49ers vs Packers live blog

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers’ Week 4 game against the Green Bay Packers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

12:00 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:
TE Vernon Davis
WR DeAndrew White
RB Mike Davis
CB Shareece Wright
G/C Ian Silberman
NT Mike Purcell
G/T Brandon Thomas

12:02 RB Reggie Bush is active.

12:03 I expect the 49ers’ offense to move the ball methodically and score 17 points. I expect the Packers’ offense to move the ball at will and score 37.

12:04 Here are the Packers’ inactives:
QB Brett Hundley
WR Davante Adams
CB Demetri Goodson
S Morgan Burnett
LB Jake Ryan
G Lane Taylor
T Brian Bulaga

12:15 The Packers have two blue-chip players — Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews. The Niners have none.

12:55 Look for the Niners to align Reggie Bush on the line of scrimmage to match him up against the Packers’ slow linebackers. It will be interesting to see if Dom Capers responds by assigning a defensive back to cover Bush. Can Green Bay’s backers cover him?

1:23 The 49ers win the toss and defer.

1:35 Aaron Rodgers throws an eight-yard touchdown pass to tight end Richard Rodgers. 7-0 Packers. They should have scored on the first play of the drive — Ty Montgomery dropped a deep pass.

1:37 Definitely a smart decision deferring to the second half.

1:38 Rodgers was 6-for-8 on that drive, and his best pass was dropped by Montgomery.

1:43 On third-and-8, Kaepernick throws a short pass over the middle to Reggie Bush, who gets tackled immediately by safety Mycah Hyde. The play before, Kaepernick was flagged for a false start. Packers’ ball at their 15 after the punt.

1:48 The Niners are using a dime defense on this drive, and the dime defender is Keith Reaser. He’s lining up at inside linebacker. First play of the drive, the Packers run right at him and Ty Montgomery picks up nine yards.

1:53 Rodgers scrambles for five yards on third-and-9, and the Packers punt. Niners’ ball at their 21.

2:00 Vance McDonald drops a pass on second-and-nine. On third-and-nine, Kaepernick throws deep to Torrey Smith, who is open. Kaepernick’s pass lands out of bounds. Smith storms to the bench. Tomsula walks over to console him.

2:01 Eddie Lacy gains five yards up the middle before the first quarter ends. Second-and-five from midfield when the second quarter begins.

2:05 Rodgers overthrows Rodgers on third-and-2. Bad play by Rodgers. 49ers’ ball at their 10 after the punt.

2:07 Kaepernick scrambles up the middle for three yards on third-and-four, and the Niners go three-and-out. Packers’ ball at their 12 after the punt.

2:12 Ty Montgomery drops a low pass on third-and-1, and the Packers go three-and-out again. L.J. McCray runs into Jarryd Hayne while he’s catching the punt, and he fumbles. The Niners recover at their 28.

2:23 Kaepernick gets sacked on first-and-goal and second-and-goal. On third-and-goal, he completes a short pass to Vance McDonald, who fumbles. Quinton Patton recovers.  Phil Dawson makes the field goal and the score is 7-3 Green Bay with 4:25 left in the first half.

2:25 Garrett Celek was wide open in the end zone when Kaepernick got sacked the second time.

2:43 Ahmad Brooks sacks Rodgers for a nine-yard loss on third-and-10. Mason misses a 44-yard field goal wide left, and the first half ends.

3:02 On third-and-11, Geep Chryst calls a run up the middle for Reggie Bush. No gain. Big surprise. What kind of play call was that???

3:13 On second-and-goal from the 18, Rodgers scrambles out of the pocket to his left, jukes Eric Reid and runs out of bounds at the 1.

3:15 Fullback John Kuhn pounds it in from a yard out. 14-3 Green Bay.

3:16 James Jones beat Kenneth Acker twice on third down during that drive.

3:21 Clay Matthews sacks Kaepernick on third-and-4, the Niners go three-and-out and Bradley Pinion shanks a punt. Packers’ ball at the Niners’ 47.

3:29 Randall Cobb drops a pass on third-and-7 from the Niners’ 13, and Mason Crosby makes a 31-yard field goal. 17-3 Green Bay.

3:32 Bruce Ellington brings the kickoff out from the back of the end zone and gets tackled at the Niners’ 12.

3:34 Torrey Smith makes a 7-yard catch on third-and-7. First-and-10 from the 22-yard line when the fourth quarter begins.

3:45 Aaron Lynch sacks Rodgers for a loss of eight on third-and-9. Niners’ ball at their 33-yard line after the punt.

3:49 Kaepernick throws deep on third-and-16 and gets picked by Sam Shields.

3:54 Aaron Lynch sacks Rodgers on third-and-3, and the Packers punt. Niners’ ball at their 33 with 5:58 left. Let’s see what the worst offense in the NFL can do.

3:57 Kaepernick misses two passes in a row out of bounds, and the fans start booing him.

4:03 Kaepernick gets sacked on fourth-and-five from the 15, and the game is pretty much over.

4:13 Niners get the ball with 13 seconds left. Just take a knee.

4:14 Game over. Stay tuned for grades.

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  1. Bulaga has not been great so far for GB this season, but with him out we may be able to get a pass rush to make things a little less comfortable for Rodgers.

    I’m looking for this to be a ‘trap game’ for the Packers. Like the 49ers (offense, defense, special teams, coaching) to come out and play some physical football and have a bounce-back effort from last weeks ugly showing.
    It’s going to be very hard to right the ship for the rest of the season if we put up another stinker.
    I do feel good about this game. Hoping I still feel this way at about 4pm!

    1. They always come out and try and play physical!! I think it’s time to try something different for a quater or 2. Try opening it up before we become predictable. Then unleash the run game

  2. I was big on Lacy in the draft. SF passed on him twice. I predict Gabbert gets playing time and Eddie Lacy and Aaron Rodgers go ahead by 31 at the half.
    Mike Davis is inactive. So much for his power running style. This organization is a degenerate as I am in fantasy football.

  3. Redemption is nigh, sieze the day Kaepurnicus and may the team unite behind you on your march to victory!

  4. Even as Cutler aired that pass off his backfoot, I used my newly-developed Kap-scream of “Noooooo” — and sure it was picked off.

  5. Much as I would like to less of Rodger’s smirk and more cheesehead gloom, it’s difficult for me to think of a scenario of how the Niners are going to win with this awful O line play and pedestrian pass-rush. I hope that they keep it under 2 TDs. But then, that’s why they play the game.

  6. With Mike Davis inactive but both Bush and Hayne active I think we can assume that Hayne will be retaining punt return duties even with Bush back.

    Pre-game bold prediction: Hayne gets more carries then Bush.

  7. Gotta love Baalke’s big offseason free agents on defense. Dockett gets cut before the season and Sharice Wright isn’t even allowed to wear the uniform. Add this to the growing list of concerns about the competence of the 49ers GM.

  8. They have Brooks back over on the left side and Lynch playing the right. Finally got Brooks out of there lets see how it pans out.

  9. LA la la la la…..I’ll take a #1 and supersize it please….too much time for Rodgers

  10. Kaepernick has already cost a HC and an OC their jobs. Now he has the GM and new HC and OC job’s in his sites.

  11. Missed face mask followed by the dumbest call in years. Good to know the refs are actually worse then we are.

  12. Time to get McDonald off the field, he needs to be cut as soon as the season ends, if not sooner. He is just a giant black hole.

  13. Quit whining MD you are contendening inspite of deserved penalties. Well got to hand it to the 49ers — they showed up to play today. And someone must have said to CK this is a make or break year. Good luck and I hope you beat them!.

  14. 49ers corner did an excellent job of taking out the safety there to set up that big gain

  15. Our D is playing tough (as best as i can see from NFL Redzone, anyway), but we’re also getting away with a lot of grabbing by the DBs

  16. We’ll see how this second half transpires. Can these coaches make second half adjustments offensively? That’s where people have a lot of doubt.

  17. Simple… second half, we need to put up points or we loose. There coaches are adjusting. Let’s see how our coaches do coming out of half time.

    Also, I need to see at least TWO passes 40 yards down field. I don’t care if we miss them I want to see T. Smith stretching the goddamn defense and us attempting a pass. Even if it is out of bounds or 15 yards past everyone.

  18. 49ers staying within striking distance. Defense is beginning to show-up and Ward is looking good today.

    Still not crazy about our O-line and VMac is playing his way to the bench. Why haven’t we found a way to get the ball into Torrey Smith’ hands? Zero catches for TSmith and the one pass to him was off-line by CK.
    No Ellington thus far either. With Matthews taking an outside rushing lane to Kap why can’t we get the ball to a RB on the flat once Matthews vacates his spot.

    It doesn’t look like we’re playing to win only not to lose real badly.

  19. You cut a pro bowl punter to save money and use a 5th round pick on a guy that had been super inconsistent vv this year. This front office has no clue.

  20. Bold in is washed up. Let Patton and #10 play along with Smith. Trade McDonald’s ald for anything you can get!

      1. Before they crown Baalke a great gm remember he took V Mac instead of Eddie Lacy. Maybe after two more losses we can stop hearing about what a competent gm he is

  21. Beside Patton 40 yards, 21 passing yards at the half for our QB, I thought Steve Young told you to stop hiding Mr. KAEPERNICK.

  22. Ward looks pretty good.

    Acker is getting torched. He’s always right there to make the tackle after his guy makes a simple or great catch, but he never pick it off or breaks up the pass. This guy is not good. Give Reaser the nod.

  23. It’s not only the QB letting the offense. You can’t win football games with this play calling on offense. Paid Smith all that money to stretch the field for what?

  24. Hard to believe: two consecutive sacks
    in the red zone. Colin, that is the last place
    ON EARTH where this is okay?
    YOU ARE NOT OKAY, fella.
    and a whopping nine receptions and
    zero TDs midway through the 3rd quarter.

    my, my, my…
    (Yes, I am the Super Bowl monkey).

  25. I am all for benching Kaepernick. He is not a pocket passer and if this is the game plan, take him out and put a pocket passer in.

      1. Kaepernick has no presnap read. He misses wide open crossing route. The faster he is benched, the faster the rebuild stars

    1. Matt,
      If you really think that Gabbert could do a better job with this awful O-line than you are somewhere out there with your GB 31-0 lead by halftime.

      I’m not crazy about Kap’ inability to jump-start the offense and think it may be time to at least consider a change, but no QB is going to find success behind this O-line. We will need to wait until the 2016 draft to find our future QB – and than hope we can accelerate his progress and get a respectable O-line to protect him.
      Much easier said than done.

      1. My mistake I missed the 31 point lead at half. My name is Matt not Jesus Christ. I should have taken into account Rodgers would miss wide open receivers. It was a short week and a road game. However, I can’t tell the future.

        I can see value being lost continuing to play an inept Kaepernick.

        I did not say put Gabbert in the game. What I said was, If the game plan is to play a pocket passing game, you need to put a pocket passing QB in. That is not Kaepernick.

        They are not rolling the pocket for Kaepernick. They are not calling quick reads or if they are, the QB is not releasing the ball.

  26. This is comical. The only reason the first half was close is because of a short week road game. Where are all the warm fuzzies for Tomsula? That locker room will quit if SF loses by 40. This organization is dumbfounding the fans each week.

  27. It’s not Kap. This OL is a disgrace. Can’t pass block or run block. They need to take out the right side of the line and replace them with 2 other guys…what do they have to lose at this point!!?!?!?

  28. Can the returners stop trying to run kicks from 9 yards deep in the end zone out…they have to be the most stupid players ever

  29. five first downs… in three quarters?
    136 yards total….” ” ” …….?
    that means Colin is averaging (per quarter)
    less than two first downs and
    less than 50 yards total offense.
    How soon does he get benched? Today?
    Coach Tomsula, please advise?

        1. No, it’s certainly not the teams biggest issue. The point that is being made is that Baalke selected him with a 5th round pick; a mistake which no other GM in the league makes.

  30. The inconsistency with the punter is sad. The bad punts are worth at least 3 points. That’s a problem.

  31. Have they even call a screen pass or roll out pass all game? Did I miss something. TomSula has no ball to bench KP…

  32. I’ve always liked CK7 because he is a hometown boy (Turlock), but I finally have to come out and admit that he is holding this back.
    My love for my 49ers teams far exceeds my feelings toward any one individual player.

    There is no way you miss a simple 8 yrd pass – inexcusable!

    1. Glad you’re coming around AES. It’s tough to accept because the alternative is bleak as well.

    2. Time to give Gabbert a shot. Kap is losing his teammates confidence and players are coming off the field looking more frustrated than the fans.

    3. The offensive line is horrible. Problem now is Kap has happy feet. He so worried about the pass rush that he won’t stand in and make a throw. He won’t take a hit.

  33. The defense is playing pretty good considering all the 3 and outs by the offense. Didn’t want to believe but this coaching and offense are a joke.

  34. They’re afraid of Hayne. They know a play maker when they see one. What’s our problem?

    1. Roman wasn’t bad; people forget that Chryst designed the passing game in the past. Roman was top notch at the run game but sucked in the passing game, with heavy help from Chryst!

  35. McDonald
    v Davis

    These induviduals better be gone after this season.

    1. NineMD:

      8 out of the 11 names in your list are new to the roster. They replaced good players and a great coach with these names.

      I wonder what Baalke and the Yorks have talked about after each game this season….?

  36. I’ve been a defender of Kaep for a long time, but even I can’t defend him anymore. He is just terrible. Gabbert can’t possibly be any worse.

      1. Jordan I don’t disagree with you. However, a QB change has to be made. A message has to be sent to Kaepernick. The sooner Gabbert is allowed to fail the faster the rebuilding starts. A team does not come.back from benching its starter. Its the first step in moving on. Until that happens they are strapping themselves to Kaepernick’s sinking ship.

  37. CK7 playing with no confident shows on the field, blame the OL all you want, but we got a big question mark at QB position…

  38. Kap is shellshocked. His confidence is gone. He’s lost and it’s sad that he can’t find an open receiver when he has time.
    Crabtree was right. Kap is paid, his hunger is hone. He no longer wants it.

  39. is this how Anquan caps off his day?
    helping Kaepernick look sick?
    FIVE QB SACKS… plus an INT….!!!
    this is a young, mobile, speedy athlete?
    say what?

      1. Again, who cares about smith, he sucks too. The best thing that can happen to this team is getting Jared Goff.

        1. Didn’t think Smith was any good when he was here. I called for Kaepernick, but I also was quick to see he was not the answer. The smith comment is just a response to everyone saying it was the o-lines fault. Smith is just a QB who had a high number of sacks with high production. Rodgers was sacked 3 times. Many of Kaepernick sack are him holdingthe ball too long .

        1. I see no more than 4 wins based on the schedule. I can see as few as 1 (meaning we don’t win another game)

  40. Kaepernick looked especially bad today because he didn’t have his garbage numbers against a prevent D that he and so many fans have hidden his ineptness behind.

      1. Doubt it considering niners r his favorite team and Montana his idol. Every owner is crap until he finds his franchise QB. Then he is competent. That’s the joke.

        1. Well, if we are in that position, I hope you are right. But Goff could just adamantly say he’s finishing out his senior year – end of discussion.

  41. Feel lucky I had to take my kids to a bday party and had to miss most of this game. I’m starting to wonder if the last 4 year’s niners history was dominated by the drafting of Iupati and Davis….allowed Harbaugh to make first Smith and then Kaep look good for a few years…..now Iupati and Davis are gone and we’re back to the same old garbage we had with Nolan and Singletary.

  42. So who can this team beat? Looking at the schedule I don’t see a single game I think THIS team can beat. Maybe if the moron masquerading as coaches makes some OL changes, and they work, then maybe we could be a a couple of teams. But this is quickly turning into a train wreck that even those of us that were pessimistic about the season didn’t foresee. The offense has nothing that they do well. I think Hyde is good, but with no OL and no QB he becomes the focal point of defenses.

  43. Well, I should be slapped too for thinking we are going to win today!
    CK is shot and maybe it’s time to move on. The running game is nowhere to be found. The OL is garbage. The coaching especially in the offensive side sucks. Our 5th round punter…well I don’t know what to say. The offense as a whole is garbage. :(

  44. Guys you asked for improvement,well Kaepernick did better than last week he raised his QBR by 40 points over last week.

  45. Colin got beat up worse today than the last two games. Some of you losers are pretty cruel about it too, like you’ve done anything of significance in your pathetic little lives… maybe he isn’t going to make it in this league but it sure isn’t for lack of trying behind what is one of the worst OLs in recent memory…

    1. And what have you done oh high and mighty one? The truth hurts.. He sucks, but probably will turn it around when he gets cuts and joins GB to study under AR…

    2. Dude, be quiet. The guy is paid to do his job like everyone else, and right now he is not. There is no feeling sorry for kaepernick. He makes millions of dollars to play a game and is expected to perform. If he doesn’t, just like everyone else, he’s gone. Seriously, you want call people out, go somewhere else. Nonsense!

  46. It would be ironic if the team that Kap has had the most success against would be the last team that he could face as a starter.

    I have no choice but to call for Gabbert starting next week. I believe that after CK looks at the film of his play today that he will have absolutely no problem with Tomsula going with Gabbert.
    The Packers were primed for a loss today and we couldn’t muster anything on offense. This is a very bad 49ers team.

    1. Yep. And I bet the All-22 film will show that Kap missed seeing a lot of open receivers.

      It seems like the defense played better today because they were more conservative than in past weeks. I’m looking forward to the film review.

    2. Sad but true, AES. I have no problem seeing Gabbert next week but if we cannot run the ball and we’re suppose to be a running team, and the way our OL pass-protect, it wouldn’t matter.

    3. I agree. Green Bay tried to lose this one. The offense didn’t help the defense. This was a winnable game in every quarter. It won’t get any easier.
      The fissures are starting to show with veterans yelling on the sideline. I have never seen Bold in lose his cool. He is a consemate professional. For him to be that upset speaks volume for how far gone the team is.
      Whose spot does Simpson get when he comes back? Holmgren is a real option to start as GM in Nov.

  47. I am bitter, stadium full of packer fans, than you dorks for being money hungry, your team and organization is hot garbage! For me this is worse then the 70’s has we had a competent coach but dork go his feelings hurt. Who would want to work for the slimy dorks! Parag Marathi is a joke, balke is clueless! I so bummed and angry! Jam geting close to not watching anymore!

  48. A moral defeat? Not such thing. This is still an awful team. They are outcoached and poorly prepared. The Packers should not have walked out of Santa Clara with a W.

    The Packers were a hapless team: aside from their QB, and their gimpy RB, the rest of the supporting staff are back ups and rookies.

    1. I thought the defense played well going up against the best QB in the NFL. The offense will not get any better until they make some changes, and even then, don’t expect much. It looks more and more like we will have a top 5 draft pick.

  49. Delicious tears of Kaepernick fans, so perfect. So wonderful for the team for him to lose and suck because soon the team will blow up and start over and maybe then there will be some hope. Everyone who loved him is getting what they deserve.

  50. It looked to me on that last drive when they called the timeout, they were giving up the game to “give Kaep confidence” and grind out a touchdown.
    It was a two-posession game, they could’ve tried to score quickly and onside kicked.
    But I guess we expect that from Geep/Kaep combo?

  51. Change needed all around. Can’t do much about the owners, unless a small group of billionaires come to the forefront. Baalke needs to exit. Poor Jim T.; perhaps he could manage a Firestone car repair center in Modesto. Coaching prospects… David Shaw, Brian Kelly, Kyle Whittingham, other? We’ll probably have something like the 3rd-5th pick in the next draft.

      1. Miami and Detroit aren’t looking very good at the moment. The 9ers will manage to win another game or two–possibly a third–4 and 12 could be it. Followed next year by a 6 and 10 season. We’re all gonna be way older before we see a NFC Championship Game with 9ers in it. I feel sorry for the veteran players.

        1. No way niners beat lions in Detroit. Dolphins will get better. I don’t see us winning more than 2 more games based on schedule.

    1. He would have a better oline at Cal Cubus!hopefully a new will be in place with a young head coach with a plan!

    2. If Baalke is still here,we will trade back for a stockpile of picks and draft a long snapper in the 1st round

  52. Jimmy Johnson was just asked what he would do with Kap. He was very serious with his response. He said he would look for another QB. He said Kap plays sandlot football which makes it very difficult for the 10 guys around him. No continuity on offense.

    1. He said in past shows one should not be to cute with draft picks,you have to make them count!

    2. CK7 is lost, you will see teammates start to turn against him, bench him now and see what talent you still have to compete.

  53. Whether by accident or design, the Packers were held to 17 points, not one person would have predicted that.
    The win was there for the taking….so frustrating.

    1. Short week, Fly out to the West Coast. Just don’t do something stupid. The game was nowhere near what the score was. Like we used to say: The ref blew the whistle. The Packers mistakenly thought the half was over and left the field. The 49 ers took six plays to score.

  54. The Defense did a good job today. There needs to be some changes in the offense. Is it time for Gabbert or do we need different offensive linemen.

  55. It was 7-3 when i got off the plane and caught the score at the airport port. Get back to the hotel and it was 17-3. Defense doesn’t suck as much as we thought.
    Didn’t watch the game, but Kaep’s stat says 13-25 for 160 yards. And 3 points and no red zone points.

    I hear it’s the O-line’s fault. All the more reason to start Gabbert because at least he’l throw the ball to the check down, which was saw during the pre-season.

    Let’s hear the Kaep supporters say how his stats say he actually had a good game!

  56. I thought the defense played very well today. Holding GB to 17 points was a very good outing and I see promise in the future with this young group.

    I don’t like listening to Troy Aikman announce a game, but today he was spot on. He said that a running quarterback like CK can do somethings with a strong defense and a dominating offensive line, but when you lack those two things you must be able to make plays from the pocket. CK can’t make plays from the pocket and the entire league has figured that out. On some plays today GB had 9 in the box and played run blitzes. The good news is that the contract CK signed with the niners will not break the bank if they get rid of him.

    The question: When will they make a change to Gabbert?

    1. I am not ready to crown the defense. Green Bay receivers dropped easy passes. That stopped more drives than the defense. Let’s be honest. The drops not the defense kept SF in the game.

    2. Not only that, but Jimmy Johnson called it sandlot football. I thought it was high football myself, the way the new wonderful Punter can only kick 29 yards on a punt and shanks the ball. boldin looks really mad, hate to be in the car with him going home today! Be nice to get that 1st round pick, and if you see Jared Goff, you TAKE Jared Goff if he’s out there.

  57. Niners won the toss and deferred because they are so good at playing from behind? Just more added pressure for an offense that can’t score

  58. It’s official. Ck is emotionally broken! And it won’t (if ever) come back this year. Time to start Gabbert. These players have lost all will to want to play for ck. And nobody needs to ask how do I know. The faces and body language says it all. Oh and his receivers are yelling at him is a pretty good indication.

    1. I agree. And it’s a matter of time before the players lose their will to play for these coaches.

  59. My sister-in-law, who knows nothing about football, watched two quarters of 49ers’ football and said to me, “Who is that quarterback sleeping with because he shouldn’t be playing.” HUM?

  60. It looks like the offensive players are pretty ready to dump all over the offensive coaching staff.

    In the last 3 games, the 49ers have scored 28 points with 15 of those points coming as garbage time points in Pittsburgh.

    So the offensive is inept. But the defense has also shown that it is terrible, giving up 90 points in a 2-game span.

    The coaches are horrific. They have no plan. They tried to keep Bruce Miller off the field, now they want him. They want to go big and slow with TEs and Boldin, so why sign Smith or Bush or draft Ellington or Patton.

    Furthermore, why did Baalke draft how he’s drafted? He is even worse than the coaching staff. The real issue is that Baalke wants to have a running and defense team, but the Niners should be a passing team.

    Jed, you’re braindead. Go get an offensive guru from college. Stop being an idiot.

  61. Lousy game all around. D bad, CK was bad, O was bad, NOs. were bad, just luck GB had MNF and had to fly cross country. GB should have droped the hammer. I want Tomsula fired and CK benched. Draft jared Goff.

  62. Just saw this little gem a few minutes ago: A player on the Packers is heard yelling, “You ain’t no Wilson!” Now take a guess as to whom he was yelling that at.

    1. Was that directed to Colin Kaepernick, or SACKORPICK, sweet. BTW, catch Clay matthews little flip side Kaepernicking? About as sweet as the Ram player last year doing that.

    1. Nope, he’s playing the Donald Trump, Money, money, money, money, money, money, dollar, dollar.

      Oh yeah, how about the Packer fans at the Stick, I mean, the Levi? Park looked about 75% full at game time and over half empty by half time. And any 49er fans that stayed, they cheered with the Packer fans and I bet the boos were a reminder of Alex Smith’s Eagles game.

    2. Leo,
      It would be hard for him to apologize given the fact that he is responsible for the teams downfall.

      Hopefully paying fans will pick up the idea of one season ticket holder earlier this week when he called for paying fans going to the nationally televised game to make it a Harbaugh dress-a-like day.
      Time to make young Jedi sweat a little.

  63. The post game interview with the starting quarterback of the 49ers looking like a thug is embarrassing. This guy is all about himself. What a disgrace to the organization with this wanna be football player. He couldnt read the menu at jack in the box let alone the defense of another team. What happened to the off season workout with Kurt Warner, didnt help!!!!!!

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