Blaine Gabbert on Colin Kaepernick’s role on the 49ers: “He’s just rehabbing right now.”


Blaine Gabbert just spoke in the 49ers auditorium. Here are selected quotes.

Q: What is your plan for the offseason?

GABBERT: Just the usual routine. You definitely take a little breather time. You let your body heal, let your mind heal and kind of recuperate a little bit. But, I’m eager to get back into it. I feel like there’s something we can build on here. I’m definitely eager to be a part of it.

Q: Will you seek outside help as far as quarterback coaching and mechanics?

GABBERT: I trust our coaches here. Some people believe that you can get outside help, others don’t. I’m more of one to believe in that I trust my routine, my lifting and training regiment, the facilities that I work out at, and I do things specific to what we’re doing here. That’s about it.

Q: Do you have guys that you talk to about the mechanics throwing?

GABBERT: I think if you can throw a football and deliver it from Point A to Point B, that’s what it boils down to. Everybody has different mechanics. Everybody has a different throwing motion. At the end of the day if you can throw the ball on time and accurate, that’s what you have to do. So, every quarterback guru thinks they know how to throw the football one certain way, but I beg to differ when it comes to that. If you can deliver it accurately and on time, that’s what works for you.

Q: What has Colin Kaepernick’s role been the past couple of weeks?

GABBERT: The biggest thing is he’s just rehabbing right now. I’m going about my same routine with Dylan (Thompson) and Mac (McLeod Bethel-Thompson) and coach (Steve) Logan and the offensive staff. That’s the biggest thing that I’m worried about. I’m worried about being accountable to those guys and the teammates that are out there on Sunday.

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  1. GABBERT: I trust our coaches here. Some people believe that you can get outside help, others don’t. I’m more of one to believe in that I trust my routine, my lifting and training regiment, the facilities that I work out at, and I do things specific to what we’re doing here. That’s about it.

    And that is why you’ll only be average at best.

  2. Grant is Kaepernick still in the armsling? If so how is rehabbing?

    Or maybe the media hasn’t seen him at all?

    1. Just cuz Kaepernick seems like he fits in Kelly’s system doesn’t mean the rest of the team will. Although the WR seem like a good fit. Hyde isn’t really and we would need multiple speedy shifty backs.

      1. Seb,
        Makes sense. But that offense will need to score 25-30 points a game to have a chance at winning until there is some upgrade on defense.

  3. At least Colin’s surliness kept things interesting, Blaine’s just boring from the amount of posts he generates.

        1. Blaine used that phrase. He must have read some of my previous posts. I used to say that all the time.
          Or he could just be polite….

              1. Geez, I have a staff that reports to me who uses it like you do. Its archaic and Sherlock Holmes uses it, so he copies you too?

                But its certainly proof Blaine copies you for sure cause you’re the only one in the universe who uses it. This is the stuff that gets people crazy in regards to your posts.

                We’ll go over it again. NO ONE from the 49ers trolls this site for football advice. Not even the back up QB.

              2. You succeed in delusional talk and day dreaming about players and coaching staff taking your advice.

  4. Very politically correct answers. Blaine has been thru the battles before and he handles the press very well. No, he is not going to rip his coaches publicly even if he thinks they are clueless. He handles himself well. I think he can play even better in future and be a good bridge to a qb of the future. Of course, having a new competent coaching staff goes without saying.

    1. He’s ranked 33rd among NFL qb’s right above his predecessor at 34. He just looks better losing than his predecessor did. There’s some marginal improvement over Kaep statistically but its really the same production. 14.6 pts a game doesn’t win a lot in the NFL. His stats are inflated because of late 4 quarter heroics when games were over already. As Grant pointed out Tiller, Kilgore and Brown improve the O line significantly. He’s not the answer, he’s a fine person and a nice guy.

      1. “He’s ranked 33rd among NFL qb’s right above his predecessor at 34.”

        That’s based on yards. The gap is larger if you base it off QB Rating, and he’s ahead in every statistical category.

        1. Kap was 2-6 before getting benched. Blaine is 2-5 with a possible loss coming on Sunday. I’d say it’s a wash and agree with wilsonm, Blaine just looks better at losing.
          The Blaine “train” will become the Blaine “bridge” next year.

        2. Gabbert has also had a much improved line with the additions of Tiler, Kilgore and brown recently. Don’t leave out facts. That’s a big deal.

          1. Facts are only important around here when they serve to support your agenda. You, Wilsonm and I know that Gabbert had an improved OL but the Kap detractors won’t bring it up.

              1. Fact is that Tiller has posted better efficiency ratings since becoming the starter. Kilgore is a vast improvement over Martin. Those factors should not be dismissed when comparing BG to CK.
                The run game and the pass protection is better yet the fact is that BG is sporting a 2-5 record.
                Again, I say the CK and BG comparison is a wash.

              2. AES,

                Again, where did I not state facts? My comment was simply to show the 33rd/34th was only the yards, and that the his stats are better across the board. Of course there could be a number of factors involved. If you feel the need to try to prop up Kaepernick knock yourself out.

              3. “The run game and the pass protection is better”

                The run game is not better. They’re averaging almost 8 yards per game less than they did in weeks 1-8.

              4. “If you feel the need to try to prop up Kaepernick knock yourself out.”
                ~ Hammer

                Not trying to prop up anybody, just stating that there isn’t a much of a difference in the win loss record between both QB’s.

                Btw, you’ve been propping up Blaine since last season when you predicted that your boy would take over for CK before the end of the 2014 season.
                Hey, I can’t blame anyone for getting giddy over Gabbert starting over Kap given his poor play before being benched. But before getting caught up in your Blaine train exuberance I wanted to see what he had after 4-5 games.

                Honestly, I’m not a Gabbert detractor, but the truth is that a marginal improvement over Kap will not get this team to the next level.
                Kap is finished as a 49er and Blaine is a bridge for our future franchise QB.

                On the offense averaging 8 yards less then games 1-8 there are factors that must play into it.
                We are using RB’ off the NFL heap-bin and used two RB’ last Sunday. One that has been bounced around the league more then Jeff George and another one that was just brought off the PS.
                The numbers may not show it, but would you rather have Devey and M.Martin playing over Tiller and Kilgore?

              5. The Gabbert prediction from a year ago was based on Kaepernick getting hurt, not poor play. I would have preferred that Gabbert never got a shot otherwise, because that would have meant the team was successful.

                As for the running game, you said it was improved but it’s not regardless of the line play. They are still averaging fewer yards per game.

              6. “As for the running game, you said it was improved but it’s not regardless of the line play. They are still averaging fewer yards per game.”
                ~ Hammer

                Sure, the bottom-line are the numbers or final stats. Not trying to debate that. I’m saying that in a game where you have 22 players on the field at one time there are going to be several factors that can change the expectations going into the game.

                In the running game having players that have been bounced around the league and inserted into our starting lineup will change the expectations of the game.
                Btw, the 8 rushing yrds more per game in the first 8 games was largely helped by Hyde’ first game against the Vikings and likely Kap having to run because his OL was atrocious.

                Having one of the worse OL’ in recent 49er history and RB’ that couldn’t stick on teams even as a 4th option will reflect on the stats sheet, don’t you think?
                While you see numbers, I see the factors the lead to them.

                Also, is there a reason why you predicted a couple of years ago that if Kap got injured Gabbert would take over?
                That possibility was always there, kinda of an easy scenario.

              7. “is there a reason why you predicted a couple of years ago that if Kap got injured Gabbert would take over?
                That possibility was always there, kinda of an easy scenario.”

                The prediction actually was that he would lead them to the playoffs last year after Kaepernick went down…….

            1. AES

              You will never give up on the fact that CK is not a good QB. All the blocking stats in the world cannot hide CK’s faults,…footwork…accuracy,…field vision…1-read and run…ad naseum. It is only indecisiveness by our FO, HC, and GM that even keeps CK on the team instead of the trading block or the waiver wire…..that and the fear of ‘reinjuring’ his non-throwing shoulder…(poof) Remember the saying that a good QB makes those around them better….Kaep DIDN’T…Gabbert DID. That doesn’t sit well with the analytical-statistical thinkers…but we all have opinions….

              1. So how’s BG making those around him better? Anquan is throwing a tantrum on the sideline weekly and the team will finish 2-6 with BG at the helm. Celek may have been better with BG but we’re the same team. BG’s has reached his peak as a player. He’s no Alex Smith.

              2. Oregon,
                Not defending CK. In fact I said last night that he was finished as a 49er.
                My assertion is that there has not been any difference in the win loss record with BG at the helm.
                Kap was 2-6, and BG is 2-5 with a possible loss coming on Sunday.
                Like Hammer, I’m stating numbers.
                If you want to go into what factors led up to the losses, we could have a good conversation.
                But why bring the human aspect into it?

              3. Gabbert hasn’t made anyone better. His numbers are similar to Kaps and he’s gotten worse the longer he’s played. He has played better than Kap compared to where Kap was when he was benched, but that’s not saying much considering Kap was shot mentally by that time.

                And Oregon you are the last guy to be questioning anybody’s opinion considering your “Tomsula is doing a hell of a job” statement a few weeks ago. How about that Chip Kelly too huh?

              4. I will defend Kaep. I think he was hurt from the end of the first game when he was smacked down hard along the side lines. That, coupled with the fact that he had Devey and Pears acting as turnstiles, would make any QB under perform. Gabbert was supposed to never take a sack because he had a quick release and better pocket presence. However, he had a 9 sack game, so all the woes should not only be the QB’s fault.
                I fully expect the Niners to hang onto Kaep,and have both Gabbert and Kaep compete for the starting job, because Dallas and other teams show just how important it is to have a competent backup.

              5. Honestly through the first 3 and some of the 4th quarters BG’s been as bad or worse that CK. As some of you were fond of pointing out when CK “padded” his stats when the game was over, BG gained most of his yards in the last 3-4 games during this time. I don’t ever recall a 9 sack game by CK.

              6. Oregon,
                Players that make those around them better usually reflects on the win loss record.
                Not sure what you mean by BG making players around him better.

                Since you bring up Kap, wasn’t he blasted without mercy last year for losing to the raiders?
                Strange isn’t it that BG almost got a pass from you after losing to the woeful Browns and going down 9 times.
                I don’t see you critiquing BG for throwing 2-3 yard passes on 3rd down when we need 4-5 yrds for a first down.
                Instead you come with “he makes those around him better.”
                Not sure which games you’ve been watching OR.

              7. There is no defending Kaps play. He was terrible, and blaming it all on an injury to his non throwing shoulder is ignoring reality. His confidence was shot and that shows a weak resolve which is extremely detrimental for a QB. I don’t know if Kap will turn things around and get his career back on track, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be here. He needs a strong OC and QB Coach that can tap into what he excels at and help him get his pocket awareness to a point where he can at least threaten a defense consistently to make the other parts of his game better.

        3. Jack I stated Talbert had some statistical improvement above the 33rd ranking. He’s going to be 2-6 after this week so we at a complete wash. He’s had a better o line, #7 had a better run game. The defense played better for BG.

          1. The line play has been only marginally better. Gabbert has been sacked at a rate of 10% compared to 11% for Kaepernick, and the run game has been basically the same if you take out the rush yards by the QB’s.

            1. Don’t both those things point to a complete wash? I was thinking of the run game before Hyde was hurt.

              1. “Don’t both those things point to a complete wash?”

                Yes as far as the supporting cast they played with. Some keep saying the pass protection is better, the run game is better. As you just noticed that’s not the case, and Gabbert has still put up better numbers across the board.

            2. “Slightly” better numbers across the board with a marginally better line is something, same results and lots of yardage in garbage time and getting worse every week in the first three quarters. He’s on the same trajectory as CK. That’s my point here. For someone to say he’s making everyone better around him is crazy. Unless something radical happens we’ll be 2-6 with him and he gives a slightly better chance to win by .6 points.

              1. “For someone to say he’s making everyone better around him is crazy.”

                Agree. I know that I’ve never written that.

  5. My goodness, I truly believe he has read Bill Walsh.
    Hope both he and Kaep can have a spirited competition next season. While I am content he is the starter, I would be very happy if he is the backup next year.
    I would be sad if he remains the starter because that would mean that Kaep has still regressed or is still injured.

    1. Oh I do too. Let’s keep everyone together…spirited competition for every position–same players, same coaches, same scheme. I bet we could go 6-10 next year, and maybe 7-9 after that. Let’s go boys!

      1. Sassy, I hope whoever the GM is will use that 60 mil in cap space to lure some elite free agents. and hit a home run with the 5th and 37th picks.
        Think that bait shop on the lake is looking even more appealing to your dad.
        If they mutually part with Chryst and promote Rathman to the OC, I hope the Niners get back to at least .500.

        1. I wish the bait shop was on a lake. It’s next to a Taco Bell about 2 miles from the lake..

  6. Rocket, AES, Wilson, CK=elite, and Seb, and others if need be: In a fit of goodwill or whatever, Grant has left all of us without a reply stamp…which is O.K. with me because it was only going toward argument. To answer: Rocket…Yes, I thought that Tomsula
    WAS doing a heck of a job, but by not using Smelter, White, and the other young WR’s, he changed my min….and as I’m sure you know, Chip Kelley won’t be out of work for long…nice jab, though….AES, Wilson, Seb, and CK=E…why do you think that our line got better…? With the addage “next man up” it took injuries , not brilliance to bring the changes…THAT is why we saw changes in the OLINEHello Brown, Tiller, and Kilgore…NOT because a light went on in someone’s brain taaaa….

    1. Oregon, My counter is that they sat Devey. He is still healthy, but sitting.
      The injuries to Boone and Martin was the impetus for change, but Devey was the key.

    2. Oregon,
      I wasn’t trying to be argumentive with you, just was wondering how you surmise that BG made players around him better.
      If anything, it should be the other way around. Tiller, Kilgore, and Brown are an improvement over their predecessors and should help make Gabbert better.

      Oregon, at the end of the day we just agree to disagree. I respect you enough not to resort to bush-league name calling and I don’t ever recall you ever calling me any names either.

      Happy New Year bud!

    3. Oregon,

      I couldn’t let that pass with out bringing up the Tomsula comment you made. It was just too off the wall and against everything most of us were seeing. The Chip Kelly jab was in reference to the discussion we had going into this season when I criticized his personnel moves and you defended him.

      Time to go out and ring in 2016. Happy New Year everybody.

    4. Oregon you threw out the statement CK didn’t make people better but BG did. Its just not true. Isn’t that what this forum is for to discuss/debate statements like that?

  7. Interesting difference between Smith and Gabbert’s evaluation of the situation. Gabbert seems to overlook the awful state of the offense and be content with “clean football.” Smith seems to be more honest and disgusted with the performance. One of those will lead to change the other more of the same.

    “I think just playing pretty clean football. Putting our offense in the best position to succeed,” Gabbert said. “We haven’t won a lot of games, but I feel like we’ve been playing pretty clean football, not making a lot of mental errors, not making a lot of critical errors. So, from that standpoint, it’s been pretty clean. But, at the end of the day, I’ve got to do more to win games.”

    “Terrible. I have high expectations for myself and I didn’t reach any of my goals. So it’s a horrible season,” Smith said about his 28-catch, 602-yard, four-touchdown campaign through 15 games.
    Smith continued, talking about his team’s goals: “You ask me, every year, there’s 31 losers. It’s a big waste of a year for everyone if we don’t win it all. That’s how I feel, personally.”

  8. Blaine is the QB on a really, really lousy team. That’s not his fault and to blame him for this team’s lousy record, abysmal play and indifferent attitude is just stupid…

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