drafting an ACL player is like buying a car that has been in an accident. It will never be as good;
    Gore was an ACL player. Own it Sebbie….

    Reply: Seb’s will never “own it,” if that spells doom for him…Remember the weedeater conflagration–never admitted that, instead blamed it on his son ? Apparently when the Fire Martial arrived Seb blamed the cinders that once was his neighbors house on his prodigy who apparently is in county lockup ?

  15. As per Maiocco:
    “In an end-of-game scenario, the 49ers took over at their own 40-yard line with :55 remaining and trailing 24-20. On the final play from the Houston 13, Garoppolo bought time in the pocket and delivered a touchdown pass to Pierre Garçon, who tapped both feet inbounds for the touchdown”

    This is why Jimmy G is the best thing to happen to this franchise in the last 10 years. He makes everyone around him better. He’s a gamer and clutch in big moments.

    1. Prime …

      and to think …we (basically) traded Hoyer for Jimmy G …
      who do you think got the the better end of .. that .. deal ?

        1. I was only thinking about the QB swap … bu then
          you bring up a good point …
          at any rate … I totally agree …

          My only gripe is .. he didn’t sign my jersey when he had
          the “golden” opportunity ! ..
          Oh well … I’ll get over it !

    1. My disagreement is not for players who had an injury, but came back strong their last season.
      Baalke ACL players tended to be like Marcus Latimore, Tank Carradine. Keith Reaser, Will Redmond. They were drafted injured, and the rehab took longer than Baalke promised. They also under performed, and I swear to you, better, fully healthy players were available. Baalke liked to gamble, but crapped out too many times.
      With his injury history, JT was ignored for 6 rounds. He is a long shot that is paying off. I am fine with the Niners taking a flyer on an injured player in the seventh round, who has demonstrated that he is recovered from his injury. I will criticize and selection of an injured player, requiring rehab, missing out on fully healthy players, in the earlier rounds like Latimore in the 4th, Redmond in the 3rd and Carradine in the second.

      1. Agreed.
        If a player had an ACL injury but came back and played really well the injury concerns are not nearly as big as the player has already proven he can play at a high level. You should be concerned if the player has not yet returned to form.
        That said I didn’t have a problem with all of Baalke’s risks…
        Latimore – I was initially fine with because the team was stacked and taking a risk on player that his upside made sense. However, my opinion of this has since changed especially since he had 2 major knee injuries.
        Carradine – Didn’t like this one, as he was second round pick that got more hustle sacks than anything else… so I didn’t like his talent pre-injury nearly as much.
        Reaser was a 5th rounder so its not as bad, but I would have liked to wait one more round before taking such a player but it wasn’t a terrible risk.
        Redmond – While an intriguing talent, (projected a 1st rounder before tearing his ACL) was drafted at the top of the 3rd round which is way to early for a player that hasn’t returned from ACL yet (see Carradine).

        1. Yep, #2 rule of draft club; never draft an acl player before round 6. Baalke’s arrogance convinced himself that he was above that rule….

  16. For all the talk about Aldrich Robinson being cut, I’ve read a lot about him busting coverages for a deep threat. I’ve contributed to that speculation, but AR isn’t giving up so cheap.. Boldin stepped up too, resume-izing.. I like the comp. Pita played hard and fast too.

  17. https://www.houstontexans.com/news/harris-hurry-up-joint-practice-against-the-49ers

    From the opponents pov
    – Both McGlinchey and Richburg were beaten easily
    – On Foster – Oh. My. God. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a heat seeking missile like him. He’s absolutely fearless and can blow up the run game in a quick minute.
    – Houston was able to pass easily against sf with the ball not hitting the ground early on… but failed in their two minute drill scenario

    1. From the Houston Chronicle…

      “There was some spirited work between Texans defensive end J.J. Watt and 49ers rookie offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey. During one play, Watt drove McGlinchey to the ground as he overwhelmed the young blocker. In another sequence, they stalemated.”

      Personally, I kinda like the fact that McGlinchey is being schooled early in his NFL career. And, depending on one’s perspective, he performs rather well at times. Hope he remains healthy and keeps his nose in the fight.

      1. McGlinchey is a blue collar, lunch pale type of personality. He’ll grow up quickly without suffering any lack of confidence in his abilities….

        1. He did fine yesterday after getting pancaked in the first encounter… McG will be competent this season in pass pro, IMO. If he can help get the run game going to the right side, he will have earned as high a grade that a rookie starter on O line can hope to earn.

    1. UC,
      Good looking out.
      She was an international star and an American treasure.
      She has earned her rest.

    1. Harris’ hammy Weds and Williams Jr.’s walking around and is fine after getting nicked up today. Reid ain’t coming back, because he’s not good enough. Nothing serious and certainly not any starters to worry about….

  18. JL- ‘ Kyle and I, one good thing we do well is we are constantly evaluating. We like to be around each other, we respect each other’s opinion.’
    Can you imagine Baalke saying that?

    1. Baalke was the Jimmy Comey of GM’s and Tomsula was the Petey Strzok of the locker room.

      1. Razor, I agree. Comey, with his last second re-opening of the HC email investigation, flouting protocols, deserves no praise, even his subsequent actions with Don the Con.

      2. Petey Strzok of the locker room.

        Strzok was a standup guy, @sshole. With what he knew, if there was someone who could have destroyed the Putin puppet’s campaign during the the election run up, it was him. Did he?

        The puppet and his clown cult should be thankful for that guy’s integrity.

          1. By the most idiot corrupt “boss” we’ll ever see in many lifetimes. He’s another moron who doesn’t realize Strzok was doing Trump a favor.

              1. Aitan Goelman, Strzok’s attorney, said FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich ordered the agent’s termination on Friday.

      1. Just contrasting the old regime with this one. It is like night and day.
        Baalke destroyed the Niners so they ended up with a 2 win season. Lynch is rebuilding, brick by brick. Baalke would stab you in the back with leaks and smears. JL is changing the culture, re-establishing class and a winning attitude. Baalke deserves the shade thrown at him. JL deserves praise for his upright commendable behavior.
        It is also a dig at Cassie. ;p

      2. Baalke inherited a SB roster that only needed a few pieces to stay relevant.
        He was awarded GM of the year honors but then things went south after that.

        His biggest mistakes (imo), poor drafting and disharmony with his “winning coach.”
        The darkness that followed Harbaugh’ exit has impacted the team for about 4 years.

        Baalke created such a sour atmosphere in the Org, that potential head coach hires wanted nothing to do with our team.
        Hiring lower tier head coaches like the butcher (Tomsula) and the controversial Chip Kelly was Baalke’ last nail.

        The comparison between the Baalke regime and the new regime is like night and day.

        I can see the light at the end of the tunnel – next stop, a competitive 2018 young team and serious playoff contender in 2019 and beyond.

        1. Not sure why this one fan talks about him like he is still part of the organization or had any bearing moving forward. I mean should we talk about Terry Donohue, Dennis Erickson, Jim Tomusala and all the other bad hires?

          1. Chris, because the legacy of Baalke continues.
            Niners could have drafted JJ Watt. Baalke chose All Done Smith. Niners could have drafted Alshon Jeffrey, who went 15 spots after AJ Jenkins. Baalke chose Armstead. the next player chosen was the eventual DROY, Marcus Peters.
            Second guessing is always right, but Baalke seemed to be always wrong. Baalke LOVED ACL players because they were such a good bargain. Out of all the ACL picks, Baalke selected zero winners.
            Baalke did not only select ‘Stone Hands’ Vance MacDonald, he gave VM a contract extension just before he was fired. Thankfully, JL got rid of VM and a 5th, for a 4th round pick.
            The stench of Baalke is dissipating, but it took JL cleaning house. JL has acquired 40 new players, and only 13 are left from 2016.
            Sure, those Joe Thomas years were almost worse, but both GMs presided over 2 win teams.

        2. AES, that 2012 draft doomed him. Baalke whiffed on an entire draft class.
          I agree. I also see the light at the end of the tunnel. With JG, the playoffs are not a pipe dream.

    1. Would give you two number 1? I think that would be too high but that is what the Raiders will demand!

    2. You gotta include a quality player if all you’re giving up is one 1st rounder, and then you’d probably have to chip in another middle rounder. So:

      Reuben Foster+2019 1st rounder+ a 4th rounder would get it done.

      I keep hearing the Packers and Bears are his top two destinations.

    3. CFC,
      Mack would be a great piece for us, but I can’t see the sin city raiders coveting Armstead as part of a deal.

      Armstead is damaged goods not only for his penchant for injuries but also because he has not been able to define where his strength is on the Dline.

      Now, if the raiders are dumb enough to jump on that deal, I’d be all in.

      1. Off topic but Garnett has been getting 1st team reps. This means the 49ers want to evaluate him in this game to determine whether or not he can change their minds. This may the biggest game of his NFL career….

        1. as a trade showcase for a potential suitor…
          hope he does well vs. HOU, so maybe a 5th????
          or if he struggles and is “re-injured” perhaps a 5th of whiskey???

          1. Yea, I think so. These players on the outer fringe of a roster spot will get reps to either prove they belong or make a believer out of another team watching film….

      2. Agree. I think Razor probably wouldn’t, but would you be willing to package S. Thomas with a 2019 first rounder for Mack?

      3. Jack Hammer says:
        August 16, 2018 at 1:03 pm
        Why would the Raiders want Armstead?
        Who cares I just want him gone. Wasn’t really intended to be a serious offer, just suggesting a way to rid ourselves of dead weight.

      4. Why would the Raiders want Armstead?

        They wouldn’t, but it’s a player CFC would like to give up.

        The Raiders control his rights through the option year and FT for the next 4 years which will give them his prime at numbers less than he’s likely asking for in a long term deal. They aren’t giving him up unless it’s a deal that blows their socks off. Even then it would make no sense for them to trade him now because they’d get nothing to help them this year if all they got back was picks.

    4. I would easily give that. I just cant see the raiders making that deal.
      They might do Foster and a 1 for him.

    1. This goes back to Jack’s question. “Why would the Raiders want Armstead?” In this case Armstead and Ward. They’re both injury plagued underacheivers. These are seb tier trade proposals. No offense seb.

      1. 80, none taken.
        These practices with the Texans have shown strengths and weaknesses. Wonder if both teams might poach cut players off the 53.
        Saw JG throw a TD to Garcon, but then heard about the picks. Maybe they might not take the 6 best, but the 6 WRs that JG is most comfortable throwing to.

    2. My question is this, would Mack make the Niners the favorite to win the SB this year? If not then why trade for him?

      1. Austin Bryant should be available for the 49ers to target in the 1st round if they so choose. He’s athletically freaky….

        1. We are going to need a tackle next year too. Hate to mortgage the future for some guy who is going to command lots of money. As Gruden said the Raiders defense was not very good with him so…..Is he the missing piece, I don’t think so.

          1. I tend to agree. Build it brick by brick through the draft, and see what you’ve got when it’s done.

          2. Pretty much my thoughts on the matter. This team is more than one player away still. Can’t afford to sacrifice lots of draft capital for one guy. And the idea of just tossing in a bunch of players 49ers fans don’t like to “sweeten” the deal is nonsense.

            1. But so typical of this blog….create a massive bundle of disliked players and trade for a hearthrob…

    3. The farm? Stanford players? Yeah I’d give them Sherman and Solomon. Throw in a draft pick. Good for a Stanford player only.

  19. A while back Grant advocated for trading Garoppolo. Wonder what we could get for him?

    1. Get for Grant? Maybe the Modesto Bee high school sports columnist? And a cub reporter to be named later.

  20. It’s hard to choose an all time fave of Aretha songs, but I’ve got Chain of Fools near the top, and her cover of The Weight with Duane Allman at the top.
    There are a LOT of right answers to her Best.

  21. Belichick had pundits prognosticating it would take 4 first round picks to pry JG away from NE.
    Niners should consider nothing less, and still keep him, because Franchise QBs are as rare as hen’s teeth.

  22. seb sez:

    ” ….. Franchise QBs are as rare as hen’s teeth….”

    Even though JG is ..thought .. to be the Niners
    “Franchise QB” … (at the present moment) … remember that he
    got that $137 Million paycheck on the ..expectation .. that
    he …could become … such… but …
    realistically speaking …. I think we’ll know a little more .. ( if he can become one)
    after … he’s had a year or two … under his belt …

    A couple important questions about him need to be answer first … like

    1. How brittle is he ? … We all know that CJ can take many hits —
    and then get back .. dust himself off and play right away… but
    can Jimmy do that as well ?

    We don’t know that yet …

    In fact… in that game where Carlos Hyde got ejected … when CJ got blasted
    with a head shot… (courtesy of an ex 49er) … and the fight started ….
    I actually think CJ was concussed … and still played through through it..
    (One tuff dude fer sure) … and also …

    2. How long will Jimmy’s … “magic” … last ?

    Don’t get me wrong … I’m a bonified .. ( and proud) .. “homer” ..
    and a big fan of Jimmy … but….
    I still wanna know the answers, too

    1. MWN, Oh no, now you jinxed him!!! ;p
      I am not too worried. While I agree that CJB held onto the ball too long and got blasted, and I agree that CJB endured concussive blows, JG thinks too quickly, and can get rid of the ball before the pass rusher can get to him.
      JG even can be aware of a pass rusher like Calais Campbell bearing down on him, but he can get off the pass and turn so he does not take a full hit. JG did that in this last Cowboys game, too.
      Sure, the O line needs to gel and become cohesive in their blocking assignments, but only time will tell.

      1. “…… I agree that CJB held onto the ball too long and got blasted……”

        Yeah …true… but then Kilgore was a turnstile …. so CJ had a sieve for
        an O-line, too …. (which is why he got blasted so often ) …
        PLUS ….he had to learn a new skill …. (OTJ) …

        …running for his life ….(and he’s not too much of a scrambler … either)

    2. Jimmy’s Italian, so he’s tough. I think he’s got the right kind of magic. Humility, hard work, lightning quick release and processor, leadership traits, and schooled in the art of Brady….

      1. JG reminds me of Marino, another Italian Stallion.
        Dan Marino would flick his wrist and drop it on a dime. JG seemed to not only throw through tight windows, he threaded the needle.
        Remember, JG had the same line as Hoyer and CJB, and made the whole team play better. Actually, he did not have Brown, who is dominating in NE, he had Beadles at RT.
        Yes, I am concerned that the pass rush may get to JG, but Richberg is an upgrade from Kilgore, Garnett, Cooper or Person is an upgrade from Fusco, and McGlinchey may be a better run blocker than Brown. So maybe the run game could get going, which will help JG because then the defense will not just stack the box and dare them to pass, making the Niners one dimensional. Hopefully, the Niners can attack the edges with their RBs.

        1. According to Camp reports in Houston.
          The Texans lived in the backfield against our offensive line. Granted they need to gel together, but when your opponent picks out the Oline as the teams most obvious weakness after you invested a high priority free agent and a 1 pick there its a bit concerning that it may not have been improved by much.
          – The scary part here specifically with McGlinchey is that he should be about the most coached up guy coming out of the draft. So how much upside is the team getting? I don’t want to overreact and think he can be a solid tackle may be a B level player… but I don’t think he has the athletic ability to be a pro bowler.

          1. He’s a rookie going up against one of the best players in the league. Growing pains should be expected. He’s also had some success against JJ.

            “The scary part here specifically with McGlinchey is that he should be about the most coached up guy coming out of the draft.”


            When asked if he had helped prepare McGlinchey for Watt, Staley said not really.

            “Not a whole lot, and I think that’s good. Gotta get him — if it was game situation, obviously you’re going to do a lot more studying and all that stuff. But I think it’s good for him to go in and kinda figure that stuff out on your own. Try to correct what you’re doing on the practice field because it’s practice — it’s the time to do all that stuff. You don’t have to go out there and have a perfect day. You’re going try different things, to see what works, what doesn’t work.”

            1. it’s practice — it’s the time to do all that stuff. You don’t have to go out there and have a perfect day. You’re going try different things, to see what works, what doesn’t work.”

              Context is important.

            2. Yes, we all worried about how well the O line would hold up, and during the Cowboy game, and they did not allow a sack.
              Fire tempers steel, so I hope McGlinchey learns from his mistakes, and does not repeat them.

              1. They didn’t allow a sack but that was not for lack of trying.
                The O line got bullied by the cowboys dline.

              2. Shoup before OTA’s the two biggest trouble spots for this team was going to be pass rush and oline.
                We’ll be talking about this all year and it might be the reasons why the 49ers don’t make the playoffs.

                It’s gonna take time to get these areas better. Khalil Mack helps one area and the other just needs time to gel.

              3. Shoup, watching the replay of the game, the Cowboys stacked 9 players in the box at the beginning of the game, and KS obliged by going vanilla, not making adjustments, for expected results.
                Hopefully KS can learn from Tom Brady and this last preseason game against the Eagles. TB shredded the Eagle defense, by using deception and attacking weaknesses. Running vanilla plays into the teeth of the defense only showed how NOT to strategize the offensive game plan.

              4. Hopefully KS can learn from Tom Brady and this last preseason game against the Eagles. TB shredded the Eagle defense, by using deception and attacking weaknesses.

                I dont really mind that to much, right now its just about teaching concepts and getting work in for the second stringers. Preseasons games are mostly about seeing who should be a second stringer and who should be a first stringer… unfortunately I don’t know if CJ is good enough to get them enough opportunities.
                As to adjusting… why show what adjustments you will make in a game that doesn’t count on your win loss record?

              5. Because getting stuffed in the backfield is counter productive. Now is the time to experiment on JG getting the ball into the hands of his playmakers. They have a better chance when they have the ball with space in front of them, instead of meeting a wall of defenders.
                This is also a time for the coaches to be creative, to see what works and what does not work. There is less pressure since they do not count the outcome in the standings.
                I guess I just want innovative, cutting edge and unpredictable schemes, instead of vanilla, conservative and predictable play calling. So what if they can game plan and study those plays. It just means they have more to study, and the Niners will gain the advantage to know that it will work under game time conditions. There is rarely a time when a team is caught totally by surprise, because defenses are coached to expect anything and everything. If the Niners can perfect the play under game time conditions, maybe it does not matter what the defense does, if it is an unstoppable play.
                Tom Brady out maneuvered the Eagles, and the ball carriers were running untouched. That should also be a goal for the Niner offense.

            3. 80,
              McGlinchey getting beat a few times by watt doesn’t bother me. But when a non 49er reporter was asked about a weak area in the team. He immediately said it was clearly SF’s oline. And that the Texans were in the 49ers backfield a LOT.
              The McGlinchey part I brought up because he should be one of the most coached up Olinemen in the draft. And he was reportedly been beaten fairly regularly by our D linemen, the cowboys starters and now Houston’s starters (not only Watt)…
              I’m not writting him off as I said, but I’m definitely becoming more concerned, as he was supposed to be the most nfl ready tackle coming out.

              1. He’s a rookie. Don’t forget that. Did you expect him to hold his own so early in camp and going against 2 premier pass rushers in the entire league?

              2. I know he is a rookie. Do I expect him to be great right away… no. Do I expect him hold his own? Yes.
                He’s a top 10 pick and the starter at that spot was traded away so more is expected.
                Think Ronnie Stanley, Jack Conklin, Laremy Tunsil, or Brandon Scherff not Ereck Flowers .
                – Once again, I’m NOT giving up on him or saying he’s a bust, but getting routinely beaten by his teammates in practice by the likes of Cassius Marsh, then by the cowboys starters and now by the Houston starters should raise some eyebrows and it bears watching.

              3. Eye brow raising and watching a rookie is something that a rookie will have to endure to probably till week 8.

                He’s going to get beat but is also going to win some. That’s just part of the the learning process.
                I mean people on here are giving Solo Thomas passes left right and center so giving #69 a hard time after not even playing in a real game makes me wonder.

              4. “I mean people on here are giving Solo Thomas passes left right and center so giving #69 a hard time after not even playing in a real game makes me wonder.”

                I didn’t like the Solomon Thomas selection as I didn’t think he could play the edge,s and moving him inside didn’t make sense to me at the time as they had just drafted Armstead, Buckner and Blair ( who was showing progress).

                As to giving him a “hard time” I don’t really think I am. At this point I’m just concerned as according to reports he is routinely getting beat in pass pro no matter who is across from him. Given the investment in Jimmy, I imagine I am not alone in my concern. Now it must be said the Texans have about the best Dline in the NFL so it must be taken into consideration.

              5. All of it has to be taken into consideration but the most obvious is that he is a rookie. He just has to be ready 3 weeks from now so losing battles in camp and preseason games means he is learning. That’s all. Lower the concern.

          2. Shoup,

            McGlinchey was a better run blocker than pass protector at ND, so it’s not overly surprising to see that is where the issues lie right now. To me the greater concern is at G where they really didn’t do anything to improve other than signing a journeyman coming off of a knee injury. There is a belief that Shanahan doesn’t put much of a priority on the position, but that could come back to bite them on the ass big time.

            1. “There is a belief that Shanahan doesn’t put much of a priority on the position“

              Now who is making stuff up?

              1. Better Rivals of Niners Nation went into some detail on this… I’m not sure which episode it was but they are the ones who are perpetuating that theory.

              2. Sorry I can’t trust the ordinary fan proving that Shanahan does not put too much value in his oline. If bloggers on here work in the NFl’s Scouting department or have first hand knowledge working as a scout for Shanahan then I’ll believe them.

                Rocket, pretending to know and then using bloggers as evidence of your theory is weak. You have zero proof of that and once again don’t know much.

              3. Being an offensive coordinator his whole career really, how can he not value the offensive line? You can’t do anything unless the horses up front hold up. If a reporter asked Shanny that question about wether he values it they might get slapped upside their head. This might be the dumbest thing anyone has ever suggested.

              4. For Rocket’s sake lets add some clarity.
                He didn’t say Kyle doesn’t value the offensive line (a position Group), he said he doesn’t value the position of offensive guard as “much” as he does that of Center and Tackle. Part of this is because he asks his centers to block the Will Linebacker in addition to their line calls, guard chips, doubleteams, etc

                “It allows you to do a bunch of different stuff,” Shanahan said at Richburg’s intro press conference.
                “It puts more pressure on the center. It puts versatility in everything you can do, not just with the center but what your guards and tackles can do. It helps solidify the entire O-line. That’s usually where it starts. There are a lot of good players, but when you have a difference-maker at that position, I’ve found in my career that it’s been a lot easier to run an offense.”

                This wasn’t just picked up by a random blogger from BetterRivals (one of the commentators has moved on to PFF btw), but also by KNBR, MMQB, and the teams own 49ers.com all of which wrote about how much Kyle values the center position.

                That’s not to say he doesn’t value the guard position but rather that he places greater emphasis on the center Position.

              5. Rocket, pretending to know and then using bloggers as evidence of your theory is weak. You have zero proof of that and once again don’t know much.

                Smh, you have some issues Prime. You are so focused on trying to take a shot at me you don’t pay attention to what is written. First off, the belief I referenced is not mine, it’s an opinion that a couple of sites and people on here have given a number of different times. If you actually read the conversations on the topic you’d know I’ve disagreed with this viewpoint when it’s been given and have repeatedly stated they should have done more including using a pick in the draft.

                The point I was making in that post is that those who believed Shanny didn’t value the position are now seeing why it should be. The position should be valued and the Niners may pay the price for not doing more to improve it.

            2. “There is a belief that Shanahan doesn’t put much of a priority on the position“

              I don’t agree with line of thinking. In Atlanta he brought in Andy Levitre to play guard, Alex Mack to play center, and was there when they drafted Wes Schweitzer who is now starting at guard after taking 2016 to develop.

              He has followed almost the exact same model since joining the 49ers.

              1. I don’t disagree. The argument that has been given is the lack of high picks being used at the position under Big Shanny and on teams L’il Shanny has been associated with, but that is more of a situation where they have been able to find G’s in later rounds that fit the scheme much like the Niners in the days of McKittrick in many cases.

              2. High picks? They’ve had two drafts and have had to fill muitple holes. And in their 2nd draft they just used the 9th overall pick on OL!
                Rocket, you always say one thing then waffle away into another topic all the while trying to save face. I’m starting to think you are not very smart.

                You said Shanny didn’t value the position and now it’s because they have not used enough picks. Before it was because other bloggers said so. You are impossible to debate with cause you have zero idea what’s going on.
                Stick to predictions. Those at least are laughable.

              3. What he’s done in the past and in other organizations specifically Atlanta has nothing to do with what he’s doing in San Francisco. Night and day scenarios

              4. Prime you seriously are a moron if you can’t follow what was said. None of the garbage you just posted is what was said or implied, but of course it’s really not that anyway, but the need you feel to take a shot at me because of my calling you out on all the crap you make up. You are a weak minded guy who throws temper tantrums and lashes out/ gets into arguments. No reason to keep giving you any attention.

              5. The only reason rocket needs to “waffle” as you put it is because there are some here that either intentionally misunderstand or twist what he says, or simply aren’t very bright. In this instance he was clear he was talking about OG, and what he said is something that has been suggested by multiple sources previously. Thus why he said “there is a belief”. He didn’t say it was gospel truth. But of course, when he is then made to explain why his original and clear statement was in fact correct, you claim he is waffling or back tracking. SMH.

              6. Thank you Scooter. Much appreciated.

                My guess is he does it intentionally but you never know.

              7. Yes, that is my belief also. He spends 90% of his time on here looking to pick fights.

              8. Where are the multiple sources? Previous threads, Niner nation? Previously discussed? All weak points to suggest this coach and in Rockets words:
                “There is a belief that Shanahan doesn’t put much of a priority on the position“
                Belief my arse, twisting words my arse and there is zero evidence Kyle Shanahan does not place a priority on the offensive line, specifically guard.
                He just used the 9th overall pick to address it!

                Rocket likes to open his mouth and pretend he knows things when in reality he says them and turtles away from his original post and either says he never said it or someone has put words in his mouth or we can’t comprehend. This clown has a problem with being wrong and called out on his know it all attitude.

                It’s clear as his post:
                “There is a belief that Shanahan doesn’t put much of a priority on the position“

                What am I twisting? Where is the evidence to suggest Shanny does not place a priority on the oline?
                Scooter since your quick to defend,illuminate me?

              9. “What he’s done in the past and in other organizations specifically Atlanta has nothing to do with what he’s doing in San Francisco. Night and day scenarios.”

                Not really. With regards to the oline, his moves in Atlanta are very similar to the moves he’s made in SF.

              10. “What am I twisting? Where is the evidence to suggest Shanny does not place a priority on the oline.”

                What you’re missing is that he said that specifically about the guard position, so bringing up the McGlinchey pick is irrelevant.

              11. Much appreciated Jack and Scooter, but I shouldn’t leave it up to others to explain my position. I’ll give it one more shot and leave it at that.

                Where are the multiple sources? Previous threads, Niner nation? Previously discussed? All weak points to suggest this coach and in Rockets words:
                “There is a belief that Shanahan doesn’t put much of a priority on the position“
                Belief my arse, twisting words my arse and there is zero evidence Kyle Shanahan does not place a priority on the offensive line, specifically guard.
                He just used the 9th overall pick to address it!

                You are completely missing the point Prime. I wasn’t saying that is what was happening. I said there was a belief – and Shoup has told you the sources that have speculated that belief – that Shanahan doesn’t place a priority on the OG position. I didn’t say I believe that, and if you’ve ever paid attention to any discussions on the subject you’d know that is not my belief. I was pointing out that IF that were the case, and again I haven’t said it is, then it may come back to hurt them because the OG position is a problem for this team going into the season.

                Rocket likes to open his mouth and pretend he knows things when in reality he says them and turtles away from his original post and either says he never said it or someone has put words in his mouth or we can’t comprehend. This clown has a problem with being wrong and called out on his know it all attitude.

                I don’t have a problem being wrong and have admitted being wrong a number of times. There are going to be times you are wrong when giving predictions and opinions and that doesn’t bother me. The issue with you is you either don’t understand something or deliberately misconstrue it to create animosity. The whole Kaepernick nonsense was a clear example of that where you take the statement I made about Kaepernick having the talent to be a Franchise QB and deliberately omit the part where I said he had to improve in the pocket to reach that level. You are here to argue and trade insults most of the time and it’s unfortunate because you actually can talk football when you aren’t being a knucklehead.

                It’s clear as his post:
                “There is a belief that Shanahan doesn’t put much of a priority on the position“
                What am I twisting? Where is the evidence to suggest Shanny does not place a priority on the oline?

                There wasn’t any evidence and no attempt to give any because I wasn’t making a statement that Shanahan didn’t value the position. If you truly didn’t get it, then hopefully you do now. If as I suspect you are just trying to throw some shade in any way you can, then move along and start another slap fight with seb. I have no time or interest in playing games with you.

            3. “To me the greater concern is at G where they really didn’t do anything to improve other than signing a journeyman coming off of a knee injury. There is a belief that Shanahan doesn’t put much of a priority on the position.”

              It’s pretty clear in this that rocket was talking about specifically the guard position. I missed it the first time and he clarified.

              1. Guard or tackle, where is the evidence? Because of the draft picks? Because somebody said so on Niners nation? Give me a break. It’s weak.

              2. No one can pretend to know what another man or coaches priority is when it comes to position groups. Shanahan inherited a huge mess, you cannot say that he has a priority based on what his draft picks were here in San Francisco or multiple years ago in other organizations where the playing field was completely different.
                Draft picks show no relative pattern because every organization is dealing with different needs

              3. No one can pretend to know what another man or coaches priority is when it comes to position groups. Shanahan inherited a huge mess, you cannot say that he has a priority based on what his draft picks were here in San Francisco or multiple years ago in other organizations where the playing field was completely different.
                Draft picks show no relative pattern because every organization is dealing with different needs

                No one was arguing this point in this thread. If you want to know why some believe Shanahan doesn’t value the OG position then check out the sources Shoup listed above and/or go back and check out previous threads where the topic has been discussed.

              4. Bravo on the waffle speech or maybe you are auditioning for a job in politics. In any event, you are full of it!

                As for Seb, he might be as clueless as you when it comes to football so he’s out of my radar.

              5. You want me to siff through your threads to determine what you said when the quote is right there? And the only source Shoup provided was Niner Nation? Who the F are they?
                Stop back tracking you said:
                “There is a belief that Shanahan doesn’t put much of a priority on the position“
                Own it.

              6. Since Prime mentioned me, I will throw in my 2 cents.
                Prime is a foul mouthed bully, whose incoherence is only exceeded by his bombast, and belligerent bellicosity.
                Rocket has disparaged my opinions many times, but at least he uses facts and logic to bolster his arguments. Prime goes for the throat, and tries to shout you down. I will take Rocket’s snark, grin, and come back for more, because I acknowledge his football acumen. Prime is like a yappy dog, to be kicked aside and ignored.
                Rocket had a very reasonable and logical comment, but Prime misconstrued what he wrote. Then he went off on a tangent, and when finally losing the argument, he starts the petty insults.
                KS did not prioritize the O line. Last season, he prioritized fixing the run defense, That is why he drafted a D lineman, ILB and CB with the first 3 picks, and 6 out of 10 players were on the defense, with no offensive linemen chosen. Last season, KS prioritized the TE position by trading away Stone Hands, and drafting Kittle.
                This season, he did prioritize the O line. KS traded away Kilgore and Brown, and let go Beadles and Fusco. They also signed Richberg and Cooper, and drafted McGlinchey. Thankfully he did prioritize the O line, because they have to protect JG. If JG had not fallen into their laps, they would have had to prioritize the QB position, with no guarantee of obtaining Cousins. They might have had to bundle picks to move up to select the QB they coveted. JG made that moot.
                This season, KS also prioritized the WR position, by moving up to grab Pettis. They also prioritized bolstering the secondary, by drafting 3 DBs out of their 9 picks. They did not prioritize the pass rushing in the draft.
                Some said that KS did not prioritize the O line, because they did not draft a Guard. McGlinchey was selected, so Brown became expendable. JL signed Cooper, and KS was counting on Garnett to come back strong. Rocket did not declare that, he attributed that comment to others. Reading is fundamental. Prime has blinders on, and sees what he wants to see.
                Yes, I have been trying very hard to avoid engaging Prime because I can excoriate and befuddle him, making him look like a clueless clown, but like a moth to a flame, he comes back for more. I am glad others recognize that Prime is a problem, and brings very little of substance to this site.

              7. Seb, if Prime brings very little of substance to this site, he does it with much fewer words than you do.

              8. Rib, Your snark is predictable, repetitive and trite.
                You are just jealous because you cannot string together 10 sentences without sounding boring.
                You complain about the length, but that is just an admission that you read every word.
                It would be better to just scroll past, and act like you did not read me, but then you cannot dump on me without sounding clueless and confused.
                I do think my writings have an effect, when JL does 9 out of 10 things I wrote just before the draft. Posters used to deride me about a multi player trade. Guess what? Even NN has postulated about that possibility when they made a thread about Mack, Armstead and Ward.
                Tomsula is easy to read as a book, and likes to burble on, but I thought he was talking directly to me when he mentioned that he wanted to’ accentuate’ the player’s strengths. Even yesterday, my media hero, Gary Radnich, mentioned the Glory Years.
                My words reverberate in the media, because everyone is talking together, but trying to be the one heard. Of course, you will just scoff, and just say it was only an amazing coincidence, but Tomsula said ‘accentuate’ once in his initial presser just after I wrote another 10 point list, and I have never heard him utter that word again.
                So yes, I am verbose, and have a dedicated cadre of detractors, just like Grant.
                So Rib, keep trying, but you should learn your lesson Like Razor did. We may be polar opposites in many fields of thought, and we have had a few donnybrooks, but I respect his opinion and his football acumen. I try to keep the banter light, because in the end, we both are Die Hard Faithful Niner fans who like to talk about the Niners.
                In the end, your opinion means squat, because Grant Cohen himself, called me a LEGEND.

              9. sebnynah says:
                August 17, 2018 at 8:45 pm

                Prime is a foul mouthed bully, whose incoherence is only exceeded by his bombast, and belligerent bellicosity.

                Name calling is a direct result of submission of defeat.

              10. Prime- Idiot, Moron, STFU are the words in your lexicon.
                My crime? -Foul mouthed bully.
                Oh Boo Hoo, I just hurt Prime’s feelings!!!

              11. sebnynah says:
                August 18, 2018 at 10:10 am
                In the end, your opinion means squat, because Grant Cohen himself, called me a LEGEND.

                Self praise and wanting recognition is a direct result of juvenile insecurity.

              12. “And the only source Shoup provided was Niner Nation? Who the F are they?”

                Huh? The sources I shared were BetterRivals, KNBR, MMQB and 49ers.com (the team’s website).

              13. My bad, was just watching stories about Michael Cohen, and his silence, which signals his intent to cooperate.
                Grant Cohn. I fully admit I made a mistake. Sorry, Grant.

              14. you complain about the length, but that is just an admission that you read every word.

                Don’t flatter yourself, you of Trump-sized narcissism. I just scroll past your wall of keyboard vomit, maybe catch the first or last few words.

                ETA: I did read a couple paragraphs out of morbid curiosity. OMG..are you still claiming the team reads your nonsense for insight? Get professional help immediately.

      2. Jimmy’s Italian, so he’s tough
        – so you are saying he will fall down pretending he was hurt gets within 5 yards of him?

            1. Tough Italian Niners?
              Start the list with Leo Nomellini.
              OK, that’s enough right there.

  23. It was nice to hear both JL and KS talk to the press.
    KS mentioned that McKinnon, Breida, Mostert and Williams are all similar in stature. Bringing on Morris will be change of pace back, and at 222 lbs, he can run between the tackles.
    I also have been a fan of Jeremy McNichols. at 212 lbs, he is slightly bigger than the others. I also like his quick hips, which he showed a little in the Cowboys game. He would break tackles and gain yardage even after being hit behind the line of scrimmage. Now, I want to see his pass catching skills.

  24. Brotha, I just finished up one of the best books I’ve read in an age. The Unknowns: The Untold Story of America’s Unknown Soldier and WWI’s Most Decorated Heroes Who Brought Him Home by Patrick K. O’Donnell. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you do so. What the USMC did at Somme was incredible….

  25. New topic for anyone interested in commenting:

    How do you feel about the leading with the head rule so far?

    I’m trying to be objective and let it play out before drawing a conclusion, but from what I’ve seen so far, this has a chance to negatively affect the game to a degree that may wind up not only deciding games, but change it to something unrecognizable in the not too distant future. I understand they are using preseason to get the players used to it, but the infractions they are throwing flags for are football acts. They are being penalized for playing the game and that is really concerning to me. This just may be the change that really kills the sport or at least leads it in that direction imo.

    1. What they are trying to do with this rule is a step in the right direction, but the game is just too fast for the officials. There have been some near perfect form tackles that have been flagged this preseason.

      I’d be in favor of them using replay to check these similar to how the college game does.

      They could make this not take too much time by having the official who throws the flag make a signal that tips off the guys in the booth that it’s a Targeting foul that’s being called. Then while the officials on the field are doing their talk about the call, etc like they always do the review can already be in process.

      1. The problem is the game is quite often getting held up by so many replay reviews already. I get the reasoning behind the initiative to take the helmet out of the game, but as they often do, the NFL goes to the extreme in enforcement. This rule should be for the obvious egregious helmet shots that some players attempt. There are a handful every season that are obvious and should be taken out of the game. The rule is not – or at least shouldn’t be – for the plays where a player is trying to make a tackle on a moving target and has no hope of doing it in a way that doesn’t involve the head being a part of it. There have already been a number of calls where the defensive player has lowered his shoulder, had his head graze the receiver and the flag flies. That isn’t good for the game imo. I’m just hoping they lay off once the season starts and just focus on the obvious ones.

        1. The review process could be quick by having it looked at upstairs instead of by the referee on the field. If the players head is up and he’s hitting with the face mask it’s not a penalty. Shouldn’t take long to see that.

    2. I think its a feel good rule that will do almost nothing in terms of dropping the number of concussions.

      1. Agreed and it will influence the outcome of a game at some point because an official will throw a flag based on what he thought he saw instead of what he did.

    3. Isn’t anything that these players have been coached since pop warner. See what you hit, and engage through the shoulder. Difference now is they’re enforcing it, because these players are undisciplined….

      1. The problem is they aren’t enforcing that Razor. Flags have already been thrown on players tackling as you describe. They are calling anything remotely close which is going to result in bad calls affecting games and players missing tackles because of a fear of getting a penalty.

        1. That’s incompetence and hopefully they self evaluate, and recalculate accordingly after the last preseason game.

        2. If the new rule is to be better enforced the game may need more referees.
          Richie James took a head shot when he caught his TD last week and no flag was thrown.

          Also, the NFL is a cash cow, I’m perplexed at their inability to invest in better and safer equipment – beginning with a helmet.

  26. In response to Seb’s interest in Jeremy McNichol’s pass-catching skills:


    From the article, which also addresses his pass-pro skills:

    “The rookie’s stature and body type are certainly reminiscent of (Doug) Martin, who also happens to be a fellow Boise State alumnus, and the similarities don’t end there. McNichols racked up 3,205 yards and 44 touchdowns in three college seasons, coming impressively close to Martin’s four-year totals (3,431 yards, 43 touchdowns). Where he was even more accomplished than his predecessor was through the air, with McNichols, a former receiver, compiling 103 catches for 1,089 yards and 11 touchdowns at Boise State. In addition to his standout offensive numbers, the Bucs were also impacted by the 21-year-old’s stellar backfield blocking, with Licht praising him as “one of the best pass protectors in the draft” at running back.”

  27. Generally, I am happy with the new rules, because they help protect the players.
    Granted, there will be an adjustment period, and some seemingly legal tackles will be flagged.
    However, if there can be shown that the defender does not contact the ball carrier’s helmet and the defender hits with his shoulder pads, I hope there can be a protocol that allows for picking up the flag.
    I still hear plenty of contact, so it is not reduced to flag football.

    1. Yup. Nice clip. I recall Grant ripping Forster very early in last year’s training camp for biting to quickly on play action run fakes.

      1. It’s funny. It’s kind of like the boy that is mean to the girl he likes. Most journalists appear mortified to be identified as fans of the team(s) they follow so they feel compelled to not just bash but go beyond the course of even common sense at times to seem indifferent.

  28. Josh Allen’s pocket presence and movement on his TD tonight was impressive. Need to watch the play from behind the line to appreciate it.

    1. Looks like Josh Allen will become a starter, since McCarron just went down due to a broken collar bone.

    2. McCarron is likely out at least 8 weeks if not quite a bit more. The team will be tempted to start Allen. This is a mistake. They should instead find out what it’s going to cost to get Teddy B. If he stays healthy he’ll make McCarron(who was likely only around for a year anyway) expendable. As soon as McCarrons healthy they trade or cut him.

      If Allen pans out and earns the starting job next year then they can trade Teddy, otherwise they still have a decent NFL starter.

      1. Bridgewater may cost too much to acquire. Jets may not want to give a division rival an asset that could hurt them.
        Chad Kelly may be available. Kizer looked good. I also like JT Barrett. Driskel, a former Niner, looked good. The 53 cut day will be very interesting. There have been several other second and third string QBs who have shined in the preseason. Nick Mullens may even be on their radar, now that McCarron is out due to his injury.

  29. Mahomes has a very bright future ahead of him in this league. It’s still going to be an up and down year filled with lots and lots of ugly moments but in time he’s going to be really good. That TD tonight was beautiful.

    1. He looked good the first couple of drives for sure. The INT was just a bad decision, and got away with another one in the end zone. That’s the learning curve for him. The TD throw was nice, but really that was just the case of having a fast WR and a big arm. Looks awesome, but to me not as impressive as some of his throws in those first couple of drives.

      1. You’re not giving him credit for keeping that play alive while still looking downfield to make that throw to the fast receiver.

        He’s still going to have some really ugly interceptions and might his entire career for that matter, comes with the gunslinger territory. I see a lot of Brett Favre in him.

  30. Rosen showed nice vision, multiple times he could be seen going through his reads, especially on his TD play. I can’t tell yet but it looks like every pass he throws he’s throwing hard. At times this affected his accuracy. He needs to get less loose cannon with trying to ditch the ball as he’s being taken down.

  31. I really enjoy watching Mayfield play. The kid is a gamer. He’s scrappy, instead of being quick and elusive he bounces and spins off players while staying on his feet with his head up and eyes still down field. This is a QB that can extend plays. He’s going to give the Browns a chance to win. Things are looking up in the dog pound.

      1. Both are going to be great. There is a new breed of QB’s entering the NFL and it’s exactly what the league needs.
        Baker, Allen, Darnold, Jimmy G, maybe Rosen, Mahomes are all gonna take the league by storm in the next couple years. The future looks good for all these players.

      2. Jimmie Garoppolo, because he has had the luxury to sit behind Brady, and learn from Belichick for years.
        Baker Mayfield might get the Cleveland Browns treatment. They are smart to sit him behind Tyrod Taylor, and hopefully, he can work out, get stronger, and be allowed to study for a year.
        However, TT will either get injured again or fail to win, then they will throw Baker Mayfield in too soon. Cleveland Browns QBs tend to regress. Remember Manziel? This season may be no different, with Baltimore looking strong, and Pittsburgh odds on favorites to win the division. Even the Bengal’s talent may overcome the coaching of Lewis, putting the Browns back in the cellar. I do think they will only win 5 games, but that is an impressive improvement from last season.

        1. little paulie does not know jack…is your wife safe from the commentary or will you spill the beans of the family’s location….

      3. Good question. I wonder if Mayfield will be able to stay healthy. That could end up being the deciding factor between them, which one stays on the field.

  32. Andrew Siciliano

    Verified account

    3h3 hours ago
    Per @NFL #NextGen Stats …

    Patrick Mahomes TD pass to Tyreek Hill traveled 68.6 yards in the air, longer than any TD thrown in any game in 2017.

  33. Preseason and rookie QBs…

    Guess who stood out in the first preseason contest between Ryan Leaf and Payton Manning?


    “Leaf was 15 for 24 for 172 yards, set up one touchdown and ran for a score as the Chargers broke a 3-3 tie at half and beat the Colts 33-3. It was only an exhibition game, but after a shaky first half, Leaf looked sharp in leading the Chargers.

    Manning, playing into the third quarter for the first time in the preseason, was 11 for 21 for 123 yards but twice had passes intercepted.”

  34. Players I’m excited to see perform this evening:

    1) Cooper/Garnett, the battle for RG finally gets underway. My $$ is on Cooper.
    2) Taylor & does he pick up where he left off last year, and how does he respond to that first hit in the back.
    3) Warner returns to give us a look at where he is in his development.
    4) Joe Williams, it’s now or never if he wants that roster spot. He’s got McNichols/Morris/Mostert in his way.
    5) The Secondary, specifically Witherspoon vs. Hopkins
    6) Hikutini and does he get Kittle’s reps.
    7) Jullian Taylor, after seeing significant snaps, can he follow it up even though he’s coming off a tummy ache.

      1. Doubt we see that until week three, when Foster returns. Then we’ll start to get a look at the entire defense, because we’ll have Buckner/Thomas/Armstead/Foster/Smith/Sherman all on the field at the same time…barring any unforeseen injuries before then….

        1. I’m curious to see the secondary and how it defends. Specifically Ward, Colbert and Tartt when we are in dime and nickel situations.

          The second thing I’ll be watching tonight is the short yardage situation and who will be used to grind out 3 and 1 or 3 and inches.

          1. I wonder if Jimmy has perfected that hesitation and quarterback sneak ahead for a yard through the opening like Tom Brady….

            1. That’s another thing. We haven’t seen Jimmy G scramble and run so much right? Does he have the Italian horsepower’d legs?

            2. I hope they do not risk JG’s health by diving him into the line. Save that for the playoffs.
              Just give it to Juice. Hope he emulates Tom Rathman.

  35. Seb’s,

    Football is not patty cake, creampuff. I knew Shannahan would summon his inner Bill Walsh at some point in TC and find his Roger Craig/Tom Rathman,tough runner:

    “If our starting two guys are going to be speed guys who can do some stuff in the pass game and can make some big plays, I also wanted to have an option of having a guy that can handle carries, can handle getting beat up a lot, get the hard yards versus some really good defenses (Shannahan stated).

    Your just a speed guy, flea-flicker, trick play illusionist, Seb, w/o appreciating that those plays are set up in trench warfare…Go back to your tea and twinkies on Sunday and spare us your ridiculous “flea-flicker, receiver falls down on purpose” scenarios.


  36. 1. Person may be the one to beat. Wonder if he or Garnett will get the first string snaps. I would bet on Cooper, only after mid season, because of his rehab.
    2. Taylor and James seem like twin images. Maybe the Niners could trade away one of them so he does not get cut and then poached.
    3. I hope Warner supplants Malcolm Smith. Then we could see Foster and Warner together.
    4. I hope JW can get in a long run, and show off his breakaway speed. No fumbles.
    5. Buckle up that chin strap! I am interested in DJ Reed. Wonder where they will play him.
    6. Hope to see a one handed Hikutini grab.
    7. Hope to see Julian Taylor play all game, and get a sack.
    8. Wonder how the O line holds ups to Watt and Clowney. This will be a stern test.

    1. Person is an inadequate run blocker. That’s why they signed Cooper, and I’m confident in his abilities, along with his desire to be the RG. Person will make the team over Garnett because he can back up both center and guard….

      1. I will agree that Cooper is a superior talent, my only quibble is how soon he returns to 100%.
        Just do not see them giving up on Garnett so soon. Seahawks will swoop in and poach him if Garnett gets cut.
        My best scenario is putting Cooper on the PUP list, with a designation to return after 6 weeks. That way, they can keep both Person and Garnett, and Cooper gets more time to rehab fully.

        1. Well Foster’s suspension gives them flexibility for one roster spot. Whether that would be for RB or OL remains to be seen. They can ship out Garnett for a conditional 7th rounder to prevent Stinky Pete from sniffing around….

          1. If they are thinking about moving on from Garnett, they should wait until an AFC east team loses a guard to injury, then get a 4th round pick because they are desperate.
            Too bad Wynn is a tackle, and not a guard.

            1. Desperation might get you a conditional 6th, but a 4th, for Garnett? I’d be very surprised.

  37. Can Alfred Morris make the 49ers roster?
    August 15, 2018 at 1:05 PM • 6 comments

    Morris stands at 5-foot-10 and 224 pounds, making him the heaviest RB on the 49ers roster by 20 pounds. His powerful downhill running style is something the 49ers previously did not have on the roster…Both McKinnon and Breida are finesse RBs who can beat you outside and are serious receiving threats. But they are not the type of RBs to wear on a defense late in games. Morris is that RB.

    It certainly will be an uphill battle and Morris has to play his best football to beat out Williams. But Williams hasn’t done himself any favors with his past performances. This may light a fire in Williams and that could have been Shanahan’s plan all along. But Morris is going to fight for a spot.


    1. The fact they brought in Morris and not some nobody to take some TC practice beatings, plus gave McNichols a lot of reps with the 1s in the joint practices, makes me think the 49ers still aren’t happy with Williams’ attitude. I think Williams is a goner.

      1. Could be but I’m not totally convinced. Might also be that they had an opportunity for Morris due to attrition suffered at the position, and are merely extending him a veteran courtesy. He overachieves and maybe they think about keeping him for the first couple of weeks in Foster’s spot, or at the very least he gets to showcase his m.p.g. for another team. I agree though that Williams has to show something this evening….

  38. In a perfect world, Shanahan could draft his 200 players who tryout, make it or break it and Mullens would be be playing behind the Patriots established O-Line.

    In reality, the 49ers are in yr 2— building their foundation, so Mullens is making chicken soup out of chicken sh-t by pulling out this improbable victory vs. Dallas.

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