49ers-Steelers preview

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, center, walks through the team as they warm up during an NFL football practice, Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019, in Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Check out my Periscope preview of the 49ers-Steelers game.

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    1. So I did end up watching this due to 49er news withdrawals.

      I have a couple of things I’d like to address about this hot mess.

      My first thought was Grant knows the 49ers are going to win and he is using this game as a stepping stone to leave the dark side. He wants to start cheering for the good guys but knows he can’t just flip script one day. This game is his “excuse” to jump back on board while saying I told you so. If they win this game they are a good team. You aren’t blind or stupid, you damn well know we are a good team.

      I ain’t buying none of this overhyped bullcrap. Looks like an act to me.

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      1. He warned you not to watch. Sheesh. We got guys who can’t scroll past Seb and now we got guys who can’t take Grant’s own advice and not watch him. Talk about self inflicted wounds.

    1. Actually, we already know Grant can write.
      What I like about these periscopes is Grant’s rapid fire delivery and cogent stream of consciousness.
      On NN, there is a better Rivals podcast, and I cannot get through it. They drone on and on, and I forget what they were talking about, or who they were talking about, because of the droll, lifeless delivery. I have given up on trying to get through a podcast.
      Grant, on the other hand, imparts knowledge quickly and concisely, in an understandable manner. I learn a lot, when I watch Grant break down plays.

    2. I didn’t watch it, no offense but your voice is pretty annoying. You need to speak a little deeper if you want to go into tv or radio.

      I would like a transcript of your takes though if possible?

      1. I disagree. Grant’s voice is fine. Deep voice, like Ted Baxter?
        John Fassenda is dead.
        You seem new on here, and am glad you can carry on a respectful dialogue.
        I, too would like a transcript. Maybe even one of the highlights from the Hot Mic session.

        1. I want to share a true story with you guys. Not 30 minutes after posting my gf says what are you listening to, his voice is annoying.

          I actually had to stop everything and show her I just said/posted the samething less than an hour before.

          Its not my imagination, grant is irritating.

      2. Wow…He doesn’t need a deeper voice, really!..and his voice isn’t annoying. His video’s are fine and 25-50 min long so not for a long boring transcript.

  1. Never count an NFL team out, especially after they’ve, 1) been humiliated in a defeat the previous game; or 2) lost a key player to injury.

    Teams with a good coach and locker room will rise up to the occasion. I think back on 49er games from the 80s and 90s when Steve Bono/Elvis Grbac would step in for an injured Montana/Young. Or look no further than the Patriots for a more contemporary version. —not to say the Steelers are the Niners of yesteryear or today’s Patriots, but they are a historic franchise with a strong coach and a sense of pride.

    I’m picking our Niners to win this game, but I’m not expecting a lopsided victory like with the Bungles. The Steelers have their backs against the wall. Everyone is counting them out. And when that happens, real professionals stand up. My guess is this is gonna be a street brawl, but for a change, we’ll have just enough talent to outplay them.
    —that is, unless the players have been reading their own headlines all week and listening to Jerry Rice talk about how this team can make it to the Super Bowl.

  2. Cmon Northern California ; show up big time Sunday , this is a good team you have right now with a chance to start 3-0 . Slap on some sunscreen , wear a hat and shades , suck it up in the sun for a few hours you’ll be fine … they walk off with a win it’ll be worth it

  3. Since the ’70’s merger, Blitz-burg had a .614 winning percentage, which was good for best towards the end of last year, however they are the worst when it comes to playing in the Mountain and Pacific time zones. Matters not which head coach you’re talking about, Noll, Cowher or Tomlin. Speaking of Tomlin, he’s 3-11. 1-5 on the West Coast (2015 Chargers only win). The last time the Steelers beat SF at their house was at Candlestick ’99, which was the first time since ’84. It’s gonna be a huge advantage for the 49ers, both physically and mentally.

    I expect the Steelers to play like a wounded animal that’s been cornered. They’ll fight. They’ll struggle, but in the end they will be taken down to Chinatown. 31-17 Forty-Niners!

    1. I hope you’re right but in baseball one would say Pittsburgh is due. Of course you will say It’s not baseball. 😊😊

      1. If it was baseball, the Pirates I mean Steelers are starting a pitcher just called up from the minors, their gold glove infielder and last years batting champion are no longer with the team, having been traded away for players to be named later. It’ll take a few more series to. determine if the team is in rebuild mode or not. This is the type of team real contenders would sweep in a series, which has happened thus far.

  4. This game will likely be much closer than its seems many think it will.

    Rudolph and Skule are unknowns.

    For the defense that makes it such that the focus of the game plan can’t be as sharp.

    For the offense it’s about how much it will be limited by the rookie.

    I’m rolling with the Steelers poor record out West.

    49ers 20 Steelers 19

    1. Jack yes agree long as JimmyP doesn’t implode= like throw 3 picks which we know he will do in some game eventally…lets hope its not this game and Rudolph gets grounded

          1. Lol jack. It’s not like there isn’t post after post of yours complaining about some sort of JG shortcoming or other. That 5 week winning streak included. The day you can conclude the team lost due to JG will be a happy one in the Hammer household.

            Now if only Harbaugh could come back and save this team!

              1. “When he plays good I say so. When he plays poorly I say so”

                We are so fortunate to have some people on this blog bring tremendous insight and knowledge.

              2. Jack, you’re such a football savant. I wish you’d post more, to educate the rest of us plebians who are too dumb for football. Every week, I temper any excitement or anger I may feel, and think to myself “I wonder what Jack Hammer has to say about this”. You’re absolutely right, of course. Niners should cut Jimmy, immediately. They should also fire everybody, and clean house. And then Jed should grovel, and beg Harbaugh, who is doing an excellent job at Michigan, to consider coaching the rest of the losers on the team. Only then will the Niners be good again. I really don’t know why they haven’t hired you for your insights yet. We sure are lucky on this blog. We get you for free!

              3. He played so poorly, he led the team on a 5 game win streak. I totally remember you giving him kudos. Oh wait, no I don’t. I remember you writing, telling your boy at the game, these happy fans just aren’t seeing the sh/t QB I’m seeing.

              4. I guess you remember wrong because I never said that to him about Garoppolo, and I never said he played poorly during those games.

              5. Ring a bell, Hammer?

                As I told my son while sitting in the stadium during the Titans game, “these fans act like Jimmy G $hit$ gold.”

                What a bunch of delusional homers, getting all excited over better than competent QB play. I’m glad you set your boy straight.

              6. Yeah I did tell him that, but I wasn’t saying anything negative about Garoppolo. I was pointing out how he could do no wrong in the eyes of the fans. But feel free to interpret that however you’d like.

                I know that I never called him a $h!t QB to my son or even on here.

    2. Steelers cover the spread …. but just barely! I think the play here is Niners on the money line @ -300, parlayed with the over 43.5 points.

      Steelers – 20
      49ERS – 26

  5. Grant-

    Sorry ignored your instructions, blame it on my fire brain. loved this pod cast, thought you made great points. However you seem to give Steelers alll the breaks and that may be a mistake. I feel the home crowd will be huge and the fans are going to make noise and will look for any little thing to get excited. They may get in a groove even with a rookie tackle because the steeler Qb in all practical purposes is a rookie. You have continually crushed Jimmy G for his lack of experience, this guy will have a lot less also, connor is bruised and this niner d wants to prove something. Now if the Steelers slow it down and the Niners go thr and out a lot then you will be very prophetic! Any great work and I hope you are wrong but good work and thoughts on your part.

    1. I beg to differ. A lot of the Niner fans had sold this game to the Steeler fans. It will not be 50%, but I expect a large Steeler presence.
      I had not been watching, I have been working on a stone wall, but eagerly await viewing.
      I agree, the home team crowd may affect the raw green rook QB , especially if they can drown out his signals.

      1. So youve been…..Stonewalled?? Get it, Sebs?

        I got a million of em and their all for you! I quit my day job and I’m goin on the circuit!

      2. Steelers may “travel well” but not as well for a winless Steelers team. Despite the bloc of Niner “fans” that inhabit this site, just waiting for the team to implode, Niner fans have much more excitement around their team than Steelers do.

        1. Steelers haven’t beaten the 49ers at home since 1999. Jeff Garcia’s first year as starter. If you are old enough to remember he was horrible in year one.

          Their fans may travel well but their team doesn’t when going out west.

  6. I’m no savant, so I can’t predict a score. However, it appears evident to me that we have a better team than Pittsburg, at least on offense and we have home field advantage. That predicts a win in my opinion but fortunately we get to watch the game and see how It actually turns out. I’m very much looking forward to it.

  7. Steelers better bring their offense as they are going to need at least 32 to beat the Niners. I don’t think they can do it. Niners 31 Steelers 13.

  8. Ha ha…this is going to be a blow out….KShanny is in beast mode right now…..

    We win behind Kshanny playbook ….Saleh Salty defense….and Pittsburg terrible record out West….

  9. It could be a bluff that the Steelers on Rudolph. I wouldn’t count on a easy game even on your home field. I could see Steelers 31 and niners 28

  10. The Steelers are feigning weakness. Expect a barn burner. This will be close because the Steelers are desperate.
    My biggest matchup is KS versus Tomlin. I hope KS shows patience, and sticks to the run game.
    If Wilson can get more runs up the middle, the Niners can win.
    Niners 24-23.

    1. I just watched Grant’s periscope. He thinks the Steelers will shut down the run game, and force JG to beat them with his arm. he thinks the Steelers will not allow any roll outs, or JG will have a LB in his face.
      I wish to disagree. I think KS will scheme to get the run game going. The Steelers are big and lumbering. The Niner RBs of Breida and Mostert will be able to do those OZ runs, because they will use the 2 TE sets. The Pats had very effective fly sweeps, and I think Deebo has the speed to turn the corner.
      Those 2 TE sets will also allow JG to roll out. I expect to see the TE will pinch in the edge rusher so JG can roll away from the blitz. Then the TE will leak out and present an easy target for JG. If they dare JG to pass, Kittle will slice and dice them.
      I expect the Steelers will blitz like crazy, so JG should always have a RB as a safety valve. A little swing pass will get Breida or Mostert in space with the ball in their hands.
      If the Steelers stack the box, the Niners should spread them out. Bubble screens, quick slants and hook routes should be effective. The Niners should attack the edges. Once the Steelers shift to cover wide, the Niners should gash them up the gut with Wilson.
      Sure, the Steelers will attack Skule. He is the weak link. The Niners should counter by running right.
      On defense, the Niners should shut down the run. Rotating the D linemen will pay dividends in the 4th quarter. Once they make the Steelers one dimensional. they should rattle Mason, hopefully with just 4 rushers. However, Saleh should dial up some exotic blitzes, so Mason starts hearing footsteps.
      Grant thinks that Tomlin will have his players be conservative, and not make turnovers. I think the Niner D will pressure him into some bad throws.
      I hope the Niners take the strategy that the Pats used, and put their best DB on Ju Ju. I think Kwon can shut down Vance MacDonald.
      I am unhappy that Grant will not be doing his hot mic with Lowell.
      To top it off, I disagree with Grant about the score. He says 16- 20 Steelers, I think Niners 24-23.
      So, I managed to watch the entire periscope, although Grant told me not to, disagreed with a ton of what he said, but still thoroughly enjoyed it.
      Guess it is just my contrarian nature. ;p

          1. Don’t sweat these flake trolls Seb…I agreed with most of what Grant said except for the score. 24-17, 9ers.. close tough game but if the 9ers can keep down the penalties including Sherman being grabby and those costly flags on scoring plays and dropped pick 6’s, I can see them win.

              1. J. Tartt should have had a ‘pick six’ on the last defensive play with 35 seconds left in the game but at the last second for some reason, pulled back, almost gave the Pitt WR a chance at catching it.

    2. Since when does being desperate make you a good football team? It certainly isnt going to help them win any football games. I can promise you that.

      1. Agree Travis. Take a look at every statistic category so far, offensive and defensive. The Steelers are 4 or 5 teams out of the cellar. This is a bad team. If Tomlin had the chops and horses to pull off what people are saying they are going to do to the Niners, wouldn’t it have happened already?

        1. They have been purged litteraly. Lost a HOF QB, one of the best RBs in the league and arguably the best Wr1 in the league. They also lost a stud LB in Shazier.

          That’s a lot of talent that hasn’t been replaced. Anyone thinking this game goes to the Steelers obviously doesn’t know much about this game we love and call football.

          Grant crapped the bed hard in this deal. He is way off base and is blinded by the Steelers legacy of the past.

          This game won’t be close!!!

        1. One thing I hoped for last game, was Wilson getting 100 yards by running up the gut. Too bad I was wrong, but he did score 2 TDs, so that is just as good as a hundred yard game.
          This game, I hope KS establishes a running game. He should line Breida, Mostert or Wilson deep in the I, let him build up a head of steam before hitting the line of scrimmage, then let him attack the weakest part of the line.
          They should design plays that takes advantage of the defensive speed, by letting the defense flow to a side, then cut back in a counter play. If they sell the misdirection, the Niners will be getting those 8 yard runs on first down.
          When confronted with a second and short, attack down field. They defense will be keyed on stopping the short run to make the first down. Even if it fails, it will still be third and short.

        2. Maybe you should make some predictions to demonstrate your own prescience.

          I have. While you’ve been weaseling with your 1 point prediction (how many is that in a row?), I’ve been bold in predicting a shutout 24-0. You like going bold, you’ve said so yourself. Put your money, all 3 cents of it, where your measly mouth is.

          1. Good. Now we have you on record, and we will see how correct you were.
            I have continued with my Niners 24-23 prediction, because all I want if for the Niners to win, even if it by only one point.
            Why do I choose those numbers? In the NFL, the Niners may be spending millions, but other teams are spending even more, up to the limit of the salary cap, to win. Every team has talent, and many games are won or lost over the bounce of the ball.
            In my scenario, the other team may have scored more times than the Niners, but the Niners will not have settled for field goals, and gone for TDs. The other team will have scored 5 times- 2 TDs and 3 field goals. The Niners will have scored only 4 times- 3TDs and 1 FG. The Niners win, because they went bold.

          2. Good. Now we have you on record, and we will see how correct you were.

            And if they do, believe me, I’ll be smiling in silent self satisfaction. Not begging for the meaningless congratulations that you pathetically need.

            1. Donald, when something that I say, becomes reality, I get to crow.
              Your problem is that you say little, or are afraid of making a fool of yourself, because it happens too often to you.
              Before last game, I mentioned the cutback and misdirection runs may be very effective.
              I said Zac Taylor may want to attack Saleh’s defense, but he becomes one dimensional if he abandons the run (25 yards). This will play into the Niner’s hands, because Dalton will be harried and sacked by a ferocious pass rush.
              Maybe a tipped pass can be intercepted (Too bad it fell to the ground). Woods should put double coverage on Ross.(Too bad Moore took a bad angle).
              While I wrote those things before the Bengals game, I did not beg for meaningless congratulations from the likes of you. I knew you would not have enough class to give any acknowledgement, much less kudos.

    3. feigning nothing, Seb. This team is weak. Oh, I get it. They started with goose eggs just to lull their competition. And when they are 0-6 they’ll be positioned right where they want for a playoff run?

      1. No, this is a storied franchise with 5 rings. They have had only 3 HCs. They were the one team to beat the Niners, so the 1984 season was not perfect, and the Niners did not go undefeated.
        Taking the Steelers lightly, is a recipe for disaster.

        1. Hey seb, They actually have 6 rings, just saying.

          It might make you more credible if you actually had facts in your posts.

              1. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Shannahan is a great coach. You know after that Superbowl loss he showed great humility and ask BB for a sit down to go over the game. BB happily obliged and they talked about the Xs and Os. You don’t get much of that in the world, let alone the NFL.

          1. Geez Seb that’s twice in one day your incompetence has made you look silly.
            Research son, you need to incorporate it into your game plan!

  11. Winston and Dalton are veteran NFL Qbs and they couldn’t handle our defense. Dalton is a 3 time pro bowler even. This kid hasn’t even played a game yet.

    Pretty sure Rudolph is gonna have his ass handed to him on a silver plater. It would be a good game to use a lot of bump and run coverage. Jamming the receivers at the line and giving our pass rush a little more time, while also taking away any type of easy rhythm throws for the young QB.

    I predict a 34-13 drubbing

  12. This is going to be one of most important games of this season. Will the Niners be up to the task and beat a championship franchise football at home?
    This Sunday afternoon will tell us if the Niners are for real or just lucky. I believe in this team.
    I’m pulling for a win and I don’t see the Steelers scoring more that 11 points.

  13. I understand there is an elite WR free agent who is now available. Since the Niners do not have a number one receiver this is their chance to pick one up. At least on paper. lol.

  14. I labeled this game with a loss before the season began, and I do not see a reason to change that mindset. I think the 49ers defense will keep the game close up until late in the game, and they will not be the reason the team loses.

    Steelers 32
    49ers 17

    1. The Steelers are going to drop 32 points with a QB making his first NFL start? No chance at all. If the defense gives up 32 points they will absolutely be the reason we lose.

      These are not the same Steelers of yesteryear. Take the name away and actually look at their roster. Im not impressed at all.

      1. First, you are assuming that I believe the defense will be responsible for giving up 32 points. That is not the case; I am predicting Garoppolo will experience an uneven outing like he did against the Buccaneers and be responsible for at least 10 – 13 of those points. The defense will give up the rest, but it will be mainly due to the unit being gassed.
        Second, take off the rose colored glasses you have on. The 49ers are going into this game with a LT whose weakness is in pass protection. That is a recipe for disaster.

        1. Struggles in pass protection? Im curious, where do you get your information Midwest?

          “As a senior, Skule allowed only one sack in 473 pass-blocking snaps, according to Pro Football Focus. That sack – a sack-strip surrendered to Kentucky’s Josh Allen – ended Vanderbilt’s hopes of a late-game comeback. Skule managed to hold his own against Allen, whom he considered the best pass-rusher he faced, for most of the game.”

          1. If you have a subscription to The Athletic, you will see an article with a take from scouts that highlight his potential issues in pass protection, with two issues being that against quicker pass rushers and his opponents being able to get under his pads and knock him back. NFL.com also points out that Skule has problems when being bull rushed.
            Skule is mainly a technician who needs to win with savvy instead of strength. He did do well at Vanderbilt, but the guys he faced in college are not the same as the ones he will face for the next 6 – 8 weeks.

            1. Scouts say lots of things. Performance is what counts. Look at Mahomes. How was he not the number one pick?

              We are going to find out tomorrow.

              1. Ask where I get my information. I show some examples. You respond with “Scouts say a lot of things”. Really Travis? 😑

    2. If you don’t see any reason, I invite you to take a look at the 2018 49ers. You know, to illustrate the effect losing your starting QB can have on a team.

      1. If you don’t see any reason, I invite you to take a look at the 2018 49ers. You know, to illustrate the effect losing your starting QB can have on a team.

        And yet the Steelers and 49ers are about the same rank in regards to their passing offense.
        The 49ers are going into the game with a sixth round LT whose weakness is in pass protection, and the Steelers defense is more stout than what most on here think.

        1. Not going to get a ton of love from the crowd here mid. Certainly brave to post it though. I think the Niners win with a very weakened Steelers team but I can see scenarios where that doesn’t come to pass.

          I think certain posters here think this team is invincible, but there are still plenty of opportunities to improve and by no means have they done as much as some think.

        2. To be fair they were playing catchup in both games and were down big. They had to pass. If Seattle doesn’t fumble the ball away a couple of times in that game Pittsburgh loses big.

          We rushed for 260 yds and still threw for 313. Those stats are misleading.

        3. The Steeler team is stout against the run, but both NE and Seattle gashed them with the long pass.
          My biggest concern is if Minka will be game ready by Sunday.

        4. False equivalence fallacy. Steelers are known for passing, and Ben played the most of those snaps. I never said the Niners have nothing to be concerned about. But to claim that there is no reason to revise a prediction, as if to claim a LT is directly comparable to a QB’s impact on the game, is ludicrously hyperbolic at best.

          1. But to claim that there is no reason to revise a prediction, as if to claim a LT is directly comparable to a QB’s impact on the game, is ludicrously hyperbolic at best.

            That is idiotic to say the least. Both can impact the game, whether it is the QB impacting the game with his passes or the LT being able to keep the jersey of his QB as clean as possible.

      2. I can’t reference the article, what do you want me to say about it? He allowed one sack as a senior. I wouldn’t really call that a weak point. Everyone can get better though.

        1. Travis VDH

          Thanks for adding muscle to the point I’ve been making ever since draft day… Skule is going to stomp a mudhole in Pitts Dline…and then walk it dry…Joe’s coaching, and his own meanness is going to get him through….Go Niners

          49ers 29- Steelers 17

    1. Saw an article on this yesterday or the day before. What a 💩 show! The 49ers have no one to blame but themselves. Should have stayed in SF!

      1. “The 49ers have no one to blame but themselves.”


        Never ever trust a politician regardless of political party, sex, religion. Correct that’s on them for being stupid.

        The Niners should of moved out of California like the smart people and the Raiders are doing.

        The Yorks and Santa Clara deserve each other.

      2. AGREE SF FRisco is legendary ….. Santa Clara is yuppie….bad move by a bad owner..they could have rebuilt Candlestick and saved the Tradition…

  15. Good Periscope Grant. Not sure I agree with score (picked Niners to win big). Gotta say though that game 3 generally is a leveling game for many teams that start off hot and teams that start slow.

    As you noted the Steelers are desperate and will play to win because they are an organization that has high expectations to be competitive.

    There are a lot of unknowns which will make for interesting viewing. And we will find if the 49ers are for real or still a young, developing team.

    On the plus side:
    -Nick Bosa seems to be everything we wanted him to be (cross fingers that he remains healthy).

    -Deebo looks like a stud.

    -Armstead looks like he may have a breakout season.

    -Kittle continues to be the superlative player he is.

    – Garoppolo looks to be healthy and making strides.

    – Witherspoon is a different player – in a good way.

    – Staley’s isn’t done for the year

    – The highly paid RBs weren’t needed. Breida and Mostert are playing at a high level.

    – The LBs are a surprising strength. Kwon A is playing extremely well. Possibly the best FA acquisition of the Shanalynch era.

    On the wrong side of the ledger:

    -What’s up with Gould? Hope the LS issue is all it is and that it is settled.

    – Sherman looks slow and his propensity to hold will get him in increasing trouble as officials aren’t giving him the benefit of doubt. If I’m a DC I would target him plenty (chunk plays and penalties).

    – We have to go to Skule 😱. I said at the beginning of the year that the thin OL May pose problems.

    -We still don’t know what JG is…

    Should be an interesting game tomorrow!

    1. Forgot to add on the plus:

      – Ronald Blair a hardworking player that seems to have found his groove. Could not be happier for him.

      And on the not so good:
      – Dee’s Knees are a liability, Jeez!

        1. Pivotal game for sure. I agree with Grant that beating the Steelers carries far more weight than the other two. The other two proved that this team was different from the previous years teams, winning on the road, takeaways, D and O play calls, starting the year strong, etc.

          For a good while SC has only provided a modest home for the franchise. It has been a visitor stadium as much as a home stadium in the last couple of years. It is time for the 49ers to make it their home.

    2. ‘We still don’t know what JG is”…

      Yes we do, he is 8-2 as a starter and his 2 losses were to the Vikings and Chiefs who both are playoff teams and SB contenders.

      And one of his losses was the game he got hurt against KC and we were driving to make that game close. So technically he is 8-1 as a starter because he didn’t even get to finish that game.

      We know what Jimmy is, A winner!

  16. “Sherman looks slow and his propensity to hold will get him in increasing trouble as officials aren’t giving him the benefit of doubt. If I’m a DC I would target him plenty (chunk plays and penalties).”

    He did look pretty slow running stride for stride with John Ross who only runs a 4.2 40. Lol

    1. How many times did John Ross beat Sherman, remind me again?? Ross was open plenty against Sherman. Fortunately other QBs and OCs are too scared to throw Sherman’s way. I don’t think that will last though.

      1. Every corner gets beat, the other guys get paid too. You said Sherman looked slow. I agreed, he looked slow running stride for stride with John Ross.

      2. You and I have different memories of Sherman vs Ross. Ross did basically nothing that game until garbage time against backups. That 66 yard TD makes his stat line look good, but he was being “covered” by DJ Reed.

          1. If the 49ers D we’ve seen weeks 1 and 2 are the real thing, I see this being a pretty easy win for the 49ers.

            My main concerns are how the loss of Staley will impact JG and the offense, and how the DL performs against a good OL. The matchup against the Steelers D should be a good one for this offense as the Steelers D is pretty bad bar a few good players up front. But without Staley, the Steelers may be able to force enough negative plays to stay in the game. And if the 49ers DL doesn’t generate pressure like they have the first two weeks I am curious to see how the back 7 look.

            This is a game that should be an easy win, but could also easily turn into a let down game.

  17. One thing the Niner coaches need to do, is prepare the team properly. Grant expects the Steelers to play with few penalties, and Tomlin wants to let the Niners beat themselves. KS needs to demonstrate his competence, by getting his team to reduce their penalties.
    The Niner coaches should stress that the unforced errors may be the difference between winning and losing. Any player who makes a pre snap penalty, has not been coached well enough. Any player who lines up off side, is hurting his team. There should be a Niner assistant who can look down the line of scrimmage, and tell if a player is lined up off side. The coaches should stress that every defender should stay at least 6 inches back.
    I hope the Niner coaches can coach the players to play aggressively, with much force, but also in control. They need to focus on playing with speed and discipline.
    Although I advocate putting a man in motion, maybe they should stop doing that if they commit too many penalties because of that. Maybe they should line up in a set formation, and run many different plays out of that formation.
    If the Niners reduce the number of self inflicted wounds, I will cheer for them, even more.
    GO NINERS !!!!!!

    1. Without motion you can’t identify pre-snap if it’s man or zone defense. Don’t change anything, just execute better.

      1. You execute better by reducing the number of pre-snap penalties.
        What I do not like about their pre-snap motion, is the player stopping, which kinda defeats the purpose of a man in motion. A man in motion will be at top speed at the snap of the ball. He can also avoid the jam at the line of scrimmage.

        1. “What I do not like about their pre-snap motion, is the player stopping”

          The player can only be moving laterally and not forward. So pretty much he has to stop to change direction or it’s a penalty.

          1. A player can be watching the X or Z receiver, and once he sees them move, he can turn upfield in a blink of an eye. He does not need to come to a full stop, before moving upfield.
            Also, on the fly sweep, the player will be at full speed heading to the edge, so he has an inherent advantage over a defender who must start from a stopped position. If a defender starts running stride for stride, the fly sweeper should stop and reverse his direction, putting that DB out of position.

          2. “A player can be watching the X or Z receiver, and once he sees them move, he can turn upfield in a blink of an eye. He does not need to come to a full stop, before moving upfield”

            All players must come to a complete stop and be in set position for one full second or it is considered an illegal shift.

            1. Several times during these last 2 games, the player in motion barely had time to stop, before the ball was snapped.
              A player can be in motion at the snap of the ball, He does need to stop and be set for a second.

              1. Maybe you should realize that a man in motion who stops, is not a man in motion. It is just a pre-snap shift.

              2. Seb you are wrong. It’s no big deal.
                Don’t make it worse. Swallow your dumb pride for once. No one cares.
                But when you carry on you look like a child.

                There can’t be any motion pre-snap. All players in motion have to be completely stopped before the snap.
                The video clearly defines that.

              3. Prime. there are many many instances of a man in motion, pre snap. He just needs to be running back or parallel to the line of scrimmage. He cannot be going forward.
                Maybe your Football for Dummies will explain that.

        2. Well they are calling 2 plays in the huddle based on man or zone I would imagine. He stops because the play they are going to use has then been identified. They reset and then run the play. We use it like a chess move not a way to get a WR separation.

  18. sebnynah says:
    September 19, 2019 at 10:29 pm
    Show me your bona fides.
    I was the poster advocating bringing up Wilson, and running him up the gut. He responded by scoring 2 TDs. If I have little football IQ, you have less.

    REPLY: S-E-B-L-IA-R !!!***

    I was all over Jeff Wilson Jr to make the roster and so was Grant.

    You, Seb-liar, said Wilson was too slow, complained about his non-draft status, and if he was so good, why wasn’t he drafted.

    I am also on record stating that Breida would make the roster his rookie season.

    Quit copying me—go back to your 100 mock drafts hope one of your picks finally works out.


    Sebnnoying, I also predicted Wilson would have 100 yards (also archived) in the last pre season game—you predicted NOTHING !

    Don’t make me go back to the archives!

    1. TrollD, recently, once Coleman went down, I advocated for the Niners to bring up Wilson from the practice squad.
      You certainly did not do that. You were accusing me of being a Raider fan and posting other delusional screeds.

        1. Kent, they are just projecting their worst traits on me. They are actually covert Raider Trolls who love to attack die hard faithful Niner fans. If you read their posts, they contribute very little to this site, call our franchise QB- Jimmy Pornstar and delight in creating dissension.
          I hope to see more of your posts on this site. With the Niners winning, this site will be humming.
          We really need need blood, and I promise to be polite and civil, but reserve the right to differ. Maybe you have not read this site much, but I like to think outside the box.

              1. Read a rule book, Wikipedia past SB winners, volunteer at your local highschool football program and know your role.
                That’s your mandate for the month.

                Thank you, come again!

  19. The first couple weeks has been interesting.

    Seattle struggles at home against Cincinnati, 49ers blow them out. Seattle goes on the road and handles Pittsburgh for the most part although the score was close.

    Pittsburgh traveling out West has been beat by bad Oakland teams even with Big Ben.

    This is a big statement game against what’s considered a model franchise.

    Confident that the 49ers can win, but definitely not expecting a cakewalk.

    1. Rudolph might end up being a pretty decent QB some day. With the amount of time the offensive line was giving him against Seattle he’ll get opportunities to test out our secondary. If Ford doesn’t play he’ll likely have plenty of time. Will it be enough? Probably not. The rest of that team is in such poor shape that I just don’t think that even if they rally behind the rookie that they they’ll be able to keep this one close.

      The Steelers are currently 5th in most points give up and 4th in yards. On the other side of the ball they’re 4th fewest in points scored and 5th in yards.

      This is a team that is likely on the verge of a major rebuild. We’re probably seeing the last games with Tomlin on the Pittsburgh sideline and the lone bright spot for Steeler’s fans to look forward to is that Rudolph might be a worthy successor to Rapistburger. Why not replace a rapist with a MAGA supporter. Seems fitting.

      If Ford sits this one out, Mason might get a chance to score a couple more TD’s but it’ll still likely be a 17-37 blowout.

  20. Hey Hammer, how does Jim Harbaugh always manage to get his team’s fired up for the big games?

    Impressive …. NOT!

      1. Jack, with the risk of sounding corny, I want you to know that the only reason I tend to single you out is because I respect your opinion. I know this sounds a little sappy, but …….. though I don’t always agree with you, I do very much appreciate your football acumen, and your POV.

        That said, I have a few questions for you:

        ~ Do you feel like Jim Harbaugh has any culpability for the train wreck of a roster he left behind in Santa Clara? For example – I feel like, as the 49ers HC, is it possible that he wore his older veteran players to the bone, and thus failing to properly develop the younger players behind them on the depth chart?

        ~ Do you feel like he made the correct decision with his QB’s, or do you think there was a better way to handle the situation, rather than shipping Alex off to the Chiefs? Could he have kept both QB’s, and used Colin in different ways, perhaps a bit like the way the Saints have incorporated Taysom Hill into their offense?

        ~ Is it fair to say that Harbaugh is clearly a better professional HC, than a college HC, and do you think his time is officially up in Michigan?

        1. No explanation needed, Mo.

          – No. Baalke was in charge of the roster. Harbaugh put the best players on the field and got the most out of them.

          – According to Kawakami, Harbaugh wanted to keep both Smith and Kaepernick. It was Baalke that didn’t. I wasn’t a big fan of the trade.

          – No to both. Harbaugh has won 65% of games coached at the D1 level, compared to 70% with the 49ers, but that college record includes building Stanford into from 0-12 into a national contender.

          He’s not going anywhere. He’s won 72% of games at Michigan even with today’s wipeout.

            1. In Jim Harbaugh’s 9 years leading a Power-Five program, he’s yet to win a division title, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen in year 10 either. This was supposed to be Michigan’s year, with Urban Meyer no longer coaching the Buckeye’s.

              However, being blown out by the Badgers, who went 8-5 last season, makes the Urban Meyer-less Buckeye’s more of an afterthought now, than anything else. And as CBS Sports HQ anchor Erik Kuselias put it: Wisconsin has better players. Wisconsin has better coaches. Wisconsin has better assistants. Wisconsin has better water. Wisconsin has better fans. Wisconsin has better beer.”

              Jim Harbaugh’s program doesn’t even seem to have a clear identity either, and if Harbaugh can’t get over the Buckeye’s this year, and challenge for the Big Ten title, then when will they? I think Michigan’s biggest boosters have to be asking themselves, …. where do Harbaugh’s Wolverines go from here?

              1. Michigan hires Shanahan. Grant puts the squeeze on the Yorks–Yorks hire Lincoln Riley. Riley flops at the end of his second season in Santa Clara. His pro record — 3 and 29.

              2. I’d have to link 10 or 15 different articles Jack, but most of it is my own spin, so whats the point? I mean, it’s hardly a secret that coach Harbaugh has a history of struggling in the big games, as the guy just simply isn’t a closer. I think history has proven that he’s a good coach, but not a great coach. He tends to wear on everyone who surrounds him, and rarely finishes what he’s started. Personally, I think he does bare some responsibility for the train wreck he ran away from in Santa Clara, and his inability to bring home a Lombardi Trophy, despite coaching the most talented roster in the NFL, IMO, is simply a part of his legacy that he can never run away from. He may not yet be in danger of being run out of Ann Arbor, or perhaps the more likely scenario …. him doing the running, but that day is coming sooner, rather than later, because that’s simply who Jim Harbaugh is Jack, for better or for worse.

              3. He’s not going anywhere. He’s (Jim Harbaugh) won 72% of games at Michigan even with today’s wipeout.

                Hah, Seahawk’s fans everywhere, laughing out loud reading that little tidbit, don’t you think?

          1. He’s not going anywhere. He’s won 72% of games at Michigan even with today’s wipeout.

            He’d be sacked forthwith if his last name wasn’t Harbaugh.🤣😂🤣

              1. I think Harbaugh will get sacked because he failed at bringing Michigan to being champions.

  21. TomD’s Pitt/49er prediction:

    Ideally, teams would rather not carry 4 TE’s. However, Shanny knew he’d be facing a 3-4 defense in Pitt.

    Is there a better way to attack via the run than with the 2-TE pkg/22 personnel.

    Grant has already delineated Skule’s run blocking prowess (so has NFL.com’s profile), so putting another TE on Skule and Tomlinson’s side, while running a reverse to Toilolo and McGlinchey’s side, enables Shanny to, once again, drive LB cores crazy.

    off The 22 personnel you can adjust with Kittle (the more athletic TE). Play action, double passes are already on film for the Steelers.

    Also, can’t wait for Deebo to work his magic on miss directions.

    Going to be lots of fun!!!!

    Go Niners!!!

    1. Would love to see this ‘tough guy’ vs. Steelers–have to wait until by-week:

      Shanny/Press question:
      Are you still expecting Jalen to come back after the Bye? Is that the plan?

      “Yes, I am expecting him to.”

      49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo jumps seven spots in NFL.com’s QB Index
      By David Bonilla
      20 hrs ago • 0

      Week 1 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Garoppolo threw for 296 yards with three touchdowns, an interception, and a passer rating of 131.0.

      Dan Parr of NFL.com wrote the following of Garoppolo:

      “Are we witnessing the beginning of the Jimmy G ascent the 49ers have long been waiting for?


  22. The feud between the 49ers and the City of Santa Clara over events at Levi’s Stadium escalated Friday with the football team filing a lawsuit against the city.

    The City says 49ers officials have “made misrepresentations, failed to comply with laws and the contract, violated prevailing wage laws, and mismanaged operations resulting in declining non-NFL net revenues.”

    “What we’ve gotten in response is just stone walling, which raises a big red flag for us,” said Ben Field, South Bay Labor Council representative. “We’re very concerned that there’s a lot more wage theft than we’ve discovered already.”

    The City owns the stadium, but leases it to the 49ers, who are also responsible for generating shared revenue through concerts and other events. Since 2014, the City has received roughly $2.5 million annually in performance-based rent, which goes into the general fund. But this year, that number is expected to be zero.


  23. I think it comes down to 2 things……who has the better scheme and the Santa Clara Turf.

    Scheme – Tomlin is a hell of a coach and he has the upper hand, but Shanny schemed a great game the last game and he might be a tad overconfident. So going with Tomlin here.

    Santa Clara Turf – This might be the game that our running backs , Oline and LBs drop like flies.

    Going with Tomlin and the Steelers.

      1. 9ers Defense gets gassed, trying to catch up. LBs dropping like flies won’t help :)

        I could be totally wrong and 9ers win a blowout. Either way, interesting match and I will keep watching.

  24. Grant…..

    Last season you felt strongly that Jeff Brohm (Purdue) would be the perfect coach for the 9ers. Aside from the fact that the Boilermakers are 1 and 2 so far this year, do you still feel Jeff’s the guy to turn things around in Santa Clara?

    1. Has Grant ever replied to any of your questions? He doesn’t seem to monitor the comments, just look at all the spam messages.

      1. To be fair, Grant has responded to something like 10-15% of the questions I’ve asked him the last couple years. He’s a busy guy with growing gigs–kinda selective too, I think. Yeah, with all the IT-related and free NFL streaming spam this blog gets, Grant’s head seams to be elsewhere. He even lets his posted polls languish. Unsure what his working relationship is with the Press Democrat IT office–however large or small it is.

  25. Wanna see a great gadget play? Check the highlights of the Pitt/UCF game–just ended. Pitt scores late TD to tie (PAT go ahead).

      1. It can be a good breakdown and not agree with the prediction. If the Steelers can’t run the ball it puts pressure on their QB to win as well. One other review pointed out how the Steelers secondary has been inconsistent. I also don’t quite buy that the run game will struggle and not contribute. It won’t be like last week but the Steelers can be run on. Grant’s correct that Jimmy will need to be the driver on offense. Interested to see what Skule does and how KS adapts to help him.

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