Boldin (hamstring), Hyde (foot) and Pears (back) questionable for Week 7

Here is the 49ers’ and the Seahawks’ Week 7 status report, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

49ers Status Report


WR Anquan Boldin (hamstring), RB Carlos Hyde (foot), T Erik Pears (back)


G Alex Boone (shoulder), LB Navorro Bowman (shoulder), LB Ahmad Brooks (shoulder), RB Reggie Bush (calf), TE Vernon Davis (knee), WR Bruce Ellington (calf), TE Vance McDonald (chest), S Eric Reid (chest), T Joe Staley (knee), G Brandon Thomas (ankle)

Seahawks Status Report


CB Marcus Burley (hand), RB Derrick Coleman (concussion), DT Jordan Hill (quadricep), C Patrick Lewis (ankle), LB Nick Moody (ankle)


DE Demarcus Dobbs (shoulder)


DE Cliff Avril (ankle), G Justin Britt (hip), S Kam Chancellor (shoulder), DE Frank Clark (hamstring), T Garry Gilliam (ankle), WR Tyler Lockett (hip), RB Marshawn Lynch (hamstring), CB Richard Sherman (ankle), CB Tye Smith (hip), LB Bobby Wagner (pectoral)

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    1. Seattle by 24. Richard Sherman will have 2 picks. Chancellor will knock out 2 49er Wrs at lest. Hyde will not last through the game. Lynch is going beast mode. If the 49ers can go 0 and 6 in division, 1 and 3 vs. NFC North, 1 and 3 vs. AFC North, and 0 and 2 vs NYG (L) and Atl, we might, just might, have that chance to get Jared Goff drafted.

  1. If Boldin isn’t able to play they better make sure Celek is good to go otherwise who is Kaepernick going to throw the ball to?

    1. Miller and Simpson. Having said that, if there’s no running game Kaep will be on his back all game anyway. Not a pretty picture I’m afraid.

      1. I doubt Simpson plays. It’s a short week and he’s coming off a six game suspension.

          1. Don’t expect him Prime. As htwaits pointed out, the 49ers requested a roster exemption for this week.

    2. He’s not going to throw it. he’s going to wait for the pocket to break down and run like Forrest Gump.

      1. That’s what he should do. Run as much as he can because he won’t beat Seattles defenses through the air!

        1. We don’t need a F’ing high school game. Either pass for 300 yards or get benched. That’s my message for Kap.

        1. Have a little faith Fan77. Maybe your team will win. Remember you said that you want CK to do well. Time to practice what you preach bud.

          1. I didn’t say I wish it’s going to be groundhog day for Kaep! I just predicted that’s what going to happen!

            1. Fan77,
              Wow, it looks as if I mistook your “Forrest Gump” comment (directed at Kap) followed-up by your “It’s going to be groundhog day all over for HIM!”
              I uppercased the word HIM to highlight your obvious comment.
              Who is the “him” that you refer to?

              C’mon Fan, try as you may (“I really want to see Kap succeed”) you could no longer hide your agenda driven drivel around here bud.

              1. Like I said, just because I think he sucks, doesn’t mean I wish that he sucks. Wishing that he sucks is an agenda. Stating a fact is not.

                Do I went him to play well tonight? Yes. Do I think he will? No.

                Do I think he’s Jesus? No. Do I think his inept play holds the team back? Yes. Do I want him to hold the team back? No.

                Do I think he regressed? No. He’s always been like this.

                Do I think Jed York sucks more then Kaep? Yes. Will I ever buy Niner gear again? No. Not because I don’t like the team, but I think the FO is just a pack of liars. They used Harbaugh to get the stadium, and they will use Kaep to sell tickets to the idiots who think that a guy who can improvise and make an amazing play one out of 20X is all you need to be a mediocore team.

              2. Fan77,
                Ha! You made my day with this post. Let’s just say that I agree with about 90% of your rant. You probably know what part I agree with (lol).
                Let’s get a win tonight bud!

    3. Who has it better then us?
      Yep, that’s who Kap is passing the ball to.

  2. Thursday night games are just stupid and hypocritical of the NFL. NFLPA did a poor job of not fighting for players to not have to play on short weeks considering you need a few days just to get the soreness of a sunday game out of the way before a full fledged practice. I’m sure Hyde and Boldin would’ve been good to go if the game was on Sunday, but instead Niners could be without the 2 most important offensive players in a game where their season pretty much is hanging in the balance. Goodell is a hypocrite and a liar. He doesn’t care about player safety. The only reason these pathetic “safety” rules have been implemented (leading with the crown of helmet, hitting the QB anywhere near the chest or head, etc) is to limit liability for law suits post-retirement. And this is the same person who wants to expand the season to 18 games. It’s just getting sickening to watch.

    1. One thing Richard Sherman and I agree on… Thursday night games are bad for players health, and highlight the NFL’s insincerity when it comes to protecting players.

    2. If the season is expanded, drop the 6 matchups with the division and have an extra 4 games vs. AFC.

  3. Not suprising Pears back is injured. When you’re pushed on it multiple times a game it’s bound to happen.

      1. Tiller and Brown become the new right side against a formidable front? Maybe the NFL’s best?

      2. Probably not a good idea to play Brown against the seahags but I would like to see him get a few reps in second half of the season.
        Tiller looks like the eventual full time starter and tomorrow will be a huge step in the process.

  4. Why is Thomas even being listed? I mean he’s going to most likely be inactive yet again.

  5. Why does it take so long for the coaching staff to figure something out that I can see from my living room. Hand Devey a tuba or cello or whatever the hell he plays and replace him with Tiller for good !!. As for Marcus Martin anybody we have can’t be any worse because he’s as bad as it gets

  6. Hey Grant, I see the Red Rocker is set to perform at halftime. I remember the last time I saw him, it was on the Three Lock Box tour at the Costa Mesa Amphitheatre. He was outstanding, and the Home Coming Queen came out and presented him with a couple dozen roses. Enjoy the game and the show everyone!

  7. Razor:

    Did you get any response on why Brotha Tuna hasn’t been posting in the last month or so? Hope he’s okay.

    1. Nope, and that was my first thought as well. I’d just like to know he’s fine because he seemed like a rare cat. Really liked him….

  8. Another good breakdown of Kaep by David Neumann:

    He makes some excellent points towards the end of the article about what Kaep brings to the table. In short, everything, both good and bad. Well, everything except consistency. He is maddeningly inconsistent.

    But the crux of what Neumann is saying is that he’s a guy that can succeed in a great team, but struggles to lift a poor team. Which basically puts him in the echelon of an average starting QB.

    1. He’s best described as an enigma, but his athletic attributes are hardly indicative of most average starting quarterbacks….

      1. No, but his pocket presence is also not indicative of an average starting QB, just in the negative way… combined = average starting QB.

        1. That’s primarily due to not having anyone develop that skill, which can be developed. Physical attributes cannot, as you are well aware….

          1. My one factor for hope with Kaep is that it took Roethlisberger quite a few years to develop into an excellent pocket passer too. Previously he would often fail to pull the trigger on the easy pass, but was still successful for the most part due to his escapability and ability to hit guys in scramble drills.

            1. Ben was a lucky man, because he had Arians, Wisenhunt to develop him, and neither whispered….

            2. Can a QB learn to improve their field vision, I wonder? Seems to me that Kap’s biggest problem is his limited vision — all the mechanics things are far, far less of a problem.

            3. Scooter,
              I believe that CK hit rock bottom a couple of weeks ago in Arizona. The early 2 pick six’s in that game were a crushing blow for him on many levels. But since then there has been at the very least a positive resurgence for him.
              Fortunately, the small revival has come against weak defensive units but so what, at this point whatever it takes to help get CK’ groove back is fine with me and sure for him as well.

              Tomorrow could be the biggest GPS game for the 49ers going forward because of all the ramifications.
              Winning against Seattle will finally get the ugly and heavy gorilla off their back.
              A win could completely propel the 49ers team confidence and have them believing in themselves for the remainder of the season.
              A win tomorrow may come by way of one or two players having a big game that starts them on the road to bigger and greater games.

              I have a feeling that someone is going to shine for the 49ers against the seahags and become a star for us for years to come.
              Tomorrow’s game and stage is ripe for this kind of occurrence.
              Let’s go 49ers!

    2. Scooter,
      This might sting just a teeny bit all the points that you and I have been debating is laid out here in David’s article.

      Keep’s biggest flaw is that he’s always just a split second late to make a decision, or he’s too skittish in the pocket.

      The Patton TD is a perfect example. He had Boldin open. On the Miller wheel route he had Torrie Smith.

      An experienced QB would have spot the coverage and known that if Torrie gets a step that’s a TD.

      At the same time if a team respected Kaep’s passing ability, they would not play coverage with basically no safeties to protect the deep ball.

      1. Fan77,
        Too bad Kap didn’t have 3 football’s on that play or he could have thrown touchdowns to Bolden and Miller as well.
        Wow, some people really do some hyper reaching when it comes to Kap.

          1. I thought the object of the game is to score. Now it’s all about where the ball goes and who catches it?
            The team that wins is typically the one that puts more points on the board.
            I’m not greedy for style points this season just wins regardless of how they come.

            1. AES you just don’t understand the impact of a not Montana world on all God’s creatures.

            2. The object is to score. Torrie Smith would have scored a TD. Miller is going to get caught from behind.

              This is about pre-snap read. Both safeties were up. Torries beat his man and is just running a post. That’s a TD. He made a pretty pass, but because he’s instructed with the one read, he goes to Miller.

              This is not just about winning the game, but about seeing the QB evolve, expand his knowledge. Playground QBs can’t win consistently in the NFL — ergo — Kaepernick Era.

        1. If he had thrown to Smith, it was a TD. But also a harder throw. He threw it to Miller and lo and behold the Niner offense stalls because of the same old red zone issues.

      2. Did you see read the interview with Kap? One of the reporters asked are you seeing more 2 deep safety coverages because of T Smith? Kap answered “yes.” Another article pointed out that both deep throws Kap made last week were because the safeties came into the box from their deep positions. Both times he made the right call and made them pay for it. The Raven’s were playing with deep safeties and got beat when they dropped them into the box.

        You’re right teams who don’t respect him drop their safeties down. He does dance around a bit like on the TD you mentioned. Some other QB’s are calmer like Eli vs Lynch in the Giant’s game. He stepped up and made good throws. Kap has done that a few times and he can still improve there for sure. His fundamental issue is timing, he throws when he sees them open rather than anticipating them being open.

    1. Hey Grant, that tight end that’s going to do the chipping isn’t Graham cracker is it? If so, he’s going to crumble….

        1. +100 Luke Willson’s burned us alot of times already. (I also loved what he did in Idiocracy)

          Seattle likes to burn teams hypnotized by Lynch’s running and (Russell) Wilson’s scramble passes with the occasional quick gouge pass to Wilson. They’re adept at knowing just went to call that play.

          If you could take the best of both Rice tight ends (Wilson’s pass catching, McDonald’s blocking/size/speed) you’d have a pro bowler.

        2. Total BS from Bleacher. Graham is going to have 100 yards receiving, Lynch will run 125 yards. Mark it.

  9. Have a feeling Colin’s going to have a good day running by design (especially if Carlos is not at 100%) and that that might set up reasonably good third and fourth quarter passing. Would love to see Hayne break a couple-three for big gains, maybe catch a pass or two out of the backfield.

  10. I think I would implement as part of the offensive game plan, motioning the wide receiver into the running lane, where Sherman has been asked to shadow. Hyde/Hayne/Kaepernick coming down the alley with escorts….

  11. This is a game of attrition. Niners have capable backups.
    I would like to see Hayne used properly to maximize his potential.
    I would jump for joy to see Brown in at RT.
    If Anquon is limited, Simpson could shine.

    1. Simpson probably won’t be ready to be activated until the Rams game. The 49ers requested a roster exemption for this week.

  12. This will be a tough game to win. The Seahawks seem to rattle Kap. I hope Hyde can play some, because their linebackers are too fast for Hayne to get outside, but how about throwing him a pass or two? The offense will depend on Kap, who will have to run more than he has this year, make some plays on third down and avoid turnovers.
    The Niner’s have to try some different plays on offense to give Seattle looks they haven’t seen before, different route combinations, quick passes, maybe a draw or two. I would like to see Miller sneak out thru the line and catch a ball in the middle of the field, instead of always going outside. Love to see some creativity on offense

  13. Wish our running game and O line run blocking was better. This was a great opportunity to physically abuse a banged-up Seahawks D.

  14. I wanna see us force feed the tes over the middle.I’d love to see vmac flatten big mouth Sherman again.I know a lot of people are down on him but I bet he hasn’t had 25 passes thrown to him in his don’t get any better with that amount of touches in 3 years.Damn I hope we flatten the seacraps.

    1. I’m not worried about the guys on the status report that are questionable. If ever there was a game to get up for, it would be against the Seahaws.

  15. Earl Thomas, Chanecellor, Bobby Wagner vs. Kap. Brandon Mebane tossing Martin around,
    Ahtyba Rubin vs. Jordan Devey, Bruce Irvin and Michael Bennett vs. Erik Pears and Avril on an clever blitz…
    49ers can’t stop this..Seattle wins.

    1. In all four of Seattle’s losses, the Seahawks have had a lead at some point in the fourth quarter, only to blow it. Things are so bad right now that the guy who won Jeopardy 74 times in a row is even tweeting about how ugly things have gotten for the Seahawks in the fourth quarter.

      ‏@KenJennings That’s right, I’m your worst nightmare: the Seahawks with a fourth quarter lead

  16. Quarterback: There’s no way you should start Colin Kaepernick, regardless of the scoring format in your league. He’s averaging just 202.8 passing yards per game with a total of six touchdowns and five interceptions on the season. Seattle also gives up just 220 pass yards per contest, the fifth-best mark in the NFL.

    Running Backs: Carlos Hyde is worth a flex start this week. He’s only averaging 71.7 rush yards per game, but that’s not his fault because the 49ers have been forced to abandon the rushing attack in a lot of games this season in order to overcome large deficits. His 4.1 yards per carry is impressive, and he also has three rushing touchdowns.

    Jarryd Hayne and Mike Davis should not be started.

    Wide Receivers: Torrey Smith is a decent start if you’re thin at this position or hoping to get lucky and bank on him catching a long touchdown, which certainly is possible given his elite speed and ability to make huge plays downfield. Other than Smith, there aren’t any other 49ers wideouts worth playing. None of them are averaging more than 60 receiving yards per game.

      1. JP’s overhand right to Seb’s self-aggrandizing nature…Funny Stuff….

        JPN001 October 22, 2015 at 12:09 am

        “If I attribute my reasoning to timeless concepts enumerated in the Art of War, then if they downplay my ideas, they diss the Bible of War.”

        If it were not for the self-aggrandizement found in comments such as the above, you would be a pitiable figure.

        For what Seb purports to espouse, eg., Seb as teacher, it gets lost in his self-aggrandizement.

        1. The Art of War discussion between Seb, JP and Scooter was a learning experience about Seb.
          Seb’s self-aggrandizing is exactly the opposite of what Sun Tzu philosophizes.
          In The Art of War, the Empire and it’s defenders (warriors) are selfless, not self aggrandizers…Seb loses sight of this in his debate.

  17. Simpson best SF x receiver by far and best match vs Seattle, hope he’s activated. A reliable first read, to boot.

  18. I really can’t stand athletes/players like Percy Harvin. These guys go through high school and college getting pimped out by everyone telling them they’re great and one of the best and of course they’re talented so success at the initial levels came easy to them. However once they get to the pro’s they realize that the hits are that much harder and the competition is that much greater and they want everything to continue to come easy to them and when it doesn’t suddenly they’re hurt all the time. Harvin’s time in Seattle couldn’t illustrate it anymore. Guy plays in one regular season game and then somehow is just healthy enough to play in the SuperBowl? More like, he wants the attention and notoriety and of course the paychecks of the NFL but doesn’t want to put in any work to actually be a part of the team. He wasn’t going to miss his chance to play in the big game so miraculously he was healthy enough to play in it but of course wasn’t healthy enough to participate in pretty much anything else. His teammates saw and recognized this which is why he quickly wears out his welcome in each locker room he’s in. The players busting their butt get sick of him acting like a start but putting in no work.

    He’s an athlete con-artist. He convinces teams to give him a chance based on potential developed in college and a few select plays in the league but only does just enough to quickly justify his contract and then spends the rest of it watching on the sidelines. Talented but totally unwilling to put in any actual work or too soft to take the hits and punishment that the NFL delivers. The sooner teams stop rewarding that behavior the better the league will be.

    1. I meant to add in. They act hurt all the time so they can still say they’re on an NFL team and that ultimately they’d be killing it if it wasn’t for “this nagging injury.” They don’t/can’t admit that they really don’t want to put in the effort or simply can’t handle it at the next level and they can’t handle the idea of people not seeing them as the best so rather then try and risk mediocrity they’d rather act hurt and give themselves an excuse.

      1. Harvin has always been a goon, but I wouldn’t call him a con artist. I blame the teams that think they can change him. He takes advantage of the situation, but they tolerate it. Teams sell their souls. I always share the story about when Josh Shaw and Vinny Sutherland crashed through a park in Saratoga at night while drunk. They left the scene and were apprehended shortly thereafter. My Dad worked for the cities FD at the time. He went to the park in the morning and the damage had already been repaired, by workers hired by the team! He was both amused and shocked. It just kind of shows the priorities for these franchises. The Culliver/A.Smith/Brooks/McDonald/Miller shenanigans weren’t an aberation, they just can’t hide anymore with smartphones and the internet everywhere.

        1. I wonder of Santa Clara police are less likely to coddle player shenanigans compared to most places in the US.

          I’ve read accounts where college town cops practically drive a DUI star player home and tuck him into bed.

            1. I would be surprised it they’re not. It’s all Seahawks, all the time up there. Carroll, Schneider and the players are gods.

  19. If Bruce Ellington does not play tonight, they need to consider cutting him. This guy is always hurt and a waste of a roster spot.

    1. Hmmm, I understand the frustration with his injuries, but cutting him is extreme. He’s shown some talent when he’s had an opportunity, would hate to give up on him so quickly and then see him recover from the niggly injuries he’s had to become a good player for someone else.

  20. From Niner Nation. Pretty accurate.

    If you go back and watch Kaepernick on tape, you can portray him in just about any light that you want to. It’s all there. Plays where he climbs the pocket and finds the third receiver in his progression and plays where he hesitates to pull the trigger on his first option and takes off running. Plays where he stands in the pocket with pressure on the way and delivers the ball on the money to a receiver down the field and plays where he leaves the pocket unnecessarily and misses an open receiver. If you have a particular Colin Kaepernick narrative in your head, you can find the plays to confirm that narrative.

  21. Note to Primetime and Scooter, just to put a cherry on it, Niners selected Ellington when Bartavis Bryant was still available, if memory serves. Hate the retrospecotscope, but of such decisions successful teams are made, or not…

  22. Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoCSN
    Watching warmups, looks like #49ers Anquan Boldin, Carlos Hyde and Reggie Bush will play tonight vs. Seahawks.

  23. From Maiocco:

    “The 49ers did not activate wide receiver Jerome Simpson prior to their game Thursday night against the Seattle Seahawks.

    The league this week granted the 49ers a one-game roster exemption, giving the 49ers the option of waiting until Friday at 1 p.m. to make a decision whether to add Simpson to the 53-man roster or release him. All indications are that the 49ers plan to add him to their active roster. They must clear a roster spot to activate Simpson.”

    1. Inactives: RB Hayne, OL Thomas, OL Silberman, NT Purcell, TE Bell, OLB Lemonier, WR White.

    2. So long as Hyde, Bush and Ellington are healthy enough to be active, I don’t think we’ll see Hayne active again this season. And I hate to say it, but that is probably for the best.

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