Aldon Smith pleads no contest to felony weapons charges and misdemeanor DUI charges

Wednesday afternoon, Aldon Smith plead no contest to felony charges of illegally possessing three assault rifles.  Smith also plead guilty to two misdemeanor DUI charges.

Thursday morning on Sportscenter, Adam Schefter said that the NFL will suspend Smith “without question.”

How long do you expect the suspension to be? Eight games?

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  1. ESPN reported they exped the suspension to be between 4-6 games… with a possible 1 game reduction for time off last season.

    1. I think 4 is reasonable. That’s 9 total missed. Maybe the team throws an extra fine on there. That means he misses Dal, Chi, Az, and Phi games. His absence against these teams shouldn’t play too much of a role, with the exception of maybe phily. They are a quick hitting team and a strong pass-rush should disrupt that.

  2. With Aldon’s record if I were the league. I would give him a 4 game suspension with the kicker being the next warented suspendable offense would be for a season.

    1. Why would they suspend the kicker Dawson for something Smith did? That just wouldn’t be fair at all.

  3. 8 games. He plead no contest to this, plus the stuff from airport (if its as bad as the news is making it seem) though i believe Aldon, he will get 8 games. The niners punished him last year But the leauge will take that into account. So i believe aldon is done for 8 games

      1. he was sent to rehab and missed 5 or 6 games. Its not so much as “punishment” as it was the niners getting out in front of this and setting an example for the rest of the league. There have been many instances of guys getting in trouble with booze and drugs over the years…..but i cant think of one other case were a guy goes to rehab…..and misses games on his own accord.

    1. Steel,
      Saying that the 49ers punished Aldon is not true. The 49ers protected Aldon from himself, the league, as well as making Aldon enter rehab for their own team interest.

      Aldon is a integral part of our defense and it’s success especially with Bowman having to miss time with his injury.

      But having said that, AS still needs to pay restitution for his bad choices. I want to see him blossom into a future HOF’er, but not at the cost of the 49ers giving him grace if he continues to make foolish choices.

      8 games sounds about right.
      A full season suspension would not bother me either if it causes Aldon to rethink his past and future actions.

      1. By any and all means, this was a punishment. If Paul Tagliabu was still the commish, Aldon would have never missed any games. Im positive that the niners would have still put him in rehab to help him. But if Paul was still around Aldon would have played every game but still been in rehab during the week. So however anyone else looks at it, i belive the niners punished him so the leauge didn’t have to step in

        1. With that said, im not saying he didn’t deserve to miss games, but also when a team says they take care of their own, it would have meant helping him but letting him play. Oh he deserved to miss games, definitely

          1. Steel,

            You call it punishment. I call it protection. Either way, neither effect seemed to help Aldon this off season.
            As I said earlier, this guy has HOF potential written all over him. I really want Aldon to make it for the team but even more for himself.

  4. What did he really do with the guns? Bought them in Arizona, legally, then ignorantly carried them across statelines.

    The drunk driving incident was pretty bad, but that’s the one that he “already paid for”, if you believe Goodell’s words about NFL’s attitude on punishment v. redemption.

    The LAX incident is still clouded, so the NFL has an interesting decision to make. Nothing Aldon has done shows specific intent to act either criminally or contrary to NFL rules.

    1. I agree, but the talk is up to 8 games, based on precedent and, I guess, to set an example. It’s funny: The talk is just 2 games for Ray Rice, who assaulted his wife and dragged her by her hair through a casino, I believe. Aldon assaulted a tree (the alcohol) and failed to register weapons you can legally possess. Will political correctness ever end? Personally I am sick of it.

      1. Pardon my rant, but here’s another example of political correctness: 50 US senators sign a letter pushing the Redskins to change their name while Time Magazine reports that 47% of the unemployed have given up looking for jobs.

        It’s safe to be politically correct. Doing what’s needed to create good jobs for people, that’s controversial.

        1. Lawmakers and politicians tend to do things like that because they either cant or don’t have the desire to do the thing that are really important. They don’t have the courage to make the hard choices. They are also covering for the fact that they were primarily responsible for the economic mess we find ourselves in so. Why would we even expect them to have any solutions. The are clueless and incompetent.

          1. Who is the more clueless and incompetent, the lawmaker or the people who voted for him or her?

            1. That’s one of those questions in life that there is no answer for…and even if there was, you’d want to bash your head repeatedly into a thick to punish yourself for finding the answer.

      2. I agree george, Despicable! knock a women cold out and drag her “cave man style” by the hair is far worse than getting yourself stabbed and being a drunken idiot

      3. Yes, and Plexico Burress got two years in jail for shooting someone…….oh wait, he accidentally shot himself.

        If the NFL and the courts want to make an example of you, they will!

  5. 4 game suspension if there is no evidence of drug or alcohol use since his stint in rehab. Up to 8 games if the NFL has any evidence of substance use since rehab.

  6. Everybody is talking about game suspensions. But did anybody think that he could actually be in prison next season!!

  7. I really don’t think the LAX incident will amount to a hill of beans. The amount of time they are taking probably just means they want to look good before they drop the charges entirely. They don’t want to give the appearance that they were not considering charging him. If they really had something they would have charged him already. Aldon seems to have enough witnesses that will back his version of the story.

    Also being that he is pleading no contest probably means that they are not expecting much of a sentence other wise they would be fighting it in court. Of course the courts could always surprise him.

  8. I say that he gets a 2-game suspension, and a hefty fine by the team. and weekly blood tests and a diversion program.

  9. from what I’ve read about the LAX fiasco …
    Aldon didn’t make a bomb threat at all ..
    Seems the TSA agent was doing his due diligence
    (ya kno.. hassling people)
    and told Aldon to go back through the security check
    (after he had already cleared it)
    and Aldon (reportedly) said (something to the effect)

    “.. What for..? … It’s not like I’m carrying a bomb..or something..”

    Sure .. mentioning the “B” word at an airport is dumb .. but
    that’s hardly a threat !

    If this is, indeed the case … I don’t see how even the TSA
    can make that charge stick !

    Aldon .. if Goodell does suspend him will probably
    get 4 games …

    1. I sort of figured as much. A TSA agent once made me go out a door I wasn’t even close to because he thought I might have come through it. I was actually coming from another gate trying to make my connection. I had to go through security again and almost missed my connection. I offered to show him my ticket which proved that I had come from within the airport but he wouldn’t listen. Of course I never told him what I really thought or he probably would have had me arrested. Bunch of Barney Fifes.

  10. Well the good news is we have the personnel to be able to replace him like what happened last year. I’m worried about Bowman’s replacement and how good Justin Smith will be. I know I’m gonna get booed, but I think Aldon is a bit overrated. The guy disappeared without Justin Smith.

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