49ers training camp report, Day 10: Kaepernick misses his first practice

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what stood out to me during the 49ers’ tenth day of training camp, which lasted less than one hour. I’m starting with the “not so good” today because it contains breaking news.


1. Colin Kaepernick. Did not participate. Forty-Niners’ P.R. director Bob Lange said Chip Kelly said Kaepernick took a “planned rest day,” which may or may not be true. No one notified the media of this plan before practice. When did the team make the plan? And is Blaine Gabbert scheduled for a planned rest day as well?

Kaepernick appeared to injure his throwing shoulder late during Tuesday’s practice and did not throw well during Wednesday’s practice at Kezar Stadium. Missed a few receivers by more than five yards. Threw one pass to Garrett Celek which sailed out of bounds. Completed only 52 percent of his throws. We’ll see if he practices tomorrow.


1. WR Bruce Ellington. Caught a team-high three passes, all of which came on third down. He and Shaun Draughn are Blaine Gabbert’s go-to third-down receivers.

2. RB Mike Davis. Beat inside linebacker Gerald Hodges with a wheel route down the left sideline to convert a third-and-6. Davis has terrific hands.

3. TE Blake Bell. Beat outside linebacker Eli Harold with a stick route for a touchdown on third-and-goal from the 6-yard line. Bell is beginning to seem like Gabbert’s favorite target in the red zone.

4. DE Arik Armstead. Returned to practice after missing the past two days with an injured shoulder.

5. CB Kenneth Acker. Played with the third-stringers and broke up a Jeff-Driskel pass intended for Devon Cajuste on third-and-4.

6. S Jaquiski Tartt. Dove to intercept a Blaine-Gabbert deep pass which Eric Reid leaped and deflected with his fingertips.

7. QB Jeff Driskel. Completed just 4-of-9 passes, but finished strong and made back-to-back perfect throws. The first was a touchdown pass to Dres Anderson on third-and-goal from the 8-yard line. Anderson ran to the back left corner of the end zone and caught the ball over a cornerback as he fell to the ground dragging both feet in bounds. Driskel’s second perfect throw was identical to the first, but this one landed in the outstretched arms of Bryce Treggs. Lots of “ooos” and “ahhs” from the players after the second touchdown pass.

8. QB Blaine Gabbert. Forced his first pass into double coverage and got picked, then completed 8 of his final 9 throws. Gabbert’s best throw was a long completion to his second read, Torrey Smith, who was covered tightly by Eric Reid. The first read was on the opposite side of the field.

Here are my practice notes:




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    1. It was a short practice today since they’re going to be scrimmaging against the Texans tomorrow and then playing on Sunday.

  1. “Bell is beginning to seem like Gabbert’s favorite target in the red zone.”

    “Both passes McDonald caught were thrown by Blaine Gabbert. Those two have chemistry.”

    Not kidding on the Alex Smith 2.0. Does Gabbert ever throw to a wide receiver?

    1. He threw a nice deep pass to Torrey Smith today, but seems most comfortable throwing to running backs, tight ends and slot receivers.

      1. Well, slot receivers count but my guess would be that the distribution is probably heavier on the RB/TE side versus how many go to the slot receivers. Maybe I’m wrong?

      2. I love the part about Blaine throwing a TD off a second read and that the first read was on the other side of the field. What goes unstated in your text, but not in your tone: Kaerpernick could never make it through his progressions to the second option, let alone to the opposite of the field. Nice!

    2. People were saying Gabbert’s super-short throws were by design. Scheme related only. Perhaps. What I saw was a QB consistently throwing way short of the sticks, to targets that were bracketed by defenders ready to make the drive ending tackle.

      Buts its training camp. I promised myself to under react to TC reports and preseason performances.

    3. It’s probably a good idea for Chip to call a lot of 1st down passing plays. That’s the only way dink and dunk is going to work.

    4. I am not surprised about emphasis on less passes to WRs, seeing a number of possible reasons for it. Furthermore, I think it may very well foreshadow the season to come.

      1. Gabbert’s strengths (check down) and weaknesses (accuracy in deep ball)
      2. strong core of well rounded RBs demonstrating strong receiver skills
      3. A lack of faith in Wide outs
      4. Kelly is more West Coast than we give him credit for
      5. Camp coverage by DBs plus line push that are forcing underneath to weaker LB coverage. So Gab finds RB,TEs, slot WRs open as he checks down and avoids sack.
      6. Opening up red zone to more options to address that eternal need
      7. Walsh whispers carried in the winds off the bay

  2. Thx for all the info. Grant.

    Jim Oneil was reportedly giving Ronald Blair reps at nose tackle. I’m intrigued about Hodges as run stopper also. Can’t wait to see the run defense, and the Texans love the run so it’s a real test!!!…Are you ready for some football!!!

    1. Also,

      Brock Osweiler never carried the Broncos so I see Lamar Miller getting significant carries this season.

  3. Barrows is saying that Driskell to Dres throw was out of bounds….I’m disappointed in you Grant, you usually don’t miss these things ;)

    1. I thought it was out of bounds as well (hard to see, happened on the other side of the field), but the officials ruled him in bounds. Barrows missed it!

      1. Kap fans are nervous Grant. Expect an over-analyzation and micromanagement of your notes as the preseason winds down because it’s hard to wear a second string Kap jersey into the regular season taverns.

  4. I assume they are flying to Houston this evening? Practice with the Texans tomorrow and get our first peak at what is to come on Sunday. This has been one long off season.

    1. colen needs to be given an honest chance to run chip”s offence he showed he can get it done a few years ago and he has been hurt, not counting the fact he had a former defensive coach calling the plays . HE has proved himself and I think he will be successful running the team’s offense if given the chance plus the team has to much invested in him not to please chip I know what I see if you give him a pat on the butt and let him know you have confidence you see a big turn around .just ask Jim Harbaugh how he handled him and turn em loose with an honest chance. A true red and gold niner faithful thru thick and thin lets make it happen guys Fan for 40 + years Bob Stratton

  5. Can a leopard(jaguar) change it’s spots?

    Is it time to throw Kap in bubble wrap so they aren’t locked into his (guaranteed for injury) salary next season?

    1. Grimey, I don’t know if Kaepernick is injured, but I do know he hasn’t thrown a football in quite some time. Is it possible he’s just experiencing some arm fatigue?

      1. Totally possible. Also a possible factor: he spent the last couple of months rebuilding the strength and mass in his upper body. Could be contributing to the tightness in there.

      2. Could be are fatigue as Razor said. He didn’t throw all offseason so all the throws in TC may have caught up with him.

        Suffice to say, if he misses any time this competition will be over quickly.

          1. The one thing he shouldn’t do is try to do too much. That will only make things worse (if there is an injury). If it’s fatigue a few days rest should clear things up, but Grants report and the body language seems to suggest more, don’t you think?

    2. I wouldn’t read too much into Kaep not passing today. As Grant had pointed out, he appeared to be having some issues the past few days. It likely is some kind of fatigue or slight muscle strain, as indicated by razor above. Unlikely to be anything serious.

      1. EastCoast0

        If he’s hurt, put him in the hospital…PUP,…or IR…he’s been living on sympathy and empathy for three years, and taking up a roster spot…let’s raid someone;s PS for a 3rd QB and get on with the program

        1. O. Could be a minor injury. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water! He may just need a few days recovery. I’m as frustrated with CKs implosion as anyone and to be honest I never fully jumped his bandwagon. He had tremendous potential and was dynamic (I think Rocket explained well how he led the team in the GB win and Seb has explored the Atlanta game and the SB comeback), nevertheless in both those games he made serious mental errors and continued to flirt with disaster throughout. I also don’t think he carried the team to the SB as the defense was a top 2-3 d and the offense was only ranked 11th among the lowest or lowest of all the 49 SB teams.

          Even so, he may make a turnaround, stranger things have happened, I don’t think it will, given his mental make up, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

          1. EC9er

            I respect your perspective… but honesty demands that something has to change. Nothing HAS changed. Perhaps this week with Houston will make some adjustments. As I have stated before, I don’t hate or even dislike Kaep…it’s just that he is hindering the progress of the team. Even his most ardent supporters know. With no hope for a trade, stick a fork in him…HE’S DONE….!

        2. O.

          We will find out soon enough! Another PS qb isn’t likely to light the world on fire. Let’s see what we have with this squad first. Patience and let the coaches evaluate.

  6. Does Gabbert look like a starting QB to you? Or does he look more like the stop gab. I know it’s still early, but just curious what your thoughts are

      1. He might be but what is more telling is we have #7 who might not beat him out and we are paying him $11 million a year to hold a clip board!
        Storm my rear arse!

        1. There is very little doubt that Gabbert is a stop gap. The problem is that Kaep looks like he might not even be that. There is a very good chance we pick in the top five of the draft next year. Which would not be a bad thing.

        2. Prime,
          First of all. All I was doing was having fun with words.

          Secondly. “Storm my rear arse!” ??
          Seriously dude, phrasing.

          Of course, now you got me wondering about your front arse.

    1. Stop Gap would be my bet! Though nice to see such a short not so good list. Who knows maybe the the team can stink not so bad this year…apple core vs. 5 day old fish.

  7. I have faith in Chip. We will win 8 or 9 games this year.

    I think Gabbert is a bett QB than we think. Lets see how Chip transform him.

    1. I like your style Larry. Don’t let the Debbie Downers influence you. It’s going to be a fun season.

      1. Compared to last year, this year’s team has obvious improvements in

        RB health (*fingers crossed*)
        Coaching staff
        Shock to the system over retirements, suspensions, and other personnel turnover

        Yeah, I know strength of schedule and all that, but I can’t see them *not* improving on 5 wins

        1. The only thing Ribico that hurts the Niners right now is that schedule. Its daunting. I agree with you in all those areas of improvement but the schedule looks impossible if everyone they play is as good as they are being hyped to be.

          Here is how I see it:8-8 and being a little generous!





          1. Prime: a rebuilding year, new coaching staff, unsettled QB position – I’d take 8 wins in a heartbeat. That would be a great springboard to a playoff season in 2017. This is young team, if they can hold it together, continue to develop that young talent, add a couple more missing pieces, our time in the wilderness might not be all that long.

            1. I said I was being generous but yes, 8 wins all things considering the last 2 years would be a blessing.
              My hope is Gabbert is the bridge QB for the next 2 years before Driskel develops or we draft the next one.

              Our defense looks formidable. It might have to carry the load for 8 wins to occur but our record could easily be 3-13 or 4-12 if the Jets, Bucs, and Bills and Falcons are any good.
              Chip is going to have call games to perfection and we will need some very good luck and bounces early in the year to keep this young team focused.

          2. Prime,

            The Rams beat the Seahawks twice last season. The newest 49er version is scuttling for bargain basement receivers Baalke’s stocked them with.

            The Rams won’t have a problem with the 49ers

            1. Sorry I can never admit to losing to the Rams. Its the Rams, like it is the Saints and Falcons, old school NFC West. Goff is a good QB but he is not ready to beat the 49ers twice with that supporting cast.

              1. Also,

                Case Keenum has been given the starter position after impressing, and working well with the offense.

          3. Here is how I see things, right now:

            Week 1 Mon. 9/12 vs. Los Angeles Rams – W
            Week 2 Sun. 9/18 @ Carolina Panthers – L
            Week 3 Sun. 9/25 @ Seattle Seahawks – L
            Week 4 Sun. 10/2 vs. Dallas Cowboys – W
            Week 5 Thu. 10/6 vs. Arizona Cardinals – W
            Week 6 Sun. 10/16 @ Buffalo Bills – L
            Week 7 Sun. 10/23 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – W
            Week 8 Bye Week
            Week 9 Sun. 11/6 vs. New Orleans Saints – W
            Week 10 Sun. 11/13 @ Arizona Cardinals – L
            Week 11 Sun. 11/20 vs. New England Patriots – L
            Week 12 Sun. 11/27 @ Miami Dolphins – W
            Week 13 Sun. 12/4 @ Chicago Bears – L
            Week 14 Sun. 12/11 vs. New York Jets – W
            Week 15 Sun. 12/18 @ Atlanta Falcons – W
            Week 16 Sat. 12/24 @ Los Angeles Rams – W
            Week 17 Sun. 1/1 vs. Seattle Seahawks – W


              1. Yeah, I was lazy so I copied and pasted ex’s post for the schedule and forgot to delete it.

        2. Week 1 Mon. 9/12 vs. Los Angeles Rams – W
          Week 2 Sun. 9/18 @ Carolina Panthers – L
          Week 3 Sun. 9/25 @ Seattle Seahawks – L
          Week 4 Sun. 10/2 vs. Dallas Cowboys – L
          Week 5 Thu. 10/6 vs. Arizona Cardinals – L
          Week 6 Sun. 10/16 @ Buffalo Bills – L
          Week 7 Sun. 10/23 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – W
          Week 8 Bye Week
          Week 9 Sun. 11/6 vs. New Orleans Saints – W
          Week 10 Sun. 11/13 @ Arizona Cardinals – L
          Week 11 Sun. 11/20 vs. New England Patriots – L
          Week 12 Sun. 11/27 @ Miami Dolphins – L
          Week 13 Sun. 12/4 @ Chicago Bears – L
          Week 14 Sun. 12/11 vs. New York Jets – L
          Week 15 Sun. 12/18 @ Atlanta Falcons – L
          Week 16 Sat. 12/24 @ Los Angeles Rams – L
          Week 17 Sun. 1/1 vs. Seattle Seahawks – L

          3 – 13 and a shot at winning the bye week.

            1. Yes it will be. The Bucs offense was really starting to come on last year and should be even better in year two.

          1. You have to think between the Dolphins, Bears,Falcons, Jets and Rams stretch they can muster 1 win?
            No way they can be worse under Kelly than that debacle with Jimmy Tomfoolery!

              1. I was hedging on the Dolphin game Grimey, but the fact it’s in Miami and I think Gase is going to have them playing well by the second half of the season, leads me to giving the Niners the L.

                The Jets are a much better team imo, especially on defense. If they stay healthy they’ll be competing for the wildcard in the AFC.

            1. It’s possible Prime, but looking at this team in each individual game I can’t give them anymore. I’m not going to try and predict injuries or motivation for each opponent, just roster vs. roster. The teams you mentioned aren’t great, but all were better than the Niners last season, and the ones they might have a pretty good chance of beating like the Falcons, Bears and Dolphins, all take place on the road. In a close matchup the home team has the advantage.

              I also see a possibility that they resort to playing Driskell in the last few games which likely won’t amount to wins.

              1. Winning fewer games also doesn’t mean they will be worse than last year under Tomsula. They weren’t a 5 win team in quality last year. More like a 2-3 win team at best. They will be better than that team this year; they just happen to have a beast of a schedule to overcome.

              2. I agree with all of that Rocket. They might not win more games than last year but Id expect a better effort and organization than what we witnessed in last years games.
                Just looking like a team growing and playing hard and having designed schemes that are NFL caliber are good for me. Ive always said its a 3 year rebuild.

            2. Prime Time

              “No way they can be worse under Kelly than that debacle with Jimmy Tomfoolery!”

              I agree, Prime. I have to factor in the Jed and Baalke factor–Kelly’s dynsfunctional bosses every one in the NFL uses for leverage at head coach interview time. Walter Football just completed a hilarious profile of them in their 2016 team preview. It’s like the joke around the NFL everyone gets but Niner fans.
              Prime, you did not factor in the inexperienced DC, Jim Oneil–a Baalke and Jed hire forced on Kelly, just like Tomsula was forced on GAse.
              He was not Kelly’s 1st choice.

              Around Cleveland Onel was notorious for asking linemen and linebackers to calculate sophisticated reads before moving to the ball–a disaster. Then his complex schemes–a la–Mangenius before big ben Rothlisberger capitalized on a busted coverage on the 1st game of the season for a 72 yard TD and lit the D up for nearly 500 yards…This guy is a novice in over his head.

              1. All I can say Prime is watch the run D carefully during the Texans game to get a read on Oneil.

          2. I’d swap week 6 and 7. I think they have a better chance of beating the Bears and the Jets versus beating the Saints. I’m thinking 4-12.

            1. Possible CFC, but the Bears should have won last year, and year two under Fox and Fangio, I think they are better and they get to play the game at home again. I gave my thoughts on the Jets game above. The Saints are on the down swing, and playing at home on the grass gives the Niners an edge against them.

              1. “Should have won.” Not sure how that works. Is there a column for should have won? Do they get points for coming close? Did they win the game and then have the win negated by the league?

                You either win or lose and they lost.

              2. We should have won the Superbowl but Harbaugh called a time out. Did we get “should have won” Lombardi Trophy?

              3. CFC,

                Don’t pull the willful ignorance stuff like Hammer. If a team misses a chip shot field goal that would have won the game then it’s not a great win for the Niners. Sure it’s a win in the W/L column, but it’s not reflective of the quality of the team. They were one of the worst teams in the league. This year they will likely be better and lose more games.

              4. Coffee,

                You missed the memo again. The NFL is going to a points system like the NHL. 2 points for a win. 1 point for a should have won and 0 points for a loss.

              5. Rocket,

                The 49ers “should’ve won” the game against the NYG’s for sure and very possibly the game against the Cardinals, at home.

                As for Jack’s “willful ignorance” in regards to how the 49ers “should’ve” lost two more games last year, you refer to missed FG’s. OK, but other “easy” plays or skills aren’t executed all of the time, at critical moments that cost teams games.

                Why are you only looking at missed chip shot FG’s? What about easy catches or interceptions that get dropped? What about inexplicably missed tackles or bad fumbles?

                The point is, missed chip shot FG’s aren’t the only type of “routine” plays that aren’t always executed correctly. It seems you’re ignoring this fact.

              6. Ex, I usually leave you alone, but wish to respectfully interject about the Giants game.

                The Niners should have won that game, and I blame the coaching. The coaches should have told Kaep to keep the ball, and fall forward, but do not cross the goal line. That would have forced NY to burn their time outs. The Giants allowed the Niners to score because they wanted the ball back with as much time left as possible.

                If the Niners had employed the strategy I outlined, it would have forced them to burn at least 2 time outs. Those time outs allowed the Giants to stop the clock, and march down the field to defeat the Niners.

              7. Don’t break your ankles when you jump off that high horse you’ve been riding lately.

                The game wasn’t over when they missed that kick. If they should have won then they shoudn’t have let Gabbert throw that easy wide open TD in overtime. They also shouldn’t have let Gabbert tie the game on a 44 yard scramble at the end of regulation.

                The team that you think ‘should’ have won totally gave that game away at the end. That doesn’t sound like a team that knows how to finish the game and definitely doesn’t sound like a team that ‘should’ win anything.

              8. After this evenings poor performance, you could make a Gase that the Bears offense misses him….

              9. Seb,

                I was saying if you want to play “shoulda, woulda, coulda”, then the NYG game was one the 49ers should’ve won. We’re in agreement. They blew that game.

              10. Ex, I agree. I was just describing how they should have done it.

                I am just going to look forward now, and try to forget last season even existed. With Chip at the helm, maybe we can weather the storm.

              11. CFC,

                “climbing down off my high horse”…

                I’m basing the prediction this year on who I thought the better team was. That simple. The Niners won. No argument, it goes in the win column. The point is that doesn’t mean they were the better team on that day. That is what I’m saying.

                walking away bowlegged after rough ride on high horse…

            1. I’m not surprised you feel that way Jack. This is a realistic prediction, unlike the ridiculous ones you make every year. I like this prediction even more now.

              1. It’s ok. Your prediction matches the tone of your comments and wasn’t surprising in the least.

              2. Rocket, in the NFL you take wins any way you can. Deserving or not, ugly or even under handed like the Seahawks did on MNF against the Pack, regardless of quality, a win is a win is a win. The point is there is never going to be style points in football!

              3. Homer? Seriously resorting to name calling now? Grow up.

                Your tone is realistic to you. You’ve been negative all along and that’s your choice. Your prediction matches that tone.

              4. Rocket, your tone and prediction is realistic for anyone that firmly believes the 49ers will suck this year. Who knows at this point how things will play out though.

                If you are honest with yourself, you aren’t really being objective either. You are highly pessimistic of everything the 49ers do atm. No matter what. Kelly is a terrible hire. O’Neil is going to be a terrible DC. Etc, etc. With the wonderful caveat of if they prove you wrong you will be happy. A nice sentiment, but you have already judged them.

                I recall when you used to defend Kaep against those that had pre-judged him.

                I can understand being pessimistic. I don’t have high hopes for the year either. But I find it hard to understand the desire to be so down on everything without even seeing what we have first.

              5. An awfully hypocritical comment from Hammer considering how many people he’s called homer or fanboy over the years.

              6. Yes Grime, I’m quite guilty of that myself at times. There’s a few that I usually stay away from that stuff with though because there’s more respect for their opinions.

                Maybe I’m a blog snob. ; )

              7. Jack there was no malice intended with the homer remark. I was chiding you for predicting high win totals every year when logic says differently. It was not meant as an ad hominem and my apologies if it came off that way.

                Scooter I wasn’t a big fan of the Kelly hire, but I’ve come around to the fact he is a big upgrade over Tomsula and I am cautiously optimistic about what he can do with the offense. He has question marks, but I’m looking forward to seeing what he brings to the table. O’Neill I don’t like. I think he was a poor hire and one made because there weren’t many options.

                I also don’t have a desire to be down. My opinions are based on what I see good or bad. The team is what it is and I don’t sugar coat it. I understand that is a problem for some on here and they aren’t a fan of my takes, but I’m not a rose colored glasses fan. That doesn’t mean I want them to fail; it means I can’t pretend they won’t.


                I understand a win is a win. It’s the context I disagreed with. My prediction that Chicago will win the matchup this year is based on the fact I thought they were the better team last year. They outplayed the Niners for most of the game and had two opportunities to win on easy kicks. Yes the Niners wound up winning, but imo at least, they were not the better team which is why I’m picking the Bears to win that game this year.

              8. Rocket,

                Your views might be in the possible range of outcomes, but they are in the negative end of that range.

                On the other hand, you seem to have a lot of confidence in Adam Gase and he might be a very good HC. The truth is, he’s an OC who has been promoted to HC based on his performance (keep in mind, he had PM throwing passes to a very talented group of receivers). OK, he could do well (I was disappointed when he wasn’t made the 49ers HC w/ Fangio staying as DC), but statistically he doesn’t have much more than a 50% chance of being successful as a HC.

                My question to you is, why do you choose the most negative view available when analyzing the 49ers, yet you give an unproven HC the benefit of the doubt?

              9. Fair enough Rocket but what is unique about the NFL and maybe sports in general is that the better team or the team that plays better not always wins.

              10. Rocket,

                For instance, the defense should be better this year, the OL should be a lot better, there is reason to expect more out of Hyde this year, QB should be no worse and probably at least somewhat better this year.

                Couple the above with improved coaching, improved health and added talent, three wins is necessarily in the extreme negative end of the expected range of outcomes for the 49ers.

                I see five or six wins as a reasonable floor for number of wins this year.

              11. Rocket,

                I don’t mean to pick on you, but don’t you think every position group is going to be better or at least the same as last year?

                If Kelly and staff represent a marked improvement over Tomsula and Co., shouldn’t the team be at least somewhat better this year?

                BTW, I don’t anyone would ever confuse you with someone wearing rose colored glasses. Some other color maybe…

              12. ex,

                Your views might be in the possible range of outcomes, but they are in the negative end of that range.

                On the other hand, you seem to have a lot of confidence in Adam Gase and he might be a very good HC. The truth is, he’s an OC who has been promoted to HC based on his performance (keep in mind, he had PM throwing passes to a very talented group of receivers). OK, he could do well (I was disappointed when he wasn’t made the 49ers HC w/ Fangio staying as DC), but statistically he doesn’t have much more than a 50% chance of being successful as a HC.

                I think he’s a bright young offensive mind who could be a good HC. Might fail too, I don’t know, but I think he’ll have Miami playing better in the second half of the season than the first and they get the Niners in an early game at home which is why I picked them to win that game.

                My question to you is, why do you choose the most negative view available when analyzing the 49ers, yet you give an unproven HC the benefit of the doubt?

                My view of the 49ers is directly related to the state of the team right now. When they were good under Harbaugh I was as positive as anybody on here. Now they have declined rapidly and I point out what should be obvious negative points, but many don’t want to hear it. I understand that, but I’m not here for a Niner pep rally. I’m hear to read and voice differing opinions that spark conversations. If the majority of regulars on here don’t want that then I’ll leave, no problem.

                I’m not giving Gase anymore benefit of the doubt than I’m giving Chip Kelly. I’m pointing out that Miami was a better team in the standings last year, they get the game at 10 am local time at home and I think Gase will have them playing better in the second half of the season than the first. That does not mean I think Miami will be a good team. It means I think they will win a game between two bottom 3rd teams at home.

              13. Rocket,

                I don’t mean to pick on you, but don’t you think every position group is going to be better or at least the same as last year?

                Ex, responding to something I said is not picking on me. It’s what this forum is for and I will always try to explain myself. Not always to the satisfaction of the inquisitor, but as best I can.

                I don’t know if all the positions groups are going to be better. I’m optimistic that the Oline is going to be a lot better, in fact that is the position group that excites me the most right now, but the other position groups are question marks. We hope they’ll be better but who knows? Let’s take a quick run through them (warning this could be construed as a negative opinion):

                Dline: added Buckner which is a plus of course, but lost our anchor in the middle in Williams. It’s tough to determine how much that is going to hurt the run defense until we see them play.

                LB’s: added nothing to the ILB position and it looks like a potential problem. We lost our best OLB for the first 4 games and the pass rush was a weakness to begin with. Haven’t added any new talent to the position and are relying on players who haven’t shown much to improve. The wildcard is how they use Buckner in obvious passing situations. He could be a good addition to the pass rush if they move him outside on 3rd down.

                Secondary: added a lot of bodies here and so far the rookies have handled themselves pretty well. Robinson especially looks like he could be a really good player if he continues to work. As for how things will go this season though, it’s Brock, Ward and whoever they put on the outside in Nickel. Could be better than last year but who knows? Safety looks good. We are pretty well set there right now.

                RB’s: It’s all predicated on Hyde remaining healthy. If he plays, the running game has a chance to be outstanding, if he is out for any length of time, we are in the same position we were in last year with average RB’s trying to give the offense enough of a running game to keep defenses honest.

                TE’s: same group as last year that features no great receiving option, but some decent talent that could help keep the chains moving. McDonald is never going to have a better opportunity to break out than in this system. We need our Zack Ertz – whoever that may be – for this offense to really be successful.

                WR’s – lot of bodies and a lot of question marks. One proven player and then hope.

                QB’s – same group as last year and just as underwhelming so far in TC.

                So if we look at the position groups, even if you don’t agree with my opinions on them, we have one group that looks, at least on paper, to be significantly better and that’s the Oline. Every where else remains to be seen. There could be improvement and there could be some growing pains or just poor play. I’m really concerned about the pass rush, ILB and WR the most.

                If Kelly and staff represent a marked improvement over Tomsula and Co., shouldn’t the team be at least somewhat better this year?

                I’ve already said it numerous times and I’ll say it again: they will be better, but being better doesn’t always translate to more wins. I have no doubt this team will be better Coached than last years, but they face a very daunting schedule and play in one of the best divisions in the league. There is a reason their opponents are favored in every game.

                BTW, I don’t anyone would ever confuse you with someone wearing rose colored glasses. Some other color maybe…

                I have 20-20 eyesight ex. No need for glasses of any kind ; )

              14. Rocket,

                Yes, the 49ers play a tough schedule this year. They played a tough schedule last year, too. In fact, I think the schedules are comparable in difficulty.

                Given that and that the 49ers are likely to be improved over last year in in at least several areas (most importantly, coaching), it’s hard to understand how that leads you to a prediction of 3 wins (2 less than last year), and to call this prediction realistic (rather than pessimistic).

              15. Playing 6 games in the NFC West will make the schedule look tough as long as the Hawks and Cards keep winning 10+ games every year.

              16. ex,

                If you want to call it pessimistic go ahead. I went through the schedule, thought through all the factors involved, and that’s what I came up with. You obviously feel differently so tell me the games you disagree with.

              17. Rocket,

                Here is how I see things, right now:

                Week 1 Mon. 9/12 vs. Los Angeles Rams – W
                Week 2 Sun. 9/18 @ Carolina Panthers – L
                Week 3 Sun. 9/25 @ Seattle Seahawks – L
                Week 4 Sun. 10/2 vs. Dallas Cowboys – L
                Week 5 Thu. 10/6 vs. Arizona Cardinals – L
                Week 6 Sun. 10/16 @ Buffalo Bills – L
                Week 7 Sun. 10/23 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – W
                Week 8 Bye Week
                Week 9 Sun. 11/6 vs. New Orleans Saints – W
                Week 10 Sun. 11/13 @ Arizona Cardinals – L
                Week 11 Sun. 11/20 vs. New England Patriots – L
                Week 12 Sun. 11/27 @ Miami Dolphins – W
                Week 13 Sun. 12/4 @ Chicago Bears – W
                Week 14 Sun. 12/11 vs. New York Jets – L
                Week 15 Sun. 12/18 @ Atlanta Falcons – W
                Week 16 Sat. 12/24 @ Los Angeles Rams – W
                Week 17 Sun. 1/1 vs. Seattle Seahawks – L


              18. Rocket,

                I’m not sure if you’ve considered this in your analysis of the 49ers: they were one of the most injured teams last year (and not much better the year before). This is from Football Outsiders.

                On top of that, their injury ranking last year didn’t include missing A Davis.


              19. They weren’t too bad in the injury dept. last season. Hyde and Bethea hurt obviously, but most teams suffer injuries and lose players at times. You can’t predict them and I didn’t try when looking at the schedule this year.

                The one area that should see significant improvement is the Oline and if they play as well as the look on paper, that could make the offense much more competitive.

              20. Rocket,

                Considering your response, I take it that you don’t believe Football Outsiders. The 49ers were the fifth most affected by injuries last year according to Football Outsiders.

                My point in bringing up injuries, is that the 49ers were hit harder than average by injuries last year. Given that the expectation in any given year is an average number of injuries in any given year, this would be another reason why the 49ers should be better this year.

                BTW, to but losing Hyde in the “hurt” category is something of an understatement. IMO, it was a catastrophe.

              21. Grimey,

                I get what you’re saying, but it was a broken bone in his foot. Is that the kind of injury created by bad blocking?

              22. It was a repetitive stress injury. Maybe if Hyde didn’t have to get all of his yards after contact it could have lessened the load, maybe not. I’m not a doctor. Just a smart-ass.

          3. All of my w/l predictions have been worse case scenario so here’s half full version:


            7-9 is the best I think we can hope for. You could swap one of those 4 wins in a row with the loss at the Rams at the end. If the Cowboys lose Romo again then Dallas becomes a winnable game.

      2. Jack Hammer

        I predicted it about 2-3 weeks ago Jack, but I’m seeing a lot of 2-4 win posters stretching it to 8+ already some back-tracking already…? Oh well….

        1. Oregon,

          It’s in the 8-10 range. We’ve got people basing almost everything off last year. They see the schedule as daunting based off what all these teams did last year.

          They blame it on Gabbert being the QB, but forget the fact that Jacksonville won 4 games his rookie season and they were horrible. Go look at that roster compared to this one.

          Last year was a disaster. Tomsula and his staff were a joke. I think there’s a few guys on this board, no not you Seb, that could have matched wits with the guys on that staff.

          This o line is much improved. The d line sounds much improved. The coaching staff is much improved.

          It’s going to be fun watching the team prove all these guys wrong.

          1. You were happy with the Tomsula hire Jack. You predicted a high win total last year just like you have last year. At least try to think things through without homeritis once in awhile. It’s getting hard to take you seriously.

            1. That’s ok. I have admitted already that I was fantastically wrong about the Tomsula hire and didn’t give enough weight to the players that were lost. No biggie.

              1. Tomsula hire. Last year I was at wit’s end, but I figured young Jed must, MUST have some insight on him. Could Tomsula be the slovenly but coyly super perceptive diamond-in-the-rough Detective Columbo of the 9ers org whom everyone underestimates but then solves the case? Uh, no, he was what he seemed, a loyal Lucca Brazzi.
                Players not blossoming also played in after the exodus; Looney, Thomas, Martin, Carradine.

              2. BT,

                “God Father, I pledge you my ever ending loyalty.”

                Tomsula = Lucca Brazzi = $$$$$

              3. Jack

                (I’ll probably go to hell for this )… I don’t see any reason for your admission about Tomsula being bad…He was the only available coach with a .1000 win Pct …he lost half his team’s starters to retirements, trades, had no time to fill a coaching staff, couldn’t get jealous coaches (Fangio) to come on board, and just like Mike Nolan, was a D coach who couldn’t get a quality OC. Tomsula will be back, like Nolan, a DC JT will be someones Dline coach. I was another who saluted his hiring…So What ….it’s all history now…I’m in for the present and the future….

          2. If the play of the OL and DL is indeed much improved, this team could easily surprise quite a few people.

            1. I think we will know what kind of team this is by the 2nd and at the latest 3rd game. The predictions will seem either valid or invalid by then. Much will depend on how the ball moves through the QBs hands.

          3. All true………..but you didn’t mention our schedule. Arguably the toughest in the league………….

            1. Toughest part of the schedule is at the front half so we should know pretty early what kind of team is playing. If the team comes out and wins three in a row we know that we greatly underestimated them (not in my wildest dreams); if they win two, still the same; if they win one, we will know that they may be ok, still need to be seen; and if they win none, we will know they stink real bad.

        1. It’s hella funny when fools come around here spewing insults that they can’t even spell.

  8. After having shoulder surgery I’m sure there is some scar tissue that has be to worked out. Now that he throwing daily, more than he has in a while, they probably knew this would happen.

      1. Well he better figure that out. I like the dude, prefer him to start, but winning is more important.

      2. different shoulder doesnt matter. you cant isolate and train one shoulder without the ohter LOL

          1. I sure hope he doesn’t injure it further trying to impress, due to the immense pressure and scrutiny he is under.

            what if the best thing was for him to not play at all on Sunday? How much more difficult do you think that would make things on him?

            Look at the difference between Armstead’s minor injury compared to Kaep’s. Although to be fair, Armstead has been lighting up camp thus far.

    1. Watch for Kap to bang that shoulder a couple of times, pressing the up/down option on his garage door opener.

  9. Lamar Miller

    Miller turned a couple strong seasons in Miami into a four-year $26 million dollar contract this offseason. He is an interesting case coming into the year since he’ll be in a new place with a new offensive system and a new offensive line.

    Miller demolished the Texans in one of his best games of the year running for 175 yards and a touchdown and adding 61 yards and another score through the air. He didn’t know at the time he was playing against his future team, but O’Brien and the Texans front office were understandable impressed.


  10. Fooch mentions that Acker is getting work at safety. Sounds like they’re just trying to find ways to use him at this point, not a good sign for him. Definitely a bubble player, likely a cut that might have a chance of being brought back in the season.

    1. Maybe they like him and are trying to find a way to keep him on the roster but can’t because they keep drafting DBs. Maybe they should try Acker at WR.

            1. Coffee,

              Pretty bold prediction that Tom Cable is going to be moving from line coach to GM.

              1. Haha, oops.

                From the team that promoted Tomsula to HC it’s not that far fetched!

      1. Acker might be one of those players they go to the used player lot and trade him in on a new Devey….

    2. Only bad for him in so far as it means he is likely out of the competition for a starting role. Getting work at safety though means his chances of making the roster increase. CB/S that was a core STs player last season, and has been getting some KR/PR reps this offseason. If the 49ers don’t have room for him, someone will want a guy with that kind of versatility.

      1. It shows that they have accepted he’s not starting CB material and are hoping that he can make the move to S. It might increase his chances of making the team in the strictest of senses but in reality it’s a move closer to the door.

        1. Sure, in so far as its a sign he’s not really strongly in the mix for a starting role, whereas last season he was (and won the job). So obviously he is closer to the door than he was last year.

          I still think he makes the roster though. A very valuable backup to have. Low cost 3rd year player with almost a full season season of starting experience at CB, some experience training at S, and plenty of STs value. Not bad for a guy that was a 6th round pick.

  11. SHOCKING. I thought kaps arm was fine yesterday.

    Im telling you guys this is just a side effect of taking an entire year off and now putting his arm to the test. IMO he should have SAT yesterday.

    You cant go 9 months off after surgery and straight back into NFL full time with out some TAPERING. If you dont know what tapering means then you have never trained.


      I find this misread intriguing

      1. I wrote that during individual drills. Then he stunk up the joint during team drills. In retrospect, the shoulder clearly had something to do with his poor performance.

        1. Interesting. thank you for clarifying that.

          things had seemed pretty promising until i read that.

          Again, i really hope he doesn’t overdue it trying to impress and make the injury worse or have it linger.

          For any time that he takes off, he will probably have to impress that much more.

  12. Media has the 49ers underdogs every game this season, so I offer advice to Chip in his 1st game:

    1. When the Chips are down, carry a chip on your shoulder.
    2. Use 4th down as a bargaining chip, otherwise teams will think you’re a chip off Tomsula’s block for punting.
    3. Cash in the chips if you succeed on 4th down, if you fall behind, chip away at the lead.
    4. Have plenty of chips and dip available on the side line, a player could careen into the Gatorade table and let the chips fall where they may.
    5. When the chips are down restock!

  13. Cosell: As defenses studied, Kaepernick didn’t advance mentally

    First of all, I think the 49ers with Greg Roman had the most multiple, diverse run game in the National Football League, and I think that really helped Colin Kaepernick.

    stretch of a couple of years where the running quarterback, with the read-option concepts, sort of took the league by storm.

    “And then a lot of defensive coaches in the league, because they’re pretty smart, figured out how to defend that better. So you don’t see it as much now, and I think that hurt Colin Kaepernick


  14. Is Tim Kawakami in trouble with the Yorks Again???!!!

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    Tim Kawakami Retweeted David Cochrane

    I knew the 49ers employed many SJPD officers when I got that call. I knew exactly what was going on.
    Tim Kawakami added,

    David Cochrane Verified account 
    @timkawakami hard to fault you. It’s one thing to get yelled at by people you cover (happened to me many times). But calling cops? wow.

  15. Whoa. A Dres Anderson sighting. I like it. What is up with Rory Anderson. Remember the spectacular catch in the 4th preseason game last year. He played hoops in HS. Maybe he will turn into a mini Antonio Gates.

    I wonder if Kelly and his system is bringing out the best in some of our guys. Jeep and Tomsula sure didn’t.

    I am cautiously optimistic.

  16. Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    I’ve said this many times: The thing that most changed my approach to Jed York was when the team directed the SJPD call my cellphone…


    Tim Kawakami Verified account 

    49ers and SJPD wanted to influence what I wrote about Ray McDonald’s case in 2014. That was a line crossed that will never get uncrossed.

    Robert Pacheco ‏@bobibouche · 2h2 hours ago

    @timkawakami Jed for president with that type of intimidation tactic #faithfulto49ers #repulsedbyYork

    Brad McManus ‏@bradthemanus · 2h2 hours ago

    @timkawakami who needs “journalism” anyway?

  17. Reflecting on yesterday at Kezar, it dawned on me what sums up the 49ers QBs:

    All three are pretty much identical, physically.

    1) Gabbert is a game manager, checkdown specialist whose zenith was 2015; he lacks the gunslinger gene that makes Rodgers so dangerous
    2) Kap is the most dangerous QB weapon to ever play, but his confidence is so fragile, it’s hard to put stock in him over time
    3) Driskel throws the best ball, and appears to want to drive the ball downfield, but there’s no sample size, and we don’t know how he deals with adversity

    This season is already fascinating for the QB battle alone. After yesterday, I’m excited to see what the defense will do with all that size and speed, and what the offense might do with the protection afforded it by what once again looks like an elite OL.

  18. Joe Fann
    Joe Fann Retweeted San Francisco 49ers

    .@BryceTreggs is up to something. He and @DrizzyDrezz_6 had impressive touchdown catches to close practice today.

  19. Vernon Davis in mid season form letting easy TD’s slip through his fingers in the end zone. When will people start realizing this guy has been overrated most of his career.

    1. He completed 10 of his next 15 passes with a 13.3 yard average. Given how many game reps he’s seen the first pass although ugly is understandable and he clearly rebounded with an excellent performance.

      He’s not the next Joe Montana but at least he isn’t Tyler Wilson.

  20. Am I the only one who is concerned about how short Kelly’s practices are? Is Kelly over reacting to criticism from his players last year? The last CBA put in strict guidelines on practice time, many coaches have expressed doubt about being able to prepare a team under the new rules. Has Kelly become to sensitive to disgruntled ex players? I guess we will see, Grant would you like to weigh in on the subject?

    1. I don’t think all of his practices are short. My understanding is they have only had two short practices?

    2. I’m liking that practices are early. Maybe they won’t have quite the same 10am mugging they got past season in Pittsburgh.

      I’m guessing they have later practices after the last preseason game to prepare for the Rams. Then back to early practices.

    3. these practices aren’t any shorter than when he was in Philly. players didn’t complain about practice either.

  21. Fiji wins rugby sevens gold medal. Must have been a hard roster to crack on short notice. Hayne has to be proud (and a little bummed because he didn’t make the team).

    1. They invited him to try out, he accepted. Just did not work out. Hayne had every right to pursue his dreams. Sounds like he has landed on his feet, and is playing again.

      I wish him well.

  22. Well, it looks like the Niners shot themselves in the foot again.

    Buckner lays a hit on Kaep, even thought he has just recovered from 3 surgeries, and It sounds like someone else hit him hard enough to injure his shoulder. Thought I saw Chip talking about how they should never hit their own QBs, but the players apparently did not get the message.

    Looks like the competition is over before it started. Gabbert will probably start, and will probably go 1-4 because they have to play 3 playoff teams in the first 5 games.

    With Kaep out, a 3 or 4 win season may be expected. Sigh, I wanted the planets to align, but it looks like an eclipse.

    Even with the short practices, if a QB gets injured, they may be too long.

    1. I didn’t know CK’s shoulder issue was from contact with Buckner. I thought it might be “camp arm” because he’s coming back from so long with no passing.

      1. From what I heard, they talked to Buckner for several minutes, while ignoring Kaep. Team doctors are in mid season form.

      2. It may not have been from Buckner, because Kaep threw well afterwards, but some one caused Kaep to need a massage during the teaching period.

        I am not at the practices, but Grant did mention Buckner lighting up Kaep. I just assumed that the non surgically repaired shoulder just did not all of a sudden get weak. The more logical explanation is that something caused Kaep to lie on the ground for several minutes.

        1. Yeah, Buckner hit Kaep on day 3 of camp. Over a week ago. Took him a week to feel it.

          The much more likely scenario actually is good old fashioned muscle soreness.

              1. The trainers seemed like they were working on the front of his shoulder where his arm meets his body.

              2. I’m no doctor or physio, but my understanding is massage/ stretching wouldn’t really help a tendon injury. So more likely it is muscular, unless what they were doing was an eval.

        2. you are making some giant leaps. i don’t think anyone ever reported that Kaep was laying on the field for several minutes right after a hit. i believe he was lying on the field getting stretched and massaged. it’s far more likely that his shoulder trouble is bicep or rotator cuff tendinitis than anything related to a hit that i believe happened a couple days before his arm trouble.

          1. I am not at the practices, but I hope you did not infer that I was saying that Kaep lay on the field after getting hit and injured. I should have said that he lay on the field- with trainers massaging his shoulder- for several minutes.

          1. I remember Kaep popping up and running back to the huddle after getting blown up on the side line in the Vikings game. Kaep is so competitive, he will shrug off body blows and act like he is perfectly fine, even though most other people would lay on the ground and assess the damage.

            After he popped up, you reported that he shook his arm several times. To me, that is being very observant, and very relevant.

            1. When I broke my collar bone, I hopped back up and returned to the huddle. That’s when the quarterback, Ed Hibshman pointed out there was something wrong with my shoulder….

        3. Seb-NFL defenses have cought up to Kap, That little bit of lightning in a bottle is over……
          But we shall see.

    1. The good news with those rankings is that Niners play 8 games against teams also in the bottom half, 7 games against teams in the bottom 3rd.

      PS: BleacherReport power rankings has Niners dead last. Call me another homer, but I can’t see them staying there for long.

  23. It’s unfortunate in a QB competition when one is dinged up; skews the comp.
    This may vault Blaine into the Week#1 (media heavy significance) starting QB role. Seems to me that with the CBA practice limitations, that weeks 1-4 are kinda preseason anyway. If Blaine falters (irrespective of record), Colin could still get a shot around Week#5.

    1. Brotha
      It might be better for Kap to have Gabbert face the brutal first 5-game stretch.

  24. Considering that Gabbert got all the first team reps in the OTAs, and had the luxury of throwing during the off season to his receivers, I expect he is far ahead of Kaep, who just recently started throwing to receivers.

    However, I was pleasantly surprised at how well Kaep was throwing until the last couple of days. I was hoping to see how he would do against the Texan defense, but alas, it was not meant to be.

    Heard Bock was not exactly lighting it up, so I hope the Niner defense can shut him down.

    Wonder if the Texans will go up tempo, too.

    1. Do you know something we don’t? When did they announce Kaep wouldn’t play the Texans?

      1. No, I do not, but if they are cautious, I assume Kaep will be allowed to heal fully, and not subject him to possible injury.

        1. Playing an injured player is a good way to have him be injured even worse. Kaep did sustain enough injuries to have 3 surgeries, and is not that far removed from his rehabilitation period.

  25. I sense the group is sharpening up. I was happy to see no more “trade for Frank Gore” lunacy in today’s comments. Good job everyone.

    1. Don’t worry, our resident Through-the-Looking-Glass trade maven will come up with some preposterous deal proposal soon enough. A guy could get a stiff neck from shaking his head at some comments here.

      1. “A guy could get a stiff neck from shaking his head at some comments here.”

        Thanks, it’s been a rough morning at work and I needed a good laugh.

      2. I would like to propose a couple of trades.

        The 49ers should package Blaine Gabbert and the 30 players off of their 90 man training camp roster they plan on cutting and trade them to the Packers for Aaron Rodgers. This would be a win-win for both teams. The 49ers get the No.1 QB they so badly need and the Packers replenish their roster with talent at all positions (except at QB, but you don’t get 30 cast off players AND a marginal starting QB for free, right?).

        Then, the 49ers QB should package Colin Kaepernick and the remaining 7 players that will be cut from the 90 man rostered, and trade them to the Broncos for Von Miller. If needed, the 49ers can throw in Bruce Miller as a deal sweetener. This is another win-win trade. The reasons are obvious, so I won’t go into them.

        With these two trades the 49ers could vault themselves back into relevance. I’m at a loss as to why they haven’t made them happen. It’s almost as if they’re not listening, and following, my advice. Nah, must be some other reason.

        1. I concur. But, the other thing we should do is mount facemasks on the back of the helmets as well as the front. This will be REALLY confusing to the other team! Is the QB going to throw a back shoulder pass when he thinks the DB is looking right at him? Fugeddaboutit.
          I got the idea by synthesizing the underlying principles from two ancient texts: “Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” and “Trout Fishing In America.”

          1. Discombobulate. Hmm, I wonder where you heard that word before. I hope you realize that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

            However, you must also say something, or the words ring hollow. Try harder, you seem to be getting smarter, but need to up your game.

          2. BT,

            If I’m not stepping on your toes, I’ll make a suggestion to improve your very clever idea of adding face masks on the back of helmets: In addition to the back of the helmets, add face masks to the sides, too! Defenses won’t have any idea whats going on!

            I got the above idea from my dog.

        2. Ex, it takes 2 to tango.

          Both teams must consider it a good deal if the trade is to happen. I will put you in the same category as posters who want to trade Kaep for Tebow.

          GB would never in a million years give up AR to the Niners for a bunch of bubble players. Denver won a SB with Vonn Miller. They would have to be brain dead to trade him away. Maybe you are mocking me for proposing trades, but your trades make you look like you never watched a game in your life.

          I am glad that posters are actually proposing trades. You make my trade proposals look logical and shrewd. Now that some teams are dealing with injured players and have vacancies and needs in their roster, the Niners should explore the possibilities to trade away extra players in order to obtain talent or draft picks.

          Niners need to think outside the box, You must want them boxed and wrapped to be delivered to the cellar.

          1. “…your trades make you look like you never watched a game in your life.”

            So they do, Seb, so they do.

    2. Max, I invite your scorn, because I do not think much of your football acumen.

      I just proposed obtaining a 1000 yard rusher. I guess you think that 1000 yard rushers are chopped liver.

      Frank Gore is also a terrifically talented player who holds the Niner rushing record. Even if he may not play for years, I think he will help the Niners win. Even if he does retire after this season, I would be ecstatic that he would retire as a Niner.

      Maybe you do not know this, but Indy said they wanted to get younger. Jed, if he wants to win, should do everything in his power to get Frank Gore. The Niners should offer Mike Davis, Shaun Draughn and Brandon Thomas for Frank Gore.

      Jed would also keep his promise to retain veteran talent, and honor the service that Frank Gore has given the Niners for many years, through thick and thin.They have a ton of cap space, so paying Frank Gore more to come here will not break the bank.

      Go ahead, diss a thousand yard runner, and declare that the Niners do not need a thousand yard runner. Personally, I would jump for joy if Frank Gore returns, because Hyde will probably get injured while struggling to get another inch, and the Niners will be forced to play cut couch potatoes.

    1. Haters will keep hating. Parramatta fans ripped him, so he went to a team who welcomed him with open arms.

  26. sebnynah

    August 12, 2016 at 7:04 am

    Playing an injured player is a good way to have him be injured even worse. Kaep did sustain enough injuries to have 3 surgeries,

    Pick your favorite colloquialism Seb for Kap, and get on with it:

    1. It’s time to fish or cut bait
    2. Sh– or get off the pot.
    3. There’s work to be done here
    4. Decide whether you want to help

    or # 5.Have Driskel take Kap’s reps until Kap heals–I bet he heals faster that way!

    1. I would not have let Kap take 1st string reps in the first place. Give them all to Driskel right now Chip, before Baalke ruins your career with more Ruby players or running back QB’s.

  27. Just as some of Colin’s passes, his ship has sailed. It’s time to cut bait, get what you can (7th rd pk) if possible & move on. Just sad to think about what could have been if he had applied & immersed himself fully into his craft. I was really excited about his possibilities back when JH gave him the keys but..oh well….next!

    1. Sounds like the up-tempo practices and vigors of camp coming off 3 surgeries is starting to catch up to the storm!

      1. Looks like Gabbert may win this thing by default. If Kap misses more than a couple of practices it makes the decision a lot easier for Kelly.

          1. Not an excuse Prime. If you have two players vying for one position then it stands to reason you will pick the one who can actually practice/play. If Kap comes back quickly and resumes practicing, then there is a competition. If he sits out multiple practices then there is no competition.

            I agree with BT that the depth chart can change quickly, but it stands to reason Gabbert will be the starter in the beginning if Kap misses any substantial amount of time.

  28. “Blaine Gabbert is having his way with the Texans secondary. Just threw 2 TDs to Bruce Ellington and Garrett Celek in the red-zone period.”

    Kevin Jones – KNBR Twitter

    1. Kevin Jones ✔ @Mr_KevinJones
      Back to earth for Blaine Gabbert. An 11on11 3rd-down drill results in a fumbled snap & several incompletions. Kap missing a big chance today

      1. Matt Barrows Verified account 
        The latest: Kaepernick’s preseason Game 1 status up in the air due to sore shoulder

        Only one fan listened when I posted that Driskel is lying in the weeds making points with his bosses against 3rd stringers…..

        Looks like management will have to bump Driskel to first string vs. the Texans (more reps!!!!! ) if Kap is unavailable….Is that a Chorus of Cheers heard???

    2. “Carlos Hyde is giving the Texans problems as a pass catcher out of the backfield. 49ers offense is going to rely heavily on his hands”

      Kevin Jones – KNBR Twitter

      1. I’m all for giving Hyde the ball as much as possible. Getting him opportunities in space as a pass catcher should be quite effective.

      2. I always thought Dr. Jekyll’s alter ego had soft hands catching the football, but he didn’t get the recognition he deserved for it….

          1. He showed it as a Buckeye, but yea, the previous regime(s) failed to take advantage….

    3. “Gabbert was 15-21 in team drills including a spike; Best pass: long, sideline throw to Jerome Simpson”

      Matt B-rows Twitter

    4. “Biggest offensive takeaway: Nobody could keep up with Bruce Ellington 1-on-1. Catch machine today.”

      Joe Fann – 49ers.com

    5. “49ers offensive standout players vs. Houston: RB Carlos Hyde, RB Mike Davis, WR Bryce Treggs, WR Jerome Simpson”

      Kevin Jones – KNBR Twitter

      I know this is just practice but good to see some of the same guys we’ve been hearing about also doing it against a different team.

    6. “Blaine Gabbert admitted that without having to split reps with Colin Kaepernick, it allowed him to get in a better rhythm. It mostly showed”

      Kevin Jones -KNBR Twitter

      This kinda goes along with something we discussed a couple days ago.

    7. Blaine Gabbert’s 1st preseason start was at NE in ’11 shortly after lockout. Reaction when told he was starting? “I don’t know the offense.”

      Eric Branch Twitter

  29. John McClain Verified account Texans beatwriter
    Kelly said great leaders inspire players around them. He was talking bout QBs

  30. Matt Barrows Verified account 
    Kaepernick made no passes in practice. Gabbert was 15-21 in team drills including a spike; Best pass: long, sideline throw to Jerome Simpson

  31. I just wanted to say good job Gabbert for winning the QB job. From what it sounds like he performed well and deserves this. I’m behind him 100 percent now. He is the Niners QB and he deserves this opportunity. I also wanted to congradulate those who have supported Gabbert this entire time and predicted that he would start. I was wrong and I m okay with that. I believe the main supporters were Hammer,Prime,Scooter,Oregon(sorry if I left out others). Well done fellas…. Lets surprise people this year…

    1. You might wanna wait till they win some regular season games before you start giving out hand jobs.

    2. RA Winner:

      Most level headed 49er fans realized you just want what’s best for the team.
      However, the other hateful person who only roots for his players has said nothing– crickets, no apologies, nada! His name rhymes with -EB. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson trying to debate roster spots with me, however I expect he’s packing, getting ready to join his unemployed loser players on another team.

      1. You never know, but it sure seems that its Gabberts job to lose. I cant see Chip naming Kaep the starter to open the season unless Gabbert gets hurt. I think this is a bigger injury then they are letting on. Plus from most reports it seems like he has been outplaying him. We will see what happens. I’m more intrigued by Driskel then those two.

        1. According to Tim K. it’s been Gabbert’s job to lose all along, and Kap would have to be significantly better to win the competition.

        2. I was referring more to the mea culpa’s than Gabbert winning the job. Gabbert winning the job is likely; Gabbert proving anyone wrong…not so much.

  32. RAW

    Thank you for the gracious kudo….now, hopefully everyone else will get on board and we can all cheer our niners together….

    1. You still can’t understand the difference between being objective and being a fan Oregon? Pointing out problems does not mean hoping for failure.I’m sure everyone here will be cheering on the Niners regardless of their views on the state of the team.

      1. Rocket

        You are not objective in the LEAST. You point out out ghost problems that never occur, and in the nastiest of tones expect that people are paying attention to you. You’ve been a burr under my saddle and have taken every opportunity to disparage anything to do with OREGON….Chip, Buckner, even Armstead… you can’t accept defeat, you’re a precocious child with your statistics and your analytic choices…Why would ANYONE follow this pied Piper ? You, sir are a nasty adolescent who should have been spanked as a child….Go for it, Darth Vader

        1. Oregon there’s nothing I can add that will paint you any worse than you just did yourself with this. Not sure what was in that post to set you off, but you have some issues bud.

      2. Rocket,

        We’re all subjective, ultimately. Some have more informed opinions to aid their positions, but they are subjective to start. I am, like you, dismayed by our fellow bloggers who insist that if we don’t walk lock step then we are either crazy/dumb/delusional/and or wanting the team to fail. Just because someone doesn’t agree doesn’t mean they don’t want success. I get where you’re coming from. I have friends who are fans of really sorry teams and they evaluate they’re teams with similar dispassion yet still root for them like crazy come Sunday. We need all voices to be heard. Each of us should remain respectful and consider our filial bonds.

        1. EC,

          Thanks. People like Oregon don’t get it. It has to be non stop positivity or they lose their minds. If you dare to point out the Emperor has no clothes, to them it means that is what you want to happen. I’ve officially stopped caring.

        2. EC9er,

          Speaking only for myself, the bothersome thing about Rocket’s living on the extreme negative end of the 49er outcome spectrum comes primarily from his presentation. The inference drawn from his comments, since he “bases his opinion on facts”, is that anyone with a differing opinion is basing their opinion on hope and is a homer.

          I don’t mind someone having a different opinion, but when no room is left for any other opinion, that’s a problem for me.

          On the other hand, if everyone agreed with everyone else, this wouldn’t be much of a blog.

          Take Hammer’s prediction of 10 wins and Rocket’s prediction of 3 wins, take the average (6.5) and you’re pretty close to the expectation for the 49ers this year. 6-8 wins sounds about right, more would be a pleasant surprise, less would be disappointing.

          1. I think most of us would like to believe that our opinions our fact based. Rocket does his homework, I will give him that. I don’t always agree with him, but his perspective is necessary and welcomed. Always enjoy reading his pov as I do yours and other posters. I can honestly say that I can see this team having 2 wins or 10 wins. Anything is possible. That is what makes this year exciting and a bit strange.

          2. ex,

            I’ve tried to explain this before. I argue my opinions aggressively, and obviously believe my points are just or I wouldn’t be arguing them. The inference that nobody else’s opinion matters is not intended. I simply try to formulate an argument that backs up what I say. That often includes statiscal data, previous history, percentages etc., and yes I feel a point supported by evidence carries more weight than hope or bias, but the point of having a forum like this, at least to me, is to stimulate conversations. I stir things up sometimes, guilty as charged, but it’s simply to try and get people to come up with compelling reasons to support their opinions.

            I do go over the line sometimes, and I apologize when it happens, but my intentions are sincere. That post above from Oregon is an example of why this place is losing it’s lustre for me. People who have no interest in saying or hearing anything other than how great things are and how wonderful everything is, offer nothing tangible imo. It’s boring and becomes more of an optimists club than a football forum. Maybe that’s what this board is now and I missed the memo, but if that’s the case I have no interest in contributing anymore.

            1. Rocket,

              I’m just trying to convince you to change your thinking, a bit. It doesn’t look like it’s going to work, though. That’s just a guess, on my part.

              If there wasn’t disagreement on here, there wouldn’t be a here here.

  33. Eric Branch
    Colin Kaepernick said he “most definitely” expects to start a game during preseason. Been told both QBs will get a “fair shot.” #49ers

    1. If I was Chip, since Branch just semi-officially announced Kap’s not playing Sun, my pitching order would be:

      1. Gabbert for as long as coach feels is necessary.

      2. Thad Lewis (taking one for the team)

      3. Driskel. Although stats show he’s superior to Lewis now, he’s still a rook. Ease him in slowly to create confidence.

  34. Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoCSN
    Colin Kaepernick going through process to get approved for tinted visor for games. It’s been prescribed, he said. Didn’t want to elaborate.

    1. If he’s got a Dr.’s prescription for it, the NFL has to approve it post-haste….

      1. Nothing in football looks cooler than a tinted visor. I’m all in on Kap starting this year.

        1. There’s an NFL safety reg already on the books that bans them in most cases because in case of injury the trainers and docs want to be able to see the player’s eyes for evaluation w/out removing the helmet. It seems like an exception could be made if the tinting isn’t too obscuring.
          Jim McMahon liked a dark tinted visor just so defenders couldn’t read his eyes as well. But maybe Jim needed that protection when concussed as he. Is now a self described dementia sufferer.

          1. *Tinted eye shields may be worn only after the League office is supplied with appropriate medical documentation and approval is subsequently granted. The League office has final approval.

            I’m trying to think of current NFL players that are approved for wearing a tinted visor….

      2. Hmmmmm… What if he’s got a physician’s prescription for medical weed?
        Would the NFL..? That might be a peripheral question looming on the horizon.

          1. Ore
            Did you see the DEA insisted on maintaining the classification of bud as the same as Heroin? Without making any particular political pitch, I do understand why the image of Feds suffers so…

            1. Bro Tuna

              No, I didn’t see the edict by the DEA, but I can certainly understand it. What baffles me is that the states moved (are moving ) so quickly to legalize it. What about impaired driving ? The info is already out there as to lowered productivity in the workplace, and so much more yet to be examined. Don’t mistake me, I’m no Mary Poppins, but I never used the stuff. I drank my share, but that was it. I guess the DEA considers it something of a failsafe…

  35. Chris Biderman
    Watched a few reps of team drills on far field where Texans offense was working. Tempo felt like nap time. #conditioned

    49erswebzone ‏@49erswebzone · 5m5 minutes ago

    @ChrisBiderman Glad to hear that our beat writers are getting conditioned too.

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    Chris Biderman ‏@ChrisBiderman · 52m52 minutes ago

    #49ers QB Blaine Gabbert: ‘That’s how I approach every day, that I’m the starter.’

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    Blaine Gabbert was having early success against the Texans secondary in 11-on-11 red-zone drills. WR Bruce Ellington and TE Garrett Celek hauled in touchdown passes from the quarterback.

    Cam Inman
    ✔ ‎@CamInman

    My opinion: #49ers QB duel ended today
    It’s Blaine Gabbert’s job/team
    Doesn’t help Colin Kaepernick (shoulder) he didn’t pass vs Texans

    1:51 PM – 12 Aug 2016

  38. The team has not yet announced a starter for the team’s game on Sunday. An announcement is expected soon. “When I do get the opportunity to play, I’m going to make most of it,” said Gabbert via Cam Inman.

  39. Joe Fann
    Another notable #49ers offensive highlight. Gabbert deep down the left sideline to Dres Anderson, who made a diving catch for a long TD.

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