49ers training camp report: Day 12

SANTA CLARA – Here are the highlights of the 49ers’ eighth padded practice of training camp.


1. RB Reggie Bush. Didn’t play during Saturday’s preseason game against the Texans, and may not play at all during the preseason – the coaches seem to want to keep him healthy. But, from the looks of practice, Bush will play a lot during the regular season. Today he had a team-leading 11 touches during seven-on-sevens and 11-on-11s.

2. RG Brandon Thomas. Stood his ground twice against Tony Jerod-Eddie, and once against Darnell Dockett during one-on-one pass-rush drills. It seems only a matter of time before the coaches officially name Thomas the starting right guard.

3. ILB Shayne Skov. Intercepted undrafted rookie quarterback Dylan Thompson twice during team drills.

4. TE Rory ‘Busta’ Anderson. Reached out with his left arm and made a one-handed catch in front of safety Jimmie Ward, who participated in team drills today for the first time.

5. RB Kendall Hunter. Also participated in team drills today for the first time. Received a couple of carries with the first-team offense, and seems like a lock to make the 53-man roster.


1. DT Tank Carradine. Almost got in a fight on the sideline with a defensive lineman who appeared to be Mike Purcell. Whatever Carradine’s issue was, he wouldn’t give it up and teammates had to step in and tell him to walk away.

2. QB Colin Kaepernick’s deep passes. Attempted two and underthrew both of them during team drills. First, Kaepernick underthrew Torrey Smith, who was double-covered and not open. Smith had to break stride, jump and bat the pass to the ground like a defensive back to prevent Antoine Bethea from making the interception. Kaepernick and Smith still haven’t connected deep during team drills in training camp.

Next, Kaepernick underthrew Vernon Davis, who was single-covered and open. The pass was so poor, Davis made no attempt to catch it – he just watched as Craig Dahl went for the interception. Dahl reached up, and the ball bounced off of his hands, over his head and into the arms of Davis – just like the coaches drew it up.

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    1. Do you think Tank will get to go up against Collins? I just wondered with limited reps for starters if Collins would still be in the game when Tank gets his snaps after Dial steps out.

    2. So I wonder why you failed to mention what others apparently saw as obvious on the deep throw to Vernon? I read that it was across the field, AND that the wind caught it and held it up to let Dahl make up the ground he had been beaten? If you’re unwilling to put in ALL of the info that went into the play, it comes off as you looking to bash Kap. I ALSO read that Kap and Torrrey connected on a deep pass 40+ yards vs Reaser. This dodoesn’t read as an objective observation…Just my two…keepthe …

    1. that’s because it’s a skeleton report. He doesn’t include all the facts. All this put together is barely more than a paragraph. Everyone else puts out actual articles and FULL reports.

      1. No. I like these reports because they are concise, yet imparts tons of salient info. I would like all posts to be short and succinct. It is boring reading tomes when a few well chosen words would suffice.

      1. I’m sure it was a mistake, but you failed to mentioned that Kaepernick was throwing into the wind on that deep pass to Davis that was almost intercepted by Craig Dahl. I’m no scientist, but usually objects thrown against the flow of wind, are usually affected.

        1. So it would have been the wind’s fault if the pass was intercepted? I don’t grade the wind.

          1. Forty yards down field, thrown across the field, and into the wind is information that adds “color” to an interesting report unless you’re grading an eighth grade spelling test.

      1. Hmmmm, does it really matter anyway? Rushing to be “First” is the downfall of modern journalism; it’s frequently at the expense of accuracy and full context.

  1. Hey Grant do you agree baalke at times waste the chance to draft a diamond in the rough by throwing away picks with the practice squad in mind? I think it’s beyond retarded to be thinking practice squad with any draft picks baalke will start thinking practice squad as early as the fourth or fifth rd?

    1. Couldn’t a “diamond in the rough” also end up on the PS? I really don’t understand your argument here.

      Also, what was Aaron Lynch? Quentin Dial? Surely those guys are the epitome of looking for a diamond in the rough?

      1. Lynch can’t really be considered a Diamond in the Rough. He came in overweight and unconditioned. Perhaps his commitment is why other teams have passed on him.

          1. He was mainly a fifth round pick because of the strong questions about his commitment.

  2. I think the way JT and his staff are bringing along the injured players like Thomas its a good plan. I think it allows them to move people incrementally and coach while demonstrating others at that position aren’t as good. It may also work for Hunter, Lynch, and Wilhoite too.

    So is the Oline Staley, Boone, Martin, Thomas and Pears?

    1. Grant also how did Lynch look? Everyone is interested since the loss of Aldon and how weak the pass rush was against the Texans.

  3. I’ll let baalke in on a secret boone not withstanding the practice squad beyond extra bodies for practice is kinda irrelevant its no gold !mine for finding future NFL players !

    By the way no chance busta Anderson clears waivers to join the practice squad baalke can forget that idea now ! If he wants busta the 53″ man squad is his only chance

      1. Thanks for the response. Surprises me he’d get the ball in that situation.

        What role do they have Mike Davis in. 1st/2nd down or more on passing downs?

  4. Hi Grant?
    So I see Kap is still trying to hammer down the deep ball to Torrey. But overall was he still good by completing the shorter passes and finding the open guys on the higher percentage passes?

    1. A little different perspective on the day from 49ers.com

      A Kaepernick pass intended for Davis deep down the field, was initially tipped by safety Craig Dahl, but Davis showed great concentration by tracking the ball and finishing the catch for a 60-plus yard touchdown

      Kaepernick completed a 40-yard touchdown to Smith on his first throw during a 1-on-1 period

      1. “Smith kept one pass from potentiall being intercepted by safety Eric Reid, while the other pass went off Smith’s hands.” Cam

        All the facts are a good thing.

      2. Of course you’re going to get a different perspective from 49ers.com – that’s the reporters the team owns – duh. No one has reported Vernon had great concentration on that play except them. You’re believing the fairy tale version. Take Grant’s perspective and 49ers.com’s perspective and reality falls somewhere in between (I tend to believe it’s a little closer to Grant’s end).

          1. Brotha, my reply was to wilsonm73’s perspective from 49ers.com I’m well aware of which organization Cam works for.

            1. My apology then, Lotstosay. It was right below the Cam quote, but near and indented from the 49.com reference I see. This reply format can be tricky sometimes.
              I take the team site with a grain of salt, but heck, I take Cam and Grant and The Matts’ info with a personal filter too. The Team site isn’t useless.
              I’m not all that big a subscriber to the idea that Grant’s reporting is so slanted as to be deliberately unreliable. I also don’t need Grant to be a Meteorologist (‘I don’t rate the wind’), but some eyewitnesses reported that the ball hung in the wind, and if true, it would be a salient point.

            2. Lotstosay, very few of us are naive enough to believe the 49ers.com site projects nothing but praise of its players. My point was simply to post several accounts of the situation to show GC interprets things with a cynical slant to their everything is awesome press.

  5. Ok, I don’t care about Kap’ throws being off right now. That’s what the off season is for. He’ll be alright by the regular season. I wish he would get more time in a preseason game to try and force the issue against other defense.

    My MAJOR problem with this report is that Vernon Davis didn’t attempt to knock the pass down or even catch it like Torrey did. Shows me he’s still the same selfish bum he was last year and that he’ll quit on this team, whether that’s blocking or route running, if he feels things aren’t going his way.

      1. I thought he was going to be the first DB ever to block a pass with his nads. The dude can sky!

    1. For goodness sake! Do we have a standard definition of right and left on defense?
      My lying eyes have seen Wright lined up at RCB, with the sideline to his right when he faces the offense. Isn’t the designation from the defense’s point of view? Not all writers seem to be subscribing to that. We had issues in the Spring with understanding where exactly Dial was lining up, even though there were dozens of professional scribes with their eyeballs on it. Some still describe it from the offense’s p.o.v., not sure why.
      Maybe they should go with “Port” and “Starboard”, or Gee & Haw, or “Milk Hand, Sandwich Hand.”

      1. Brother Tuna,

        How about press box side and broiler side, or green roof side and crematorium side

  6. I was never a fan of the long ball. It’s useful but never should be utilized more than 20% of the plays called on offense. High risk, limited reward. Right Bayareafanatic?

      1. I remember a lot of things about last year. One of those being CK’s inability to hit the long bomb. Part of that was the personnel and part of it as we are seeing this year is the guy pulling the trigger.
        I’m hoping Torrey Smith can do more than run the nine route.

  7. Inman: Colin Kaepernick and Torrey Smith hooked up for a deep completion, against Keith Reaser, to kick off one-on-one drills.

      1. So what do you think is the reason for why they can’t connect during the team drills?

      2. Grant,

        Does Kaepernick throw the ball differently in the one-on-one drills, or is it more a timing issue in team drills (i.e. his timing is off in team drills)?

        1. He throws the ball with more touch and seems more relaxed during one-on-ones. No pass rush or safeties to think about. During team work he seems to throw harder and later.

          1. Thanks, Grant.

            That makes sense, especially if he is still having to consciously process the revised mechanics as well as process what he is seeing on the field.

            1. I’m telling you he needs relaxation and visualization techniques prior to games….

        2. One thing he will have to do to gain more accuracy on the deep throws, is throw it sooner. You aren’t going to complete many if you are throwing it 65 yards in the air. It’s the timing that really needs to improve as much as the touch imo.

          1. Makes sense Rocket, but then he will more likely than not have to anticipate that the receiver will get open. On the Smith bomb, I didn’t really see T. Smith get open until about 40 or more yards down the field.

            1. Cubus,

              Anticipation is part of it for sure, but it’s also making a decision and throwing the ball. On that throw in Houston, he hitched twice before throwing it and it’s hard to tell exactly when Smith came open, but he held the ball too long regardless. If it’s not there in a certain period of time he has to move on to the next option.

              1. He still seems to want visual confirmation before throwing during live action. Alex Smith was the same way.

              2. Grant: I could have sworn you’ve written that he has been trying to anticipate WRs being open and throwing the ball earlier in practice (for sure, someone has been reporting this). I believe this was reported only for short to medium passes. I’m thinking it was you because, if I recall correctly, a statement was made that he has not been doing it very successfully.

              3. He was and it’s the exact opposite of a player like Favre who trusted himself and his receiver and would put the ball out there for the receiver to go get and make a play. I wonder if he(kaep) doesn’t have confidence him himself or the receiver that he hesitates to put it out there.

                Not watching practice my first thought is that the team doesn’t practice or use timing plays in the passing game.

              4. Consistently throwing with anticipation probably isn’t ready for prime time so to speak and that’s why he’s only trying it in practice. It’ll be interesting to see if this becomes part of his arsenal as the season progresses.

    1. Seems he provided a cheap shot on VMac near the sidelines that could’ve ignited a brawl as well. I like that they’re getting chippy….

    2. Good to hear but when did it become hard to sack Gabbert? Pretty sure my one legged diabetic grandfather could sack Blaine Gabbert.

  8. I hope Carradine and Purcell weren’t arguing about how many feet Kaepernick overthrew Smith the other day….

    1. I reckon Purcell was boasting about how he was going to take Tank’s spot on the 53. ;-)

    2. Maybe they were arguing about the penalty on Carradine for the cheap shot on the QB. Purcell as a side note looked good on a lot of the snaps I saw,wouldn’t want to breakup a spat between those Beefallos!

  9. Smith has the speed and CK has the arm, it won’t be long before this potential marriage is consummated.

    Even if Kap and Smith only hook up for one long TD pass in the first 3 games of the season defenses will still need to respect the possibility of getting beat over the top. We have other viable weapons on offense that could be utilized underneath because of the outside threat of Smith.
    Randy “Freakin” Moss did not catch the deep ball as the team anticipated at his signing, but defenses had to still respect his speed.
    If I’m not mistaken, Kap’ best (half) season occurred the year Moss was here.

    I’m not concerned about the Kap to Smith over the top connection because just having Torrey in the line-up will open many other possibilities.

  10. “Offensive plays of the day: Quarterback Colin Kaepernick rolled to his right, then turned to his left to see tight end Vernon Davis behind the secondary. Kaepernick threw at least 40 yards down the field, across the field and into the wind. The ball held up long enough to allow safety Craig Dahl to get his hand on it. But all he did was tip it up in the air, enabling Davis to make the long reception.” … Matt Maiocco

    1. “This ‘n’ that: Kaepernick and Torrey Smith, who misconnected on a deep pass attempt on Saturday night, hooked up in a one-on-one session 45 yards down the field against the coverage of Keith Reaser” … Matt Maiocco

    1. Hunter, even with limited touches as a back up, has yet to complete even half a season. Good player but injury prone.

        1. Thank You. How soon people forget that the guy was a beast for the 49ers as a backup to Gore. He has averaged 4.6 YPC in his 3 seasons when he played (16 games, 11 games and 16 games). If he can return to that form, and get something in the neighborhood of 12 touches per game, splitting time with Bush and Hyde, the guy will have about 900 yards for the season, which in a 3 back system, would be great. He’s a really good all around back, and being small like that will work to his advantage hiding behind the Oline.

      1. That would give us five RBs and I don’t see that happening. At least one will be cut.

          1. Its Hayne’s ability to make defenders miss returning punts/kicks that sold me on the idea he can make the 53. Unique for a man his size.

            Combined with Pinion’s punts the 49ers could have a pretty good field position advantage this season.

            The run was nice, but I wish people talked about Miller’s double block as much as Hayne’s run. I do think Hayne could have a role in special packages because of his natural receiving skills.

            1. Patton delivered the block that sealed in the safety and created that hole. Miller did admirable, too.

              1. Yup, Patton cleared the defender out. Miller chipped one guy, then cleared out another defender like he was on skates. I can’t tell from the replay, but it was mentioned VMac had a good block on that play.

                It all keeps me thinking the while the 49ers are switching to zone, they will reserve some assignment blocking runs to the left side where the experience is. If Logan has any pull with Chryst, I’d bank on it.

          2. Bush can do that plus catch and run. The RBs for the team will be Hyde, Bush, Hunter, and Davis. The only true chance Haynes has of making the roster if Hunter is released or one of the aforementioned suffers an injury that takes them out of the game for a good portion of the season.

            1. Hayne made the team with his performance last game. Davis may be the safest cut, unless Hunter develops a limp.

              1. Davis is a fourth round pick from this year’s draft and has been one of the more consistent RBs during the off season.

              2. Davis is a 4th rounder. They get cut all the time. If he was a first or second round pick, I could see your point.

              3. You don’t cut a good fourth round RB in favor of a 27 year-old rookie who just started playing football this year unless he is an absolute phenom Seb.
                Everyone knew Haynes could catch and run given his rugby background. Now he needs to show he can block and be effective no matter the level of competition.

              4. Seb:

                As far as I can tell, Davis is the only power running back besides Hyde. If Hyde goes down, Davis will replace him.

            2. I don’t think the Niners want Bush to be the primary returner. I think they want to preserve him for offense.

              1. If that was truly the case, then they wouldn’t have permitted him to be a returner during camp.

              2. There was no contact. He’ll be an emergency returner if Hayne and Ellington are hurt.

              3. Agree Grant, although I’d imagine they want to protect Ellington as well so he can develop into that third wide receiver role….

              4. Not buying it Grant, especially given how much the injury bug devastated the RB corps last season and Bush’s own injury history.

              5. If his performance in the first game wasn’t an outlier, then I don’t see Hayne making it to the practice squad. Some owner of some bad team would inspire their GM to pick him up. So, if the 49ers see a future in the NFL for Hayne, he’ll make the 53.

          3. …and keep him to sell jersey’s in Australia. Jed will insist. Although, to be fair, he’s a better returner than everyone on the team besides Bush (maybe).

          4. I beg to differ. Coach Tomsula said he would play to their strengths, and allow the players to utilize their skills.
            If Hayne can break off 53 yard runs, he will be allowed to tote the rock.

            1. You are clueless. Hayne is a great story and fun to watch…but he was playing against 2nd and 3rd stringers when he made that run. He’s headed to the practice squad, you don’t cut a 4th round pick with 6 to 8 years of football experience for a 27 year old rugby player who hasn’t taken 1 snap of competitive football….

          5. Is Bruce Miller totally safe? Could Hayne take his roster spot? He has the size to play fullback. Probably would need a lot of work on blocking but if that worked out he could fill 2 roles and be cheaper.

            1. Niners say they are going to run the ball. Miller is valuable as a lead blocker. He is also one of the best FBs in the league.

            2. I know that Haynes ran for a 53 yard play, but let’s be fair and give the offensive line some credit for opening a hole wide enough for even Mike Purcell to run through.

              The notion of Haynes replacing B.Miller because of one long run is over exuberance at best.
              Miller is a proven commodity and among the better FB’ in the league. One nice run in preseason (huge hole created by O-line) will not displace Bruce Miller.

          6. Haynes will only make the team if he can play on all ST’s units imo. That is why I’m interested to see if they put him on the coverage teams extensively. If he can play on coverage teams, they can then keep him as a ST’s specialist.

            The RB depth chart is already set with Hayne on the bottom. Anything can change with injury or if he blows up over the next 3 games, but I don’t see him supplanting any of the guys in front of him at this point. It’s ST’s guy or PS imo.

  11. Vernon Davis is making a habit of half arse attempts at going after the ball. This guy will cost the team several interceptions this year with his lack of effort.

    1. I don’t think Vernon has been the same since Chancelor lit him up. While he is a good blocker, he appears to hear footsteps now and doesn’t sell out for the ball any more… not sure the Vernon Post would happen anymore.

      1. This is not correct. The hit you’re referring to occurred in week 16 of the 2012 season. In 2013, VD put up an 800+ yards season and 13 TDs in the regular season. He had 2 additional huge TDs in the postseason.

        This false narrative is the kind of thing the “Marys” of the world like to create to bolster a fake sense of toughness.

        1. I don’t feel what I am saying is anything like Mary.I’m not ripping the niners to rip them.
          I feel Vernon was held back by the coaching staff and believe Roman purposely hid him for games to save him for bigger games when needed. But, with that said I think he is an extremely fast, powerful athlete with limited wiggle (change of direction ability), and average hands.
          And no, I don’t think he is “tough” receiver, who can be counted on to make catches in traffic on regular basis as he does shy away from contact, which will not be expressed in stats.

  12. Watching Hayne’s great moves in the open field reminded me of my all-time favorite 49er RB and punt returner, HUGH McELHENNY. Great vision and hands and huge at 6’2″, 220. He’ll be a lock to make the top 53.

    1. A lock…off one play?? Slow your roll. This is the same attitude everyone had of Nate Davis after he threw that 60 yard pass…

      The guy is practice squad bound, and thats not a slight against him.

  13. I’m seeing too many people proclaiming that Haynes is a lock for the final roster after just one preseason. Honestly everybody, hit the brakes. Haynes is an elder rookie who still needs to learn the nuances of being a RB. We all know he can run, but is he capable of being a adequate blocker as well? Also, would he be able to what he did from the first preseason game during the regular season?
    The reaction from Haynes’ run reminds me too much of the reaction we fans had from Thomas Clayton, Kory Sheets, Glenn Coffee, and Boobie Dixon. Excitement and expectations should be tempered until we see more from him.

    1. Not me. I’m on the Hayne train. The best is yet to come.
      He made that player fall on his face after catching that punt, and eluded 2 other tackles on the same play. Hayne is the real deal.

      1. His rugby skills came into play on that. And again, the competition level was full of backups and players who might not even make Houston’s final roster. If Haynes can be an effective RB against starting defenders in the third preseason game, then I might hope on the hype train.

        1. I will not go as far as saying he will not make the roster absent injury to another RB, but I otherwise agree with Mid (and Tomsula, for that matter). It is too soon to be hyping Hayne to the extent we are seeing right now.

          1. I can totally understand your reticence, but he is no raw rookie. Hayne is a veteran professional athlete, and has quick hips.
            Can his rugby skills translate to American football? Time will tell.

            1. Hayne is a veteran professional athlete, and has quick hips.

              So too was Okoye, but that didn’t change the fact that he was a rookie in football Seb. The difference between Haynes and Okoye is that Haynes played in a sport that allowed him to use a skill set closer in relation to football. That does not change the fact that Haynes is an NFL rookie though.

              1. Sir, I have been hungering for some good news, any news at all, and I think you are being too critical. Let me at least have a glimmer of hope, instead of embracing the doom and gloom scenario.

              2. Hayne is a great athlete but like Mid said, he is a rookie and has never played football outside of this year. Can the 49ers keep him solely to return punts and kickoffs? If so, he needs to show the ability to take it to the house on one of these occasions within the pre season.
                Otherwise, can he beat out Mike Davies, Kendal Hunter, and Bush for touches? Good to have depth.

              3. -Thomas is looking healthy and on track to being the starting RG.
                -Lynch is back and could replace the ineffective lemon Lemonier.
                -Pears so far hasn’t choked.
                -The team hasn’t been hit with the injury bug yet.
                -Brooks looks better than what he did at this point last year.

                Need more good news Seb?

    2. The team isn’t made based on one preseason performance; if that was the case we’d have a number of players no longer in the league on this roster. Hayne has to show he can contribute in all areas of ST’s to have a shot. He is not going to be running the ball much if at all with the group ahead of him, so he has to make himself valuable elsewhere.

      There is no question the guy is a fantastic athlete, but there is more to playing American Football than running with the ball in his hands. I hope he continues to improve and make it hard to cut him though. That would be a nice problem to have.

      1. I don’t have time right now to try and work up a 53 roster, but if they only keep 5 WRs on the 53, can’t they fit Hayne on the roster? I’m thinking that with Simpson coming back in game 7, there is little risk with regards to only having 5 WRs for the first 6 games. This will give the niners time to further evaluate Hayne. This scenario is kind of like kicking the can down the road. Niners have shown a willingness to do these kind of things (last season they kept releasing and signing the same players during the season; realize this is a bit different, but shows a tendency on the part of the FO). Of course, it assumes that Hayne continues to play well during the preseason.

    3. I agree Mid, its far too soon to proclaiming he’ll make the team after one decent game. If he looks great as a returner in all four preseason games then sure, there will be cause for a debate.

      By the way – it is Hayne, not Haynes. No ‘s’ at the end.

  14. Cohn is a known hater. Proof

    Cohn’s coverage:
    Next, Kaepernick underthrew Vernon Davis, who was single-covered and open. The pass was so poor, Davis made no attempt to catch it – he just watched as Craig Dahl went for the interception. Dahl reached up, and the ball bounced off of his hands, over his head and into the arms of Davis – just like the coaches drew it up.

    Maiocco’s coverage:
    Offensive plays of the day: Quarterback Colin Kaepernick rolled to his right, then turned to his left to see tight end Vernon Davis behind the secondary. Kaepernick threw at least 40 yards down the field, across the field and into the wind. The ball held up long enough to allow safety Craig Dahl to get his hand on it. But all he did was tip it up in the air, enabling Davis to make the long reception.

    Who are you going to give the benefit of the doubt to? Someone, like MM, who worked to get where he is? Or Cohn, who’s Dad gave him his job and has shown time in and time out that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    1. Nobody has questioned Grants tendency to put his own negative slant on things from time to time more than I have, but it’s starting to get out of hand. He has to report what he sees from his own viewpoint. When you break it down, there really isn’t much of a difference between what Maiocco said and what Grant said, other than Grant pointing out it was a poor throw which appears to be the case. Let’s all chill out a bit instead of ripping every sentence. With all the different reports we can figure out what is happening and there are some negatives that pop up. Just the reality of TC.

      1. Grant was the man who 2 practices ago had Hunter not making the team…now he’s a lock…can we say “prisoner of the moment”??

          1. ‘4. RB Kendall Gaskins. The fifth-string running on the depth chart back after Carlos Hyde, Reggie Bush, Mike Davis and Jarryd Hayne (in that order). ”


            Such was the implication. While Hunter was not a full participant in practice at that point, he’s still the 2nd RB on the depth chart (and presumably its more 1a & 1b with Hyde). Depth chart usually has a pretty good implication on whether a player makes the team or not. Hyde and Bush as 1 and 2 on your depth chart (which I can only assume you were relaying what you assumed the 49ers rb depth chart was) shows that they are most likely to make the team (or already are a lock) and Hayne, Davis and Gaskins being the next 3 means they are fighting to find a spot…and if you omit Hunter what does that imply?

            1. That was in one practice during which Hunter didn’t participate. He participated yesterday and took reps with the first team.

              Hunter is the third RB on the depth chart behind Hyde and Bush.

      2. Rocket,

        Look at your first sentence. I’m inferring that you agree that Grant commonly slants his reporting, selectively uses stats, leaves out essential information, partially describes situations, etc., all in order to bolster his point of view on the subject at hand (BTW, I agree with you, you have been one to call Grant out as consistently as anybody when he has used these techniques in the past).

        If this is true, how in the world can you say that Grant is taking too much heat over this issue that repeatedly crops up in his reporting? Remember, Grant isn’t some guy on the stool next to you at the corner bar, he is a journalist.

    2. Both perspectives were correct, but I liked GC’s, he painted a picture while MM just reported facts.
      Calling someone a hater is pretty harsh. GC did not say he sucked, just that he can improve, or there are weaknesses he needs to work on.
      GC may guilty of the sins of his father, but so far, I have really enjoyed this site, and think GC and the posters have astute analysis and shrewd acumen.

        1. I lived through those times, and I stand behind my words. Call it what you will, you will never change my mind, because my views are etched in stone.
          Grant, on the other hand, has not infuriated me, but I have gained new insights and gleaned much astute analysis from his writing. He is not verbose, but some here say that verbose is a dirty word. I have defended him because the ad hominem attacks are, in my esteemed judgement, a bunch of crap, too.
          Sometimes I think those critic are a mucking pack of bloody wowsers, to use an Aussie phrase. (I hope I got that right)

      1. GC painted a picture? What? Grant just said it was a poor throw. Meanwhile MM gave you descriptive detail of what Kap was doing. Throwing across his body, into the wind, which held the ball up.

        If you hadn’t read MM take you would have though Kap was just standing in the pocket and severely under threw a ball to Davis (exactly the picture the hater Cohn wanted to paint).

        Cohn is a hack, just like his father.

        1. 49erTruther:

          Another good observation obscured with crap at the end. Why not just list everyone you hate in one big post.

          1. Just call it like I see it. There is a reason Anthony Davis called out Cohn, like the rest of us do. He has no business covering the 49ers or sports in general.

    3. 49erTruther:

      The quotes you included are relevant. The rest of your post is pure crap — maybe not so pure.

  15. Grant does a really good job covering the team and getting his reports from TC out on a timely basis. Maiocco has always seemed Niner first, so I tend to look at his reportage with a slightly jaundiced view, while I think Grant, especially where Kaepernick is concerned leans a bit more into the wind and is consistently more critical. His father was the same way, but Grant is not his papa. I’d read somewhere between MM and GC for the composite narrative.

    1. Grant has been known to say Steve Young was better than Joe Montana, so his judgment of the QB position in general is suspect.

      1. I guess some people cannot accept the fact that Kaepernick has regressed somewhat and needs to show that he has improved this year. The NFL is a what have done lately type league unless you have demonstrated a consistent level of performance from year to year.
        So all you guys crying about the criticism, deal with it.

      2. I love Joe and think he is the greatest QB of all time, but at the end of Joe’s tenure as the 49er QB, SY was better at that time. SY took over for JM, and the brouhaha back then makes the AS-Kaep controversy pale in comparison.

        1. Seb

          That’s a crazy thing to say. At no time ever was Young better than Montana. Niners would have won 7 Super Bowls instead of 5 if Montana had been retained and allowed to retire a 49er.

          1. Sorry, but the Bears and Niners had a joint practice, and Ditka was dissing Joe and his long passes. Joe threw a bunch, but he also strained his arm,and he was never quite the same, especially after that Jim Burt fore arm under his chin. Joe had back troubles, too, so with age and wear and tear, Joe was going downhill slowly.
            SY had studied for years under Montana, and was in the prime of his life, with no injuries or wear and tear.
            Also, the Cowboys were resurgent with Haley and all their draft picks from the H Walker trade and the Giants had LTaylor, so those 2 teams were formidable foes.
            Just trying to be realistic, and it is my recollection from that era.

    2. Sometimes I want the unvarnished truth, and detest being rosily scenarioed.
      I am a homer, but also a realistic homer. Niners will not go 16-0. I am hoping 10-6.
      I definitely detest the yahoos who crow that they lost last game and predict 0-16. Those aren’t the real fans, just the real haters.

  16. Man, why don’t you just come out with the “I hate Colin Kap” and be done with it. Last week you said he had a throw of about 10yds to Vernon. When the video was presented it was over 30 which was accurately depicted by other reporters. Once the video was witnessed you said you had a bad angle. Bull, you were in the end zone just like the other reporters. Today your comments on the Vernon pass neglected to say it was across the field with a stiff wind and Dahl had to leap to tip it and it went right to Davis, who was a yard behind him.
    You belong on TMZ reporting your gossip, because it sure isn’t truthful reporting.

    1. It is how Cohn reports. He makes stuff up and hopes that you won’t actually learn the truth through someone else.

      Not sure how he still has a job. Should have been fired ages ago.

    2. Why dont you get on your knees and kiss his rear end some more. Kaep is not a god. He regressed, and deserves criticism.
      I want Kaep to improve, and a bunch of simpering sycophants who cannot stand the fact that he overthrew a player and deny reality will not help him improve.

      1. Seb,

        You’re missing the point. This isn’t about protecting CK. This is about Grant pretty consistently coloring his reporting in various ways and rarely, if ever, admitting he might’ve gotten it wrong. In the rare cases when a mistake is so obvious that he has to address the inconsistency in his reporting, I can’t recall Grant ever admitting a mistake in an unqualified way.

        Often wrong and always certain is a lethal combination for a reporter.

        For his sake, I hope Grant is doing what he does on this blog on purpose to generate blog hits. This is likely true, since his Bleacher Report articles are so different from what he writes on here.

        1. “Ex”-
          Dude, you keep changing your alias. Are you on the lamb? Witness Protection Program? Owe money to Guido? Alimony to one of the Kardashians? Money beef with a recording label?

          1. After this off season, it is difficult to be optimistic, so the name change reflects that point of view?

          2. Brother Tuna,

            No, maybe, no – I owe money to Marco, not Guido, I don’t want to talk about it, how did you know about that?

        2. Sounds like he does not like to get pushed around.
          GC has backed off some comments like from 10 yards to 6 yards, but generally, he is sticking to his guns because he is there, and us posters do not have that access, so he can state what he saw and we just surmise.
          What I dont get is the narrative some are pushing about how GC only says negative things about Kaep, therefore, he hates him. I just see him doing his job. He must say something, and it is formulaic to question the accuracy of his throws, because that will generate hits.
          At least he does say something, instead of puff pieces with platitudes and hot air. Grant writes about something that may be overlooked by others, but it may be the crux of the matter, and the Niners need to pay attention. By Grant’s focusing on his accuracy, Logan is now out there running drills that emphasize connecting on the deep passes.

          1. I think it’s unfair to say grant hates Kap cuz if you go back and read the last 4-5 TC articles Kap is also in the good section as well. Grant did say he throws the best corner route he has ever seen.
            It seems the problem is once he reports something and people argue it whether he realizes it or not he has to keep creating that narrative because he wants to be right about it. right now the hot button is Kap throwing long. Sebnynah, you have to admit, it’s weird when grant says Kap threw a 10 yard TD to Davis and 8 other guys call it a 25-30 yard pass. Or grants says a long ball to smith was 10 yards off and 8 other guys said it fell a yard or 2 off. I like grants articles and I acknowledge he also puts Kap in the good but his analysis of the deep ball does seem to differ greatly from 7 or 8 other reports who were also there and all share the same opinion. Is that fair to say?

            1. I do not claim that GC hates Kaep. It is others who throw shade on him for his writing about Kaep.
              All this estimation of how far a ball is thrown is subjective, and the objective solution would be to get out a tape measure and figure out exactly how far it was. Also, they may be talking bout different throws since in practice Kaep throws a lot.
              All I can do is read what is written by GC and compare it to the other writers. Close is only good in horse shoes and hand grenades, so it does not matter if it was 10 inches or 10 yards, the salient point is that it was an incompletion.
              I do not know why I have defended GC, I guess I just do not like unwarranted criticism, and it seems like GC is some fans whipping boy on the other sites. They seem to think he is fair game to insult all they want and diss his writing when in fact, I think he has good writing skills.
              I think it is fair to say that GC is his own man, and others may have a different perspective, but both may contain an element of the truth.
              Please do not misinterpret what I say. I am trying to be fair to GC, not unfair.

    3. There was no stiff wind, and Dahl didn’t have to leap to tip it. He chose to leap probably because he thought Davis would come back and make a play on the ball, which he didn’t. Dahl was jogging underneath the pass like an outfielder on a routine pop fly. It should have been an easy pick.

      1. That settles it. Matt Maiocco is a fool and a fraud. He’s blind too, but there was no stiff wind in his description — just a throw into the wind. Your characterizations, when confronted, tend to grow more negative.

        “Offensive plays of the day: Quarterback Colin Kaepernick rolled to his right, then turned to his left to see tight end Vernon Davis behind the secondary. Kaepernick threw at least 40 yards down the field, across the field and into the wind. The ball held up long enough to allow safety Craig Dahl to get his hand on it. But all he did was tip it up in the air, enabling Davis to make the long reception.” … MM

        1. HT,

          That is a common thread with Grant, when challenged he almost always doubles down.

          You have to admire his level of confidence in his own opinion, though.

  17. Why don’t they use two people to receive punts, one to catch and one to block or call fair catch so the receiver can watch the ball all the way. It always seems the first guy down
    makes the tackle or slows the receiver so others can get him. The gunners, it seems always gets by the two guys trying to slow him down, but end up being chased from behind. You don’t even need the second guy back to be a punt returner, just a blocker, like a Bruce Miller or a tight end. Nobody has two back, is it against the rules or something??

  18. I am glad to hear Thomas is playing well. Anyone worried sick about the right side of the OL? Pears sucks

      1. I think that Coach Tomsula will utilize all of Hayne’s skill sets, so that includes laterals. They won’t do them in the preseason, but I bet they lateral the ball more and even do multiple laterals. It would be old hat to Hayne.
        Coach Tomsula will pull a rabbit of his hat and shock some teams.

    1. Big blow for the Panthers (and I don’t just mean because the guy is huge). Funchess better be the real deal.

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