Aaron Lynch on his weight this offseason: “Shoot…I was like…280? Yeah.”

SANTA CLARA – Second-year outside linebacker Aaron Lynch spoke in the 49ers auditorium Wednesday afternoon. Here are selected quotes.

Q: Did you have a back injury during the offseason?

LYNCH: Yeah, I did something to my back. It kept me out a little bit, but now that’s behind me. I’m full steam ahead.

Q: What are you expecting out of yourself this season?

LYNCH: Honestly, I’m just here to do exactly what I’m told to do, and that’s play football. That’s what they drafted me last year to do, and that’s what I’m here to do – whatever the coaches tell me. Anything I can do to help out the team. If my role is to start or my role is to backup or my role is just nickel packages or whatever, that’s my role and I’m going to go 100 percent.

Q: Is that the next step in your progression, seeing more action on base downs?

LYNCH: I mean, that’s all our progression. We all want to be out there on base, nickel and dime. I could say, “Yeah, that is my progression,” but I’m here to play football.

Q: You only played the left side last year. Are you comfortable moving over to the right if need be?

LYNCH: I’m more comfortable on the left. I can set the edge and rush off the right side, but I played most of my time in college and high school on the left side, so that’s just where I’m most comfortable. But being on the right side isn’t a step back.

Q: It seems like there’s less of you since camp begin. Have you lost weight?

LYNCH: Yeah, I did lose some weight. The setback, I gained a lot of weight not being able to do much. Now I’m doing a lot more. I’ve shed a few pounds. I’m on a strict diet. I’ve lost good fat.

Q: No steaks in the strict diet?

LYNCH: No, steaks are good protein. I can eat steak, I just can’t eat too much of it.

Q: Are you where you want to be or close to it for when the season starts?

LYNCH: Yeah, I’m real close. I’ve still got a lot of work, but weight-wise I’m real close. Mentally I’m close. I’m right there.

Q: How much do you weigh right now?

LYNCH: I’m right under 270. Right under there.

Q: How much did you get up to?

LYNCH: Shoot…I was like…280? Yeah.

Q: What do you consider your ideal playing weight?

LYNCH: Last year I played between 262 and 267. Anywhere in the 260’s is a good weight for me.

Q: That’s where you are now?

LYNCH: Yeah.

Q: When you look at the new defense being installed by Eric Mangini are you being asked to do different things, or for you is it still, “Go get the quarterback”?

LYNCH: The terminology is different, but we still run the same 3-4 type of defense. We do some things different, but not much has changed. Just more the terminology, trying to plug in what you did last year terminology-wise to what you’re doing this year, and try to remember.

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    1. Whomever signed up as five dollar needs to change their name to their blog name or they gets da boot!

  1. If Lynch can be raring to go, that will be huge.

    In 2011 the 49ers gambled, carrying only 3 OLBs (Haralson, Smith, Brooks). Should the Niners release Lemonier to make roster space for a bubble player?

  2. Glad Lynch is back. With Aldon gone, he has a great opportunity to shine. Hope he gets 12 sacks.

  3. If he can be half of what A Smtih was we will be in good shape. I have a feeling he will be just as dangerous when playing a full role.
    But man it would have been nice to hoard two pass rush beasts. Daaaamn you Aldon!!!!

    1. Which Aldon would you like him to be half of, the one who got double digit sacks his first 2 seasons, or the one the last 2 seasons…

  4. From Rotoworld:

    “Mike Iupati – G – Cardinals
    Cardinals LG Mike Iupati is expected to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery this week.”

        1. Thanks, Cubus. I’m back after a hectic summer with a four-state family road trip followed by a fishing trip to the Sierras with my 11 year-old son. Very refreshed and ready for football! Hope you had a good summer.

  5. Oh look he is running now and down 15 pounds. Funny how that works for football players!

    1. Also funny that it was a back injury and not a hamstring injury that prevented him from working out. And that the back injury meant he was “not able to do much”, not just running.

      1. And swimming would not make a back injury more capable. Football players run for living. Back or hamstring, it’s the only way to shed weight!

          1. Your biased, you live in the water. Ask a football player, any one of them trying to shed weight. Swimming or running, what’s gonna work best?

            1. I agree that running is the best when trying to shed weight. But we are talking about why he gained so much weight. Maintaining a weight is easier than shedding weight. And swimming isn’t the only thing you can do other than running.

              With a hamstring injury, you can still do pretty much all upper body training. And once you get past the initial healing period you can get on a bike and do low intensity cycling. You can walk. And yes, you can swim. Anything that doesn’t put excessive strain on the muscle.

              With a back injury you pretty much can’t do anything that puts strain on the back. You can’t sit on a bike for any extended periods. Walking can and even swimming beyond a mild intensity can be problematic.

              1. Also, he may have been a bit off his diet and gained some of the weight before his back problem.

              2. You didn’t know he had a back injury! No one did. Everyone thought it was his hamstring which was reported. Reason why he could not run and once again, gained weight!

              3. Swimming uses different muscles, but is easier on the joints. Bottom line, running will show if the rehab is 100% and it will be the determinant factor in any assessment as to if it is healed up
                The swim move is the only swimming done in football. Swimming is therapeutic only, and does little for stamina unless he swims for at least 3 hours a day

              4. Correct, the reason he couldn’t work out was the back injury, Prime.

                Not sure if you recall our discussion last time in detail Prime, but it basically started when I said I didn’t believe a hamstring injury alone could be responsible for him turning up out of shape. Turns out it wasn’t.

              5. And for what it is worth, neither does Jim Tomsula:

                “In terms of weight on a scale, everybody had a weight, he showed up at weight. But, it’s a different distribution when you’re not allowed to lift.”

                Interpretation: Lynch was not able to do any weights training while he had a back injury, which was part of the reason for him being out of shape. He would be able to do weights with a hamstring injury.

      2. Back injury explains quite a bit Scooter, as they take the wind right out of one’s sail….

        1. If someone’s used to daily vigorous activity, a back injury that makes them suddenly sedentary can pack weight on seemingly overnight.

          When my back went out at work last year, I cut off sweets entirely and still out on 15lbs in two months.

    2. Running will do wonders for a lot of people. Weight Lifting even more. I can bet that he has seen more loss and gain from hitting the weight room than running.

  6. Cam Inman ✔ @CamInman
    #49ers practice recap:
    Highlight: Bowman drilling a guard on a run play
    Lowlight: Patton taking swing at Carradine, starting brief scuffle

    1. Apparently Patton doesn’t value his life. I wouldn’t think Tank is the dude you wanna take a swing at.

    2. Lol he’s no general to be taking swings at a man who’s named Tank!
      He must have said something about his mamma. That’s one of the few times you swing at a 300 pound man named tank

  7. “Keith Reaser again joined Tramaine Brock as the first-string cornerbacks, sending Shareece Wright into the second unit. It’s believed that they 49ers merely are rotating cornerbacks to see how they respond, and this is Reaser’s first live action since his 2013 season at Florida Atlantic.”


  8. Seems like Tank is literally fighting for his football respect. An argument with (allegedly) Purcell and now Patton.
    Come to think of it, Patton is fighting for football respect as well as a roster spot.

    As TC begins to wedel-down the reality and seriousness of making an impression intensifies especially with players like Carradine and Patton that aren’t guaranteed anything.

      1. Yeah, wedel, Winnow Extra players Down ’til only the Elite are Left. Some on the Internet use WDEPTOTEAL, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue like WEDEL. Not to mention, WEDEL is just cooler.

        Get with it, Seb.

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