49ers training camp report: Gabbert outplays Kaepernick on Day 1


SANTA CLARA – Here’s what stood out to me during the first day of 49ers training camp.


1. RT Anthony Davis. Looked significantly trimmer than he did before he retired. Said he used to weigh 365 pounds and now weighs 332. Looks much lighter than 332. Played with the third-team offense during practice and primarily blocked Tank Carradine. Davis dominated this matchup. Carradine simply couldn’t beat him.

2. CB Will Redmond. Played nickel back with the third-team defense while wearing a bulky brace on his surgically-repaired knee. Moved fluidly and broke up one pass. Also blitzed and tagged quarterback Jeff Driskel after blowing past Anthony Davis.

3. ILB NaVorro Bowman. Covered wide receiver Quinton Patton man to man once. Patton ran a shallow cross and Bowman ran with him step for step, then batted down the pass.

4. WR Bruce Ellington. Played slot receiver with the starters and was unquestionably the go-to receiver on third-and-medium (third-and-2 to third-and-6). Beat starting nickel back Jimmie Ward with option routes twice for first downs – first on third-and-5, then on third-and-6.

5. QB Blaine Gabbert. Completed 70 percent of his passes during team drills and committed no turnovers. Released the ball quickly and always seemed to know where to throw. His incompletions were either errant throws or dropped passes.


1. OLB Tank Carradine. Played outside linebacker with the third-team defense and generated zero pressure, as in none. What would you say this guy does here?

2. QB Colin Kaepernick. Completed 63 percent of his passes and threw one interception on a short pass to his left. Déjà vu. Generally held the ball too long and seemed uncertain where to throw. After his pick, Chip Kelly took Kaepernick to the side and explained how to go through the progression properly and where Kaepernick should have thrown his pass. When practice ended, Kaepernick walked off the field by himself while Gabbert walked with teammates. Does Kaepernick have any friends on this team?

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  1. If Kap continues his indecisiveness, INT’s and hangdog look, it would behoove the 49ers to swiftly move Driskel into the Gabbert competition to prepare a competent B/U QB.

    Kelly was asked what he wanted to see out of the two during practices. “First and foremost, who can move the team the best,” answered Kelly. “You’re always looking for which quarterback can handle what they’re doing and get the team in the end zone. Obviously you have to protect the ball in doing that.

    1. Driskel has the tools chip need, especially recent experience in a spread offense.
      Check out Driskel vs. Rice.

      Pay attention to the pass thrown before the 2:o5 mark of the 2nd QTR. He looks off DB’s on a quick square in….Kap can’t do this. Cut bait and move him to 2nd string to get the needed reps before reg. season.


      1. *Error, I meant the pass thrown before the 6:05 mark of the 2nd QTR. to Cammeron McKnight, # 80

  2. The hardest walk is alone, but it also makes you stronger. No surprise Gabbert is ahead of Kaepernick, and kudos for the effort. However, the pads have yet to go on and there’s a whole training camp ahead of us. Good luck to both men!

  3. Thanks Grant. You mentioned Kaep walked off the field alone. What about Davis? Did he seem to be included by his teammates?

  4. Grant: Are you being objective about Kap? Over on 49ers.com, Price is reporting the following:

    “Kaepernick connected with second-year wideout DeAndrew White on a deep crossing route and Vance McDonald over the middle of the field on back-to-back throws in the opening 7-on-7 period. Another strong throw from Kaepernick saw the sixth-year pro fire a deep out to Torrey Smith down the right sideline. Gabbert connected with Smith as well on a sideline route in the opening 11-on-11 session.”

    This comment leaves one with the impression that Kap was pushing the ball downfield with Gabbert not so much.

    1. Just report honest stuff Grant. We get it that you and your dad don’t like Kaep… If Gabbert out plays Kaep great but stop with the non sense.

      1. Nonsense? If you have been paying attention, you would know that Grant actually favors Kap over Gabbert as the starting QB. He is not biased against Kap. All you Kap fan-boys just can’t handle the truth.

    2. And Barrows has this to say about the Day 1 QB competition:

      “Neither stood out from the other during the approximately two-hour sessions. The offense looked sharp overall, but most of the passes were short or to the sideline. Kaepernick’s longest was a seam-pattern throw to tight end Garrett Celek. Both finished 7-12 during the team session. If you were splitting hairs, you might note that Gabbert got the first opportunity to throw to the first-team offense.”

      Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article92958372.html#storylink=cpy

      1. It reminds me of the old saying, “Where you stand depends on where you sit”. I vote for not drawing too many conclusions until things play out. No matter what our own positions are on the FO, Baalke, and the talent that we do or do not have, it’s time to play ball and compete.

        1. I’ve always thought that during camp it’s wise to read the two Matts, Grant, Eric and even the team site to get a composite impression. Eye witness accounts vary in many instances, not just sports.

          1. I also like to read Chris Biderman. Here’s what he had to say about the QB competition on the first day (similar to Grant but not as pessimistic sounding):

            “It was a nondescript practice from the offense. Both struggled at times and also made nice throws. Kaepernick’s worst play was an interception in the left flat to cornerback Keith Reaser in seven-on-seven drills. Moments earlier he nearly threw an interception to NaVorro Bowman.

            Gabbert looked the sharper of the two, which is to be expected after working as the starter during the spring and minicamp in June. He seems to be developing a nice rapport with his younger receivers, notably DiAndre Campbell.”

            1. I always find different guys observations fascinating. He didn’t see CK as slow in his progressions like Grant observed. I guess we’ll not really know until 2 weeks from now. I like that several guys have reported the offense looked sharp in practice. Compared to last years this will be welcome no matter who’s behind center.

              Steve Wyche
              “”But Chip Kelly, he lived up to his word. Both guys got 12 reps each with the first team. Both guys looked ok,” Wyche continued. “One thing that you noticed about Kaepernick – he was not lost. He’s a guy that looked like he had gone through the spring workouts and the offseason workouts because he took the mental reps. And when I say lost, he understood his progressions. He got in and out of the huddle. So this competition, whereas coming into the week, it may have seemed like Gabbert may have had a sizable head start, this situation might be a lot more even and it is abundantly clear that Chip Kelly is going to let each guy play his way into our out of the job.”

              – See more at: http://www.49erswebzone.com/news/95557-steve-wyche-49ers-competition-might-lot-more-even/#sthash.2mQj774U.dpuf

          2. Agreed,
            This is not to say they are intentionally biased (everyone has some bias, admittedly or not, its part of the human condition) but eveyone sees the same situation through different lenses. So to get a more complete picture, we non observers must read as many accounts as possible.

            One thing I like that I have read is how the offense is playing this year… last year they struggled early on if my memory serves me correctly.

      2. “Both finished 7-12 during the team session.”

        Grant how did you and Matt come up with different numbers?

        1. Grant has a hard on for Blaine so equal numbers means Blaine is waaaaaaaaaaay better

    3. There is no mention of the fact that one qb has been able to bring a team to the big dance twice. if you were to leave it up to me I would go with a guy who has proven his ability, provided the team give him the support and protectionto, to do his job. Not to mention last year was run the coach was one step above the waterboy when it comes to calling plays and realizing the assets of his quarterback. That would kill any quarterbacks confidence, as well as the entire team.

      1. If by “bring a team to the big dance twice” you mean both “once” and “came along for the ride” then I might have to agree with you. Colins impact on that team was minimal and Gabbert played for one of the 3 worst teams in the NFL over the past 15 years (Raiders and Browns eing the other two) that you can’t really compare what they did then..its about what they are capable of doing going forward.

        Colin was a flash in the pan, Gabbert is more traditional and has a higher ceiling.as well as being 2 years younger and yet more mature.

        1. Hmm, you sound kinda uneducated. Gabbert has a 5-27 record and never sniffed the playoffs. Kaep has been a SB QB and came within 6 inches of returning. Kaep also has a 4-2 road playoff record has set playoff QB rushing records. He has led his team to a playoff victory after falling behind 0-17 on the road in Atlanta.

          With competent coaching, Kaep will come storming back.

            1. I finished by saying that in Chip Kelly’s offense where he will be utilized properly, and they will accentuate his strengths, Kaep will do just fine, and take the league by storm again, this season.

              1. Yes, and it’s based off his performance from 2 years ago.

                Even in 2014 with a competent coach in Jim Harbaugh, Kaepernick wasn’t very good.

              2. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. Kaep has skills that few QBs possess.

                Believe me, I thought JH was a winner, but he was way too stubborn. His game management left much to be desired. In fact, he had a SB talented squad, and could not get a play off in time.

                Tomsula, while being a swell guy, was a poster child for the Peter Principle.

              3. “Kaep has skills that few QBs possess.”

                True, he can run very fast in a straight line. Yippee!!!

              4. Calloo, callay!!!

                Kaep can also shrug off arm tackles, and he avoided a ton of sacks last 2 seasons with his mobility.

                Kaep embarrassed the LBs by running past them, and if he rolled out, the threat of him running made the DBs discombobulated so they forgot all about the receivers. Then Kaep would throw to a wide open receiver for a TD or big gain.

              5. There are a number of nimble QB’s in the NFL. That’s not a skill unique to Kaepernick, and the stuff you’re talking about is 2 years old. He hasn’t been above average since 2013.

              6. Well, at least you concede that Kaep is pretty nimble, and does not have only straight line speed.

              7. Not really. His mobility is kinda stiff. And going back to the original comment, his only UNIQUE skill is straight line speed.

              8. Hey Jack, I think Chip Kelly getting the run threat back on those zone reads will be huge for his offense. Didn’t have it with Foles or Bradford. Anytime you have a player like Kaepernick that can pull it down and take off at anytime, makes the defense extremely nervous and cognizant of that threat. Also, Kap can challenge the secondary vertically downfield. Something Chip did with Foles, but not so much with Bradford….

              9. Hmm, Jack, I remember Kaep making jaw dropping throws that the announcers proclaimed that very few other QBs would even attempt.

                That sounds pretty unique to me……

              10. Defenses have shut Kaepernick down on the read option for the most part since 2012. His big runs have mostly come from taking off on passing plays or faux passing plays.

              11. Kaepernick hasn’t made those throws in 2 years. He was exceptional for a year and a half and the uneducated masses choose to remember that instead of what he’s done the past 2 seasons.

              12. Jack, Tom Brady showed how limited he was when he did not have protection in the SB. Kaep was the same way when he had a turnstile right side. Additionally, the coaching was not only lacking, it was incompetent.

                Now that Chip Kelly is the HC, Flats, who built SB O lines and AD coming back, Kaep will actually have time to throw.

              13. Yea, forgetting the past pretty much dooms the future. That might be why Chip said he was excited about Kaepernick and that he’s a big fan. He’s certainly not uneducated, so maybe he’s a fool?

              14. Even with Anthony Davis in 2014 Kaepernick was a below average QB.

                You’re living in the past. He was a flash in the pan.

              15. What does Chip gain by saying anything that’s not positive about Kaepernick or any player right now?

              16. Chip didn’t need to lie about being excited or that he’s a fan. Before he became the 49ers head coach, it was well reported that Chip Kelly studied everyone of his plays at Nevada and loved their “Horn” play. An outside zone. Rumors were rampant that he tried to trade for him, although he denied it….

          1. I think what Jack is saying, Seb, is forget what Kap became and focus on what he can become in Chip Kelly’s offense….

              1. Yup. The fact that Kaep and Gabbert are getting equal reps with the first string means that there is fair competition, and like you say, may the best man win.

              2. What!? According to most reports, Gabbert has already locked up the starting job. Why would Chip allow Kaepernick to get equal reps? Ha! We’ve got ourselves a real competition, boys….

          2. Kaep will coming storming back to average?

            Wow, 4-2 playoff record thats soooo good, I mean its the same as Mark Sanchez.

            And you CAN NOT compare team records when Kaep was given a team that had gone 13-3 and an NFC championship game appearance the year before, was 6-2 at the time of his start, and was stacked with multiple pro-bowlers across the roster and Gabbert was drafted by one of the 3 worst teams of the last 15 years. Let them switch spots and we will see where their careers would be, I’m guessing Kaep wouldn’t be competing for a starters role, he’d be lucky to be in the league.

            1. You definitely sound uneducated if you want to compare Kaep to Sanchez.
              They are light years apart.

              1. Really…?

                I thought the only difference was that Kaep hasn’t mastered the “Butt Fumble” yet…hunh…

            2. Jack’s comparison of Sanchez to CK is pretty sound. During Sanchez’s years with the Jet’s they had a great defense that carried the team. He was asked to do very little and not to lose the game. His completion percentage is awful in the mid 50’s.

              There’s no doubt the 9ers defense carried the team those years but there were moments where CK did more than keep the team from losing. Those are past accomplishments at this point. Lets see him win the competition outright.

              Sanchez’s Jet’s
              2009 Jet’s 1st in overall defense
              2010 3rd
              2011 5th
              2012 8th

      2. old news about his past accomplishments. He has seriously regressed. Lets see what he does by game 1…………

        1. Has he regressed or failed to improve? Harbaugh said “if you weren’t getting better you’re getting worse.” Maybe it was regression then?

        2. Telling someone “they sound uneducated” because they have a different opinion is mean, hateful, and filled with death and destruction.

          Sound familiar?

          1. Brodie, this seems to be meant for someone else or am I missing something? All the “uneducated” stuff was centered around Seb. I generally stay away from the name calling around here.

            1. It was meant for sebnoying. Upon first meeting seb, he would sound like an uptite berkely-ite-from Berzerkely–always with the “hater” this and “un-educated” that.

              No offense intended to you, Mr. Wilson….(until you call me a hater for some such reason).

              1. Sawbrodie, is that something that happens to you frequently? Like I said I really try and stay out of the name calling.

                Someone called Seb uneducated first, he’s now responding and repeating what people said to him. He’s defensive when people don’t like his ideas.

              2. Saw, I just throw their own words back in their face.
                Talking about annoying, you seem to be my new gadfly.

                Notice I do not get too upset about you? You seem to be such a predictable lightweight, I cannot bring myself to engage you. ;p

      1. John Wayne, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cuise, Matt Damon…..a whole buncha guys who’ve never had the pleasure, that’s who.

        1. No disrespect to the others Bro Tuna but Semper Fi, and at least one other Viet Nam Vet understands your drift here.

          1. Whine Country-
            Remember the feeling 1st time you hear the hornets?
            “F John Wayne! This s— sucks!”
            Pretty much the 1st week. Time enough I guess. Thx for catching that.

          2. Whine

            I think that there are quite a few of us on here….I pick out some familiarities occasionally….I’m an old Paratrooper….

    1. Guarantee he’ll duck? Really? What games were you watching last year? Gabbert wasn’t great last, but considering how poorly the offensive line played last year he hung tough and took a lot of hits. I don’t remember seeing him duck anyone last year.

      Is your comment about Gabbert ducking once the bullets start flying come from comments made in the past when he played at Jacksonville?

  5. “His incompletions were either errant throws or dropped passes.”

    What insight did you have in mind with this observation Grant?

      1. Reminds me of what George Carlin used to say: “Some people see the glass as half full and some half empty. I see a glass that’s twice is big as it needs to be”

  6. Seriously WTF Carradine is such a bust. It’s like he’s not fast enough to get by a lineman and he’s not strong enough to bull rush. It’s honestly kind of sad.

    And in regards to Kaepernick he’s I still fell 100% that he is going to be the starter. This thing is gunna drag out until the last preseason game. But when it comes down to it the missing component to Kelly’s system is a running back playing QB and that’s Kaepernick 100%

    Kelly was most successful from ’08-’13 when his QB’s were running backs and averaged 105 attempts a season. That’s why Kaepenrick is going to win this job easily.

    1. Kaepernick still struggles with his progessions and pre-reads, so how is he going to win the job easily? Just because Kaep can run does not mean he’ll win the job.

      When the Niners have to pass Kaep still has to be an NFL qb, and the last few years Kaep has not upped his game to be reliable.

      I laugh when read and hear, even from the pro’s that Chip Kelly’s offense will make Kaep a better qb. Only Kaep can make himself a better qb by doing things a good qb should be doing: pre-read, progressing through his reads, and looking off defenders.

      1. He does still struggle with pre snap reads and progressions. He always has and always will. He can still throw the ball to get the job done. He is still going to make bad reads and throws and bail out of the picket too early. But he will still be the starter.

        Kelly has always been a run first minded coach. He has a running back at Quarterback on every play. He uses 3 WR sets with a TE on most plays. The defense isn’t going to be able to defend the run with two running backs in the backfield. If they want to defend it, they can stack the box. But that leaves 4 receivers going down field which which becomes an easy read for Kaepernick and he can throw to one of the 4 receivers running routes.

        I believe Kelly had Kaepernicn penciled in as his starter week 1 as soon as he signed the contract.

        I’m so sick of the narrative that Kelly is a passing first coach that prefers Aaron Rodgers/Tom Brady decision making and accuracy. It’s not true!!

        1. Which means that since the NFL has discovered and hammered at that flaw you can expect the same degrading results we’ve seen since mid-2014.

        2. “I’m so sick of the narrative that Kelly is a passing first coach that prefers Aaron Rodgers/Tom Brady decision making and accuracy. It’s not true!!”

          What narrative is this? All I ever hear is Kelly wants to run the ball however he still needs a qb to make quick reads and be accurate, this is not a narrative but those were his own words.

          Kaep and Gabbert physically are not far apart, some are talking like Gabbert is similar to Bradford… he is still very fast for a qb, running a 4.61 which is only .02 seconds slower than Cam Newton.

          1. The whole problem with labeling if they are a passing or running team is that they should be both equally effective.

            Niners did not have a Jerry Rice last year, so teams like Seattle and the Cards would stack the box, take away the run, and dare them to pass.

            Since the NFL has made all the rule changes, it is essentially now like flag football, so ANY QB should be proficient in the passing game. However, running the ball efficiently should help the passing game, and vice versa.

            Niners need to be balanced, and keep the defense guessing.

    2. James Grant’s limited report leaves out a bunch of information. Notice there’s no mention of OLB’s pressuring any QB’s. Yes Carradine was drafted for the wrong system. Its easy to jump to conclusions when Carradine is playing against the best RT on the team while the other OLB’s played against 6th and 7th round picks. Let’s see how they do vs. Davis too. Carradine may be a bust but we are down an OLB until Lynch comes back. He’s what we have.

      The good news is Davis hasn’t lost a step and is in shape.

      1. Dude Davis has barely played the past two seasons. And he dominates Carradine that’s sad. I know Davis has talent, but I think it has to do more with Tank sucking than Davis being as good as he was in 2012 and 2013.

        1. James its too early for you to be making that kind of prediction on who sucked more. Davis is down 30 pounds lets see a few more days and weeks of practice before we jump to far ahead of ourselves.

        2. James, here’s a report on Tank

          Joe Fann @Joe_Fann
          Among today’s defensive standouts:

          – Arik Armstead
          – Tank Carradine
          – Eli Harold

    3. Running backs can juke people, make them miss-like Wilson-who also throws accurately. Kap can do neither of these things consistently.

      Lets see where he goes under Chip’s coaching………….

  7. Very glad to hear Baalke actually state the following. From Maiocco:

    “NFL teams are allowed to carry over cap space from one year to the next. Baalke promised that the 49ers will carry over the full amount.

    “Absolutely,” Baalke said. “We’re not going to just put it in the pocket. We’re going to spend the money. The money is going to get spent. And if you look at the way we try to do things. We’re not trying to just keep the money. We want to win. But spending the most amount of money doesn’t guarantee the opportunity to win. You can’t buy a championship.”


  8. In other news “Glenn Dorsey, L.J. McCray and rookie Will Redmond all passed their conditioning tests and are available to practice.” Maiocco

    This is good to hear. Dorsey plays the run really well and fill in for Williams if he’s fully recovered.

    This whole BG/CK competition will be like this everyday, back and forth until we’re all sick of it. Every little play will be analyzed as the writers read Kelly’s mind and who’s ahead.

    1. So I guess Baalke wasn’t lying about Redmond being able to participate in TC.

      Sounds like he had a decent day too.

        1. Yeah, true, can’t read too much into how he performed as he wasn’t against the better players. But still a good sign.

          1. The best part about it is that he doesn’t have to be counted as one of Baalke’s ACL reclamation projects since he can actually play in year 1… crossing my fingers he stays healthy.

            1. Redmond absolutely should be counted as an “Baalke ACL Reclamation Project”. He had a torn ACL last year and Zbaalke has been ripped, out of hand, for drafting him. Why shouldn’t a possible success count in TB’s favor?

      1. Since it was reported that Williams is gone for the season. We need Dorsey more than ever… and we need him to stay healthy.

  9. And this regarding Smelter:

    “One of the disappointments in spring was that receiver DeAndre Smelter was limited with a hamstring strain. He looked to be full go on Sunday and came up with a catch from Thad Lewis. At 220-plus pounds, Smelter is by far the most powerful receiver on the squad and he looks it when he’s on the field. … That being said, DiAndre Campbell may have had the best day among the 49ers’ young wideouts.”

    Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article92958372.html#storylink=cpy

    1. Campbell got some kudos in the spring too. He’s one I’ll be following this summer. He’ll need to make himself useful on ST to make the squad.

      1. Scooter,

        It’s just impossible, don’t you know that Baalke can’t draft WR’s? The AJJ pick proves that point.

  10. “Kaepernick walked off the field by himself while Gabbert walked with teammates. Does Kaepernick have any friends on this team?” ~ Grant

    No big deal. This is only fluff and has no bearing on his on-field performance. I don’t care if Kap has a full size poster of himself in the locker room being used as a dart board as long as he can perform on the field.
    CK needs to get his groove back and will have that opportunity throughout TC to do so. One practice does not a Starting QB make!

    But thanks for the report none the less Grant.

    1. I thought i read that there was a picture on 49ers.com showing kaep walking off the field with Torrey Smith?

  11. I’m just so glad football’s back… Run D is going to take a huge blow. Buckner will be asked to contribute right away. I hope Purcell looks good this offseason.

    1. I have a feeling Williams injury will also be a blow to the quality or rotational depth.

      I wanted a DE as a three headed monster in Dial, Armstead and Buckner. Each would be 2/3 of a “Starter”, even though one would be on the bench in base. All about the same amount of snaps, and well rested rested late games/season.

      NT would be a 2 headed monster in Williams/Dorsey. The rest of the DL (Blair, TJE, Purcell) would be depth.

      Now it will be up to Dorsey to be healthy, and/or TJE and Purcell to develop into higher quality backups at DE and NT respectively. Pretty good, but not the monster rotation I was hoping for.

  12. What do you want to see out of them at full-speed? What are the traits that are going to help you decide this competition?

    “I think, first and foremost, is who can move the team the best. That’s what you’re always looking for. Which quarterback can handle what they’re doing and get the team in the end zone. Obviously, you have to protect the ball in doing that. So, we’re excited to see it. I think Kap did a great job in the offseason when he was limited,

    When Chip takes the training wheels off Kap falls off his bicycle….TomD

  13. Grant, this is why I like this site. You emphasize the salient points.
    Glad that the other players are all practicing, except Williams.
    It was interesting to read about Campbell. Maybe he will out compete Rogers.
    If Smelter is healthy, the Niner running game just got better.

    However, I beg to differ about Kaep. Granted, he did not look like he was totally accepted by the team, but Gabbert is the first string QB right now, and so he was probably hanging around with the other first stringers, as he is higher in the pecking order. Kaep did not sound like he did that poorly, and no one reported that players were intentionally dropping passes. One practice does not make a whole season, so I am more interested in what happens in the preseason.

    The FO has favored Gabbert, so the team dynamics are what should be expected. Gabbert even got to throw to the first stringers over the off season to help develop timing, so I acknowledge that Gabbert will do well. How his play translates on the field during games is another thing.

    If Gabbert is handed the starting job, Kaep should keep his head down, not make waves or be a distraction. Kaep should act with class and accept his lesser role with a humble manner. He should support Gabbert and do everything he can to help him win.

    Kaep should also realize that after 5 games with 3 playoff teams, whoever is the starting QB may have at least 3 losses, so the backup may get some playing time.

    1. There were numerous reports last year that Gabbert was known to hang out with teammates even when he was the backup.

      1. Gorsh, Gabbert is such a swell guy, but earning the starting job is not a popularity contest. If he cant throw past the sticks, Kaep will win by default.

        1. Of course if Kap starts hitting trainers and targeting the ground the job may still be up for grabs, don’t you think? It’s not like either qb isn’t without baggage or faults.

  14. I love the fact that Bowman was able to hang with patton stride for stride.. sounds like his knee is doing much better

  15. Davis has the talent to be one of the best OTs in the NFL. His problem, on the field, has always been he gets fat and lazy.

    So far it’s one day.

    1. His kick slide has always been a hair too slow against speed rushers around the edge. That’s why he never made a Pro Bowl….

  16. Any word on how The Blair Blitz Project did? We will know more when the pads go on.

  17. Does Kaepernick have any friends on this team?
    We know who he is with and without friends and they’re pretty much the same player so what bearing is his popularity going to have?

    If he walked off the field laughing and hugging his teammates would you have reported that too?

    1. Coffee, I give you sh*t some times about your football predictions. All of it is all in fun. One thing I respect about you is you give honest and direct response to something you disagree with. You speak your mind. I appreciate that. I think you would be a hell of a reporter.

      1. I appreciate the kind words but I’m not so sure about that. :)

        Grant does his job far better then I would.

  18. Chip mentioned that he is glad to have 2 QBs, because during the season, they had to use 2 QBs.

    I am hoping that both will prove to be competent, and that the difference between them is slight.

    Maybe the competition should spill over into the regular season. Kaep and Gabbert could compete at darts, and the winner starts.The starter keeps playing until the Niners have to put, then the other QB would start, and play until another punt.

    Both QBs would benefit from playing, so if one goes down due to injury, the other will have had experience.

    It would be a healthy competition, and would reward success.

      1. QB team in the nfl. Barely works in college, will never fly in the NFL, you need to drop that idea, makes you sound very uneducated.

        1. Its called thinking outside the box. Niners need more innovation, and if both QBs are similar, why waste the talents of one by having him sitting with no reps to get prepared to play?

          1. No its called being stupid to the game. You think you’ve found some brilliant game changing tactic? Please, like i said, this is rarely used in college, and typically with little success (Florida did it a few times, Texas did it with Major Applewhite and Chris Simms) but its not employed at that lower level and it will NEVER…EVVVVVER be used in the NFL by any team.

            1. Well, considering that I think Kaep will win back his starting job that he lost due to injuries that required 3 surgeries, maybe it would be best for Kaep to start and Gabbert to sit.

              However, Chip himself said that it was good to have 2 QBs because during the season, they had to use 2 QBs.

              I think Chip is innovative enough to be able to think of ways to use both QBs, and maybe even give the defense fits by playing both at the same time. Both are big strong and fast. Both know the routes, and could even be effective as decoys. The flea flicker would be a possibility, and the defense would have to take that into consideration every time they did that.

              If Chip wants to win, he should think outside the box, and do things that the defense does not expect. How would another team defend against Kaep lining up wide, going in motion to accept the pitch toss, draw the defense towards him, then lateraling back to Gabbert who throws a deep bomb?

              Considering that his critics pan him for being too predictable, no one could predict who would have the ball or who the intended target would be.

              1. So you’re taking off guys who have been playing wideout for multiple years and sticking in a rigid qb who is only good at running a straight line (and is slower than some of those wr’s)??

                Dude, just stop.

              2. Dude, the Niner WRs are mostly young and untested. Both Kaep and Gabbert are big and fast, while also being elusive. Kaep showed to me that he is not only faster than the pass rushers, he can out run the safeties and cornerbacks.

                Lining up Gabbert in the slot will make the defense key on him, so even if the Niners go in a different direction, Gabbert, acting as a decoy, will be effective.

                Just showing that possibility will have repercussions, because now the opponents will have to spend time game planning for it, even if it is not used. Chip Kelly should do that in the preseason, and the other teams will be forced to consider that option even if he does not use it all next season.

          2. Two quarterbacks with similar skillsets being platooned…hmm, where have I seen this before, oh yeah, the old “Smelley Garcia”. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when Steve Spurrier, wizard of offense, Mr. Ol Ballcoach himself had two quarterbacks (Chris Smelley and Stephen) who were very similar in skill-sets and ability being platooned (aka swapping). This brilliant tactic of his led the Gamecocks to an impressive 7-6 record.

            The whole point of platooning QBs is you have one who’s a runner (Tim Tebow) and one who’s a true passer (Chris Leak). Or for reference to players you should know, Blake Bell (running qb) and Landry Jones (the passing qb).

            Platooning guys doesn’t work when its the same guy, it doesn’t make defenses work harder, it actually makes their job easier since you are taking practice time and snaps from one guy who will need it.

            1. Gosh, they platoon RBs ALL THE TIME. Others call it a change of pace tactic. Just because other coaches cannot think outside the box, Chip Kelly, the mad scientist, is known for his forward innovative thinking.

              1. TrollD, I bet you are ruing the day you wrote that.
                Trading Kaep for Tebow, even with draft picks, just defines your lack of football knowledge.

                You must think the Broncos are ignoramuses for even considering trading Vonn Miller for Kaep.

                Now you are leading with your chin by declaring that Driskel will become the starting QB. Please stay on your hill….

              2. You see the error in that mindset, running backs, not quarterbacks. Quarterback, with oline, is basically the 1 position on the field (outside of k/p) where you have 1 guy at a position and thats it, everyone else is a backup.

                If you really think platooning QBs is a wise move for any proteam, ever, you seriously should stop talking about football right now because you truly have no respect for the game.

              3. Sebnynah, I don’t think this is an argument you can win. In theory it might seem like a decent idea, but it simply isn’t practical.

                Platooning NFL QB’s simply doesn’t work. And the biggest reason it doesn’t work has to do with RHYTHM. Anyone who has ever played the position will tell you how important it is for them to feel like they are in a rhythm. As a matter of fact, some offensive play callers make a point to get their QB’s into a rhythm early in a game. That might mean calling shorter passes early in the game. Or it might mean calling 3 pass plays in a row, etc. The point is, a professional quarterback would never feel comfortable rotating in and out of game. And, of all quarterbacks that come to mind, Colin Kaepernick is a guy who needs to find his rhythm to play well.

                The center-quarterback exchange is another problem. Anyone who has ever played the center position will tell you that each quarterback has a certain rhythm to their “cadence”. You would see way too many botched snaps, as well as an entire offense out of rhythm if you were constantly rotating quarterbacks in and out.

          3. Landry tried that in the 70’s with Staubach and Morton. Team did not like that, largely did not work. Landry went against character and put in Staubach permanently, who had many of the same attributes as Wilson.
            The rest is history.

            1. Walsh did the same with Young and Montana. It ended up causing a lot of turmoil on the team and lead to a poor start. Once he settled on Montana the team started winning again and closed out the season strong.

  19. 49ers couldn’t beat Stanford, Cal, SC, UCLA or Oregon more than fifty percent of the time.

    Pathetic franchise and stadium.

    CK and BG are barely second string QBs.

    Get rid of both of them.

  20. In considering the line-up of the offensive line before Kaep was put on IR, and then what it looked like after, and what it looks like now it is clear that the the OL line starting the season last year had a role in the QB dilemma. I am very glad to see AD back and Kilgore at Center. Great season ahead.

  21. I’m not the biggest Kap fan, but I thought he looked great when he spoke with the media today. Big grins! Good to see that from him again. He looked relaxed and healthy. Plus, he’s cut his stupid hair and no longer resembles an extra from The Ten Commandments. I like how the entire team is performing a RESET on last year’s efforts, ready to move on with a blank slate.

  22. So, eh, are you going to reconnect with Davis, or what? The whole world wants to know?

  23. Utube kaep at pats or saints or even in Atlanta and tell me gabs wins any of those……seemed to have no problem with progressive reads then. Even in the 2nd half of super bowl……

  24. One interesting thing to Note regarding Blaine Gabbert is this…

    While everyone recognizes last years Oline play was below average at best… it was the best pass blocking oline Blaine has played behind as a starter. This can destroy a qb, so I will be interested to see if we see further development from him or if what we saw last year is the best we can hope for from him.

    Personally, I think if Colin gets his head straight he is the better option but if he doesn’t he will actually limit the offense. It is strange that the player that could really make the offense take off is the also the one that could hold it back.

    1. Good points – Pretty sad that BG’s best line was the 49ers last year. I think competition at the position will make them both better. Kap was at his best when A. Smith was still here and at least provided theoretical competition. No matter what anyone thinks about Kap, he seems to be a hard worker who is willing to compete all out to be great. I always believed there was something fishy about the claim of not studying his iPad enough. His lack of focus could be from his total focus and basic personality and there is a lot of evidence he is a personable guy in the right setting. May the best man win.

        1. While posters regail one another with the Gabbert vs. Kap competition, Jeff Driskel is lying in the weeds…Can’t wait for the 1st preseason game when he torches those 3rd string DB’s he’ll be facing….He will then take Kap’s backup spot “by storm.”

          1. Especially if his name is Nate Davis….

            Haven’t we been down this road once or twice before?

          2. TomD…………

            Isnt Driskel just another great athlete who happens to be playing the QB position?
            Can he read defenses, make accurate throws? With respect to this guy, I am ignorant…..I honestly don’t know one way or the other.

  25. Sounds Kelly’s offense fits Driskel, not Kap:

    As soon as Chip Kelly was named the new head coach of the San Francisco Forty-Niners, media personalities began offering their views on what the hiring meant for Colin Kaepernick. Some impressions were rooted in shallow evaluation that never delved deeper than, “Kap can run, soooooo, can Driskel.

    But Driskel is a quick reader and accurtate, not a Kap strength…TomD

    “Most frequently, those analyses lead to negative predictions, based upon the demand the offense places on quarterbacks to make correct decisions quickly, as well as Kaepernick’s struggles to move through his read progressions quickly enough to beat approaching pass rushers in the past two seasons and to deliver passes in a timely and accurate manner. Without a doubt, aspects of Chip Kelly’s offense require lightning-quick decision making and instant, precise execution. “…. Watch this video of Driskel


  26. San Francisco 49ers: Starting Quarterback Should Be An Easy Call To Make
    by Kevin Saito 14 hours ago Follow @Kevin_Saito

    Yes, Kelly’s quarterbacks need to be mobile. But his offensive system is centered around a strong running game. Quarterbacks need to be able to move and make plays outside of the pocket, but they don’t necessarily need to be the enormous running threat some folks seem to think…

    More important to Kelly’s system is the ability to read the defense, make the right decisions, and above all, be accurate when throwing. Which is the crux of Kaepernick’s problem – too often, we’ve seen his inability to read defenses, make the right decisions, or be accurate.


  27. But more importantly – and the biggest reason Gabbert should be named the starter – is that he has the trust and confidence of his team. Whereas Kaepernick has been called “aloof” or has been said to “be alone on an island” in the locker room, Gabbert has enjoyed vocal support from his teammates. (Cont. fr. Above)

  28. After ending last season as the team’s starter, Gabbert has reportedly been working hard to absorb Kelly’s system from day one, even helping to organize a pre-camp practice session with his receivers aimed at preparing for the coming season and building chemistry with his teammates.

    And having that trust, that camaraderie, and chemistry is of the utmost importance

    Sounds like…Dare I say it…What Alex Smith did for J. Harbaugh

    1. The above poster and the author below agree with TomD showing that “great football minds think alike.”

      San Francisco 49ers: Starting Quarterback Should Be An Easy Call To Make

      by Kevin Saito 15 hours ago Follow @Kevin_Saito

      After ending last season as the team’s starter, Gabbert has reportedly been working hard to absorb Kelly’s system from day one, even helping to organize a pre-camp practice …

      And having that trust, that camaraderie, and chemistry is of the utmost importance

      Whereas Kaepernick has been called “aloof” or has been said to “be alone on an island” in the locker room, Gabbert has enjoyed vocal support from his teammates.

      I think Seb and Kap are aloof. Seb due to his preposterous posts on a hill on an island.

  29. For those that thought Chip would be interested in Foles, he’s a big fan(that’s why he traded him, right?) but he’s not interested. Surprise, surprise. Also, for the ones that think Driskel is in the mix, Chip said when you have 3 guys in the mix, it gets too diluted in terms of reps to make a determination….

  30. Jeff Driskel was working with special teams like he did in OTA’s. He was calling audibles behind the line but never had the ball snapped to throw a pass.

    Jeff Driskel was working with 11 on 11’s and 7 on 7’s…

  31. San Francisco 49ers could have historically bad passing game
    by Sayre Bedinger 15 hours ago Follow @sayrebedinger

    In 2015, the San Francisco 49ers ranked 29th in the NFL in passing yards per game. The bad news? Things didn’t get any better this offseason.

    The Niners, at least on paper, have one of the worst assortments of receivers and tight ends I have seen, and they have a head coach in Chip Kelly who isn’t coming off of the most successful first stint as an NFL head coach, implementing his fast-paced style against NFL defenses that seemed to figure it out pretty quickly.

    The two-QB race between Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick is as ugly as any in the NFL right now

    It’s all adding up to something that could wind up being the worst passing game in the NFL, but perhaps a historically bad …


    1. I don’t know about that, Tom. We really don’t know anything about what talent we may, or may not have on offense.Last years coaching staff did nothing for their development. Whats more, they couldn’t have spotted a “Jerry Rice” if he fell right in their lap-and Baalke would never have drafted him.
      I’m thinking we take a wait and see attitude. What say u?

      1. Your right, it’s a wait and see deal.

        What do you think of Seb 2 quarterback rotational idea?

        I think the last time I recall it ( 2 QB system) being done was Shula doing it using David Woodley and Don Strock….Shula’s a HOF coach though.

        1. Kap’s already inaccurate when he plays full time. A cold Kap coming off the bench is enough to reach for the Alka Seltzer

        2. The “seb-2 QB rotation” will not work in the NFL-never has. Reading defenses and making quick, accurate decisions AND throws on a consistent basis has never been Kaps strength.
          Tom sula and Chrips certainly did him no favors, but Kap regressed rather than staying static.
          Wouldnt bother me, tho, if Kap puts egg on my face-just some QB to step up to the plate and get it done.

    1. Eric Branch @Eric_Branch
      Unofficial from 11-on-11: Kaepernick 7 of 9; Gabbert 5 of 9 (1 drop). #49ers

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    Cam Inman ‏@CamInman · 2h2 hours ago

    Chip Kelly & Trent Baalke welcome @CondoleezzaRice to #49ersCamp. I’ve got to ask her who is her QB nominee

  33. Joe Fann ‎@Joe_Fann

    Top offensive play at #49ersCamp on Monday: Blaine Gabbert touchdown pass to Jerome Simpson on play action, deep down the left sideline.

    1:24 PM – 1 Aug 2016

    Ryan Sakamoto
    Just one day after looking strong in practice, Kap hasn’t been accurate today. #49ersBeastWriter #SpotSakamoto

    1. Kevin Lynch, 49er Beat Writer:

      Kap vs. Gabbert:

      “However, the disparity in the two players’ throwing motions was almost drastic – Gabbert gets rid of the ball, seemingly, twice as fast as Kaepernick.”

  34. The Kap vs. Gabbert daily comparisons are going to be insane around here, but I keep reading comments about how badly Kap played in 2014 an wanted to investigate a little further.

    What I found was that Kaepernick’s season essentially turned when Kilgore went down with injury. I’ve mentioned this before but didn’t break down the numbers. I’m not including the Denver game due to not knowing what the stats were before and after Kilgore was lost:

    Up to that point here was Kap’s passing stat line over 6 games:

    Attempts – 185
    Completions – 119
    Comp.% – 64
    Yards – 1456
    YPA – 7.9
    TD’s – 10
    Ints – 4

    The 49ers were 4-2 coming into the Denver game and as we can see above, Kap was playing very well. He had one bad half in the first 6 games where he threw 3 ints against the Bears.

    After Kilgore was lost here are the numbers in the final 9 games:

    Attempts – 254
    Completions – 146
    Comp. % – 57
    Yards – 1650
    YPA – 6.5
    TD’s – 8
    Ints – 5

    Of course it’s not a flawless comparison as you have to go through and look at each individual game and it’s intangibles to see exactly what happened, but there is a direct correlation between Kilgore’s injury and a drop off in Kap’s play. That is likely due to the fact the pressure up the middle increased almost immediately.

    This next stat is amazing. Coming into the Denver game, he had been sacked 13 times in 6 games. In the game after Kilgore was injured, he was sacked 8 times against the Rams.

    What tends to happen in these player discussions is a large amount of hyperbole and selective memory. The truth is Kap was a pretty effective QB for good portion of 2014. Even his final numbers were better than what Gabbert put up last season. I understand the frustration over how poorly he played last year, I share it and have serious doubts as to whether he will ever be a starter in this league again. However, the idea that he was a flash in the pan or was figured out after x number of games is not backed up by the facts.

    Imo, what happened was he went from getting some of the best protection both in pass pro and the running game, to playing behind some of the worst. It caused him to lose his confidence last year and hit rock bottom. If he can start over and begin to trust the guys in front of him again, we may see a resurgence. Not likely, but not impossible either.

    1. You just made my case on how unimportant stats are. The variables are too many to list. There is no doubt some of Kap’s problems was directly related to the o-line. My concerns with Kap was more of his mental makeup. He has made some mental mistakes that had nothing to do with the o-line. I am just hoping one of them emerges and plays good football I am not for nor against either one at this point.

      1. UC,

        I’ve never said Kap doesn’t share in the blame for the downturn in his career. This post was just to put his career in perspective. Too often I’m reading comments about how he has sucked for two seasons because he was figured out, or he couldn’t read defenses etc, etc. and it simply isn’t true. Like any player he had some growing pains, but he was pretty consistent with his overall play up until the point I referenced above, both in his individual numbers and the teams wins and losses. He wasn’t a great QB, but he was pretty good in the way he was used. The problems truly began when the pass protection started going south. It’s not the only reason, but it’s a big one.

        I do care who wins the competition because I have no doubt this team will never be a contender with Blaine Gabbert at QB. They won’t be with Kaepernick anytime soon either, but could eventually be if he can regain the confidence he had previously along with the roster improving over time with better drafting and FA. I admit it’s not likely, but that is the only chance I see from the QB’s currently on the roster. Chances are we are looking at taking one early next year regardless.

        1. Rocket – NP my post was not intended to dispute what you said but just to enhance it. I know you didn’t say that and my bad if my post led you to believe that. My apologies.

          1. For me, neither QB passes the smell test. Those that think that Kaepernick is effective missed all those times he was almost picked off and flirted with disaster even when he was playing well. His mechanics are off and he dependence on his physical prowess were always problematic for me. I think that Gabbert has had own challenges but the criticism leveled to excuse Kaps poor play are equally applicable to Gabbert. I hope that one really improves VASTLY under Kelly this year. Heck, I hope they both do. I’m not optimistic though.

            1. EC,

              I don’t necessarily disagree with your point, but every QB in this league has flirted with disaster and had potential picks dropped. It comes with the territory. I think Kap just has to play his game, sloppy mechanics and all. Think about it, before he went to EXOS and started screwing around with his throwing motion he was middle of the pack at worst. After that he looked like he couldn’t throw a ball through a hoop 10 yards away by the time he was benched.

              Kap’s issues are from the neck up imo. He’s tried to become a player he isn’t and while I don’t see long term success from a player who can’t play consistently from the pocket, this system doesn’t rely on that element as much. If he just goes out and plays his game and gets all the crap out of his head, he may be able to regain some semblance of what he used to be.

          2. UC,

            Not at all my friend. It’s all good. I just wanted to make sure I was clear with the point is all. I tend to set people off at times and if I’m going to do that, I should at least make sure the argument is understood.

  35. Not one of your better articles. Just a surface criticism of the QB with no investigation as to why the “hot hand” declined.

        1. Rocket, fyi Iron Maiden concert at Wacken will be streamed live this Thursday, August 4th just in case you’re interested!

          1. I hadn’t heard about that Razor. Thanks for the heads up. It’s going to look and sound great through the HT!

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