49ers turn to rookie tackle Justin Skule to fill in for Joe Staley

Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Shaquil Barrett (58) and San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley (74) work during the second half an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

SANTA CLARA — Shortly after the 49ers’ most impressive win in years, a 41-17 annihilation of the Cincinnati Bengals, sober reality set in:

The 49ers’ season now depends on a rookie left tackle, Justin Skule.

All-Pro tackle Joe Staley broke his fibula during the third quarter — running back Raheem Mostert kicked Staley in the shin by accident. Staley will miss the next six to eight weeks. His backup, Shon Coleman, broke his leg on Aug. 10 and will miss the entire season.

Meaning Skule, a 22-year-old sixth-round draft pick, is the best left tackle the 49ers have. He will protect Jimmy Garoppolo’s blind side until November, unless the 49ers sign someone else — something they have not yet done.

“This is what you deal with in the NFL,” Kyle Shanahan said Wednesday in the 49ers’ auditorium. “We wouldn’t have kept Skule on our roster if we didn’t think he was an NFL player. You always want to give those guys more time, because the more time they have, the better they get. But that time ran out.”

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  1. Hope this turns out ok….he is gonna be tested at some point by pass rushers deluxe…

    Did anybody else think Staley was not playing his best? Or is it time to move on from Staley?

    1. The 49ers’ season now depends on a rookie left tackle, Justin Skule.

      I get your point Grant, the 49ers are clearly better with Joe Staley as opposed to the rookie, but don’t you think that’s a bit of an overstatement?

      Staley’s injury was, thankfully, not a season ender. And things would look a lot different had the 49ers lost one, or both of these first 2 games. Instead, being 2-0 going into the softest stretch of their schedule (including their bye week), should allow this team to ride out the storm, and remain in contention until Staley’s return. Skule will be tasked with protecting Jimmy’s blindside, so injury is obviously the biggest worry for the 49ers – KNOCK ON WOOD! However, Joe Staley is targeting their week 10 (11/11) prime-time, Monday Night Football match-up @ home, VS the Seahawks, for his return, and that would be great timing, as this is exactly when the Niners’ schedule ramps up in terms of strength.

      Here are the match-ups until Staley is scheduled to return (hopefully) for MNF in prime time:

      9/22 – Steelers
      9/29 – Bye
      10/7 – Browns
      10/13 – Rams
      10/20 – @ Redskins
      10/27 – Panthers
      10/31 – @ Cardinals

      Realistically, even without Staley, I could see this team going 4-2, or worst case 3-3, perhaps losing to the Rams, the Browns, and the Panthers. That still puts them, at worst, 5-3 going into their very important week 10 match-up @ home VS the Seahawks.

      After this, their remaining schedule continues to ramp up in difficulty, at least on paper. Provided the 49ers don’t suffer a bunch more injuries (again, knock on wood), and Staley does return on or around week 10 (11/11), the Niners should still be in pretty good shape, and in contention going into what is certainly a brutal stretch run VS teams like the Packers, @ Ravens, @ Saints, Falcons, Rams, and week 17 @ Seahawks.

      Even without Staley through the middle portion (and softest stretch) of the schedule, the Niners should be able to remain in contention, IMO, if not for the division, certainly an at-large bid for the first wildcard spot.

      You can take that to the bank Grant ….. and GOooooooo NINERS!

      1. And, BTW, their is still an outside chance that Joe Staley returns for their week 9 match-up @ Arizona, so no, at 2-0, the season thankfully isn’t going to depend on the rookie LT, provided Jimmy, and obviously the rest of the OL, remains relatively healthy, knock on wood.

        Now, would I be opposed to trading Solomon Thomas along with Dante Pettis, to shore up the OT position? NO, I certainly wouldn’t. However, provided Joe does return sometime around week 10, the Niners should be able to remain in contention with the rookie LT, even if he does struggle a bit in Staley’s absence, IMO.

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    2. With Staley in decline (he should not have been so generously extended) we need to get Trent in here on a 4-year contract. Skule seems like a pleasant person but with little experience. Hard to see our first chance in many years to reach the playoffs and maybe go deep in them go to waste because we are waiting for an aging vet to return. Staley may take a year or more to be fully back as Garcia noted.

      1. Generously extended?

        ~ First of all, Joe has earned an extension. From 2012 through last season, Joe Staley ranks first in run-block grading (93.0) and ninth in pass-block grading (89.5) among all LT’s with at least 1000 snaps played. During that span, Staley’s overall grade of 94.2 ranks second only to former Cleveland Browns left tackle, Joe Thomas, and Staley has been named to the Pro-Bowl 6 times, during this span.

        ~ Secondly, while it’s technically a 2 year extension, the 49ers can move on from Staley after next season, with next to no penalty, money owed, or dead cap hit ($500,000 is all they would take as a dead cap hit in 2021, if they chose to release Staley after next season).

        ~ And thirdly allie, where’s Staley’s decline? Joe is certainly getting to the age where it wouldn’t be surprising to see a drop off, but we certainly haven’t seen that yet. In fact, ahead of the season, Joe landed on Pro Football Focus’ list of the NFL’s 10 best players, at any position, entering the age of 35 (Joe just turned 35 years of age last month), and he’s likely eventually heading to Canton Ohio, when he does hang up his cleats. But Canton will have to wait for now, as Joe Staley is yet to allow a single QB pressure through the first 2 games of 2019. Week 1 saw Joe Staley largely matched up against the Buccaneer’s OLB Shaquil Barrett, who recorded 3 sacks VS the Panthers the following week, and Staley absolutely schooled Barrett throughout the game. Barrett did record a sack, but it came against the right side of the Niners’ OL. The 49ers OL did struggle to run the football against the Buccaneers, but that was primarily due to the Buccaneers calling a large number of run blitz packages, while the 49ers failed to make them pay for it through the air. But make no mistake, Staley was dominant in pass protection during week 1, and he was equally as dominant in week 2, prior to the injury.

        I’m not saying that trading for Williams makes absolutely no nense, but what I am saying is that trading for the 31 year old Williams wouldn’t be a move the 49ers would be making because Staley is no longer playing at a high level when healthy. And since Staley is expected to return by week 10 or sooner, and he will be the starting LT once he returns, until 2021 at the earliest, trading for Williams doesn’t really make that much sense. What the 49ers really need is an experienced LT who can fill in for Staley until his return, and then remain as the 49ers swing tackle throughout the rest of the season. Staley can then groom his eventual successor, whether that’s Skule or another OT, throughout the next couple seasons.

        1. Please delete these Catfish accounts. While I disagree with Allie about acquiring Trent W, She can have her opinion without being insulted by a potty mouth.

    3. The Niners are obviously waiting to see what they have in Skule this Sunday. They will go get Trent if they do not see enough from him.

      1. You aren’t factoring in Washington’s owner and FO who would likely refuse to trade TW to Shanny out of spite to both of them; just like with Cousins. Snyder can afford to just fold his arms and keep Trent on the Did Not Report List, and not pay him.

        1. That’s another good point David. Even if the Niners were interested in Williams, which I highly doubt, the likelihood of Snyder green lighting a trade to the Niners is somewhere in the neighborhood of slim-to-none.

    4. For those of you who are concerned about Dee Ford’s knee, and/or question Paraag Marathe’s worth, here is another example of why the 49ers have been, and continue to be in good shape in terms of the salary cap, courtesy of SBNation’s – Patrick Holloway:

      A few things to remember with Dee Ford’s contract. First, his salary for 2020 becomes fully guaranteed on April 1st of that year. Should the 49ers decide to cut him before that deadline, they will take a $6.4 million dead money hit. That’s a sizable sum, but it could be something in the double digits or worse. That dead money is what remains of his $8 million roster bonus. There’s nothing else the 49ers would owe on that contract. I wrote a post breaking down the signing in March that you can see here. What Ford has is (essentially) a year-to-year deal after 2019.

      Per Over the Cap, Ford’s cap number is 14.6 million in 2019, most of which is made of his $20.5 million in guarantees. Broken down, there is his signing bonus of $1.6 million (a prorated piece of $8 million), $7 million roster bonus (for 2019) and his salary of $4.75 million. The remaining $25.25 million of guarantees for injury. Ford’s $13.65 million base salary in 2020 becomes fully guaranteed if he is with the 49ers after April 1st. That this means if Ford somehow doesn’t work out next year, the 49ers can cut him and only suffer $6.4 million in dead money for 2020. This all of course would mean they cut him before April 1. If he’s on the roster after that then there’s no way out of it. That dead money is what remains of his $8 million roster bonus. There’s nothing else the 49ers would owe.

  2. It’s highly likely Shanahan will scheme in a way that lessens some pressure on the left side–tweaks more than massive changes.

    I suspect Skule won’t play like a drunken sailor…

    1. Yes but on passing downs they will put their beast on his side….can’t scheme it off forever teams will know we roll right…..maybe its just time to get another tackle to take Joe’s place…Joe has been very consistent…

  3. It’s going to be hard enough for Richburg to handle Heyward. That’s a mismatch in the Steelers favor IMO. When you throw in Truitt and Watt, the Steelers have a pretty good pass rush. Not sure how Skule matches up 1v1 against the DE’s of the Steelers but I’ve got to think the Steelers are game planning to confuse the pass-pro assignments and switch offs between Skule and Tomlinson. Not having Trent Taylor hurts the 49ers when they need to employ a short/quick passing attack in situations like this. Although, Samuel seems to be doing well, he’s not at the Taylor level yet.

    One other thing that’s a bit of a pet peeve for me right now. Dee Ford. This freaking dude said he’s always had a knee issue and will always have it the rest of his career. Is it arthritis or tendinitis? And voila, the guy is already missing time? Did the Chiefs know about this and somehow the 49ers staff missed it? Where TF is Ben Peterson in this equation? How in the hell did the 49ers give up so much for this guy and now he’s damaged goods?

      1. Samuel is not already better. Samuel is the more talented receiver and I believe he will eventually be a better receiver but he is most definitely no yet better than Taylor. You also forget the great connection JG has with Trent Taylor. Interesting stat… Through Trent Taylor’s first 2 games with Jimmy Garoppolo he had 8 receptions for 103 yards. Through Deebo Samuel’s first 2 games with Jimmy Garoppolo he has…… 8 receptions for 103 yards.

        1. By the time Garoppolo took over Taylor had played in 10 games.

          A rookie making his first 2 appearances has already matched that, well actually surpassed it since he has a touchdown catch to go along with his 7 yards rushing.

          Taylor is a decent player, but he’s not ever going to be an every down player like Samuel already is.

          1. Garoppolo took over after joining the team in mid season of 2017. Didn’t have a training camp or offseason to develop a rapport with any receivers. The offense was a mere fraction of what it is right now and Taylor still had exactly the same production as Samuel. By all accounts, Taylor was Garoppolo’s favorite target this past offseason until he got hurt. How many first downs did Taylor generate in his first 2 games? Taylor was most definitely Garoppolo’s safety blanket when he first arrived. You won’t hear any argument from me about Samuel being more talented than Taylor. BUT Taylor is a better WR, especially in the slot, than Samuel is currently. I fully expect Samuel to have a better career but in the next few weeks, with Skule at LT, it hurts the 49ers to not have Taylor available to the offense.

            1. I know when Garoppolo took over.

              You’re comparing the numbers of a guy who has already played 10 games regardless of who the QB was to those of a guy who was seeing real action for the first 2 games.

              Taylor is a nice little possession guy as the slot receiver. That’s more Richie James now than Samuel , and that’s why 2 games into his career Samuel already has double the number of starts compared to Taylor.

              1. I’m comparing 2 WR’s in their first 2 starts with the same QB. Deebo had an entire offseason with this QB whereas Taylor barely had any prep with this QB in his first 2 starts. Taylor is a better WR than Deebo right now and I’m not the only person with that opinion.

                “There seems to be a connection between Jimmy [Garoppolo] and him,” fullback Kyle Juszczyk said. “And he just seems to just be moving at another speed and just has an incredible feel for space on the field. Many times, it’s just him and Jimmy just kind of improvising.” Don’t be surprised if he leads the team in targets and receptions. — Nick Wagoner


                Dude, you are such a tool. You never actually post any of your own original thought or meaningful commentary. All you do is skim comments and criticize or correct people in your holier than thou style. Go Away, Jeff. Your act is beyond tiresome.

              2. I’m not saying there wasn’t a connection between the two. That is irrelevant to who is better. One guy is a starter while the other guy never will be. The one that’s started two games out of two in his career is a better receiver than the one that has started one out of 29.

                I write plenty of comments on my own and unlike you I don’t call people tools or that type of derogatory terms when they disagree. I understand that others my have differing opinions and don’t mind the back and forth. That’s actually the thing that makes this forum fun.

        2. Umm, I have to chime in, and side with Jack Hammer on this one.

          Trent Taylor is a one deminsional slot receiver. He’s a good little slot receiver, and a nice security blanket for Jimmy, but that’s all he is, a slot receiver. Deebo Samual is multi-deminsional wideout. Samual can already do more things in this offense. And Samual is a gamebreaker. That makes Deebo the more valuable receiver by definition.

          Sorry Houston.

          1. Or to frame it another way …. who would Kyle rather be without at this stage, Taylor or Samuel? I think the answer is obvious, it’s Taylor. The 49ers have other capable slot receivers, and as we’ve already seen, this offense can still be lethal without Taylor. Take Deebo out of the equation, and I think it’s a different story.

            1. I think you all are partly correct. Right now, Deebo is better than Taylor, because Taylor has a broken foot.
              However, Deebo is also a rookie, and he would benefit from sitting, studying the playbook, and working out to get stronger.
              Once Taylor gets back, he will be superior to Deebo, because Taylor has sat, studied, and worked out to get stronger. He had the best TC of all the WRs until he hurt his foot.
              This season, Taylor may become the go-to-guy that JG synched up with before. He is a good slot receiver. JG and he converted many third down plays. However, Deebo may have the most upside, and a more productive overall career.

              1. Deebo naturally has things he needs to work on, sebnynah, as all rookie WR’s do.

                But working out to get stronger? No, that’s certainly not an issue.

                And sitting? Absolutely, positively no way Deebo should be sitting either!

              2. Generally, that is how all rookie WRs should be handled. The ones that get thrown into the breach, tend to become injured.
                Ideally, it would have been best if Taylor was fully healthy, so he could start. Starting Deebo just means they are throwing him to the wolves

  4. Did the Chiefs know about this and somehow the 49ers staff missed it? Yes and yes…I don’t think the Chief were happy with the penalty that cost the playoffs when Ford lined up offsides…boneheaded play…I was not happy when we got him at all…

    And yes teams will test Skule right away…..lets hope JimmyP doesn’t get killed

    1. They usually carry 3 which is what they have now. They kept Smith because they knew if they cut him he’d end up elsewhere, and that’s what happened.

              1. Whoosh!

                Right tackle Trent Brown was the biggest omission on Wednesday’s participation report, sidelined with a right knee injury that kept him out the closing moments of Sunday’s loss to Kansas City.

    1. Seb

      Excellent point…he may be able to eat hay and drink diesel; but after all He IS still a rookie.. Toilolo should help in passpro…Undercenter and I discussed him just before the draft….Skule’s gonna be a monster…and don’t forget our ‘gentlemans bet’ concerning Buckner and Armstead….

      1. Please remind me. If you prove to be correct, I will bestow all the kudos you want. Generally, I think you have a good football mind, so I will be happy to acknowledge your acumen.
        Was the bet that Armstead would have more sacks than Buckner?

          1. Ah, OK, but you do realize that Buckner is getting double teamed? That means the other team assesses that Buckner is the biggest threat, and needs a double team.
            I am glad Armstead is doing so well. His sack on the first play of the game, really set the tone of the game.

              1. Back then, Armstead was coming back from a bum shoulder, so he had injury concerns.
                Well, I am hoping they keep Armstead. It might be hard to extend Buckner, Kittle and Armstead, too. Yet it seems as though they have 27 mil in cap space, so I hope they retain veteran talent.

  5. I’m kicking myself for missing this guy during the lead up to the draft. Everything’s there except for the strength. He’s quiet, because sons of FBI agents don’t go around spilling their guts. If he’s ever cut, we won’t need to worry about a debriefing by another team. I think Shanny lights up the rookie LB, and leaves him a burning bush.

    Defensively, the Steelers offensive line will tell us just how good our front is. Alejandro Villanueva is one of the better LT’s in the game. I was confident we could defeat the Steelers with Big Ben, because I thought they were in a tailspin last year. Saleh will confuse the rookie qb, and our front should bludgeon him back to guiding Santa’s sleigh….

  6. They’re going to stack the box and dare the 49ers to run the ball.
    They need a lot of misdirection and rolling Jimmy G out. If they get their chunk yards going early they will then run it down their throats. And force them to rely on a pass rush and their secondary. That’s where the trouble starts for Pitt

    I just hope this team isn’t feeling itself. This is a dangerous game from a team that’s desperate.

      1. I’m drinking some Skule-aid, but I see the potential for a shutout. No AB, no Big Ben or other Bells ringing. 24-0 Niners. One of those 3 TDs a pick 6.

    1. I think Seattle’s game plan last week against the Steelers is worth undertaking. I assume the Steelers will blitz the left side to test the rookie, and stack the box against the run; but if they blitz, short passes that come out in 1.9-2.3 seconds like Russell Wilson had last week bludgeoned their Defense. Especially considering the Steelers’ well-documented issues with their defensive secondary.

      Niners 27, Steelers 16

  7. The Niners can win if they stick with their run game. Then , Skule will not be tested. I hope he gets a pass on pass protection.
    I hope the Niners use delayed blitzes up the middle, to can Mason, and give him a jar. Maybe give Rudolph, a red nose.

  8. Who backs up Skule? Thank god we have a bye week next week, we could look into signing somebody else, who knows maybe Sam Young steps it up, hopefully this decision doesnt affect us

    1. Niners signed this guy…

      Holden (6-7, 312) was originally drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the fifth round (157th overall) of the 2017 NFL Draft. He appeared in 11 games (seven starts) for Arizona prior to being waived by the team on July 20, 2019. Holden was claimed off waivers by the Miami Dolphins on July 21 and later waived on August 27. He then signed with the Seattle Seahawks on August 29 and was waived on August 31.

      A 26-year-old native of Green Cove Springs, FL, Holden attended Vanderbilt University (2012-16) where he appeared in 48 games (35 starts).

  9. I want to disagree with Grant. I hope they use a 2 TE set, and roll out JG both to the right, and to the left. Those TEs will be able to thwart the edge rush.
    That would be unexpected.

    1. Let’s see, 2 backs and 2 TEs stay in to block, Jimmy rolls out and throws to the only receiver running a route…….how will a defense ever cover that? 🙄

      1. I want Toilolo next to Skule, to chip the edge rusher before going out on a pass route underneath. Kittle should be used as a receiving threat over the middle. That, and using a RB as a safety valve/swing pass, and JG has plenty of options. Deep, middle and short.

  10. This will be KA’s first real test in coverage. McDonald is no slouch.

    On another note for those who will be watching on TV.
    If you see someone still in his seat where the sun shines, chances are it will be me.
    80??? Up here it’s 80 degrees at 4AM sometimes out here.
    No sweat!

    1. MD,
      The microwave stadium can be a bear on warm/hot days. Playing on the road the last two weeks may have been a blessing in disguise.
      Weather starts to cool down a little by October. Could be good weather after the bye week.

      Saw a preseason game there a couple of years ago in August and we were slow roasting.
      Told the wife to flip me over so I could burn evenly on both sides 🔥😉

      Be looking out for you brother.

      1. About my worst stadium sun experience was in the mid 70s at a Sunday afternoon A’s game in late May–at the Coliseum. No shade, no breeze, temps pushing 90, some humidity.

      2. It’s not just the heat it’s that the sun is in your eyes. It is so annoying in the early games.
        Fans are basically forced to wander (through the desert for 40 years).

  11. It seems like we at least won’t be losing too much in the run blocking, but will definitely be exposed in pass protection. This game is a really good test of where we are as a team. This is definitely not a sure thing and hope the niners are preparing as such.

  12. I don’t know if anyone posted this, but here is part of Jon Middlekauff’s article from The Athletic regarding Justin Skule, including comments from scouts about their analysis of Skule leading up to the draft:

    “Enter Justin Skule, a sixth-round pick this year from Vanderbilt. The 49ers brass surely did not expect that he would be forced into action this soon. Hell, he was no lock to make the team when camp started. But here we are. Next man up heading into Sunday’s game against Pittsburgh, right?

    ‘We had him as a late-round guy,’ said a scout who studies the SEC. ‘Starting in September was not something I would have imagined. The positives are he has played a lot of football. At both right and left tackle. He is massive. And being a Vandy guy, you know he is smart. Toughness is a A-plus. He’ll battle for you. The problem is he doesn’t do anything well. Not a great athlete. Not very powerful. Quicker guys will give him issues. T.J. Watt Game 1? Hope (George) Kittle is ready to help out.’

    The scout added that it’s easy to misevaluate on the offensive line because these guys really play as a unit, not individually, and intangible traits (toughness, intelligence, will to win) can help guys get by. Happens all the time. Many unathletic tough guys have had 10-year careers in the trenches.

    ‘They ran a lot of zone at Vanderbilt,’ the scout said of Skule’s college career. ‘So I get why the 49ers saw the fit. He also played in the top conference in terms of defensive linemen, so it’s not like he hasn’t seen big-time pass rushers. He started 40 straight games in college. The last two (years) at left tackle. So, on the bright side, he’s played against the best competition in America, the toughest environments you’ll find in the country, for several years. The game won’t be too big for him. The SEC is an NFL-level pressure cooker. He’ll be ready, just not sure he’s good enough to avoid trouble. Especially against good pass-rushing teams.’

    Another scout who evaluated Skule had a similar view.

    ‘I had him as a seventh round/priority free agent,’ the scout said. ‘So basically right where the 49ers took him. We loved his smarts, and his size. Hard not to at 6-foot-7, around 320 pounds. He is a good technician. He has to be at the size, since he lacked the strength to push the SEC defenders around. Because of his height, guys can get under him and push him around. But at the end of the day, he’s a fourth offensive tackle at best, and not someone you want to be forced into playing, especially as a rookie.’

    This isn’t anything the 49ers brass doesn’t know. Sixth-rounders start in the NFL all of the time, but at spots like running back, guard, defensive tackle and defensive back. Not at tackle. No team expects a sixth-round tackle to start as a rookie. That means something has gone very wrong, as it clearly has in this case.

    Now, I’m not an offensive coach. But it’s pretty clear that Kyle Shanahan, who called a brilliant game Sunday against the Bengals, can do some things to help the rookie out. The 49ers might have the best blocking tight end in the NFL. So while it’s not ideal to consistently leave Kittle in as a blocker, it surely can help save a rookie tackle. Also, the other easy way to help a young tackle out is to dominate on the ground, just like the 49ers did last week. Run the ball down the Steelers’ throats. Which is obviously a staple of the 49ers offense, but it’s never been more important than now with Skule starting.

    Staying away from third-and-long will be key. Skule was part of a good Vanderbilt running game. The Commodores had a 1,200-yard rusher in 2018. They were sixth (of 14 teams) in the SEC in rush yards per attempt. And those numbers could have been a lot better if they wouldn’t have fallen behind in so many conference games. But that’s the nature of being one of the weaker teams in the conference.

    I also don’t really view holdout Washington left tackle Trent Williams as an option. Mainly because Staley is not going on injured reserve. Even if the Redskins would be willing to part with Williams, what happens to Staley once he’s ready to return? He rides the pine the next two years? He just signed a contract extension through the 2021 season. You’d give up a first-round pick to get Williams and then sit Staley when he’s healthy? I don’t see it.

    Now the counter would be that 49ers executive Paraag Marathe is a master at contracts. The 49ers can get out of the Staley deal this offseason for $1 million in 2020 dead cap space. But I can’t see them doing that to one of the best linemen in franchise history. Especially when he is still a very solid player. The coach really values what Staley brings to the team, a big reason he received the extension. So I really think the Williams talk is not likely at all.

    And if Skule proves Sunday that he has no chance to fill this role, the 49ers will have to think about claiming the top tackle available on other teams’ practice squads. Or even trading for a short-term fix from a bad team for a mid-round pick. But we won’t know if that is necessary until the 49ers see Skule play a full game. The Steelers were tied with Kansas City in 2018 for the league lead with 52 sacks. So we’ll learn fast. Welcome to the league, rookie.”

    1. Better watch out. The Atlantic will want to nail you for copy write infringement for posting their content, instead of seeing it as free advertisement. ;p
      ‘But at the end of the day, he is a fourth offensive tackle at best, and not some one you want to be forced into playing, especially as a rookie.’- I sure hope he is wrong.

  13. While losing Staley has a less-than-positive aspect, Shanahan’s offensive scheme vs Pittsburgh will have the Steelers defense playing like buzzed sailors–maybe not blotto drunken, but close at times.

    And I’d imagine the 9er defense and special teams will show up and play, no?

  14. From ESPN’s Ryan Clark…Grant’s gotta be smilin’…

    A lot of people are high on the San Francisco 49ers after the team’s impressive and, for some, unexpected 2-0 start. Don’t count former NFL safety Ryan Clark as someone who is jumping on the media-led bandwagon. He went out of his way to bash the team during a segment on “NFL Live” this week called “Contender or Pretender.”

    The Buffalo Bills were the lowest-ranked 2-0 team within ESPN’s Week 3 power rankings. They sat at No. 15 while the 49ers sat two spots ahead of them at No. 13. Clark took exception to that.

    “[The Bills] should be higher because you know who should be behind them? The 49ers,” Clark said. “They are pretending. They are faking us out. They are imitators, pretenders, whatever you want to say. They are not the real deal at 2-0.”

    Apparently, at least some of Clark’s disdain for the 49ers has to do with the team’s quarterback.

    “Listen, I still don’t believe in Jimmy Garoppolo, and I know a lot of people said he’s gotten over some of the struggles of the preseason and he’s fully back from the injury,” Clark continued. “Kyle Shanahan did a great job of scheming people open against the Cincinnati Bengals but [Garoppolo] was not sharp against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They won that game because Jameis Winston was just actually worse.

    “Watching this team progress down the rest of the season, Jimmy Garoppolo is going to have to be better, but they have to continue that run game that we saw unveiled in Cincinnati this weekend.”

    As Grant tweeted… If you don’t have haters, you ain’t poppin.

  15. Sherman — He hasn’t listened to the outside noise from fans that the team needs additional help of those marquis names.

    Jennifer Lee Chan

    In regards to all of the NFL players that have requested trades from their teams, Richard Sherman believes that the #49ers are confident in who they have in the building. He hasn’t listened to the outside noise from fans that the team needs additional help of those marquis names.

  16. McGlinchey has only allowed one quarterback pressure over 63 pass-blocking snaps through Week 2.

    Hitner coming in to audition for depth along the offensive line, and a debriefing by our intel dept.

    1. Wait, are they acting on my recommendations?
      They are acquiring a player from a playoff team that the Niners will play this season. Smart move on their part.

    2. @Razoreater
      McGlinchey has had some holding calls that have affected us, for example against the bucs , Garropolo risked his injured acl to scramble for a first down and actually made it, and Mcglinshey got called out for holding on during that play, so hopefully he cleans up those issues so he can be as perfect as he can be.

  17. Jeff Deeney @PFF_Jeff
    Getting home with four: #49ers pass rush is having success while having the lowest blitz percentage in NFL (10%) through two weeks.

    Won’t be surprise if Saleh pulls off his zone dog blitz again to confuse Rudolph, riling up the fans as Thomas tries to keep up with the tight end all over the field…

    1. It was a zone blitz with a busted coverage that led to the big pass play early against Cincy. Was too bad because it looked like they would have had it covered well is Williams had played his responsibility correctly.

      This is a sign of just how good their front is. They’re extremely quick and have been very active the first 2 weeks.

  18. It will be interesting to see how Shanahan manages the offense around Skule on Sunday. Last week when he came in it seemed like most everything went away from him to the right side. If he continues this, and Pittsburgh keys on that, it could lead to some play action opportunities to the left side to take advantage of the overplay. It’s also a nice way to get into the passing game without needing to give him help.

    1. It will help to illustrate just how much Shanahan has progressed as a coach. Will be another interesting game how he manages players and the game, especially going into the bye week

            1. Easy call, Rookie coach. Fired/retired coach trying to improve a 5-11 team with a turnover QB.
              Thanks for stating the obvious.
              Now, if you had stated they should have run Wilson up the gut, I would be more impressed.

              1. Nice, you claim no one listens to me, and they work out a former Rams player.
                What have you said on here that is memorable? A litany of epithets? An expletive ridden and totally devoid of cogent thought, screed?

              2. I don’t need to say anything.
                Im on here to defend my team against doubters, haters, know it alls, and people who trash against them.
                You haven’t figured that out yet Sebnnoying?

              3. No you hated this team so bad, you were rooting for the other teams to defeat Kaep.
                I am rooting for this team to win, so your anger towards me is pure hate.
                You try to engage posters, start losing the argument and resort to hurling expletives and insults.
                You bring nothing to this site.

              4. Once again back to Kaepernick.

                That’s all you bring to this site. A thorn full hurt.
                Who hates who? I don’t.

                I just think your fandom is weak and your football IQ is worse.

              5. Show me your bona fides.
                I was the poster advocating bringing up Wilson, and running him up the gut. He responded by scoring 2 TDs. If I have little football IQ, you have less.

              6. And how many gave their bona fides? I am still waiting for yours, and reading Football for Dummies does not count.

              7. I don’t need to say anything.
                Im on here to defend my team against doubters, haters, know it alls, and people who trash against them.

                Give it up prime, it’s no win. The team does well, it’s Yay I’m a Niner fan. The team does poorly it’s I told you guys, look how smart I am (and ego will always override fandom).

              8. Donald, you seem to be learning your lesson.
                Yes, when they do exactly what I say, I get to crow, while my detractors have to eat crow.
                I guess you are thinking- How dare the Niners do something smart! Now, he will be insufferable!

              1. Donald, it is a sign of good sportsmanship to give kudos, when some one is proven right.
                Poor sports just cannot bring themselves to do that, just like welchers.

              2. “when some one is proven right.”

                (1) has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

              3. When some one is proven right-
                ‘Good call.’ – Spoken by a person with good sportsmanship.
                ‘Delusional.’ – Spoken by some one who does not have a clue.

              4. …exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements…

              5. Donald, it is a sign of good sportsmanship to give kudos, when some one is proven right.

                And when that happens I will. You just pulling some football 101 out of your behind proves … that you can pull football 101 out of your behind. Do you want judos for that? It’s all yours, Sebbie! Good call!

      1. Agree. The loss of Staley is a tough one, and his ability to overcome injuries to starters hasn’t been all that great to this point.

        1. Yeah any coach with a “not so great track record” should easily be able to overcome losing your starting RB one week before the season and your franchise QB in week 3 of the season.

    2. If they continue to run like they did against the Bengals it should help immensely in limiting Skule’s lack of experience.

      Correct Sour it will be an evaluation time for Shanny.

    3. I expect Skule to be reasonably competent in run blocking. Will not be surprised if Kyle starts with a short passing game with a dose of 12 personnel. Expect Kyle to be a fairly conservative until the run game starts humming.

      1. Agree. The run blocking shouldn’t be an issue. Think we are on the same page with the conservative stuff in the passing game early on.

        Now watch, they’ll come out with a play action deep shot on the first play.

  19. I think that Shanahan had great killer instincts in the Bengals game. Haven’t had that for awhile.

    At the same time, at a certain point you got to protect your starters. Especially on a team that isn’t very deep in certain positions.

    Will be interesting to see how the Pittsburgh game shakes out and how all aspects of the game are managed.

    For those who are prone to Shanahan Defensive Syndrome, this isn’t a criticism, but merely an observation that may have more relevance if the 49ers continue to blow out opponents like they did the Bengals. And this is a good challenge to have, btw.

    1. I think this game may be close….I hope not I love domination and VIOLENCE in the wins….could be a trap game lets hope Kyle gets the troops prepared to kick ass

  20. It sounds like the Broncos front office is getting frustrated with OT Garett Bolles – a 2017 first round pick. It’s time for John to call John. That’s Lynch and Elway, respectively :) Let’s make a deal John.

  21. I watched the Seahawks /Steelers game. The Steelers played them tough, and mounted a comeback. Mason Rudolf played well.
    The Steelers lost because Wilson made some big throws for TDs. The Steelers just obtained Minka Fitzpatrick, so I wonder if he will be up to speed and can help their pass defense. If the Steelers had prevented those long passes, they could have won.
    Of course, the Bengals played the Seahawks tough, and could have won with a field goal, yet the Niners blew out the Bengals.

          1. “Egomania is an obsessive preoccupation with one’s self and applies to someone who follows their own ungoverned impulses and is possessed by delusions of personal greatness and feels a lack of appreciation. Someone suffering from this extreme egocentric focus is an egomaniac. The condition is psychologically abnormal. The term egomania is often used by laypersons in a pejorative fashion to describe an individual who is intolerably self-centred”.

            Egomaniacs are typically characterized as individuals who believe the ‘whole world revolves around them’ and that they are ‘the centre of the universe’. Reinstein also claims in his article that “most egomaniacs suffer from delusions of personal greatness that cover over deeper feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. Everything is to, from, for and about them”.

            To be diagnosed with NPD an individual must show at least five of the following characteristics (although it’s worth noting that NPD is being removed from the new DSM-5). This version was taken from Sarah Myers article on ‘manic behaviour’:

            • A grandiose sense of self-importance: Egomaniacs exaggerate their achievements and talents, and want other people to recognise them as superior.

            • Preoccupation with success and power: Egomaniacs are obsessed with fantasies involving their own brilliance or beauty.

            • Arrogance: Egomaniacs’ behaviour is haughty, their attitude conceited and they show rage when frustrated, contradicted, or confronted.

            • Need for excessive admiration: Egomaniacs need attention, they want to be adored or, failing that, feared.

            • A sense of entitlement: Egomaniacs have unreasonable expectations and believe they deserve favourable treatment.

            • Exploitative: Egomaniacs are happy to take advantage of others and use people to get what they want.

            • Lack of empathy: Egomaniacs can’t and/or won’t acknowledge other people’s feelings.

            • A belief of being unique: Egomaniacs believe that they’re special and can only be understood by and associate with people of high status.

            • Feel envy towards others: Egomaniacs believe others feel envious of them.


            1. Easy, did you get that list from your shrink like Donald does?
              I just wrote a post about the upcoming game, but you try to turn that into some megalomaniacal ranting.. Which seems to define you.
              You are trying way too hard. Get over yourself. You do not get to judge posters, lest you want them to judge you. Maybe you attack because of your paucity of football sense or knowledge, but it just makes you look mean and petty.
              Stick to football. Your snarks, screeds and ranting make me think that you are afflicted with your list. Physician, heal thyself.

  22. Anybody think this could be a trap game?? Lets see if there is ANY advantage to Levi’s stadium, of course team has to play well….

    1. I don’t think so…Pittsburg was in play for the SB for many analysts. This team has talent across the board. They have one of the best O-Line in the league, so Rudolf will have time to make his reads. This is going to be a game that will tell us if we’re contenders or pretenders.

  23. Hahaha
    – I invented the dive play up the middle. Shanny never would have sent Wilson on those RZ plays if he hadn’t read my posts.-
    Man that’s some great stuff right there! Priceless comedy from U Know Who.

    1. Thanks for giving me the title-He, who must not be named. Guess I command power over you, and you fear me.
      When I say something, and it unfolds exactly how I pictured it, I get to crow.
      I said that KS should be innovative, and do the unexpected. That Pettis pass was innovative, and unexpected.
      You, on the other hand, could never think of anything, so you get to eat crow, because I thought of something you are incapable of doing.
      Let’s see you make some definitive statements about the game, so I can ridicule you after the game.

            1. Oh you are so wrong Seb. You are getting tagged like stray cattle my friend.
              The Piñata boys legend lives on!

              Whoever made that nickname up for you deserves a free PD t-shirt.

              1. Dude, when multiple people tell you what you are,and it’s consistent across the board, DAILY, it just might be time to look in the mirror and make some adjustments to your game plan.

              2. Dude, when some one who I respect, tells me to tone it down, I will.
                You 4 do not have my respect, so yap away. Like water off a duck’s back, your screeds are harmless, useless and meaningless.
                I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, who is enjoying this undefeated start to this season.
                You all seem to want to pee on the parade.
                I cannot make you look bad. You, yourself make yourselves look bad.

              3. Count the entries commenting on your ignorance.
                Some posters offer great perspective. Others great links to other 49ers news.
                Some like me just like to carry the 49er flag.

                What do you bring?

              4. Count the entries of other posters, not just me, commenting on your comments.
                Then tell me what you bring to this blog?

              5. Sounds like I can take on a whole blog site without working up a sweat. ;p
                I just counted 16 posts related to the Niners. The rest were responding to the peanut gallery.
                If a poster comments on something about the Niners, I respond in a civil manner. I may disagree with him or her, but I do not throw out expletives, and invective.
                Some day, you may learn to count, so you do not need me to do it for you.

              6. You bring discontent to this blog. You bring controversy and ignorance followed by narcissism.

                Again, count the entries of bloggers who “piñata” your comments.
                The only reason why Grant likes you is because of the volume of clicks you bring.
                Legendary but for all the wrong reasons.

              7. Count the peanut gallery?
                You and they are the true waste of time. Bring less than nothing to this site, with their snark and screeds.
                The Niners are on a 2 game win streak, yet you and they devolve into psychotic mumbo jumbo.
                I will continue to talk about the team I love, and root for another win.
                GO NINERS !!!!!!

              8. Sometimes people don’t like hearing the true perception of themselves.
                There was a reason why you got banned from Niner Nation and I said all along, you came on this blog with the wrong attitude.

              9. Prime, your attitude needs an adjustment.
                I am not going anywhere, so deal with it.
                Again, I will say that I was banned because of this statement- ‘True fans do not want their team to lose.’ This upset the tanking crowd.
                You, with your invective, expletives and general unpleasant demeanor, should have been banned forever from this site.
                When I came here, there were usually 30 comments, and several were screeds against Grant. I defended Grant, so his haters have left, and now we have over 200 comments per post.

              10. I agree. Brown nosing is your best quality.
                Grant gets his for the same reason you do. I won’t explain why that is.

                As for you. You must enjoy the role of piñata boy. Tells me who you truly are.

              11. Prime, you can try so hard, but you do not succeed.
                I have reduced the ad hominem attacks on Grant, but also disagree with him all the time.That does not sound like a brown noser.

              12. Once again, your eyes and ears what they want.
                Just keep your head in the sand and your nose up Cohn’s rear.
                The legend lives on.

              13. Prime and others, the blog will be a more peaceful place if we just humor Seb, that he really is the reason for the team’s early success. He seems to absolutely need that approval, I say we give it to him.

                Seb, you are a marvel!

  24. Let’s see, I want JG to invite the blitz, then attack the area the blitzer left. That screen pass to Mostert did exactly that, for a TD..
    When JG struggled in Denver, I wanted KS to roll out JG more, so pass rushers could not tee up, and rush to a spot. Pass defenders could also not scheme to get in JG’s passing lanes and knock down the ball, if he is mobile out of the pocket. I am glad KS has made an adjustment.
    I am happy to see his short passes to turn into monster YAC plays, but happier to see JG throw the ball down the field. JG has nice touch on the ball, and his accuracy is improving, especially with all his game time reps.
    One thing I want JG to work on, is looking off the safeties by facing one way, but looking in another direction. Those no look passes of Mahomes are impressive, until he throws a clunker. JG should either freeze the safety by seemingly staring at him, while looking in another direction, or directing where they should go, then passing to a different receiver.
    Another thing I want JG to work on, is his deception. He should roll one way, then pass the other direction. They did it in the game with his roll out, and with a flea flicker. With the running game going so well, his play action passes will be more effective.I looks like he has mastered those techniques, but now, I would like to see some pump fakes. Those would draw the attention of the defenders, so his receivers may get more separation.
    JG has done well, and looks recovered from his ACL injury. I hope he works on ball security more, and eliminates the interceptions. With more game time experience, JG will master his weakness.
    GO NINERS !!!!!!

      1. The Frisco Kid strikes again!
        Do you still hate Jed so much, you want the Niners to lose?
        You really must hate JG, to call him Jimmy Pornstar.

        1. No not at all Sleb the Pinata….I just think you are a ridiculous insulting fool is all….I know I am not alone is what makes it so interesting….

          1. I do not know why you want to insult Jimmy Garoppolo, especially with him on a 2 game winning streak.
            Trolling from your cave on the edge of wilderness must be hard work for you.

          2. He interned at The Kremlin in disinformation tactics. His ploy is obvious.
            He’s actually SebRaider, a disillusioned BlackHoler so frustrated with his team’s lack of success that he tries to compensate by coming on here sowing dissension, and scatology and leading the conversations astray.
            It’s a joke for some and just background noise to others. Not to be taken seriously.
            Talk to the hand 🖐 SebRaider.

              1. Thanks SLEBRaider the Pinata Boy and chief waffler and resident egomaniac. Your input and origins are very provocative while being irrelevantly superficial plagiarisms ..

              2. Maybe you should look up the definition of plagiarism.
                Here is something no one else has talked about.
                The Niners need to stop wasting time outs. This last game, they sure could have used their third time out to stop the clock in the last 2 minutes. Instead, they called a time out way earlier.
                How did that time out work out? JG had his rhythm disrupted, so he committed a false start. Then, the play that needed a time out so it would be perfectly executed, turned into an interception, which made that time out, doubly wasteful. It was not perfectly executed, it was perfectly dreadful.
                The Niners need to consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half.
                Heck, it might be so important, it could be the difference between winning, and losing.
                Is that irrelevant plagiarism?

    1. “Another thing I want JG to work on, is his deception. He should roll one way, then pass the other direction.“

      Aka, I want him to throw a pick 6.

      There is a reason every commentator ever refers to this as a poor decision or boneheaded throw. Crossbody, crossfield outside of a select few designed plays are BAD ideas.

      1. No, Grant outlined a play at 6:57 where JG rolled to one side to draw the defense towards him, then passed back to Deebo who had a convoy of blockers to help him, for a 38 yard gain.

    2. Seb, I’ll be looking for the team using your tactics this Sunday. I’ll be damned disappointed if they don’t. And they’ll probably lose because of it! 🙁🙁🙁 and if they do, I’ll write a nasty note to Shanny right here, because we all know this is the first place he looks to after a game.

  25. Common sense and modern medicine tell us that addiction is dangerous to our health and well being, and unhelpful in relations with those around us.
    Antonio Brown’s social media addiction has lead him into a whirlpool of self destructive behavior. It’s a tailspin. Unclear if it’s recoverable.

          1. “I tried”

            Give me a break.

            As for scrolling past, this nonsense is taking up a ton of space on the board and keeps others from discussion of football.

            If it’s the off-season then cool. Now. Get some thicker skin.

        1. Wrong about that one, Sebs. Moore will make a mistake or two as he plays this the first time in the NFL, but his body of work is already superior to Ward. Moore is the future, so thinks Woods-COACH Woods.

      1. Few of the clueless would say K’Waun Williams didn’t play well last week….sure he gave up some plays but he his still the best CB we have against the run….

        I don’t trust putting verret or ward (with one hand) in slot where stopping the run is much important

    1. Does this mean that Taylor cannot play this season or can he come back in 8 weeks? I know they already placed Street in IR with a return designation.

      Is Taylor the 2nd guy with a return designation?

              1. Young won’t even be active Sunday. He’s the 4th string OT, and was beat out by Skule. You’ll only see Young if there’s an emergency….

        1. Per SacBee…

          The 49ers on Friday put Taylor on injured reserve, costing him at least the next eight weeks. The initial hope is Taylor could return at some point later this season. He’ll be first eligible to resume practicing before the Oct. 31 game against the Arizona Cardinals and could be re-added to the 53-man roster two weeks later for the Week 11 game, also against the Cardinals.

    2. I’m pretty gutted about this. I really like Trent, but it’s getting hard to justify his place on the team when he can’t seem to get on the field. I hope he can come back this season and show what he can offer.

    1. Yep. I watched yesterday’s game and he didn’t even have 1 sack.

      He was much better than Mariota…..but same can be said for most other QBs.

      1. Kinda…

        sebnynah says:
        January 26, 2019 at 1:24 pm

        I wanted to like Gardner Minshew, but he did not impress. However, the Niners should pass on an early WR, and select Keelan Doss later on. Maybe it is a diabolical plot to have him struggle, so they can get him as an UDFA. ;p

        Then Sebbie had him as a UDFA…

        UDFA signings-
        Bryce Love RB. Good risk even with his ACL.
        Zach Sinor P.
        Bobby Okereke OLB.
        John Baron K.
        Javon Patterson OG.
        Isaiah Johnson CB.
        Jordan Scarlett RB.
        Gardner Minshew QB.
        Isaac Nauta TE.
        Tyree St Louis OT.
        Donald Parham TE.

      2. Thank you Razor. I was going to bring it up, but it just would stir up the usual suspects.
        Sure did help when Minshew’s defense had 6 sacks and 9 QB hits.

  26. Did Nick Bosa really have a blank stat line from the Bengals game?

    Not including pressures as that is a judgement stat and not official.

    1. Another fun (somewhat related) stat. The 9ers are tied with the Ravens for having the fewest punts this season. The offense has to be doing something right for that to happen.

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