49ers trade for QB Jimmy Garoppolo

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers just traded their 2018 second-round pick to the Patriots for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Stay tuned for my news story, which I will post shortly.

Do you like this trade? Why or why not? What are the pros and cons?

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  1. I am as light as a feather, I am as happy as an angel, I am as merry as a schoolboy. I am as giddy as a drunken man. A merry Draftmas to everybody!

  2. Love the trade! We got our QB of the future for a 2nd round pick and we still have another 2nd rounder. Garoppolo has accuracy, a quick release, good mechanics, and is tough in the pocket.

  3. The 49ers gave up a 2nd round pick for 8 games and the opportunity to franchise tag him in 2018. This answers the short term problem of QB in SF and now the team can focus on building the line.

  4. It depends. It’s going to take him weeks to get the system down. We’ll be lucky if he’s got it enough down that our last four games could be a real test. So, really, it’s the future.

    If it’s a trade-and-sign and the parameters have been worked out, then yes. If we have to franchise him or let him go, then it’s terrible.

        1. I wouldn’t say it is dumb Moses. When you’re 0-8 you pretty much have to take some risks to right the ship. Worst case is they franchise him. Let’s hope he’s enamored about working with the game’s best offensive mind. Better yet, let’s hope they already have parameters in place for a long-term deal.

          1. I said dumber things have happened. ie, trading stupidly for a rental you have no chance of signing. Whether it’s dumb or not will depend on what happens down the road with the contract as well as his performance..

  5. This is essentially a first round pick. Big risk, but then again if you don’t take risks at 0-8 what are you doing anyway?
    After years of winning and losing at life I kind of came up with a quote to live by- There is no better (or worse) feeling in life than having nothing to lose. I think it applies to sports as well.

  6. I’m so happy! He was the guy I wanted all along. He’s not proven but pretty close and better than any prospect coming out.
    Even Harbaugh tried to trade up and get him!

    This is gonna allow the 49ers to build around him, in the draft and in free agency. We have multiple picks and tons of cap space. The rebuild is full throttle.

    Overall, it’s good to finally have a legit QB on the roster!

    1. Prime, you can crow, but do not delude yourself. You wanted the Niners to draft Trubisky so much, you bet 200 dollars it would happen.
      We all thought it would take a king’s ransom to get JG. Before, the Pats were talking about getting 4 first round draft picks for him. It is a miracle that it took only a second round pick to get him. I would be astounded if the Niners only gave up their second, 2nd round pick they obtained from the Saints.

      1. No you thought it would take a ransom!
        I knew the Pats had to unload him. Brady looks like he is 25 yearsold.
        You lost son with all your Kap crap.
        Take a knee, admit you were wrong and STFU weasel!

      2. I’m pretty sure the Pats are getting the early 2nd rounder. I only worry about Jimmy G. getting hurt behind this porous OL. I hope that they take a few weeks for him to learn the system. It’s great that we still have 4 picks in the first 3 rounds and 6 picks in the first 4 rounds. With our first round pick, which will probably be among the top 2 picks, we can now trade it for a king’s ransom. We can probably get future high picks. With decent talent surrounding him and having KS nurturing him, Jimmy G. will probably be a good QB at the minimum. Hopefully, he will turn out to be great!

  7. Wonderful trade. Still have a second.
    This also means the Beathard pick was dead wrong: kudos to Grant.

    Seb, say adios to your Kaepersuck dreams!

    1. Naw, I just expect him to sign with another team. Hopefully one with good offensive weapons and a stout D.
      If he leads another team to the playoffs, it will make all his detractors look foolish.
      However, even though I wished the Niners would have signed Kaep, maybe it is best for him to move on. Niners have closed the door with the JG trade.

      1. He didn’t lead the team to the playoffs, the Defense did and he was average at best. Defenses only saw him for the first time that year which helped, that obviously changed the following years. He’d be on a team by now or in Canada or an Arena league if he was good, even with the political sideline grandstanding he brought upon himself.

        1. Ray– Why do you keep repeating the same BS? People like you are either very biased and agenda driven or stupid as rocks. After half time of the Patriot game in 2012 during which Cowboy was injured the 49er defense gave up 29+ points a game the rest of the way and through the playoffs. Does that sound like the defense took the team to the Superbowl. That is a fact which can not be changed by repeating delusions or lies. But then you and your ilk will continue to believe what you want to believe despite that facts contradict your claims. .

          I do not support his views or actions, but what that should not effect my perspective on his actual value on the field. I believe that the hate that was directed towards him by his own teams fans certainly helped drive him into the arms of the radicals who are manipulating him now. After his negative experience with his own fans. why wouldn’t he believe that this country is filled with people motivated by prejudice and bigotry.

          1. .Is this Sebninny?????

            “BS………..you and your ilk……………hate………………OTHERS drove him into the arms of the radicals i.e. his girlfriend…………negative experience with his own fans i.e. he’s a vicitim…………..the people of this country -all 300 million+ are motivated by prejudice and bigotry……………

            Sebninny, you ol reprobate, it IS you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Sebninny….?

        Clearly, you are not a 49er fan. You are a Kaepernick~commonly known as Sack-or-Pick-fan. Soooo delusional, living in an alternate Universe! 49ers “closed the door” long ago!

  8. I assume they have a long term deal in place and ready for him to sign. If so, then a good trade. Giving up a 2nd round pick for a decent starting QB is well worth the trade.

    1. Scooter, how do you see this being different that a traditional Bellachick trade often fleecing the trading team? How will this not turn into Kassel part 2? I sincerely hope he’s better tha. What we could get in the draft next year because we certainly could have taken a nearly any QB we wanted.

      1. I’m surprised that Bellichek traded Jacoby Brissett. He must have some college QBs in mind, otherwise, this was a big risk. I think it was still a major risk. If Brady gets hurt this year, the Pats season goes down the tubes.

  9. Niners can trade their potential overall #1 pick of the draft for multiple 1st and 2nd round picks to add to their collection.

  10. Love it if… a new contract outline is already worked out

    I like Garappolo (Carr and Fales) in the 2014 draft. Would not have cried if 49ers grabbed him at 31. Was wanting the 49ers to trade back into 2nd for him. Getting him with a high 2nd is fine. The only difference is the big contract (I hope) is in place.

    Don’t love it if… no extension is pre-worked out.

    I’m really apprehensive if that’s the case. We can franchise tag him
    1 year – $20m
    2 years – $24m ($44m total)
    3 years – $32 ($76m total)

    But a long contract is preferable.

  11. Excellent.
    Gave up a high Second round draft choice for a potential franchise QB.
    Worst case is to have to franchise him for a couple of years. QB’s want to play for KS so unless the O/line can’t get fixed he will sign a long term contract.
    Playing this year is not important. This year is pretty much a loss anyway.

  12. Great!!!!

    Do not let him see action until a 2018 rebuilt OL is in place. CJB is going to have to take his lumps here on out.

    1. So true, lol….If they now trade down and get a mid 1st and 2nd round OG/OT and a free agent Pro Bowl type, that would help create a solid OL to give Grap time throwing, not on his back all day or IR..Hopefully they get the left guard from Notre Dame Quenton Nelson and another solid guard or tackle now that Staley is out plus he’s about done, not playing well lately and a FA, Fusco ect. Garnett is injured a lot and avg. They need to convert 3rd downs, move the chains, eat the clock and score plus rest the D. Solid OL!!!!

  13. Pro: if he ends up being a top tier QB it was cheap. Even if we have to franchise him for a year and see if he is the real deal

    Con: no Josh Allen.

    Might be Matt Cassel 2.0

  14. I’m hoping all 49ers fan can rally around this move and this guy (Jimmy G) brings all Smith and Kap and in between lovers altogether.

    No more dissension, just all 49er fans rallying around Garrapolo!

  15. Better to sign him now when he can’t reasonably ask for more than 20 mil a year. Do not tag this guy. Don’t be Dan Snyder. Get this deal done ASAP.

  16. I don’t know much about JG to have a legit opinion. But I know Cousins can make plays and run the offense. I hope Jimmy doesn’t turn out like Cassel, or Brisset (too early? :)), or Flynn or Mallet… We have to trust the front office and scouting. Hope this was not a desperate pick. Otherwise we swing for fences and loose a second round pick. We can still sign Cousins or raft a QB. Get some competition in there. I would like to retain Hoyer as a back up.

        1. I’m pretty sure Hoyer would be and upgrade to Bortles to bridge the gap before getting there next qb. We’ll see I guess!

  17. I wonder if there was any conversation with Garoppalo about on extention before the trade was finalized? I think CJB will play the two games heading into the bye, then we will see. Also, I can see the 9er’s trading down from their 1st rounder (top five almost guaranteed )to regain the 2nd rounder at least. Lots of directions, and needs to fill with the draft and free agency but we can check qb off of the list. This team may not be very good, yet, but they sure are interesting!

  18. Approve! The cost of chasing a flawed Cousins and reaching on a Darnold or Allen > a 2nd round pick. Now can draft BPA and find line/weapons. Well done Shanalynch. Carry on friends.

  19. Not a fan. I’ll gladly be wrong about him but I’m very weary of QB’s that Belichick is willing to give up, especially for “only” a 2nd round pick.

    What’s that saying about something being too good to be true. Even Alex Smith cost two second rounders.

    1. LOL, gotta rain on the parade? This is great news, and I look at it as being a bonus to have had BB train him for years previously.

    2. Coffee, I think BB traded him for the most he could get. The salary cap prevented NE from keeping both QBs. The trade deadline was fast approaching and the organization essentially got a 2nd round pick for 6 to 8 games. That second round pick will be 32-36. That is almost a 1st round pick.
      They can also now sign Hoyer as their backup QB as he has experience in the system. So, BB gets a serviceable backup, traded his backup for a high second, and maxed out the value while keeping him from Cleveland and a division rival.

      1. There was a time not too long ago I would have been much more positive about this move. However the seemingly difficult time that the Pats had in moving him and that they had to essentially give him away at the last minute doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence about our new QB. QB’s that the league view as starters tend to get traded in the Spring.

    3. CFC,

      Do you think he is too inexperienced or is there something about his game that you don’t like? IMO, he’s got everything you want in a pocket passer.

      1. I don’t like that it took up until the trade deadline and a deal worth a cold ham sandwich in terms of a starting NFL QB mid season trade for Garapolo to find a new team.

        1. Ian Rapoport‏
          Verified account

          When #Browns made an offer for Jimmy Garoppolo during the draft, they didn’t offer a 1st. Just a 2nd & change. Pats wait & take this deal.

          1. Just confirms that teams didn’t think much of him. Very QB needy league, if someone saw him as a starter they would have thrown a first at them, at the very least, something more then a second and change.

            1. Because it’s the Browns, it might very likely have been an offer based on a computer model with no other considerations. At any rate they established the compensation and we benefitted from it imo. There have been many reasons provided on this blog on why this looks like a very good trade. Nothing is guaranteed. This is an 0-8 team and they need to take some risks. IMO, this is a very good risk to take.

            2. Not necessarily. He has no tape of note in the NFL, that will scare a lot of teams… as they will remember guys like Matt Flynn, Cassell etc. Hell, Alex Smith was a starter and didn’t get a first.
              I’m always sceptical with Bill B. Deals as well… But as Walsh once said I’m “enthusiastic not evangelical.” Or something to that effect.

            1. I think I’m more in line with you CfC. I’m suspicious of the timing, the value and yes, NE!

              We will have to wait and see what he’s like in the field, but Shanahan’s assessment of QBs is suspect already (Hoyer and CJB).

              Still it’s a fairly low risk trade, though I wish they’d grab an OL or/and a DE. But alas, the 49ers rather make headlines even though it may not help the team down the road or right away.

              Where are all those who clamored about this year being an assessment year? Might some of the critics been right? Seems like this move contradicts everything that people have been saying: patience in establishing system, it’s not about wins, trust Shanahan to pick a QB and develop him, etc. etc.

              This smacks of a team who realizes it stinks and may be grasping at straws or potential hope!

              Call me lukewarm. I would have preferred building inside out. I’ve been saying this for a long time now.

              1. East, Jimmy G is the real deal. He was highly regarded his draft year.
                He is 26 years old and been in the NFL 4 years learning from maybe the best ever.
                The timing is what it is, the deadline is Tuesday.
                It’s a great deal for us. Trust.

              2. Prime, I know you pushed for the kid, and I hope you’re right. I’m suspicious of NE playing a fast one on the new regime. I don’t like the track record of Brady backups as well. Finally, i have a growing suspicion of Shanahan’s capacity to assess QBs.

                As an addendum, I would add that York has to be in the background of this move given the current record.

                One more thing, I would prefer OL help. That would do wonders for any QB. As it stands Garappolo may get action sooner than ready and it may blow up in everyone’s faces.

                Hey, but shiny new players sure do look pretty!

    4. I agree with Coffee’s for Closers. This reeks of inexperience on behalf of the Niners. According to reports the two teams only started talking this morning and I don’t think Lynch and Co. thought it through very well.

      First off he cost them their 2nd round pick which will be a top three in the round most likely. For that pick they get a QB who has played all of 6 quarters and will cost them at minimum 24 mill under the franchise tag to keep beyond this year. Add to that they had a chance to possibly acquire Cousins for no draft pick compensation if the Skins chose not to franchise him again for roughly the same kind of money it will take to keep Jimmy G, and I see a major gamble that could blow up spectacularly unless the kid is a franchise QB.

      Really no reason to do this now. Season is already lost, you risk getting him injured behind a terrible Oline and there may have been a chance to get him for less after the season if the Pats were unable to deal him before the deadline.

      I hope it works out, but I have a strong feeling that the Niners just got Belichicked.

    5. CFC

      Belichick had to trade him by tomorrow or get nothing for him. They were never going to pay JG more under the Tag to sit behind Brady than Brady, who will continue starting.

      Niners win huge in this trade, not necessarily over Belichick, but at least over the Niners that, in a parallel universe, don’t make this trade, and either draft another rookie QB at 1 or 2, or pay Cousins $26M per for the next 4-5 years.

      In reality, Niners now have the most coveted QB in the league, a guy who is only 25. They will trade down at least once, recoup far more than the Rd2 pick they just traded, and focus on other positional needs that are more certain than QB, such as WR, OL, or EDGE.

      Also, they’ll still have CJB, who will be there if Garoppolo falters, and will almost certainly draft another, late-round, QB (picked by Shanahan) in 2018. Remember, CJB is playing behind the worst OL in the NFL, so there’s nothing WE the public are seeing to truly evaluate CJB.

      This is the best trade I’ve seen in a loooooong time, good for both clubs, and orchestrated with an eye on building a lasting foundation.

          1. You don’t know much more about Garoppolo than you do a rookie. He’s been in the NFL for 4 years and has played 6 quarters of football. Taking a rookie is no bigger risk than what they’ve done here.

            1. I think you’re glossing over the fact he’s been practicing against a NFL defense for 4 years. He’s also had the benefit of sitting behind a Hall Of Famer, just like Aaron Rodgers did….

          1. If he delivers the goods, it’s gonna be that much shorter. Now we can focus on getting him a McGlinchey or Nelson up front with that first pick. Hopefully trade down to an even needier quarterback team, due to our taking Jimmy G off the market….

            1. He’s totally unproven, and if the report is correct and Hoyer is gone, he is one Good hit away from being behind the atrocious line that is very injured and stinks even when healthy.

              So, suppose he gets hurt too, but late in the year and it keeps him out a substantial amount of time. Do you sign him to a long term contract based on his small sample? Not sure I would. Look what happened last time. See why I think this was done to appease fans and take away from the reality that the current team is junk.

              1. He’s totally unproven is an exaggeration. He has some resume at the NFL level. A college QB is totally unproven at the NFL level. Your concern about injury is something I share. In an earlier post I mentioned possibly “bubble wrapping” him, but that’s unlikely. Instead, let him play some time against the weaker teams, but that might not be realistic either. Either way, a good opportunity presented itself and our team is 0-8. They won’t improve significantly unless they take some risk. Taking any college QB is a higher risk albeit at a lower price. Like most things in life there is a relationship between risk and cost. The less risk the higher the cost.

  20. http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/jimmy-garoppolo-trade-49ers-patriots-nfl-trade-deadline-kyle-shanahan-cj-beathard-kirk-cousins-tom-brady/1aia3xiha30vxz3nxgra2feqj

    “Lynch couldn’t afford to wait to see if the Patriots would have no other takers for Garoppolo, or to assume the 49ers could sign him were he to become an unrestricted free agent. Lynch was sitting on two second-round picks next year and could easily afford to give up one, given how he has stockpiled picks — he still has 18 over two years.”

  21. This helps 2 organizations. Kraft and the Yorks are friends and Kraft has tried to take Jed under his wing. This was a good ol’ boys deal. New England maxed out their value. League compensation for losing JG to FA wouldn’t have been as high as this second round pick. New England got to dictate where JG went. They kept him from a division rival and BB got to thumb his nose at Cleveland once again.
    This deal bails out the 49ers FO and owner. The 49ers get to take attention away from an 0-8 start, they give the fan base hope for 2018 and the opportunity to keep selling season tickets in the offseason. How many on here were questioning Shanahan’s HC ability? This is a great distraction. If the organization can’t sign JG to a contract over the next 3 months, they simply will tag him. 20 million is a bargain for an NFL QB. The team was ready to pay Kaep 19 million 2 years ago.
    This deal has Parag and his numbers written all over it. The 49ers can still hedge their bets by drafting a top tier QB early in 2018, let him sit for a year behind JG’s tag. Then, SF can further hedge those bets by tagging him again in 2019 and allowing a team to repay their gamble by matching the tag and signing him away. About the only way SF loses here is if JG goes Aaron Hernandez and runs away with Miller on a drive by spree through a senior community. Very unlikely.

    1. Matt–That 19 million was to kick in multiple years down the road and allowed for the team to negate the contract at will. There is no similarity except for a number on paper.

      1. A franchise tag with a non- exclusive tag is a 1 year contract with (2) 1st round draft picks as compensation. That is a better deal than the team friendly deal Kaepernick was signed to.
        Getting (2) 1st round picks would spread out that 1 year franchise tag number over 4 years with a 5th year option. The 4 year minimum base in 2017 was 465,000; 540,000; 615,000; and 690,000. The team is locking in those two picks for 4 years with an exclusive 5th year option.
        When you look at the teams looking to sign JG, you look at Cleveland (0-8), NY Giants (1-6) LAC (3-5), Washington (3-4) , NY Jets (3-5), Arizona (3-4), Jacksonville (4-3), and N0 (5-2). 6 teams here round out the top 7 picks in the draft.
        So, you leverage the equity of the franchise tag with a top 6 pick in the draft and a second 1st round the following year which with any of these teams could be another top 8 pick.
        22 million for (2) 1st round picks, both of which come with a 5th year option, a salary capped rookie contract, and you see Paraag Marathe’s math evaluation and the genius of this signing with only 8 games. JG doesn’t have to succeed. The equity is substantial here.

  22. It is reported that Kyle ranked Carr and then JG as the top QB’s in the draft when they came out. There is nothing in his play in the NFL which indicates he isn’t a good QB.
    It was also reported that the Pat’s have been trying to sign him since March, so they are not dumping him.
    He is more of a sure thing that any rookie.

    1. I remember a Shanahan interview a while back where he said he liked Garappolo in the draft. This quarterback has been on Kyle’s radar for a long time. If the 49ers and Garappolo’s agent have the framework for a deal in place, I’m ecstatic.

      1. Garappolo would have been on KS’s radar as much for where he went to school as what he thought of him as a player.

  23. Well, I just spent 45 minutes breaking down this trade, posted my breakdown, went to make an edit and boom, my entire post disappeared.

    What a waste of time! I’ll find another blog.

    Go Niners! Peace out!

  24. Great trade. Monumental QB draft class is not materializing and they will not have to break the bank to sign an older Kirk Cousins. Giving up only a 2nd round pick for their potential QB of the future is pretty damn reasonable. Can’t wait to see what he can do.

  25. I would have rather that they drafted a QB, but this move sure beats shelling out the money it would have taken to get Cousins.

  26. Adam Schefter said the Pats initiated the trade talks…largely because they didn’t feel they could pay JG what he was sure to ask for. Much better to get something tangible rather than nothing. It sure seems like a good trade for both teams…you know Belichick can parlay an early 2nd rd pick for a boatload of players. The Niners get a QB now instead of waiting ’til next year. There’s nothing not to like about this deal. Some knotheads are already saying JG will fail because of our poor OL. Stop…do they honestly think Lynch won’t upgrade his OL? If so, they’re surely not Niner Faithful and haven’t been paying attention to Lynch’s moves so far. Sure, there are still plenty of holes on the roster, but had he & Shanahan not turned over almost 70% of it, they’d be in far worse shape if they’d have just signed several high ticket FA’s. The next bricks will be focused on the OL…both Kilgore & Fusco will be UFA’s in 2018 and I highly doubt either will be retained. There are some excellent interior OL UFA’s available next March…and I’d also expect Lynch to draft a couple blue-chippers, as well. No reason our OL shouldn’t be much better in 2018. The other offensive priority has to be WR….there are some FA’s that’ll be worthy of signing and also some good-sized receivers in the draft. Now they have a QB to surround with playmakers and a stout OL…brick by brick.

  27. Call me a pessimist, but I’m afraid this will result in us passing on next year’s Deshaun Watson with our first round pick and then meanwhile, Jimmy never becomes the savior we all hoped (remember Matt Flynn and how he played as a backup?), and then we draft someone overrated who never ends up on the stat line like Solomon Thomas with our overall first rounder instead of a QB. It just seems like we don’t have good luck with this kind of thing. As of now, I’m not excited.

  28. On the surface it looks like a good move. My only pause is why would the Pats trade their Backup QB given the fact that Brady is not getting any younger.

    Either Garappolo has not proven that he is the hier apparent to Brady in practices and Bilechik will no longer let JG take up space on the roster.

    The other concern I have is that every backup QB to Brady has looked good when given an opportunity to play, but have not fared well on their own on a different team.
    I just don’t have enough of a sample size on Garappolo to make this a slam-dunk deal.

  29. Any upgrade at QB is great because we have nothing there , but the same problem still exists , this Oline is atrocious! And now you don’t have Staley . You put Garoppolo behind this you get him killed, or at the minimum scarred

  30. NY,
    I agree, Jimmy G is going from the penthouse to the lions den. It will be interesting to see if the 49ers are going to sign him long term.
    If they don’t, I believe he becomes a FA and could potentially go back to NE and we lose him as well as our 2nd rd pick.

    But at this point, I don’t see any other alternative but to sign him long term and hope for the best.
    You are correct in saying that we are in desperate need of shoring up the O-line.
    FA can’t come soon enough alone with trading and drafting for O-lineman. Except for Joe Staley there is no one on the current O-line that I would keep. If Garnnett can get healthy for next year he too would be a keeper.

    1. Never thought id say this, but I think Staley is done. Time to move on from Staley. Let him go to a contender and play for a title.

  31. Pros….
    They get a guy who is already up to speed with the nfl

    They get a guy who sat behind the second best qb to ever play, and third best coach to ever coach.

    They get a guy who fits KS style for his offense. Quick release and smart and accurate.

    They have the chance to skip on a number 1 pick for a qb for a guy who is basically the same but with experience.
    It gives them a building block to start building around for not just the offense but the franchise.

    They can franchise him for one year if he hasn’t shown enough in th last 6 games.

    If he doesn’t work out they still have a shot at Cousins

    He fits the system KS runs.

    His leadership should be good since he’s coming from a model franchise and is surrounded by young players.

    They can now focus on the O-line and secondary in the draft and FA.

    the unknown if he’s a Hoax from a system he sat in, or a bust who can’t adapt.

    An early 2nd rd pick would be a pretty big loss if he doesn’t work out.

    That’s pretty much all I can think of as far as cons for a team that desperately needs a move like this early in their rebuilding stages.

    Overall I love the trade.

    1. Nobody has been injured yet. And he’s more mobile than Hoyer was. And rumor is he won’t start right away so The RT and LT should be back by then. At least I hope they will

  32. Here’s a thought I haven’t read yet.
    I see some are not trusting NE and why they would trade for someone who they think is good and heir future.
    And are thinking sf got suckered.
    Here’s the other side of the coin.
    What if sf got the better end this time. NE did run out of time to get something for him, they can’t afford to resign him next season. Not everyone is going to take a pay cut to play there. They’ve released other good players who wouldn’t take a cut and they played very well after leaving. So why didn’t sf win this one?
    They didn’t bite earlier in the year when NE wanted way to much for him. If JL and KS were desperate or didn’t know what they were doing wouldn’t they have jumped on it then?
    I’d think they would have known they had a shot by the trade deadline. If it’s true Shanahan wanted him, then he showed patience and got him when the price went way down.
    Idk the doom and gloom is scary on here. The perfect opportunity came and they took it. NE isn’t perfect, and they can’t afford everyone. This one slipped through their fingers and it wasn’t on purpose. Their hands are literally tied. So chalk that up as a 49er win also.

    1. Belichick said he couldn’t find any feasible way to make that happen, however, and wanted to make a trade before Tuesday afternoon’s deadline because it was their last chance to do so.

      “We probably had in my mind, in my opinion, the best quarterback situation in the league for the last 2.5 years,” Belichick said. “It is just not sustainable given the way that things are set up. Definitely not something we wanted to walk away from and I felt we rode it out as long as we could. We’ve, over a period of time, explored every option possible to sustain it but, at this point, it felt like we had to make a decision. It’s a very complex situation on multiple levels. This is really the last window that we had and we did what we felt was best for the team.”

    2. And it’s not just about the cost of keeping both Brady and JG. If JG is a competitive guy he doesn’t just want to ride the bench even if he is making $20 million a year. My guess is that was a bigger sticking point than the money.

      1. Hard to divvy up salary cap on just two players–Brady/Garropolo.

        Belichick was checkmated by the 49ers by his greed with the Browns last year, asking for a pair of # ones.

  33. Belichick: 49ers get good quarterback, Garoppolo gets good coach

    Belichick said “I couldn’t ask for him to give us any more than he’s given us. The 49ers are getting a good player, and they’re getting a good person, and they’re getting a great teammate, and they’re getting a good quarterback.
    “Jimmy is getting a good coach. His career is moving forward. He’s a talented individual – was a great person to coach.”

    TomD’s Take: The fear of Belichick screwing us has taken over what s/b a celebratory day in San Francisco, California, and Salt Lake City, where I’m typing from.

    Remember, Shanahan, noted QB guru, was going to draft him before Belichick, so rest assured, Garoppolo’s not a bust—-he’s the real deal with an accurate, lightning-quick release.

    What you should be celebrating is Shanahan got a QB who has been groomed by Belichick in the study of complex NFL defenses and is ready made so only needs to learn the Niners playbook, all at the cost of a high # 2…..Think of all the hard work and years of coaching this saved the 49ers.


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