49ers vs. Seahawks live blog


This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers’ Week 7 Thursday night game against the Seattle Seahawks. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

4:04 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:
DeAndrew White
Jarryd Hayne
Brandon Thomas
Ian Silberman
Mike Purcell
Blake Bell
Corey Lemonier

That means Carlos Hyde, Anquan Boldin, Bruce Ellington, Reggie Bush, Vernon Davis and Gerald Hodges are active. Ellington probably will return punts.

4:08 Here are the Seahawks’ inactives:
Marcus Burley
Derrick Coleman
Nick Moody
Mark Glowinski
Patrick Lewis
Demarcus Dobbs
Jordan Hill

4:39 Hyde has a stress fracture in his left foot, according to Tracy Wolfson.

5:21 Seattle wins the toss and defers.

5:29 Reggie Bush drops a pass on third-and-7. He came to play. Niners go three-and-out.

5:29 Seahawks’ ball at their 39-yard line after the punt.

5:39 Marshawn Lynch dives over the pile and into the end zone on third-and-goal from the one-yard line.  7-0 Seahawks. Russell Wilson attempted only three passes. Lynch ran nine times.

5:43 Quinton Patton returns the kickoff to the Niners’ 32-yard line.

5:47 Kaepernick throws back-to-back passes out of bounds on second- and third-down, and the Niners go three-and-out. The second pass hit a 49ers trainer in the side of the head.

5:48 Seahawks’ ball at their 15 after the punt.

5:50 Anquan Boldin is playing only on third downs.

5:50 Richard Sherman is covering Torrey Smith where ever he goes.

5:56 Russell Wilson misses Jimmy Graham on third-and-8 from midfield. Eric Reid was playing inside linebacker and covering Graham man to man. Jaquiski Tartt was playing safety.

5:57 Reggie Bush watches the punt bounce. Niners ball at their 11-yard line.

6:01 Hyde rushes for 10 yards on first-and-5 from the Niners’ 28, and the first quarter ends. Hyde ran for 12 yards on the first play of the drives. His foot doesn’t appear to be an issue.

6:02 Marshawn Lynch is throwing up on the sideline.

6:05 On first down, Kaepernick fakes a hand off to Mike Davis, turns around and gets sacked. Obvious he wasn’t going to hand off to Davis. Hyde has to be on the field for that play call. Bad decision by Geep Chryst. Niners punt three plays later.

6:06 Seahawks’ ball at their 34 after the punt.

6:11 Russell Wilson scrambles for three yards on third-and-five, and Steven Hauschka makes a 49-yard field goal. 10-0 Seahawks.

6:22 Kaepernick is flagged for a delay of game on third-and-10, knocking the Niners’ out of field goal range. Next play, Kaepernick completes a one-yard pass to Bush on third-and-15. Gutsy play call. Seahawks’ ball at their 10-yard line after the punt.

6:25 Gerald Hodges in for Michael Wilhoite on first down.

6:30 Wilson play fakes and throws deep for Tyler Lockett, who smokes Tramaine Brock for a 43-yard touchdown catch. 17-0 Seattle. Five-play, 90-yard drive.

6:35 Kaepernick runs into sacks on first- and second-down. Third-and-18 after the two-minute warning.

6:35 Antoine Bethea has a shoulder injury and is questionable.

6:38 Kaepernick completes a 6-yard pass to Boldin on third-and-18. Kaepernick’s passer rating is 63.9. Is that good?

6:43 Brock picks off Wilson in the end zone with 43 seconds left in the first half. Pass was intended for Doug Baldwin, who was open. Pass was late. Brock made a great break.

6:45 Kaepernick tries to escape the pocket and takes a sack for a loss of 14. That’s the fourth time he’s gotten sacked. Seattle absolutely owns him.

6:46 Bush gains nine yards up the middle on a draw, and the first half ends.

6:47 Niners booed off the field.

7:05 Aaron Lynch sacks Wilson on second-and-20, the Seahawks punt and Bush returns it nine yards to the Niners’ 25.

7:10 Chryst calls three straight runs to the start the second half. Hyde fumbles on the third carry, Erik Pears recovers and the Niners go three-and-out. Did the Niners even practice this week, or did the players vote against it?

7:16 Wilson throws deep and Kenneth Acker intercepts him at the 49ers’ 7-yard line. The Niners would be in this game if the offense could do anything.

7:23 Kaepernick completes a 13-yard pass to Vernon Davis on third-and-10, then completes a 27-yard pass to Davis two plays later. He’s alive!

7:27 Kaepernick throws another ground ball on third-and-2 from the Seahawks 17, and Tomsula sends out the field-goal unit. Courageous. Dawson makes the field goal, and the score is 17-3 Seattle with 1:21 left in the first half.

7:35 The Seahawks are flagged for holding as the third quarter ends.

7:44 Hauschka makes a 46-yard field goal, and the score is 20-3 Seattle. Game over. Shameful performance.  The Niners were not prepared to play.

7:50 Kaepernick gets sacked two more times, and Chryst calls a draw for Bush on third-and-26. More boos.

7:55 Brooks sacks Wilson on third-and-9, and the Seahawks go three-and-out.

8:00 Patton drops a pass on third-and-4, and the 49ers are punting. Seriously?

8:08 Tartt is injured.

8:11 The Niners punt again after Kaepernick almost throws a pick.

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    1. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah baby. I called Seattle to win by 17 and lo andbehold, 20 to 3, whoooo!

  1. Please get rid of vernon davis…please…he is beyond horrible….if niners have the same offensive game plan as the last 2 weeks…they win

    1. Vernon hasnt been the same receiver since Cam Chancellor rang his bell a couple of years ago…either that, or he just doesnt care anymore, and his playing out his contract….in either case, he really isnt the offensive weapon he used to be….one thing I cant understand about his game is why he insists on leaving his feet to catch a pass when its completely unnecessary…..when you leave your feet, youre pretty much defenseless…hence the concussion from the Chancellor hit…IMHO

    2. Vernon hasnt been the same receiver since Cam Chancellor rang his bell a couple of years ago…either that, or he just doesnt care anymore, and his playing out his contract….in either case, he really isnt the offensive weapon he used to be….one thing I cant understand about his game is why he insists on leaving his feet to catch a pass when its completely unnecessary…..when you leave your feet, youre pretty much defenseless…hence the concussion from the Chancellor hit…IMHO

  2. Need a big game from Reggie Bush and Ellington. Razor is gonna lose his mind that Hayne is benched!

    1. You really think Bush will last long against this physical defense? Ellington could be effective if he gets to play.

  3. If Bush gets hurt again after 2 plays, that is the guy to cut. He needs to get a hell of a lot tougher or get out. Also Chryst needs to learn how to use him, every run for Bush has been the wrong play it seems like.

  4. Running back Carlos Hyde (foot) and right tackle Erik Pears (back), who were also questionable, are also active. Hyde is playing with a stress fracture in his left foot, CBS Sports’ Tracy Wolfson reported. On Monday, head coach Jim Tomsula said Hyde just had a sore foot: “There’s nothing there,” he said. “Just soreness,”


      1. So do I. It’s the hurt players that are being subjected to going out there and playing and healthy players being inactive? SOmething is not right with the injury process on the 49ers. I would not have played Hyde or Bush.

  5. I still don’t get why Purcell never plays. He was balling it in pre season. The front line gets no push now.. what do they have to lose?

  6. I expect Kapernick to have a good game. It all comes down to the first drive on offense and defense. We have to strike had and fast.

  7. I am guessing it i ms going to be 20% Seaf’er fans here tonight….. Hopefully we send them hm not happy

  8. I heard barrows on XM fantasy sports at lunch and he said the following (paraphrasing)

    1. The emergence of TSmith is a causing the safeties to play deeper.
    2. In the past , seattle’s strategy was double cover vernon and everyone else plays the run.
    3. Now with ellington, TS, Boldin and maybe Vernon , Niners actually have some receiving options.

    end barrows – Seems like there will be some opportunities for Bruce miller, and Celek in the short passing game.

  9. 4:39 Hyde has a stress fracture in his left foot, according to Tracy Wolfson.
    If that’s true then it’s hard to understand first why he’s playing and second why are they sitting RB’s if their starter is injured.

    1. If the 49ers got to play at St. Louis 10 days from now on their artificial turf, no way Hyde is playing unless the 49ers are forcing him out there.

  10. Could be jist misleading. Besides if you do not know who important this game is then you probably never understand ehy you sould play hurt. This hame is the season.

  11. So Hyde has a bad wheel, Bush breaks easy, so that leaves Davis. Maybe we are going to see a lot of Miller tonight. Which is a good thing.

  12. If it wasn’t for Hyde’s “injury” i’d really be liking my prediction that Bush is gone by the bye. Might still if they need a roster spot for Jerome, although both are a waste of one.

  13. Gran’t how you feeling about that bold prediction on Lynch’s yardage tonight?

  14. Halloween has come early for Darrell Bevell , as his playcalling VS Mangini is like teenagers stealing candy from the children!


    Chryst calls 3 straight pass plays with Colin in shotgun to start the game? Kaepernick throwing the football 15 yards out of bounds on every other attempt? I am sick to my stomach already.

    This organization is so

  15. Is tonight the night Kaep finally gets benched? I’m not calling for Gabbert to be the starter but at least a benching will be a wake up call or the beginning to the end some of us have been longing for for a couple years now.

  16. A couple quick observations from this discouraged Niners fan:

    1) Niners body language says it all. They expect to lose and are playing like it.
    2) Niners stadium is half empty and lots of Seahawk fans present. Jed must be proud.
    3) Defense went from one of the toughest to one of the softest.
    4) Why the F is Devey starting?
    5) This team is done.

  17. Colin: Is it a good idea to fall behind Seattle
    in the first quarter (and fail to score anything)…?
    Remember: win or lose
    we do not want to see anymore audio headphones
    around your neck……ever again.

  18. Does anybody think this coaching staff has the answers? I don’t think they even understand the question.

  19. The way to beat Seahawks has always been quick passes (4 to 5 yard passes) with speedy wide receivers.

  20. Kap is just plain scared of this team. He can’t perform at all against this team. If he can’t play well or even close to well against this team, he needs a new team. He is absolutely scared of Seattle.

    1. On the flipside, everyone who’s not on the DL is afraid of Lynch. York should be proud… He has a team full of classy softies.

  21. Another way to beat Seattle is to target the CB opposite Sherman; Williams I think is his name. That’s what good game plans do, but look who we are talking about here.

  22. No touch in his passes … that was supposed to be a screen pass to his running back … smh

  23. Lmao at grant calling a win here. Like I said this game was over before it started. Maybe (and that’s a big maybe) niners get 1 garbage time score in this game. Next Seattle score coming momentarily

  24. Kaep has had like 3 one-yard completions and 3 two-yarders so far, but no picks!

    Oh and it looks like they told him to only throw to Boldin now when he is obviously open, whereas they used to tell him the opposite, which makes Boldin much less effective.

  25. Steve Spurrier is available the team should reach out to him for punt duty. Remember those 35 yard dying quails?

  26. I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed but Kaep looked like a deer in headlights before the game even started. Like I said, over before it started.

    1. I told everyone earlier. Kap is scared to death of Seattle. He doesn’t even believe he can play well against this team. This is a game where I would bench Kap. As much as I don’t like the backup, he won’t fear what he knows nothing about.

  27. I’m sorry, I just burst out laughing at that touchdown catch by Lockett. I’m gonna switch over to the Cal game.

  28. Game over and no reason to even play Kap anylonger. We can not keep playing with him. He just is a joke.

  29. Need to come out running this next possession and hopefully we can go 3 and out so Seattle can get the ball back before half. I can’t believe what the ownership and Baalke did to this team.

  30. We couldn’t beat the Seattle second stringers if no other reason that we have no confidence and they have it all.

  31. We beat a very bad team (in a close game) last week and everybody thought we had arrived. We are helping to heal Seahawks. Pete Carrol must be delighted that Tomsula is the coach.

    Will we get an apology from Jed?

  32. When Garcia was QB the defense was bad like this too but at least the offense gave you hope of staying in the game. With this group you know the game is already over.

  33. Just threw up in my mouth…this game is nauseating to watch…like we knew it would be…damn!

  34. Cal v UCLA is on ESPN

    Ninety are not a good team. Their talent is thin, Kap cannot beat the Seahawks and the coaching is suspect.

  35. I want the stadium to start chanting Gabbert’s name and then I want the telecast to stay on Kaepernicks face for the rest of the game.

    1. I agree. I could understand trying to develop CK, but the real sin is in not drafting a qb for development.

  36. Seattle is having a great time. I hope the 49ers display strong character and compete to the end. Nothing worse on national television than a hang dog look.

  37. Until we fire Balke and hire real coaches. 49ers dont have a chance. Sad really because we dont have a terrible team. Except sometimes the QB.

    1. The only bad thing with that is this: what coach in their right mind is going to want to work for Jed York? And no way does he get rid of Baalke…this organization is screwed, and so are we as fans…

    2. Usually at QB….Good QB’s attempt; to throw the receiver open, not wait for the receiver to make his cut then throw he ball…Kaepernicks success last week was due entirely to the coaching staff making the offense very basic…in other words, #7 didnt have to go through progressions or reads as other NFL QB’s do….

  38. The Yorks ran off Mariucci and Harbaugh (only 2 successful coaches during their ownership) because of ‘personality conflicts’. The Yorks’ huge collective ego has gotten in the way of this team’s chance at success and unfortunately will remain uncompetitive until ownership allows another ego (successful HC) in the building. Expecting them to change their sensitive mindset though is rather pointless. Bring on the boos…..

      1. Risk/reward. Have you ever seen one of those plays score? Do you think it’s worth a fumble and score by the other team? Or an injury? Because either of those plays is more likely to happen than a 90 yard TD run.

        1. Yeah, I figured that’s where you were headed. I actually missed the play as I had the Cal game on.

  39. #49ers faced NYG (30th in pass yards allowed) and Baltimore (27th) last two weeks.This a dose of reality…

  40. I sit here at my desk, keyboard in front of me, television to my right. 49ers memorabilia from wall to wall. So many reminders of the glory days of the past. A proud franchise from top to bottom. The envy of every NFL fan, from from coast to coast, sea to shining sea.

    As is the nature of the NFL, it hasn’t always been good. We’ve had some very lean, disappointing seasons.

    I can honestly say, as I sit here tonight, I can honestly say that I have never felt this level of frustration and disappointment. I have never seen the 49ers defense be this confused and disorganized, this far into a season……..EVER! mI don’t think I have ever had less confidence in a professional sports franchise, top to bottom.

    It’s hard to get a grip on just how far this team has has fallen because it’s seems almost surreal!

    The 49ers beat a severely wounded Baltimore Ravens team last week, but there is no doubt in my mind that the 49ers are the worst team in the NFL. And I think it’s pretty obvious this coaching staff is bottom the barrel. It’s hard to believe a general manager and owner could assemble a staff of coaches who are this far out of their league, even if he tried!

    I am now sure exactly where this team begins to itself in terms of talented football players, but the process has got to start by firing every last coach on this staff, with the exception of one man, RB’s coach, Tom Rathman, though I cannot imagine why he would want to stick around. .

  41. I love my Niners. But how long can a “players coach” keep the locker room in the face of an abortion like this?

    1. Just like corporations, “player’s coaches” are generally not successful. There’s a reason they say it is lonely at the top.

  42. Tomsula is a great DL coach and would have been a lifer there had York not foolishly promoted him…. Now they’ll end up eventually canning him for another yes man. Should have left him at his natural spot and gone after a Kubiak/Phillips duo but then again it’s the Yorks… By the way, I thought he was going to be accountable? Where are you York?

  43. So let’s hear about something interesting. What were they serving for the press tonight at Levi’s?

  44. Take boldin out the game…replace him with speed…run the ball more with hyde…take the pressure off offensive line and kaep which will set up play action…its common sense…how does tomsula not know that

    1. I know what you’re saying, but in this case it’s like arranging deck chairs on the titanic. This team is an epic fail in almost all areas.

    1. I always speak the truth. The product on the field is embarrassing. I can’t watch this nightmare!

  45. Usually I can’t stand Deion but I give him credit for calling out the Yorks… They have no business running this team.

    1. Yet Deion was one of the water carriers for York/Baalke’s campaign against Harbaugh.

        1. Not coaching? Thanks PT, I needed a good laugh. With each game it becomes clearer and clearer than Bozo and his band of clowns are nothing else than below average coaches.

  46. This offense has the rhythm of an Elaine Benes dance. We need to keep working to improve it.

    1. Ha. Good one Jack Hammee. You remind me a lot of a guy who used to post regularly on here with a similar name but he grew tired of us trogs and moved on.

  47. Hey Jed…Hey Trent…..why dont you two clowns step up to the microphone, address the fans, and tell us exactly how you envision this franchise returning to greatness with the garbage youre putting on the field….you ought to fire each other, since you’re both to blame for this charade you refer to a pro football

  48. I am not sure when I can get the courage to be seen in public after this PATHETIC DISPLAY of American Football. 3 years removed from the Superbowl and I don’t think this team could beat the Michigan Wolverines!

  49. Is this the team our parents warned us about? It should be labeled with a black box warning.

  50. York should be praying another NFCW team isn’t celebrating on our field come the SB… It’s actually almost too predictable.

  51. I am not sure this team could beat any of this nation’s college BCS contenders.

    55 Total Yards in the 1st half and 8 WR Receiving Yards.

    Unbelievable. I can’t take any more guys. I am a 49ers Faithful and I will NEVER root for another team, but I can no longer endure this pain, Jed York and Trent Baalke have broken my heart.

    Peace Out & God Speed!

    1. This forum has a great group of knowledgeable 49er fans, and I feel fortunate to have participated this season.

      But the time has come for me to throw in the towel. I am not sure when I will ready to root this team on again, but I promise you it won’t be until ever last remnant of this current front office and coaching staff are long removed and the stench has dissipated.

      Grant, I’ve been hard on you this season, and I don’t think you have always been fair, but I’ll give you some credit. At least you weren’t afraid to state the obvious, in a pompous sort of way. But that’s OK, because the reality is, this team deserves a lot of criticism. Best of luck to you as well Grant, and best of luck to the Oakland Raiders, the team you were born to cover.

      Goodnight and Goodluck friends! I hope we meet again someday, during better circumstances.

      And one last thing I just have to say:


  52. I wonder if any articles of clothing were removed or lowered during the halftime talk.

      1. That’s about what I was going to post, Grant. I figured he went to each starter and asked him how he was feeling and if there was anything he could do for them.

      2. Tomsula can seriously thank us by resigning like Bobby Ross did on Detroit Lions years ago.

  53. Why not ask Hayne to punt? Oh yeah, he isn’t in uniform tonight. Is Hayne too big for the team?

  54. Cohn,

    You have to ask Tomsula about Aaron Lynch’s effort. He’s all out rushing the QB but he looks like he thinks he’s playing 2 hand touch the rest of the time. I haven’t seen such poor effort from an NFL player in a very long time. Is it too early to say Tomsula has lost this team?

  55. Why is he throwing the ball into the ground? Doesn’t he know the damn score? Give Boldin a chance to catch the ball. You can’t get a pass interference call spiking the ball at a player’s feet. This guy is useless.

  56. Believe it or not, Niners are not out of this game. Seattle is not a good team, not a good 2nd half team. They are poorly conditioned. The Niners can win this game with a QB showing some heart and not fear.

    1. Dude this game was over before it began. The fact that there are actually fans that think we can compete against good teams is baffling to me. Being a fan shouldn’t mean we are blind. We are s really bad team with an average qb, terrible coach, terrible GM and terrible owner. It’s sad.

  57. Kaepernick needs to do what VDAVIS does and fake a injury,this Oline,ownership and GM SUCK!!!!##

  58. Putting Devey back in just shows this team is lost from the top down… 2 sacks and a draw on 3rd and 26. WTF.

      1. You mean Baalke is too stupid to play him. Tomsula just bobs his head up and down no matter if Baalke tells him to do something dumb or not.

        1. Bill BarnwellVerified account
          Jordan Devey made people believe Tom Brady was finished, so you can imagine what he does for Colin Kaepernick

    1. Devey reminds me of Chilo Rachal. They are both awful. There’s a reason Devey is a 7th round draft choice and was released by the Patriots. Management stinks!

  59. The kicker represents everything that Baalke has done wrong. He is freaking atrocious…HS stuff…

    1. Goff is no good. Watch the highlights from the Utah game. You can’t blame kap when he can’t even drop back. Pears and devey should never be in the nfl. This is on baalke, he always talks about how building up the middle. When you have the worst o line in the nfl your entire philosophy is done

      1. Say something intelligent. You judge a qb on one game. He has been stellar for every other one. You Jude a qb over two or three years, like Kaep, who has been an average qb over that time.

        1. Say something intelligent. You don’t judge a qb on one game. He has been stellar every other one. You Judge a qb over two or three years, like Kaep, who has been an average qb over that time.

  60. How on earth can there not be a penalty for hitting Bush after the fair catch? I mean, not that it’s going to change the outcome at this point, but that is an epic failure by the officials there.

    1. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of chaps: Baalke, Parag and Jed…oh their little snitch, Tomsula.

  61. Grant,
    There needs to be more reporting on the front office, who is making the decisions, who answers to whom, what is Paarg Martha’s role. It can’t all be just Baalke and York, can it?

  62. The defense tighten up but come on why keep rg 65 in cause he is a liability just like wilhoate is on d

  63. More punts than first downs. Wow! You imagine what is going to happen when we go to Seattle.

      1. Clearly. What’s also clear is Tomsula’s plans are about as jumbled as his speech. What the hell did he say to Jed and Trent to convince them he’s better than Harbaugh?

        1. It’s a fair assessment. If he can’t put together a few sentences to convey his thoughts, what would make us think that he could put together a game plan.

  64. Last year, Hawks eat turkey at mid field in SC… This year, their fans take it over. I miss the ‘Stick :(

    1. You can thank me as I told the 49ers fans to avoid Levis by Facebook and do not go to any 49er game. This is rich, Packer fans and now Seattle fans are roosting at Levi. I hope nobody got hurt on the SF side by the zipper.

  65. It is hard to put into words how awful this team is. The coaching is beyond awful. I would not be surprised to see many more players head for the exit — any exit.

  66. The best thing that can happen to this team is to lose all remaining games. After that, clean house by firing the HC, OC and DC. Get rid of high priced veterans that aren’t producing and bring in new players via early draft picks and FA. Baalke needs to go.

    Some might think this kind of thinking means I’m not a fan. Far from it. I’m a realist and this is the quickest way to become competitive again. The biggest X factor that could ruin all future plans is Jed Dork.

    1. I agree with cleaning house 100%. But that still gives Jed York an excuse from the very beginning. That might just give him a reason to play this out with Tomsula and Baalke.
      But one thing is certain, #7, bye bye!

      1. How else do you see us getting rid of Tomsula and Baalke? I would think a 2-14 season provides enough cover for the Dorkster to do it. But will he??

    2. I’m a realist too and I agree 100%. I just want Tomsula out and I want Kap out too. I never liked either of them on the 49ers. I don’t care if in getting Goff we might have problems next year, but hey, Goff had problems for 2 years on Cal and now he has potential. That’s why I feel the 49ers can’t miss with GOff and then rebuild the Oline and dump Boldin and Torrey Smith too, these me first whiners got to go.

    3. – Sack the DC. One that will run occasional under fronts like most 3-4 teams. One that will run a disciplined “keep the opposition confused, not your own players” scheme.

      – Draft a QB, RB depth, edge pass rusher, RT, RG, C… (dang, this is a long list), ILB, extend Boone

      A note of calm: The passing game was so play-action dependent, we knew if Hyde wasn’t 100% we’d get killed. RB depth is a big disappointment.

  67. Watching Alex Boone yucking it up with Wilson with that huge grin on his face, after the way his line and his offense played and a bitter loss but no wait he’s not bitter, he couldn’t give a crap,this guy’s a real Baalke find, thanks for another one Trent!

    1. Boone is fine. He’s gonna get a nice fat contract somewhere else next year. He should be stoked.

  68. 13 points in the last 12 quarters versus the Seattle. The some might fine sewage masquerading as an offense that the Niners have.

  69. So, we need: a new QB, a new o-line, new coaches, 3 new LB’s (Lynch is awesome), 2 new TE’s, a new WR (not including Smelter), a DE that can provide pressure, and A NEW GM & OWNER!!!!

    Uggh – I knew that this year was up in the air, but I thought that the B Thomas and M Martin picks would solidify our O-line. It turns out the only thing it solidified was our need for a new GM and scouts.

    I didn’t think we’d win this game but that was pitiful. I was wrong for believing in this team. I still love red and gold, but it’s clear I’ll be getting more red than gold for a looooong time.

    1. You are spot on. We are rebuilding and you start with a franchise qb. We don’t have one.

      1. I agree that a QB is the most important piece, but I think you may want to start with the O-line, as putting a young QB behind a bad line is often a disastrous investment. But I hear ya!

      2. I got hope we’ll get Jared Goff, even if Cal might lose a couple of games, I still feel we’ll draft Goff even if we draft at no. 7 say.

    2. Is there any talk of firing Tomsula? Please let it be as I never wanted him to replace Harbaugh at all. Tomsula is a lying piece of garbage that does not and never deserved that job from that lying piece of garbage in York, and I say that very loosely about the 49er dimwits in York and his family that ruined our proud team.

  70. First time in a while that I can say that my Mets are playing in October and my 49ers aren’t.

  71. I came home to be treated to this showing? Going back to Texas……going to be a long season….and I have to listen too cowboy fans….sigh

      1. You should be fired for not going to work. SO what if Seahawk fans razz you? Maybe you shouldn’t talk smack to them about the 49ers. They got WIlson, Sherman, and Chancellor and we got
        Get ready not

          1. David, when I said Seattle was going to win by 17, how could I have been wrong? When I said Kap would look bad, again, how could I be wrong? When I say Tomsula is a big mistake to have been hired as a coach, again, where am I wrong? Every thing I have proclaimed from Facebook, NFL site and here, I’ve been right and fans like you keep allowing me to hit the nail on the head each and every time as I have a smile on my face and you got frustration on yours as I am like Donald TRump and it’s hard to get rid of somebody like me isn’t it, David? I’m not here to be brash or to spoil everybody’s mood and what not. I just don’t like York, I don’t like Tomsula and I don’t like Kap. The 49ers need to get rid of them, plain and simple. Kap is a bicep kisser, disrespectful, non caring, individual that has no respect for the sport or any inkling to improve himself.

    1. Speaking of bright side, this year Jed did not have to apologize for an embarrassing Thursday night loss to the Seahawks because….he’s in hiding!

  72. Can anybody tell me if Jed York left a tweet about this game, any tweet, facebook, skype, whatever account he has, what is jed yOrk saying?

  73. Let me preface my comment by saying I realize that even if the ghost of Bill Walsh came back right now, the current outcome would not be any different with the level of talent on this team.
    That being said, what happened to all those organizational changes we were promised?
    1) Getting the next play started with twenty seconds remaining on the play clock
    2) No stupid penalties (reacting like the spoiled children these guys are)
    And there doesn’t seem to be any price to pay for mistakes. They’ve got a Coach that would rather be liked than get results.
    The only thing worse than watching this on TV would have to be actually going to the game.

  74. Last year Jed York apologised. This year its Torrey Smith:

    Torrey Smith @TorreySmithWR
    Unacceptable….that was sorry

    1. COme on, that’s not fair. We need to tell Torrie Smith to tell Jed York to apologize, not him.

  75. What a pack of Ostrichs’….if or when you pull your heads out of the sand, you will realize that the whole thing comes from the QB position. “Oh no !” ‘can’t be Kaepernick….!…just can’t be….I doubt that I’ll ever see another 49 game ‘Live’ in that they haven’t played one in over 3 years, and now I, am stuck with coaches, GM’s, owners and upper-staff who refuse to realize that our QB should be in a decathalon instead of a football arena. Yes, I do fully expect to read that the Kaeperholics have marshalled their forces to sell that …”He just needs more time…” Jim Tomsula, you have just lost your most solid supporter…If you can’t recognize that your QB is a High school QB at best…you then you are only a graduate of the Mike Singletary school of football. Oh, I’ll still be here, even longer than the Kaeperholics….go niners.

    1. OregonNiner: ” I, am stuck with coaches, GM’s, owners and upper-staff who refuse to realize that our QB should be in a decathalon instead of a football arena.”

      It is the other way around: the coaches, GM’s, owner and upper-staff who are way out of their depth. The QB is a factor of their idiocy…they are the idiots.

  76. Don’t be so pessimistic. We’re only a few owners away from being a competitive football team.

    1. Big changes already happened at the end of last season. Everything else that changes this year is minor, and cosmetic to what these clowns did last year.

      I bet these cosmetic changes are done to appease those fans that think that by replacing the assistant O line coach things will get better.

  77. it llos as the pass plays to stay awaw from cam
    chncellor as they played to live another day

  78. This game was impossible to watch. The team looks so bad. So bad. Much of it starts up front with the QB who is very limited. I guess that is why Greg Roman was so “uninspiring” with play calling. Don’t you wish you had him back? Makes sense that every move was pre-scripted when you can’t really read the field very well too.

    The OL will never make you think of Bobb McKittrick maybe Bobcat Goldthwait in Police Academy. Come on guys have some pride. How many miss some of the players we let go last year from this unit?

    Our TEs are a mess. Maybe they can open a rehab franchise and combine all their interests.

    Our RBs are hobbled so the coaching staff responds by activating the most brittle member and deactivating a player that has been woefully underused given his talent drive and capacity. That sounds about right for this team about now.

    The D has trouble in its front 7. We cannot apply good pressure nor make good tackles with our ILBs.

    Our coaches call plays that make no sense at all and have the team fire burning at the off position.

    York, Mr. Hold Me Accountable, has all but disappeared. Baalke has sequestered himself after his famous reload comment.

    Anyone miss Harbaugh. I do. He made us compete.

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